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Join the Association:

We are all feeling the effects of the current financial upheaval, including the
106th I.D. Association. The Annual Dues of $10 are no longer billed or collected.
We are now accepting only donations for membership, memorials and LIFE PLUS.
The previously-allowed payment of $75 for Life Membership creates
a financial shortfall, as our expenses exceeds our income.

Our solution?
We are asking you to join the
Those Members who contribute to the LIFE PLUS+ Club
will have their names (only, no amounts will be shown)
published in the next CUB.
You can donate as much or as little as you can, and as often as you like.
By donating, you are helping perpetuate the 106th Infantry Division Association.

To those Members from whom we haven't heard for a long time —
please take the time to join this exclusive club. Thank you!

Use this link for the "Life Membership Application".

Use this link for the "Family Life Membership Application".

Please print the form, fill out and mail.

Send your contribution, check made payable to "106th Infantry Div. Association", to:
Mike Sheaner
Treasurer, 106th Infantry Division
PO Box 140535, Dallas TX 75214
Email to Treasurer