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Vol. 55, No. 2, Jan., 1999

President's View ...
    If you did not attend the 52nd reunion last year in Indianapolis, you may not have noted a big change in our staff personnel' The very important job of Association Adjutant was transferred from the shoulders of Pete House to those of Gordon Pinney, who had been our standby Adjutant. Anyone who has attended any of our annual reunions knows Pete by sight and sound. He has been active in the affairs of the Association almost from its inception and was an early President' Besides his activities with our group, he has been very active with the Boy Scouts, and many other community organizations.
    The Adjutant is like the business manager of the Association. He keeps track of the membership, bylaw changes, meeting agendas, and generally anything the President or other officers pile onto him. Pete had been doing a great job for us over the last four years' Because of health problems being experienced by both Pete and his wife, Joann, and other local commitments, he thought it was time for him to lighten his load and step down. He was duly recognized at our reunion banquet, which unfortunately was one of the first Joann was not able to attend. We who worked with Pete over the years were impressed by his dedication with a burning desire to always be of assistance.
    While Pete will be missed as Adjutant, we still look forward to his reunion iattendance, his replacement in Gordon Pinney shows all the signs of being able to fill the Adjutant's shoes. As pressures were building on Pete, Gordon was already assuming 'Some: of the Adjutant's functions' Gordon took the minutes of the last two board's meetings' All current membership information has been downloaded into his computers' He lives in the northwest corner of Nebraska, almost directly south of Rapid City, but several hundred miles away. He is very active with the Masons and is still active in running his farm' We will hear more of Gordon in the future.
    This issue I'd like to introduce you to our First Vice President, John Gregory' His most important Association duty is setting up and keeping tabs on the "Dec' 16 Memorial Luncheons/Dinners". What may be almost important is his place on the Executive Committee and, by Association tradition, his future position as President for 1999-2000. John was born in LA but at age four moved with his family to a ranch in southern CA. There he grew up with one sister, literally walking in his father's footsteps. His Dad had
John A. Swett, President 1998-1999
106th Infantry Division Association
-H. Company, 423rd Infancy Regiment
10691 E Northcrest Drive
Tucson, AZ 85748
IR Ctratian 1 inn
President's View ....
    been in the Field Artillery in WWI, had been in the army of occupation and married, John's mother in Mayen, Germany, not too far from St. Vith.
    Going into the army in 1943, he first trained with the armored force then transferred to the air cadet program where he qualified for pilot,- bombardier and navigator. However, he like many of us, was removed from his current air cadet program, and because he had previous ground force training, was transferred to the 106th, fortunately, . he says, ending up in the second battalion of the 424th. •
    Things didn't go so well for John in the Ardennes. He became afflicted just before Manhay, and he promises to tell this story later. He ended up hospitalized for 116 days in the UK, after which he was sent back to Belgium and Germany where he toiled in Ordnance and depots until returning to the states where he was dischatged in April of1946.
    Leaving the ranch again for U.C. Berkeley, before graduation he met Shirley, whom he married after graduation. At first he worked in the aircraft industry in what today tit' call Human Resources (Personnel to us old timers). Later the family moved to Sacramento where he became general manager of a self-insured group of public water agencies' He retired from that position.
    The two sons and two daughters were raised in southern CA but now being grown, they all live in northern CA' Their six grandchildren are visited several times a year and while they do not occupy all of their time, they still read a lOt and are active in public service work' Shirley works as a mother and baby mentor at the food bank, while John works with the Sacramento Public Library and soon with the agricultural extension service. They like to travel and have been to many overseas destinations. They are looking forward to returning this year on the John Kline trip to the Ardennes.
    John Gregory and I share a passion for flying. If I interpret his notes properly, he started at age 50, while I started in my mid 40s. I hope he is still enjoying his piloting in the Central California area. I gave up my weekly flying trips a year ago and still have vague feelings of loss.
    We are indeed fortunate to have an officer and future president of John Gregory's caliber. We'll learn more about him and other Association officers in future issues.
    In closing I would like to thank the family of Col Thomas J. Riggs USA (Ret) for their generous donation to be used in our operating fund (see Memorial Fund donors, page 5). We will all miss the Colonel. The 106th has lost another good friend.
Stay tuned in.
John Swett, President
106th Infantry Division Association


REMEMBER ... "The memory of the righteous will be a blessing." (Proverbs 10:7)
    December 24, 1944.... those two funny, inseparable buddies we called Mutt and Jeff died today'.'stepped on a Bouncing Betty. They needn't have' They shouldn't have wandered' Maybe I should have called them back sooner.
    That evening, Christmas Eve, when darkness had fallen, we were still in that same position. Faintly we could hear singing' It appeared to emanate from some old barns several hundred yards to our front. By next dawn the barns were empty, but that Christmas Eve we could hear the words clearly as they walled through the clear, cold darkness... "Stale Nacht, heilige Nacht" We wept for Mutt and Jeff.
    December 23, 1998....Grace and I attended a party at the home of a friend who is a well-known jazz pianist. It's our custom to sing carols and secular songs of the season as he plays for us.
When Franz Gruber's lovely carol was begun, a woman soloist started the first verse.'."Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht."
Tears came suddenly, and I wept for Mutt and Jeff'
    I don't think that more than two or three people noticed. Grace did, of course, and she put her hand on mine. But she didn't know about Mutt and Jeff'
    Now I know that these kinds of experiences happen to you too, because so many of you write me and phone me to talk about them' It should be no secret that all of us have these times when a memory is evoked by some casual happening'''and the pain returns. It is not abnormal, it is not out of the ordinary, it is not unnatural. The last two comrades who spoke with me asked, "Chaplain, am I cracking up?" No, it was the sheer intensity of the experiences that cause us to replay them from time to time
    The next time the pain returns, do not forget that you are remembered in prayer. I remember all of you. Why not start doing the some for each other ? As the New Year begins, my prayer for you is that God may be the strength of your heart, making every memory a blessing.
Chaplain: Dr.Duncan Truman
Dr. Duncan Trueman, 424/AT
29 Overhill Lane, Warwick NY10990


Front & Center
    I write this on February 2, 1999, having just returned from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I was honored to be a house guest of Pat and Dick Rigatti, 423/B. Dick is a past-president of the Association. The purpose of the visit was to attend the annual re-enactment of The Battle of the Bulge, This event has been held for eight years at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania,
    After Dick met me at the Pittsburgh Airport we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner and talking over old times, We arrived at the Rigatti's house, as Pat was returning from her "Board Meeting" of the Animal Rescue Group that she has participate in for years,
    The next morning, 28 January, at 900 hours we met with the Pittsburgh VA POW Group of 106th Infantry veterans. Great group, very active and are bonded nicely as a group. They have a very active POW Coordinator at the Pittsburgh VA, Rick Canevin. (Thanks Rick, for all you do for our POWs..) Had lunch with Dick and current board members, Joe Maloney and Edward Huminski, Mostly chit-chat about the Association, the days of 44-45.
    Saturday morning we left for Fort Indiantown Gap, a three hour drive. Dick's son-in-law Joe, drove his Ford van, with Dick, me, Dick's grandson John and Greg, Dicks daughter's boyfriend. We arrived at Fort Indiantown Gap in time to attend the official dedication of a granite monument donated by the Veteran's of the Battle of the Bulge. It was installed on a park site next to the Fort "Community Center" that contains a 40&8 box-car (WWI and WWII type) in a display area. The National Commander of VBOB and many state and government officials were present. Stan Wojtusik, 422/G, past-president of VBOB helped with the unveiling of the beautiful monument.
    During that day we toured the "Flea Mart" and the German and American re-enactors barracks. Dicks's grandson was allowed to enter one of the four American tanks that were used
Cadet Major Kline, prior to shipping to Camp
Atterbury, Indiana from U, of
Alabama March 1944
John Kline, 423/M, editor, The CUB
Past-President 1997-98
106th Infantry Division Association
    n the battle. That made his day, then later when he was allowed to fire a Geman Mauser (blank cartridge of course), he was riding high. On the 30th they did the re-enactment. The exercise was for the Americans to breakthrough the road to Bastogne. Unfortunately they did not succeed. The Germans outfoxed them this year. There were an estimated 1,000 re-enactors, American, German and some British, but not as many as last year. Great event' There were nine 106th Association members present, Dick Rigatti, John Kline, Joe Maloney, Ed IIuminski, Lou Cunningham, Ralph Palaia (Assoc), Fred Carr, Roy Sheets, and one more whose name I can't remember (1'11 try to report his name next issue). While we were watching the battle (30th Jan) Truman Christian, 424/D, Camp Hill' PA walked up, with his son, and introduced himself' I am sending him application blanks. GREAT SHOW - a few photos next issue' J. Kline, editor


