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Vol. 54, No. 2, Jan., 1998

Russell Villwock, 106 Signal, Director,
Past-President (181-182), recipient- Order of the
Golden Lion - Commander Class and Chairman of several annual reunions, shown at the Camp Atterbury Memorial.
The site of the Memorial Service for the upcoming 52nd Annual Reunion
106th Infantry Division Association 9 to 13 September, 1998
Adams Mark Hotel, Indianapolis PULL OUT the colored centerfold
They are the registration forms for the "Hotel" and the "52nd
Annual Reunion," along with a schedule of events.
The Registration form for the Reunion must be sent to Armed
Forces Reunions (AFR).
The Hotel Reservation form must be sent direct to the Hotel.
No other forms will be sent to you. Use these forms.
President's View
    11/You know what the toughest duty is for a new president - writing the "President's View" column for each issue. Comments about this CUB in my Editor's Column "Front & Center."
    I was privileged to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday January 28, 1998. I was a guest of Richard L. Rigatti, (423/B) past-president - year 95/96. As a house guest of Dick and his gracious wife Pat, I really enjoyed the visit. On Thursday, January 29, I was privileged to be a guest speaker to a group of 27 former 106th Infantry veterans at the Pittsburgh High-land Drive Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The coffee and donuts were delightful and I wasn't run out of the room. Great group! The VA photo will appear in the next CUB.
    Rick Canavan, MSW, VA Social Worker has done a great job with the Greater Pittsburgh Area POW group. Thanks Rick, for your hospi-tality and the wonderful job you are doing for ALL the veterans in your area.
    After the moming meeting, I had lunch with Board members Joe Maloney, 424/HQ and Ed Huminski, 424/F, along with Dick Rigatti, *president. Evening was spent dining, with
    and Pat, at The Church Brew Works a unique downtown Pittsburgh Mini-Brewery Restaurant , a "Turn of the Century" Church Want a look (go to the Internet) www, - The ultra modern brew machinery is installed on the altar, with the old pews made into seating for tables, on the original floor. Dick, That should get you a free meal.
    Friday, after a "Pat Rigatti" breakfast, Dick and I motored to Fort Indiantown Gap, near Har-risburg, PA to sign in for the two-day Federation's Re-enactment of the Battle of the Bulge.
    There were 127 Battle of the Bulge veterans attending, 25 from the 106th Infantry Division. Over 1,500 Re-enactors (1,000 Allied and 500 German) did battle on a large hill, reminsce of the Ardennes, dressed explicitly as World War II soldiers, including four tanks, half-track, six wheel Recon vehicle, you name it - all authentic. More about that in the May CUB.
    Presidential Committee Appointments - look in FRONT & CENTER column for listing. Nominees are needed for the Scholarships, Order of the Golden Lion and Board of Directors.
    1998 Indianapolis 52nd Annual Reunion: Please excuse my error in calling it the 51st or 53rd, must be El Nino. It is important that you understand that there will be no direct mailings of Reunion Registration papers. In this CUB and in the May CUB we will include The Hotel Reser-vation blank (to be mailed direct to the Hotel- they will accept phone reservations), The 52nd An-nual Reunion Registration blank, to be mailed direct to Armed Forces Reunion (AFR).
    PLEASE NOTE: AFR will not accept any phone registrations. All necessary details are listed on the forms, included in this CUB, and in the following MAY Cub. Due to an August 7, 1998 CUT-OFF date, the August CUB will NOT include any reservation or registration papers.
John Kline, Editor/ President
John P. Kline, President/Editor
106th Infantry Div. Assoc. - 1997-98
"M" Company, 423rd Infantry Regiment
New Address: 11 Harold Drive
Burnsville, MN 55337
(612) 890-3155

The CUB of the Golden Lion
" Pride and Love of Country ... "

    Like many others in the 106th, I was just nineteen years old when the Bulge began. From Atterbury I used to write home with reasonable regularity, often including little notes, mementos, clippings, and other things that might be of inter-est to the folks back home. Little did I know that my mother saved every scrap of trivia that I sent. Little did I know that she faithfully pasted these "precious" things in scrapbooks. I still have her scrapbooks today.
    Although the War Department didn't release losses in the Bulge until late in January of 1945, my father learned from a B.B.C. broadcast on Christmas Eve 1944. London announced that the 106th had been annihilated.
    When I returned home a year later, I never spoke about the war. Neither did my family ever speak about that Christmas Eve. I later wondered how they had dealt with the awful news, but we never talked. I was never able to share the suffer-ing I had endured and they were never able to share the suffering that was theirs. Except for my nightmares during the first few years, it was as if the war had never happened,
    How commonplace it is to bury or disguise our sorrows and terrors, our innner sufferings • spiritual conflicts....As if they had never happened. We do it all the time.
    We continue to live with all the uneasy and troubling consequences of life's experiences be-cause we fail to share them with our god and thereby open ourselves up to power from on high which brings wholeness and healing. God spoke through the prophet Isaiah, saying: "I am your god; I will strengthen and help you." But we do not communicate.
    Man can get along for a time without God, but he is incomplete, unfulfilled, aware only that his life is not quite right...or worse, that it is empty. Man is alone !
    Man, who was made to walk with God walks instead alone...separated...alienated. (That's the meaning and the definition of sin; didn't you know ?) The Prophet Micah wrote: "What does the Lord require of you but to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with God." Though a good man may faithfully adhere to the concepts of justice and mercy, he is still alone, incomplete, un-fulfilled until he also finds fulfillment as he walks with God.
    Heed the words of those two prophets, written almost 3,000 years ago. Millions have discov-ered that they can walk with God, be in fellowship with God. Here is one with whom we can talk about those things of wh ich we have never before spoken... even those painful things that are diffi-cult to share.
    Lord, you promised that before we call, you will answer; and while we are still speaking you will hear. We are thankful to have a God with whom we can talk and walk. Help us to be faithful as you are faithful. Amen.
Dr. Duncan Trueman, 424/AT
29 Overhill Lane, Warwick NY10990


From West Burlington, Iowa....
("Citizen Soldiers," the latest World War II book by historian Stephen E. Ambrose, isn't about the generals.
    "It is," Ambrose explains, "about the Gls, the Junior officers and enlisted men of the ETO. Who they were, how they fought, why they fought, what they endured, how they triumphed."
    The men (including former shoe clerks, truck drivers, farmers and soda jerks) came as liberators, not conquerors, Ambrose notes. "Only a tiny percentage of these men wanted to be there, but only a small percentage of these men failed to do their duty."
    Most GIs were embarrassed by patriotic bombast, the author of ten previous books about the war in Europe points out. "Nevertheless, as much as during the Civil War, they believed in their cause. They knew they were fighting for decency and democracy and they were proud and motivated by it."
    "Citizen Soldiers," based to large extent on interviews with American and German Allibatants, bluntly tells what happened from W-Day invasion on June 6, 1944, until V-E Day on May 8, 1945. There is emphasis on the Battle of the Bulge, of course, and the POW experience shared by many vets of the 106th.
    "Normandy was a soldier's battle," Ambrose reports. "It belonged to the riflemen, machine gunners, mortar men, tankers and artillerymen who were on the front lines." He tells about a savage assault near Omaha Beach in which a 101st Airborne Division officer ordered his men to "Fix bayonets." It was, he says, an order seldom heard in World War II. As the assault took place "whole squads started running forward, flashing the cold steel of their bayonets, The men began to roar as they charged, their own versions of the Rebel Yell."
    The men who talked the toughest, bragged the most and excelled in maneuvers were often -the first to break," Ambrose relates, "while the soft-talking kid who was hardly noticed in camp was the standout in
Dan Bled "A" Co., 422nd Infantry
108 Leffler Street, West Burlington, IA 52655
Tele: (319) 762-5708
combat. These are the cliches of war novels precisely because they are true."
    Ambrose says our top brass thought with "Strategic Logic" in deciding that a German counterattack in the Ardennes would be a mistake. "Every senior general in the German army agreed with them," he writes. "Nevertheless, they were dead wrong, because they failed to leap into the mind of the enemy commander. Had they looked at the situation from Adolph Hitler's point of view, they would have come to a much different conclusion."
    "Hell was a German POW camp," Ambrose notes in telling what happened to thousands of GIs captured in December, 1944. Pvt. Kurt Vonnegut, who went on to be a famed novelist, was among the men who marched 60 (or more) miles with no water, food or sleep. "Citizen Soldiers" tells of men from the 106th and other units singing carols on Christmas Eve in crowded boxcars during their "Journey to Hell."
    Ambrose notes that the most famous bombing raid in the ETO, against Dresden on Feb. 13-14, 1945, has been labeled the most barbaric, senseless act of the war as
thousands of Gerrnans in air raid shelters "suffocated or were baked alive."
    Raids with 1,000 or more bombers on Berlin and Leipzig had hit those cities even harder," the author asserts, after the Allies had "Just plain run out of targets."


From West Burlington, Iowa....
    The book mentions, however, that Americans involved in the raids defended what happened. "If you saw London, like I saw it, you wouldn't have any remorse," an ex-airman told Ambrose. "As time went on, for me a dead German was the best German. To this day, I won't buy German goods, if I can help it. I'm prejudiced."
    "Citizen Soldiers" includes a I4-page chapter dealing with the plight of POWs. Vonnegut, a private in the 106th, termed the capturing of himself and other GIs "a river of humiliation."
    Col. Joe Matthews of the 106th is quoted in regard to eating "green hornet soup" made of beet tops and horse meat. "Matthews, an
agricultural chemist, decided the maggots the food were protein and ate them," Ambrose reports.
    The book, mostly pungent prose, includes a list of casualty figures. The 106th is credited with 63 days in combat while suffering 8,163 battle casualties and a turnover rate of nearly 76 percent.
    The figures have to speak for the men who didn't make it back to marry, go to college under the GI Bill, have children or be interviewed by Ambrose for his book.
Dan Bied, 422/A
Though the soft enticing blackness then seemed sweet,
a deeper savage wisdom recognized death as death though cunningly disguised
as a warm dark doud of all-embracing sleep.
Strengthless, by will alone, he left his bed of snow
and dream-like floated to his feet. He lurched into the unfelt driving wind and sleet
then sank in soft darkness and ceased to know.
3rd edItIon - new poems added
Book of poems from
World War II memories.
61 pages - $8 ppd
    by: Dale R. Cover Poet Laureate of the 106th Infantry Division Assoc. Silver Star recipient 1945 424th Headquarters A&P Platoon Leader 742 Druid Circle Baton Rouge, UN 70808 504-767-3111


Front & Center
John Kline, 423/M, editor, The CUB
Home Page:,com/user/jpk
PLEASE NOTE Change of Address
11 Harold Drive, Burnsville MN 55337
Telephone 612-890-3155
Today there is a special deal. There are 100 +/- copies of this book left.
    It would help to conserve the history of the 106th Infantry Division if you would purchase copies of the book anli place them in your local library. If you do, please paste a sticker on the inside cover to tell the people where it came from.
    Another good location for the book is in the library of your local Veteran's Assistance Medical Center. Or as a gift to that favorite counselor who meets with you in a POW peer group, or in a Combat Soldier group. Donate one and have the men in your group sign the front cover. Get a buck out of them for helping the cause. You gotta spread the word.... SPECIAL as long as they last
Two (2) books Post paid for $40.00 One (1) book Postpaid for $25.00 Jump on it -they're gonna sell
    The 106th Infantry Division Home Page that 1 installed on the World Wide Web 3 April 1996, still continues to draw interest. Over 18,500 visitors have viewed my Home Page as of 02/08/98. Many new members, relatives and interested historians have been contacted in this media.
    I have, on my e-mail address list, over 140 names of veterans, relatives, his-torians and other persons who show an in-terest in the 106th and/or the Battle of the Bulge. The mail traffic is heavy. It is not unusual to read and reply to over 10 e-mail letters per day. In the corporate world that is just a few, but in an informa-tional environment in a specialized sub-ject - it keeps me busy. I get a lot of inquires from relatives of other World War II units, as well as our own. All re-quire the courtesy of a reply. I am pleased with the response received after directing a person in the direction of information to satisfy his needs, at times very emotional.
1 missed a name on the Nashville Reunion listing - page 19 - November CUB.
My apologies to Floyd Elston, 589/A one of the original Cadre and an Associa-tion member since 1960.
Since the OCT-NOV-DEC 1997 CUB
Kerns. Leon 25
Liskiewiez, MichKerns, 10
Plenskofski, John J. 5
TrW,ergy, Robert E. 10
DamJ, Young 5
Col. Fred W. Nagle 18

