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Photo's From Battlefield Tour's - May 2014

Here are a pair of photo gallery links to Carl Wouters' and Doug Mitchell's most recent 106th adventures...

First up is a Sunday in the field with Dave Fagersten, nephew of a 106/422 POW & casualty Milton
Owen. His father was a B-17 tailgunner who made it back to the states. Picked them up at the train
station in Liege and rolled straight for Ardennes cemetery. Assistant Superintendent Jeff Hays 'made his
trip' when he broke out the sand from Omaha Beach (for those unfamiliar with this process, the engravings in the white marble headstones can sometimes be difficult to read in certain lighting conditions - by rubbing the gold sand into the engraving... well look at the pictures and see the results).

From there we rolled through Manhay to Parker's Crossroads, angled through Vielsalm to St. Vith,
then rolled up the Engineer's Cutoff and onto the front lines I call home. Shot #67 sums it up.

Sunday :

Returned to Brussels in the tracks of the German panzer in '44, motoring west across the northern
tip of Luxembourg to tank up, crossing Houffalize and Hotton on the way back to Brussels. Ran out
of day, or we would have taken Dave all the way to the tip of the Bulge in Celles & Dinant.

The following day in Brussels, the three journeymen met incoming 106th ID Assoc. Pres. Barney
Mayrsohn, there to present us with our charter for the 106th's new "Bulge Chapter". Gifts were
exchanged and spirits were high. Dave kept saying he couldn't believe he was there... =)

The weather wasn't exactly an ally, so we kept our wander through the pedestrian zone short. Carl
then directed us north toward Antwerp, where we enjoyed a most excellent lunch before visiting the
westernmost camp in the Nazi Lager system : Breendonk. Sobering, to say the least.

Monday :

Here's hoping you all enjoy these two days as much as we did through the linked photo galleries.

Semper Fi,

Doug Mitchell