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Vol. 8, No. 2, Nov, 1951

DECEMBER 16TH -- The Seventh Anniversary

J. Glenn Schnizlein

     I hope that everyone who reads this column this month will feel individual responsibility for building our membership. Our present membership is 176 - compared to 650 last year and 860 in 1949-50 - What a TERIFFIC decrease! Muster up every bit of enthusiasm you have now and remember the spirit of the founding of the Association. We want our Association to be alive, active and growing - not dead, inert and decreasing.
     Without dwelling pessimistically, raise your hopes, put forth concentrated effort and work to build up our membership.
     176 members should mean 176 salesmen for the CUB and the Association. Use all your ideas to contact the former members and renew their interest in us. If you still know of buddies who have never joined - personally invite them.
     We have good organization. Be proud of it. Read again the column by Bob Kelly in the last CUB. Review our aims as stated in our bylaws. We have built up a Memorial Fund for the children of KIA's and certainly everybody derives much pleasure in the continued comradeship.
     The local chapter should have as goal, 100% subscription to the CUB. Contact and re-contact everyone who has attended a December 16th Memorial Reunion - they have shown some interest - it's your job to cultivate that interest by your salesmanship.
     Christmas and the Holiday Spirit is upon us. Send glad tidings to your buddies and stimulate their participation in our activities.
     If you have any suggestions as to how the National Association and its Officers can increase membership, please tell me about them NOW.
I sincerely wish you all, each and everyone, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    The CUB is published bimonthly by the 106th Infantry Division Association. Subscription price $3.00 per year includes membership in the Association. Editorial offices at 236 N. Genesee St., Waukegan, Illinois. Beck copies available at 25c each.

PRESIDENT - J. Glenn Schnislein 5506 Marshall St., Philadelphia 20, Pa.
VICE PRESIDENT - James E. Wells Hephsibah, Georgia
ADJUTANT - Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Michigan
TREASURER William K. Fowler, 2830 Shiplet Terrace SE Washington 20, D. C.
CHAPLAIN Rev. Edward T. Boyle, 340 W. 66th St., Chicago, Illinois
MEMORIALS CHAIRMAN D. B. Frampton, Jr., 10 N. Waverly St., Columbus 13, Ohio
MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN - David S. Price, Box 238, North Lane, 1 Loudonville, New York
EDITOR - Arvo O. Paananen, 236 N. Genesee St., Waukegan, Illinois

    Believe it or not - but things are improving. Probably, the article, 'Please Notify' in the last CUB did a lot of good. Recently, more than ever, the adjutant and editorial office have received more Changes of Address from members of the Association. From all indications, it appears as though the CUB is desired wherever you go. Keep up the good work, men, this is what keeps a good outfit GOOD!
Whether you move temporarily or permanently, please drop us postcard about your change of address.


Arvo O. Paananen

MEMBERSHIP - Let's stress and act on this subject for the remainder of the fiscal year!
     With over 2000 names and addresses of former members of the Division Association on file, there should be no reason why only 1000 are currently paid members.
     At the last convention in Pittsburgh, the board of directors appointed Membership Co-Chairmen for the purpose of membership promotion. But, these men cannot do everything without the cooperation of every man in the Association. You have closer contact with friends that are not members of your organization.
     The cheapest and easiest way to raise money for the Association is through direct personal contact with your friends who were members of the 106th Infantry Division and now are located in the same area you live in. Why can't you take 'ten' and write a letter or postcard to these men, telling them about your Association, and inviting them to join.
     One of the Association's reasons for existence is to provide a channel whereby you former alumni of the 106th can learn about your buddies. The medium for this is the CUB OF THE GOLDEN LION, which reaches the membership every two months.
    The Association wants to serve you, its members, and it, also, wants to bring into its ranks all those who for the moment have not joined. When this organization grows larger, it can serve you better. Every new member makes it that much stronger and, thereby, that much better able to function effectively. The growth and strength depend on YOU. Show your active interest by demonstrating your ability to promote membership.


