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The Cub
Vol. 48, No. 1, Oct, 1991

Majestic firs, snow-laden, in rank-and-file stand.
A man amid the pungent boughs in this ancient, subdued land
Needled boughs, star-laden,
Pressed by a grimy hand--
ire against an anguished brow,
alone in a troubled land.
from Dale Carver's
424/HQ 3Bn)
Before The Veteran's Die

When Hell Froze Over
from Westinghouse MILESTONES voL 13
Welcome our newly elected 1991-1992 President....
    I am greatly honored and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to serve as President of the 106th Infantry Division Association for 1991-92. I sincerely thank the members of the Association for their support in electing me President.
    I wish to particularly extend thanks to John 0. Gilliland, immediate Past-President and host of the 45 Annual Reunion in Huntsville, Alabama. John and the committee did an outstanding job organizing and running the 45th Annual Reunion.
    You will note from articles appearing elsewhere in this issue of The CUB, that the standing committees are hard at work. I particularly invite your attention to the Nominating Committee comments. Those who are interested in serving on the Board of Directors should contact Ed Prewett. Those who are interested in submitting applications for scholarships should promptly contact We Trautman.
    For those of you who were there, you may recall at the Reunion that there was a discussion of "The Camp Atterbury Veterans' Memorial Fund." The Board voted a contribution of $2,500 to that memorial which has been delivered to the managers of that fund. Checks for donations should be made in the name of the fund and forwarded to our Memorial Corranittee Chairman, Dr. John G. Robb. Addresses for all the above mentioned persons are listed in The CUB inside front cover or in the new Association Roster that was included with this issue.
    As you are aware, membership is the life blood of any organization While the 45th Annual reunion was the largest with more than 670 in attendance, we need to get the word out that there is a 106th Infantry Division Association, and to encourage lamer members of the Division to join the Association.
    I extend to each of you my heaviest greeting for the upcoming Holiday Season, Infantry Division Association Prwickost Meth Thome - 1991-1992 Neadquarlere 422nd Regiment - 1st Battalion
Michael N. Thome, President
106th Infantry Division Association
The front and rear cover pictures are from a Westinghouse
publication - MILESTONES - Vol. 13, dale and artists unknown.
The CUB of the Golden Lion
Sometimes the message comes in a whisper.... S

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses
    This is the Memorial Address delivered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by our Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley, in 1982.1 thought it most flitting that we look at his words again, almost ten reunions later.
    "We are here today at the Memorial Service of the 106th Infantry Division Association on what is holy ground. We hear the Voice of God saying tons, "Put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." This Honor Roll Reflecting Pool is a Memorial: it is holy ground, and while literally we do not take off our shoes, we show respect and honor.
    "We are holding our Memorial Service this year at this beautiful War Memorial Center. We have a Memorial of our own. However, we cannot be there as an entire association. We have made pilgrimages to our 106th Memorial in St. Vith, Belgium. This has to be the "Second Best," and what a marvelous and glorious "Second Best" it is!
    "Let us think about our 106th Infantry Division and part of its history. The 106th Division was the first unit penetrated in the Battle of the Ardennes by the Nazi horAs that hit us on December 16, 1944, on the Schnee Eifel with 250,000 elite assault try accompanied by 1,000 tanks. The 106th held for three days as a division, and then for all practical purposes the division ceased to exist m a fighting force. Out of the 14,000 officers and men we lost about three-quarters in the first three day. killed, wounded and missing-in-action Many were taken prisoner.
    "Let us realize that "earth is crammed with heaven" and that the Will of God was in what we did back in December of 1944 and to the end of the war. We did God's work against a terrible enemy, and together we did not fail. "Put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." We 'Slave an INHERITANCE which is IMPERISHABLE, UNDEFILED, and UNFADING kept in heaven for you." With pride and with honor. We will gather around with those of otu comrades who were there in the fires of hell and came back and are still on this side of the "River of Life." We will remember those who are with us in the spirit "Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses." (Hebrews 12:1) We will go on together showing forth our INHERITANCE. We are now part of that INHERITANCE, and we cherish and honor it by paying homage to our late comrades. We are on "Holy ground." We will not lower the quality of this "holy ground" by regrets or recriminations. AMEN"
    In almost ten years which have passed since Chaplain Mosley delivered this address, many of those who were in Milwaukee have become a part of that "cloud of witnesses" who joins us now, in the spirit at our Annual Reunions. As we rejoice at this Season of Thanksgiving, let it be in the privilege which has been ours to know and enjoy the great members of our Association, both past and present.
flw* Swell C. Blae,In. Chaplain

I0802 Infantry Division AsMtntitn
212 Ridge Sr. Biehopuille, SC ratio
t 802-0111-8881t
2 The CUB of the Golden Lion
From the editor's outpost....
New Mail Address -- EDITOR
John P. Kline, CUB editor
5401 U. 147th St. West
Apple Valley, MN 55124
    I have closed the P.O. Box formerly listed on the inside cover of the CUB. I am still getting mail through my Post Office Box address. Please make a note of the new address, It also appears on the inside cover of each CUB.
1991 Roster:
    Normally we print a roster each July and include it with the August CUB. This year, because of time restraints caused by the production of The CUB Passes in Review, I had to put it off till this issue. We hope it is helpful in your quest for those you may be seeking.
*Too Bad, but:
    There are still nearly 70 of last year's members who have not paid their July 1, 1991 dues. They did not receive this CUB, nor the addrew roster. We are at a level of 1,503 members (as of 31 Oct,1991) that are paid – that's on the good side.
Huntsville Reunion:
It was nice to meet all of you at the Huntsville Reunion.
    For me, it was the highlight of my service to the Association. The award of The Order of the Golden Lion, Officer's Class was a total surprise. It wasmost humbling, since I am aware that only 15 of the awards have been presented (outside the Companion Chi...), since 1947 (see page 331, CUB Review).
    I shall wear it with pride. I thank all of you, members, officers and Board for the confidence you have shown to me in my pursuit of my duties as editor of The CUB. I will always be at your service... Thanks!
The CUB Passe. in Review
    You all should have by now received yam- book, The CUB of the Golden Lion Passes in Review. Thanks all of you who have taken the time to write me.
    It was a rewarding experience to me to have been able to compile these stories for you. I learned a lot about die Division, the Men of die Division and the Association. I have been told that this book makes a good reference for all. Importantly, it gives those of as that joined the Association late, a chance to get a glimpse of the past, and to fill in some voids in our knowledge of the past. I used material that came from the past CUBs from August 1946. If there was no mention of your unit, it is simply the fact that there was no material about it in past CUBs, at least that I found during my research of over 4,000 pages of information.
    For those of you who made inquires –I spent over 475 hours on the CUB Passes in Review, along with the 55-60 hours it takes to put the CUB in shape each quarter. Yes, I am still working 40 plus hems a week...
Extra Copies Available
    The CUB Passes in Review is still available. An additional supply of books was printed. They are available for the price of $15.00 until that supply is depleted. Additional orders have been coming inrapidly. A few are left at thefantastic price above.
    Buy a couple and put them in your local library. Sign them and become a local contributor to history. Several have already done so, including a couple who had been invited to talk at local schools.
Get with it! PUSH the 106th!!!
The CUB of the Golden Lion


Order of the Golden Lion
John P. Kline
Citation: Served in the 106th Infantry
Division in World War II
M Company, 423rd Infantry.
    Has been a member of the 106th Infantry Division Association since 1987 and served on the Board of Directors from September 1988 until September 1991.
    He was appointed Editor of the Association's official Publication THE CUB, at Mobile, Alabama in September 1987 and immediately set out to familiarize himself with the current and past history of the Division and Association.
    As Editor he used his charismatic talents to create a great deal of interest among the membership and has succeeded in projecting his expertise into making each issue of THE CUB a thing of literary value. Compliments on his work have been universal. His efforts have become a major factor in heightening and increasing cohesiveness among the members. As a by-product membership has soared.
    In addition to the many hours he continues to spend in the producing THE CUB calendar quarter, he has taken on the exacting task of producing a book called THE MI PASSES IN REVIEW encompassing the material contained in all the statewide issues of THE CUB since August 1946, thus adding to his worth to the Association.
    In grateful recognition of his zealous and dedicated service to the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association awards him the
Order of 'The Gorden Lion
Officer Class (OCGL)
    Done at the City of Huntsville, Alabama this twenty-first day of September, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred Ninety-One.
For the Board of Directors signed: John 0. Gilliland, president
Boyd A. Rutledge, adjutant
We need nominations for members to be elected to The Board of Directors at the next Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.
    Hear ThisL Members of the Association wishing to nominate an individual may do so by sending his name and qualifications, for consideration, to the Nominating Committee Chairman, EDWARD PREWETT,
7831 Lone Tree Way
Brentwood, CA 94513


%From the TREASURER, Sherod Coups
    I want to thank the many members who paid their dues promptly by July 10, 1991, even if it was to receive a FREE book!! This allowed on to expeditiously handle the logistics of putting The CUD Passes in Review together'and getting it printed in quantities that gave us a price break.
    Thanks to those who also generously left advance payments in the treasury to contribute to An MEMORIAL FUND or to pay advance dues.
Speaking for myself and the other officers ... you're a GREAT BUNCH.

National VFW honors Russell Villwock
    Russell Villwock, a local resident of the northwest side of Chieago and Past Commander of Park Ridge V.F.W. Post 3579, was presented with a top honor by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at their recent national onvention.
    He was named an "All Ainerican District Commander,Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.-The organization which was founded in 1899, today is the oldest veterans group in the nation.
    VFW Commander-in-Chief, James L. Kimery, in presenting the honor to Villwocksaid, "Commander Villwock is one of our 90 VFW District Commanders selected for All American status. This honor is based on his outstanding achievement in membership growth, youth activities, Buddy Poppy sales and community improvement programs. The title of AM American Commander is one of the moo prestigious honors given by our over 2-million tnetnber organization."
    Villwock, commander of District 4, Department of Illinois, was honored at a luncheon ceremony on Sunday, August 18,during the 92nd amoral VFW Convention, held August 115 through 23rd inNew Orleans.
    Villwock also has been active through the past 38 years with the Chicago Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He has served as a volunteer in many capacities. At present he is on the training staff of the local Indian Boundary District that serves the northwest comer of Chicago__ (Russell Villwock, formerly with the 106th SIGNAL COMPANY is also holder of a COMMANDERS CLASS --Order of the GOLDEN LION. He has held many offices in the Association, Adjutant Alit% Chaplain 78-79, 2nd vice-president, 1st vice-president and as president in 1981-82. He has Med many years, alternately, on the Board. He and his wife Jackie, holder of a COMPANION CLASS -- Order of the GOLDEN LION, have hosted four 106th Infantry Division Association reunions, 1949, 1959, 1979 and 1989. Congratulations Russ... J. Mine, editor)
Russel Villwock (2nd from left white shirt), Memorial Day, Park Ridge, III. May 1991
Look at that beautiful JEEP! On the bumper 106-1 423R."
TheCUS of the Golden Lion 5
106th Infantry Division Association
Treasurer's Report
1990 --91
Member's Dues 30,840.00
Auxiliary Dues 1,899.00
hderest Earned 3,714.41
Purchases- CUB Review 2,090.00
Surplus - 44th Reunion 3,143.03
Patches Sold 164.51
Postage, sale of patches 7.03
Misc. Donations 172.00
$ 42,029.98
CUB Expense:
Printing 8,128.35
Layout 1,580.00
Covers 2,114.49
Postage 1,437.99
Envelopes 598.45
Photos 117.00
Cover design 100.00 14,076.28
Postage 1,821.75
Printing & Supplies 2,423.07
CUB Review expense 859.20
Advance to 45th Reunion 1,000.00
Advance to 46th Reunion 1,000.00
Registration fees - 4 officers 340.00
Telephone 102.88
Patches bought 317.37
Insurance premiums 784.00
Medal and Citation 106.20
Mutual Corporate fee, Ga. 15.00
Future CUB material 12.18
Net Increase $ 19,172.05 General Fund Recap
Brought Forward 48,455.30
Net Increase 19,172.05
FUND TOTALS 67,627.35
Memorial Fund Recap
Brought Forward 18,664.28
Contributions 4,386.00
Interest Earned 1,386.67
TOTAL $ 24 436.95
Banks of Deposit
Wachovia Bank 3,624.21
First Comm. Bank 88,440.09
$ 92,064.30
General Fund Memorial Fund TOTALS
This Year 67,627.35 24,436.95 92,064.30
Last Year 48,455.30 18,664.28
Increases 19,172.05 SZ.17 24,944.72
6 The CUB of the Golden Lion
Adjutant's Report 1990-1991
Statistics reported as of July 1, 1991
Renewals Annual 1 009
LIFE 259
New Members Annual 134
Reinstated Members Amoral 15
Associate Members--Renewal Amtual 25
New Annual 15
Auxiliary Members Amnia]. 310
LIFE 125
Memorial Fund Contributors 236
Members discontinued 61
Membership Gains 74
Auxiliary Membership (Loss) 94
10 Year Membership Recapitulation
Year Memberships Associate Auxiliary
90-91 1,443 48 435
ID 89-90 1,417 41 505
88-89 1,128 39 348
87-88 928 30 359
86-87 745 20 300
85--86 641 16 239
84-85 555 13 195
83-84 481 19 160
82-83 470 14 155
81-82 443 22 139

Known Deaths -- fiscal year 1990 -1991

Clarence J. Bardendm 424/HQ 1BN 1990
Harry L Bendick 424/HQ 5/27/1990
James E. Brack. 591/SV 1/16/1991
Charles A. Brown Jr. 423/CN 1990
Allen T. Cohen 423/E 2/9/1991
Fred Chinquist, Jr. 423/D 02/1991
Francis J. Dobe 422/C 5/17/1991
Raymond R. Embury 806 ORD 12/21/1989
Jerome L. Frankel 423/HQ 3BN 9/4/1990
Richard A. Frankini 424/HQ 2BN 3/27/1991
Abner T. Harris 424/H 10/2/1990
John H. Hoenemeyer 424/K 12/12/1990
Montague H. Jacobs 422/H 3/16/1990
Rob. C. Jeter 424/C 3/10/1991
Marvin L. Jose 589/HQ 11/26/1990
Harry E. Kingston 423/E 1991
Elmer F. Lange 422/H 1990
Allan J. Loliet 81st Eng/B 04/1990
Joseph C. Miles 424/CN 3/7/1990
Delbert L. Miller 589/HQ 6/19/1991
Donald Nielsen 423/HQ 1BN 08/08191
Bernard L. Parsons 423/HQ 1BN 5/17/1990
Edward J. Roche 424/K 5/14/1991
Aubrey W. Rogers 423/K 5/18/1991
Arnold Rubin 81st ENG 1990
Jacob Rusthoven 424/SV 2/4/1990
E. E. Schwarz 424/E 10/6/1990
Douglas E Smith 422/I 12/16/1990
Walter E. Smith 423/CN 4/11/1991
John W. Spurlock 423/AT 10/24/941
Petter S. Sutter 423/HQ 09/1990
Mrs. James Teel Associate 05/1989
Michael J. Valovcin 422/AT 11/5/1990
Clarence E. Warren 81st ENG/A 1990
Blan E. Williams 423/SV 4/4/1991
Al Winterfield 424/CN 1/24/1991
Clarence L. Woosley 106 RECON 3/8/1991

