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Paid Membership May 20, 2006 1,509

Membership Fees include CUB magazine subscription
Life Vets/Associates ... $75 Auxiliary $15
Annual Vets/Associates... $10 Auxiliary $2

Annual Dues payable June 30 each year

Elected Offices
President . Murray Stein
Past-President (Ex-Officio) Walter Bridges
1st Vice-Pres Martin Wente
2nd Vice-Pres

Business Matters, Deaths, Address changes
First Name = Chairman / Second Name = Backup
Adjutant: Marion Ray/ Gifford Doxsee 704 Briarwtxxl Drive, Bethalto. IL 62010-1168 Tel/Fax 618-377-3674
    Treasurer: Richard L. Rigatti/Lyle Beeth 113 Wocalshire Drive. Pittsburgh. PA 15215-1713 Tel/Fax :412-781-8131
    Chaplain: Dr. Duncan Trueman/ Rev Ewell Black, Jr. 29 Overhill Lane. Warwick. NY 10990 845-986-6376
Memorial Chairman: Dr. John G. Robb/Frank Trautman 238 Devote Dr.. Meadvilk. PA 16355 Tel: 814-333-6364
    CUB Editor: John P. Kline - CUB Editor/Hal Taylor 11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337-2786 Tel/Fax 952-890-3155 jpk@
Historian John Schaffner/William McWhorter
Atterbury Memorial Representative - Philip Cox
Resolutions Chairman . . Jack Roberts Marion Ray
Order of the Golden Lion John Swett/Joseph Massey
Committee Members_ ... Joseph Massey. Richard Rigatti
Nominating Committee Chairman Don Herndon
Committee Hal Taylor. A. Grayson Bishop
Mini-Reunions Harry F. Martin, Jr./George Call
ADA Liaison Representative- Joseph Maloney
Membership Chairman John Kline

Board of Directors
Walter G. Bridges, 424/D Hueytown, AL
Joseph A. Massey. 422/C Remlap, AL
Walter M. Snyder. 589/A Dunalk, MD
Robert F. Sowell. 424/E Thousand Oaks, CA
Hal Taylor, 423/CN Grand Junction, CO
Donald F. Herndon Oklahoma City. OK
Bernard Mayrsohn 423/CN Purchase, NY
Saul A. Newman 422/G Palm Beach Garden, FL
Murray Stein 423/I Delray Beach, FL
Dr. Duncan Trueman 424/AT Warwick, NY
Newton Weiss 423/HQ 3Bn Gibbstown, NJ
Geo Call 424/B Glen Gardner, NJ
Walter C. Greve 423 HQ/1Bn Aurora. CO
Seymour Lichtenfeld 422/I North Miami Beach FL
Martin L. Wente 423/I Covina CA
Rev. Ewell C. Black Jr. 422/A Austell, GA
Edward Christianson 331st MED/C Winchester, VA
Gifford B. Doxsee 423/HQ 3 Bn Athen, OH
Dr. Ralph Nelson 422/CN) Albuquerque NM

President's View . . .

Murray Stein
106th Infantry Division Association
President 2005-2006
423rd Combat Infantry Regiment 'I" Company

    I read an article recently, about the "Final Reunion of the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association," held this past year!
    It caused so much mixed emotions, concerning our fellow Brothers who served in WWII.- Pride of Service; loss of Buddies; Prison Camps; Past Achievements; Sad-lonely, and deeply concerned about the future of our 106th Association.
    The year between reunions seems so very long-I miss the guys I served with in the Battle of the Bulge. I miss those many beautiful Guys and Gals that we have met at our reunions. We must keep the 106th Lion alive and vibrant, for as long as we can! We still have almost 1.500 members out there, who need to be contacted and invited to join with us in Newark this year and Kansas City next year!
    I ask everyone to reach out to a 106 Brother who might live nearby. Say "Hello- - how you doing? - why not join us at our next convention!"
    An unknown author wrote, "Don't wait for tomorrow, do it today. Take the time to smile, give a hug, a kiss, and grant someone a wish. Hold your loved ones close and tell them how much you love them"
    In November of 2000,1 received a copy of a letter sent by Dr. Richard Peterson 423/I in which he wrote- "Combat veterans hold a secret about life so deep within them, That not even they comprehend the power of its mystery- This great secret cannot be understood by those that were not there-They do not know the secret exists-So, they cannot comprehend the strength it gives to those who do."
Dick Peterson was a remarkable human being-we all miss him!
    This past month another version of the "Battle of the Bulge" was aired on T.V. Watching it, you can't help remembering those bitter cold days. The men we lost. How young we were - how fortunate, for those of us who survived! We will never forget!
    At our "Old Board Meeting", to be held on Wed. August 30, 2006. I am establishing a committee to review "The Future of the 106th Association"
    This committee will report back at our 2007 convention in Kansas City, Missouri. A complete report will be made at our Business Meeting Luncheon, on Friday, Sept. 1, 2006.
    I have been working on a regular and almost daily basis with our Cub Editor John Kline. Adjutant Marion Ray; Treasurer Dick Rigatti, and our V.P. Martin "Chic" Wente. I have also kept in touch with a number of our Board members; Dr. Duncan Trueman, Jack Roberts, John Schaffner, Don Herndon, Seymour Lichtenfeld, and others, so that we can maintain a dialogue of the concerns of the 106th.
    The 2006 Reunion material will be direct-mailed soon. I ant asking each and everyone of you to make a real effort to attend. Remember- the Newark N.J. Airport Marriott Hotel-Aug. 30, to Sept. 3. 2006. I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

Photo: Murray Stein


President's View . . .

UPDATE on the 60th Annual Reunion Invitations:
    The forms that need to be completed in order to attend the 60's Annual Reunion of the 106° Infantry Division Association being held at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriot Hotel August 30 - September 3rd were mailed to every current Association member via First Class Presorted mail on 17 May 2006. You should have received them by time you read this CUB. I urge you to attend this important Anniversary of the 106th Infantry Division Association veterans, Associates and friends.
    While this is somewhat a repeat of the letter that is included in that packet, it is to reemphasize how much we would like to see you there.
    The Marriot Airport Hotel is located on the property of the Newark International Airport, Newark, New Jersey. The hotel mail address appears on the bottom of the "Hotel Reservation page." The enclosed hotel reservation form that you received should be mailed directly to the Marriott Newark Hotel - Attention: Reservations
"Note the Reservation cutoff date: July 27, 2006."
    Complete the "106.1 Infantry Activity Registration Form" and mail it to "Armed Forces Reunions, Inc." with your choices of MEALS and TOURS.
    Be sure to complete the information on the bottom half of the page and make a copy for yourself. This is vital information for your well being. Also note the Reservation Cancellation clause on the bottom of the page.
    Save the "DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE" that is in the packet for your use. Make your travel reservations NOW!!! -- That is your responsibility.
    Again, We urge you to attend this 60. gathering of 106. Infantry Division veterans. Meet with your buddies; enjoy their personal friendship that was born of blood, tears and comradeship. Once again talk over the "old times." when we were young, when the guy next to you turned out to be a life saver, or you did a favor for him.
    Once again this group of proud warriors will again communicate their personal stories and express their feeling about an infantry division that helped change the world.
    For those of you on computers you can view an excellent display of the hotel and it's amenities at this location:
    Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. has managed our Infantry Division group for years. The service they have given us has been "without doubt" the finest.
On behalf of the 106th Infantry Division Association.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Newark, New Jersey.

Murray Stein
President 106th Infantry Division Association
Fiscal Year 2005-2006


Chaplain's Message . . .

Chaplain Dr. Duncan Trueman, 424/AT
29 Overhill Lane, Warwick NY 10990
TEL/FAX. 845-986-6376

    "...the king rejoices in your strength.... in the victories you give." Through the victo¬ries you gave, his glory is great... you have bestowed upon him splendor and majesty... your hand will lay hold on all of your enemies." -Psalm 21 (sel)

"The king rejoices in your strength."
    We weren't very strong in the eyes of our enemy that December in 1944. Just kids and green as green could be. Spread over a front which normally would have been covered by four or five divisions. Outnumbered ten to one. Without ammunition for some of our weapons. We were later labeled the "Sitting Duck Division."

    That doesn't sound like fighting strength to me. Nor did it sound like fighting strength to our foes. And although by now Hitler was beginning to question his own assessment of the American Soldier as no match for his armies, he was still convinced that an all out attack would prove that our numbers in the Ardennes, and the American fighting spirit in general was no match for that of the Third Reich.
    He was right about our numbers but so wrong about our spirit and determination. It was General Eisenhower who correctly articulated the reason for our victory over vastly greater and more experienced numbers.
He said that what matters is....
"Not the size of the dog in the fight, It's the size of the fight in the dog."
    Many of us believed that it was God who gave us the strength to fight and hold on when times were grim. and go on to victory. Many of us still believe it, believe that God saw us through those dangerous days. But many of our German opponents were praying to the same God and trusting him for safety and victory. How can this be ?
    The simple answer is that God's ways are not always man's ways. He alone decides which cause is good, which cause is righteous. And to that cause, even when they seem to be the underdogs, he gives a strength and power to overcome.
Sound oversimplified ?
    Of course it is. But it's still true. In war as well as in peace lots of bad things can happen before the time of "overcoming."
    But in the end the righteous cause always prevails. And it does so because of the spirit given...the "size of the fight" in those who defend the cause of goodness.


