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H Co., 332nd Inf. Regt. ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
H Co., 423rd Inf. ---  Life.htm,   Pete House.htm,  
Haars, Francis ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haas, Harry ---  Marty Troutman.htm,  
Haas, Herbert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Haas, Milton G. ---  106thRoster,  
Haase, Harry J. ---  106thRoster,  
Haataja, Eino J. ---  106thRoster,  
Habel, William H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Haberern, Emil H. ---  106thRoster,  
Habib, John ---  106thRoster,  
Habif, Capt. ---  Donelson Houseman.htm,  
Habif, Capt. David V. ---  Donelson Houseman.htm,  
Habscheid ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   331Chistory.htm,   60 Years.htm,   Grosslangenfeld.htm,  
Habscheidermuehle ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,  
Hacela, Frank M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hack, Leo R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hack, Lt. ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Hack, Lt. Willy ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Hackel, William K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hacker, Arthur J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hacker, Charles ---  11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hacker, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hacker, Pearly C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hackett, Fay G. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hackett, Walter T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hackhalenfeld ---  Robert Flick.htm,  
Hackler, Charles ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hackler, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hackler, Chas ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Hackworth, David ---  Archie Ross.htm,  
Hadama ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Hadaway, Ershell C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hadaway, Herbert ---  106thRoster,  
Hadaway, Jesse W. ---  106thRoster,  
Haddad, John A. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Haddaway, Herbert M., Jr. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hadden, ? ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hadden, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Haddock, Thomas C. ---  106thRoster,  
Haerr, Marvin E. ---  106thRoster,  
Haeun, Belgium ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Haga, Chuck ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Hagan, Ira G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hagan, William G., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hagar, Bud ---  106thRoster,  
Hage, Robert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hagel, Martin ---  106thRoster,  
Hagele, Raymond A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hagelip, Hubert, Jr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hagen, Edwin P., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Haggerty, Lawrence J. ---  106thRoster,  
Haggerty, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hagman, Ben ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   08-FeatureWriters.htm,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   OfficerList.htm,   POW.htm,  
Hagman, Ben J. ---  106thRoster,   16-Reunions.htm,   AAR 01-23-1946.htm,   Lt Eric Wood.htm,  
Hagman, Benjamin J. ---  AAR 01-23-1946.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,  
Hagman, Gary ---  106thRoster,  
Hagman, Lt. Col. ---  AAR 01-23-1946.htm,   Lt Eric Wood.htm,  
Hagman, Mrs. Ben ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Hagman, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Hagmans, The ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Hague and Geneva Conventions ---  POW.htm,  
Hahn, Les ---  John Beals.htm,  
Hahn, Raymond G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hahn, Wilfred A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hahn, William J. ---  106thRoster,  
Haho, Ray ---  106thRoster,  
Haight, Edward I. ---  106thRoster,  
Haight, Gerald ---  106thRoster,  
Haile, Harrel C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hailey, Raymond A. ---  106thRoster,  
Haines, Carl ---  106thRoster,  
Haines, Eupha Lydia ---  MTMoses.htm,  
Haines, George R. ---  106thRoster,  
Haines, Joe ---  106 Recon.htm,  
Haines, Joseph C. ---  106thRoster,  
Haines, Lt. ---  106 Recon.htm,  
Haines, Lt. Joseph ---  Borst-William.htm,   Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
Haines, Lt. Joseph C. ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
Hainspitz ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Hair, Lucius N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hakala, George J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hakes, Ivan ---  106thRoster,  
Halasa, Stanley T. ---  106thRoster,  
Halasz, Joseph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Halbe ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Halberstadt, Irwin J. ---  106thRoster,  
Halden, Harry ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, Charles C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, Joseph H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, Ralph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, Ralph W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, William Harold ---  106thRoster,  
Hale, William M. ---  106thRoster,  
Halenfeld ---  07.htm,   AAR-1.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   John Kline.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,   Weldon Lane.htm,  
Halenfelder Wald ---  Weldon Lane.htm,  
Haley, Everett M. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Haley, Harold B. ---  106thRoster,  
Halford, Roy L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Arthur N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Arthur W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Belgium ---  de Marken.htm,  
Hall, Budge ---  07-Books.htm,  
Hall, Carl J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Charles L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Cpl. ---  LewisTury.htm,  
Hall, David B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Egbert P., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Ellis M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Francis ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Frederick ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Gabe M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Henry E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Howard L., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, James J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Jarald L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, John ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   106th Site Map.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hall, John L. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   106th Site Map.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   JohnHall.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hall, John W. (1) ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, John W. (2) ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Lee, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, M/Sgt. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   15-Tours.htm,  
Hall, M/Sgt. John ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hall, M/Sgt. John L. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hall, Marly J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. C. R. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hall, Norman E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Pfc. David ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Hall, Richard E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Robert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Robert F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Sgt. John ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hall, Sgt. John L. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hall, Thomas B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, W. C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, Walter A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hall, William W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hall, Willis Oscar ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Halla, Mrs. ---  Magazine.htm,  
Hallack, Lt. Col. H. J. ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Hallberg, T/4 Harold ---  RobertsJack.html,  
Halle ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   Benigno-Russell.htm,   Byrnes-Vincent.htm,   EarlParker.htm,   FredChase.htm,   Herb Sheaner.htm,   HokreinAmosJ_422E.htm,   POW.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   Vernon Brumfield.htm,  
Halle, Germany ---  EarlParker.htm,   FredChase.htm,   HokreinAmosJ_422E.htm,   JohnBest.htm,   POW.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   Richard Dorton.htm,   Weldon Lane.htm,  
Halleck, Charles A. ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Halle-on-the-Salle ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haller, Charles J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Halligan, Edward ---  106thRoster,  
Halliwell, John L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hallner, Frank ---  106thRoster,  
Halperin, Abraham ---  106thRoster,  
Halprin, Abraham ---  106thRoster,  
Halsey, Thomas A. ---  106thRoster,  
Halt, Robert B. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haltiwanger, Dennie C. ---  106thRoster,  
Halvoron, Bob ---  ParkersXRoad.htm,  
Hamblebt, Jack A., Sr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamblen, Aaron ---  106thRoster,  
Hamblen, Pfc. Aaron ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Hamblin, Herbert I. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamburg ---  15-Tours.htm,   Herb Sheaner.htm,   Rain-John.htm,   Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hamby, Lloyd N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamel, DanielJ. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamel, Jacqueline ---  Sisson-JamesRoger.htm,  
Hamel, Madeline ---  Sisson-JamesRoger.htm,  
Hamil, Willie B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Albert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Alexander ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Clyde M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Harold D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Harold Dwight ---  Hamilton-HaroldDwight.htm,  
Hamilton, Herman L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, James B. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hamilton, James H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, James P., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, James S. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hamilton, Lawrence D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamilton, Ron ---  James Gardner.htm,  
Hamilton, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamlett, Robert S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamlett, William E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamlin, Lloyd P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamm ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   07-Books.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   2004.htm,   POW.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hamm Cemetery ---  15-Tours.htm,   1998.htm,   2004.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hamm, Bernie F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamm, Dale ---  106thRoster,  
Hammar, Arthur E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammarstrom, Eyton G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammel, David ---  106thRoster,  
Hammelburg ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   08.htm,   About-422.htm,   Aloysius J Menke.htm,   Cobblestones.htm,   Edward Bohde.htm,   FrPaulCavanaugh.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   HarryMcKinley.htm,   J Don Holtzmueller.htm,   Jackson D Behling.htm,   James Mills.htm,   John Kline.htm,   Life.htm,   LMartinJones.htm,   Mark Moore.htm,   Martin Jones.htm,   NamesOfInterest.htm,   Pete House.htm,   POW.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   Prell.htm,   Prielozny-WilliamJ.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   Raymond Brown.htm,   Sisson-JamesRoger.htm,   Snyder-Walter.htm,   TaskForce.htm,   WilliamDevine.htm,  
Hammelburg Camp ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   About-422.htm,   Edward Bohde.htm,  
Hammelburg Raid ---  Martin Jones.htm,  
Hammelburg, Germany ---  FrPaulCavanaugh.htm,   J Don Holtzmueller.htm,   LMartinJones.htm,   Martin Jones.htm,   Phillips-John.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   TaskForce.htm,  
Hammer, Fredrick J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammer, George ---  106thRoster,  
Hammer, Sgt. ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hammerstrum, T/4 ---  RobertShaver.htm,  
Hammid, George ---  GatensJohn_589A.htm,  
Hammock, John B. G. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hammock, Pfc. John B. G. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hammock, Pfc. John B.G. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hammond, 2nd Lt. George E. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   George hammond.htm,  
Hammond, Frank ---  05-IndividualHistory.htm,  
Hammond, Gene ---  106thRoster,   Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
Hammond, George ---  106th Site Map.htm,   George hammond.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hammond, George E. ---  106thRoster,   106th Site Map.htm,   George hammond.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hammond, George J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammond, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammond, Lt. ---  George hammond.htm,  
Hammond, Molly & Stephen ---  George hammond.htm,  
Hammond, Roy D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammond, Virden P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hammons, Habern ---  106thRoster,  
Hammontree, Leamon ---  James Gardner.htm,  
Hammontree, Leamon H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hamn, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Hampton Roads, Virginia ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hampton, ??ey ---  106thRoster,  
Hampton, Benic Preston ---  106thRoster,  
Hampton, Benie C. ---  POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hampton, Glenn H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hampton, Harold ---  106thRoster,  
Hampton, John B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanaka, Robert 'Red' ---  106thRoster,  
Hancock, Alfred ---  106thRoster,  
Hancock, Daniel R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hancock, Sgt. William P., Jr. ---  Mee-Norman.htm,  
Hancock, Turney ---  106thRoster,  
Hancock, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hand, Charles E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hand, John R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hand, Paul E. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Handasyde, G.H. ---  1998.htm,  
Handel, Donald R. ---  106thRoster,  
Handelman, Max ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Handloser, Fred T., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Handorf, Jack ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Handorf, Jack M. ---  106thRoster,  
Handren, Francis A. ---  106thRoster,  
Handrigan, Irving T. ---  106thRoster,  
Haney, Clifford (?) ---  About-422.htm,  