The CUB of the Golden Lion 7
Scholarship Awards and Applications I

    The following announcement was made at the 45th Annual Reunion in Huntsville, Alabama. Three academic scholarship awards in the amount of $1,000 each were made for the year of 1991.
The recipients were:
Kristi Mason, granddaughter of Russell Enlow, 423 D Co. who is attending the American University.
John P. Matthews, grandson of 0. Paul Metz, 422 Service Co., attending Indiana University.
Bryce Thompson, grandson of John Barbeau, 422 Anti-Tank Co., attending Wittenberg University.
May we extend our congratulations to these fine young people and wish them much success in their academic endeavors.
IMPORTANT 1992 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENT Application for the 1992 Scholarship Awards
    Speaking for the Scholarship Committee, Frank Trautman, chairman, announces that substantial scholarships will again be given to the descendants of living and deceit members of the 106th Infantry Division Association for 1992.
Descendants have been defined by the Board of Directors to include the following: Children and Grandchildren
Adopted and non-adopted children who are dependents of and lived in the members household as minors.
Nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews.
    Applicants must be nominated by a member of the association or his widow if he was a member at death_ Members letters of nomination must state their relationship to the applicant.
The Board of Directors has authorized three (3) scholarships with a maxilla= of $1,000 for each award.
To be considered, all applicants must:
1. Have their high school or college mail directly to the Scholarship Committee the following:
Applicants GPA, noting whether this is a weighted GPA:
    Students Class standing and a letter of recommendation along with a transcript. REPEAT: these must come to the scholarship committee DIRECTLY from the school.
2. Have their SAT scores mailed DIRECTLY from the testing agency to the scholarship committee,
8 The CUB of the Golden Lion
    S3 Submit a letter of application to the chairman of the scholarship committee, Frank Trautman. This letter may be in any style and should contain the following items:
    Who he or she is; what he or she has done, such as sports, hobbies, travels, interests, accomplishments, work experience etc; why he or she would like to pursue a particular course of study; why he or she is applying for this scholarship and what the applicant would like to do in life.
    4. The letter must also state that the applicant originated, composed and wrote the entire letter. Letters prepared for the applicant by any outside person or organization violates the spirit of this requirement and would therefore be unacceptable.
Please NOTE: All application material must be received by 30 April 1992. Address to: Scholarship Committee
106th Infantry Division Association
c/o Frank Trautman, chairman
80 East Summit Street, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
    All applications become the property of the 106th Infantry Division Association. The selected applicants will have the money deposited to their account at their chosenschool. Thus it will not be given directly to the students.

     Gene Saucerman, 422/D presenting 1991 scholarship check to John P. Mathews, granson 010. Paul Merz, 422 Service. John is attending Indiana University at Terre Haute, Indiana.


Fairford, England the Bull Hotel ... the Gulf War and other thoughts ...
by Dan Wed 42221
151 Holiday Terrace
West Burlington, IA 521355
    Those of you with photographic minds will recall the article I wrote about Fair-ford, a little town where 1st Battalion troops of the 422nd Regiment, and perhaps some others, spent a month late in 1944.
    I told of what I remembered about the town, off the top of my head. My article also mentioned the B-52 bombers that used a base a Fairford to hit targets in the Persian Gulf War, and the old church some of us went to during our brief stay in England.
    Bob Higgins, who was in Co. B of the 422nd, came to my rescue with some detailed recollections of Fairford, plus some photos of the church.
    "It was like going back 100 years," he wrote, in regard to Fairford. "I know the manor house was for officers and around the grounds were the Quonset huts for the companies and their men. I know we had to take showers in stalls in the
house. mat
    Bob's memories included a visit to Oxford, where he enjoyed a meal of sausage and toast, and "that nice little pub you wrote about." He remembered also, the Air Force hospital near our huts along with the bombers and gliders that droned overhead
    Fairford, according to a book I bought in England in 1978, is "an ancient market town on the south fringe of the Cotswolds in the Coln Valley."
    The Bull Hotel, site of the pub, was built in the 17th or 18th century, the book says, and the town's "perpendicular" church was built between 1490 and 1500 by a man named John Tame and his son Edmund.
    The church is famous for its 28 stained glass windows, which tell the "Bible Story," and for such "treasures" as its oak-beamed roof, with 69 stone angels, and choir stalls with "grotesque cds ings."
    +++++++++++++++++++++++. During the Gulf War a local reporter asked me to comment on the airmen who were captured by Iraq in the early days of the conflict.
    The men had been on TV, you'll recall, making remarks that seemed to be confessions. I told the reporter it was obvious the pilots had been forced to speak by their captors. 'These are career military men," I pointed out. "They don't change their philosophy of life in a couple of days." I was correct, fortunately, in predicting that the POWs would be released immediately after the war. "They aren't likely to kill these men," I said, "because people around the world know they are alive. The world will expect them to be released." The story in the Burlington Hawkeye also included a few of my recollections about World War II.


The CUB of the Golden Lion
    king captured was -the last thing I ... led to happen," I said. "I thought I might be killed or have a leg blown off. But I never thought of being captured in the infantry."
    I went on to explain, as I have many times since the war, that I felt no particular stigma about being captured. I followed orders when I surrendered. I was in a rifle company because I volunteered for it, rather than go to advanced radio school at Fort Benning. I was where I wanted to be. I didn't run.
    This leads me up to the unsigned letter John Kline received from a person who figures those of as taken prisoner with the 106th were "Cowardly Lions."
Being a POW is nothing to brag about, in my opinion. But, as I said, we followed orders.
    If that guy had any guts, John, he would have signed his name to the letter. I have never sent a letter to any person without signing my name.
    This is some information which I thought might be of interest to the 106th Infantry Division Association, since most of the prisoners at Gleina, Germany were from the 106th Infantry Division.
    Of the 95,000 American Service persons captured in the ETO only one (1) percent (950) died. Of the 3,570,999 Army person in the ETO between December 7, 1941 and September 2, 1945, there were 194,624 who died in Combat and other causes (this included the Air Corps). This was 5.5%. Of this number there were 177,549 who were actual Combat casualties, -- 5%. This information from August 1991 VFW Magazine. AL Or Sharp Fork WWII in Europe, Richard Kolb.
    In the work Kommando at Gleina, Germany, etch was made up mostly of mm from the 106th, them were 120 Americans of which 10 died in the 80 days we were there. This amounts to 8.3%.
It was almost twice as dangerous to have been a POW in the Kommando at Gleina as to have been in Combat.
" My Grandpa must be VERY old. I heard him talking aabout ancient rifles called "GARANDS" and "OH-THREES! "
The CUB of the Golden Lion 11
Gleina (Kommando)
by Rev. Ewell C. Blank, Jr. 422/A Chaplain,108th Inf. Div.
45th Annual Reunion a Great Success!!!
    A report by John Kline, editor - followed by a letter from John Gillilat 90-91 Association President and Reunion Chairman.
    There were 725 that registered for the 45th Annual Reunion in Huntsville, Alabama. The reunion days from September 18 - 22, 1991 will go down in 106th history as being one of the best ever, considering the numbers.
    The reunion committee with John Gilliland, 1990-91 Association President and Reunion Chairman, helped by his wife Lee, and committee persons listed below did a remarkable job in all phases of reunion, from pre-registrations to the closing words at the Good-Bye Continental Breakfast on Sunday September 22, 1991.
The committee consisted of:
Lee & John Gilliland, chair-persons
Hazel & Joseph Massey
Faye Lambert, guest of the Massey's
Barbara & Walter Bridges
Huntsville Convention & Visitors Bureau
    From the original 725 registrations 687 came to Huntsville, 384 men of the Division and 303 ladies. Notable were 15 or more guests during the functions. 656 persons enjoyed the official banquet on Saturday night, September 21, 1991. The banquet, because of its size was held in the beautiful Huntsville VON BRAUN CIVIC CENTER.
    THE HUNTSVILLE MARRIOTT, served as the reunion center. All meetings and reunions meals were held there. Four hospitality rooms were available during reglik hours during the relation. They were the PATHFINDER, ENTERPRISE, CHM LENGER, COLUMBIA and ATLANTIS.
    The HUNTSVILLE MARRIOTT was adjacent, within walking distance, of the HUNTSVILLE SPACE & ROCKET CENTER. If you have never visited this fantastic display, it is worth several days of your vacation or leisure time to take it in. We were fortunate during our stay, in that the RUSSIAN SPACE CRAFT exhibits were on display in the SPACE CENTER. There is so much to say about the SPACE CENTER that we could use this complete issue to describe it. I was awed by the SPACE CENTER THEATER. Sitting in comfortable tilt-back chairs, special projectors displayed an awesome, beautiful, overwhehning display of the earth and heavens as seenfrom several of the space rocket and shuttle expeditions. There in front of your eyes, as if you could reach out and touch it, in a panoramic 86 degree color display, were the sights and sounds of the universe and views of the earth and various continents around the world. FANTASTIC!! is the only way I can describe it.
    THE HUNTSVILLE CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU played a great part in the success of the 45th annual reunion. They are to be thanked and congratulated for the part they played.
    Registration, conducted by the committee, in the hotel lobby as we entered was well organized. Daily the committee, manned a display table and information center for the reunion participants. This year they had available many items of interest. Nearly $6,000 of memorabilia, books, clock raffle and glass bowl raffle money was taken in by the committee at the display tables.


45th Annual Reunion a Great Success!!!
    In his REUNION REPORT to the Board of Directors, John GILLILAND, chairman said, "The savings and surplus created in the 45th Annual Rermion came from: Management of income and expenses; Comparison pricing of items and service; Closely monitoring meal guarantees and numbers served; Establishing good relations with the support activities, to insure fair and equitable prices for food and services; Shopping for best interest and charges on monies deposited; Sale of prepaid memorabilia and consignment sales; Comparison pricing of tours and our buses; Raffle of donated items solicited by the committee and the support of the officers and the Board of Directors and attendees of the 45th Annual Reunion."
    The records show that this reunion was well organized, profitable, well attended and one in which a record number of FIRST-TIMERS attended. We shall savor the droughts of the 45th ANNUAL REUNION for a long time.
I add cry thanks and appreciation to the many letters that the committee have received.
John Kline, editor
JOHN GILLILAND, 45th Annual Reunion Chairman Reports...
I am getting back to a normal, retired routine, but I will never forget the 45th Annual reunion.
    al It was a lot of work, but our committee enjoyed having our members join us in •Runtsville, Alabama in September. I drink everyone enjoyed themselves as I heard nothing but praise!
We want to thank everyone for then support and cooperation.
    All of our support activities had nothing but good things to say about our group. They indicated that we were easy to please and that they appreciated our friendliness and cooperation.
    We saved money through our close control of guaranteed meals etc. We also made some money through the sales of memorabilia and all this surplus will go into the 106th Infantry Division Association's account. You might say that this reunion paid for the donation to the Camp Atterbury Project and the ultimate cost of the book The CUB Passes in Review, which was given to every member that had his/her membership dues paid by July 10, 1991. Each reunion is run on its own merits. We are happy that the 45th Annual Reunion was such a success. It made all the work worth while.
    Lee and I are leaving on a 10 day vacation to the Ozarks to relax and unwind. We will spend most of our time at Branston, Missouri seeing Country and Western shows. Then back through Mobile, Alabama to attend another reunion, can you believe it? We are looking forward to attend the Camp Atterbury Dedication next year. Then on to PITTSBURGH! SEE YOU ALL THERE!
John Gilliland
Past President, Reunion Host


45th Annual Reunion Unit Count -- Huntsville
    PLEASE NOTE S! Possibly some persons were not included in the Unit Count figures below, or in the Retmion Attendance records on die following pages. In lieu of not listing any figures or names of attendance, I decided to go with what I had. Differences in nimthers is due to some registeration notes that I did not get. Let the know if your name is missing - I will include it in the next CUB... J. Kline

DIV/HQ 4 423/HQ 2BN 423/E 423/F 423/G 2 589LHQ 8
423/H 3 589/A 2
................ 423/HQ 3BN 3 589/B
423/1 423/K 423/L 423/M 423/MED 3
106 MP 1
106 QM 7
106 SIG
59141 11A L 590/A 590/C 590/MED 6
422/HQ 5
422/AT 2
422/CN 4
591/HQ 591/C 591/SV 5
422/HQ 1BN 422/A 422/B 422/C 422/D 1
592111Q_ 592/A 592/B 592/C 592/SV 2
424/HQ 4
424/AT 424/CN
422/HQ 2BN 422/E 422/F 422/G 422/H 5
424/HQ 1BN 424/A 424/B 424/D 424/HQ 2BN 424/E 424/F 424/G 424/H 424/HQ 3BN 424/1 424/K 424/L 424/M 424/MED 2
Unit Unknown 2
Associate 5
Div/HQs&units 13
422nd 86
423rd 102
424th 66
81st Eng 35
589th FAB 11
590th FAB 16
591st FAB 22
592nd FAB 10
A11110INIMIA,K Wail Or-
422/HQ 313N 422/L 3
422/1 422/K 422/L 422/M 1
423/HQ 16
423/AT 423/SV 423/HQ 1BN 423/A 423/B 423/C 423/D 2
81st ENG/HQ 81st ENG/A 81st ENG/B 81st ENG/C 3
Members 368
Guests and/or
Wives 295
Total 663


