Dallas, TX Mini-Reunion Friday, Jan 24, 2014

    After a long planning period with the locals and our Editor William McWhorter it was decided that January 24, 2014 would be the date to have a Mini Reunion for local Dallas 106th Infantry Division Veterans. So it was. On January 24th, 2014 we were all seated at the beautiful Edgemere being served a most delicious meal, all paid for with all the trimmings by our Host Don Houseman…….missing was the Cub Editor, a planner for this event. He was still at home outside of Austin, Texas, of all things “Iced In” by the weather, He tried twice to make the trip to Dallas but each time the Highway Patrol stopped him and made him go home. You don’t get icy roads in Central Texas very often

    We veterans had a good time. Probably we over-talked and had a longer Reunion then all of us had planned. We were all 106th Infantry POWs and had interesting stories to tell.

    In the photos, number IMG_1113, the four men standing are left to right, Herb Sheaner Co, G, 422nd, captured on the 21st, Don Houseman 423rd (He received mortar fire and was injured on the 16th), Hugh Colbert, 423rd, captured on the 19th, and Hal Power, 422/C captured on the 21st, 1944.

    The six people standing from left to right IMG_1117 are Herb Sheaner, Don Houseman, Hugh Colbert, Mrs. Laura Leppert, wife of former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, next to her is Hal Power and beside him is the Association treasurer Mike Sheaner. Laura Leppert is President of the Daughters of World War II and very active in veteran’s activities.

    The photo of the four seated IMG_1109 are Herb, Hugh, Don, and Hal Power. They are listening to Mrs. Leppert speak. That is back of her head that you see.

    Also seated but not shown in the photo was Hal Power’s daughter Elise and Mike Sheaner

Again, a great time was had by all.

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