Haney, Clifford N. ---  106thRoster,  
Haney, Harry L. ---  106thRoster,  
Haney, Joseph H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hangbers, Robert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanger, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanke, Arthur K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanke, R. E. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hanke, Ralph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanke, Roy J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanken, Joseph J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanken, Joseph R., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanks, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanks, Tom ---  Stan Wojtusik.htm,  
Hanley, Donovan F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanlon, George H. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hanlon, John ---  05-IndividualHistory.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Hanna, Byron J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanna, Cpl. Robert Roy ---  RobertHanna.htm,  
Hanna, Craig Elliott ---  RobertHanna.htm,  
Hanna, George ---  106thRoster,  
Hanna, Robert R., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanna, Robert Roy ---  RobertHanna.htm,  
Hanna, Robert Roy, Jr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hannan, Thomas F. ---  Mee-Norman.htm,  
Hanneman, Karl P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanniford, Patrick ---  106thRoster,  
Hanning, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hannion, Earle F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hannon, Ma & Pa ---  Philip Hannon.htm,  
Hannon, Pfc. Philip A. ---  Philip Hannon.htm,  
Hannon, Pfc. Phillip A. ---  Philip Hannon.htm,  
Hannon, Phil ---  McGinty-Ed.htm,  
Hannon, Philip ---  Diaries-All.htm,  
Hannon, Philip A. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hannon, Phillip A. ---  Philip Hannon.htm,  
Hannon, Thomas J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hannover ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hannover, Germany ---  Kurt Vonnegut.htm,  
Hannut ---  de Marken.htm,  
Hanout, Nathalie & Pascal ---  2007.htm,  
Hanover ---  15-Tours.htm,   Borst-William.htm,   Collins.htm,   HenryMichalowski.htm,   John Beals.htm,   John Collins.htm,   Part 2.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hanover, Germany ---  POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hanse, Ralph G. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hansen, Alma, , Eleanor, Hilda & Herbert ---  Delbert Berninghaus.htm,  
Hansen, Elmer F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Grandma & Grandpa ---  Delbert Berninghaus.htm,  
Hansen, Herbert ---  Delbert Berninghaus.htm,  
Hansen, Joseph B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Lavor T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Martin B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Norbert F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Peter ---  106thRoster,  
Hansen, Ralph G. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hansen,Harold J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansfield, Edward ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hansird, Herman V. ---  106thRoster,  
Hansley, Joseph W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, ? ---  Norwood Frye.htm,  
Hanson, Arnold R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Arthur B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Doyle H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Gareth ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Gareth A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, George L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Gilbert E. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hanson, Harland C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, James C., Jr. 'Shorty' ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Joseph H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Maggie ---  russell_gunvalson.htm,  
Hanson, Marland C. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hanson, Norbert F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Raymond I. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanson, Robert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hanzen, Marie ---  2007.htm,  
Hanzlicek, Albert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harbin, Phillip A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harbison, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Harbonic, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hardee, Floyd C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardee, Mess Sgt. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hardee, S/Sgt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hardes, Ward C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardesty, Gilbert F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardesty, Kay M. ---  MTMoses.htm,  
Hardin, John L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardin, Thomas R. ---  106thRoster,  
Harding, Al ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,  
Harding, Albert G. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Harding, Floyd L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harding, Raymond P. ---  106thRoster,  
Harding, Stuart C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardison, James H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardman, Laurence E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardoin, Harold V. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardt, Alex ---  106thRoster,  
Hardthohe ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hardy, Bill ---  William Harvey.htm,  
Hardy, Capt. ---  John Kline.htm,  
Hardy, Capt. James ---  John Kline.htm,  
Hardy, Capt. James H. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hardy, Charles C. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hardy, Donald R. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hardy, James Howard ---  106thRoster,  
Hardy, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hardy, Lawrence E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hardy, Ted ---  106thRoster,  
Hare, Matthew ---  106thRoster,  
Hare, Pierre O' ---  106thRoster,  
Hargett, Thomas R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hargrove, Edward H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hargrove, Fred ---  106thRoster,  
Hargrove, Fred G. ---  106thRoster,  
Harken, Tom ---  Durning-Charles.htm,  
Harkins, Charles P. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Harkins, Kenneth D. ---  106thRoster,  
Harlan, Lowell B. ---  106thRoster,  
Harless, Dr. James ---  HowardDonovan.htm,  
Harm, Raymond T. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmala, Emil H. ---  106thRoster,  
Harman, 1st Lt. Emmit I. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Harman, 1st Lt. Emmitt F. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Harman, Emmit I., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harman, Harold ---  106thRoster,  
Harman, Lt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Harmeling, Capt. Henry J. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   History.htm,  
Harmeling, Capt. Henry J., Jr. ---  History.htm,  
Harmeling, Henry J. ---  POW-UNITs.htm,  
Harmeling, Henry J., Jr. 'Hank' ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,  
Harmmon Of Michigan ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   106th Site Map.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Harmon, Capt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   81stEngrCitation.htm,   Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Harmon, Capt. Harold ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Harmon, Capt. Harold A. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Harmon, Capt. Harold M. ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Harmon, Col. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Harmon, Dona ---  Tilton Jorgenson.htm,  
Harmon, Frank B., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Harold A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Harold M. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Joseph W. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Lt. ---  PhilipEve.htm,  
Harmon, Lt. Col. Harold ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Harmon, Maj. Gen. Ernest N. ---  09.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   Newspaper.htm,  
Harmon, Maurice F., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Phil ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Thomas M. ---  106thRoster,  
Harmon, Tom ---  HarmonOfMich.htm,  
Harmon, Wilfred H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harms, Clinton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harms, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harms, Richard ---  Delbert Berninghaus.htm,  
Harnay, Daniel ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Harned, Dale., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harness, Congressman ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Harness, Congressman Forest A. ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Harness, Representative Forest A. ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Harnish, Alfred D. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Harold, Milton S. ---  106thRoster,  
Harold, Neil F. ---  106thRoster,  
Harold, Vincent A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harp, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, Brig. Gen. Joseph H. ---  07-Books.htm,  
Harper, George H. ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, Gilbert ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, James R. ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, Ned W. ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, Robert P. ---  106thRoster,  
Harper, Sgt. James R. ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Harper, Sgt. Jim ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Harr, Frank M. ---  106thRoster,  
Harradine, Roger ---  106thRoster,  
Harrald, Elwood E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harre ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   331Chistory.htm,   EdwardPrewett.htm,   GreifPlan.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Harre, Belgium ---  424Route.htm,  
Harrell, Glenis L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrell, Glennis L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrell, Jesse L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrell, John ---  ParkerWarDiary.htm,  
Harrell, John M. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrell, Robert B. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrell, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harries, David L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrington, Ralph A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, ? ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Harris, Abner T. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Arthur E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Charles J. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Corum E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Darcy D., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Dean E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Elva E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Eula E., Jr. ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Harris, Floyd, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Harold ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Ike ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Isham A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Joe A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Lawrence R. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Lester C. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Lt. Col. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Harris, Lt. Col. Charles J. ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,   106thAAR-5-1-1945.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Harris, Marshal Arthur ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Harris, Rev. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Harris, Robert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Robert L (1) ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Robert L. ---  CMB.htm,  
Harris, Robert L. (2) ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Sgt. ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Harris, Theodore H. ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, Troy ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, William B. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Harris, William B. 'Ace' ---  106thRoster,  
Harris, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrison, Lt. ---  424-L-history.htm,   Henderson-Chuck.htm,  
Harrison, Lt. Col. William H. ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Harrison, Lt. Michael ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Harrison, Monroe ---  106thRoster,  
Harrison, Morris E. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrison, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrison, William E. ---  159AAR-1-9May1945.htm,  
Harrison, William H. ---  106thRoster,   159thAfterAction-5-31-1945.htm,  
Harrison, William T. ---  106thRoster,  
Harrold, Pvt. Vincent ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Harrold, Vin ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Harrold, Vincent A. ---  106thRoster,   16-Reunions.htm,  
Harsfield, Raphael Edward ---  106thRoster,  
Harsfield, Raphail Edward ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hart, Bruce ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, Charles R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, James ---  Prell.htm,  
Hart, James A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, John P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, Leonard nmi ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, Thomas J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hart, Walter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartbank, Robert ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hartbank, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartenstein Hotel ---  2002.htm,  
Harter, James M. ---  106thRoster,  
Harter, Rev. Linda B. ---  Henry Kiel.htm,  
Harter, Rev. William H. ---  Henry Kiel.htm,  
Hartledge, Louis ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hartleib, Glen O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartley, 1st Lt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hartley, Bill ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hartley, Cpl. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hartley, Cpl. William ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hartley, Donald G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartley, Lt. ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hartley, William J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartley, William S. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hartlieb, Glenn ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hartlieb, Glenn O. ---  106thRoster,   04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hartman, Charles H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Charles William ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Dick ---  Richard Ferguson.htm,  
Hartman, Edwin H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, John E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Richard ---  Diaries-All.htm,   Richard Hartman.htm,  