45th Annual Reunion Attendance --Sep 18-22 1991
Fletcher D. Panels. Annie Ruth
DIV/HQ 422/D Edward Rydzinski Sylvia
Samuel P. Carla. Rabe Fred B. Chase Agnes
Fred I. Faris Willa Rev. Roy M. Hilliard Shirley 422/K
Val., McCollum Virginia Edward J. Olecki Arlene Winford R. Boatright Virginia
Raymond Potter Dr. John G. Robb Marilyn Hampton J. Dailey Shirley
Boyd A. Rutledge Richard/Rosemary
106 MP Joseph T. Sanders Marlene William W. Hilliard Rah
Kenneth B. Facet' (Col Rat) Eugene L. Sauce.. Sally Lyn. C, Maples Ann
Will S. Temple, Jr.
106 QM Frank S. Traulman 422/L
Maxis R. P. Sam lame.,,,, R. Williams Elm,, A. Brice Jane]
Robert a Ynrk Thelma James a Korth Margaret
106SIG Gerald P. Zimand Rhoda Rocco J. Sergi LaVerne
Douglas D. CROW. pi
Dean F. Childs Eleanor 422/HQ 2BN 422,/M
Pedor L DiRenro Sylvia Weprian Jobe Edith Maplard Adolphson Joan
Dr. Vance S, leanings. John Frances Russell Hoff Joan
Slaniel.s Kups Lorrad Frank Nal. Jr_ Clara Alfred E. Kopatr .
Charles H. Stammer Shirley Norman Rasmussen Anna Gilbert Larson Dorothy
Russell Il. Villwoek Jackie William Rickard Margaret Joseph H. Isitche Med.
Herbert F. Meagher Luella
422/HQ 422/E Paul A_ Tranabita Mary
Robert E. Rult Lucille !Donald li.Batt Mary Ann
Jack Bryan Bo. Carroll Balm Mary 423/1-1Q
Roan( R. Hama Marilyn Roy Bigger Jean
. Gm_ W. Herring Dawn 422/F Jam W. Califfdr. Sarah
Col. Joe Malibews Ir. LLD, Crook Lillian Robert D. Casenhiscr
Charley S. I lenders. Helen grog E. Davis k. Myra
422/AT NI.i,, v. Lawlor Bk. Robert Grimes Birdie
Waller S. Pawluk Barbara Robes G. Hirst
lipT. Vance Norma 422/G John C. Johnson, Ir. Dorothy
Lures L Chew. Louis Charlie (OMB McClure Peggy
422/CN Keith Ginnie/ Alfred S. Nusbaum
Ralph Bowles Elizabeth Herbert M. She., a Gloria Jeanne Marie Hare
lawn S. Calhoun Manuel C Silvia Elizabeth Marian (Doug) Anter Barbara
Monroe C. Duke Charles Sartori Stella
Jack L. Gaither Phronie 422/H John P. Sheehan Vivian
Harry E. Mho.. Gladys P. Ted Slaby
422/SV Edward W. Dom Margaret Richard D. Sparks
O, Paul Metz Carlene Rob. J. Fox Janice Joseph C Tarantino Comae
Albert I lundt Eileen Cordon a Zia.-
422/HQ 1BN Williar.. Ivy Pat
Michael Thome William a Jenkins Sandra 423/AT
William B. Jones Joseph J. Ansel Mary
422/A Anders N. Madsen Jr, Walter Hiltbrand Adana
Roy Ewell CBI.* Jr. Dorothy William R. Phelan
Charles F. Bieck Dour 423/SV
422/B Casimer Tarok Leo,, Shared Collins Dor Waldrop
L. Willard Nelson Col. Levant Weigel (US Retpara Salvatore V. Grasso Mary
John L. Hall
422/HQ 3BN tan T. Stewart Arletia
James J. Dickerson
Mil. a Ham 423/HQ 1BN
James W. Henning Clare Kenneth Y. Bryan Mar.
C Wesley Caldwell Marian
422/L ca Alan W. Jones Jr.
rank Del Vecchio Barbara Glynn a ,thy. , Mono
422,/I 2 43/A
v.., W_ B eck AIM W ,G• Babibridge Hazel
CmIFalch Elsie John E. Emile Edna
Rom a 0illikin Jeanelte William M. Lana Madan
Eugene B. Ketch Dorothy p,,,,.,,,,, Diana
Thomas D. Boyd
On William P. Dolioncy.ephim
Carl a Edwards Elizabeth
Byron A. Jones Gladys
Carl S. Kwaczek Lillian
Futrell IJ. Lee Framer
Joseph Mmsey
Havel/IL, Lambert
Josh L Smith Millie grown
Robert R. Wessels Jerry
77re CUB of the Golden Lion


William Luc, Florence
William Malone Margie
Richard L Rigani Pat
George Southern Meador
Arthur L. Van Moorlebem Lucille
William E. Davis Rosemary
Maurice A. Holladay Bunny
Joseph B. Kitten Marge
Jahn Rosalie Rose
Julius A. Spence
Edward P. Billinphmst
Roy Browning Olivia
Robert H. Marsh Mary Lou
Fred Williams Inez
William 1. Yingft Rath
Damon F. You,
Mike Zerml Elaine
423/HQ 2BN
Ray J. Fawley
Col. Joseph Fuel. Ida May
William G. Alexander Carolyn
Howard Edwards Mary Katherine
Walter E. Johannes (abide
OrargaRbtherne Dorothy
lack A. Suber Helen
Eric 1. Vonderhorat Frieda
Joseph W. GreHom Ernestine
Walter It Jewell
J. H. Wallas Dorothy
Robert F. Bennett Verna
Rome D. Enricher Dorothy
C.L. Cooper Sarah
Lloyd J. Diehl LiRbn
Rev, Isham A. Harris Jr.
Ray A. Johnston Mary Ann
Michael Kura*
William 1. Lawson
Waller A. Perm. Frances
Emu C. Pretty
Kenneth M. Smith
John A. Swat Virginia
tin W. Taylor Ernestine
Paul M.L. Trost .1
George G. Whiter Sr Martha
James A. Bard Mary
George Bloaningbarg HoOra
James M. Mills Janice
Howard 1. Terrio L
Richard 1. Brag Rosalie
Clifton Capshaw Franca
Fred DePoyster
lad Carman Edith
hdlan B. Burnside
Floyd E. Friend Amine
Reuben Hay David/Roger
Gilbert Hclwig Lucille
halm 1. Hohenstein Jona
Jim P. KIM,
Paul Kali:Inch
Vincent Venegoni Mary
Antone Costa Lawrence B. Costa
Kenneth Hunt Betty
Newton Johnson Leda
William Kock Leona Zeider Robert E. Love, h.
Hugh T. McManamon Margaret Louis R. Piazze Mildred William T. Reyenga
Richard R. Ritchie Carol
Robert S. Robson Doris
James L Ulrich
William A. Zewe
Robert A. Burk. Frankie
Robert N. Lyons Julia
Joseph P. Malomy Vivian
Rev. Ronald A Mosley
James A Cooper Thelma
Darrel R. Bayles Viola
Roben G. Closer St pha
Robert DeSt Ambit]
Oliver E. Libman Phyllis
Henry W. Mackowiak Theresa
George C. Moyer Ginnie
Donald A. O'Farrell D 1ph'
424/HQ 1BN
Stanley 1. Kucholick Dana
Joseph C. Odom Jo
Donald W. Bodes Marc
Devon C. Thorsen Lois
H Van De Bogart "mm,,
Lloyd R. Crosby arida
Major H. Hill Evelyn
George S. Kelly Emily
Edward A. Howell Redd.
Roger M. Rudmd Mattie
Marshall P. Strelh Mary Ann
C.V. Varnadore Rath
lack P. Williams
Raymond Ellis Mildred
Walter O. Bridges Barbara
Robert 1_ Landis Mary lane
424/HQ 2BN
Robert F. Howell Louise
Benjamin B. Britton Avis
Gilbert M. Fitegerald
Edwin C. Huminski Elizabeth
Malcohn E. Lord
Russell J. Mayotte Bare
helm S. Nesbit Mend/
Milton 1, Schober Arline
George GNI, Muriel
Delbert G. Rediger Marion
Vim S. Wyatt Bobbie
Donald R. Armington Maxine
Nolan Ashburn lean
Hmold M. Bailey Bernard Bailry
Robert G. Broom Harriet
Sr., burro E. Collier Mary Lou
George Murray Ix Betty
George W. Stephens Sheba
Lawrence Walden Jeanne
Guy Wright Marlry
424/HQ 3BN
Dale R Carver Roth
W. Lso Gregory
Albert R. March ',Arno
Roland Martin
Curbs P. Maynard Margaret
Lawrence W. Smith Hen&
45th Annual Reunion Attendance --Sep 18-22 1991
16 The CUB of the Golden Lion
45th Annual Reunion Attendance --Sep 18-22, 1991


Donald F. Herndon Surnaleen
Theodore Lade Lois
Ebner 1. Moder&
Bert Caplan
John 11.1olmson Evelyn
William X. Rowan Intz
Howard a Bagby Nancy
Frank Borbely Phyllis
William H. Moeller Ince
Douglas Brooks
John Manfredi Jane
81st ENG/FIQ
Casimir T Rokormn Pauline
Col. Thomas I. Riggs
N. Duke Ward Martha
81st ENG/A
Orfeo E. Ago.. Norman Benefit] Charles Bright Andrew Chum araberh
O nies
P. Co Anna IL
Dave Lacey Pcencer
Carl Messina Alice
George Nester
Louis Prannik
Robert E. Sandberg Par
Cebart V. Termer Mar y Jane
81st ENG/B
Edgar It Camerae.- Martha
R Val D M ry E
Edward S. Dreernimki
Edward 1. Nagle Entre
Armando A. Ricci Mary
James E. Misled Mary Ellen
Earl L. Todd MaryJane
Col Earle L. Valens.. Susan
Edward C. Wojahn Irene
81st ENG/C
Don M. Him.. Pardol,
Fred A. Can Doh,
Roma Ehrhardt Lea
John I. Gallagher Stella
424/K Adalene
lh L. Coss Bea Maydean
George 1. Hammond Bert E. Bennet] Henry V. Hayden B. F. Killian Adolph I. Maier lr. Frank V. Silber James E. Wc.
John W. Thurlmv Ayes
John Galena
Donald B. Humphrey Mary
Charles F. lacclon Helen
Chaska I. Roy Pearl
Joholl.Schaffner Lillian
Walter M. Snyder
William R. Streeter M. Jane
Marshall B. Wenslow Patricia
Harold KUizema Jessica
Bernard C Strohmie.r Virginia
Relied R. Stolp Elizabeth
Paul Borchert Emma
Clifford E. Kincennan Sarah
James C. Morrissey Jon
Retort A. Powell Only
lack Woodward Hildreth
Russell L. Dmvalson Mello
Harty Hie.
Sr., Arthur E. Hinson Julia
Pete House Joanne
Hugh H. Kingery
George limos Georgia
Gordon H. Sadler
Edward E. Young
Donal. S. Coffey
George M Pw Ella
Merrill E. Bookhermed Mary Lou Hang M. Ephraim Berry Raymund H. Pardee
Andrew&Jackie Halusek Ted Swier Rose Oliver G. Williams 591X
William C. Black Doris
Walter H. Bowers Bearriee
Col. Perry R. Ellsworth Julie
Joseph Grua Dolores
Eugene Morel' Angie
B.C. White Jr. Pada
Kennelly Bradfield June
Walla C. Clarks Lilian
Charles K. Corrigan Ir. Betty
Charles T. Dade
Florim R. Frank DarodurA.
Idm . Howard Virginia
Newton L. Mosley
Robert C. Ringer
L. Orvis Samples Agnes
John P. Schlesser Pad,
George C. Welt, PH.D. Marion
Adams E. Mist Muriel
Clarence (Pete) Larman Dorothy
Willard G. Hannan
Thomas 1. Maw
Irvin G. Minor Betty
Donald B. Dexter Ate
John M. Roberts
John O. Gilliland Lee
Glenn O. Hardieb Nadine
Gilbert W. Justice Marilyn
E. V. Creel
Larry Perty
Mrs Marjorie DeHeor
Robert F. Matthews Major. M. Pierce Mrs lean Schulte Dan E. Walters Nance
tify me and I will make
If you or one of your guests corrections in the next CUB... were missed, please no. John Kline, editor)
The CUB of the Golden Lion 17
Prpident John G^lhland placing the Memorial Wreath
Rev. Ewell Black, Jr, chaplain at podium
Far. leham Hmrie, Je. ;ant of podium.
Saturday Ina, lunge.
Jane and Bill Streeter, wirmena add. clock.


The CUB of the G
Virginia and Vale McCollum won the errata' bora
olden Lion
Scenes rom the 45th annual reunion -- Huntsville....
Doug Colley in The Von Braun Space Center.
r Stelln Wallach, ,ard he-
Den Hinrichs, Merwl Sze^Ixe ae
Scenes from the Jack Daniels Tour, Lynchburg, Tenn.
Touring downtown Lynchburg Per souvenirs. Gil Helwig, 42344 and Lucille in the General Store
checking out the Lynchburg Lemonade.

The CUB of the Golden Llon 19
SW.. the Jerk Daniels tour. John Gilliland end Faye
Lambert scam top of Memoirs.
A group secures th..thhee prole dm, sthrr gaea, he
died from . infected toe mused by him kicking a
money safe that wouldn't. open
Cub eMtor. John Kline in the Lynchburg Oen Store
sipping old reshinned Coke - 10 gen..
Y. cent mrry the bottle out.
A view°, !bedeck Denials picnic area .d kitchen.
Roast Mg, tried catfish .d good ole
Jack Gaels Tennessee Whisk,.
President GUM.,d with his siPPinddhms. Gor. Reeder.
426/A .d wife Marcie in the picnic building.
106th Infantry Division -- Campaigns awarded t
in reply refer to: DANIII-HSO 10 MAY 1974
Mr. Sherod Collins
106th Infantry Division Association
Dear Mr. Collins
    This is in reply to your request for historical information concerning the 106th Infantry Division during World War 11.
    The following War Department and Department of the Amy General Orders announced campaign participation and credits for Headquarters, 106th Infantry Division, for service during World W. H.
Rhineland W11) GO 118, 1945
Ardennes-Alsace DA GO 63, 1948
Central Europe WD GO 116, 1948
    WD GO 103 1945, did include the 106th in the Northern France campaign which took 4E, between 25 Only and 14 September 1944. However, DA GO 41, 1958, deleted the division from this campaign since the unit had not arrived in France until December 1944.
    Headquarters, 106th Infantry Division, was activated on 15 March 1943. War Department policy for activating new divisions during World War II authorized the naming of the division commander and other key personnel several weeks prior to activation. Therefore, Brigadier General Alan W. Jones was named commanderprior to the acti vation of the divisionheadquarters.
    I regret that we do not have photographic documentation showing General Jones receiving the divisional colors, but the US Army Audio-Visual Agency may possibly have photographs of this ceremony. Inquiries should be addressed to DA Still Photographic Library, US Army Audio-Visual Agency, ATTN: CEPA-POS-R, The Pentagon, Room 5A518, Washington, D.C.
20310 (rhis ism old address..III or)
Sincerely yours
Colonel, Infantry For those of you who had NORTHERN
Chief, Historical FRANCE credited to your discharge:
Services Division CONGRATULATIONS! It meant an
5 points towards discharge.
20 The CUB of the Golden Lion
New Members

