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Vol. 7, No. 2, Nov, 1950



     The Association welcomes Arvo Paananen who in this issue of the CUB makes his debut as its editor. In wishing him good luck and good fortune in this undertaking, we look forward to another successful year for the CUB. David S. Price, the retiring editor, has worked tirelessly and practically single-handedly in making this the fine magazine that it is.
     His excellent work as editor of the CUB has been greatly appreciated by all of us whose major contribution to the success of the CUB consisted of reading it avidly for news of the 106th and of the men we knew in the Division. We have been, indeed fortunate to have had a man of Dave's ability and intelligence to handle such a job. While we regret that it was necessary for him to relinquish the editorship, we are nevertheless happy to have him working actively with us as Treasurer of the Association.
     The Pittsburgh group undoubtedly will soon begin its drive for next year's convention. Therefore, it behooves all of us to begin now to plan for that trip to Pittsburgh. One of the most effective ways to support the Association is by attending the Conventions. For most of the members of the Association that is probably the only time that they can meet with a good size group of former 106th Division men.

     Anyone desiring an address of members of the 424/SV.CO., write Herbert Eidelman, 18261 Prairie, Detroit, Michigan. Those Sv. Co. members who have moved, please notify Herbert of change of address

     Commencing with this issue, your CUB is printed by Mutual Business Service, 707 North Ave. Waukegan. Illinois. The grade of paper is the same as used in recent issues but the magazine is reduced a little in size to minimize wasted space. This will not reduce the contents of the CUB. Mr. Walter J. Ruge, Owner and Manager of Mutual Business Service, and a personal friend of the new editor, said he'll do anything out of his way to produce the 106th Infantry Division Association an excellent publication at reasonable expense.

     The CUB is published bimonthly by the 106th Infantry Division Association. Subscription price $3.00 per year includes membership in the Association. Editorial offices at 236 N. Genesee, St., Waukegan, Illinois. Back copies available at 25‘ each.

PRESIDENT - Edward L. Luzzie 4824 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Illinois
VICE PRESIDENT  J. A. Middleton, III Madison, New Jersey
ADJUTANT - Robert E. Kelly, 1387 Marlborough, Detroit, Michigan
TREASURER - David S. Price, Box 238, Loudonville, N.Y.
CHAPLAIN - Father Edward T. Boyle, 340 W. 66th St., Chicago, Illinois

     At their September 22nd meeting, the Chicago Chapter made plans for an all-out membership campaign of which Vincent Stiles was appointed chairman. Russell Villwock made a motion which passed that the president arrange for a program to follow each monthly meeting. Television raffle tickets are selling like hot cakes. The 16" Motorola net will be raffled off at the Dec. 16th reunion at the Rocket Club. The new editors of the Chicago Chapter News, for its third year of publication, are Vincent A. Stiles, Lawrence Walden, and James Teason.


    For their Annual Memorial Reunion on December 16, 1950, veterans of the Golden Lion Division will gather in many different cities to commemorate the Sixth Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. Chapter Officers and Promoters in the cities are at work planning these following reunions.

Albany, New York D. S. Price, Rot 238 Loudonville, New York
Baltimore, Maryland S. S. Blandford, 127 Harrison, Easton, Maryland
Buffalo, New York Joseph A. Kersten, 128 Kenfick Avenue Buffalo 20, New York
Chicago, Illinois Edward L. Luzzie, 4824 S. Woodlawn Ave., "4.8., Illinois
Columbus, Ohio D. B. Frampton, Jr., McArthur, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio D. B. Frampton, McArthur, Ohio
Decatur, Illinois Russell D. Kelly, 1905 N. 10th St. Springfield, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan Robert E. Kelly 1387 Marlborough Detroit, Michigan
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania John L. Hall, 3889 Front St, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, Indiana Albert Harding, 40?7 F. N., York Indianapolis, Indiana
Los Angeles, California Roy Wentzel, 1419 S. Olive, Santa Ana, California
Nashville. T.N. Vollie McCollum, 220 Mockingbird Road Nashville 5, Tennessee
New York City Jerome L. Frankel, 158 Dahill Road, Brooklyn 10, New York
Minneapolis, Minnesota H. M. Hatch, 43 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William Miner, 3017 "D" Street Philadelphia, Pa.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dr. Gerald Cessna, 703 Professional Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa.
St. Louis, Missouri Floyd D. Stewart, 705 Olive (Suite 621), St. Louis 1, Missouri
Springfield, Illinois Russell D. Kelly, 1905 North 10th Street Springfield, Illinois
Uniontown, Pennsylvania Charles Underwood, 11 Lenox Street, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Washington, D. C. S. S. Blandford, 127 Harrison, Easton, Maryland
Waterbury, Connecticut Paul Sopensky, 1266 Thomaston Avenue Waterville, Connecticut


