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The Cub
Vol. 60, No. 3, Apr-, 2004

President's View
Chaplain, Message

Hatred is such a destructive force but so much simpler tan love. Simpler because hatred demands no commitment,
sacrifice,hate "?tarl7rvor7=Y7s,'ult°
and distance are Beat !actors in hating Sois.ning Thusthesoldier (ortheehild
    fix tlud [natter)is trauxxl to ra... enemy as lamm or jays or gooks or some other mime dot makes it easier toil:human. thustokill him. Most soldiers are able to kill more moils ifthcv
pmsessan intag of. encmy sufficiently evil
    So govertim= have teal to give high priority to psychologic•d preparations for war, preparing their soldiers to go into battle perceiving the enemy not as individual men or warn, but ass hostile power intent opan the destruct. of our people and our
lives. Dr, J, Glenn Gray, an infant, Tun
'Ire"' cant7' ("ryl'thrrl''OlfTatZ"c711: both soldiers A
    wv image of evil, And he illustrates the tn. that the farther we are from actual eontact with this image, the more we are consumed by it. So, ',civilian far removed from the (mule area is nearly certain to be more bloodthirsty than the front-line
Why? Because, says Dr, Gray, the soldier's hotrod has to be responsible, which
means Ithao'„un'ey teltcl i=eiret=r:Idf:::C=Ircsi ist;:gtik apt e
    for me," Soldiers kill in response to necessity, and most do so with reluctance, never actual, pulling the trigger because of hatred, Distance makes hatred easier, The difference is that despite the danger that the enemy represents, only the front- line soldier comes to know enemy as a human being especially aft that e7tCial experience when he takes his first prisoner, That, when the prisoner reveals to his opponent Sown humanity, Most captors respond human, unless sociopathic or
terribly 'rIsed or under extreme pressure exerted by peers and leaders in the S.S /.
Surely there are lessons for all of life in these combat reflections. Time can heal
much hatred, but the most efficacious therapy has to do with distance, or should I ,
    closeness ? The closer we become to any other, the more we get to perceive chat person's tarf:Ptc' that r: thYOrs7tratf dissolve yhcL17-d
Love your
hate you A tough order In a way,"
Front & Center '
""=.7. track aga. for
Ellsworth Schanerberger, Livonia, MI 331 MED/D took
the time to publish a very good display and instruction sheet
that could save you "driving miles" as well
as an intereexperience, CrossinEllsworth,nce.
Thanks Ellsworth. We appreciate the time it took display,onstruct this display.
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F 1117)649.2979 Fax:017,649-0109 ma
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Special NOTICE
106th PX has been discontinued
John Gilliland PX Manager, ann.... that the PX is closed.
Ile said that some item mar be ordered from
Leslie L Brows, 4132E 36th Place, Tulsa, OK 75135
Phone: 918-742-7133
    Such items as Bolo Ties, Silver @Black: Gold and at 519,50 each delivered, Leslie also has Mlt1ieisarcBlack: with rope
Leslieis a Ex-POW having fought in the South Pacific War,
For those with Internet capability I found a manufacturer. Gilliland mentions:
4,11Z sma:'',,7:11`d'!,`,-.<;'17:17
Peru, 11.61354, Phone 815-223-1159,
I searched the Web: They have a website at wsflybucthythmiesmi
an impressive list of WWII medals and other items that would be called -PX hems,-
0.r Toll Free 1414/1-21=1:=ALS. thru Friday Sam to 4:30 , CST.
Modals of America. 800-308,849,
Th=tirt 71 In
and H,J.Saunders. 800R-g13;1‘3,..'
Heads UP
    The spouse and child of a veteran who has been adnicated by VA as basing a total disability, permanent in nature, resulting from service connected disabilities may eligible for medical benefits under the Department of Veterans A ITairs program commonly referred to as CHAMPVA (Civilian Health and medical Program of the department of Veterans affairs,
    You may obtain wt application thr M.. Benefits for Dependents or Survivors -CHAMPVA, VAF 10-10d by contacting CHAMPVA Center at PO Box 65024, Denver, CO 80206-5024 or by telephone (toll free. 1-800.733-8373.
    If 1 can be personal: We, are saving over 54,000 in Drug and Secondary Insurance (like Blue Cross Blue Shield, premiums, My wife, drugs come by mail- rogniar as clock work. and .r dropped her supplemental Hospital Policy, it's ail txwerd by CHAMPVA,
A great savings that was welcomed, Chock into it - You •
1 Kline Editor, The CUB
Front & Center . info©.sittelg.n,com
The CUB of th; Lion
Front & Center.. .