The CUBCol,the Golden Lion
Front & Center


    Time and space control the placement of feature articles in The CUB. Recent is-sues have had some very interesting and well received stories. Stories that should be heard, or read, and saved for history. I wish to continue on this path, even though, at times, at the expense of other material.
    My heart was set on featuring the 424th Infantry Regiment in this issue. I had asked for information from the 424th Veterans in several of the past CUBs.
    The response was so overwhelming that I decided, to do justice to the subject. I had to forego the display of their stories in this, the Jan-Feb-Mar 1998 publication.
    My apologies. I know it is disappoint-ing, especially to those that have given me their information, but the material requires much study and space and typing time.
This issue Jan-Feb-Mar contains nu-merous Mini-Reunions reports..
424th Overwhelms the Editor:
    The response from 424th Infantry Regiment veterans overwhelmed me with over 130 pages of Oral History, plus 40 pages of "After Battle Reports" and nearly 30 Photographs contributed by:
424/HQ: Robert M. Shaver; Harry W. Wil-son; Robert N. Lyons
424/CN: William J. LeClair; Donald A. O'Farrell
424/HQ 1Bn: Victor A. Schwartz
424/A: Donald W. Beseler
424/B: Irwin Smoler
424/HQ 2Bn: Paul Parker (deceased 3/97) 424/E: Robert F. Sowell; John C. Phillips 424/F: Milton Schober
424/H: Robert M. Shaw (deceased, 6/97)) 424/1: Roland Martin; JB Dresselhaus (deceased, 1/98)
424/K: Arthur and William Potts (Twins) 591/B: Raymond P. Kurth (the 424th's Sup-port Artillery)
591/SV: Robert C. Ringer
Editor's Beef ...
Please excuse my airing this subject, but I feel it is important to understand.
    Once in a while I get a letter stating that the writer is disturbed by the fact that his unit has not been featured in the CUB. A recent one stated, "1 find that very little has been mentioned about the action taken by the Officers in Command, the Service Company, the Cannon Company and the Anti-Tank Company."
    Gentlemen, and ladies, I can only publish stories that I receive. I cannot dream up an article that does not exist. 1 refuse to put myself into a position of being a historian, since all I know is what I per-sonally was involved in. The old sayings are, "You only know what you see over your rifle sights." and "One witness - No Witness."
If you want stories about your unit-Send it, or get your buddies together and write some personal "Oral History."
OLD CUBS, Memorabilia
    I receive reqoften,for copies of old CUBs often. I appreciate those of you that have sent me your old ones. It is sad but nice to receive CUBs and memorabilia from one of deceased members family. for you know that he had given instruc-tions to his survivors to pass along his treasured bookshare,s and memorabilia s to share.
Earl Parker, 423/E
Jack P. Schlesser, 59I/SV
Fred Sebatinelli, Div/HQs
Glynn Raby, 423/HQ I Bn
Roy Fava, 8Ist Eng/C
John Manfredi, 424/Med
Bob Derick , 422/HQ 3Bn (3rd Armored) If I missed any of you, my apologies, please drop me a note.
    1 can always use old CUBs. Carlisle Barracks Museum are missing some old is-sues. Their set is not complete, but I .,...JKing them in as we go. .....JK
Front & Center
• It's Indianapolis in 1998
with a visit to Camp Atterbury
The 52nd Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions
September 9 - 13, 1998
We're staying at the Adams Mark Hotel near the Airport
317-248-2481 or 1-800-444-2326
$78 bucks a night, available from September 6 to 14th.
See the Advance Hotel Registration form in this CUB.
There will be no "Direct Mailing" of HOTEL or REGISTRATION FORMS.
With this CUB is a HOTEL REGISTRATION - to be sent to Hotel
(no phone registrations will be accepted by AFR)
This information will also appear in CUB magazine of MAY 98
Your Reservations must be made prior to August 7, 1998.
im Walter Greve, 423/HQ 1BN
2 E Florida Ave ra, CO 80012
    I have never been sure of the location of the browncoal (lignite) mine I worked in as a POW. Using the Internet I located a brown-coal company through the Europe Yellow Pages. A kind gentleman from the company sent me maps and locations of the mines and a photo of a large piece of machinery used in the mines. We narrowed the location down to Schwarzheide, which is just south of Seften-berg.Germany, Its great to finally know - where I was.
    He also sent me an article about the rec-ommended rations for POWs. Each week the POWs were to receive 200grams (g) horse-meat; 125 g margerine; 1500 g bread; 150 g beans; 250 g sugar, 5250 g beets; 3000 g po-tatoes - I don't remember getting that much to eat. Walt's e-mail address is If his story sounds fa-milar - drop him a line.He sent the German fellow a Denver Broncos teeshirt stating they were the AFC Champs - only guy in Seftenberg, Germany that owns one....
    Nashville Reunion: 423/B Vets Joseph Scotti and Pete Draculich together for the first time since liberation 1945. They slept side by side in Stalag IX-B

The CUB of the Golden Lion
Front & Center

For the Ties that Bind - Crispin's Day, December 1944
A letter from Dr, Richard W. Peterson. Ph.D,
    Dear Friends-I have just re-read, for about the tenth time, Dr. Trueman's ad-dress to the Division reunion in Rapid City.
    It is one of the most moving things I have ever read. In it he spoke of a broth-erhood of men that came to be not by birth, but from ties bound in that winter long ago. He said, "If your eyes get wet when taps echoes in the distance, it is not just for sadness alone; it is also for the ties that bind. We are proud of those who wore our Lion Patch and gave their lives."
    He quoted from Shakespeare's Henry V, wherein the King told his soldiers that they should gather yearly to toast their friends, and boast of their deeds. Henry V said "Live this day and see old age. Yearly on the eve of this vigil friends say to your friends, "Tomorrow is St. Crispin's Day. He will strip his sleeve and show his scars. These wounds I had on Crispin's Day, that winter long ago. Other men in England now abed, shall think their lives accursed they were not here." Truly words to live by. Dr. Trueman said, "Thank God for all those who fought with us on our Crispin's Day in December 1944."
    In our wartime experience we were all part of a much bigger picture, but we infantry men fought alone, with our own set of fears. Historians write of "gallant stands," yet we knew only of our individual decision to stand and deliver. It was a very personal decision, in part the result of military training, but I believe more the product of teachings years before we entered the Army, from parents, teachers, an the faith in a God passed to us by our religious instructors.
    Even today, we fight alone in life's battles. The bigger picture affects us, yes, but the decision to hold to our own principles and beliefs demands as much as it did to stand and fight so many years ago. When our civilian equivalent of ammunition is gone, the guns destroyed, and our organization dead, we look only to ourselves, our God, and into our own hearts for the strength and faith to carry on. Just as we did in the Ardennes forest so long ago.
    When I think of the tragedies to all men in that cold, black Ardennes forest, my eyes moisten, and my throat tightens. I remember the pain of survival and the toll of the dead. Men speak easily of the love they felt for comrades during time of war. I like to think that love continues among all of us who fought for our country. Thank you all for sharing your love with me.
Dr. Richard W. Peterson, Ph.D, 423/1, Past Board Member, OGL Officer Class
Membership as of 01/23/98 = 1,591
8 The CUB o f the Golden Lion
Front & Center
m the German Food Itiding Ministry - 1941
    Former POWs of Germany may be in-terested in this recipe for World War II Black Bread from the official record of the Minis-try published (top secret) Berlin 24 Novem-ber 1941 by the Director in Ministry Herr Mansfeld and Herr Moritz. It was agreed that the following were the best mixture to bake Black Bread.
50% bruised rye grain
20% sliced sugar beets
20% tree flour (saw dust)
10% minced leaves and straw
tyou are not in the Infantry. You're just support ...
    Dick Peterson, 423/I eats breakfast every day at Coco's restaurant in Encinitas, California that is managed by Jeff, a former Infantryman who was in the Panama cam-paign. He holds the Combat Infantry Badge and there are not many of those around in that age group.
    One day, as Dick was eating, there were a couple of World War II type Air Force guys schmoozing in the lobby - no doubt telling lies about how they vvowone war. Jeff, the manager, told Dick as they walked by them, "If you ain't in the Infantry, you're just sup-port."
A propoganda leaflet released in the Ar-dennes by German artillery.
Why do you risk your life?
To Save the Western Hemisphere from threatening "Nazi Invasion?"
    You could not possibly believe in that trash propoganda handed out by American bigwigs to keep citizens in proper frenzy.
With Europe some 2000 miles even be-yond the Pan-American 300-miles safety belt you know damned well:
It's not "Hemisphere defense" that sent you over to give a flesh and blood performance. But, then what is it?
    Turn around and have a look at the "Friendly folks back home." those who stimu-lated the big war boom, eager to collect the big profits ....
Your job is easy:
You just got to die to fill their pockets. See how it works?
This was submitted to the AX-POW Bulletin and printed May 1997, by Joseph P. O'Donnell of Robbinsville, NJ.
    Editor's Note: Remember how you could wade the dough up like a ball and the crust could hardly be eaten. I hope they washed the straw..
    My wife who was born and raised in the war years, in Frankfurt , Germany said that they received the same bread we did.
J Kline, editor ...,.....


Front & Center
Listen Up - 422nd Regiment veterans-
Word from Belgium
    Jean-Louis SEEL, a Belgian friend of the 106th is looking for information. You will recall that I published a story 'Searching for the "Missing in Action (M1A's)..." about he and his comrades in the JAN-FEB-MAR 1996 CUB, They have located several MIA's, including German. M their searches of the Ardennes they come across all sorts of memorabilia, maybe some of it is yours, read on.... J Kline
Dear 422nd Veterans,
    Here follow a report after some dig-gins over the Schnee Eifel. I'm a member of the 99th ID MIA's Project and I'm writing to you to ask your help in identifying some owners of material dug out on the battle-field. Three years ago,' met Mr. John Kline while on trip here in Europe. John gave me lists of names, thousands of them, for the 423rd and 424th Reg. Thanks to them, I was able to identify some 106th Veterans, owners of dog tags found near Schoenberg or Losheimergraben.
    For many weeks, we focused our searches on the north side of the Schnee Eifel, along the "Schwarzer Mann", We found many artifacts up there, including many identification items. That specific area was held by the 422nd Regiment, Unfortu-nately, 1 have no list, except the Assn roster, to identify the exact unit of the owners.
    I was only able to identify a few of them. The first one was Mr. Everett L. Chadbourne, 31391827. I dug out his set of dog tags east side of the Schwarzer Mann road. Thanks to CD roms phone lists, I di-rectly found members of his family living in Massachussetts. I learned that Pfc Chad-bourne died in 1994 at the age of 86. He was captured between Dec. 16-19 with members of his outfit, Co. E, 422nd Reg. He was in Stalag 9B.
    He was 36 years old while on line, not a very common age. That's why I would like to have any information about him, hoping that someone would have a pictureir of him.
    A friend of mine, Mr. Marc Marique, also member of the 99th ID MIA's Project, dug out a single dog tag about 200 yards from the other ones, but on the west side of the road. The tag bears the name of Alexander Bullock, 32825600. I was not able to identify his unit. I learned thanks to the VA that Mr. 13ullock died in 1987. Any information about his exact unit and rank would be of great help for my files. During the past five years, others people found also dog tags up there:
BUTTERY, RICHARD H 42027738 FORGIONE, GUY A 42059992 Co. B, 422 Reg.
KNIGHT, JOSEPH N 33610150 LANZA, ARTHUR J 32399278 Any information about their exact unit
and rank would be of great help.
    There were also other items but only bearing the "laundry number", first letter of the name and four last digit of the ASN. Maybe one of the following items was yours. Please check that list of items and I hope I'll be able to send it back to his owner: et
Mess kit: P, A. C. C-0401
Canteen cup: H-7081
A pair of shoes: B-7424
Near the village of Schlausenbach, a mess kit: K-6168 and another
one: A. C. FRAIR
    I really hope to hear from some of you . I'll report later about the searches on the 423rd and 424th battlefields. Thank you very much.
Jean-Louis SEEL
Clos de Beguines 67
Gilliland Says - Hurry:
    There are two Large 50"x65"Afghans at $53.00 including delivery in USA, (see the photo on the cover of the November CUB), and one Wall Hanging Tapestry 30"x36" at $50.00, including delivery in USA, John Gilliland
Nashville Reunion Chairman
384-347-7730 - Hurry, they'll be gone.


