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Vol. 45, No. 4, Jul., 1989

1st Annual Reunion -- July '47 Indianapolis
looking back 42 years

    President's Message (July 1, 1989) As the July 4th holiday approaches, we are filled with thoughts of patriotism and freedom. Memories of liberation, the cease of hostilities and the return to the United States will remain with to forever.
     In late July Marilyn and I are planning to attend a seminar in New England with the International College of Dentists. It is a combination vacation and educational program. We will be in Boston, Newport, R.I. and Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.
     I recently received a letter from our Chaplain, Reverend Ewell C. Black, Jr. mentioning that he will be unable to attend the meeting in Schaumburg and that he has arranged for Reverend Ronald Mosley, one of our former Association Chaplains to conduct the Memorial Services.
    Our Association is growing. In a recent report I learned that there were 1243 members. With this issue of The CUB you have received a membership roster which will aid in location members of your unit, an well as other friends of the 106th Infantry Division Association.
     The Reunion in Schaumburg, on Aug 31, 1989, has been well planned. The committee is anticipating a very large turnout and the Hyatt Regency Hotel will be a fine facility for it.
    During the General Membership meeting on Saturday we will be deciding the location for the 45th Annual Reunion for the year of 1991. Think about where you would She to go.
The 44th Annual Reunion, in 1990, will be held Sacramento, California.
    It has been an honor and a privilege for me to serve ae your Association president for the past year. I want to thank all the officers and directors for their efforts. They have made my term as president an easy one.
    Enjoy the summer. We are eagerly anticipating meeting our acquaintances and friends of the poet, as well as the new members of the Association, at the 42nd Annual Reunion in Schaumburg, Illinois.
    John G. Robb, president 106th Infantry Division Association President Dr. John O. Robb, 1988 -- 1989 D Company, 422nd Regiment

From the Adjutant, Boyd Rutledge, 42232
     Yes, 106th Infantry Division patches will be available the second week of August. Send $1.75, plus a self-addressed 'STAMPED'. envelope; or send $2.00 and please be sure I can figure out who to send them to.
     Make checks payable to 106th Infantry Division Association. Mail to me: Boyd Rutledge, 10132 Goodrich Road, Bloomington, MN 55437 See you all in Schaumburg!

Please pay your 89/90 dues, if you have not already done so.

A Nation Under God...
     As this is written near the end of.thne, many people have been shaken by decisions of our United States Supreme Court. Early last week, the Court decreed that it was all right to bum our country's flag as a medium of freedom of speech. Before the indignation caused by this had died down, the Court decreed that it was all right to sell pornographic messages over the various phone systems in our country.
     Several thousand years ago, God called together some nomadic tribes in the Middle East and banded them into a nation -- the nation of Israel. They were called to be a nation under God and for many years, God was recognized as the head of that nation. As the years passed, the people became more and more involved with the peoples around about them. Eventually came the day when the people tired of being governed exclusively by Gad and demanded that God let them have an earthly king like the other nations. From what most have seemed to hem to be a small step away from being a nation under God, a giant leap began -- a leap which eventually cost them their identity as a nation, and freedom as a people. Within just a few years the heathen gods and religions of the other nations surrounding them had been allowed to become a part of their society and they began to adopt the ways of these
     religions as their own. The situation came to point when Solomon completed the Temple. The • Lord appeared to Solomon and a part of what God said is recorded for as in II Chronicles 7:14. "if my people, who am milled by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
     As we all know, in the years that followed, the nation wavered between being a nation under God and being a nation of the world. In the end, they moved so far away from being a nation under God, that God allowed the nation to be destroyed with ten of the tribes disappearing from history and the other two carried into captivity. As a sovereign nation, Israel never existed again until after World War II when it was brought back to being by the United Nations. I am open to correction, but I believe that the only other nation to claim to be A Nation under God is our own. This nation was founded not to be a Christian nation, but was founded to be a nation under God and we continued this claim. However, it seems to me, that more and more we have fallen into the same trap as ancient Israel --we have come to embrace with ever greater devotion the ways of the world, taming increasingly from God's ways. If this be truly the case, then I believe that the words of the Lord God to Solomon and ancient Israel apply to us today. As Christians and Jews we need to look again at the events which transpired in ancient Israel and read the words of II Chronicles 7:14.
     If this nation is to be healed from the type of thinking which approves almost all types of pornography and condones the burning of our national symbol -- the flag, under which so many have fought giving their lives, limbs, sanity and days of their lives, it will be only when we realize what it means in 1989 to be a nation under God. Father forgive us forgetting that we have laid claim to being a nation under God and have embraced, Instead of Thee, the ways and things of the world. Heal us from our waywardness and bring us back to Thy ways before the clock noon out.
Reverend Ewell C. Black Jr., Chaplain 106th Infantry Division Association
Box 66, Bishopville, SC 29710
803-484-6861 2

The CUB a tee Golden Lion
From the Troops....
     The Editor Comments There are 19 pages of New Member letters and 12 page of Mail Bag letters and photos in this publication.
     I hate it when I get up to this point and find that I am running out of room. There are several letters, photos, sketches and informational items that I most run another time. I had a good side-story for the Dan Bied column which I have to delay.
     Corrections to May CUB Colonel Carl H. Wohlfeil, CO, 5901st FAB ('45) points,' out an error one Page 9, seventh line from bottom on left-hand col-
     Should read Capt B. Chatemmeuf and his wireman Pvt. Harold ,aharinger ported MIA." Capt Chateuneuf was killed in a POW train by U.S. Air Corps. A fine officer. ( Thanks Col.. editor ) FEATURE neat issue.
     I have had for ages, some material from Lt William F. Smith, 42350 about his experiences, and his life since the war. I intend to use his material in the November CUB. He is one of the only %Mears I have been able to contact from the Heavy Weapon Company in which I wee a squad leader. Hang in there Bill, we'll make it, Musoette Bag and all.
     To all -- Thanks for your support! Your editor --John lane 42350 Linden, New Jersey POWs honored by Mayor and Council Bill Melichar writes that he will not be at the reunion this year.
     He wrote about a ceremony held in the Mayor's office at Linden, New Jersey in May. The Mayor presented the Ex-POWs resolution from the City of Linden that was prepared by the City Council.
     The ceremonies were held in the Lin- den City Council Chambers. The Mayor, Paul Werkmeister, a former 422nd Medic went into the service from Linden along with Carl Messina, Slat Combat Engineers, A Company and Bill Melichar, 423rd Service Company. They went from Fort Dix to Fort Jackson together.
     Bill Melichar says he did not one Mayor Werkmeister again until he reached Stalag IV-B, Muldberg, and met Carl Messina again after they got home. Bill also wrote that Bill Devine, 423/SV Devine will not attend the 43rd Annual Beu Joe Campo had his right leg amputated at


     Don't forget to pay your 89/90 Dues LIR-Owl Messina, 81st/H; Sill Meliehar, 423/SV The Honorable Paul Werioneister 422IMedics, mayor of of the city of Linden, New Jersey fell in May and broke his knee, as a consequence nion. He also passed along the information that the knee The CUB or tn. Golden Lion Some of you might not agree with me if I claimed that A Company, 422d Infantry was the best outfit in the 106th Infantry Di ision. But all of you will agree, I'm sure, that the ordeal of the 106th in '49 and '45 makes all of us (riflemen, coaks,clerks, truck drivers, etc) special people.
     I'm more sure than ever about us being special people after the mail and phone mils received earlier this year. The tempo of this sort of communication has increased thanks in part to the excellence of our publication, The CUB, and I am elated that so many former GIs who served in the 106th are "reaching out." I use the term "reaching out° to describe for instance, the maps of Germany and Photos of Stalags 4-B and 12-A sent to me, unsolicited and at his own expense, by David SrJureck (515 Courdand Pl., Bel Air, MD 21019-3220). Although he did not serve M. our division, (he served in C Company, 290 Int, 75th Div.) Schneck was a POW and spent time in prison camps with men of the 106th. Now, he is getting in touch with former POWs across the country to, as I call it, 'reach out."
     It was John Kline, one editor, who sent we the address of George Merninger, who was in my company and captured along with me on 19 December, 1944. I hadn't heard of George in all these years. I wrote to him in Itasca, Illinois and received a prompt and welcome reply. I also got an address of Carlos D. Weber, in New York City. Sergeant Weber was with our company. He had won the Silver Star for heroism in North Africa and, of course, was the man to listen to when the subject came turned to combat. He taught me how to disassemble a BAR and was good to me in many. ways when, at the age of 18, I was learning to be an infantryman. I didn't know Sgt Weber was still alive, so I wrote to him promptly. I was thrilled a few weeks later when I unexpectedly received a phone call from him. We talked for nearly an hour. We remembered, in particular, the night we alincet died in an air said staged by our plan. on Koblenz, Germany while a thousand or. of on were in a three story barracks type building near the Rhine. He recalled, as I did, that a nearby building was smashed flat during the raid. The building contained beds that the Germans had us take out of the barracks to make roam for the large number of men. (I learned later that they were three buildings that had been used as a German Officer Training School.)
    My memories included the hostility of German civilians toward m as we left Koblenz to march on to Limburgg. Stalag 12-A. Carlos didn't remember this detail. But he did remember other things I had forgotten, includ, ing the raisins I gave him when we were ink marching further into Germany. It is an odd thing, we agreed, how details of lip what happened nearly 45 years ago are so clear while other things can't be remembered at all That's the way it is whenever I get talking to my pals from the 106th. It was that way in July, 1988, when Ray Russell and I talked for about seven hours in a motel in Newark He remembered several things that happened when we worked in a coal mine near Leipzig while, of course, there were some things recalled by me that le had forgotten. One reason so many of as are "reaching out" I'm sure, is our realization that Father Time is gaining on us. I'm going on 64 and am one of the younger veterans of The Bulge. Carlos Weber, meanwhile, is 72. We are getting on in years. I have a health problem. One way or another, many of us have the urge to 'reach out." The best way to do this, I'm certain, is by supporting the 106th Infantry Division Assaciation, through continued membership and the enlisting of new members.
    Someday we'll all be gone. Meanwhile. let's "Reach Out." ^ Reach Out.. by Do Bled 4221A 151 Holiday Term West Burlington, IA 52655



The CUB a rn. Golden Lion

Recipients of Morgantown, WV Scholarships-1989
     • Part of to letter turotten by Ted Straub, 4221M, to administrators of schools to the county in and around Morgantown, West Virginia__
     This is to inform you that the 106th Infantry Division Association, of which I am a member, has granted a $100.00 scholarship to each of the county High Schools and St. Francis High School. This grant is given in the memory of our comrades who gave their lives during December and January of 1944/95, in the 'Battle of the Bulgenn the countries of Belgium and Germany. The 106th Infantry Division suffered 916 killed, 1,246 wounded and 7,001 missing in action, moat of the casualties occurred in the fret three dam of battle.
    More than a million men, participated in this battle. 500,000 Germans, 600,000 Americana (more than fought on both aides at Gettysburg) and 55,000 British. signed, Ted Straub, 948 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Montantmun, West Virginia 26505
     Each student wrote a letter indicating their thanks, and expressing their desire for the future and the fields they wished to enter. The CUB of I Golden Lion 5 James Lyons, Morgantown High planning to attend West Virginia University Mathematics Robert Porter,Clay-Batelle High, Blacksville accepted Fairmont State College Computer Science Joseph Saunders accepted Mongolia County Tech Education Culinary Arts Tammy Romito, St. Francis High accepted West VinI'harmacyiversity School of Pharmacy Our Return to Auw, - this time with pleasant surprises...
     A view of Auw, in the Lesheim Gap, !coking north on Skyline Drive (BleiellReed). Early morning ce December 16,1944 (no.ording to battle map) toned a battalion of the German 18IhGrenedier Diois^on and pared the Filth Panzer Army Combo' Commend, the Rohrer Be0e18rigede Anckino positions in Auw, held by the 14th Cavalry end A Co., 81el Combat Engineers. who had been supparling the 422nd Infantry Regiment in that area The Feiner Beglei t Brigade wee built around udre of hoops hen Hiller's headquarters guard and included a tank battalion from the Gross Dedsliand Panzer Mision (which was OH en the Eastern Front). It wee strongly reinforced with Insulin puns and 88rnm and 105mm pieces. Strength - One Panzer &Mao, one Penaer Grenadier Regiment, one each of Miller, Regiment, Reece &Mien, Antitank Battalion, Engineer Battalion, Grenadier Battalion end a Flak Regiment. by Don Wiechmeier, 423rd Service Company Last August, my wife Eileen and I re-traced my steps taken 44 years ago. This all began when we landed at Frankfurt and drove to Auw, Germany because I wanted to visit the house where I had been captured and the tavern where I was then taken.
     In 1944, I was in the 429rd Service Co. billeted near Bleialf. It was my duty to help load and unload supply trucks, with rations, which we picked up at the school-house in St. Vith and took to our re-load center near Bleialf.. This trip, under the leadership of M/Sgt John Hall, was taken each day over snow covered roads through Auw and Schoenberg.
     On December 16th, we were awakened earlier than usual with a warning that the Germane were attacking. M/Sgt Hall was ordered by Major Helms to make our routine trip with the duce trucks to St. Vith, and by the time we got there the enemy artillery shells were already exploding in town.
     After loading we headed back through Schoenberg and got as far as the south edge of Auw when the trucks suddenly stopped. I looked out the near of the truck and m/sgt Hall and the driver crouching in the snow-covered ditch. Hall told me to get down, that a rifle shot had gone through the wind- shield between them. We new some enemy infantry to the east running across a clearing into a woods, no fired a few rifle rounds at them and then rushed into a farm house behind us.
     We spent the next three hours or so in the unetairs of the house where some 6 The CUB a n. Golden Lyon 411 Our Return to Auw, by Don Wischmeier, 423/SV 81st Engineers were billeted. Across the road from this house and towards town was a barn that we suspected held some German soldiers. Hall and others fired machine-gun tracer bullets into the building and net it on fire.
     This flushed them out, some Germans were possibly hit by the bullets. This bit of history is also written on pages 33 and 34 of the book St Vith a Lion in the Way by Colonel Dupuy, as well as in A Time for Trumpets by Charles B. MacDonald, page 111. When we were in that house, all we knew of the war was what we could see through the fog and mist. What we did see were four tanks coming down the road. Thinking they were ours, I looked out the front window and saw a German Tank Commander standing in the turret of the first tank. Actually, we now
     Bill Devine, 423 Service Co., Ration Section, reminisces In his 68 page diary, "A s a Getman soldier searched me my bell broke, and my ham* were In the ak We were standing between two tanks and they starred to move. My pants fell down and I was should of being crushed and also skald to lower my emu, for fear of being shot. Finally a lank commander realised my plight and motioned for me to pick up and each other at about the same time. As I ducked down, I ran to the back of the bedroom and felt the impact of eight rounds fired into the house by the Tiger Tanks. All this activity resulted in some men escaping, and six or seven of us including Bill Devine from New York, being captured. We were ordered out of the Don says, `Our refuge house on the south edged Auw.. Some of the 81 at Engineers were billeted hero, saws the road was s ban, be held some Goma% on that mi.*, foggy morning in Dearnter of 'H.
     The CUB or th. Golden Lion 7 Our Return to Auw, by Don Wischmeier, 423/SV A Tavern In the center of Auw, where Dee Wmchmais, , B house onto the snow-covered road between the first two tanks, each with machine guns pointed at us. There was no place to run. There were fences and open fields on each side of the mad. Standing there between the tanks, with guns trained on us, we could only believe that this was an enemy raid and that there would be no 700111 for prisoners - our future looked bleak. But German foot soldiers appeared and marched us into a tavern in the center of the village of Auw. I remember the confusion in the tavern with the Germans and Americans milling about. A very distinct memory in my mind was that of a dead German soldier lying under a round oak table, while another German soldier was leaning on the table and eating from a can of sardines. I was to experience in the months ahead how quickly one ne and other GIs were taken after their capture. 8 The CUB a the Gak could get adjusted to the sight of death Outside American artillery shells were dropping into the Village and its streets, but fortunately the tavern was not hit. After dark we began several days of marching leading eventually to Bonn, followed by a five day ride in crowded boxcars with little to eat and no water. During the march to Bonn my friend Bill Devine and I were separated. He was older than all the rest of us and was very well liked. Our train was also strafed by Allied planes while it remained stationary during the long boring days. Finally this ride ended up at Stalag 4B, Muhlberg. Three weeks later I was shipped on to Stalag 4-A, Lillenstein, a small camp twenty miles south of Dtes- den where I stayed until May 8, 1945, the day that the war was over in Eu- rope.
     On that day our guards marched us Ion Lion Our Return to Auw, by Don Wischmeier, 423/SV out of camp and across the Elbe River bridge. We headed Southwest. No army troops appeared and by the end of the second day our guards left us - they were afraid of being captured by the Russians - and we were too slow and weak for them. We were left to our own choice, which was to continue walking over the Erz Mountains into Czechoslovakia. We lived off the land the beet we could with six of us from the some room (in the Stalag) staying together.
     The war was over and everything seemed strange with no government. After three days of walking we holed up in a bomb-damaged building in a small village. Four days later a few Russian soldiers came through town, some on home-drawn wagons and some on bicycles. They were a mg-tailed outfit but they never bothered us.
     4110 Then, on May 18, ten days after the war was over, we saw our first American soldiers. As Eileen, my wife, and I walked in Auw that Friday evening last summer toward my "refuge house," I recalled all these memories. We found the tavern in the center of town. There we had a supper of Goulash and Bitburg beer. The round oak table was gone, but the visions of the Germans and American GI prisoners was still there vividly in my mind, along with the sounds of the 106th cannon shells bursting in the streets.
     But it was 1988 and we bad the incredible luck of being invited by a young German to visit his uncle, Nikolaus Werner. He and his family are dairy farmers who live a kilometer south of the village of Auw.
     Nikolaus, as a boy of fourteen, had lived on the some street as our "refuge house" and the barn that had been destroyed by our fire bad actually belonged to his family. During the time the 2nd Division bad occupied Nikolaus' village, some GIs billeted in his home, had befriended him and en Co. loaded reliant kw ddiveryb the hope.


