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Vol. 60, No. 2, Apr, 2004

Mic.gan November2, 2003
Reading, Rams nle
de inn, Muy CM CM
Mini-Reunions .. .
nn anent in Won. OK. on

The CUB of 11; Golden Lion
Memoriam .' '
11,)m¢) Refs. Gtaiwltalhn a(Ihc late $r, Steve (Ka~) (~illesP+e, Nan 11hc late Bcrtl
Memoriam .. . Langham, Francis 422!L
    114 Collns Avenue. Uniontown, PA 15401 Date of Death: February 9, 2004 Jean L (Guyer) Langham, wife, reported that Francis passed away suddenly at home He will be missed by his buddies, Francis was active in both the local Ex-POW groups as well as attending 106th National Reunions, He also has attended all the Iketmber Mini-Reunions and always provided prizes for the ladies as well as door prizes,
Loudermilk, Teddy L' 423/8
28604 C, Rd 2, Bingham Lake, MN 56118
    Date of death 17/032003, Death listed in the Minnesota AX-POW Bulletin, CUB magazine returned. No other details known.
Nagle, Col' Frederick (US (Ret)
    1518 Pheasant Ridge, San Antonio, 77C 78248 Fredrick W, Nagle, Executive Officer of the 423rd Regiment. died January 10, 2004, He was 89, Graveside services were scheduled for 9 urn,, February 5, 2004, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington' Virginia, Domitions to his memory may be made to: Odyssey Health Care Hospice, 4415 Peidras Drive West, Suite 100, San Antonio' TX 78228 or to the Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave N,E,' Washington D,C, 20002
    In addition to being the regime. executive officer, Nagle had been in command of . Provisional Battalion formed mostly from the regiment, Anti-Tank Company and the 2nd Platoon of Cannon Comp,' all quartered at Bleialf. Gam, to allow the division to cover its long front,
    Nagle as. Executive Officer. 423rd Infantry Regiment, was designated to execute the "surrender on Hill 504 outside Schrinberg, Germany, Ile was wounded, captured and treated rather rough, Later, he was hauled back to a fann house where he and several other officers were lined up against a brick wall to be shot, A German officer driving up to the scene stopped the execution, He was later imprisoned at Stalag 13 in Germany, He escaped but was captured several days later and taken to another POW camp near Nuremberg where he was liberated at the end of World War II, In 1946, he was awarded the Silver Star thr Valor and soon promoted to full Colonel. Colonel Fredrick W, Nagle was . son of pioneer parents who were car1ysenlers in both American and Canadian new lands in the late 1890, and early 20th Caltury. He entered the Army in 1936 upon graduation from the University of North Dakota. Colonel Nagle ser.ed in both the Pacific and Fa roe.= Theatre during World War 11, Ada saving with the 106th Infantry Division in World War II, he was assigned to the Seventh Mountain Division and ."C"Army corps of the Royal Greek Army 1948-49 during the communist war, lie served in. Korean War 1953-54, He was on the war department general staff in Washington. DC, and held numerous command and gni rassigtunems during his 31 years of soviet ro the regular army, He served with Airborne troops of the 201st airborne division at FL Campbell. Kentucky, and with the 8th Division. (Airbomc) in Gcrmmry, His marry asssigo- rpm. included service with the British Army, Greek Army, Korean Army and Indian Army, Throughout his career, he was awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster'. Bronze Star anti Purple Heart. He was authorized to was . Combat Infantry badge, Parachutist Badge, the Gra. Defense Service M., and the Karam Chump Mu


