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Vol. 7, No. 6, Jul, 1951


Edward L. Luzzie
     WE'RE AWAITING YOU IN PITTSBURGH: IT'S CONVENTION TIME AGAIN! And to the hundreds of 106th members, their families and friends who will gather at the Hotel William Penn in Pittsburgh on July 27-29 for their 5th Annual Reunion, the 106th Infantry Division Association extends our heartiest greetings. Your officers have spent long months in developing a program that is interesting, entertaining, instructive and progressive, packed full of ideas for a successful convention.
     I would like to thank each and every member of the 106th Association, especially the men elected with me, for the cooperation rendered this past year. The Association can be assured of my time and effort to the promotion and assistance of our Association during the coming years.
     In closing, I want each and every member to make a special effort to attend the 5th Annual Convention. Yes, a hearty welcome awaits you in Pittsburgh. It will be a pleasure to greet you there.

     Are you moving? Have you moved? Please notify the Adjutant of any change of address, as it costs the Association five cents for each copy forwarded or returned.

Miss 106 Division
(Cover Photo)

     'Ain't she pretty? PITTSBURGH'S most beautiful red head will reign as QUEEN OF THE CONVENTION of the 106th Infantry Division Association! The lovely radio-television model was the unanimous selection of the Pittsburgh Convention Committee and will be crowned QUEEN of the Association's 1951 Convention at the Saturday night dinner-dance.
     Other models of the Queen's Court will be on hand to help the fellows fill out registration cards and also will be available as dates for the men who request them in advance.
Let's all be in Pittsburgh to meet these lovely models.

    The CUB is published bimonthly by the 106th Infantry Division Association. Subscription price $3.00 per year includes membership in the Association. Editorial offices at 236 N. Genesee St., Waukegan, Illinois. Back copies available at 25c each.

PRESIDENT - Edward L. Luzzie 4824 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Illinois
VICE PRESIDENT - J. A. Middleton, III 60 Green Street, Madison, New Jersey
ADJUTANT - Robert E. Kelly, 2034 National Bank Building, Detroit 26, Michigan
TREASURER - David S. Price, Box 238, North Lane, Loudonville, New York
CHAPLAIN - Father Edward T. Boyle, 360 M. 66th Street, Chicago, Illinois

     Heartfelt thanks are extended the National Auxiliary for all their worthy efforts contributed during the past year. They have surely done their 'educational, charitable and fraternal' duties well and deserve the Association's praise for its very much needed support.
     Again, this year, the auxiliary will present to a paraplegic veteran a special wheel chair at the Pittsburgh Convention. Funds toward this charitable contribution have been raised through activities sponsored by the National and Chapter Auxiliaries.
     A convention isn't a convention without the ladies, so we encourage more women to attend the Pittsburgh Convention this year. Auxiliary membership is open to all friends of the 106th, and dues are $2 per year for members who do not wish to receive the CUB, or $3 including the CUB subscription.

PRESIDENT - Mrs. Mary Allen, Detroit, Mich.
VICE PRESIDENT - Mrs. H. E. Vorpagel, Detroit, Mich.
SECRETARY is TREASURER - Mrs. James Gillespie, Detroit. Mich.
HISTORIAN - Mrs. Freda Ross, Chicago, Illinois


Arvo 0. Paananen
     MAN TO MAN - this is a friendly chat with you about your magazine which is written by Golden Lion men - about Golden Lion men - and for Golden Lion men.
     After Dave Price found it necessary to give up the editorship of the CUB and I accepted the job last September, you find this my fifth attempt. It isn't easy by any means but with your cooperation it WILL be done! You have and will receive your issue of the CUB the latter part of January, March, May, July, September, and November. I would desire maintaining the twenty pages per issue if finances permit - pages packed with stories of 106th Division men who have overcome difficulties and made good after our return from the fighting front.
     I stress the 'your magazine' angle because you pay for it. Almost two dollars of the dues paid by each member of the National Association goes to finance THE CUB. If you forget to pay those this you see what happens. No dues - no money for printing and postage no magazine! So keep those dues paid up and go after more members. Then watch your magazine grow.
     And again, we must not forget that your magazine needs news. We can produce a periodical but we can't invent information about Golden Lion men. So, I urge Chapters and individual members to send the editorial office news about Golden Lion men everywhere. Give us members! Give us news! And we will give you a publication you will be proud of.
     I, also, personally and from the bottom of my heart, thank all those CUB readers who have inspired my interests in editing your magazine by sending me all those congratulatory and commendatory letters. I have all intentions of meeting each one of you personally at the Pittsburgh Convention.