Front & Center . . .
Editor, John Kline, 423/M
11 Harold Drive Burnsville, MN 55337-2786
Tele: 952-890-3155 Fax: 952-426-1131 Web site:\user\jpk

Association Membership 05/20/2006
Life Members (Vets) 695
Annual Members (Vets) 481
Total Vets 1,176
Life Associate Members 199
Annual Associate Members 132
Total Associates 331
Comp Members 2

Austin, Clifford
Anderson, Toby
Chatfield, Arthur
Clark, H.H.
Diehl, Wm.
Dreibach, Jr., Carl
Fowler, William
Fruetel, Harold
Horen, Geroge
Kerr, Allen
Kups, Stanley
Langham, Jean
Marcum, George
McDevitt, Ann
Miller, Joseph
Mills, Robert
Nester, George
Paynter, Robert
Reider, Jr., George
Roos, Arthur
Setter, Leon
Seltzer, Richard
Spellman, John
Stevenson, Robert
Tenbrink, Sam
Twarok, Fred
Turley, Leland
Zenn, Mike
Thanks to George Fusco, Associate
Mount Airy, Maryland for the donation of 'Past Issues" of the CUB magazines. John Kline, editor

New Contributors to the Life Plus Club
(Cut-off data on this list May 21, 2006)
Note - This is a continuing process.
    If you contributed and your name does not appear you will be listed in the next CUB Life Plus List given by Richard Rigatti. Association Treasurer.
    These all are sizeable 'Tax Deductible donations" made to benefit the 106th Infantry Division Association. The amounts are not shown - in LIFE PLUS CLUB tradition.
    In the last CUB Life Plus Club (p 11) - I had the words, "memory of brother" with Kosov A.C. 590/C." That should have been an extension of the name one line above -
Chansler, John F. Assoc, in memory of his brother. Apologies -JK, editor

Ayers, Paul C. 424/A
Bloch, Jacques 422/K
Brumfield, Vernon 589/C
Collins, John W. 423/I
Cosby, Carl H. 423rd/ HQ 1 BN
Dallman, Joe 424/G
Fisher, Col. Bob 106 RECON
Fowler, William DIV/HQ
Fournier, Riger 422/A
Ginther, Keith 433/G
Head, Donald 424/G
Hicks, Harry 590/A
Hirsch, Rudolph 589/HQ
Johnson, Charles 969th FAB
Kortlang, Chas E. 106/MP
two more times for total of 14 donations

Kosov, A.C. 590/C
Krachik, Joseph 331 MED/HQ
Langham, Jean in memory of Francis Langham
Martin, William 424/C
McCartney, George 423/M
Mitchell, William C. 106 RECON
Mills, Robert 423/A
Nelson, Dr. Ralph 422/CN
Schecter, Irvin 422/HO 2BN
Snovel, Robert 424/H
Sowell, Robert 424/E
Stein, Murray 423/1
Turley, Leland J. 423/H
Sugimoto, Roy 627th FAB
Van Moorlehem, Art 423/B
Wyss, Ralph 424/1


Front & Center . . .
From the Association Historian
John R. Schaffner589/A

    This column starts off with a very happy note. Hear that? It's the sound of the cash register. Yes, sales of the past Cub issues on CD disks have been ongoing. Orders are slow coming in now but each one brings a small contribution to the Association's treasury. Thanks go out to Associate Member, Jim West, in Franklin, Indiana, for he made it possible. Before the snowflakes fall again (in Maryland) we hope to have the CD containing the personal memoirs of so many of our 106. Vets and even a couple of most interesting wartime stories from others involved in the big battle.
    On the morning of December 16, 1944, I felt like Public Enemy Number One. I suppose that most of you reading this felt the same. All of that deadly commotion that was going on around us was targeting me, and me alone. That was a long time ago and since then I have learned that I was not the only soldier there. In fact, my short involvement with our war sparked an interest in the history of World War II combat in general. I have read many personal accounts of what happened to a great many individuals. Quite often now I will meet somebody else who was there when I was. I have come to appreciate the contributions of many brave young men and women toward total victory over those who would enslave the world.
    In recent years I have enjoyed the friendship of a younger man who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. His name is Joseph Balkoski, and he is the official Historian for the 29th Infantry Division. Balkoski has researched and published three outstanding, best-selling, books covering the Normandy Invasion; Beyond The Beachhead, Omaha Beach, and Utah Beach. If you want to study what happened at Normandy just read these books. We all know that one, two-hour, movie cannot begin to tell the story.
    The 29th Division has been a military force since before the American Revolution and has participated in every war that the United States of America has been involved with. The present 29th Infantry Division is an outgrowth of the early units. There is an Armory in Baltimore city that houses a museum containing many souvenirs la guerre from members of the 29th and others. The home (built c 1740) that once belonged to the first commander of the Maryland Militia, Mordicai Gist, still exists in my neighborhood, and is a constant reminder of the beginnings of our great country as a world power.
    I recently visited the 29th Infantry Division Museum with a neighbor who had been a member of the division when it was under Army National Guard command during the 1970's. We were treated to a personal tour by Joe Balkoski, and like all museum visits, this one was much too short. For some unknown reason museum curators are always short of advertising money so if you want to appreciate the history of why and how the United States of America became a free country you will have to seek them out.
    During the last year I have become aware of a very disturbing fact. It's like having something go haywire with your telephone. Only this time one can't just throw it out and buy a new one. The American Military Cemeteries in Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg, and maybe other places that I have not heard about, are being desecrated, vandalized, and in general, not cared for by those people who live in freedom today, because those buried there died for that cause.


Front & Center . . .
    Our good friends, Mathilda and Marcel Schmetz. who operate the Remember 39-45 Museum in Belgium. visited the U.S.A. last year and spoke at length about this problem. I was there to hear this and thought, just maybe. they were stretching it a bit. But no, actually they were not telling it all. This week I had the same disturbing message from a Dutch friend. Ron van Rijt. I quote Ron's message:
Dear Liberators is with utmost disgrace that I send you this clipping from our newspaper of today (April 1, 2006.)
    It says that parts of the Henry-Chapelle Cemetery had to be closed off, because "tourists" show no respect whatsoever for the soldiers who died for our freedom. There are 450,000 people visiting Margraten each year.
    Drug dealers, people walking with dogs, skateboarders, people holding a barbecue (!!!!!) on Henry-Chapelle Cemetery property. It's also at Margraten Cemetery that I see people picnicking on the lawn at the entrance of the cemetery.
I feel so deeply ashamed and it truly makes me sick when I read this.
    American Veterans wrote angry letters to the Belgian and Dutch Embassy, so now the cemetery is protected by the police. I would like to send a bunch of tough guys to beat those freaks off the cemetery !!!!
Thank God not all people are like that!
    My neighbor asked me yesterday to take her 15 year-old son to Margraten Cemetery and to teach him about our Liberators. Her 19 year old son is a submariner in the Dutch Navy and I took him to Margraten few years ago.
Best wishes; Ron van Rijf

    I have kept a copy of the speech delivered by Mathilda Schmetz concerning this situation and if anyone would like to read it I will be happy to forward it to you via e-mail or a paper copy. The big question is: "How do we fix this problem?"
    This a long column for this issue of The Cub but I hope that the information gets to the right people who can make a difference with the care of our Military Cemeteries overseas. John Schaffner, 589/A Association Historian

Photo: Henri Chapelle Cemetery


Front & Center .
From Don Herndon -Nominating Committee Chairman
    My Nominating Committee is interested in any person. including former Board members, that would be interested in serving on the "Association Board.
The Board of Directors are always listed on the front inside cover page.
Contact Donald Herndon 4244, 8313 NW 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73612 Phone : 405-721-9164 email:

last known address shown
Freddy Lugens. Associate : Dinez 60 Houffalize Belgium
Bernard Cohn. Associate: PO Box 1789, Glen Burnie MD
Lillian Clarke, Associate: 318 Spring Garden, Kannapolis NC
Robert LaTournes, 422/A: 5 South Side Terrace, Wallingford CT
Andrew Chuvarsky, 424/HQ 1Bn: 2413 Honeysuckle Dr. Richardson TX
If you have any information as to the current address of well being of the above, please contact me:
John Kline, editor.
11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337

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(The Association fiscal year)
    For Members paying ANNUAL dues - the date your membership is due in July of the year stated. The date is shown in the first line of the address label
For example: 2006 means your membership expires June 30. 2006.
LIFE means you are a life member.
For you Annual Dues Paying Members
July 1, is the date by which your ANNUAL DUES should be PAID


Front & Center .

106th Infantry Division Association PX
John Gilliland PX Manager
    No Credit Cards - Make check payable to John Gilliland 140 Nancy Street, Boaz, AL 35957 Tel: 256-593-6801 Email: samitc@charternet
Cap, Ball. Adjust 106th,. 10.00 each S&H Windbreaker. Blue. lined, 106th logo on left breast
Pin. Lapel/Hat 3.00 each + s .50 S. Med and Large 525, Extra Large $28 S5 S. 106th
    Patch, Shoulder, 106th Infantry 3.00 each+ .50 S. Patches (Four inch) 54,00 each +.50 S&H Belt Buckles and Bolo Ties S20 + S5 S&H

T-Shirts short sleeve w/106th logo - left breast
Medium - Large - XLarge - XXLarge 10.00 Shipping 55.00
    106th Flag 28 in X 44- in (indoor/outdoor) one sided with loop for hanging on pole or rod (not included) $25.00 each delivered.
106" Yellow on Blue background. Bottom of flag is Red.
"Lion's Patch" in Red, White, Blue with Golden Lion Head
    "The words "Infantry Division Association" below Lion's Patch is curved to follow the contour of the scroll (It is Gold in color and did not reproduce well here)


Front & Center ...
    Ruth Carver, widow of Dale Carver wrote - enclosing a story written by her grandson, Davis Craig, about his grandfather - Dale Carver 424th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion Ammunition & Pioneer Platoon Leader. Dale was "Poet Laureate" of the 106th Infantry Division Association. He received a battle field promotion from 2nd to 1st Lt. for "gallantry under fire." He disabled mines under a bridge while under fire by the Germans. He told me that it should have been for the time he rescued a group of soldiers from a mine field. They were "frozen in fear" and he led the soldiers to safety. His poems appeared in "The CUB" for many years.
We miss him dearly Dale died May 16, 2001. We miss him, and we miss
his poems in each CUB magazine
Now, the story by his grandson, David Craig - written in year 2000.

My Grandfather
    My grandfather. Dale Carver. is a tall, broad shouldered, dark complexioned, handsome man of 76. He has thinning black hair with a small amount of gray. He wears large, black-rimmed glasses. My grandfather considers himself younger than people of the same age, they are all too old.
    He is sardonic, and somewhat of a recluse; he believes "People are no damn good, but they're all there is." He has no use for most people, save his poker buddies, his friends from the War, and occasionally his family. A pessimist, many times he has said that his "bad heart and bad attitude" will end up killing him.
    He grew during the Great Depression, in the dust bowls of Kansas, one of 13 children from 17 live births. He began working at the age of 12, driving a tractor. A good Christmas for him was an orange and, if he was lucky, a penny. When he was 16, after he graduated from high school, he was given a slap on the back, a handshake, and told by his parents: "Good luck Come back and see us sometime, son." That he survived such adverse conditions speaks measures for his character.
    He served as a second lieutenant in the 106th infantry Division during World War II. His division was placed in Belgium's Ardennes Forest. a seemingly unlikely place for the Germans to attack. But attack they did, with 24 divisions into an area defended by only four. Thus he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, the last great German offensive of the War.
    Afterwards, to rid himself of the horrors of the war, he wrote poetry. "I think it was therapy. I think I would have gone crazy if I hadn't:.