Front & Center
Weteran's Bronze Star arrives 52 years later
A fire destroyed his records, but other veteran's wrote letters about his heroism.
SPRINGFIELD, MASS - John F. Manfredi didn't always think that good things came to those who waited.
    But after a 52-year stniggle, the World War II veteran finally received a Bronze Star recently for his significant contributions as a medical aide in the infantry. He served in the 424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division, . a Medic.
    The medal is awarded for heroic or meritorious achievement of service, not in-volving aerial flight in connection with opera-tions against an opposing armed force."
"I earned it, and 1 figured I should have 411said Manfredi from his house on Leslie eet in Springfield.
But a fire at the National Personnel Cen-ter in St, Louis in 1973 destroyed his records.
    However, after last year's annual WWII reunion. five veterans whom Manfredi helped found out that he did not receive the two prestigious medals and wrote letters praising Manfredi's contributions.
    Burt Caplan. a veteran who now resides in Chicago, thanked Manfredi for "saving his life" in his letter, The other letters were from veterans currently living in Florida, Pennsyl-vania, California and Arizona.
    A case worker at U.S. Rep Richard Neal's office in Springfield also wrote letters over the past three years on behalf of Man-fredi, a retired postman.
    He had received other honors including a Combat Medical Badge, but it was the elusive Bronze Star and Purple Heart the he coveted.
"It has been a hard struggle. People think they can get them easy, but they can't," he said.
'The veteran spent a total of three years in the service, one in Germany during the war.
John F. Manfredi of Springfield displays
the Bronze Star for valor that he earned in
World War II, but received 52 years later.
    Manfredi is yet to receive a Purple Heart, which has been awarded in the name of the president of the United States since April 5, 1917, to any member of the Armed Force who h. been wounded or killed while serving the country,
Manfredi lost two toes as a result of frostbite in the war. "It was cold as a son-of-a-gun," he recalls,
    When he returned home from the war, he married Jane S. Janusz whom he had dated several times prior to the war. This is their 50th year of marriage.
    His wife feels that it is important that he receives the Bronze Star while he is living. "She told me that she would not have ac-cepted it if it came after something happened to me," he said.
    The vet is thrilled that his services in World War II did not go overlooked. "I should have got it a long time ago," he said.*

The CUB of the Golden Lion
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Presidential appointments 1997-1998
•• (double asterik means look on another committee for address)
Pete House
5700 Clifton ave
Jacicsonville, FL 32211
Gordon Pinney 60 Pinney Rd Whitney, NE 69367
Dr. Duncan Trueman 29 Overhill Lane
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Cub Editor
John Kline 11 Harold Drive Bumsville, M'N 55337
Cub Editor backup Hal Taylor
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Budget Committee
Sherod Collins, Treasurer 448 Monroe Trace
Kennesaw, GA 301.
Membership Chairrnan Marion Ray
704 Briarwood Dr
Bethalto, IL 62010
Scholarship Committee Insurance Committee 2nd Vice -John Gregory 4624 Ashton Dr,
Sacramento, CA 95864
Memorial Chairman Dr, John Robb
238 De Vore Drive
Meadville, PA 16335
Atterbury Representative O, Paul Merz
1344 Norfolk Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46224
St. Vith Representative Dr, Richard Peterson Ph.D, 1285 Rubenstein
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
1st Vice John Swett
10691 E Northern Crest Dr Tuscon, AZ 85748
Budget Committee Past Pres. Richard Rigatti 113 Woodshire Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Sherod Collins *.
Richard Brax
14 Porter Street
Quaker Hill, CT 06375
Nominating Committee Edwin Huminski
RR 2 Box 258
Rockwood, PA 15557
Order of the Golden Lion
And 1999 Reunion Russell H, Villwock 8560 W Foster Ave Norridge, IL 60656 708-452-8628
Resolutions Committee Alan W. Jon., Jr.
9100 Belvoir Woods Pk-y #223
Ft Belvoir VA 22060
Scholar ship Committee
John Greeorv
Washingtom Liaison and 1998 Reunion Jack Sulser
917 N Ashton St
Alexandria, VA 22312
UR: Visit to Belgium - November: 1st Vice John Swett, 423/H ; Adda RIKKEN, 106th friend Gouvy,
Belgium; Kenneth Smith, 423/H and Michael Kurzeja, 423/H With 106th friend,
Vincent Gerard, Belgium too far right, but you can see him in the mirror


Front & Center
Camp Atterbury 1942 To Present
    The genesis of Camp Atterbury came in the late 1930's. With war clouds looming, land surveys were made in the rolling farm country and woodlands west of Edinburgh.
War came to America December 7, 1941. A month later, the War Department announced Camp Atterbury would be built.
    An estimated 500-600 farm families were displaced as the Army took over 40,000 acres. Two communities, Kansas and Mount Pisgah, disappeared forever. The lands were transformed. Workmen quickly erected hundreds of buildings.
    The 1560th Service Command Unit began operating the camp June 2, 1942. Ten weeks later, the reactivation of the 83rd Infantry Division brought thousands of soldiers to Camp Atterbury. The soldiers in this division were followed by many more . . . in other divisions. Over 275,000 soldiers trained at Camp Atter-bury in World War 11.
    An eneniy prisoner of war camp was built in late 1942. It later held 1,000 Ital-ian prisoners, some of whom built the Chapel in the Meadow. By war's end, over Ak300 German prisoners were held at Camp Atterbury satellite camps in Austin Vd Brown County.
With the end of hostilities, portions of Camp Atterbury were dismantled. The post was deactivated December 31, 1968.
    Since then, Camp Atterbury has had a new use - equally important. Camp Atterbury is the principal training site for the Indiana National Guard. The post also serves as a regional training site for other National Guard, active and reserve component forces.
    With a series of improvements and new construction, Camp Atterbury passes the half century mark of service to America's citizens.

The CUB o f the Golden Lion
Front & Center
Camp Atterbury, Indiana
Home of the 106th Infantry Division, 27 March 1944 to 13 October 1944
Camp History
Activated 2 /une 1942
    Named for BG William Wallace Atter-bury, Chief of Transport, American Expedition-ary Force (WW I). President, Pennsylvania Railroad, native of New Albany, Indiana
Official motto was: Preparedness
    ("We are Ready") First Post Commander was Welton Matthews Modisette, COL CAV, Origi-nal Station Complement: 1560 Service Com-mand Unit, 5th Service Command, Army Service Forces
Significant Events
    28 April 1941: War Department announces in-tent to build "Triangular Division Camp Site'' in area at a time to be determined later,
19 June 1941: Land appraisal and title searches began.
14 January 1942: Initial evacuation work begins,
16 March 1942: War department announces "of-ficial name" will be "Camp Atterbury."
28 May 1942: Colonel Welton M. Modisette, Post Commander arrives.
2 June 1942: First General Order is published (event considered to mark official activation of Post)
    15 August 1942: 83rd Infantry Division reacti-vated (first of over 275,000 troops to train at Camp Atterbury during World War II); departed 18 June 1943 for Tennessee Maneuver area prior to shipment to ETO
1 September 1942: 8th Detachment, Special Troops, 2nd Army, activated; inactivated 28 June 1944
    10 September 1942: 365 Combat team (365th Inf. Regiment, 597th Field Artillery Battalion), 92nd Infantry Division, activated; departed 26 April 1943 for Fort Huacuca, Arizona, prior to ship-ment to ETO
    30 April 1943: First Prisoners of War arrive (760 Italians captured in North Africa) Atterbury In-ternment Camp utlimately held over 3,000 Ital-ians (last departed 4 May 1944) and almost 9,000 Germans. (8 May 1944 - 27 June 1946) 3,700 of whom were rotated to smaller branch camps throughout Indiana
10 November 1943: 30th Infantry Division ar-
rives from Tennessee Maneuver Area; departed
26 January 1944 for Camp Myles Standish, Mas-sachusetts, prior to shipment to ETO
    27 March 1944: 106th Infantry Division arrives; departed 13 October 1944 for east coast POE; assigned to "quiet" sector in the Ardennes; virtu-ally wiped out in the Battle of the Bulge
    5 April 1944; US Army Station Hospital, Camp Atterbury is redesignated "Wakeman General Hospital" (named for Colonel Frank B, Wakeman a graduate of Indiana University Medical School, and Chief of Training, Office of Surgeon General); Wakeman General (Wakeman General and Convalescent/Wakeman Hospital Center) ultimately included 57 interconnected buildings covering 80 acres and held 2,7090 beds, in the hospital proper, with another 3,000 beds in the convealescent center (the 3. 4 and 5 blocks of buildings); at its peak, it was the largest US Army hospital in the nation and was a pioneer in many types of plastic and neurological surgery; Wakeman treated over 85,000 patients during the WWII era; inactivated 31 December 1946.
    15 October 1944: Camp Atterbury Separation Center activated; almost 561.00 personnel were separated at the Center, which averaged almost
3,000 separations a day at its peak; inactivated el 31 July 1946
31 December 1946: Inactivation of Wakeman General Hospital effectively "inactivates" Camp Atterbury
August 1948; Camp Atterbury is site of first post-war summer camp for entire 38th Infantry Division
    1 August 1950; Camp Atterbury is reacivated; Wakeman Genral Hospital is reactivated as a US Army Hospital, Camp Atterbury; by time of deacti-vation, hospital has delivered a grand total (WWII and Jorean Conflict) of almost 1,500 babies 13 December 1950; 28th Infantry Division ar-rives from Pennsylvania; departed 1 September 1951 for Hampton Roads, Virginaia for ship-ment to Germany
27 January 1951: Headquarters, VI Army Corps is reactivated; inactivated 1 April 1953
    21 April 1952: 31st Infantry Division arrives from Texas Maneuvers; departing 5 February 1954 for Camp Carson, Colorado
31 March 1954: Camp Atterbury is inactivated
More on Atterbury in the May CUB


Polish Box Car -
Circa 1930
    This box car located at the Holocaust Museum. St. Petersburg, FL is typical of those used to haul people to death and POW camps in World War II, Many of the Allied soldiers captured in the Battle of the Bulge spent days in them going to camps.
    Called "40 & 8" (forty men or eight horses) from World War I, the boxcars were often loaded with 60 people and no toilet facilities.
    One group of sixty 106th soldiers, captured in the Bulge, spent seven days locked in such a box car traveling from Stalag 12-A, Limburg, Germany to Stalag 4-B, Muhlberg, Germany from December 30, 1944 to January 6, 1945, Not enough room for all to lay down, a 5 gallon lard can for a waste facility,

iaMeo iy luoid
106th Infantry Division Association
Mini-Reunions - 1997
lst Vice-president John Swett 1997-98
    The following pages show photos and reports from the 1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions held throughout the United States. We wish to thank those that played a part in organizing these get-togethers for the members of the 106th Infantry Division Many of those who cannot attend the annual reunions have an opportunity through these wonderful parties to enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow veterans.
    It is obvious that good will among the men and their wives and guests prevail during these events. We hope that if you that did not attend a local Mini-Reunion that you make note of the address and telephone number of this year's sponsor. Call them and join in the spirit next year when they will once again be held. If this year's sponsor is not organizing the next one, they can tell you who is.
    If you would like to sponsor a "Get-Together ," address labels of Association members in your area are available from CUB editor and/or the Adjutant.
    Next year's Mini-Reunions will be listed in the Aug-Sep-Oct 1998 issue of The CUB The Board of Directors feel that the December 16th Mini-Reunions will, in time because of our age, supplement and later replace the annual reunions. Thank you all for participating and a special thanks to you that sponsored these events.
You are special people.
John Swett, H Company, 423rd Infantry Regiment
From Before the Veterans Die
a book of poems by Dale Carver, 424/HQ 3Bn
We were there, that winter long ago.
We survived,. many of our comrades fell.
    Twin enemies were the weather and the foe - the never-ending cold and the bursting shell. Conceived of this ordeal of ftre and icy earth this brotherhood of old men came to be;
    a kinship stronger far than that by birth was born when we were young, across the sea. Of the ties that bind, others cannot know, but we were there, that winter long ago....