Association president John M. ESCAPE
"Jack" Robots, Batthry 592nd
Field AMU, Battalion, molly pub- The True Story
fished a book about his experiences
during the qtattie of the Bulge" in World 4 11
111 P,O.W,
December 1944 where he was am- The Germans Couldn't Hold
bushed and captured by the Germans,
The book, 237 pages, with a colorful cover, gives a detailed account of his hy John M,.'Jack" Roberts
    harrowing experiences telling how he was able to escape his German captors, while behind enemy lines, before reaching a POW compound. Early chapters in the book gives the reader an overview °Das youth, including his military training leading up to his capture, The book then concludes with to civilian life with it's rewards alter discharge from the Army, Jack's books were on sale in the "Hasp/to/try..." during the 57th Annual Reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association at Fort Mitchel, Kentucky where ma, members purchased the books that were on display.
For those of you who were unable to attend the reunion, you may purchase the book directly from Jack as follows:
John M. ‘Jack' Roberts, 1059 Alter Road, Bloomfield IBM, MI 48304.
email: jmr8106/Mc,com Telephone: 1-248-338-2667
Price: $27.95 includes shipping and handling.
Payable to John M. Roberts
HINDER FORWARD MINDER = cnuxua ax noxiroxy
4AttlrorDseaTrJ:4f1167:tombat Engineers, PO Box 249, Saco ME 04072
Author made two trips to St. Vitt', Rhine River, Armor School Library Military
Vith, Their three line companies were defending the Promerberg, A battalion of 600.
Rhineland, olca'ullAtL1 16:8
the Rhine Rim, Cent. Europe, Ending up near Caeatoslovakia,,
TheCUBelho GoldtanUen
Front & Center .
    Author Hal Taylor, 423/CN, 2172 Rockridge Dr,' Grand Junction, CO 81503 ball,jjaboantinig 970-2454807 Available bumliwww.Istbooks comas a haul copy or electronic trans.: A Teen, War describes the experiences of a small town boy in the latter stag. of World War II, Portions originated from letters written home about induction. training, and time overseas with the 423rd Regiment oldie 106th Infant, Division and that unit's short period of combat in the Battle of the Bulge, The story is unique compared to most war books, for it contains acme of the pedantic pretenses of most military histories. filled with strategy or the so-called 'Big Picture,' Instead, A Teen's War tells how a you, private soldier became aware of reality and the world around him despite his limited view,
    All readers who have ever heard the words, 'missing in action.' will find this book interesting. Readers who were prisoners of war themselves' particularly Of the Germans, will recall those hellish times and understand that recollection enables one to live and to cope with the of today,
MEMORIES OF A TOUR OF DUTY BY 1st Books Library, 1663 Liberty Drive
W071 IN EUROPE Suite 200 Bloomington, IN 47403
EARL,. PARKER 42,E Tel: 1-888-280.7715 !MK Isthookc.c.
100 Pagan 59,95
    Also available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Borders at S14,95, Any book store can order the book by Title, Author or ISBN Number Here h the story of a young draftee in tkorW War II who experienced life in the Armored Force, the Army Air Folk gilt mining program and the nattily ofcombat in an Infant, Division. On line with the 106th in aquiet whir of theArdenn., these foot soldiers were in the direct path of the massive Gemara offensive that became {mown as The Bode J the Bulge, Overwhelmed by the sheer might of numbers and fuepower arrayed against them they ravaged to upset the timetable until forod to surrender on the fourth day of what has ken callrn the ,gemest bank oldie war in terms of mai and machines, ibis book is about an individual and his experience,: under fire and as a prisonerofwar-, liberation by the Russian Anny and his adventures on a hike...swim, to rejoin. American Army, Hereon attempt has been mark to create the feeling of the times in addition to the problems of the moment. It is a book about real people in a tragic period °flaw,,
1,(Iitor, Note:
    We have over the years listed books in "The CUB" as a service to our 106. In., Division authors, as well as to other person's with a story to tell about World WE II, Especially about "The Barrie of the Bulge,"
    Our representation orany book" in The CUB Magazine does not express acceptance of or an official opinion by ."106th Infantry Division Association, or it, officer, or Board of Director, or Editor."
It's up to, to judge for yourselfwhether to purchase or not purchase,
TheCUElof the Gokkan Lion
Front & Center . ,
Helen von Etok's
A Love Story About Freedom Set During The Battle of the Bulge -World War II
About the Book,
1= ...
1:r book la ''' :":°,.7.Z4""0„741, =7--
ISBN: 1.'017-NSN IaOn Corer)
':„"g==:",::::=7",7= rghb la God end country. wflen the INetoon he beds nartowly escapes Iron the Gemun
Panzer Dsnalan that hn them wrouncled he the great.t freedom of all ,the
    counpe rt takes to he0 Me human spin[ Retummg to Boston aaer a sniper • Dupel pen elreted h: spine. Hawk mourns ma lose 0/ his onx e;rong legs Can he break hoe from.