Benefiel, Norman 81st ENG/A memos" of those terrible times.
     R46 Box 120 Newton, IL 62440 We are leaving today for a week in Wyoming. When I get back I will get to work on the story Colonel Cavender asked that I send to the CUB.
     After entering the Service in March, 1943 I was assigned to the 106th Infantry Division until November 18, 1943. I was reassigned to Aviation Cadets along with 58 other Engineers. Bing, Ben 106 QM
4123 Hemando Beach
Spring Hill, FL 34601
     I recently heard about the Association fromJim Senatro, Morris Pika and Wm. Wiggy when they were at a company reunion. Please sign me up for a membership.
Brown, Douglas D. 106 SIG
1803 Kelly Lace Owensborro, KY 42303
Bryan, Virgil W. 424/SV
229 Betty to In Memphis, TN 38117
     I joined my 106th unit in March 1943 at Fort Jack, on, S.C. and served with them as Regimental Clerk from the activation of the Division until deactivation at the end of World War II. I was discharged at Camp Atterbury, Indiana on Nov. 26, 1945.
I am happy to be applying for membership.
(editor's note - Welcome back to the 106th, Ben.. J. Kline)
Bricker, James H. 423/K
1800 SE St. Lucie Blvd Stuart, FL 34996
     I surrendered as ordered by the Regi.ntal Commander on 19 Dec 1944. POW at Stalag 9-B, Bad Orb then off to Hammelburg, 13-B until March of 1945 when Patton's Tank Force tried to free us. I was recaptured and marched toward South Bavaria. I escaped on May 1.
I was recalled to active duty during the Korean War and served 17 months in the U.S.A.
     I worked in Business and Real Estate Planning until 1972 when I became totally disabled by "depressive neurosis." The. V.A approved my application in 1990 for 10% rating for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - (PTSD).
I retired in 1985. My wife and I have two daughters who are grown and independent
     (In another letter to rne..editor) John thanks forthe printouts of Company's 423/K and L. It was kind of you to endorse a copy of your most interesting and informative diary. I shall keep it with my "me-
Calhoun, John S. 422/CN
Box 194
Grove Hill, AL 36451
Caudill, George W. 590/C
5183 Trabue Rd Columbus, OH 43228
Clements, Lawrence C. 424/A
Rte 5 Box 855 Appomattox, VA 24522
     Dear Gil, Please reinstate me - I failed to get my membership dues in and am not getting The CUB. I enjoyed the publication. Please continue to send The CUB. Send any back issues. I am enclosing enough to cover the period that I was not paid. Thank you.
     (editor's note - look in my files for any extras - there was a large increase In membership between March '89 and now. Nice to see you back... J. Kline)
Dobe, Gabrielle J. ASSOCIATE
877 Howe St Manchester, NH 03103
The CUB of the Golden Lion 21
New Members
Duhamel, Laurence C. 106 QM
19 Main St
E Douglas, MA 01516
Fava, Roy 81st ENG/C
45 Doherty Dr Clifton, N107013
Fawley, Ray J. 423/HQ 2BN
PO Box 6146 Mesa, AZ 85216
Fisher, Leland R. 81st ENG/A
321 Pleasant Ave McMurray, PA 15317
Fitzgerald, Robert T. 81st ENG/A
118 Warham St.
Syracuse, NY 13208
    (editor's note - To you and all the others who did not Include personal information, we do welcome you and if you care to write soemthing about yourself (see the articles in this column for examples) then feel free to do so.. J. Kline)
Graham, Richard B. 423/AT
259 E. Dominion Blvd Columbus, ON 43214-2706
    You sent me a copy of The CUB plus some enclosures which I did not read until after the July 10, 1991 deadline. Please send me a copy of The CUB Passes in Review. I have enclosed payment.
    I belonged to the Association, but due to one thing or another I dropped out --my problem was that there was almost no-one in 423/Anti-Tank Company. I had been transferred from 423 l&R about the time we left the States. That group and the AT Cos, were the only companies of the Infantry Regiment of WWII that had a place in the T/O for topographic draftsmen. I had surveyor training and this also included 076 top draftsmen. I was excess in grade for that unit.
    I don't know what The CUB has had in regarding the emasculation of the 106th for replacements and then re-marming it with A.F. Cadets and ASTP people. I don't
    suppose that many infantry units would have personnel of Corporal down with higher average IQ's or more education. Or -- unfortunately, less infantry training.
    I am looking forward to seeing The CUB Passes in Review. I don't expect to see many familiar names, mostly because of the way I bounced around while in the 106th.
    With regards to the request that The CUB be permitted to reprint my LINN'S STAMP NEWS column on the 106th's mails, I will write to the editor on this. Is this a good idea to run the article? It deals with a hobby area that your readers may not understand. I 3111 sure Linn's will approve it.
    (editor's note - First, thanks for the Cedric Foster letter. I do have several copies and it does appear in The CUB Passes in Review.
    I could not determine from your lett., whether you were one of those that replaced the men that had been shipped to POE. Your probably right about the above average IQ replacements, but in their defense, and with no antagonism Intended -- they did not request to be shipped back to the Infantry. I was one of those ASTP students, 19 years of age. Drove a 423/kl jeep far one month, was transferred to a squad and was one of those 19 year of "Buck Sergeants.' when I stepped on the boat. My Infantry Basic in Camp Wheeler, Georgia was tough and good (in my °slime-ton) and the training I received with 423/M was good. I don't think another year's training would have prepared us for what happened in the Ardennes. There were, realistically, no experienced combat divisions that shipped straight from the stales that I know about. Where do you get the experience? By being on the line. Who assures you that you will not be attacked, while on the line, until you are seasoned?"
(Thirdly, Your article interested me,
therefore I thought it would interest


The CUB of the Golden Lion
New Members
    the Indian River on Florida's East Coast, near Orlando and Daytona beach, but far enough away to enjoy it. We fish a lot, travel both here and abroad, visiting friends frequently -- a rewarding life!!
    (editor's note - Congrats on all your accomplishments Harry. I have not yet retired. Cant seem to get caught up enough to make the plunge... J. Kline)
    When you get permission for reprint of all or parts of the article, let me know. I am sure there are a few stamp collectors in the Association, and because you are talking about 'the 106th mail" it will probably be read. Have you ever read Norman Gruenzner's Postal History of American POW's, World War II, Korea, Vietnam /State College, Penn; American Philatelic Society, 19791? It deals with the mail and locations of camps where Americans were held prisoner. I also found it interesting and have contributed several pieces of mail for his reprint, which seems to be late coming.. J. Kline)
Hale, William M. 81st ENG/C
12844 Big Bend Blvd
St, Louis, MO 63122
Henry, Patrick F. 424/CN
409 Auburn Dr Little Rock, AR 72205-2770
    Native of Chicago. Wife Alice and two sons, Jim and Mike. I am retired as State Manager, Pabst Brewing Co. Now &ling in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Mrsey, Jr., Harry B. 590/HQ
415 Schooner Ave Edgewater, FL 32141
    Joined the Division at Atterbury in June '44 and stayed with it until the war was over. Returned home, St Augustine, Florida. Married Marie Creech in 1947 and have lived a happy marriage. We have two grown sons.
    Recalled to active duty, Air Force in 1950 for service in the Far East. Remained in the Air Force until February 1968, retiring as Air Division Sergeant Major (Chief Master Sergeant). Three tours in the Orient and Europe.
    Went back to college after retirement getting a degree in business and economics from Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida. Spent the next 20 years as a Veteran's Benefit Counselor for the V.A., State of Florida and a Community College. Completely retired now.
We now live in a small community on
The CUB of the Golden Lion 23
Hirst, Robert G. 423/HQ
5916 Strickland PI
Pensacola, FL 32506
    Dear Mr. Collins -- I was with the I &R Platoon in the "Bulge." Came through the German lines to join the 7th Armored Division at St. Vith.
    I received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Syracuse University in 1953 and worked for General Electric Co. in Pittsfield, Massachusetts until retirement in 1985.
    Thanks for getting me into the 45th Annual Reunion at Huntsville. It was my first and I really enjoyed it. It was a rewarding experience to see, for the first time in 46 years, nine of my old platoon buddies, as well as several others in the Company, including Captain Sam Davis, our CO.
Hopbell, John E. 422/G
631 Mercer St Turtle Creek, PA 15145
Hurman, John J. 423/M
100 12th Ave
Baltimore, MD 21225
    (editor's note - Nice to see another 423/M man, since I am one. If I received a letter horn you I must have misplaced it. I know Tyler has contacted you. I hope others have also. try to get to the Pittsburgh Reunion.
Kellett, Paul E. 423/D
RR #1 #9995
Waterbury Center, VT 05677
    John, glad to receive your letter and a copy of The CUB. I didn't know about the Association, even though I came through
New Members
    Camp Lucky Strike. It was September of 1945 - arriving stateside on the 28th of September. Discharged November 22 1945.
    When I went into the service March of '43 I was with the 776 AAA A.W. Battalion, C Battery. We shipped overseas 28 Feb 44 for England. Arrived in France via the Normandy Beachhead, the first week of July '44. From there I left the 776 AAA just west of Metz near Verdon. I then joined the 106th Division, 423/D in February of '45 at Retnms, France.
    Married to Marilyn in Oct. of '45, two children, bought a home and until 1951 had my own trucking business. I then went to work for Merrill Transport Co. out of Burlington, Vermont for 36 and one-half years driving a tracArailer. Retired in April '88. Since then have worked part time. In October of this year we will have been married 46 years.
    John, as I see it, most of the men were in the original outfit. I don't recognize one of them. (I did find one that I recognized.. Paul Johnson from Vermont. he was in 423/K.) I am looking forward to receiving The CUB Passes in Review.
    Now back to Capt Ted Karhulas... Originally he was in the 422nd in the Bulge. He transferred to the 423rd as CO of Co. "D." he chose me for his jeep driver and I stayed with him through France and Germany and we came home on the some boat. Sorry I cannot make the Huntsville Reunion.
    (editor's note - Nice letter Paul--it was interesting that you found us through an ad In the V.F.W. magazine. I wish we could get a blurb in all the National magazines from time to time. There are a lot of 106ers out there that don't know we exist... J. Kline)
Kosow, Albert C. 590/C
90 Gold St. 181. New York, NY 10038-1833
Massey, William R. DIV/HQ
14901 N. Penn. #155 Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Joined the Division at Atterbury. I came from the ASTP Program at the University of Alabama.
    My initial assignment was to the AG section of Division Headquarters and was later assigned as clerk to General Perrin. I went to England with the Division advance party which was quartered near Morton in Marsh. We went from there to St. Vith and I remained with the Division until we returned to the states and was discharged at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas. I am now retired.
McMahon, Jr., Col. Leo T.
PO Box
Middletown, PA 170574
Sherod, Here is my check for a LI. MEMBERSHIP.
    As you are well aware, my father, the late Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon, commanded the 106th Division Artillery from December 1943 to August 1945. You also know he was a loyal and faithful supporter of the 106th Infantry Division Association. He w.very proud of his service with the Division. It is only appropriate that we keep the name on the roster. I have been meaning to since dad's death in Sept of '87. So now I Have!
    I enjoy reading The CUB and think John Kline has done a wonderful job as editor. This Fall I am going to Hawaii for my own 25th Infantry Division Association reunion which will commemorate the 50th year of the Division's activation on 1 Oct '41 at Schofields Barracks where the active Division is now stationed. It should be a great trip.
24 The CUB of the Golden Lion
    Colonel Roy U. Clay, USA (Ret) lives nearby in Carlisle, PA and I see him frequently at various military related functions, like The Retired Officers Assn. He commanded the 275th Armored Field Artillery Bn which supported the 14th Cavalry Group at the beginning of the Bulge and during the defense of St. Vith.
    (editor's note - Colonel McMahon also delivered a copy of The CUB Passes in Review to the Carlisle Barracks Museum and Military Center. Thanks Colonel. It is nice to once again see the name "Leo T. McMahon" on the roster... J. Kline)
Miller, Murray 423/HQ
12895 SW 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33156
Captured with the Regiment on 19
December 1944 was a prisoner until the
end of April '45. Received my discharge
November 1945 and returned to college in
    wary of '46. Graduated from Southern ege of Optometry --married in 1948 -- Practiced Optometry until June 1990, in Miami.
    Have three children and five grandchildren. One daughter is a teacher, another an attorney and my son is a medical doctor. My wife (also retired) taught Social Studies and we have enjoyed trips to Europe, Latin America and the Orient. I returned to Brussels, Belgium in October 1988 and visited the St. Vith memorial during my stay.
Morton, Ulynn 424/H
1336 Ehn Street SE
Cullman, AL 35055
    Hope to make the HuntsvilleReunion. We should, we are only 45 miles away. It was nice to hear from another member that the Association existed.
Mulvey, John 422/HQ
308 High St.
Wakefield, RI 02879
Captured and held prisoner at Stalag
Bad Orb. Liberated April 2, 1945.
New Members
    Retired now after many years with the A&P Company. Have three grandsons that me and my wife thoroughly enjoy. We had two children, a son and a daughter. Nielsen, Mrs. Lillian ASSOCIATE
532 Lincoln Ave West Dundee, IL 60118
Nosser, Johnnie UNIT UNKNOWN
115 McAuley Dr.
Vicksburg, MS 39180
    I was with the Division when it was activated in March of 1943. I just came back from a meeting with other POWS at Clearwater, Florida. We hadn't seen each other since 1944. I didn't know of the Association until they told me about it. Peters, Lewis M. 422/HQ
126 Galewood Cr San Francisco, CA 94131
Prim, Archie C. 422/A
5820 Hwy 77
Graceville, FL 32440
    Medic; Ex-POW; German Field Hospital, Schonberg; Limburg. Forced march 6-7 days Frankfurt am Main; Bad Orb Stalag 9-B; Freed by the 45th Inf. "Screaming Eagles," transported by aircraft to hospital in Vittel, France for one month; Camp Lucky Strike; Home; Camp Lee, Virginia; discharged Oct '45; married' retired slow.
(editor's note - by golly, Lewis, you don't waste any words. Nice to see you back with the 106th... J. Kline)
    He later wrote -- I am a new LIFE MEMBER. I was in the same unit as Reverend Ewell Black and Dan Bied who had articles about their 2nd reunion and Camp Atterbury in The CUB. Rasmussen, Delbert 591/B
Box 86
Elk Horn, IA 51531
Sawyers, Tom 422/H
3540 Bowers Dr Montgomery, AL 36109
(editor's note - Tom, thanks so much for
The CUB of the Golden Lion