Front & Center
    This 496 page, four color laminated cover, book - for you new members - has been a best seller since 1991. It is crammed with information about the Division, interesting stories from CUBs published since 1946 through mid-1991' Over 2,300 printed. It would help to conserve the history of the 106th Infantry Division if you would purchase copies of the book and place them in your local library. If you do, please paste a sticker on the inside cover to tell the people where it came from'
    Another good location for the book is in the library of your local Veteran's Assistance Medical Center. Or as a gift to that favorite counselor who meets with you in a POW peer group, or in a Combat Soldier group' •
SPECIAL as long as they last
Two (2) books Post paid for $40'00 One (1) book Postpaid for $25.00 Send your money to:
Sherod Collins, Treasurer
448 Monroe Trace
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Mark your check as payment
of "Books-Special Price."
I have 70 in stock' These books will not be reproduced'
I just mailed 8 this morning'''
The family of Col Thomas J. 5,000 Riggs' Jr
Reading PA "Bulge" Group; 50
Memory of Carl Messina, Tom Riggs and Ralph Hill
Donald Vanderheyden 25
Arthur Henke 15
Vernon S. Lehr 20
Subject 106th web site
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997
From: Tim Mooney
    I enjoyed your account of the 106th very much, My uncle, Sgt. Thomas G, Norris, was a POW at Brunswick. Like you, he was captured in the Battle of the Bulge (Luxemburg). Unfortunately, he died April 12, 1945, a victim of dysentery and starvation. I understand the camp was liberated within a week or so. One good thing from the experience was that following his 2nd burial at Maastricht, a Dutch family adopted the grave, decorated it, and sent pictures to the family. My mother was very grateful and learning that the lady was knitting to eam a living tried to help by sending a box of yam. It was returned in the form of baby clothing for me. They developed a friendship, but have never met..,
The 106th Web Site
    is still very active' As of this writing there have been over 30,000 visitors to the Home Page since April 3, 1996 (about 10,000 per year). Email traffic about 15 letters a day'
J. Kline'


Front & Center ...
Remembrances of a long trip. Charles Reeber 423/D
9907 Melrose, Livonia, MI 48150
    John, you might be interested in the drawings I made on the way home on the U.S.S. Washington in May 1945. When liberated from XI-B, Fallingbostel we picked up a few things from the German storage building, among them was a small 30 inch notebook I treasured.
    I knew that you were on U,S, march from Stalag VIII-A, Gorlit, I don't remember seeing the "blower" there, but did sec it at 1V-13 and then later as my columns split and I went to XI-8. I understtreasured,ou went north to Braunschweig and Helmstedt. The barracks building like 528 was common, as were the bunks holding 12 men per shelf. I ended up in large tents at Fallingbostel XI-B.
    The XI-8,n POW ID Disk was mine, but 1 lost it on the way home.Helmstedt, Note: The reproduction of Charles' pencil sketches do not do them justice. They should be reproduced in a larger format to be fully appreciated. JK
.St-zita.f _zr 5 41
96 WA S of
StadAq --home,(--
ts4. - 1. -
3 .11( 'This F.,
II C. coq 11, 4,justice,r3
• -
-fife -
C46.1 - • ekie..i
diso "imo•ks eAVOS4Cao, lappreciated,>eo.5 -- e4e, •


sft 6.4 4.4441
Front & Center...
OLD CUBS, Memorabilia
    I receive requests for copies of old CUBs oftedead'appreciate those of you that have sent me your old onesbed'me from the family of deceased members, some from current members who wish to share.
Howard Terri°, 423/1 Paul R. Lamb, 423/AT Vince Vencgoni, 423/M Cleun Raby, Jr., 423/11Q I BN
and 2nd Div, 9th Infantry/Co. II
    If I missed any of you, my apologies, please dropAssoc,note and I will list your name in the next CUB I can always use old CUBs for new members and Carlisle Barracks Museum......) Kline, editor
     The book - Pocket Guide to Germany. Anybody recognize this soldier? By reason of possessioones,ook it to be a 106th soldier, but I once saw it in another publication. - Let me now if you recognize him. J. Kline, editor
In time of peace, poignant
are rites held for the dead.
Tolling bells, processions, words
precede the earthen bed.
In battle customs alter --
no bell, parade, kind lie:
Only relief and thankful thought,
"Ah, it was not I."
3rcl ecktfon - new poems
Bock of poems from
Watt Wart memories.
61 pages - $8 ppd
by: Dale R. Copier
Poet Laureate of the
106th Infantry Division Assoc.
Silver Star recipient 1945 424th Headqupublication,latoon Leader 742 Druid Circle
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


Front & Center .'.
    I am looking for information that would lead to Joe T' Miller 422nd Inf Regiment or his family or know what "Company" he was in, please notify the CUB editor: John Kline, 11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337. 612-890-3155.
    The Board of Directors discontinued the Scholarship Fund at the suggestion of The Budget Committee during the official board meeting at the 52nd Annual Reunion Projections of declining memberships due to age, and reduced income for the same reason, brought a total vote of acceptance of discontinuance by the board, duly recorded in the minutes of the meeting
    Nominations for the Board of Directors will close as of June 1, 1999. If you have a nomination to make, please send it to the
Nominating Committee Chairman: Joseph Maloney
1120 Warren Ave
Arnold, PA 15068-4048
    Be sure to prepare yourself to state the qualifications of the member you choose to be placed in nomination. Make sure the nomination reaches Joseph Maloney prior to June I, 1999.
    Col John Miller, USA Ret, 423/E reminds us that there is a POW Benefits Act of 1981' If you, who were POWs, have not participated in this program, contact the POW Coordinator of your nearest VA
medical Center and let him know you were a POW'
    He also reminds us that the VA has new regulations on COLD INJURIES that were liberalized in December 1997. (I can vouch for that, I recently was award 30% Cold Injury for each foot. J. Kline, editor) If you had frozen feet, have to wear socks to bed, fungus, deformed toenails or feet, check in Veterans Benefit office, better yet contact one ofthe national Service Officers in your area. Cold Injuries can also be awaided for any part of the body, the specifics are not limited to frozen feet. The VA Coordinator can let you know who to contact.
Also hearing aids are available even though you do not carry a service connected disability.
    We can't guarantee, but you should check into the VA system, call your county veteran's coordinator, National Service Officer and get with it. They will give you the details
    On page 10 page of the new roster (February Cub) his name appears on page 10 third column as "FIND YARIIOLA, LELAND J. 423/H"
    My apologies Leland. Apparently I was in your data record and type the words "FIND YARHOLA" meaning I was looking for a member named "YARHOLA" Actually we have a "Steve Varhola, 424/D - whose record I was probably trying to update' If your not acquainted with databases, don't worry, you can make mistakes in them very easy. The real TURLEY is:
TULSA, OK 74127-6331
No Phone number given


Front & Center...

    George who lives in Mora, Minnesota a hundred or so miles north of me, has, over a period of time sent me several articles of interest. I apologize for not being able to publish them. It seems that I never find MOM. One, which would interest you sportsmen, is the Official Program for a Double Header baseball game at the ARDENNES STADIUM, Karlsruhe, Germany, July 24, 1945. The 106th Infantry Division vs The 36th Infantry Division. The CUBs vs The TEXANS. The Zittau Survivors will be holding their thirty-fifth annual reunion during May 1999 in the Buffalo, New York area. Our POW Work Camp was larea'd near Zittau, Germany where one hundred and eleven survived inhumane treatment. We are hopeful of treatment'dditional 106th members and other Ex-POWs who were held at our Work Camp. Our current address lisCamp'thirty, includes ten men who served with the 106th. To Receive additional 106th'ation contact:
    An eight page 8.5x1:1 program, professionally set, with a dedication on the back page stating: Cliff Austin, 589/C
    This stadium dedicated to the officers and men of the 106th infantry Division killed, wounded and missing in action during the Battle of the Bulge, 16 Dec 1944 to 25 Jan 1945. 125 So Maple
    The inside front cover shows Major Gen John E. Dahlquist, Commanding, 36th Infantry Division: Major Gen. Donald A Stroh,Conunanding, 106th Infantry Division. Vergennes, VT 05491
    A photo of the 106th Infantry team 'shows Bamdolini, Beaty, Wright, Schmidt, Sokol,. Hammonds, Donabedian,Sokol,,r, Purse, Kubski, Sherer, Finnegan, Maloney, .Blake, Carlin (secretary-not a blonde), Daiiiels (Manager), Bohn, Southwick, Ostrowski, Feinberg, Werner (trainer) 1 A photo below that shows ME BIG FOUR: Werner (trainer), Daniels "(manager), Wright (co-captain), Copeland (co-captain), a photo of stadium appears on ?e inside back cover. Tele:802-877-3451
Thanks George Welton for the trip down memory lane.
1- WHO WON?? Let me know. J Kline
     Please notify the Adjutant or the editor of change of address. The Februray CUB mailing produced 25 Form 3547's Notuce of Change of Address. This cost the Association money, fifty cents for each change, ans well as a cost to you of S2.00 for forwarding.
Addresses of the Adjutant and Editor are on the inside front cover.
     Missing action because of the above are: Robert W. Hempel, Chicago; Kenneth Thiesen, Racine WI; Stephen Bamick, Wilkes Barre, PA. and Edward c. Plenge, Beach Haven Garden, NJ
Plenge was a reinstated member oaid by Vernon S. Lehr. HELP HELP!!!


Front & Center ...
From Russell H. Villwock, Chairman, 53rd Annual Reunion
Schaumberg, Illinois - September 1999
    Your 1999 reunion committee is working on a great package. which we hope will give you an enjoyable and long remembered visit to the Wndy City of CHICAGO.
    For starters, a visit to one of our Riverboat Casino's where you will be able to make enough money to pay for your trip, IF you are LUCKY!
    A dinner and show of Knights of Old, jousting on horseback, and in fierce hand to hand combat that will take you back to the days of King Arthur, and the medieval times.
A tour of Chicago with a stop at the city's newest and most popular attraction, NAVY
PIER. These will be optional and it looks hie the price is right.

