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The Cub
Vol. 63, No. 3, Aug., 2007

106th Infantry Division Association
61st Annual Reunion September 5-9, 2007
Westin Crown Center Hotel - Kansas City MO
See inside back cover

Board of Directors
Donald F. Herndon (424/L)
8313 NW 102 Oklahoma City, OK 73162-4026; 405-721-9164

    Bernard Mayrsohn (423/CN); 34 Brae Barn Drive. Purchase. NY 33135; Ethclharn@aoLeom Website:; 914-428-8200

    Murray Stein (423/1) (Exec Comm); 7614 Charing Crossing Lane. Delray Beach. FL33446; 561-499-7736 Gre08036adelphiariet

Dr. Duncan Trueman (424/AT); 29 Overhill Lane, Warwick, NY 10990; Tel/Fax 845-986-6376
Newton Weiss (423/110 3Bn); 400 Morse Avenue. Gibbstown, NI 08027-1066; 856-423-3511 newtmth2@vcrizon.nei

Geo Call (424111); 105 Mt. Lebanon Rd, Glen Gardner, NJ 05526-3018; 905-832-2961

Walter C. Greve 423/HQ 1Bn; 13929E Marina Dr #604 Aurora, CO 80014; 303-751-5866 woureve@aoLeom

    Seymour Lichtenfeld 422/1 ; 19450 NE 21st Ct. North Miami Beach FL 33179; Tel: 305-932-4467 sy I ichtenteld
Martin L. Wente 423/1 (Exec Comm) ;1309 Paseo Valle Vista Covina, CA 91724; 626-332-5079 enicdonna@aoLeoin

Rev. Ewell C. Black Jr. (422/A) 2000 E-W Conn - Apt 212 Austell. GA 30106 Tel: 770-819-7212

Edward Christianson (331st MED/C (2010) 303 Harper Hollow Lane Winchester, VA 22603; 540-877-1643

Gifford B. Doxsee (423/HQ 3 Bn) I Canterbury Drive Athens. OH .45701-3708 740-592-3472

Dr. Ralph Nelson (422/CN) 10437 Prestwick NE, Albuquerque NM 87111 505-275-3044 ralph-rhoda@comeastmet

Lyle Beeth (424/AT (20111 2004 Gold Manor Blvd Valrico. FL 33594-7288; 813-689-9621
Harry Martin Jr. (424/L) ;121 Mcgregor Avenue Mt Arlington, NJ 07856; 973-663-2410
Charles F. Bieck (422/11); 7316 Voss Parkway Middleton, WI 53562-3776

    Ellsworth H. Schanerberger (331st Med B112011); 15964 N Swathmore Ct. Livonia, Mt 48154-1(1)5; 734-591-7851 EH.Selumergbeiger@worldnetnet

    A quarterly publication of the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. A nonprofit Organization - St Paid, MN - USED #50.14 Agent: John Kline, Editor

    Paid Membership July 1, 2007 -- 1,435 Membership Fees include CUB magazine subscription Life Vets/Associates ... $75 Auxiliary $15 Annual Vets/Associates... $10 Auxiliary $2
Annual Dues payable by June 30 each year
Payable to "106th Infantry Division Association" in care of Treasurer. - See address below.

Elected Offices
President...........Murray Stein
Past-President (Ex-Officio)
1st Vice-Pres Martin Wente
2nd Vice-Pres. Gifford Doxsee
Business Matters, Deaths, Address changes
First Name = Chairman / Second Name = Backup
Adjutant: Marion Ray; 704 Briarwood Drive, Bethalto. tL 620101168.; Tel/Fax 618-377-3674
    Treasurer: Lyle Beeth; 2004 Golf Manor Blvd, Valrico, FL 33594-7288; Tel: 8.13-689-9621 Fax: 813-655-8952; Toll Free Number 1-888-644-4337; lbeeth@holmaileom

    Chaplain: Dr. Duncan Truman / Rev Ewell Black, Jr.; 29 Overhill TAM. Warwick, NY 10990; Tel/Fax 845-986-6376

    Memorial Chairman: Dr. John G. Robb / Frank Trautman; 238 Devore Dr„ Meadville, PA 16355; 814-333-6364
CUB Editor John P. Kline / Hal Taylor 11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337-2786; Tel/Fax 952-890-3155;
Historian John Schaffner/William McWhorter
Atterbury Memorial Representative Philip Cox
Resolutions Chairman . Reverend Ewell Black
Order of the Golden Lion . John Swett/Joseph Massey Nominating Committee Chairman . . Sy Litchenfeld
Mini-Reunions Harry F. Martin, Jr./George Call
ADA Liaison. Joseph Maloney/Gifford Doxsee
Membership Chairman John Kline

President's View

Murray Stein
106th Infantry Division Association President 2005-2007
423rd Combat Infantry Regiment "I" Company
7614 Charing Cross Lane, Delray Beach, FL 33446

    The 61st reunion will be held at the Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri - Wednesday September 5, 2007 to Sunday, September 9; 2007. This meeting of our Association is most important, since the "Planning Committee" that was established at our 2006 reunion in Newark, N.J. to explore "the future of our 106th Division Association" will report at the 2007 reunion.
    The "106th Infantry Division Association Planning Committee" is chaired by Historian and Past President - John Schaffner.
Please make every effort to join us in Kansas
    City, to discuss this vital subject, as well as have an opportunity to meet with your comrades, hold hands, swap stories, and roll back the years for 4 or 5 days. Further, we are preparing a number of interesting tours, highlighted by a visit to the President Harry S. Truman Museum.
Entertainment is being arranged for the Ladies Luncheon/Welcome Dinner/Banquet.
    This issue of the Cub highlights the many mini-reunions that were held around the country, this past year. I strongly recommend seeking the opportunity to plan a mini-reunion in every state. If you need help, and information to plan one, contact our Mini-Reunion Chairman, Harry Martin (973-663-2410).
    In a previous message, I mentioned that I am an active volunteer with the American EX-POWS, and the Blind Association, at the V.A. Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our EX-POW group has raised approximately $200,000, for the blinded veterans and amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We have also raised funds kw blinded veterans from previous wars. Recently, our 106th Infantry Division Association Board approved the sponsorship of a "Vet-Dog" with a donation of $6,000.00.
    This 106th Association Guide Dog will be named "CUB" The veteran will know that our 106th Association was the sponsor of his dog. We will all share in the good feeling of this worthwhile gift to a needy brother veteran.
    Final plans for the 2008 reunion are being negotiated with the Armed Forces Reunion group. We are working with hotels in San Antonio, Texas. The particulars will be reported at our reunion in Kansas City.
    Once again, please make every effort to join with us. We look forward to seeing everyone there. You will be receiving information, program schedules, fee schedules and a personal application by direct mail soon for the 62nd Annual Reunion in Kansas City. Details will also appear in The CUB, but the applications that you receive in the mail will be the ones you should send in to reserve rooms and give your choice of meals etc., etc.
    Appreciate every single thing we have, especially our family our friends and our brothers. Life is too short to be angry or sad.
Remember-hugs and kisses are "free." Stay well,


President's View


8 May 2007
Murray Stein, President
106th Infantry Division Association 7614 Charing Cross Lane, Delray Beach, FL 33446
Subject Study of the question concerning termination of the 106th Infantry Division Association.
Committee Members appointed by the President: Gifford Doxsee, 423/Hq/3Bn
Walter Greve, 423/Hq/lBn
Seymour Lichtenfeld, 422/I
Joseph Maloney, 424/Hq
Bernard Mayrsohn, 423/Cn
John Schaffner, 589/A, (Chairman)
Martin Wente, 423/I

    Letters were mailed to all Committee Members soliciting their views on the subject with the request that replies be submitted to the Chairman not later than 30 April 2007 for consolidation.
    Replies were received from members of the Committee. Comments from other members of the Association, including Associate Members, were also received via e-mail, and also those posted on the 106th Infantry Division Message Board on the Google website (established by Associate Member Jim West) were considered for this report.
    It is obvious to every surviving member of the organization that our time of participation in the Association is limited to our individual abilities. It is also clearly evident from the reports I have received that most of the members who are active in the Association want to see the life of the Association exceed that of their own.
    We recognize that it becomes more difficult to travel as we grow older. Annual reunions may have to be discontinued in favor of the Mini-Reunions.
That question can be answered by those who regularly attend the reunions.
    The major burden of hosting an annual reunion has been relieved by utilizing Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFR) who negotiate all of the details associated with the event for us. This eases the burden of the President at that time.
    The question of administering the assets in the treasury has been explored with representatives of the IRS and found to be of no consequence.


President's View .. .

    The bottom line diminishes each year and will eventually be expended. There is nothing taxable, "The Cub" alone will use the money in the treasury.
    Life expectancy varies with each of us. Some would like to see a tidy dissolution of the Association in our time. It appears that most members would like to see the Association live as long as there are survivors who can, and will, work to keep it going.
    We all recognize that publication of The CUB is imperative to the existence of the Association and continuance is dependent on this regular means of communication.
    In the event that publishing The CUB comes to an end, many of the Association members who are computer literate will stay in touch and correspond using the email system. There are already two established web sites that carry the history and the news of the 106th Infantry Division Association. We can expect to be able to utilize both for many years to come.
    Before any finite decisions are to be made on this subject the Association must have the input (voice) of members present at the annual reunion.


Presentation of "The Order of the Golden Lion" (OGL)
60th Annual Reunion Newark Marriott Hotel, Sept 2, 2006
    By John Swett, 423/H, OGL Chairman to recipient,Frank S. Trautman 422/D, Past Board Member. See page 9 of this CUB for Names of past OGL recipients


Chaplain's Message ..

    I recently read some information which was intended to illustrate the patriotism of our nation back during World War II.
    It seemed, then, a quiet deep sort of patriotism. In a letter to his local newspaper back in 1943, Morse A. Cartwright wrote about this:
    "Patriotism in World War II is more adult and far seeing than in the former struggle (World War I). There seems little question but that in this war the approach comes not through flag waving or hate propaganda but through greater understanding of the tolerant free world that can be built when a democratic peace arrives."
That was part of the patriotic vision -- the world would be free, peaceful
    and a better place when the fighting ceased. Victory carried with it the distinct hope and promise of a better world for all peoples. We even incorporated that vision in our popular war-time songs, like "The White Cliffs of Dover:" Remember? "There be love and laughter and peace ever after, Tomorrow when the world is free."
    We mistook opportunity for certainty. Victory in arms only gives us the opportunity to rebuild our worlds, and we sure tried.
    But there are no guarantees. Face it, man is simply incapable of defeating greed, fear, and the struggle for power that sets one nation, one religion, one culture against another. Here we are more than 60 years and several wars later, talking about patriotism once again.
    It seems to be a different type of patriotism for most Americans ... a faith in our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, but dwindling faith in our leadership. This is not a political statement. It is a simple undeniable observation. I think if there is ever to be a world which knows true peace, God will have to have a mighty hand in making it so. Man's vision is fading and, incapable, he is capitulating. Has capitulated?
    But, in the midst of today's doubts, in the collapse of creeds and visions, we still see the images of soldiers on the field of battle -- a field vastly different from the one we knew. And those soldiers have accepted their duty in a cause that they little understand.
But, they do so for us and for their country.
We must pray for them.
And because they never let us down, we must never let them down.