New Members
    the American Legion magazine with the article Death of a Division. I had a copy, but is was rather tattered and torn. It appeared in the magazine on March 1983 and Is about 4 pages in length. I wrote the American Legion about 10 months ago and ask for permission to reprint parts or all of the story. They answered that I could as long as I credited they magazine, which is usual. As I remember, I talked to some person that said the author, Don Underwood, had passed away. Thanks Tom... J. Nine
Sheaner, Jr., Herbert M. 422/6
7151 Greenbrook Lane Dallas, TX 75214
I was "G" Company's sniper, Battalion Scout and Company Runner.
    Captured December 21, 1944, the fifth day after being surrounded. I was company runner for Captain Kielmeyer, Company G, 422nd Regiment. I escaped and reunited with American soldiers on April 25th, 1945.
    After the war received degrees from the University of Texas, University of Michigan, B.B.A.--M.B.A. Established the Herbert M. Sheaner, Jr. Insurance Agency in Dallas texas in 1952. married and have three grown children.
    I was active in high school track coaching. Ran track at the Univ. of Texas. Coached at Dallas Jesuit, winning several State Championships. The Jesuit Relays were renamed the Jesuit-Sheaner Relays after my coaching retirement in 1975. This is one of the biggest high school track meets held in Texas each year.
    Served as president of the Texas Tech, Dad's Association. Served on YMCA and church boards as chairman. Enjoy trips with my family.
    Son, Mike graduated with a B.B.A. degree from Texas Tech Univ and manages the Sheaner Agency. Daughter, Kelly Seeker graduated from Tex. University with a B.B.A. Degree and is in sales with a
    KRLD radio, Dallas, Texas. Both are married. Daughter Pattie Sheaner attended Tex. Tech U. and Louisiana Tech and is working in Virginia Beach, Virginia, single. Gloria my wife has served in the insurance agency and cared for the family since 1956. Any and all credit for all the good things that transpired over the years, go to her.
    (editor's note - Not bad for a sniper Herbert. I hope you don't mind that remark. You have lived a fruitful life and I could see it when I read your letter. It's an interesting to hear what happened to various 106ers atter the war. Thanks... J. Kline)
Spiegel, Jack J. 424/M
14622 Rouvre Dr.
Florissant, MO 63034
(editor's note - Nice to see your letter with dues for the membership. Thanks Jack.. J. Nine)
Swier, Ted 591/HQ
228 So. Wilk' Schaumburg, IL 60193
    Thanks for letting me know about my dues. I was in Hqs Battery under Cpt Chateneau and Cpt Lockridge. I drove the communications supply truck and was a T/5. While in Europe I had the forward switchboard.
    At the present time I am retired for 4 yrs, I get called back whenever my company has problems, because I repair "automatic screw machines." My wife and I enjoyed the Huntsville Reunion. The hospitality was the greatest and we are looking forward to Pittsburgh. My wife and I will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary Bove 15, 1991.
    (editor's note - Congratulations to the two love bird. Sorry I mis-spelled your name in my return mail, Ted. Got It all O.K. now... J. Kline)
26 The CUB of the Golden Lion
Taylor, John W. 423/H
#3 Creek View Ct North Augusta, SC 29841
    I was an infantry replacement, 423/H and participated in the "mopping up" of approx. 50,000 Germans at St. Nazaire and Lorient in the Spring of 1945.
    Retired from Prudential Insurance Co. in 1981. Married to Ernestine Proctor Taylor January 14 1949. Four children, six grandchildren. Fishing, Travelling and Golfing are my hobbies.
Walker, Jr., Neff 423/M
Rte #3, Box 594 Sherman Dale, PA 17090
    I just found out about the 106th Infantry Division Association through a DAV magazine after 45 years. I wrote to Mr. Massey and got a nice reply. I couldn't make the Huntsville reunion but plan on being at the Pittsburgh reunion.
    4...My next door neighbor is a 106111man. Went to the 30th Division and I went to the 1st Division, but we still have roots in the 106th. We were sorry to hear about all the losses the 106th was taking in the Bulge. I was there, I talked to my 106th Platoon Sergeant near Leige, Belgium on a Saturday and we, the 1st Div, moved toward the front on Saturday night and Sunday. We got there Sunday and it was one hell of a mess. We got the word then that the 106th had taken a Id of losses. I really felt bad about it, because I had close friends still with the 106th. So now, once again, I am a member of the 106th Division.
    I was on a three day pass when I saw my Platoon Sergeant. He was Sergeant Walters. I don't know if he made it through, or not. At least I hope he was a prisoner.
I landed on D-Day with the 1st and stayed until the end of May and was disc ged on Oct 19t11 '45 from the 26th reg,
New Members
ist Division, Co. H.
It is sure good to get in touch with somebody from the 106th.
    (editor's note - Nell, I came late to 423/M, in March of 44. Ended up a squad leader 2nd squad, first platoon. Found the Association in 1987 and volunteered that fall at the Mobile Reunion to be CUB editor.
    Joe Walters made it back. He died in 1981. Clyde Ellis, 1st Sgt died in 1955. Lt. Wiegers, En Officer, died about three years ago. Captain Hardy, who I don't think you knew was killed in the first barrage on Lin-sailed Hill just outside of Schonberg on the 19th of December 1944. I found 37 former M Company guys after I joined in '87. I will have to get out another news letter to M Company and fill in the details. I have copies of the conversations (original contacts) with the men as I made telephone calls in 1987. It was a real thrill. Paul Kotlarick and Vince Venigoni, mortars, was with me and several other M Company men at the Huntsville reunion. We have currently 27 M Company menas members. In 1987 there were 7. When I put this CUB to bed I will write you a letter and give you copies of past correspondence. Oh yes, George Mentzer, your neighbor hasn't joined yet.. J. Kline)
Wiggers, W.W. "Bill" 424/C
PO Box 417 Tabernash, CO 80478
Here is my LIFE MEMBERSHIP fees. I just learned of the Association Wode, Robert B. 8Ist ENG/A
1512 W. Mein St. Collinsville, OK 74021
Zabinski, Conrad 422/D
300 South 10th St.
Reading, PA 19601
(editor's note - Your 'Welcome Letter"
was returned because we did not know about
the "South" in the address. Got it right after
Sherod Collins called you. Lots of 422/D
members in the Association. Take a look at
the roster included with this CUB.. J. (line)
The CUB of the Golden Lion


December 16th Commemoration get-to-gethers
Mesa, Arizona
H.: Dean Childs (602-985-3687)
245 So. 56th 457
Mesa, AZ 85206
Date: 16 December 1991, 6:30 p.m.
Freutlich Test,
5020 No. Black Canyon Dr. Phoenix, AZ
Minneapolis, Minnesota
H.: Russell Gunvalson (507-282-9367) 4 Mon Hills
Rochester, MN 551
or -- John Kline (612423-4837) December 7, 1991
Place: The Black Stallion, Hampton, MN South of Minneapolis on Route 52.
Northern California
Host Jerry Eisenmm (415-7564330)
227 Buena Vial Ave Daly City, CA 94015 Call for Date Time and Place
Southern California
Host: Milton Weiner (714-521-1705)
6440 Knott Ave #41
Buena Park, California 90620
Date: 1 December, 1991 Time: 1:00pm
Placc: Scechwan Chinese Restaurant-415.00
14320 Valley View Ave (op,. c om I a.)
La Mirada CA 638
Melbourne, Florida
Host: Samuel P. Cariano (404-777-2876) 305 Parkside Pl.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
Date: Dec 14, 1991 -- Place M be announced
Atlanta, Georgia
Date: 15 December, 1991-4,00pm dinner 6:00pm
Dobbins Air Force Base, Open Mess
Marietta, Georgia
Host: Sher,. Collins (404-928-3207)
448 Monroe Trace Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
Chicago, Illinois
Dates 7 December, 1991 Tire:-6:30pm
Place: Park Ridge V.F.W. Post 3579
Higgins and Canfield
Park Ridge, Illinois
$15.00 per person
Host: Russell Villwock (312-631-2027)
6908 West Higgin
Chicago 60656. Cincinnati, Ohio
comma • Robert & June Walk, (513-941-1888) 3607 Shady Lane Rd.
North Bend, Ohio 45052
Date: ?? December, 1991--Noon on ... Please can for details and to confirm your coming
Detroit, Ohio
Host John Shalhoub (313-644-4453)
Date: December 15, 1991
LAPFREY'5, 24201 W.7 Mile Road just
west of Telegraph
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dal • 15 December 1991, 3:00pm .. till 7?
Place: Charlie & Nancy Datte (215-626-1866) 231 Davis Ave
Clifton Heights, PA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Host George Vance (412-653-1724)
283 Dutch Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Date 17 December,1991,1 :00 p.m.
Yorkshire, Inn a
Reading, Pennsylvania
Ho. John Gallagher (215-929-2887)
4003 Francis Street
Temple, PA 19560
Date 6 December 1991, 630 pr.
Dutch Colony Motor Inn, Route 422 Past-Exeter Township
Madison, Wisconsin
H. Charles Rieck (608-831-6110)
7316 Voss Parkway
Middleton, WI 53562
Date 14 December, 1991 Call or write for details
Mt. Vernon, Blinois
Date 14 December, 1991 5:00pm
Place: Holiday Inn at Mt. Vernon,
H.: John L. Mikalauskis (618-439-3867)
Box 31, 306 West Blake
Benton, Minos 62912
Linden, New Jersey
Host: Carl Messina (908-486-2927)
926 Seymour Ave.
Linden, NJ 07036
Dam: 16 November 1991, 5:00 p.m. Coachman- Days Inn off Ern 136 Cranford, New Jersey
Please submit a maximum of two photographs along with a resume' of your December 16th
get-to-gether by Jan 1, 1992.
The February CUB will be the only issue that will be used for the
1991 get-to-gether photos.
28 The CUB oohs Golden Lion
Asher, Albert L. 423/K
508 Rabin Rd Seminole, OK 74868
    John, so that my kids and grandkids will have something to look at could you please tell me which ribbons, unit citations, if any, are authorized for former members of the 423rd Regiment.
    My discharge shows 'riot available" under both the "Battles" and the "Campaign" sections. It does show "Combat Infantryman" under Military Qualification, but the best of my knowledge I never received the badge.
    The only medals, etc, that I am sure of are the Purple Heart, which I do have, The AX-POW Medal, which I don't have and the Good Conduct Medal, which I did have at one time. If you could find time would you list these and return in the SASE. I would appreciate it.
Ir., this 106er is another of many that gLeatly appreciate The CUB and the great job you are doing.
    (editor's note -- Al, if I have roan I Intend to reprint an article I had in a past CUB. But, in the meantime, In case I forget it, let me tell you what I know.
    I will relate my own schedule of awards as an example. Since I was in the 423rd, wounded and a prisoner, it will probably fit the profile for most of the members.
    The paaking list that came with my medals in August 1988 from "Department al the Army. ARPERCEN, St. Louis MO 63132-5200° reads as follows:
    Award code and descriptions are: #9 -Bronze Star Medal (based on the award of the Combat Infantry Badge); #14 - Purple Heart; #15 - Good Conduct Medal; #21 -American Campaign Medal; #23 - European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three bronze stars for the Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe Campaigns
Mail Bag
    (While the Northern France medal was awarded to the division under WD GO 103, 1945 -- it was deleted under DA GO 41, in 1958, because the unit did not anise in France until December 1944. The official datelines for the Northern France Medal are from July 25 through September 14, 1944. I intend to rmite a letter, in this CUB, from the Center for Military History dated May 10, 1974 and addressed to our historian Sherod Collins. Many of our men have that campaign listed an their discharges, but it is not recorded in history because of the 19513 Department of the Amy General Order 41.)
    -- TO CONTINUE WITH MY UST -- award code #24 -NAN II Victory Medal; #34 - Combat Infantryman Badge; 35 -- Expert - Infantryman Badge; and the Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII. Since 1988 when I received these medals from St. Louis, the AX-POW Medal has been added to the list of 49 medals which appear on DA Form 1577 (1 Nov 75). The number in parenthesis is the print date of the forms. There is probably a new version of that form by now.
    I also had the Bronze Star Medal and the fact that I was a prisoner of war freer 19 Dec 1944 to April 13 1945 added to my discharge papers by a DA Form 215 (1 Jul 79).
    Most of these requests are triggered by using STANDARD FORM 180 (Rev 86). Since there are 14 addresses on the backside of this form, It would be wise for any person that wants to order medals, or have his discharge updated, to contact a National Service Officer of one of the National Organizations like DAV, Order of the Purple Heart, etc, or the County Service Officer or one of the kind people In the Veterans Administration Centers. I chose to use the DAV and they were very helpful, as I am sure others would be. It appears that all of our Military Records are located at the National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132.
Al, excuse the long dissertation, but I
The CUB of the Golden Lion 29
Mail Bag
    thought it would be helpful to some of the Oft. SO, in case they had missed the point, that they can replace all their lost, strayed or stolen medals. FIX myself, I never received the actual medals in connection with the ribbons I had listed on my discharge with the exception of the Purple Heart which was handed to me in the lobby of Wakeman General Hospital, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis on May 8, 1945 -- one day after I arrived there from Paris, France), until I ordered new medals in 1988. ... J. Kline)
Beaver, Johnnie R. 423/H
Rte 1 Box 44
    Muscadine, AL 36269 Just received The CUB of the Golden Lion Passes in Review. With my 40 years (plus) in printing, I can only say that you have put out a triple An book. The cover design and color makeup are superb. The book is informative and reflects many hours of work and thought. It will be used as a reference by me and my family for many years.
Thanks for the book and the good job on The CUB.
    (editor's note -- Johnnie, the above remarks coming from you, a person who has had editing and printing experience, means a lot -- thanks... J. Kline)
Bied, Dan 422/A
151 Holiday Ter West Burlington, IA 52655
    It's raining here this afternoon and I am spending some time reading your wonderful book, The CUB of the Golden Lion Passes in Review. I know, more than most people, that a TON of work went into the CUB Review book. I want to thank you for what you did John, on behalf of myself, my wife and all the guys who won't get around to sending you a thank you note.
(editor's note --I will let tNs "THANKS" I
to you suffice for the rest of this column, or I will fill it up with "editor's notes."
    -- Dan, thanks to you, who extends himself to the Association members through a quarterly column in The CUB and who in your own right as a self-publisher has for more experience._ J. Kline)
Boyd, Thomas D. 422/C
1113 Winslow Circle Longmont, CO 80501
    John, I was surprised and delighted to receive a telephone call from Dale Carver about a week ago. Apparently you had sent him a copy of the bit of verse I sent to you earlier. Thank you for getting us in touch. He sent me a book of his poetry, which arrived a couple hours ago. 1 have read it once and will do so again and again Here is another, which was inspired by your publishing works (in The CUB) of Dale Carver, the apparent 106th poet Ianreate, with whom I shared the joys of*, 333 at Kenning.
    SchneeEiffelGebirge, Dec 16, 1944 Look, what bright light lights the night Lancing, sweeping, probing beams Cloud bellies shining silver white The forest filled with furtive gleams Quick-shifting shadows teasing eyes And in once-hushed woods below Beneath the ghostly flickering skies We hear the panzer beast and know His growling gut, his clanking tread And know our little idyll in the snow Our Christmas scene, is over, and instead
We'll do the work of war and name the dead.
Tom Boyd, Charlie Company, 422d
    (editor's note--Thanks Tom, I am sure you and Dale Carver got together in Huntsville. The publication of his poems from his book of poems, "Before the Veterans Die" has been an inspiration for others. Keep