With clinical eye and 'Hind alert
he watched the ebb and flow,
saw live bodies beyond all hurt
dead eyes; saw blood on the snow.
He walked with death ever near
beneath an indifferent sky,
knew the taste of sickening fear,
watched the valiant die,
watched the cowardly live on,


knew anguish at broken trees,
saw the mine slain forest fawn
and proud men on their knees
He recorded minutely in memory
all that came to pass,
then, ill of soul, wrote poetry
as a sick cat eats grass.
Dale Carver. from Before the Veterans Die

    He first published a compilation of his war poetry. Before the Veterans Die. in 1985. now in its third printing. See Book section in this CUB magazine to order Dale's book of poems. Before the Veterans Die
    My grandfather is an extremely brilliant man. He taught engineering at LSU from 1954 to 1982. He works the two daily crossword puzzles in ink over his morning howl of cereal. He loves working with his hands. For the last thirty-five years. he has had a substantial vegetable garden. He has set up a workshop in his garage where he likes to ''piddle," making bird houses and bird feeders out of scraps of wood.
    He only slightly less eccentric than he is intelligent. A pyromaniac. he does not use his heater. but instead keeps his wood burning stove lit almost all winter. He has bonfires in his yard, two mostly wooded acres in the heart of south Baton Rouge, about a half mile front the LSU campus. The largest fire to date had flames leaping thirty feet in the air. He keeps a pellet gun by his back door to shoot squirrels, "those damn bushy-tailed tree rats" who run the birds off of his feeders and ruin his garden.
    As I write this, I have just returned from his house, where he challenged all his local grandchildren to a "bring your own gun" shooting contest, with cash prizes going to the winners. Not the action of an average grandfather. I imagine.
    He is the stereotypical absent minded professor. a man of great erudition, but very forgetful. Once while unclogging a sink, he had the plumbing disconnected, and a bucket underneath. catching the rather putrid water that came out of the pipes. When the bucket filled up, he picked it up and poured it into the sink, with the plumbing still very disconnected. The fetid water proceeded to pour into the cabinet and cover a goodly portion of the floor. Another time he was chopping pecans in the blender, when something got stuck. Without unplugging it or turning it off. he reached his hand in to clear the jam, sustaining copious, but relatively minor, cuts and scrapes on his finger.
    For all his oddities. my grandfather values knowledge and learnedness as the greatest good. He is greatly moved by good music or writing. He could quote poetry for hours. He is an outdoors man and loves to travel. Rather non materialistic, he went to Europe for three weeks, his only luggage a carry-on. He and my step grandmother used to take off in their RV and camp out at various places around the country for weeks at a time.
    Even with all his eccentricities, he is still a wonderful grandfather, and I could not ask for a better one. He has taken me fishing, hunting, camping, berry picking, to Grand Isle, on a swamp tour, and to do countless other things together.
David Craig, Dale Carver's Grandson - February 20, 2000


New Members . . .

4470 LUCEREN PLACE LILBURN. GA 30047 770-978.2917 adamsolga@aotcom
    My father. Kemp B. Adams. 422/SV was captured December 19. 1944, was bombed in the rail yards at Limburg on 23 December, arrived at Stalag 9B. Bad Orb on 25 December, moved to Stalag NA, Ziegenhain January 26. Liberated on Good Friday.

    18 PINE COURT CROMWELL- CT 06416 860-635-5317 Winter address: 4123 Lily Drive. Hernando Beach. FL 34607 352-596-6654

Tanglewood Apt 3A 2066 Chester road Bethlehem. PA 18017
    Son Bob Brislin wrote. "My father Joseph Brislin, passed away April 17. 2005." (See Memoriam) enclose is check for a Life Associate membership for mother, Mary A. Brislin. All the best to the 106th Infantry Division Association.

4505 Wynnwood Drive Wichita Falls, TX 76308 940-720-701 cbrown4540@sbglobatnet
    His wife Lynette Brown joins as an Auxiliary member. They met our 589th veterans. John Schaffner, John Gatens and Barney Alford on a tour of Parker's Crossroads. Craig recently retired from the USAF and met our 106th group at Spangdahlem Airbase. The Brown's have spent many hours in the Schonberg area. where the two regiments fought and most were captured on 19 December 1944.

Box 108 134 Lincoln Street Cokeburg, PA 15324 724-255-2743
My father was in "B" Co. 81st Engineers. I am interested in WWII history.

29 Violet Street Marlton, NJ 080503

    110 Seacountty Lane Rancho Santa Margarita. CA 92688 949-766-0830 dtalls2000@hotmaiLcom I am the daughter of Aquila Chauncey Nebeker, Jr. 592nd FAB. Battery C.

RR 7 Box 574B Fairmont WV 26554-8973 304-534-3844 joecool@slgardnercom
Historian. My wife is Sharon Gardner.

2416 South Queen Street York. PA 17402-4941 717-747-9381 rgeidel@kci.corn I am a nephew of John Geidel 423/A

1905 Orchard Drive PO Box 263 Bath OH 44210 330-666-5646 lockelamb@aoLcorn
I got in touch with Jim Mills 423/I and he sent me a copy of the CUB of the Golden Lion. Sign me up.

1538 Castro Street San Leandro, CA 94577
I would like to clear up a couple mistakes in my father's story in the Jan


    Feb-Mar CUB magazine. page 30. Constantine ‘Chuck' Malavazos 589/C. After destroying their 105's and trying to get to the American lines, the men were "LOST' and not "LAST." Dad is not sure that Captain Rockwell was even issued a map of the area. Dad claims to be the last one to speak with him before he left the group. Captain Rockwell's body was apparently found later when the Americans retook the area. Father presumed that Lt. Wright had been killed when a bomb made a direct hit on the building that had over 60 Allied officers in it (POWs). Since my father's letter in the "CUB." we have heard from several people who have affirmed what a wonderful man Lt. Thomas Wright was!. I would like any info on him if it is available. e.g. Home town; relatives. etc. Thanks for the work to produce a great magazine. Con Malavos.
Thanks Con, for the information - happy that you have heard from others already. A salute to your father!
John Kline. 423/M. CUB editor

19769 Oueen Lane Rehoboth Beach DE 19971
    Please sign me on as an Associate member so that I can receive the CUB and any other news that Jack would have received. Having attended many reunions, we widows, feel like we have made many friends and would like to keep in touch. Sincerely Anne McDevitt

PO Box 309 Closter NJ 07624 redisnap@aoLcom 201-767-8830
    While on my recent trip to New Jersey. my good friend Murray Stein. Association President. enrolled me into the 106th Infantry Division Association.
    My membership was not listed in the last CUB, so I thought 1 would write my information. I also have a Winter address which is 2410 Players Court. Wellington FL 33414 561-795-2213
I was a Staff Sergeant in 423/I.
    John, I believe the last quarter CUB was mailed before we were aware that you had signed on as a member. You are now in the roster - Welcome back to the 106th

6118 Rolling Water Drive Houston TX 77609
    A Private in "C" Company I was transferred to Headquarters Company, 422nd Regiment December 15. 1944. Couldn't get to HQ Company because of enemy fire. During the fighting I was wounded in the head by a snipers bullet and captured at Schonberg, Germany. Sent to a hospital at (Gerolstein ????). The hospital was bombed Christmas day. I fell four stories to basement. paralyzed. Finally wound up in Stalag XII-A, strafed while in box cars. I finally escaped . taking five U.S. soldiers with me back to American lines.

3520 Whitehall Drive 6302 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-697-0023 captgdr@aoLcom
    No information with application, other than the name of wife, Mercile Rittenhouse, who signed on as an Auxiliary member.


Mini-Reunions . . .

Two Photo: Mesa, AZ Reunion
Mesa, Arizona - December 16, 2005
    Dean Childs, 106 Signal. 245 South 56th St. 11 75, Mesa AZ 85206 - 602-985-3687 , Arizona had their Mini-Reunion in Mena on December 16. 2945 at the Hometown Buffet in Scottsdale. Arizona with 19 present. Associate member Bernie Weiner's father, Milton Weiner, came from California to join us. We opened the program reading a letter from Comrade Emilio Membrila, Thatcher. Arizona. Emilio had planned on being with us but, at the last minute. found it impossible to attend.
    Herman Van de Bogart. Paul Thompson. Calvin Wright. Toby Anderson. Milton Weiner and Bob Hirst brought to mind all that happened on December 16. 1944 and in the following days until they were discharged. It was interesting to hear how each survived the battle and the POW camps. Everyone agreed on how cold it was – very, very cold.
Men Back Row- l/r: Robert Hirst: Bernie Weiner: Herman Van de Bogart: Richard Behr: Calvin Wright and Dean Childs.
    Front Row-l/r: Paul Thompson: Milton Weiner: Toby Anderson and Tom Bugner. Ladies Back Row-l/r: Nita Hirst, Laura Thompson: Helen Van de Bogart: Eleanor Childs Front Row-l/r: Margaret Wright: Bea Behr: Amy Anderson: Pam Bugner.


Photo: Southern California Reunion
Southern California - December 11, 2005
Milton Weiner. 424/M, 20121 Ridgethome Ct, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 - 310-544-0470
    This was the 19th Annual Southern California "Bulge Commemoration" event. We started by reading "My First Reunion' by Dale Carver and the "Heroics of Americans who fought in World War II" - front John McCains book "Worth Fighting For: The 106th Division "Golden Lion's" flag was proudly flying. Call Quartermaster; John Gilliland 256-593-6801. or take a look at the flag in any CUB magazine under Gilliland's ads.
    Thirteen attended including five 106th Veterans who each gave a brief summary of their experiences in the "Battle of the Bulge.- The 2006 event will be on December 12, 2006.
Please write or call me to be added to the mailing list. address and phone number above.

Oklahoma - December 15, 2005
Peggy McClure 8807 77 Place So. Tulsa, OK 74133
The Oklahoma group stere together for lunch at Fountains Restaurant in Tulsa
    l/r: Don Herndon 424/L.: Jean Herndon. Peggy McClure (Widow of Clint -423/HQ; David Deffenbaugh 423/D: Anita and Leland Turley 432/H.


