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Vol. 8, No. 6, Jul, 1952


     The CUB is published bimonthly by the 106th Infantry Division Association. Subscription price 13.00 per year includes membership in the Association. Editorial offices at 3905 North Lincoln, Chicago 13, Illinois. Back copies available at 25c each.

PRESIDENT - J. Glenn Schnizlein, 307 Scribner St., Joliet, Illinois
VICE-PRESIDENT - James E. Wells, Hephzibah, Georgia
ADJUTANT - Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Michigan
TREASURER - William K. Fowler, 2830 Shipley Terr. SE, Washington 20, D.C.
CHAPLAIN - Rev. Edward T. Boyle, 46 N. Wolf Rd., Northlake Village Melrose Park, Illinois
MEMORIALS CHAIRMAN - Douglas S. Coffey, 25 Nutman Place, West Orange, N.J.
MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN - David S. Price, Box 238, North Lane Loudonville, New York
EDITOR - Arvo O. Paananen, 3905 N. Lincoln, Chicago 13, Illinois Lakeview 5-0529

Arvo O. Paananen
     Welcome to Baltimore, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, Convention time is here again, and to the hundreds of 106th members, their families and friends who will gather at the Lord Baltimore Hotel for this 6th Annual Reunion, in behalf of the Association, I extend my heartiest greetings.
     Another fiscal year for the Association is at its close again and I am finishing my second year as Editor of the Cub. With this final issue during this fiscal year, I want to express my thanks to the President and Chaplain for all those excellent columns you readers of the CUB have witnessed in each issue. And, my thanks go to the several faithful news reporters who kept the material flowing into the editorial office without pleading for it. This kind of cooperation is what makes an outfit what it should be.
     The Baltimore Chapter has performed an efficient job in planning this Convention. My special thanks go to Mr. John Loveless and his Convention Committee, the Baltimore Convention Bureau and the Lord Baltimore Hotel for all the material furnished for the convention issues of the CUB. All the convention publicity material was so well prepared by the Baltimore Chapter that I didn't have to unscramble a thing. I just handed it directly to the printer of the CUB. For all this wonderful work demonstrated by a bunch of faithful 106thers, let us show them our appreciation by being present at the Convention July 25-27th.
     And, don't forget to renew your membership in the Association. You have all been billed for your dues for 1952-53. Let's remit promptly, therefore, eliminating any extra expense to the organization. Send your $13.00 and your Memorial Fund contribution or your sustaining membership of $10.00 directly to the Adjutant, Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich.
     Let's look forward to another successful year for the 106th Infantry Division Association, and I'm hoping to meet every one of you personally at the Baltimore Convention.

     For the first time since the war, Thomas Dorosky (592/Sv) from Mt. Airy Rd., Shavertown, Pa., paid a surprise visit with Emil Solecki, also a former member of the same unit, of Squire Hills, Sparta, N.J., recently. Tom was the Motor Sergeant and Emil was a Sergeant in charge of a section. This happened to be quite a nice reunion and through Emil, Tom obtained several names and addresses of former members of Service Battery, 592d FA Battalion, who have never been members of the Association. Let's get after these prospective members:
Anthony Chandler, 915 N. 9th St., Vincennes, Indiana.
John Eyler, 439 Fariview Avenue, Waynesboro, Pa.
Charles Laphan, 164 Whitehouse Pike, Lindenwold, N.J.
Francis Maloney, 231 Wolf St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Clarence Mathe, 934 Central Ave., Highland Park, Illinois.
Andrew Mihak, 114 Valley Rd., Box 54, Mahwah, N.J.
Frank Sarube, 44 Anderson Ave., Fairview, N.J.
Steve Vidnansky, 311 E. 78th St., New York City, N.Y.



Dear Editor,
     Although I am 100% disabled and an amputee, I still fare pretty well on my compensation. As a matter of fact, a 15% cost-of-living raise will go into effect in July.
     Not being married and having very few bad habits make my compensation pay adequate. I am limited in accepting employment by not only being an arm amputee, but also having headaches as a result of a compound fracture of the skull, which also happened when I was wounded. But I am very happy by having numerous hobbies. On Memorial Day I really realize how fortunate I am--especially when I think of our 'Departed Buddies' who never saw home and friends again.
     Enclosed find my check for 1952 dues and $2.00 for the Memorial Fund. I hope to see everyone at the Convention in Baltimore as I've already written in for a reservation at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.
I enjoy the CUB, and I am happy the Memorial Fund is growing. Good Luck. I'll meet you all again at the Convention.
Your buddy,
John J. Reynolds, Jr., (424/H), 220 Adelphi St., Brooklyn 5, N. Y.

    Rev. Mr. Donald R. Stowsifer, former Chaplain of the 422nd Infantry Regiment while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, will give the Memorial Service Address in the War Memorial Building located in the heart of the Baltimore business section.