The CUB of the Golden Lion
Mail Bag
coming, there's a lot of room in the pool... J.
Braaten, Carl H. 422/L
Box 492
Osceola, WI 54020
I was with you in the battle
We fought there side by side,
We gave each other courage
And our feats we tried to hide.
I was with you when they captured us That night in the cold and snow,
With the enemy all around us
There was no way to go.
I was with you when they marched us Across their German land,
On frozen, bloody feet
We helped each other stand.
I was wills you locked in the train jeith frost thick on the walls,
Wss the days and nights went slowly by We prayed, GOD hear our feeble calls. I was with you in the prison camp
We worked on the railroad tracks, When one got too tired to walk
The other helped him back.
I was with you when you got to weak to work
Your bunk was by my side,
And the worry I had for you
I tried so hard to hide.
I held you in my arras that night
When GOD came to take you home, I didn't want to let you go
For I would be alone.
    I made it back, only GOD knows why In your memory I write this poem, We'll be side by side again my friend When HE comes to take me home. Carl Braaten ex-POW
Stalag 4A, Zettau, Germany
Brankin, William J. 422/D
503 5 Wapella Ave. Mt Prospect, IL 60056
    Just received my copy of The CUB Passes in Review. What a fantastic job you did. The book will be anathractive addition to any library. I was so elated that I am ordering three more to give to my three children and their families. I am sure after reading it that they will better understand and appreciate the great courage and sacrifices of the 106th Infantry Division, and the part that they played in helping break the back of the German Army.
Can't make it to Huntsville, but hope to get to Pittsburgh in 1992. best regards.
Cram, James V. 422/E
2305 Nash
Clearwater, FL 34625
    John, you used to live in Viroqua, Wisconsin, right? Do you remember John's Grocery store there? I worked for Gamble Robinson Co. out of Winona, Minnesota and was dealer serviceman for the company. I went wound and showed Produce Department personnel how to make up displays. I also built displays in the stores. I built a massive apple display in John's store one time. It had an electric train running on top of the big display. Do you remember this store?
    I have included an article that appeared in the Times. We had a Reunion of Co. E, 422nd Regiment here in Clearwater. The news article tells it all.
    (editor's note -- Jim, I will relate parts from the article. It is over 25 inches of print, about 35 to 4 pages for The CUB. There are two pictures, one showing Cliff Gamble, Jim Cram, Mime Rudnick and Don Britt, all of 422)E The other picture shows Gamble and Cram setting in front of a coffee table looking al a copy of the Division Picture Book (pictures taken at Atterbury).....
The CUB of the Golden Lion 31
Mail Bag
Sacrificial Outfit reunited
by Bob Henderson of the Times
    Four men sat around a dining room table in a Clearwater home Wednesday telling war stories -- harrowing, incredible stories.
    They were all casualties of the battle of the Bulge in December 1944 - January 1945 that probably hastened the end of the World War II, but at a great cost in American lives. These four were all captured by the Germans. Three were wounded during the battle; the fourth was wounded after he was captured.
They were members of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 422nd Infantry Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division.
    They call it the "first division of teenagers," which was activated in March of 1943 at Fort Jackson, South carolina, when the government began drafting 18 and 19-year-olds.
    They also call it the "sacrificial outfit" because they still firmly believe, it was spread out along the from line, massively undermanned and under-equipped, only to lure German forces across the line so they could be caught in a squeeze play. Historians write about the "inexperienced 106th Division."
    The men smoked and swore, laughed and reminisced with some bitterness as they sat around the table. The three former teen-age troopers, all 67 now, were Jim Cram and Cliff Gamble of Clearwater and Don Britt of Temple Terrace. The fourth person was Miron Rudnick who just came down from Howell, New Jersey for the first Company E reunion this weekend. He's 77 and had been the company cook.... They discussed how the 422nd suffered 87 percent casualties, that the fighting was all over in four days. The fighting began December 16, 1944 when "70,000 terries came at us in waves," Don said. Their a
regimental commander gave the order to surrender Dec 19, 1944.
"We're still searching for answers," Cliff said. "Why were we sacrificed? Make us understand it."
    The men remembered the good times during training, they remembered the sailing from Hoboken, New Jersey to Glasgow Scotland, and in November crossing the channel, and then moving into Belgium where "all hell broke loose" December 16.
    Their regiment was "spread thin" along the front in the mountains, their artillery and tanks had been pulled back They only had enough food and ammunition for two and one-half days and were never resupplied during the four day battle.
    Jim spent 106 days in a prisoner-of-war camp before escaping. Weighing only 83 pounds and covered with lice because he had not bathed for months. Americans* pected he was a Nazi until the FBI cheelliP his fingerprints in a British hospital. Cliff was captured along with a critically wounded buddy he carried on his back during the three month Death march to a POW camp.
    Miron was also part of that march but ended up in a different camp. The cookhad not been wounded during the battle, but was wounded on Christmas Eve when planes hit a railroad boxcar in which he was being held.
    Don also ended up in a POW camp. He, Cliff and Miron were liberated after about four and one-half months when the war ended in Europe.
    "We thought each other was dead," the four men said of one another and all their comrades. They thought that for 45 years. A year ago they began to find one another, and this week-end eight of them will come together in Clearwater.
(editors note --The second oalum
32 The CUB of the Golden Lion
    this elide appeared later... It told of how each of the men found each other... Jim, thanks for the story. Also for the Combat Infantry badge order that you copied, the one that belonged to Cliff gamble. It tells the same story that I have been hearing. The 422nd men all received their Combat Infantry Badges through "Letter Orders 11140." I guess we will never see a complete list of all the 422nd men that revolved the CIB, like we have for the 423rd and 424th Regiments, who issued theirs under a General Order, which listed all men involved in one order.
    Sorry Jim that I don't have room for all the stay, but it is nice to know that you four got together and thrashed out the details and relived pan of your life. II does help to talk about it, I have seen it happen so many times. The main thing is 'we are here" and we survived.. Keep up the meetings, there is nothing, positively nothing that parallels the experience of meeting with those that Noted those experiences of 44 and '45. If ,body says 'Who says so" tell them an ex-kriegie from Stalag 8-A, Gorlitz, Germany said so... J. Kline}
Fonda, James R. 590/B
1760 N Woodward Ave 043
Bloomfield Hills, MI 413304
A word of thanks for your mighty job of researching and compiling for print "The CUB Passes its Review."
It is a beautiful book and so well arranged that you can find what you want easily.
    I was Battery Commander of "B" Battery of the 590th Field Artillery Battalion. I have been a member of the Association off and on since it started, but I never knew the write up of the 590th had been composed or printed.
    I have just finished making copies of the article for all the present non-members I know. Hopefully they will be moved to jo the Association, but Many event, they
Mail Bag
will be glad to have the article.
I thank you for your outstanding efforts and the results they produced... Jim Fonda
Freedman, Henry E. 422/HQ
115 Harness Tr
    Roswell, GA 30076 John, I will be 70 on the 21st (September) and the family will all be together for the big event. We are a close family, Thank God, and it would be tough to be way.
Betty and I wish that the reunion will be the best ever, and that the event will find all in good health.
Please extend our warmest regards to all, particularly the men of Headquarters Company 422nd Infantry.
Looking forward to receiving the CUB Passes in Review... Hank
Gallagher, John L 81st ENG/C
4003 Franc. St Temple, PA 19560
    John, thanks again for the terrific job you are doing. Your efforts are doing much to keep the 106th an active group. We are fortunate to have an Association. So many vets that I talk to would love to see old buddies. Enclosed are some pictures from the Huntsville Reunion for The CUB.
It was so glad to see so many 81st Engineers. Some I haven't seen since the
    (editor's note -- Did I count right John? Six tables of 81st Engineers at the Saturday Night banquet? Wowl Some of your pictures should be near-by In the CUB... J. Kline)
Gould, Clayton 424/AT
PO Box 1608
Bangor, ME 04401
Send me two more books, here's my
thirty dollars. I Want you to know 'The
The CUB of the Golden Lion 33
Mail Bag
CUB of the Golden Lion Passes in Review" is a quality book..
Greve, Walter C. 423/HQ IBN
13102 E. Florida Ave Aurora, CO 80012
    A while ago I ran across a fellow 106er. I was at a shopping mall. I sat down to rest my weary knees while my wife continued shopping. Started talking to a fellow sitting on the same bench and learned that he was from the 424th Regiment. He wasn't captured. He fought at Manhay on Christmas of '44. His name is Dallas Brentnoll who lives in Prescott, Iowa 50589. His phone is (515) 335-2415. he was visiting his son in Denver. I invited him over to the house where we swapped experiences. That was a pleasant surprise...
Gunvalson, Russell L. 590/A
904 Elton Hills Dr. NW Rochester, MN 55901
    Sherod I ordered three more books from John Kline. He mailed them to me and said I should send you the money. I have known John for a number of years through the association and ex-POW. I am looking forward to the Huntsville Reunion. Will meet a bunk-mate buddy from Stalag 9-A, for the first time since April 1945.. Should be a great reunion...
    (editor's note -- I think you met your buddy Russ. It was Moe seeing you there. It was a great reunion. The f ood was good, the committee did a great job. There was 680 people signed up altogether - one of the largest reunions. Everybody I have talked to thought It was a very good reunion. Nov we can look forward to Pittsburgh, but in the meantime relish all the thoughts about those that we met at Huntsville... J. Kline) 0
Hatch, H.M. DIY/HQ
2830 East Rd Wayzata, MN 55391
    John, I am overwhelmed by the book, The CUB Passes in Review. I marvel at your generous contribution of time, talent and equipment in producing such a product. We 106ers will be forever obligated to you.
    At age 321 wasn't a soldier when I was drafted and at age 341 still wasn't a soldier - maybe a civilian soldier - when I was discharged. The book is a prized possession and will be a part of my estate that will be appreciated by my son, my grandson and my great grandson as they, in the distant future, research their family history.
    John, you have done much in the recent past to re-establish our belief in the Division and its contribution to the war.
    (editor's note -- If you look in the C' Review, page 323, you will see H.M. (W Hatch listed as president of the Association for the year 1960-61. He and his wife Helen were a real part of the 106th scene for many years. Helen recently passed away. I know Jim, you said not to say anything, but you still have Mends out there. They realize that you and Helen have not participated in recent reunions for health reasons, but you are still a part of the 106th Infantry Division Association and I would be amiss if I did not convey this message.
    Thanks for the loan of the 1953 "Lion's Tale* which was a compilation of stories from The CUB. In fact, I used several of those from that book because they were easier to mad and re-type. That reminds me that I should return your copy.. J. Kline
Hines, Roy A. 424/I
1814 W. Terrace Ave Fresno, CA 93705
John, this is to request help in regards to the Combat Infantry Badges.
34 The CUB of the Golden Lion

    I served in Co. I, 424th Infantry from September 1944 until Dec 25, 1944 when I ended up ina hospital. After three months in the hospital I was relegated to "limited duty" and subsequently transferred to the 8th Air Force in England.
    I was never awarded the CIB, so I assume that I had not spent enough time in combat to qualify -- however I note that men in the 422nd and 423rd were awarded the badge if they were in combat up until December 19, 1944. Could you check your records and see if I am listed? In addition, could you check your records for Pfc Vince Wertz, 423rd (Co, unkmown). Thanks for your help.
    (editor's note -- Roy, I reprinted your letter, because I receive several of these each year. I could not find your name listed in the 424th Combat Infantry Badge listings from General Order #2 issued 4 January
    Could be that you were overlooked, because at that time you were in the hospital. I know for a fact that Colonel Cavender and some of hIs men put the 423rd Regiment CIB order #51 together while he was in the hospital atter he was liberated. They admit that they missed some men, because of lack of records.
    My understanding is, that it you were with your unit and they were engaged In combat that you would be eligible for the CIB, because they were awarded the 0113. What I would do, if I were you, is to go to one of the National Service Officers in rho DAV, or the Order of the Purple Heart, or the VFW etc and tell them your story. I think all you have to do is prove that you were with the 424th during the time slots you mentioned and you could have your records upgraded to receive the CIB. Mention the 424th Regiment, General Order #2 dated 4 January 1945.
I could not find your friend Wertz in the
423rd, but as I remember it, there was a
who could have been him - did I pick
Mail Bag
the right name? Hope I helped... J. Kline)
Hochstetter, Hubert H. 424/1
847 Catherine CI Apt e59
    Grays Lake, IL 60030 John -- Many, many thanks for the work you did in putting together "The CUB of the Golden Lion Passes in Review."
    I didn't join Item Company, 424th Regiment until June 26, 1944. We left Boston on December 8 to Liverpool, Southhampton and LeHavre. Got to Giney, France in one of Charlemagne's Castles on Dec 22nd. From that time thingsare a little hazy.
"Passes in Review" gives me an insight to what really happened prior to Dec 26th, 1944...Regards, Hugh
Kultrow, John 8Ist ENG/MED
905 Warburton Ave
    Hasting-on Hudson, NY 10706 Hi Sherod, I will get around to a donation for the St. Vith Memorial Fund and he Atterbury Memorial later. I intend want to go to the Atterbury dedication in 1992. Sorry I haven't been to any of the reunions, but hope to get to the next one. I was with 422/A Company in September '44 then was transferred to the 81st Engineers medical Detachment.
Lapato, Frank 422/HQ
RD 8 - Box 403
    Kittanning, PA 16201 What a job you did on the CUB Review, John. My hat is off to you. I'm so excited about the book that I can't put it down. It is a good cross section of our Division and best of all the stories are right from the division members.
Am I proud of this Division? You bet I
I used to walk around with my head
hanging. I thought we hadn't done what
The CUB of the Golden Lion