Mini-Reunions . . .

Bradenton - Sarasota, Florida - 2005
Ray Twardzik. 106 Signal. 5518 Garden Lakes Oak, Bradenton. FL 34203 Phone: 941456-1440
    The W. Coast of Florida 2005 106 Division Mini-Reunion was held at the Dutch Heritage Restaurant, Sarasota. Florida. Organized by Ray Twardzik, there were 35 attendees. David Ford, Associate was the featured speaker and Bill Mangold was coordinator of games and prizes. Bob Eldridge led the opening prayer. Everyone enjoyed their dinners and camaraderie. This year we included veterans from other Battle of the Bulge organizations. Stan Colby - 99th Division. and Harry Glixon the 94th Division. Men -1st Row l/r Leonard Turgeon. Boris Stern. Ray Twardzik. Lyle Beeth. Harry Glixon-94th. Charles Fehnel. Bill Mangold.
    2nd Row 1/r Bob Eldridge Dick Brokaw. Dennis Obrien. El Creel. Sid Aurerbach. Don Sholten. Stan Colby-99th. Lester Helmich. James Edwards. Ken Smith. Bob Snovel. David Ford-Associate. missing from picture Herb Karnes.
Ladies: Sitting l/r Evelyn Turgeon. Isabel Twardzik. Lael Snovel.
    Standing: l/r Lorraine Glixon. Marie Beeth. Margaret Large. Mary Ann Scholten. Gloria Colby. Jill Blaufox. Arline Ford. Mary Kelso. Jody Brokaw. Pauline Fehnel. missing is picture Margurette Helmich.


Maryland, D.C. and Virginia - December 15, 2005
    John Schaffner. 589/A. 1811 Miller Rd. Cockeysville. MD 21030 - 410-584-2754 We held our MD, D.C.. VA Mini-reunion at Ft. G.G. Mead Club. Maryland. D.C. and Virginia. Sixty-six (66) were recruited to attend but, due to the scare thrown at us by the weather forecasters, had 26 no-shows. Only four of us were 106th vets. Grayson Bishop. Phil Hannon. Jack Schoelkopf, and myself (on the group photo.) The other man on the group photo (right side) is Mike Ciquero whose brother (423/H) was killed during the BOB. Some came from a great distance: Rockledge. PA and Charlotte. NC to attend. The 106th vets in this area are becoming more scarce all the time. This little celebration is turning into a "y'all come- party for folks interested in WW II history- The speaker was Bob Mullauer, eminent historian with all things WW II He delivered a dynamic presentation on the Battle of the Huertgen Forrest. Father Edward Hill, USN Chaplain. (Ret) delivered the invocation. Mary Davis (guest) read a very sensitive poem that she wrote as a high school student in 1944 about the boys fighting or freedom. We are hoping for better weather next December.

Alabama - December 16, 2005
Joseph A. Massey 422JC 4820 Spunky Hollow Road. Hernia, AL 35133-5546
From Row l/r: Hazel Massey: Francis Lacey: Norma Temple: Will Temple 422/I)
Back Row l/r: Joe Massey 424/D: Lawrence Williams 422/D
    We meet for a dinner meeting at the Club in Birmingham. Alabama. with the veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. as we do each year. Attending the combined meeting were approximately fifty or more. but only six from the 106th. Unable to attend were Barbara and Walter Bridges, John and Sandra Gilliland, Hugh and Nina Kingery and John Racster. Tum out not as good as in the past but very enjoyable.


Mini-Reunions . . .

Nebraska-Western Iowa - October 17, 2005
    Dean and Della Sandahl, 3041 N 61st Street. Lincoln, NE 68507 402-466-3546 satidyckkoria410,2s9,0 We net at the USA Steak Buffet Lincoln Nebraska on a beautiful autumn day. We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and an the invocation including a prayer for our service men and women who are in harms way. We also saluted and paid respect to our departed comrades. We had a private room and enjoyed a delicious steak/chicken buffet dinner. Two of Dale Carver's poems were read. Charles and Jane Henning reported on the their trip to the Battle of the Bulge area on the 60th anniversary of that battle. We enjoyed the report that included photos of the special occasions where all of our veterans were honored. We plan on hosting this affair at the same place at 11 AM on Monday. October 18. 2006. We hope that more veterans from the area will be able to join us.
    1/r: Dean and Della Sandahl 422/B (Hosts) Lincoln: Harold and Lorraine Hawkins 423/D Omaha: Charles and Jane Henning 424/B Peru. NE: Gene and Marcy Kuhn 106/MP Columbus: Leonard and Evelyn Tyser 423/I Wilbur NE: Earl and Louisa Kinney 423/B Franklin: Joanne Lujert (Kuhns daughter) David City. John Henning (son of Charles & Janet also attended dinner.

To all Mini-Reunion Chairman from Harry Martin - Mini-Reunion
Chairman. Backup George Call.
We are proud to include the following Mini-Reunion reports in this issue of "The CUB" for this year's activities.
I wish to thank all the chairmen and helpers who made this all possible.
    It is vital that we continue the Mini-Reunion programs, for there are many of us that are unable to travel to the National Reunions.
Please continue to send your photos to the CUB Editor for publication.
    Please, also send a report to me in order that I can summarize the years reunions to report to the Association Board.
Thank you.
Harry Martin, 121 McGregor Avenue, Mt Arlington, NJ 07856-1032
e-rnailmnartinjr@localnet.coin Telephone: 973-663-2410


Atlanta, GA - December 11, 2005
Frankie Burkes, Associate, 7114 Forest Lane. GA 30291, 770-774-9745
    On Sunday, December 11.2005 the Atlanta group meet at the Steak & Ale Restaurant. 1477 Virginia Avenue. College Park. GA 30337. We were few in number, but a good time was had by all. Men – l/r: Willi Alphonse 333 FAB/C: Hank Blair 423/HQ; Stan Portnoy 592/HQ: Carl Canup 424/C; Bill Jenkins 422/H and Woody Harriman.
    Ladies - Back Row l/r. Frankie C. Burkes: Mary Ruth Kimsy: Leanna Alphonse: Jean Shirley: Dorothy Portnoy Second Row: Lenette Blair First Row: Martha Ward: Peggy Harriman


Mini-Reunions . . .

Alton, Illinois - St Louis, MO - Dec 17, 2005
Marion Ray. 424/0.704 Briarwood Drive. Bethalto, IL 62910 610-377-3674 Email: z9y7a1r2esbcgtobal-net
    The Sixty-first Anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge was celebrated at TR's Cale and Banquet Center in Wood River. Illinois by former members of the 106th Infantry Division Association and their ladies. Twelve former **Golden Lions" and one son of a former member were in attendance. The attendees were treated to an outstanding presentation by the ‘Executive Director' of The Telegraph, the local daily newspaper.
    A drawing took place with the prize being one of the Division Association's beautiful flags and the winner was Paul Boschert representing Headquarters Battery, 590th Field Artillery Battalion. Everyone present promised to attend again next year, our Good Lord willing! It was a nice day. Men- Back Row l/r: George Foster 423/HQ 2Bn: Paul Boschert 590/HQ: Gilbert DeGerlia 422/HQ: Bill Kronmueller 423/E: John Mikalauskis 424/H: Briggs Hoffman 589/B: Lomoine Gehner 423/C: Marion Ray 424/D
    Men- Front Row, l/r: Carl Goering Associate; Victor Bauswell 422/B: Dan Brannan. Executive Editor, The Telegraph: Jack Rain 589/HQ: Don Hinrichs, 81st Eng/C: Ken Bryan 423/HQ 1 Bn
    Ladies- Back Row l/r: Debra Bryan Hensley: Helen Kronmuller: Delores Mikalauskis: Barbara Foster Ladies- Front Row l/r: Marge Bryan: Betty Rain: Violet Fischer: Emma Broschert: Pat Hinrichs and Nelda Bauswell


Michigan November 13, 2005
John M. (Jack) Roberts (592/C) 1059 Alter Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-330-2667
    On Sunday. November 13. 2805. the Michigan veterans of the 106th Infantry Division Association held its annual Mini-Reunion dinner at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Livonia, MI. Attending were 43 veterans and guests. The guest speaker for the evening was Colonel Donald Kotchman from the U.S. Tank & Automotive Command (TACOM) in Warren, MI. He presented a very interesting and educational slide and video presentation on modern warfare and how new technology and equipment is being used today by our armed forces around the world. Back Row L/R: Colonel Kotchman (Guest speaker from the U.S. Tank &Automotive Command (TACOM): Rudy Aittama (106/RECON): Dr. Jay Ice (424/ SV): Chuck Reeber (423/D): John Plotkowski (422/HQ 1 BN): Jack Roberts (592/C): Harold Ortwine (592/C): Colonel Phillip Owens (TACOM) and Command Sergeant Major Otis Cuffee (TACOM).
    Front Row L/R: Stan Kups (106/SIG): Dr. Willard (Bill) Keeber (424/G: Bill Martin (424/C): Paul Wasylon (422/HQ 1 BN) and Tony Rand (589/B).

    Ladies - Back Row L/R: Cindy Ortwine Carroll: Julie Roberts: Donna Martin: Gloria Plotkowski: Mary Lou Roberts: Mary Reeber: Lenore Kups: Nancy Rand: Breanne Barton: Jean Ice and Sheila Cuffee. Front Row L/R: Christina Roberts; Elizabeth Ortwine: Marlene Martin: Joan Grant: Audrey Ortwine: Norma Aittama: Jeanne Schutte and Bea Keeber.


New Mexico - Dec 16, 2005
Dr. Ralph J. Nelson, DDS 422/Cannon, 1 Acoma Lane. Los Alamos. NM 87544. 505-622-9707
    The New Mexico contingent of the 106th Infantry Division Association, held its Mini-Reunion in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had a delicious lunch at the popular Albuquerque Restaurant. The meeting opened with a moment of silence as we remembered our comrades, especially the fallen ones, on the 61st Anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. We enjoyed our social time of fellowship..
    Men l/r: Dr. Ralph J. Nelson. 422/CN: Wendell ' Bud' Albaugh 424/IHQ 1Bn: James H. Twinn DIV/ARTY: Robert E. Soladay 422/SV
    Ladies l/r: Rhoda Nelson: Christine Lee (Nelson): Marte Twinn: Beverly Soladay: Margaret Velasquez Widow of Armando Velasquez 424/K not pictured -though she was present.