     If you have a buddy who is an ex-member of the 24th Infantry Division, please tell him of the wonderful publication, 'Taro Leaf', which is regularly edited by Joseph I. Peyton, 131 North Culver St., Baltimore, Maryland.

    Your turn has now arrived! The 1952 Convention of the 106th Infantry Division Association is moving into Baltimore, Maryland for Thursday, July 24th through Sunday, July 27th. The 'headquarters extraordinary' will be the famous Lord Baltimore Hotel.
     The Midwest has managed the conventions in the previous years and finally we are able to reach the former members of the Golden Lion Division on the East Coast. Let's let our buddies know about this convention by dropping them a line now.
    Our 1952 Convention Chairman, John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Maryland, will give careful consideration to all suggestions from directors. Officers, and individual members of the Association.

    SV BTRY, 592D FA BN, was a great team- a team of great men who performed a great duty servicing you and I during the Bulge. It was an outfit with unusually high moral among the men at all times. This one of its many good points, made the outfit what it was.
    In the above photo we see just one action of Service Battery on a rest cure in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1945. From L to R kneeling; Sgt William Wingo, and Sgt Wallace. R standing; Stephen E. Moore, Chesney, Vidnansky, Skilbred, T. A. Smith, and Foreman.


DECEMBER 16TH -- The Seventh Anniversary

     Time Marches On! Seven years have passed since our buddies faced a grim struggle against the longest odds in numbers and fire power of any other division in WV II. Our fallen comrades in arms, with their blood, wrote a somber and heroic chapter in the annals of American military history. It is our duty to commemorate this date - December 16th - to the memory of those Golden Lion men who paid the supreme sacrifice in order that you and I may enjoy Peace on Earth.
     December 16th is drawing near. If you haven't planned anything for this seventh anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge, please act NOW and make arrangements to have every possible veteran of the 106th Infantry Division attend your reunion in your area. This respect is a small favor in memory of our lost but not forgotten buddies.
     Of course, there are many Golden Lion men too distant from cities where memorial reunions are held, but this anniversary date need not be overlooked for this reason alone - Your respect can be shown by your remittance of a contribution to the Memorial Scholarship Fund, so that a child of your buddy may be happy. ACT 'TODAY.
     Successful reunions were held in numerous cities last year and the editor acknowledged wonderful report. about these affairs bath before and after the anniversary date. It is expected that the editorial office hear reports promptly-again this year from Albany, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Columbus, Decatur, Detroit, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Springfield, Uniontown, Washington D. C., and Waterbury. Let's get in there and pitch, men!

    The August-September issue of, the CUB mailed to the following, was returned to the editorial office. Where are you fellows?
1st Lt Robert H. Caughman, 1st Signal Troop, 1st Cay. Div., APO 0201, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Julius R. Chitwood, 1435 E. 60th St., Chicago 37, Ill.
Sgt. Louis Kovach, Hq & Hq. 2nd Service Co., 127th Airborn Eng. Bn., Ft Campbell, Ky.
William H. Mueller, 36 A. Huber Place, Yonkers, N.Y.
J. Powell, 21-SO East Tremont Ave., New York, N.Y.
Alfred Powierski, 3415 Rockdale St., Cleveland 25, Ohio.
Kenneth W. Rhodes, 1206 Mac Vicar, Topeka, Kansas.
Earl E. Runyon, 1420 Williams Ave., Ashland, Ky.
Raymond E. Slotten, 20271 Blau St., Madison 5, Wisc.
Howard J. Terrio, 718 Calhoun St., Columbia 2, S. C.
Delbert J. Wichtman, 8168 Leander, Detroit 35, Mich.
Harry H. Bell, Jr., 1501 21st Ave., Gulfport, Miss.
J. R. Gibson, 3804 Dahlen St., Amarillo, Texas.