Hartman, Richard A. ---  106thRoster,   04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hartman, Roger W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Sgt. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hartman, Walter A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Wayne H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, Willard G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartman, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hartmannsdorf ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hartmansdorf ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Harton, Harry J. ---  106thRoster,  
Harton, Robert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartsfield, Durwood ---  106thRoster,  
Hartsock, John W., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartsook, Robert ---  Prell.htm,  
Hartsook, Robert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartt, Charles Robert 'Bob' ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hartt, Leonard ---  106thRoster,  
Hartwell, Paul W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartwic, Herbert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartwig, Herman W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartz, Frederick R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartz, Paul J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartz, Pvt. Paul ---  RonaldSparks.htm,  
Hartzell, Bertram E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hartzill, Bert ---  106thRoster,  
Harvan, Michael ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Charles ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Harvey, Elton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Eugene I., Sr. ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Herbert D. ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Mr. ---  William Harvey.htm,  
Harvey, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Robert E. L. ---  106thRoster,  
Harvey, Ruth ---  William Harvey.htm,  
Harvey, William ---  106thRoster,   106th Site Map.htm,   Diaries-All.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,   William Harvey.htm,  
Harvey, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Harwell, Harry C. ---  106thRoster,  
Harwell, Paul W. ---  106thRoster,  
Harwood, Roy A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasbrook, Gen. ---  106thAAR-1-27-1945.htm,  
Hasbrouck, Gen. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   MarshThesis.htm,  
Hasbrouck, Maj. Gen. Robert W. ---  07-Books.htm,  
Haselhorst, Paul A. ---  106thRoster,  
Haskins, Ell Z. ---  106thRoster,  
Haskins, George W. ---  106thRoster,  
Haskins, James E. ---  106thRoster,  
Haslbeck, Robert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasler, Eugene F. 'Gene' ---  106thRoster,  
Haslett, Eugene E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasley, Thomas A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasner ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Hass, Herbert ---  106thRoster,  
Hass, Robert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hassa, Joseph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasselfelde ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Hassiepen, Henry R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hasslett, ? ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Hastak, Wenzel J. ---  106thRoster,  
Haste, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hastings, J. Erby, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatala, Norman F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatch, Edward S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatch, H. M. (Jim) ---  16-Reunions.htm,   OfficerList.htm,  
Hatch, H.M. (Jim) ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hatch, Horace M. 'Jim' ---  106thRoster,  
Hatch, James ---  106thRoster,  
Hatch, Jim ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Hatch, Lawton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatcher, Argil ---  106thRoster,  
Hatcher, Joan ---  Maynard Adolphson.htm,  
Hatchkin, Ben F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatem, Henry ---  106thRoster,  
Hatfield, Alan H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatfield, Earnest J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hathaway, Don ---  106thRoster,  
Hathaway, Pierre R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hathorne, Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Hathway, Richard E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatley, Brown W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatley, Raymond L. ---  106thRoster,  
Haton, Clifford ---  106th Site Map.htm,   Diaries-All.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Haton, Clifford G. ---  106thRoster,   HatonCliffordG_424AT.htm,  
Hatslip, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatterer, John L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hatton, Emory Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Hatton, Gordon G. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hattyak, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Hauer, Camilla ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Hauer, Emerich ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Hauer, Mordecai ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Haugan, Earl L. ---  106thRoster,  
Haughey, Hollis B. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haught, William ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haulman, James B. ---  106thRoster,  
Haun, Jack B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hauptmann Fritz Bock ---  POW.htm,  
Hauptstrasse ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hausen ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Hausheer, Louis H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hauweghen, Harold C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hauxwell, Burton R. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haversin ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Haverty, J.J. ---  frank_mcgaughey.htm,  
Haverty, Mary E. ---  frank_mcgaughey.htm,  
Havir, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Hawes, W. Bradford ---  11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hawes, Walter Bradford ---  106thRoster,  
Hawkes, Lt. Harold ---  Art Chatfield.htm,  
Hawkes, Richard H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawkins, Harold W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hawkins, Marlin ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Hawkins, Marlin H. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hawkins, Milford F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawkins, Willard E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawks, Wayne M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawley, Brig. Gen. Paul ---  Richard Campbell.htm,  
Hawley, Fred S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawley, Gen. ---  Richard Campbell.htm,  
Hawn, Gordon W., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Haworth, Orville E. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hawtin, Lt. Raymond F. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hawtin, Raymond F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hawtin, Raymond T., Lt. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hay, Reuben ---  106thRoster,  
Hayama, Makoto ---  106thRoster,  
Hayden, Curley ---  106thRoster,  
Hayden, Donald F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayden, Henry V., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayden, Janice A. ---  Richard Dorton.htm,  
Hayden, Lt. ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Hayden, Merrill W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayden, Norman W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayduk, Thomas ---  Raymond Makowske.htm,  
Hayduk, Thomas R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayduk, Tom ---  Raymond Makowske.htm,  
Hayes, Allen E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayes, Col. Anna May ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hayes, Gen. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hayes, Gustav T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayes, J. C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayes, John P. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,  
Hayes, John P. 'Pat' ---  106thRoster,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hayes, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hayes, Mrs. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hayes, William T. ---  106thRoster,  
Haynes, Charcles C., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Haynes, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Haynes, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Haynes, Return C. ---  106thRoster,  
Haynes, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Haynes, Warren E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Haynsburg ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,   Richard McKee.htm,  
Hays, Bud ---  106thRoster,  
Hays, Clifton C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hays, James T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hays, Leon ---  106thRoster,  
Hayslip, George ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   SamuelFeinberg.htm,  
Hayslip, George R. 'Seed' ---  106thRoster,  
Hayslip, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hazelbaker, Charles L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hazelip, Hubert ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hazelip, Hubert K., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hazeltine, Richard O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hazlett, Maj. ---  Cobblestones.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hazlett, Robert T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hazlett, Robert T., Maj. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Head, Coy N. ---  106thRoster,  
Head, Donald H. ---  106thRoster,  
Head, Homer G. ---  106thRoster,  
Header, ? ---  Norwood Frye.htm,  
Headman, Arthur J. ---  106thRoster,  
Headquarters XXII Corps ---  History.htm,  
Headquarters, Special Troops ---  92.htm,   Schaffner.htm,  
Heagney, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Heagney, Meredith ---  Duffey-Ellis.htm,  
Heagney, Pvt. John J. ---  About-422.htm,  
Heaivilin, Charles R. ---  106thRoster,  
Healan, Henry D. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Healen, Henry D. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Healey, Charles L. ---  106thRoster,  
Healey, John S. ---  106thRoster,  
Healey, Owen R. ---  106thRoster,  
Healey, Pvt. John ---  Joe Salerno.htm,  
Healing The Child Warrior ---  Lang.htm,  
Healon, Henry ---  106thRoster,  
Healy, Edward ---  106thRoster,  
Healy, Harold J. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Healy, John S. ---  106thRoster,  
Heard, Milton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hearn, S/Sgt. Walter L. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hearn, Walter L. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hearne, 1st Lt. John W. ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hearne, Capt. John W. ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,   106thAAR-5-1-1945.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Hearne, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Heart-Break Corner ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Heater, Gabriel ---  07-Books.htm,  
Heath, Byron P. ---  106thRoster,  
Heatherly, Charles H. ---  106thRoster,  
Heaton, Edward L. ---  106thRoster,  
Heatrick, Sgt. ---  Albert Reed.htm,  
Heavener, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Heavey, Francis J. ---  106thRoster,  
Heavey, Pvt. Thomas ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Heavey, Tom ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hebard, Bill E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hebda, Frank J. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hebenstreit, John C. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hebert, Anderson ---  106thRoster,  
Hebert, Charles W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hebert, Merlin ---  106thRoster,  
Hebert, Merville N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hebor, Charles ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hebronval ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   2002.htm,   2007.htm,   GreifPlan.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,  
Hebronval Hotel ---  2002.htm,  
Hechalenfeld ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Hechhalendfeld, Germany ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hechhallenfeld ---  Albert Reed.htm,  
Hechtsheim ---  106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Hechtshein ---  106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Heck, Howell H. ---  106thRoster,  
Heckhalenfeld ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   81stEngrCitation.htm,   GermanAccount.htm,   Grosslangenfeld.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heckhalenfeld, Germany ---  424Route.htm,   81stEngrCitation.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heckhuscheid ---  06.htm,   331Chistory.htm,   GermanAccount.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   Grosslangenfeld.htm,   TimeTable.htm,  
Heckhuscheid, Germany ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Heckhusheid ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Heckhusheid, Germany ---  History.htm,  
Heckman, Roth ---  106thRoster,  
Hedden, Ronald L. ---  106thRoster,  
Heddon, Ronald L. ---  CMB.htm,  
Hedges, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hediesheim ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hediner, Walter S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hedrick, Stewart E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hedricks, Doris Dotson ---  ThomasDieterich.htm,  
Heechan, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Heers, Wendel W. ---  106thRoster,  
Heerstrasse ---  2004.htm,  
Hefferle, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hefferman, Arthur H. ---  106thRoster,  
Heffner, James E. ---  106thRoster,  
Heffron, Edward V. ---  106thRoster,  
Hegedus, Elmer W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hegnes, James H. ---  106thRoster,  
Heide, Col. Herbert J. Vanier ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,  
Heide, Col. Vander ---  106thPWenclosures.htm,  
Heide, Vander ---  106thRoster,  
Heidelberg ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   14-Memorials.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   424-L-history.htm,   POW.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   Rudy Hirsch.htm,   Spencer-Ron-None106th.htm,  
Heidelberg, Germany ---  14-Memorials.htm,   15-Tours.htm,  
Heidelberg/Manheim Area ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heideman, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Heidepriem, Herb ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Heidepriem, Herbert A. ---  106thRoster,  
Heider, Larry ---  Dick Maslankoski.htm,  
Heidesheim ---  106G-1Annex5-1-45TO5-31-45.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,   424-L-history.htm,  
Heidesheim, Germany ---  331Chistory.htm,   424Route.htm,   Everett Perryman.htm,  
Heideshein, Germany ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Heidsheim ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,  
Heidt, ? ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Heidt, Frank ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Heidt, G. Frank ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Heierding, William A. ---  106thRoster,  