    So you don't have to look, or scamper fora place for breakfast, ALL BREAKFASTS 'Will be included in your registration fee.
    The HYATT REGENCY is waiting to make your reservations, you can do so by calling 1-800-233-1234. Those of you on the Internet can contact the Hyatt-Regency at http://wwww,hyatt'com
    Room rates are $82.00 for a single. double. triple or quad. The DATES, once again; are Wednesday September 1, 1999 for Early Registration, and our FARWELL breakfast is on Sunday September 5, 1999. For those coming early, staying late, your room rates will remain at $82.00
    Complete Program And Registration Fee With Hotel Reservation Card, And Other Pertinent Information Will Be In The MAY CUB. Russel Villwock, 1999 Retmion Chairman
ADJUTANT'S REPORT 1997-1998 by Pete House, Adjutant
1996-1997 1997-1998
New Members 78
New Members Spouse 10
New Life Members 60 45
New Life Spouses 12 4
Renewals 901 169
Deceased 64 68
Reinstate (Inc! Spouse) 20 15
    At the 52nd Annual Reunion, Indianapolis, Pete House turned the Adjutant's position over to Gordon Pinney. For CURRENT MEMBERSHIP COUNT see top, left column Inside Front Cover.


Front & Center...
Bricks to honor all individuals with a past or present
connection to Camp Atterbury
    The Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association is announcing a program that allows all "Veterans (active and retired), reservists (active and retired) and Individuals with a connection to Camp Atterbury to adopt a brick for a relative, loved one, friend or themselves. This will allow you to have the individuals name, branch of service and years of service engraved on the brick. The "WALK of HONOR" will be constructed in front of the Veterans Memorial and form a walk way to the Memorial Wall. The cost of this honor is $25.00 per brick, This offer is available to any veteran regardless of a connection to Camp Atterbury. Three lines, seventeen characters per line including spaces, will be centered on the face of the brick. Purchase as many as you want
Line one: NAME eg: Pvt John J. Jones
Line two: BRANCH eg: 106th Inf Div
Line three: Country, Campaigns, Silver Star, P e Heart etc
Print your three lines on paper.
Make a check, $25.00 per brick, payable to: Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Assoc'
Mail to: NAI, Accountant EXAMPLES:
Building #1 Camp Atterbury
Edinburgh, IN 46124
M CO. 423rd INF


Order of the Golden Lion ...
    At the 52nd Annual reunion the 106th Infantry Division Association presented Pete House 590/A, the highest award, The Order of the Golden Lion, Commander Class (COMGL). His wife, Joanne received the Companion Class (COGL) for her work and support of Pete through all these years. Due to illness she was not present. Pete is shown here presenting the OGL to her at home. Pete joined the Association in 1947, was president 1969-1970 and hosted the 1972 Reunion with Joanne's help' He served as Adjutant 1994-1998 , was on the Board of Directors for many years.
    At the 52nd Annual reunion the 106th Infantry Division Association presented Joseph A. Massey, 422/C with the highest award, The Order of the Golden Lion, Commander Class (COMGL)' Joseph joined the Association in 1985, was elected to the Board of Directors in 1991, served as co-chairman of three annual reunions, Mobile 1986, Huntsville 1991 and Nashville 1997. His wife, Hazel was awarded the Order of the Golden Lion Companion Class (COGL)for her assistance and dedicated support of the three reunion.committees she served on with her *busband Joseph..
    In the photograph above, L/R: 1994 OGL recipients. Past-Pres-John Gilliland and wife Lee; 1998 Recipients, Hazel and Joe Massey; and 1994 OGL recipients, Manic Rutland, and Past-Pres Roger Rutland.
12 'Si CUB of the Golden Lion
Order of the Golden Lion ...
Originally, the Commander Class was limited to men who had served as president as
    well as other outstanding contributions, The Companion Class was to reward the spouses of members who received the Commander Class, assuming that they had helped in their husbands contributions to the association. This list was originally compiled by CUB editor John Kline, Further details may be found pages 331-336 "Cub of the Golden Lion Passes In Revie,
1948 David Price 1947 Herbert Uvesey, Jr. 1984 Mamie DeHeer
1962 Douglas Coffee 1978 Robert Scranton 19813 Kay Loveless
19Belgium, Richard DeHeeraw, 1988 Walter Elandurak 1972 Wilda McMahon
1966 John Loveless, Jr. 1988 Robert Pierce, Jr. 1975 Maydeen Wells
Jadtie Villwock
1972 Leo McMahon 1990 Sam Cariano 1987
1973 Sherod Collets 1091 John Mine 1987 Jean Gilder
1974 John Gallagher 1993 Boyd Rutledge 1994 Mettle Rutland
1975 James Wells 1993 GibJr,Helwig 1994 Lee Gilliland
1967 Russel Vikvock 1995 0. Paul Merz 1995 Dan Bied
1994 Roger Rutland , 1995 T. Wayne Black 1996 Jack M. Janicke
1994 John GiEland 1996 Duward Frampton, Jr. 1998 Reddie Prewett
1995 John Kline 1998 Pele House 1995 Joanne House
1995 Jack Sulser 1998 Haset M. Massey
1995 Ewell Black, Jr.
1995 John Robb
1995 Kemeth Bradfield
19M, Edward A Prewett
1997 Richard L Rlill.
1997 Thorns J. Riggs
• 1997 Michael Thome
1998 'Pete House
1998' Joseph A. Massey
    All non-rnember awards were made at the first reunion in Indianapolis except Dr. DeLaval who was honored for his work in establishing the memorial in SL Vith Belgium.
1947 Cedric Foster 1947 Fran Her* 1947 Joe E. Brown
1947 Durward Frampton 19E2 Dr. Maurice DeLavel 194E, Marjorie Rathbone
1847 Annette Frampton 1947 George Denny
1947 Wilram Simpson 1947 Ralph F. Gates
1947 Florence Simpson 1947 Howard Maxwell
19F, Robert Tyndall
1947 Ben Watt
1947 BG Elmer Sherwood
pelota. 1.1. raw. WWI Pefelleu.

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Front & Center ... John Califf, 423rd I&R returns to Ardennes
Christmastide in the Ardennes
Tiny hamlets with snowy lanes
Dark icy forests and windswept fields
Shiny red apples on fresh cut firs
Vibrant happy people everywhere
A feeling of exhilaration in the air
Yet a twinge of apprehension deep inside
With remembrances of another Christmastide
There so long ago
Story,Poern and photo of street in SPINEUX, Belgium (12/99), by John Califf, 423rd l&R Platoon
    After making or buying Christmas cards for many years with recalls of our 1944-45 Winter, I am sending you one with a scene taken at Spineux, Belgium, where the 424th Infantry fought, and where the Belgian people of that village constructed a monument to to our 424th Regiment and the 112th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division.. This photo and the one of me on the schoolhouse steps in Buchet (see page following) were taken the first week of December 1998 during my first visit to Belgium. John, I was pleased to visit with you at Adda and Willie RIKKEN's home in Gouvy, Belgium on 6 December, along with Henri ROGISTER, secretary of CRIBA and Christian KRAFT, president of CRIBA, with my son Rob.
    Rob had a medical conference in Brussels and invited me to fly over with him and take the opportunity to visit the Ardennes for the first time since the war' I went with


Front & Center... John Califf, 423rd I&R returns to Ardennes
some apprehension, but the trip turned out to be quite an experience. Follows a brief summary.
    / The snow was awaiting my return and was the heaviest for that early in twenty years - knee deep by the second day. In spite of it, on the 5th of December we got through to St. Vith, Schoenberg, Bliealf, Buchet, Radscheid and the Malmedy Crossroads, thanks to our CRIBA hosts. They drove their own cars. On the 6th we went to the
    etery at Henri-Chapelle Bill Morris' grave), tavelot, Trois Ponts, La leize, then over to pineux - Lavaux- Coulee area, where some of us of the 424th fought. We ended up at the famed Parker's Crossroads.
Members of CRIBA were most cooperative in planning and carrying out the trip, very warm and hospitable. John Cali
John Caiiff, 423rd l&R Platoon standing on the steps of a schoolhouse
in BUCHET, where he and other members of the 423rd l&R Platoon
were billeted in December 1944.
At the home of Adda and Willie R1KKEN, Gouvy, Belgium 6 Decembe1998,98.
UR Rob Califf; son of John Califf, John CAI, 423rd 18R; Henri ROGISTER, Secretary CRIBA; John
Kline, 423/M, Editor the CUB; Adda RIKKEN, Associate and Christian KRAFT, President CRIBA


106th Infantry Division
Mini-Reunions - 1998
    The following pages show photos and reports from the 1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions held throughout the United States. We wish to thank those that played a part in organizing these get-togethers for the members of the 106th Infantry Division. Many of those who cannot attend the annual reunions have an opportunity through these wonderful parties to enjoy the aunaraderie of their fellow veterans.
    It is obvious that good will among the meta and their wives and guests prevail during these events. We hope that if you did not attend a local Mini-Reunion that you make note of the address and telephone number of this year's sponsor. Call than and join in the spirit next year when they will once again be held. If this year's sponsor is not organizing the next one, they can tell you who is.
    If you would like to sponsor a "Get-Together ," in 1999 - address labels of Association members in your area are available from the CUB editor.
    The Board of Directors feel that the December 16th Mini-Reunions will, in time because of our age, supplement and later replace the annual reunions. Thank you all for participating and a special thanks to you that sponsored these events.
You are special people' 1st Vice-President John Gregory 1998-1999
Written specifically for our Reunion gatherings
by Dale Carver, 424/HQ 3bn, author of: Before the Veterans Die
We were there, that winter long ago. We survived; many of our comrades fell.
Twin enemies were the weather and the foe -
the never-ending cold and the bursting shell.
Conceived of this ordeal of fire and icy earth
this brotherhood of old men came to be;
a kinship stronger far than that by birth
was born when we were young, across the sea.
Of the ties that bind, others cannot know,
but we were there, that winter long ago....