Will You Remember?
     The care and treatment accorded our servicemen in hospital. is the best in the world and the attention of the American Red Cross and topflight entertainers bring unforgettable moments of pleasure to these men.
     But, there is still a vast vacancy and unforgivable neglect that only you and I can remedy. That is the neglect to visit the boys in the hospitals or even write them cheery, newsy, homey, personal letters.
     Christmas is drawing nigh. Don't forget these men who in many cases, fought and bled to preserve your peace and liberty. Do your bit today!

     George N. Jones, Jr., (423/Sv Co), of Route 82, Loris, South Carolina, was recently elected Commander of their American Legion Post in his home town. George also writes and tells us he doesn't want to miss an issue of the CUB, therefore, wants to be on time in forwarding his membership dues to the adjutant.


'Time will not dim the memories of the love we bore those who did not return'
Let us join together in prayer for those whose loved ones have paid the supreme price in this world conflict.
    / BANNISTER, Albert J., Pfc, 32; 821-841, (423/F), died April 11, 1945 as a result of wounds received in action during an air raid at Stendel, Germany, while a POW of the German Government. Foster Mother: Mrs. Emma F. Thomas, 2330 E. 15th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
    / CAMPBELL, Samuel Warren, 2d Lt., 0 554 644, (424/M), died Dec. 27, 1944 in POW Hospital, Stalag 12A, Die., Germany, due to gunshot wounds of right leg and left arm. Remains recovered from Waldriedhof Cemetery, Dies, and interred in U.S. Military Cemetery, St Avoid. Later returned home. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Campbell, 1328 Roslyn Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio.

     COLLINS, Robert Thomas, Pfc, 32; 916 256, (424/C), reported missing in action December 16, 1945 and later declared dead. Mother: Mrs. John L. Collins, 227 Talmadge St., New Brunswick, N. J.

    / DIAMON, Richard C., 1st Lt., 0 440 309, (422/Med), killed in action while POW during Limburg bombing on December 23, 1944. Wife, Mrs. Gladys Marie Diamon, Lincoln & Grant Ave., Vineland, N. J.

    / DI NATALE, Anthony J., Pfc, 33 872 254, (424/2d EM), killed in action at Meyerode, Belgium, on January 26, 1945. Mother: Mrs. William J. Kuhnert, 901 Church St., Millersburg, Pa.


    / HJERPE, Edward B., M/Sgt., 36 014 343, (422/L), killed in action while POW during air-raid shelter bombing at Hale, Germany, on March 31, 1945. Mother: Mrs. H. Hjerpe, 2407 12th Ave., Moline, Illinois.

    / HORN, Serwood J., Sgt., 33 488 217, (422/A), died as POW on March 9, 1945. Mother: Mrs. Esther M. Horn, Orwigsburg, Pa.
    / JAZWINSKI, Fredrick E., Tec. 5, 31 329 386, (424/C), killed in action December 16, 1944, by bullet in head when ambushed by Germans. Mother: Mrs. J. Jazwinski, 212 Alpine St., Bridgeport 10, Conn.

     KASTENBAUM, Leon, 1st Lt., 01 314 146,(422/Cn), killed while POW accidentally by American bombers near Nurenburg, Germany, on April 5, 1945. Brother: Mr. Marvin Kastenbaum, 1415 Washington Ave., Bronx 56, N. Y.

     KESSLER, Robert E., Pfc, 33 835 589, (422/I), died of malnutrition on April 9, 1945, after being a POW at Stalag 9B, Bad Orb. Two weeks prior to liberation, he was removed to a German mine. Father: Mr. David Kessler, 19 S. this St., Pottstown, Pa.
    / MACKAY, Hector D., Pet., 31 392 204, (422), died of pneumonia and malnutrition on January 26, 1945, while a POW at Stalag IVB near Dresden, Germany. Survivors: His wife, Mrs. Violet D. Mackay, 10] Spring St., Marlboro, Massachusetts, and four children.


/ Mitchell on left; Tapper on right

     MITCHELL, Berton F. Jr., 37 533 017, (589/C), killed in action near Laudesfeld, Germany, on December 17, 1944. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Mitchell, Genda Springs, Kansas.