    Chaplain Dr. Duncan Trueman 424/AT 106th Infantry Division Association 729 Overhill Lane Warwick, NY 10990 Tel/Fax: 845-986-6376


The Adjutant's Message

Adjutant Marion Ray 424/D
704 Briarwood Drive
Bethalto, IL 62010-1168
Phone: 619-377-3674 email:
    It's finally spring time and with it has come another birthday, so while I'm thinking about birthdays I would like to wish each and everyone of you "Golden Lions" a happy birthday-regardless of what it might be.
    Several years ago, after celebrating number 81, I decided to take a few liberties with old age and reverse the numbers. Therefore, when someone gets noticed about my age and asks how old I am, I will give them my adjusted number, saying that I was eighteen. You can use your own imagination about their expression and the doubtful statement that followed. The only problem with this method of mine is that I now age 10 years with each year. Presently I am at a young thirty-eight. It is a lot of fun aging again.
    Now a change of subject: I hope that each of you take a few minutes and stop at your local greeting card store and locate the funniest card that you can find and purchase one. Then, take a few minutes to write some "Continuing Wishes for Recovery" message to our good buddy and member of our Board of Directors, Donald Herndon. His address is 8313 NW 102, Oklahoma City 73162-4062. Don and his wife, as you might remember from previous issues, had an auto accident while returning home from our 60th annual reunion last September. Don was very seriously injured, but is slowly recovering. I hope everyone will give him encouragement and cheer by sending him a lot of thoughtful cards and messages. One last word with this -- don't put it off, do it now.
    Also, not to overlook someone, do the same thing for our second vice president, Gifford Doxsee. Gifford had major surgery and is recovering.
His address is 1 Canterbury Drive, Athens, OH 45701-3708
    In past communications I have laid it on you to communicate with Doxsee regarding your thoughts: "Should the 106 Infantry Division Association he retired or continue for life?" Due to Doxsee having undergone surgery, President Stein has turned the chairmanship of that committee over to Past President John Schaffner, 1611 Miller Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030. Phone 410-584-2754. Email:
    You need not copy me, but I hope that more of you will take a few moments to put your thoughts in writing and mail it to John Schaffner.
    Remember fellows, if you fail to communicate your thoughts to the committee, they will make their report based on their own wishes.
    A reminder to you members who wear the Order of the Golden Lion (OGL). Time is running out for your nomination of candidates for this year.
    It takes time for the process to take place in preparation of the award. So get them in the mail to OGL Committee Chairman John Swett. His address is: 10691 East Northern Crest Drive, Tucson, AZ 85748-3746. Email:
    Each year I try to get notices of the reunion prepared and sent to the various Veteran publications. Although each one publishes the same information, each has a diverse set of rules as to the information each one publishes. They publish the information just one time, yet at different intervals. Each year there is a small group who sees the notice of our 106 Infantry Division Association for the first time.


The Adjutant's Message .

    As a result of my name appearing with a notice, I receive a sizable number of published materials from convention bureaus, hotels and magazines, pertaining to the convention planning and a sizable number of telephone calls asking for consideration of their location. Since this is a function of the Association vice presidents and board of directors, I inform them of such by passing along to those involved in the planning process.
    Several days ago. I received a piece of literature which I found to he very interesting and it was in connection to our upcoming 61st annual reunion at Kansas City, Missouri -- "Independence, Missouri."
I was particularly attracted to the picture of the "Replica Office" at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library.
The material quoted:
    "Experience the eventful life of America's 33rd President at several other sites including the Harry S. Truman Home National Historic Site. Truman Depot and Truman Walking Trail." You will probably remember that President Truman was a "walker" and gave his Secret Service men plenty of exercise.
    We won't he staying overnight in Independence, so I hope the individuals planning the event will provide plenty of time so that we may enjoy the visit. On the negative side, last year's visit to West Point left a sour taste when we were allowed only 20 minutes to visit the West Point Museum.
    For a number of us, this may be an only chance to visit a presidential library, so I hope we can make the most of this visit and spend as much time as possible browsing around the library of the president who made the statement,
"The Buck Stops Here!" a reality.
    By the way, from one of the emails that I received, they seem to have some squabbles with the meal planning. We are given a choice of Beef or Fish. I have a preference of fish, however Kansas City is known worldwide as a center for First Class steaks. So I'm choosing "Steaks" for every meal when possible.
    Some years ago, for a period of six years, I lived and worked in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I had a large number of contacts with the American Greeting Corporation.
    Well, with our "Reunion" being held in Kansas City, which is the home of Hallmark Greetings. With our hotel being located in the same complex, I hope some planning gets us a visit through the Hallmark Greetings facilities.
    I also hope that a larger than normal number of members takes this opportunity to visit Kansas City, Missouri, September 5 to September 9, 2007.
See you all there.

    I still have a number of books for sale. See my title, "Damn Cold and Starving" in the BOOK SECTION of this CUB magazine.

See ya in Kansas City in September! Marion Ray, Adjutant.


Editor, John Kline, 423/M
    11 Harold Drive Burnsville, MN 55337-2786 Tele: 952-890-3155 Fax: 952-426-1131 Web site: Email:
Association Membership May 15, 2007
Life Members (Vets) 667
Annual Members (Vets) 427
Total Vets 1094
Life Associate Members 216
Annual Associate Members 131
Total Associates 347
Comp Members 3
Treasurer Lyle Beeth 424/AT

Adsit, James P. 422/D
Agostini, Orfeo 81st ENG/A
Auerback, Sid 424/H
Beseler, Donald 424/A
Bouma, Willis 422/D
Seidschlag, John S. 423/AT
Starmack, John S. 423/SV
Young, Damon 422/I

Alford, Barney 589/A
Dowden, Margaret 423/CN
Mayrsohn, Bernard 423/CN
Roberts, John M. 592/C
Salerno, Joseph T. 423/B Sugimoto, Roy 622nd FAB

IN MEMORY OF Hoff, Russell 422/M
in memory of Gilbert Larson

Oelschig III, Albert in memory of father Albert Jr.

Vondenhorst, Eric 423/F in memory of wife Freida Vondenhorst


Front & Center . .

From the Association Historian
John R. Schaffner 5891A, Historian
Past President 2002-2003
1611 Miller Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030

    If I had to guess, I would guess that a great majority of the veterans of the 106th Infantry Division have not traveled back to the Ardennes to re-visit the places where they were subjected to the most horrific time of their lives. The reasons are many and I can understand that. It is past history that one does not want to re-live. However, I have made the trip back and I would like to convey the feelings of our Belgian friends who live in the Ardennes and what they think of us who participated in the great battle that restored their freedom. To do that I have a poem written by Gerard Zinner and (freely) translated into English that I will present here.

Hello GI, you're back again,
    Sixty years we had not seen you. You came here, you and all your friends You came from far away, from the United States. You were young and strong, you were twenty. You had landed by the end of spring To come over here, hard was the fight. How many friends of yours did you leave there? We did love you, we did cheer you You were the victors and we were allies. The girls all jumped at your neck Then many of us were jealous. One day you pushed along
    You went further for the fights went on. One day, at last, war was over Too bad, many of you did not come back. Then you went home
    But you left friends among us, Those who have laid down here, But who will stand up on judgement day. Hello GI, you're back again
Years have passed but we recognize you.
To meet your pals, we will go with you
And bend deep before their graves.
Hello GI, we will not forget you
We will forever know what we owe to you
For when you came over here, you brought along
The most important thing for us: Freedom.

    The poem was presented to me when visiting the site of the Battle of Parker's Crossroads (Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium) in 2004, the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. If you should ever visit the Ardennes you will see the slogan many places that says "We Will Never Forget."
Believe it, they will never forget the sacrifices made by the American GI. John R. Schaffner 589/A


Front & Center

The Order of the Golden Lion
Showing recipients of this prestigious award, since theist Reunion, 1947

 Commander Class
 Officer Class
 Companion Class

 * Cedric Foster
 * Fran Henly
 * Joe E. Brown

 Duward Frampton
 Herbert Livesey, Jr.
 *Marjorie Rathbone

 Annette Frampton

 *George Denny

 William Simpson

 *Ralph F. Gates

 Florence Simpson

 *Howard Maxwell

 David Price

 *Robert Tyndall

 *Ben Watt

 Asterik denotes "Non-106th Veteran"
 *BG Elmer Sherwood

 Douglas Coffey
 Dr. Maurice DeLaval

 Richard DeHeer

 Majorie DeHeer

 John Loveless, Jr.

 Kay Loveless

 Leo McMahon

 Wilda McMahon

 Sherod Collins

 John Gallagher

 Stella Gallagher

 James Wells

 Maydeen Wells


 Robert Scranton

 Walter Bandurak

 Robert Pierce, Jr.

 Russell Villwock

 Jackie Villwock

 Robert A. Gilder

 Jean Gilder


 Sam Carlotta


 John Kline


 Boyd Rutledge

 Gill Helwig

 Roger Rutland

 Mattie Rutland

 John Gilliland

 Lee Gilliland

 John Kline
 O. Paul Merz
 Dan Bied

 Jack Sulser
 T. Wayne Black

 Ewell Black, Jr.
 Dr. Richard Peterson

 John Robb

 Kenneth Bradfield

 Edward A. Prewett
 Duward Frampton, Jr.
 Reddie Prewett

 Pete House

 Richard Rigatti

 Thomas J. Riggs

 Michael Thome

 Pete House

 Joanne House

 Joseph A. Massey

 Hazel M. Massey

 Ben Britton

 Avis Britton

 Herbert Meagher, Jr.
 Luella Meagher

 Joseph Matthews

 Robert Walker

 June Walker

 Walter Bridges

 Barbara Bridges

 Duncan Trueman
 Dale Carver

 Marion Ray

 John Swett

 John Gregory

 Shirley Gregory

 Gus Agostini

 Joe Maloney

 Vivian Maloney


 *Willy RIKKEN

 Charles Reick
 'James D. West

 John R. Schaffner

 Lillian Schaffner

 Patricia S. Rigatti

 Frank Trautman



Front & Center .
06th Infantry Division Association PX
John Gilliland PX Manager
    No Credit Cards - Make check payable to John Gilliland 140 Nancy Street, Boaz, AL 35957 Tel: 256-593-6801 Email: samitc@charternet
    106th Belt Buckles with Lion's Head $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H 106th Bolo Ties with Lion's Head $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H 106th Shoulder Patches $3.00 each plus 50 Cents S&H 106th Hat/Lapel Pin $3.00 each plus 50 Cents S&H

106th Ball Cap, adjustable $10.00 each plus $4.00 S&H
    106th Flag 28" x 44" - indoor/outdoor - appliqued letters and designs. With loop for hanging on pole - pole not included.
$20.00 each delivered.


