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The Cub
Vol. 45, No. 2, Jan., 1989

     Director E. Cremer (left) of the Bischofliche Schule and St Vith Mayor Wilhelm Pip placing a wreath on the 106th Infantry Division Memorial

Association Membership over 1,060, and growing

Feature Story:
Lt. Donald Beseler 424/A A return to the battle areas of LaVaux, Grandmenil, Manhay and Wanne.

Featurettes: Columnist, Dan Bied 422/A Cartoonist, George Levine 424/M Lyric Poet, Dale Carver 424/HQ

16th December get-togethers
Stalag IX-A and IX-B, Lapato 422/HQ

Mail Bag -- Pictures New Members galore and more

President's Message
    As the Christmas Season has recently passed and we have entered the New Year, we wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
     Since we were away for the Holidays it was impossible for Marilyn and me to attend any of the December 16th Commemoration parties. The most recent issue of The CUB was of great interest to mc, especially the article by Don Pfotenhauer about his return trip to the Bad Orb, Zeigenhain area. The pictures of Bad Orb brought back many memories.
     Just this month I was reminded of the camaraderie of our members with the death of my friend Harold Brummer in New Jersey. His funeral was conducted by Reverend Roy Hilliard and attended by other members from Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.
    At the general membership meeting in Roanoke, a Resolution was passed to replace one-third of the Board of Directors each year. If you know of some person who would be a good candidate, send the name to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, John Gregory, whose address appears on the inside front cover of this CUB.
     Recently I received a letter from Robert Maddox of Hackettstown, New Jersey and he informed me that as a member of the Cannon Co., 424th Regiment, he had just received the Meritorious Unit Emblem. Our reunion in Chicago should be a great one, the hotel is top flight, and at a moderate price. We can be assured of a fine meeting with Russ Villwock and his committee.
See You all there.
John C. Robb, president
106th Infantry Division Association President Dr. John G. Robb, 1988 – 1989 D Company, 422nd Regiment

Extract from Board of Director's meeting September 19, 1987 is published for your information and guidance:
    "No member of our Association may use the name of, or the emblem of, the 106th Infantry Division Association in the conduct of private sales of items and raffles at any time without the approval of the Board of Directors."


Who needs it !
    I was attending a VFW meeting recently where some of us were discussing some of the problems of our nation. One of the men said that he remembered talking with a man some years ago who said, that what our country needed was another war. The man who made the statement had been one of those who did not lake purl in World War II, and the man who told us the story said that he told this man "He might want another war, but those men who had fought in one certainly didn't."
    This is true for most persons who have been actively Iona, Infantry Division Association engaged in fighting a war. They know the toll which war Chaplain takes upon both people and property. Until TV brought war into our living rooms, most people in this country weren't really aware of its devastation and so it could be easy for a person to make such a statement in the years following World War II.
     However, God's people have been called throughout most of their history to he peacemakers. Yet, many of the worst wars of history have been fought by the Jews and Christians. Christians have just celebrated ,again, the birth of the Prince of Peace. but it was he who reminded to that so long as this world exists, in its present form, there will be wars and rumors of war. This is the natural outcome of the sin which Adam and Eve became party to in the Garden of Eden.
    With a few exceptions, those who have been intimately involved in war aren't interested in repeating the event. I remember that those Russian POWs, with whom I came in contact with, were out as eager for peace as we were. I also remember that most of the German soldiers felt the same way. We live in a world where violence seems to have become a way of life, therefore we should all--Christians and Jews alike--be diligent in our prayers and actions that we might have a more peace-filled world in which to live and raise our families. Grant, Father, that we might strive in all ways lo be peacemakers. We pray tiny guidance and strength to this end... AMEN
    (Reverend Black has reminded me that he will soon be retiring and will be moving into a new home in Bishopville. His new address, after April 1, 1989, will be 212 Ridge Street, Bishopville, SC 29010... We all wish you well Reverend Black, we will continue to look toward to your meaningful words. Good Health and Good Luck... J Kline - editor)
    My thanks to all those persons who expressed appreciation for the Memorial service, in person and through notes. I am most appreciative for being given the privilege of being the Association Chaplain and having the opportunity to participate in these Memorial Services.
Faithfully, Ewell C. Black Jr.


Minutes of the General Meeting-42nd Annual Reunion 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
General Meeting, 1987 -1988
     HOTEL ROANOKE, Roanoke, Virginia September 17,1988 The meeting was called to order by President Roger M. Rutland at 2:09 pm. The president welcomed the attenders and expressed his gratification on the attendance of the many new members and rust time attenders. He thanked the Board Members and Officers for their support during his tenure as president.
     He then informed the assembly that the Board of Directors had taken into consideration the possible amendment of the By-laws concerning the dates that reunions could be held. After deliberation and discussion, the Board decided to let the By-Laws remain unchanged to permit the reunion chairman latitude in obtaining accommodations and arranging programs.
     Garden Hack, a representative for the publisher of military history books, gave a brief presentation on the possible publication of a history book of the 106th Infantry Division and the Association. Persons interested in such a book were to contact Mr. Hack after the meeting. Adjutant Samuel P. Cariano read the minutes of the previous General Meeting held in Mobile, Alabama, September 19, 1987. Motion was made by Thomas J. Maw and seconded by Russell H. Villwock to accept the report as read. Motion carried.
     The president then asked the first time attenders to stand and be recognized stating their name, unit and residence. All were welcomed with a great round of applause.
    The Adjutant gave his report for 1987 - 1988. The Association had 689 renewals, 197 new members, 12 re-instated members and 30 Associate members (5 of which were new members). These factors resulted in a gain 183 members over the previous year. The Auxiliary membership rose to 359. There were 23 delinquent members. He also reported the deaths of 20 members. Motion was made by Thomas J. Maw and seconded by Benjamin B. Britton to accept the report. Motion carried.
    Treasurer Sherod Collins gave his report on the receipt and expenditures of monies for the funds of the Association. With interest rates up, the General Fund earned $1,906.27 and the Memorial Fund earned $547.96 in interest. The 41st Reunion (Mobile, Alabama) returned a surplus of $1,1014.00.
     The Treasurer for their loyalty to the Memorial Fund and Alys Jones for her continued generosity to the Memorial Fund and Scholarship Program.
    His report revealed an increase of $7,354.90 in the General Fund and $2,701.96 in the Memorial Fund. The General Fund now contains $34,195.31 and the Memorial Fund, $11,477.76. Them being no questions on the report, Douglas S. Coffey moved that the report be accepted; motion was seconded by John A. Gregory and carried.
     CUB Editor John P. Kline gave a detailed review on the publication of The CUB, past and present. He was grateful for all the support by the members in furnishing items and photographs, factors which resulted in the producing of a good CUB. Them were 160,200 pages of The CUB printed last year which average out to be 44 pages per CUB. He would like to keep the number of pages to 40, if possible. He urged the members to continue to send in pictures and to clearly indicate the names of the subjects shown.
He saved the Association approximately $3,500 last year by doing all the layout work for