TAPPER, Acey Tec. 5, 34 624
    909, (Co L), killed in action December 29, 1944, from shrapnel wounds. Father: G. O. Tapper, Route #1 Box 110, Pope, Mississippi

    / SHARITZ, Thorold, J. B., 1.t Lt., 0 299 691, (422/B), killed April 5, 1945 at Nurenburg, Germany, by bombs from American planes. Survivors: His wife, Mrs. Josephine M. Sharitz, Dixie Terrace Apts., West Palm Beach, Florida, and two children.

     WILLIAMS, Winford E., Pvt 38 626 300, (424/L), killed in action December 16, 1944. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Williams, 924 Lewis Ave., Waco Texas.

     WHEELER, Crawford, Jr., 2d Lt., 0 554 174, (424/Cn), killed in action December 16, 1944, while Platoon Leader of the Second Platoon. While protecting his men and position, Crawford picked up a bazooka with three rounds of ammunition and moved out of his position, exposing himself and drawing approaching German tank's fire. Although, he got the three rounds off, he was hit and killed immediately.


Rev. Edward T. Boyle
Our Nations Morals
     The million youths that the Communists gathered into East Berlin should give us Americans 'Food for Thought'. A very great number of these youths came from nations whose peoples hated Communism. Yet, in how short a time, their children are avid Communists. The Reds, with a few men, strategically placed in office have taken control of nations. Then, they set out to capture the mind of youth by filling their minds with untruths and atheistic philosophy of life. Hitler did the same. The older, good, folks did nothing-standing by helpless.
     The same thing can happen here - if we let it - if we do nothing, stand by helpless. The Masses of our people have little or no education in a Christian philosophy of life. Why? Because two generations have been educated without God or God's morality as part of their training. In fact, the teachers could express their personal philosophy, even if it be Communistic, in the classroom. But, to tell of God or His Truth, it is against the law. Surely, something is wrong. Enlightened people though we be, how does it come that we can tolerate such basic wrong?
     Our sincere national leaders are frightened at the low level of public morals. If we don't. do something about this situation soon, we will find that the masses will be swayed by an Atheistic philosophy that will destroy this Nation. Standards of morality are set by expediency rather than the Creators 'Design of Life'.
     Religion moat come back into the education of our youth. There is a Creator who designed nature. (who can study the order of the world, the body, or anything and not marvel at the Wisdom of the Creator)? He had a purpose - to share His happiness with man. Youth must then realize he must harness his emotions, his 'fallen nature', and guide and direct his every act to that one objective, the acquisition of Eternal Life with his Maker.
     Parents who love their children and desire that they live moral lives, should endeavor to bring religion back into public education. Meanwhile, they must see to it that their children get some religious education. Without a motive for, how can they resist the thrill that tempters promise?

    JAMES J. SEARCY III, a member of the 106th Infantry Division, who died on the train enroute between Limburg and Freisng, Germany, during the Battle of the Bulge. His father, James J. Searcy, Jr., requests information from any of the buddies of the deceased pertaining to injury and death of his son.

    1ST LT CHARLES S. LASKY, (424/C), 312th Base Post Office, Cp Kilmer, N.J. has been back on active duty since May 1, 1951 and is a postal officer. Lt. Lasky already bumped into a chap who helped write the 106th Division History at Benning. The lad had seen Lt. Lasky's Golden Lion shoulder patch and the two got together for quite a session. Lt. Lasky's home address is 162-0.5 89th Ave., Jamaica N.Y.
    S/SGT REX L. ROBERTS, 424/L), 6538 E. San Marcus Ave., Compton 2, Calif., was recalled to active duty at Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, Calif., on April 23, 1951. Sgt. Roberts has been employed by Standard Oil Co. of California and his lovely family of his wife and two children reside in Compton.
    1ST LT JOSEPH T. SALERNO, (423/B), 29 Hunter St., Newark, N. J., was recalled to active duty as 2nd Lt in the Transportation Corps in October 1950 and in April 1951 he was promoted to 1st it having the duties of Ass' t. S-3 with Headquarters, Transportation Replacement Training Center, Fort Eustis, Virginia. Lt. Salerno was a Private First Class with the 423rd Reg,
    LT. LESTER L. MC COOL, 0 965 812, 1515 4th Ave., Altoona, Pa., informs us of his change of address which is 28th Quartermaster Company, Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Lester was a member of the 2nd Bn Hq, 422nd Inf. Regt.