    The fobuill 34 se in St VAh whereto lard So The CUB et tee Golden Lion Our Return to Auw, by Don Wischmeier, 423/SV A Wee Skyline Delve lead north out of here to Auw, end south to Groselenpenield in be 424Ih sroa larged his knowledge of English. On Saturday morning Eileen and I went to the Werner farm and we immediately became friends. Nikolaus is an expert on the days of the battle and we enjoyed sharing his accurate memories with us. For a day and a half his family wined and dined us. He drove us in his 'Trooper" through the Schnee Eifel where we new fox-holes and blown-up bunkers remaining after all these years. The forest trees no longer show the scars of death and injury, rather they showed a place of peace and quiet. He drove us to Bleialf and to the hill overlooking Schoenberg in the valley of the Our River, near the place where the 422nd and 429rd Regiments met the Germans in the snow. Herr Werner also took us to the "refuge house" in Auw and introduced us to the family now living there, They too were gracious and invited us in.
     On Sunday morning, Eileen and I planned to attend the 800 year-old church in Bleialf but got there just as the services were dismissing. We then went into the empty sanctuary and were amazed at the interior decor -
    beautiful religious paintings on the e walls and ceilings - and a splendid altar. This was far more than we expected in a church in such a small town. Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Werner drove Eileen and me to St. Vith where we visited his sister and nephew. We had a pleasant time walking around the reconstructed city. We viewed an ancient tower, two World War II Memorials in honor of the 106th and the 2nd Divisions, as well as the one remaining pre-war home in town that withstood the battle without damage. Our afternoon ended at his sister's home where we were served another delicious meal. The next clay Eileen and I took leave of the area of Auw and St. Vail Now we have pleasant memories of the area and warm feelings for our new friends. We are keeping contact and hope to see them again. ^ a 10 The CUB d us Golden Lion (editor's tote-- letters to this Mall Bag were "a-off on July 3.1989. Mall Bag letters for the November CHB will be rut-off on October& 1989. If you have photo* or letters for the Mail Bag to November please observe the above date... J. Mine editor) Antonouich, Jacob 423/H 1603 Liberty An grill' PA 19607
Here are my 1989 dues. Always enjoy reading The CUB and look forward to it. AnAAAnAAAAnAAAAAAAAAA........
Bennett, Bob 423/H HCR 20, Box 1574
    retnhteseel2o5lonel Caverider recently. He is doing fine, but his wife was ill while I was there. Clark, Herb. H. 422/CN 3886 Leonard Rd Caldwell, WI 54904
     Sherod I found the Association through a friend who is a member of the Wisconsin POW chapter and in his news letter an article about last year's get-to-together. I in turn contacted Al March 924th, a neighbor of mine and he alsocame aboard.
     If you aren't doing ao I would suggest running an article in the POW chapters news letters. No, I wasn't a prisoner, MIA for three weeks, but I knew where I was. Enjoy The CUB or Mail Bag The CUB and God willing we will both attend this year's frolic.
     (editor'. note)-- Herb you bring up a good point. The reunions are advertised in some of the National Service magazines, and this does bring in members. The membership as a whole could help the Association by making sure that the local organizations that they belong to carry an announcement in the local newsletters. Like putting in a blurb about the December 16th Bulge Commernora Hon parties held all over the country, and the anneal reunions, or Just a plain simple statement that there is such a thing as 'The 106th Infantry Division Association.' Many of our new members, over 250 since a year ago, came from my buddy (423)M) Gill Belisleb solicitation letters, which in turn came from (the names) the American Es. POW membership list. He has mailed over 450 letters in two years. Picked up 113 members last year and is at 96 (7131891 for this year's eflbrts. Russ Villwock, 106 Signal, our 43rd Annual Reunion committee chairman told me he has had over 200 inquiries about the reunion. Application blanks went to each one. 2artkleThanks for your comments-. J. Mine. editor)
Colbert, Hugh L. 422/B 5220 Darlene Lane
Dallas, TX 75232

Dear John,
     I received my first copy of The CUB since rejoining the 106th Infantry Division Awe-elation. I read a letter that you printed from Hugh Phelps. Reading that letter I found that he and I were at some of the same places during our captivity. I have written him and thought you would like a copy. I regret that past issues of The CUB are not available for I would like to have some of the articles such as the /kwitsmikgtoxy, Jim Gray's Who's the Enemy in POW Compri', and other such stories. Is there a posaibility that these stories and others will be reprinted in the future? The membership luta mcreased and others like myself have issed some of the interesting stories. I appreciated the i1313118 for it made me realize that others of the 106th gill have the same interest as I do in our past experiences. Thanka for the great CUB.


     (editorli note -- Thanks to you Hugh for your letter. There are no plans right at the present to re-print articles (guess If we had enough Interest from the new membership to warrant the expense, that It could be done I have thought of compiling a listing of the major IM Golden Lion Betlach, Donald A. 423/HQ 3BN 417 Crestview Dr.
Ojai, CA 93023
    I am sending my dues early, for I usually get "gigged. for being late. I'm sending an extra "ten" to enroll my buddy who was also a cook in HQ 3Bn 423rd. Everet Cox, 2229 Garden Dr., Janesville, WI 53595 Brogan, Leo J. 423/D 87 Mt Vernon Street Lowell, MA 01854

Dear Mr. Villwock
    I am writing this letter for my father Leo J. Brogan, who was a member of the 106th Infantry Division. He is unable to write because he suffered a stroke last June. He will be very sorry to mice the 43rd Annual Reunion. He has also suffered the loss of my mother and is slowly recovering from that as well.
Linda McLaughlin, for Leo J. Brogan A AA A A A A AA A........ A..........
     Mail Bag articles of The CUBS, not only recent ones, but of those back In history. The listing would contain a summary of the contents of the article. This would help identify interesting articles.
     I have the plates gar allThe CUB'' that I have produced since September of 1987. The costs of reproduction is higher on small runs. For those that are seeking back issues--get acquainted with another 106er nearby--maybe they cart help you with the back issues. Let's talk it up at the reunion, I would like to hear from other new members. J. Kline, editor).............................
Cooley, Donald E. 423/HQ IBN Rancho Salsipuedee. 140 Pathan, Rd Watsonville, CA 95076
(408) 724-9133

    Dear John, (sounds like a letter I got when I was liberated), enclosed is something unique for The CUB, or the reunion. A copy of my box-ear roster on Christmas Dry '44. I had been Battalion Clerk, I had this sheet of paper, asked each man in our boxcar to sign as we thought about Christmas, between desiring out to the ditch between strafings.
     Am very eager to locate and contact Charles L Ace (was from Alliance, Nebraska), and Ralph L BMA (moo from Auburn, Maine). Both are from 423/HQ 1BN. While I won't he in Chicago, I hope to be among the California welcoming party in '90.
     (editor's note)--Front Don's lid, home location Some were hard to read, err" means I ant not sure, excuse please..J. Stine, editor) Christmas Day '44 Gerolstein to Stalag 4-B, Muhlberg Charles Ace, Alliance Neb. Myatt Acorch??, Wed Helen, Ark.
     John Barlosch Chicago Ralph Bean, Auburn, Maine Elroy Bede, Gunflints, Ohio Sidney Elan JtMontgomery, Ala Donald Bowman, Akron, Ohio Leon Brown, Rochester, NY Glen Brutus, Pine Village, Ind.
Charles Caldwell, Oxford Miss.
Desmond Callan. Milton, Mass.
John Chapman, Shorterville, Ala.
     Otis Childers, Lexington, Ky William Clark, (Sgt) Drip Rock, Ky Alex Cunningham, Arlington. Tenn Thomas Donegan, Cleveland Edwin Dunn, San Francisco Waiter Greve, Chicago Francis Hears, Genesee, M.
    William Bought, Meadowland, PA 7? Herbed, Alabama Ervin Hunsucker, Robbin, NC Frank ikardtWitchlta Falls Texas Toddy Kaufman, Williamsport PA Russell loberdodf, Milton, PA Angelo Mauna Jr..San Francisco Waiter McGoogan, Blue Island, Dwayne? McKenrie, Detroit Lax Morrie, Chester, PA Wally Morris, St. Louis Kenneth Newton. Glasgow, Mont. Donald Nielson, Chicago Albert Onschig, Savannah, GA Alfred Patterson, Mpls MN Robed Peak, Roxbury, Mass. Chester Rokita, Chicag Stephen Sarno, Somerville Mass. Raymond Scoff, Rockville Ind. Harry Smtth, Oolfewah, Tenn William Spanos, Newport, New Hamp. Lloyd Tillor,Cedar Falls, Iowa Kenneth Wallach, New Freeport, PA Thomas Webb, Amory, Miss. Winegeart, Jacksonville, Fla. James Wlsenbakor, ?TM??? Robed Woods, Rocky River, Ohio Aldo Wird°, It Padre??, CA Daniel'', Sr., William H. 423/A 2605 San Quiatin Are Menifee, CA 92355
     Sherod, Note my change of address (above), here are my dues. From the writing paper you can see rm on the move generally in our motor-home. My mail is not always with me, but I do catch up while on the road once in awhile.
Dodson, Dwight 423/MED 9917 Rage Rd
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
     Thanks for The CUB, I enjoy it very much. I was a Medic with 429/K. Wish I was able to make some of the meetings that you have, but health won't let me travel.
     My best to all the 106th. (editor's note -- Dwight, sorry you canl snake the meetings. We will just have to keep you trohnned through The CUB, that's what it is all about. We mould like everybody In attendance at the reunions, but that is not possible. Well keep you informed... J. Kline, editor)
a 12 The CUB of ria Golden Lion
111 Mail Bag
     age showing Germans running by American trucks and tanks that were burning. Prominent in a couple of the scenes was a German grenadier wearing a peaked field cap, massing a bazooka (Panzerfaust) hitting an American tank broadside from that looked to be about 10M1.150 yards.
...... 01..A AAA ......... A.A
    I sued the ft. fifteen minutes of it to glee the introduction of my talk to the local Rotarions last December. Those first le minutes really set the scene, with Nebeliverfers (screaming meemies) and German artillery opening up at the onset of the Bulge. It certainly brought each vivid mentorim for me. Particularly the action senses by the German cameramen, with tanks rumbling by col- umns of fileetc. Jim, was that the film you saw. Maybe some copies could be made with the permission of the Discovery Channel. If that is the woe drop we a une.... J. Kline, editor) Finlayson, Kenneth 331/MED/D 11 Coaehlight Ln Portland, Maine 04102
    Spent last August-October in Germany. Was privileged to accompany the Headquarters Staff of the 21st SOPCOM, ACSPER on a three day Staff ride over the entire Battle of the Bulge eree.St, Vitt; Vielsalm eta. age atonable. have a great year. Ken Freedman, Henry E. 422/HQ 115 Mane. Trail Roewell, GA 90076
     By the way of introduction, I'm Hank Freedman, formerly of Regimental Headquarters Co. 422nd Infantry and spent my Stalag time at Stalags 1X-B and IX-A. You might be interested to know I kept a little 4X8 diary while a POW with some significant dates and names and it is filled with all kinds of foods we were going to eat on our return to the States. I even drew a map of Germany and from the daily camp news tried to keep an illustration of the progress of the American Troops.
     For the edification of the many who have forgotten and with your indulgence here are some significant dates: Captured Tuesday 1330, 12/19/44. Bombed while locked In freight car Xmas Eve 12/24/44.
     Arrived Bad Orb, Waled IX-B 12/25/44 on a Monday, registered as POW 423351. Moved to Stalag IX-A Zeigenhain 1/26/45. Edwards, James L. 423/K 5196 4 let Street So.
at Petersburg, FL 33711

Dear Sam (Cariano),
     I have recently seen an excellent television coverage of the Battle of the BUlge on a local cable channel. It contained many scenes not previously available, including interviews with German commanders and film obviously taken by German cameramen. Many scenes were familiar, such as the long column of 4's and 5's as we came out of the woods in our final battle.. the day we were captured. As I had a head bandage on, if I meld obtain this VCR tape I could probably pick out myself in the column.
     I am certain that this VCR tape would be a much sought after archive record for all former members of the 108th Infantry Division. I am writing to you now to see if the Association may know of this film and if they may he able to obtain it for sale and distribution to members. Your help will be appreciated.
(editor note -- Edward, I ended up with
    your request. I might have the answer--read I have a tope entitled Battle for the Bulge Note that I. says Tor the Bulge" not "of the Bulge." It was shown on the Thwoo., Memo' tome-time last year and I think it has been repeated. It starts with a scene at St. Vith, and a man listening to a recording coming from a speaker at the site of a die-abled Tank in a park in St. Vith. It is a female voice, European, announcing facts about The Battle for the Bulge The German General der Panzertruppen Ramo von Manteuffel, German Fifth Panzer Army is a prominent speaker in the tog.. (It was Panzer General Manteuffel's tanks that hit along the 106th front, with the 18th Volksgrenadier Division hitting the 422nd and 425rd. The 116th Panzer Division hit the 424th on the south side along with the 62nd Volksgrenadier Division. These troops, including ManteuffelY were all under Field Marshal Walter Model, Army Group B, and Field Marshal Gerd von Itundetedt, OB West, as the overall command.) Brig. Gen Robert Hasbrouck of the V.S. 7th Armored Division, and Brigadier General Bruce Clarke who was in command of HasbrouckS 7th Armored Division CCB both were speakers in the tape. It was well narrated and showed some escellent scenes of the Schnee Eifel and ith threats. It had foot.
     The CUB a the Golden Lion 13 Mail Bag From 12/25/44 to 3/30/45 received 3 Red Cross Pkgs, split 1st for 4 men, 2nd for 5 men, 3rd for 12 mens 3/5/45 Rations (what a Joke) were cut by 25%, 10 men to a loaf of bread. liberated at 1530 3/30/45 by 6th Armored, 3rd Army and 90th Infantry Divisions. Weighed 110 pounds when liberated.
     There's a lot more but a number of on held a little contest to guess the closest date of liberation. I hope they are still around to read this.
     Emanuel Trawort--The Winner] Joe Cantor Paul Stern Ad Levitt William langfelder 501 Himmelfarb Karlin Uretsky Harold Silvers Hank Freedman I would like to find a complete copy of the Division Book given at Camp Atterbury. pay whatever the met.
     Will be happy to correspond with anyone. 'm retired after spending 40 yearn as a Buyer/Merchandiser of consumer electron
42A/HQ A&P
     by Dale Carver actor of "Before the Veterans Die" DAMON PRESS. Baton Rouge, LA The Ardennes Majestic firs, snow laden in rani-and file stand; Armin amid the pungent boughs in this ancient, subdued land Meddled boughs, star laden Pressed by a grimy hand--ice against an anguished brow, alone in a troubled (and 14 The CUB a n. ics with Rich's in Atlanta. Have two married sons and two lovely granddaughters. My phone is 404-993-1899.
     Am a life member of AX-POW. Survived malignant cancer in '72. (editor% note -- Hank, thanks for the Into, lin sure the members mill enjoy it. Anyone have a 106th1year book fbr Hank? I ant also imkkngltr aim I knots I am in it, but I cannot remember token it seas passed out. I learned it was available in Ingl as Imes catching up with the past.-/. Kline, editor) Haas, Milton G. 422/HQ 3BN 600 So. Lafayette St.
Millsmdt, IL 62260
     John, although we have not met, to my knowledge, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in putting out a very fine publication. I just fmished reading the April-May-June issue and was very pleased with it. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your reminder to pay up the du., by your very bold type reminder. I missed the Roanoke reunion and it looks like Chicago will also he out of the plans. My mother's birthday its that week-end. She will be 86 and our whole family gets to-gether, and I do mean a crowd. Five brothers, three sisters which brought my mother 26 grandchildren and they in turn have brought her 26 great grandkids, of which at this point in time we have the last, a five month old girl. I will me Russell Villwock at the Illinois VFW State Convention in June and face the music. When I say face the music, I think I am on Sgt Leo Leiaee'e most wanted list. It is really a darn shame we are about twenty minute apart and can't seem to get together.. Be patient Leo, I'll he there. I was a little disappointed the last issue did not list one pecmn from 3rd Battalion Headquarters. Perhaps the next one will bring some news. I did get word that Mel GebrIg passed on I am still active ae I can be making about thirty paredes a year with the Ainad Shrines Drum and Bugle Corps as I have for the past 24 years. Going for 25 and then hang it up. My son says "Come on Dad, one more year. That's what keeps me going. So much for now and until next time may your time be all that you with and desire. (editor% note -- Thanks Milton, did you ewer think about this Leime also lives twenty minutes from you. I think I am also on his
list° Ibr I haven't answered his last cow Golden Lion In iM 11 9; 110 ] n.;14114
IE-5Asill .p g 1-: .147A70-0/ E 14.0.4sE 41.5A 01 11' iii$;!b!i/Ald ailli,t
     k A ,,.s- kp„,10.01.1112, ,iasa.01 DA t1 g 4T1 4,1V0 s tliim-anztra "i811WB.V4Wrly;1 1,11°0112"Ilitql1,q. 00;4 ,v1 .4g/fitilfroA..10.61vg,) 12,,itap1M.P'40 gla.golia!Ma4gelL12-il 1111iIP-Ing e. -4Pa- tmA4.- 4 il Eli-Est - PlEfir ,NpllitPte, 1 tj.1 418s,-gl ttlpEsi;,aillii gE Vi 'tP EiAbp.- Via Itw-11:E1W 1.1-01114 Ira alLA 1°' a:alp,.:°"! alA 111 152.101g? ,z111111i IPTAW.1041 w 4:4 agE Inril 01 IPIQU'ailt4.,e ,1g.174 i21, u-dte.1.1, fge' lq-al N IT.lE0 7.,:Nil 4Ea:Ve,,61.9.0.-. cr.liV4 gtqo !Iltil-;]1:-1?a j!..-81„, Ea!T1Q ilai]=1,11 li2R10-41g.
Lai mgls'."1.4p00 ngAilAi.'glt 1.1..% ffla.glanlIth451a-bsgliazav ..h.