Mail Bag
    we were supposed to do. After reading book I tell everyone and anyone that we did one hell of a job, despite what some people wrote, or what it may have appeared like at the time. We did what we could and we did what we were told to do.
    (editor's note -- Thanks Frank. You have been very helpful to me in the past. Your thoughts have been stated by others as they learn through the wrongs of others what the division did. It is quit obvious that each of as as individuals only had a small part of the picture, that is the unit or squad directly around us. That's no different than any other division. There wasn't much in the way of news and no person I know expected to be updated each day on the overall battle condition. What difference would it have made? Had we been In the line a little longer, able to go back for a rest, then we could have probably brought mere of the picture together. But that isn't the way It wan And again, if we knew we still couldn't do a thing about it as an individual. We were nailed and nailed fast. We'll have to leave it to the wizards that seem to be analyzing and re-anahizing the battle to let us know what it was all about. I suspect that even they will never get the full story. Even if they do, what will it serve? ... J. Kline)
Lawson, Bill 423/H
96 Skyview Terrace
Syracuse, NY 13219
    First of all let me congratulate you on receiving The Order of the Golden Lion -Officer Class at the Huntsville reunion. It was greatly deserved.
    I enjoyed the reunion, my first, and seeing the guys I hadn't seen since 1945. Obviously it was four days of laughs, stories, experiences and lot of catching up. As I mentioned to you as we were left the airport, I am enclosing a newspaper spread from a 1945 New York Daily News, showing the location of prison camps and hospitals at that time. I found it
    in some old papers that my mother and father kept after they were informed I was a prisoner. Please feel free to do with it what you want.
    (editor's note - Thanks, Bill. 11 Is better than some of the others, because it is in color. I forgot they had color print in 1945, or am I just getting old. I will keep it in the archives for information... J. Kline)
McCammon, James A. 423/G
1521 N. 251h St, Van Buren, AR 72956
    John, Thanks for your help with the document concerning the Combat Infantry Badge. The one McCarnmon listed was me. I have four names, James Allen Candler McCanamon. My mother named me Allen Cancller after my great grandpa, who was Governor of Georgia right after the Civil War. My dad named me James after his dad. I went by Allen Candler McCki-- monupuntil I went into the Army, bull. discharged under the name James Allen McCammon. Everyone in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama calls me "Allen" and everyone in Arkansas calls
    Although I was stationed at Camp Atterbury before I went overseas the only two people I know on the CIB list are Edward C.Noullet who I think was from Sharpsburg, PA. I would like his address if any person knows it. The other was Sgt Joseph H. Cheek, but I thought he was killed in combat. Thanks again.
    (editor's note -- Jim, I hope somebody comes up with some addresses. I cannot find Sat Cheek listed as Killed in Action (KIA) on a list of "Deaths" I have from the National Archives that was updated as of 30 June 1947. It shows one hundred tNrly nine 423rd Regiment men that died in action or as a result of wounds.
As long as we are on the subject --As
of 30 June 1947 there were 523 men frill
36 The CUB of the Golden Lion
Mail Bag
the 106th Infantry Division listed in this Casualty listing.
    Div Hqs-3;106 Sig-5; 422nd-63; 423rd-139; 424th-236; Div Arty-1; 589th-27; 590th-11; 591st-4; 592nd-9; 106 Recon-6; 81st Eng-15; 331 Med-4.
    Gil Hetwig, 423/M is retyping this list at the present time. Many of the names are undear on the copes we have. After he Is done I will attempt to list them all in one of the future CUBs. They will be by base units. eg: 422nd, 423rd etc. but not by individual companies... J. Kline)
McCarthy, Leonard J. 424/HQ IBN
250 Vine St. Unit "F" Lebanon, PA 17042
    John, hem is a copy of "The Harrisburg Patriot" of 7. 31 1991 which contains the story of two 106ers Tony Verano and konard Czarnecki meeting by chance. Itthe "Cheers and Jeers" section in the Feb 2nd issue where it quoted parts of that story, "CHEERS-- for Leonard Czarnecki of Camp Hill and Tony Varano of Palmyra, brought together for the first time since 1945 by the American Flag. Czarnecki struck up a conversation with salesman Verano at Tyndale Flag Service in West Hanover Twp. the other day and discovered that, while they had never met, the served time as POWs in Stalag 9-B, Bad Orb, Germany during the final months of World War II. Aside from some horrible memories, the two vets say they emphatize with and share concern over the treatment of current POWs in Iraq."
    (editor's note -- Sorry Leonard, your letter got stuffed in a folder of `things to do° and got caught in the backwash of me produdng The CUB Passes in Review... J. Mine)
McDevitt, John F. 8Is1 ENG/A
188 Queen Ln
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
    (editor's note -- John, thanks for your several comments about The CUB Passes In Review. Glad you enjoyed It and hope your two sons enjoy their copies es much as you. We have had a lot of reorders since it was released, mostly because it was realized that this book would make a good addition to the libraries of the whole family... J. Kline)
Mellinger, John D. 423/HQ IBN
BOX 1525
Show Law, AZ 85901
    (editor's note -- John, thanks for the two cassette tapes of you and your buddy Kenneth Newton transcribed about your experiences. I will get a chance to review them after !get this CUB out. I am sure that they are interesting.. J. Mine)
Miedema, Eldon L. 589/A
303 Hilletest DR. Holman, WI 54636
    I was in 589/A from the time it was activated at Fort Jackson until Parker's Crossroads. John Gatens was in the some section (4th Section) until we got to England when he was transferred to the 1st Section. I see he has been active going back to Parker's Crossroads. I received a letter from a G.I. from Ohio, Don Holtzmuller (Don is an association member..editor) who was in Sgt Scaninpico's section which is the only section that didn't get through Schonberg. Don enclosed a story about Lt. Eric Wood. He had also been in touch with Captain Menske, our Battery Commander, who was captured on outpost while directing artillery fire. I was a T/5 driver of the 4th section, Sgt Johnnie B. Jordan section. I have a copy of --The CUB" which was printed at Camp Lucky Strike 16 September 45. How I
The CUB of the Golden Lion 37
Mail Bag
    happen to have it is a mystery. Maybe I brought it back from England where I was hospitalized in Hospital #4128 for two months. I flew back to the States in an ambulance plane, where I was in hospitals until February 1946 when I was discharged from Percy Jones Hospital at Battle Creek, Mich.
    I wonder if anybody knows what happened to William Cody nicknamed Wild Bill. We escaped together on the first night they marched us out of Stalag 12-A, Limburg, Germany. The Gerrnans put the dogs on us, so we walked a creek all night, to throw the dogs off. We then took to the hills. We both had high fevers and Cody mid he had to go get a drink and he was recaptured by the Germans. I stayed put for three days then got with some Russian slave laborers and stayed with them until the Americans crossed the Rhine. I stopped a jeep that was driven by a Staff Sergeant of the 2nd Division and got back into American hands. Hospital from then until February 1946.
    (editor's note -- Eldon, thanks for the very interesting stony. I have a friend here who needs one of the picture books. Please send it to me and I will see that he gets it I will have him write you after I give it to him. I used to live in Viroqua, Wisconsin and spent a lot of time in the LaCrosse area. It is beautiful country -- house boated on the Mississippi River with my family for years, out of Lansing, Iowa. Good Luck, send the book and I will reimbursed the postage... J. Kline)
Rauch, Victor C. 592fC
37 Chateau Ct
Loudonville, NY 12211 You should get high marks for the excellent job in putting together the CUB Passes in Review.
Sometime ago I sent the 592d After Action Report to Sherod, not realizing at a
the time that it would eventually end up in a bound book. It certainly looks good in print.
    Last month I received a Military catalog from a hoover Mfg Co, Peru, Illinois. I noticed on one of the pages a listing for Combat Badges for the Artillery, Armor and Cavalry. Similar in design to the CIB but with crossed cannons or swords, in stead of the rifle. Assuming that this has been authorized, it looks like the Army has finally recognized the other combat components. If you have any information when those badges were authorized, I would appreciate it. It' probably too late for as Artillerymen, but who knows?
    (editor's note - Vic, I don't have an answer. Maybe some other person out there has some information on this. How about it guys. We all (of us infantrymen) have wondered why the Artillery and the Combat Engineers were not awarded Badge. With the Ardennes battle, it seem that everyone was an infantryman. Maybe someone can rationalize that and give us an answer... J. Kline)
Reynolds, John J. 424/H
161 Magnolia Loop
    Daytona Beach, FL 32124 John, thanks for the book I heard from Sgt Lukashok, he knew Louis van Dyke, and from what he told rine, he must have been killed when I was wounded an the Siegfried Line. I knew him only about 10 days. I was in a lot of the places mentioned in the CUB Review, but my memory is not as good as it used to be. Thanks for the CUB and all your help.
    (editor's note -- John, a Sgt Louie A. Van Dyk is listed among the 236 men killed that were members of the 424th Regiment. Lukashok, of course, is one of our current Association members.
38 The CUB of the Golden Lion
Rollings, Mrs. Viola R. ASSOCIATE
309 Cedar St
Suffolk, VA 23434 John, Thank you for "The CUB Passes in Review." I really enjoy it.
    I hope one day to find someone who was with J.S. when he was captured. I know James Donaldson was, but he died in camp. On page 2371 notice that the "top brass" was unaware of the pending disaster. J.S. was a scout and he told me that he had reported several times to his superiors that the Germans were moving large equipment up. Evidently the information never got my further up.
    I think That it is good that sornany of the 106th men have written about thek experiences. I wish J.S. had done this. One day I am going to write all I know and send a
    ay to you. My daughter wants a copy of also. We, S.S. and I went to Camp Atterbury from Memphis (in 1944) with a couple and a child. I think their name was Kowalski, but I am not sure. We were in Indiana a few weeks then J.S. went to Camp Myles Standish.
Thanks again for your good work with the CUB.
    (editor's note -- I want to thank you again Viola. Like I said in my letter answering yours -- if you write any memoirs, please send me a copy. Good Luck and Good Health... J. Kline)
Mail Bag
    Rutledge at there. He sure is a nine guy. Thanks .much for the extra CUBs you sent. I saw in vol 47, No. 2 in the picture of your Dec 1990 Atlanta get-to-gether. There was James Dickerson seated beside you. We ate every "meal" together in Stalag 9-B. I slept across the aisle from him. We both attended our first 9-A-B-C Reunion in Muskogee, OK in April '89, to be re-introduced after 44 yrs! Thanks Sherod...
Sutich, Christian P. 424/D
7512 - 4th Ave
    North Bergen, NJ 07047 John, The CUB finally arrived (Chris had called in that his CUB was not received..editor). I returned from a day trip to Ilse Jersey Shore and found both The CUB and your letter answering my call. I guess third -class mail is unpredictable and slow. I guess I should be more patient. I look forward to receiving The CUB Passes in Review. I have at least five other hard cover books on the 'BULGE" I also look forward to each CUB. I often wonder why there are not more 424/D Company men in the Association.. Ovis
    (editor's note The only good thing about third-class mail Chris, is that it is the most economical way to mail The CUB. If we had to do it "first-class" we would have to probably mele our dues or greatly reduce the size of The CUB... J. Mine)
Thurlow, John W. 589/IIQ
182 Lakeside Dr
    Mayfield, NY 12117 Received the "Book" yesterday and dropped everything to read it. Please add my compliments for an admirable job. Our heartfelt thanks will go to you for the creation of what will be the family heirloom of future generations.
Sandahl, Dean E. 422/B
3041 N. 61st St. Lincoln, NE 68507
    Sherod, sorry we cannot get to Huntsville. I did get to Jacksonville, Florida for the 9-A, 9-B, 9-C Reunion in April. It was the fourth annual event. Pete House of the 106th sponsored it. Had over 80 guys there awas a great reunion. I met Boyd
The CUB of the Golden Lion 39
Mail Bag
Whitner, Donald R. 422/F
PO Box 214 Millville, PA 17846
Sorry I missed this year's reunion. Spent some time in the V.A. Hospital plus several trips as an out-patient.
I know you all had a good time. I hope to make it to Pittsburgh next year.
    Please send me two more copies of The CUB Passes in Review. I gave one to Bloomsburg U. of PA; one to Millville High School Library; one to Bloomsburg High School and one to the Bloomsburg Public Library. Had some good words and talks on it from Professor and students. You should be honored and proud of the book. Pictures will be coming to you on the programs when they were given to the schools.
    (editor's note - Don, that's a great idea. A nice contribution to local libraries and schools. At oniy$15.00 each it makesa nice contribution to the institutions and makes history live longer for the 106th. That would make a nice Christmas gift idea for each of our communities... J. Rine)
Wischmcier, Donald B. 423/S V
717 Amy. Dr De solo, MO 63020
    A personal note to tell you how much I enjoyed the CUB Passes in Review. What you do, of course, is cement the relationship of all us thrown together years ago in probably the greatest adventure of oar lives. I also thank you for including my story (from an earlier CUB) of returning to AUW. (page 419, CUB Review). Since then, our German friends, Herr Werner and his wife, visited us for two weeks during last September (90). This was their first plane ride. This September (91) Eileen and I are flying to Germany where we will be met in Frankfurt by the Wemers. We will spend a week with them in AUW and then, with them, we will drive to Berlin, Dresden and "my" Stalag 4-A which is 20 miles south of Dresden. I fmd all this to be incredible and someday hill to write you again about our trip. ThaM again.
Co. 13, 51st Engineer., front 8r - Armondo Hi ci, Earl ValensMin, Valentine Derr, Earl Todd
back 1/r -Edward Kresminski, Edgar Carpenter, Edward Nagle, Edward Wojahn, James TettleJT
First time for Tod, Carpenter and Tc staff - Nice to see them after 47 years
Picture submitted by Ed Wojabn 4306 Annual Reunion - Huntsville
40 The CUB of the Golden Lion
40In Memory of ....
rcl, Thomas, DIV/HO --Cranford, New Jersey
    Date of death September 1, 1991 at the age of 83. His wife was Florence (Turner). He was a carpenter for Monroe, a division of Litton Business Systems, before retiring 13 years ago. Born in Scilly Isles, England he lived in West Orange before moving to Cranford
Britton, James, 423/SV -- Bulls Gap, Tennessee
    Fanner 1st Sergeant of 423n1 Service Co. and loved by all of the men James passed away just prior to the 45th Annual Reunion, in September. He had met with the Service Co. men and a gathering earlier in the year, see page 11 of the August 1991 CUB. He had planned 011 attending the reunion.
Brown, Arthur, 529/B, -- Charlotte, North Carolina
    Arthur, former commander of 589th, B Battery, died June 7, 1991 at the age of 73. Ted Kiendl, a 106th Association member living in France, was his Exec Officer. Arthur a Yonkers, N.Y. native, was a Certified Public Accotmtant and secretary-treasurer for the Pneurnafil Corp. A graduate of Duke Univ. 1939, with a degree in business administration. A POW, awarded the Purple Newt and Silver Star. He wrote the book "My Longest Week"
DeHeer, Majorie, ASSOCIATE -- Palm Coast, Florida
    Majorie, the widow of ovulate Richard DeHeer, passed away suddenly on October 12, 1991. She had attended the 45th Annual Reunion at Huntsville in September. She told me, as we departed the Huntsville Airport, that she thoroughly enjoyed meeting with her old friends. Richard, her deceased husband, was a staunch supporter of the 106th Association. He had in years past held various offices. At the time of his death, in 1987, he was the CUB Editor. After his death Majorie continued publishing The CUB so that there would not be a break lirthe communications to the 106th Association.
Dobe, Francis, 422/C --Manchester, New Hampshire
    Date of death May 17, 1991. His death at age 77, was reported by Gabrielle, his wife of 56 years. Francis was interred in Stag IV-B, Muhlberg, then later at Stalag IV-F. He was past-commander and life member of both the DAV and Purple Heart, a life member of the AX-POW, as well as a member of the VFW and American Legion
Hocutt, 0. Malcolm, 589/A --Meridian, Mississippi Date of death January 1, 1991. No other details available.
Hoenenmeyer, John, 422/K -- Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of death December 12, 1990. No other detail known.
Kingston, Donald, 423/E -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date of death not known. mail returned marked 'Deceased."
Nielsen, Donald, 423/HO 1Bn -- Carpentersville, Illinois
    Lillian, his wife, reported that Donald died on August 8, 1991 at the age of 67. Donald was a life member and past Kane County commander of the VFW Post 5915, as well as a life member of the Ax-POW. Lillian, who has joined as an ASSOCIATE member says that she and Donald enjoyed the reunions and the friends that they met them.
Pftonenhauer, Thomas, 422/D -- Gladstone, Michigan Date of death September 30, 1991. No other detail available.
Wilson, Robert, 424/CN -- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dale of death unknown. Mail returned marked 'Deceased."
Seasons Greetings
Good Health
to all


