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Vol. 8, No. 3, Jan, 1952


J. Glenn Schnizlein

    The CUB is published bimonthly by the 106th Infantry Division Association. Subscription price 13.00 per year includes membership in the Association. Editorial offices at 236 N. Genesee St., Waukegan, Illinois. Back copies available at 25c, each.

     The Baltimore Chapter has been actively promoting the Sixth Annual Convention which will be held in that city from July 25 through July 27. Several of those men who have assisted in preparing for a convention in previous years, realize the hard work involved in making a successful convention. We can help the few committee men by giving them all the support we can by arranging to be present in Baltimore and passing the word concerning this convention to all buddies who were former members of the 106th
     This annual reunion is the high point of the Association's year. Here, we have a chance to get together and discuss the work our organization has done during the year and what plans could be formulated in guiding the officer in advancing the principles of the Association for the following year. This is YOUR privilege and opportunity to make sure we attend this convention. Write your buddy now and tell him you would like to see has at the convention in Baltimore.
     Your Association is dedicated to establishing a permanent organization to further the common bond existing between all men who served with the 106th Infantry Division and to perpetuate the memory of those buddies who gave their lives for our country by establishing a Memorial Fund for the benefit of their descendants.
    All in all, let's not let the Convention Committee or the rest of our buddies down. Get in there and ACT - DEMONSTRATE - PARTICIPATE.

"There's a new perfume that drives women sad. It smells like money." - Don Dornbrook

PRESIDENT J. Glenn Schnizlein, 307 Scribner St., Joliet, Illinois
VICE PRESIDENT - James F. Wells Hephzibah, Georgia
ADJUTANT - Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Michigan
TREASURER William H. Fowler, 2830 Shipley Terrace SE Washington 20, D. C.
CHAPLAIN - Rev. Edward T. Boyle 340 W. 66th St., Chicago, Illinois
CHAIRMAN - Douglas S. Coffey 25 Nutman Place West Orange, N. J.
CHAIRMAN - David S. Price, Box 238, North Lane, Loudonville, New York
EDITOR - Arvo O. Paananen, 236 N. Genesee St., Waukegan, Illinois

    The following men joined the 106th Infantry Division Association at the December 16th Memorial Reunion in Philadelphia:
Bert Kornfeld (423/F) 4814 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 41, Pa.
Elmer J. Russell (424/I) Box 806, Jamison P.O., Buck County, Pa.
Norman D. Southgate (590) 13,258, South 29th St., Camden, N. J.


Arvo O. Paananen
     I wish every one of you the most blessed and prosperous New Year! And, I'll take this opportunity to thank those thoughtful buddies who sent me all those beautiful Christmas Cards.
    I apologize for the late Oct-Nov. Cub. It was partly my fault but the holiday rush didn't help it along any, I'm sure.
     To my surprise, yet I was very happy to learn that so many men noticed and read the last issue of the CUB. This I know, because I received more mail after that issue than after any other issue in the past year and a half. Of course, a lot of the letters pertained to inquiries on the Battle Participation Credits. I was so glad to hear from these men that I decided to publish a limited number of these LETTERS FROM CUB READERS. If you should have any authentic information relative to these awards and would solve some of the questions involved in these letters, don't hesitate to write to the men who want to know.

     Your Membership Dues - Please do not mail your checks or money orders to the editorial office. Mail them directly to your Adjutant, Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Michigan. I have received at least twenty five membership renewals and it has involved an extra mailing and expense to the Association. The Adjutant will forward me the news for the CUB that accompanies your membership dues.
     Where are you 106'ers? I was somewhat shocked that I didn't receive a one single entry to the contest 'Let's Get Acquainted' which was introduced on the back cover of the Oct-Nov. CUB. It shouldn't be that difficult. Every one of the profiles are very active Association members. This contest is still open until the next issue of the Cub. I want to hear from all of you. Send in the names you know. You may know more than the other fellow.

    After you have read this issue, you can help us to make future issues more nearly what you would like. Tell us about the articles you liked and those you didn't care for. This is Your magazine. Sound off!

