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Vol. 47, No. 3, Apr. 1991

Carol Ristad Major Parker's niece presented the Major's photo to 106th Belgian friends at Parker's Crossroads.
Mary Jonckeau center Marie LeHaire to the right.
story on *Page 4

Important Information from the President
     Judging from the number of reunion reservations we have received, many of you are as excited about the 45th Annual Reunion as we are. We are looking forward to the largest reunion we have had to date. It is too bad that all of our members cannot attend, but we know that is impossible. We hope that those of you that miss Huntsville will try to attend the 1992 reunion at Pittsburgh or the 1993 reunion in Columbia.
     All reunion activities and plans are failing into place nicely, even though we started the registration process off to a bad start due to some mishandling of the original registration mailing. Parts of the registration form were not inserted in some envelop..
     Because of the original mistake, an additional error was made in the inserts that the editor placed in the February CUB. The Registration Fee and the Down- town Tour price was misquoted. s/once of correction Registration and Tour fees The registration fee is $85.00 per person, not $79. The Huntsville Downtown Thor is $20 per person, not $12. If you submitted $79 and/or $12 per person we will collect the difference when you register at the Huntsville Reunion.
     If you are taking the DOWNTOWN TOUR, tell me what time you want to go. The times are: 9:00am Thursday; 1:00pm Thursday and 9:00am Friday.
     The Marriott is not quite filled, there are 30 rooms left there. The overflow hotels are nearby and are equally as nice as the Marriott. Hotel Reservation and Cancellations At CUB press time, we have 210 reservations for the hotels, but only 185 reunion registrations. Of course, there is still time to send in your registration, WITH MONEY, before the August 1st deadline. You have the privilege of cancelling up to September 1.
     The hotels should send you a reservation confirmation. If you have not received yours, please call the Huntsville Convention & Visitors Bureau phone # 1-800-8430468. For in-state calls, please call 205-551-2230. If for some reason you have to cancel, please call the hotel that sent you the confirmation do not call the Visitors Bureau, but call the hotel. There is RV parking at the SPACE CENTER.
     Tour and Optional Events Criteria Because of Transportation/Logistics requirements, we will not be able to ADD or DELETE optional activities after August 1, 1991. The BBQ on Friday is on the
106th Infantry Division Association President John O. Gilliland, 1990 -1991


    Seed NAB., Service Battery The CUB of the Golden Lion Important Information from the President heavy side, no if you are already planning to be in Huntsville no later than 1 PM o Wednesday, consider attending the BBQ on Wednesday, but let on know. Photographs We have made arrangements for a firm to take pictures of individuals, groups and reunion activities. They will publish a Reunion Booklet with 16 to 24 pages, depending on the number of entries, for a cost of $12.00. You may order additional pictures at an additional charge. NOTE: There is no obligation to purchase the booklet or to purchase additional pictures. All photos taken at the reunion will be sent directly to you, and you must send a copy to me in order for the °Reunion Committee" to assemble those pictures and return them to the printer for inclusion in the booklet. It may take six months after the reunion before you receive the actual booklet. You may also include other photos not taken at the 1991 Reunion to be included in the booklet, as space permits.
Memorial Service and Reception, Huntsville 1991
     The 1991 Reunion Memorial Service will be held on Thursday September 19th at 4:00 PM at The Marriott, and our Reception at 6:30 PM at The Space Center. Scholarships I encourage nominations of descendants of 106ers for our Scholarship Awards. Please read the requirements elsewhere in this issue of The CUB.
     Board Member Nominees We need nominations for Board Members. If you have a nominee, or would like to be a Board Member.
READ THE FOLLOWING: 110 Members of the Association wishing to nominate an individual may do so by
sending his name and qualifications, for consideration, to the Nominating Committee Chairman:
     Orfeo Agostini, 202 Elizabeth Street, Hinesville, Georgia 31313 Location for the 1994 Reunion Where do you want to hold the 1994 Reunion? Think about it and make a bid proposal at the General Meeting in Huntsville. Come prepared with prices, locations and other details no that you can make the presentation.
     Camp Atterbury Memorial I have been notified that a Veterans Memorial will be built at Camp Atterbury and dedicated in 1992. S. 0. Paul Men's description of this project elsewhere in this CUB. Paul is our representative to the committee along with others like him from 10 other military outfits that cycled through Camp Atterbury.

     Chaplain's Message As I write this it is the end of March and like many of you I have been looking at the joyous scenes on TV of our service people who are returning from the Persian Gulf War. I had hoped that Iraq's leader would heed the call of the United Nations to remove his army from Kuwait. But that was not to be.
    We had all heard the predictions of what the casualties could be. Those of us who had experienced war closeup understand how bad it can be and how easy it is for people to be injured and killed. I doubt that any of us expected that it would end as quickly and with so few casualties. Each day that the war continued I joined with thousands of you in asking God to watch over those involved in the fighting and tr 803-484-68619 to bring it to a speedy conclusion. I doubt, though, that any of us expected it to end so quickly and with so few injured and killed. I am thankful to God for watching our service people and those of the other nations involved and for watching over the civilian populations of Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well. I am aware that to those who lost loved ones, the loss is just as great and maybe more so as they ask the inevitable question, 'Why my daughter, husband, son, or wife?" As a minister, I am constantly aware that there are no easy answers. I firmly believe that we live in a world over which God exercises control but I also understand that we live in a world of imperfect individuals. So long as this later is be case we will have tragedies involving the sinfulness of people. I do not believe..hat it is God's will that some of us die or are injured while others survive without any visible effects. We who are the survivors can only seek to know what contributions me can make in appreciation for that surviving. Jesus of Nazareth told people that those who died in natural disasters or were murdered by evil persons were no more guilty or deserving of death at that time than were those who survived.
     'Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galilean whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. Jesus answered, 'Do you think that these Galilean were worse sinners than all the other Galilean because they suffered this way? I tellyou, no! Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them- do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you, no!'"
     Luke 13:1-5a I rejoice with each of you that a war which could have been so costly, ended so quickly and with fewer casualties than most major cities in our country experience over the same length of time.
    Father God, we give you thanks for bringing the Persian Gulf War to a speedy conclusion and for watching over those involved in it. We pray for the loved ones of those who were killed and for the recovery of those injured. I would pray, too, for the people of Kuwait and Iraq as they seek to rebuild their countries. We ask your continued blessing and oversight of all of our service people. May you bless and use them and us to your glory. AMEN. Reverend EMIG, Black Jr., Chaplain 10610 Infant, O ivieion Assaialian 910 Ridge SE., Biehopville, SC 29010

     Cover Story Major Parker's Picture given to MariaLe Haire of Baroque de Fraiture "Parker's Crossroads" by John Gotens, 589th FAB, Biry A (See photo on front cover) In September of 1989, when I was at "Parker's Crossroads,' I asked Marie (owner of the restaurant) if she had a picture of Major Parker. She told me that not only did she not have one, she could not remember ever seeing one. I didn't think that was right. When I returned home, I wrote her to ask for a picture. I had corresponded with Mrs. Parker many times before, when I had information that I thought she would be interested in. This time she didn't answer, a niece did. The niece stated that Mrs. Parker was unable to answer, and she was handling her affairs.
     Carol Ristad (Major Parker's niece) sent me a small picture of Major Parker. She also told me that she was going to Europe early in 1990 and planned on stopping at the crossroads. I wrote back and told her I would write to Maria LeHaire and tell her that she (Carol) would be visiting Baraque de Fraiture (Parker's Crossraods).
     Later I wrote Maria, telling her of the arrival date of Rita and asked that they have an English speaking person availabe when she arrived. I had the Major's picture enlarged and framed and Rita delivered it to Maria LeHaire.
     I have a very warm feeling looking at the picture that I have enclosed (see the cover of this CUB). The picture was sent to me by Mary Jonckeau, a member of C.R.I.B.A., the person Maria contacted to translate for Carol. (another function of that great organization, C.R.I.B.A.). (The main highway between Bastogne and Sings is an important road. On it one may travel south to Basle, in Switzerland) north all the way toAmsterdam, Holland. It is crossed by the Laroche--Vielsalm highway, a road of secondary importance, connecting with Sedan to the southwest, linking the border roads to the northeast.
    Baroque de Fraiture was the name of the height where the erossraods hamlet stood, a huddle of typical Belgian homes with its one and only adornment, a four foot square concrete road marker To Parker's Crossroads las it would later be named) came, about 3:00 pan, 19 December, the fuing elements of the 589th Field Artillery Battalion, three 105mm howitzers, some machine guns, trucks and a hundred officers and Men... (from SL Vith: Lion la the Way, our ammo. page 1st, Major Arthur C Parker, III, in cnmmend of the 589th, along with his men, would in the next two days, make history at this crcesroads. The 589th made a gallant stand and prevented the German drive from from penetrating the thin-sprmd 02nd Ale-Home Division's right flank as the 2d SS 11 Penzers moved in for the kill. Wounded bya mortar shell on the afternoon of 21 December, while adjusting fire, Major Parker refused to be evacuated until he lost consciousness, (Refer to The CUB, page 13, Jan-FebMar 1990 forJohnGatens story of his return to Bereave de Fraiture where he had been captured in 1944, in the building now lmown as Madame Maria LeHaire's restaurant This story is a sequel to that story. J. Kline) According to Mary, the picture of Ma jor Arthur C. Parker III, and the flag, reman as shown on the cover of this CUB,i at the restaurant for all to see.
     A small memorial to a great man! In the picture is Carol Ristad (left), Mary Jonckeau ( middle) and Maria Le-Haire, owner of the restaurant ( right).


     Memorial Planned for Camp Atterbury On Saturday March 23, 1991 Paul Mere, 422 Service Company attended a meeting at Camp Atterbury. The meeting was the first board meeting of the Atterbury Veterans memorial Association.
     Paul describes the board meeting in a letter dated March 26, 1991 to John Gilliland, president of our association. He states as follows:
     "The meeting was very informative. he main emphasis of course, was the raising of monies to complete the Atterbury Memorial. So far approximately $50,000 has bee raised through corporations and interested individuals in Central Indiana. It is anticipated that another $50,000 will be needed to complete the Memorial. `Work has already started on the site. The pond has been dug and the grading has started. There is enough money (Government money cannot be used for this purpose) to build the basic park. By this I mean the parking areas, graveled walks, the wall and the plaques, the pads which the Army vehicles will be placed, as well. the basic landscaping. We were shown the surplus vehicles that have been pledged to this use.
     "It is estimated that the bronze statute will cost $35,000, concrete walks instead of gravel, a completely ip'luminated fountain and pond for an- other $15,000. This is the extra $50,000 mentioned above.
     "I can tell you this much, Colonel Stachel and his staff are dedicated to this project. This will be a non-profit organization and any monies donated by our members will be tax deductible.
     "The board will meet again on September 7, 1991. There were present, at this first meetiag, representatives from the 83rd Division, 30th Division and several smaller units that had something to do with the history of Atterbury. Many corporate people were also present. "The enclosed information sheets describe the goals and reasons behind the Atterbury Memorial.
    I hope that we can get this information in The CUB so that our members can respond to the Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association plea for help.°
     Paul Merz CONCEPT FOR CAMP ATTERBURY VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK AND DISPLAY AREA A fitting memorial to the Veterans of WWII, the Korean conflict, Vietnam and Desert Storm, who passed through Camp Atterbury, as well as a commemorative to the 50th anniversary of Camp Atterbury becoming a post. It will serve as a memorial and outdoor The CUB of the Golden Lion 5 Memorial Planned for Camp Atterbury The equipment display area will J- display of WWII type weapons systems to be visited by the public.
     The area bounded by Hospital Road, Fairbanks Street, Eggleston Street, Mess Hall Road north of 8th Street was chosen as the site.
     The entire block will be fenced with a single entrance/exit being constructed off Hospital Road. The entrance to the site will be constructed by culvert, concrete headers and driveway crossing the ditch from Hospital Road and leading to the fenced, gravel parking lot. The walkway from the parking lot will circumvent the existing pond in both directions and lead to the memorial well and statute, as well. to connecting walkways to the equipment displays.
     The misting pond will be outfitted with an illuminated fountain to add a touch of tranquillity to the scene. A 6' bronze statute on a raised platform is planned as funds become available. Backdrop to the statute will be an elevated, reinforced 40 foot concrete 8 foot wall with 24 foot wings at a 30 to 45 degree angle. Mounted on this wall will be limestone plates approximately 4' x 6' 4" emblazoned with the crests, name and contributions of the 10 major organizations that passed through Camp Atterbury during World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam conflict and Operation Desert Storm. In ground lighting will be installed to illuminate the statute as well as the wall mounted crests. The rear of the wall will be back filled with soil on a 5:1 grade and seeded to ensure that erosion will not take place and the grade will assure easy mowing. The top of the well will be furnished with covered receptacles for flag poles (2" diem) to accommodate U.S., Division, Army colors and standards for commemorative events. laid out to achieve a balanced effect and the connecting walkways will provide easy access. Each display item will be furnished with a plaque denoting the nomenclature and characteristics of the weapon.
     A plaque recognizing all individual and corporate donors who contributed in excess of $2,000 will be placed in the center walkway. (editor's note -- Included with the above was the proposed program Inane dedication to be held 15 August 1992. Notes on the history of Camp Atterbury were also included and both of these can be included in The CUB at a later date. Of prime importance at the moment is for the members of the 106th Infantry Division to respond, as they see fit, to the plea of the Camp Atterbury Veterans Association for help in this interesting and well meaning salute to the units that passed through Camp Atterbury.
    This will also be presented to the 106th Infantry Division Board during the Huntsville Alabama Reunion However -- the next board meeting of the Atterbury Association will be September 7, 1991, a few days before we meet in Huntsville. I am sure Paul O. Mere and Colonel Jorg Stachel of the Indiana Guard, the organizer of this memorial, would appreciate a show of faith from the men of the 106th. So troops --. leave it up to you. Support pan of your heritage.... editor) A donation blank has been placed in the center-fold of this CUB. It should be used to send your donations to: Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association, One Attention; Comptroller Office, Bldg 1 Hospital Road Edinburgh, IN 46124-1096