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Southern California Area - 1997
    Milton Weiner, 424/M 28121 Rldgethorne Court, Rancho Palos Verde, CA 9027 Tele: 310- 544-0470 As usual we started by reading 424th/HQ 3Bn's Dale Carver's My First Reunion, T his will always be ap-propriate at any and every Reunion. Our 1997 meeting was the Eleventh Annual California Bulge Com-memoration event.
    Because of sickness, traveling and El Nino, attendance was limited to ten. All stayed to enjoy the fellow-ship and the memories of When we were young Across the Sea. In 1998, we are scheduled for 6 December, 1998 at 1:00 P.M. Please write or call to be added to the mailing list.
*present on December 7, 1997 were: William DeBlase, 106 MP; Robert & Jeanette Josephs, 422/HQ;
oseph & Ann Litvin, 423/D; Robert & Mary Lou Marsh, 423/D; Milton & Bella Weiner, 424/M
Alton, IL, 1997
Col Marion Ray USA (Ret), 424/D 704 Briarwood Drive, Bethalto, IL 62010 Tele: 618-377-3674
    A Memorial Reunion was held on 16 December 1997 at the Moonlight Restaurant, Alton, Illinois, Four of the men present vvere drafted together and assigned to the 106th Infantry Division.
    L/R: Marion and Francis Ray, 424/D; Donald and Pat Hinrichs, 81st Eng/C; John and Betty Rain, 589/B; Paul and Emma Boschert, 590/HQ; Kenneth and Margary Bryan, 423/HQ 1Bn; Leo Hacketal, 35th Infantry Division, A good time was had by all, with a promise to make Reunion 1998 larger and more enjoyable.


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Madison, Wisconsin Area - 1997
Chuck Rieck, 424/H, 7316 Voss Pkwy, Middleton, WI 53562 Tele: 608-831-6110
    The Wisconsin 7th annual commemorative meeting of the Battle oldie Bulge was held at CJ's East in Madison, Wisconsin on October 25, 1997, We had 41 people in attendance.
    Attending were: m/m Ed Wojahn; m/m Joe Broderick; Dr/Mrs Eugene Rodd; m/m Edward Nagle; m/m Ray Kurth; m/m James Tetzlaff; m/m Jerry Miller; Mr, Charle Rieck; m/m Henry Wittenberg; m/m Lawrence Post; Ms Nina Spenle; m/m Del Rediger; m/m Robert Homan; Victor Fuchs;
Ms Marie Estes; m/m Ed Podlaski; Richard Prendergast; Walt Donaldson; Fred Broussard;
    m/m Donald Beseler; m/m Howard Jones; m/m Ralph Moore; Mr, Peter D. DiBenardo; rit/m Albert Marc.) Mr Charles Seybold, The photographer was Larry Post.
    For the program, Larry Post showed slides on the Camp Atterbury Memorial. Then, Fred Broussard showed a video concerning former Prisoners of War, in Wisconsin. By group action, 1998's meeting will be held on October 24th, 1998 at same place - Cl's East, in Madison, Wisconsin,


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Pittsburgh Area - 1997
George T. Vance, 283 Dutch Lane - Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Tele: 412-653-1725
    On 14 December 1997, a group of 106th Infantry Division veterans, with wives, gathered at the Hoss Steak & Sea Food House to enjoy a noon luncheon and commemorate the Anniversary of Tire Battle of the Bulge. After the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the singing of the National Anthem and God Bless America, there was a moment of silence for our departed comrades, Thanks to Pete Yanchick for his expert photography and favors from Mrs. Frances Jaelcson, Mr/Mrs. Francis Langham and Dr. Martin and his wife Pearl, A delicious Surprise Birthday Cake was presented by Mrs, Pearl Martin to celebrate the 80th Birthday of Dr, John B. Martin, Mr, Francis Langham displayed a beautiful "Hook Latch Wall Hanging" of the 106th Insignia "The Golden Lion."
    We had twenty-five in attendance: Edwin & Elizabeth Hum inski, 424/F; Mrs, Frances Jackson; James G. & Dolores Jones, 423/G; Francis &Jean Langham, 422/L; Raymond& Eileen Devaty, 423/Med; Joseph & Vivian Maloney, 424/HQ; ward & Fdorothy Lowenberg, 423/E; George T. & Norma Vance, 422/AT; James Wiggins, 331 Med/A; Pete & Diane
    411ranchik. 423/A; Dr, John B & Pearl Martin, 422/Med; Richard & Patricia Rigatti, 423/B Franlc Lapato, 422/HQ; Harry & Jennie Rose Kolvezez, 423/HQ
South Texas Area - 1997
Harry W. VVilson, PO Box 747, Castroville, TX 78009 Tele: 830-538-2648
    On 13 December, five members of the 106th and six gues. met in Castroville, Texas to observe the 53rd Anniversary of the Battle ofthe Bulge, Special guests were Estella Kiercc, who is the Ladies Auxiliary Presi-dent (Medina Valley VFW Post 8134) and her husband Chuck, who is a Vietnam veteran. The lunehe,on was held at the Alsatian Restaurant in a quaint building characteristic of the architecture found in the Ardennes. Present were the following: Front Row L/R - Gloria Mckee; Henry Mckee, 422/HQ; Estella Kierce; Chuck Kierce and Ted Jones, 423/C and 424/A Back Row L/R - Tommie Thigpen; George Thigpen, 424/E; Mrs. Yatteau; John Yatteau, HQ 424/I&R; Mary Smith: Harry Wilson, HQ 424/1&R
• The CUB of the Golden Lion 19
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Detroit, Michigan Area - 1997
Russell Mayotte, 424/F, 9628 CaveIle St., Livonia, MI 48150 Tele: 313-421-4059
All pictures Left to Right:
    Men - Back Row: John Roberts, 592/C; Jim Fonda, 590/B; Will Hartman, 592/A; Bob Rowe, 423/MED; John Gillespie, 422/C; Bob Scranton, 424/K and (inset) Russ Mayotte, 424/F
Men - Middle Row: Frank Ross, 424/CN; Lou Passariello, 424/B; Bob Rott, 422/HQ;
Paul Wasylon, 422/11; Andy Mato, 424/E; John Shalhoub, 424/G
Men -Front Row: Stan Kups, 106 Sig; Harold Ortwine, 592/A
    Ladies - Back Row: Mary Lou Roberts, Shirley Gillespie; Ann Frankin; Mildred Scranton; Lenore Kups Ladies Front Row: Ellen Johnson; Mary Jane Fonda; Pauline Mato; Betty Passariello; Lee Rowe


* Tear out all colored sheets *
SEPTEMBER 9 - 13, 1998.
(Address on reverse side)

1-800-444-ADAM (2326)
or 317-248-2481

Adam's Mark Indianapolis 317-248-2481
2544 Executive Drive 317-248-1670 (FAX)
Indianapolis, IN 46241 1-800-444-ADAM
(for any Adam's Mark).
From 465 (North or South) take Airport Expressway East to Executive Drive Exit. Located at the end of the exit.
Check in time 3 p.m. A confirmation of your reservation
Check out time 12 noon. will be mailed to you.
The Adam's Mark Indianapolis is pleased to host 106 Infantry Division Association
    To ensure accurate reservations, please complete this reservation request and return it before 8-7-98 . Requests received after this date will be accepted based on room and rate availability. Reservation requests must be accompanied by a deposit equal to one night's room rate plus 10% occupancy t.. This deposit will be applied to the last night of the reservation.
• Telephone:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
Additional Guest(s):
Arrival 'Time:
(317) 248-2481
    The Adam's Mark Hotel Indianapolis is located at 2544 Executive Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241. The hotel isiust eight minutes from downtown Indianapolis and four minutes east of the Indianapolis International Airport.
Directions if driving:
-From I-465: Exit right onto Airport Expressway. The hotel will be directly across the street on Executive Drive.
-From 1-70: Exit right onto Executive Drive. The hotel will on the right.
    The Adam's Mark Indianapolis has 407 guest rooms. Guest rooms feature iron/ironing boards, remote control television, on-demand movies, express checkout, and bath amenities. Other features include an outdoor pool and hotel gift shop.
    Handicapped accessible and non-smoking rooms are subject to availability. Please request these special accommodations when making your hotel reservations. There is ample free parking and spaces to accommodate RVs. Check in tame is 4pm; check out is noon.
Hotel dining:
    -A pleby's, a family style restaurant, is open for breakfast, lunch, and diluter. Hours are 6am-midnight. Marker, a four-star restaurant, is open for lunch 10:30am-2pm; and dinner 5:30-10pm.
-The Marker Lounge is open from 10:30am-midnight.
-Room service is available 6am-rnidnight.
SEMEMBER 9 - 13, 1998
    10:00 Early Bird arrival and registration until 5pm. Registration times may be adjusted based on final attendance. Hospitality room schedule will be in your packet.
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 7:00 Registration continues until 10am.
    9:00 Board bus for a driving tour of Indianapolis, home to the American Legion since 1919 and the Amateur Sports Capital of the World. The professional guides will give you an informed narration of the past and present as you ride by the State House, the Hoosierdome, and Meridian Street, where the Governor's mansion is located. Also see the Indiana World War Memorial that pays homage to the Indiana men killed in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnarn. A stop will be made at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, judged in its early days by the International Association of Architects to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
    12:00 Lunch on your own and free time at Union Station, first of its lcind. Opened in 1888 as the central location where all rail lines came together, today it stands in all its original splendor with Rookwood colurruis, wrought iron, and stained glass windows. It is now a festival marketplace with over 70 specialty shops and restaurants.
    1:30 Reboard bus and proceed to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum with one of the world's largest and most varied collections of racing, classic, and antique passenger cars. See 32 Indy "500" winning cars on display and view the half hour film depicting the history of the track. For an extra charge of $3/person, you may board the Speedway buses for a spin around the track (weather and race schedule permitting).
3:00 Reboard bus to return to the hotel by 3:30pm.
$291Person includes bus, guide, admission, and gratuity. Lunch is not included.
2:00 Registration continues until 5pm.
5:30 Welcome Reception and Buffet until 8em.
* Send to Address Below *
    Listed below are all registration, tour, and meal costs for the reunion. Please enter how many_people will be participating in each event and total the amount. Send that amount payable to ARMED FORCES REUNIONS in the form of check or money order (no credit cards or phone reservations accepted). All registration forms and payments must be received by mail on or before AUGUST 7, 1998. After that date, reservations
will be accepted on a space available basis.
Armed Forces Reunions, Inc.
P.O. Box 11327
Norfolk, VA 23517
Registration package, includes Armed Forces Reunions
registration fee ($3 per person), Thursday Reception/
Buffet, Friday Luncheons for Men and Ladies, Saturday
trip to Camp Atterbury, Saturday Banquet, and Sunday Breakfast.
Saturday Night Banquet Mark your choice(s)
Prime Rib (or) $ 105 x
Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon $ 105 x
Optional Tours - Not included in the above package:
Thursday - City Tour.
Friday - Beef & Boards Dinner Theater.
Date Received
Check Number
Inputted in Q&A
Nametag Completed
$ 29 x
$ 60 x
NAME (for nametags)

10:00 Registration continues until 12pm. 10:00 Out-going Board Meeting.
12:00 Men's Luncheon and Business Meeting.
12:00 Ladies' Luncheon and entertainment.
    3:00 Banquet seating assigned until 4:30pm. Instructions will be in your registration packet. 3:00 In-coming Board Meeting.
5:45 Board bus for an evening of food and fun at the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre.
    6:15 Arrive at the theatre, which was ranked among the top six dining hot spots by Destinations magazine. After a delicious buffet dinner that includes four entrees, guests will be treated to one of Broadway's best. Currently scheduled is the production of "Guys and Dolls". As Indiana's only year-round Equity theater, Beef & Boards brings together top-notch professional actors and local talent to produce all its own shows.
10:30 Reboard bus to return to the hotel by 1 lpm.
$601Person includes bus, escort, and dinner show.
    9:00 Board bus for Camp Atterbury (included in registration fee). 10:00 Arrive at Camp Atterbury and a guided tour of the post.
11:00 Assemble for "Welcome" by Camp Commander, followed by Memorial Service, conducted by
Chaplain Trueman with color guard and bugler provided by Camp Atterbury.
12:30 Proceed to Johnson County Park for "bag lunch." 2:00 Reboard bus to return to the hotel by 3pm.
6:00 Cash Bar.
7:00 Banquet is served, followed by dancing.