Minutes of the General Meeting-- 42nd Annual Reunion

    magazine, before it goes to the printer. The CUB costs average $1.47 per issue last year. He explained that The CUB was sent by Third-Class mail for economic reasons. The use of Third-Class mail resulted in a savings of $2,808.00 in postage. The mailing of The CUB by First-Class mail would have cost $1.05 each.
     He expressed his appreciation for the help given him in the publication of the magazine to the Adjutant and Marjorie DeHeer, widow of Dick DeHeer our immediate past editor.
     Also in addition to his editor's work, he started a recruiting campaign by obtaining names of former members of the division front lists furnished by Ex-POW and Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge organizations. Gilbert Helwig, also an M Co., 423rd member, same as our editor, volunteered to take over the solicitation campaign. He had written 232 letters, as a result 96 new members were recruited and a great number were at this reunion. John asked Gil to stand up and be recognized and he was given a round of applause for his outstanding efforts. The Editor concluded his report by thanking various individuals for their efforts in recruiting new members and also for contributing stories and cartoons for The CUB; particularly Dan Bied - 422/A who furnishes a column for each edition of The CUB, and to George Levine - 424/M, a new member and well known cartoonist, who will furnish cartoons for the magazine.
    Memorial Chairman Douglas S. Coffey recognized James Wells and Milton Weiner for their large contributions to the Memorial Fund and also to the many others who contributed 829.00 or more. He also reported on the condition of our Memorial in St. Vith, Belgium, and discussed a letter he had received from our liaison there, about the embellishment of the Memorial. In view of the prices quoted on the project, he needed more information and justification and would follow with a letter to them requesting the same.
     He reported on the Scholarship Programs stating that Roger Rutland and O. Paul Merz were 11 handling the awards to schools in Columbia, South Carolina and in Edenburg and Indianapolis, Indiana.

    For the good of the Association. Russell H. Villwock gave a briefing on the 1989 Reunion to be held in the Chicago Area. William Lucsay will been the committee with him. Brochures for the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Woodfield located in Schaumberg, Illinois, were distributed. The hotel is about 15 minutes from O'Hare International Airport and 30 minutes from downtown.
     He had reserved 200 rooms at a cost of $52.00, instead of the regular price of $85 to $90.00. Reservations must be made by August 9, 1989. The reunion dates are from August 31 to September 3, 1989. Registration applications, which will be furnished later, must be received by August 25, 1989.
     The hotel is across the road from the Woodfield Mall which has 250 stores and shops. A golf course is about 15 minutes away and the Arlington Park Race Track is close by. In the hotel, them are 5 restaurants and there are 15 mom within walking distance. It contains two health centers and two swimming pools.
The Villwocks and the Lucsays are ready to receive all for an outstanding reunion.
    Michael Thome briefed the membership on the 1990 Reunion to be held in Sacramento, California, August 30th to September 3rd, at the Hyatt Regency -Downtown. There will be trailer and RV accommodations nearby. The rooms will cost $54.00 and arrangements have been made for reduced costs on air-navel. The Memorial Service will possibly be held in the Sacramento Cathedral. Bus trips to Lake Tahoe take about 1 1/4 hours, 2 hours to the wine country and San


Minutes of the General Meeting-- 42nd Annual Reunion

Francisco and Reno are about 2 hours away.
     There were no volunteers for hosting the 1991 reunion, at this time. Douglas S. Coffey stated that he would do some checking into the possibility for holding one in Florida (Tentative!!).
     The proposed amendment to the By-Laws as published in the July-August-September edition of The CUB was presented to the assembly by' he President, to wit: "Members of the Board of Directors will be elected at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. After serving a term of three years, a Board Member shall not be elected again until the expiration of one year from the dated last served on the Board." A motion was made and seconded to approve the amendment. After a discussion, a vote was taken and the amendment passed.
     The Nominating Committee Chairman, Orfeo E. Agostini, submitted the following slate for membership to the Board of Directors in accordance with the newly amended By-Laws:
John A. Fritz
Robert A. Gilder
William Lucsay Thomas J. Maw
Roger M. Rutland
N. Duke Ward
Edward Zoll

Orfeo E. Agostini
Samuel P. Cariano
John O. Gilliland
John A. Gregory
Glen O. Hartlieb
John F. McDevitt
John G. Robb

Sherod Collins
Fred J. Farris
Gilbert M. Helwig
John P. Kline
Casimir Prokorym
Boyd A. Rutledge
Edward C. Wojahn
     Motion was made by Odie Williams and seconded by John A. Gregory that the nominations be closed and approved. A vote was taken and the new Board was approved.
     James Wells made a motion that Colonel Joseph C. Matthews, Jr. be made an Honorary Life Member of the Board of Directors. Motion was seconded by John G. Robb and carried.
Wilda McMahon, widow of General Leo T. McMahon, was appointed an Honorary Life Member of the Association.
    Shered Collins reported on the archive at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. It would be interested in obtaining memorabilia from members of the 106th Infantry Division.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm. Respectively Samuel P. Cariano, Adjutant


From the editor's outpost

    28 January, 1989 -- Apple Valley, MN The last CUB came off the press on 28 November, and were mailed by third class mail 2 December, which because of the weekend meant they probably didn't really hit the main post office in St Paul until 5 December.
    I just hung up the phone after talking with our association president, John Robb. He said he received his CUB on December 30th. I guess that's not too bad, considering we probably got shoved aside for a lot of the Christmas mail.
    I was about two weeks late on the November CUB. It seems that time sometimes gets away, and grinding out 44 pages of CUB material does take time. Each time I start a new issue of the CUB I promise myself that I will be diligent and keep track of the time it takes to "put it all together." I gave up several weeks ago, I had over 45 hours of computer time logged at that time. I would guess that I put in 25-35 hours per week. It takes me a month to six weeks to do all the work.
     If I didn't enjoy it, I would not he doing it. The CUB, is the life line of the 106th Infantry Division Association. It is our only means of "group" communications.
     Had to cut pages from this CUB I ended up with 53 pages after I typed all the material this time. I had to trim the "Mail Bag" by 9 pages. They will appear in the May issue. Sorry.

Xmas Cards
    Christmas and the New Year, is behind us since last CUB. I want to thank all those that so kindly sent Margot and I cards. We do appreciate it, and want to take this way of responding. Because of the time spent on The CUB, some of those normal activities do suffer. I hope we can improve on it by next Christmas. Anyway, thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Your cards and letters are what keep me going.

Roanoke Reunion
    I hope you enjoyed the articles and pictures. I think the committee did a marvelous job. I know they have received many compliments on the job well done. We could have very easily had 60 pages of reunion material. We hope that all of you that were there took home fond memories and pictures for your personal albums. We also hope that the coverage in The CUB, gave those of you that could not attend a fair representation of the camaraderie that prevailed.

Stories on Prison Camps
    Understandably, with the history of the 106th Infantry Division, there are and always will be those glimpses back into those dark and terrible days of December '44 and the ensuing hardships suffered by many, after the battle, as prisoners.
     Those days left indelible marks on many of us and talking about it and reading about from other's viewpoints help put it into perspective and to a certain extent help "salve the soul." I med "pictures" and stories of those experiences. Our readers are interested--so please send them to me for inclusion in The CUB.

Stories of "Return to Europe"
    We are getting a few excellent stories of "revisits" to the battle grounds of the 106th. One such story appears in this issue. Donald Beseler did an excellent job of reporting his "revisit" to the LaVaux--Wanne area.
     We are interested in stories from those of the 424th and those that escaped the fate of the 422nd and 423rd, and carried the banner forward for the 106th during the finish of the war.

Next issue the MAY CUB
    Next issue, the May CUB will feature and ankle by the 591 FAB's 1st Sergeant Joseph Gross, on his return to the area, with excellent pictures, and with information from the "after battle" reports that have been declassified.