     DOUGLAS S. COFFEY, 25 Nuttman Place, West Orange, New Jersey, has been appointed our new Memorials Chairman by the President, J. Glenn Schnislein, to replete the resignation of D. B. Frampton, Jr., who felt he couldn't afford to give the proper time to carry the responsibility of this important office.
     Douglas is a former member of the 590th FA Bn, Company C, and at the present time is with the Veterans' Housing Deportment in the Town of Went Orange, New Jersey.
Best of luck, Douglas.

Another new year is here. Let us not forget this fund in memory of all those buddies of the 106th.
Sincerest thanks to the following donors for their contribution:
John J. Reynolds, Jr. (424/H), 220 Adelphi St., Brooklyn 5, N.Y.
"His wife ran away with his best friend-- and he sure misses him."- Herb Caen

     The defense department said that veterans of World Mar II who have not received their victory medals or other awards may obtain them by writing to the personnel headquarters of the military service from which they were honorably discharged.

     Veterans by the hundreds have written inquiries about their medals after learning that the army has several million medals stored in Philadelphia awaiting their rightful owners. Veterans should list in their requests their full napes, address, serial number, period of service, the medals they think they are entitled to, and the authority, who made the award.
Army and Air force veterans should write to the adjutant general, United States army, Washington 25, D. C.


Rev. Boyle gets New Assignment
    / Rev. Edward T. Boyle, former Chaplain of the 424th Infantry Regiment of the 106th and at present, the Chaplin of our National Association, has left St. Bernard's Parish in Chicago to be Pastor of the growing parish of St. John Vianny in Northlake, Illinois, just west on North Avenue to Rolf Road from Chicago. His new address is, 46 N. Wolf Road, Northlake Village, Melrose Park, Illinois.
The best of luck on your new assignment, Father.

     The War Claims Commission states that all ex-prisoners of World War II who have not yet filed a claim for benefits ender the War Claims Act of 1948, as amended, should do so immediately. It was pointed out by the Commission that while Public Law 16, 82nd Congress, of last April extended the terminal date for filing claims with the Commission to 31 March, 1952, the Commission hopes to have all American ex-POW claims settled by the end of this year. This, of course, cannot be accomplished unless all claims in this category are filed in the immediate future. The Chairman of the Commission, Daniel F. Cleary, expressed his opinion that in addition to some living ex-POWs, a number of survivors of the prisoners who are eligible for the benefits have


    not yet filed claims. Widows, children, end parents of the deceased POWs, in that order, are eligible for benefits under the War Claims Act.
     The benefits available to American POWs or their survivors under present law are $l for each day the POW was interned by the enemy and was not provided with the amount and quality of food required under the Geneva Convention of 1929 relating to the treatment of prisoners of war. Claims forms may he obtained directly from the War Claims Commission, Washington 25, D. C. or through veterans organizations, State Directors of Veterans Affairs, and the American Red Cross.
(From the Army and Navy Journal)

     On January 5, 1952, at the Community Methodist Church in Winnemucca, Nevada, where former Chaplain Robert A. Lundy of the 423rd Inf. Regt., is the Pastor, heard the vows of the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony.
     After the ceremony, and after the ceremonial kissing of the bride, the groom turned to Rev. Lundy and said, 'Where have I seen you before - in the service?' To which Rev. Lundy replied: 'Perhaps so. I was a chaplain with the 106th Infantry Division.' 'That's it!' replied the groom. 'In Fort Jackson, South Carolina. - I was a member of Hq. & Hq. Co., 1st Bn., 423rd Infantry Regiment. - Remember Colonel Cavender?' 'You bet I do', answered Rev. Lundy. 'I saw him this past summer at Camp Irwin, California, where I was chaplain with the Nevada National Guard.' 'Well, well, I remember driving you into Columbia (South Carolina) one evening, said the groom.'
     The groom's name is Richard J. Klinkhamer. His pretty bride said, 'Dick's on the police force in Boise, Idaho now. If you, Rev. Lundy, ever get a traffic ticket while there, look him up.'
     The groom was one of the many eighteen-year olds that went to make up the original 106th Infantry Division. He was on maneuvers in Tennessee with Rev. Lundy but later transferred out into the air cadets. Rev. Lundy also, transferred out into the 71st Infantry Division and later overseas.