PHOTO: Mesa, Arizona - December 9, 2006
Dean Childs, 106 Signal, 245 South 56th St. # 75, Mesa AZ 85206 - 480-985-3687
Men l/r: Front: Luther Strunk, Milton Weiner, Harry Cook, Dean Childs Richard Behr
    Back l/r: Herman Van DeBogart, Robert Hirst, Calvin Wright, Paul Thompson and Bernie Weiner Held at the Hometown Buffet in Scottsdale, Arizona with 21 present. We were fortunate once again to have Bernie Weiner's father Milton Weiner, joining us from California. The program was opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Reports were given on Toby Anderson and Tom Bugner, both unable to attend due to illness. We lost one of our comrades, John Whitehead this year. A letter was read to the group from Comrade Emilo Membrilia, now living in Tucson, sending his good wishes and a new address to all. Our speaker Chad Laers from the Museum of Military History told of the reenactments of the Battle of the Bulge. It was held in Camp Navajo in the northern part of Arizona where the weather is similar to that of the yard dance, very cold and snowy. There will be another reenactment in February 2007 and an invitation was extended to the group to attend.
Our program was closed with a prayer and the playing of taps.
    Ladies Front Row l/r: Erma Dorsey, Jean Sexton, Laura Thompson, Nita Hirst, Heather (Bernie Weathers friend) Back Row-l/r: Nancy Cooke, Margaret Strunk, Bea Behr, Margaret Wright, Eleanor Childs and Helen Van Bogartt


Mini-Reunions . .
Southern California - December 10, 2006 (20th Annual)
Milton Weiner, 4241M, 28121 Ridgethorne Ct, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 - 310-544-0470
    We started by reading "My First Reunion" by Dale Carver a "Memorial Prayer for those Fallen in Battle (from a WWII prayer booklet). The 106th Division "Golden Lion's- flag was proudly flying. Call Quartermaster; John Gilliland 256-593-6801, or take a look at the flag in any CUB magazine under his ads. Fourteen attended including seven 106th Veterans who each gave a brief summary of their experiences in the "Battle of the Bulge." The 2007 event will be on December 9. Please write or call me. My address and phone number are above. Above LIR around table: Al Siekierski 592/C; Mike Cantu; 424/H; Randy Marsh; Led Krueser 81 Med; Morris Chester 422/HQ and wife Miriam Chester
    Below: L/R: Bella and Milton 424/M; Bernie Weiner; David Fournier; Greg Drumm: James Yarnazki 590/MED; In front: Eric Vonderhurst 423/F



Bradenton - Sarasota, Florida - 2006
    Ray Twardzik, 106 Signal, 5518 Garden Lakes Oak, Bradenton, FL 34203 Phone: 941-756-1440 The W. Coast of Florida 2006 106 Division Mini-Reunion was held on December t5, 2006 at Troyer's Dutch Heritage Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. Ray Twardzik - Host.
    There were 42 present. The speaker was Bob Eldridge who discussed his recent trip to the Ardennes and David Ford who made a presentation of "What Really Happened" in the Battle of the Bulge.
Next year - El Creel will host the event in the Tampa area.
    Men 1st Row !Jr- David Ford, Bob Snovel, Ray Twardzik (Host), Bill Mangold, Fred Parks, Dick Brokaw. 2nd Row: Ken Smith, Lyle Beeth. Vance Jennings, Bob Eldridge, Stan Colby (99th), Les Helmich and Doug Parks. 3rd Row: Dennis Obrien, Sid Auerback, Don Scholten, Grant Yager (99th), El Creel, John Eldridge; (son-in-law) Missing is Boris Stern, John Hall and Leonard Turgeon;
    Ladies 1st row: Isabel Twardzik, Lael Snovel; Jody Brokaw 2nd Row: Helen Yager, Marie Beeth, Mary Smith, Margrette Helmich, Mary Ann Scholten. Gloria Colby, Vickie Parks and Mary Parks. 3rd Row: Kathy Vowe, Mary Kelso, Sue (Eldridge daughter), Kathy Marge, Jill Blaufax, Arline Ford. Missing: Margery Stern, Anna Hall and Evelyn Turgeon


Mini-Reunions . .

Maryland, D.C. and Virginia - December 14, 2006
John Schaffner, 5891A, 1811 Miller Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030 - 410-584-2754
    L-R: Ken Barnes 423/E, Alan Jones, Jr. 423/Hq lBn, Jack Sulser 423/F, Phil Hannon 81st Eng/A, Ed McGinty 589/C. Walter Snyder 589/A, Clark Dovell 422/M, Don Regier 422/Sv, John Schaffner 589/A.
    The mini-reunion for MD, VA, and D.C. was held at the Club Meade at Fort G. G. Meade on December 14. 2006. We had 58 attendees including nine veterans of the 106th, plus many friends and family. Our speaker was the local Military Historian, Bob Mullauer, who delivered the same address that Dr. Duncan Truman provided at the 106th reunion in 1998 at Camp Atterbury.
    It was titled "We Band Of Brothers" and was well received by everyone. After we broke up I was asked for copies by several people. There was the usual nice buffet and social time for everyone.
Mini-Reunions are an important function of the 106th Infantry Division Association.
    As time goes on these local meetings grow more important. We urge you to attend and visit with your comrades at one of these events. Names and addresses of sponsors show in each report.


Mini-Reunions .

Nebraska-Western Iowa - October 16, 2006
Dean & Della Sandahl, 3041 N 61st Street, Lincoln, NE 68507 402-466-3546 sandydanddOuno.corn
    We met at the USA Steak Buffet Lincoln, Nebraska on a cloudy autumn day. We had a private room and enjoyed a delicious steak/chicken buffet dinner. We opened our meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation concluding with a moment of silence in memory of Harold Hawkins who died on June 18, 2006. Dean shared several of Dale Carvers appropriate poems. We enjoyed a time of sharing memories and visiting. We plan on hosting this mini reunion at the same place at 11 a.m. on Monday, October 15, 2007. We hope more veterans from the area will be able to join us then.
    l/r: Dean & Della Sandahl 422/B (Hosts) Lincoln; Charles & Jane Henning 424/B Peru; Lorrain Hawkins, Omaha, niece Marilyn Hawkins Fox ( in back row) Lincoln; Mary & Gene Kuhn 106th MP Columbus, Dr. Joanne Lujert David City. Also attending the dinner was Jack Henning son of Charles and Jane Henning.

To all Mini-Reunion Chairman from Harry Martin - Mini-Reunion Chairman. Backup George Call.
We are proud to include the following Mini-Reunion reports in this issue of "The CUB" for this year's activities.
I wish to thank all the chairmen and helpers who made this all possible.
    It is vital that we continue the Mini-Reunion programs, for there are many of us that are unable to travel to the National Reunions.
    Please continue to send your photos to the CUB Editor for publication. Please, also send a report to me in order that I can summarize the year's reunions to report to the Association Board.
Thank you.
Harry Martin, 121 McGregor Avenue, Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856-1032 e-mail Telephone: 973-663-2410



Atlanta, GA - December 10, 2006
Frankie Burkes, Associate, 7114 Forest Lane, GA 30291, 770-774-9745
    On Sunday. December 10, 2006, the Atlanta group meet at the Steak & Ale Restaurant, 1477 Virginia Avenue, College Park. GA 30337. We had a larger group this year. They all enjoyed themselves,
I appreciated the larger group this year and wish more could have attended.
    Men - Back Row I/r: Jeremiah Mitchell. Statwood Portney, David Black, Ewell Black and Bill Jenkins Front Row l/r: Floyd England, Lee Darby, Carol Canup, Reverend Ron Mosley
    Ladies - Back Row l/r: Frankie C. Burkes, Dorothy Portney. Jean Shirley, Jennifer Woodrow, Nellie Dickerson, Linda England and Kathy White
    Ladies - Front Row l/r: Peggy Harriman; Sue Canup; Priscilla Mosely; Elaine Darby. Missing from photo is Mary Ruth Kimsey.
    We were privileged to have two of the three remaining 106th Infantry Division Association Chaplains at our Mini-Reunion; Chaplain Ewell Black and Chaplain Ron Mosley.



Alton, Illinois - St Louis, MO - Dec 15, 2006
Marion Ray, 42410, 704 Briarwood Drive, Bethalto, IL 62010 618-377-3674 Email: z9y7a1r2©
Sorry, due to camera malfunction, no photos are available.
    The sixty-second Anniversary of the beginning of the "Battle of the Bulge" was celebrated at TR's Cafe and Banquet Center in Wood River, Illinois by former members of the 106th Infantry Division and their ladies. Eleven former "Golden Lions" and one son of a former 106er were in attendance.
    They were treated to some surprise entertainment by a choral group from nearby Roxana High School, who sang a number of musical groups including Christmas carols.
    Two surprise guests were in attendance; Eileen Hoover Eckhouse, sister of Herbert Hoover (deceased) who was in Headquarters, 2nd battalion, 423rd Infantry Regiment and Becky Hickey Osborne, daughter of John Hickey, Company B, 81st Engineer Battalion.
    (Photos were taken of attendees and the Roxanna Choral Group. Unfortunately there was a malfunction of the camera and no photos are available - my apologies, please.
    Ladies attending: LaDon Adams, Nelda Bauswell, Avis Breite, Betty Rain, Emma Boschert, Becky Osborne, Vi Fisher, Eileen Eckhouse, Margary L. Bryan and Debbie Brayn Hensley.
    Men attending: George Foster, John J. Rain, Victor Bauswell, Ken Bryan, Briggs Hoffman, Lamoine Gehner, Carl Goering, Gilbert DeGerlia, Paul Boschert, Don Hinrichs, Victor Breite and Marion Ray.

New Mexico - Dec 16, 2006
Dr. Ralph J. Nelson, DDS 422/Cannon, 1 Acoma Lane, Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505-622-9787
The Doctor informs me that I had a wrong email address for him in the inside cover of The CUB,
Drop the 3472 that appears on his email address. His correct email address is
    The New Mexico contingent of the 106th Infantry Division Association, held its Mini-Reunion in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had a delicious lunch at a popular restaurant where we socialized and reminisced. A moment of silence with prayer was observed as we remembered our comrades and that fateful time in 1944. We enjoyed our social time of fellowship.
    Men 1/r: Robert Soladay 422/SV; Wendell ‘Bud' Albaugh 424/HQ 1Bn; James H. Twinn Div Arty; Ralph Nelson 422/Cannon Ladies l/r: Christine Lee (Nelson); Margaret Velasquez (widow of Armando 424/K); Marte Twinn; Rhoda Nelson,



Michigan October 22, 2006
John M. (Jack) Roberts 15921C) 1059 Alter Rd, Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48304 248-338-2667
    Above: Back 1/r: Jack Roberts (592/C): Mario Angelo (423/D): Gene Timm (423/D: Fran Cook (422/H); Ed Bohde (422/L); Willis Bouna (422/D); John Plotowski (422/HQ 113n); Guest Speaker: Col Larry Hollingsworth -and Command Sgt Major Otis Cuffee US Tank & Automotive Command (TACOM)
    Front Row: l/r: Ellsworth Schanerberger (331/Med/D); Bill Keeber (424/G); Bill Martin (424/C); Paul Waylson (422/HQ 1Bn): Harold Ortwine (592.C): Tony Rand (589/B) Ruddy Aittma (106 Recon)

    The annual Mini-reunion dinner 'fleeting for the Michigan veterans and guests of the 106th Infantry Division Association was held on October 22. 2006 at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Livonia. MI. In attendance were 49 members and guests. Our guest speaker for the evening was Colonel Larry Hollingsworth of the U.S. Tank & Automotive Command in Warren, MI.
    Colonel Hollingsworth, as Project Manager of the Heavy Brigade Combat Team, is responsible for over 40% of the Army's ground combat power. He gave an outstanding message based upon his several tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. His presentation was supported with a video and slide presentation. His impressive first hand experiences assured his audience of the Army's superiority in modem warfare technology and strategies. Equally impressive was his detailed account of how the Army does everything in its power to protect the soldier during-battle. His knowledge and the praise he had for the 106th Infantry Division's combat role in the Battle of the Bulge made the Michigan veterans feel very proud.
    Below Back Row l/r: Mark Ortwine; Donna Martin; Randy Rice; Doug Martin; Johnathon Roberts; Susan Roberts; David Roberts; Nancy Rand; Gloria Plotowski; Norma Aittama; Christina Roberts; Mike Roberts and. Randy Talbot. Middle Row l/r: Zack Rice: Chris Rice: Marlene Martin; Bea Keeber and Cecila Roberts.
    Front Row seated: l/r: Tom Roberts: Diana Talbot: Elizabeth Ortwine: Audrey Ortwine; Mary Lou Roberts; Shelia Cuffee; Matt Roberts; Julie Roberts and Jack Bohde
Not in photo Chuck Reeber (423/D): Mary Reeber; Frank Grant (Associate) and Joan Grant.