Right after the war, pictures and stories
    I am interested, also, in obtaining some photos that were taken either right after the Bulge or very shortly after the war, of the areas. I know some of our members revisited those area, just after the war. It would be nice to have pictures that were taken at that time.

New Members
We are still growing, 1063 at the moment, although not as fast as in the last year. I was


From the editor's outpost

    talking to Gil Helwig, 423/M our "great" new member solicitor, who has mailed some 400 letters in the last year, and signed on nearly 120 members (I've lost the count for a moment).
    He and I both agree. the fact that our membership fee is set up to run from July 1 to July 1 is a deterrent to soliciting new memberships in the latter part of the annual cycle. To explain: If you sign on as a new member in February, your $10.00 buys only 5 months membership. So it's a penalizing situation. Gil noticed a larger sign on, following up with his letters, towards the July renewal period, where $10.00 buys a annual membership, note "short term" membership.
     I have always wondered why we had such a stiff rule. Most other organizations, DAV, VFW, American Ex-POWs and VOB run your membership from the date you submit to one year later, or they offer a life membership. I personally carry a life membership in the DAV, AX-POW and VOB organizations. It promotes membership recruitment, look at the growth of the AX-POW organization. Over 4/5's of their new members are "Life Members." You put the money in the bank--draw interest on it and watch the organization grow. The DAV just went to a $50.00 life membership. In the case of the 106th Association $50.00 buys 5 years but the interest by the end of 5 yews must add on a couple of more. Look down the road seven years, trying to collect each year, with repeated letters to those that were delinquent. A lot of work and letter writing.
     With the computer roster and expirations on the labels for those that do not choose "life," it would be easy to control.

Seeking Nominees for the Board of Directors.
     Remember! Mr. John Gregory, 4624Ashton Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864 is looking for the names of nominees for election to the 106th Infantry Division Association Board. If you wish to nominate a person, please send John Gregory his name and a short resume.

    A Photo and remembrances of liberation from Stalag 2A Jim Gardner 422/HO 2BN ASP Platoon 704 La Belle Shelby, Indiana 46176
     Here is a picture of me taken sometime in January of '45 upon entering Stalag 2A, Neubrandenburg, Germany. I was looking for food after having been liberated by the Russians and happened to find my picture. I don't suppose it's a first, thought you might find it interesting. We waited for transportation which never came, so we made the trip from Neubrandenburg to Wittenburg by horse and wagon. There were about 10 of us that made the trip. Quite an experience. Sure would like to see some of those fellows again, but time has erased their names from my memory. I should have written down the names, but we were so glad to make it back that we just didn't think about it at the time.
Having spent 41 years in educating/counseling school children, am now ready for retirement.
     I am enclosing a recent picture of me and one of the English ship Aguitania the third largest ship next the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. I have been a member of the Association for only a short time. Sure enjoy reading The CUB.


"Here you are, soldier!" said Lt. Col. Kent
by Dan Bled, 422/A 151 Holiday Terrace West Burlington, IA 52655

    In his history of our division, "St Vith Lion In The Way," Col. R. Ernest Dupuy reported that my regiment of the 106th, the 422nd, landed in France on December 6, 1944.
     "The poor 422nd," he wrote, "had stood almost all night in the cold and rain before moving out, and incidentally had been the last regiment to draw overshoes."
    I don't recall ever being issued overshoes. But I do have vivid memories of the rain, mud an ominous drop in temperature the day our unit left France to go up front. It was a week or so before the Battle of the Bulge began on December 16, 1944, and I'll never forget that ride in the back end of a GI truck.
     I had trouble finding space for a truck as we pulled out. It was mid-morning as I recall it and I was glad, actually, to be leaving the sea of mud that was our "tent city" in France since arriving at LeHarve and walking up the long, steep hill from the bomb-battered dock.
    My duffle bag got to be a load as I walked back and forth on the road trying, in vain, to find a truck with space in it. Finally in disgust, I tossed the bag down on the side of the road. I just stood there a while, then walked several truck lengths toward the head of the column.
     "Here's room for you," someone yelled, and I started back to get my hag with, among other things, a radio and a book I had bought in Oxford. The book, which cost about $5 had photos of British bombers in it and I was optimistic enough to think I would get to take it home. The radio, of course, proved useless on the Siegfried Line where, as far as I know, it is still laying in a ditch.
     As I turned back to where I had left my hag, it was handed to me by - believe it or not- our battalion commander Lt. Col. Kent. I think his name was Thomas L. Kent, but I am not sure about that and was unable to find him mentioned in "St. Vith: Lion In The Way." "Here you are, soldier," Lt. Col. Kent said, looking me straight in the eye, then he turned and walked - in long strides that were familiar to me - towards his Jeep, I suppose at the front of the column.
     That was the last time I saw Lt. Col. Kent, a man I respected and admired. he was one of the first men in the 106th killed in The Bulge. He was I was told, the victim of head injuries on or about December 16, 1944; when the concrete bunker he was in sustained a direct hit from Germ. artillery.
    Lt. Col. Kent, a tall and wiry man who, I believe, had been a paratrooper, had given pep talks to the First Battalion in Indiana and in England. He impressed me as a first class officer, certainly more so than some I knew. I had volunteered for rifle company duty after basic training and he was exactly the kind of officer I wanted to serve under in the ETO.
    Once, in Indiana; Lt. Col. Kent had gone to bat for me. It was during a long march I shouldn't have been taking. I had been on sick call, for the only time in my 2-year Army career, for treatment of sore, bleeding (continued on next page)


feet. I had been given a light duly slip, stipulating "no marches," but had been required to take the march anyway.
     I fell out. Lt. Col. Kent wondered what was wrong. I told him. That was the last marching I did for a week or two..
    Now, some 44 years after the fact, I can still see the penetrating look Lt. Col. Kent's eyes as he handed my bag to me, after carrying it some distance, and told me: "Here you are, soldier."
     Those few words, coming from Lt. Col. Kent, made me grow up in a hurry for the impending ordeal in the Ardennes and in the coal mine I was assigned to, until liberation day came in Eastern Germany.
Too bad, really, that Lt. Col. Kent of all people, had to die in the Ardennes.
    I can't think of anyone I knew in the war years - or, for that matter, since- the war ended - who impressed me more than Lt. Col. Kent.
    While I hardly knew him, I'm convinced that for me, at age 19, he was the right man at the right place at the right time.

    Photo: Standing L/R Dick Jochems, DIV/HQ AG; Pete House, 590/A; Paul Lamb, 423; Sam Cariano, DIV/HQ; John Hall, 423/SV Sam Davis, Jr. 423/HQ;
Armond Boucher, 423/HQ; John Kucharz 424/G; Irwin Minor 592/A
Seated L/R: Julian Burnside, 423/M; Syl Albergo. 422/H; Lloyd Byrd , 422; George Geid, 424/G

by Sam E. Davis, Jr. 816 N. Eola Dr. Orlando, FL, 32803, 305-896-9240

    The Central Florida Battle of the Bulge Commemoration Luncheon was held at the Omni International Hotel 17 Dec. 1988. It was sponsored by myself and George Geib.
     It was a first time meeting with most of the 106th men since the war. Pete House furnished a video tape documentary of The Battle of the Bulge, which was interesting, but did not show the ice, the snow and fog that we encountered in '44.
We all left the luncheon with a feeling of comradeship and a promise to return next year.