     Baltimore's appeal to visitors is varied and distinctive. If one is looking for history and education, for the quaint and the unusual, for science and industry, for the ting's of commerce and the sea, for sport and recreation, Baltimore can provide all in ample measure. You will surely enjoy Baltimore's restaurants which are famous for their Southern cuisine - oysters, crabs and fish in season - fried chicken and all Maryland delicacies.
Baltimore hopes your visit will be interesting and pleasant.
Dear Editor,
     Harry Durno of this city is trying to establish service-connection for a back condition as a result of his military service. So far, this claim has been denied because of lack of evidence on his military medical records. The only way Mr. Durno may establish service connection now is to have affidavits from former comrades who will support his claim.
     If we were able to locate certain fellows who were in service with Mr. Durno, we could get the necessary affidavits. If you have any record of the present addresses of the following men, would you please submit same to this office:
1st Lt. Frank T. Donahey
Cpl. Royal F. Osborne, 32 823 812
Cpl. Arnold A. Thurston, 36 019 860
These men all served with the 106th Infantry Division during World War II.
Thanking you for any assistance you are able to give me, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Donald E. Messier,
Veterans Counselor Schoolcraft County Council of Veterans' Affairs, Manistique, Michigan

    Editor's Note: Anyone knowing the whereabouts of any one of the above mentioned men, please write directly to Mr. Messier.


From the President's Desk:
     'I want to sincerely thank the Detroit Chapter for the $25.00 contribution toward the project for this year - the Tape Recorder. I also want to thank all the members of the Auxiliary for the cooperation they have given during the past year and especially, our Secretary, Mrs. Kathryn Loveless of Baltimore.
     I am looking forward to seeing all the members of the 106th at the Convention in Baltimore in July and I know the Baltimore Committee has a wonderful program outlined for us. So, let's make this year the biggest and best Convention yet'!
Maydean Wells,
Hephzibah, Georgia



     A striking memorial to commemorate the Battle of North Point, fought during the War of 1812. Baltimore militia repulsed invading forces and turned the tide of the war.


    First monument to the memory of George Washington, Father of his country. An enduring landmark and a never-ending source of interest to the community as well as to Baltimoreans.


    / PVT. ROBERT GRAY MILLER (423/G) was killed near Radscheid, Germany, on December 18. 1944. Survivors are his wife, Nobia V. Miller; two daughters, Nora Ann, age 19. Robbie Jean, age 17; and one son, Paul Gray, age 15, who reside at Box 66, Melbourne. Arkansas.

     Our fund for scholarship grants to the children of our battle casualties has been given considerable attention during the past year, and again we want to thank all the following donors for those generous contributions recently forwarded to the adjutant.
Bloch, Jacques W. Kersten, Joseph A.
Behr, Richard H. Lawrence, Chas W.
Davis, Herbert E. Malueg, Russell J.
Dreier, Joseph F. Mullican, Joseph R.
Flaig, Robert G. Newsome, Jos. H. III
Gillespie, John M. Price, David S.
Harper, R. P. Reynolds, John J. Jr.
Jones, Geo. W. Jr. Tissot, Harrison C.
Kennedy, Glen Vitek, Franklin R.
Walker, Lewis H.

     Richard H. Behr (423/Sv), 960 Burke Ave., St. Paul 8, Minn., drops us a line to inform us of his keen interest in the Association. Richard says 'hello' to Bob Kelly and tells us he's a mechanic for a large milk company in his hometown.
     Dallas W. Butler, 42A Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Maryland, forwards us his first dues to become one of our new members in the Association. We are glad to welcome Dallas as a new member of the 106th Inf. Div. Ass's. Sorry, we didn't have his unit available in the editorial office.
     Dr. Michael E. Connelly, 520 2nd St., S.W., Rochester, Minn., sends in his dues for 1952-53 and is with General Surgery at Mayo Clinic, Rochester.
     Herbert E. Davis, 507 Goldsborough St., Easton, Maryland, is looking forward to seeing the ole-gang at the convention in Baltimore. Herb enjoys reading the CUB very such and is a night billing clerk at the Easton Wholesale Grocery Co.
     Joseph J. Gasses, 1420 Franklin St., Grand Haven, Michigan, is sorry for not being able to make the convention because he is in the process of starting his own business in the Men's Wear Line. Joe was nice enough to find time to forward his yearly membership dues and also wishes the association the best of luck and success in the coming year and hopes for a swell reunion.
     Robert F. Howell, Jr., (424/Sv), 122 Hassell Place, Charlotte 7, N.C., is with the 108th Infantry Division (Reserve) and is assigned for a two-week active duty tour with his outfit at Fort Jackson, S.C. during the convention period, therefore will not be able to greet his buddies as in the past, but he extends his best regards to Father Boyle and all the members of Sv Co., G. Co., and H