Mini-Reunions . .

Alabama - December 2006
Walter Bridges 225 Laird Avenue, Hueytown, AL 35023 205-491-3409
    We met with the veteran's of the Battle of the Bulge at their meeting atop Red Mountain, Birmingham, Alabama. Shown are Hugh Kingery, Will Temple, John Racster, Joe Massey and Walter Bridges.
    Also present were: Nina Kingery, Norma Temple, Frances Lacy (widow of Davie Lacey), Barbara Bridges, and Sheila Bridges.

Oklahoma - December 2006
Peggy McClure 8607 77th Place, Tulsa OK 74133
The Oklahoma group were together for lunch at Fountains Restaurant in Tulsa.
    l/r: Leland and Anita Turley 423/H; Peggy McClure (Widow of Clint McClure 423/HQ); Eleanor and David Deffenbaugh 423/D


Mini-Reunions . .

Madison, Wisconsin Mini-Reunion - October 19, 2006
Charles Rieck, 424/H, 7316 Voss Parkway, Middleton, WI 53562 608-831-6110
    Our "Remembrance of the Battle of the Bulge Mini-Reunion" was held at Rex's Innkeeper in Waunakee, Wisconsin. In attendance were: Mr. Norman Orvold, Ms. Arlene Mack, Mr. Victor Fuchs, Ms. Jean Meredith. Mr. Fred Broussard, Mr. Mike Cunningham, Mr. David Post (who also acted as photogtapher), Mr. & Mrs. Ed Polaski, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wittenberg; Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Armgard; Jerry Miller; Mr. & Mrs. James Tetzloff; Mr.& Mrs. Robert Homan; Mr. John Hendrickson; Ms. Virgina Post and. Host Mr. Charles Rieck.


Mini-Reunions ...

Reading, Pennsylvania - Nov 17, 2006
John J. Gallagher, 81st IENGIC, 4003 Francis Street, Temple, PA 19560 Tele: 610-929-2887
Call me, John Gallagher, for information on the year 2007 Mini-Reunion
    Men standing l/r: Daniel Farr; Guests Pastor Sam Scales and Felix Uhrinek (from the local VBOB Chapter) ; Joe Youcavitch, Charles Datte, George Reinenoor (Guest Air Force). Seated: Vince Sziber, John Gallagher and Joe Tarantinoi
Ladies standing l/r: Lisa Faust, Anne Datte, Connie Taratino
Ladies seated Stella Gallagher, Louise Scales (wife of Pastor Scales above) and Muriel Sziber



New Jersey - December 14, 2006
Harry L. Martin, Jr. 121 Mcgregor Avenue, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856 973-663-2410
    Six members , Front l/r: Harry Martin, Jr. : Russ Lang and Dr. Duncan Trueman.. Back-l/r: Associate members :Lil Lang, Steven Trueman and Grace Trueman.who attended the "Mini Reunion in Orange County, New York. This was held in conjunction with a VBOB meeting of which Dr. Duncan Trueman is president. Interesting to note: Just the day before(December 13) Harry and Duncan had attended a similar reunion that was held at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. At the New York meeting we had a great speaker, a retired Green Beret Major. He said lessons learned for today were learned from the intelligence failures in the Battle of the Bulge.

Kansas- December 2006
William & Mary Lou Stahl 4221K 223 W Sixth Street Junction City KS 66441 785-238-2861
    Held at Perkins in Topeka - Bad weather/sickness cut attendance. Five 106th members. 4 wives, an 82nd Airborne Re-enactor and guests. Also Marsha and Kevin Mecktley, daughter and grandson of the Stahl's. Martin Jones 432/G told of his experience in the Hammelburg Raid that was led by Abe Baum. The Task Force found 1,400 American POWs rather than 1.000 that had been reported. After entering the compound only a few could return to the American lines. The raid turned out to be a failure and is described in a book authored by Captain Abe Baum, 106th Martin Jones and others,


Mini-Reunions .

    Back Row: Charles Lane; Dr. Henty Immes, Ed Goldberg, John Starmack, Harold Hoffman and Sol Kravitz. Front Row: Johnathan Roth; Irv Schrom and Al Sussman.

Long Island, NY November 12, 2006
Ephraim Goldberg, 555 Franklin Blvd., Long Beach, NY 516-432.7136 Email:
    The seventh Long Island New York Mini-Reunion was held on Sunday, November 12, 2006 at Lambrous Restaurant, Island Park, New York. In attendance were: Rhoda and Irv Schrom (423/C), Ann and Sol Kravitz (424/Med), Grace and John Starmack (423/SV). Lynda and Al Sussman (423/0) who served as host. Charles Lane (Associate) and John Roth (Associate). Mr. Roth is a history buff with great interest in the Battle of the Bulge, who joined us for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions about our experiences. Deaths of previous attendees and bad weather caused cancellations.

Ladies l/r: Ann Kravitz, Grace Starmack. Marilyn Getzoff, Lynda Sussman and Rhoda Schrom



Oklahoma City - May 23-25, 2007
Paul Thompson 106 RECON, 6954 South Harriet Avenue, Richfield, MN 55423 612.866-4683
Joseph and Clara Baines hosted the RECON Troop's 24th reunion at Oklahoma City's Best Western Saddleback Motel.
    Nineteen veterans, wives, friends and family members attended. We were especially pleased to have John Ball join us. John commanded the troop at one time and was "lost" until "Marolyn Johnsonstone found him a few months ago. We were also pleased to welcome Don Lynk who joined the troop when it was reconstituted in the spring of 1945.
    With just nineteen attendees there was no formal agenda. The meeting centered around "bull" sessions in the hospitality room, with impromptu visits to the Oklahoma City memorial, Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma River ride and other attractions.
    Attendees- Front Row: Marolyn Johnstone. Mary Henry, Jean Sweet, Nan Mojo. Vivienne Seljie, Lorraine Ortner, Laura Thompson and Clara Haines.
    Back Row: Tom Johnstone, Mike Gresh, Earl Liston, Don Lynk, Dale Sweet, Bon Mojo, Bill Seljie, Butch Ortner, Joe Haines. Paul Thompson and John Ball.



New Members

PO Box 101 Webster, WI 54893 Isrsa9b©
    My father Kenneth Arndt was in 592/C as a Sergeant on a 155mm. Back in 1994 a local fellow and 106th member, Robert Holman, a Staff Sergeant in the 424th put together a breakfast meeting (Mini-Reunion) for all of the "Battle of the Bulge" veterans in the area to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle. Dad asked me if I would like to attend with him. After that - December 16th had a whole new meaning and I never missed another meeting until the last one on the 60th anniversary. Probably was the interesting speakers lined up every year and to see the pride and sparkle in their eyes as they talked in small groups about "back in the day" and were most happy to see each other again this year - it was always very humbling to me to be there just to observe it. Dad has since passed away and now the more I read up on the 106th the more I want to know. He always enjoyed "The Cub." When I stopped over he would show me the maps and stories. One that really stood out was "Ambush" which was about John Roberts C Battery of
    the 592nd FAB. As the story goes John helped a wounded Larry Louden back to our lines after they escaped. Larry is from DeLavan, Wisconsin. My father was from Janesville less than 20 miles apart. They were always in touch and enjoyed many outings and stories. I can remember the one when John came down to visit Larry the three of them and the early days went out to eat. So there was a lot of 106 stories around the kitchen table for me to enjoy. Those are surely missed. By being associate member and receiving The CUB will help to be in touch.

1416 Suffolk Drive Baton Rogue, LA 70810
Relative of Dale Carver. (Deceased)
"Dale was Poet Laureate" of our "Association" with many, many wonderful poems displayed in The CUB magazine.
    (See the "BOOK Section" for a personal copy of his poems.) He passed away. May 2001. His widow, Ruth is an active member of our Association.

525 Verona Place Bound Brook, NJ 099905
    George Call 424/B wrote. "Enclosed is my check for my son as an Associate member. Questions: Contact me at 908832-2961 or

512 Wood Street Burlington NJ 0816 609-386-4787 clear242@aoLcom
    I am a WWII Historian, member of the 78th Infantry Division Living History Association. I have an intense interest in the 106th Infantry Division history and of all "Battle of the Bulge" units.
Matt refers us to www.78thinfantry.corn and included an October 2006 article.
    In part: Burtlington City - This Weekend, him a Revolutionary War Soldiers will march down High Street side by side with World War II veterans.
    The third annual Historic soldiers Weekend comes to Burlington City Saturday when hundreds of war-renactors are scheduled to participate. The reenactors will be arranged chronologically starting from the 1700s and continuing through present day.


New Members

503 Ash Drive Windsor Locks Ct 06096-1611 860-625-1173
    Lorraine: Welcome to the 106th Infantry Division Association. I didn't find any written text to include. If you have anything you would like to include, send it along and I will post it in the next issue of the CUB magazine.

2438 Blue Jay Drive Nazareth, PA 18064 610-614-1640
    Relative of a 422nd Medic Tom Reda - Interested in WWII. In 2006 I contacted John Kline to find out if he might be able to provide me with the names and addresses of any members of the 422nd Medics still living. John provider name the names of six men and I wrote each explaining to my uncle was in asking that they serve with them or knew him. I receive calls from three men: Wayne Mentier. President of VBOB in Michigan; Verner (Red) Dean from Tennnessee and Sylvester Golenbiewski of New Jersey. Most all of them were POWs with my Uncle Tom.
    That has led to an incredible journey of learning about my uncle passed away in 1992. Tom Reda was a 34-year-old draftee in 1943.
    Most who I have contacted were 18 to 21 years of age. Members of the one or six know that most of the 422nd infantry Regiment became prisoners of war. Comment others remained prisoners from December 16, 1944 to April 15, 1945. Unfortunately, in Tom's lifetime, he never truly spoke of his World War II service. However, the gentleman that I have contacted have filled in many blanks on the man Tom was during and after the war.
Golembiewski remained friends with Tom after the war as they both lived
    nearby and New Jersey. Mentier told me of a reunion in Philadelphia and so much more. Dean has told a numerous humorous event that took place. Two years ago 1 joined the Lehigh Valley Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. It is an outstanding organization. For me it has been akin can to returning to school for history lesson but I never learned.
    I am fortunate to be blessed with so many teachers: those who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and others who were veterans of other theaters of war. This led me to my search about my uncle and it continues. Just yesterday Mr. Mentier's latest package of goodies including photos of my uncle during World War II arrived. Now I hope to continue to learn more about my uncle,
    I am a veteran of 10 years of active duty in the Army. All that stopped me from a full career was my oldest son's deteriorating health due to muscular dystrophy. Sadly he passed away at the age of 19. I have served in my home towns' Memorial Day Committee since 1998. We have brought back a day which had fallen by the wayside as to Truly Honoring those that gave their lives for our country. God Bless all veterans no matter who or when they served....