Dear Editor,
You continue to do a good job with the CUB. The October-November issue was enjoyed as usual.
     The list of battle participation credits, etc., on pages 10 & 11 is sure to be helpful to our members. As to the Central Europe credit, however, the list is incomplete in that it does not include either DHQ, Hq. Co. and Band, or Hq. & Hq. Btry, Div. Arty.
     I have had a careful search made of the orders originally awarding this credit, and of all orders issued through 1951 which might amend the originals. The two units mentioned are still credited with this participation and it is extremely unlikely that further amendments will be made.
     Since an important sergeant of our officer and enlisted personnel are represented, I would suggest that the list be amended in a future issue of the CUB.
     It may be of interest to know why some units of the Division are entitled to Central Europe and some are not. The Rhine was the western boundary of the Central Europe Combat Zone. Those which happened to be east of the river during the prescribed period (22 March to 11 May) are entitled to the credit; those to the west are not. Since we were several hundred miles away from actual combat at the time, the credit is not particularly heroic.
Very truly yours,
D. A. Stroh
3901 Connecticut Ave. Washington 8, D. C.

Dear Editor,
     In the Oct-Nov. issue of the CUB that I recently received, there are listed on pages 10 and 11 the various awards made to the Division.
     I was a member of Hq. Co. 424th Regt., from the time the Division arrived at Cp. Atterbury until it left Europe to return to the States.
I am interested in obtaining more specific information on the Belgian Fourragere (1940) that was awarded the 424th.
     According to my understanding of above award, unit must be cited twice for the Belgian Croix de Guerre. This, I take it, is covered by the citations in the order of the day.
     However, since the award was made only recently, I would like to know to whom I could write to get some sort of official acknowledgement for my 201 file in my reserve unit.
Would appreciate if you could help me on this matter.
Very truly yours,
Robert M. Shaver
348 Thrall Ave.,
Cincinnati 20, Ohio

Dear Editor,
     In your list of Battle Participation Credits and Meritorious Unit Commendations, you forgot all about 'Sheriff' Mowlds and his M. P.'s.
     As a member of the 106th Military Police Platoon from the later part of the training period at Ft. Jackson, S. Carolina to Karlsruhe, Germany, my discharge papers show four Battle Credits, namely. Northern France (GO 33 WD 45), Ardennes, Central Europe, and Rhineland (GO 40 WD 45), and I have a copy of an extract from GO 27 Hq. 106th Inf. Div. dated 26 Feb. 45 which shows the Award of Meritorious Service Unit Plaque to the 106th Military Police Platoon during period 15 Dec. 44 to 12 Feb. 45.
Yours truly,
Byron P. Heath
2613 Garvey Ave.,
Alhambra, California

     Born on December 26th to Mr. and Mrs. Robert de St Aubin, 721 S. Gunderson Ave., Oak Park, Illinois, a daughter, Susan Marie, 6 lbs., 11 oz. Congratulations!


     Anyone having knowledge or any information about the following men of the 106th who were KIA, please write directly and immediately to the Memorials Chairman, Douglas S. Coffey, 25 Nutman Place, West Orange, N. J. The next-of-kin desire to obtain particulars regarding incidents leading to these MIA or KIA.
BROOKS, Malcolm of Gladys, Virginia. No information is available.
    GOLDSTEIN, Morton, Atlantic City, N. J. Was POW; member of Btry. C. 590th FA Bn; killed by Germans on march to salt mines.
RUTLEDGE, Paul, Tulsa, Oklahoma. No information available.

    / STONE, Darrel D., Kincaid, Illinois. Wounded near Radscheid, Germany, and died in field hospital in Budesheim, Germany.
/ SMOKES, Harry B., Batesville, Arkansas. Member of Co. F., 424th Inf. Regt., killed December 25, 1944.