    RICHARD S. ADAMSON, 930 NW 25th Place, Apt. 128, Portland, Oregon, informs us of his new address above. He moved to the West Coast from Conneaut, Ohio.
    MERLE J. ALLEN, (589), 517 North Williams St., South Bend, Indians, tells us that he and Mrs. Allen enjoy their new residence and job in South Bend. They moved from their long-time residence in Detroit.

     SHEROD COLLINS,JR., (423), Waycross, Georgia, was a mail clerk with the 423rd Regt. while in Cp. Atterbury and overseas. Sherod used to be with the Waycross Post Office until recently when he joined large frozen food distributor. Regrets missing the convention this year but hele was spending his time at summer camp at Ft. McClellan, Alabama, as Warrant Officer for Co. G., 121st Infantry, Georgia National Guard. But he hopes to make next year's convention in Baltimore.

    PETE HOUSE, (590/A), Little Theatre of Jacksonville, 2032 Son Marco Blvd., Jacksonville 7, Florida, forwards his yearly dues and tell. us he is now technical director of the Little Theatre in Jacksonville. He also designed, built the scenery and did the lighting for The Jacksonville Story, a pageant done in the Jacksonville's Fifty Years of Progress Celebration. Pete extends his hello to all the fellows including his former C.O., Ed Luzzie.

    CARL W. KELLSTROM, (424/K), 3020 33rd St., San Diego 4, Calif., informs us of his new address above. Don't know for sure whether he's still in active service. Carl used to be with the 6513 A.S.U., R.O.T.C. in San Diego.
    M/SGT MICHAEL KOBYLARCZYK, Hq & Hq Btry, 1st F.A. Bn., Fort Ord, California, has returned to the states from duty in the Far East. He forwarded his dues to the Adjutant to make sure he receives his CUB.

ALBERT V. MC KEE, (DHQ/AG), forwards us his new address - Route 03, Washington, Pennsylvania.

    EVERET G. MILLER, (424/Hq Co.), Box 182, Elkhart, Illinois, sends in his dues and tells us he's working as Highway Commissioner of township roads. Everet is a member of the Central Illinois Chapter, 106th Division Ass'n. and says, he enjoys reading the CUB very much. He is married and has two children – a girl and boy.

WILLIAM N. MUELLER, (424/M), 27 Eve Lane, Levittown, L. I., New York, informs us of his change of address above.

    JOSEPH S. NEGYESI, (424/Hq), Hunting Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut, has moved from his old address, also in Stamford.

    EDWARD J. WISNIEWSKI, 939 N. 4th St., Philadelphia 23, Pa., recently moved from his old address at 114 Fitzwater in Philadelphia.

    After you have read this issue, you can help us to make future issues more nearly what you would like. Tell us about the articles you liked and those you didn't care for. This is your magazine. Sound off!


    The 106th Infantry Division Association extends its thanks to Mr. Ralph G. Steed (423rd Regt), Robbins, North Carolina, and U. S. Senator, Clyde R. Hoey (North Carolina), for obtaining this official information from the Adjutant General, regarding the Battle Participation Credits, Distinguished (hit Citations, Meritorious Unit Commendations, and Foreign Unit Awards, won by the 106th Infantry Division during World Mar II.