    a Mail Bag is no may that I could publish all of his history in The CUB (because of space) but I do our him a little more space for his efforts.). Kline, editor) I am proud to he a new member as of Decem bar '88. I saw an ad by John Gilliland M a back issue of the DAY magazine, that put me on the trail. I was totally unaware that such an Association exiated. I am married to the same girl as when I entered the aervice, have two sons, a daughter and six grandchildren. My oldest son is retired from the Air Form. We lost our youngest son from a brain hemorrhage, he was 42 years of age and a Navy Vet My daughter lives in Ft. Worth. After discharge in '45I spent 23 years as a tool & die maker with General Dynamic. in Ft. Worth, two years in Tehran, Iran as a foreman tool&die shop, Jigs and fixture.. Returned to the States and worked job shops the last six years before retiring in '87. After being drafted (Nov '43) I left for Camp Roberts Infantry Basic, Co. D, 80th Infantry, 2nd Platoon. Alter surviving all that and the final twenty-five mile full field pack march through the mountaina I felt! woo in good physical shape. After a 10 day delay enroute I reported to Fort Ord, California for amphibious training. We were scheduled for the Pacific area.
     One day the called on into formation and starting calling names and aerial numbers. I was on the hat, told to pack our duffel bap and get ready to move out. We were headed fore long train ride to Camp Butler, North Carolina where after arriving we were than given extensive "hedgerow" training. We were than sent on to Camp Atterbury where I was assigned to 429/C. The rest is history. I was taken prisoner on the evening of the 17th of December at Wmterspelt, liberated on 3 May, 1995 at Altengrabow, Stalag ALA. I am going to endeavor to put down on paper the happenings & my experiences starting with the morning of December 18, 1944. You may be able to use them if tome day you put all your material into book form.
     I also want to write to Dale Carver to see if he may know whether our Company Commander, Captain Miller ever made it, we he was hit pretty had on the first day. I made the first reunion in Indianapolis. I only found one man, our Platoon Sgt (Beheinger) and he was the one that told me about Capt Miller. He told me that he caught a jeep to get Miller out and that he (Behringer) continued to fight with another outfit, the 7th Armored I believe.
    I still cannot understand why we were given orders to hold Winterspelt at all costs, there were only a few of an who were captured after we ran out of ammunition on the 17th. Once again thanks, and hope to see you in Schaumberg. Lawman, C.W. (Pete) 592/HQ (Liaison Pilot) 6399 Smiley Ave St. Iota, MO 63139
    I don't know how you do it, but your editions of The CUB are loaded with information. I noticed that Mr. George White of the St. Louis area is willing to promote or chair the 1991 Reunion. les a great city with numerous activities to offer. I will volunteer my help should St. Louis be chosen as the site of the 1991 45th Annual Reunion. Johnson, Jr, John (Chris) 423/HQ I&R 1505 So. Pine Pittsburg, Kansas 66762
     Sherod, here is my check for two year. dues. Please send, if possible, any back issue. of The CUB that I em entitled to. I was contacted by Robert Grimes, a Sergeant in 423/HQ, now of North Canton, Ohio. He sent me a copy of The CUB and a good letter of invitation tojoin.
     I woo at Atterbury in the summer of '44 and at Cheltenham, England, then into the Bulge. Would like to get a roster of 423/HQ for that time period. Diachargecl Aug '95 at the Army Hospital in Cambridge, Ohio. Am looking forward to my membership and reading The CUB. Hope to get to a reunion 41. Won.
     (editor% note Chris, each new member, ae his application received gets a member- ship card peen the Adjutant. From and he gets a CUB, if it is =Eatable - if not he starts wait the nest issue - a welcome titer and a lie of the Association members that were in his unit. Back issues lately, because of the tremendous increase of membership (nearly 260 since July '88) are non-existent. The editors of past years used to order 26 extra copies, then in later year. 50 mere copies, and with the February CUB I ordered 100 extra copier and have only 10 copies left at this time (914189). Welcome back, maybe other members will share their CUB. with you.. J. Bane, editor)
     16 The CUB at to. Gowen lion Mail Bag I hard from another Liaison Pilot that flew the 2nd mission for the 106th Field Artillery. He and hie observer registered fire on the St Vith-Schcenberg Road. He joined the organization mod we will get-together in Schaumburg in August.
     With the addition of so many new members I thought I would try one more time to locate a messenger who flew with me from Bad Ems to Fulda Germany on the afternoon of June 15, 1945. I broke my leg in a freak accident and want to verify how it happened.
     John when the war ended the 106th was given the job of taking care of German Prisoner-of-War. The 106th Headqumters was at Bad Ems on the Muscle River. An sir-strip was built on top of a mountain. The plan. and pilots flew messenger service. Each day we flew two flights to camps at Stuttgard, Dusseldorf and Headquarters at Fulda Germany. A different messenger was sent on each flight. So you can.e quite a few men received airplane rid..
     I would like to hear from anyone who flew with me . a messenger. John, have you heard of the organization --Veterans of the Bulge? They are in the process of raising funds and information for a display in a --Battle of the Bulge Gallery of the U.S. Army Museum in Fort Meade, Maryland. If you heard from Dorothy S. Davis, R.H. President of the Historical Foundation I sent your name and address. I hope you don't mind. They publish the Bulge Bugle every three months. There is very little info about the 106th and I for one believe that the 106th did more than their share to bring the war to an end.
     They are going to publish a picture of the 106th Pilots and Observers in the next issue and I indicated that we lost 8600 men in three days. I am hoping to hear from some of the men in the picture. Hope to see you in Chicago (Schaumburg). Pete. (editorS note -- Listen up troops--Pete is looking for the messenger who flew with him, any alike, I/spa...afar the one who flew to Fulda the day he broke his leg.
    Pete, a nice letter, thanks for the infOrma, clot.. Yes, I am a Life member of the VOA There's is a good cause. They were very helpful in getting me in touch with the 106th Aseociaion in April of '87. I had been a member of YOB for three years prior to that. Good luck on your contact* with the messengers, 1111 and your Hornier Liaison buddies.. J. Kline,
editor) lc Grand, Elmore 423/A 8340 So. Coon Hickory Hills, IL 60457
    (editort: note -- Elmore is looking for a Leo Williams who he last saw just as the Bulge started, he remembers hies being at the front. Elmore, I looked in the 423/A Combat Infantry Badge roster of 31 July, 1946 and there is not a Leo Williams listed, as a matter off act their are no "Williams. listed at all. Maybe someone will remember. Maybe he was a Medic, or some other person attached to the Company for special duty--J. Kline, editor) Levine, George 424/M 120 East 11st Street New York, NY 10016
    John, the April-June issue was a Zinger! You do en outstandingjob each time. The articles, map and photos from First Sergeant Gross 091/A was an eye-opener. Despite the billions of words written about the Bulge this article for me personally brought into shorn. IM events that have dimmed and blurred during the ensuing /mar. a 132116.111elle congratulatioea to all. I enclose two more cartoons, this make total of five that you have ahead. keep up the good work. George (editor's note -- George is a free-lance cartoonist. He oontributes each quarter to The CUB Look jar his cartoon's In each issue, including this one... J. Kline, editor) Lord, Malcolm E. 424/F 108 So. 2nd Street Denton, Moreland 21629
     John, Just sent Sherod Collins my dues and se long as the typewriter is hot thought I would write you. Went to the 106th in March of '43 et Fort Jackson, stayed with them till they disbanded. I was in 424/8' during Basic, during Tennes.e Maneuvers, Camp Atterbury, the Aquitania, Scotland, England, Lelmree, the Red Bell Express etc.
     Was wounded in the little town of klanhay, Belgium, sent back to a hospital in Paris, then to England for an operation on my arm. Later, about March '45, I re-joined F Company/424 on the line, in the snow. Just to put a few names in the pot in hope someone will know them and where they are:


Chester Cohn, Mississippi The CUB or to. Golden Lion Mail Bag George Quigley, Kansas Sgt Kelly, P.n.
Sgt Kirkland, P.n.
     Tracy Zimmerman, Wisconsin Humpy Anderson, New York All these guys were in 924/F in Fort Jackson. Glad to gee Everitt William. has come beck to the Association.
     Married my High School sweetheart in June of '98. We have three children, three boys and one girl. Retired from the U.S. Foetal Service after 42 years of service.
     Started flying on the GI Bill, had my own plane for a few years but haven't done any flying for ten years. Had a Ham Radio license since 1981 and am still active. Spend winters in Florida, and do a lot of traveling in the summer. Just returned from a 8,000 mile trip out west. Been to all the states but Alaska, no plans for that yet. Will see you in Schaumburg. Can't wait for the next CUB to come out, you do en outstanding job. Malcolm (editors note-- Cant resist throwing this in Malcolm-- I started flying October 10, 1980 at age 66. Hold a Single Engine Land Instructors {ken., Flew a Cessna Retractable RG-182 until the economy got to me. Had to sell It in '83, but flew a lot with Civil Air Patrol alter that. The fbUoso I sold the plane to had no license, and his wife was a student pilot, so I flew them all over this part of the United Mates. I moved to Minnesota in January of '86. Flew a currency Right or rao te 56 and haven't flown since.
    I also have held a Amateur Radio License since 138, (Extra Class June 6, 77) I got hot and heavy in to CW (Morse Code) in 76 and hold the ARRL (Amateur Radio League) &WC forCPI certificate number 8. When the new Code DXCC Certificate (Contacting other countries) first became available, I worked 126 countries in six months, ended up soothing 247 countries using CW (mom code) by 2111181. I have not been active lately because I had to move to locations that precluded the use of a tower ate/or long Wilt antennas . My call letters are 119GN, prior g0 8/8/77 they were K9VTN. I still have a set of Drake Twins Transmitter/Receiver and only work the 2 Meter innaters at the moment.. J. Mine, editor) Lakashok, Alvin 424/H 300 East 74th St New York N.Y. 10021


     John It's not a crucial point, but the 2nd Battal- ion, 929th Regiment went over on the Aquitania. I was in H Company and I have a precise memory of boarding the Aquitaoio. In fact the 2nd Battalion did KP on the Aquitania, and I remember, while working in the ship's gallery, seeing through a port hole the Statue of Liberty growing smaller and smaller as we left New York harbor in the early grey of the morning and wondering if I would ever we it again.
     For these who were in the 2nd Battalion, it might be of interest that around fifteen years ago I new Lt. Col. Uroanoff strolling down Fifth Avenue. I greeted him and told him I had been in H Company etc. He re- sponded warmly and said that he certainly remembered me, which I assume to be an expression of his courtesy rather than ac- tual fact. But I remember his courage and bearing during those days in December '94 when things looked very black indeed. (editor's note)-- Thanks Al, T,n sure your comments will be of interest to your own- rades. Some of the written history is no so precise. In fact, in St. Vith Lion in the Way, by Colonel Dupuy, reprinted by The Battery Press, Inc., Nashville, TN says on page 8, 'The 2nd Battalion, 424th Infantrylel! New York on 18 October on board the SiMeen Mary The rest of the Regiment and the entire 422ndInfantry went 20 October onboard the
    The GI.,P11 Mary to my understanding was either on its way back from Europe, or was dockside U.S.A. Maybe we can get some Kline, matt Eons the troops. Thanks AL.. J. Kline, editor) Mayes, Ross H. 331/MEDIR 309 Clinch Street Rogersville, TN 37857
    I was a POW. I would like to hear from some of the 331st Medics, particularly Company Messina, Carl 81st ENG/A 926 Seymour Ave Linden, NJ 07038
     John, I have enjoyed The CUB. Your ways with The CUB really shows, you are mak- ing it a more than average publication, keep up the good work. I was in a book store the other day and I found an old High School Year Book in the paper pile. It was the same year I gradua- ted, so I naturally picked it up. Now I have two. Fd he glad to give to some one who has
     Thia put me to thinking-- I told my wife ett. The CUB or tin. Golden Lion when I die I want ell my 106th memorabilia, that she does not want, to be sent to the Historian or Editor. They can choose to do with it what they want. I ace at many people looking for past issues of The CUB, or a copy of the Photo Album that wee published at Camp Atterbury (of all the units). I am sure my wife will not want all that stuff around the house. She may have fcelings about giving it away, but it will do her no good after I am gone.
     I am sure that there have been members who passed away, with boxes of CUBa and memorabilia, which eventually ended up in some relatives attic, never to looked at again, and to not use for anybody.
     I know ;es a hard subject to approach, but I wish we could figure a tactful way to remind the members and their spouse to remember the 106th Infantry Division Association in their Will, or in their instructions to their family. The memorabilia and CUBa can be put to good use either in a Historical gift to a Military Museum such as the one at Carlyle Barracks, Philadelphia (for Individual aoldier's memorabilia), or in the case of The CUBA, to assemble complete sets for the edification of the members. I also have another one. I ran across some old postcards the other day. So I bought all fifteen of them. I am enclosing a couple that were available at the USO Clubs in the forties. (See one of them - to elgh0Maybe the boys would enjoy seeing them again. I also cent a couple to Agostino Slat ENG/A. Keep up the excellent work and stay in good health.
     Carl (editoris note -- I !tope we were tact ;hi enough hi the above rendUlon of your letter, Carl. It must be that there 4 much of the history of the past, that which is not important to the surviving families, which goes by the wayside and mold be put to um Ao editor I am interested in past CUB. I am personally in march of a copy of the Atterbury Photo Album and have been looking since '87. I know Sherod Collins, our Historian, is interested in the memorabilia of the Veterans of the 108th Division. He indicated that plans were to pass all historical material along to an appropriate 'Historical Museum" when the Association no longer erists--time rolls on-. J. Aline, editor)
Mail Bag Ord, Charles 423/E Boa 187 New Haven, WV 25265
     I noticed in the lace CUB one letter from a POW that went to Leipzig. I wonder if it were Lager 118. I wound up there in a remodeled Beer Garden that the Russians had occupied before us. Last September David Vennherg, 423/E, myself and Helmut (the interpreter, not 106th) met in Pittsburgh for a weekend and had a very nice time recalling our experienece.
     Anyone that was in Lager 118 on the outskirts of Leipzig and worked on the railroad, please write me with your phone number and I will call you. Keep up the good work on The CUB. !think you are doing a marvelous job., Charles R. Ord.
Phillips, George F. DIV/HQ Red Cross Rep. 37 Linden Place
Uniontown, PA 15401