Ohio Mini-Reunion - December 15, 2005
Charles Garn 424/H 1937 Highbridge Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
    Our Mini-Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn, Cuyahoga Falls, OH. It was organized and arranged by Vivian McCullough. Left- front/back: Pat Kuhman: Clem Kuhlman 423/M and Pete DiRenzo 106 Signal:
Right-front to back Chuck Garn 424/H: Vivian McCullough and Sylvia DiRenzo Barely shown back
right 106 Flag (See John Gilliland ad in this CUB magazine.)


Mini-Reunions . . .

New Jersey – December 13, 2005

    Joseph Krafchik 331 MED/HQ, Floyd Elston 589/A, Henry Krajewski 424/L, Harry Martin, Jr. 424/L, Dr. Duncan Truman 424/AT, George Call 424/B, John Gatens 589/A, William Blaher 422/I, Alvin Sussman 424/HQ 2Bn, Ralph Richter 331 MED/D, Glenn Lockenvitz 106 recon, Jerry Mount 634th AAA AW, Alphonse Ianuzzi 590/C

Ellie Ianuzzi, Miriam Blaher, Grace Truman, Mary Vandermast, Barbara Dziedzic, Susan Chow


Mini-Reunions . . .

Reading, Pennsylvania - Nov 18, 2005
John J. Gallagher , 81st /ENG/C, 4003 Francis Street. Temple, PA 19560 Tele: 61.29.2087
    We had our Memorial Dinner early this year. It was great being together, unfortunately some could not attend due to illness, they were Jack McDevitt and Don Showalter.
Two members had died this year, Bill Harris and Walter Shirk.
Men standing L/R: Deacon Ed Christianson: John Gallagher: William Crossland and George Moore
Men seated L/R: Vince Sziber. Joe Tarantino: Fred Carr Lou Cunningham
    Ladies standing L/R: Muriel Sziber: Ginny Carr- daughter of Carr's: Betty Carr: Marline Moore-guest: Mary Christianson
Ladies seated L/R: Stella Gallagher: Charlotte Cunningham: Norman Crossland and Connie Trantino
    Not shown: A photo of John Gallagher and Joe Tarantino holding the 106th flag which was given as a prize during the meeting.
    Charles and Nancy Datte did not attend because of a death of a son who lived with them and another son injured in an auto accident its California.


Washington - December 15, 2005
Myrton Dickerson 424/D 2500 South 370th Street 0209. Federal Way. WA 98003.7648 235-661-9325
    We were fortunate to have Associate member James Milewski and his Commander. LTC Lawrence W. Meder who spoke to us about the service. It was interesting learn what was going on in today's service world. They presented each of our members with a shoulder patch from their unit. It was held on Thursday Dec. 15th at the Hawks Prairie Inn. Above: L/R James Milewski: Myrton Dickerson 424/D LTC Lawrence W. Meder
    Below: Beatrice Dickerson; James and Brigitta Leonard 423/SV: Ray Johnston 423/H: George Strong 423/HQ and Myrton Dickerson 424/D

Kansas- December 20, 2005
William and Mary Lou Stahl 4221K 223 W Sixth Street Junction City KS 66441 7854364061
    Held at Perkins in Topeka - Bad weather/sickness cut attendance. Five 106th members. 4 wives, an 82nd Airborne Re-enactor and guests. Also Marsha and Kevin Mecktley, daughter and grandson of the Stahl's. Martin Jones 432/G told of his experience in the Hammelburg Raid that was led by Abe Baum. The Task Force found 1,400 American POWs rather than 1,000 that had been reported. After entering the compound only a few could return to the American lines. The raid turned out to be a failure and is described in a book authored by Captain Abe Baum. 106th Martin Jones and others.


Mini-Reunions . . .

Long Island, NY - November 13, 2005
Ephraim Goldberg, 555 Franklin Blvd., Long Beach, NY 516-432-7136 Email:
    The Long Island New York Mini-Reunion was held on Sunday. November 13, 2005 at Lambrou's Restaurant, Island Park, New York. with twelve men and ten women attending.
    This was the sixth Long Island meeting and was attended by many of our regulars. The dinner and camaraderie was, as usual. enjoyed by all.
    The men were: Sol Kravitz: Ed Goldberg: Gene Powell: Charles Condike: Al Sussman: Charles Lane: William Mueller: Irv Schrom: Charles Johansen: John Starmack: Louis Levy and Sol Grasso
    The women mere: Ann Kravitz: Mrs. Louis Levy: Neva Powell: Adele Johansen: Marilyn Getzoff: Irmgard Mueller: Lynda Sussman: Rhoda Schromn: Mary Grasso and Grace Starmack.


Mini-Reunions . . .

Madison, Wisconsin - October 15, 2005
Charles Rieck, 424/H. 7316 Voss Parkway, Middleton, WI 53562 608-831-6110
    The Wisconsin 16th Annual Commerative Meeting of The Battle of the Bulge was held at CJs East, In Madison, Wisconsin. on October 15. 2005. We had 43 people in attendance and they were:
    Mr./Mrs. Jerome Miller: Mr./Mrs. Robert Homan: Mr./Mrs. Raymond Kurth: Mr./Mrs. Albert Kath: Mr./Mrs. Howard Jones: Mr./Mrs. Edmund Podlaski: Mr./Mrs. John Hendrickson: Mr./Mrs. Walter Petersen: Mr./Mrs. Charles Lowe: Mr./Mrs. Henry Wittenberg: Mr./Mrs. Clifford Arngard: Mr./Mrs. Tom Paynter: Mr./Mrs. Pete Di Bernardo: Ms. Criss Armgard: Mr. Mike Cunningham: Mr. Victor Fuchs: Ms. Jean Meredith: Mr. Robert Paynter. Mr. Fred Boussard: Mrs. Elrose Nagle: Ms. Barbara Hoff: Ms. Pat Christianson: Mr. Edward Wojahn: Ms. Val Kath: Md. Cheri Larson: Mrs. Virginia Post: Mr. David Post. Ms. Nina Spenle: Mr. Charles Rieck
    David Post was again the photographer. No program. but a lot of social interaction. By group action the 2006 meeting will he held on October 21. 2006 at CJs East in Madison. Wisconsin.


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . . .

The True Story of a World War II P.O.W. The Germans Couldn't Hold
by John M. "Jack" Roberts. Association Past-President
    "Jack" Roberts. C. Battery. 592nd Field Artillery Battalion. recently published a book about his experiences during the -Battle the Bulge" in December 1944 where he was ambushed and captured by the Germans.
    The book. 237 pages. with a colorful cover. gives a detailed account of his harrowing, experiences telling how he was able to escape his German captors. while behind enemy lines, before reaching a POW compound. Early chapters in the book gives the reader an overview of his youth. including his military training leading up to his capture. The book then concludes with his adjustment to civilian life with it's rewards after discharge from the Army. Order from and make payable to: John M. Roberts. 1059 Alter Road. Bloomfield Hill,. MI 48304. Email: Telephone: 1-240-338-2667 Price: 427.95 includes Shipping

456 pages $50.00 + $6 shipping
Author Dean F. Jewett 168th Combat Engineers, PO Box 148, Saco ME 04072
    Author made two trips to St. Vith, Rhine River, Armor School Library, Military History Institute, plus personal information from 168th Combat Veterans.
    168th Combat Engineer Battalion, was attached to the 106th Id Division at St. Vith. Their three line companies were defending the Prumerberg. A battalion of 600 men suffered 335 casualties. 33 KIA. The others wounded. POWs or MIA. The 168th is credited with Normandy Invasion, Northern France, Rhineland, assault crossing of the Rhine River, Central Europe. Ending up near Czechoslovakia..

Author Earl S. Parker 423/E
1st Books Library. 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200 Bloomington. IN 4741)3
Telephone 1-888-280-7715
Also available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Borders at $14.95.
Any book store can order the book by Title. Author or ISBN Number
    Here is the story of a young draftee in World War II who experienced life in the Armored Force, the Army Air Force pilot training program and the reality of combat in an Infantry Division. On line with the 106th in a quiet sector of the Ardennes, these foot soldiers were in the direct path of the massive German offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge, Overwhelmed by the sheer might of numbers and firepower arrayed against them. they managed to upset the enemy timetable until forced to surrender on the fourth day of what has been called the greatest battle of the war in terms of men and machines. This book is about an individual and his experiences under fire and as a prisoner of war: liberation by the Russian Army and his adventures on a hike across country to rejoin the American Amy. Here, an attempt has been made to create the feeling of the times in addition the problems of the moment. It is a book about real people in a tragic period of history.

Compiled, Edited and reproduced by Robert Skopek, Associate member.
    By Chaplain Fr. Paul W. Cavanaugh S.J. (Captain) 422nd Regiment. Chaplain Cavanaugh who was a POW at Stalag IX-B. Bad Orb and Oflag XIII-B. Hammelburg Bavaria. 252 pages of Father Cavanaugh's writings and photographs.
    Many of you will remember Chaplain Father Cavanaugh, who was such a wonderful support during your service days and particularly so during the stressful times as a POW. He was of such support in the Box-Cars and during the long marches and the bombing at Limburg, Germany and the Christmas days, when you were thinking so strongly of home. He led many of you in the singing of Christmas Carols in the boxcars. He also held services in the POW Camps. He was cherished by those that knew him, and those he served. This book, "PRO DEO PATNA" was very popular at the 58th Annual Reunion in Milwaukee. Every cent of the proceeds that were gained there was given as a gracious gift, by Skopek, to the Association. It is available for $20.00 from ROBERT SKOPEK, 7847 CAHILL ROAD, Manlius, NY 13104


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . . .

Author Hal Taylor, 423/CN, 2172 Rockridge Dr.. Grand Junction. CO 81503
Available as a hard copy or electronic transfer.
    A Teen's War describes the experiences of a small town boy in the latter stages of World War It. Portions originated from letters written home about induction, training, and time overseas with the 423rd Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division and that unit's short period of combat in the Battle of the Bulge.
    The story is unique compared to most war books, for it contains none of the pedantic pretenses of most military histories, filled with strategy or the so-called 'Big Picture.' Instead, A Teen's War tells how a young. private soldier became aware of reality and the world around him despite his limited view.
    All readers who have ever heard the words, 'missing in action.' will find this book interesting. Readers who were prisoners of war themselves, particularly of the Germans, will recall those hellish times and understand that recollection enables one to live and to cope with the realities of today.