     KENDIG C. BARE (DHQ), 205 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa., writes from his busy desk in the City Hall, where he occupies the Mayor's office. Lancaster is a city of about 65,000 just 65 miles west of Philadelphia.
     CHARLES H. BARTON (DHQ Blue Band) Box 143. Greenfield. Ill., has a restaurant is his home town and also is the City Clerk. He has two children, Janine and John.
FRED BURNHAM. (DHQ) CWO, Division Band & P.X. Officer is Principal of Greenfield High School.
     RICHARD H. BEHR (423/SV). 960 Burke Ave., St. Paul 8, Minnesota, was sorry to miss the Convention this year but extends his regards to Bob Kelly.
     ROGER W. BELL (589th FA Bn), Box 943, Minot, N.Dak., graduated from the U. of Wisconsin in February. 1950 and is now a Civil Engineer with the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation in Minot.
     T. WAYNE BLACK (422/Hq Co) 306 Williston Ave., Waterloo, Ia., who was awarded the Silver Star as mentioned in a previous COB, extends his best wishes to all who were at Bad Deb and Ziegenbain.
     WILLIAM D. BLACK (106th Sig.) 1613 W. Lenawee St., Lansing 15. Mich., is attending U. of Michigan as Senior in Architecture .
     JOHN E. BLAIR (590th FA Bn), 12 Bala Ave., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa., says he stopped in to see Gen. McMahon in Harrisburg several months ago. The General took time off from his duties in the offices of the Chamber of Commerce to take John out for lunch.
HERBERT N. BLANCHARD (331st Med.), 116 Front St., Scituate, Mass., is an M.D. in Scituate.
     JACQUES W. BLOCH (422/K). 3536 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13. Md., got married a few months ago and is employed by The Johns Hopkins Hospital as Food Production Manager.
     HAMILTON BROOME (589th/A),1234 Highland Drive, Chattanooga 5, Tenn, is the father of two grandsons and owns his own meat market.
     BEN R. BRILES, Arvada. Wyoming owns a few cattle and helps his father run his farm. Couldn't make the Convention due to haying season.
     HENRY M. BROTH (422/I), 3400 Oakfield Ave., Baltimore 7, Md., POW in Stalag IVB, is engaged in selling soda fountain and restaurant supplies and equipment in Baltimore. He has two sons. Stuart 10, and Ralph 3 1/2.
     DAVID L. DEFFENBAUGH (423/D). 304 Stealey Ave., Charlesburg, V. Va., would like to hear from all Co. D 423rd men. David and his wife were blessed with another daughter, Barbara Alene.
     ALBERT C. DELSCHIG, JR. (423/1st Bn). 1612 Skidaway Rd., Savannah, Ga., was recently promoted to 1st Lt., commanding Hg. Btry., 108th AAA Brigade, in the National Guard and is expecting his call into the federal service soon.
     HERBERT EIDELMAN (424/Sv). 18261 Prairie, Detroit, Mich., graduated from Wayne University last February and is now with his brothers in the wholesale floor covering business. Herb is in charge of credits-collections and accounts receivable department. He reports seeing Carl Knatzer in Dayton, Ohio. and Ray Mayerman and Antoine Gosselin in New York last February.
     PHILIP FARAH (592nd/A). 223 Lafayette St., Newark, N.J., has been working and going to school. Saw Andrews from S. Orange, N.J. and Mouse from Pittsfield, Mass. since his discharge from the army in 1946. Philip would like to hear from all Btry. A men, especially Sgt. Thoma, and Sam Corrira.
     ANTOINE P. GOSSELIN (424/Sv). 335 Blake Ave., Brooklyn 12, N. Y., wants to say hello to all buddies in Sv Co. He was the Co barber and clerk.
     HAROLD GIESE (422/E), Maine & Paine, Lake Zurich, Illinois. is a druggist in his home town; just had a third daughter, Glenda Gail on July 9th. Contractors are building his new brick ranch-type home so Harold didn't think he could make the Convention but sent his best wishes. Harold is a Chicago Chapter Member.
     E. L. 'BUDDY' HELLWIG (422). 7423 Kenleigh Ave., Baltimore 6. Md., is a salesman for the U. S. Rubber Co., and on June 2nd was blessed with a blonde daughter Lynn Allison, 10 pounds 4 oz.
     JACK H. WATTERS (423/G), 8213 New Hampshire Ave., Hyattsville. Maryland, is sales engineer with Gardner-Denver Co. in Washington. D. C. Jack hopes the convention, will be in the East next year so that he can make it. Buddies, note address change.