County. Rhode (Oland. she Degan tulWebng her "aZYn While grotty
fumed that ~nterost ante :rtes of the Ip10's end =Lt-isth,.....-end.d.d-v:57",c..7.17,--..
Un,vendy of Deny., *nen. she ended ..was Managemmt ove
Wm, A. • child. ...nod her swyteller
othve kilo on afa pisyground wall her Von.. Shetn. bagart h. prok.saena1 wra, oarser
From James West, Associate
Reference "Open Hours.'
    Jim says,. Museum is not open a great deal and it is hard to expect all to comply with the hours, In a recent communique I received this information:
In cases like this, have the GATE HOUSE call me at 526-1112, or I.TC Barrineau
eve would be happy to show you the Museum
    tun forwarding this message to Major Potts. Directorate of Military olice and he will Inform his soldiers of our need to allow visitors to be met al the gate and escorted
711nnkc again for your help, James West
Front & OSISO
Tristooktmer.....emenor. $13.00 ers. n
.1....stan 510.95......
NG.= forte Tim ors ems. stolm....
Se re in
atom be oftet
gtm rhet. Gen.
mesi Me dm. orms. et.
derserismoo of Ole sm. or.... army omt Me
rem... story
o. Ore.. m.mmt them0.1.111.
only loow.....0 Pow camp
son. ssiM.28. inromey D.. Form old
Major Ramo MM.., MB' ems= Me ...I gum e.notietrundog
EvO.o. 28. SOus, Dhisios u 4.3696. Ss®, Conams St MSS
Front & Center .

The CUB of 720oklen Lion
the nam0 0( the reppenl
Order Officer o! Thna, The lass of Direct= Al be 07 fEer1=YAtrar:
;'"eA'N'T"4"11°NASSID,Crt'AZI,N:"7:17:„O't be ountotrnat?The=dnitiFatd
1°.tIc'b exceed:17Y 71"nornt er:==linhLr" whereon 7thbagrd:rarrO„.
Dosed. h. "tat*n Da'""d
T" from the . .end
inch width o! the cobr infantry Woe The eleNdTilie7TI°N FOR OUTSTANDING
Order Four, The of 747 u°riti "o ttrON:171U7g IV= TYHT:FTTE of
17\i= c1SD:C7C";°1=1*""erd:hilltrt=nn:oriatab.TIZed on::i ntr:I=ord
    EZ''''.714"1707,=Z:17., to be ...del fron, nat. , HUNDRED Tlf liLPFIgeR:=0ZgRthOeU=ZSEtICE one: the name of the reapiMt ra:2",:;,,ToN ontonnrma LION ror service d arty nature wTetsoaver during that period, but may become pencil twenty ninM d November nineteen hundred lory two end eeooMhundred arod lorry flue, shas be rNlpible for membership in the ORDER o through outstanding and devoted sem
me Coy of Ahohatorm. Don. d Cokano, Mn Twenty FM.. de, or May In Ma Year dour LOrd,
The CU8 of the Gokion Uon
Front 8 Center .''
Commander Class Officer Class Companion Class
(Go. (Silver) (Bronze)
:B:" GElmer Shoo..
Dr. Maurice DeLaeal
Robert Sao,.
Sam Cariano John Kline
0 Paul Me,
r CeWiVa:Ifelersoo
DuwsN Frampton. Jr Pete House
Kay Loveless Wilda McMahon
Maydeen Wolt6
Jackie V~IMOCk hen Gdder
Martie Rutland Lea Gillilantl Den Bied
Roddie P^rmstt
Avis Britton Luella Meagher
Juno Waikor Barbara Bridges
ShOey Greg,
1,4GUB des Goklan
_ 14
Front 8 Center '' ,
Ten hours of the "Band of Brothers"and hopefully a tapo 01
"When Trumpets Fade" which is about the 28th Infantry Divlslon,
If you have "Caweeuttoegis3es;onfnt;ieeralliofno;example- of past


Front & Center .
POWs were captured and interned during World War 11, Over 21,000 former POWs
How should a former POW apply for VA Compensation,
    Former POWs can apply for Compensation for their servic•connectcd 11,11.10, diseases or illnesses by completing VA Form 21-526 (Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension), and submitting it to the VA regional office serving their,

The CUB of thr,Goidan n
Front & Center , , ,
    Are there benefits for survivors of former POWs, is a monthly benefit payable to the surviving spouse land the .rmer POW's children
• died from service-related disabilities, or
    • died i.gikejoreSeptember 30, 1999 and was continuo., rated total, dksabkd fora ...nice connected condition (including individual uncmploy aut. t for at le. 10 years immediate, preceding death, or
    • died after Septemba 30. 1999, and was continuously rated totally disabled for a service connected condition (including individual unemployability 1 for at least I y ear immediately preceding death.
    MC is terminated for a surviving spouse who remarries, a can be resumed if the remarriage ends in death, divorce or annulment.