     Sherod, another year has passed and with sadness. My wife Helen passed away after a year and one-half battle with cancer. It is a tough experience. On March 28th, Bert Henderson of the 423rd informed hone of the death of and remember USO is a big part of the NATIONAL WAR FUND ANC YOUN IINITEN COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN The CUB of III Golden Lion Mail Bag Fred Boer who was attached to the 422nd from the summer of '43 through Tennessee maneuvers early '44 with the ARC (American Red Craw). Fred operated a newspaper in Walworth, Wisconsin. Bert Henderson is a retired Realtor in Ormond Beach, Florida The ranks thin, one by one as the years go by Uniontown--the home of General George C. Marshall Mane a Memorial for him. He was a friend of my mother's family. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him in 1950. He wee a very impressive individual. Shored, I hope 1989 will be a good year for you and the 106th. Raila, Frank A., M.D. 423/E 160 Hanover Dr.
Brandon, Mississippi 30402
     John, Enclosed is a picture of Ray Russell, 423/E and myself (in robe). (See picture below) We finally got together after 44 years!
     Ray found my name in The CUB late last year. We first got together by phone, which was one exciting phone call! Ray was trailer-mg through Jackson in February '89. He was going to visit my home but I ended up in the hospital before he arrived. I had a 'TIA" or Transient Eschemic Attack. My whole left side was paralyzed for a short time, however, all became well and I continue to work and teach out at the Univer. sity of Mississippi Medical School as a Radiologist.
     Ray and I were in a light machine-gun squad. Ray was the gunner and I carried ammo. Sgt Robert J. McBride was in charge. We sure would like to make contact with him. McBride played football with Notre Dame after the war. 8/Sgt Robert S. DnUIem (?) (80 eon Mortar squad, McBride and Russell were all together on the march from the church yard in Bleialf to Stalag XII-A at Limburg. Then the terrible box car ride to Stalag IV-B at Muhlberg. We separated and Ray and I were put in a "Arbeit Kommando" group in Sandeedorf (near Bitterfeld) along with your columnist Dab Bled! It was disturbing to read in Don Holtemuller's letter (The CUB Vol 45 # 3 Page 30) that the 106th Division is not represented at the Unknown Soldiers Memo
     Frank Rails (left) and his buddy Ray Russell, both front Co. E, 423rd Infantry Their firsr time together in 44 years. See story above by Rails. 20 The CUB a the Golden Lion Mail Bag riot room in Arlington Cemetery. If this is true, it must be remedied as soon as possible.
     I note that in the publication The Bulge Bugle (Vol VIII, 152, p19, May 89) it did not mention the 106th reunion in the "Reunion Column." I think we should keep The Bulge Bugle informed about all the 106th Division happenings that mold bring veterans together.
     Wishing you all the best, Frank. Glad you got together with your long lost friend. By the may, I was with you all the way to Stalag IV-B, then I was sent by rail to Stalag VIIFA about 80 miles east of Dresden. How did they say II 'Nicht Arbeiten, Nicht Essen.. Those that worked did not seen, to get any more food than those that did not work.
     (editors note -- I agree with you Frank. The reunions are announced In many of the N. tional Service magasInes. It is difficult to hit them all, and easy to forget some. The com- mittees should make note to inform magazines like the Bulge Bugle and the EX-POW I take a couple of additional magazines named --World War II and --Military. The Frew of Freedom ( which is a little radical, but interesting reading). They both bare Reunion Columns.. -- 1 Kline, editor) Rusch, Marvin DIN/HQ 10830 West Cournend Ave Wauwatosa, WI Sherod, Just got back from Europe. Took some Pi."... CUB Laughs at Bad Ems which I hope to bring to the 93rd Annual Reunion.
     Was also in England in September last year. I took pict ur es at Morton-in-the-Marsh, sent Immo of these to Division Headquarters friends at Christmas. See you in Chicago.
    (editor's note -- if you have some good pictures, send a few to me for The CUB.. J. Kline, editor) Ward, Nathan D. Slat ENG/HQ 2140 West Carlyle Ct. Marietta, GA

Dear John, Martha and I are
     getting back to normal after rip a month of vacation on the East Coast of Florida. We spent the time from Jacksonville to Palm Beach. We had a great time. Saw the Braves and other beseball teams in Spring training and exhibition games. Went to Jai a-Lia games and sunned on the beaches, lots of good sea food, shopped along Worth Avenue, meetly limited to window shopping and visited several friends. Called Louis LeTellier while in Jacksonville and Sam Cariano from Melbourne but did not get hold of hint.
     The big event of the year to far was the arrival of our first grandchild. Our son, Greg, and hie wife had a boy on the 19th of January. Martha is having a great time with him.
    We have aBulge Dinner planned at Dobbins AFB on the 10th of December this year. If anyone happens to be in the area contact me. Else contact Shored Collins (see inside cover 'Masthead' for Sherod's address) and join us. best wishes, Duke Werner", Jack 423/G 9559 W. Mendota Panda, Arizona 85345
    John, received the copy of your servim diary. Didn't put it down until I read it all. We were right together all the way until 21 Dec at Gerolstein. I had a good buddy in the 422nd and we stayed together. We shipped out in the 90 & 138 on 21 Dec and were on the train by George Levine, 4241M "See 71 told you. North is in this direction ! The CUB ot the Golden Lion 21 Mail Bag 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, A Co. 81st Combat Engineers (See Reppert on preceding page) L/R Front- Fehnel, Schlebalm, Miaow, Lacey, Sullivan, Leiner L/R Back row-McAllister, Gallatin, McCoslin, Cowden, Hetica, Reppert, Luoma until 26 Dec according to my notes. His name was James V. Jones, he died four years ago. In ASTP I was in a barracks named "ALFA HALL." Came into ASTP from Basic Training at Camp Wheeler, just like you. After liberation on 2 April '95, Easter Monday, we stayed at Stalag IX-B till the 4th when we flew to Paris on C-47s on April 5. We then entrained to Camp Lucky Strike and caught the Gen. W P Richardson for England to pick up more passengers and then sailed for home. This was 4/14/96 and we arrived at Camp Kilmore 9/27/45. After our "get fat" leave I was assigned to the station band at the redistribution center in Miami Beach. Finally got some good duty. After VJ Day we were transferred to Oliver Gen Hospital at Augusta, GA. Get married to Dot from near my home town, my points came up right before Christmas, and like you was back home before I was 21. Went back to Purdue and graduated in the BIG Class of '99. Went with Gardener-Denver Company - air-compressors, pumps and construction equipment. Retired from them after 34 years.
     I see you were from Terre Haute, Indiana. The folks we are going to Europe with in June, my wife's cousin, live in Terre Haute. They run the Apple House. Might you know him? We are all in the same age bracket. Thanks for your info, I enjoyed it.
    (editor) note)--Jack called and said he had some videos of the St. With, Geroletein area that he will bring to the Reunion. Jack,) will write you a letter after L get this CUB out, thanks.. J. Kline, editor) Reppert, Robert 81st ENG/A 1st squad, 3rd Platoon 6918 Wart Marina Court Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53223
     John, I noticed a picture in the May CUB of the 2nd Platoon, A Co., 81st Combat Engineers. Not to be outdone I am enclosing a picture of the lot squad, 3rd Platoon, A Co., 81st Combat Engineers. The picture was taken at Camp Atterbury just before we shipped out. (see picture on this page) I hope nobody is offended if I spelled their name wrong.



     Enjoy The CUB very much. Keep up the good work, hope to meet you in Chicago. PAY your 89/90 DUES I Please The CUB of the Golden Lion New Members The CUB at the Golden 1.1on a The cut-off date for this NEW MEMBER" column was July 1, 1989. Any applications received by the editor after that date will appear in the November publication.
     If you have correspondence that you feel should have appeared in this column. please contact me. My address is on the inside front
     COVer. The nest issue which will be the NOVEMBER CUB has a deadline for information on October 1, 1989. The November CUB will be mailed approx. I Not, '89 in order to have timely notices on the December 16th Bulge Commemoration meetings that are held all over the country. Third dam mail takes two to three weeks.
Alexander, Howard V. 42217? 1328 N. Rio Santa Cruz
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Aniello, Francis J. 591/C 9 Harvest Lane
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
    Battle of the Bulge. Claims Adjuster. Retired and have five grandchildren, worked with Little League for 25 year.. Ansel, Joseph J. 423/AT 2846 Pickertown Rd Warring., PA 18976
    Served with the 106th, 423d. W. a POW and was fibers.' in April of '45. Went on with my life, monied, built my home worked as an Operating Engineer and retired in May '86. Wife Mary and I are having the time of our life traveling. Hoping to see all the country. Asher, Albert L. 423/K Boa 148 Crane, TX 79731
    One eon, one daughter, five grandchildren. Retired after 43 yearn with Getty Oil Co. Our time is mainly spent in our travel trailer, golfing and wintering in the lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas. ................... aAAAAAAAA
Basques., Stan M. 331 MED/D 1132 Cree Drive Colorado Springs, CO 30915
     Retired in April of '86 from the Ford Motor Company, after 30 years of semi.. My wife's name is Norma. We have three children, two grand-daughters and one great-grandson. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and I play lots of racquetball. We like to travel.
Bauswell, Victor D. 422E 429 Washington Ave
East Alton, IL 62024
     Have been retired for seven years. Had a lot of trouble getting adjusted after the service I attended two years of Electronic School, a G1 School in Chicago. Have four boys and one girl, all married and doing fine. As an Ex-POW I get free license plates from Illinois. Would appreciate hearing from 422/B I have been visiting with two men from my company, Ben Winters of Sedalia, Mimouri and Alvin Wright from Rockford, Illinois. I watch the POW Magazine for names, but haven't seen any that I recognize.
    (editor% note) Victor I sent along a list of your /bower buddies that belong to the ALIOdation and see that Sherod Collins also corresponded with you. Welcome back to the 106th-- John Kline Berthiaume, Dean A. 424/CN E4638 Hwy. M.35 Fs&smate, MI 49829
     Was employed m an over-road truck driver for Northern Motor Builders for three years, then for Clairmont Transfer for 35 years. I suffered a heart attack in Sept '83 and retired in August of '84. Have lived in Ford River for 30 years, have one daughter who is married, two grandsons and one great-grandson. We spend a lot of time at our cottage in the summer, gardening and enjoy watching the deer. Am looking forward to the Chicago Reunion. Beal, Gerald J. 422/L 2318 Monne St.
LaCrosse, WI 54803
    Married, have five children, 9 grandehildren. Own and operate Terry's Barber Shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. BiLlinghurat, Edward P. 423/D 2327 Kelburn Ave Rosemead, CA 91770-9141


     Assigned to 423/D Mortar Platoon as a Sec- tion Leader on 20 June 1944 after having completed Infantry OCS at Ft. Henning. Went oversms, participated in the Ardennes Offensive and was captured. After a short stay at Stalag IX-B was transferred to Ofiag XIB-B at Hammelburg until 28 March when the camp was temporarily overrun. Was marched with a POW column via New Members in Nrenberg and liberated at Gars on the Inn River 2 May 1945.
     Remained in the Army, in the U.S. until fall '48 when I returned to Europe to serve with the 88th Infantry Division occupying northeast Italy, and later with Trieste United States Troops (TRUST) through August, 1950. During the last part of the tour I succcesfully completed a competitive tour for a regular Army Commission.
     On return to the U.S. I served with the 3rd Infantry Regiment at Fort Myer, VA, the Army's Ceremonial Troops, through August '52. After completing the Armored Advanced Course at Ft Knox, Ky I was posted with the 7th Infantry Division in Koreajust as the war ended in 1953. After returning to the U.S. in 1954 I attended several service schools and finally resigned my Captain's commission in 1966 to care for aging parents, complete my university education and pursue "other inter-
     Upon graduation from UCLA in '57 [joined a large utility in Southern California, working for the administrative systems and later computer systems fields. I recently retired after 31 years of service. I am unmarried, am hemming accustomed to not reporting for work every weekday, and proceeding to organize the rehabiliation and improvement of my late parent's home in which I live. My hobbies are attending the theatre, reading (especially history), keeping in touch with my aurviving sister and her family as well as the large family of a deceased sister, and trying to fend of the effect of advancing age by moderate exercise and diet. (editor'. note)-- Edward, have you read 'RAMP', the story of Patton's fouled attempt to liberate ha *nein-lam at Hasnmelburg? I umiak: also like to dram your attention to Captain Harry Meek.' story in this column. You and he were apparently in the same column as you mere liberated, though he had walked 41 longer tray before passing through Hananelburg....I. Mine, editor)
eeeeeA ................... A A A A Boudreaux, Hilman J. 422/HQ 2BN 620 Sandpiper Ln Opelousaus, LA 70570