In Memoriam
     CAPTAIN DELBERT VAN EDGETTE, 02 005 568, (1st Lt/424th), last known address: Co. K. 32nd Inf., APO 7, Unit 3, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California, has been reported killed in Korea sometime in July by C. W. Malmquist, 1st Lt. AGC, Ass' t. Adj. Gen., AG Sec., GHQ, FEC, APO 500, San Francisco.

     Through endless efforts of locating any next-of-kin, the editorial office is still unable to furnish further particulars pertaining to Captain Edgette's death.
May he rest in the Peace of God.



     W. ADIN MARSHALL, former Executive Officer of the 81st Engineer (C) Battalion, 106th Infantry Division, and Battalion Commander of same during the time that Colonel Thomas Riggs was absent as a prisoner of war, was critically injured at the Blue River Tunnel last April 10 and died early the next morning. He was superintendent of the Hoosier Pass bore of the Blue River Project and was operating an electric train in the tunnel when it jumped the track and crushed him between the train and the side of the tunnel. The tunnel engineer, who was also on the train, said that a piece of airline pipe had become dislodged from the top of the tunnel falling on the tracks and causing the derailment.
     Mr. Marshall was rushed over dangerous and snow-covered roads to Fairplay and from there by ambulance to Colorado Springs.
     A native of Oklahoma, he received his elementary education there and entered Mines in 1928. He attended two years and then worked at the Cresson Mine, Cripple Creek, for five years when he returned to school, graduating with the class of 1938.
     Returning to Cripple Creek, he was employed by the Carlton interests until 1942 when he entered the service in World War II. He earned promotion in rank from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Engineers. He was in the thick of the Battle of the Bulge for which he received the presidential unit citation and the Bronze Star.
     Upon his discharge in 1946 he again returned to Cripple Creek and from then until the spring of 1950 he served as superintendent of the Elkton, Rose Nichols and Vindicator mines. He resigned to become superintendent of the Blue River Project for Douglas Jardine, Contractor.
     At Mines he was a member of the A.T.O. Blue key, Scabbard and Blade and Theta Tau fraternities. At commencement exercises he received the Brunton award for meritorious work in mining engineering.
     He is survived by his wife, to whom he was married in February, 1931, and two children, Faith Adine 11 years of age, and Adis, 6. Mrs. Marshall and the children have returned to Victor to reside.
(The Mines Magazine Nov. 1951)

/ Rev. Edward T. Boyle
'Every tree therefore that doth not yield good fruit, shall be cut, sown and cast into the fire.' (Matt. 3:10)
     Christ does not expect us merely to 'be good'. He makes it very plain that each of us is supposed to 'do good'. Many feel that because they do no harm; they are well on the road to heaven. Much more is expected than that. What has been your influence for good? In your personal circle, you should be an influence for good, whether you exert it in business relations, labor unions, schools, home or social life.
     We have had the finest of living and happiness here in America. You men have given years of your life, sweated, suffered and given your blood; you have seen your buddies give their all, to preserve this 'American Way of Life'. Are you standing by now and watching it disintegrate? You must not; you cannot.
     There are now about 120 TV Stations. Eventually, there may be 3000. Will this powerful force on American Life be a power for good or evil? Your influence and that of thousands of others like you can make it a power for good. Forces, determined forces - inspired by diabolical fury, are conspiring to destroy the moral fabric of our nation - see it go the way of the old Roman Empire. Use your influence and inspire others to inspire others to insist that the power of TV be for good, entertainment and education that will improve this nation; not destroy it. Exert your influence, check and criticize, choose program that will be for good.
     Be determined that you will bear fruit in what sphere you can influence the union, the school, the social life, even the home. No longer be just a peg in round hole.