Heikkinen, Walter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Heil, Dick ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heil, Richard D. ---  106thRoster,  
Heil, Richard D., Lt. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heilbonn ---  106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,  
Heilbron ---  15-Tours.htm,   CharlesWalsh.htm,   Miller-Gene.htm,  
Heilbronn ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   106G-1Annex5-1-45TO5-31-45.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,   106thPWenclosures.htm,   14-AnnualMedicalReport.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heilbronn, Germany ---  106thAAR-5-1-1945.htm,   14-AnnualMedicalReport.htm,  
Heillman, T/ ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Heilman, Raymond A. ---  106thRoster,  
Heim, Henry Peter ---  106thRoster,  
Heim, Vincent L. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Heimann, Edward E. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Heimann, Pfc. Edward E. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Heimark, Willis E. ---  106thRoster,  
Heimbeck, Edward B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hein, Schwester Erika ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Heine, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Heineman, Roy L. ---  106thRoster,  
Heiney, John E. ---  106thRoster,  
Heiney, Maj. John W. ---  106thPWenclosures.htm,  
Heinick, William J. ---  106thRoster,  
Heinke, Fred A. ---  106thRoster,  
Heinlein, Frank X. ---  106thRoster,  
Heinrich, John C., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Heins, Charles W. ---  106thRoster,  
Heinz, Gerhard A. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Heisey, John W. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heisse, Theresa ---  JohnCrawford.htm,  
Helbig, Albert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Helchenbach ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heldman, Ernest T. ---  106thRoster,  
Helegott, Emanuel ---  106thRoster,  
Helendorf, Germany ---  Norwood Frye.htm,  
Helensdorf ---  ErvinSzpek.htm,   James Mills.htm,  
Helensdorf’ ---  Raymond Makowske.htm,  
Heles, Leonard T. ---  106thRoster,  
Helfgott, Emanuel ---  106thRoster,  
Helfont, Nathan (NMI) ---  106thRoster,  
Helick, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Helie, Ranie P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hellendorf ---  Gifford Doxsee.htm,  
Heller, H. Carter ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Heller, Howard C. ---  106thRoster,  
Heller, John W. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hellwig, Elmer L. (Buddy) ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Helm, Henry P. ---  106thRoster,  
Helmbrock, Arthur J. ---  106thRoster,  
Helmdorf ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Helmerson, Ben W. ---  106thRoster,  
Helmich, Lester A. ---  106thRoster,  
Helms, Horace N. ---  106thRoster,  
Helms, Hubert ---  106thRoster,  
Helms, Lester S., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Helms, Luther G. ---  106thRoster,  
Helms, Maj. ---  15-Tours.htm,   Jackson D Behling.htm,   Myron Klingman.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Helms, Maj. Sanda ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Helms, Maj. Sanda B. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Helms, Maj. Sandra B. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Helms, Sanda B. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Helms, Sanda, Maj. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Helmsdorf ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,   John Kline.htm,  
Helmstedt ---  08.htm,   Borst-William.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   John Kline.htm,  
Helmstedt, Germany ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,   John Kline.htm,   POW.htm,  
Helsms, Sanda B. ---  106thRoster,  
Helstern, Jack E. ---  106thRoster,  
Helton, Fred ---  106thRoster,  
Helton, John C. ---  106thRoster,  
Helwig, Charles R. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Helwig, Elmer 'Buddy' ---  DelmarGarnhart.htm,  
Helwig, Gil ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   08-FeatureWriters.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Helwig, Gilbert ---  John Kline.htm,  
Helwig, Gilbert J. ---  106thRoster,  
Helwig, Pfc. Gilbert J. ---  John Kline.htm,  
Helwing, F. H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hemelt, William G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hemmeres ---  2004.htm,  
Hemmers ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Hemming, Forrest W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hemmings, Harlon ---  106thRoster,  
Hemmingway, Ernest ---  2004.htm,  
Hempel, Robert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Henakey, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson Airfield ---  RobertsJack.html,  
Henderson, Albert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Albert P. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Albert W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Henderson, Amos C. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Arthur A. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Augustus A. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Capt. Albert W. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Henderson, Charles 'Chuck' ---  Henderson-Chuck.htm,  
Henderson, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Charley S. 'Chuck' ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Dale ---  CMOC.htm,  
Henderson, Dewey ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Edward William ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Henderson, Howard K. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, James W. S. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, John D. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Leon ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Roscoe R. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Ruben B. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Stanley T. ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, Walter Scott ---  106thRoster,  
Henderson, William E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendricks, George W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendricks, Harry C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendricks, Ronald A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendricks, Sgt. ---  Raymond Makowske.htm,  
Hendricksen, B. T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendricksen, Harry ---  106thRoster,  
Hendrickson, ? ---  Norwood Frye.htm,  
Hendrickson, Arthur J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendrickson, Felix ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hendrickson, Felix L. ---  106thRoster,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hendrickson, John P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hendrickson, Lawrence ---  106thRoster,  
Hendrickson, Slick ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hene, [Med. Off.] ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hene, Capt. ---  04-1st-Med-SurgTechSchedule.htm,   05-2nd-Med-SurgTechSchedule.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hene, Capt. Julius ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   About-422.htm,  
Hene, Julius ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hene, Julius A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hene, Julius, Capt. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heneghan, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Heneghan, Lee Leo (Leo Lee ?) ---  106thRoster,  
Heneka, Norman B. ---  106thRoster,  
Henel, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hengelouer, Lisbeth ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Henimont ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Henin, Madam ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   EdwardPrewett.htm,  
Henka, Norman ---  106thRoster,  
Henley, Alton S. ---  106thRoster,  
Henley, Harvey ---  106thRoster,  
Henley, Maj. ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Henley, Malcom E. ---  106thRoster,  
Henley, Pfc. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Henly, Frank H. ---  12-OrderGoldenLion.htm,  
Henly, Harvey ---  106thRoster,  
Hennamont ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Henne, Norman ---  11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Henne, Norman H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hennebont ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Henneman, Keith D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hennes, Parnell W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hennessey, William J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hennigan, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Henning, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Henning, James W. ---  106thRoster,   OfficerList.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Henning, Jim ---  16-Reunions.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Henning, Robert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Henomont ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Henri Chapelle ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   2002.htm,   2004.htm,  
Henri Chapelle Cemetery ---  2002.htm,   2004.htm,   John Kline.htm,   POW.htm,  
Henri Chapelle Military Cemetery ---  2004.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Henri Chappelle ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Henri Chappelle Cemetery ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Henri-Chapelle, Belgium ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Henri-Chapelle, U.S. Military Cemetery ---  RockwellMalcom_589C.html,  
Henricks, Don ---  106thRoster,  
Henrico, Pandolf ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Henriksen, Harry ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Henry, Charles D. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, Charles J. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, Earle F., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, Frank L. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, George E. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, J. P. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, Patrick Francis ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, Robert D. ---  106thRoster,  
Henry, William R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensen, Roy J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensleigh, Paul J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensler, George H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensley, Joe F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensley, Joe Frank ---  106thRoster,  
Hensley, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hensley, Troy ---  Source.htm,  
Henson, Ellis G. ---  106thRoster,  
Henson, Glenn ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Henson, Ivan C. (O. ?) ---  106thRoster,  
Henson, Ralph D. ---  106thRoster,  
Henson, Walter ---  106thRoster,  
Henumont ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   07-Books.htm,   EdwardPrewett.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   Newspaper.htm,  
Henumony ---  Newspaper.htm,  
Hepler, Elson W. ---  106thRoster,  
Heppenheim, Germany ---  Hack Brauer.htm,  
Heppner, Leo D. D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hepscheid ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Herald, Francis E. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbacynco, ? ---  Henderson-Chuck.htm,  
Herbacynko, Peter P. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert Tarlton ---  Lucky Strike.htm,  
Herbert Tarrington ---,  
Herbert, (Unknown) ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Herbert, Bernard D. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert, Charles W. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert, Everett H. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert, Pvt. ---  2004.htm,  
Herbert, Pvt. Lemuel H. ---  2004.htm,  
Herbert, Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert, Stanley H. ---  106thRoster,  
Herbert, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Herbesthal, Belgium ---  106G-1Annex5-1-45TO5-31-45.htm,  
Herbstnebel (Autumn Fog) ---  03.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Herdebise, Jules ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Herdebise, Mr. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Herdrich, Lt. ---  TimeTable.htm,  
Hereford, Cpl. ---  424-G.htm,  
Hereford, Robert T. ---  106thRoster,  
Herenden, Walter N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hererra, Sgt. ---  AAR-1.htm,  
Hereth, Lee J. ---  106thRoster,  
Herioc 106Th ---  106th Site Map.htm,   Heroic 106th.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Herlheim ---  LMartinJones.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Herlitz, Glen H. ---  106thRoster,  
Herman Goering Strasse ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Herman, Jacob M. ---  106thRoster,  
Herman, Michael ---  106thRoster,  
Hermance, Wes ---  11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hermance, Wesley S. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hermann Goering Aircraft School ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Hermann, Maj. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hermann, Maj. Thomas ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hern, Alexander ---  106thRoster,  
Hernandez, Elesio H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hernandez, Medic ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Hernandez, Pedro V., Sr. ---  106thRoster,  
Herndon, Don ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Herndon, Donald F. ---  106thRoster,  
Herndon, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Herndon, Lt. Donald ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Herod, Chester A. ---  106thRoster,  
Herr Segne Dieses Haus ---  2004.htm,  
Herr, Russell ---  106thRoster,  
Herrera, Max ---  106thRoster,  
Herresbach ---  106thAAR-12-1944.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,   2004.htm,   J Don Holtzmueller.htm,  
Herring, George W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Herring, Howard J. ---  106thRoster,  
Herring, Louis R. ---  106thRoster,  
Herring, Robert M. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Herriott, Russell K. ---  106thRoster,  
Herrman, Russell E. ---  106thRoster,  
Herrmann, Col. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Herrmann, Maj. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Herrmann, Maj. T. K. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Herrmann, Maj. Thomas K. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Herrmann, Mr. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Herrmann, Thomas ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Herrmann, Tom ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   14-Memorials.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   POW.htm,  
Herron, Merritt W. ---  106thRoster,  
Herron, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Herschberg ---  John Kline.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hersey, Harry B., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hersey, Pfc. Alvin K. ---  Mee-Norman.htm,  
Hershberger, Todd ---  106thRoster,  
Herter, Harry B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hertzler, Walter L. ---  106thRoster,  
Herwelling, 1st Lt. ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Herzfeld, Irving S. ---  106thRoster,  
Herzfenn ---  1998.htm,   2002.htm,  