     Gregory Announces Scholarship Criteria The scholarship committee, heeded by John Gregory, announces substantial scholarships this year to the lineal descendants of living and deceased paid-up full members of the 106th Infantry Division. Lineal descendants include legally adopted and non-adopted step children who lived in the member's household AND were dependents of the member and his spouse while these step children were minors.
     Applicants most be nominated by a paid-up full member of the Association or his widow if he was a member at death. Nominating members letters should state his relationship to the nominee.
     The Board of Directors, at the Sacramento Annual Meeting, authorized a maximum of $1,000 per scholarship. Applicants themselves must: 1. Have the high school or college mail DIRECTLY to the committee, the following, The applicants GPA, with a notation of whether this is a weighted GPA; the student's class standing and a letter of recommendation and a transcript. TO REPEAT: these must come to the committee directly from the school.
2. Have their SAT scores mailed DIRECTLY from the testing agency to the committee. All applicants.
     3. Submit a letter of application to the committee. This letter may be in any yle and should contain the following items: Who he or she is; what he or she does, eg: sports, hobbies, travel, interests, accomplishments and describe any work experience; why he or she would like to pursue a particular course of study; why he or she is applying for this scholarship and what the applicant would like to do in life. 4. The letter must also state that the applicant originated, composed and wrote the entire letter. Letters prepared for the applicant by any outside person or organization violates the spirit of this requirement and would therefore be unacceptable.
     Please NOTE!: All application material must be received by 30 June 1991. address to: Scholarship Committee 106th Infantry Division Association c/o John Gregory, Chairman 4624 Ashton Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864.
     All applications become the property of the 106th Infantry Division Association. The selected applicants will have the scholarship money deposited to their account at their chosen school. Thus it will not be given directly to the students. signed by John Gregory


     7 Fairford, England in the lush Costwolds by Dan Med, 422/A One of my fondest memories of the war era has to do with a small town called Fairford.
     Fairford, in the lush Costwolds west of London, was where my outfit, the First Battalion of the 422nd Regiment, was stationed in October, 1944.
     It was a nice time of year to be in England, as you might recall, and Fair-ford was the quaint sort of town a movie director might select for a film about rural Britain, including the town pub and a 500-year-old church. I've never forgotten Fairford. But I didn't manage to get there, since it's in an out-of-the-way place, during several tripe back to England since WW-2. Over the years I kept looking for references to Fairford in newspapers, magazines and books about the British Isles, to no avail.
     So it was a nice surprise when, in early February, there was an article in The Chicago Tribune about a Costwold town that had "a chance to relive its finest hour as B-52s return." The town in the story was Fairford, "a picturesque village two hours west of London,' the nearby air base was used by bombers that assaulted the Persian Gulf.
     "The Royal Air Force flew British Stirling bombers against targets in Germany from here in World War II," the story reported, "and gliders that landed behind the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944." Recently, The Tribune noted, the air base at Fairford was used by planes that carried 29 tons of bombs to Iraqi targets 2,750 miles away.
     The B-52s were a welcome sight in Fanfold. The air base is no longer used by the RAF and, when SAC moved out, economy it pulled the plug on a part of the to only last year."ll I remember a pub called The Bull in Fairford, though I was only there once or twice to drink a little ale and watch some airmen throw darts. There was an Air Force hospital near the huts usedby our battalion, but I didn't realize they had an air base at Fairford. Maybe I knew it, then forgot it. But I do remember TheBull, and was interested to read that the decor in the pub includes plaques from two B-52 units. The big planes were at Fairford on annual exercises dubbed "Mighty Warrior" from 1979 until October, 1990.
     The Trib's story didn't mention the church. It looked like something from "Mrs. Miniver° and I remember going there one Sunday morning a few days before the 106th sailed for France. It seemed like a prudent thing to do.

. lI don't recall much else about Fair-rd. But I was amused to read that the ir base is adjacent to a poultry farm
     that, no doubt, was there in 1944 and 50 or 100 years before that. "Several thousand chickens live there,"thepaperreported. "When B-52s had flown out of the base in the past the birds had been more unnerved by helicopters than by the screaming 8-engine bombers."
     "They've got to do what they've got to do," a farmer said in reference to the base's mission. "Don't they?" That is the way it was when our outfit was at Fairford, as we were doing what we had to do.
     I can still see the big, gray mansion on the grounds at Fairford in my mind's eye, It was used by our officers as I recall it. My memories of our huts are a lot clearer. And of course I remember mail call, our great Thanksgiving dinner in the mess hall, the nightly broadcasts by Glenn Miller's band the occasional drone of planes overhead.
My worst memory of October, 1944, had to do with the upcoming presiden-
tial election. I was old enough to be in
the infantry but I was too young to vote.
I'm still a bit miffed about that.

Members of the lefith Infantry Division who attended the 3rd Annual Reunionof POW's
     from Stalags 9A, 9B and 9C, The Reunion was held in Waco Texas, April 23-25 1990. Charles Hunter of 423d Cannon Go. was the host.
Front L/R - Gaylord Elliott 424,44, Lawrence Perkins 424/H, Eugene Reich 423/I; James Green 422/049
     313n; Boyd Baer 28th Di, James Dickerson 423/HQ 313, Dean Sandahl 42293; Jake Underwood 590/13; Charles Reick 422/11; Charles Burt 423/F, and Charles Smith 422/D SexondIJR - Pete House 590/A; Jack Woodward 590/115, William Hilliard 422/1{; Kenneth Smith 42324, Edward Young 590/A; Eugene Saucerman 422/D; Robert York 422/D Ward Richardson 422/D; Bill Jenkins 422/4 and Charles Hunter 422/Cn Third LfR - Williard Diefenthaler 422, William Lane 423/A., Richard Peterson 423/1; and Donald Canfield 423/11 Photo by Pete House 590/A The CUB of the Golden Lion It's Time to Order Due to the lack of originals from tit Order "The CUB Passes in Review" NOW! GET YOUR CHECKBOOKS OUT past, the book does not contain photo- - I have just finished the preparatory graphs. work for 'The CUB Passes in Re- Need I.y this -- Not every story view." from the past is reprinted, for there were over 4,000 pages published since This book w. announced at the Sacramento Reunion and has received 1946. However, I feel that the material some casual publicity in the CUBS. I picked will possibly give you a broader since. knowledge about the 106th than you The time has now come that we now have.
     Must have a definite order from each How large is the Book? member that desires the book. We can- I have assembled 481 pages. Added not publish an unknown number of to that, will be five pages in the "Table books in speculation of sale. We have of Contents."I have yet to write a "Prof- guaranteed the price to the member- ace"to the book, but that should be only ship, with the stipulation that if it is not a couple of pages. With Reverend produced that the money will be re- Black's dedication fly leaf, it will be funded. ready for print. The printer tells me it What is this book? will be 496 pages to conform with print- ing 18 sheets on a plate.
     The book will be 8 x 10 inches in size, a bound book with a hard cover which contains it's name and en embossed replica of the 106th Infantry Di vision patch. The cover is an clear "sp. proof' material. The book will be of excellent quality and one that you can be proud of and pass along to your family and friends.
    The printer is a world-reknown publisher of law books - the largest in the world. To give you an idea of their size. They can knock out 220,000 full does it include? color book covers a day. Their plant There are seventeen chapters, each covers 1.2 million:square feet, representing a category of CUB infor- The production manager told me it mation. Division History; Unit History; would take less time to run 1,500 books, Individual History; Division Awards; than it took for me to get the price Unit Awards; Individual Awards; quotation. Fantastic! Books; Bag Lunch (a popular column by Gen Jones in the early CUB days); Gen- A guaranteed price of $30.00 was eral Interest Stories; Association His- given at the Sacramento Reunion in tory; Chapter History; A complete 1990. This includes shipping. We have resume of the birth and life of the Saint guaranteed prices from the printers, Vith Memorial; POW Stories; A Review but we must know NOW bow many we of the Reunions (whichstarted in 1947); need to print.
     Stories of Tour-Groups and Individuals At this point forward this is not a returning to Europe. "pledge" situation, it is en "ORDE It is a review of interesting and important stories that have been published in The CUB since it's inception. The first stateside CUB was published August 1946, since that time approximately 185 CUBS have been published. The CUB Passes in Review" is a composite of those CUBS that were published in the past. Material is included from the start up of The CUB, to the most recent CUB which was the JanFeb-Mar 1991 CUB. What type of stories What is the cost? 10

     Order 'The CUB Passes in Review" NOW! duation. Money must be forwarded with your order at $30.00 per copy. You can order as many as you wish. We already have some firm orders from Sacramento, but also a lot of promises. Now is the time you HAVE TO FIRM UP THE ORDER. If you want your book before the 1991 Huntsville Reunion, then please submit your order NOW! -- TIME is of the essence.
    Send $30.00 per book for the number of books you wish to receive. Send the money and order to: Sherod Collins, treasurer 448 Monroe Trace Kennesaw, GA 30144
     If my word to you as your editor has ever meant anything, then it should now. I have invested nearly 400 hours of labor into this project. It has been a fascinating adventure for me and I now the book will something that you ill cherish. I guarantee you that this is one of the best buys you could expect to receive. Similar military unit books have been selling for over $50.00 and contain less than one-half the material that "The CUB Passes in Review" contains.
To Order "The CUB Passes
     in Review" use the order blank in the centerfold of this CUB We need your firm order before we go to print This book is about you. When you hold it in your hands it will feel alive. It is the 106th Infantry Division and the 106th Infantry Division Association bound between two covers. The material on the Division and Unit History, along with the History of the St. Vith Memorial, are alone, well worth the money. It should not be called a "History Book" for that type of book tends to be "dry." This book is alive with stories written by the men of the Division. Men of all rank have had an input to the stories of the past. There are also several "outside" stories from Saturday Evening Post, Stam and Stripes and Yank magazine, as well as stories relating personal experiences of von Rundstedt and Hasso von Manteuffel, the leaders of the Germans that opposed us.
This is "us" the 106th.
Invest in stories about your history.
We HAVE to know how many to order.
    John Kline CUB editor Editorof 'The CUB Passes in Review" The CUB of the Golden Lion 11 A Letter to the Mayor of Leipzig The Inquiry March 10, 1990 Mayor of Leipzeg, Germany This is a letter I have wanted to write for many years. I was captured in the Betide of the Bulge December 19, 1944. I was marched to Stalag 12-A at Limburg, Germany and from there by train to Stalag IV-B at Muhlberg, Germany. About the middle of March, 1945 I became sick with pleurisy and was taken to Lazaretto Di-G, Leipzig, Germany. At the time of our capture two of my friends and I tried to stay together. We three were at Stalag IV-B and of course when I became sick we were separated. About a week before liberation one of my three friends, PFC Kennith Peterson showed up at the hospital (Laurette). Hewes suffering from malnutrition and yellow jaundice. We were glad to see each other. Two or three days later he said that he didn't think that he was going to live and asked me to see that his parents would get his wrist watch. Three or four days later, during a night air raid Kennith died. Liberation came for us onApril 19, 1945. I wrote to Kennith Peterson's parents and sent them his watch. They invited me to visit them which I did and met Kennith Peter- son's in Shirley whom I later married. My question is, would there be any way to find a record of where PFC Kennith Peterson was buried and perhaps a picture of the grave? Is the building Lazaretto IV-G building still there? I remember it being next to a big railroad yard in Leipzig. Very Truly Yours, signed Hampton J. Dailey (editor's note - Hampton, `IC Cons. pony, 422d Regiment, is anew member who joined in mid-1990. See NOV- 1990 CUB, page 36, wherein he relates 7fto hie marriage came about, due to the Battle of the Bulge." In a recent telephone conversation Hampton pressed how pleased he was to have finally heard news of the disposition of his friend, his wife's cousin Kennith. He and his wife are grateful that Kennith lays at rest in a green meadow...) PSP B i> " The Answer From the Staatsarchiv - Leipzig 19 September 1990
Regarding: Kennith Peterson, died April 11, 1945, age 22 Mr. Dailey,
After taking much time to get to Central
Records Office, we just received your lettelit
Our i nvestigation shows that yo friend, Kennith Peterson, was lased to res
in Leipzig.
     There are lists of people that died in Leipzig's Laza.retten (Hospital) during air-raids. These lists are being kept at the Leipzig Stid-Friedhof (South-Cemetery).1t is there where we found that Kennith Peterson's grave is at the Ost-Friedhof (East-Cemetery),
He is listed under, Altioilutxpu O. Crop, Rollie th stollen Section ti,; Group it Row DI; Pint L
     We are sorry, but the gravesite itself is not visible anymore. Numerous soldiers are buried there which is now a green meadow. Until 1970 there still used to be wooden crosses to mark the sites, but they were not renewed after they deteriorated. This is very sad We are saddened to have to inform you of this and leave you with greetings. mit freundlichen Grafton
signed Evelyn 7777777