106th Infantry Division Northern France, Rhineland and Ardennes Alsace
422d Infantry Regiment Northern France, Rhineland and Ardennes Alsace
423d Infantry Regiment
424th Infantry Regiment
589th Field Artillery Battalion
590th Field Artillery Battalion
106th Reconnaissance Troops (Mecz)

591st Field Artillery Battalion Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe
592d Field Artillery Battalion
806th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
106th Signal Company
106th Quartermaster Company
81st Engineer Combat Battalion
331st Medical Battalion
106th Coaster Intelligence Corps Detachment

    3d Platoon, Company F, 423d Infantry Regiment Cited for action at St Vith, Belgium from 17 December to 23 December 1944

81st Engineer Combat Battalion Cited for action in Germany from 16 December to 23 December 1944

Service Company, 424th Infantry Regiment Cited for service from 16 December 1944 to 15 March 1945

106th Signal Company Cited for service from 1 February 1945 to 1 April 1945

106th Quartermaster Company Cited for service from 1 December 1944 to 29 January 1945

331st Medical Battalion Cited for service from 12 December 1944 to 12 February 1945


    Hq & Svc Co, 81st Engr Combat Bn 3d Plat, Co F, 423d Inf Regt 424th Inf Regiment; 591st FA Bn (Attached to 7th Armored Div) : CITED IN THE ORDER OF THE DAY of the Belgian Army by Decree No. 7253, 13 July 1950, by Charles, Price of Belgium, Regent of the Kingdom with the following citation:
    During the crucial period of the German offensive of the Ardennes, in 1944, the American 7th Armored Division attacked by enemy forces estimated at eight divisions, among them 3 SS Panzer Divisions and 2 Panzer Divisions, held the important center of Saint Vith, preventing any advance and any exploitation on this main line, thus dooming the German offensive to frustration and, by its sacrifice, permitting the launching of the Allied counteroffensive.


    Co C, 81st Engr Combat Bn; Co C, 331st Med Bn; 424th Inf Regiment; 591st FA Bn (Attached to 7th Armored Div) : CITED IN THE ORDER OF THE DAY of the Belgian Army by Decree No. 7253, 13 July 1950, by Charles, Prince of Belgian, Regent of the Kingdom, with the following citation: Passing over to the attack on 20 January in the Saint Vith sector where it had fought previously, the 7th Armored Division pushed the enemy out of the position that it had been organizing for two weeks and pushed it without respite seven kilometers beyond the Belgian frontier, inflicting heavy losses on this enemy. During these nine days it captured more than one thousand prisoners.

    424th Inf Regiment; 591st FA Bn: BELGIAN FOURRAGERE (1940), awarded under Decree No. 7253, 13 July 1950, by Charles, Prince of Belgium, Regent of the Kingdom

    589th FA Bn (105-How) FRENCH (MIX DE GUERRE WITH SILVER-GILT STAR, awarded under Decision No. 247, 15 July 1946, by the President of the Provisional Government of the French Republic, with the following citation:
    A remarkable battalion whose brilliant conduct was greatly valued during the battles of St. Vith and Manhay on 16 to 23 December 1944. Attacked by an enemy operating in force but filled with the desire to conquer at any cost, it remained in position and, with direct and accurate fire, kept the attackers from access to vital communications south of Manhay. Short of food, water and pharmaceutical products the 589th Field Artillery Battalion endured three attacks without flinching, inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and forced him to retire.

     Under the provision of Current Regulations, the Bronze Star Medal may be awarded to those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, on or after 7 December 1941 have been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge or Medical Badge, or whose meritorious achievement or exemplary conduct in ground combat against the armed enemy between 7 December 1941 and 2 September 1945, inclusive, has been, between 7 December 1941 and 30 June 1947, inclusive, otherwise confirmed in writing by competent authority.
     Individuals who have been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge or Medical Badge for service between 7 December 1941 and 2 September 1945 by Department of the Army Letter Orders dated subsequent to 2 September 1945 are eligible for the retroactive award of the Bronze Star Medal.
     Applications for this award may be made to the Adjutant General, Washington 25, D.C., furnishing therewith full name, service (serial) number, and copy of orders awarding the badge, if available.
    EDITOR'S NOTE: The only authentic authority available at the editorial office at the present time is Headquarters 106th Infantry Division General Orders Number 52 dated 1 August 1945, pertaining only to the 423rd Infantry Regiment.