     DONALD M. HINRICHS (81st Eng) 3413 Gillham, Alton, Illinois sends his best wishes for a successful Convention. Buddies, note Don's change of address.
     JOHN D. HUEY (424/E). 3137 Jefferson, Kansas City, Missouri, former Lt. of 2nd Bn. says he has seen Capt Thigpen, Capt Hohenadel and Chaplain Boyle as well as Lt. Skelton. Capt. Thigpen and Lt. Huey were hospitably entertained and put up for the weekend at the Skelton, which permitted the three to maneuver bottles and glasses across the table in a complete re-hash of the Bulge. The outcome - conviction that Easy Co., 424th, was the best company in the whole danged army.
    / VANCE S. JENNINGS (106th Sig).1919. N.W. 15th, Oklahoma City 6, Okla., is a June Graduate from Eastman School of Music, Rochester. N. Y. This summer he was on the staff of Plymouth Rock Center of music and Drama, North Plymouth. Mass., and he will join the faculty of the U. of Miss., next year as Assistant Director of Bands.
     CAPT. C. W. KELLSTROM (424/K). 6513 ASU ROTC Instr. Grp., Box 367. San Diego 9, California. is an infantry instructor at Ft. Lewis. Capt. Kellstrom informed us that an ROTC Cadet. Christian M. Wicks (423/L) C-8 Aggie Villa, Davis, Calif., is interested in the 106th Assn.
     HOWARD W. KRIZ (591st FA Bn), Madras, Oregon, now operates the Madras Pharmacy in his home town. He is in the 385th FA Reserve in the 104th Inf. Division, but his outfit hasn't been mobilized yet.
     JACK L. LEWIS (106th Sig). 1204 E. Johns, Decatur, Illinois, is with the Decatur Signal Depot as transmitter repairman and is a member of the 44th Div. Signal Co of Illinois National Guard, as Radio Repair Chief.
     COL. ALEXANDER D. REID (424th), College Station. Box 178, Pullman, Washington, where he is Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the State College. Col. Reid has been on temporary Commander of ROTC Summer Camp in Ft. Lewis, where Capt. Kellstrom is an instructor also.
     SEYMOUR LICHTENFELD (422/I), 15 N. Mayfield, Chicago 44, Ill. desires to get in touch with former Division men in Chicago and is working as an Air Conditioning Engineer.
     C. E. PERRAS (424/Hq. Co), Nadeau, Michigan, is a Chicago Chapter Member and is in the hotel-tavern business. His son is 3 years old now.
     R. L. NUFFER (424/B), 3106 Kenwood Blvd., Toledo 6, Ohio, encourages the Association to keep up the good work. He is working for Air-way Vacuum Cleaning Co.
     CONNY WELDON MORGAN (424/F). Weidermeyer Ave. 2933. Arcadia, California, was married in June 1947 and has a son, David Christopher. Works for Construction Co. of Los Angeles. Wishes to hear from buddies of the Bulge.
EDWARD A. RIORDAN (423/M). South Main St., Dickson, Tenn. is local mail carrier.
     NATHAN M. ROTH (592nd FA Bn/B), 11 West 42nd St., New York 18. N. Y. is a Counselor at Law at above address. Nat wrote a very nice lengthy letter to the new CUB editor who was also a Btry. B, 592nd FA Bn. member. Nat was a P.W. and spent four months as a "guest" of the German Government. He has had his nose to the grindstone since his discharge in November 1945. "Tiny" Wener of 4928 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago. and a former member of Btry. B, visited Nat in New York on his honeymoon.
     ARTHUR A. SCHILLI (591st, Hq). 4861a Austria St., St. Louis 16, Missouri, a former 106th cook and now cooking for Forum's Cafeteria in St. Louis, is married and has a year-old daughter. Got together for chicken dinner with Pax from Beckemeyer, Ill in June. Saw Floyd Stewart recently.
     HOWARD B. SIEGRIST (422/C). 453 11th Ave., Paterson, N.J., thanks Dave Price for sending his the back copies of the CUB and states that he is employed with Interstate Dept. Stores, Inc., in the New York office. The Siegrist's are the proud parents of a son, Robert Daniel, born Dec. 22. 1949.
     ALVIN P. SWANSON (424/I). 5504 37th Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. is a member of the Minnesota Chapter, a shoe salesman at Dayton Co., Mpls., and has a new home in South Mpls. Married and has a nice family of four girls and two boys. Looking for information on old Co I 424th men.