    Also, a surviving spouse who remarries on or after attaining age 57, and on or after December 16, 2003, can continue to receive DIC,
Are there related benefits for former POWs and their
    The following are other significant VA benefits to which certain veterans may be entitled, disability pension, medical care, education and training, home loan guaranty, and burial benefits.
    Certain disabled veterans may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and employment services, insurance, clothing allowance, special adapted housing assistance, and specially adapted automobile equipment Certain dependents/survivors may be entitled to health care, death pension, education and training, home loan guaranty, and bunal in a national cemetery.
Contact your VA for more information
Is special assistance available to former POWs?
Each VA Regional Office has a coordinator for former POWs, Any former POW
who needs special assistance should .k to speak to the POW Coordinator,
Additional POW information is available at
Imp://www.vba,va,govibln/21/RenslitsrPOW/indc, htm,

The CUB of 00.. Uon
. • _
New Members...
ANDREWS. Riff'? CrSt iwo'n'lld,demPtry*Ing0= are
    ,g22= Parker and Major Goldstein (both later :wmiexspooaero,ner Colonels,) These two officers had been Please sign me in as a"" "nneard ex= uhrlacvice=trutd:Iradbt:ut
Edno/s note: My epoaogwas ts'a'a "
oenkp tens nom st,r5inm)„, 0.7:;:erijone resume' mar"Her,olrhainvyebsct gikrdve a my in theetguttZst'of France, The
see you /an your BASN. GILBERT B. 423/C Nazis then took over France,. order to
life hre7lift== France
Gaao,b042c177:,..... as an illegal alien, wwasY service name was '"n bo7dnilt!=co French Speople
CREEDE, FRANK J. Ags/lIw s. hadssp,,,,,,.. with thise7s.thid
Foam, at oJTn the P-7,7oltdeo7,nrt.‘`"j °i---`.
judge of superior Court - Retired Proterielel7m4nHap.,?e:
HIRSCH. RUDOLV,49/I.Z..A. TZ:d5000(krahes.n
N ..:89:
';=,1:; Ardennes to SIQuentin
My name is Rudy Hirsch,. 0. °. (90 miles north of Paris) into an empty
28 molt. in the Arm, I served . schoolhouse, four of us were called to the
months in .11Q Battery of the 589. orderly room, We wara ordered to be
FAB, where I was mainly known by my ready at 0400 the next noming. The
nickname, renchy," other three got four-daY Pas.. "Gay
Fm.APril• Pam', For me however, orders were
to is deactivation, Off the boat in Octo- being raaparad fora tea, pass to visit
bar, 1945, at Camp Patrick Henry, VA, I Tay parents, .0.3. miles south of
was one of the few survivors of that Paris,,
zunt,!ting back it'h=lit'.17wkih'omc"ctITeoctewtn
With his
our comrades,, up there generosity? TO the goodness and under-
. t hdeare snow of the "Bulge, and all those standing of my two wonderful CO's.
who have 60 After the 1 ibcration of thraparticular
    years, May Thinking thebaYcltalifrnets;:inme7n"Me regic.n>dat=l7COr w we had for the same feelings are coming back again ',yetis., had heard sparse news from and again into my thoughts, that I served my wan,ats, but it was an improvement
with the finest, nicest, and bat friends. wiat.tIt;ad
that I have !mown within my 85 years on Aft„ about hoar, or, trains and
several continents. busses, I was finally able M embrace my
1.CUElof %Goldin Uen
New Members .. .
beloved paraois, 1 was carrying a heavy duffle bag with presents from my bud-
dies. with candY, cigarettes, soar!: and also food from that good Mess-Sgt,
Wtba11 added up to an unforgettable
reunion that my 7:12;::::
Rudy (Frenchy) Hirsch
vap4,66, IN 46.
Son of Richard Idstein, 424/C
Richard wrote: "I enroll
would like to
my son. Donald as an Associate mcmbar,
    He has been very interested in WWII with his focus on the Bal. ojrhe ., over the past five years, He wants to anent our 58th Annual reunion in Mil-
    Steel Company in Nonhem Indiana He has received many of my and will receive the remainder, Plus my medals. when 1 die, Thanks
active member ofthe 106th Infantry Division Associadon.
