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History of the 106th Infantry Division:

For an informative essay on the history of the 106th Infantry Division, please read: "A History Of The 106th Under General Jones' Command, By Alan W. Jones, Major General, Usa, Retired"

History of the 106th Infantry Division Association:

For a full accounting of the formation and first five years of the Association, please read: "History Of The Association, by David S. Price"

The brief version:
- The 106th Infantry Division Association was founded in August, 1945 in Karlsruhe, Germany
- The first issue of "The CUB" magazine was published in August, 1946 (a newspaper, titled "The CUB" was - first published in Feb. 1944 at Ft. Jackson, SC).
- The first annual reunion was held July 14-16, 1947 in Indianapolis, IN

Additional Reading:

What Happened to the 422 Before and After- On the 25th of September 1945 Lt. Col. Joseph C. Matthews, formerly Regimental Executive Officer addressed a memorandum to former members of the 422 summarizing what had happened during the Bulge and after.

THE 423 IN THE BULGE - By Colonel Charles C. "Moe" Cavender Commanding

List of Men Killed in Action

Capture of the German GREIF Plan - Hitler devised this plan, using German soldiers dressed in Allied uniforms and using Allied vehicles, to spread misinformation and capture the bridges on the river Meuse.


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