Memoriam . . '
    He is survived by two daugluers, Mrs, La, Welch. (Pamela) Newprot...c.a. Annette Latthaw, Grapevine, TX, and two grandchildren Jamey . Christine Lats.w. In u tribute to Colonel Nagle, his son-in-law Larry''', Welch has written: ",,,almost without exception, Colonel Nagle spoke of one year in his life, That year began in December or 1944 when Lt. Colonel Nagle, not even 30 years old, west. Executive Officer of 423rd Infantry Regiment The 423rd was located in the cold snowy forests of the Ardennes forests in France when th the early hours of 16 December 1944' the German Army made its last great offensive, By the rooming hours of the 17th, [most of] the 423rd Regiment was ovemm and captured on the 19th,
    "This brave American, this young officer with such promise, lived a year that no human should experience - a year that would haunt him for the rest of his natural life". The war never ended for Colonel NagJe."
Prewett, Edward A. 424/B
    7831 Lone tree Way, Brentwood, C4 94513 Edward A, Prewett died Friday, January 30, at his home on Lone Tree Way at the age of 82. Prewert was a PFC. in Company "B" of the 424th combat infantry regi-
    nolTheltten(}S6t1.VI:=)?ingAZYwter:O=4ranide:vas inratthc the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, He continued to attend annual gatherings of this division throughout his later life.
    Survived by his wife of 56 years, Reddie Prewett, his 3 children and 6 grandsons, From his daughter, Vonnie Lemke: "One of dad's last requests was for us to display his 106th reunion picture and his medals at his memorial service, He also asked us to print copies of the article he wrote th T. C. (April/May June 2002), He was proud of his service to his country and his affiliation with the 106.. He was president of the 106th division association in 1993-1994 and he and mom hosted the first n.lion west of the Mississippi in Sacramento in 1990, The Association honored . and mom with the Ordey of the Golden Iron in 1996,"
Scheffel, Robert W'
    2219 N. Park Avenue, Grand Island NE 68803 Date of death: 04/18/1998 According to Robert's widow,ola, he died April 18, 1998, Captured in the Bulge, his POW Camp or location was Bad Schandu, He escaped in a bombing mid and walked toward the American lines and liberation,
Stoehr, Martin G. 422/M
Date of death: 12/13/2003 We heard of Martins death Lane, i
alththrhJiZeterZsrls.' t= Guard Commander of VFW Post 4252, Hernando Florida.
    He wrote: " Martin' 79' died Saturday December 13. 2003, He was a Senior Draftsman, He graduated from ACHS in 1942, He also received the Joe Cohen Blanket Award, a very special award, details available at http•//•,htm His .other, Father Edward Stoehr and a sister, Genevieve Stoehr Huber preceded him in death, Survivors include his wife of 57 years, Dolly J, Bottomfield of Inverness, two sons Marty Stoehr of Colorado Springs, and Curt Stoehr of Lake George, Colorado, two daughters: Ron. (Sta.) Smiley of Colorado Simi, and
o CUB antes Goiden Lion
    Cherie Jon. of Port Richey, Florida, two brothers Bernard and Vincent, Altoona, PA, six grandchildren and rivegreat-grandchildren,•
    I was contacted by his grandson Martin Doug. Stoehr who h. an excellent website at h8l8aStmeadelPhin oc,-mtsUrbrirni.lihn,
lic wrote "Them were ...Marti, Stoehr, in his family,
The %Bowing is a copy of my Grandfather, memories from childhood through the .inrungs of his family,
here is the URL for those http,homendelInimnoj:tra.- smehpMg,thua, The
following is a small portion - die lead pqragraphs • from that of In pages, You
would enjoy the family history,srittaYeti
(1924 - 2003)
On evening i
Breckenridge to
sPetl=r t: the7v:k7v1:11: acct mr family in
    relaxing in the ocain'rine r71,v_th:ca'Avocodf;Zthrte!ttgBs i ro::::... coming Sunday, would not have my ono as usual company because he was battling that overwhelming monster we all seem to lose to on occasion--work. With third-hand information I learned that Pap•Pap was not doing well and had been having a difficult night. I decided to wait until the next morning to find out how things were with him, As fate would have it, my cell phone showed me the next morning that my filth. had called with what turned out to be the bad news I hoped would not come, Pap-Pap had died that morning. This was not completely an unexpected event, but it was more sudden than 1 had anticipated,
    Nanny and Pap•Pap had been planning for months to make what would 1.1y be a final visit to Colorado to spend the holidays with the whole Stoehr family, Nanny was going to fly out while Sherri and Ed were to drive back from Florida toting Pap-Pap with them, Only a few weeks prior to everyone's departure Pap-Pap came dzme, with a respiratory infection and M numerous s numeus doctors had recommended he not
would such we
hhI be altitude,gooda tnrtrmettPh=cru...or me because, not only
    ring the holidays, but I had hoped to show him my l efforts with his memoirs, As you can sec, I had transcribed his writings and had compiled this collection of history and drawings into a set of digital documents that I wanted to post on the web as a small gift to Pap-Pap, My intent was to pick up where Aunt Candy had left the Stoehr Gen.linv and to maybe fill in some holes in my undastainling of Pap•Pap, life, That, however was not to be, With great regret, I am left with honoring him posthumously, Martin Douglas, Grandson
Schwarz, Burt P. 424/A
1257 Garonne, .1. AP1 •• • .466.4
Date of death: 12/15,003 CUB returned, marked Deceased, rhea ear.,,
Thirlwell, E.C, 4231G L...., Ky402B7
2005 Smratont Road, Date of death 3/4/2003 Joined thc Association in 1998.
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4199441 F.
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14,7 0,041.115r)
'T11:771674 A, ILI::: 7:.:47EIZIS441, 01,019 (1007)Oifg;1'44721't)07Z4
MewberwbBorn Bn"-dt".Zr2,1.,'n'f.',..).i •
.001: 4000...7.904,4410499 ,NnnMrhfp Fm 777.7=6
:0=40/4907 ,===
Orlando, Florida January 23, 20No,
"mwro.Reumon- gif the 2nd Platoon. "ICC ompany. 42:rd Combat In Ilegatra war held in
    Orlando. Florida Thii warn aces +pPlatoon,nt: -They had not aces each other since that ralatil day fkrember. 1944 Show it Lrft are lames I 1 a Ind% William B Batt Chant dribs% and Prof
Parka Ifkrember,knows the whanhoula of of -6" Contpan5 t'aptam fames Ilneker.
plate Inform lames I. Udmurt". 519611n Street So r• N. lictenbunit. M. 33711

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