Ile and I were very close,
I went to two reunions:inthiin in
1982 and 1985, My Gran ma
    attended another in 1988 after his death. Since my grandfather's passing, I have become very interested in his time in the Army and as a POW, I would very much like to correspond with those that served
wittit:o'k forward to receiving The CUB
"dEltnycruco=1;:ii hro'n, Snow him how resporxvve the 106th can De
wondeAW Even U you were not m his 'erect' un6 I an
Grendc7rldren are whet we /ouphf end died
PHEL4N, WALTER J. 42a7 TN .0
KREB.S, RL, GUY 7,;121/K
FL 337546-22243
PgaWppub, M$ 30367 pso LO74,
My brother was in 422A.- and died as Service Record listed me us William G. n POW
known a Guy Krebs. Jr, locally. My
Jr, Staff Serge., I have been scrusNER..m EMERY L
wife's name is M., Rangeley,kfE 0:0
I entered the Army on S August 1944
KLINE, WALTER ASSOC. at age 18, Took my Basic in Camp
16067, Beaver0, Blending, EL I sailed to Ezoapthe In 8 was
Jan 1945
kt4h9°.:1",'nary 1
MASON, 453art;"' AZfr January ict:1
1, banded at Rennes, Franc1'sras:rilmied
My Grandfather was Russell Enlow, to Comp, D, 304th Infantry, 76th
He was in Company, 423rd Combat Infantry Division, 1 was discharged as a
Infantry Regiment. In later life he was an
The CUB el the Bohlen Lien
New Members
ph.00nscrgearsoss February 1963.1 !Mrta....tam at.wtrnn
had in
"el" - mostly in the Infantry, the""e rd st Ifnotthr.
It's an honor for me to be story,
the 106th In.try Division Assothauon. Ii.,11:4Stansmu:Inary•es,p. of
sQuiLL4 Sr., PAUL l23AGJewish pee.* would have been,
raL,;,s,„7,7,,462, saes As a combat veteran who servedwith
Squills wrote; the 106. Infamy Division and later with
John Kline, I was happy and surprised to the, Armored Div.., I was sent to
Tot', ea your M"lcd'etrbbmt"ff our "pockets" of German resistance - from
e'aire to Larch,
letter to me, Thank you verymuch
where Jews had been executed, I thank
""tlilat.en have thought about what God that Gt.• Eisenhower, with his...,
happened to the veterans of the 106th, wisdom and sense of justice ordered that
, was in the 423rd inf., G coni. all the German CltaellS an the towns of
zit.,,,,, and later in the 13th Tank Battalion, ,
cremmonums and survivors of the Third these crematoriums be brought to see the
copyrlience==.`"'"" Reich, death camps so that the truth
Chirto=tinentit=1:„Ist„d would not be denied, and that history
would not be forgotten.
1 1 viEdtiVsTrelt i=rtelich iet The essay says,' te as while minims of innocent people were
most people stood by
r=3= sto77."7=e's murdered'. and that many people from Zan !=a1;Z; eg}Xadrgi;a2 that eo=v7t=inndti:It1;y7wer
Ir is apparent Nat you nave other terents. f ana senor,..
However, this cannot be said of the
sAZ,VgLa'S R:Z vL747j: =7:1=1: °Int= "°1
Paul Spoils Guest whr in
anStte4d1B=1: are ilrOtrege
The Speaking
Holocaust "St. courses whti:ctiunrytotninyi7„":1"'
hror, buddies' killed :d they destroyed the
    is=sg:ifla=Zgreal failure as we". sa ct=roin".:f.Iewish people.; tn41;t However, in my opinion, it omitted. have otherwise 'cat to gas
Tel iirsnn=tuc== !falrfessars,. students are
    rd=taUg dSiseservii=fu,ughtord the HolQrausl. l might suggest talking to the Holocaust, one of the veterans who foughtand were
Tha CUB ohne Go*. Lien
New Members '' '
there, However, there arc not many left. It The Girl Watchers C.. an informal
may be more enlightening and educational group. Our ages range from seventy
than a college course on the subject. three on the low end to age ninety, Most
Remember, some facts never make of men have taught at one time or
    the history books: some stories arc never another at the Naval P. Graduate told, It would be a great injustice if the School M Mont,.
story of the Holocaust did not include the TWO of the men in the Girl Watchers
fact that Adolph Hitler's evil plan of Club were in .106' Infantry Division,
genocide was destroyed by the ultimate Boyd Huff and I, Boyd wits in "Er
    sacrifices and heroism of U.S, soldiers. Company - 423 Infantry Regiment. He The Holocaust will never be forgotten, was wounded and taken prisoner by the And when the story is told, and retold, let Germans in the Battle of the Bulge, Boyd us ensure, that those who ended it are not has a Purple Hean and a B1131. Star,
forgotten, not left out of the foal and I was a Pfc in Cannon Company 424"
finest chapter: Infantry Regiment, We lost our cannons
"Liberation" by the United States on December 16, I. and spent the rest
Army. of the war as Infantrymen, first in the
Squills lives in Rochester Bulge and then in other theaters of action,
I have two Bronze Stars, One of them is for my Regimental Citation for bravery in
WALZER, SWART Another of our group, fin, Handler
3115 CemM der Monte
was an Infantry Lieutenant in the Pacific
The CUB ante Golden Lion
plwlo mmplMnenb of HARP
lboCUB of the Golden Uon
Mail Bag -- Etc Etc,, .