Available at and
Also available on her website
ISBN: 1-4017-9656-6 (Soft Cover) ISBN 1-407-9655-8 (Hard Cover)
    Almost as it torn from today's headlines comes the riveting story of patriotism and courage. love and comradeship. as told in The Warmth of a Song. Set against WWII's The Battle of the Bulge, this adventurous tale is inspired by actual eye-witness accounts. As Hawk Clarke fights for God and country, when the platoon he leads narrowly escapes from the German Panzer battalion that has them surrounded, he also learns the greatest freedom of all -the courage it takes to free the human spirit. Returning to Boston after a sniper's bullet penetrated his spine. Hawk mourns the loss of his once strong legs. Can he break free from the cage he feels his life has become in time to help an old woman release a miracle?
Helen von Erck:
    Helen von Erck lives in Atlanta. Georgia with her daughter. Hayley. While growing up in South County, Rhode Island, she began cultivating a lifelong fascination with history. She has turned that interest into a passion. and has conducted in-depth research into the life and times of the 1940's and World War II. She attended the University of Rhode Island and the University of Denver where she studied Business Management with a minor in Creative Writing. This is her debut novel-

    This book is available from the author for $13.00 (includes shipping cost 6159 Brookside Lane. Apt A. Willowbrook. IL, 60527. Copies are also available from for $10.95 plus S & H.
    This is a fascinating. eloquent account of a 19 year old trying to grow to manhood in the middle of a deadly world war. After briefly describing his rigorous training as an infantry soldier, including some semi-comic events while learning to drive a jeep, he and his buddies were finally off to war in Europe as well-trained, confident members of the 106th Infantry Division.
    Shortly after arriving at the battle front in December, 1944 during a bone-chilling, bitter cold winter, the majority of the Division was surrounded and finally overwhelmed in a bloody battle, by a much larger, more powerful German force during the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. Thousands of young soldiers. including Zak. were forced to surrender. The rest of the book describes his life in three different camps as a prisoner of war. He gives a gripping account of the fear, the misery and the many dangers he often faced. As a prisoner he escaped death from bombs. machine gun fire, and a German guard's rifle bullet shot at him. He was hungry all the time, always under guard and powerless, and unsure of his ultimate fate. He mourned the death of many of his fellow soldiers during the battle, some at his side. and constantly worried whether his parents knew if he was alive or dead.
    Zak ends his book describing the arrival of the Russian army and the surprising and disappointing beginning of the Cold War with the Russians. A well-told. remarkable story.


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . . .

    In two volumes - Published by TRACES, a nonprofit educational organization committed to telling the stories of Midwesterners and their WW II experiences.
    Volume 1 - (270 pages) Tells the stories of 9 soldiers who were POWs in Nazi Germany during WW II. Includes documents and photos as well personal journals and diaries. Paperback. $20. Add postage. see below.
    Includes Wm. Blackwell and Charles Lloyd Jones. 168th infantry. 34th Division: Carl Schneider. 133rd Infantry. 34th Division; George Rosie, 506th Paratroopers. 101st Airborne: Delbert Berninghaus, John Kline and Elmer Sorensen, 423rd Regiment, 106th Division: James Fuller, 422nd Regiment. 106th Division: and Oliver Omanson. 179th Regiment. 45th Division.
    Volume 2 -(170 pages) Companion to the above, this one includes the stories of 6 airmen who were POWs in Nazi Germany during WW II. Paperback $20. Add postage. see below. Purchase together and enjoy a special price - $35
One book $1.50 media mail or $3.95 express mail
Two books $2.00 media mail or $6.00 express mail
Send orders to: Pat Schultz 24640 305th Street. Nora Springs, IA 50458 641-696-3483 pals420,

    BEFORE THE VETERANS DIE By Dale Carver, Poet Laureate (deceased) a book of poems inspired by World War II... 106th Inf Division Association by Dale R. Carver (deceased)- Order from Ruth Carver , $10.00 Post-paid
    Dale, died in 2001. He had written poetic memories of the War. His poems appeared in "The CUB" for several years. They all bring back memories and visions of the times.
    Dale was awarded the Silver Star for Valor. He disabled German mines, while under attack, that had been placed under a bridge.
    For that he received a battle field promotion (from 2nd to 1st Lt. and was awarded the Silver Star for "gallantry under fire." He told me, during one reunion, that he thought it, the Silver Star, should have been for another time when he led a group of soldiers through a live mine field to safety. The soldiers had walked into the mine field and were "frozen" in fear."

    Author Marilyn Estes Quigley (This was a popular book - shown and sold at the 58th Annual reunion, Marilyn, associate professor of English at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, teacher composition, literature and creative writing. The current Evangel campus was O'Reilly General Hospital during WWII. a medical facility for soldiers. Quigley's office, still in an original barracks, was formerly an operating room. She published fiction, children's musical, poetry, and articles. Her husband Ed designed and painted the cover of Hell Frozen Over. Author's email:
    Buy from "Author House" 1663 Liberty Drive. Bloomington. IN 47403 Also at other major bookstores $16.95 telephone: 1-888-519-5121 or Website: $14.50 Check on shipping charges.
    Hell Frozen Over describes the personal experiences of sixteen 106th soldiers who were caught in Hiller's final grasp to strangle the continent. More than half of these men were among the 7,001 in the Division who were taken as prisoners of war. Scattered in camps throughout Germany. they willed themselves to survive as deprivation and even slave labor threatened their lives and sanity. Their comrades-in-arms who escaped capture and remained to fight in foxholes and tanks had other hells to endure, as did the civilians of every town in the area. There are nearly 30 WWII photos of 106th servicemen along with accountings their personal stories-


World War II and Battle of the Bulge Books . . .


    A story about Rishel WHITE 106/RECON. A film of life. family and war Rishel White, a husband, father and soldier, grew up in a coal mining town, joined the army, married the women he loved and never expected to find himself in one of the epic battles of history, that brought him to a POW Camp and made him endure harsh mental and physical treatment. Runs 1 hour 28 min. DVD disc or VHS video cassette. $22.45 includes shipping and handling. Send check or money order. Produced by son Matthew White
4th COAST PRODUCTIONS. 14250 NYS RTE 3, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685
315-478-6718 or order on line at -

Battle of the Bulge Books
Author Associate Member Hans Wijers
Zegerijstraat 27 • NI .4071 /N Brummen
(Currently working on Book - 106th Infantry Division in the Bulge)

Book on the 99th Infantry Division Sector - U.S. Troops Block Northern German Advances
Price: 45.00 US Dollars world wide shipment included!)
Soft cove, 8.5" x11", -270 pages. black & white photographs and cobs photographs. maps. copies of
original documents.

Hook on the 2nd Inf Div Sector - U.S. V Corps stops the 1st SS Panzer Corps
Price: -45.00 US Dollars (world wide shipment included !
Soh cover. 8.5"x I I". -250 pages. many -than and now- photographs of the old battlefield and maps.
copies of original documents.

Book on the I st Infantry Division Sector
U.S. V Corps stops the 1st SS Pan/er Corps Author Hans i. Wijers
Price : 311.101 Dollars (world wide shipment included!)
Soft cover. 0.5"x II". -ISO pages. many -than and now- photographs of the old battlefield and maps.
copies of original documents,


Memoriam . . .

    Death notices of members arrive in several forms and sizes. Some are one line and some are a page or more of fine print telling the life history of accomplishments, education and occupations and extended relatives . This MEMORIAM report will be limited to the member's name, address and 106th unit he was assigned to; the date of death; the names of his immediate family and information relative to their participation in the Association.
May our Comrades Rest in Peace

Barnes, L. Preston DIV/HO
30 Clinton .Street #6C Brooklyn NY 11201
Date of death: February Cub Returned marked Deceased.

Broderick, (Joe) Harold 422/G
    2171 Bootmaker Drive, Beloit, WI 53511 Date of death: January 16. 21106. Notified by his daughter Jane Hatleberg email: ljhattleberg@yahomeoin . Survived by his wife of 59 years - Verdelma Broderick , who is a current association member and six children Dennis Broderick. Holly Broderick. Jane Broderick. Kerry Broderick. Rosie Broderick, Mary Broderick. 16 grandchildren. II great-grandchildren. a brother and two sisters. Plus numerous nieces and nephews.

Brislin, Joseph 422/K
    2066 Chester Rd Tanglewood Apt, Bethlehem, PA 18017 Date of death April 17. 2005. He is survived by his wife of 65 years Mary Alice Brislin, Isis widow, who continues as an Associate member, arid their seven children: Michael Brislin. Joseph Brislin. Anne Brislin: Thomas Brislin: Mark Brislin: Mary Brislin and Robert Brislin and 27 Grandchildren, three great-grandchildren: a brother Thomas and James.

Bynum, F.G. 424/B
1808 Linthicum Lane, Birmingham, AL 35217
    Date of death: April 14. 2006 by wife Avis. He is survived by his wife. Avis Bynum. April 14 marked 68 years together. F.G. was co-founder of Bymoco Metal Fabricators who were the gold standard for custom made metal doors for hospitals, schools and churches.

Dahlen, William S. 591st Service Battery
    106 in A Circle, Franklin IN 46131 Date of death: July I I. 21812. Mistakenly identified in the last CUB as "Patrick Dahlen.-Barbara Dahlen his wife, Associate member. wrote that they were married 55.5 years. have two sons. five grandchildren and tw great-grandchildren. My apologies. Barbara for the error. John Kline editor.

Dalton, James V.
1220.5 Benson, Chino CA 91710
    Reported its the last CUB - James was mistakenly reported dead during the 59th Annual Reunion in Arlington. Virginia. We are happy to report that he is well and alive. Our apologies. I was not in attendance and have e no idea who reported it to our officers. John Kline ...

Gregory, John A. 424/E (Past-President 106th Infantry Association)
    4624 Ashton Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864 Date of death: March 16. 21816. John Gregory joined the Association in 1986. John. was elected to the Board during the 1995 Reunion. As an active participating board member he added to the strength of our board and enhanced the Association. He later served as president of the Association in the fiscal year 1999-2000. His shy smile and pleasant personality will be missed by all. He is survived by his wife Shirley Gregory of 55 years. four children Steve Gregory. Claudia Gregory. Jay Gregory and Susan Gregory. seven grandchildren. a sister and four nieces and several cousins.