P.S. It is not known where Laurette IV-G was located. 12 The CUB of the Golden Lien
    Buddies to the Bloody End Club Emmert, 424th Headquarters Ca Staff Sergeant, Wire Chief ,icture, taken during The Bulge, as it on the CUB for the February-March 1949 issue. tuber 17, 1990
Mr. Kline,
     are this time of the year brings many memories to all of the terans. You are sure doing an togjob in keeping those memo-and making sure those trying I never be forgotten.
     zed please find copies of two (2) ecently came across in my files ought might be of interest to arly February 1946, I thought se a good idea to keep in touch the "ole gang" in our 424th rters Communication Platoon, tion. Than was started what been an advanced edition of
     ,f the enclosed letters is a copy er dated February 9, 1946, that dr. Herbert B. Livesey,Jr. who at time Secretary-Treasurer of Infantry Division Association. Please note the letter head, "BUDDIES TO THE BLOODY END" and the copy of the Division's shoulder patch. You may not recognize the fellow, in the picture, sitting on the front of the hood of the 6X6 but he is our Association Past President, John Fritz.
     We kept in touch with most of the wire section platoon via this letter for about four ( 4 ) years and then most of us became members of the "CUB of the GOLDEN LION." John may I add "Seasons Greetings" to you and the association and wish you much success in the years to come. You will never fully realize the value of the work you are doing in keeping all of us together and informed about the 106th Division. I have a copy of the crest or Regimental Insignia of the 424th. Infantry Regimen , if you don't have one.
     May God bless you and may your moccasins make many tracks in the snows to come. David S. Emmert (editor's note - Dave was one of the original members of the `106th Infantry Division Association. signing aboard while at Camp Lucky Strike. I copied the top of the letter you wrote to the other members and to Herbert Livesey, the first Sec-Tres of the Association Nice talking to you on the phone. I only wish you had an original of the group photo that appears on the letter head. Good Luck - Good Health-- J. Kline) Dave's original letter, an he say, maybe a forerunner to The CUB UB cit4 GOLDEN LION Dave Here his appear.
    Decc Deal I'ms back ma 106th ye outstani ries alivt times wi Encl letters I that I tt you. In s it would with all Headque Wire Se may hay the "GUI One of the IonI sent to was at th e 1060 The CUB of the Golden Lion 13 Buddies to the Bloody End Club
February 9, 1946

Dear Buddy,
     I guess by this timeyou are probably wondering what this is all about. A number of the old gang have sent letters to me asking about different addresses and news from the fellows that I have decided to start a little chain letter that will be passed along to each of the lads and finally it will get back to me and I will compile the news and start a new letter as soon as the old one comm back.
     I would like to know if you like the idea, and if you do, answer by return mail, and I will prepare a new one, This letter is being sent to all the old gang that went over seas with as and also some of the replacements we received while over there.
     The picture that appears in the upper left hand corner of this is my own idea, with the thought in mind that if you have a good snapshot of the little. woman and would like to have it printed on the news letter, Ill see what can he done about it. Any picture will do creme it is clear and, of course, will pass postal inspection. `Mice Maloney gave the Club it's name. Send any comments along and We'll tell him what we think on our next letter to all of you. (That's a joke Chrome, that is a joke son).
     In sending this letter I plan to make up a list of the fellows living around your neck of the woods and for example, I will send the first one to Buck in Milwaukee and he will send it down to Walt Keating in Chicago, then Walt sends it over to Happy in Cleveland, Happy sending it on its way by touring 01110 with Willie Proberts, Edwards, Clas and then on back to me or on to some one else until we get all the rumors. The some thing goes for the northeastern part of the States. First up to Gash and Shark in ny - 1- ..-YA me I., INP.Nny DIVISION ASSOCUTIoN c.14, Herbert B. Livesey, Jr was the first Secretary-Treasurer of the 106th Association.
     Here he gives support to Enunert's letter as explained in this article New York, then over to Mick the Is O'Malley down to Maloneyw and soo thru the list of buddies until we have heard from them all. The fellows that live in the far west I'll try to send them a separate letter so they can return it in time for the next issue.
     When you answer this letter give me the nemes of the fellows you would like to hear from with their address. and I'll make up a schedule and well see how each of the guys are getting along. I think we can have lots of fun and we can get the news from each other with but one letter. Here's hoping to hear from all of you in the near future, and you ad better send the little woman a big Valentine or you will be living on the wrong side of the road.
Best regards to all, signed by Dave Emmert, Hagerstown, MD P.S. Send your birthday dates along too.

THE LION'S SHARE Donald Young, 422/I has published a book entitled `The Lion's Share.'
This book deals with the miraculous lass of Americans in the Bulge -- green troops caught in the
mist of the snow of the Schnee Eifel in Germany, December 1944. The author says, 'I wanted to show
     what it was like when a soldier first discovers that unseen ghosts are trying totake his life -- enemy soldiers dressed as GIs; when he realizes his own planes are bombing him; that the Germans are carrying out the slaughter den entire division, a unit made up of untrained mein cooks, truck drivers who never fired guns, and are unprepared to take on Tiger Tanks from the deadly Panzer units. The novel reveals what happen.' to the lost soldiers in Germany, before their release by the Russian army, concluding with an account of the life of the survGors in France before their return home. AVRANCHES PRESS, moo

     11011 Cheryl Way, Aptos, CA 95003 Front LiFt Jeannie Walden; Freida Vanderhorst; John Manfredi & Jane Manfredi, 424/MED; Rose Rosalie Back L/R, Lawrence Walden, 424/10; William Houser, 424/MED Eric Vanderhorst, 423/F; John Rosalie, 423/C Apoligies from the editor for this late printing of a picture from the Sacramento Reunion.

     15 I 965th Field Artilleryman Applauds the 106th (editor's note In August of 1989 Russell We are also having a reunion here, Villwock of 106 Signal, sent me a letter written Northampton, Mass. Sept 11, 12, 13, by a Mike O'Connor, member of the 9135th Field and 14, 1989. This will be our fifth get- Artillery Battalion, one of the supporting units together.I am looking forward to it. Good the 'ORDER of BATTLE' listed on page 237 of ST. VITH: LION in the WAY, our division Luck with you reunion.
     history. Mike has since then joined our Associa- Very Truly Yours, Hon as anASSOCIATE member. I think you will Mike O'Connor, Chairman appreciate his letter. Mike apparently saw the 17 Warren Street advertising that Russell Villwock placed in the Florence, MA 01060 BULGE BUGLE, a publication of the VETER- (editors note -- I wrote to Mike and he re- ANS of the BATTLE of the BULGE.. J. Kline) sponded. see letter below, with information con- August 28, 1989 slating of his letter, an Alter Action Battle Russell Villwock Report on the 965th, and a copy of GENERAL 1989 Reunion Chairman ORDERS r44, which apparently came from an 106th Infantry Division old publication from the ADJUTANT GEN- ERAL'S OFFICE. See information about the 6908 W. Higgins AGO copy at the end of this article.
Chicago, IL 60656


    Before I forget it, Mike - Thanks for all the information, and especially for the 'Thanks. Members of the 106th Division: that you gave in your letter. You will see why we appreciate your letter, compered to one I finally We, the members of the 965 FAB (155 got nerve to reproduce at the end of this article Howitzers), Eight Corp Artillery, think ....J. Kline/ very highly of the actions of your divi- sion during the Ardennes campaign. Mike's answer to my letter: Our Battalion was in close support of
the 591 F.A.Bn. (105mm) and the 424th

Dear Mr. Kline:
IL Infantry Regiment. We were located August 20, 1990
     over the hill from these boys. Our Able Foundyour letter September 23, 1989 Battery was about 1500 yards from the letter as I was cleaning up my files. 424th. We had three Ops in your area. However, better late than ever.
    We fired over 1,017 rounds of 155mm In the noted paragraph about the 106 ammo on December 16 in support of the historical records do not comply with our 424th which inflicted heavy damage and "After action Report" of December 1944. held the line against the German 62d We had helped to reinforce the fire misVolksgrenadier Division. They so dam- sions of the 591 F.A.Bn., who was sup-aged and routed the 62 VG Division that porting the 424 R.C.T. Starting on the the Germans could not launch another 11, December 1944 when your Division effective attack until December 21 when replaced the 2nd Division on the line. they got more support. We helped support the 591 F.A.Bn. up We are very grateful for the heroic until about the 19, December 1944, deeds that these boys performed. They when we were attached to the 7th Arsaved our positions and our lives. Many meted Division's 434 Armored F.A.Bn. thanks. On the 11, December, 1944 our Able We hope your reunion will be success- Battery was located about 1500 yards ful. It is always nice to see old friends. behind the 424 R.C.T. We maintained There was also another article in the three ground OP and also air OP in the Bulge Bugle about the members of Corn-vicinity.
     parry K, 110th Infantry who held a reun- On 16, December 1944 our Battalion ion on April 21 1989, they were port of fired 1017 rounds of 155 mm in counter the 28th Division. battery and infantry support. On the 16

965th Field Artilleryman Applauds the 106th licetuber 1944 we fired 892 rounds of 155 eon.
     At this time due to the fog and German advance we lost our OP. During this time we had to fire at known enemy locations and crossroads.
     On 19, December 1944, our Charlie Battery was attached to the 112 R.C.T of the 28th Division which was separated from their Division by the German advance and was having a problem at Radschied. Charlie Battery occupied a position near the town of Beho. While in position here a request for support was received to support friendly troops in vicinity of Gouvy station. When this mission was accomplished Charlie Battery joined the Battalion at Commaster. On 1, January 1945 we were attached to the XVIII Corps (ABN) in a town called Heyd, Belgium. On the 10, January 1945 in the vicinity of Bergeval, Belgium we supported the 424 R.C.T. until they were relieved by the 75th Division. 1111 The information that Isent you on the ELGIAN CROIX DE GUERRE" was sent to me by one of our members who had been browsing through the National Archives.
Suitland Reference Branch Nation Archives Washington, D.C. 20409
     He states that there is so much information available that the best way is to go there and find what you want, and have a copy made of it. signedby Mike O'Connor, 965th F.A.B From AGO 585B Sept. 851710"-49 GENERAL ORDERS No. 44 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington 25, D.C.
14 September 1949
     Section II, UNITS ENTITLED TO FOREIGN DECORATIONS--Sec II,DA General Orders 24, 1947, further amended Awarded under Decree No. 6185, 4 June 1949 by Charles, Prince of Belgium, Regent of the Kingdom (for citation see "7th Armored Division").
4. Non-Divisional units a Army Ground Folces lints ADD Met Engr Combat Bn, Hq & Hq Sery Co. & C Co.
106th Inf Div, MP Plat 106th QM Co.
106th Signal Co.
331st Medical Be, Co. C 423d Inf Reg, 3d Plat, Co. F 424th Inf Reg
591st FA Be
806th Ord LM Co.
820th TD Be
(units attached to the 106th) 2d Armd Med Bn, Co. B
9th Armd Engr Bn, Co. B 14th Cav Gp, Hq & Hq Troop 14th Tank En
16th Armd FA Be
27th Armd Inf Bn
89th Cav Ron Sq, Co. D, w/atchd Plat, Trp E & Cu. F
112th Inf Reg
13Ist Armd Ord Maint Bn, Co. C
168th Engr Combat Be 229th FA Be
275th Armd FA Bn (105mm How)
460 Prcht FA Bn
482d AAA AW Bn, Btry B (SP)
517th Prcht Inf Regt 596th AB FA Bn
634th AAA AW 13n
643d TD Be, Co. B (37) 811th TD Be, Co. A (SP) 814th TD Bn (90mm) (SP) 965thFA Bn -- Mike's unit
    The CUB of the Golden Lion 17 Cut or pull from center of book t Use this blank for DONATIONS to CAMP ATTERBURY VETERANS MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION (Refer to page 5 of this CUB for the story on this project) This Memorial is being built to honor the veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm. As a member of the 108th Infantry Division Association I wish to donate the following for the construction of a the Memorial Park and Display Area. Name: Address: City, State and ZIP: Enclosed is my contribution for the Camp Atterbury Memorial Park and Display Area. (Indicate the size of you donation below) $10.00; $20.00- $30.00 $40.00- $50.00; iv Other; Make check payable to and MAIL to: Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association Camp Atterbury Indiana National Guard, Building al Edinburgh, IN 46124-1096
    You will be keep in formed of the progress of this Memorial, and are cordially invited to attend the dedication ceremony on Saturday, 15 August 1992. Note to the Memorial Association: I am a veteran of the 106th Infantry Division, or was attached to the 106th: Unit: (pine the name of your unit here - og: M Company, 423d Infantry Regiment, or 592 FAB, C Btry or 166 Signal - ea.) Cut or pull from center of book Use this blank for placing an order for the book "The CUB Passes in Review" (Refer to page 10 of this CUB for more detail on this book offer) The CUB Passes in Review' is a beautiful hard bound, 8" by 10" book with an i attractive "Infantry blue" cover. A full color 106th Infantry insignia is displayed on the front cover. "The CUB Passes in Review" contains 496 pages. It is a review of the interesting stories as they appeared in TH CUBs of the past. Stateside publication of The CUB as it appears today started with Vol 3, in August of 1946. Since that time there have been 185 CUBs published. Over 4,000 pages of material was researched for this edition, therefore the name - "The CUB Passes in Review" I }mow that many of you will want more than one copy, possibly for family members, so that you can keep the history of the 106th Infantry Division alive.
    Full details on this book project are on pages 10 and 11 of this CUB 1111 Please send me copies of "The CUB Passes in Review" at $30.00 each They will be mailed, POSTPAID to the address you indicate below. Name: Address: City, State and ZIP: Mail your check to the Treasurer: Sherod Collins 448 Monroe Trace Kennesaw, GA 30144
    A message from your CUB editor IMPORTANT! ORDER NOW! We must act quickly to conserve a guaranteed price quotation. I would like to see the book in your hands prior to Huntsville Reunion, because I know it will be the source of much information and conversation. It is a book that you will be proud of. We will not invest in a large number of extra copies. If you do not place an order ev, the book may not be available later on. We MUST KNOW how many to order. (editor's note - Mike, again thanks for all the info. Your expression of appreciation to the 106th, backed by the written history of the Bulge,broughttomy memory a letterthat I have in my files.' received fromRussell Villwock. The letter was written to Russ, as 1989 Reunion Chairman. He forwarded it to me with letters that he had received as chairman of reunion. It the letter) has eaten a hole in my heart ever since You 'mow and I know that the 106th performed, under the circumstance, the best that it could. History and the freedom of information has proven that Many of as were tom by the bad press that we received right during and right after the war. Any great battle has shirkers and cowards, but they area minority. The letter I em reproducing below comes froma traitor. His own words, ifyou study the letter, will show that it was he, not the 106th that was acme/title obviously ran away from his duties and his obligation to his own men and his country.' have some explanation for lny theory which will follow... J. KIhnel A Leifer from a former Cowardly Lion..
     Russell, I was looking thru the VFW Illinois paper and I noticed that you are organizing the 43rd Annual Reunion of the 106th Inf Div. I must say that I am surprised that there are some members left that are proud of the 106th -- I would be ashamed -- The U.S. has had surrenders in their past, but the 106th pulled off the biggest mass surrender in history.
     I was at Fort Jackson in March of 1943 when the 106th was activated --went on maneuvers in Tennessee with it in January 1944 -- Then to Atterbury in the summer of 1944 -- Then to Guiding Grange, England and then on to the Continent in Oct 1944.
     When the German attack came I was 3rd Platoon Leader, Tech Sergeant, 422nd Infantry, in a rifle company. I .w my Company Commander want to surrender immediately when we were overrun. I and four of my men got out and t joined the 28th Division, 110th regiment and stayed with them all the way. I was proud of that, that we fought against the krauts.
     We saw, from a distance, the lines of U.S. 106th prisoners. We saw what happened, Now you fellows want to drink and ' make merry and talk about being a hem -- No Thanks! You guys are fooling yourselves -- Why don't you read this in front of your MEAGER audience in September? signed: A former Cowardly Lion Counterpoint -- the Editor's Viewpoint Editor, John Kline There! -- I finally published n, this later I have held for nearly two years. I have hoed within my own thoughts concerning the Battle of the Bulge for many years. In the early years after the war I was also confused about the sues. Butt havesincethen been convinced that is we did what we could.
     Let me inject my thoughts about the nialt who wrote this letter. First it is a study in pay ehology, and a psychologist I am not But, here I feel sorry for a person who could carry this load on his shoulders all these yeam. He is either intolerant to, ignorant, or has not taken the time to study history. I picture him sitting at the bar bashing every other soldier except himself, and then lauding himself for what he says he did. I don't doubt that he was a member of the 106th, else he has made a thorough study of the 106th. He probably isn't a member of the Association or he would have read about the reunion in the CUB or from the registration letters sent by Villwock
     It is hard to believe that he was with the 422d. My reason -- The 422d on the Schnee Eifel, was the left flank unit of the 106th. The 110thRegimad of the 28th Division was nearly 20 miles south southwest, to the right of the 106th. To have joined the 110th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Division, this man and his alleged companions would have had to travel through the 423d, 424th and the 112th Regiment of the 28th to get down to Leiler, Germany, to join the 110th Reghnent. Quite a feat under POINT -- A letter from a former Lion 18