     The Baltimore Chapter President and Convention Chairman, John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Md., discloses plans shout the 1952 Convention formulated by the Convention Directors elected at the last meeting of the Baltimore Chapter.
THE PLACE: Lord Baltimore Hotel
THE DATES: July 25th thru July 27th, 1952.
     Baltimore, the traditionally hospitable city, sixth is rise in the United States mad second largest seaport in the country, has a lot to offer to the vacationer and is in the midst of many other historical spots, such as, Annapolis, the capitol of Maryland and the first capitol of the United States and the bone of the U. S. Naval Academy, is °only 22 miles away. Washington EL C. is only 40 miles away; Gettysburg, 50 miles away; Philadelphia, with Valley Forge only 90 miles away; thus all 106th'ers can combine a most interesting and profitable vacation with their attendance at the 1952 Convention.
     Hosts for your Baltimore Convention are at your service at any time you desire the need to contact anyone of then. The President, John T. Loveless Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Md.; and the Directors: Jacques Bloch, 3336 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13; Henry M. Broth, 3400 °Afield Ave., Baltimore 7; Austin L. Byrd Jr., 507 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29; and Vernon S. Jenkins, 6820 Campfield Rd., Baltimore 7.
     You can help to insure the success of the Baltimore Convention by writing NOW to all your former buddies in the 106th mad urging them to be here next July. Write AGAIN & AGAIN !

'When you start talking about yourself, you've been talking too long." -Walt Disney

"Advice to the chickens: A cackle a day keeps the hatchet away."-- Dan Bennett

Memorial Reunions - December 16th, 1951
     The Seventh Anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge was commemorated by veterans of the 106th Infantry Division in several cities this year, despite the bad winter weather and storms which hit most sections of the country at this time.

     BALTIMORE, Maryland - The Maryland Chapter had s very successful Memorial Dinner with over twenty persons attending, at Marty'. Restaurant on Sunday, December 16th. After a fine chicken dinner, the Chapter President, John T. Loveless, led with the Memorial Service. The guest speaker was The Honorable Frank J. Flynn, Member of the Baltimore City Council, former State Senator and former Senior Vice-Commander of the American Legion in Maryland. Mr. Flynn's key message is worth passing on. His thoughts dwelt on the theme that things living and worthwhile must be grown and not just chiseled out of rock or created by hand. God has grown the earth and its beauty and not just set us here as inanimate objects. Likewise, on a present day set-up, world peace must be grown. The wars of today won't make peace, but they just pave the way for us to get together and grow long and lasting peace. Our national government must grow if it is to be the land of the free that we would have it be. We must choke out the weeds - by our votes -and take an active interest if we are to assure ourselves of a strong and healthy government. This applies elect to state, city governments and to any organization that we are interested in.
     PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania - Thirty persons attended the successful Memorial Dinner at the Officers Club of the Quartermaster Depot in Philadelphia. 15 of these men are new Philadelphia Chapter members and 7 renewed their national membership and 3 ex-members of the 106th became new members of the Association. An election of officers was held at this reunion and Also Dunbar (422nd), Croydon Apts., 49th & Locust St., Philadelphia 39, Pa. was elected President. Among others attending were: J. Glenn Schnislein, Charles K. Booda Jr. (591), Robert H. Caughman (Sip), Robert G. Clower (424/Cn), Everitt M. Williams (424/F-423/L-423/3 An Hq), William A. Miner (424/1), John I. Gallagher (81st Eng.) William L. Moulds (MP), Michael Pissale


     (589), Clayton Rarick (424/L), Bert Kornfeld (423/F), Norman D. Southgate (590), Elmer J. Russell (424/I), and John E. Blair, Leon Goldberg and Vincent Scarpello.

     MINNESOTA - The Minnesota group had a good time at the 19th Hole in St. Paul on December 16th. After their dinner and program, the Chapter elected officers for 1952. They are as follows: President, Robert Sandberg; Vice President, Phillip Gurlach; Secretary-Treasurer, Howard Schuneman; and Membership Promotion, Horace 'Jim' Hatch.

     METROPOLITAN - In the photo, you'll see who all attended the Annual Memorial Dinner in New York City on December 16th. Honored guests at this dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Rooe Simpson of Indianapolis and who did so much for the Golden Lion Division prior to the 1st Convention there in 1947. S. Harry Zorn (106th Sig) 158-18 Riverside Drive W., New York 32, N. Y. forwarded us this photo of their gathering.