     JOHN A. YAKUBIK (424/RHq). 436 Main St., Wilburton 2, Pa., is a clerk for Hayle Brook Coal Co., is married and has a nine-month old son.
     CLINTON H. WILBER (424/B), 21400 Priday Ave., Euclid, Ohio. was transferred by DuPont to Industrial Finishes, Sales Sept., Cleveland, Ohio. Clinton has two children, Kathy, 6 yrs., and David, 3 yrs., and previously lived in Red Bank, N. J.
     HUBERT R. SPEAKMAN (DHQ CWS). YMCA. Central Parkway Branch, Elm & Central Pkwy., Cincinnati 10. Ohio, whose picture was incorrectly identified as that of James Teason on page 35 of Nov. Dec. 1949 issue, now is with Ohio State Dept. of Education. Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation as a Counselor. Hubert has seen Joseph Weisman (DHQ Fin) and who is with Kahn Packing Co. in Cincinnati. Hubert forwards his CUBS to Preston L. Barnes. (DHQ G-4), who is a civilian employee in Berlin, studying music and voice. Preston's address is: S-1 Branch, Berlin Military Post, APO 742, New York. New York.
     D. A. STROH (DHQ), 3614 Ingomar Pl., Washington 15. D.C., retired June 30. 1949 and granted honorary degree, Doctor of Laws by Michigan State College, June 1950. Former Commander of the 106th Division, he spent one evening with Brig. Gen. 106th Infantry Division Association in Gambier, Ohio, who plans an extended tour of Europe.
    / ROBERT M. SHAVER (424/RHq).107 S. First St., W. Monroe. La., re-entered Purdue University in Fall 1946 and graduated in February 1950. Presently employed as Sales Representative with Negley Bag & Paper Co. Bob is a commissioned reservist since March 1949
     NORBERT L. WECKSTEIN (424/Hq) 149 Pomona Ave., Newark 8, N.J., graduated from U. of Cincinnati as Electrical Engineer and will be employed with General Electric Co., in Newark. He is married an d has a son, 15 months old.
     JACK ZUCKERMAN (423/C). 307 Sterling St., Brooklyn 25. N.Y., is now a history teacher in a Junior High School in New York City.
     DON UNDERWOOD (424/RHQ), 5025 N. 5th St., Arlington, Virginia. left Indianapolis about the time of 1st Convention to be Washington newspaper correspondent for Indianapolis News. from which he resigned to become Vice-President Washington Manager for Bozell & Jacobs, Inc., (N.Y.), public relations and advertising. Don's sister. Mary Beth (Underwood) Brown. "Queen" of first Convention wished success at Detroit Convention and congratulations on the 'CUB".
     SAMUEL WEINSTEIN (423/G), 1230 17th St., N.W., Washington 6, D.C., is transportation auditor in the General Accounting Office, U.S. Govt., in Washington. Sam received his BCS degree in 1948 and MCS in 1949 but is still attending evening classes at George Washington University pursuing a law degree.
DEWARD C. THOMAS (424/K).c/o Dixie Letter Service, Rocky Mount. N. Carolina, is Assistant Manager of above company.
     MANUEL C. SILVIA (422/G). 634 Wood St., Bristol. R.I., requests that the association send a membership application blank to a former Co G Co??, Nelson Fiqureido, Winter St. Taunton. Mass., an amputee veteran. P. S.- The application blank is on the way.
     GEORGE E. THOMPSON JR. (424/A). 4909 Kenmore Ave., Chicago 40, Ill., was married in February to former Miss Dorothy Williams of Chicago. The newly married Thompsons moved to above address from Waukegan, Illinois.
     ALBERT G. UTAH (422/C). 141 N. Ellsworth Ave., San Mateo. Calif., has been an Association member since 422nd was stationed in Karlsdorf, near city of Bruchsal, Germany in September 1945. Since Al's discharge, he has been with the Housing & Home Finance Agency, PHA, in San Francisco.
     W. G. MIZE, JR., (424/D). Box 433, Greenwood. Miss., operates his own insurance agency in Greenwood - is married and has one child, W. G. Mize III, 8 months old.
     CARL W. SWANSON (106th MP). 746 N. Lorel Ave., Chicago 44. Ill., was at the Convention. He is trying to build up an importing business. Carl has Swedish razor blades which he retails and wholesales. Wants to know what happened to Major Mowld's boys because he didn't see them at recent Conventions.


Killed In Action

     Our Purpose: To perpetuate the name and symbol of the 106th Infantry Division as an active and living monument to those brothers in arms who have died while fighting under its standards and whose every act has reflected great glory and prestige on its now remaining veterans.
     Glenn Schnizlein, our Memorials Chairman, has performed a great job by revising and expanding our battle casualty list since its first publication in the August-September 1949 CUB. He was able to do this only through the cooperation of several members.
     Let's check these additional lists carefully, and write us with information about KIA not listed, with corrections in spelling, and with information about circumstances of death. unit and serial number, and address of next of kin for the men listed under "NOK not known."



Becraft, Espie
 MacDonald, Donald

 Biviano, Frank
 Malm, Robert A.

 Blacke, Clifford F.
 Manna, Anthony

 Bond, Bate
 Martin, Albert

 Bowman, Charles R.
 Miller, Joseph Mathew

 Broeker, Henry
 Noble, Jack Jr.

 Campbell, Samuel W.
 Perkins, William H.

 Cashion, William W.
 Peterson, Kenneth

 Clare, Harry D.
 Pilkington, John

 DiDominic, Charley
 Pitts, John

 Diamon, Richard C.
 Porter, Robert J.

 Disparti, Gus
 Ritter, William

 Engle, Norman A.
 Rowe, Donald S.

 Engstrom, Robert
 Russell, William O.

 Fairchild, Leo B.
 Sams, Talbird

 Fomby, Odis B.
 Sharitz, Thorold J. B.

 Gardner, Charles T.
 Skinner, Joseph P.

 Gilmore, Jim H.
 Snyder, Joseph

 Godwin, Wallace
 Sorley, Gorden A.

 Grady, James R.
 Sprouse, John

 Graf, L. Phillip
 Stokes, Harry B.

 Hanson, Harland C.
 Sullivan, John J.

 Hass, Herbert
 Tapper, Acey

 Heagney, John J.
 Terry, Harvey

 Hess, Milton J.
 Toner, Steve

 Hille, Robert E.
 Tracy, Robert L.

 Hirzel, George W.
 Tucker, Jack Warren

 Hite, Lloyd
 Vogel, Bernard A.

 Horn, Sherwood J.
 Wannamaker, Paul

 Hostak, Norman J.
 Warner, Harry J.

 Huey, Sam
 Welker, William N.

 Jones, Clealon C.
 Weller, John

 Krol, John M.
 Wiegert, Arthur

 Lazar, John
 Wright, Robert C.



Bethel, Stuart
 Meisner, Gordon

 Blackburn, Lt.
 Michaud, John H.

 Camper, Tec. 5
 Miles, Charles F. K.