I COUNTERPOINT -- the Editor's Viewpoint battle conditions with the krauts pressing all units on that front.
     Why did not he and his companions join the 424th, instead of the 110th Regiment. They also made a tough choice in picking the 28th Division's 110th Infantry Regiment It was literally wiped out and suffered as greatly as did the 423d and 422d of the 106th.
     The 112th Regiment of the 26th was separated firm the 28th, and fought with our 424th in their great withdrawal and recouping action, then further down the road helped the 424th re-liberate many of the villages in our original Another error in his letter was that he went to the "Continent" in Oct 1944. My diary shows the 4238 arrivingat Leldavre, France en November 30, 1944.
    To get back to our man -- he says he was a Tech Sergeant Platoon Leader of a rifle company. When did he get time to scope out the territory and make such a smooth get-away. Anybody out there know a Tech Sergeant and three men who drove away from the battle? The history I have shows that approximately 300 he from lines the 423d and the 422d Regimen. filtrated the German and made it back to he Division. These men, the that were phst catty able, were assigned to the remaining units of the 106th I hove no record of any being assigned to the 28th Division. He said he joined the 110th Reg and 'stayed with them all the way!' I don't think you walk into another Division and stay there, they would eventually have to return to their original unit - at least for book-keeping purposes_ Most all of the men of the 106th that were captured were marched through the St Vith - Pry= corridor roads to Pram thence on to Gerolstein and on into Germany. How could he see all the way from his 110th Infantry Regiment position south of Leiter, all the way to the roads leading from Schinberg to Prim" Something 78 fishy hem.
     Gentlemen, I think hem M one man who is really mixed up. Probably one of those that I have heard of, in private conversation, who jumped and ran at the lust sign thatthings were going had on the front. He is probably trying to salve his own conscience. I am sure what I write won't change his thinking, but it has helped me to air his letter. The letter was postmarked Jul 5,1982 The postmark indicates it was sent from
     I post office No. 6103, SUBURBAN, IL, which Russ Villwock said was in the Chicago area. I invite any comments on this subject from any of you, including the writer of the letter.
     ()RYES! --to the writer and to those 106ers who were unable to get to the Schaumburg Reunion in 1982 The MEAGER crowd turned out to be 603 loyal 106ers, their guests and wives. They enjoyed their reunion and sat down together for the Saturday banquet, to share mmracteship and joy. I don't remember any one proclaiming to be a HERO, but there were some there. There was at least one Silver Star and Bronze Star recipient, and many other proud men who still carry the scars of the battle. There are many 106th soldiers who were decorated for their actions in combat. Their names stand on the records. To name a few would be a mistake for I am sure I would miss sm.. This man's remarks are an insult to all of us, and in particular to those that died in the Battle of the Bulge. Mr. who-ever you are, it would be interesting to really know whether you were in combat or did in fact run to protect your own hide.... J. Kline, CUB editor
     Soapy Pegues, CO of Troop E, 106 Amon Squadron with Pete House 690/A. Scotty's assault guns broken down the gates otOtalag 9B, Bad Orb on April I, 1045. He said his entire squadron was very depressed when they saw the terrible camp conditions.
     Scotty was guest speaker at the Waco, TX meeting, see page 9. The 106 Bacon was not part of the 106th Infantry Division.
Scotty said they also found Red Cross parcels in a box-car near Bad Orb.
    The CUB of the Golden Lion 19 New Members (editorb note - For those of you who as new members that did not submit a pemonal history --please feel free to drop the editora note, ifyou desire, and I will indudeyourbastory in the next CUB. It is not mandatory, by any means, but gives the other 1500 members a chance to get acquainted with you end your pest'.... Thank You -J. Kline) Berner, Gordon R. ASSOCIATE 10700 Cheltenham Ct. Raleigh, NC 27614
     Sherod, Thanks for sending The CUB. A friend and I found it very interesting reading, particularly in what the men write in the "New Members" and the "Mail Bag" section. As I may have mentioned when I met you in Williamsburg, I have always enjoyed U.S. History, probably from my mothers interest in Abraham Lincoln or the many stories from my grandfather who spent his life working on the railroads. I also have an interest and a great deal of respect for the men who served in WWII and have read many books about that period of history. I recently began reading a book entitled Eisenhower's Sin Great Decisions - Europe 1944-45 written by his Chief of Staff Walter Bedell Smith. One of those decisionsinvolved The Battle of the Bulge.
    I notice there is an annual Associate membership fee, so if I may, I would like to join in order to receive future copies of the CUB. By the way, I enlisted in 1969 and was with the 97th Signal Battalion in Germany. So at least I can say I was in yourArmy, although not in your unit or for that matter alive, when the 106th fought. I enjoyed meeting you in Williamsburgand wish that we could have visited longer. (editors note Donlon, I am sure you will be interested in the forthcoming book advertised in this CUB, The CUB Passes in Raneew. It will bring you up to date on moat of the interesting and important stories about the 106th, as writtenby the menet the 106th. Unfortunately there is not enough room to le-transcribe all the `Mail B.g- letters, which are called.Letters to the Editor" in other publications. I know you w e4oy -- look elaewhere for the advertisement for The CUB Passes in Reuiaa.. J. Kline) Bottcher, Rome D. 423/H 231 Hickory Ridge Dr Sebring, FL 33870
    I started out in the Army in the 7th Armored Division and transferred to the Army Air Corps. While waiting to go to flying school the Army decided that they had enough aviators and returned us to the ground forces. That's when I ended up in "H" Company, 423d Regiment. I was a mounted runner. I was Acting-Supply Sergeant most of the time, in the States. We went to England for about a month, then Born, Belgium. The Bulge started 5 days later, then I ended up at Stalag 1X-B, Bad Orb. Buhr, Joseph E. 423IL 9360 Arnold Ln Loveland, OH 45140
Calhoon, Robert 106 SIG lou St. Charles St.
Rapid City, OD 5770 Chesterman, Clarence R. 422/SV k 1 Box 33 Royal City, WA 99357
     Sherod, I was in the Service Co, 422nd Regiment when it was captured. I was taken to Stalag IV-B Muhlberg then to GOrlitz. I was liberated April 12, 1945. My bunk buddy was T-5 Herbert Dye from Maryland. I was in various hospitals in France, England and U.S.A. until November 8, 1945, when I was discharged. Do you have any information about the 422nd Service Company?. I would like to update myself.
     I was in various hospitals in France, England and U.S.A. until November 8, 1945, when I was discharged. Do you have any information about the 422nd Service Company?. I would like to update myself. ieditor's note -- Clarence, you have since you am., heard from Sherod and also received your membership card from Boyd Rutledge, our Adjutant. I also sent the regular packet from the
' I 20

rh'tor -- the latest CUB, a couple of sheets of lit reformation, one about the Bulge and another
    listing several hooks that are available on The Battle tithe Bulge" I also included a list tithe 422d, Servi.Company that are currently members of the Association. I hope that it helped you find some of your friends. I was in VIII-A with you and walked that long 415 miles west to liberation. I was liberated near Helmstedt, Germany on April 13th 1945. Nice to have you as a new member J. Kline) Cox, Melvin V. DIV/HQ 2537 N 34th Decatur, IL 62521
    An old buddy of mine, Al Barbis and I were in the 106th Finance Department when we were in Saint Vith. I am interested in joining the Association, so here is my dues. Dechant, Frank R. 422/L 6324 Pierson St. Arvada, CO 60004
     Inducted at Fort Logan, Colorado in Feb 1943, sent to Fort Jackson Feb 28, 1943 - Fast member of "L" Company, 22 Regiment, 106th Infantry Division. rriedto "Mary" for 42 years, with four ns and six grandchildren. I was with Golden Ford Inc, Golden Colorado as New Car Manager for 45 years, retiring in 1986.
Diehl, Lloyd J. 423/H Rte 3, Box 212 Chapel Hghts Rd Sewell, NJ 08080
Friend, Floyd E. 423/M 415 E. Kenwood
Mesa, AZ 85203
     I am married and have two grown children, one use and one daughter. We have lived here in Mesa for 18 yrs, in Oregon for 31 yews. I retired from the Army in August 1964 with 21 years, 7 i months and 7 days. As a S.F.C. was n police work on an Indian reservation for six years. Went to work for the Phoenix Transit in 1974 as a bus operator and retired from that January 1991 with 15 years, 11 months. Bought my wife and I a Motor-Home so we can travel. We are both in good health.
9611 Indian Walla Cr Huntington Beach, CA 92646-7577
Kingery, Hugh H. 590/A 149 Queens.. Crescent Birmingham, AL 35223
    Was with the 106th from the start in March 1943. I was in the Instrument and Survey Section of "A" battery, 590th FAB. Got caught, along with other 106em in the Bulge and spent about 100 days in Stalags IX-B and IX-A. Am current commander of the Birmingham Chapter of the American EX-POWs. Plan to attend the Huntsville Reunion with three others from the Birmingham, Alabama area. Lane, Weldon V. 423/HQ 2BN Box 456 Biglersille, PA 17307
    After the war I married. I attended Rutgers University and received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. In between times I managed to have two sons. Worked for the U.S. Army Electronics Command as a R&D Engineer from '49 to '74 when I retired to breed thoroughbred horses. My wife of 43 years, in addition to her job as a mother, has been an Executive Secretary for the government at Fort Mammoth and for the National Park Service. My oldest son is a salesman and my youngest son is an ALARA engineer. We have one grandma and two granddaughters. McNeilis, Herman E. 423/G 1339 Berkley Rd Port Vue, PA 15133
Miner, William A. 424/I 1012 Oakwood Rd Haddonfield, NJ 013033
    Gus Segalo and I have been friends for about 40 years. A few years ago we found that we had been each been mem- New Members Hammond, George J. 81st ENG/C Bra. Lake, NY 12815
     Johnson Ph.D., Henry S. ASSOCIATE The CUB of the Golden Lion 21 New Members hers of the 106th Infantry Division. Just recently, about 6 months ago, Gus had been telling me about the 106th Association and has been giving me the CUB to read.
     I would like to become a member. I was the 1st Sergeant of 424/1 until they reactivated the 422d and 423d at Rennes. I was then transferred to 422/I. When we were being sent to the States for discharge and deactivation they put allthe "high point" men with the 424th, no I ended up in 424/I again.
Marra, Bernard N. 422/K 233 Apple Tree Lane Mountainside, NJ 07092
    As a former member of 422/K I would like to become a member of the Association. Patrick, James E. 422/A 249 Spout Spring Ave Mt. Holly, NJ 09060
Phelan, William R. 422IH 32 Essex St.
Waltham, MA 02154-0364
     I was sent from Camp Atterbury as a replacement. I trained in England, then was sent to France and was attached to the 30th Division. I was captured at Mortain, after having been in battle for the first time at St Lo. Instead of being turned over to the German Mps, we were taken through a woods and walked to Germany. It took a month. I finally ended up at Stalag VII-A, Moos-burg, Germany. I was in an "Arbeit Kommando" working on the German Railway Postal Service sorting mail. Our work party was working in Land-shut, which was a short distance from Moosburg. At the end of the war we were liberated near Regensburg, north of Landshut/Moosburg, by the Third Army Tanks. I have worked in the hardware business all my life. Have been married for 43 years and have three daughters. I am a semi-pro trumpet player, playing in a sixty-five piece Symphonic Band. My thobbies are fishing and sailing. '
     (editor's note -Hill, you and the other membets will have to erense this lone editor's note. But, your the remarks you made about "Land-shut" in you membership application. caused quite a commotion around our household. I have been married to Margot for nearly thirteen years. Her home town was Frankfurt, Germany. Her mother and father were killed in bombing raids during the war. In December of 1944, the worst months of the war for the Frankfurters, Margot and her brother, Horst, went to Land-shut to live with her aunt. She was 16 and Horst as 13. (Margot and I went back to Fmnkfurt in 1980. co grit trip back, her second since 1950. Wefound Horst, who she had not seen since 1948 ... but, that's another story) Margot could speak very good English and took a job at the Landshut Banhofff rain station/
     as an interpreter to help with the sorting and dispersing of postal packages. The job brought her more than money, A brought her an extra "Food )ration"stamp. American GIs (prisoners of war/ were being used as workers. The POWs would be brought in from Moosburg in the morning and taken back to camp at night. She worked in a section where the Gis unloaded parcels that had been marked with a number which had belt placed in a circle. The parcels were then pie in corresponding bins with matching numbers. 1111 They were then dispersed from them to the appropriate region, which corresponded to the cir- cled number.
     She tells me that the station was not large and that the number of POWs brought in was small - probably two dozen at the most. Land shut is a small to and the station suffered much damage during several bombing raids. In fact they had to eventually move out of the station to another building.
    The bosses, who she remembers as German males, were very strict. Speaking to the "An." as strictly "verboten!" However, as is usual is such a situation, there were some conversations. Margot remembers three "Anna," one who room from the "Bronx" by the name of Danny Dapp. Danny was always singing "You are my Sunshine "Margot had him write theverses down in a little green note-book which she kept for many years. It has since disappeared in the last few years, probably due to several mores we made_ Another was a "tanker' captured at Metz, and another was from St. Louis. (If we could only find that old green note-hook we could be more den-nite.) Margot thinks his name was `Collins," but 22