Herzog, Franklin G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hesaqck, William J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hescox, Charles C. ---  106thRoster,  
Heser, Edmund A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hesferle, John S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hesivilin, Charles R. ---  106thRoster,  
Heslep, Walter D. ---  106thRoster,  
Heslin, Patrick F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hess, Henry G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hess, Henry Q. ---  106thRoster,  
Hess, Milton J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hess, Pfc. Milton ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Hesse, ? ---  ParkerWarDiary.htm,  
Hesse, James Francis ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hessee, Robert D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hessler, Frank A. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hester, James B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hester, Joseph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hester, Kenneth T. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hestreux ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hetherington, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hetico, ? ---  AgostiniGus_81A.htm,  
Hetico, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hetrick, James E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hetrick, Willard L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hetterick, Sgt. ---  Albert Reed.htm,  
Hettie, Buddie ---  106thRoster,  
Heuchelheim ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Heuchenee ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   ImportantDates.htm,  
Heuem ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   07.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,   81stEngrCitation.htm,   Collins.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   John Collins.htm,   Prell.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Heuem, Belgium ---  331Chistory.htm,   81stEngrCitation.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heuen ---  Randy Pierson.htm,  
Heuer, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,  
Heuersdorf ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Heum ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Heunemont ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Heversdorf ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Hewett, unk 'Tiny' ---  106thRoster,  
Hewitt, Col. ---  Irwin Smoler.htm,  
Hewitt, Dan ---  106thRoster,  
Hewitt, Howard F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hewitt, James W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hewitt, Lt. Col. ---  106G-1Annex5-1-45TO5-31-45.htm,  
Hewitt, Lt. Col. Orville H. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hewitt, Lt. Col. Orville M. ---  100-2.htm,   106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,   106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,   106thAAR-5-1-1945.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,   CommandStaff.html,  
Hewitt, Orville M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hewitt, Spencer ---  106thRoster,  
Heydrich, Reynhard ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Heydt, Morris F., Jr. ---  Stan Wojtusik.htm,  
Heyer, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,   159AAR-1-9May1945.htm,   159thAAR-5-1-45.htm,   159thAfterAction-5-31-1945.htm,  
Heymann, Chester G. ---  106thRoster,  
Heyne, John P. ---  106thRoster,  
HHB Div. Arty ---  Schaffner.htm,  
Hibbard, Francis K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hibbard, George E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hibbens, Thurman A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hibler, Carl ---  William Harvey.htm,  
Hickey, Ernest K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hickey, Gen. ---  ParkersXRoad.htm,  
Hickey, John ---  Marion Ray.htm,  
Hickey, John J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hickey, Ollie B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hickman, Willie W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hicks, ? ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Hicks, 1st Sgt. ---  424-G.htm,  
Hicks, Charles R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hicks, Harry ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hicks, James H. 'Harry' ---  106thRoster,  
Hicks, James Harry ---  Source.htm,  
Hicks, Sgt. Harry ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Hicks, Stacy ---  Source.htm,  
Hicks, Warren D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hicky, Ollie B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hiedepriem, Herb ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Hierding, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hiers, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hiett, Wesley C. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Higby, Hobert E. ---  106thRoster,  
Higdon, Herman L. ---  106thRoster,  
Higdon, Thomas J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Higginbotham, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Higginbotham, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Arnold E. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Grover H. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Hugh ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Higgins, John E. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Johnnie ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Lee ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Lurton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Russell D. ---  106thRoster,  
Higgins, Sam ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Higgins, William G. ---  106thRoster,   159AAR-1-9May1945.htm,   159thAfterAction-5-31-1945.htm,  
Higgs, Everett ---  106thRoster,  
Higgs, Herman H. ---  106thRoster,  
High, Benjamin A. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
High, Glenn C. ---  106thRoster,  
Highben, Denny ---  17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Hight, Jesse I. ---  106thRoster,  
Highway N ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Highway N- ---  331Chistory.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hignett, Roe A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilbers, Joseph G., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilbert, Harry A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilclitch, Norman ---  106thRoster,  
Hildeschein ---  Donald Doubek.htm,   McCullen.htm,  
Hildesheim ---  Borst-William.htm,   HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Hildesheim, Germany ---  Borst-William.htm,   RobertJeters.htm,  
Hilditch, Norman ---  106thRoster,  
Hilditch, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Hildreth, Jack B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hildrich, Lt. ---  ErnestValmont.htm,  
Hildring, Gen. ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hile, James H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hiles, Paul H. F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilger, Ferdinand ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hilgers, F. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hilgers, M. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Hill ---  106thRoster,   07.htm,   ErvinSzpek.htm,   John Kline.htm,   Lang.htm,   LMartinJones.htm,   Weldon Lane.htm,  
Hill 504 ---  AAR-1.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hill 506 ---  AAR-1.htm,  
Hill 508 ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,  
Hill 516 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 536 ---  GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hill 537 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 549 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 550 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 555 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 560 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 569 ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hill 570 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 575 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hill 578 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 582 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 583 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 588 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 590 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 594 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 595 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 605 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 610 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 629 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 640 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 643 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 646 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill 661 ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hill, ? ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Hill, Alfred L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Anthony A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Arthur ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Bobby L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Cecil K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Charles E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Charles P. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hill, Clifford B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, D. B., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Earl L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Frank J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, George ---  Life.htm,   Pete House.htm,  
Hill, George R. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hill, George Roy ---  Durning-Charles.htm,  
Hill, Harold E. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hill, Herbert R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Horace M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, J. C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, James ---  Experiences.htm,   I remember.htm,  
Hill, James E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, James S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, James W. ---  106thRoster,   I remember.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hill, John M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Joseph ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hill, Loyce C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Loyd L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, M/Sgt. ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hill, Major H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Monica ---  Noreen-Leonard.htm,  
Hill, Norman ---  Prell.htm,  
Hill, Norman W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Preston ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hill, Robert T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Samuel M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Thomas F. (E.?) ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Wayne ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, William E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hill, Williard E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hillard, Everett S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hillard, Marion E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hillard, Roy Milton ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hillard, Sgt. Everett S. ---  Stars-Stripes.htm,  
Hillard, William W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hille, ? ---  Henderson-Chuck.htm,  
Hille, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hillebrand, William R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hiller, Ralph F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilley, Clifton ---  106thRoster,  
Hilliard, Marion Edward ---  106thRoster,  
Hilliard, Roy M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilliard, Sgt. Everett S. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hilliard, William W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hillinger, Leonard J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hillis, Sylvester J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hillman, Lt. ---  11-DivisionSchool.htm,  
Hillock, John E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hillstrom, Jack L. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hillyard, John R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hilshorst, Clinton ---  106thRoster,  
Hiltbrand, Walter F. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hilyard, Paul W. ---  106thRoster,  
Himberg, Carl ---  2002.htm,   RobertsJack.html,  
Himberg, Carl A., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Himelrick, Howard E. ---  106thRoster,  
Himes, Lt. Col. ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Himes, Lt. Col. William J. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Himes, Maj. William J. ---  FishburnJohn-423.html,  
Himes, William J. ---  106thRoster,  
Himmel, Joe L. ---  106thRoster,  
Himmelfarb, Sol ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Himmelright, James H. ---  106thRoster,  
Himmeress ---  Lapp-RoyceE.htm,  
Hinderhausen ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hine, Quentin A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hines, Clyde W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hines, David T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hines, Gunther E. ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Hines, Quinton ---  106thRoster,  
Hines, Roy Albert ---  106thRoster,  
Hinkle, Clarence L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hinkle, Raymond A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hinrichs, Donald M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hinshaw, Les ---  7th reunion.htm,  
Hinsley, Vernon R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hinson, Arthur E., Sr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hinteraurbach ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hintgen, Tom ---  RodEbersviller.htm,  
Hinton, William F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hintz, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hintzen, Leonard J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hippe, Hinni ---  Gifford Doxsee.htm,  
Hirch, Ernest A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hird, James W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, Charles E., III ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, James ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, Johnie L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, Johnnie L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, Mess Sergeant Jim ---  Milton Weiner.htm,  
Hires, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Hires, Will H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hiroshima ---  424-L-history.htm,   Byrnes-Vincent.htm,   EarlParker.htm,   ErvinSzpek.htm,   Everett Perryman.htm,   Fred Burnham.htm,   Gifford Doxsee.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   InvasionPlan.htm,   Joe Salerno.htm,   Kurt Vonnegut.htm,  
Hirsch, Aunt Martha ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Ernst ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Fritz ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Hedy ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Jay C. ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Hirsch, Max ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Moritz ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Mrs. ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Pvt. Rudy ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirsch, Rudolph ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   Diaries-All.htm,  