 Cherry, Cpl.
 Morrissey, James

 Cohen, Gerald I.
 Newman, James C., Jr.

 Flewelling, E. K.
 Osborn, Lawrence

 Fosse, Harland

 Freese, Charles
 Petersdorf, Charles J.

 Gilbreath, Thomas
 Pierce, Earl D.

 Goglowski, Marshall
 Rafferty, William

 Grivois, Pfc.
 Rockwell, Capt.

 Hewitt, James

 Hill, Preston
 Rohrborn, Fritz


 Kautz, Raymond S.
 Schmitt, Thomas

 Kilkenny, John P., Jr.
 Shaack, Nevin W.

 Kramer, John J.
 Stone, S/Sgt.

 Lawler, Raymond
 Taylor, Emzy L. Jr.

 Losh, John
 Weber, Donald H.

 Maggi, Pvt.
 Wermuth, William White

 May, John J.
 Wilson, Tom

 McClellan, Pete

 McIntyre, George

Calfee, Eldon L. (killed airplane crash 1949)
Hebenstreit, John (killed mine accident 1949)
Puening, Leroy E. (drowned 1949)
Usher, James S. (drowned 1946)
Jamison, Charles (drowned 1944)

Jones, James H. (France)
Mode, Dymtro P. (28th Div.)
Powers, George W. (36th Div.)
Wahlman, Ralph H. (recruiting)
Moss, Jack H. (France)

Send information about our battle casualties to:
727 15th AVE., S.E.



     In the entire period July 1, 1949 to June 30. 1950, the Memorial Fund's total income was only $39.88. This far since July 1, 1950, we've added $196.50 - nearly five times as much in three months this year as in all of last year. The Fund now stands at $1,330.
May God Bless the following donors for your generous gifts.

Adamson, Richard
 Kups, Stanislaus

 Anchorstar, Mrs. Edna M.
 Lang, Elmer F.

 *Auxiliary, The National
 *Leibowitz, Samuel

 Behr, R. E.
 Longenecker, John M.

 Blair, J. E.
 Loveless, John T. Jr.

 Blandford, Samuel S.
 Lowith, Allan

 Bliss, H. C.
 Malueg, Russell

 Bowman, Leon C.
 *McKinnon, J. J.

 Cessna, Gerald H. (M.D.)
 McMillin, Mrs. Laura

 Chase, Fred B.
 Miller, John J.

 Davis, H. E.
 Murphy, Chet

 Dietrich, Arlan H.
 Negyesi, Joseph

 Dreier, Joseph F. (M.D.)
 Olson, Homer T.

 Eissrig, Edwin C.
 *Parker, Arthur C.

 Emerson, Ralph W.
 Podboy, C. D.

 Fowler, William K.
 Price, D. S.

 Frank, Lazare W.
 Rain, John C.

 Green, Emory B.
 Rausch, Victor C.

 Grosjean, Robert "
 Render, Michael

 *Hatch, H. M. (Jim)
 Rinne, R. H.

 Hjerpe, Mrs. Hjalmar J.
 Stuart, J. T.

 Hutchins, Marsden C.
 Swanson, Carl W.

 Jackson, James D. '
 Underwood, Donald

 *Jones, George Jr.
 *Virdone, Benedict

 Juster Irvin
 Warner, George H.

 Kaplin, Leonard
 Williams, Earle B.

 Kersten, J. A.
 Wohlfeil, Carl H.

 Kestenbaum, Thomas
 Zurcher, Robert E.

 Ketterer, John V. (DDS)

* Contributors sending five dollars or more.


     Marion A. Biard, former 1st Sgt. of Btry. A. 590th FA Bn. died in June, 1950, at Walter Reed General Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Thelma, 1112 Taylor Ave., Lawton, Oklahoma. Sgt. Biard's home address was Box 131, Sentinel, Oklahoma.

Sleep thy last sleep,
Free from care and sorrow,
Rest where none weep.
Till the eternal morrow


     November is ushered in with Halloween - All Hallows Eve - in which traditionally was remembered the Souls or Spirits of those who had passed away. To the Men of the 106th, it recalls the Spirits of Our Buddies. Buddies who gave their all. See them again: steel helmeted, dirty, unshaven, in G. I. jackets, grenades hanging from the lapels, belt of clips around their shoulders. You slept with him in the foxhole, talked over many things with him; things about which you never have opened up to anyone else. Yes, they're gone, but, their Spirit goes on. How can we ever forget them? We hope that they are at peace. In your own way, pray God that they are. During November when traditionally we are reminded to pray for our dead, don't forget them - Pray that we may meet again in the Glory of God.

    If you haven' t paid your 1950-51 dues, send $3.00 now to ROBERT E. KELLY, Adjutant, 1387 Marlborough, Detroit, Michigan.

     The fifth annual convention will be in Pittsburgh, Pa., in the summer of 1951 - dates will be set probably in time to be announced at the December 16th reunions. At time of this printing, the editorial office didn't have a list of Pittsburg men who are making the convention arrangements, so how about a word from you. Pittsburgh?

     The Chicago Chapter Auxiliary of which Mrs. Herb Meagher is President, held another Card Party on September 29th at St. Bernard's Parish Hall. The Auxiliary thanks all those who participated and made this party such a success. Bob de St. Aubin and his bride since October 14th attended the party also. Bob introduced his better half to the Auxiliary.