     New Members is not aura. Collins, that's what we will call him, wanted some shoe-polish. Margot says shoe-polish was one thing the Germans had. So an exchange was made - shoe-polish for some of the luxury items that came in the Red-Cross parcels. She said she used to come to work car. rying a large bag, which she hung near the door. In the bag were her close personal possessions and the food she brought for lunch. It was usually a horse-neat sandwich. As POWs we all know how valuable a horse-meat sandwich, didn't we? One day she opened the bagto eat lunch and found a bar of 'Sue soap (naturally - from a Red-Cross parcel) Soap was a In., to the Germans at that point in the war. Another day brought a small tube of tooth-paste, another luxuryafterhavingused "saleor "sand" to brush her teeth.
     Bill, what a coincidence for me to have received your note, which was a pert of your membership application, that told of you being in (what we presume, to be the same building. my wife Margot, in that point of time, some 47 years ago. Margot is still talking about it today, a day after I called you on entering your name in this column. 1 wonder what the odds are on this type of a thing happning? If the names of the Gis above bring back any memories, please
    lblventtm know. You said you were going to Hunts' e be sure to introduce yourself to me... J. Kline) Purtell, William E. 81st ENG/A 1500 Cochran Rd, Apt 610 Pittsburg. PA 15243
     I came to the 106th directly out of OCS at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, when the division was at Atterbury. I was given command of the 2d Platoon, "A" Company of the 8Ist Engineer Battalion. We were stationed in AUW when the Bulge started, and ended up in a defensive position outside Saint Vith. I was captured one or two days after Christmas and taken to a hospital in Obermassfeld (Stalag IV-C). I was liberated in early April and returned to Walter Reed Hospital. Upon my discharge.I returned to Pittsburgh, graduated from Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon) and have lived in Pittsburgh ever since, with my wife Mary.
I Rehorn, Albert W. 424/MED 149 Lampert Blvd Staten Island, NY 10905
     After "Medic Training" at Fort Jackson I was assigned to 422/B as an Infantry Medic. We arrived at Saint Vith, Belgium several days before 16 December 1944. After four days of rear guard fighting, during which time I escaped twice, I was captured in the early morning of 20 December along with Melvin Branham, a Medic. We remained together until we returned home.
    I along column (rumored to be 15,000) was formed and marched east into Germany through Prum, Gerolstein, Mayen, Koblenz, Bad Ems to Nassau (about 110 miles) in 10 days. Here about 600 survivors boarded box-cars -50 men to car - and traveled five days without the box-car being opened. On January 3, we arrived at Stalag II-A, Neu-Brandenburg, our photos were taken, POW tags issued. The remainder of our time was spent on the road as follows; Jan 3 -11 at Stalag II-A; Jan 11 17 in box-me; Jan 17 - 24 at Stalag IV-B (?); Jan 24 - 29 in box-car; Jan 29 - Feb 6 Stalag II-D; Feb 6 - 15 on march; Feb 15 - Mar 22 Stalag II-A; Mar 22 - Apr 15 -X-B; Apr 15 on march; Apr 16 - 28 X-C. We were fred by the English Army, subsequently to Camp Lucky Strike (Le-Havre) arrived in U.S. June 3, 1945. The reason I've recounted these details is that I would like to hear from any person who was part of these travels. The one name i remember was Chaplain Francis Sampson who was on the march December 20th to December 30th. Al Reborn Sandahl, Dean E. 422/B 3041 N. 61st St. Lincoln, NE 68507
     I volunteered to enter the U.S. Army in March of 1944. After basic training in communications I was assigned as The CUB of the Golden Lion 23 New Members Comm. Sgt, "B" Company 422d Regiment at Atterbury. I was captured on 19 December when our unit was overrun by five Royal Tiger tanks. Wounded by an 88mm burst, knocked unconscious and submerged in a swollen stream. I came to realizing that the unit had been captured, had a feeling of futility, personal failure, extreme fear of the unknown and numbed by the pain of my wounds. I. was marched to gerolstein loaded into 40 et 8 boxcars, 67 men to a car. The train was bombed at Limburg on the night of 23 December with many casual-ti..
     I arrived at Stalag Di-B at noon on Christmas Day. We were the first American troops in Hitler's former R&R "Super Race" breeding camp. I lost over 100 pounds due to the atrocious living conditions, insufficient food and care.
     A strong religious faith, nurtured by Chaplains Neil and (FR) Hurley, strong family ties and firm Midwestern work ethics, supported by a strong will to live, sustained me. Liberated on Monday April 2, 1945 by the American 44th Division. I was thrilled to meet their the liberating Company Commander at the 3rd Annual Stalag DC-A, B, C reunion in Waco Texas in April of 1990.
     I left active service 6 December 1945. Received direct commission in U.S. Army Reserves. graduate of Nebraska State Teachers College, Wayne and University of Nebraska -- Lincoln. Served as a high school teacher, coach and school administrator, farmer and professional civil engineer, employed by the State of Nebraska for over 39 years, retiring in April 1989. Married to Della Fischer 10 June 1949, one daughter - Linda Peterson, farm wife, son Larry is an engineer and general construction superintendent and son Bruce, attorney and seven grandchildren. Charter member and present commander of the Lincoln
     Chapter of American Ex-Pows. I only recently learned of the 106th Infantry division Association through a friend and enjoyed seeing old "CUBs." I would like to order any old "CUBS" that are available. I am also interested in 106th Division history, patch., bolo tie, belt buckle, Stare & Stripes booklet (circa 1949) etc. Sorry I missed out on so much.
    (editor's note • Dean, in reference to aLl of your .wanteabove --I am just on the verge of taking to print a 490 pagebook,that republishes ma, of the interesting and important stories that appeared in 9131e CUB. since its birth. It will sell for $30.00, including shipping. It is a 8.5 x 11 Toffee Table edition, hard bound, indexed with an retractive cover which includes a replire of the 106th patch. Monies ere to he sent to the Treasurer, Sherod Collins - not me. The only item that the Assreiation has for sale, except some material that will be for sale by the Huntsville Reunion Committee, is the 106th Division patch. Write to Boyd Rutledge, ow Adjutant. The price is $2.00 each including postage. Addresses for Association oflicers are on the inside front cover. Schwartz, Victor A. 424/HQ IBN 206 Clay St Neillreille, WI 54456
     I was a member of the division when it was first activated in early 1943. Headquarters Company, lot Battalion, 424th Regiment. Trained with the division until Aug 1943, when I was sent overseas as a replacement. Victor, it is nice to see that a person the yourself, who was shipped out, has the desire to once again join with those that he trained with. Welcome back to the 106th- J. Kline)
Sharpe, Thomas W. 423/C Box 27 Illythewoad, SC 29016
Sherman USA Ret, Col. Lee M. 422/HQ 2BN 3311 Tipton Ct Wilmington, NC 28409
    Sherod, I had the good fortune to meet Col Edward Purdy at Pease AFB recently and he sent me your name so that I could join the Association. 24

     1 In early March 1943I was assigned to the division as a Private. I went through basic, advanced basic, Battalion and Regimental Combat Team problems and then the 2d Army Maneuvers around Murfeesboro, Tennessee. At the staging area at Camp Atterbury, Indiana I was pulled out and transferred from the "106th," but I have always considered it as my "own unit."
     I have held every grade from PVT to COLONEL, missing only Warrant Officer, and am anxious to reopen that part of my life that I thought was closed forever. Ed Purdy sent me Colonel Joseph Matthews address and I called him. he did remember me, as I did some work for him. Please add me to your roster. Thanking you in advance and hoping to meet you at the next reunion.
Slaby, Ted 423/HQ 1103 Arbor Glen Cr Winter Springs, FL 32708
ba ... Sherod, I was in Headquarters Com-
     ny, 423d I&R platoon and was also attached to the I&R Platoon for the 424th Regiment for a time. I was with the 106th from activation until deactivation. See you in Huntsville.
Spence, Julius A. 423/C 1527 East Brow Rd Signal Mountain, TN 37377
     I was assigned to the 106th Infan- New Members try, 423d Regiment, 1st Battalion, in February 1943, as Plans and Training Officer. Shortly thereafter I became commander of "C" Company and held that assignment until our debacle at the Battle of the Bulge. John Rosalie, a member of the Association was First Sergeant of "C° Company during my assignment there and may ascribe to my reasonably good character.
Spurlock, Carrie H. ASSOCIATE Rte 1, Box 340 Ridgeway, SC 29130
Stoll, Robert F. 589/C 2256 no Charles Dr Clearwater, FL 34624
    Here is my Association dues to join the 106th Infantry Division Association. I was in the 589th, Battery "C." Trost, Paul M.L. 423/H 1000 Sand street Churdan, IA 50050
Ungerman, Clarence J. 589/HQ 2641 Norwood St_ Pittsburgh, PA 15214
     I was a Liaison Sergeant, connecting 589/C with the 3d Battalion of 422d Infantry. Was raptured 19 December bear Bleialf. Interned at Stalags IX-B, Bad Orb and IX-A, Zeigenhain. Retired from J&L Steel Co Pgh Works. Have nine children. Hobbies are fishing and being active in a "Food Bank° for 10 years.
CUB Laughs "My fainting spells are not war connected. I only get them when I see your bills"


    The CUB of the Golden Lion Mail Bag Elsie sees the world Employees on duty in Middle East receive benefits mainland,- win craw l Itot reOttils Albers always travels with Elsie when he planes It.. Ilii l il 10 rd. Most nerntly. flies for the Ohio Air Nahanni Guard. Lt. Colonel Ron Albers, son of Bill Albers, see below. Most recently Albers and the Elsie patch have been on duty in the skies over Spain, England, Germany, Hawaii and as part of Desert Storm. He is an aircraft commander of a crew that refuels planes for the Guard. Nil' NO: turn WM,' ill t111,1111. Imrl v. 11'hile site kegler Inlay ,1111 0111.111111111,:111d1111111.SpIllieS. 1.11W- Chili,. 011 1381 represeHl, GAT-- tile 101111 stn patch-1106 liven itilifinilil-luqqiiit gin, the 01111111.1i011 Albers, 13^1111P1I'S 111:111: of Ileltignt .M1,111:. it 1111111113111 C01"1114 ill 1111 1111illAil. Nal it'll:111;11,1111. k ili11.111ft Manager of personnel operations Ron Albers, Bill G. 42411 2310 Union Ave Alamogordo, NM 88310
     Just a note of appreciation John, for the fine job you did on my Army career in the February 1991 CUB. You know after Archie Bunker and I won World War II we thought that was the 'War to end All Wars!' Wrong! Our son is in his second war, and he wasn't thought of when I was discharged. I am enclosing an article about our son Lt. Col. Ron Albers, who is an instructor pilot for the Ohio National Guard, as well as personnel manager for Bordello, Inc.
     He had 107 missions over Vietnam and is close to 100 missions over the Persian Gulf He is the only pilot in the Air Force thatwears "Elsie the Cow" as a shoulder patch on his uniform.
     Knowingyou are keeping your thumb on things pertaining to the military, I thought you might like some insight into an offspring of a 106er. Keep up the good work on The I noticed the pictures of two other Brainerditee that are good friends of mine. Pat and Al Krantz. Did you know.. Pat is the daughter.of former Minnesota Governor, Floyd B. Olson? Small World.
     (editor's note - Bill, thanks. I know you are extremely proud of your son Lt Col. Ron Albers and weal salutehim and the other boys that did such a bang upjob in the Gulf. The Air Force did an amaringj ob. The quality is not the best in a scanned photo, but the picture above will give the troops an idea of the cut from the Borden's Co. publication. Again, congratulations Dad, and a 21 gun salute to Ron. Johnson, William D. Associate 28th Diu. 110th Reg 686 Sewed St.
Mendota Heights, MN 55118
     (editor's note --I had another father in my office recently. A friend of mine from the 28th Division, who shared a prisoner camp with me, Stalag VIII-A, at Gorlita He handed me a letter frornhis son, it waspostmarked "Saudi Arabia.' We both had tears in our eyes when I read th y a 28 The CUB or the Golden Lion attar. Bill Johnson is an Associate member of our Association. His son, Scott is a Weapons Officer and Navigator on an F III-F. He went in over Baghdad on the second night screaming in at 750 mph and 200 feet AGL (above ground level). Fantastic!. The 106th also salutes you, Captain Scott Johnson.
A Letter To the Folks 23 Feb, 1991