1115 Spring Road Cleveland, OH 44109 216-398-4016
    Frank wrote: I am a new member to the Association. My daughter found John Kline on the Internet and I received the information to join. I don't have a computer so would have never learned about the Association. I am a member of the "Honor Roll" for the V.F.W. I hope to see you all in Kansas City in September.
    Welcome back to the 106th Frank, and thanks for also including your wife Delores Grasberger as an Auxiliary Member. John Kline


New Members

Po Box 1799 Ocean City, NJ 08226 609-399-8004
    My brother Alexander M. Lauro (deceased) served in a Field Artillery Battalion in the battle of the Bulge. I believe it was the 592nd Field Artillery Battalion.
    Editor's note: Welcome to the 106th Infantry Division Association Lauro. I hope that somebody will recognize your brother and contact you. John Kline, editor.

16316 lndianwoccl Center Indiantown, FL 34956 772-597-4997
    Edward, Welcome back to the 106th. Either you failed to send us any information or I lost it in the shuffle of papers. Please drop me a note with anything you would like to add and I will publish it in the next CUB

108 Canyon Dove Anniston. AL 36207 256-237-5515
    Albert wrote,: "I became aware your association had been forwarding copies of The CUB to my dad since his death in November 2004. (See Memoriam) Please accept my apologies.
    My father always spoke well of the "106th Infantry Division," and I am fortunate to be able to continue his affiliation with the division.
    Please accept our check for $100 to help with financial needs of the association, and accept my application and my wife's application as a Life Associate and Life Auxiliary.

1243 Melrose Street Whitewater, WI 53190 262-473-7258
My dad Charles Seibold (422/B) 106th Infantry Regiment, was captured in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a
POW of the Germans from 19 December 1944 to April 24, 1945.
    Unfortunately he died this December 1, 2006. He is survived by his wife Roberta Seibold and his four sons Gary Seibold, Dirk Seibold, Rand Seibold and Paul Seibold.

4 Rottkamp Place Old Bethpage, NY 11804-1002 516-694-4079
Jack wrote,
    You had a couple of errors in my new membership listing of last CUB magazine (Jan-Feb-Mar 2007). I was in 424th Anti-Tank Company, not the 422nd Anti-Tank Company.
Also, please correct my address to show "4 Rottkamp Place instead of 44 Rottkamp Place.
    He added, "I was in the 424th Regiment through all their campaigns and was also involved in the guarding of Germans that were in our POW camps."
Jack: My apologies for the editing errors. They are mine and mine alone
From my lonely foxhole (20th Anniversary)... Welcome back to the 106th
John Kline, editor

200 Holly Tree Circler Duncan, SC 29334 864-529-1282 woodsmarlowe@yahoo.cOM


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books .

ESCAPE . ! ! !
The True Story of a World War II P.O.W. The Germans Couldn't Hold
by John M. "Jack" Roberts, Association Past-President
    "Jack" Roberts, "C" Battery, 592nd Field Artillery Battalion recently published a book about his experiences during the "Battle qf the Bulge" in December 1944 where he was ambushed and captured by the Germans,
    The hook, 237 pages, with a colorful cover, gives a detailed account of his harrowing experiences telling how he was able to escape his German captors, while behind enemy lines, before reaching a POW compound. Early chapters in the book gives the reader an overview of his youth, including his military training leading up to his capture. The hook then concludes with his adjustment to civilian life with it's rewards after discharge from the Army.
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Author Dean F. Jewett 168th Combat Engineers, PO Box 148, Saco ME (14072
    Author made two trips to St. Vith, Rhine River, Armor School Library, Military History Institute, plus personal information from 168th Combat Veterans
    168th Combat Engineer Battalion, was attached to the 106th Inf Division at St. Vith. Their three line companies were defending the Prumerberg. A battalion of 600 men suffered 335 casualties_ 33 MA. the others wounded, POWs or MR. The 168th is credited with Normandy Invasion, Northern France. Rhineland. assault crossing of the Rhine River, Central Europe. Ending up near Czechoslovakia.
Author Earl S. Parker 423/E
1st Books Library, 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200 Bloomington. IN 47403 Telephone 1-888-280-7715
Also available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Borders at $14.95.
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Title. Author or ISBN Number
    Here is the story of a young, draftee in World War II who experienced life in the Armored Force, the Army Air Force pilot binning program and the reality of-combat in an Infantry Division. On line with the 106th in a quiet sector of the Ardennes, these foot soldiers were in the direct path of the massive German offensive that became known as The Battle of the Bulge. Overwhelmed by the sheer might of numbers and firepower arrayed against them. they managed to upset the enemy timetable until forced to surrender on the fourth day of what has been called the greatest battle of the war in terms of men and machines. This book is about an individual and his experiences under fire and as a prisoner of war; liberation by the Russian Army and his adventures on a hike across country to rejoin the American Army. Here, an attempt has been made to create the feeling of the times in addition the problems of the moment. It is a hook about real people in a tragic period of history.

Compiled, Edited and reproduced by Robert Skopek, Associate member.
    By Chaplain Fr. Paul W. Cavanaugh S.J., (Captain) 422nd Regiment. Chaplain Cavanaugh who was a POW at Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb and Ofiag XIII-B, Hammelburg Bavaria. 252 pages of Father Cavanaugh's writings and photographs.
    Many of you will remember Chaplain Father Cavanaugh, who was such a wonderful support during your service days and particularly so during the stressful times as a POW. He was of such support in the Box-Cars and during the long marches and the bombing at Limburg, Germany and the Christmas days, when you were thinking so strongly of home. He led many of you in the singing of Christmas Carols in the boxcars. He also held services in the POW Camps. He was cherished by those that knew him, and those he served. This book, "PRO DEO PATNA" was very the 58th Annual Reunion in Milwaukee, Every cent of the proceeds that were gained there was given as a gracious gift, by Skopek, to the Association. It IS AVAILABLE FOR $20.00 WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING, FROM:


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . .

Author Hal Taylor, 423/CN, 2172 Rockridge Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81503 970-245-7807
Available as a hard copy or electronic transfer.
    A Teen's War describes the experiences of a small town boy in the latter stages of World War II. Portions originated from letters written home about induction, training, and time overseas with the 423rd Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division and that unit's short period of combat in the Battle of the Bulge.
    The story is unique compared to most war books, for it contains none of the pedantic pretenses of most military histories, filled with strategy or the so-called 'Big Picture.' Instead, A Teen's War tells how a young, private soldier became aware of reality and the world around him despite his limited view.
    All readers who have ever heard the words, 'missing in action,' will find this book interesting. Readers who were prisoners of war themselves, particularly of the Germans, will recall those hellish times and understand that recollection enables one to live and to cope with the realities of today.

Available at and
Also available on her website
ISBN: 1-4017-9656-6 (Soft Cover) ISBN 1-407-9655-8 (Hard Cover)
    Almost as if torn from today's headlines comes the riveting story of patriotism and courage, love and comradeship, as told in The Warmth of a Song. Set against WWII's The Battle of the Bulge this adventurous tale is inspired by actual eye-witness accounts. As Hawk Clarke fights for God and country, when the platoon he leads narrowly escapes from the German Panzer battalion that has them surrounded, he also learns the greatest freedom of all -the courage it takes to free the human spirit. Returning to Boston after a sniper's bullet penetrated his spine, Hawk mourns the loss of his once strong legs. Can he break free from the cage he feels his life has become in time to help an old woman release a miracle?
Helen von Erck:
    Helen von Erck lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Hayley. While growing up in South County, Rhode Island, she began cultivating a lifelong fascination with history. She has turned that interest into a passion, and has conducted in-depth research into the life and times of the 1940's and World War II. She attended the University of Rhode Island and the University of Denver where she studied Business Management with a minor in Creative Writing. This is her debut novel. warmthefasong@

    This book is available from the author for $13.00 (includes shipping cost). 6159 Brookside Lane, Apt A, Willowbrook, IL 60527. Copies are also available from Amazon.corn for $10.95 plus S & H.
    This is a fascinating, eloquent account of a 19 year old trying to grow to manhood in the middle of a deadly world war. After briefly describing his rigorous training as an infantry soldier, including some semi-comic events while learning to drive a jeep, he and his buddies were finally off to war in Europe as well-trained, confident members of the 106" Infantry Division.
    Shortly after arriving at the battle front in December, 1944 during a bone-chilling, bitter cold winter, the majority of the Division was surrounded and finally overwhelmed in a bloody battle, by a much larger, more powerful German force during the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. Thousands of young soldiers, including Zak, were forced to surrender. The rest of the book describes his life in three different camps as a prisoner of war. He gives a gripping account of the fear, the misery and the many dangers he often faced. As a prisoner he escaped death from bombs, machine gun fire, and a German guard's rifle bullet shot at him. He was hungry all the time, always under guard and powerless, and unsure of his ultimate fate. He mourned the death of many of his fellow soldiers during the battle, some at his side, and constantly worried whether his parents knew if he was alive or dead.
    Zak ends his book describing the arrival of the Russian army and the surprising and disappointing beginning of the Cold War with the Russians. A well-told, remarkable story.


World War 11 and Battle of the Bulge Books ..

    Pre-orders of Marion Ray's 'Damn Cold and Starving?' a hook about his "Nazi Prisoner of War experiences" in [944-45 are now being accepted.
    The book written by Marion in conjunction with Dan Brannan, Executive Editor of the "Alton. Illinois Telegraph" will he released in November 2006. It contains detailed information about the events leading up to the "Battle of the Bulge Ray's capture, then his incarceration from December 1944 until Spring 1945. He also writes of his return to Germany in 1999. It is a personal. gripping account of the inhumanity of the Nazi prison camps and his tight for survival during WWII. There is a collection of photos of that era. plus drawings by Alton. Illinois artist, Erin McAfoos. Ray kept a diary during the entire time of his captivity and much of the book is based on those memories.
The book will sell normally for $ 10.95 but is being sold until October 31, 2006 for the discounted price of $15.95.
    Please include an additional $2.96 for tax and shipping when you order. Marion Ray, 704 Briarwood Drive, Bethalto, IL 62010-1168 Telephone: 618-377-3674

    BEFORE THE VETERANS DIE a book of poems inspired by World War by Dale R. Carver (deceased) Poet Laureate - 106th Inf Div Association HQs Co., 3Bn A&P Platoon Leader, 424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division
Order from Ruth Carver, 742 Druid Circle. Baton Rouge. LA 70808
$10.00 Post-paid
    Dale, died in 2001. He had written many poetic memories of the War. His poems appeared in -The CUB" for several years. They all bring back memories and visions of the times. Dale was awarded the Silver Star for Valor. He disabled German mines. while under attack, that had been placed under a bridge. For that he received a battle field promotion (from 2nd to 1st Lt.) and was awarded the Silver Star for "gallantry under fire." he told me, during one reunion. that the Silver Star should have been for another time when he led a group of soldiers through a live mine field to safety. They had walked into the mine field and all were "frozen in fear. He led them out to safety.