     The most important accomplishment of the year has been fulfilled. This was the purchase of the chair for a paraplegic veteran and which was presented at the 4th National Convention in Detroit. To those who helped me to accomplish this, I am very grateful. You should feel you have done a most worthy duty.
     What a perfect place this world would be if we practiced peace, comfort, and kindness to one another every day of our lives! May we continue to be friends to each other in the years to come, and may I always continue to help in every way possible to promote the 106th Division Auxiliary as an outstanding patriotic organization worthy of the fine name and service that we render to those who served our country in its time of need, and who may now need help for themselves or their families.

     "I sure would like to have a cup of that coffee brewed by the cooks of Co. G, 106th Infantry from that coffee the Army Quartermaster Dept. buys green, roasts and blends."
(From Chgo. Sun-Times, Oct. 1950)


Thomas Bickford
S. S. Blandford
Rev. E. T. Boyle
D. B. Frampton Jr.
William A. French
John M. Gillespie
Robert E. Kelly
Russell D. Kelly
Dr. J. E. Ketterer
Edward L. Luzzie
J. A. Middleton III
David S. Price
Marvin Rusch
Robert E. Rutt
J. Glenn Schnizlein
Floyd Stewart
Robert P. Stout
David Trimbath
Russell H. Villwock
James E. Wells

Hon. Vice-Presidents
Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones
Brig. Gen. 106th Infantry Division Association
Col. Francis A. Woolfley
Maj. Gen. Donald A. Stroh
Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon
Herbert B. Livesey, Jr.

Officers and Executive Board elected for the year 1950-51 are as follows:
PRESIDENT - Mrs. Mary Allen, 7021 E. Canfield, Detroit 7, Michigan
VICE PRESIDENT - Mrs. H. E. Vorpagel, 9117 Mandale, Detroit, Michigan
SECRETARY &: TREASURER - Mrs. James Gillespie, 19807 Murray Hill, Detroit, Michigan
HISTORIAN - Mrs. Freda Ross, 8400 Paxton Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. J. Hatch, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mrs. A. Hopbell, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania
Mrs. R. E. Kelly, Detroit, Michigan
Mrs. G. Schnizlein, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mrs. J. Beals, Iowa City, Iowa
Mrs. F. Ross, Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. M. Stiles, Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. K. Grieve, Detroit, Michigan
Mrs. H. Meagher, Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. R. Villwock, Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. J. Cannon, Detroit, Michigan

Back In The Service
     CAPT. KENDIG C. BARE (DHQ), Mayor, City of Lancaster, Pa., was called back into active duty effective November 17, 1950. He was offered a deferment by the Army but turned it down.
     LT. ALBERT DELSCHIG ( ), HQ Battery, 108 AAA Brigade, Ft. Bliss, Texas, is CO of Hq Btry, 108 AAA Brig, a Georgia National Guard Unit, recently called into active duty. He writes and says that the AAA is a good branch but the infantry still rates the Best.
COL. ROBERT P. STOUT (DHQ) . from Pelham, N. Y., is G-2 of 301st Logistical Division.
     MAJ. WARREN H. STUTLER (423), Adv. Class el, SOC. TAD, Ft. Knox, Ky, changed stations from Ft. Devens, Mass. Major Kuzell, formerly of DHQ, heads up the Adv Class 82 in Pt. Knox.
CAPT. RALPH TOWNE (81st Engr.), former supply officer, is stationed at Ft. Ord, California.
     MAJ. WILLIAM J. VAN SCHELVEN (QM), 4613 Harvard Rd., College Park, Md., is Group S-2 of the 260th AAA Group, District of Columbia National Guard, and is stationed at Co. Edwards, Mass. This NG unit was recently called into active service.


Wedding Bells

    / FRANCIS M. LEMLEY (589/Hq), Pillsbury, No. Dakota, and his bride marching out of the First Lutheran Church in Minot, N. D. after their wedding ceremony June 25, 1950.

    / EDWARD P. NEIWEEM (592/A), 1136 Hill Rd., Winnetka, Ill., exchanged vows with Rita Borowski in St. Hyacinths Church in Chicago. Ed is a salesman with Wildroot Hair Oil Co. and the young couple are making their home in Des Plaines, Illinois.
    / MR. & MRS. ANTHONY J. GRAZIANO (424/B),who were married September 12, 1950, and spent their honeymoon at Lake Tahoe, ,Nevada, sent their congratulations to the new Editor of the CUB. Tony is manufacturing men's clothing in New Haven, Connecticut and lives on Wintergreen Ave., Hamden, Connecticut.