Let's Play Ball
On your vacation in Pittsburgh during the convention days, you won't have to miss a ball game!
     The Boston Braves will be in town! Boston will play Pittsburgh on July 27th, 28th, and a double-header on Sunday, July 29th!
See you at the ball game!

     J. Glenn Schnizlein, Memorials Chairman, expects to have considerable information about children who may be eligible for grants from the Association Memorial Fund, at this year's Pittsburgh Convention.
     Letters have been sent to all known Nexts-of-Kin and replies are expected to be in shortly so that a complete report may be available to all Association members at the Convention.
     From the very detailed and accurate report by Mr. Schnizlein in the February-March 1951 issue of the CUB, you'll note that all-out efforts are being made to establish a permanent policy for scholarship grants for children of deceased members of the 106th Infantry Division.
     It is necessary that each of us renew our efforts to locate ALL of the next of kin of ALL the men killed in action with our division. To complete records the following data is required:
1. Name of man killed in action.
2. Name & Address of next of kin and relationship.
3. Unit of 106th Division and serial number.
4. Marital Status
5. Children's names and dates of birth.
6. Date of Death.
7. Place and circumstances surrounding death.

    Please forward all information about our battle casualties to Mr. J. Glenn Schnizlein, 727 15th Ave., S.E. Minneapolis 14, Minn.

     Sincerest thanks go to the many members of the Association who have sent in ten dollars Sustaining Memberships this past year.
     Sustaining membership carries no extra rights or privileges, but is simply a means whereby those who want to help a little more can give a bit extra to help keep the CUB, the Association and the Memorial Fund active and strong. Next year, we hope there'll be many more sustaining members.
Let us not forget to pay tribute to the memory of our late comrades.


     GARAGE FACILITIES...Pittsburgh Parking Garage within a block and a half of Hotel William Penn is the official hotel garage. Rates are reasonable. Cars may be driven direct to the hotel doorways and left with the doorman. A competent operator will drive the car to the garage and return it to the hotel at owner's request. Chauffeurs and private cars are also available. Also numerous outdoor parking lots within a half block of the hotel.
THEATRES...Downtown theatres are within easy walking distance of Hotel William Penn. Most are within three blocks.
     PUBLIC BUILDINGS...Hotel William Penn is in the heart of the 'Golden Triangle' and office buildings, municipal, county, state and federal buildings are located within a few minutes' walk.
     GOLF COURSES...Pittsburgh is famous for its many fine public and private golf clubs. Most of these are within forty-five minute drive of the hotel.
     BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL PARKS... Both Forbes Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Pitt Stadium are within a fifteen minute drive by taxi from the William Penn. Buses and streetcars, too, provide transportation to these points.
     BOAT RIDES...During the summer, excursion trips leave every night from the Point (on which is located famous Fort Duquesne). This is within walking distance of the hotel.
     MUSEUMS...The Carnegie Museum (the home of the International Art Exposition), the Mellon Institute, Stephen Collins Foster Memorial and Heinz Chapel are all in the Civic Center about fifteen minutes' drive from the William Penn.
     COLLEGES...Within a comparatively short distance of Hotel William Penn are Pittsburgh's five colleges. The University of Pittsburgh with its famous Cathedral of Learning, the only skyscraper college building in the world, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Duquesne University, Pennsylvania College for Women, Mt. Mercy College are all within a short driving distance of the William Penn.
For Your Sunday Morning Worship
BAPTIST: First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, Bayard and Bellefield Streets.
CATHEDRALS: St. Paul's (Ronan Catholic), Fifth Avenue and Craig Street.
Trinity (Episcopal), Sixth Avenue Christian Science.
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: First Church of Christ Scientist, 635 Clyde. Street.
JEWISH: Rodef Shalom Congregation, 4095 Fifth Avenue.
Beth Shalom Congregation, 5915 Beacon Street.
Gates of Wisdom Congregation, 35 Townsend Street.
LUTHERAN: First Lutheran Church, Grant Street.
METHODIST: Smithfield Street Methodist Church, Seventh Avenue.
PRESBYTERIAN: First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Sixth Avenue.
EVANGELICAL: German Evangelical Protestant Church, 620 Smithfield Street.
UNITARIAN: First Unitarian Church, Morewood and Ellsworth Avenues.
ROMAN CATHOLIC: Epiphany, 1018 Epiphany Street.
St. Mary of Mercy, 204 Ferry Street.