     DETROIT - The Detroit Chapter had 96 persons at their memorial dinner on December 16th. A buffet luncheon was served this year instead of the traditional meal. The chapter was their own bar and sold liquid refreshments at greatly reduced prices. Emlyn Jones (423/E) arranged for the music and a pantomime floor show.
The ladies donated pen and pencil seta as favors. Jack Bryant donated two Esquire footment as door prizes.

     Father Edward J. Hurley (423) gave a short but very much to the point address and the group paused in silent prayer for those of us who didn't return.

     The Detroit Chapter seems to have withstood the thinning out of members fairly well and under the direction of President, Larry Gubow (423/Sv) has a well-rounded calendar of events planned for the coming year. Among the events, is a moonlight trip to Beb-Lo Island located at the westerly end of Lake Erie.


     COL. WILLIAM C. BAKER JR., (DHQ), informs us that he is now assigned as Engineer with the 8th Army in Korea and that his new address is Engineer Section, Hq. EUSAK, APO 301, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California.
     FRANK BARLOW (DHQ/AG), 30 Baldwin St., Hudson, Ohio, writes along with his membership renewal that he is sorry to have missed the Pittsburgh Convention because he noticed in the last Cub that several of his good friends attended. Frank intends to make a greater effort to attend next year and at the present, he is Assistant Export Manager of the Harris-Seybold Company in Cleveland. The Barlows have two sons Byron 4 and Donald 2.
     MYLES BRAZZIL (MP), 322 Lewis St. Harrisburg, Pa., is an enforcement officer for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, and serves District No. 3 comprising nine counties in and around Harrisburg.
     LT. COL W. L. MOULDS (CO MP), 820 S. State St., Dover, Delaware, attended the Philadelphia Reunion on December 16th. He received his personal invitation from his good friend, Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon, who also attended this reunion.
     W. H. HOUSER (424/H Clk), 824 McKnight St., Reading, Pa., has aided the editorial office in locating next-of kin of KIA. Thanks, Bill.
     JOE T. CAPPS, 13233 S. Maderia Beach, St. Petersburg 6, Florida, lets us know that he is very grateful to those who helped him by responding to his plea in the last CUB for affidavits needed to prove a service connected disability.
     CAP. JOHN H. GREINER (81st Eng/A), Commanding Co. 'A', 398th Engr. Const. Bn., Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, sends in his dues and tells us he's been on active duty for the past 12 months and he looks forward to the CUB for keeping him posted with news of former 106th'ers.
     ROBERT GILDER (424/1st Bn Hq), Rd #1, 248 Station Rd., Elyria, Ohio, sends us his membership dues because he doesn't want to miss the CUB. Bob knows three other 106th men in Northern Ohio and says he will take heed to the Editor's Column in the Oct-Nov. issue of the CUB. Bob is a welder for the Ohio Machine & Boiler Company in his hometown and has three fine children.
     RUSSELL D. KELLY (424/K), formerly from Springfield, Ill., and permanently at 369 S. Downing, Denver, Colo., since May 1951, informs us that he is a Room Clerk and Auditor at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. Russ invites any members of the 106th to stop in whenever they pass through that city. Russ was an active member and organizer of the Central Illinois Chapter and has plans of organizing a Denver Chapter if he can locate enough men who formerly belonged to the 106th.