CO., of the 424th. Bob sees Robert Bankhead and Gardner of Sv Co., 424th in Columbia, S.C. at intervals.
     George W. Jones, Jr., (423/Sv), c/o Post Office, Loris, S.C., is a mail carrier with a 70-mile route and has a nice young son.
     Glen Kennedy, 1002 Calhoun St., West Liberty, Iowa, is a feed salesman for the Moorman Mfg. Co., in Quincy, Illinois.
     Charles W. Lawrence (589/Sv), 116 ½ Main St., Pine Bluff, Ark., is the owner of the Modern School of Business in Pine Bluff.
     Oliver A. Lothrop, Jr., (423/B), 91 Neshobe Rd., Waban 68, Mass., completed 3 years of development work with the Sprague Electric Company of North Adams, Mass., and left to finish his schooling. Oliver now has completed the first of a two-year course at Harvard Business School.
     Harrison C. Tissot (422/C), 6724 Merwin Ave., Cincinnati 27, Ohio, is employed in the receiving office of the Sub-Contract Dept., of the Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. He is glad to hear from so many of his buddies during the Christmas season.
     Franklin R. Vitek (DHQ/Finance), 17000 Maple Heights Blvd., Maple Heights, Ohio, is an accountant for the Otis Elevator Co. in Cleveland.
     Lewis H. Walker (422/H), c/o Sierra Machinery Co., Inc., 307 Morrill Ave., Reno, Nevada, sells equipment and supplies for the latter. May it be our Father's Will that all our deceased' children are looked after by our Memorial Fund, Lewis points out. He wants to hear from 106th vets in Nevada and nearby points of California.
     1st Lt. William P. Donohey (422/C), 7504th Medical Sq., APO 179, c/o PM, New York, N.Y., is now a 1st Lt., Dental Corps, Air Force. He is stationed at Lakenheath Air Base, about 30 miles NW of Cambridge.
     Mrs. H. Hjerpe, 2407 - 12th Ave., Moline, Illinois, and mother of M/Sgt Edward B. Hjerpe (422/L) who was KIA in Hale, Germany, on March 31, 1945, sends in her dues for the subscription to the CUB. She enjoys reading about Ed's buddies and is still hoping to see a name that will coincide with the names she has of Ed's buddies. Mr. and Mrs. Hjerpe spent a month in Florida this winter. May God Bless these wonderful folks.
    Gen. and Mrs. Alan W. Jones (Div Commander) now residing in Washington, D.C., promised General Leo T. McMahon of Div Arty that they will be attending the Reunion in Baltimore July 25-27th.
     Monta Stone (423/M), 563 South 3rd St., New Cumberland, Pa., is in the florist business in his hometown which is just across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, Pa. He has never belonged to the Association but recently promised to send his yearly dues of $3.00 to the Adjutant, Bob Kelly, of Detroit. Welcome to the Association, Monta.
     Lawrence (Larry) Walden (424/H), 349 W. Broadway, New York 13, N.Y., has found NY tough but with fair success. Larry had a real great time one evening with Abner Harris (1st Sgt., 424/H) and Al Lukashok (Sgt., 424/H) in NYC. They dined at 'Leones' on the good 1st Sgt.
     Colonel Richard E. Weber, Jr., (Commander/592d FA Bn), now an instructor at the Command & General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, has been ordered to take the course at the Armed Forces Staff College, Ft. Monroe, Virginia, starting in 7 September.




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Bankhead, Robert, 9
Behr, Richard H., 7
Bloch, Jacques W., 7
Boyle, Father, 7
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 1
Butler, Dallas W., 7
Chandler, Anthony, 2
Coffey, Douglas S., 1
Connelly, Dr. Michael E., 7
Davis, Herbert E., 7
Dorosky, Thomas, 2
Dreier, Joseph F., 7
Eyler, John, 2
Flaig, Robert G., 7
Fowler, William K., 1
Gardner, 9
Gasses, Joseph J., 7
Gillespie, John M., 7
Hale, Germany, 9
Harper, R. P., 7
Harris, Abner, 9
Hjerpe, Edward B., 9
Hjerpe, Mr. & Mrs., 9
Hjerpe, Mrs. H., 9
Howell, Robert F., Jr., 7
Jones, Geo. W., 7
Jones, George W., Jr., 9
Jones, Mrs. Alan W., 9
Kelly, Bob, 7, 9
Kelly, Robert E., 1
Kennedy, Glen, 7, 9
Kersten, Joseph A., 7
Laphan, Charles, 2
Lawrence, Charles W., 9
Lawrence, Chas W., 7
Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr., 9
Loveless, Mr. John, 1
Loveless, Mrs. Kathryn, 4
Lukashok, Al, 9
Maloney, Francis, 2
Malueg, Russell J., 7
Mathe, Clarence, 2
McMahon, Gen. Leo T., 9
Messier, Donald E., 3
Mihak, Andrew, 2
Miller, Nobia V., 7
Miller, Robert Gray, 7
Mullican, Joseph R., 7
Newsome, Jos. H., 7
Osborne, Royal F., 3
Paananen, Arvo O., 1
Price, David S., 1, 7
Radscheid, 7
Reynolds, John J., 7
Reynolds, John J., Jr., 3
Sarube, Frank, 2
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 1
Solecki, Emil, 2
Stone, Monta, 9
Thurston, Arnold A., 3
Tissot, Harrison C., 7, 9
Vidnansky, 2
Vitek, Franklin R., 7, 9
Walden, Lawrence (Larry), 9
Walker, Lewis H., 7, 9
Washington, George, 6
Weber, Richard E., Jr., 9
Wells, James E., 1
Wells, Maydean, 4