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
North Texas - 1998
Col John Miter, USA (Ret), 4231E - 1511 Cochise Drive, Arlington , Texas 812-274-2773
On 16 December 1998 the Annual Mini-Reunion was held in Arlington.
    Mat: Standing UR - John Miller, 423/E, William Yingst, 423/D; Hugh Colbert, 422/B; Ted Jones, 423/C-424/A; Douglas Morgan, 424/G; and Herb Sheancr, 422/G
Ladles: IJR- Jean Miller; Ruth Yingst and Beth Jones
Puerto Rico -1998
Humberto Aponte, 422/M PO Box 1668, Corozal, P.R. 00783-1668 787-859-7297
    My wife prepared a beautiful dinner for the three U.S. Veterans and wives present, Prayers were said as we remembered our buddies. LR: Juan Marrero-Quiles and wife Maria; Humberto Aponte, 422/M; Ramon Diaz and wife Georgina. My wife Aida L Rios Hernandez is taking the photo.


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Southern California Area - 1998
Milton Weiner, 424/M 28121 Ridgethome Court, Rancho Palos Verde, CA 9027 Tele: 310- 544-0470
    This was the Twelve Annual Southern Califomia Bulge Commemoration Event, As usual we started by reading 424th/HQ 3 Bn's Dale Carver's "My First Reunion." This will always be appropriate at any and ev. cry Reunion,"
    Fourteen attended to enjoy the fellowship and the memories of "When We Were Young Across [he Sea'" In 1999, we are scheduled for 5 December, 1999 at 1:00 PM. Please write or call to be added to the mailing list. See my address and telephone number in the header caption above.
    Present on 6 December, 1998 were Phil Albaum, 423/K; William DeBlase, 106 MP; Cliff and Sarah Kincannon, 590/F1Q; Joseph and Ann Litvin, 423/D; Eric and Frieda Vanderhorst, 423/F; James Yamasaki, 590/Med; Milton and Bella Weiner, 424/M


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Madison, Wisconsin Area - 1998
Chuck Rieck, 424/H, 7316 Voss Pkwy, Middleton, WI 53562 Tele: 608-831-6110
    The Wisconsin 10th annual commemorative meeting of the Basile of the Bulge was held at CJ's East in Madison, Wisconsin on October 24, 1998. We had 33 people in attendance.
    Attending were: Dr./Mrs. Eugene Rood; Mr/Mrs Edward Nagle; Mr Ralph Moore; Mr/Mrs Jerome Miller; Mr. Peter DiBenardo; Mr Edward Wojahn; Mr/Mrs James Tetzlaff; Mr/Mrs Henry Wittenberg; Ms Marie Estes; Ms Nina Spenle; Mr Richard Prendergast; Mr Walter Donaldson; Mr Charles Rieck; Mr Vic Fuchs; Mr/Mrs Howard Jones; Mr/Mrs Edmund Podlaski; Mr Fred Broussard; Mr/Mrs Al Kath; Mr/Mrs Delbert Rediger, Mr Mike Cunnigham; Mr. Don Handel; Mr Joe Holton; Mr/Mrs Del Rasmussen The photographer was David Post, son of Larry Post..
By group action, 1999's meeting will be held on October 23rd, 1999.


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Detroit, Michigan Area - 1998
Russell Mayotte, 424/F, 9628 CaveIle St., Livonia, MI 48150 Tele: 313-421-4059
    L/R -Men - Back Row: Harold Ortwine, 592/A; John Gillespie, 422/C; Bob Rowe,423rd Med; John Roberts, 592/C; John Plotkowski, 422/HQ I Bn; Charles Reeber, 423/D
    Middle Row: Russ Mayotte, 424/F; John Teahan; Andy Mato, 424/E; John Shalhoub, 424/6; Tony Angelo, 423/D; Paul Wayslon, 422/H
Front Row: Bill LeClair, 424/CN; Tony Rand, 589/B; Bob Run, 422/HQ; Frank Ross, 424/CN
    Ladies Back Row: Mrs, Plotkowski; Karryn Lopez; Mary Reebe•, Ellen Johnson; Mary Lou Roberts Middle Row: Audrey Ortwine, Ruth Rand, Pauline Mato; Barb Mayotte
Front Row: Trudy Bileti; Mrs, Teahan; Shirley Gillespie; Lee Rowe


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Pittsburgh Area - 1998
Joseph P. Maloney, 1120 Warm Ave, Arnold, PA 15068-4048; 724-335-6104
    15 Decanbcr, 1998: We had a great time at the Mini-Reunion, 31 people enjoyed the fun and fellowship as only those of the 106 know how. Tlne meal was excellent. Good fellowship prevailed throughout. We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, we ate, we sang Carols,
    Dave Peters brought his -old. unifomi and was coaxed into trying it on, Ile did and it fit. Jim Wiggins brought sonic books from his library which described the histories of several divisions, George Vance was presented a plaque by Dink Rigatti (See photo above) for his many years of hosting Mini-Reunions.
    Those dining with us included, Diek and Pat Rigatti; Frank lapato; John and Maxine Hopbell; lid and Betty Hurninski; Dave and Leona Hunter; Francis and Jean langham; Pete and Diana Yanchik; Joe and Viv Maloney; George and Norma Vance; Howard and Dorothy Lowenberg; Dr. John and Pearl Martin; Harry and Jeannie Koluezez; Jim Wiggins; Al Yelochan; David and Jam Peters; Frances Jackson; Dolores Jone and Dr, And Marlyn Robb,We are grateful for all the help, most everyone, The Luncheon closed with the reading of Dr. Trueman's Atterbury Address and the singing of God Bless Atrial.,


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 1998
Armando Velasquez, 424/K, 9616 Avenida De La Luna N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87111 505-821-8434
    We met for our1998 Mini-Reunion at the El Pinto. Former members of the 106th Infantry Division celebrated the beginning of the Bank of Bulge, remembering those that are no longer with us,
A news article in the ALBUQUERQUE TRIBUNE announced the meeting,
    Above Ur: Ralph Nelson, 422nd Cannon; Armando Velasquez, 424/K; Louis Baca, 422/1; Wilbur Parker, 424/A and Robert Soladay, 422 Service,
    Below Ur: Till ia Baca; Margaret Velasquez; Joan Veleasqurz, Damian Velasquez.; Rhoda Nelson; Smile Velasquez; Children below: Gabriel Velasquez and Jordan Velasquez


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Mt Vernon, Illinois Area - 1998
Glenn Hartlieb, 1805 Olive St, Highland, IL 62249 Tele. 618-654-7382
    A group of 106th attended a reunion celebrating the anniversary of the Battle oft e Bulge at the Ramada Inn, Vernon, Illinois on December 5, 1998.
    Men lir. Victor Breite; Kenneth Bryan; Kermit Steele, Harold Bratton; Glenn Hartlieb, Attending but not on picture Victor Bauswell and Louis Colbert
    Ladies: Avis Breite; Marge Bryan; Nadine Hartlieb; Fatrol Bratton; Frances Steele, Attending but not on picture - Nelda Bauswell and Verna Colbert


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Mesa, Arizona - 1998
Dean and Eleanor Childs, 245 South 56th SL #75 Mesa, AZ 85206 Tete: 602-985-3687
    We had :1 great Mini-Reunion with a smaller than expected turnout, It was held 15 December 1997, We hope to repeat our Mini-Reunion again in 1998, Our speaker was Colonel Tom Schaefer who was the highest ranking officer in the Iran hostage situation a few years ago.
    Men- Front Ur: Dean Childs; Tom Schaefer (speaker); Ralph Hansen; Mike Mills; Herman Van De Bogart Back Row: Ralph Bean; John Swett; Harold Theilen; Richard Behr and Jolts Schuller
Ladies- Front Ur: Margaret Mills; Cynthia Bean; Eleanor Childs; Betty Schuller
Back - Ur: Dorothy Hurley; Rowena Theilen; Bea Behr; Velme Hansen; Helen Van De Bogart


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Reading, Penn - 1998
Joke J, Gallagher, 81st ENGJC, 4003 Francis St., Temple, PA 19560 TELE: 610-929-2887
    The Reading Area held its annual Memorial Dinner, 4 December 1997 at the Dutch Colony Motor Lodge, Some of our buddies stayed overnight and on Saturday morning we had a farwell breakfast, some went shopping then on home. It is a pleasure for me to be able to plan and be a part of Memorial Memories and fellowship with my comrades,
    For next year's party information, for 3 December 1999, contact me, see caption above for numbers, Men Standing Ur: William Crossland; Joe Tarantino; Walter Shirk; William Jones; Roy Fava; Stanley Kowalski; Ben I fartzell; Fran Sziber Seated lir:William Harris,; Fred Carr; John Gallagher -(holding certificate presented by Charles Dane from members of our Memorial Dinner); Charles Datte
    Ladies Standing Ur: Alice Messina; Robbie Showalter, Norma Crossland; Nancy Darts; Adolene liertzell; Betty Carr, Ida Frank; Muriel Szibcr Seated Ur: Stalla Gallagher; Erma Kowalski; Wanda Fava; Miri. Mervin; Lillian Barris - missing from photo, Conn ieTarantino and Richard Bich! ( I st Div, landed "D" Day.) He shared message with me and took pictures.