Dear Folks,
     I really appreciate all the stuff you sent. It is great. I've flown 21 combat sorties for over 80 combat hours. I've been very successful. I've destroyed at least one aircraft, numerous aircraft shelters, tanks and artillery pieces, along with a host of other targets.
     So far I have earned two Distinguished Flying Crosses for some of the missions I have flown. I just hope it will soon be over and that we will be victori ous and I can get home to my family. I miss them very much. iI feel proud of what I am doing, every mb I drop hits my target and I feel hat I will save one mom U.N. ground troop, which makes me feel good.
     I've been receivinga lot of letters from different people and all have been positive and supportive of what we are doing here. It molly makes me feel proud to be an American! Dad, I've joined the military, because of what you did in World War II. I'm proud to be doing what I am doing now. Please don't worry about me. I'm very careful and very tactical. The key is to be unpredictable.
     Please take care and take care of yourself Thanks for all your support. With Love, Scott (Captain Scott W. Johnson has a service wife, and two children. He has, since this letter was written, rejoined them in Germany.... editor).
Barnes, L. Preston DIVIHQ R-17 Avon Dr East Windsor, NJ 09520
     (editor's note -- Thanks Preston for your after of the extra CUB you had The members IF Mail Bag were extremely responsive to that request and I sent 15 copies to Jules HURDEB1SE so that he could deliver them to the people in the village of SPINEUX. The villagers were the ones who planned the monument to the 424th Regiment that was dedicated there last year HOWEVER, I do need copies of APRMAY-JUN 1990 and the July-Aug-Sept 1988 CUBs. Any help from you or the other members would be appreciated... J. Kline) Bickford, Thomas DIV/HQ 311 Bloomingdale, Ave. Cranford, NJ 07016 Sorry we couldn't make California, Tom was not feeling well, but is doing better now, signed by Flo, Tom's wife.
     (editorknote --Noted your telephone number change. You mentioned Dave Brumaghin having some pictures that he may send to me. I have not received them. Maybe you can prompt him again. Thanks....1.141ine)
Brasil!, Myles 106 MP Rd 2, Box 157 Landisburg, PA 17040
    (editor's note -- Myles, thanks for the new article on Leonard Czarnecki, I also received another copy. 1 appreciateyour help and will use this info soon._ J. Kline) Dahlen, William S. 591/SV 303 Charles Rd Linthieum, MD 21090
     (editor's note -- Bill, Thanks far the article from the 'Franklin, Indiana Daily Journal,' in reference to the Camp Atterbury Menmrial. 0.
     Paul Mere, Indianapolis, represented the Asso- ciation at that meeting. The details of that Me- morial appear elsewhere in this CUB.... J. Kline) Frye, Norwood A. 81st ENGIB 1069 Manchester RA.
Glastonbury, CT 06033
    (editors note -- Norwood, appreciate the March 17,1944 'CUB. newspaper. I have a four of the original CUB Newspapers, but this was one that I did not have. They were printed, I think, starting at Fort Jackson, until we went overseas. They mem started again after the war ended and a Inc were published in Europe. Then the CUB as we know it now, in magazine or booklet tom, was first published m Vol 3, No. 1 in August of 1946. That first year they had an aggressive program. There were 10 CUBs pub- lished. No. 10 was actually No. l0&11, then they The CUB of the Golden Lion 27 Mail Bag we. on to Vol 4. They were 8.5 x 11 inches, 'letter size' and well done. Those first few CUBS had many interesting stories. The memories were fresh and the stories were mostly about 'What Happened!" There were many inquires and statements about what happened to individuals. There was a column called The Agony Grapevinewhere data abouttho 4MIAeand the 'CA? was printed. Many of the stories appear in the new book, advertised in this CUB The CUB Passes is Review.' Be sore to order it, it's nearly 500 pages and crammed with interesting information. Unfortunately I could not reproduce much of the 'Mail Bag." I had to research over 4,000 pagm to come up with what I have placed in that book. Thanks for the newspaper. Anybody, else that has some of the 'el& CUB newspapers and want to peas them along - they will eventually end up in the 'historical" film... J. Mine) Gatens, John 589/A 2 - 36 Crunauer PI Fairlawn, NJ 07410
     John, thanks for the pictures of 'Parker's Crossroads and Camp Lucky Strike." When I look at those pictures, my mind goes back to those days. Even to this day, I see the destruction on the building and the splintered trees and wonder how I didn't get myself killed, I was in Camp Lucky Strike on "VE Day." We had just arrived there, to not knowing much about the place, we didn't get to celebrate that much. Having been to Parker's Crossroads and St. Vith recently, it's hard to imagine that they once were totally destroyed. Sorry I missed California, but am looking forward to Huntsville. I will keep in touch John.
    (editor's note -- The pictures that John referred to came from several color slides that 1 had reproduced from a set sent to me by Frances Aspinwall, 589th Headquarters Company They were taken in 1945 and show the destruction. For as. of 414,xlachrome. color slides, they were very well preserved. I will print them in the CUB as times goes along... J. Mine) Geib, George 424IG 2892 Wild Horse Rd Orlando, FL 32822
John, here is my $75 for a LIFE MEMBERSHIP. Gillespie, John M. 422/C 3636 Darcy Dr Birmingham, MI 48010
     John, II cannot make Huntsville. I had really planned on going. But, my oldest son and his wife gave me, as a 70th birthday gift, a gift of transportation to Australia and New Zealand. So away we go. Hopefully in 1992, Shirley and I can pick up the Pittsburgh Reunion. Bob Kelly, 423rd Motor Pool Officer stopped by. His wife, Libby, has been under doctor's care. At this time she is doing well, but being careful. Keep in touch.
     (editor's note --Jack, it must be recognizable to you and the other members that I use my editor's notes to keep up with my correspondence with the membership. Otherwise I would not have time to answer personal letters c I would like to join a group going It I the Bulge area. Could you let me know of any trips? or who to contact? I have been a courier for threeairlines here in Orlando. I work four hours a day, five days a week. I also Cane chairs, which is kind of a lost art, and have been very busy with it.
     This summer I attended my 50th High School Class Reunion in East Aurora, Illinois. It seems that my classmates were much older and fatter than me. How come? Keep up the good work on the CUB.
     (editor's note -- George, Foe had the same feeling when I attend reunion, Ex-POW meetings and high school reunions. I think it is a matter of perspective. My mind sees be as a slim, svelte (is that the right word, romantic, dark haired 108er. That notion is soon dispelled, as I wake up at 5,30 in the morning and look into the bathroom mirror. Check the VFW, the AX-POW magazine, the Veteran's of the Bulge magazine and other military publications. Charles B. MacDonald has for years taken groups over. He passed away recently as I announced in the last CUB. ' wife has taken over and will continue. That's about all I can help you with. You probably have already gone, for I see this is a pretty old letter I am answering. Goal Luck!.. J. Kline,

trom the members.
     Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I have come norms your name so many times in nay research of the 106th Infantry Division Association and the CUBS, in relation to the book 'The CUB Passes in Review,' which I have advertised in this CUB. You have been a staunch and loyal supporter of the Association. I don't know which name I came across most often, you or Doug Coffey. Bon Voyage!. J. Kline,
Hancock, Daniel R. 423/C 2329 Sparrow's Paint Rd Baltimore, 13D 21219
     Where can I get some information on the 2d Platoon, "G" Company, 423d Infantry. I am interested in a roster dating from March to August 1943. ^editods note --Dan, I issue a roster which was included with the August CUB. I would t, writing those men. I have seen some `Company' rosters, menus for Christmas and Thanksgiving Day dinners etc.lhavenahingon -G"Company, Sorry.. J. Kline,
Hartzell, Bert E. 81st ENG/C 410 South Si
     eh New Bethlehem, PA 10242 I would like to inform my comrades at a good friend, from the 81st Engr. C Company, 1st Platoon is seriously ill in a rest home with Parkinson.
He is: Louis LeTellier 4039 Mizner Ct Villages of San Jose Jacksonville, FL 32217
     Louis has attended most of the reunions and is one great fellow. It would be nice if some of our members would be so kind to drop him a card. I am sure he would appreciate it. Henderson, Charley S. 422/F
     1 Meadow Ln Merrillville, IN 46410 2/22/91 John, I am amazed by your continued effort, and outstanding performance on the publicationof TheCUB. How you do it is beyond my comprehension. However done, keep up the good work, and thanks for the effort. Your work is greatly appreciated,.
     Received the February CUB yester- Mail Bag day and decided to take the offer for a copy of the article "Myth, Mystery, Malmedy."Also I would like a copy of the 424th Combat Infantry Badge (General orders #2). I have enclosed a stamped envelope for the Malmedy article. I mentioned a few years back, I served with 422/SV, 422/F and in January of 45 was with 424/G until the reactivation of the 422d in France at which time i rejoined 422/F.
     I had joined the division, like many others, in the late spring of 1944 at Atterbury, and was never with one unit long enough to unpack by duffel bag. The moat vivid time I spent was with 424/G. I did receive my Combat Infantry Badge, and I suppose that my name is with that unit, 424/G.
     John, another item - I am still searching for a Johnny "Leggo"or "Lego,' not sure of the spelling. He came to Atterbury from "D" Btry, 53d Coast Artillery, any leads or suggestions would be appreciated. See you in Huntsville. leditodsnote --Charley, I know you got the inateRal that I sent. I stated in the last issue that the article about Malmedy, a one pager, was free if a self-stamped envelope was included. What I did not explain was that the 424th and the 423d Combat Infant, Badge orders are from 17 to 20 pages each, legal size paper on the 423d and letter size on the 424th. Both of those orders, General order No. 51, dated July 31, 1945 for the 423d and General order #2 dated in January of 1945 for the 424th required $5.00 for costs of reproducing and mailing. You were kind enough to send that amount, for the price had appeared in earlier CUBS. We aren't making money at that price, only recouping costs. Gil Helwig 423/M, my company buddy did me the favor of of those orders onto a computer disk. So now I can search for a person's name, or print of the lists from my computer. I still haw several copies of each that had been reproduced at the printers at my expense.
     Unfortunately the 422d Regiment's Combat Infantry Badge order does not seem to be in existence. That may be where you were named, forI did not seeyou on the 424th C1B order. That
The CUB of the Golden Lion 29 t I
    Mail Bag order must be out there somewhere, for I have talked to many 4224 men who have received the CIB. Most say they received after gettinghome, bye °Letter Order.' Is that how you got yours, here at home or before you left Europe? I would like to ask, once again -if anybody out there knows of an existing °General Order Number° for the issuance of the 422d Infantry Regiment's Combat Infantry Badge, let me know. If we know the 'order number° we can get a copy out of the archives. Without the number, we are sunk. Hammond George J. 81st ENG/C Brant Lake, NY 12815
     My first meeting with any of the fellows I served with, was June 4, 1988. Fred Carr finally found me at my present address. He has been instrumental in finding many of the veterans we served with. We have visited each other several times, and last May he and his wife Betty took us to see Bob Flick, George Deck, Bert Hartzell and Fred Merwin. We were welcomed into each home with open arms. The 45 years since we fought side by side during the Battle of the Bulge melted away as we began reminiscing.
     Lt. Merwin was our Platoon Leader, Bert Hartzell was our Platoon Sergeant. This summer he sent me a copy of the War Department's announcement dated November 7, 1945 of the award of the Distinguished Unit Citation to the 81st Engineers Combat Battalion, an award I hadn't known was made. A few years ago Bob Flick visited areas in Belgium and Germany, where the 81st Engineers were active. He has many beautiful pictures and interesting explanations of what had taken place since.
    George Deck and I were pup-tent buddies during the Tennessee maneuvers. I am looking forward to attending the 106th Infantry Division Reunion in Huntsville, Alabama in September. Where I hope to see more of my former buddies. Hill, James E. 423IE 617 Greenbrier Orange, TX 77630
    I have wanted to write this letter and get it off my mind, for some time. I landed on Omaha Beach on July 12 (D+ 36) and I was in the AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery). We saw little action, a few bombings, but little since the Germans had only a few planes left. In January 1945 there was a call for some 15 men from our battery to go to the Infantry. How many volunteered? 17 men, and I was one of them. They sent on to a camp near Rennes for training, and we went to the 106th Division on April 1st. I did not one real combat. I am a history buff and read a lot. I have just finished reading °Decision at St. Vith" by Charles Whiting for the second time. Also I have been going back over the CUB and find that some of the men have a problem with themselves because they were captured. They seem to feel that the LIONS let themselvet and their country down. THAT IS NO THE CASE. Whiting states in his first chapter that od three divisions, each was holding a sector of TWENTY-SIX MILES, The West Point says a division should hold a front of FOUR or FIVE MILES! Also, Whiting proves that the reports from the front were ignored or written up to match the opinions of the higher brass. The fault does not lie with the men of the divisions on the line. I urge all of the 106th Infantry Division veterans to read this accounting of the 106th by Charles Whiting. You will see that you were given a task that was impossible. In the military or any other occupation, just because a man hold HIGH office, does not mean that he is qualified to be there. So, read this book and think about it. Hold your head high, because you did your duty. signed James E. Hill, 423/E 30