Annual dues paying Members
"Annual Association Dues"
$10 a year
$2 for Auxiliary
are due and payable
by July 1, each year
Annual Members not paid
by July 1, 2004
will be removed from
the Roster
Help the cause
Pay up for LIFE $75
and forget the hassle
Send your membership fees to:
Richard Rigaui, Treasurer
113 Woodshire Drive
Pittsburgh. PA 15215
Th. CUB dleGoldel Lion
Mail Bag -- Etc Etc,, ,
Washington Mini-Reuion 2004
Ma B.ekrox ao.S. Stmg
Conipa 591., F.Pilkingun 422.
Ladle 11.4l. Ban.. Did..., Mena Lanaard; 1..11 E..; Mary Pilkiostardieny Conn, and Damhy Pax..

The CUB of t%Ookfl.n Uon
Mail Bag -- Etc Etc., ,
Zxas .Mini-Reunion 2004
)70(424. Jo. Mil.(423.)
HughM en (rt. c)=b,,, (42.317.1.::(727.1"'
/II h Ter
28rn, Salta John D, 7ahn OWL, tud Do'n416/Innnunnnj. (414'G' N" "42441Q
IndienItit, Joanne Cool TCuol: Jeu Miller, Nhndn Mugu, and bah Jon..

The CUB of th;Golden Uon
Mall Bag -- Etc Etc.. .
From Past•Prealdent, Jack Subset 423/F
The CUB wear Gokkni.lon
Mall Bag -- Etc Etc.' .
Rag.. Ntarquct Chcr,Naa, 117 11-.640 Sibret. Baigiam a 106Ih A.aciatc
The CU8 of er.GoicknUon
Mail Bag -- Etc Etc.. .
    December 1944 --13" Company' 81" Engineers, was billeted in Schonberg, Belgium, The Company CP was in a house set back from the main road, generally facing the bridge over the Our River and with a large surrounding arra. The officers and men were quartered in a number of houses in fairly close proximity to the CP, On 16 December 1944, the company strength was 5 officers and 171 enlisted men,
Captain William J, Hynes, Commander
I" Lt, William H. Gordon' Executive Officer
, Lt, Jam. Cawdry, Commander Platoon
1. Lt. John Michaud, Commander, Platoon
, Lt, Earlq L, Valenstein' Commander 3° Platoon
    In the days preceding the counterattack the Company was operating as part of the 423° Infantry Regimental Combat Team and was repairing and maintaining the roads in the regimental area. In the early morning hours of 16 December 1944, artillery rounds began to fall in the village, Approximate 7:00 A,M,, a telephone call from a division HQ' G-3 Section staff officer was taken in the CP by Lt, Valenstein directing that the company be assembled and be prepared to be committed as infantry, This was done and shortly thereafter. Cam, Hynes received a call from division thin ordered the company to move to the Bleialf arca and support ithe elements of the 423°
Infantry tn11'410tit there, ("PasrvILZ:::rne"17-1 jflthoai
.ti:.°ffin C7.171
30 cal, water-cooled, nutchineguns,
    With Lt, Col, Riggs,. Battalion Commander, present the three line platoons or Company, mounted in the company truck, left Schonberg and moved toward Blcialf along the Schonberg - Bleialf road, which in places was more like a trail than road, Approaching the Midsection at the south end of the "Skyline Drive,. the company stopped and dismounted below the ridgeline to their front,
    Dismounted, the Company formed with the 1. and Platoons forward and the 3rd Platoon in reserve and began advancing toward Bleialf that was situated in the lower
erin=1C117:thYeadas,t7Yerlt=1I3Zit17.'Caapt_a_-" rynes1"1=cedCr" rear An sic
toward the higher round to South with the Y. Platoon coming abreast on the right
    flank of the other two Platoons. The company continued to move toward Bleialf in this formation until deployed with the 3^' Platoon occupying the hill to the south of the Bleialf road and the I"and 2^' Platoons astride the road, That is the position the Company held during the fighting through the 16° and 17. of December, During the night ante 16° the 1° and , Platoons were heavily engaged and by the next day wereiddecimate;i1; The third Platoon, protecting the Company right flank. occupying the
hilldl ring the night anin:th=yaddvt=htc meld e=1:ibtsti: engaged
    toward Schonberg, By late afternoon of the 17°, nothing more was heard of the and , Platoons and Li Gordon who had been with them, The writer knows no details as to numbers killed or wounded, It is understood that a significant number were surrounded and captured,
, CUB of 17i G.. Lbn
Memoriam '' '
    5464 Flat Ave, Portage In 46364.1414 Date of Death Not known: February CUB was returned marked "Deceased," Family details unknown. no contact could be made,
    201 May hollow Road, Firvingron, VA 24426 Date of Death: May 22, 2004 See memorial from buddy Joe Salerno - under tilLERT, Daniel - following page
170 N Roosevelt Aar, Calrothsts Oh 432094531
Date of Death April 25, 2004:
    Nhlliam Went. 4231M trimmed: Pete was a member of the Ohio Chapter AXPOW, I found the following on an Obit search, .FRAMPTON ()mord Belmont "Pete. Frampton, Jr, age 80 of Bexley died April 25.2004 at the Mount Carmel East Hospital, Preceded in death by wife Nancy and daughter Dekuah, Survived by children, Robert Clint. Elizabeth and Tracey with various spouses: 6 gnoxIchildren and a sister, Frances Eiggkswnrth. A private family ceremony was held on 28 April at the Culver Memorial Chapel in Culver. Indiana.