Boutiette, Lawrence N. 423/E 27 Alexander St
West Wareham, MA 02576
Burke, Jr., Basil C. 423/MED Mt Prospect Farm Revs, VA 22735
Callahan, Robert N. 422/C AV 4173 Timber Mdwa Dr Woodruff, WI 54588
AAA.. AAA A........... A A A AA Campo, Joseph 423/SV 618 S.E. Forgal Ave Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
Caplan, Bert 424/K 31 Wilmette Are Glenview, IL 60025
AAA ...... A A A A A A A A...... A A A A AA Carrigan, Bernard P. 422/L 71 Engrem Ave Rutland, VT 05701
    Have been trying for a long time, without success to locate a John Timlnahl who escaped with we from 11B. Fin uncertain about his name. Casenhiser, Robert D. 423/HQ Wadsworth, OK 44281
     10119 Mt Eaton Rd t I I have often wondered how many men started with the 106th at Ft Jackson and came home with it as I did.
(editor's note). Catherman, Jr. LW Guy W. 422/CN 14003 Dr.
Columbus, GA 31909
Mr. Kline
     I forwarded a check to Mr. Collins for mem- bership. I transferred to the 106th Infantry Division in June 00'44, and was assigned to CannonCompany, 422d Infantry. I was captured on 16 December, 1944 and liberated by units of the RussianArmy on 8 May, 1945. I retired from the Army in February 1967 after 24 years and subsequently retired from the Federal Government after 17 years. Currently enjoying retirement after 41 years of Federal Service. I recently became aware of The CUB, art outstanding publication. I have been mar- ried 40 years, one son and two grandchil- dren. Please advise how I may obtain past copies 41_4 The CUB of tn. Golden con New Members of The CUB and a membership list. (editor1 note)-- Colonel, because of the large number new members we do not have a back supply of CUB.. Normally a few extra are printed to accommodate new member.. I ordered 100 extra CUB. when the May CUB teas published. The printer overran about It extra. I now hare only 22 CM. left until the August publication.
     (editor1snote)--Maybe there are some mem. hem out that have extra CUM, or who do we normally save the publication that could help you with year request Ibr back issues. It would be nice if we could have the rejects that members do not save-- there are always people who are looking for back issues... J. Kline)
Caudell, James B. 590/A Rte 1, Box 1730
     Homer, GA 30547-9801 Captured on the 19th of Dec '44, liberated April 15,'45 by the 109th Wolf Division. Retired from a textile mill in 1979. Now 64 years of age and driving a school bus. My wife is Mary, we have one eon, Larry, one daughter, Ronda, and three grandchildren Misty, Molise and Jim
Clements, Howard 424/A Rte 5Rox 855 Appomattox, VA 24522
     Gil, Thanks for your letter. I was not aware of the 106th Infantry Division Association. I net glad to hear about it and its recent growth. I ant enclosing a check for my membership, and my wife's with a donation to the Memorial Fund and the Scholarship fund. In A Company I was known to everyone a "Rebel" because I was a southerner.
     I would like to know if you have any information of any survivors of Co A, let Platoon We were captured at the Village of Winterspelt after we were completely overrun by the Germane. Here is a list of those that I knew about: Company Commander Capt Cashion, killed Dec 23rd Stalag 12A, Limburg. First Sergeant Moore, captured. Platoon Tech/Sgt LaFountalw captured. Platoon Leader Lt Staub, killed in bombing raid Stalag 12A, Limburg December 23rd. Exec Officer let Lt Tracey, killed at Stalag 12A, Dec 23rd. S/Sgt Bhutto 9my squad leader, captured.
     Sgt Rawlins., Asst squad leader, ???. aS/Sgt Knieley and Sgt McCord, ???. Medics. Sgt Rosenburgh, wounded badly, when I lest saw him he was Will helping others. Medic Cpl McCoy, ???.
Colbert, Hugh L. 422/B 5220 Darlene Dallas, TX 75232
Joined the 106th at Atterbury, Captured 19 Dec '44. Cos, Evert G. 423/SIQ 3BN 2229 Garden Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545
Creech, Melvin B. 424/C 1611 East Holly St. Goldsboro, NC 27530
Crouthamel, George N. 423/M 3 Langreck Way Burlington, N.J. 08010
     John I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you, especially from Minnesota. Are you a snowbird? You're a long way from Terre Haute, Indiana (1944). After liberation I left you at the Helmstedt evacuation hospital and flew to Orly, Paris and then ce the Hospital de La Pitie. I don't know the military designation. I was treated for a perforated ear drum received at Stales VII-A. I was in the middle of Place de La Concorde on VE Day watching the snake dances. Went by train to Camp Lucky Strike then by sea to Burton and then by ambulance all the way to Tilton Hospital, Fort Dix. Since this was only 14 miles from my home I brought my air back to Fort Dix.
     I still had not made my mind about getting out, I was et Ft Oglethorpe for reassignment and than by train to Fort Ord, California. There I re-enlisted and hitch-hiked back to Burlington, New Jersey. Transferred to the Air Corps, went to radar whool at Boca Raton, Florida. The hurricanes of the 46/47e ruined Boca and the school moved to Kessler, Mississippi. At Boca! took an exam for Warrant Officer and made it while I was at Kessler, went on to communications school Scott AFB, Illinois and then to Nellie AFB, Nevada. From there spent five years in Germany, while on leave drove through St. Vith. Found the village square where we were searched after capture (Bleialf). Met Sgt Raper (former 423/M). He was in the Army Military Police in the Kaiserslautern
The CUB st ess Golden Llon 25 New Members Ramstein area.
     I also met Sgt Ellis (M Co. let Sgt) et one of the stateside bases. He was Air Force and was attending First Sergeant school. From Ramstein we were rotated to Amarillo AFB, Texas, spending 5 years there and then went to Evreux AFB sixty miles from Paris. Upon return to the States I retired after twenty years of service. My civilian life was spent in electronics, I retired at age 66 in 1984.
     My wife Vera and I have been in England four times (86/87). My #2 son was stationed there. Managed to get to Cheltenham while in England (the 423rd was stationed there prior to going to the Continent). Also had a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest. We do travel a lot in our van, to the West Coast, Vancouver, Yellowstone and Vegas. On down to Phoenix, where my #3 eon was a dentist, he is now in Danville, PA as an Oral Surgeon. #1 eon is in Civil Service at the Tun3on AFB. At the moment were are getting reedy for a stay et Disney World with 82 eon and family.
     (editor% motel-- It is with special pride an satisfaction the t I am able to list Sergeant George Crouthamet as a new member. Since April, 1987 I have been searching lbr him. Ile has a special place to my heart, because it was he who gam me the support and inspiration to keep going during some very bad tbnes on a long march through Germany in 1946. George was my Section Leader, Heavy Machine Guns. I use a 19 year old squad leader when I was captured on 19 December along with many of you. By January 13, 1945 (I turned 20 on Jan 10)1 had arrived at Stelae V111-A in Gorlitz, Germany, which is about 80 muss east of Dresden. I understand there was approximately 1800 Americans in that Camp. A mixture of 106th and 28th Division Men.
    On Valentine's Day, February 14, 1946, the Germans evacuated the camp in front of the oncoming Russians. The find I remember seeing Sgt George Crouthamel, since the day of surrender, was et the time we were going out of the rear gate at Stelae All of a sudden there was George. He and I were marching buddies for the next two months over 415 miles of marching westward to Erfurt, then north west and north to Braunschweig thence east to Helmstedt, where we were liberated at Helmstedt. During the lad couple of dam prior to liberation I was so sick that I was unable to walk, ea George put me on the `9Cranken Yvon'. (sick- wage.). I found Sgt Crouthamel April 18, 1989 after all these years. Along the way in my search lbr him I have also found 37 other M Company men (two have since died), 25 belong to the 108th Association, 10 were at the Roanoke Reunion. I finally pond him through some assistance of the Veteran% Administration records. Demon, Ralph 424/HQ 3BN Rte 7 - Pine Crest Johnson City, TN 37601
     I was wounded in the chest December 19, 1944. I was in hospitals in Belgium, France and England. Came back to the states in May of 1945, landed in New York then went to hospitals in Memphis, Florida, Alabama then back to Memphis where after one year and one day I was discharged. Started Machine Shop training under the GI Bill. For years have worked as a machinist, tool maker, also in supervision several years. Have been on medical leave over two yews from the Budd Company after having an artificial knee replacement, will be retired from them in September.
............... e nn Derkk, Robert R. 422/HQ 3BN 245 Bcswell Hill Rd.
Endicott, NY 13760
     I was a member during the initial Basic 'Draining at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I was transferred out and joined the 3rd Armored in England in January of '44, fought with them from Normandy to Cologne where I wee severely wounded on March 26, 1945. I have often wondered what may have happened to the many friends I made at Fort Jackson. Would like to borrow a copy of the Division history book if such a thing exists. (editor's note - Bob, Welcome back. There is a book published by the Battery Press, PO Box 3107, Uptown Station, Nashville, Tennessee 37219. It is proclaimed as `The Division History." It is a reprint of en earlier edition and I. named St fill, Lion in the Way.
     The 106th infantry Division in World We. D. II, by Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy. There are 252 PAPS with maps with en additional 30 pages of photographs. I understand it sold far three bucks when it was first published. It now costs 2740 plus 2.00 postage. You will find it interesting (r refer to I t all the time) and ram told with a few Wile exceptions it is rattier accurate. I use It for reference all the time-. J. Kline, editor)
I 26 The CUB at ft Golden Hon
Lis New Members Dewey, Thomas T. 820 TD/C 131 Nina Way Oldsmar, FL 34677
    Captured in the Bulge December 19, 1944. POW till April 17, 1945. Dill, Richard IL 922/HQ 2BN HO 66 Box 148 West Southport, ME 04576

Dear Gill,
     I appreciate you getting in touch with me. I was once a member and can't really remember why I didn't keep up. I gue® I had other things going. Needless to say I am happy to be heck once again. I was captured on 19 Dec '44 near Schoenberg and transported to Stalag 9B on Christmas Day via box cars. Was liberated the day after Easter in '45.
     On returning to the States I was assigned as cadre to the Infantry Training Center at Ft McClellan until I was discharge in Nov. of '45. When our first child was a few days old I was called to active duty in Korea with the 11th Bn Combat Engineers for about a year.
     I retired from work as a hotel engineer at a III summer resort here on Southport in Decem- ber and am looking forward to some traveling.
My wife, Louise and I have three grown children and two grandchildren. We are lucky to be extremely well and happy.
Donaldson, Walter W. 689/? 4501 So. 5th Place Milwaukee, WI 53207
Eaton, Jr., Frank R. 424/CN 2833 Nevada St. Manhattan, KS 66502
Elkin, Morton 422I8V 42 Gerald Ave
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
     It's been 44 years since my return from service and at this moment I am thumbing through my old 108th Infantry year-book that I have cherished since Sept '44 when we received the book on our way overseas. Then, a few days ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of The CUB magazine, the AprMay-Jun 1989 edition, and Pm thrilled to read this most important booklet. I was an original cadreman of the 80th Di- 1111 vision when we activated the 106th Division at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in March of '43. I was Sergeant-Major - Service Company - Personnel Section of the 422nd Infantry Regiment until the Bulge. I ended up with the 28th Division and remained with them until my discharge from Fort McClellan, Alabama in October of '45.
     I em submitting my dues and would like registration papers for the Chicago Reunion. Thank you all for your courtesies and good health to all you 106th buddies.
Ellis, John D. 423/H Box 1171
Elk Park, NC 28622 Ephraim, Harry M. 591/HQ Rte 1 Box 103 Midway, Alt 72551
     Joined the division at Fort Jackson March '43. Left unit to go to hospital on May 23, 1946, was discharged December 22, 1945. Retired as a letter carrier on Jan 2, 1987. Past Commander of Penmen Illinois Legion-Post 8990, Past Commander of Eight District Department of Illinois American Legion. Have two children, a daughter and a son with 2 granddaughters. I am the Incoming Commander of Ozark Post #3246 VFW, Mt Home Arizona.
Eubanks, James L. 422/D 610 Ethel Rd. Spartansburg, SC 29301
Fauerbach, Edward L. 422/C 480 Hilton Dr
Madison, WI 53711
     Currently semi-retired. Have worked for the some company 44 years. My wife and I have two sons and one daughter who are all married and live within 25 miles of us. We are fortunate to have five grandchildren and we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. (editorli note Ed I agree with you, Madison is a beautiful city. I mooed from there in January of SA. That was before I knew a 106th Infantry Division Association evisted. My father, age 88, lives on Ford Street, and I have one of my three sons lining there. The other two sons Ilse near here (Apple Valley, Minn.). I intend to move back to Madison when I retire. My wife has a daughter that lines on Old Sauk Rd Will try to look you up token I get down there nest time J. Aline)


The CUB of tn. Golden Lion Fischer, Robert C. 423/H 132 Taylor Blvd Berk, NJ 08724
Flanagan, Edward J. 590111Q 40 High Rock St Lynn, MA 01902
I have a wife and four children. The wife and I are both retired. Frazier, Thomas E. 423/K 1104 Chestnut St.
Lebanon, PA 17042
    Was a Platoon guide in 423/K Awarded Combat Badge and 3 Campaign Stars. Am now retired construction pipe-fitter, married; a struggling golfer. Would like to hear from anyone in K 423 who remembers me. ........ ......... AAnn
Gillen, Sandlin 423/B 308 Sutton Ave Waterloo, IA 50707
Girton, Robert B. 806 Ord Rte 1, 13oz 275 Fihnore, IN 48128
Goad, Robert D. 424/CN 320 Rollins
Hillsboro, II, 62409
Hope to be in Chicago in August for the '89 Reunion. Greco, Andrew 423/MED 49 Preble Place Rutherford, NJ 07070
     Shored, I received a telephone call and letter from Doss McCarron and was happy to hear from him. Seeing all the names on the list he sent brought beck old memories.
     The some day I got a telephone call from Bill Hocks who filled me in on some of the guys. It was sure nice talking to him and sharing memories. I doubt if I can get to the Chicago Reunion but want to eay hello to all the 423d Medics.
........... AAAAnAnAAAAAAAnn
Grennis, Vincent J. 592/B 371 West 7 Mile Rd.
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Hanna, Robert R. 422/HQ 7215 Linda Lake Dr Charolette, NC 28215.3617
Hansen, Ralph G. 423/F 3407 N 83rd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 82251
    A native of Iowa. I joined the 106th at Atterbury, was captured 21 Dec at St. Vith in town near Red Cross. Marched toward the rear was locked into railroad cars and sent to Stalag 4B. Was put to work in a facet mill, Machine shop in Gorlitz then later to Stalag 4A near Dresden. Was in prison hos- pital till liberated by the Americans on May 19, 1945. Moved to Arizona nearly 30 years ago and now ant a serai-retired electrician (editorb note Ralph, your story is interest. ing. Most of the 423rd were captured on 19 December near Schoenberg, a town about 5 miles east of St Vith. Like you most of no ended up at Stalag 4B near Muhlberg where tee were regidered as POWs. Many of us were then 'rent to Stalag 8A about 80 miles East of Dresden. They evacuated Stalag SA on Vol. maims Day 14 February, 1945 in front of the Russians. Our group (about 1600 men) walked over 400 miles west and north of Cowlitz and were liberated in and around Breenwhweig (Brunswick). I was liberated Friday April 13th, 1945 fifteen miles east of Braunschweig in a hospital town named Helmstedt.
     Most 106ers ended up in Stalag 9B, Bad Orb, Stalag 9A Ziegenhain, Stalag 4B Muhlberg and Stalag 8A OMR.. There were of course many men sent to Kommando c amps (work camps) in the out lying districts controlled by each of these major camps. Thanks fbr your inlbrmation and welcome back to the 106th.- J. Kline
Harlan (U.S. Ret), Col. Lowell B. 4 24/E 5302 Neville Ct.
Alexandria, VA 22310
     Joined the Division at Camp Atterbury, August '44. Was in the Bulge until its reduc- tion, and continued as Platoon Leader until the end of the war. In March (71'45 was sent to Nayon, (spelling ?.. Ed.), France to train and return to the 106th a platoon of blacks, part of a larger program. They were later sent to fighting divisions when the 106th was sent to Remmes for reconstitution.
     Was reassigned in July '45 to the 35th In- fantry Division. After the wee I remained in the Army, got a regular commission and retired as a Colonel in 1976.
     I married in December of '45. We have two t4 New Members In 28 The CUB a th. Golden Lien New Members children; John, a lawyer in Sapulpa OK and Linda (Wisuri) a psychiatric nurse in Bloomington, Indiana. Each have two children. In 1976 I entered the Virginia Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1980. I am an Assistant at St Barnabas Espiscopal Church in Annandale, Virginia. I will be tumble to attend the 1989 Reunion because of a wedding but will look forward to hear the reports on the reunion.
AAAAAA AA......... AAAA AA......
Harnish, Alfred D. 422/K 1501 Rose St. #2 La Crosse, WI 54003
    Captured December 19th. Stalags Gerolstein, Limburg 12A, Muhlberg 4B, Furstenburg IIIB and Luchenwalde IIIA. Harwell, Paul W. 422/E his 2 Box 672 Cannily Springs, NC 28612
Head, Donald H. 423/G N. 6009 F Street Spokane, WA 99205
    Retired Special Agent FBI, now a Private Investigator. Healarr„ Henry D. 423/M 2040 West 89th St. Cleveland, OH 44102
Helie, Hanle P. 590/C 16 Cedar Terr
Wmchendon, MA 01475
    My wife's name is Dorothy. I worked for the US Peet Offim, retired May 1983. Enjoy my retirement, playing golf and going south in the winter. ............. eeee e/1 A A A A A.....
Herring, Dr. Geo. W. 422/HQ 2003 Evergreen Ln Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Hesse, James F. 423/D 220 Roosevelt St Wichita, XS 67208
Hill, Jaws E. 423/E 617 Greenbrier
Orange, TX 77630
     In January '45 I was in the 386th AAA Bn. We had a call for 15 men to go to the infantry. Our Battery had 17 volunteers. Hitler had no planes to shoot at and we wanted action. I was assigned to E Company, 423d Regiment. I enjoyed being with the 106th and it was my favorite. I enjoyed the training and the beet friends and buddies ever.
     My wife and I are retired. She from teaching school for 31 years, and me from sales in automotive parts and tires. We have two children, a boy and a girl and three grandchildren. For past-time and keeping busy, she is in church work and I am busy with my BIG "5 acre farm," growing mostly weeds and grass. (editor's. note -Alter I received JbaV application free. Sherod Collins I sent hiss a CUB and a list of his unit members that belong to the Association. (chin is standard procedure as nem members are received.)
    In return I received the lblkneing letter from Jim. I mill add only those parts that are not repeated abode_ J. Kline)

Dear John,
     I have never met you, but I feel like I know you after having read the CUB. I think you do a very good job as editor.
     As I stated in the first letter I was in the 386th Anti-Aircraft before coming to the 106th. It was monotonous work manning guns when there wee no action. Most of on had been in Europe since D-Day. I am not in contact with anyone from the 106th, I wrote to a couple men right after the war, then lost contact. After Germany surrendered we trained for the invasion of Japan. My beet friend, Carl Ney, went to the 924th and I think it was because he spoke German. I em attaching a list with the information that I have. I would sure like to see some of these fellows.
    I did not recognize one person on the list that you rent me. We did not get into combat but I met some very good friends while with the 106th. I would have liked the CIB, but I did all that I could. At least I volunteered. (The Combat Infantry Badge was one decoraton General Patton wanted to much and Hartman, C. William 424/AT Rte 2, Box 198 Warrenton, VA 22186
    I saw in the American Legion magazine that the 106th had an Association, so I wrote Doug Coffey and he sent an application. I served in 424/AT from the time we were sent from ASTP to Atterbury until the end of World War H. I became a T-4 Milne Pia- . 1111 Mon Surveyor.