The CUB of the Golden Lion
1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Maryland - D.C. - Virginia Area - 1998
John R Schaffner. 1811 Miller Road, Cockeysville, MD 21020-1013 Tele: 410- 5484-2754
    On 16 December, 1998 members of the Association residing in the area of Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia assembled at Fort G.G. MeadeOfficer'sClG,G,or their Fourth Annual Mini-Reunion and extraordinary nice buffet luncheon. There were luncheon,ing, including guests.
Our guest speaker, was Mr. Robert Johnson, CMr,tor of the Fort G.G. Meade Military
Museum. He talked aboMuseum, Mcadc and its history.
    'those present and accounted for were: Curtis and Betty Lou Anderson, guests (Curtis is President oldie Baltimore Military History Roundtable); Stanley & Rose Bachmurski, 401 FAB/attached; Kenneth & Catherine Barnes, 423/E; Clark & Thelma Dovell, 422/M; Patrick Emons, Associate; David Ford, Associate; John Gatens, 589/A & Mary Vandermast; Philip & Jean Hannon, 81st Eng/A; Col. Lowell B. Harlen, 424/E; William Hemelt, 424/H; Rev. Edward I lill,NaRev,haplain, retired;
    William Johnson, 424/K; Col. Alan W. Jones & Lynn JonesW,Jr., 423/HQ/I Bn; Kathryn (K2) & Ray Kemp & Tom Kcmp, Associates; Raymond T Makowski, 423/K; Edward McGinty, 589/C: James S. Milewski, M/Sgt, US,, Associate; Windsor Miller; Frank Potter, 86th Infantry Div, 342nd Regiment; Don & Catherine Regier, 422/SVC;
John & Lillian Schaffner, 589/A; Jack Sulser, 423/F; Charles Wchner, U.S.M.C.;
Alan YcaterU,S,M,C.;XVIII Airborn Pres,,Association.
    On the photo: Pat Emons, Al Yeater, Curtis Anderson; John Schaffner; Bill Johnson; Don Regier, Ken Barnes; Alan Jones; Clark Doyen; John Gatens; Phil Hannon; Walt Snyder; Ray Makowskc; Ed McGinty; Lowell Haden; Bill Helmet; Jack Sulser; Ray Kemp and Stan Bacmurski (Stan can still wear his uniform.) Some of our guests were camera shy and the women would hold still for a photo - also note we are getting many people other than the 106th Association vets.
We all had a grvets,ime.... John Schaffner..


#40. ik
fl tt.
1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Chicago, Illinois Area - 1998
Russell H, Villwock, 106 Signal, 8560 W Foster Ave 8510' Norridge, IL 60656-2772 704-452-8628
    On 12 December 1998 the Chicago area veterans of the 106th Infantry Division gathered for the fortieth plus times in December, to commeimrate and talk about their days in Belgium/Germany during the Bailie of the Bulge' in December of 1944.
    We also talked about today, and how thankful we are to live in a free country, thanks to all of our veterans, We also talked of the upcoming 53rd Annual Reunion, being held in Schaumburg in September 1999, We hope it will be enjoyed by all, With the help of those that attend our December get together, it will be
    Those In attendance this year were: Milton & Mine Schober; George & Joan Zak, Herbert & Luella Meagher; Antone Costa; Gordon Bigelow; Oliver & Phyllis Libman; Phillip & Orabelle Rosenthal; Lawrence Costa; Marshall & Mary Ann Streit, Maly & Jackie Halusek; Ray & Marie Panic, Maynard & Joan Adolphson; Frank liohenadel; Leonard & Evelyn Richie; Joe & Betty Dallman; Tom& Stella Kapsalis; Bill & Lorraine Brankin and Russell & Jackie Villwock


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota Area - 1998
Howard Flen, Associate, 1716 7th St NE, Rochester, MN 55906 307-282-0409
    The meeting was held at the Cherokee Sirloin Room in Eagan, MN (Mpls/St Paul Metro Area). we have the last two years. The 1999 meeting will be held at the same place with date to be announced.
    It was a great meeting, good food, camaraderie and a very interesting talk by Charlie Haug, an Associate member from the 28th Infantry Division, (Charlie is sitting first place on left side of men's photo near the map) He told of his experience in front of Lutzkampen, on the 16 December, when a 424th Infantry Ann-Tank gun knocked out 5 German tanks that were approaching their portions, He told of the seramble to recoup, the weather, the tough conditions. He explained how the 424th of the 106th and the 1 12th of the 28th, who had also been cut off from its 28th Division, formed a Combat team and helped drive the Germans back to their original positions,
    Thanks to Don Ruddick for the excellent photos, Missed a few manes, so decided to publish as is. Sorry we do not have room for all of the individual groupings, the photos were). great.


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Fort Jackson, South Carolina - 1998
Wade and Vannie Toy- 422/K, 4605 Wade St., Columbia, S.C. Tele: 803-772-0132
    On December 12, 1998, thirty-three (33) members, wiv. and guests of the 106th Infantry Division Association gathered for a luncheon and Mini-Reunion at the Officer's Club, Fort Jackson, S.C, The group represented various areas of the State with seven (7) from North Carolina. We were pleased that several were first-time attendants,
    Following the welcome, the Reverend Ewell C. Black offered the invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence was observed for deceased comrades. A most delicious luncheon was enjoyed, while the group continued to engage in fellowship.
    Mr, John L. Bradley, Outreach Coordinator, Veterans Administration Regional Office was guest speaker, tie effectively presented information relative to VA benefits.
It was a unanimous concensus that a Mini-Reunion will be held again in 1999.
    Men Front Row L/R: Waid Toy; Joseph Benfarado; Howard Terri, Ruben Hanna; Scott Westbrook; Arthur E. Hinson, Back Row Ur. John Cooper; Rev. Ewell C. Black, Jr,; Robert Landis; James Eubanks; Leroy Eubanks; John Frierson; Willian (Bill) Shipley. Absent from photo: Roger M, Rutland, Wayne Lee, John Bradley,
    Ladies Front Row LJR: Mildred Frierson; Hail Cooper; Barbara Sharpe; Marilyn Hanna; Luvelle Terrio; Shelvia Westbrook. Second Row Ur: Jo Ann Eubanks; Jcna Moore; Judith McConnell; Third Row, Ur: Dorlene 13ratiley; Allison Lee, Absent from photo: Mattie Rutland
The CUR of the Golden Lion
1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Atlanta, Georgia - 1998
Sherod Collins, 423/SV, 448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144 Tele: 770-928-3207
    On Saturday December 5, 1998, a small but enthusiatic group of I 06'ers met to conunernorate the Battle ofthe Bulge, We met at the Piccadilly Cafeteria on Spring Road in Marictta,Gerogia, in a private groom,
    We were delightfully entertained by a short talk on the origins of the U.S, Flag by Ms Shelby Whitson, who gave an interesting discourse on our flag along with examples of changes over the years,
    Joining the group were the following: Bob and Lous Howell, Griffin GA; Jim and Maydcan Wells, Hepaibah; Bill and Sandra Jenkins of Smiths, AL; Douglas and Isabel Coffey, Marietta; Morris and Sarah Piha, Atlanta and Elliott Goldstein of Atlanta, Also Sherod Collins with Ilene Baker of Marietta.
    Men Front Ur: Jim Wells, 81/C; Morris Piha, 106 QM; Doug Coffey, 590/C; Back Ur: Elliott Goldstein, 589/11Q; Bill Jenkins, 42218; Sherod Collins, 423/SV and Bob [towel', 424/HQ 2bn
    Ladies Front Ur: Sarah Piha: Isabel Coffey and Louise I lowell Back Ur: Here Baker, Sandra Jenkins; Maydean Wells and guest speaker, Shelby Whitson.


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Tulsa Oklahoma Area - 1998
Clint McClure, 423/HQ, 8607 E. 77th Place, Tulsa, OK 74133-3710 Tele: 918-252-7777
    Those attending the Battle of the Bulge mini-reunion luncheon held at the Fountains Restaurant, 6540 S. Lewis, Tulsa, Oklahoma 16 December 1998 were:
    Men- Back Ur: Jackson Belding, 423/A; Lyle Russell, 423/H., Leland Turley, 423/1-1 and David Deffenbaugh, 423/F Men seated I/r: Lawrence M. Kinney, 423/I (Arkansas City KS); Howard Bryant, 424/F; Clint McClure, 423/11Q and Donald Herndon, 424/L
Ladies- Back Yr. Anita Turley; Pauline Russell; Betty Bryant and Carolyn Deffcnbaugh
Ladies seated Ur: Lois Kinney (Arkansas City KS), Peggy McClure, Marianne Behling, and Joan Herndon
The CUB of the Golden Lion 3 I
1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Sarasota Florida Area - 1998
Les Helmich, 424/HQ, 2600 Belvoir Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34237-6309 941-955-3571
    16 December 1998 - We had a total of 25 ladies and gentlemen present for our luncheon, It was a most enthusiastic group. They all said they would return next, the GOOD LORD willing,Sitting Ur: Ken Smith; Rocco Sergi; Joe Fischer; Bill Mangold; David Robinson Second Row: Dick Brokaw; Ray Twardrik; Eugene Saucerman; Rev, Sam Ten Brink Back Row: James Edwards; Art lianke; Les Helmich; Don Scholten; Roy Ziegler; Milton Crate,
Birmingham, Alabama Area 1998
Joseph Massey/Walter Bridges co-chairmen: 4820 Spunky Hollow Rd, Remlap, AL 35133-5546 205-681-1701
    lkcomber 12- We had a combined meeting with the Gen, Geo S. Patton Chapter of the Battle of the Bulge. There were approximately 100 attending, Four (4) members from the 106th plus wives attended, Walter and Barbara Bridges could not attend due to the condition of their daughter, Julie Gibbs, in Houston, l'exas, Julie passed away on 16 December, 1998. John and Lee Gilliland had a prior commitment and were not able to attend. 1 ./B in pairs: Dave/Frances Lacey, Joe/Hazel Massey; Paul/Goldic Kirkpatrick; Mr/Mrs Will S. Temple, Jr,