Index for: Vol. 7, No. 2, Nov, 1950

Index for This Document

106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 8, 18
589th FA Bn, 4
591st FA Bn, 6
Adamson, Richard, 14
Allen, Mrs. Mary, 18
Anchorstar, Mrs. Edna, 14
Bare, Capt. Kendig C., 19
Bare, Kendig C., 4
Barnes, Preston L., 8
Barton, Charles H., 4
Beals, Mrs. J., 18
Becraft, Espie, 10
Behr, R. E., 14
Behr, Richard H., 4
Bell, Roger W., 4
Bethel, Stuart, 12
Biard, Marion A., 14
Bickford, Thomas, 18
Biviano, Frank, 10
Black, T. Wayne, 4
Black, William D., 4
Blackburn, Lt., 12
Blacke, Clifford F., 10
Blair, J. E., 14
Blair, John E., 4
Blanchard, Herbert N., 4
Blandford, S. S., 3, 18
Blandford, Samuel S., 14
Bliss, H. C., 14
Bloch, Jacques W., 4
Bond, Bate, 10
Borowski, Rita, 20
Bowman, Charles R., 10
Bowman, Leon C., 14
Boyle, Chaplain, 6
Boyle, Edward T., 2
Boyle, Rev. E. T., 18
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 16
Briles, Ben R., 4
Broeker, Henry, 10
Broome, Hamilton, 4
Broth, Henry M., 4
Brown, Mary Beth (Underwood), 8
Bruchsal, 8
Burnham, Fred, 4
Calfee, Eldon L., 12
Campbell, Samuel W., 10
Camper, T/5, 12
Cannon, Mrs. J., 18
Cashion, William W., 10
Cessna, Dr. Gerald, 3
Cessna, Gerald H., 14
Chase, Fred B., 14
Cherry, Cpl., 12
Clare, Harry D., 10
Cohen, Gerald I., 12
Corrira, Sam, 4
Davis, H. E., 14
de St. Aubin, Bob, 16
Deffenbaugh, David L., 4
Delschig, Albert C., Jr., 4
Delschig, Lt. Albert, 19
Diamon, Richard C., 10
Didominic, 10
Dietrich, Arlan, 14
Disparti, Gus, 10
Dreier, Joseph F., 14
Eidelman, Herbert, 1, 4
Eissrig, Edwin C., 14
Emerson, Ralph W., 14
Engle, Norman A., 10
Engstrom, Robert, 10
Fairchild, Leo B., 10
Farah, Philip, 4
Fiqureido, Nelson, 8
Flewelling, E. K., 12
Fomby, Odis B., 10
Fosse, Harland, 12
Fowler, William K., 14
Frampton, D. B., 3, 18
Frampton, OhioD. B., Jr., 3
Frank, Lazare W., 14
Frankel, Jerome L., 3
Freese, Charles, 12
French, William A., 18
Gardner, Charles T., 10
Giese, Harold, 5
Gilbreath, Thomas, 12
Gillespie, John M., 18
Gillespie, Mrs. James, 18
Gilmore, Jim H., 10
Godwin, Wallace, 10
Goglowski, Marshall, 12
Gosselin, Antoine P., 4
Grady, James R., 10
Graf, L. Phillip, 10
Graziano, Mrs. Anthony J., 20
Green, Emory B., 14
Grieve, Mrs. K., 18
Grivois, Pfc., 12
Grosjean, Robert, 14
Hall, John L., 3
Hanson, Harland C., 10
Harding, Albert, 3
Hass, Herbert, 10
Hatch, H. M., 3
Hatch, H. M. (Jim), 14
Hatch, Mrs. J., 18
Heagney, John J., 10
Hebenstreit, John, 12
Hellwig, E. L. 'Buddy', 5
Hess, Milton J., 10
Hewitt, James, 12
Hill, Preston, 12
Hille, Robert E., 10
Hinrichs, Donald M., 6
Hirzel, George W., 10
Hite, Lloyd, 10
Hjerpe, Mrs. Hjalmar, 14
Hohenadel, Capt., 6
Hopbell, Mrs. A., 18
Horn, Sherwood J., 11
Hostak, Norman J., 11
Huey, John D., 6
Huey, Lt., 6
Huey, Sam, 11
Hutchins, Marsden C., 14
Jackson, James D. ', 14
Jamison, Charles, 12
Jennings, Vance S., 6
Jones, Clealon C., 11
Jones, George Jr., 14
Jones, James H., 12
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 18
Juster, Irvin, 14
Kaplin, Leonard, 14
Karlsdorf, 8
Kautz, Raymond S., 12
Kellstrom, Capt. C. W., 6
Kelly, Bob, 4
Kelly, Mrs. R. E., 18
Kelly, Robert E., 2, 3, 16, 18
Kelly, Russell D., 3, 18
Kersten, J. A., 14
Kersten, Joseph A., 3
Kestenbaum, Thomas, 14
Ketterer, Dr. J. E., 18
Ketterer, John, 14
Kilkenny, John P., Jr., 12
Knatzer, Carl, 4
Kramer, John J., 12
Kriz, Howard W., 6
Krol, John M., 11
Kups, Stanislaus, 14
Kuzell, Maj., 19
Lang, Elmer F., 14
Lawler, Raymond, 12
Lazar, John, 11
Leibowitz, Samuel, 14
Lemley, Francis M., 20
Lewis, Jack L., 6
Lichtenfeld, Seymour, 6
Livesey, Herbert B., Jr., 18
Longenecker, John M., 14
