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Yacupchina, Andrew ---  106thRoster,  
Yakovich, James ---  106thRoster,  
Yakubik, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yakuochina, Andrew G. ---  106thRoster,  
Yakupchina, Andrew G. ---  106thRoster,  
Yalta Conference ---  10.htm,   GiarrussoThesis.htm,   JohnBest.htm,  
Yamasaki, Dr. James ---  ProDeoEtPatria.htm,  
Yamazaki, Dr. James ---  Experiences.htm,  
Yamazaki, James N. ---  106thRoster,  
Yamazski, James N. ---  CMB.htm,  
Yanalitis, Anthony 'Yank' ---  106thRoster,  
Yanchik, Peter ---  106thRoster,  
Yankolovits, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yannucci, Dominic R. ---  106thRoster,  
Yanulaitis, Anthony M. ---  106thRoster,  
Yanwleuich, Charles ---  106thRoster,  
Yap, Albert T. C. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarberry, Archie H. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarborough, James M. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarborough, Richard L. 'Dick' ---  106thRoster,  
Yarbrough, Lonnie S. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarling, Mrs. ---  16-Reunions.htm,  
Yarnall, Ernest A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarnall, Jessie P. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Yarnell, Ernest A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yarnell, Gene O. ---  106thRoster,  
Yates, Charles D. ---  106thRoster,  
Yates, George F. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Yates, Julia ---  RiggsThomas_81Eng.html,  
Yatteau, John A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yavorski, Andrew ---  106thRoster,  
Yberra, Sgt. ---  424-L-history.htm,  
Yearout, Jay F. ---  106thRoster,  
Yeaton, Alvin A., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Yelchan, Albert M. ---  106thRoster,  
Yelovcan, Albert M. ---  106thRoster,  
Yenlin, Sebastian D. ---  106thRoster,  
Yensel, Harvey ---  106thRoster,   11-AssociationChapters.htm,  
Yersville ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,   EdwardPrewett.htm,  
Yervilla ---  04-UnitHistory.htm,  
Yerville ---  03-DivisionHistory.htm,   04-UnitHistory.htm,   FishburnJohn-423.html,   Francis Woolfley.htm,   History.htm,   History.htm,   Prell.htm,   Richard Sparks.htm,   Sparks Interview.htm,  
Yerville, France ---  424-L-history.htm,   424Route.htm,  
Yetmar, Eugene ---  106thRoster,  
Yharra, Luis B. ---  106thRoster,  
Yhomas, Henry W. ---  106thRoster,  
Yikak, Donald P. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Yingst, William J. ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Yingst, William James ---  106thRoster,  
Ylen, Peter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Ylon, Peter E. ---  106thRoster,  
Yoakum, ? ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Yobst, Joseph J. ---  106thRoster,  
Yochum, Pfc. ---  331Chistory.htm,  
Yochum, Roy O. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Yodsnukis, Joe F. ---  106thRoster,  
Yokohama ---  InvasionPlan.htm,   Joe Salerno.htm,  
Yonaley, Lewis, Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
Yoncheau, Mary & Louis ---  15-Tours.htm,  
Yontz, Elwood E. ---  106thRoster,  
Yoo, Mike E. ---  106thRoster,  
York, A. J. ---  106thRoster,  
York, Gladys ---  LMartinJones.htm,  
York, Gladys & Ivon ---  LMartinJones.htm,  
York, Harry E., Jr. ---  106thRoster,  
York, Ivon ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
York, James R. ---  106thRoster,  
York, Robert A. ---  106thRoster,  
York, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,  
York, Sgt. Ivon ---  LMartinJones.htm,  
York, Sp4 Andrew J. ---  Mee-Norman.htm,  
York, Vester Corbet ---  106thRoster,  
York, Wm. H. ---  Shaver-Alan.htm,  
Yorks, Melvin H. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Yost, Stewart W. ---  106thRoster,  
You, Chin P. ---  106thRoster,  
Yougoslavia ---  Rudy Hirsch.htm,  
Youles, Owen K., JR. ---  106thRoster,  
Yound, Harold Scott ---  106thRoster,  
Yound, Hugh ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Ansel W. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Arthur T. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Bob ---  JohnReinfenrath.htm,  
Young, Cecil ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Charles ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Young, Charles H. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Claude D. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Col. Edward H. ---  Vogel-Bernard.htm,  
Young, Cyril A. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Damon F. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Young, Darlene ---  Vincenzo-SamuelJohn.htm,  
Young, Dave ---  JohnReinfenrath.htm,  
Young, David ---  JohnReinfenrath.htm,   Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Young, Deborah ---  Vincenzo-SamuelJohn.htm,  
Young, Donald J. ---  106thRoster,   07-Books.htm,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Young, Donald L. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Edward E. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Francis R. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, George ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Harold D. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Harold Scott ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Harry ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Herbert E. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Young, Hugh ---  106thRoster,   09-AssociationHistory.htm,  
Young, John L. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Joseph J. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Louis ---  Lost Soldiers.htm,  
Young, Malcolm T. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Paul C. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Paul F. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Robert ---  Kuespert-Kleven.htm,  
Young, Robert E. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Robert G. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Robert V. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Sgt. ---  russell_gunvalson.htm,  
Young, Sgt. Charles ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Young, Sgt. Ed ---  Raymond Brown.htm,  
Young, Sidney D. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Ted ---  17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Young, Theodore W. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Theodore William ---  17-GeneralInterest.htm,  
Young, Travis ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Troy R. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Walter H. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Walter S. ---  106thRoster,  
Young, Walter Scott, Jr. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Youngblood, Albert C. ---  106thRoster,  
Youngblood, Charles E. ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Youngblood, Charles Edwin ---  106thRoster,   POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Youngblood, Samuel L. ---  106thRoster,  
Younger, Clovis C. ---  106thRoster,  
Youngman, Clarence E. ---  106thRoster,  
Youngs, J. ---  106thRoster,  
Youngs, Wilbur ---  106thRoster,  
Youngs, William ---  106thRoster,  
Younk, Theodore V. ---  106thRoster,   CMB.htm,  
Younkin, Pvt. ---  History.htm,   History.htm,  
Younkin, Pvt. Francis A. ---  History.htm,   History.htm,  
Younkin, Pvt. Francis Albert ---  FishburnJohn-423.html,  
Younts, Leonard A. ---  106thRoster,  
Yourkavitch, Joseph N. ---  106thRoster,  
Youtsey, Vernon N, ---  106thRoster,  
Yovan, Al ---  106thRoster,  
Ypres ---  15-Tours.htm,   1998.htm,  
Yser River ---  de Marken.htm,  
Yuch, Peter B. ---  106thRoster,  
Yuchasz, Leonard J. ---  106thRoster,  
Yugoslav War Crimes Group ---  06-PrisonerOfWar.htm,   POW.htm,  
Yugoslavia ---  Herb Sheaner.htm,   ProDeoEtPatria.htm,   Robert Ringer.htm,   Rudy Hirsch.htm,   Rules.htm,  
Yukie, Thomas ---  POW-NAMEs.htm,   POW-UNITs.htm,  
Yukie, Thomas S. ---  106thRoster,  
Yvarra, Hope ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Yvarra, Pfc. ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Yvarra, Porfie ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Yvarra, Porfirio ---  EarlParker.htm,  
Yvarra, Porfirio M. ---  106thRoster,  

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