    Editor's note: "Pete Frampton.' wu a prime mover in of the 106th Infant, Division Association, lie was Association President in the term of 1953-54, Because of his work with the Association he was awarded "The Order of the Golden Lion
F Class'. in the year 1996, In my earlier research of "The CUB" his name
rrother'ucn"'it' e"Piav"neathtiarri' l'im","="t11:70'PrA=11==t
The Frampton followed the-lists m'newspapers and the names that were received
., .32
Memoriam . ' '
239 S. Main Vreet, Lawon 49065-001 hate of thiabcr 25. 2003: CUR was roamed marked "Ikcenscd,"
Memoriam ., .
1875 Pinewood Road. Andahole Al 364204101 Date of Death Inas,. 2004:
The February CUB was return...ark..,Deceased
6730 IV Catalina De, Tneson AZ 85718-1637
Date of Death J ry 11, 2004:
    Reported by Barbara, his wife, Barbara said, "Henry. born February 18, 1923 died of Cancer of the kidney It was a three year battle, We were married one month before he shipped out thr overseas duty with the 106th, We fomthrly lived in Columbus. Ohio where we own. Ithyden Electric Company, We moved to Tuscan in 1962 where we owned and operated HE.MCQ on Pima. Henry, enjoyed his friends and attended as many' meetings m he was able to, He was preceded in death M his twin sine, Mary Gan. and sisters Ruth Hayden and Be, Clones, Survived by a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews. Barbara, his wife. daughter Jane; grandchildren Carrie, Somme: Benjamin; Samuel: Lev; Tanya
2159 Black Mow Aire NE, Albanaenare NM 87122-1021 Date of Death - May /01/2004:
    Past-President„ Year 1994 - Ban July 20,1924, in Chicago, the son of Major B, Hill and Morrie (nee Spurrier) Hildebrandt, passed away Saturday, May I, 2004, at his current residence in Cape Coral, Fla,
    Major served in the 106th Infantry Division of the Anny from 1943 Until 1945, He was active in many organizations, including Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Combat Infantrymen's Association, He was most involved, however, with the 106th Infantry Division Association, traveling the country to attend reunions, and serving m president of the ortamization in 1994. In that capacity. he journeyed back to Belgium .here he honored to dedicate the 106th Infantry Di, ision monument in St Vith, 50 years after the Battle of. the Bulge. He was awarded the Order of tire Golden Lion, Commanders Cleo Major owned and operated Major lith Insurance Agency in Fox Lake traveled tiorf°17igreldiden'and c°71Zr:11=17o"IFOriAell'intist;:euriqdtn,7.11M7r
    grandchildren. Carrie Sampson, and Joseph, Nitta and Mandy Hill, great-grandchild. Jordan Sampson; and tend, Robert (Mary) Hill of Ocala, Fla
    He was preceded in death by his wife of 55 years. Evelyn .nee Rosenkranz) on April 19,2003: and brothers, Ronald Hill and Richard Hill.
The CUB ottzGoidaation
3142 Van Buren Place, Antioch C.4 91509-5317 Date of Death - April 18, 2004:
    Bob ,1 luck 1 passed away due to complicatio. of surgery, He joined the l&R Platoon at Fort Jackson and continued as squad leader of the second squad in the platoon's escape from the encirclement of December 16 - 19, 1944, Along with other members of the platoon he was reassigned to the 42. Combat Infantry Regiment for the remainder of the Battle of the Bulge, He was cadre for the reconstituted I.R Platoon alley the war ended.
    Bob is survived by daughters Jacque!, Panos, Keanine Hum, Joni Jones, Janice Goesch and son lent Jones, Hew. preceded in death by wife Vivian and a grand. "laugh. Led'. Knight.
14160 N Way' Trion ea 8573,7174
Date of Death - February 6, 2004:
A note returned on the 58th Annual Reunion papers announced his do.a.