     The fiscal year of the 106th Infantry Division Association is at its close very shortly and a new slate of officers and national directors will be elected at the 5th Annual Reunion in Pittsburgh on July 28th.
     We, as Association members cannot just allow the 1950-51 officers and board of directors to be dismissed without kind word for their extreme efforts volunteered during the past year.
     'We realize that your duty has been a great responsibility, and a thankless job at times, but you are most certainly deserving of this commendation of all the members of our Division Association for a most excellent job accomplished during the year 1950-51'

Thomas Bickford J. A. Middleton III
S. S. Blandford David S. Price
Rev. E. T. Boyle Marvin Rusch
D. B. Frampton, Jr. Robert E. Rutt
William A. French J. Glenn Schnizlein
John M. Gillespie Floyd Stewart
Robert E. Kelly Robert P. Stout
Russell D. Kelly David Trimbath
Dr. J. E. Ketterer Russell H. Villwock
Edward L. Luzzie James E. Wells


All Roads lead To Pittsburgh


     On Friday, July 27th, at 9 p.m., the Pittsburgh Convention Committee will provide a buffet supper and entertainment at the Sheraton Hotel.
     A warm-up party for those arriving before the hilarious weekend begins, this get-together will be followed by community singing and general heated discussions reminiscing 'The Bulge'. Try and be there because I'm sure we'll really enjoy ourselves!
     The tours scheduled for Friday afternoon will include one for the ladies through the famous H. J. Heinz Company (57 varieties), which is one of the most complete available anywhere and includes a meal of Heinz products at its finish. And, for the men, a most interesting afternoon tour will be through the most modern of hot strip mills, the Jones. Laughlin mill on 2nd Avenue. The men of the 106th Division Association can be thankful for being able to make this tour because it is not open to the public for security reasons.
     TOMMY CARLYN & HIS ORCHESTRA of 12 men and a vocalist will entertain us for dancing pleasure after the dinner at the Hotel William Penn on Saturday night. Nothing but the BEST from Pittsburgh's BEST!
     'ROSE MARIE' under the stars at Pitt Stadium is showing nightly from July 23rd, except Sunday, and tickets are available from .75 to $3.60. The opera is a drawing rave in Pittsburgh.

     The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Association has performed a superb job in planning for our 1951 Convention. Now, it's up to you to accept this hearty welcome by being in Pittsburgh with the rest of us buddies. We MUST NOT let our buddies down by being absent. We all know this trip IS necessary. The Officers and Board of Directors of the Association thank the following men in the Pittsburgh Chapter who have so wonderfully cooperated with them by planning this 5th Annual Reunion so systematically and efficiently. Special thanks is offered by the Editor of the CUB for the excellent cooperation given him by the Pittsburgh Chapter.
David Bailey (422/Sv)
Dr. Gerald Cessna (81st/Med)
Charles W. Freed (423/I)
John G. Fritzky (424/H)
John E. Hopbell (422/C)
Eldridge L. Marsh (423/H)
Robert B. Morrison (424/G)
Paul Muehlman (422/Cn)
Peter Pajach (423/B)
David Trimbath (422/Cn)

Chapter News
     CHICAGO- The Chicago Chapter held its annual Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 10th, at the Glendale Golf Course in Chicago. A nice turnout appeared and great time was had by all.
     A pre-Convention get-to-gether will be held at a picnic scheduled for Sunday, July 15th, at Lakeside Picnic Grove on Long Lake, 45 miles from Chicago. Each one will bring their own lunches but the Chicago Chapter will supply all the liquid refreshments. The Chapter is looking forward to a ditty of fun with swimming, baseball, races, cards, etc., in store. The picnic grounds will be open at 10:30 a.m.

     The 24th Infantry (Victory) Division Association will hold their 1951 reunion in Detroit, Michigan, August 10-12th. All convention activities will take place at the Tuller Hotel.
     All comrades of the 24th Division are invited to participate at this reunion in Detroit and all inquiries pertaining to the convention and membership may be addressed to Mr. KENWOOD ROSS, Membership Chairman, 1387 Mida St., Springfield 3, Massachusetts.