     BRIG. GEN. HERBERT T. PERRIN (Asst. Div. CO), from Gambier, Ohio, stopped in to spend one night with Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon in Harrisburg, Pa. Perrin's son accompanied the General on this visit to Harrisburg.
     BYRON P. HEATH (MP), 2613 Garvey Ave., Alhambra, Calif., has been active in veteran affairs. He was Commander of the Pacific Electric Railway Post #321, American Legion Post in Los Angeles in 1949 end he keeps himself busy as a clerk with the Southern Pacific Railroad.
     S/SGT REX L. ROBERTS (424/L). was called into active service in April 1951 with the Air Force. He now operates a Gas Generating Plant in Japan and his new address is: Gas Generating Plant, APO#959, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California. Let's drop Rex a line, men!
     ROBERT M. SHAVER (424/Hg. Co.). 348 Thrall Ave., Cincinnati 20, Ohio, is a Sales Representative for Negley Bag & Paper Co., of West Monroe, Louisiana, and he inquires for more specific information on the Belgian Fourragere which was awarded the 424th.
     LT. COL. CARL H. WOHLFEIL (590 Ex 0), has been in Korea with the X Corps since last Fall. He has been in command of the 15th FA Bn of the 2d Division and has recently been in action northeast of Yanggu. But, now, he is on his way home to see his family in Lawton, Oklahoma.
     1ST LT. MARTIN J. DEVER WNW, 3561 DeKalb Ave., New York 67, N. Y., is now stationed somewhere in Germany with Captain Corbett, formerly a Lt. with 106th Signal Company.
     RAYMOND SCHLEGEL (424/K), 5751 S. Marshfield Ave., Chicago, Ill., and an employee with the Illinois Central Railroad, wants to locate his former Commanding Officer. Captain Comer. Ray took a Southern vacation this summer and is attending evening school at the present time.
     J. GLENN SCHNIZLEIN (422/H/DHQ, formerly of Philadelphia, informs us that he will be associated with Argonne Laboratories in the Chicago Area sad his new residence address is 307 Scribner St., Joliet, Ill.. I'm sure the entire Association wishes the president all the best luck on his new venture.


Index for: Vol. 8, No. 3, Jan, 1952

Index for This Document

2nd Inf. Div., 15
71st Inf. Div., 6
Baker, Col. William C., 14
Barlow, Frank, 14
Belgian Croix de Guerre, 7
Blair, John E., 13
Bloch, Jacques, 11
Booda, Charles K., 12
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 2, 5, 9
Brazzil, Myles, 14
Brooks, Malcolm, 8
Broth, Henry M., 11
Bryant, Jack, 13
Budesheim, 8
Byrd, Austin L., 11
Capps, Joe T., 14
Caughman, Robert H., 12
Cavender, Col., 6
Cleary, Daniel F., 5
Clower, Robert G., 12
Coffey, Douglas S., 2, 3, 8
Comer, Capt., 15
de St. Aubin, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 7
Dever, Lt. Martin J., 15
Flynn, Frank J., 11
Fowler, William H., 2
Frampton, D. B., Jr., 3
Gallagher, John I., 12
Gilder, Robert, 14
Goldberg, Leon, 13
Goldstein, Morton, 8
Greiner, John H., 14
Gubow, Larry, 13
Gurlach, Phillip, 13
Hatch, Horace 'Jim', 13
Heath, Byron P., 7, 15
Houser, W. H., 14
Hurley, Edward J., 13
Jenkins, Vernon S., 11
Jones, Emlyn, 13
Karlsruhe, 7
Kelly, Robert E., 2, 3
Kelly, Russell D., 14
Klinkhamer, Richard J., 6
Kornfeld, Bert, 2, 13
Loveless, John T., 11
Loveless, John T., Jr., 11
Lundy, Robert A., 6
Malmquist, C. W., 8
Marshall, Mrs., 9
Marshall, W. Adin, 9
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 14, 15
Miner, William A., 12
Moulds, Col W. L., 14
Moulds, William L., 12
Paananen, Arvo O., 2, 3
Perrin, Brig. Gen. Herbert T., 15
Pissale, Michael, 12
Price, David S., 2
Radscheid, 8
Rarick, Clayton, 13
Reynolds, John J., Jr., 4
Rhine, 6
Riggs, Col. Thomas, 9
Roberts, S/Sgt. Rex L., 15
Russell, Elmer J., 2, 13
Rutledge, Paul, 8
Sandberg, Robert, 13
Scarpello, Vincent, 13
Schlegel, Raymond, 15
Schnislein, Glenn, 3, 12
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 1, 2, 15
Schuneman, Howard, 13
Shaver, Robert M., 7, 15
Simpson, Mr. & Mrs. Rooe, 13
Smokes, Harry B., 8
Southgate, Norman D., 2, 13
Stone, Darrel D., 8
Stroh, D. A., 7
Van Edgette, Delbert, 8
Wells, James F., 2
Williams, Everitt M., 12
Wohlfeil, Lt. Col. Carl H., 15
Zorn, S. Harry, 13