Hirsch, Rudolph 'Rudy''Frenchy' ---  106thRoster,  
Hirsch, Rudy ---  106th Site Map.htm,   Randy Pierson.htm,   Rudy Hirsch.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hirsch, Uncle Herman ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hirst, ? ---  Richard Sparks.htm,  
Hirst, Bob ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hirst, Cpl. Robert ---  Everett Perryman.htm,  
Hirst, Dad ---  Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hirst, Raymond E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hirst, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hirst, Robert G. ---  106thRoster,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Hirt, Earl ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hirtz, Edward A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hirzel, George W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hisaw, J. B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hissam, Ben ---  106thRoster,  
Hissong, William L. ---  106thRoster,  
History Of The 106th Inf. Div. ---  Byrnes-Vincent.htm,  
History Of The 589th FA ---  106th Site Map.htm,   589Book.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
History Of The 589th FA BN ---  GatensJohn_589A.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,   SamuelFeinberg.htm,   Schaffner.htm,   SchaffnerJohnR_589A.htm,  
History Rpt 01/23/ ---  106th Site Map.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
History Rpt 01/23/1946 ---  AAR 01-23-1946.htm,  
Hite, Lloyd I. ---  106thRoster,  
Hitler Jugend Camp ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hitler, Adolf ---  Bill Stahl.htm,   Ed Roper.htm,   Herb Sheaner.htm,   Jerry Meadows.htm,   Lang.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hitler, Adolph ---  02.htm,   Herb Sheaner.htm,   James Forsythe.htm,  
Hitler's Folly ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hitler's Retreat ---  POW.htm,  
Hitt, Malcom T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hively, Leman R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hixson, Charles S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hizer, George F. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hjerpe, Edward B. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hlasney, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hlat, Michael ---  106thRoster,  
Hoag, John 'Mouse' ---  James Mills.htm,   RobertWiddicombe.htm,  
Hoag, John W., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoag, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoagland, Raymond L., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoard, Harvey ---  106thRoster,  
Hobbs, Jesse W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hobbs, John D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hobbs, Louis L. (T.?) ---  106thRoster,  
Hobbs, Pfc. ---  AAR-1.htm,  
Hobenadel, Frank A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoblock, Sgt. ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hobson, James S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hobson, Stanley L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hocevar, Edmund F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoch, Ernest K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoch, Henry W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoch, Paul K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hochgertel, Harry A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hochkrouz ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hochler, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hochst, Germany ---  AAR 01-23-1946.htm,   Lt Eric Wood.htm,  
Hochstead, Lt. ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hochstetter, Hubert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hockenberry, Lamont ---  106thRoster,  
Hockenberry, Stephen ---  106thRoster,  
Hockstad, Lt. ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hockstad, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,   AAR 01-23-1946.htm,  
Hodapo, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodge, Curmon J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodge, E. J. ---  106thRoster,   About-424-D.htm,  
Hodge, E.J. ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Hodge, Gen. ---  Herb Sheaner.htm,  
Hodge, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodge, Jessie D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodge, Joseph H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodge, Kenneth A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodges, Courtney H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodges, Curtis J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodges, Gen. ---  07.htm,   07-Books.htm,   de Marken.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   Lang.htm,   Newspaper.htm,  
Hodges, Gen. Courtney ---  6Days.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   Vernon Brumfield.htm,  
Hodges, Gen. Courtney H. ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hodges, Lt. Gen Courtney ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Hodges, Lt. Gen. Courtney ---  07-Books.htm,   6Days.htm,   Newspaper.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   SatEvenPost.htm,  
Hodges, Lt. Gen. Courtney H. ---  07-Books.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hodges, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hodges, Sgt. ---  Everett Perryman.htm,  
Hody ---  331Chistory.htm,   SamuelFeinberg.htm,  
Hody, Belgium ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hoef, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoekstra, Alfred ---  106thRoster,  
Hoekstra, Peter ---  Joseph Gasses.htm,  
Hoel, Arthur ---  106thRoster,  
Hoel, Arthur, Lt. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hoell, Lt. Arthyur ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hoen, Hank ---  Myron Klingman.htm,  
Hoenemeyer, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hoenemeyer, John H. (J ?) ---  106thRoster,  
Hoerth, Joseph ---  106thRoster,  
Hoerth, Joseph G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoerth, Lt. Joseph ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hoest, David A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hof, Germany ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   Francis Woolfley.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   RobertWiddicombe.htm,  
Hofen, Germany ---  LMartinJones.htm,  
Hofer, Andreas ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hoff, Andrew J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoff, Henry O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoff, Lloyd W. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hoff, Russell ---  106thRoster,  
Hoff, Russell D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoff, T/ ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hoffard, Vincent H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffer, John A. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hoffhien, Leonard C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Arthur J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, August R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Bernard J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Briggs ---  106thRoster,   Schaffner.htm,  
Hoffman, Charles W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Edward C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Elbert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Emanuel ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Glenn C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Harold ---  106th Site Map.htm,   Hoffman-Harold.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Hoffman, Harold (1) ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Harold (2) ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Harold V. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, John C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Kenneth H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Lee ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Louis C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffman, Pfc. ---  Hoffman-Harold.htm,  
Hoffman, Walter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffmann, Briggs A., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoffmann, Elfrida ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Hoffmann-Schönborn, Generalmajor ---  05.htm,   07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hoffman-Schonborn, Oberst ---  06.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   Prell.htm,  
Hoffmaster, Wendell M. 'Windy' ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hoffmeyer, Howard ---  106thRoster,   RobertsJack.html,  
Hoffnungstahl ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hoffnungstahl Camp ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hoffnungsthal ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hofstetter, Albert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hogan, Bernard T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hogan, Daniel A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hogan, John R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hogan, Sidney W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoge, Brig. Gen. ---  07-Books.htm,   SatEvenPost.htm,  
Hoge, Brig. Gen. William ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hoge, Gen. ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hogg, George E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hogg, Harold K. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hogue, Oral D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoheb, Albert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hohenadel, Frank A., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hohenstein ---  John Kline.htm,  
Hohenstein, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hohing, Robert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hohlstedt ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,   Richard McKee.htm,  
Hohnstein, Clint ---  About-422.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hohnstein, Clinton ---  08-FeatureWriters.htm,  
Hohnstein, Clinton D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoinash, William ---  106thRoster,  
Hoinash, William NMI ---  106thRoster,  
Hoitt, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hokkaido ---  InvasionPlan.htm,  
Hokkanen, Llewellyn C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hokrein, Amos ---  Diaries-All.htm,  
Hokrein, Amos J. ---  106thRoster,   HokreinAmosJ_422E.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Holaday, Darwin K. ---  106thRoster,  
Holbrook, Gilbert ---  106thRoster,  
Holbrook, Robert R., Jr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Holcomb, Avil B. ---  106thRoster,  
Holcomb, Earl H. ---  106thRoster,  
Holcomb, John O. ---  106thRoster,  
Holcomb, Roy F. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Holcomb, Sgt. ---  590-About.htm,  
Holcomge, Floyd R. ---  106thRoster,  
Holden, B. ---  James Mills.htm,  
Holden, Bob ---  James Mills.htm,  
Holden, Robert ---  08-FeatureWriters.htm,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   James Mills.htm,   OfficerList.htm,  
Holden, Robert R. ---  106thRoster,  
Holden, William R. ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Holder, Harry L. ---  106thRoster,  
Holder, Harry O. ---  106thRoster,  
Holderbaum, Kenneth ---  Edward Bohde.htm,  
Holderness, Capt. ---  14-Memorials.htm,  
Holenfeld ---  07.htm,  
Holgash, Nicholas G. ---  106thRoster,  
Holiday, Darwin K. ---  106thRoster,  
Holik, John (NMI) ---  106thRoster,  
Holland ---  03.htm,   03-DivisionHistory.htm,   06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   07-Books.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,   1998.htm,   2004.htm,   2007.htm,   Aloysius J Menke.htm,   Carl Giesler.htm,   de Marken.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   Herb Sheaner.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   Lang.htm,   LMartinJones.htm,   Magazine.htm,   NamesOfInterest.htm,   Newspaper.htm,   Part 2.htm,   POW.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   Prell.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   Rudy Hirsch.htm,   TeneryDiary.htm,   WalterGreve.htm,  
Holland, Bert ---  106thRoster,  
Holland, CWO Tom ---  Stokes-Herb.htm,  
Holland, Daniel E., JR. ---  106thRoster,  
Holland, James J. ---  106thRoster,  
Holland, Junior K. ---  106thRoster,  
Holland, Thomas H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Holland, William L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollar, David G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollar, Paul ---  106thRoster,  
Hollar, Thurston ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hollar, Virgil P. ---  106thRoster,  
Holleman, Robert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollenbaugh, Deaner ---  106thRoster,  
Holley, Carl P. ---  106thRoster,  
Holley, Clifton ---  106thRoster,  
Hollinger, John C. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hollingsworth M. H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollingsworth, Ernest B. 'Slim' ---  106thRoster,  
Hollingsworth, Milbern H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollingworth, ? ---  Raymond Makowske.htm,  
Holloman, Harold L. ---  106thRoster,  
Holloway, Clyde T. ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Holloway, Robert K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hollrich ---  TaskForce.htm,  
Holm, Milton T. ---  106thRoster,  
Holman, George A. ---  106thRoster,  
Holmes, Bradford M. ---  106thRoster,  
Holmes, Harold ---  106thRoster,  
Holmes, John D., Jr ---  CMB.htm,  
Holmes, John D., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Holmes, Sidney I. ---  106thRoster,  
Holmes, Theodore A. ---  106thRoster,  
Holosz, Steve ---  106thRoster,  
Holt, Carlyle ---  A-Hill.htm,  
Holt, Caylyle ---  02-02-1945.htm,  
Holt, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Holt, Charlie 'Tim' ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Holt, Henry R. ---  106thRoster,  
Holthaus, Donald E. ---  106thRoster,  
Holton, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Holton, Joseph E. ---  106thRoster,  
Holton, Martin L, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Holtslander, Lloyd F. ---  106thRoster,  
Holtzmuller, Dick ---  J Don Holtzmueller.htm,  
Holtzmuller, Don ---  J Don Holtzmueller.htm,  
Holtzmuller, J. Don ---  106thRoster,   Diaries-All.htm,   J Don Holtzmueller.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Holtzmuller, Paul ---  J Don Holtzmueller.htm,  
Holtzmuller, Sally ---  J Don Holtzmueller.htm,  
Holyoak, Sandra ---  DonaldKWhite.htm,  
Holyoak, Sandra Stewart ---  DonaldKWhite.htm,  
Hom, Tong Y. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Homa, Francis J. ---  106thRoster,  
Homan, Robert G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hombs, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Home Run ---,   Lucky Strike.htm,  
Homer, Arthur J. ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Homes, ? ---  Norwood Frye.htm,  
Hommerstrom, Richard M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hommes, Wilhelm ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hompland, Ray T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hon, Fang ---  106thRoster,  
Hon, Ng F. ---  106thRoster,  
Honaker, 2nd Lt. Robert L. ---  05-IndividualHistory.htm,  
Honaker, Robert ---  07-Books.htm,  