     This issue of the CUB is the last going to members in arrears. Unless you've renewed your membership for 1951-52 by sending $3 to the adjutant, we're unable to finance extra copies for nonmembers.
    We're trying to give you a good magazine. If dues are paid up - we can do it. So help yourself to s better CUB by helping us produce it for you.


     CAPT. M. N. CRANK (422), G2, GHQ, FEC, APO 500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif., writes after receiving his Feb-Mar. issue of the CUB. He has been Personnel Coordinator for G2 Sec for the past two years. Should any of the old gang receive orders for recall to EAD and are sent to Japan, Capt Crank would like to hear from them. (Editor's note: In the above mentioned Cub, I erroneously listed Capt. Crank as a Postal Officer - My apologies!).
     ROBERT HEMPEL, 3849 N. Marmora, Chicago, Ill., informs us of his happiness. Bob and his wife, Evelyn are the proud parents of a daughter, Mariene Dorothea, born April 29th. Congratulations!
     RALPH G. STEED (423/AT) P.O. Box 187, Robbins, N. C., dropped the a editor very nice personal letter lately and from the letterhead I gather he's in the furniture and electrical appliance business in his hometown - namely, Steed Furniture.
     MRS. BERTHA STILES (National Auxiliary President, 1949-50), 8117 S. Anthony, Chicago, Ill., just recently returned home from the hospital after several weeks of illness. She will be confined to her bed for some time to come so why don't you drop her a line? The Association members wish you a very quick recovery, Mrs. Stiles.
     MAJ. WARREN H. STUTLER (423),162 W. 54th St., New York City, N.Y., informs us of a change in address from his Ft. Knox assignment.
     LAWRENCE (LARRY) WALDEN (424/H), 163 W. 155th St., Harvey, Ill. had to resign his duties as editor of the 'Chicago Chapter New.' by closing with the May issue due to change in employment in the theater group and further schooling plans in New York City. A farewell party was held for Larry by the Chicago Chapter after the Chapter's monthly meeting on May 25th.
     JACK H. WATTERS (423/G), 12809 Holdridge Rd., Silver Springs, Maryland, informs of a change in address. Jack is field engineer covering the District of Columbia territory.

Rev. Edward T. Boyle
     FATHER BOYLE ON EXTENDED VACATION! Sorry that Father Boyle couldn't be with us this month to write his own article for the CUB, but we association members all realize he is deserving of a vacation.
     The Chicago Chapter members bid Father Boyle fond adieu when he left for New York City on May 14. From there he embarked on his long contemplated trip abroad. He sailed to Europe on the U.S.S. New Amsterdam and his journey of over two months duration will embrace France, Italy, Switzerland, up to Germany, the Rhine Region, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and back to France from where he'll leave to visit England and Ireland.
     We hope to see Father Boyle at the Pittsburgh Convention where we'll all anticipate the current news from his observation of Europe and its condition. News most interesting to us will be from the areas we the Golden Lion Division covered during World War II.

     Anyone having knowledge about the addresses of the following men of 592nd Field Artillery Battalion, please inform the editorial office at once:
Joseph M. Potts George F. Cattat
Harold D. Kennedy, Jr. Clarence Stevens
Bernard Kaiser George P. Alessio
George F. Sciullo T. A. Smith
Robert Carpenter Myron D. Smith
Richard Wittbrot Emil Solecki
Anthony Cappaze Clarence Mathey
Carl Meckler Glenn Hartlieb
Edward Priebe George Sgrignoli
Carl Falk Francis Maloney
Leroy M. Grimm William Wingo
Harold Woodcock Charles Schoch
Warner Knobloch Clyde Bishop


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,
JULY 27th, 28th, & 29th


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Boyle, Father Edward T., 1
Boyle, Rev. E. T., 6
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 10
Cappaze, Anthony, 11
Carlyn, Tommy, 8
Carpenter, Robert, 11
Cattat, George F., 11
Cessna, Dr. Gerald, 8
Crank, Capt., 10
Crank, Capt. M. N., 10
Falk, Carl, 11
Frampton, D. B., Jr., 6
Freed, Charles W., 8
French, William A., 6
Fritzky, John G., 8
Gillespie, John M., 6
Gillespie, Mrs. James, 2
Grimm, Leroy M., 11
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Hempel, Robert, 10
Holland, 10
Hopbell, John E., 8
Hotel William Penn, 5
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