7:00 Farewell Breakfast until 9am.

    The Adam's Mark offers complimentary airport transportation 5am until midnight. Call the hotel from the courtesy phone located in the baggage claim area of the airport for pickup.
    Should you need hookup services for your RV, call the Indiana State Fairgrounds at (317) 927-7500 for information, reservations, and directions.
    Wheelchairs and More, Inc. rents standard wheelchairs for $10/day. They only rent per day or monthly. Call (317) 228-2340 should you need the services of Wheelchairs and More. They require a credit card imprint, destroyed when the chair is returned. They are 25 minutes from the hotel and would charge a delivery fee.
Regular Rack Rate: Number of Guests:
Room type preference: Single Double Triple Quadruple Special Requests (subject to availability)
0 Special Group Rate $73 $ 7 8 $ 7 8 $ 7 8 0 Roll-Away Bed ($10 per night) 0 Crib (no charge)
LI Deluxe Guest Room CI Wheelchair Accessible Room
LI One Bedroom Suite 0 Nonsmoking Room
0 Hospitality Suite 0 King Bed CI Two Double Beds
    CI I have enclosed a check in the amount of one night's room rate plus 10% occupancy tax. 0 Please charge one night's room rate plus 10% occupancy t. to the following credit card: 0 MasterCard, 0 Visa, 0 American Express, 0 Carte Blanche/Diners Club, 0 Discover, 0 JCB
Card Number: Exp. Date
    I understand that I am liable for one night's room rate plus 10% occupancy tax which will be covered by my deposit in the event that I do not arrive, cancel less than 10% hours prior to arrival, or depart earlier than scheduled.
Name of Credit Card Holder Signature of Card Holder
• Check-in time after 3:00 p.m. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. Occupancy t. is subject to change.
• Cancellation or modification of reservation must be made at least 48 hours prior to arrival to avoid
    forfeiture of deposit. Ask for and retain cancellation number until you receive refund of deposit or credit to credit card.
• No charge for children under 18 when sharing room with parents and using existing bed space.
• All hotel accounts are subject to credit arrangements at time of registration and payable at departure.
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...

Arlington Texas, 1997
Col John Miller, USA (Ret), 423/E - 1511 Cochise Drive, Arlington , Texas
On 12 December 1997 the Annual Mini-Reunion was held in Arlington.
    Men: Standing L/R -Jack Dale; William Yingst; Jack Nesbit; John Miller; Hugh Colbert; Douglas Morgan; .rb Sheaner and Ted Jones
dies: L/R- Mandalene D Molley; Winne!! Nesbit; Gloria Sheaner; Rosetta DePoyster and Jean Miller
• 7'he CUB of the Golden Llon 21
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 1997
    Armando Velasquez, 424/K, 9616 Avenida De La Luna N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87111 505-821-8434 We met for our1997 Mini-Reunion at the Albuquerque Petroleum Club. Greg Velasquez. and Attorney with the firm, Little and Gilman hosted the luncheon to thank and honor the Veterans of the Golden Lion. A news article in the ALBUQUERQUE TRIBUNE announced the meeting.
    Tmeeting, around the table - lir Armando Velasquez, 424/K; Ralph Nelson, 422/CN; Louis Baca, 4240 Tillie Baca, Gregg Velasquez, Suzann Velasquez, Margaret Velasquez, Christine Lee and Rhonda Nelson
    PHOTO BELOW - 424/K: Taken at the Nashville Reunion; L/R - Armando Velasquez; Bert Caplan and Glen Magahee - A delightful FIRST MEET1NGof comrades-of- arms since The Battle of the Bulge What a great event after all these years.....years,.,.,,.
22 The CUB 0 f the Golden Lion
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Mt Vemon, Illinois Area - 1997
John Mikalauskis, 424/H, Box 31 306 W. Blake, Benton, IL 62812 Tele: 618-439-3867
    On December 5th, a group of the 106th attended a reunion celebrating the Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge at the Ramada Inn in Mt, Vernon, Illinois. We had 35 present. which included one guest, William Paul Uhles, 423/C, who has since become an Association member.
    Men, back-row standing UR: Vincent Venegoni; Ken Bryan; George Bloomingburg; Clarence (Pete) ilitran; John Hohenstein (deceased 1/15/98); Ray Vaughn; Harold Bratton and Kermit Steele (Seated)
- Louis Colbert, Eugene Kelch; Vic Bruete; Paul Uhles and Glenn I Iartlieb (Kneeling) L/R front-row:
b York, John Mukalauskis; Vic Bauswell; Alfred Kopatz; Attending but not pictured was Kenneth Brad-
    Women,Standing back-row lir: lona Hohenstein; Ida Kopatz; Marge Bryan; Thelma York; Nelda Bauswell; Francis Steele; Farrol Bratton; Anita Vaughn and Dorothy Lauman (Seated) lir - Dolores Mika-lauskis; Verna Colbert; Nadinc Hartleib; Dorothy Kelch and Avis Breite (Kneeling) lir - Mary Venegoni and Junaita Bloomingburg, Attending but not pictured - June Bradfield


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Area - 1997
Charlie & Nancy Datte, 591/SV, 231 Davis Ave, Clifton Heights, PA 19018 Tele 215-626-1866
    14 December 1997: We of the Golden Lion Division have found that thc dreaded "Golden Years' have been trans-formed into a blessing, when each year we gather for the Batik ofthe Bulge Commemoration Dinners, All of our aches and pains seem to go away just for those precious moments We have to share,
    Nancy and I would like to thank each and everyone who attended our dinner, for the attendance and financial help, They are truly God's gift to us, Their outlook on life makes motivates us to make plans for next year, We will meet on Sun-day 3 P,M, On 13 December, 1998. Also, to those that were on detached service or guard duty or AWOL - Wc missed you, Harry Albertson, 424/H off to Florida; Ernest Savage, 424/11Q on Medical leave; Al Vitali, 424/B - wife "Mickey" died 13
410, , 1997 - AI our prayers are with you and Stan Wojuuik, Jr 422/G, D,S,
    John, we thank you for your dedication to the 106th Inf Div Assoc. You am an inspiration to all of us, We are looking forward to thc Division Reunion in Indianapolis September 1998,
    Men Seatedl/r - Jim Baird. 423/1; N, Weiss, 423/HQ; H Whitehead, 81st/A; gentlemen, Ansel, 423/AT and C, Datte, 59 I/SV Men Standing, lir - L. Cunningham. 106Recon; C. Harvey, 424/A; R. Wilson, 591/SV; R. Hoff, 422/M and J, McDevitt 81st/A
    Women Seated lir - C, Cunningham; M, Whitehead; N. Datte; M, Southam (front); Jessica (server) Women Standing Ur - R. Weiss; J, Hoff; M, Bard' A. McDevitt and B1 Harvey


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Kansas Area - 1997
William F. Stahl, 422/K, 110 East 8th Street, Junction City, Kansas 66441 Tele: 913-238-2861
    The Third Annual Kansas Mini-Reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association was held at the Sir-loin Stockade in Topeka, Kansas, on Staurday, December 13, 1997, Activities included a good meal and a visitation period of about three hours. Topeka is centrally located and we have already made plans for the next Mini-Reunion for Saturday December 12, 1998, at the same place.
    There were eight 106th members, an Associate member, BillMeyer, editro of the Checker Board, 99th In-fantry Division Association and seven wives for a total of 16 people. We are growing, the first year there were _ eight, second year 11 and this year 16.
    Bill Meyer added flavor to to our meeting having made 25 trips back to the area of the Battle ofthe Bub He shared his material, books and observations with us.
Front Row lir: John Mock, 422/1; Martin Jones, 423/G and Mary Mock
Second Row: BillMeyer, 99th Inf Div; Phyllis Jones; Mary Lou Stahl; Jean Hesse; Bill Stahl, 422/K
    Third Row: Richard J. Schoeck, 106 Signal; Arletia Stewart; Mary Louise Ballowe; Juanita McCall Fourth Row: John T. Stewart, 423/SV; Thomas G. Ballowe, 423/K: Theodore G. Mccall, 81st Eng / A; J. Francis Hesse, 423/D
reports, sent but not
shown in this issue
will appear in the
May CUB.
If your report
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Reading, Penn. 1997
    John J. Gallagher, 81st ENG/C, 4003 Francis St., Temple, PA 19560 TELE: 610-929-2887 The Reading Area held its annual Memorial Dinner, 5 December 1997 at the Dutch Colony Motor Lodge. We had a great get-together with lots of memories. We recalled 24 December, 1memories,Father Cava-
    naugh and our fellow POWs in a boxcar, on a German siding, on the way to prison camp. Father Cavanaugh with prayers, and singing Christmas carols - Silent Night Holy Night - Sleep in Heavenly Peace...
ilk For next year's party information contact me at the above address or telephone number.
    Mtn Rear Ur: Jack McDevitt; Charles Saxton; Joe Scotti; Walter Shirk; John Gallagher; Charles Datte. Seated Ur: Fred Carr; Vince SDatte, Donald Showalter; Stanley Kowalski; Carl Messina (died 1/04/97) Ladies front: Muriel Sziber; Alice Messina; Stella Gallagher
Back Ur: Betty Carr; Dorothy Scotti; Erma Kowalski; Anne McDevitt; Ida Franks; Nancy Datte, Robbie Showalter
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Maryland Area - 1997
    John R. Schaffner, 1811 Miller Road, Cockeysville, MD 21020-1013 Tele: 410- 5484-2754 Held on 16 December, 1997 at Fort G.G, Meade 0-Club. Our guest and key speaker, B/Gen H. Ste-ven Blum, Dep. C,O,, 29th Infantry Division, Maryland National Guard, addressed the remarks with re-marks about the American soldier's contribution to the outcome of World War II and the future of our world, His speech was most inspirational and stressed the importance of the role that the 106th Infantry Division played, He was much appreciated by all present, Special thanks to Dave and Arline Ford for their help and to John Gatens for the photo of the men's group
    Present were: Anderson, Curtis / Betty Lou; Bladen, John A. / Mary, 423/C; Blodgett, John Q, 42 Dovel I, Clark / Thelma, 422/M; Ford, David / Arline, ASSOC.; Gatens, John / Mary, 589/A; Hannon, Phi* Jean, 81st Eng/A; Harlen, Col & Mrs Lowell, 424/E; Hemelt, William, 424/H; Hill, Reverend Edward; John-son, William, 424/K; Jones, Alan W. Jr,, 423/HQ 3Bn; Kemp, Kathryn / Ray / Tom, ASSOC.; Hartman, Dick, 590/?; Lothrop Jr., Oliver, 423/B; McCray, Werton; Makowske, Ruymond, 423/K; McGinty, Edward, 589/C; Milewski, James, ASSOC.; Reid, N, W., 424/M; Schaffner, John / Lillian. 589/A; Snyder, Walter M., 589/A; Valenstein, Col, Earle / Susan, 8Ist Eng/B; Wehner, Charles / Emily


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...

Camano Island, Washington - 1997
    Fred Pilkington, 422/HQ, 510 N. Waynes Ridge Circle, Camano Island, WA 98292- 206-387-6063 On 16 December 1997 a Mini-Reunion w. held in my home.
    Linda Strever's husband, Barry, is a Vietnam vet (US Navy) and later in the day, my next door neighbor, Bill Beamer joined us for drinks, He is a Korean veteran - US Air Force. Things got so busy we forgot to talce a ilk photograph of just the soldiers.
    bove, l/r: Ken Corrigan, 591/SV (Mrs. Coorigan, not shown, just to his left); Barry Strever, Vietnam .S, Navy; Linda Strever, Associate; Fred Pilkington, 422/HQ;
Below, lir: Myrton Dickerson, 424/D, Mrs Dickerson; Raymond Johnston, 423/H
Not Shown: A beautiful cake enscribed, "106th Infantry Division, Dec, 16, 1944, Battle ofthe Bulge."