Don't forget "Chicago in '89" The 43rd Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions, Aug 31 - Sept 3


Lt. Donald W. Beseler, Co. A 424, writes

     The schoolhouse in Lommersweiler where Co. A. 424th Reg. had its headquarters and men on 15 December, 1944. This school will be torn down sometime in 1989.


    (Editor's note-- Lt Donald W Beseler, former 424/A officer, who after the death of his company commander, Cpt Robert McKay led Company A, 424 on to Coulee, wrote to me in October of '88 - saying -"John, We are home - back from a wonderful trip to Belgium that was filled with memorable experiences, but so short on time! Thanks to the information and sources that you made available to us, we were able to make contacts and get the most from our visit" He continued, "A narrative report with some pictures and a copy of an article from "The Stars and Stripes" is enclosed Please feel free to use any or all of it. In some way I hope that it may provide others with another view of some of the events of that period of our lives." During our visit we were introduced to Jules Herdebise whose address is given in the narrative report. He is working to establish a memorial for the 424th at Aismont. It is to be dedicated during August of 1989. He has, as now a small stone statute made by Guy Winand, Rue Capitaine Lekeux, 6698 Grand Halleux, Belgium.
     "During a conversation with Jules he mentioned a need for an American Flag of a specific size for this statute which I will provide. He can also use artifact from the members of the 424th which can be displayed in the memorial-museum. 111. Donors can maintain ownership of the material or they can be given directly to him. He mentioned that he had discussed the details of the memorial with 11111 Mueller, M Company, 424th, during Bill's visit to the area. I intend to contact Mr. Mueller later.
    "It was a great trip and an experience that my wife and I were happy to share. As I look back at the days we spent in the battle area, I have mixed emotions as m just how far I want to follow up on these experiences. Some were gratifying to he relived and others were better to be left in the recesses of the mind. Many thanks for your help." Si seem ly Donald W Bender 1624 Highway C St. Germain, WI 5455$
    (Don, during my phone call to him on 1/4/89, said "Tell them that 43 years is a long time and my story (on the next pages) is as I remember ft"- J Kline ed.) 10 The CUB a e,. Golden Uon
11 Memories are brought alive...
on a return to the LaVaux area, then on to Grandmenil, Manhay and other areas where Co. A, 424 fought
    Fields end Woods line, east of LaVateh the main line of German defense was in these woods by Donald W. Beseler 424/A 1624 Highway C St Germain, Wisconsin 54556
     This is a narrative report of our trip, my wife and I, in September, 1988 to the battlefield area of the 106th Division in Belgium. The several days spent them were filled with interesting experiences and returning memories. Prior to our departure, I contacted Serge Fontaine of Stavelot. He offered to serve as a guide during our all too brief visit to the area. My first thoughts were to follow the trail of the 424th through the entire battle, but I soon realized that time would not permit such a detailed trip. For this reason the following narrative will not be in chronological battle order, rather it will be in the order in which we visited the various battle areas.
     We arrived in Stavelot at noon and met Serge Fontaine at the church as planned. From there we traveled to Wanne for lunch and introduction to Jules Herdebise of Truis Ponts. Mr. Herdebise and others are working on a memorial to the 424th which they hope to dedicate in August, 1989. After our lunch our first stop was Spineaux. I had an experience similar to Ed Prewett's as described in his letter to John Kline, our CUB editor, in December 1987. We were able to find the house we used as platoon headquarters from January 9-13, 1945. I'm not sure how many days we occupied the village before starting the attack on La Va.. I do remember it was very cold, there was much snow, we were constantly rotating between the foxholes and the building. Our stay there was at least three days.


    One of those days I shall never forget. Our first mail since December 15th caught up with us. Several of us spent hours going through the sacks of mail and all the letters addressed to men lost during the preceding days had to be marked "Return to Sender, MIA Dec. 16, 1944." It was a most difficult and painful duty. The day before the attack, I led a patrol to the outskirts of La Vaux. We strong telephone wire along our route and upon reaching the edge of the town overlooking the village, we directed artillery fire on the village and into the wooded area near The CUB an few Golden Llon the crest of the hill to the east of the village. I remember asking that the artillery fire a round into the village using map coordinates and that I would direct the fire from that point. Their first round was short coming through the trees in which our patrol was located and landing within 50 yards in front of us. We all dove for cover and as a result jerked the powered phone from the line. After repairs to the phone I remember telling the artillery that they had damned near shot our hats off and to increase their range by 500 yards and we would work from there! Once the line of fire had been established it was relatively easy to zero the guns in on the village and the tree line to the east. All this was in preparation for the attack the next day.
     While the patrol made its way parallel to the road leading from Spineaux to La Vaux, we found a GI Parachute and other gear that h d been hidden there after an apparent successful bailout. We also found several boxes in the woods near La Vaux with German military documents. All this was returned to the Battalion when the patrol returned. A copy of the article published in The Stars and Stripes" regarding that day is enclosed
     The attack on the village of La Vaux on January 13, 1945 was not particularly difficult. We captured one German in the very first house. I'll never forget his remark made in English: "I saw you yesterday." After La Vaux we advanced across the fields to the east. We did not run into resistance until we entered the woods. There was small arms fire and machine
     guns blocked our way. With Mr. Fontain as a guide, we walked along the trail into the woods and found German foxhole • and the trail in the woods running north and south across the crest of the hill. It was on this trail that the German tank was located. Fire from this tank killed Li. Robert McKay, our company commander (424/A). The tank moved north along the trail a short distance. Many of us were in the small evergreens along the trail. We called for bazooka and rifle grenade but to no avail. The tank finally withdrew. 1st Sergeant Wallace Rifleman, Green Bay, Wisconsin, of A Company was primarily responsible for getting A Company through this area by knocking out machine gun emplacements that held up our advance. He was recommended for the Silver Star for this action. I believe he was given this award at a much later date. German fox-holes, main defense, wooded hill east of LaVatot U. McKay, CO Co. A, 424 was killed within a few yards of here. 1. Sergeant Rifleman, 424/A, was recommended for the Silver Star for his work in this woods 12 The CUB elm Golden Uon The advance continued across the crest of the hill to the down slope leading into Coulee. At that point the trees were much larger and incoming artillery and mortar fire took heavy toll. We withdrew at dusk to a field on the crest of the hill overlooking Wanne. The night was spent there in foxholes. It was there that we learned of the death of Lt. Huddleson, 1st Battalion S-2. The next day we pulled back into Wanne. We spent the day and night there. I cannot remember what happened during the next few days.
     We continued our tour with Mr. Fontaine to the area near Grandmenil and Manhay. This was the area where the 1st Battalion of the 424th spent Christmas of 1944. We were originally on the ridges to the west of this area. Contact patrols were made on an armored column coming into Grandmenil from the west. The patrol went on into Manhay which was in our hands at that moment-- it changed hands several times the next few days.
     On Christmas day Herman Van de Bogart of Seattle Washington, a jeep driver, found a supply of ammunition and a sack of rice. The rice was added to the K-ration fruit bars and chocolate to make our Christmas dinner. It was cooked in our helmets and was our first hot meal since December 15th and the last hot meal until sometime in February when we were-issued kitchen equipment! The 1st Battalion gradually moved forward to the edge of the forest overlooking Manhay. At this point I was able to point out to Mr. Fontaine our position. Here we found the original foxholes. Our casualties at this paint were mainly from incoming artillery and screaming meemies (rockets).
     A day or two later several battalions of artillery hit Manhay with a heavy " Time On Target" barrage. Following that barrage, Manhay was taken by elements of the 424th, the armored unit advancing through Grandmenil, and another unit to our left (north side). On the second day of our guided tour with Serge, we went to St. Vith where we visited the 106th Memorial.
     From there we went to Lommersweiler which is about 6 miles southeast of St. Vith. Company A of the 424th was in reserve position there on December 16th, 1944. We arrived here about December 12th. The men of the company were billeted throughout the village. The school-home served as company headquarters and also as our company mess. This building in still standing but will be torn down in 1989. During our visit to the village I tried to locate the house where we were billeted. We talked at length to one family that attempted to aid as in the search. They even provided old photographs of their house as it appeared in 1944. One villager told as he was 14 yeats old at the time and remembered going to the schoolhouse (mess hall) and asking for food. He described "our Chef' who was Sgt. Pete Mohonacheck of Brooklyn, NY in great detail. On the morning of December 16th, 1944 some artillery shells began falling on the village. We were alerted for movement to the front line and moved out in 6X6 trucks just before noon. At that time I think we fully expected to be back and eat the food that was being prepared in company mess for that evening. Needless to say, we never made it back nor was the food delivered to our positions.
     We were transported to a position just west of Winterspelt. We continued on into the village on foot. Company A started to dig in on a hillside on the north side of the village. A 75rtun anti-tank gun was already in place on the hill. As I recall that day, the gun was able to fire several rounds at the advancing Germans before taking a direct hit. Company A took several casualties here from artillery fire The CUB a a Golden Lion 13 Stone shed in Winterspek, looking east in the direction of German attack --this was 424/A right flank.
Several of us were still in this position on the morning of 17 December. 1940.
     while digging in. We were under constant artillery fire and small arms fire for the remainder of the afternoon. lust before dusk I was ordered by Cpt. Cashin, CO. of Company A to go to the south side of the village to try to reorganize the men there and set up a defense on the road leading into Winterspelt from the southeast. By nightfall we had taken up several positions within the buildings. After dark German troops made their way into Winterspelt along the roads leading into the village. When dawn came we found ourselves within the German lines. Several of us were in a small stone shed on the very edge of the incoming road. No automatic weapons were available. We did have a good supply of hand grenades which we threw in volley over and into the surrounding buildings. We then made a run to a stone bam about 75 yards across the field and from there into the woods southeast of the village. All the men that left Winterspelt at that time were accounted for on reaching the woods. Other GIs were also in the woods. We stayed in that position for the remainder of the day and that night moved to the southwest
     down the hill. Sometime the next night we found elements of the 1st Battalion, 424th near the village of Maspelt. We had difficulty getting back within our lines but we identified ourselves by the use of some strictly GI profanity. In turn we were identified as friendly. There are some places and times that seem to be forever implanted in memory. Such was the situation at Winterspelt and Maspelt. As we toured that area with Serge Fontaine, I described the stone shed where we had been surrounded and as we neared the edge of the village it came into view.
     Before proceeding any further I told him I was sure we would find a very small window on the opposite side of the shed through which fire had been directed down the road. Also beyond the shed I said we would find the stone barn--and such was the case. We took up a defensive position on the hill above Maspelt and during the course of the next 36 to 48 hours we fought off several advances by the German troops coming up the crest of the hill.
At this time on our tour with Serge we were parked about three-quarters of the