     I was a contractor for years but sold the firm and now do consulting work. The CUB of Ms Golden Lisp New Members couldn't get.) Here ie a list of all the information that I have. Maybe they are like me, have never had much time for this type of correspondence until they retired. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
From Jim'. list Kohler, Frederick from Buffalo, NY and Rome, GA, 423/G ? transferred into the 106th.
     Collins, Jam. from Rome GA, 423/E direct from States. Kohlers was one of Collin's teachers in Georgia, Kohler married in Georgia.
     Flak Frank, from Vermont, 423/E direct from states. Ney, Carl from Valley View, PA transferred into 106th. Went to 424th when I went to 423rd.
     Elliot, Dewey from Kentucky, 423/E. Don, ?--, 423/E Snell, 423/E Snell stepped on a mine and was wounded when we were at Lorient. Sapp, James B. from Georgia 423/E Weiser 7-- Fr, from Wasconain 423/E. Weiser made Sergeant and was a fine fellow, naturally we called him "Budweiser, he was, a squad leader.
    This is all I ran remember, hope you ran help find some of them. (editor's nate - Jim, in closing - I will send this list to my M Company, 42ed buddy Oil Heade. he has a list of over 400 names that he has assembled over a period of time. 1E1411 have hint check your list against his. If you have a legitimate excuse you can try the nearest VA Center. They can, possibly, find traces of fbrmer service men in their records. While they do not like to let it be known, they do have direct access to current addresses outside their region. If you have had the experience that I had --where you had traced a man to a certain town, but he has an unlisted number--you might try erring art open letter (place a letter in an unsealed envelope) with a letter to the Poet Master of the controlling Post Office of that area. Ask the Poet Master to forward the letter to the person. He can inspect the letter and If the person you are seeking is actually in the area he, the Post Master, at his own choice can forward the letter. You can do the same with local Police Departments. What they don't want is a bill collector using them as detective agency. The VA uses their system when a one person is seeking another person to verify a claim of a service connected disability. You may not be able to convince them to use their services for "ordinary. reasons.
Hohnstein, Clinton D. 422/A 1714 Little Sioux Cored, NE 69130......... aaAn /SA nnnA.....
Holbrook, Robert R. 422/A 601 Hillside Ave Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742

Dear Gill,
     I was certainly happy to receive your letter on the 106th Infantry Division Association. Ironically, I was a charter member of the Association, attended one of its first reunion. in Indianapolis but never heard anything more after that from the Association. I assumed that like a lot of veteran groups, after the war, that this one ceased to exist. We would be interested in the Schaumberg, Illinois reunion. Kaye, my wife, is handicapped. We travel by motorhome. We have a grandson who lives outside of Chicago that we visit each summer but we stay at his other grandparent's home in Hammond Indiana because they have facilities for the motorhome. We are members of the Family Motor Coach Association since '73 and are Life members. ev Kaye served as National Officer of the association for five years. We are active in our local chapter as well as its chapter for handicapped members. (Kaye serves as News Latter editor for both chapters.) Additionally, we are both Life members of the AX-POW Assoc. and the DAV. In spite of having a entice inserted in the American Ex-POW Bulletin in an effort to find 106th members. I got only one response.
     It would be difficult to span the 45 years of my life after the war. I have some vivid memories of the German POW Camps and am being treated by the V.A. for service incurred disabilities. I recall haw we tried to keep our sanity by planning elaborate menus or making "Wine Lists" for such things as candy bare and snacks while the Germans were feeding m next to nothing.
    We watched the weight fall off each other and longed for the days of freedom we once enjoyed. Some of tot volunteered to chop wood just for the sake of something to do, but the promises made to us by the Germans never materialized. We did not get better food. We did not get better living conditions. All we knew were those early morning five


New Members

    mile walks to the forest, chopping wood all day and walking back after we were totally exhausted. If we did not move fast enough to suit the guards we cotdd expect physical harm. This would be inflicted with a bayonet, an one or whatever the guard wanted to use.
    We planted seed potatoes under our beds so we could have something to eat. If one of us died we would build the casket for the body. I think I still have the wooden shoes issued to me when my GI issue wore out. We had only each other in tho. days. Even the Red Crow couldn't get mail to us and letters we sent home often arrived after we were liberated. Hope was about the only thing alive in those days in the POW Camps. At the time of liberation I was in a civilian hospital for treatment of a severely infected leg so I was separated from the others that were in the POW camp. I was flown to a hospital in England where the only bed available was in the psychiatric ward. I was , like others, suffering from acute malnutrition. They didn't know how to treat malnutrition so we were given huge meals. The effects were horrible.
     Like many a veteran, I married shortly after returning to New Jersey. We have one son. I was later divorced. In 1973, Kaye and I were married. My son ""engineered" our way to the altar bemuse he adopted Kaye m his "special Mom" and they enjoy a very special Mother-Son relationship yet today. Kaye never had children of her own, but both my grandchildren, a girl now 19 and a boy 6, consider her their own grandmother. We winter in Florida. We have traveled over a million miles in motor homes.
     I look forward to with the 106th again and possibly meeting somebody I knew during those days of WWII. (editor's note -Rob, thanks for the nice letter of your experiences. You failed to name the Camps that you were in. I am sure it would be of interest to others that might remember you. Drop me a card with the information... My address appears in the Mast Head on the inner cover of this and every CUB- J. Kline -editor)

Holcomb, Roy F. 331 MED/B 21389 US Hiway 41 SW Calhoun, GA 00701

Holmes, Bradford M. 423/E #2 Tinners Ln, PO Box 645 Onset, MA 02558
Hook, Charles D. 590/SV Box 156 Fairfield, IA 52556
     My war experience with the 106th w. in Belgium in the winter of '44. My first combat experience was near Sky Line Drive when the Germans broke through. I was with the 590th FA at that time. I would like a patch of the Golden Lions. am retired now but still work part time. Married with one eon and three grandchildren. Would like to hear from the men of the 590 Field Artillery.
(editor's note-- I received a letter from Charley right after he received my welcome letter and The CUB)

Dear John,
     Received my first CUB and thanks a lot. The information furnished by 1st Sergeant grove sure brings back a lot of memories. I recall that he may have been my First Sergeant, but I can't say for sure.
     Looking at the pictures in The CUB, I was at Winterspelt, Heckhalenfeld and also Staffeeha.en, St Vith and also at Parfondary and Chateau de Wanne. Took my military basic at Camp Roberta the to Atterbury. Went on the Wakefield as we went overseas. After I left the 106th I signed up for another hitch, went to Alaska then came home for good. If you have any patch. I would like some. So long John for now. If anyone would like to talk about or write about the Bulge tell them to contact me.
    (editor's note -- I think the Adjutant is going to order patches, or has, for the Reunion. I will tell him to keep you in mind, Charley, thanks.. J. Kline, editor)

Hunt, Joseph P. 422/AT 1640 NW Ave Martinsville, IN 46151
Irwin, Norman .4. 591/A 1620 Tait Street
Lorain, OH 44053
     Retired from US Steel in 1982 after 42 years of service. Have three children, five grandchildren one great granddaughter. My hobbies are bowling, golf and gardening.


New Members

Jacelon, Charles F. 589/A 7I-B Southbrook Dr Eatontown, NJ 07724
To Sam Cariano,

    Dear Sir, In 1985I contacted Ted Straub, he sent me a copy of the CUB. Other things got in the way and it wasn't until March '89 that I got mound to following up with the dues. I met dues to Sherod Collins, but got the letter beck as undeliverable. Please forward my check to the proper people so I can begin to hear about some people who meant to much to me many years ago.
     I was a member of Battery A, 589 FAB from April '44 til December 23 when the remnants of Battery A were surrounded at Baroque Fraiture (Parker's Crossroads) and captured.
     My group walked to Gerolstein where we remained 4-5 weeks than walked to Limburg where we were incarcerated until about March 2b '45. The camp was evacuated by rail, after a day or two on the road our column was overtaken by elements of the 2nd Armored Division. I with I knew exactly where that was. I want to be able to correspond and visit with some of the group and I will certainly write to anyone looking for info regarding those days.
     NI can purchase back issues of The CUB I would She to know. (editor'. note -- Charles, there we no back Issue available pr flee reasons. First it is was normal procedure for the editor to have a pis extra copies for new members coming in between issues. The editor used to order 26-30 extra which used to take care of the situation.
     Secondly, most recently, that is since Sept '87, there have been or may new members sign on that it has been hard to Judge how may to have printed as "estrus. I have been ordering 50 extras, for the May issue '89 I ordered 100 extra and I goUl be running out before the August issue come* around. Our membership has grown from 745 in Sept of '87 to 1216 as of June 12th, the date I am entering your letter into the Weis Member's Column.. would like to suggest to you members, who do not keep The CUB in a historical file, to bundle up a few later old ones and send them to me to be used for new members like Charles who would like to bring themselves up to data Maybe we mud have a traveling set if we could figure out hole to manage it, and how to pay for the postage. The Historian has a complete set of CUD, dating back
     to '48 that are being kept as Official Ar- chives. I have managed to accumulate all CUBS back to Volume 3 which was August '46 except Pr the pllowing,Vatd-Werik Vol 16 No. 2; Vol 18 Na. 3 and 5, Vol 19 No. 4 Vol 20 No. 2 and 3; Vol 21 No. 2 and 3; Vol 22 Na 2; Vo126 No. 2; Vol 27 No. N Vol 281Vo. 3; Vol 30 No. 2; Vol 34 No. 4; and Vol 35 No. 3. I am most interested in filling oat the collection, I intend as time gees on to included some of the old stories in /blare CURB.
     To those of you who may have an interest, the average site of the CUB In later years was about 26 pages. Since Feb '88 all the CUBs have been 44 pages (the counts include cov- ers inside and out). The Feb CUB ended up with 53 pages, but I cut it back to 44 to keep the mailing expenses in line.
     In my collection there are several CUBs that are only 4 pages (including inside and out- side covers). The smallest I found was Vol 25, No.3, Feb-Mar-April 1969 which is 4 pages-- the cover, which announced a European Re- union at St Vith, and the inside cover much as you see it today, three columns of news, and the back cow, which 1.011, a 1968.69 membership application form with half the back cover used for address. I mean no dis- respect to the editor, John Frits, who was our 86-87 Association President. It was Widow 11110 that there was not much to write about. I understand from some old-timers, Assort. Sion members, that the membership in the mid-seventies dropped down to 260 nsanben, The increased membership in the last two years has brought more material to the ede tor, plus the new members listings have wed front 6 ton pages in recent issues This issue should haw more than that. It is also gratifying to see the stories of you who have been returning to Europe wine in. The membership welcomes news about the old battle ground and the areas in which they were deeply involved in those dark days of Dec '44 through '45. Reminiscing about the early training days, then through Atterbury are also welcomed.. J. Kline, editor)
...... ........ sAA AA n AAA Jackson, James D. 422/F lite 3 Box 140 Horton, AL 36980
Johnson, Worth M. 423/E 7137 Myers Ferry Rd Clemmora, NC 27012 ^^^^ ^ ^........... ""^ ^.....
Jones, Raymond B. 422/C 1310 S. 49th Tarr Kansas City, KS 66106
     Belong to Ex-POW Association, Heart of America Chapter, Kansas City, Missouri. 32 The CUB a Ma Golden Lion a New Members The CUB a tbe Golden Lion 33 My wife died in 1982.
Jose, Marvin L. 589/T 2655 Crestwood Dr. NW Warren, OH 44495
Kehler, John K 423/D 887 Sugar House Dr
Port Orange, FL 32019
     I was a member when the Association records were kept in files in a Colonel's garage, can't remember his name. A buddy Ernest Gehardt and I joined the newly formed Association. We belonged several years and then somehow lost contact. Retired for health reasons at age 58 and moved to Florida ten years ago. Have been trying to get the VA to acknowledge my disability and accept the /semis I recovered from Germany as to my condition. So for no luck. We visited the Memorial at St. Vith and have pictures.
     (editor's note - Sherod Collins attached a note to the application stating 'We is talking about (in reference to records in garage) Herbert B. LIvoney, Jr the original Assoc!. tion Adjutant.) John, It would be interesting to know where you acquired records from Germany as to your war time conditioce, seems that most people have found that there are no records available from the various prison camps. Maybe you were in a hospital that somehow maintained records - could you fill us in on that, maybe you have 'band a key to past records-. J. Mice editor)
................... Kemper, John A. 423/L 4118 Eckworth Dr Bellbrook, OH 45305
Mate, William N. 820 TD BN/C 18993 Ira Le Oregon City, OR 97045
    Since I have retired I do some hunting and fishing. Also do a little traveling. I have a daughter and three grandchildren and a son-in-law. I hear from a couple of my buddies that were captured with me. Kincaid, Warren W. 422/F 6529 Yucca Terrace #18 Phelan, .... aaaaaaaaaaaaa Kingston, Harry E. 423/E 2824 E. Castor Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134
............ A o AAAA n n n AA non Kitchen, Robert L. 422/11Q IBN ate 2 Boa 162 Lincoln, MO 65338
     Deer John, Thank you for the CUB magazine, I have really enjoyed reading it. I made a slight error in naming my old company. I was in First Battalion Headquarters 42241 Infantry.
     I did not know that the 106th Infantry Division existed until I received my Ex-POW Bulletin and found Mr. Russell Villwock's announcement of the Schaumburg Reunion. The only two men I know who came back was Adolph 'Peppy" Weiland, Sergeant let Cook, and Charles Brower (ed. note -Brauer 71), Corporal, Mail man. We visited Peppy in Kentucky in the 'Ws and he later died of heart trouble. Charles liven in the Kansas City Area and we have visited a few times a year. last time I called him his wife said he had open heart surgery.
     After I was freed by the Russians, Peppy and I and three other men escaped from them and wandered around for five days before finding American troops, somewhere near the Rhine River I believe. After being freed I managed to get into German prison headquarters and found their record of my capture, including my picture, fingerprints, dates of camps etc. I still have them. I have been to Canada & Mexico since service but since last trip in 1970 I made a vow to myself I would not leave the good ole USA again! We have traveled a bit and now have a home in K.C. Kansas and here in the Ozarks. Apia thanks for your help. What do the ASSOCIATE dues entail? (editor4 seer - Bob, the ASSOCIATE dues are for some person who has a genuine interest in the 106th Infantry Division. Be: In particular Ibr the relatives of one of our members, or for the widow of one of our members so that she can continue to keep up with 106th news, another serviceman who fought along with us in another outfit, a person interested in the history of the Division (I signed up a VA Doctor who treats many of our former division members). The ASSOCIATE member application goes before an executive committee. The reason: to try and screen out any person who is joining just to get information for his own monetary gain, like selling service memorabilia, emblems and all that sort of material.
    We have many Associate members, aside from family members, who have a genuine New Members interest and participate in our reunion, Pat as if they had been apart of the division. It L surprising how many people haze an interest in the Battle of the Bldg. What division has more to tell than the 106th - do you agree? -. J. lainoeditor) %mush, Stephen E. 422/C 346 Ste. Street Plymouth, PA 18651
.......... A AAA AA A A AA A A.......
     Commander of Keystone Chapter going for my third term. We have 136 members - .d wives. Also belong to VFW and DAV Eosin, Clarence W. 422/M 1864 Dewey Ave Beloit, WI 53511........... sosssoss........
Brant.. Albert R. 106 MP 667 Pine Beach Rd West Bothered, MN 56401
......... A ........ A AAA A A A A AAA Lee, Robert 0. 422/13 4573 South 23rd St. or4 Milwaukee, WI 53221
     After being liberated from a hospital in Leimiz I was flown to England and hospitalized there until June. '45. I then went to USA by hospital ship to Charleston and then to Fitzsimmons General Hospital in Denver. Discharged into a V.A Hospital in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Spent 14 months in hospital. Married in November '47, have three chil- dren (2 sons and 1 daughter) and 6 grand- Worked for the State of Wisconsin for 36 years. Now retired and living in Milwaukee. I work as an usher for the Milwaikee Brew-ere baseball team. I do volunteer work 3 days a week at the VA Medical Center................... s o Ann Ann/.
Leisse, Robert E. ASSOCIATE 432 Rosedale Terrace Manchester, NC 63011
    (editor's note)--The proud father of this new Associate member is Leo 'The Lion" Leisee, my infamous pen pal from St Louis.- Robert 'appreciate your father), letters, we identify by the fact that our POW numbers are 316311 (mine) and your father's 315361. We also traveled the same route, same group on the long and hazardous evacuation of Stalag VIII-A. a 416 mile tour of Germany with the finest of hotel reservations in assorted pigpens, barns and the Ring's suite at the brick factory in Duderdad. I know you are familiar avUh all that. Welcome aboard, I think ith nice to here member's sorts supporting our organization.- J. &line, editor) Libman, Oliver E. 429/CN 1818 Azalea Lane Mt Prospect, II. 60056
Loleit, Allan J. 81.1 ENG/II 3716 Coronado
Farmington, NM 87401