The CUB of the Golden Lion
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota Area - 1997
Russell Gunvalson, 590/A and Howard Flen, Associate, Co-Hosts
% Gunvalson, 904 Elton Hills Drive, NW, Rochester, MN 55901 Tele: 507-282-9637
    Our meeting was held at the Cherokee Sirloin Room in Eagan. MN (Mpls/St Paul Metro Area), We held it on 13 November to avoid the heavy snowfalls typical of Minnesota - it snowed five inches, Regretfully there was not a photo taken of thc group of 28, Present were (Minnesota unless noted):
    422nd.,, Headquarters - Lex Schoonover, Edina; B Co. George/Mary Ann Korbel, Roberts Wisconsin 423rd... Headquarters - Duane Risberg, Minneapolis; Medics - Richard/Carol Ritchie, Plymouth;
Ted/ Addie Williams, White Bear Lake: E Co. Don/Janis Ruddick, St Paul; M Co. John/ Margot Kline, Oirnsville
    th,., A Co. Lloyd/Audrey Brun., Red Wing 1 Co. Alvin/Dorothy Swanson, Minneapolis; Co. Richard Cartier/ Dorothy Holstrom, White Bear Lake
106th Recon Paul/Laura Thompson, Minneapolis; A/590 Russ/Idell Gunvalson, Rochester
    Associates... Don Patton. Edina; Jim Renner, St. Anthony; Howie Flen. Rochester; Loren/Jean Borgwardt, Columbia Heights and GUEST: Bernie Melter, Commissioner Minneapolis Department of Veteran Affairs Photos; Above: Head table,l/r: Lloyd and Audrey Brunner; Host Russell Gunvalson and Idelle Gunvalson Below: View of Minneapolis VMAC Commisioner Bemie Melter during his presentation. Thanks to Don Ruddick for the excellent photos, Sorry we do not have room for all of the individual groupings.
The CUB of the Golden Lion 3 I
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Fort Jackson, South Carolina - 1997
Wade and Vannie Toy- 422/K, 4605 Wade St., Columbia, S.C. Tele: 803-772-0132
    On December 6, 1997, twenty-nine (29) members, wives and guests of the 106th Infantry Division Asso-ciation gathered for a luncheon and Mini-Reunion at the Officer's Club, Fort Jackson, S.C. The group in at-tendance represented various areas of the State vvith several from North Carolina, Favorable comments were also received from a number of members who were unable to attend,
    Following the welcome, the Reverend Ewell C, Black ledge us in the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. A most delicious luncheon was enjoyed, while the group engaged in fellowship and conversation.
    Ms, Carolyn Baratte, Acting Chief, Dept, of Veteran's Affairs, Dorn VA Medical Center, w. the guest speaker She effectively presented inforrnation regarding services available for the veterans at the hospital,
    The Reunion concluded with a prayer and the singing of "Silent Night," It was a unanimous concurrene that a Mini-Reunion will be held again in 1998,
    Men Front Row L/R: Ryan Tomlison; Charles Bethea; Scot S, Westbrook; Howard Terrio; Roger M, Rutland and Henry Hoch. Men Back Row UR: Waid S. Toy; Rev. Ewell C. Black, Jr.; Arthur Hinson; J.F. Frierson; John Cooper and Calvin Abbott,
    Ladies Front Row L/R: Janice Bethea; Shelvia Westbrook; Florence Bethea; Mattie Rutland; Mary Jane Hoch and Luvelle Terrio. Ladies Back Row L/R: Mildred Frierson; Julie Hanson; Leigh Ann Westbrook; Hazel Cooper; Lucille Williams; Carolyn Tomblin and Vannie Toy,


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Atlanta, Georgia - 1997
Sherod Collins, 423/SV, 448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144 Tele: 770-928-3207
    A wonderful bunch of people gathered on November 16, 1997 at Dobbins Air Force Base to commemo-rate another Battle ofthe Bulge Anniversary. We had two new couples with us and a new bride of one month. To the delightful mode of red tablecloths and green napkins, seventeen Golden Lions enjoyed the "Open Mess" and a social hour of greetings and good talk, before the choice prime rib was served.
    *Men, L/R: Julian Turrentine, 424/G; James Dickerson, 422/HQ 3Bn; Bill Jenkins, 422/H; Bob Howell, /HQ 2Bn; Sherod Collins, 423/SV; Bob Burkes, 424/HQ (deceased 12/02/97); J.B. Russell, 422/SV; rris Piha, 106 QM; Richard Diltz, 422/11Q 1 Bn
    Ladies, L/R: Nellie Dickerson (a new bride of one month); Carol Turrentine; Sara Piha; Martha Brocato; Louise Howell; Frankie Burkes; Martha Russell; Marion Diltz


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Area - 1997
Clint McClure, 423/HO, 8607 E. 77th Place, Tulsa, OK 74133-3710 Tele: 918-252-7777
    Those that were physically able to attend the Battle of the Bulge Reunion luncheon held at the Indian Springs Country Club, Broken Arrow, OK on December 19, 1997
    Men- Back lir: Leland Turley, 423/H; Lyle Russell, 423M; Jeairl McClure, 423/A; David Deffenbaugh, 423/D; Donald Herndon, 424/L and Howard Bryant, 424/F
Men- Seated Ur Jackson Behling, 423/A; Clint McClure, 423/HQ and Albert Asher, 423/K
    Ladies- Back lir: Betty Bryant; Carolyn Deffenbaugh; Anita Turley; Pauline Russell; Marianne Behlio Ladies- Seated 1/r: Joan Reichart; Pauline White and Peggy McClure


1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Northern California - Berkeley -1997
Jerry Eisenman, 423/HQ 3BN; 227 Buena Vista Ave, Daly City, CA 94015 650-756-8330
    A great bunch of people of people gathered at the Berkerley City Club in Berkerely CA. To celebrate the Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.
    Men Back Row lir Robert Bredlinger, 423/HQ; George Johnson, 424/E; Jerry Eiesenman, 423/HQ 3Bn; John Stauff, 591/B; Edward Prewett, 424/B; Michael Thome, 422/HQ 1BN, Clarence Meltesen, Asso-
41, Ed Dunn, 423/HQ I BN
    en Front Row l/r Frank Nausin, 424/HQ 2BN; John Gregory, 424/E; Jim Twinn, DIVARTY; Wil-Fowler, DIV/HQ (not in photo)
    Women, lir: Terry Wood; Helena Meltesen; Dorothy Hassard; Ruth Eisenman; Reddie Prewett; Shirley Gregory; Elaine Eppling, Associate

The CUB ,fthe Golden Lion
1997 December 16th Mini-Reunions...
Fort Myers, Florida Area - 1997
Major H. Hill, 424/B; 524 S.WO 43rd Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33914 (914) 945-4087
    What a wonderful surprise to have such a large and entusiastic group of I 06ers for our first annual Mini-Reunion here in Fort Meyers, Florida. There were 28 in attendance at the Radisson Inn for a luncheon meet-ing fron Noon to 4:00 P.M. On 13 December 1997. Group involuted in various interesting and some chal-lenging activities, which kept all involved and busy for four hours. Our special thanks to the Radisson Inn for their splendid cooperation.
    Men, Backrow L/R: Ross Gillikin; Art Kuespert; Edward Zabkar; Ed Lewig; John Fri.; Milton Cr. Dick Brokow; Jack Magee; Major Hill and John Hall
Men Front Row: Herbert Karnes; Raymond Reed; Barnet Myrsohn and John Thurlow
    Ladies, Back Row L/R: Jody Brokaw; Eve Magee; Dorothy Lewis; Anna Hall; Martha Fritz; Barbara Hill; Ann McKeman; Janet Gillikin; Evelyn Hill and Ethy Myrsohn
Ladies Front Row: Margaret Zabkar; Joyce Thurlow; Vonda Cram and Margaret Reed


bama Mini-Reunion - 20 December 1997
    hoto Submitted by Joseph Massey, vvith this attached note. There were only three couples attending s year. Walter and Barbara Bridges were still in Houston as their daughter remains critical-they have been there tive months. John & Lee Gilliland were both in a Christmas program at church. Hazel is still battling a compressed fracture of the spine and we could not go.
L/R: Mary / John Racster; David / Frances Lacey and Paul / Goldie Kirkpatrick
    W Scholarships will again be given in 1998 to descendants of living and deceased members of the 106th Infantry Division, Descendants have been defined by the Board of Directors to include the following:
    CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN Children are defined as the member's natural children and children acquired through marriage or adoption or as foster children AND who lived in the member's household when they were minors. Grandchildren are defined as the children of the children defined above, '
    Applicants must be nominated by a member of the 106th Infantry Division Association or his widow, if he was a member at death. A members' letter of nomination should state the fol-lowing: I nominate (followed by the applicant's name).; The relationship of the member to the person nominated.; The member's 106th Infantry Division affiliation (unit).
The scholarships awarded will be in the amounts of $500 or $1,000.
To receive an application for the scholarship please write to:
John A. Gregory, 4624 Ashton Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864 - 916-481-3353
Deadline for submitting an application and accompanying material is 30 April 1998.
A Self Addressed Envelope Must Be Included!


New Members ...

Francis comes to us by way of John Kline's 106th Infantry Division Association Home Page
    Francis joined the Division at Karlsruhe very near the end of the war. He is trying to trace the exact unit. His discharge papers seem to be error, they state he was with the 3rd Regiment. He was given a Lion's Head patch and sewed it on his uniform.
Welcome aboard Francis.
     John, Thanks for the Internet site. I am taking the liberty of signing up my Dad through the end ofJune. He can take it from there. Thanks, HowarLAUR,Ah
     (Editor's Note: Thanks Howard, it is nice of you to sign your father on. He should of by now received the list of 422/B veterans that I sent. See you on the Intemet...J Kline.)

     Mr. Collins, I vvas given your name by Mr. Ed Goldberg of California. I served with I Company, 423rd Inf. Regiment and was captured in the Bulge along vvith others. By chance I play tennis with Ed's brother, al, here in Florida. Al told me about his brother.
     While a prisoner I wasat Stalag 1V-B4110' Elster/Elbe and the Halle Hospital.1 retired as postmaster/Sec Mgr, Brooklyn, New York 1981. Have been in Florida seince March 1981. I directed and produced shows in Woodmont and Woodfield C.G.'s for 12 years. Wife and I play tennis, more than forty years
7320 EAST 61ST PLACE TULSA, OK 74133
We welcome Betty, won,w of C. Harry Harwell, 423/H as an ASSOCIATE member.
I am the son of Andrew H. Kirkpatrick who served in the 106th Inf Div, M Company, 424th Infantry Regiment
MARTZ, Egreg0803@aol,com
7102 GUNPOWDER wasROSPECI', KY 40059
Son of Dean Martz, 106th Signal.