Mail Bag Jewell, Walter H. 4231G 3624 Oak Wood Ct Panama City Beach, FL 32408
     John, received your diary and thank you for it. I have read and re-read it at least three times. It sure brings back some memories. The February CUB came this week. You do a great job. After I get caught up on a few things I will submit a few things that you might be able to use.
    (editor'snote --Ifyou look. page 25 of the February CUB, you will see that Walter was in Stalag VIII-A, same camp that I ended up in. The diary he refers to describes the 415 mile "evacuation march" getting away from the Russians. Walter, we would have been better off if they leftus in Garlitz,don.tyou think?.. J. Mine) Johnson, Paul 423/K 130X 9 Chittenden, VT 05737
     (Sept 24, 1990) Sherod, Here are my dues. I am sorry to be late. My mother passed away and I just got settled down , 'after traveling back and forth to New Jersey several times. A note of interest: I was the first hospitalized POW taken from Stalag IX-A. I was taken to a field hospital, then on by plane to the 1st general Hospital in Paris.
    (editor's note -- Paul, I couldn't help but notice your note to Sherod about being the first hospitalized POW out of Stalag IX-A. I have in my possession several U.S. Signal Corps pic- tures taken at Stales IX-A, after liberation. One is of several men carrying a patient, on stretcher, out ofthe IX-A 'Inlimbary..That could be you. There are also pictures of several patients inside the infirmary, lying on their beds (the board slats on the beds seem to be made of tree limbs). I also have one of Pastor Hurley 1 or w. it Fr Hurley/ passing out some "goodies" to 106ers, inside one of the barracks. I intend to print some of these pictures in future GCBs. But for now, I will get an extra copy of the one with the stretcher patient to you. A couple of 106ers sent me the US. Signal Corp photos some time ago. I finally set up my 35rtun Nikon and copy stand and made photo copies. I have the negatives, so we can use them whenever the opportunity arises. Kelly, Edmond D. 423/D PO Box 308 Middletown, NY 10940
     Just received The CUB, February issue, which prompts two comments. First I feel that I (and any other POW) earned myNewYorkPOW licenseplate. You don't seem to see too many. It makes me think that many may not know that their state has such a registration available. Accordingly, you might be doing a service to the 106em, who were POWs, to publish such a list. Second, Dave Hunter's note about the short stay at 'Barra before joining the 106th made me look up some old photos in my album. I enclose two of them from that time. I see a note I made on one, saying that eleven months after the picture was taken, the same three that appeared in the picture were in prison camp together.
     (editor's note -- Ed, thanks for the info. Harold Renfro sent me a complete listingof POW plates from the May 1989 issue of the AX-POW magazine. It shows each state and the law regerdingthe WOW" license. Waldo Pierce also sent me the details from his hone state of Connecticut. I will mint these rules in the n.t CUB. The photos of "yourself, Jack Wafters and Jim Jones" the three who ended up in prison camp, and the other photo showing "Oklahoma, yourself and Jim Jones,' are O.K., but they will not reproduce from a "zeros photocopy. with any detail. Why don't you send me the original photo. I have some other material from 106ers from "Banta and other colleges. I could put it together in another issue... J. Kline)
Kersteiner, Don W. 424/HQ 2BN 447 Emerson Ave Hamilton, OH 45013
     For several years, prior to the Sacramento Reunion, four of us from 424th Headquarters Co, 2Bn had attended reunions. All of us had conflicts preventing attendance to the Sacramento Reunion. Glenn Ross, Howard Zillmer and Dick Frankini are the other three men. I would like to mention that Dick Frankini has been ill. I am sure he would The CUB of the Golden Lion 31 Mail Bag appreciate hearing from any/or all the Division Association members who know him. Kinney, Lawrence M. 423/I PO Box 1192 Arkansas City, KS 67005 John, Please find enclosed a copy of thestory `The Story of the 106th Infantry Division" by Cedric Foster. This was published January 21, 1945. My wife Lois saved the article. Thought you might like to have a copy.
I enjoy the CUB.
     (editor's note --Lawrence - Thanks for the copy of Cedric Foster's story. This story will appearintheforthcoming book, The CUB Paws in Review. You will see elsewhere in this CUB an advertisement for the book Cedric Fosters story appeared in one of the CUBS, many years ago, and that is where I found it for the "Review.. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in keeping no informed... J
Kramer, Joseph 423111Q 3BN 14720 Lincoln Dr Oak Park, MI 48237
     It is always an event to get "The CUB." You are doing a terrific job with it. Thank You. (editor's note -- Jce, thank you. You have by now received the papers I sent. Hope you enjoyed them. Please keep in touch J. Mine
Maloney, Joseph P. 424/HQ 1120 Warren Ass
Arnold, PA 15068
    (editor's note -- Joe, thanks for the info from "Stars and Strip...Ill use some of it for fill in, if I ever get to that point. Howyou coining on the Pittsburgh Reunion? Well see you in Hunts- ville and discuss it. Gather some material for The CUB when the time is appropriate.. J. Kline Martin Jr., Harry F. 42411,
PO Box 221 Mt Arlington, NJ 07856
    (editor's note -- Harry, I have your three page storyabout 'If Company, 424th. It is very interesting. I hope to be able to print it in future CUB. This issue has to go to press early, and 1 do not have the room. I just wanted to let you know, that it was received and appreciated... J. Kline) Martin, William T. UNIT UNKNOWN 320 North Dobson St Canton, MS 39046
     Sherod, here is a 'Memorial Fund" contribution. I am proud to be a member of the Association. Both my wife and I enjoy The CUB. Hope to see you in Huntsville. Mascone, Attilio A. 422/M
     1618 Moffat Rd Silver Spring, MD 20903 Attilio, its been site visiting with you on the two phone calls wehad. I havethe copy of the Christmas letter written in 1950by "Eurer Kriegsgefangener Pastor " Fr. E. J. Hurley. I will print it at an appropriate time, more towards Xmas. I also have a photo of him taken in Stalag IX-A, passing out some goodies to 106ers, after liberation. that would make a nice story at the proper time. Thanks. Keep in touch. When I find out where to go I might ask you to go to one of the government offices, since you, work down there. Let you know later.. J. Kline) Mayes, Ross H. 331 MED/B
     309 Clinch St. Rogersville, TN 37857 Sherod, I am enclosing monies for a LIFE MEMBERSHIP for me and my wife. Please be sure I am listed as "B" Company, 331st Medical. McElvenny, Albert R. 424IE
     310 Lisa Dr Brockton, MA 02402 John, the 424th CIB order #2 may help we contact some former members. If you have the.order broken down into companies and regiments it would help. My health will probably not allow me to get to Huntsville, will have to wait to one what the doctor says.
    (editor's note --Al, hope the information I sent helped you. As you can see there are no addresses, but it is broken down acconling to the Table of Organization - Regiment. Battalions and companies. Try to make it to Huntsville, you will enjoy it.. J. Kline) 32

eeleus, Harry G. 422/HQ 2BN 518 Pyle As Oshkosh, WI 54901
     A letter from Helen for Harry; Sherod Collins, My husband has a card of recent date asking for information on company commanders of all the 106th units. Your task is an excellent one but at present he is undecided about two names and rather than supply the wrongone --I guess K Company was in another Battalion and he cannot think of "Kielmeyer's" first name. He probably has the information somewhere, but doesn't seem to know where. His mind is usually acute, but on this, hejust can't remember. Harry thinks Colonel Joe Matthews could supply this information, maybe he can help. As we have said before - The CUB magazine is one of the finest we receive. It is so interesting and informative, we know a great deal of work goes into it. We had rather an interesting letter
     • 111the other day, addressed to Captain Harry Meeleus, from a fellow in Quincy, Illinois who had been Harry's jeep driver. He drove for Harry after they landed in France until they were taken prisoner. He said he remembered digging fox-holes for him on several occasions, as well as other incidents. We were delighted to hear from him. Harry has always had a wonderful personality and was always well liked. He wishes he could do no much more now, but with his central vision gone, it is not the easiest thing to contend with. But, he says it could be worse. His attitude also helps me, believe me. Just wanted to let you know that we tried, but he cannot help you now.. If he comes across anything or happens to remember a name, he will let you know. signed Helen Meeleus Moore, Ralph L. 591/B
6509 Chestnut Dr. Windsor, WI 53598
     We enjoyed the Madison, Wisconsin Mail Bag december 16th Commemoration get-together. My wife's name is Viola. I enjoy fishing and golfing. I am retired and do volunteer work for 'Meals on Wheels." I enjoy the quarterly magazine, 'Ile CUB." Morell, Eugene 591/C 12946 Ridge Road E. Wolcott, NY 14590 Sherod, I am a fruit farmer in upstate New York and the reunions have always come during harvest. I was born in Athens, Alabama 18 miles from Huntsville. Plenty of relatives in that area I sure will try to make it to Huntsville. Joe Gross was my 1st Sergeant and I am in constant touch with him.
     leditor'snote --Gene, onlyyou,Sherod and me know how old this letter is. So, I didn't get it in the "Mail Bag' before. Hope. see you in Huntsville -- John Gilliland has a good one cooked up for us.., J, Kline)
Pierce, Waldo B. 422/F 530 East St
New Britain, CT 06051
     In Connecticut, to obtain a POW license plate for your vehicle, you have to provide proof that you were a POW. The cost is $1.00 one-time transfer fee for each car involved. Thereafter the plates are free for life. .ditor's note - Thanks Waldo, you will see that I have maderemarks tothe AX-POW article that has a complete list, elsewhere in this column J. mine)
Balla, Dr, Frank A. 423IE 160 Hanover Dr Brandon, MS 39042
     I sent you the short article by Peter Tautfest that was entitled "Myth, Mystery, Malmedy." As you could see he was confused and considers Malmedy a myth or a mystery at the best. Hisbeckground information on the story was obtained from SS. veterans and the Hanover Military Library. (editor's note - Thanks Frank, for sending the article. I mentioned it in the last CUB (February 1991) and sent several to the members that sent "stamped envelopes." Haven't heard any reaction from them as to the content

     33 Mail Bag In the forthcoming book "The CUB Posers in Review° I have reprinted German Field Marshal Von Rundstedt's Own Story of the Battle of the Bulge. In it he explains away the "MalmEdy Massacre" by saying, 'Prisoners were being marched in the direction of MalmEdy with only a handful of guards. SS men hurrying to the front came upon them and immediately opened fire on them, thinking they were an American unit heading for battle." He say, "The German guards were also killed by the SS machine-gunners." So you see history can be "written away" at the convenience of the writer.
     I found "Rundstedt's" story, and °them in a book that the 106th Infantry Division Association published in 1953. I understand that there were only 200 copies. It was named THE LION'S TALE; Short Stories of the 106th Infantry Division. As with The CUB Passes in Review, most of the stories were reprints from past CUBs. However, there were several stories from outside sources in that book, "The Lion's Tale," including "von Rundstedt's" that I reproduced in this current book, 'The CUB Passes in Review." I have Jim Hatch, a past president of the Association to thank for the use of his personal copy of 'The Lion's Tale." I sure you, as well as Jim, will enjoy the nearly 500 pages of reviews of stories from The CUB, that appear in the new book - advertised elsewhere in this issue of The CUB... J. Kline) Renfro, Harold E. 423/E
8112 Brush Dr Huntington Beach, CA 97647
     I received the February CUB and as usual read it cover to cover. You do a great job. I had written you that as a prisoner I worked in a factory in Halle, Germany, called "SHUN & Co., making pickups out of civilian cars, They also made beds for German Army trucks.
     I received a letter from Edward W. Allen of the 922d. He worked in tht same factory and marched to the same small village where we were liberated. We don't remember meeting each other. He had a list of forty guys that were at the factory. I'll send you the list, but please return it. Some of those men were from the 28th Division.
     I am sending you a list of that shows the States offering POW license plates. It came for the May 1989 issue of the POW Bulletin. I em going to try to set up a dinner date on Col. Cavender's birthday. I understand it is October 2nd.. I live about 75 miles from Sun City. It would be nice if the guys would send him a birthday each
     (edam's note Harold thanks for the letter. I will publish the POW license plate list later. Colonel Cavender's phone number in 714-6724644. Oli ya, Harold, you mentioned in another letter that a 'Henry Johnson' bad contacted you. You sent alonga story he had written in the February 1991 Ex-POW Bulletin. Thanks for signing him on as an ASSOCIATE member, t I maybe he can contribute to The CUB... J. IOinel
Hollings, Mrs. Viola R. ASSOCIATE 309 Cedar St SuiTolk, VA 23434
    Mr. Kline, I have enjoyed The CUB so much, also the roster of the 106th. I recognized a name in "B" Company, 423d, George Southam. I found other correspondence and saw the name of a Lt. Lopez and Colonel Cavender. There were others also.
    J. L had a long illness. He spent many months in a private hospital and the V.A. Hospital in Salem and Richmond. I tried to get a widow's pension, but to no avail. I was able to educate our daughter, Thank Goodness! She lives in Richmond and is married M an orthopedic surgeon, has two daughters. I am a member of the POW group in our area. Thanks for your letter. Keep in touch. P.S. George Southern might remember aJames Donaldson who dies in POW camp. 34