    way up the hill at a shelter used by hikers. I was describing the position to Serge when another vehicle approached with a man and a woman. I assumed they were American tourists such as we were. But when we greeted each other I found he was an English speaking German that had been in the area in 1944 as a member of one of the attacking German divisions. He too was on a tour of the battlefield. With his help it was possible to further verify the location of our unit and landmarks within the village. His family still owned land in that area.
     Another area that was on my agenda, was the area between Losheim and Losheimergraben. We were able to drive several of the logging trails through the wooded area, crossing the dragon teeth of the Siegfred Line from the German side. Unfortunately we could not get into the actual Company A positions became of locked gates across the trails. As I recall, we were in this area for a week or more before the push for the Rhine started. I think we advanced from there to Berk and Baasem just north of the junction of the Kyll and Glaudl Rivers. It was a relatively quiet area in which we maintained contact with the Germans in front and the units on either flank.
     On December 15, 1944 we had received the payroll for the company. We were to have been paid on December 16th. When the battle started, Corporal John Roverano (clerk) of Ashland, Massachusetts remember the payroll and stuffed it into an ammunition bag. He carried that bag with him throughout the battle until he reached the Losheimergraben area in February. At that time he tamed it over to me and I in tam took a trip back to Regimental Headquarters and received a receipt from W/O Charles Rao for 157,457 French francs pertaining to the men that were MIA. This receipt is still in my possession. On this trip back to the battle field I took with me three original battle maps hoping that they would be useful in locating various positions of our units. Mr. Fontaine had current maps of the area. A comparison of the maps revealed an astounding similarity. Where there were field, forest and trails in '44 and '45, they still existed in 1988. The trees of '44 had been cut but new ones had been planted in their place. Foxholes and other evidence of the battle had been removed from the fields, but they were still evident in the woods. While viewing these emplacements it brought back some very vivid memories--memories that had been stored deep in my mind. These memories of a few men by name and so many more who will be ever nameless but whose gaunt faces will always be in my memory.


    My wife and I will forever appreciate the hospitality shown to us by Serge Fontaine, Mr and Mrs Leonard Graff (our Belgian hosts) and Jules Herdebise. Jules is the man responsible for establishing the 424th Memorial at Aismont to be dedicated in August, 1989. All of these people are members of the Comite D'Accuil des U.S. A irbom" which is a group formed to aid the Battle of the Bulge veterans during their visits to the battle field. Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Herdebise are especially interested in the 106th Infantry Division and would appreciate all the information and help they can receive from the division members. Their addresses are: Serge Fontaine Chemin de Ster 11 114970 Stavelot, Belgium Jules Ilerdebise Aismont 66 4980 Trois Fonts, Belgium We were able to visit the Battle of the Bulge museum at Lagleize and the Me- The CUB or In Golden Lion morial at Malmedy. The museum has German and American equipment, many battle photographs some of which were taken by Mt. Fontaine. The curator of this museum is a very knowledgeable and a congenial gentleman. I would recommend that it be on the itinerary of anyone making a visit to the area.
     From Stars and Stripes; January 13,1945 WM 106th Inf. DM /t was a grudge fight for "A" Company all the way--a grudge fight founded on the death of a leader.
     They started of on the attack like the other members of the 424th Infantry Regiment of the Lion Division methodically cutting slices out of the bulge, methodically cutting down Von Runstedes "grab plan" troops. They had a score to settle, for many of their buddies had fallen in the initial Ardennes breakthrough. But it was the death of Bob McKay that spurred them to greater accomplislunents.
     The first objective was the Belgian Town of La Vaux. Before the company jumped off Lt. Donald W. Beseler of Marshfield Wisconsin directed reconnaissance and set down every strong point and crossroad When the company attacked they had only local(for target one, Merton two. "A" Company moved in fast. The whole business was too much for the Germans, and they took fin such a hurry that the company got only 11 prisoners. This was Beseler's work. The first objective taken, the company advanced across country toward Coulee. They were skirting a woods, moving fast, when out of the woods came mortar, machine-gun and small arms fire CO 11D. Robert G. McKay, jumped into action. His men blew what to expect
     Into the woods went the men from "A" Company. Sgt Everett S. Hilliard of Santa Cruz, Calif and his 60mm mortar section were getting beautiful tree bursts. The German mortar and machine-gun fire slowed down. The battle was reduced to M-Is and bayonets. Pvt. Edgar H. Stoopes of Springfield MO, said "I saw a bunch of the Jerries scurrying off like rats who dither know where to go. We finished them off fast." Soon the woods were littered with Germans. "A" Company moved on.
     The advance rifle platoon found itself pinned down wish heavy machine-gun fire. An armored self-propelled 88, at the bend of the road had grazing fire across the whole area When the fire stopped several of the men started across the road to get into to position to return the fire. McKay saw the gun swing around