Let's Get Acquainted
    Do you know all these profiles? The editorial office will pay a year's membership dues and CUB subscription to the person who identifies all the eight profiles of members of the 106th Infantry Division Association. In case of a tie, additional prizes will be awarded. Winners will be announced in the next CUB.


Index for: Vol. 8, No. 2, Nov, 1951

Index for This Document

589th FA Bn, 16
591st FA Bn, 14, 16
7th Armd. Div., 14, 15, 16
7th Armored Division, 16
Adamson, Richard S., 12
Allen, Merle J., 12
Bad Orb, 8
Bannister, Albert J., 7
Bell, Harry H., Jr., 5
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 1, 10
Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. S. W., 7
Campbell, Samuel Warren, 7
Caughman, 1st Lt. Robert H., 5
Chesney, 4
Chitwood, Julius R., 5
Collins, Mrs. John L., 7
Collins, Robert Thomas, 7
Collins, Sherod, 12
Di Natale, Anthony J., 7
Diamon, Mrs. Gladys Marie, 7
Diamon, Richard C., 7
Dresden, Germany, 8
Foreman, 4
Fowler, William K., 1
Frampton, ChairmanD. B., Jr., 1
Freisng, Germany, 10
Gibson, J. R., 5
Hale, Germany, 8
Heilbronn, 4
Hjerpe, Edward B., 8
Hjerpe, Mrs. H., 8
Horn, Mrs. Esther M., 8
Horn, Serwood J., 8
House, Pete, 12
Jazwinski, Fredrick E., 8
Jazwinski, Mrs. J., 8
Jones, George N., Jr., 6
Kastenbaum, Leon, 8
Kastenbaum, Mr. Marvin, 8
Kellstrom, Carl W., 12
Kelly, Bob, 1
Kelly, Robert E., 1
Kessler, Mr. David, 8
Kessler, Robert E., 8
Kobylarczyk, Michael, 12
Kovach, Louis, 5
Kuhnert, Mrs. William J., 7
Lasky, 1st Lt. Charles S., 10
Laudesfeld, Germany, 9
Limburg, 7, 10
Loveless, John T., Jr., 3
Luzzie, Ed, 12
Mackay, Hector D., 8
Mackay, Mrs. Violet D., 8
Manhay, 16
McCool, Lester L., 11
McKee, Albert V., 12
Meyerode, 7
Miller, Everet G., 12
Mitchell, Berton F., 9
Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. B. F., 9
Moore, Stephen E., 4
Mueller, William H., 5
Mueller, William N., 12
Negyesi, Joseph S., 12
Nurenburg, Germany, 8, 9
Paananen, Arvo O., 1, 3
Powell, J., 5
Powierski, Alfred, 5
Price, David S., 1
Rhodes, Kenneth W., 5
Roberts, S/Sgt. Rex L., 10
Runyon, Earl E., 5
Salerno, 1st Lt. Joseph T., 11
Schnislein, Glenn, 1
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 1
Searcy, James J., 10
Sharitz, Mrs. Josephine M., 9
Sharitz, Thorold, 9
Skilbred, 4
Slotten, Raymond E., 5
Smith, T. A., 4
St. Vith, 16
Stalag 12-A, 7
Stalag IV-B, 8
Steed, Mr. Ralph G., 14
Stendel, 7
Tapper, Acey, 9
Tapper, G. O., 9
Terrio, Howard J., 5
Thomas, Mrs. Emma F., 7
Vidnansky, 4
Waldriedhof, 7
Wallace, Sgt., 4
Wells, James E., 1
Wheeler, Crawford, Jr., 9
Wichtman, Delbert J., 5
Williams, Mr. & Mrs. W. W., 9
Williams, Winford E., 9
Wingo, Sgt. William, 4
Wisniewski, Edward J., 12