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
South Florida Area - 1998
Major H. Hill, 4248, 524 SW 43rd Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida 33914 941-945-4087
    The 106th Mini-Reunion, 1998, was held on 12 December at the Radisson Inn in Fort Myers, Florida with 28 attending, We had a great group and arc now attracting new members for the future, We had a fine luncheon, Each of the veterans spoke of their most memorable moments. How to obtain Associate members and solicit new veteran members was discussed, We also reviewed hots to keep contact with our members that are shut in. We discussed telephone calls, stopping by to visit to let them know they arc not forgotten, It was a good and fruitful reuinion,
    MEN UR: back row- John Hall; Milton Cram; Charles Zullig; John Thurlow; Virgil Collins; John Fritz.; Raymond Reed; Dick Brokaw; Ad Kuespert; Edwin Lewis and Major Hill
MENUR: front row - Herbert Karnes; George Peres; Nicholas Spagnola; Lee Lively
WOMEN UR: back row- Martha Collins; Margaret Reed; Martha Lively; Jody Brokaw; Anna Hall and Martha Fritz
    WOMEN UR: front rots- Dorothy Lewis; Venda Cram; Joyce Thurlow; Ann McKern; Alice Zullig; Evelyn Hill and Barbara !fill


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Jacksonville Florida Area - 1998
Pete House, 590/A: 5662 Clifton Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211 904-724-8316
    Ramada Inn, Jacksonville, Flrida, 13 December, 1998. A total of 53 people attended the 3rd Annual Luncheon in Jacksonville, Although he couldn't attend, Albert Oelschig sent a dozen Poinsetta plants by Albert Schuller, Joanne House provided door prizes and the Poinsettas were included, Host Pete House lead a discussion on the Battle of the Bulge. The Buffet was outstanding and the fellowship thoroughly enjoyable. Each place setting had an American Flag, Program and Historical paper, Attendees were from North Florida and South Georgia,
    In Attendance mere: Gad , Fred, Lauri and Josh Baker, Johnnie Beaver, 423/H, Alma Beaver, Harold Blalack, Edith Blalack, Winford Boatright 422/K. Virginia Boatright, Sandi Boatright, Dennis Boatright, Dora Boatright, Josh Brinkley, Clifton Capshaw 423/K, Frances Capshaw, George Drib 424/G, Muriel Gelb, Pete House 590/A, Joanne House, Debbie House, Peter House Jr, Bill Lane 423/A Marian Lane, Melissa Lee, Bryan Lee, Neil Letellier (Louis 8 I Eng) Louis Le 'Felber III, Also attending: Robert Lewright, Angela Meeks, Bob Milkey 590/HQ, Eric Mills 422/HQ I BN, Marty Orrin, Michelle Orrin, Bernard Ostermeycr 423/D, Lanelle Ostermeyer, Dona Perrson, Joanic Powell, Delbert Rediger 4241G, Marion Rediger, Frank Rosenberg, Aaron Rosenberg, Albert Schuller 422/B, Latane Schuller, Dick Sparks 423/HQ, Steve Stevenson 589/B, Helen Stephenson, Jill Stephenson, Justin Stepheson, Robert Stephenson 81/HQ, Dorothy Sorenson and Gordon Zicker 423/HQ,


    CAMP BLANDING MUSEUM, FLORIDA OCT 17, 1998 Members of the First Coast Chapter EXPOWs dedicate the bench they installed at the POW Memorial Park at Camp Blanding. The four members served in the 106th Infantry Division, IJR: Raymond (Red) Ellis, Bob MiIkey, 590/A Senior Vice-Commander Bill Lane, 423/A: and Commander Pete House, 590/A. Ironic is the fact that Ellis served in the 106th, was shipped to a replacement depot and raptured white in the 79th
Infantry Division.
1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Nebraska - Western Iowa Area - 1998
Dean & Della Sandahl (422/B), 3041 North 61st St, Lincoln, NE 68507-2406 402-466-3564
    We met at 1100 hours 16 December 1998 at the All-American Buffet, 2800 Comhusker Hwy, Lincoln Nebraska. We opened the electing with The Pledge of Allegiance, reading some of Dale Carver's Poems and the Invocation, In a private room we enjoyed a delicious steak/buffct dinner, with lot's of visiting and reminiscing, Next year, same time, same place - Let's make this a FOUR-STATE REUNION !!!
    UR Dean & Della Sandahl, hosts, 422/B, Lincoln; Earl & Lovisa Kinney, 423/B, Franklin N E; George & Marge Milbrodt, 422/C, Hinton, IA; Eugene & Marcy Kuhn, 106 MP, Columbus, NE; Charles & Jane Henning, 424/B, Peru, NE and Harold & Lorraine Hawkins, 423/D, Omaha, NE,
    We mourn the passing of the following, since our last reunion: J.B, Dresselhaus, 424/I, Lincoln; Robert W, Scheffel, 422/A, Grand Island, NE and Donald Fletcher, 423/AT, Cambridge, NE
Interested in 1999 - write or call me at the above address.,... Dean Sandahl,
Olympia, Washington and Oregon Area 1998
Ken Coorigan, 933 Harvets Dr. SE, Olympia WA 98501 360-352-3481
    We had a nice sit down prepared by Betty, my wife of 48.5 years. Seated UR: Mary Pilkington; Fred Pilkington, 422.11Q; Myrton Dickerson, 424/D; George Strong 423/HQ; C, Ken Corrigan, 59 1 /SV; Ray Johnston, 423/H; Americo Fusco, 423/HQ; Leah Fusco; My daughter in law Dianne and wife Betty,


1998 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Alton Illinois Area - 1998
LTC Marton Ray (US Ret)' 424/D' 704 Briarwood Dr, Bethalto, IL 62010 618-377-3485
    Mini-Reunion held at Alton, Illinois 16 December 1998 at the Moonlight Restaurant by the members of the 106th Infantry Division Association, This years reunion doubled the attendance of the one held last year. 24 members and WIN'es were in attendance, Pictured Front Row IJR: Leonaal Brucnning, 424/D; Marion Ray, 424/D; Victor Bauswell, 422/B; Gene Ketch, 422/1; John Rain, 589/B Briggs Hoffman, 589/B back Row, L/R Milt Hass, 422/HQ 3BN: Lee Steele, 424/D; Don Hinrichs, 8Ist ENG/C; Vince Venegoni, 423/M; Kenneth Bryan 423/HQ 1BN; Paul Boschert, 590/11Q Photo provided by Alton Telegraph, No photo was taken of wives,
'Bulge' vets remember battle
`. the stairs and told Y`ilo
that German :;ra 4.
troops had over- :,;ZZ
run the town." •1'.'
ur. ' .
    LOCAL ALTON, ILLINOIS VETS : This photo appeared in The Alton Telegraph 18 Dec 1998. Front right clockwise: John Rain, 589/B; Ken Bryan, 423/11Q ION; Marion Ray, 424/D; Don Hinrichs, 81st/C; Paul Boschert, 590/HQ,


New Member ...
    I was a gunner, 105 Howitzer in 423 Cannon Co.' Toomy Basic at Camp Atterbury, transferred from Army Air Corps. Captured 16 December 1944 in the battle of the Bulge. Liberated May 6, 1945. Employed mostly as an Aircraft Engineer, now retired' I am active in the POW groups, Director New Hampshire' Just attended the Fort Myers, Florida ,Mini-Reunion, by Major Hill. There were four Cannon Company members present. CROFT, LEO 424/K
ROLLA, MO 65401
Leo's wife also joined as an Auxiliary member. See his son, David below...
11280 cry ROAD 3000
ROLLA, MO 65401
    Another Associate gained through the 106th Infantry Division website. Also joing as an Auxiliary member is his wife Lana.
Ed was solicited by Marion Ray, membership chairman' Welcome back to 1 the we, Edward.
Edward wrote:
/, •
    i ,! I joined B Company, 423' Infantry in ‘ July 1944 at Camp Atterbury, went over with the rest of the 423' on the Queen Elizabeth. Transferred to Headquarters Co. 12-13 December because of my experience as a Combat M.P. at Fort Ord. On the 15 of December a Sergeant and I I went to Brussels for a load of coal' We I arrived back at Headquarters about 5:30 E. AM on 16 December. All Hell broke out.
    Shells were falling everywhere' We engaged the enemy at the west end of Bliealf. We drove them back out of town, but they came back through the next morning. We regrouped and tried to fight our way back to St Vith. We got within sight of Schoenberg, Germany. On the 196 the Germans surrounded us, after an artillery barrage early in the morning, then later at 4:30 PM our officers gave orders to surrender. That was the worst day of my life.
    We were marched to Pruem and put in a large warehouse overnight, next morning were put into the box-cars until the 29th of December' We arrived at Muhlberg, Germany where we stayed until 13 January, 1945. Ninety of us were shipped to Elster, Germany to work in the cement block factory. We worked there for about three months' I was sent back to Stalag 4-B, but had lost 60 lbs during my captivity. The Russians liberated us on 23 April, 1945, or was it captured by the Russians. They released us 23 May, 1945. I was taken to Halle, Germany by truck, then boarded air transport planes, C-47s, and taken to Camp Lucky Strike, near LaHavre, France on 25 May, 1945. I didn't arrive home until July 29, 1945' I was discharged from the Army on 26 December 1945. FREE at LAST!!
    Born in Waveland, Yell County, Arkansas on 30 August 1925' I lived in Porterville California since September 1942'1 married LaVeme Cole on 20 April, 1946. I had to have my mother sign for me -after all I had gone through,' I was 20 years old. LaVerne and me had two children. A boy, Dale Edward, who was born on 17 May, 1947 and a girl, Teresa June, born 4 November 1949. I have six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.