    Jumping to his feet, he let go with his . Back swung the machine-gun full blaze. McKay succeeded in drawing the fire away from his men, but gave his life to do it To a mars the doughboys let go with their weapons. The armored vehicle streaked off "A" Company had another score to settle. The ground in front of Coulee was the next objective. The Germans had assembled a large force there Artillery and mortar fire covered the area "A" Comapny went into the attack "like men possessed." --" I guess every one of us kept thinking about Lt. McKay all the rime We were just plain mad" Pvt. Millard Stokes, of Portageville MO. said Nothing could hold them back. 1st Sergeant Wallace G. Rifleman, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, for example, had several shrapnel wounds in his chest. When the medics insisted that he be evacuated he told them to go to Hell, and led an attack which cleaned out a MG nest. It was that way all along the.A" Company sector. (1

The CUB a try Golden Lion

IA Front 1_,4i Joseph Gross, 591/A, Leo Kremer, aim/MED; William ULM, 423/5V; Cot. CC. Cavender, C0/423.,
     Edwrad Nelson, 590/B Allen Lowith, 423/CN; Dick Peterson, 423/1 Back IA Marion Mileski, HQ/DIV/ARTY: Mill Weiner, 424/M; Tom Bronat,ent, tospAr, Bob Embury, 806 ORD: Gordon Foster, 424/A; Joseph Toe, 591/140; Donald &finch, 423/HO 3BN
Southern California by Milton Weiner 424/M 6440 Knott Ave #41 Buena Perk, CA 90621
     714-521-1705 The Southern California Golden Lions had a wonderful "second annual" Battle of the Bulge remembrance luncheon on 4 December, 1988. We plan on a meeting the first Sunday of every December from now on. Next year the luncheon will he held on 3 December, 1989.
Them were 23 attending, including guests.
     We were honored by the presence of the oldest member of the division--Colonel Charles C. Cavender, age 91, accompanied by his wife Lois. Everyone was happy to see the Colonel and the warm fellowship was well worth the more than 200 miles round trip, that many drove.
     The stories, pictures and scrap books shared made the memories of that dark December in '44 a little easier to handle. Somebody sent me a clipping....From the Mani Journal A Full Confession Before My Grandchildren Find Out All these years I have let my grandchildren bell ve I am a brave veteran of two wars. But now, with records of military service under close scrutiny, I must make a full confession. In 1941, I asked for and received, a draft deferment from February tolune cstensibly to finish college. My daddy knew every member of the local draft board. Fortunately they are all dead now and can't testify about how my daddy may have influenced the deferment, I didn't ask to be in the Bulge in World War 11.1 was just there, Scared. When the Korean war came along I was called M active duty as a captain from the inactive reserve. I tried unsuccessfully to join an uncalled reserve unit so I wouldn't to separated from career, wife and children. Flow can I ever defend the fact that my unit was sent to Germany instead of the killing fields of Korea? I'm not going to run for dog-catcher after all. My opponent might publicly demand that I send my Bronze Star back to the Pentagon.


    Eugene Corbett., Atlanta The CUB at the Golden Lion Back L/R Glenn Hardiest 5925V; Gene Saucerman, 422/D; Vince Venegoni, 423.1; Ray Vaughn, 423/CN; Pete human, 592/00; Cecil Clauses 424/F; Vic Breite; Ken Bryan, 4239-1() Ion; W. Hall Frani UR Don Wischmeier, 4235V, Gene 8481,422/11, Newt Johnson, 423/MELY, Bob York, 42212; John Mikslanski, 424/11 Ken Bradfield, 5915V Mt Vernon, Illinois by John Mikalauskis, 424/H 306 Blake St, Box 31 Benton, IL 62612
     On December 10, 1988, a group of the 106th attended a Reunion celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of the Binge at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. An enjoyable time was had by everyone and it was decided that next year's reunion would be held on December 16th, 1989 (the 45th anniversary of the Bulge.


Interesting Dates
15 Mar 43 Activated Ft. Jackson S.C.
29 Mar 43 Basic Training
12 Jul 43 Unit Training
03 Oct 43 Combined Training
22 Jan 44 Tennessee Maneuvers
30 ?Aar 44 Camp Atterbury-Advanced Trng
Oct 44 Camp Myles Standish, Mass.
Nov 44 Overseas to Liverpool and Greenock,
06 Dec 44 Limesey, France
11 Dec 44 St. Vith, position on Schnee Eifel
16 Dec 44 Start of the Battle of the Bulge
19 Dec 44 Vielsalm
22 Dec 44 Gee Perrin assumes command
23 Dec 44 Emenheid
25 Dec 44 Anthisnes (Chateau Ouhar)
10 Jan 45 Spa (Chateau Le Havette)
12 Jan 45 Moulin de Ruy
15 Jan 45 Stavelot
24 Jan 45 Houchenie
07 Feb 45 Hunningen, Gen Stroh takes over
15 Mar 45 St. Quentin, pulled back ofTlhe line
01 Apr 45 Rennes
22 Apr 45 To the Rhine
25 Apr Stromberg
04 May 45 Bad Ems The Kasserne)
14 Jul 45 Kalsruhe (Postdirecktion Bldg)
16 Aug 45 Gen Woolfley takes Command
07 Sep 45 Staging area

    (editors note--The above chronological tables appears. be Division Headquarters locations. I received it amongst some papers and cannot Identify the sender. Looks to be a copy of a booklet from pages 68 through 71. Anybody with more complete information please speak up.... J Mine ed.)