    Dear Ed, (to Ed Wojahn of the 81st Combat Engineers) I em having trouble writing and also remembering over the 44 years. I remember Col T.J. Hobbs and Armond Ricci. The rest !forget. Will write later. signed Al. .................. sssossosss
Love, Daniel W. 422/K Eta 1 Roe 170 II Salem, MO 65560
     Married in '46, have a son Daniel, with one grandson. W. a member of the St Louis Fire Department from '49 through '75. Lived in St leas until May '86 when I moved here. Lore, Robert F. 423/MED 6378 Heether Dr.
Memphis, TN 38119
     Graduated with a B.S. from University of Tennessee in '49. Building materials sal. for 15 years, Manufacturer's Rep for 17 years, Retired in '84. Married with three children, 3 grandchildren. Love to play Badminton, Golf and Tennis.
Lovejoy, Leonard L. 590/C 629 North Union St
Smut., IL 62088
     I escaped from a work detail in April '44, was recaptured and recaped again, ran into the 69th Infantry Division and fought ten days with them, then was shipped to Lucky Strike. Worked for Shell Oil in Wood River for 35 years, retired in '81 and opened up an antique store which I still work at. I am Service Officer for Post 1241 at Staunton, take Vets each week to Jefferson Barracks and John Cockram VA Hospital. Had my feet and fingers frozen but they are OK until it gets cold.
Lyons, Robert N. 424/HQ 345 Elkins lake
Huntsville, TX 77340
I see from your application that Shared Collins corresponded with you relative to 34 The CUB et m. Golden Lion
New Members Larry Walden. Welcome back to the 106th.
......... ,., ..........
Maclone, Richard R. 422/M 102 Little Nahant Rd Nahant, MA 01908
Madden Jr, John J. ASSOCIATE 5525 Gene Semen Dr.
Buhivge, MT 59106
Martin, Roland 424/1 2909 Keswick Rd Baltimore, MD 21211
...A A..... A A A A A A A A A..........
    Entered service 3/13/43 Camp Meade, Fort Jackson 3/16/49 to 12th Corps HQ 2/18/44; departed to ETO 4/10/44, Third Army in England and all through Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe. All campaign medals plus Bronze Star. Left ETO 11/4/45. My wife is deceased, but in-dude my daughter Oda Mae and a Memorial Donation. Martin Sr. M.D., John B. 422/MED Box 252 Brownsville, PA 15417
     Gill, Thanks for your letter about the 106th. I would like to know what's become of my Battalion Officers and my Medical Detachment, roes though ljust joined the Division in Sept '44.
    Best regards, John B. Martin, Surgeon, 3rd Battalion, 422 TM* Martin, William 7'. UNIT ?V? 320 North Dobson St Canton, MS 39046
AA A AA A A AA A A AA AA....... A......
    My family consists of three girls and one boy. We have 10 grandchildren (8 boys and 2 girls) Mason, James O. 923/UNIT? 1138 Thompson Road Thompson, CT 06277
Matthews, Anna Maria ASSOC'. ATE 300 S. Summit St Greenville, NC 27834
AA A AA A A A A AA AA A A A. A........... Mayes, Ross H. 423/MED 309 Clinch St. Rogersville, TN 37857
Mayo, Jr, Col. Walter L. 423/E 1040 Warbler PI McLea, VA 22101
McCall, Lewis 422/UNIT? Rte 3 Box 1785
     Lexington, TN 38351 My wife Alma and I have three children and 4 grandchildren. I have a B.S. University of Tennessee and a M.S. from Memphis State. Taught wheel 32 years, a members of several community service clubs and organizetions through the years, an Advisory Director in the Farm Bursa, owned and managed a farm for 38 years.
A AA A A A A A A A ................ A AA McCall, Theodore G. 81st ENG/A 506 NE Forest Ave Topeka, KS 66616
............A AA A A A A A A A.......
    Married 47 years, four children. Am still working in my own business - Rental properties, House building and repairing. McCollum, Vollie L. DIV/HQ 1129 Winding Way Nashville, TN 37216
     Was in AG entire life of the division. Asst AG for enlisted personnel (CWO). Spent 39.5 years serving Veterans of Tennessee in VA, Department of Education end Department of Veterans Affairs from which I retired as Assistant Commissioner on 7/1/85. Am still active in Vets Organizations.
     Married for 40 years with two sons, one daughter and 11 grandchildren, all in the Nashville area. I thought I had joined is Roanoke. Would ertjoy all CUBs available since Roanoke. (editor9 note -Sorry, all COM have been used aseept fbr those That are designated Ibr archives. We have had such an increase in membership from 1988 on that we have a hard time keeping a supply.
     'could use sense of the issues going back to '87. If cosy of you out there are not conserving your old COI, pack ens up end *end back to me third class mail and I mUl see to it that sense of the newer members get some of the bards issues. The cost of republishing a lbw issues is prohibitive... J. Kline) MeManamon, Hugh 423/MED 6211 Mariana Dr.
Parma lights, OH 44130
    Retired Firefighter, Cleveland, Ohio Fire Department. The CUB et Ma Golden Llon 35 New Members ^^ww^^^^................ ^^^^^ MePoland, Arthur P. 422/M 13059 Ridge Rd No. Huntingdon, PA 15642 Mortar Platoon Meeleus, Harry G. 422/HQ 2BN 518 Pyle Are Oshkosh, WI 54901
     Was a Captain in 106th Infantry Division, 422d Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Captured in the Bulge, marched to Gerolstein then bypassing Berlin to Oflag 64 in Shubin Poland. Within a few days evacuated Oglag 64 and marched south again by-passing Berlin through Nuerenherg and Hammelburg into Austria and Switzerland to Gars on the Inn River where we were liberated May 3, 1945.
     This was all by foot, about 1,500 mil., no baths, no change of clothing and very little food. We were transported to Mossburg (near Landshut, one-half way between Munich and Regensburg. editor) and flown to Camp Lucky Strike in France. Came home on a hospital ship.
     Upon return worked in traffic and export work and retired in '75. Have done a lot of travelling, in Europe, the Orient, Mexico, Hawaii and most spots of interest in the USA. Have enjoyed good health, except for various ailments most prisoners of war suffer from. Now having macular degeneration in eyes and my sight is pretty well gone. Did spend 9 weeks at Hines Blind Center, In Hines Illinois in '88 learning how to cope. (editorio note)--Captain, your story is very interesting. Your's Is the first that I base heard where some of our men were starched such a distance. I personally amlked over 525 miles, spending about 7 days in box-cars hi the interim. I ended up at Stalag 8-A eighty miles east of Dresden, walking, 415 miles west and north to be liberated at Helmstedt. Many men forget to convert the kilometers to miles, but you certainly did.
     I wonder if in your trips back to Europe you were able to go to and identity some of the areas you were in. If you did we would be interested in the story and photographs of interest for The CUB. "Return to Europe" is a welcome subject for the CUB readers. I also want to draw your attention to Captain Edward BUlingshurses story in this Weis MettskerV column. He was apparently in the same column as you when you were liberated at Can on the Inn River- John Kline, editor) Membrila, Emilio M. 424/A 3403 Dry Gulch Dr.
Thatcher, AZ 85552
     Gill, Glad to here from you.Currently a member of American En POWs, Life member of VFW and the American Legion and have been helping with the Color Guard at parades and burial services.
     I have been recently elected Vice-Commander of the DAV Mount Graham Chapter #17. I em still married to the same woman since 1944, raised one son who is married and has two children, living at Silver City, NM. I was captured in the early morning hours of 17 December near Winterepelt. I was interned at Limburg, Stalag 12-A, shipped by train to Stalag III-A in Lukenwald, marched to Stalag XI-A in Altengrabow and again marched to Salzwedel labor camp where I was liberated.
     After returning home I found my wife had joined the WACS and was stationed at Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia. I V/1113 given a months leave and the Rod Cram helped her get a two weeks furlough. I went to meet her in Lords-burg, NM. After her leave I had to see her oft on the Grey Hound bus to the Presidio in San Francisco, for that is where her outfit was transferred to. I have been told I was not entitled to the Combat Infantry Badge, can you give me any help? I am sure that A Company 424d Regiment was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge.
................ ^^ ,^^^1,
    (editor's note)--Sherod Collins contacted Roger Rutland who is answering Erniliots request for help with a lad that he has.. J. Aline) Messinger, George E. 422/A 6 N 306 Andrene Lane Itasca, IL 60143
     I married in 1984 to a Filipino woman from Cebu City, Philippines. Was injured in a truck/train accident while riding in on Army Truck in Los Angeles. 50% disabled, Life time member'of DAV. Miller, Delbert L. 589/HQ 1404 Pinnacle Pl.
Waterloo, IA 50701
     Received a battle-field commission during the Bulge. Was sent to Austria after we 36 The CUB of the Golden Lion New Members broke up and was with the Military Govern-meet for 9 months.
     Worked in sales department of the Roth Packing Company. Retired now for 12 years. Having s hip problem cannot play golf anymore. I am involved in many volunteer groups
eccoece AAno• .................. Nagle, Edward J. 81st ENG/B 1222 Rene St LaCrowie, WI 54603
     Retired three years ago after working for the City of LaCrosse Engineering Dept for 40 years. My wife Eloise and I will have been married 46 years in August and have 10 children. We are members of the American Legion, VFW and American EX-POWs. God willing, we will be attending the reunion in Schaumburg this year. (editor's rune -Rd, I lived In Viroqua, Wisconsin Pons 1968 to 1972 when I moved to Madison, then moved up here in Apple Valley, MN In Jan of 56. Margot and I plan on retiring back in Madison one of them day. I traveled out of Viroqua for a couple of years for the Creamery Package Mfg Co. selling dairy plant equipment. later in '68I neat Into the Insurance business in Viroqua, am still in it, so-to-speak, es pt I ant acting as an insurance manager and safety coordinator pr one of my old clients up here that I serviced out of Madison. Love Wisconsin and the Cocky Region. I sure missed out on getting sic. quainted, back in those days, with guys like
    you and Ed Wojcik% of the 81st. (I IV. 42SIM Hoy Mach Gun Squad tended - too bad, a lot vent by the may-side over the years... J. Kli) Neoandro, Joseph A. 806 ORD 1865 E 51st Street Brooklyn, NY 11234
     I em a retired US Government Custom Inspector. Enclosed find my check for membership and a donation for the St Vith Memorial. I was inducted into the U.S. Army at Camp Upton, NY in December '42 We completed Basic Training at Camp Perry, Ohio then on to Fort Jackson where the 806 Ordnance IL.M.) Co. of the 106th came into being. Then on to the Tennessee maneuvers, Atterbury, England, France, Belgium and Germany. I was with the Division until June
     In December of '44 the 806 ORD (L.M.) Co. was stationed at St. Vith. I slept in the railroad repair house that had a huge turntable for the locomotives to turn on. We were in the "Battle of the Bulge' from day one. We crossed the Rhine River in Weapon. Carrier Trucks over a pontoon bridge from the town of Bingen, Germany. I would enjoy hearing from members of my ..... ^^ ^ ,,^..... ^^ ^.....
Odom, Joseph C. 424/HQ 5306 Red Fox Rd Jackson, MS 39211
     ASTP - Vanderbilt University, joined 106th Infantry Division at Camp Atterbury in 1944 just as the division came off Tennessee maneuvers. Wounded at Winterspelt, Germany in Dec '44 Hoepitalireel with left arm injury. Medical discharged Oliver GOHioeneral Hospital, Augusta, GA March '47. Organized Odom's Dispensing Opticians in '48 to present. Married Josephine Holland, two children a son and daughter, Richard and Creeth Ostermeyer, Bernard 423/B 11215 McDowell Dr.
Indienspgie, 114 46229
     (See picture next page) I joined the 106th when it was activated at Fort Jackson. Took my Basic Training, went on Tennessee maneuvers then on to Camp Atterbury and OVer-Sea.B.
I was a machine-gun squad leader in the 4th Moore, Sr., James B. 423/G 1313 Evergreen D.
Minden, LA 71055
     Married Maxine Walker, a school teacher, June 5, 1945. two children, Jimmy Moore, Jr. and Rachel Ann M. Sibley, four grandchildren--Rene & Brandon Moore, Shannon and Erin Sibley. Retired with over 38 yeara with Marathon Oil Co (Laboratory) in 1984. Wife retired from the School Board in '79 after 27 1/2 years. Members of the First Baptist Church - Deacon and Sunday School Teacher. Originally from Sarepta, Louisiana, lived in Minden since '53. Enjoy our retirement and we are traveling a bit. Cancer discovered Nov '87, after treatment, all dear. Received my Bronze Star in Nov '84 and XPOW Medal in '88.
• Mord, Roger E. 422/UNIT? 9 Jacob Ave Hooked, NH 03106


     The CUB or to. Golden Llon New Members Platoon. Imprisoned at Stalag 4-B, Bad Orb and then shipped to Ziegenhain to Stalag 9-A. I wee with 1st Sgt Bierde, S/Sgt Ussery, S/Sgt Smith, SfSgt Cassidy, S/Sgt Brimcat, Sgt Wlmnm, all from 423/B. I wee discharged from Camp Maxey, Terns as SISgt. I joined the Air Force active reserve unit and wee re-called to active duty during the Korean War in the Air Police Squadron, went on Southern Pines maneuvers in North Carolina and was separated from USAF after the Korean War as a T/Sgi I served as a production supervisor in heavy industry during all of my civilian life and am now retired from the Ford Motor Company. I have lived with my wife LaNelle since 1946, except for the Korean service days. We have three daughters, all graduates of Ball State University and all are successful career vvomen.
I am a member of the VFW, Knights of Columbus, Fort Harrison Golf Club and the American EX-POWs.
     I organized and designed the uniforms of a Ceremonial Color Guard unit for the American Ex-POWs. I am sending you a picture of the Color Guard and we would be proud to have it published in The CUB, because it is made up of all Infantry men and three of the members are from the 106th Infantry Division.
     In the picture from left to right are Bernie Oatermeyer 423(B; Norm Williams 94th inf Div; Ray Bars/lack 78th Inf Div; Phil Cox 423/B. The two alternates (not shown) are Terry McDaniels 2nd Inf Div and Roy Biggers 423/HQ.
    I em an ardent golfer and earlier in my life carried a 5 handicap. My wife and I enjoy our winters, both playing golf in Florida, five of the winter months. Would love to hear from any of you and especially 423/B men. I have maintained a personal relationship with two members of 42303 through all these years - Phil Cox, Indianapolis and Kelly Parldneon, Chicago, Illinois all of us will attend the Chicago Reunion in '89. See you there. (editorn note - See the picture reprred to in this latter, hopefully in this column. Thanks Bernie for the nice letter and picture. It must be the golf that kept you trim all these Aar... J. %line, to native from Terre Haute, Indiana) Perkins, Lawrence C. 423/E 1114 RRI, Roo 1481
Shell Knob. MO 65747 Pitts, CoL Kern P. 423/B 137 Dogwood Trail Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
     After World War II stayed in the Army and retired es a Colonel in '74, moved to Southern Shores, North Carolina where I lived with wife, Ginke, ever since. Busy with Church, Country Club, Tire Company and have been Mayor of Southern Shores since December 1979. Two daughters, both married with four grandchil- dren. (editor's note -Colonel, I 'band it interesting as I teas entering this information that there mere tuo 429/% men In the same mall -see the story on Ostertneyer, above... J. Kline)
Pollard, John M. 423/MED 4818 High Point Rd NC 27407
^ ^ ^
    ...... ........ aa. 4444 a 4 Read Oatermeyer this page for I.D. of Color Guard a 38 The CUB at the Golden Lion Powell, Robert A 590/HQ 660 River Oak CI Salisbury MD 21801
Rt7enga, William T. 423/MED Rte 2, Hoe 31 Hope, AR 71801
     My wife Margie is deceased. We had seven children, four boys and three girls. I am retired US Army 22 years 113 a Master Sergeant. Served in Special Services as a recreational specialist (extra duty as coach in baseball and basketball). I was assigned to 423d Inf Med Det, 106th Inf in 1943. Came to Fort Jackson as cadre from the 80th Division. Wee assigned to Snd Battalion of the 423d Med Det which supported 2nd Inf Bn of the Regiment.
    Colonel Joseph Puett was CO. I had the honor and pleasure of again serving with Colonel Puett as a member of the let Division at Ft Riley Kanaeas. Would appreciate names and addressee of the 423rd Infantry Medics. Rood, Dr. Eugene 424/HQ 1144 Ridge Rd Green Hey, WI 59304
New Members A Rountree, Russell E. 424/CN 7591E. Ponderosa Cr.
Parker, CO 80134
     I wee an ASTP student who joined 424/CN at Atterbury. The Battle of the Bulge wee more then adequate war experience for me. I wouldn't take anything for the experience, but I awe don't went to do it again. During the service days I was married to my wife Rhode, and had one eon. After the war we Iced another son, a daughter and another son. In three more years we will be celebrating our 50th.
     Shortly after returning in '95 I enrolled at Denver University and received a BA degree in '48. For 20 years I worked to a writer, announcer and editor in Radio and Television. For the past 20 year. I have been a freelance writer and a full time writer-editor for oil industry magazines. During that time I authored a book Rocky Mountain Oil History. Currently, I am now retired but still write a column or two for the oil industry. A couple of years ago we sold the enroll farm that wee home for 34 years and moved near Parker, Colorado, a few miles east of Denver. I do a httle wood carving, an occasional trip to vegas, bowling and whatever else that look. like fun.
    (editork note • Russell, having a guy like you around prompts me to ask you for a opium,. or two Mr The CUB. Cot any ideas let me know... J. Elite) Russo, Louis J. DIV/HQ 429 Maple Ave Trenton, NJ 08618
Submitted by Fred Farris, DIV/HQ Schiffman, Ben 423/MED 8171 Vince. Dr. 423 La Mesa, CA 92042
Schuh, Merlin W. 422IC Rte 1 Box 243 Bangor, WI 54614
    Went to Fort Jackson in April of '43 as a BAR man, went overseas and wee captured December 23, 1944 and liberated April 18, 1945. Segal°, Gus DIV/HQ 199 Park Piece Audubon, NJ 08106
Submitted by Fred Farris, DIV/HQ Pretty, Entor C. 423/H 12222 Paradise Vie Pkwy S. Apt 4220A Phoenix, AZ 85032
     Lived in New Jersey prior to Army, and lived there until 1986 when I moved to Phoe nix at the euggestion of my Doctor because of a heart condition. It has helped. I am trying to find aPaul Truest. His last known address was Jefferson City, Iowa. Last time I saw him was in 1948. Maybe some of the members know him. I went blind in '86 and received my sight beck in October '88 after two operations, it sure was good to see again.
    I would like to hear from anyone from 424/11 if you have anyone listed from there. (editortt note/--As is customary I sent Rotor a list of the men that belong to the association from his company. It is always gratifying to hear back that a person has tbund long lost friends, I hope Remo, has that kind of luck. A complete roster of the 106th Infantry Division Association mill be mailed with the August CUB..- J. Kline) 411Rediger, Delbert G. 424/G 116 Grant Ave Eau Claire, WI 54701