Author Marilyn Estes Quigley
    Buy from "Author House" 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 97403 and other bookstores $16.95. tele: 1-888-519-5121 or Website: $14.50 + shipping
    Hell Frozen Over describes the personal experiences of sixteen 106th soldiers who were caught in Hitler's final grasp to strangle the continent. More than half of these men were among the 7,001 in the Division who were taken as prisoners of war. Scattered in camps throughout Germany. Those who escaped capture and remained to fight in foxholes and tanks had other hells to endure, as did the civilians of every town in the area. 30 WWII photos of 106th servicemen'along with their personal stories.

Author Robert E. Skopek Associate
7847 Cahill Rd, Manlius NY 13104 email
Hammelburg Raid March 26-28 1945 - 87 pages
    A compilation of reports and maps that was generated by General Patton and carried out by Captain Abraham J. Baum. $20 including shipping.


World War 11 and Battle of the Bulge Books .. .

    Coming Home Alive A story about Rishel WHITE 106/RECON. A film of life, family and war. Rishel White, a husband, father and soldier, grew up in a coal mining town, joined the army, married the women he loved and never expected to find himself in one of the epic battles of history, that brought him to a POW Camp and made him endure harsh mental and physical treatment. Runs 1 hour 28 min. DVD disc or VHS video cassette. $22.45 includes shipping and handling. Send check or money order. Produced by son Matthew White - 4th COAST PRODUCTIONS, 14250 NYS RTE 3, Sackets Harbor,
NY 13685
315-478-6718 or order on line at email

    Battle of the Bulge Books Author - Associate Member Hans Wijers Zegerijstraat 27 - NL-6971 ZN Brummen email World Wide Shipment included - Soft Covers 8.5 x 11 inches

99th Infantry Division Sector - U.S. Troops Block Northern German Advances
270 pages. black & white photographs and color photographs, maps, copies of original documents.

The 2nd Infantry Division Sector - U,S, V Corps stops 1st SS Panzer Corps
250 pages, many "Then and Now" photographs of the battlefield and maps, copies of documents.

The 1st Infantry Division Sector - U.S. V Corps stops the 1st SS Panzer Corps
190 pages, many "Then and Now" photographs of the old battlefield and maps, documents

    The route of the Kampfgruppe Peiper in the 30th Id Div. sector, as well as many other small units (291st Pioneers, 256th AIB, etc. 277 pages - photographs, maps, copies of original documents.

The CUB of the Golden Lion


Baca, Luis J. 4221L
1329 Spence SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
    Date of death: March 8, 2007 Luis passed away at his son's home surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Tillie R. Baca; two sons Alex Baca and Vernon Baca and their wives and families. Also a list four grandchildren; ten great-grandchildren four sisters and a brother. Luis was incarcerated in a Zittau work camp. He was liberated by the Russians in May 1945. He proudly belonged to a group of thirty plus Zittau survivors.

Broadwater, Clifford 423/AT
146 Turken Lane, Roseburg, Oregon 97470
    Date of death: February 11, 2007 Daniel Cotner, Senior Master Sergeant, US Air Force retired (son-in-law) wrote:- It is with regret that I inform you that Master Sergeant Clifford Broadwater, 423rd Anti-Tank Company went to his eternal reward on February 11, 2007."

Carrico, L. John 423/H
1520 Sky Valley Drive #107, Reno, NV 89523
Date of death : CUB magazine returned (6/24/2007) marked "Deceased" No details known

Connors, John C. 424/HQ 2Bn
10 Royal Oak Road, Braintree, Massachusetts 02184
    Date of death: January 31, 2007 Elizabeth Connors, (wife of John) wrote: "Please be advised that John died January 31, 2007 in Braintree, MA. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth of 54 years, four sons, John Connors Lake Hills, Texas: Joseph Connors of San Antonio: Daniel Connors Braintree and Paul Connors of Dorchester, MA and 15 grandchildren. He was the father of the late Mary Johnson. He became a life member and involved in the reunions of the 106th through the invitation of Bob and Louise Howell of Griffin, Georgia-and last attended the Nashville reunion as their guest. He really enjoyed receiving the Cub and keeping up with the 106th via the emails and website of editor John Kline."

Cram, Milton B. Sr. 422/CN
85 Varney Point Road, Gilford NH 03247
    Date of death: (AXPOW magazine) February 20. 2007. A member of the New Hampshire Chapter, AXPOW - director for 10 years. Survivors include three sons, one daughter, five grandchildren and one sister. Predeceased by his wife of 51 years, Vonda (Inman) Cram in 1999.

The CUB of the Golden Lion 32


Dowden, Andrew F. 423/F
503 Ash Drive, Windsor Locks, CT 06096
    Date of death January 2006 Margaret Lorraine Dowden wrote: " Andy my husband was a Life member I wish to become an Associate Life member. My family and 1 enjoy the CUB magazine very much."

Drehmel, John W. 81st ENG/A
244 North Macy Street #238, Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Date of death: May 31, 2007 No other details received.

Ebling, George 424/HQ 2Bn
12900 90th Terrace N, Seminole, FL 33776
    Date of death April 8, 2007 George's wife Jeanne Ebling said that her husband's father had died and he could have been deferred to support his mother but like so many of our generation enlisted in the U.S. Army, They had three daughters and one son.

Filkins, Clyde L. 422/C
895 County Rd 401, Westerly NY 12193
    Date of death: February 17, 2007 Margaret Filkins, his wife, wrote: "My husband Clyde died at the VA hospital in Albany New York after a two-week period. He had a stroke 13 years before and had lost his memory. He was at home except for a brief stay at the hospital for his breathing difficulties. He was a Corporal in the 422nd Regiment, Company C. He was taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge. Besides me, his wife, he is survived by 10 nieces and nephews. Preceded by his father, mother, sister and one niece. Thanks for the years of enjoyment that you gave my husband."

Gramlich, Francis A.
1380 Meetinghouse Rd, Meadowbrook, PA 19046
    Date of death: June 4, 2007 Son Joseph Gramlich wrote, "My father passed away this morning of heart failure. I know he was a replacement who arrived in Europe in February 1945 and he was proud to have been a member of the 106th Infantry Division.

Hanna, Robert R. 422/HQ
2028 Faringham Lane, Indian Trail, NC 28097
Son, Craig Hanna wrote saying his father died Sunday December 30, 2006



Kuhman, Clement A. 423/M
155 Woodridge Drive, Elyria, OH 44035
    Date of death: January 27, 2007 - William Wentz 423/A reported the death of Clement as written in the Elyria Chronicle on Line. Our buddy Clement died Saturday January 27, 2007 at the New Life Hospice center of St. Joseph in Lorain, Ohio. He was POW and the past commander of the Barbed Wire Buckeyes (AX-POW). Where he also served as membership chairman of the Ohio Department, and a life member of the National AX-POW.
    He was also a member of the American Legion Post 610 in Brook Park. He was a chemical engineer at Englehard Corp. (formerly Harshaw Chemical) for 38 years, retiring in 1990. He was a member of St. Jude Catholic Church and the Holy Name Society. Survivors include his wife of 55 years, Patricia Joan Kuhman, four daughters and three sons. With a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Clement visited Camp Atterbury several years ago and posed in front of the Commemorative wall which includes the 106th Infantry Division emblem.

Laursen, Alfred J. 81st ENG/C
727 Glendale St.., North Canton, Ohio 44720
    Date of death: January 20, 2007 Anna Laursen, his wife wrote, "He would read "The CUB of the Golden Lion," but didn't talk much about the war. He died at the age of 91.5 years. would like to continue as an Associate member.

Messner, John A. 422/F
6049 O'Dell Street, St. Louis, MO 63169
Date of death: April 8, 2007
    John Messner, Jr., his son, wrote, " Dad died on Easter morning April 8, 2007 at 5 AM. He was preceded in death by his wife Antoinette Messner and son, Johnnie J. Messner. I, John A. Messner Jr., am the surviving son (same address). He died of heart failure a few days after his 90th birthday - April 5. He survived the war, but old age and Jesus won his heart. Good attitude until the end. A thumbs up for my dad.

Nichols, John 81st ENG/B
18 Pine Road, Beverly MA 09135
Date of death: May 5, 2007
    Ed Wojahn, 81st Engineers, Company B - wrote "Nichols died in the Beverly Hospital at the age of 84. Born and raised in Peabody and lived most of his life in Beverly. Son of the late Peter and Nicoleta (Vasilopouls) Nicolopoulos. He was employed for many years as a logistics manager for the Raytheon Corporation in Wayland. Survived by his wife, Betty Nichols; four daughters, ten grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.


Memoriam .. .

Nicholson, Douglas M. 424/HQ 2Bn
7270 Southwest East Lake Court Wilsonville, Oregon 97970 Date of death: May 24, 2006
    Loretta Nicholson, his wife, wrote: "I need to let you know Doug passed away a bunch ago. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to notify you. He was a wonderful man and he enjoyed receiving each new issue of The CUB. Thank you, Loretta.

Oelschig Jr., Albert C. 4231HQ 1Bn
708 Canyon Drive, Anniston, AL 36207
Date of death: November 2004.
    Reported by his son Albert C. Oelschig III (the address given is his) - See new member listing - Son Albert C. Oelschig III joined as a Life Associate with his wife Carol Oelschig as a Life Auxiliary. They also made a special donation to the 106th Infantry Division Association (listed in this issue of the CUB)

Parvin, Glenn R. 4241D
3316 Princeton Rd Kingsport, TN 37660
Date of death September 24, 2006
Reunion Application returned marked with "Deceased 9/24/2006" no other notations.

Prielozny, William J. 589/A
3800 N. California Street, Rh1239 Chicago. IL 94513
Date of death:May 2, 2007
    William's wife Vera Prielozny preceded him in death. He is survived by three daughters Peggy Prielozny, Elizabeth Prielozny and Roberta Prielozny

Schwartz, Murray A. 423/C
178 Court St. STE 1 Mechanix Falls. ME 04256
Date of death: November 4, 2005
    Phone call on return of Reunion application (turned out to be attorney's office) revealed that Comrade Shwartz died November 4, 2005 - no other details given.

Siebold, Charles P. 422/B
2820 Marshall Court #6, Madison WI 53705
Date of death: Decemberl, 2006
    Hugh Colbert wrote, stating his buddy had died. Charles is survived by his wife Roberta Siebold and four sons and five grandchildren. Colbert added that Siebold was the 422nd Regimental "Bugler" in addition to his duties in "B" Company. He further added, "Chuck, captured on 19 December 1944 spent his last POW months in a work camp near Bohrigen and Doblin, Germany. Charles (Chuck) was a credit union attorney in Madison Wisconsin, receiving national recognition for his work in that field.