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7831 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood, CA 94513 Charles F. Bieck 422/H (9) 7316 Voss Parkway, Maclean., W153562
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275th Armd. FA BN, 31
2nd Div., 48
30th Inf. Div., 34
422/K, 15, 16, 51
422/M, 15
422nd Inf., 41, 42
422nd Inf. Regt., 1, 10, 33, 41
422nd Regt., 1, 10, 33, 41
423rd Inf., 4
423rd Regt., 37, 44, 46
424/A, 14, 19, 20, 27, 43
424/C, 7, 8, 14, 19, 29, 34, 51
424/D, 14, 20, 49
424/E, 8, 14, 20
424/G, 14, 20
424/I, 44
424/L, 14
424th Inf. Regt., 44
424th Regt., 42, 43, 44, 49
589th FA, 15
589th FA BN, 15
590th FA BN, 15, 42
591st FA BN, 15
591st FAB, 15
592nd FA BN, 15
592nd FAB, 15
7th Armd. Div., 29
806th Ord. Co., 7
81st Eng/Hq, 15
81st Engr., 43, 45
8th Air Force, 44
After Action Report, 48
Alexander, William G., 18
Alsace, 25
Annual Reunions, 2
Ansel, Joseph J., 16
Ardennes, 1, 25, 28, 38, 48
Ardennes Battle, 48
Armington, Donald R., 20
Ashburn, Nolan, 20
Asher, Al, 37
Asher, Albert L., 37
Auw, 50
Bad Orb, 26, 31, 32, 47
Bad Orb, Germany, 47
Barbeau, John, 8
Bard, James A., 19
Battle of the Ardennes, 2
Bavaria, 27
Bayles, Darrel R., 19
Beaver, Johnnie, 39
Beaver, Johnnie R., 39
'Before The Veterans Die', 39
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Bryan, Virgil W., 26
Caldwell, Wesley, 17
Calhoun, 16, 27
Calhoun, John S., 27
Camp Atterbury, 1, 13, 26, 32, 46, 49
Camp Atterbury, IN, 26
Camp Lee, VA, 32
Camp Lucky Strike, 30, 32, 48
Camp Myles Standish, MA, 49
Camp Wheeler, GA, 28
Caplan, Bert, 22
Capshaw, Clifton, 19
Cariano, Samuel P., 36
Carver, Dale, 1, 39
Caudill, George W., 27
Cavender, Col., 26, 44
Central Europe, 25, 38
Chase, Fred B., 16
Cheek, Joseph H., 46
Childs, Dean, 36
Childs, Dean F., 16
Clay, Roy U., 31
Clements, Lawrence, 27
Clements, Lawrence C., 27
Co. I, 424th, 44
Cohen, Allen T., 7
Colley, Doug, 25
Collins, Mr., 25, 29
Collins, Sherod, 25, 35, 38, 52
Corrigan, Charles K., 23
Costa, Antone, 19
Costa, Lawrence B., 19
Cotswolds, 10
Cram, James, 40
Cram, James V., 40
Cram, Jim, 41
Creel, E. V., 24
Crosby, Lloyd R., 20
Dailey, Hampton J., 16
Datte, Nancy, 37
Davis, Sam, 29
Davis, William E., 18
Death of A Division, 33
DeHeer, Majorie, 51
DeHeer, Richard, 51
Dickerson, James, 49
Dickerson, James J., 17
Diehl, Lloyd J., 18
Div. Arty, 47
Div. Arty., 31
Div. HQ, 30
Dobe, Francis J., 7
Dobe, Gabrielle, 27
Dom, Edward W., 16
Dresden, 50
Duhamel, Laurence C., 27
Duke, Monroe C., 16
Edwards, Howard, 18
Ellsworth, Perry R., 23
Embury, Raymond R., 7
Enlow, Russell, 8
Fairford, England, 10
Fava, Roy, 27
Fisher, Leland R., 27
Fitzgerald, Robert T., 27
Fonda, James, 42
Fonda, James R., 42
Fonda, Jim, 42
Foster, Cedric, 28
France, 25, 26, 30, 32, 38, 39, 44, 51
Frankel, Jerome L., 7
Frankfurt, 32, 50
Frankini, Richard A., 7
Freedman, Henry, 42
Freedman, Henry E., 42
Friend, Floyd E., 19
Ft. Benjamin Harrison, 38
Ft. Jackson, SC, 41, 47
Gaither, Jack L., 16
Gallagher, John, 37, 42
Gallagher, John I., 22
Gatens, John, 47
Germany, 30, 40, 47, 48, 50
Gilliland, John, 11, 13, 25
Gilliland, John O., 24
Glasgow, 41
Gleina, 11
Gleina, Germany, 11
Gorlitz, 42
Gorlitz, Germany, 42
Graham, Richard B., 27
Grasso, Salvatore V., 17
Greve, Walt, 43
Greve, Walter, 43
Greve, Walter C., 43
Grimes, Robert, 16
Gruenzner, Norman, 29
Gunvalson, Russ, 43
Gunvalson, Russell, 36, 43
Gunvalson, Russell L., 43
Hale, William M., 29
Hall, John L., 17, 52
Hammelburg, 26
Hanover, 47
Hardy, Capt., 34
Harris, Abner T., 7
Harris, Isham A., 18
Hay, Reuben, 19
Hayden, Henry V., 22
Helwig, Gil, 25
Henning, James W., 17
Henry, Patrick F., 29
Herndon, Donald F., 22
Hill, Maj. H., 20
Hilliard, Roy M., 16
Hilliard, William W., 16
Hiltbrand, Walter, 16
Hines, Roy A., 44
Hinson, Arthur E., 23
Hirst, Robert, 29
Hirst, Robert G., 29
Hochstetter, Hubert, 44
Hochstetter, Hubert H., 44
Hoenemeyer, John H., 7
Hoff, Russell, 16
Hohenstein, 19
Holtzmuller, Don, 47
Hopbell, John, 29
Hopbell, John E., 29
House, Pete, 23, 50
Howell, Robert F., 20
Huminski, Edwin C., 20
Humphrey, Donald B., 23
Hunt, Kenneth, 19
Hurman, John, 29
Hurman, John J., 29
Iraq, 10, 47
Jacobs, Montague H., 7
Johnson, John C., 16
Johnson, Newton, 19
Johnson, Paul, 30
Jones, Alan W., 17
Jones, Brig. Gen. Alan W., 26
Jones, Byron A., 17
Jones, Gen., 26
Jones, Percy, 48
Jones, William B., 16
Jordan, Johnnie B., 48
Jose, Marvin L., 7
Justice, Gilbert W., 24
Kellett, Paul E., 30
Kelly, George S., 20
Kielmeyer, Capt., 33
Kiendl, Ted, 51
Killian, B. F., 22
Kingery, Hugh H., 23
Kline, J., 14, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 39, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49
Kline, John, 11, 13, 24, 25, 31, 36, 43, 52
Kline, John P., 2, 4, 52
Kommando, 11
Korea, 29
Kosow, Albert C., 30
Kwaczek, Carl S., 17
Lacey, Dave, 22
Lang, Elmer F., 7
Lange, Elmer F., 7
Lapato, Frank, 45
Lawson, Bill, 46
LeHavre, 44
Leige, 34
Leige, Belgium, 34
Libman, Oliver E., 19
Limburg, 32, 48
Limburg, Germany, 48
Linden, 37
Liverpool, 44
Lorient, 34
Lucky Strike, 30, 32, 48
Lyons, Robert N., 19
Mackowiak, Henry W., 19
Manfredi, John, 22
Manhay, 43
March, Albert R., 20
Marsh, Robert H., 18
Martin, Roland, 20
Massey, Joseph, 11
Massey, William R., 30
McCammon, James A., 46
McCarthy, Leonard J., 47
McDevitt, John F., 47
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 31
McMahon, Leo T., 31
McManamon, Hugh T., 19
Meagher, Herbert F., 16
Mellinger, John D., 47
Memorials, 52
Merz, Paul, 9
Messina, Carl, 22, 37
Metz, 8, 16, 30
Middleton, 37
Miedema, Eldon, 47
Miedema, Eldon L., 47
Mikalauskis, John L., 37
Miles, Joseph C., 7
Miller, Delbert L., 7
Miller, Murray, 31
Mills, James M., 19
Minor, Irvin G., 24
Morrissey, James C., 23
Mosley, Chaplain, 2
Mosley, Newton L., 23
Mosley, Rev. Dr. Ronald, 2
Moyer, George C., 19
Muhlberg, 51
Mulvey, John, 31
Murray, George, 20
Myles Standish, 49
National Archives, 46
Nelson, L. Willard, 17
Nester, George, 22
Nielsen, Donald, 7, 51
Normandy, 30
Normandy Beach, 30
Northern France, 25, 38
Nosser, Johnnie, 31
Nusbaum, Alfred S., 16
Odom, Joseph C., 19
O'Farrell, Donald A., 19
Olecki, Edward J., 16
Order of the Golden Lion, 3, 46
Oxford, 10
Paris, 39
Paris, France, 39
Parsons, Bernard L., 7
Percy Jones Hosp., 48
Perrin, Gen., 30
Persian Gulf, 10
Peters, Lewis M., 32
Phelan, William R., 17
Photos, 6
Pika, Morris, 26
Prewett, Ed, 1
Prewett, Edward, 4
Prewett, Edward A., 52
Prim, Archie, 32
Prim, Archie C., 32
Purple Heart, 38, 44, 51
Rasmussen, Delbert, 32
Rasmussen, Norman, 16
Rauch, Vic, 48
Rauch, Victor, 48
Rauch, Victor C., 48
Rediger, Delbert G., 20
Reunions, 2
Reyenga, William T., 19
Reynolds, John, 48
Reynolds, John J., 48
Rhine, 48
Rhineland, 25, 38
Rieck, Charles, 37
Ringer, Robert C., 23
Ritchie, Richard R., 19
Robb, Dr. John G., 1, 16
Robb, John G., 52
Roberts, John M., 24
Robson, Robert S., 19
Roche, Edward J., 7
Rogers, Aubrey W., 8
Roster, 1, 3
Roth, 20
Rubin, Arnold, 8
Rudnick, Miron, 41
Rusthoven, Jacob, 8
Rutledge, Boyd A., 4, 16, 52
Rydzinski, Edward, 16
Samples, L. Orvis, 24
Sandahl, Dean, 49
Sandahl, Dean E., 49
Sandberg, Robert E., 22
Sanders, Joseph T., 16
Sartori, Charles, 16
Saucerman, Gene, 9
Schlesser, John P., 24
Schnee Eifel, 2
Schonberg, 32, 34, 47
Sergi, Rocco J., 16
Shalhoub, John, 36
Sheaner, Herbert M., 33
Sheaner, Herbert M., Jr., 33
Sheaner, Jr., Herbert, 33
Sheehan, John P., 16
Siegfried Line, 48
Slaby, Ted, 16
Smith, Kenneth M., 18
Smith, Lawrence W., 21
Smith, Walter E., 8
Snyder, Walter M., 23
Southhampton, 44
Sparks, Richard D., 16
Spence, Julius A., 18
Spiegel, Jack J., 33
Spurlock, John W., 8
St. Nazaire, 34
St. Vith, 2, 29, 30, 31, 45, 52
St. Vith Memorial, 45, 52
St. Vith, Belgium, 2
Stalag 12-A, 48
Stalag 4-A, 50
Stalag 8-A, 42
Stalag 9-A, 43
Stalag 9-B, 26, 32, 47, 49
Stalag IV-B, 51
Stalag IV-F, 51
Stammer, Charles H., 16
Stephens, George W., 20
Streeter, William R., 23
Sulser, Jack A., 52
Sutich, Chris, 49
Sutich, Christian P., 49
Swier, Ted, 23, 33
Taylor, John, 34
Taylor, John W., 34
Teel, James, 8
Temple, Will S., 16
The Cub of the Golden Lion Passes In Review, 3, 39, 44
Thome, Michael, 16, 52
Thome, Michael N., 1
Thorsen, Devon C., 20
Thurlow, John, 49
Thurlow, John W., 49
Todd, Earl L., 22
Trautman, Frank, 8, 9
Underwood, Don, 33
Valovcin, Michael J., 8
van De Bogart, 20
Vance, George, 37
Vietnam, 29
Villwock, Russel, 5
Villwock, Russell, 5, 36
Villwock, Russell H., 53
Wakefield, 31
Wakeman Gen. Hosp., 38
Walden, Lawrence, 20
Walker, Jr., Neff, 34
Walters, Sgt., 34
Ward, Duke, 22
Warren, Clarence E., 8
Weiner, Milton, 36
Wenslow, Marshall B., 23
Werner, Herr, 50
Wessels, Robert R., 17
White, C., 23
White, George G., 19
Whitner, Don, 50
Whitner, Donald R., 50
William, Fred, 18
Williams, Blan E., 8
Williams, Fred, 18
Williams, Oliver G., 23
Wilson, Robert, 51
Wode, Robert B., 34
Wojahn, Edward, 50
Wojahn, Edward C., 22
Wood, Lt. Eric, 47
Woosley, Clarence L., 8
Wright, Guy, 20
Young, Edward E., 23
Zabinski, Conrad, 34
Zewe, William A., 19
Zimand, Gerald P., 16