• The CUB or os GOIden Lion New Members Shudarek, Elmer J. 424/L 608 Pulaski P1 Stevens Point, WI 54481
     Joined the division the last part of January '45, as a replacement assigned to 424/18, ee rifleman I worked for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation a a highway construction inspector for over 36 year. I am now retired. My wife Mary and I have me son and three daughters and five grandchildren.
    Now that I am retired I do a lot of fishing and take in the yearly deer hunting season which opens up in the middle of November. I have taken to golf which I enjoy very much, as well as traveling. Steere, Robert L. 423/K PO Box 62 Falconer, NY 14733
    Camp Atterbury, St Vith, Stalag 9B and Seeing 9A. Married 41 years, six children. Retired Postmaster Falconer, NY. Stephens, Robert C. 423/F 1803A Fremont St Crawfordsville, IN 47939
     Wee with the 106th March '43 to May '49, joined the 83rd Division in France, with them 13 days in July '44. Wounded twice, 10 months in the hospital, discharged October '45. Worked as a printer for 39 years. Retired in '85. Married with two children, a boy and girl, and three grandchildren. Have fun fishing and traveling.
A AA AA A AA AAAAA AA A ......... "AA" Stroud, Joseph R. 424/CN 430 West New Albany Vincennes, IN 47591
     War experience, that is a thing of the past. I was in the Bulge. Have a wife, two daughters and a son. Worked 32 years for the Vincennes Paper Mill as a tractor-trailer driver and fork lift operator.
AA AA A AA AA AA A AA AAAA AA ......... Talklugton, Claris D. 424/HQ 3BN Rte 2 Box 189 West Union, WV 26456
     I am a department Adjutant, Military Order of the Purple Heart. I was drafted March 3, 1943, reported to active duty at Fort Hayes, Ohio, then was sent to Fort Jackson where they assigned me to 9rd Battalion Headquarters, 429th
     Infantry. We were housed just below what wee called 'Tank Hill." I went on maneuvers in Tennessee, then on to Camp Atterbury. I wee then sent to OCS at Fort Bening, Georgia. I was sent overseas EIS a replacement, assigned to the 28th Division, A Company, 109th Infantry. I was captured on 18 December '44 and liberated on the last day of the war.
Todd, Earl L. 8Ist ENGR 1507 Oak Hill Rd. Evansville, IN 47711
............. ^^^^^^^ ..... ^^^^ Watts, Charge. 590/C 1253 Pinecrest In 80 Manchester, MO 63021
    Went overseas with the 106th, captured 19 D. '44, went to Stalage 9B then on to 9A_ Graduated W.hington University in St Louis in '49, worked for Motors Insurance Corporation of General Motors until early retirement in '84. Hobbies radio-controlled model airplane. Weber, Carlos D. 422/A 200 East 33rd St. Apt 290 New Yolk, NY 10016
    I wee a member of A Company, 422nd Regiment from December '43 to December 19, 1944 when we were captured. If I em able to make the reunion in Schaumburg in August I will be pleased. Beet regards to you and all the 106th Divinon members. (editor'. note)-- Please refer to OM Hied's column in this issue. Sergeant Weber was recently contacted by Dan who as you know seas also in 422IA. Dan raninisass about his long delayed contact with Sgt Weber. Isn't it great when old buddies once again get together? That's what the Association is all about. John Aline, editor) Werkmeister, Paul 442/MED 1715 Summit Terrace Linde, NJ 07036
    (The Honorable Mayor of Linden, NJ. See picture and story page 4 of this CUR.. J. Hine, editor) Wright, Dennis Leo 429/A 425 N Drury Kansas City, MO 64123
• 40 The CUB a eh. Golden Lion
In Memoriam Raymond K Untiedt, 423/C 7922 Eden Court Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55349
     Ray passed away on May 15, 1989 at his home. He was buried in the New Ulm, Minnesota Cemetery with full military honors by an from several of the military organizations.
     He was a member of DAV, American Legion, VFW, Military Order of the Purple Heart, American Ex Prisoners of War. Ray was always in attendance at the 106th Infantry Division Association reunions and was proud of his unit, 423/C, and his division.
     Condolences from the Association, the Minneapolis 106th group to Lois, his wife, and surviving family. Roland G. Parquette, 423/AT 410 Super St.
Mosinee, Wisconsin 64455
     Roland passed away on January 5, 1988. Interment was at the Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was captured during the Battle of the Bulge, December 21, 1944, and was a POW in Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb, Germany. He leaves his wife Jean, two sons, five daughters, eight grandchildren, his mother and a brother. Col. Ambrose R. Leach USAR Ret. 589/B 10 Lakeview Dr. Newburgh, NY 12550.
     A letter was received from A. Russell Leach, his son. He informed no that his father passed away on January 2, 1989. He is survived by his wife, Mildred, a Daughter, Peggy Scabs of Newburgh, the writer, his son and five grandchildren.
     His son had visited the some of of the Battle of the Bulge while on a businast trip to France and Germany. He said it was a moving experience to visit the Schnee Eifel, to walk through Auw, and down the road to Schoenberg. He visited St. Vith and explored the area using the history books as his guide. In helping his mother dean his dad's file cabinet he found copies of orders from '43 to the end of the war, along with a hand drawn map of the encounter. In doing so he began to understand Colonel Leachs' strong feelings and see why he always had a 106th Infantry Division patch on his hat, or somewhere in sight.
    Millie Zell, wife of Ed Zoll, 1016 Milford Street N.E., Canton, OH 94714 passed away recently. We do not have the date. Ed Zoll is a member of the Board for the 106th Infantry Division Association. Sherod Collins reported the death of Ruth G. Clerk on January 7, 1989. She was the wife of John R. Clark, 422/F, 1826 Southeide Rd, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. He also reported the death of Claude W. Connor, Asheville, North Carolina on January 4, 1989. Claude was not a member of the Association but was with 922/G. It's Late! 43rd Annual Reunion 106th Infantry Division Association Aug 31, to Sep 3, 1989
Hyatt Regency Hotel Hotel reservations toll free: 800-228-9000
tell them you are with 106th Reunion 1800 East Golf Road
    Schaumburg, Illinois For Reunion reservations call: Russell Villwock, 106 Signal 6908 West Higgins Ave Chicago, Illinois 60656
Telephone: (612) 631-2027 The CUB loadiftVIg; A118`41 P`
President Dr. John G. Robb
1st Vice- Pres Orfeo E. Agostini
2nd Vice-Pres John 0. Gilliland
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Boyd A. Rutledge
Historian Sherod Collins
CUB Editor John Kline
Memorials Chairman.... Douglas Coffey

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association includes subscription to the CUB.
Send editorial matter to: John P. Kline--Editor 5401 Upper 147th Street West Apple Valley, MN 55124
    8124234837 Send business matters, inquiries, death reports, address changes to: Boyd A. Rutledge--Adjutant 10132 Goodrich Road Bloomington, MN 55437
    612-831-5559 Send membership dues and contributions to the Memorial Fund to: Sherod Collins--Treasurer 448 Monroe Trace Kennesaw. GA 30144
Make checks payable to "106th Infantry Division Association."
Membership Dues $10.00 per year
Associate Dues $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year
Boyd A. Rutledge--Adjutant

Board of Directors 1988-1989
showing year torrn m parentheses
Orfeo E. Agoshni A/81st Eng 000) 202 Ei.beth3l.. Hi 5424. OA 31313
Col Samuel P Cariano DIV/HQ (so) (W) P605040 PUndien Harbour B., FL 32937
407-777-2876 (5) PO Box 938. MaggW Valley, NC 28751
Sherod Collins SV/423 448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Fred J. Farris DIV/HO . Pinehurst SL, Salem, VA 24153
John R. Fritz H0/424 170 Shore Acres. Vermilion. OH 44049
216.7.9976 Robert A. Gilder HO 1BN/424 (IN) 36303 Be. Drilel.:=41941evIlle, OH 44039
John 0. Gilliland SV/592 (90) 605 N... Drive, Enterprise, AL 36330
John A. Gregory E/424 cso)
4624 Ashton Rive, Sacramento, CA 95864
Glen 0. Hartlieb SV/592 1005 Olive Sr. Highland. IL 62249
Gilbert Helwig M/423 (91)
2006 Ontario Rd P56... 131 U. 147th West Apple Valley, MN 55124
54 4111)
John P. Kline M/423 pi
William Lucsay B/423 (99) 312-3006989
12612 South Moody Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463
Thomas J. Maw A/592 (89) 17-078.1786 436 Beech Sleet Rockland, MA 02370
John F. McDevitt A/81st Eng (so) 188 Queen lens, Rehoboth Bee., DE 19971 302-277-3911
Casimir Prokorym HO/81st Eng (91) 6142646245 2520 Chestnut St.. SWebenville, OH 43952
Dr. John G. Robb D/422 00) 230 De Vane Drive, Meadville, PA 16335 814-3336364
Roger M. Rutland B/424 (89) 803-7876996 6632 Arcadia Woods Road, Columbia. SC 29206
Boyd A. Rutledge D/422 (91) 1612.1-5559 10132 Goodrich Rd., Blooming.. MN 55437
N. Duke Ward HQ/81st Eng peg) 2140 West Carlyle Court, Marietta. OA 404-9710594
Edward C. Wojahn 8/81st Eng (91) 1West Young Dr, Onalaska. WI 54650
Edward Zoll HO/424 (89) 16454.4312 1016 Milord StreeMME., Canton, OH 44714
Col. Joseph C. Matthews H0/422 (Honorary-Life) 4700 Western Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27606

Index for: Vol. 45, No. 1, Oct., 1988

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14th Cav., 6
18th Volksgrenadier Div., 13
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2nd Armd. Div., 38
2nd BN, 424, 19
2nd BN, 424th, 19
2nd Div., 8, 9
2nd Inf. Div., 46
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3rd Inf. Regt., 27
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81st Engr., 7
83rd Div., 48
90th Inf. Div., 13
'A Time For Trumpets', 7
Africa, 4
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Alexander, Howard V., 25
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Ansel, Joseph, 25
Ansel, Joseph J., 25
Aquitania, 17, 19
Ardennes, 13, 27, 42
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Division History, 30
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Model, Field Marshal Walter, 13
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Photo Album, 19, 20
Photos, 4
Poland, 43
Prokorym, Casimir, 50
Puett, Col., 47
Puett, Joseph, 47
Purple Heart, 48, 49
Raila, Frank, 21
Raila, Frank A., 21
Regensburg, 43
Rhine, 4, 40, 44
Rhine River, 40, 44
Rhineland, 42
Robb, Dr. John G., 49, 50
Robb, John G., 1
Roth, 44
Rusch, Marvin, 21
Russell, Ray, 4, 21
Russo, Lou, 47
Russo, Louis, 47
Russo, Louis J., 47
Rutland, Roger, 43
Rutland, Roger M., 51
Rutledge, Boyd, 1
Rutledge, Boyd A., 49, 50, 51
Sapp, James B., 36
Sarno, Stephen, 12
Schiffman, Ben, 47
Schnee Eifel, 9, 13, 49
Schoenberg, 6, 7, 9, 30, 32, 49
Screaming Meemies, 12
Shudarek, Elmer J., 48
Silvers, Harold, 13
Skyline Drive, 6
Smith, Sgt., 46
Smith, William F., 3
St. Vith, 6, 7, 9, 13, 16, 19, 29, 32, 38, 39, 44, 48, 49
Stalag 12-A, 4, 28, 43
Stalag 4-A, 8
Stalag 4-B, 4, 8, 11, 32, 46
Stalag 4-B, Muhlberg, 11
Stalag 8-A, 43
Stalag 9-A, 32, 46
Stalag 9-B, 30, 32, 48
Stalag 9B, Bad Orb, 32
Stalag III-A, 33, 43
Stalag III-B, 33
Stalag IV-B, 3, 21
Stalag IX-A, 12, 13
Stalag IX-B, 13, 22, 27, 49
Stalag VIII, 41
Stalag VIII-A, 41
Stalag XI-A, 43
Stalag XI-B, 27
Stalag XII-A, 21
Steere, Robert L., 48
Stephens, Robert C., 48
Stern, Paul, 13
Straub, Ted, 6, 38
Stroud, Joseph R., 48
Stuttgard, 16
Switzerland, 43
Tank Hill, 48
Tennessee Maneuvers, 21, 44
The Battle of the Bulge, 47
Time For Trumpets, 7
Todd, Earl L., 48
Trieste, 27
Uretsky, Karlin, 13
Vielsalm, 12
Villwock, Russ, 10
Villwock, Russell, 14, 40, 49
Volksgrenadier, 13
Volksgrenadier Div., 13
Von Manteuffel, 13
Wakefield, 38
Walden, Larry, 41
Wanne, 38
Ward, Duke, 51
Ward, Nathan, 22
Ward, Nathan D., 22
Webb, Thomas, 12
Weber, Carlos, 4, 48
Weber, Carlos D., 4, 48
Weber, Sgt., 4, 48
Werkmeister, Paul, 3, 48
Werner, Herr, 9
Werner, Mr. & Mrs., 9
Werner, Nikolaus, 8
White, George, 15
Winterspelt, 15, 28, 38, 44
Winterspelt, Germany, 44
Wischmeier, Don, 7, 8, 9
Wohlfeil, Col. Carl H., 3
Wojahn, Ed, 41
Wojahn, Edward C., 51
World War II Memorial, 9
Wright, Dennis, 48
Wright, Dennis Leo, 48
Zeigenhain, 13
Zell, 49
Ziegenhain, 32, 46
Zoll, Ed, 49
Zoll, Edward, 51