     (edges note - Viola, thanks for letter. Evidently you had been browsing through some old correspondence. I am sorry but I could not make out some& the namesyou came arsons. You have been a brave and good woman to have taken care ofJ.L. all thoseyears. God Bless you and we will keep in touch. Write whenever you feel like it.. J. Kline)
Schoonover, Lex 422/HQ 4809 Aspasia Ln
Edina, MN 55435
    (editor's note Lex sent along an article form gem a gm, where the writer °Lawrence Levinson" criticised 'Hogan's Heroes.' He , the writer, was amazed that such falsified images of the incarceration of war prisoners would be Mail Bag shown on TV, He quota, `There was nothing funny about the prisoner of weir experience of thousands of American fighting personnel nor the anxiety suffered by their families" Lex agrees with the writer as I am sure many of you do. Thanks Lex, nice seeing you at Sacramento. Seems like we all have to go out of town to see each other- and thatis not to be taken critically.. Hope to see you around.. J. Kline Sgrignoli, Michael G. 592/SV 125 North 24th St Camp Hill, PA 17011
     (editor's note - Michael and Martha sent a Memorial contribution in memory of Robert W. Pierce, Sr whose death was announced in The CUB recently.) The Men Who Care the men who bold dominion for the, shod hoc, antl go their go. or evil ways well power, bru g tal or conga over Ire on earth, Co not reign by happenstance or buth.
     Master and slave ore can horn Ine's same slur, 424.H POW Getcshgether A Pretty's - Phoenix, AZ L/R Emor Pretty, Phoenix; Lloyd Diehl, Sewell, NJ; Paul Trost, Churdan, IA; Robert Bennett, Blythe, CA; Ray Johnston, Olympia, WA, L John Carrico, San Luis Obis, CA --Submitted by Paul Trost --He said, 'I don't really more why I'm so late joining_ The only excuse I have is that I wasn't informed. At the Get-to-gether at PretWs home in Phoenix, there was some recruiting goining on. We, with our wives, socialised for two days on Feb 19 and 19th. The CUB of the Golden Li071.
-- In Memoriam
Brackett, James E. 6911SV 274 Husaon St, 2nd Floor, Staten Island, NY 10306
    James died on January 19, 1991, at the age of 79, in Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze. Surviving are his wife, Kay Errichiello, a son Thomas; six sisters, Frances Brackett, Avalonia Polk; Sadie Spoke; Vera Metcalf; Eunice Bradbury and Brune Barren, and three grandchildren. Burial was in Moravian Cemetery, New Dorp. We were notified by family friends, Kay and Jack Schlesser. Jack and James went through Basic Training and the whole war together. Chinquist, Fred A. 423/D 3305 -36th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
    Fred passed away on December 15, 1990. Friends in the local Ax-POW chapter reported this, but had no further details. Frankini, Richard A. 424/HQ 21tAl 35300 Hillside Dr,Farmington Hills, Ml 48331
    Don Kersteiner writes that his closest friend Richard died March 27, 1991. He left a truly saddened wife and three children. Don gave Richard a true salute, he said, "He was a nice nice guy," Spurlock, John 423/AT Eta 1. Box 340, Ridgeway, BC 29130
    John died October 24, 1990. Carrie, his wile expressed a desire to continue as an Associate member. She said they met and teamed of new people al the reunions, although they did riot attend many. Valovein, Michael J. 422/AT 20 Spinning Wheel Rd, Trumbull, CT 06611
    Michael passed away on November 5, 19911 at St. Vincent Medical Center. Pauline, his wifi notified the editor that Michaeland she had attended a small POW Reunion at Rene Pigeons horn". in Warwick, RI. Present at that gathering were i he M / M Howard A lexand erfrom Arizona; M / James Mevitt from Maine; M/ M Louis Torant i no from Massachusetts, M /M William Hosy from Cape Code; M/M Anthony Signe from Torrington; Walter Pawl uk from Meriden. The lest 106111 Reunion Michael and Pauline attended was in Roanoke, which they both enjoyed. He is survived by two sons, Major Paul Vakivcin USAF Colon:10 Springs; Lt. James Valovcin USN, Alexandria, VA; a daughter Susan Reynolds of Lauguna Miguel, CA; a sister Mildred Jacko, one grandeughter Sarah Vaovcin, several nieces and nephews. Sgt Wallace Rifleman 423/G and 424/A 142 Amstar Drive, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
     Don Beseler, 424/ A, a friend of Rifleman's, writes Met Sgt Riflemen died February 5, 1991. Sgt Hillman was one of the decorated soldiers of the 10611,. His name appears in Si Vith, Lion in the Way several times. He was planning on pining but due to his illness, it was one of the things that had to be put aside, he never found the time to complete the application. He is survived by his wife, Mary.
     Beseler also stated that he had a note from Serge Fontaine, Belgium, which said his wife was very ill and he will not be getting to the U.S.A as planned. He wanted, so much, to meet Sgt Rifleman and other members of the 10611,.

     Hun., Mao, Hotel - H,znDvnk, Mute= September. - Y2,1991 AGENDA HOSPITALITY ROOMS (by Shuttle) - PATHFINDER- ENTERPRISE CHALLENGER - (COLUMBIA and ATLANTIS, if needed) That are VIP rooms - Yaw - Relax And Emdity Yourselves.
     Wedanday September 11,1991 Bern-B, Early But Registration PREFUNCTION AREA 1 pm -Till, Optional lack Daniels Tour. Barbecue Lunch on Your Own TOUR the SPACE CENTER at Your LEISURE- Your tickets me good for the Ms,ns of the Reunion. You do not have vivit ell the &NM, and activities the same day. You may morn Me MUSEUM one time, see the MOVIE another, and finally tale the NASA BUS TOUR. You may also re-v.iton Ne same boles, during the Reunion.
Tursday - September 19, 1991
    Cantina Break, -GRAND BALLROOM SHUITLE ROOM Registration _INIEFUNCITON AREA Hospitality Rooms- SHUTTLE ROOMS Optimal Boer Out. Center Tour Op., Downtown Mow. TO refresh., Optional Downtown HunemBle Tom vithrefreshmenm Manorial Services- GRAND BALLROOM Reception - SPACE. ROCKET CENTER CAMERA, PATIO AND UNDER SHUTTLE Tour Space Center I Lunch on Your Own Friday September 20,1991 Sea, auk, - GRAND BALLROOM. SHUTTLE ROOMS Reginuatimt PREFUNCTION AREA Hospitality Rooms- SHUTTLE ROOMS end Meeting-SHUTTLE ROOM DISCOVERS' Optional Downtown Maas. Tour witbrefrestmems Opdenal Jack Dani. Tour. BBC/ Tour Space Center !Lunch on Your Own 0730 ern - 0903 am HOS, 08:00 sot 0000am -1000 pm 09:03am -0390 pa 0009e9 1290 Neon 0190,-04E0p9 WO pm 0pm 0630 pm - 0950 pm 0730 - 0910ere 01190 - 0590, MOO eit, 1000 pm 0000 am - 11, am 09:00e0 - 1130 am 0190,-1011 Saturday September 21, 1991 0730 aro - 0000 am Staled nal GRAND BALLROOM.SHUTTLE ROOMS 0.00, - 1290 Noon Registration PREFUNCTION AREA 12, 010X, Weis Lonehmin @Business Meeting - GRAND BALLROOM 1230, 0390, Ladies Luncheon - REDSTONE ARSENAL OFFICER'S CLUB (Shuttle Nam will amt et 1130 pm) 03:30 pits-03:00 pm Doer0 Meeting- Shuttle Room DISCOVERY 07:(0 pm 1290 Mid-Night Barques and Dania- VON BRAUN CIVIC CENTER (Shuttle I:mess/9 ran m 04:00 pret Shuttle buses M returning mshe Hole. from 09:00 pm until M.Night There will beta CASH Wr) 10, C990 am September 22, 1991 FAREWELL Continental Break, - GRAND BALL ROOM. SHUTTLE ROOMS Dont for, to leave your NAME TAOS (BADGES) in BOX et FAREWELL BREAKFAST Thank You! See you in PITTSBURGH in '92 Hen A S. Trip! Hug Alabama Reunion Committee 45th Annual Reunion 106th Infantry Division Association Huntsville, Alabama Marriott . 'Scptembcr 18 - 22, 1991
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Sam E. Davis Jr. 423/HQ PH
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Gatens, John, 28
Geib, George, 28
Germany, 8, 11, 14, 18, 19, 21, 23, 26, 27, 30
Gerolstein, 18, 23
Gillespie, John, 28
Gillespie, John M., 28
Gilliland, John, 5, 33
Gilliland, John O., 1
Gouvy, 15
Gregory, John, 7
Gross, Joe, 33
Halle, 34
Halle, Germany, 34
Hammond, George, 21
Hammond, George J., 21
Hancock, Daniel R., 29
Hanover, 33
Hartzel, Bert, 30
Hatch, Jim, 34
Helmstedt, 20
Helmstedt, Germany, 20
Helwig, Gil, 29
Helwig, Gilbert, 38
Henderson, Charley S., 29
Hill, James, 30
Hill, James E., 30
Holland, 4
House, Pete, 9, 19
Hunter, Charles, 9
Individual History, 10
Iraq, 3
Israel, 3
Jenkins, Bill, 9
Jewell, Walter, 31
Jewell, Walter H., 31
Johnson, Bill, 26
Johnson, Paul, 31
Johnson, William, 26
Johnston, Ray, 35
Jones, Gen., 10
Kelly, Bob, 28
Kelly, Ed, 31
Kelly, Edmond D., 31
Kersteiner, Don, 31, 35
Kersteiner, Don W., 31
Kingery, Hugh, 21
Kingery, Hugh H., 21
Kinney, Lawrence M., 32
Kline, J., 4, 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 34, 35
Kline, John, 11, 18
Kline, John P., 37, 38
Kline, Mr., 12, 15, 34
Koblenz, 23
Kommando, 21
Korea, 16
Kramer, Joseph, 32
Kuizema, Harold, 38
Lane, Weldon V., 21
Laroche, 4
Lehaire, Madame Maria, 4
Lehaire, Maria, 4
Lehaire, Marie, 1
Leipzig, 11
Leipzig, Germany, 11
LeTellier, Louis, 29
Limburg, 11, 23
Limburg, Germany, 11
Lincoln, Abraham, 19
Lion In the Way, 36
Livesey, Herbert, 12
Livesey, Herbert B., 12, 13
London, 7, 8
Lopez, Lt., 34
Lucky Strike, 12, 23, 28
MacDonald, Charles B., 28
Malmedy, 29, 33
Maloney, Joseph, 32
Maloney, Joseph P., 32
Manfredi, John, 14
Manteuffel, 11
Martin, William, 32
Martin, William T., 32
Mascone, Attilio A., 32
Matthews, Col. Joe, 33
Matthews, Col. Joseph, 24
Matthews, Col. Joseph C., 38
Mayen, 23
Mayes, Ross, 32
Mayes, Ross H., 32
McElvenny, Albert R., 32
McNeilis, Herman, 21
McNeilis, Herman E., 21
Meeleus, Helen, 33
Memorial Planned For Camp Atterbury, 5
Memorials, 37
Merz, Paul, 5
Metz, 22
Miller, Glenn, 9
Miner, William, 21
Miner, William A., 21
Moore, Ralph, 33
Moore, Ralph L., 33
Moosburg, 21, 22
Morell, Eugene, 33
Muhlberg, 11, 20
Muhlberg, Germany, 11
Nassau, 23
National Archives, 15
New Zealand, 28
Normandy, 8
Omaha Beach, 30
Paris, 31
Parker, Arthur C., 4
Parker, Maj., 1, 3, 4
Parker, Mrs., 3
Patrick, James E., 21
Persian Gulf, 3, 8, 26
Peterson, Linda, 24
Peterson, Richard, 9
Phelan, William, 21
Phelan, William R., 21
Pierce, Robert W., 35
Pierce, Waldo, 31, 33
Pierce, Waldo B., 33
Pigeon, Rene, 36
Pretty, Emor, 35
Prewett, Edward A., 38
Prokoryn, Casimir, 38
Prum, 23
Purdy, Ed, 24
Purtell, William, 23
Purtell, William E., 23
Radschied, 15
Regensburg, 21
Rehorn, Albert, 23
Rehorn, Albert W., 23
Renfro, Harold, 31, 34
Renfro, Harold E., 34
Rennes, 21, 30
Reunions, 10
Rifleman, Wallace, 36
Robb, Dr. John G., 37
Rundstedt, 11, 34
Rutledge, Boyd, 20, 24
Rutledge, Boyd A., 37, 38
Sandahl, Dean, 9, 23
Sandahl, Dean E., 23
Saturday Evening Post, 10
Saucerman, Eugene, 9
Schlesser, Jack, 35
Schnee Eifel, 14, 18
Schoonover, Lex, 35
Schwartz, Victor A., 24
Sedan, 4
Segalo, Gus, 21
Sgrignoli, Michael, 35
Sgrignoli, Michael G., 35
Sharpe, Thomas W., 24
Slaby, Ted, 24
Smith, Charles, 9
Smith, Kenneth, 9
Spence, Julius A., 24
Spineux, 27
St. Vith, 10, 14, 18, 20, 23, 28, 30, 37
St. Vith Memorial, 10, 37
St. Vith, Belgium, 23
Stachel, Col., 5
Stalag 12-A, 11
Stalag DC-A, 23
Stalag II-A, 23
Stalag IV-B, 11, 20, 23
Stalag IX-A, 21, 25, 31, 32
Stalag IX-B, 21, 25
Stalag VII-A, 21
Stalag VIII, 26, 31
Stalag VIII-A, 26, 31
Stoll, Robert, 25
Stoll, Robert F., 25
Switzerland, 4
Tennessee Maneuvers, 30
The Battle of the Bulge, 19
The Lion's Share, 14
The Lion's Tale, 34
The Story of the 106th Inf. Div., 32
Thome, Michael, 38
Trautman, Frank S., 38
Trost, Paul, 25, 35
Trost, Paul M., 25
Underwood, Jake, 9
Ungerman, Clarence, 25
Ungerman, Clarence J., 25
Unit History, 10
Vanderhorst, Eric, 14
Vaughn, Ray R., 38
Vielsalm, 4
Vietnam, 5, 6, 16, 26
Villwock, Russ, 19
Villwock, Russell, 14
Villwock, Russell H., 38
Von Manteuffel, Hasso, 11
Von Rundstedt, 11, 34
Von Rundstedt, Field Marshal, 34
Walden, Lawrence, 14
Wallace, Sgt., 36
West Point, 30
Whiting, Charles, 30
Woodward, Jack, 9
XVIII Corps, 15
York, Robert, 9
Young, Donald, 14
Young, Edward E., 38
Zeigenhain, 25