    The CUB at me Golden Lion Don't forget the Chicago Reunion in '89 Chicago get-together Russel H. Villwock 106 SIG 1$ 6908 W. Higgins Ave.
Chleago,1111nois 60656
     The Chicago get-together party to commemorate 16 December, 1944, the 44th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge was a huge success. The gathering started with a cocktail hour, as some renewed old friendships, while others met for the first time. By the time we were ready to cat the buffet dinner prepared by Jackie, my wife, and Florence, wife of William Lucsay 423/B; and served by several volunteers (like in the service - you, you and you!) the house was full warmth and comradeship. Everyone remembered something that sonic one else forgot. As always just about every person had pictures of yesteryear. Herb Meagher had a picture of the 1951 reunion in Detroit that really brought back memories. One of the men , Bob Hcmple was in the picture, and was attending his first December party in over twenty years. Also one of the first time attenders graciously provided accordion music that was enjoyed by everyone.
     As the evening went on, them were discussions of the Roanoke Reunion and the one coming here in the Chicago area in '89. There were many offers of help for typing, registration, meal tickets, putting together material and a variety of things that were happily accepted by us (the Villwock's and the Lucsay's). I am sure with everyone's help the 43rd Annual Reunion of the Golden Lions will be one to remember for a long time. In attendance were; M/M Lvett; M/M Bieze; M/M Villwock; M/M Lucsay; M/M Meagher; Hugh Hockstetter, Richard Juriga; Ben Carpenter; Thad Kopczyski; M/M LeGrand; M/M Lennstrom; M/M Pinnow; M/M Murawski; M/M White; Anton Costa; M/M Costa; M/M Hemple; M/M Howard; Darrel Boyles; M/M Mackowiak; M/M Peterson; M/M
     Ruydzinski; M/M Perkinson; M/M Hill and M/M Kurzeja. Once again I would like to thank the Lucsay's for the use of their home, which has hosted the parties for the last few years. Now that the group is getting bigger I have already booked a hall in the Park Ridge VFW Pest for December 9, 1989.
     The CUB or ens Golden Lion 19 1JR Boyd Rudedge, 422/0, A.m. Adjutant; Ray Innen, 423/C; John Kline, 423/M, Assoc. Editor
     Fred Chinquist, 423/D; Bill Johns°, 2811 ay • Bill Wanless, 422/AT, Lloyd Brunner, 424/A Robert Sandberg, 8Is1 EngtA and his guest (not bown in ricturM Monsignor John J. O'Sullivan
t Minneapolis, MN by John Mine 423/M 5401 U. 147th St. West Apple Valley, MN 55124
     On 12 December, 1988, eight 106ers, with wives and guests attended a Commemoration Luncheon fa the 44th Anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge . A delightful meal was enjoyed at Dec's Place, 7th and Fort Road in St Paul MN. Missed, who mere present last year, were H.M. Hatch DIV/HQ "Jim" has had by-pass surgery (get well fast Jim); Russell
     Gunvalson 590/A, who was attending a funeral of a relative; and Floyd Dahl 590/C who was soaking up the sun in Florida (no fair Floyd). Their are only 20 known 106th men in the State of Minnesota, so we feel that we had goad representation for the "Snow Belt." Scrapbooks and photos were shown, a net of POW dog tags and an interesting German document (original) with his POW picture were shown by a new member, Fred °linguist 425/D.
    Voices saying, "We will return next year," were heard as the warm meeting of Golden Lions adjourned. t I Isn't It a small world Robert C. Maddox 424/Cannon 154 Goldfinch Dr Hackettstown, NJ 07840
     I noted with interest the story in a recent CUB about the Aquilania since it was the ship that the 424th went to Barone on. I have a "add" tale of that ship and our trip in October 1944 that might he of interest M others. In the fall of 19591 was a candidate for the Council in Plainfield, NJ. Them was a meeting in the home of the mayoral candidate in which all the Republican candidates met to review and file our biographical summaries for a joint press release. The mayor's wife was circulating and scanning the varioussummon.. She glanced at mine, seeing that I had been in the 106th Infantry Division "overseas in 1944," she asked what ship I had crossed over on. When I answered the "Aquitania," she replied "In October of 19441 was a Red Cross worker on the Aguitonio." We ascertained that we were on the ship at the same time. Unfortunately they would not let me amend my statement to add: "I was aho a shipmate with the Mayor's


     The CUB a. Golden Lion t I ri Front UR Walter Tyler, Walter Johann, =123/E; Katherine Keenan; John Gregory, 424/E; (Back lin) Ferry Eiseman, -123/110 ten; Frank Nausin, 422/1-10 213a; 5d1/B. Michael Thorne. 422/110 Inn; Ed Prewett, 42A/E3 Northern California Commemoration John 11. Stauff was the Committee Chairman. The luncheon started with a 60 minute video entitled "The Bottle of Si 1 Fifteen people, eight 106ers, a widow of a 106er and 6 others friends relived their personal experiences and revived old friendships. As usual there was more to tell than time allowed. They are all looking forward to '90 for another get-together.

CUB Laughs by George Levine 424/M

"Pardon me, but did I understand you to say you demand equal time ?"

The CUB of !Fe Golden Lion


    A T L A N T A P A R T by sherod Wine The Atlanta Area Golden Lions commemorated the Bulge, in grand style at the Dobbins Air Force Base, Open Mess an 11 December, 1989. All present felt that this one was as good as, or better than, we have ever had.
     The fellowship was satisfying and the prime rib was especially good, six everyone voted, same time, same place next year.
     Those attending were-- Bob & Frankie Burkes, Bill Delaell & Marie Worrell, James & Susie Dickerson, Storey Edwards and nephew, Bill & Annette Jenkins, Lyman & Ann Maples, Newton & Yvonne Mosely, Regina Thomas, Carroll Padgett, Emistinc Holland, Morris & Sara Piha, Joe & Ida Mae Puett, J.B. & Martha Russell, Jim & Maydean Wells, Joe & Ann Matthews, Duke & Martha. Ward, Sherod Collins and Dot Waldrop. St. Vith, Belgium Mayor Wilhelm Pip and School Director E. Cremer addressing an assemby of pupils in from of the
     105. Infantry Division Memorial which is located at the Bircholiche Seim!, Director Cromer is explaining the great risks taken by our division members, and ihen led the pupils in prayer for IN)vc who did nm return.
    The front cover &this, COB pictures the mayor and director placing a wreath On the Memorial. 22 The CUB & the Golden lion
t I ti ri rf Philadelphia get-together Charlie Dane 591/SV 231 Davis Ave Clifton Heights, PA 19018
215-626-1866 John, we had the Philadelphia get-together at my home on 11 December, 1989.
     For Nancy and I it was indeed a memorable and heart-warming day. We thank all these that came to share their day with us, and for their time and help in making life a little more meaningful and joyful. They were really a beautiful group of people.
     The picture does not include the ladies of the 106th, but I want them to know, that without them, our lives would be an empty shell. "Girls," we thank you all far sharing our love and life with us; Anne McDevitt, Ann Bradford, Gladys Albertson, Beth Smith, Phyliss Borhely, Kary Caskey, Melinda Brown, Mary Bard, Mrs. Tom McHugh and last but not least, my wife, Nancy. The Good Lord willing, we'll see all of you again in Chicago in September and/or here again next year.
     Now for Ray Boyle, 423/HQ; Ernest Savage 424/HQ; Stanley Wojtusik, 422/G; Alfred Vitali. 424/B-- we missed the opportunity to sham this time with you, due to your other commitments, but keep is in mind far December, 1989. And to any others who wish to join, maybe we am big enough to move to Convention Hall. Oh!! and George Southam, 423/B Wilmington, Delaware, it was nice to hear from you. Your phone call to our group on December 11th was most welcome.
     John, we thank you for the wonderful job you are doing on The CUB. You have the admiration and respect of all Of us. In the picture (eft to right):