Honaker, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Honaman, Earl M. ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Honan, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Honeman, ? ---  81eng.htm,  
Honey, Francis W. ---  106thRoster,  
Honeysett, Aca ---  106thRoster,  
Honfeld, Belgium ---  424Route.htm,  
Hongeda ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,   Richard McKee.htm,  
Honker, Robert ---  History.htm,   History.htm,  
Honkomp, Elmer D. ---  106thRoster,  
Honkus, Michael ---  106thRoster,  
Honley, Steven Alan ---  Magazine.htm,  
Honsfeld ---  07.htm,   14-AnnualMedicalReport.htm,   2004.htm,   331Chistory.htm,   de Marken.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   TimeTable.htm,  
Honshu ---  InvasionPlan.htm,  
Hontheim ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hood, Willie H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hook, Charles D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hook, Robert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hooks, James A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hooper, Donald M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hooper, Hilton ---  106thRoster,  
Hooper, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoot, Raymond N. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoover, Col. Phillip ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hoover, Col. Phillip F. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hoover, Herbert H. ---  106thRoster,   KennethGrant.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. Philip ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. Philip F. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. Phillip ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. Phillip F. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hoover, Lt. Col. Phillip T. ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,   106th AAR-6-1-1945.htm,   106thAAR-5-1-1945.htm,   106thActivitiesRpt-7-1-1945.htm,  
Hoover, Mrs. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hoover, Phillip T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoover, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoover, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoover, Roy ---  106thRoster,  
Hoover, Samuel ---  106thRoster,  
Hopbell, John E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hopbell, Mrs. Earl ---  11-AssociationChapters.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,  
Hopcraft, Russell C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hope, Bob ---  John Beals.htm,   Mulligan-HughA.htm,  
Hopebell, John ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hopell, John E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hopkin, W. Howard ---  106thRoster,  
Hopkins, Gerald ---  106thRoster,  
Hopkins, Herman ---  106thRoster,  
Hopkins, Lloyd F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoppa, Fredrick I. ---  106thRoster,  
Hopper, Dick ---  Richards-JimmieLee.htm,  
Hopper, Neil F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hopper, William D. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hopson, Earl ---  106thRoster,  
Hopton, Athelbert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Horan, John ---  106thRoster,  
Horan, Joseph ---  106thRoster,  
Hord, Carl D. ---  106thRoster,  
Horn, Bernard T. ---  106thRoster,  
Horn, Frederick K., Sr. ---  106thRoster,  
Horn, Harold E. ---  106thRoster,  
Horn, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Horn, Sgt. ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Horn, Sgt. Sherwood ---  Richard McKee.htm,  
Horn, Sherwood J. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Horn, Sherwood J. (Serwood ?) ---  106thRoster,  
Hornby, Irving R. ---  106thRoster,  
Horne, George W., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Horne, Sherwood ---  About-422.htm,  
Horner, Rainey E. ---  106thRoster,  
Horner, Shirley E. ---  106thRoster,  
Horner, Wayne M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hornsby, Byron G., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hornsby, Irving R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hornsby, Roy L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hornsby, Ted ---  106thRoster,  
Hornstein, Dr. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hornstein, Dr. Adolph ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Horod, Joseph S. ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Horowitz, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Horrocks, Carl W. ---  106thRoster,  
Horrocks, Maj. Carl W. ---  106thPWenclosures.htm,  
Horseshit and Cobblestones ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Horsingen ---  Borst-William.htm,   HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Horsinger, Germany ---  Clark-John.htm,  
Horsmar ---  HenryMichalowski.htm,  
Horst, Russel O. ---  106thRoster,  
Horten, Charles J. ---  106thRoster,  
Horthy, Admiral Nicholas ---  07-Books.htm,  
Horton, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, Charles J. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, David A. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Horton, James P. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, Karl W. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, Murphy B. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, Pvt. Robert L. ---  RobertHorton.htm,  
Horton, Pvt. Robert Lee ---  RobertHorton.htm,  
Horton, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Horton, Robert Lee ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   RobertHorton.htm,  
Horton, T/5 ---  Everett Perryman.htm,  
Horton, Wash & Maggie ---  RobertHorton.htm,  
Horvath, Capt. ---  William Harvey.htm,  
Horvath, Frank A. ---  106thRoster,  
Horvath, Joseph A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hosier, James ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hosingen ---  Part 2.htm,  
Hoskins, Frank ---  Richards-JimmieLee.htm,  
Hosler, S/Sgt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hoss, Lloyd C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hossler, Frank A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hossley, Cpl. ---  SamuelFeinberg.htm,  
Hossley, Louis S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hostak, Norman J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hostek, Charles P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoster, ? ---  RobertWiddicombe.htm,  
Hoster, Paul S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoszhausen ---  Cobblestones.htm,  
Hotaling, William E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hotchkin, Burr F. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hotchkins, Burr F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hotchkiss, Raymond ---  106thRoster,  
Hotckin, B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hotckins, B. F. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hotel Aerogolf ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hotel Am Tulpenfeld ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hotel Bal Moral ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Hotel De Ville ---  1998.htm,   2002.htm,   2004.htm,   Stokes-Herb.htm,  
Hotel Des Ardennes ---  2004.htm,  
Hotel Duquesclin ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hotel Groot Warnsborn ---  2002.htm,  
Hotel Heintz ---  03.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hotel Koener ---  2004.htm,  
Hotel Koerner ---  2007.htm,  
Hotel Malherbe ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hotel Maria Therese ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Hotel Moderne Palace ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hotel Palais D'Orsay ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Hotel Pip Margriff ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hotel Pip-Margraff ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hotel Rathskeller ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hotel V'Hebron ---  2007.htm,  
Hotel Waldblick ---  2004.htm,  
Hotel, Claypool ---  07-Books.htm,  
Hotlz, Eugene E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hotton ---  2004.htm,   GatensJohn_589A.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,   Prell.htm,  
Houcek, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Houchenee ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Houchenee, Belgium ---  14-AnnualMedicalReport.htm,  
Houchenie ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Houck, Charles, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Houffalize ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   05.htm,   07-Books.htm,   09.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   1998.htm,   2004.htm,   331Chistory.htm,   AAR 01-27-1945.htm,   AlamoDefense.htm,   Arthur Brown.htm,   Barney Alford.htm,   Cedric Foster.htm,   GatensJohn_589A.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   GreifPlan.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   HowItHappened.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,   Rain-John.htm,   Randy Pierson.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   Schaffner.htm,   SchaffnerJohnR_589A.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Houffalize-Bastogne Road ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Houghton, Lt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Houghton, Ralph J. ---  106thRoster,  
House, Clyde E. ---  106thRoster,  
House, Mr. ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
House, Pete ---,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,   106th Site Map.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   6Days.htm,   AirDrop.htm,   Conditions.htm,   Diaries-All.htm,   Experiences.htm,   I remember.htm,   James Mills.htm,   JohnReinfenrath.htm,   Kuespert-Kleven.htm,   Life.htm,   Lucky Strike.htm,   NamesOfInterest.htm,   OfficerList.htm,   Pete House.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   Raymond Brown.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,   TaskForce.htm,  
House, Pete & Joanne ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
House, Peter 'Pete' ---  106thRoster,  
House, Pfc. Pete ---  I remember.htm,  
House, Pfc. Robert ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
House, Robert ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
House, Robert D. ---  106thRoster,  
House, Thomas ---  106thRoster,  
House, WO (Jg) ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
Houseman, 2nd Lt. Don ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Houseman, 2nd. Lt. Don ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Houseman, Don ---  Jackson D Behling.htm,  
Houseman, Donelson ---  Diaries-All.htm,  
Houseman, Donelson E. ---  Donelson Houseman.htm,  
Houseman, Donelson M. ---  106thRoster,   Donelson Houseman.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Houseman, Lt. Donelson M. ---  Donelson Houseman.htm,  
Houseman, Mr. & Mrs. D. H. ---  Donelson Houseman.htm,  
Houser, Jack ---  106thRoster,  
Houser, Jack E. ---  106thRoster,  
Houser, Oliver N. ---  106thRoster,  
Houser, William H. ---  106thRoster,  
Housley, Raymon L. ---  106thRoster,  
Housman, Russell M. ---  106thRoster,  
Houssanlage ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Houston, Ben H. ---  106thRoster,  
Houston, Harry D. ---  106thRoster,  
Houston, Leslie L. ---  106thRoster,  
Houston, Paul D. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Houston, Sam ---  AlamoDefense.htm,   ErvinSzpek.htm,   GatensJohn_589A.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,   RobertJeters.htm,  
Houston, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoversten, Raymond G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hovery, James J. ---  106thRoster,  
How I Avoided Capture, By John L. Hall ---  JohnHall.htm,  
How I Remember The Battle At Coulee, 1st Sgt Rutland ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
How It Happened ---  106th Site Map.htm,   HowItHappened.htm,   SoThink106th.htm,  
Howard, Alex T., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Arthur ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Clyde T. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Delphos ---  James Mills.htm,   RobertWiddicombe.htm,  
Howard, Delphos R. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Fred B. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Harold E. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Jesse F. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, John ---  16-Reunions.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Howard, John W. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Lloyd T. ---  106thRoster,  
Howard, Maj. John ---  2002.htm,  
Howard, William ---  106thRoster,  
Howay, Albert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Howe, Earl ---  106thRoster,  
Howe, Edward D. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Howe, Frank A. ---  106thRoster,  
Howe, Lawrence L. ---  106thRoster,  
Howe, William G. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Bob ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,   16-Reunions.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,  
Howell, Bob & Louise ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Howell, Charles ---  07-Books.htm,  
Howell, Elbert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Hauer E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Howell, James L. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Kenneth P. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Robert ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Howell, Robert F. ---  106thRoster,   OfficerList.htm,  
Howell, Robert F., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Rogie E. ---  106thRoster,  
Howell, Willie B. ---  106thRoster,  
Howeth, William W. ---  106thRoster,  
Howey, Albert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Howg, Lyle C. ---  106thRoster,  
Howland, Everett W. ---  106thRoster,  
Howland, Everette W. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Howland, unk ---  106thRoster,  
Howton, Joe M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoxworth, Horace J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoy, Edward J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hoye, John ---  2004.htm,  
Hoyle, Henry ---  106thRoster,  
Hoyment ---  Schaffner.htm,  
Hoymont ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
Hpag, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
HQ & Svc. Btry., 590th FA ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,  
HQ 106th Div. ---  13-Chart-1.htm,  
HQ 14th Cav. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
HQ 159th Inf. ---  159FO-3-5-7-1945.htm,  
HQ 331st Med. BN ---  331Chistory.htm,  
HQ and SVC Co., 81st Engr. Cbt. BN ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,  
HQ and Svc. Co., 81st Engr.s ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
HQ Battery 605th Antiaircraft ---  WTBanks.htm,  
Hq Btry. 106th Div. Artillery ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
HQ Btry., 589th FA BN ---  Arthur Brown.htm,   FrenchAward.htm,  
HQ Btry., 590th FA BN ---  Robert Niner.htm,  
HQ Btry., 590th FA BN. ---  Richard Ferguson.htm,  
HQ Btry., 591st FA ---  591fa.htm,  
HQ Co. 1 BN 423rd Inf. ---  FredSmallwood.htm,  
HQ Co., 106th Inf. Div. ---  331Chistory.htm,   Schaffner.htm,  
HQ Co., 2nd BN, 422nd Regt. ---  Leon Setter.htm,  
HQ Co., 2nd BN., 422nd Regt. ---  James Gardner.htm,  
HQ Co., First BN ---  424-CIB-Companies.htm,  
HQ Co., Second BN ---  424-CIB-Companies.htm,  
HQ Co., Second BN, 423rd Regt. ---  Weldon Lane.htm,  
HQ Co., Third BN ---  424-CIB-Companies.htm,  
Hq Commandant ---  Source.htm,  