Grimes, George 424/CN
106 Short Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
    Date of death: February 14. 2006. George was an Air Cadet before he was assigned to the 106th. Survived by his wife of 69 years. Kathryn Grimes. a daughter Linda Grimes and six grandchildren: five great grandchildren: three brothers: several nieces and nephews.


Memoriam ...

Huffine, Phil C. 422/C
    254 East Greenwood Avenue. Crown Point, Indiana 46.307 Date of death: December 26. 2(6)5. A fisherman. golfer, successful businessman. Phil is survived by his wife Betty Huffine, a son David Huffine. a daughter Amanda Huffine.

Jones, Ted N. 423/C
4646 North Mill Creek Road, Dallas TX 75244
    Date of death: March 9.2006 following a brief illness. Reported by Hugh Colbert. Ted was a Tech/Sgt. He is survive ed by his wife of 55 years. Beth Jones: and two sons.

    5201 W 143rd Street #207, Leawood KS 66224 Date of death: February 15.2(06. Born in Vilonia. Arkansas, a college graduate. he pastured Nazerene church. in Texas from 1938 to 1944 then volunteered to become a chaplain during WWII. He was liberated by Patton's raid on Hammelburg and forced to surrender again two days later. He continued his life, after the war in his church and educational work. Survived by his wife of 67 years. Clarice Moore. two sisters. two sons Kent Moore and Brad Moore: four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Potts, William M. 424/K
    8179 Sandwedge Terrace, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952 Date of death: April 25, 2006 Potts died of complications following 2way bypass surgery. He retired in 1983 after thirty-five years with Union Carbide Corporation where he was a Project Manager & Senior Programmer Analyst. Potts was a graduate of Upsala College. East Orange. NJ.. class of 1950. He got married in 1952. He and his wife, Thelma Ann Ring, lived in Pompton Plains. Mahwah and Brick, New Jersey. In retirement they lived in Jensen Beach. Stuart and Port St. Lucie. Florida. During retirement he took more than 70 cruises with his wife and sometimes included his children. He served two years in "C" company. "5th" Battalion of the New Jersey State Guard. while attending high school. had his basic training at Camp Blanding. IRC. Florida. He was a military book club member and avid reader of WW II books. Late January 1945 Potts was a replacement in "K" Company. 424" Regiment as a machine gunner. His living identical twin brother. Arthur Potts was also a member of -IC Company. He is survived by his wife. Thelma Ann Potts. two daughters and four grandchildren.

Vaughn, Ronald E. 422/C
75 South Broadway Avenue #115, Somers Point 08244
Date of death: May 31. 2004. A daughter called to notify us to stop sending CUB.

Valenstein, Col. Earle (US Ret) 81st ENG/B
5737 Bar Neck Road, Cambridge MD 48104
    Dale of death: April 8. 2006. Colonel Valenstein and his 81st Engineers- were always active association members. attending many of our reunions. Notification of Colonel
Valenstein's death was by his son Associate member Major John Valenstein (USRet)

Walsh, James R. 424/K
2511 Arvin Road. Billings, MT 59102
Date of death: February 11. 2006 No detail. Wife's name Harriet Walsh. no other details.

Wenslow, Patricia Ann Associate
Date of death: Died April 3. 2006. Widow of Marshall Wenslow (589/A) John Schaffner wrote.
    "Received a note today from daughter Wendy Jansen. Patricia Ann and her husband attended most of the reunions over the past years. Marshall 589/A died May 21815

York, Robert E. ' Bob' 422/D
142 E Sycamore, Grayville, IL 62844
death: March 30 2006. Notified by Gene Saucerman 422/D.
Survived by his wife. Thelma York, a son and daughter. five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren-


Annual membership fees run from July I to June 30
(The Association fiscal year)
    For Members paying ANNUAL dues - the date your membership is due in July of the year stated- The date is always shown in the first line of the address label For example: 2006 means your membership expires June 30.2006- LIFE means you are a life member-
For you Members Paying Annual Dues
July 1, is the date by which your ANNUAL DUES should be PAID

