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Vol. 9, No. 2, Dec, 1952


President James E. Wells
Vice President H. M. Hatch
Adjutant David C. Brumaghin
Treasurer William K. Fowler
Chaplain Rev. Robert A. Lundy

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association $3.00 per year to 1 July 1953, thereafter $5.00, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.

Editor Douglas S. Coffey
Staff Writer David S. Price
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin

The CUB is printed by Varsity Press, 80 Harrison Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Boo 238. Loudonville, N. Y.

     Robert Tucker, 39857012. Pvt. Co. D, 424. He was reported missing December 17, 1944, near Winterspelt and his body has never been found. Next of kin is his mother, Mrs. Reba Hilsman. R-6, Box 392, Visalia, California. Anyone knowing details write to Mrs. Hilsman.

Don't Forget December 16
     There'll be a small and informal get-together in the SCHENECTADY-ALBANY, New York district, with Fred Chase, Nork Weckstein, and others already heard from and planning to attend. For details, write Dave Price, Box 238, Loudonville, N.Y.

    Chicago, Illinois writes that a December 16 reunion is planned, with Russ Villwock, 115 Patterson Street, Chicago, 13, as the man who can tell you about it. Planning meeting of their committee held October 25.

    Dick Nethers writes that plans are being made for a December 16 dinner in the Youngstown, Ohio district, with Harry Travis, Walt Hiltbrand, Thomas Walsh and Ernie Conklin as the organizers. For further info write or call Nethers, 144 Poland Avenue, Struthers, Ohio.
    Annual dinner will be held on the 16th at Marty's, 17 East Fayette Street, Baltimore at 7:00 p. m. This is the place we had the Buffet Supper at the Baltimore Convention. Further details from John Loveless. 2549 Pickwick Road, Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Maryland.
    Wolverine Chapter making plans for 16th dinner. It will surpass all others in attendance. Last year there were 100. For info write Emory Hatton, 17621 Annchester Road, Detroit, 19.
    The 7th Annual Memorial Dinner of the 106th in the Metropolitan area will be held on the 16th at 8:00 p.m. in New Jersey. Definite location not selected as yet. Doug Coffey, Tom Bickford, Dave Brumaghin and Dick DeHeer are planning event. For details write Dave at 115 Westview Avenue, Paramus, N.J.


     When you write to the CUB, please mention your company and regiment. We like to refer to a man's outfit when mentioning his name, and it saves a lot of work for us if you tell as instead of making us hunt for it.
     JEBENS, ARTHUR B. of Falls Church, Va., Co F/422 ex POW in Halle. His new job is Director, Division of Management Research for the Department of the Interior and due to trip to Oregon he was unable to go to Baltimore. Any PWs from Halle are invited to visit him in Washington.
     LE TELLIER, LOUIS, Jr., Charleston, S. C., is now working for Ruscon Construction Co., General Contractors, as an estimator and purchasing agent.
     JOHN MORSE, c/o Sears Roebuck, moved from Tampa, Fla. to Winston Salem. N. C. He is advertising manager of that company.
     NOWAK, LEO, Sr., Milwaukee, Wisc., is employed as electrician for Cream City Outdoor Adv. He's married, has 2 sons, James 4 and Leo Jr. age 2 ½.
PHILLIPSON, HERMAN, Jr. is President, Philipson's, Inc., Women's and Misses Apparel. He is from Dallas, Texas.
     PIERCE, WALDO, N. Britain, Conn., reports he has 3 sons. Working as machine set-up man at Stanley Tools. Sv. O. Legion, F. Pace, ex POW 422/K, also works there.
     REID, COL. A., 424, has just finished a tour of duty at Wash. St. as Prof Mil as Sv. and Tactics. Leaving soon for Formosa. He says that his new job will be interesting and different.
HAROLD ABRAMS, 163 Powell Lane, Upper Darby, Pa. was graduated from Temple Law School in June.
     Mail has been very heavy in the past two months, and space prevents our using all the items which have been sent in -- but keep watching, they'll all be in sooner or later!
-- Editor
COL. WM. C. BAKER, Jr. (Chief of Staff) is with Engineer Section, Hq EUSAK, APO 301, San Francisco, Cal.
     EDWARD W. BROWN (589/C), a sales manager with Greer Hydraulics, travels extensively between the Midwest and the east coast. Write him at 2064 Cropsey Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. if you'd like to hear from him on his next trip through your town.
     STANLEY CHMIELOWIEC (424/A) 21 Oak Grove Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. is an assembler with Wright Aeronautical Corp., has two children.
CHRISTOPHER T. CLARK, 518 So. Main St., Niles, Ohio is an industrial engineer with Republic Steel.
     ROBERT J. CLARK (423/A) is a Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton. N. J. completing studies leading to the ministry. He spent the first half of this year as a student interne in the Presbyterian National Mission Church in Chillicothe, Texas.
     COL., GEO. L. DESCHENEAUX, Jr. writes from 2 Montgomery Terrace, Cape Elizabeth, Me., states that he has just about recovered from his wartime disability, and sends warm regards to his friends in the 106th.
DAVID J. GISH (589/Hq), 801 So. Mayflower St., South Bend 19, Ind. is now in the lumber business.
COL. MILTON S. GLATTERER is G-4 of X Corps, APO 909, San Francisco, Calif.