New Member ...
    I worked as an Auto Mechanic for 42 years. I retired on 30 March, 1989 to take care of LaVerne who had been sick for some time. She passed away 15 April 1992' She would have been 65 on 20 April, 1992.
    My Hobby is traveling. My sister, Barabara Lewis, and I are traveling companions and have traveled about 95,000 miles by car since 1992' We have traveled in 30 States so far' In May of this year we made a trip to the POW Museum in Andersonville, Georgia'.
John comes to us from the 106th website' John' hope you found some comrades on the list I sent' J Kline, editor
I found the 106th Association on John Kline's Home Page.
    I am a nephew of Master Sergeant Joe Conlow (deceased)' He died December 4, 1998. He was assigned to Division Headquarters, IG Section
CARMEL, NY 10512
Wife Juanita joined as an Auxiliary member'
Would like to receive information on the September 1999 Reunion, a roster and The CUB magazine'.
    Editors note: Glenn you should have by now received the roster and magazine. The September 1999 Reunion is listed elswhere in this February CUB, but the application for registration and other data will be in the centerfold of the MAY 1999 CUB, which you will receive..,J Kline, editor
Wout, nice to see you and your friend Ronald Kloosterboer as new members. Thanks for your support.
    I still have photographs from you from sometime ago. Hopefully I can get them into the CUb for you one of the next issues. ICLOOSTERBOER, RONALD
RACINE, WI 53402-3647
My wife's name is Margaaret. My E-mail address is:
    William thanks for joining as a LIFE MEMBER, and signing Margaret on as a LIFE AUXILIARY.. I'll get in touch with you' My e-mail address is
J. Kline, editor
WILMINGTON, NC 28405-9166
Wife Jewell joined as an Auxiliary member'
    A fellow in New Jersey called and told me about the Association. I joined the 106 RECON TROOP in early March of 1945' Any info you could send would be appreciated. Also if you had any info about the 1999 Reunion in Schaumberg, Illinois I would like it.
    Editor's Note... Jerry, some information is in this CUB magazine about the September Reunion' Much more, including registration


New Member ...
    ‘ blanks, details and agenda, will be in the MAY 1999 CUB, as a centerfold.. J. Kline, editor... SMITH, RAYMOND D1VIHQ
Ilit 864-582-7658
    I ' Raymond's membership submitted by newphevv Fredrick and his wife Sheralyn ti. Heyse,Cincinnati, OH' Raymond Smith was a Sergeant in Headquarters Company of the 106th Infantry Division
New Member Column
    My apologies for the scrambled text on pages 36-38 of the November CUB. It was entirely my fault in hurrying up the OK for the proofs. I thought I had everything "nailed." But, as you saw I didn't. Computer programs are sometimes blamed for these "Gottchalf' mistakes, but in reality it is the operators fault. The following members had errors and or ommissions in the description of their names and/or addresses or were omitted in the last CUB -again, Sorry,John Kline, editor
IRVINE, CA 92612
, 949-653-7099
I am the daughter of Bernard Riberdy
    • ' (died 1973) who was attached to the 106th, 422nd Regiment in the Tennessee Manuevers, 1944 with the 172nd Engineers, C Company.
    Early he must have been in the 106th t Infantry Regiment of the 27th Infantry Division who eventually went to the South Pacific.
    Editor's Note - Pamela was quite positive that her father was with the 106th. He was, but it was the 106th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division. Had several interesting e-mail contacts with Pamela. Thanks Pamela.
John Kline, editor
I recently talked to John Kline who
MADE IN THE FEBRUARY CUB 1999 opportunity to learn more and come in contact with some of the 106th soldiers'
    My Grandfather, Colonel George L. Descheneaux, was the Commanding Officer of the 422nd Infantry regiment during the Battle of the Bulge' He died in 1984 and is buried at West Point.1 am honored to join the Association'
ST, LOUIS, MO 63126-2516
    Inducted into the service March 3, 1943, assigned to the 106th infantry division. basic training at Fort Jackson, maneuvers in Tennessee, then to Camp Atterbury, overseas in November 1944, Captured with the rest of the 422nd Regiment. Spent 3'5 months in German prison camps, Stalag 9-B, Bad Orb, then Stalag 9-A at Ziegenhain, liberated by Patton at the end of March and returned to the uSA, Discharged November 1945. I sepnt the next 31 years with General Motors. Retired and now enjoying life, family, friends and traveling'
told me about the 100 Inf. Div
Association' It would be a good
the CUB of the Golden Lion 39
New Member ...
    COLLINSVILLE, IL 62234 Welcome Samuel. Nice to have you in the Association as a LIFE member. Hope you enjoyed the CUB ojthe Golden LION: PASSES in Review
    Fred attended the Indianapolis Reunion and loaded up on memoribilia from The Military Shop. Welcome to the Association Fred.
12813 Candlcwood Way
Ilidson, FL 34667-3004
     Raymond, sorry we missed you in the last CUB. Thanks Bulge,rchasing the CUB of the Golden Lion: PASSES in REVIEW, hope you enjoyed browsing back through history. J Kline, editor
AUTHOR: George K. Zak M Company 422nd Infantry 106th Infantry Divivision
    The guns of World War II rumble ominouslyB.A,Soldier Boy, author GeorgeM,A,Zak's riviting account of tChicago,rs and fatal chanccsof war. The authors untried infantry unit observed comFirm,n the Ardennes Forest in December 1944, seeing it, as he sayIllinois,box seats at a fantastic show from hell and we never knew what the act would bring." Unknowingly they • were witnessing the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. Soondied,e participants t5,25elves, they were overwcover, in this enormouInc,tback for the Allies, withK,heir unit having to surrender, and the author being taken prisoner. This saga is a moving compelling history, A veteran of World War II, GEORGE K. ZAK received a B.A. degree with honors and a M.A. from Loyola University in Chicago. He eventually became the manager of corporate banking for a large retail Firm.
    Now retired, the author lives with his wife in Willowbrook, Illinois. Once a year, on the date of his liberation, George joins other local survivors of Stalag I V-B to celebrate their survival and to honor the memory of those who had died. 115 pages, 8 x 5.25 inches, glossy pamember'er. Vintage Press, Inc.
Order direct from:
Gcorgc K. Zak
6159 Brookside Lane tt I A
Claredon Hills, IL 60514-2916
USA: $13.00 (Book Rate mail) prepaid EUROPE Air Mail only, CUB'Mail) $18.00
312161C1 L\
A I.
/1 Chronicle of Lile and and Sun't'd
during World War ll
George K. Zak


In Memoriam
(Please note; We list only the deaths of 106th veterans that are Association members, We can list only
    information we receive - at times that information is just a dale ofdeath. Sadly' there are times we are not notified ofthe death ofour comrade until we are alerted by returned mail or nonpayment ofdues, I would Isuggest that all ofyou wterans let your new of kin know that the either the Adjutant' Treasurer or Editor of the 106th Infantry Division Association should be notified in the event of your death, .., Editor)
Addison, Fred W. 106 Band
7305 Grissom Rd, Saraland, AL 36571
    John Robb, Memorial Chairman reported that Fred's widow called to report that Fred died on 12 December, 1998 at the age of 86. Fred was a graduate of Springhill College and Band Instructor at the University Military School until his retirement' In addition to his widow, survivors include three sons and two daughters'