DES MOINES, IA 50310 11AMPDEN. ME 04444
515-255-2534 207-862-6785
    John is Captain Infantry, USAR Retired. He was Vice-President , Treasurer of the Iowa (Retired) of the Machinery & Supply Co., Inc, Des Moines, Iowa. Manager (retired) Iovva Retail Hardware Association, Des Moines. His wife is Louise (he doesn't say she is retired), he has two daughters, one in Houston and one in Colorado Springs, he loves to travel and play golf. Born December I, 1924, Bangor, Maine, graduated from Bangor High School 1942. Drafted into Service August 29, 1943. Basic Training at Camp Wheeler, Macon, Georgia, ASTP at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. Sent to the 106th Infantry Division, Fort Jackson, and placed in Division Headquarters as a clerk.
     Married Grace in Bangor on January 12, 1944. We have a son Robert, an Attorney, and a daughter Gayle who is in our business


New Members ...
    emained with the 106' through Tennessee Maneuvers, Camp Atterbury through to St. Vith. I was discharged December 1, 1945. At Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Since then graduated from Husson College, Bangor in 1948. That month I started Bangor Neon, Inc., an electrical sign business, Now Grace, my daughter Gayle, her husband and I still operate the 50 year-old business.
SAN JOSE, CA 95112-4929
    I was Communication Instructor at the Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Three of us were sent to the 106' Infantry Division at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. I was assigned to Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery. I was at the forward switching central when the Division was hit at the start of the Battle of the Bulge. We got back to St. V ith next day. There were fourteen of us in a room when a illigutenant from Division Headquarters We in asking for volunteers. We drove south for a while to a town, then an entire German Armored unit got there too. Most of the POWs we were caught with were from the 28th Infantry Division.
    We never saw another person from our Div ision until we got to Stalag 4-B after the first of the year. Next day I was at a Work Kommando at Zittaw - it was Hell!. They started to move us through Czechoslovakia. I took off and went to Prague with the Czech Partisans. Later,
    when we got to Allied Control I was in a hospital at Regensburg, Brest and St. Valerie. I was sent home to join the 44' Infantry Division Camp Chaffe, Arkansas. Thank God they dropped the BOMB. After Service I went back to racing horses. I retired from that and went to the U.S. Post Office, Palo Alto, California. I have been retired for 24 years. I raised a family of five children. My son, Mike, died eight years ago. The rest are doing fine. Three boys were in the Service, two in Vietnam, one in Europe. I am doing well for an 85 year old, with one leg. Signed, Jim...
Editor's note: Jim signed on as a LIFE MEMBER. Isn't that a good lookout on Life, or what??
DENTON, IL 62812
Ordered The CUB of the Golden Lion: PASSES in REVIEW, with his membership.
    I was assigned to K Company, 423' Infantry and was with them during the Battle of ihe Bulge. I was captured on 19 December, along with the others, and went to Stalag 9-B. We were liberated April 2, 1945. I spent two and one-half months in an English hospital, then three and one-half months in a convalescent hospital in Camp Edwards, Massachusetts. I was discharged October 1945.


In Mem o ria m •

    (Please note: We list only the deaths of 106th veterans that are Association members. We can list only what information we receive - at times that information is just a date of death. Sadly, there are times we are not notified of the death of our comrade until we are alerted by returned mail or nonpayment of dues. I would suggest that all of you veterans let your next of kin know that the either the Adjutant, Treasurer or Editor of the 106th Infantry Division Associa-tion should be notified in the event of your death.... editor)
Bennett, Willard G. 423/G 8450 Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23518 Date of Death: 01/16/97, from AXPOW Bulletin
Bradley, Lynn B. 422/SV 208 Quay Assisi, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32069
    Date of Death: 11/25/97. Wife Mary reported that Lynn passed away. Entered Service 1941, captured December 21, 1944, incarcerated in Stalag 4-B. Survived by wife Hazel, son Ken-neth, one brother and two sisters.
Brogan, Leo J. 423/D 87 Mount Vernon St., Lowell, MA 01854
Date of Death: 09/20/97, from AXPOW Bulletin. Husband of late Alice Brogan, survived by two daughters and a son.
Burkes, Robert A., CO 424th Headquarters Company 2227 Plantation Drive, East Point, GA 30344
    Date of Death: 12/02/97. Burkes was a retired Major in the US Army after 30 years of service. He commanded 424th Headquarters Company in W.W.II. He served later in the U.S., Europe,France, Korea and France. He is survived by wife, Frankie, daughter Sherry Cochran, New Zealand; sons Kim Cochran, Snellville, Deland Cochran, Newman, A sister, a brother and two grandchildren. Captain Burkes, as we all called him from the 106th, will long be remembered, not only for his service with the 106', but for his pleasant nature and winning smile at the nual Rweions. Captain, vve all salute you.
Cannon, Phillip L. 422/M 313 Talbot Ave, Can:bridge, MD 21613
Date of Death: 12/21/97. Maynard Adolphson, 422/M was notified by Wido, Virginia that Philip had died.
Cruz, Leo Jack 422/E 1739 Dana Place, Lakeland, FL, 33801
    Date of Death: 08/14/97, from AXPOW Bulletin. Was a POW at Stalag 4-B. Survived by his wife of 59 years, a son, two daughters, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
    Crossman, Lester W. 424/H 1127 Greenwood Circle, Woodstock, IL 60098 Date of Death: 08/29/1997 as reported by a family member.
Dresselhaus, J B 424/1 3811 South 40th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506
    Date of Death: 12/20/97. J B recently sent this editor a resume of his experiences with the 424th Infantry Regiment, to be included with experiences of other 424th veterans, in this Febru-ary CUB or the following CUB in May.
Hohenstein, John J. 423/M 4St,aulkner Drive, St. Charles, MO 63303
    Date of Death: 01/15/98. John was, along with two other M Company veterans, the first M Company men this editor had seen or talked to in 43 years -- this happened when 1 visited my first reunion in Mobile, 1987. John joined t1975,sociation in 1975. The other two, that 1 met in Mobile, are current members, Gil Helwig and Louis Cooper. John is survived by Iona, his wife. They were regular attendees of the 106th Reunions for years. Also by his two sons, Miwithom Colorado, vvith a granddaughter, Jennifer; David, from St Charles, Illinois, with a grand-son Wesley and granddaughter Ashley
Rest in P eace
In Mem o ria m
Lang, William 422/1 6287 Route 166, Rock Creek, OH 44084 Date of Death: 04/15/97, from AXPOW Bulletin
.Lawson, William J. 423/H 96 Skyview Terrace, Syracuse, NY 13219
    Date of Death: 12/13/97. Bill's son, Jim sent me an e-mail to announce his father's death. He said, "I am sad to inform you of my dad's passing. In the past few years he has so enjoyed his reunion with his GI buddies... the 106th Association became a very important part of his daily activities, rivaling his long time involvement with the area of Youth Sports Programs. Thanks to all the members for giving him the opportunity to enjoy his past friends and relive the experiences long forgotten.. I also had the opportunity to meet his friends at the Roanoke Reunion, as well as viewed several VCR tapes of past activities. My father is survived by his wife of 44 years, Mary Ellen, myself, my wife Diane, two grandchildren, Carri and Jaime, nieces, nephews and cousins.. keep up the good work John, he spoke highly of you, often. I do hope to meet you someday at one of the annual reunions." Signed Jim Lawson. Southeast Re-gional Sales Manager, C-MAC Microcircuits.
Messina, Carl A Company, 81" Engineers 926 Seymour Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
    Date of Death: 01/04/98 Carl was a long time friend, and active member, of the Association and prime mover of the very successful New Jersey Mini-Reunions. He was an inspiration to his fellow comrades and every that knew him. He will be missed by many.
    He was a businessman in Linden, NJ for 40 years before retiring in 1990. Most recently he owned and operated Deca Batteries, Earlier he owned Messina's Honda of Lindell and before that Messina's Studebaker dealership. Surviving are his wife of 39 years, Alice, a son Vincent; two daughters Carol J. and Mrs. Susan M. Favre; a brother, Salvatore; three sisters, Mrs. Ninfa Savonarola, Mrs. Harry Beckman and Mrs, Betty Sulek, and two grandchildren. A funeral Aim was held at the St. Elizabeth R.C. Church in Linden. Memorials to Center for Hope Hos-We, 176 Hussa St., Linden, NJ 07036 or Linden Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Carl.
Sears, John Robert 423/HQ 2621 Grand Cayman St. Sarasota, FL 34321
    Date of Death: 01/18/98 reported by Lester Helmich. John was born 12 September 1917, in Cairo, WV, and came to Sarasota 33 years ago from Westhersfield, England. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1965 as an E-8. He served with the 106th Infantry Division in World War II and was taken prisoner in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a Methodist and belonged to Masonic Lodge 114, the American Legion Post 83, Pennsboro, WV, the Disabled American Vets,. Survivors include his wife, Louise, a sister Evelyn Moneypenny of Kent, Ohio. Burial was in Cairo, West Virginia.
Swenlin, Victor H. 423/HQ IBN 1329 West Oak Road. Vineland. NJ 08360
Date of Death 08/15/96, from AXPOW Bulletin
Tufano, Jacob (Jack) 589/C Monroe CT
    Date of Death: 12.08/97 Cliff Austin, 589/C notified us ofJack's death. Jack, age 88, had just joined and passed away before we published the notice. Jack along with Cliff Austin and Dick DeHeer (former editor of The CUB) were together at Stalag 4-B and then were sent to Arbeit Kommando #1315 in Oberullesdorf, Poland ( located near Zittau, Germany). He is survived by his wife of 67 years, a daughter, a son, a brother, two sisters, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
Quiram, Howard B Company, 81" Engineers 103 Pleasant St, Benson, IL 61516
    Date of Death 02/28, 1996. Edward Wojahn, B Co., 81st Engineers wrote, " I didn't realize he had passed away. I just received a Christmas card from Howard's wife. She told me he had passed away."
• Rest in Peace
106th Division
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contributions and Historical items to:
Sherod Collins -- Treasurer
448 Monroe Tmg.sezsr, GA 30144
The Life Membership fee is payable one time
only, with no annual dues thereafter.
Life Membership $ 75.00
Life Auxiliary $ 15.00
Life Associate $ 75.00
For those choosing to pay Annual dues, pay
by July 1 each year. (July 1 to July 1 term)
Annual Membership $10.00
Annual Auxiliary $ 2.00
Annual Associate $10.00
Make checks payable to
"I06th Infantry Division Association."
Board of Directors 1997 -1998 1111
Alphabetical by year term expires.
Edwin C. Huminski, 42A/F C1998)
RR 2 Box 258, Rocic wood, PA 15557-9223
Alan W. Jones, Jr, 423/HQ 1Bn C1998)
9100 Belvoir Woods Pkwy #233, Ft, Belvoir, VA 22060
William E. Malone, 422/1 C1998)
3911 Thackery Drive, Nashville, TN 37207
Thomas J. Riggs, 81st Eng/HQ ('I998)
6 Olive Stref,t),,1:4rtgeinicoe, RI 02906
John A. Swett, 423/H (Exec. Committee) (.1998)
10691 E, Northcrest Dr, Tucson, AZ 85748
Levene Weigel, 422/H C1998)
1380 Democracy4011,511eXurne, FL 32940
Nolan L. Ashburn, 424/H (.1999)
1212 Raintree Dr; WilrACollins, CO 80525
Lloyd J. Diehl, 423/11 (.1999)
R3 Box 212, 365 Chapel Hghts Rd,, Sewell, NJ 08080
John A. Gregory, 424/E (Exec. Committee) ('1999)
4624 Ashton Dr,, Sacramento, CA 95864
Art Van Mooriehem, 423/B ('1999)
206 W, Bircla,9igimr, SD 57212
Richard J. Bras, 423/K C2000)
14 Porter St,, Quaker Hill, CT 06375
Walter G. Bridges, 424/D C2000
225 Laird AV-41u9eir,ozi, AL 35023
Sherod Collins, 423/SV C20
448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144
John P. Kline, 423/M (Exec. Committee) (.2000)
11 Harold Drivei,B279sellieir 55337-2786
E. V. Creel,.590/A C2001)
315 Fern Cliff Avsei ilf9e8n8itiT3errace, FL 33617
Ltc Marion Ray US (Ret), 424/D (2001)
704 Briarwood Drive, Bcthalto, IL 62010-1168
Col. Earl Valenstein US (Ret), 81st Eng/13 C2001)
5737 Bar Neck411.coigans.rotigge, MD 21613
Zimand, Gerald P., 422/D ('200 I )
101 Joseph Street, New Hyde Parke, NY 11040
NY, 516-354-4778 FL: 561-732-3832
Joseph P. Maloney, 424/HQ (.2002)
1120 Warrei4iiTlip.r6741. PA 15068
Richard D. Sparks, 423/HQ ('2002)
3180 Han170S4t48D9e1z3, FL 32738
Russell H. Villwock, 106 Signal C2002)
8960 West Foster4r.,,,l31,2Tilorridge, IL 60656
HONORARY Board Member
Col. Joseph Matthews 422/HQ (LIFE)
4706 Western Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27606