114 Collins Ave, Uniontown P5 15401-3808
Date of Death: February 9, 2004:
il!'071:1Sbt'alLI:rItAM'uttitlrb:,- then captured Z:cl1 in=jfaun'ipti:
    Litton for the remainder of the war, lie was employed 40 year with Chemical Lemon Tmik Line Company until his retirement in 1985, He was a members of AMVF.TS, 106th Infantry Division Association, Zittau Survivors, DAV, VFW' BOB and the American Legion, I lc is survived by Jean. his loving wife of 56 years, two daughters.
160 Canby Circ. Spring 11111 Fl 34606.6101 Date of Death - February 21, 2004:
    Reponed by comrade Col. Lee M. Sherman USA iRetk It is w ith deep regret I report the death of one of 'Oath's best. Staff Sergeant John Lam... pained the 106th with me in Match 1943. tic remain. with the division through.' the Hattie of the Bulge and was a POW. A wonderful person. John was-alwass willing to help his fellow soldiers and do a commendable,. in whatever capacin he found himself. John was ill with parlor., cancer, He is sunned by his wife, Pat. May God bless the members of the 106th Infantry Division and may God continue to Bless America.

The CUB ofl,eGottlen Lion
I. Censer Sim; ftentvilk 75 37.574348
Date of DeNtb Not Keene
CUB returned marked -Deceas. 03 29 04- No details known.
    Address not valid - Glen Runde, MD 21060 CUB Retumed mar..'deceased," Contacted a relative who confirmed death, but date of death WILY not determined in the conversation, 1. that he had pused away,
179 Center Street, Millersburg, PA 17061-1613 Date of Death • February 28. 2004:
    Reponed by his wife. Be,, My husband. Clifford. a veteran of the 106th Infant, Division and The Bar. of the Bulge, died Februa, 28, 2004. jun eleven days short of his 83. birthday. lie was a survivor. of heart attacks. cancer. brain surge, and multiple stroke,. The strokes finally claimed his life,, When he received his Bronze Star he remarked, -1 only did what 1 was told...lino one had done wt. they wore told. I do not know and cannot imagine what out mat, would be like today,
209 East Main Sweet, Morrison, IL 61270 Date of Draith June 22, 2003: Comrade Hugh Colbert, 42. reported: Today,
FSebni":112117tZ141. la.liity,c2d1;-'13d4f4r7710‘11ntphsilmfa=dtill'"' 2(2)-..2,034243th
    Willard was the Supply Sergeant for 42.. captured 19 December I. with the motor pool ns it moved toward Si Vi. He practiced law in Morrison, Illinois. where he establish. his own firm in 1962, Willard, survivors include Pao sons told a daughter,
998 Dark Hollow Road, Imler, PA 166655
    Date of Death - March 04. 2004 Cid. passed away at the VA Hospital. Pittsburgh. PA, lis death was due to complications from a back operation, Sergeant Noon WU a POW, tic a. served in Ilse Korean War,
833 Burr Oak Lane, Madison, WI 33713-1201 Date of Death - March' 01 2.1 The Februo, CUB return., marked -De-
The CUBaltteeidenLion
    1 Roger Place, White Maim, NY 10605 Date of Death - March 19, 200: Comrade . Schrom reported; "Seymour was a Past Commander of the Hudson Valley Chapter of AX-POW," His wife Dom continues as an Association member.
902 Jacksonville Road, Burlington, NJ
    Date of Death March 26, 2004: Char. Ca, Laotian' 592/SV provided the following information alter attending the wake of his former commanding officer,
    Captain Charles S. Walsh passed away at the age of 86, Beloved husband of late Daisy (nee Myers), Survived by sister Doris Pitts. Burlington NJ and a brother How. of Berlin NJ - with many nephews and cousins,
    Charles was a dedicated Master Mason, a member of Cloud Lodge, Collingswood Excelsior, Crescent Shrine Temple, Nelson W, Craig High Twelve; Past Patron of the Eastern Star 8227 and former Secretary Camden County Shrine Club• lie commanded Service .1,592nd Field Artillery Battery, Relatives and friend, including Comrade Laphan, one of his battery members, attended his wake following the Masonic Services.
715 Holloway CR N , North Myrtle Beach FL 29582 Date of Death - April 15, 2004:
    Ewell Block, our former Chaplain, wrote: Had a call this moming from the widow of Charles E Youngblood, He died April 15, 2004, He served as South Carolina State Commander of AX-POW, He an I used to anend 106th Reunions together,
Don't FORGET to register for the
58th Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions
September 1-5 2004
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Downtown)
Registration papers were mailed to you
the first week of May 2004.
If you did not receive them - contact
John Kline - Editor - The CUB
952-890-3155 - email
See address on page three of this CUB
Looking forward to seeing
you all there
Board of Directors
• • ,120041
alx-]tlJl/l Tr.
'n:Y3vrYlr, MD ] 1010.1011
041 loin
Rob SA 77,,,'") • •
U;311tt:r VloWnZIPA'17 110.117.1 MRm]SUb N2N) 1:00®1
11}910m7]6 1

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