Memoriam . .

Sowell, Robert F. 424/E
    3575 N Mompark Rd, Apt 420, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 Date of death: No details except a return First Class letter marked "Deceased."

Straka, Edward F. 106 Signal
6453 So. Karlove Ave, Chicago, IL 60629
Date of death: No details except a report from his son that that he had died.

TenBrink, Reverend Samuel 424/H
1450 Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Date of death: March 14, 2007 Reverend TenBrink died at the age of 81. He served Christian Reformed Churches in Saginaw MI; Muskegon, Ml; Harrison SD; Lodi, NJ; Clifton, NJ; Laftlyette, IN; Kalamazoo, MI and Hills, MN before retiring in 1990. Preceded in death by his parents, Gerrit and Bertha TenBrink; his brothers William TenBrink and Gerrit TenBrink: sisters Annamac TenBrink and Beatrice TenBrink. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Mary Ann TenBrink; Three sons and daughter, 13 grand-children, one great-granddaughter; a sister and a brother.

Trost, Paul 423/H
100 Sand St, Box 253, Churdan, IA 50050 Date of death: May 1, 2007 No other details given.

Vermont, Ernest B. 4221E
527 Park Avenue, Quarryville. PA 1 7566
    Date of death: December 12, 2006. Ernest was also a member of the AXPOW organization and a member of the Albert J. Bland Maryland North Chapter. He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Margaret Vermont, 3 sons. 1 daughter. 1 sister. 9 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Wells, James E. Commander 81st ENGIC
1979 Macbean Road Hephzibah, GA 30185
    Infantry Division Association reunions, enjoying the company of the many "Engineers" that attended. Major Wells, then Captain Wells, was injured with the same shell as was John Gallagher. Both received loss of limbs and life threatening wounds. Wells was the owner of Southern Roofing and Christian Metal Screen Company of Augusta, Georgia. He served as past president of the Augusta Democratic Party, was past president of the Georgia Sheet metal Workers, the Georgia State 4-H Advisors and the Richmond County Farm Bureau. He was a member of the Augusta Builder's Exchange and an active members of AMVETS. He was also Santa Claus for the Augusta Christmas Parade and at the Medical College of Georgia for many years. Survivors include his wife, Mary Anne Kelly Wells; three stepchildren; ten step-grandchildren; a sister-in-law, several nieces and nephews.


Association Membership 1,444
    The 106th Infantry Division Association's 61st Annual Reunion will he held in Kansas City, Missouri September 5-9, 2007 at the Westin Crown Center Hotel
1 Pershing Road, Kansas City, 64108 (816) 474-4400

    Registration forms and program schedules were mailed to all Association members in May, 2007. If we missed you, contact one of the officer's on the inside front page of this magazine or John Kline 952-890-3155 jpk@mm.corn
    The new CD (#3) is now available from your Association Historian This CD contains the stories submitted by our 106th Division Veterans during 2006, plus the issues of The Cub for 2006, plus the issues of the Camp Crier issued at Camp Atterbury in 1944, and more.
    There are about 200 contributions on this CD, both diaries of men who were not POWs, and those accounts of life in the Stalags written by those who were prisoners. Pictures and sketches are included. To acquire this CD with history preserved send your check for $10 to the Association Historian, payable to: John R. Schaffner
1811 Miller Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030-1013

    MEMORIES of World War II by Veterans of the 106th Infantry Division. Includes the latest issues of the CUB, Camp Atterbury's Camp Crier for 1944, Prisoner of War accounts,,' and More
(The 1-CD set of The Cub of the Golden Lions is still available at $10 per set, pp)