July 24, 25, 26, 1953
     Write Pete Frampton, 1201 Huntington Bank Building, Columbus. Pete is aided by Bob Ringer, Doc Fridline, and Dick Nethers.
     Peter also tells us there will be a dinner at Fort Hayes Hotel, Columbus, on Dec. 15th for men in area of Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Delaware, Marion, Circleville, Chillicothe, Zanesville and Cincinnati.
ABNER T. HARRIS (1st Sgt. 424/H), 79-16 Main Street, Flushing, N. Y. is a new member.

ARTILLERYMEN are just about our best correspondents.
    VADEN LACKEY (CO, 590th), South Bellevue Drive, Nashville, Tenn. is a partner in the Bransford Fuel Company of Nashville. DANIEL E. McINTOSH Jr. (Aide to Gen. McMahon) is back from a tour of active duty to his position as vice president of the Peoples National Bank in Clay Center, Kans. COL. MALIN CRAIG (Divarty Exec) is executive in the office of the chief of military history in Washington, lives at 15 Newlands Street, Chevy Chase, Md., and is a new member of the Association.
     EDMUND D. KELLY (423/D) writes from 6 W. 77th St., New York City. "am now an estate administrator at the Bank of New York on Wall Street -- wish I was making the money it sounds like. Have two little daughters now -- every exemption helps. Flew out to Gene Timm's (423/D) wedding in Milwaukee last June."
JOSEPH LITVIN (423/D), 10412 Doty Avenue, Inglewood, Calif. is proprietor of the Midway Market in Torrance.
     ARTHUR LOOS (422/I), Highland Avenue, Broad Brook, Conn, has built his own home, is married with two children, and is a guard with Broad Brook Woolen Co.
     DR. D. S. Merrill is interested in getting 35mm photos of the 106th or other ETO action, so write to him at the Masters-Merrill Clinic in Advance, Mo. if you have or know of prints, negatives, or Kodachrome slides that might interest him.
     WILLIAM PERLMAN (Major. 424), first president of the Association, is vice-president of the Rubber Corporation of California, and has a new address at 2006 Castle Heights Avenue in Los Angeles 34.
     CHARLES W. RICHARDS (423/Svc & a POW at Stalag IV-B) is with the executive offices of Singer Mfg. Co. in New York City, has a boy aged 3 and a year-old girl, is commander of Wyckoff Post No. 83 of the Legion, and lives at 215 Everett Avenue, Wyckoff, N. J.
     RICHARD N. RISTEEN (423/3d Bn Hq, K. L) checks in from 485 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. He's general sales manager for U. S. Pegwood & Shank Co. of Somerville, Mass., is a reserve officer, and expects to become a parent about the time this magazine reaches you.
     JOSEPH P. SALBER (423&424), who is with the Simpson Logging Co. of Seattle, has moved to 3020 Roxbury Avenue, Oakland, Calif. He has two boys, Jimmy 10, and Tommy 6.
     ROLLIN L. TWINING, 79 Bennett Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. (pop. 82,000) is one of our many veterans who have become active in civic affairs, is now president of the city council of Birmingham and a partner in the law firm of Twining & Fischer.

Our Cover
     T/5 Jack W. Tucker, 33562119, 590 FABn, Hq. Btry. He was captured December 20, 1944 and was killed during the bombing of the box cars and now rests in the U.S. Military Cemetery at Hamm, Belgium. Next of kin is his wife Thelma, who has since remarried.


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Baker, Wm. C., Jr., 3
Bickford, Tom, 2
Brown, Edward W., 3
Brumaghin, D. C., 1
Brumaghin, Dave, 2
Brumaghin, David C., 1
Chmielowiec, Stanley, 3
Clark, Christopher T., 3
Clark, Robert J., 3
Coffey, Doug, 2
Coffey, Douglas S., 1
Conklin, Ernie, 2
Craig, Col. Malin, 4
DeHeer, Dick, 2
Descheneaux, Geo. L., Jr., 3
Fowler, William K., 1
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Fridline, Doc, 4
Gish, David J., 3
Glatterer, Col. Milton S., 3
Halle, 3
Harris, Abner T., 4
Hatch, H. M., 1
Hilsman, Mrs. Reba, 1
Hiltbrand, Walt, 1
Jebens, Arthur B., 3
Kelly, Edmund D., 4
Lackey, Vaden, 4
Litvin, Joseph, 4
Loos, Arthur, 4
Loveless, John, 2
Lundy, Rev. Robert A., 1
McIntosh, Daniel E., 4
McMahon, Gen., 4
Merrill, Dr. D. S., 4
Morse, John, 3
Nethers, Dick, 1, 4
Nowak, Leo, Sr., 3
Perlman, William, 4
Phillipson, Herman, Jr., 3
Pierce, Waldo, 3
Price, Dave, 1
Price, David S., 1
Reid, Col., 3
Richards, Charles W., 4
Ringer, Bob, 4
Risteen, Richard N., 4
Salber, Joseph P., 4
Stalag IV-B, 4
Tellier, Le, Louis, Jr., 3
Travis, Harry, 1
Tucker, Robert, 1
Tucker, T/5 Jack W., 4
Twining, Rollin L., 4
Villwock, Russ, 1
Walsh, Thomas, 1
Wells, James E., 1
Winterspelt, 1