Losh, John, 12
Loveless, John T., 14
Lowith, Allan, 14
Luzzie, Edward L., 1, 2, 3, 18
MacDonald, Donald, 10
Maggi, Pvt., 12
Malm, Robert A., 10
Malueg, Russell, 14
Manna, Anthony, 10
Martin, Albert, 10
May, John J., 12
Mayerman, Ray, 4
McClellan, Pete, 12
McCollum, Vollie, 3
McIntyre, George, 12
McKinnon, J. J., 14
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 18
McMahon, Gen., 4
McMillin, Mrs. Laura, 14
Meagher, Mrs. H., 18
Meagher, Mrs. Herb, 16
Meisner, Gordon, 12
Michaud, John H., 12
Middleton, J. A., 18
Miles, Charles, 12
Miles, Charles F. K., 12
Miller, John J., 14
Miller, Joseph Mathew, 10
Miner, William, 3
Mize, W. G., Jr., 9
Mode, Dymtro P., 12
Morgan, Conny Weldon, 6
Morrissey, James, 12
Moss, Jack H., 12
Murphy, Chet, 14
Negyesi, Joseph, 14
Neiweem, Edward P., 20
Newman, James C., 12
Noble, Jack, 10
Nuffer, R. L., 6
Olson, Homer T., 14
Osborn, Lawrence, 12
Paananen, Arvo, 1
Parker, Arthur C., 14
Perkins, William H., 10
Perras, C. E., 6
Perri, 12
Petersdorf, Charles J., 12
Peterson, Kenneth, 10
Pierce, Earl D., 12
Pilkington, John, 10
Pitts, John, 10
Podboy, C. D., 14
Porter, Robert J., 10
Powers, George W., 12
Price, D., 14
Price, D. S., 3
Price, Dave, 7
Price, David S., 1, 2, 18
Puening, Leroy E., 12
Rafferty, William, 12
Rain, John C., 14
Rausch, Victor C., 14
Reid, Col. Alexander D., 6
Render, Michael, 14
Rinne, R. H., 14
Riordan, Edward A., 6
Ritter, William, 10
Rockwell, Capt., 12
Rohrborn, Fritz, 12
Ross, Mrs. F., 18
Ross, Mrs. Freda, 18
Roth, Nathan M., 6
Rowe, Donald S., 10
Ruge, Mr. Walter J., 1
Rusch, Marvin, 18
Russell, William O., 10
Rutt, Robert E., 18
Sams, Talbird, 10
Schilli, Arthur A., 6
Schmidt, 12
Schmitt, Thomas, 12
Schnizlein, Glenn, 10
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 12, 18
Schnizlein, Mrs. G., 18
Shaack, Nevin W., 12
Sharitz, Thorold J. B., 10
Shaver, Robert M., 8
Siegrist, Howard B., 7
Silvia, Manuel C., 8
Skelton, Lt., 6
Skinner, Joseph P., 10
Snyder, Joseph, 10
Sopensky, Paul, 3
Sorley, Gorden A., 10
Speakman, Hubert R., 8
Sprouse, John, 10
Stalag IV-B, 4
Stewart, Floyd, 7, 18
Stewart, Floyd D., 3
Stiles, Bertha A., 16
Stiles, Mrs. M., 18
Stiles, Vincent, 2
Stiles, Vincent A., 2
Stokes, Harry B., 10
Stone, S/Sgt., 12
Stout, Col. Robert P., 19
Stout, Robert P., 18
Stroh, D. A., 8
Stroh, Maj. Gen. Donald A., 18
Stuart, J. T., 14
Stutler, Maj. Warren H., 19
Sullivan, John J., 10
Swanson, Alvin P., 7
Swanson, Carl W., 9, 14
Tapper, Acey, 10
Taylor, Emzy L. Jr., 12
Teason, James, 2, 8
Terry, Harvey, 10
Thigpen, Capt., 6
Thoma, Sgt., 4
Thomas, Deward C., 8
Thompson, George E., 8
Toner, Steve, 10
Towne, Capt. Ralph, 19
Tracy, Robert L., 10
Trimbath, David, 18
Tucker, Jack Warren, 10
Underwood, Charles, 3
Underwood, Don, 8
Underwood, Donald, 14
Usher, James S., 12
Utah, Albert G., 8
Van Schelven, William J., 19
Veien, Olaf L., 16
Villwock, Mrs. R., 18
Villwock, Russell, 2
Villwock, Russell H., 18
Virdone, Benedict, 14
Vogel, Bernard A., 10
Vorpagel, Mrs. H. E., 18
Wahlman, Ralph H., 12
Walden, Lawrence, 2
Wannamaker, Paul, 11
Warner, George H., 14
Warner, Harry J., 11
Watters, Jack H., 5
Weber, Donald H., 12
Weckstein, Norbert L., 8
Weinstein, Samuel, 8
Weisman, Joseph, 8
Welker, William N., 11
Weller, John, 11
Wells, James E., 18
Wentzel, Roy, 3
Wermuth, William White, 12
Wicks, Christian M., 6
Wiegert, Arthur, 11
Wilber, Clinton H., 8
Williams, Earle B., 14
Williams, Miss Dorothy, 8
Wilson, Tom, 12
Wohlfeil, Carl H., 14
Woolfley, Col. Francis A., 18
Wright, Robert C., 11
Yakubik, John A., 8
Ziegenbain, 4
Zuckerman, Jack, 8
Zurcher, Robert E., 14