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1st SS Panzer Corps, 28
2nd Inf. Div., 28
422/M, 9, 14, 26
423rd AT Co., 29
424/A, 1, 6, 8, 9, 23
424/D, 6
424/L, 1, 2
592nd FA BN, 23
78th Inf. Div., 21
81st Engr. BN, 16
A Teen's War, 25
'A Teen's War', 25
Adams, Ladon, 16
Adsit, James P., 8
Afghanistan, 3, 17
Agostini, Gus, 12
Agostini, Orfeo, 8
Aittama, Norma, 17
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Albaugh, Wendell ‘Bud', 17
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Ardennes, 9, 14
Armed Forces Reunions, 4
Armgard, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford, 18
Arndt, Kenneth, 20
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Auerback, Sid, 8, 14
Baca, Alex, 29
Baca, Luis J., 29
Baca, Tillie R., 29
Baca, Vernon, 29
Baines, Joseph & Clara, 20
Ball, John, 20
Band of Brothers, 14
Bandurak, Walter, 11
Baraque De Fraiture, Belgium, 10
Barnes, Ken, 14
Battle of the Bulge, 10, 13, 14, 16, 21, 22, 26
Baum, Abe, 19
Baum, Capt. Abe, 19
Baum, Capt. Abraham J., 28
Bauswell, Nelda, 16
Bauswell, Victor, 16
Beeth, Lyle, 1, 2, 8, 14
Beeth, Marie, 14
'Before The Veterans Die', 27
Behr, Bea, 13
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Beseler, Donald, 9
Bied, Dan, 11
Birmingham, 18
Black, David, 16
Black, Ewell, 16
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Books, 24, 25, 27, 28
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Broadwater, Clifford, 29
Broadwater, M/Sgt. Clifford, 29
Brokaw, Dick, 14
Brokaw, Jody, 14
Broussard, Fred, 18
Brown, Joe E., 10
Bryan, Ken, 16
Bryan, Margary L., 16
Bryars, Paula Caruso, 21
Bugner, Tom, 13
Burkes, Frankie, 15
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Call, Geo, 1
Call, George, 2, 15, 21
Call, Gregory, 21
Camp Atterbury, 14, 33
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Canup, Sue, 16
Carlotta, Sam, 11
Carrico, L. John, 29
Carroll, Matt, 21
Carver, Dale, 12, 13, 15, 21
Cavanaugh, Chaplain, 25
Cavanaugh, Chaplain Fr. Paul W., 25
Cavanaugh, Father, 25
Chester, Miriam, 14
Chester, Morris, 14
Childs, Dean, 13
Childs, Eleanor, 13
Christianson, Edward, 1
Clarke, Hawk, 26
Coffey, Douglas, 10
Colbert, Hugh, 32
Colby, Gloria, 14
Colby, Stan, 14
Collins, Sherod, 11
Coming Home Alive, 28
Connors, Daniel, 29
Connors, Elizabeth, 29
Connors, John, 29
Connors, John C., 29
Connors, Joseph, 29
Connors, Paul, 29
Cook, Fran, 17
Cook, Harry, 13
Cooke, Nancy, 13
Cotner, Daniel, 29
Cox, Philip, 2
Cram, Milton B., 29
Cram, Vonda (Inman), 29
Creel, El, 14
Cuffee, Command Sgt. Major Otis, 17
Cuffee, Shelia, 17
Cunningham, Mike, 18
Czechoslovakia, 24
'Damn Cold and Starving', 8, 27
Darby, Elaine, 16
Darby, Lee, 16
Datte, Anne, 18
Datte, Charles, 18
Dean, Verner (Red), 22
Deffenbaugh, Eleanor & David, 18
DeGerlia, Gilbert, 16
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Delaval, Dr. Maurice, 10
Denny, George, 10
Dickerson, Nellie, 16
Doblin, Germany, 32
Dorsey, Erma, 13
Dovell, Clark, 14
Dowden, Andrew F., 30
Dowden, Lorraine, 21
Dowden, Margaret, 9
Dowden, Margaret Lorraine, 30
Doxsee, Gifford, 2, 4, 6
Doxsee, Gifford B., 1
Drehmel, John W., 30
Drumm, Greg, 14
Ebling, George, 30
Ebling, Jeanne, 30
Eckhouse, Eileen, 16
Eckhouse, Eileen Hoover, 16
Eldridge, Bob, 14
Eldridge, John, 14
England, Floyd, 16
England, Linda, 16
Faro, Robert J., 21
Farr, Daniel, 18
Faust, Lisa, 18
Filkins, Clyde L., 30
Filkins, Margaret, 30
Fisher, Vi, 16
Ford, Arline, 14
Ford, David, 14
Foster, Cedric, 10
Foster, George, 16
Fournier, David, 14
Fox, Marilyn Hawkins, 15
Frampton, Annette, 10
Frampton, Duward, 10
Frampton, Duward, Jr., 11
Fuchs, Victor, 18
Gallagher, John, 11, 18, 33
Gallagher, John J., 18
Gallagher, Stella, 11, 18
Gates, Ralph F., 10
Gehner, Lamoine, 16
Germany, 25, 27
Getzoff, Marilyn, 19
Gilder, Jean, 11
Gilder, Robert A., 11
Gilliland, John, 11, 12, 13
Gilliland, Lee, 11
Goering, Carl, 16
Goldberg, Ed, 19
Goldberg, Ephraim, 19
Golenbiewski, Sylvester, 22
Gramlich, Francis A., 30
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Grant, Frank, 17
Grant, Joan, 17
Grasberger, Delores, 22
Grasberger, Frank J., 22
Gregory, John, 12
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Gresh, Mike, 20
Greve, Walter, 4
Greve, Walter C., 1
Haines, Clara, 20
Haines, Joe, 20
Hall, Anna, 14
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Hammelburg, 25, 28
Hammelburg Raid, 19, 28
Hanna, Robert R., 30
Hannon, Phil, 14
Harriman, Peggy, 16
Hawkins, Harold, 15
Hawkins, Lorrain, 15
'Hell Frozen Over', 27
Helmich, Les, 14
Helmich, Margrette, 14
Helwig, Gill, 11
Hendrickson, John, 18
Henly, Fran, 10
Henning, Charles & Jane, 15
Henning, Jack, 15
Henry, Mary, 20
Hensley, Debbie Brayn, 16
Herndon, Donald, 6
Herndon, Donald F., 1
Hickey, John, 16
Hinder Forward, 24
Hinrichs, Don, 16
Hirst, Nita, 13
Hirst, Robert, 13
Historical Compendium On Task Force Baum, 28
Hoff, Russell, 9
Hoffman, Briggs, 16
Hoffman, Harold, 19
Hollingsworth, Col., 17
Hollingsworth, Col. Larry, 17
Holman, Robert, 20
Homan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 18
Hoover, Herbert, 16
House, Joanne, 11
House, Pete, 11
Howell, Bob & Louise, 29
Immes, Dr. Henty, 19
Iraq, 3, 17
Jenkins, Bill, 16
Jennings, Vance, 14
Jewett, Dean F., 24
Johnsonstone, Marolyn, 20
Johnstone, Marolyn, 20
Johnstone, Tom, 20
Jones, Alan, 14
Jones, Alan, Jr., 14
Jones, Martin, 19
Kampfgruppe Peiper, 28
Keeber, Bea, 17
Keeber, Bill, 17
Kelso, Mary, 14
Kimsey, Mary Ruth, 16
Kingery, Hugh, 18
Kingery, Nina, 18
Kline, John, 2, 3, 8, 11, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 33
Kline, John P., 2
Kravitz, Ann, 19
Kravitz, Ann & Sol, 19
Kravitz, Sol, 19
Krueser, Led, 14
Kuhman, Clement A., 30
Kuhman, Patricia Joan, 31
Kuhn, Mary & Gene, 15
Lacey, Davie, 18
Lacy, Frances, 18
Laers, Chad, 13
Lane, Charles, 19
Lang, Lil, 19
Lang, Russ, 19
Larson, Gilbert, 9
Lauro, Alexander M., 23
Lauro, Leonard F., 22
Laursen, Alfred J., 31
Laursen, Anna, 31
Lee, Christine, 17
Lichtenfeld, Seymour, 1, 4
Limburg, Germany, 25
Liston, Earl, 20
Litchenfeld, Sy, 2
Livesey, Herbert, Jr., 10
Louden, Larry, 20
Loveless, John, Jr., 11
Loveless, Kay, 11
Lujert, Dr. Joanne, 15
Lynk, Don, 20
Mack, Ms. Arlene, 18
Maloney, Joe, 12
Maloney, Joseph, 2, 4
Mangold, Bill, 14
Marcinkoski, Edward, 23
Marsh, Randy, 14
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Martin, Donna, 17
Martin, Doug, 17
Martin, Harry, 3, 15
Martin, Harry F., Jr., 2
Martin, Harry L., Jr., 19
Martin, Harry, Jr., 2, 19
Martin, Marlene, 17
Massey, Hazel M., 11
Massey, Joe, 18
Massey, Joseph, 2
Massey, Joseph A., 11
Matthews, Joseph, 12
Maxwell, Howard, 10
Mayrsohn, Bernard, 1, 4, 9
McAfoos, Erin, 27
McClure, Clint, 18
McClure, Peggy, 18
McGinty, Ed, 14
McMahon, Leo, 11
McMahon, Wilda, 11
McWhorter, William, 2
Meagher, Herbert, Jr., 12
Meagher, Luella, 12
Mecktley, Marsha & Kevin, 19
Membrilia, Emilo, 13
'Memories Of A Tour Of Duty Wii In Europe', 24
Mentier, Wayne, 22
Meredith, Jean, 18
Merz, O. Paul, 11
Messner, Antoinette, 31
Messner, John A., 31
Messner, John, Jr., 31
Messner, Johnnie J., 31
Middleton, 2, 18
Miller, Jerry, 18
Mitchell, Jeremiah, 16
Mojo, Bon, 20
Mojo, Nan, 20
Mosely, Priscilla, 16
Mosley, Rev. Ron, 16
Mosley, Ron, 16
Mullauer, Bob, 14
Nelson, Dr. Ralph, 1
Nelson, Dr. Ralph J., 16
Nelson, Ralph, 17
Nelson, Rhoda, 17
Nichols, Betty, 31
Nichols, John, 31
Nicholson, Douglas M., 31
Nicholson, Loretta, 31
Nicolopoulos, Peter & Nicoleta (Vasilopouls), 31
Obrien, Dennis, 14
Oelschig, Albert, 9
Oelschig, Albert C., 31
Oelschig, Albert C. III, 23, 31
Oelschig, Carol, 32
Order of the Golden Lion, 2, 5, 7, 10
Ortner, Butch, 20
Ortner, Lorraine, 20
Ortwine, Audrey, 17
Ortwine, Elizabeth, 17
Ortwine, Harold, 17
Ortwine, Mark, 17
Orvold, Norman, 18
Osborne, Becky, 16
Osborne, Becky Hickey, 16
Parker, Earl S., 24
Parks, Doug, 14
Parks, Fred, 14
Parks, Mary, 14
Parks, Vickie, 14
Parvin, Glenn R., 32
Patton, Gen., 28
Peterson, Dr. Richard, 11
Pierce, Robert, Jr., 11
Plotowski, Gloria, 17
Plotowski, John, 17
Polaski, Mr. & Mrs. Ed, 18
Portney, Dorothy, 16
Portney, Statwood, 16
Post, David, 18
Post, Ms. Virgina, 18
Prewett, Edward A., 11
Prewett, Reddie, 11
Price, David, 10
Prielozny, Elizabeth, 32
Prielozny, Peggy, 32
Prielozny, Roberta, 32
Prielozny, Vera, 32
Prielozny, William J., 32
Prisoner of War, 27, 34
Pro Deo Et Patria, 25
Prumerberg, 24
Quigley, Marilyn Estes, 27
Racster, John, 18
Rain, Betty, 16
Rain, John J., 16
Rand, Nancy, 17
Rand, Tony, 17
Rathbone, Marjorie, 10
Ray, Marion, 2, 6, 8, 12, 16, 27
Reda, Tom, 21, 22
Reeber, Chuck, 17
Reeber, Mary, 17
Regier, Don, 14
Reick, Charles, 12
Reinenoor, George, 18
Reunions, 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19
Revolutionary War, 21
Rhine River, 24
Rice, Chris, 17
Rice, Randy, 17
Rice, Zack, 17
Rieck, Charles, 18
Rigatti, Patricia S., 12
Rigatti, Richard, 11
Riggs, Thomas J., 11
Rikken, Adda, 12
Rikken, Willy, 12
Robb, Dr. John G., 2
Robb, John, 11
Roberts, Cecila, 17
Roberts, Christina, 17
Roberts, David, 17
Roberts, Jack, 17
Roberts, John, 20
Roberts, John M., 9, 24
Roberts, John M. (Jack), 17
Roberts, John M. 'Jack', 24
Roberts, Johnathon, 17
Roberts, Julie, 17
Roberts, Mary Lou, 17
Roberts, Matt, 17
Roberts, Mike, 17
Roberts, Susan, 17
Roberts, Tom, 17
Roth, 19
Roth, Johnathan, 19
Rutland, Mattie, 11
Rutland, Roger, 11
Rutledge, Boyd, 11
Salerno, Joseph T., 9
Sandahl, Dean & Della, 15
Scales, Louise, 18
Scales, Pastor Sam, 18
Schaffner, John, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 14
Schaffner, John R., 10, 12, 33
Schaffner, Lillian, 12
Schanerberger, Ellsworth, 17
Schanerberger, Ellsworth H., 2
Scholte, Mary Ann, 14
Scholten, Don, 14
Schrom, Irv, 19
Schrom, Rhoda, 19
Schrom, Rhoda & Irv, 19
Schwartz, Murray A., 32
Scranton, Robert, 11
Seibold, Charles, 23
Seibold, Dirk, 23
Seibold, Gary, 23
Seibold, Paul, 23
Seibold, Rand, 23
Seibold, Roberta, 23
Seidschlag, John S., 9
Selji, Vivienne, 20
Seljie, Bill, 20
Sexton, Jean, 13
Sherwood, Elmer, 10
Shirley, Jean, 16
Siebold, Charles P., 32
Siebold, Roberta, 32
Siekierski, Al, 14
Simpson, Florence, 10
Simpson, William, 10
Skopek, Robert, 25
Skopek, Robert E., 28
Smith, Ken, 14
Smith, Mary, 14
Snovel, Bob, 14
Snovel, Lael, 14
Snyder, Walter, 14
Soladay, Robert, 17
'Soldier Boy A Chronicle Of Life and Death And Survival During World War II', 26
Sowell, Robert F., 32
St. Vith, 24
Stahl, William & Mary Lou, 19
Stalag IX-B, 25
Starmack, Grace, 19
Starmack, Grace & John, 19
Starmack, John, 19
Starmack, John S., 9
Stein, Murray, 1, 2, 3, 4
Stern, Boris, 14
Stern, Margery, 14
Straka, Edward F., 32
Strunk, Luther, 13
Strunk, Margaret, 13
Sugimoto, Roy, 9
Sulser, Jack, 11, 14
Sussman, Al, 19
Sussman, Lynda, 19
Sussman, Lynda & Al, 19
Sweet, Dale, 20
Sweet, Jean, 20
Swett, John, 2, 5, 7, 12
Sziber, Muriel, 18
Sziber, Vince, 18
Talbot, Diana, 17
Talbot, Randy, 17
Tarantinoi, Joe, 18
Taratino, Connie, 18
Taylor, Hal, 2, 25
Temple, Norma, 18
Temple, Will, 18
Tenbrink, Annamac, 32
Tenbrink, Beatrice, 32
Tenbrink, Gerrit, 32
Tenbrink, Gerrit & Bertha, 32
Tenbrink, Mary Ann, 33
TenBrink, Rev. Samuel, 32
Tenbrink, William, 32
Tetzloff, Mr. & Mrs. James, 18
The Battle Of The Bulge - Hell At Butgenbach, 28
The Battle Of The Bulge - Holding The Line, 28
The Battle Of The Bulge - Seize The Bridges, 28
The Losheim Gap - Doorway To The Meuse, 28
'The Warmth Of A Song', 26
Thome, Michael, 11
Thompson, Laura, 13, 20
Thompson, Paul, 13, 20
Timm, Gene, 17
Trautman, Frank, 2, 12
Trautman, Frank S., 5
Trost, Paul, 33
Trueman, Dr. Duncan, 1, 6, 19
Trueman, Duncan, 12
Trueman, Grace, 19
Trueman, Steven, 19
Truman, Dr. Duncan, 2, 14
Truman, Harry S., 3, 7
Truman, President, 7
Turgeon, Evelyn, 14
Turgeon, Leonard, 14
Turley, Leland & Anita, 18
Twardzik, Isabel, 14
Twardzik, Ray, 14
Twinn, James H., 17
Twinn, Marte, 17
Tyndall, Robert, 10
Uhrinek, Felix, 18
V Corps, 28
Van Bogartt, Helen, 13
Van Debogart, Herman, 13
VBOB, 18, 22
Velasquez, Margaret, 17
Vermont, Ernest B., 33
Vermont, Margaret, 33
Villwock, Jackie, 11
Villwock, Russell, 11
Von Erck, Helen, 26
Vondenhorst, Eric, 9
Vondenhorst, Freida, 9
Vonderhurst, Eric, 14
Vowe, Kathy, 14
Walker, June, 12
Walker, Robert, 12
Watt, Ben, 10
Waylson, Paul, 17
Weathers, Bernie, 13
Weiner, Bernie, 13, 14
Weiner, Milton, 13
Weingarten, Jack, 23
Weiss, Newton, 1
Wells, Capt., 33
Wells, James, 11
Wells, James E., 33
Wells, Maj., 33
Wells, Mary Anne Kelly, 33
Wells, Maydeen, 11
Wente, Martin, 2, 4
Wente, Martin L., 1
Wentz, William, 30
West Point, 7
West, James D., 12
West, Jim, 4
White Cliffs of Dover, 5
White, Kathy, 16
White, Matthew, 28
White, Rishel, 28
Whitehead, John, 13
Wijers, Hans, 28
Wittenberg, Mr. & Mrs. Henry, 18
Wojahn, Ed, 31
Woodrow, Jennifer, 16
Woods, Robert, 24
Wright, Calvin, 13
Wright, Margaret, 13
Yager, Grant, 14
Yager, Helen, 14
Yarnazki, James, 14
Youcavitch, Joe, 18
Young, Damon, 9
Zak, George K., 26
Zinner, Gerard, 9