Hill Jr., Ralph G. Associate (99th Infantry) 1231 Van Ski& Ave,, Wyomissing, PA 19610
    Ralph, age 79, a member of the 99th Infantry Division and a self made historian of the Battle of the Bulge, passed away in November 1998'We all remember Ralph as a sometimes controversial writer, who took many of us to task for what we wrote' He was a student of the battle, did endless research and passed his finding to many of our 106th members through his mail network. He was relentless when it came to detail.
Robertson, George E. 590/C
10 Longview Way, Peabody, MA 01960
Survived by his wife Mary' George died in August 1998'
Schlesser, Jack 591/SV
South Viant Apt D, Lowell, IN 46356
Jack died 22 December 1998, he is survived by his wife Karin, a daughter Georgina'
Rest in Peace
St. Paul, MN + THE ARDENNES Permit No, 5054 + CENTRAL EUROPE
John Kline - Editor
11 Harold Drive
Burnsville, MN 55337-2786
Telephone: 612-890-3155
4223 S SHELBY 750 W
FRANKLIN IN 46131-9205
.1 ull.
Inscription on 106th la Div Memorial - St Vith
A quarterly publication of the
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
A nonprofit Organization- USPO #5054
St Paul, MN - Agent: John P. Kline, Editor
Membership fees include CUB subscription.
Paid membership February 6, 1999 - 1, 648 members
President John A. Swett
Past-President John P. Kline
I st Vice--Pres John Gregory
2nd Vice-Pres Marion Ray
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Gordon Pinney
Historian Sherod Collins
CUB Editor John P. Kline
Chaplain Dr. Duncan Trueman
    Memorials Chairman ....Dr. John G. Robb Atterbury Memorial Rep O. Paul Merz St. Vith Mem. Rep ....Dr. Richard Peterson Membership Chairman Marion Ray Resolutions Chairman .' Alan W. Jones, Jr. Washington Liaison Officer'.'' Jack Sulser Order of the Golden Lion . Russell Villwock
Send editorial matter and photos to:
John P. Kline -- CUB Editor
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Dr John G. Robb -- Memorial Chairman
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.106th Infantry Division Association..
Board of Directors 1998 -1999
Alphabetical by year term expires. '
Nolan L. Ashburn, 424/H ('1999)
1212 Raintree Dr; Apt J-193, Ft Collins, CO 80525
Lloyd J. Diehl, 423/H (.1999)
RJ Box 212, 365 am,' ItgI,xOt.,S,m2, N108080
John A. Gregory, 424/E (Rm. Committee) (.1999)
4624 Ashton Dr, Saaarnan, CA 95864
916481-3353 - oklahoesac‘Wjuno,coni
Art Van Moorlehem, 423/B (1999)
206 W. Birch St, Arlington, SD 57212
John A. Swett, 423/H (Exec Committee) (Eat .1999)
10691 13. Northerest Dr, Tucsond. 85748
520-722-6016 - jasivetkiimo.eorn
Richard .1. Ike:, 423/1C ('2000)
14 Porter St., Quaker DK Cr 06375
Waller G. Bridges, 424/D ('2000)
225 Laird Ave' Ihwytown, A1.35023
Sherod Collies, 423/SV (.2000)
448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144
John P. Kline, 423/M ('2000)
11 Harold Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337-2786
612-890-3155 - jpk(Orim.ouni
E. V. C'red, 590/A ('2001)
3 t 5 Fern ClitTAzi=13erract, FL 33617
Marion Ray, 424/D (Exec. Committee) (2001)
7 04 Briarwood DOM. IL 62010-1168
618-377-3485 -
Col. Earl Valenstein US (Rd), ERWB ('2001)
5737 Bar Neck Rd„Cambridge, MD 21613
4 t 0-22.0716 - esgle@aboraseteet
7,imand, Gerald P., 422/D ('2001)
i 01 Joseph Street, New Hyde Parke, NY 11040
NY:516-354-4778 FL:561-732-3832
Joseph P' Maloney, 424/HQ (.2002)
20 Warren Ave, Arnold, PA 15068
412-335-6BM - nialoney@salesgiverecan
Richard D. Sparks, 423/HQ ('2002)
3180 Hanley St, Dello., FL 32738
904-789-4692 - dsparkyCalinagicaetnet
Russell H. Villwock, 106 Signal ('2002)
8960 Was Fos. Ave, 4510, Norridge, IL 60656
John O. Gilliland, 592/SV ('2003)
605 Nortlistl:irrriteriLise, A136330
Frank Lapato, 422/HQ (.2003)
RD 8 - Bea 403, Kittanning. PA 16201
Harry E. Martin, Jr, 42.VL (.2003)
PO Box 221, Mount Ailing., NJ 07856
George Peros, 590/A (.2003)
19160 Harbor Trees:, NW Fort Myers, FL 33903
Charles F. Rink 422/H (.2003)
7316 Vora Perim, Middleton, WI 53562
HONORARY Beard Member
Col. Joseph Matthews 422/HQ (LIFE)
4706 Weak= Blvd Raleigh, NC 27606
106 //1 INIANTRY I GO Qi
ptimisitio BY AND I OD ‘la
The Veterans of the

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106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 2, 4, 14, 30, 35, 43, 44
106th Sig. Co., 28, 45
112th Inf., 15
112th Inf. Regt., 15
112th Inf. Regt., 28th Inf. Div., 15
28th Inf. Div., 29
2nd Div., 8
422/K, 30, 33
422/M, 18, 26
422nd Inf., 40, 41
422nd Inf. Regt., 40
422nd Regt., 40
423rd Inf., 1
424/A, 3, 18, 23
424/C, 21, 38
424/D, 4, 9, 34, 35, 45
424/E, 21, 26, 45
424/G, 18, 33
424/I, 34
424/L, 31
424th Inf. Regt., 15, 29
424th Regt., 15
99th Inf. Div., 43
Addison, Fred, 43
Addison, Fred W., 43
Andersonville, 38
Andersonville, Georgia, 38
Aponte, Humberto, 18
Ardennes, 2, 11, 15, 16, 41, 43, 46
Ardennes Forest, 41
Ashburn, Nolan L., 44
Austin, Cliff, 11
Bad Orb, 40
Bastogne, 4
Battle of the Bulge, 4, 5, 11, 31, 33, 40, 41, 43
Bean, Cynthia, 25
Bean, Ralph, 25
Beaver, Johnnie, 33
'Before The Veterans Die', 8, 17
Behr, Bea, 25
Behr, Richard, 25
Belgium, 2, 15, 16, 28, 38
Bied, Dan, 14
Birmingham, 31
Black, Ewell, 14
Black, Ewell, Jr., 14
Black, Rev. Ewell C., 30
Black, T. Wayne, 14
Blalack, Harold, 33
Bliealf, 16, 36
Books, 5
Born, 37
Boschert, Paul, 35
Bratton, Harold, 24
Braunschweig, 7
Breite, Avis, 24
Breite, Victor, 24
Bridges, Barbara, 31
Bridges, Walter, 31
Brokaw, Dick, 31, 32
Brokaw, Jody, 32
Broussard, Fred, 20
Brown, Joe E., 15
Brunswick, 5
Brussels, 15, 36
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Bryan, Marge, 24
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Buchet, 15, 16
Califf, John, 15, 16
Camp Atterbury, 13, 36, 40
Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association, 13
Camp Lucky Strike, 36
Capshaw, Clifton, 33
Capshaw, Frances, 33
Cariano, Sam, 14
Carr, Betty, 26
Carr, Fred, 4, 26
Carver, Dale, 17, 19, 34
Central Europe, 43, 46
Childs, Dean, 25
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Coffey, Douglas & Isabel, 30
Coffey, Isabel, 30
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Coulee, 16
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Cram, Milton H., 36
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Descheneaux, Col. George L., 40
Dibenardo, Peter, 20
Diehl, Lloyd J., 44
Div. HQ, 38
Donaldson, Walter, 20
Edwards, James, 31
Fallingbostel, 7
Fava, Roy, 26
Fava, Wanda, 26
Fenninger, Robert G., 38
First Reunion, 19
Ford, David, 26
Foster, Cedric, 15
Frampton, Annette, 15
Frampton, Durward, 15
Frampton, Duward, 14
Frampton, Duward, Jr., 14
France, 36
Frank, Ida, 26
Fritz, John, 32
Fritz, Martha, 32
Ft. Jackson, SC, 30, 40
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Germany, 1, 2, 8, 11, 28, 36
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Hinrichs, Don, 35
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Mayotte, Russ, 21
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McGinty, Ed, 26
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Memorials, 44
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Muhlberg, 36
Muhlberg, Germany, 36
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Novak, Gerald E., 39
Oelschig, Albert, 33
Order of the Golden Lion, 14, 44
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Peters, Dave, 22
Peterson, Dr. Richard, 44
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Reunions, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
Rhineland, 43, 46
Rieck, Charles, 20
Rieck, Chuck, 20
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Rikken, Adda & Willie, 15
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Robb, John, 14, 43
Roberts, John, 21
Roberts, Mary Lou, 21
Robertson, George, 43
Robertson, George E., 43
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Rutland, Mattie, 30
Rutland, Roger, 14
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Sandahl, Dean & Della, 34
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Schaffner, Lillian, 26
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Schoenberg, 16, 36
Schoenberg, Germany, 36
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Sergi, Rocco, 31
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Smith, Ken, 31
Snyder, Walt, 26
'Soldier Boy', 41
Spagnola, Nicholas, 32
Sparks, Dick, 33
Sparks, Richard D., 45
Spenle, Nina, 20
Spineux, 15
Spineux, Belgium, 15
St. Vith, 1, 16, 36, 43, 44
Stalag 4-B, 36
Stalag 9-A, 40
Stalag 9-B, 40
Stalag VIII, 7
Stalag VIII-A, 7
Stalag XI-B, 7
Steele, Kermit, 24
Stephenson, Helen, 33
Stroh, Donald A., 11
Strong, George, 34
Sulser, Jack, 14, 26, 44
Swett, John, 2, 25
Swett, John A., 1, 44, 45
Tarantino, Joe, 26
Temple, Will S., 31
The Battle of the Bulge, 4
Thoma, Sgt., 5
Thomas, Sgt., 5
Thome, Michael, 14
Thurlow, John, 32
Thurlow, Joyce, 32
Toy, Vannie, 30
Toy, Waid, 30
Trois Pont, 16
Trois Ponts, 16
Trueman, Dr. Duncan, 3, 44
Turley, Leland J., 9
Tyndall, Robert, 15
Valenstein, Col. Earl, 45
Van De Bogart, Helen, 25
van De Bogart, Herman, 25
van Moorlehem, Art, 45
Vance, George, 22
Vanderhorst, Frieda, 19
Vandermast, Mary, 26
Varhola, Steve, 9
Velasquez, Armando, 23
Villwock, Russel, 12
Villwock, Russell, 44
Villwock, Russell & Jackie, 28
Villwock, Russell H., 12, 45
Watt, Ben, 15
Weiner, Bella, 19
Weiner, Milton, 19
Wells, James, 14
Wells, Jim, 30
Wells, Maydean, 30
West Point, 40
West, James D., 43
Westbrook, Scott, 30
Wiggins, Jim, 22
Wojahn, Edward, 20
Wojtusik, Stan, 4
Yelochan, Al, 22
Yingst, Ruth, 18
Yingst, William, 18
Zak, George K., 41
Zak, Joan, 28
Zicker, Gordon, 33
Ziegenhain, 40
Zittau, Germany, 11
Zullig, Charles, 32