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424/E, 7
424/G, 7
424th Inf. Regt., 14
82nd Abn. Div., 31
94th Div., 22
99th Inf. Div., 22
Adams, Kemp B., 16
Adams, Ronald K., 16
Aittama, Norma, 27
Aittama, Rudy, 27
Albaugh, Wendell ' Bud', 28
Alford, Barney, 16
Alphonse, Leanna, 25
Alphonse, Willi, 25
Anderson, Amy, 20
Anderson, Toby, 6, 20
Ardennes, 5
Ardennes Forest, 14
Armed Forces Reunions, 4
Armgard, Ms. Criss, 33
Arngard, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford, 33
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Barnes, L. Preston, 41
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Baum, Capt. Abe, 31
Bauswell, Nelda, 26
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Beeth, Lyle, 1, 22
Beeth, Marie, 22
'Before The Veterans Die', 15
Behr, Bea, 20
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Belgium, 9, 11, 12
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Beyond The Beachhead, 9
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Black, Rev Ewell, Jr., 1
Black, Rev. Ewell C., Jr., 2
Blackwell, Wm., 38
Blaher, Miriam, 29
Blaher, William, 29
Blair, Hank, 25
Blair, Lenette, 25
Blaufox, Jill, 22
Bloch, Jacques, 7
Boschert, Paul, 26
Boussard, Fred, 33
Brannan, Dan, 26
Bridges, Barbara & Walter, 23
Bridges, Walter, 1
Bridges, Walter G., 2
Brislin, Anne, 41
Brislin, Bob, 16
Brislin, Joseph, 16, 41
Brislin, Mark, 41
Brislin, Mary, 41
Brislin, Mary A., 16
Brislin, Mary Alice, 41
Brislin, Michael, 41
Brislin, Robert, 41
Brislin, Thomas, 41
Broderick, (Joe) Harold, 41
Broderick, Dennis, 41
Broderick, Holly, 41
Broderick, Jane, 41
Broderick, Kerry, 41
Broderick, Mary, 41
Broderick, Rosie, 41
Broderick, Verdelma, 41
Brokaw, Dick, 22
Brokaw, Jody, 22
Broschert, Emma, 26
Brown, Craig, 16
Brown, Lynette, 16
Brumfield, Vernon, 7
Bryan, Ken, 26
Bryan, Marge, 26
Bugner, Pam, 20
Bugner, Tom, 20
Burkes, Frankie, 25
Burkes, Frankie C., 25
Bynum, Avis, 41
Bynum, F.G., 41
Call, Geo, 2
Call, George, 1, 24, 29
Canup, Carl, 25
Carr, Betty, 30
Carr, Fred, 30
Carr, Ginny, 30
Carroll, Cindy Ortwine, 27
Carver, Dale, 14, 15, 21, 24, 38
Carver, Ruth, 14
Cavanaugh, Paul W., 35
Chansler, John F., 7
Chatfield, Arthur, 6
Cheberenchick, David, 16
Childs, Dean, 20
Childs, Eleanor, 20
Chow, Susan, 29
Christianson, Ed, 30
Christianson, Edward, 2
Christianson, Mary, 30
Christianson, Pat, 33
Chuvarsky, Andrew, 12
Ciquero, Mike, 23
Clark, H.H., 6
Clarke, Lillian, 12
Cohn, Bernard, 12
Colbert, Hugh, 43
Colby, Gloria, 22
Colby, Stan, 22
Collins, John W., 7
Condike, Charles, 32
Cosby, Carl H., 7
Cox, Philip, 1
Craig, David, 14
Craig, Davis, 14
Creel, El, 22
Crossland, Norman, 30
Crossland, William, 30
Cuffee, Command Sergeant Major Otis, 27
Cuffee, Sheila, 27
Cunningham, Charlotte, 30
Cunningham, Lou, 30
Cunningham, Mike, 33
Dahlen, Barbara, 41
Dahlen, William S., 41
Dallman, Joe, 7
Dalton, James V., 41
Datte, Charles & Nancy, 30
Davis, Mary, 23
Deffenbaugh, David, 21
DeGerlia, Gilbert, 26
Dickerson, Beatrice, 31
Dickerson, Myrton, 31
Diehl, Wm., 6
Di'Franciso, Albert, 16
Direnzo, Pete, 28
DiRenzo, Sylvia, 28
Doxsee, Gifford, 1
Doxsee, Gifford B., 2
Dreibach, Jr., Carl, 6
Dziedzic, Barbara, 29
Edwards, James, 22
Eisenhower, Gen., 5
Eldridge, Bob, 22
Elston, Floyd, 29
Falls, Deborah Nebeker, 16
Fehnel, Charles, 22
Fehnel, Pauline, 22
First Reunion, 21
Fischer, Violet, 26
Fisher, Col. Bob, 7
Ford, Arline, 22
Ford, David, 22
Foster, Barbara, 26
Foster, George, 26
Fournier, Riger, 7
Fowler, William, 6, 7
Fruetel, Harold, 6
Fuchs, Victor, 33
Fuller, James, 38
Fusco, George, 6
Gallagher, John, 30
Gallagher, John J., 30
Gallagher, Stella, 30
Gardner, Joseph V., 16
Gardner, Sharon, 17
Garn, Charles, 28
Garn, Chuck, 28
Gatens, John, 16, 29
Gehner, Lomoine, 26
Geidel, John, 17
Geidel, Richard, 17
Gerolstein, 18
Getzoff, Marilyn, 32
Gilliland, John, 13, 21, 28
Gilliland, John & Sandra, 23
Ginther, Keith, 7
Gist, Mordicai, 9
Glixon, Harry, 22
Glixon, Lorraine, 22
Goering, Carl, 26
Goldberg, Ed, 32
Goldberg, Ephraim, 32
Grant, Joan, 27
Grasso, Mary, 32
Grasso, Sol, 32
Gregory, Claudia, 42
Gregory, Jay, 42
Gregory, John A., 42
Gregory, Shirley, 42
Gregory, Steve, 42
Gregory, Susan, 42
Greve, Walter C., 2
Grimes, George, 42
Grimes, Kathryn, 42
Grimes, Linda, 42
Hannon, Phil, 23
Harriman, Peggy, 25
Harriman, Woody, 25
Harris, Bill, 30
Hatleberg, Jane, 41
Hawkins, Harold & Lorraine, 24
Head, Donald, 7
Helmich, Lester, 22
Helmich, Margurette, 22
Hendrickson, Mr. & Mrs. John, 33
Henning, Charles & Jane, 24
Henning, John, 24
Hensley, Debra Bryan, 26
Herndon, Don, 1, 3, 12, 21
Herndon, Donald, 12
Herndon, Donald F., 2
Herndon, Jean, 21
Hicks, Harry, 7
Hill, Edward, 23
Hinrichs, Don, 26
Hinrichs, Pat, 26
Hirsch, Rudolph, 7
Hirst, Bob, 20
Hirst, Nita, 20
Hirst, Robert, 20
Hoff, Barbara, 33
Hoffman, Briggs, 26
Holland, 9
Homan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 33
Horen, Geroge, 6
Houffalize, 12
Huffine, Amanda, 43
Huffine, Betty, 43
Huffine, David, 43
Huffine, Phil C., 43
Ianuzzi, Alphonse, 29
Ianuzzi, Ellie, 29
Ice, Dr. Jay, 27
Ice, Jean, 27
Jansen, Wendy, 44
Jenkins, Bill, 25
Jewett, Dean F., 34
Johansen, Adele, 32
Johansen, Charles, 32
Johnson, Charles, 7
Johnston, Ray, 31
Jones, Beth, 43
Jones, Charles Lloyd, 38
Jones, Martin, 31
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Howard, 33
Jones, Ted N., 43
Karnes, Herb, 22
Kath, Mr. & Mrs. Albert, 33
Kath, Val, 33
Keeber, Bea, 27
Keeber, Dr. Willard (Bill), 27
Kelso, Mary, 22
Kerr, Allen, 6
Kimsy, Mary Ruth, 25
Kingery, Hugh & Nina, 23
Kinney, Earl & Louisa, 24
Kline, John, 2, 3, 6, 12, 18, 38, 41, 42
Kline, John P., 1
Kortlang, Chas E., 7
Kosov, A.C., 7
Kotchman, Col., 27
Kotchman, Col. Donald, 27
Krachik, Joseph, 7
Krafchik, Joseph, 29
Krajewski, Henry, 29
Kravitz, Ann, 32
Kravitz, Sol, 32
Kronmueller, Bill, 26
Kronmuller, Helen, 26
Kuhlman, Clem, 28
Kuhman, Pat, 28
Kuhn, Gene & Marcy, 24
Kups, Lenore, 27
Kups, Stan, 27
Kups, Stanley, 6
Kurth, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond, 33
Lacey, Francis, 23
Lamb, Gerald, 17
Lane, Charles, 32
Langham, Francis, 7
Langham, Jean, 6, 7
Large, Margaret, 22
Larson, Cheri, 33
Latournes, Robert, 12
Lee, Christine, 28
Leonard, Brigitta, 31
Levy, Louis, 32
Levy, Mrs. Louis, 32
Lichtenfeld, Seymour, 2, 3
Limburg, 16
Lockenvitz, Glenn, 29
Lowe, Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 33
Lugens, Freddy, 12
Lujert, Joanne, 24
Luxembourg, 9
Malavazos, Conrad, 17
Malavazos, Constantine ‘Chuck', 18
Malavos, Con, 18
Maloney, Joseph, 1
Mangold, Bill, 22
Marcum, George, 6
Margraten, 11
Margraten Cemetery, 11
Martin, Bill, 27
Martin, Donna, 27
Martin, Harry, 24
Martin, Harry F., Jr., 1
Martin, Harry, Jr., 29
Martin, Marlene, 27
Martin, William, 7
Massey, Hazel, 23
Massey, Joe, 23
Massey, Joseph, 1
Massey, Joseph A., 2, 23
Mayrsohn, Bernard, 2
McCain, John, 21
McCartney, George, 7
McClure, Peggy, 21
McCullough, Vivian, 28
McDevitt, Ann, 6
McDevitt, Anne, 18
McDevitt, Jack, 30
McWhorter, William, 1
Mecktley, Marsha & Kevin, 31
Meder, Ltc. Lawrence W., 31
Membrila, Emilio, 20
Meredith, Jean, 33
Mikalauskis, Delores, 26
Mikalauskis, John, 26
Milewski, James, 31
Miller, Joseph, 6
Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Jerome, 33
Mills, Jim, 17
Mills, Robert, 6, 7
Mitchell, William C., 7
Moore, Brad, 43
Moore, Clarice, 43
Moore, George, 30
Moore, Kent, 43
Moore, Mark, 43
Moore, Marline, 30
Mount, Jerry, 29
Mueller, Irmgard, 32
Mullauer, Bob, 23
Nagle, Mrs. Elrose, 33
Najarian, John, 18
Nebeker, Aquila Chauncey, Jr., 16
Nelson, Dr. Ralph, 2, 7
Nelson, Dr. Ralph J., 28
Nelson, Rhoda, 28
Nester, George, 6
Newman, Saul A., 2
Normandy Invasion, 9
Obrien, Dennis, 22
Omaha Beach, 9
Omanson, Oliver, 38
Order of the Golden Lion, 1
Ortwine, Audrey, 27
Ortwine, Elizabeth, 27
Ortwine, Harold, 27
Owens, Col. Phillip, 27
Parker, Earl S., 34
Paynter, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, 33
Paynter, Robert, 6, 33
Petersen, Mr. & Mrs. Walter, 33
Peterson, Dick, 3
Peterson, Dr. Richard, 3
Plotkowski, Gloria, 27
Plotkowski, John, 27
Podlaski, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund, 33
Portnoy, Dorothy, 25
Portnoy, Stan, 25
Post, David, 33
Post, Virginia, 33
Potts, Arthur, 43
Potts, Thelma Ann, 43
Potts, William M., 43
Powell, Gene, 32
Powell, Neva, 32
Power, Harold, 18
Quigley, Marilyn Estes, 38
Racster, John, 23
Rain, Betty, 26
Rain, Jack, 26
Rand, Nancy, 27
Rand, Tony, 27
Ray, Marion, 1, 3, 26
Reeber, Chuck, 27
Reeber, Mary, 27
Reider, Jr., George, 6
Remember 39-45 Museum, 11
Reunions, 20, 22, 24, 26, 29, 30, 32
Richter, Ralph, 29
Rieck, Charles, 33
Rigatti, Dick, 3
Rigatti, Richard, 1, 7
Rigatti, Richard L., 1
Ring, Thelma Ann, 43
Rittenhouse, George D., 19
Rittenhouse, Mercile, 19
Robb, Dr. John G., 1
Roberts, Christina, 27
Roberts, Jack, 1, 3, 27
Roberts, John M. (Jack), 27
Roberts, John M. 'Jack', 34
Roberts, Julie, 27
Roberts, Mary Lou, 27
Rockwell, Capt., 18
Roos, Arthur, 6
Rosie, George, 38
Sandahl, Dean & Della, 24
Schaffner, John, 1, 3, 11, 16, 23
Schecter, Irvin, 7
Schmetz, Mathilda, 11
Schmetz, Mathilda & Marcel, 11
Schneider, Carl, 38
Scholten, Mary Ann, 22
Schonberg, 16
Schonberg, Germany, 18
Schrom, Irv, 32
Schromn, Rhoda, 32
Schutte, Jeanne, 27
Seltzer, Richard, 6
Setter, Leon, 6
Shirk, Walter, 30
Shirley, Jean, 25
Sholten, Don, 22
Showalter, Don, 30
Skopek, Robert, 35
Smith, Ken, 22
Snovel, Bob, 22
Snovel, Lael, 22
Snovel, Robert, 7
Snyder, Walter M., 2
Soladay, Beverly, 28
Soladay, Robert E., 28
Sorensen, Elmer, 38
Sowell, Robert, 7
Sowell, Robert F., 2
Spellman, John, 6
Spenle, Nina, 33
Stahl, William & Mary Lou, 31
Stalag 9-B, 16
Stalag XII-A, 18
Starmack, Grace, 32
Starmack, John, 32
Stein, Murray, 1, 2, 4, 7, 18
Stern, Boris, 22
Stevenson, Robert, 6
Strong, George, 31
Sugimoto, Roy, 7
Sussman, Al, 32
Sussman, Alvin, 29
Sussman, Lynda, 32
Swett, John, 1
Sziber, Muriel, 30
Sziber, Vince, 30
Tarantino, Joe, 30
Task Force, 31
Taylor, Hal, 1, 2, 36
Temple, Norma, 23
Temple, Will, 23
Tenbrink, Sam, 6
Thompson, Laura, 20
Thompson, Paul, 20
Trantino, Connie, 30
Trautman, Frank, 1
Trueman, Dr. Duncan, 1, 2, 3, 5
Truman, Dr. Duncan, 29
Truman, Grace, 29
Turgeon, Evelyn, 22
Turgeon, Leonard, 22
Turley, Anita & Leland, 21
Turley, Leland, 6
Turley, Leland J., 7
Twardzik, Isabel, 22
Twardzik, Ray, 22
Twarok, Fred, 6
Twinn, James H., 28
Twinn, Marte, 28
Tyser, Leonard & Evelyn, 24
Utah Beach, 9
Valenstein, Col. Earle, 43
Valenstein, Maj. John, 44
Van de Bogart, Helen, 20
Van De Bogart, Herman, 20
van Moorlehem, Art, 7
van Rijf, Ron, 11
van Rijt, Ron, 11
Vandermast, Mary, 29
Vaughn, Ronald E., 43
Velasquez, Armando, 28
Velasquez, Margaret, 28
Von Erck, Helen, 36
Walsh, Harriet, 44
Walsh, James R., 44
Ward, Martha, 25
Wasylon, Paul, 27
Weiner, Bernie, 20
Weiner, Milton, 20, 21
Weiss, Newton, 2
Wenslow, Marshall, 44
Wenslow, Patricia Ann, 44
Wente, Martin, 1
Wente, Martin L., 2
West, Jim, 9
White, Rishel, 40
Wijers, Hans, 40
Williams, Lawrence, 23
Wittenberg, Mr. & Mrs. Henry, 33
Wojahn, Edward, 33
Wright, Calvin, 20
Wright, Lt., 18
Wright, Lt. Thomas, 18
Wright, Margaret, 20
Wyss, Ralph, 7
York, Robert E. ' Bob', 44
York, Thelma, 44
Zak, George K., 36
Zenn, Mike, 6
Ziegenhain, 16