HQ, 331st Med. BN ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hq, 8Th Air Force ---  TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hq. and A Batteries Of The 590th ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hraca, Joseph ---  106thRoster,  
Hreno, Emil ---  106thRoster,  
Hricko, George T. ---  106thRoster,  
Hrinevich, Alex ---  106thRoster,  
Hroch, Albert ---  106thRoster,  
Hron, Frank L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hrubovcak, Joseph J. J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hruby, Charles J., Jr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hrusch, John, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hryniewicz, Henery W. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hsar, Michael ---  106thRoster,  
Hubbard, Nancy ---  Everett Perryman.htm,  
Hubbard, Walter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hubele, Leroy N. ---  106thRoster,  
Huber, David A. ---  106thRoster,  
Huber, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Huber, William T. C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hubert, Andre ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   13-CRIBA.htm,   14-Memorials.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,   1998.htm,   2002.htm,   2004.htm,   ParkersXRoad.htm,  
Hubert, Andre' ---  13-CRIBA.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Hubert, Cpl. ---  Milton Weiner.htm,  
Hubert, Cpl. Don ---  Milton Weiner.htm,  
Hubert, Don ---  Milton Weiner.htm,  
Hubert, Donald F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hubert, Mr. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Huberty, Donald ---  106thRoster,  
Huchko, Robert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Huck, Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Huckabee, Charles W. ---  106thRoster,  
Huckebein, Hans ---  Stokes-Herb.htm,  
Hucko, Robert W. ---  106thRoster,  
Huckshold, Albert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Huckshold, Clarence F. ---  106thRoster,  
Huddleson, Lt. ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Huddleston, 1st Lt. ---  Archie Ross.htm,  
Huddleston, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Huddleston, Jarrett M. ---  106thRoster,  
Huddleston, Lt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   Irwin Smoler.htm,  
Huddleston, Lt. (Jarrett) ---  OHare-PierreF.htm,  
Hudieson, 1st Lt. Jarrett, Jr. ---  07.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Hudjek, ? ---  Dr Tattersall.htm,  
Hudnut, Dean ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hudock, Stephen M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Arnold G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Charles ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Edward ---  Hudson Edward.htm,  
Hudson, Edward R. ---  106thRoster,   Hudson Edward.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hudson, Harry D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, John A. (1) ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, John A. (2) ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, John B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Luther S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Ralph Allen ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Travis L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudson, Wendell O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hudspeth, George L. ---  106thRoster,  
Huebner, Maj. Gen.C. R. ---  106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,  
Huehn, Julius ---  Schaffner.htm,   SchaffnerJohnR_589A.htm,  
Huertgen ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   2004.htm,  
Huertgen Forest ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   2004.htm,   POW.htm,  
Huertgenwald ---  2004.htm,  
Huesing, Earl R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hueter, Kenneth W. ---  106thRoster,  
Huey, John D. ---  106thRoster,  
Huey, Sam ---  106thRoster,  
Huff, Boyd F. ---  106thRoster,  
Huff, Col. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Huff, Gilmon A. ---  106thRoster,  
Huff, Gilmon A., Col. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Huff, Kenneth F. ---  106thRoster,  
Huffacker, Bob ---  2004.htm,  
Huffaker, Bob ---  2007.htm,  
Huffine, Phil C. ---  106thRoster,  
Huffman, Ernest F. ---  106thRoster,  
Huffman, Garnett E. ---  106thRoster,  
Huffstetler, Cecil L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hugenschmidt, Arthur R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hugg, Glen L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hugg, William M., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Huggins, William O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Bill ---  CharlesJohanson.htm,  
Hughes, Billy ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Hughes, Carl R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Charles D., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Cpl. Howard ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
Hughes, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Glen L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Harvey L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Howard ---  Grosslangenfeld.htm,   part 3.htm,   WhatHappened.htm,  
Hughes, Howard L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Hugh H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, James K. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughes, Mr. ---  Lang.htm,  
Hughes, William M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hughlett, William R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hugus, Russell M. ---  106thRoster,  
Huie, Wah Y. ---  106thRoster,  
Hulbert, Carl M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hulkonen, Arthur A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hull, John R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hull, Lucian A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hulligan, Lt. Col. E. S. ---  01-Statistics.htm,   03-Med-SurgTechOutline.htm,  
Hulsey, Guy R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hulsey, Lester B. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hulsey, Sgt. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hults, Francis M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hume, Ray L. ---  106thRoster,  
Huminski, Edwin C. ---  106thRoster,  
Humirshi, Edwin C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hummel, Delbert G. ---  106thRoster,  
Humphrey, Don ---  Schaffner.htm,   SchaffnerJohnR_589A.htm,  
Humphrey, Donald B. ---  106thRoster,  
Humphrey, Edwin D. ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Humphrey, Richard J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Humphrey, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Humphrey, Sgt. ---  Sparks Interview.htm,  
Humphreys, Billy B. ---  106thRoster,  
Humphreys, Sgt. ---  Sparks Interview.htm,  
Humphries, E. D. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Humphries, Eldred Davis ---  106thRoster,  
Humphry, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Hundt, Albert G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hungerford, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hungerford, John I. ---  106thRoster,  
Hungerford, John J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hunnange ---  ImportantDates.htm,  
Hunnengen ---  Albert Reed.htm,  
Hunnengen, Belgium ---  Albert Reed.htm,  
Hunnigen ---  07-Books.htm,   92.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   Schaffner.htm,   Stokes-Herb.htm,  
Hunningen ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   106AAR-ENEMY-1-31-Mar-45.htm,   14-AnnualMedicalReport.htm,   FactSheet.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,   Schaffner.htm,   SchaffnerJohnR_589A.htm,   Stokes-Herb.htm,  
Hunningen, Belgium ---  History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hunsrück ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Hunsucker, Ervin ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hunt, Bob ---  Randy Pierson.htm,  
Hunt, Fred O. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Harry W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, James A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, James B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, James P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, John D. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Joseph ---  Prell.htm,  
Hunt, Joseph P. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Kenneth ---  AAR-1.htm,  
Hunt, Kenneth R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Pfc. ---  Randy Pierson.htm,  
Hunt, Pfc. Bob ---  Randy Pierson.htm,  
Hunt, Robert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Robert L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunt, Robert S. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hunt, Sgt. ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hunt, Sgt. Vernon ---  Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hunt, Vernon ---  106thRoster,   Collins.htm,   John Collins.htm,  
Hunteman, Robert V. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunter, Art ---  RobertMcBride.htm,  
Hunter, Arthur W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hunter, Charles F. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hunter, David ---  106thRoster,  
Hunter, David (?) ---  About-422.htm,  
Hunter, Robert ---  106thRoster,  
Hunter, Sgt. ---  07-Books.htm,   Albert Reed.htm,   Richard McKee.htm,  
Hunter, Sgt. Roger ---  07-Books.htm,   SatEvenPost.htm,  
Huntington, Tom ---  Luft III.htm,  
Huntley, James D. ---  106thRoster,  
Huntoon, Orland E. ---  106thRoster,  
Huntsman, Lt. ---  LMartinJones.htm,  
Hup, Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Hupperdange ---  1998.htm,  
Hurdebise, Jules ---  13-CRIBA.htm,   14-Memorials.htm,   17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Hurdebise, Jules & Anna ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Hurdman, Floyd W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurgenten Forest ---  EdwardPrewett.htm,  
Hurley, 1st Lt. (Father) E. J. ---  Life.htm,   Pete House.htm,  
Hurley, 1st. Lt. Francis ---  JohnReinfenrath.htm,  
Hurley, Chaplain ---  Myron Klingman.htm,  
Hurley, Edward J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hurley, Edward T., Father ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurley, Father ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   JohnReinfenrath.htm,   Life.htm,   Pete House.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurley, Father E. J. (1st Lt) ---  Life.htm,   Pete House.htm,  
Hurley, Father Ed ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurley, Father Edward T. ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurley, Fr. Edward ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurley, George G. T. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hurley, John F. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurley, John H., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurley, Richard E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurman, John J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurne, George ---  106thRoster,  
Huron, Horace ---  106thRoster,  
Hursey, John B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hursey, John BB. ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Hurst, D. D. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hurt, Bealia M. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurt, Carl ---  106thRoster,  
Hurt, Howard B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurt, Lt. Col. ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hurt, Lt. Col. Earl ---  Robert Ringer.htm,  
Hurtado, Jess J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hurtgen ---  03.htm,   2002.htm,  
Hurtgen Forest ---  03.htm,   05.htm,   15-Tours.htm,   2002.htm,   DonaldKWhite.htm,   Donelson Houseman.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   LMartinJones.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   SamuelFeinberg.htm,   TeneryDiary.htm,  
Hurtgen Wald ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Hurtgenwald Forest ---  17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Hurtgenwald-Kleinhau ---  2002.htm,  
Husa, Bill ---  PaulKinney.htm,  
Huseby, Robert Milton ---  106thRoster,  
Husmann, Clarence B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hussong, Cy ---  106thRoster,  
Husted, Charles A. ---  106thRoster,  
Husted, Richard L. ---  106thRoster,  
Husterlid, Lt. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Husterlid, Lt. Clarence A. ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Hustmy, Gordon F. ---  106thRoster,  
Huston, William C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hustrulid, Clarence A. ---  106thRoster,  
Hut 234 ---  07-Books.htm,  
Hutcherson, James ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchins, Marsden C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Elvan E. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Hutchinson, Elzie L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Paul E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Richard C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Robert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Roy C. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Samuel G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, Soniud G. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchinson, William E. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutchison, Eulah Elizabeth ---  MTMoses.htm,  
Hutchison, Pvt. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Hutchison, Richard C. ---  106thRoster,  
Huth, Gilbert H. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutson, Douglas ---  106thRoster,  
Hutson, Richard W. ---  106thRoster,  
Hutt, Richard ---  106thRoster,  
Huttenbach ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Huxel, Capt. ---  07.htm,   Arthur Brown.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   OnTheJobTraining.htm,   Randy Pierson.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   SamuelFeinberg.htm,   Schaffner.htm,  
Huxel, Capt. George ---  OnTheJobTraining.htm,   Randy Pierson.htm,   Schaffner.htm,  
Huxel, George ---  09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Huxel, George F. ---  106thRoster,   AAR 01-23-1946.htm,   Lt Eric Wood.htm,  
Huy ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Huy, Belgium ---  424Route.htm,  
Huyatt, Capt. ---  AAR-1.htm,  
Huyatt, Capt. J. S. ---  07.htm,   AAR-1.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,  
Huyck, Vern ---  Donald Doubek.htm,  
Huyck, Vern J. ---  106thRoster,  
Huyett, Capt. ---  Henderson-Chuck.htm,  
Huyett, Capt. John B. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Huyett, John B. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Huyett, John B., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Huzinec, John ---  106thRoster,  
Hvorecny, Emil ---  106thRoster,  
Hyber, Lt. ---  07-Books.htm,  
Hyde, Alan S. ---  106thRoster,  
Hyde, Donald B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hyde, Paul B. ---  106thRoster,  
Hyman, Ruel R. ---  106thRoster,  
Hynes, Capt. ---  81stEngrCitation.htm,   Norwood Frye.htm,  
Hynes, Capt. William J. ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   100-2.htm,   CommandStaff.html,   History.htm,   History.htm,  
Hynes, Gerald J. ---  106thRoster,  
Hynes, William J. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Hynum, Burton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hynun, Berton L. ---  106thRoster,  
Hyrb, Anthony ---  106thRoster,  

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