(1111 (7olumnist, Dan Bled. 422/ (lied 25 Nlarch 1998
Recipient of rhe Order (lithe (itoWen Lion 14)95
1 lii, maga/int: is dedicaml it, Ins tnemor>. I le contributed a story to The (

Index for: Vol. 54 No. 2, JAN, 1998

Index for This Document

101st Abn. Div., 4
106th Div., 46
106th Inf. Div., 1, 2, 6, 7, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 32, 34, 35, 36, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47
106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 21, 32, 40, 41, 47
106th Sig. Co., 1, 32, 49
28th Inf. Div., 19, 43
29th Inf. Div., 34
30th Inf. Div., 19
35th Inf. Div., 22
38th Inf., 19
3rd Armd., 10
422/K, 32, 35
422/M, 24, 31, 34, 44
422nd Inf., 4
422nd Inf. Regt., 13
422nd Regt., 13
423rd Inf., 2, 21, 41
423rd Inf. Regt., 2, 21, 41
424/A, 3, 9, 24, 31
424/C, 9, 24
424/D, 22, 35, 48
424/E, 9, 24, 34, 39, 42, 48
424/G, 24, 37
424/I, 24
424/L, 38
424th Inf. Regt., 9, 15, 41, 44
81st Engr., 46
83rd Inf. Div., 18, 19
99th Inf. Div., 32
Adolphson, Maynard, 44
Africa, 19
Ambrose, Stephen E., 4
Ardennes, 1, 4, 11, 13, 19, 24, 49
Ardennes Forest, 11
Armed Forces Reunions, 10, 25, 27
Ashburn, Nolan L., 48
Austin, Cliff, 45
Baca, Tillie, 29
Ballowe, Thomas G., 32
Battle of the Bulge, 1, 4, 7, 19, 21, 24, 29, 30, 38, 39, 43, 45
'Before The Veterans Die', 6, 21
Behling, Jackson, 38
Belgium, 13, 17
Bennett, Willard G., 44
Berlin, 4, 11
Beseler, Donald, 23
Beseler, Donald W., 9
Bethea, Charles, 36
Bied, Dan, 6
Black, Rev. Ewell C., 36
Black, Rev. Ewell C., Jr., 36
Bladen, John A., 34
Blodgett, John, 34
Bloomingburg, George, 30
Born, 42
Bradfield, June, 30
Bradley, Lynn, 44
Bradley, Lynn B., 44
Bratton, Farrol, 30
Bratton, Harold, 30
Brax, Richard, 17
Breite, Avis, 30
Bridges, Barbara, 40
Bridges, Walter G., 48
Brocato, Martha, 37
Brogan, Leo J., 44
Brokaw, Jody, 39
Broussard, Fred, 23
Bryan, Ken, 30
Bryan, Marge, 30
Bryant, Howard, 38
Burkes, Bob, 37
Burkes, Frankie, 37
Burkes, Robert A., 44
Camp Atterbury, 1, 10, 18, 19, 23, 27, 28, 43
Camp Atterbury Memorial, 1, 23
Camp Atterbury, IN, 18, 43
Camp Myles Standish, MA, 19
Cannon, Phillip L., 44
Caplan, Bert, 29
Carr, Betty, 33
Carr, Fred, 33
Carver, Dale, 21, 22
Cavanaugh, Father, 33
Central Europe, 49
Chadbourne, Everett L., 13
Citizen Soldier, 4, 6
Cochran, Deland, 44
Colbert, Hugh, 29
Collins, Mr., 41
Collins, Sherod, 16, 37, 47, 48
Cooper, Louis, 44
Corrigan, Ken, 35
Creel, E. V., 48
Crossman, Les, 44
Crossman, Lester, 44
Crossman, Lester W., 44
Cruz, Leo, 44
Cruz, Leo Jack, 44
Czechoslovakia, 43
Datte, Charles, 33
Datte, Nancy, 31, 33
Deblase, William, 22
Deffenbaugh, David, 38
DeHeer, Dick, 45
Dickerson, James, 37
Diehl, Lloyd J., 48
Div. Arty., 43
Div. HQ, 42, 43
Dresden, 4
Elbe, 41
Elston, Floyd, 7
Fava, Roy, 10
First Reunion, 22
Fonda, Jim, 24
Ford, Arline, 34
Ford, David, 34
France, 44
Frank, Ida, 33
Frankfurt, 12
Fritz, Martha, 39
Ft. Bragg, NC, 43
Ft. Jackson, SC, 35, 36, 42
Ft. Sill, OK, 43
Fuchs, Victor, 23
Gallagher, John, 33
Gallagher, John J., 33
Gallagher, Stella, 33
Gatens, John, 34
Gerard, Vincent, 17
Germany, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19, 21, 45
Gillespie, John, 24
Gillespie, Shirley, 24
Gilliland, John, 14
Gilliland, Lee, 40
Goldberg, Ed, 41
Gouvy, 17
Gramlich, Francis A., 41
Gregory, John, 16, 39, 47
Gregory, John A., 40, 48
Gregory, Shirley, 39
Greve, Walter, 10
Gunvalson, Russell, 35
Hall, Anna, 39
Hall, John, 39
Halle, 41
Hartman, Dick, 34
Harwell, Harry, 41
Helmich, Lester, 45
Helwig, Gil, 44
Herndon, Donald, 38
Hesse, J. Francis, 32
Hill, Maj., 39, 47
Hill, Maj. H., 39
Hitler, Adolph, 4
Hohenstein, 30, 44
Hohenstein, John, 30, 44
Hohenstein, John J., 44
Homan, Robert, 23
House, Pete, 16, 47
Howell, Bob, 37
Howell, Louise, 37
HQ Btry., Div. Arty., 43
Huminski, Ed, 1
Huminski, Edwin C., 48
Jenkins, Bill, 37
Jones, Al, 34
Jones, Alan, 34
Jones, Alan W., 34, 47, 48
Jones, Alan W., Jr., 47
Jones, Martin, 32
Jones, Phyllis, 32
Jones, Ted, 24, 29
Josephs, Jeanette, 22
Karlsruhe, 41
Kelch, Eugene, 30
Kirkpatrick, Andrew H., 41
Kirkpatrick, Edward W., 41
Kline, John, 2, 7, 13, 16, 41
Kline, John P., 2, 47, 48
Kline, Margot, 35
Kommando, 43, 45
Korbel, Mary Ann, 35
Korea, 26, 44
Kuespert, Art, 39
Kurth, Raymond P., 9
Lang, William, 45
Langham, Francis, 24
Lauman, Dorothy, 30
Lawson, William J., 45
LeClair, William J., 9
Leipzig, 4
Limburg, 21
Limburg, Germany, 21
Linden, 45
London, 2, 6
Losheimergraben, 13
Lyons, Robert N., 9
Magahee, Glen, 29
Malone, William E., 48
Maloney, Joe, 1
Maloney, Joseph P., 49
Manfredi, John, 10
Manfredi, John F., 15
Mansfeld, Herr, 11
Marsh, Mary Lou, 22
Martin, John B., 24
Martin, Pearl, 24
Martin, Roland, 9
Martz, Dean, 42
Massey, Joseph, 40
Matthews, Col. Joe, 6
Matthews, Col. Joseph, 49
Mayotte, Russ, 24
Mayotte, Russell, 24
McCall, Juanita, 32
McDevitt, Jack, 33
McGinty, Ed, 34
Memorials, 45, 47
Merz, Paul, 16
Messina, Carl, 33, 45
Middleton, 23
Mikalauskis, John, 30
Miller, John, 29
Mock, John, 32
Mock, Mary, 32
Moore, Ralph, 23
Morgan, Douglas, 29
Moritz, Herr, 11
Muhlberg, 21
Muhlberg, Germany, 21
Myles Standish, 19
Nausin, Frank, 39
Nelson, Ralph, 29
New Zealand, 44
Normandy, 4
North Africa, 19
O'Donnell, Joseph P., 12
O'Farrell, Donald A., 9
Omaha Beach, 4
Order of the Golden Lion, 2, 17, 47
Ortwine, Harold, 24
Patton, Don, 35
Peterson, Dick, 12
Peterson, Dr. Richard, 47
Peterson, Richard, 16
Peterson, Richard W., 11
Phillips, John, 42
Phillips, John C., 9, 42
Photos, 35
Pilkington, Fred, 35
Pinney, Gordon, 16
Plenskofski, John, 7
Plenskofski, John J., 7
Poland, 45
Post, Lawrence, 23
Potts, William, 9
Prague, 43
Prendergast, Richard, 23
Prewett, Edward, 39
Prewett, Reddie, 39
Purple Heart, 15
Quiram, Howard, 45
Raby, Glynn, 10
Rain, Betty, 22
Ray, Marion, 16, 22, 47, 48
Reed, Raymond, 39
Regensburg, 43
Reunions, 1, 9, 10, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 44, 45
Rhineland, 49
Rieck, Chuck, 23
Rigatti, Dick, 1
Rigatti, Patricia, 24
Rigatti, Richard, 16
Rigatti, Richard L., 1
Riggs, Thomas J., 48
Rikken, Adda, 17
Ringer, Robert C., 9
Ritchie, Carol, 35
Robb, Dr. John G., 47
Robb, John, 16
Roberts, John, 24
Roberts, Mary Lou, 24
Rowe, Bob, 24
Russell, J.B., 37
Russell, Martha, 37
Rutland, Mattie, 36
Saxton, Charles, 33
Schaffner, John, 34
Schaffner, John R., 34
Schlausenbach, 13
Schlesser, Jack P., 9
Schnee Eifel, 13
Schober, Milton, 9
Schoeck, Richard J., 32
Schoenberg, 13
Schoonover, Lex, 35
Schwartz, Victor A., 9
Schwarzer Mann, 13
Scotti, Joe, 33
Scotti, Joseph, 10
Scranton, Bob, 24
Scranton, Mildred, 24
Sears, John Robert, 45
Shalhoub, John, 24
Shaver, Robert M., 9
Shaw, Robert M., 9
Sheaner, Gloria, 29
Shirk, Walter, 33
Smith, Kenneth, 17
Smith, Orvin F., 41
Smoler, Irwin, 9
Snyder, Walt, 34
Snyder, Walter, 34
Snyder, Walter M., 34
Sowell, Robert F., 9
Sparks, Richard D., 49
Spenle, Nina, 23
Spiegel, George J., 41
St. Vith, 16, 43, 47
Stahl, Bill, 32
Stahl, William F., 32
Stalag 12-A, 21
Stalag 4-B, 21, 43, 44, 45
Stalag 4-B, Muhlberg, 21
Stalag 9-B, 13, 43
Stalag IX-B, 10
Stauff, John, 39
Steele, Kermit, 30
Stein, Murray, 41
Stewart, Arletia, 32
Stewart, John T., 32
Sulser, Jack, 17, 47
Swenlin, Victor H., 45
Swett, John, 16, 17, 21
Swett, John A., 47, 48
Sziber, Muriel, 33
Taylor, Hal, 16
Tennessee Maneuver Area, 19
Tennessee Maneuvers, 43
Terrio, Howard, 36
The Battle of the Bulge, 29
Thome, Michael, 39
Thompson, Laura, 35
Thurlow, John, 39
Thurlow, Joyce, 39
Toy, Vannie, 35, 36
Toy, Waid S., 36
Trewergy, Robert E., 42
Trueman, Dr. Duncan, 3, 16
Trueman, Duncan, 47
Tufano, Jacob (Jack), 45
Twinn, James, 43
Twinn, James H., 43
Uhles, William Paul, 30, 43
Valenstein, Col. Earl, 49
Vance, George T., 24
Vaughn, Ray, 30
Velasquez, Armando, 29
Vietnam, 24, 35, 43
Villwock, Russell, 1, 47
Villwock, Russell H., 49
Vitali, Al, 31
Vonnegut, Kurt, 4
Wakeman Gen. Hosp., 19
Weigel, Levene, 48
Weiner, Bella, 22
Weiner, Milton, 22
Welton, Col., 18
Williams, Lucille, 36
Wing, Carlton, 43
Wojahn, Ed, 23
Wojahn, Edward, 46
Yingst, William, 29
York, Thelma, 30
Zabkar, Edward, 39
Zimand, Gerald P., 49
Zittau, Germany, 45