    Seated, Frank Barbely 424/M Harvey Bradford 424/SV Bob Caskey 424/G Standing, Harry Albertson 422/H Jack McDevitt 8151 Eng/A Tam McHugh 424/SV Ray Smith 591/HQ Jan Bard 423/1 Charlie Datte 591/RV Charlie Brawn 423/CN One last note! Service Battery 591st F.A. Battalion "See you in Chicago!!!" Charlie and Nancy Dane The CUB at tim Golden Lion Ii From John I. Gallagher. 816 Eng/C. 41103 Franca, Si., Temple, PA 19560-- Phone: 21S-929-2887
     We are already planning for next year's Commemoral. Party, anybody inleresled. please eat I or write. L/R SMnley Kowalski, S921J0; William 11anis, 423/SV: John Gallagher, 8161Fng/C: Ralph Hiil. ASSOC1311,
     Aluly 161h, 1 sT, 42411 gel. iogeMer the VFW in Woodslock. Salt., night dinner and a Sunday morning N.M. al Crymal Woods Golf Conme with 21 in attendance. (sounds like.) UR: sealed. Marcus Barton*, Los Crossman, Icahn Scalissi Standing: Abner T. Harris. Don Arming. Guy Wright and John Mikalauskis 24 The CUB a rn. Golden Lien I.1 L I re There are those who claim the world's most beautiful and exciting scenery and most memorable experiences are to be found in Scandinavia. Those members of the 106th, who sign-up for the 15 day tour, will have the opportunity, come this September, to see personally for themselves if they agree.
     Not only will they enjoy sightseeing together in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but they will also return to the Battle of the Bulge areas, to revisit St. Vith, Bastogne and other places that hold deep memories for the Golden Lions
     Because of the special arrangements that have been worked out, an average daily cost of only $124.00 per person has been achieved, even though this is one of the most expensive regions in Europe. The $124.00 average, above, includes:
Round Trip Air Transportation.
Selected first-class and tourist-class Hotels.
Daily Breakfast, 2 lunches, 6 dinners
Deluxe Motor Coaches
Sleeper compartments on trains.
Transfers, portage, tips and taxes.
and a professional tour manager throughout the tour.
For a descriptive brochure contact:
Doug Coffey 2236 Amet Street Port Charlotte, FL 33948 or call him (813) 629-5711.
If you act quickly you will be able to join friends and comrades who have already registered.
    Don & Maxine A 'minion Des Moines IA Mary Brown Brooklyn, NY May Elsky Howard Beach, NY John & Mary Gatenn Falr Lawn, NJ Tom Camas Cranbury, NJ Leo Gregory Hermitage, TN Dan Gregory Mt Juliet. TN Glenn & Nadine Hardieb Fighland, IL Walt & Lucille Johannes Rio Uncle, CA John & Virginia Kelly E. Weymouth, MA Ed & Mary Proved Brentwood, CA Miron & Mary Rudnick Howell, NJ Jean Schutte Warren, MI Bob & Mildred Scranton Brighton, MI John & Joyce Thurlow Mayfield, NY Jim & Maydean Wells Hephzibah, GA
     It is a varied tour with pleasures for everyone – from dining in Stockholm – sightseeing in Oslo –shopping in Copenhagen – to laying a Memorial Wreath at Baroque de Fraiture.
The dates are: Leave --September 5, 1989 Return --September 15, 1989


The CUB nm Golden Lion New Members Westbrook, Scott S. 424/C Rte 1 Box 30 Newton Grove, NC 28366
Williams, Alva Ray 424/L 82B F. See NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Tucker, Howard 424/H PO Box 416 Pilot Mountain, NC 27041
Frye, Norwood A. 81st ENG/B 1069 Manchester Rd.
Glastonbury, CT 06033
esaess ................ All Merwin, Frederick W. 81st ENG/? Box 295 Lonely Cottage Rd Upper Block Eddy, PA 18972
Middleton III, John A. 108 SIG 17 Kensington Rd Madison, NJ 07940
     AA ...... AA ........ AAAAAAA went back in 1962 and again in 1972. The first time (1962) the "Day Camp" was in session and the Burgomeister got in our car and drove around the camp pointing out familiar spots. Then he invited us to meet some of the children. They then sang for us, in English, "How much is that doggie in the window?." This was a refreshing visit as compared to my 1944-45 visit. In 1972 it had been remodeled somewhat, but was still a camp for boys from Frankfurt A-Main.
     I wrote to notify you that I was not in the last issue since I joined too late to make the press. Thanks for two exceptional issues. (Thanks Hubert--If any of you members have been missed In the NEW MEMBER" column, please let me know and I will Include your letter which I must have overlooked, or which arrived too late for press on the last issue.... John Kline editor

AAA AA ........ A ........ AAA Jensen, Raymond 591/HO 329 Second Street Nashwauk. MN 55769
L I Hanson, Robert J. 81st ENG/? 2707 Pc Breeze Dr. Wilmington, DE 19810
Hicks, Harry 590/A Box 619 Star Route New Haven, KY 40051
Parsons, Bernard L. 423/HO 1 BN 716 Oracelyn Ct. Blacksburg, VA 24060
..... AAAAAAAAA ....... AAAA

Bates, Frank F. 422/L 3612 Dust Commander Dr Hamilton, OH 45011
Crook, N.D. 422/F 9577 Southmoor Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70815
     The Oct-Dec '88 CUB was especially interesting and well done. The articles on Stalag IX-B were very interesting since I spent some time there. I MO
26 The CUB a re Carver, Dale R. 424/HO 742 Druid Circle Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    (You will recall Dale's article an page 9 of the last CUB, Oct-Dec 1988, we will be including excerpts from his book Before the Veterans Die In each issue of The CUB. Write Date for a copy of his book of `War Poems." Cost is $4.75. They will bring back poignant memories..... John Kline-editor) Dale writes after I sent a proof of the CUB article....

Dear John
     Your note and the excerpt from the next edition of the CUB have made my day. It made me feel good to see my work in an article written by some other person.
     I sat on the poems for thirty years, afraid to show them to anyone for fear they were too amateurish. It was gratifying for me to have them read by people who might understand (I said this in Apology, the last poem in the book.) A correction--I was commissioned when I was 20, but my birthday is September, so I
     Golden Lion el re New Members was 21 on 16 December, 1944. I may have said I was the youngest man in my platoon, in my last letter, but I probably wasn't. (I think "Civilian Howe" was 18, he was a private in my platoon and got the name because he told all that the Army could not make a good soldier out of him.) I do know that I was the youngest 2nd Lt. in the 424th.
     As to the book-- I do not expect to make anything from it. I simply want it read by those who would recognize that "I told it the way it was." The comments that I get from the readers are worth mare than money to me. Feel free to correct the typos and punctuation errors. eg: in The Kansan "dusty" should be "dusky." Again, John, my heartfelt thanks for using some of my work in The CUB.
Wohlfeil, Col. Carl H. 5911H0 20 Meeting St. Charleston, SC 29401

.......... ennanassesessse Holden, Robert R. 423/I 2902 Mid. Road Beheaded, IA 52722

Dear Gilbert
     Thanks for your information to join, after a little procrastination I finally got around to answer you. After several years of trying to find myself after "The War," I moved to Bettendorf. I have now retired from the Army and as a civilian employee of the Department of the Army. My wife Shirley, worked for an insurance company and retired several years ago. We are both deeply involved in volunteer activities in the area. She is manager of the gift shop in a hospital and spends many hours there. I have a job as a probation officer (adult) with the Iowa State Department of Corrections. I work them about 85 hours a month. I also work at the Children's Museum one day a week. Both my wife and I find retirement to he a happy and busy time of our lives.
Hope to see you in Chicago in '89 ..............

AA Fams, Philip B. 423/H 2251 W. Washing. #900 Speingfield, IL 62702
     Retired after 30 years County Agricultural Agent in Tenn. and Illinois. 24 years in Arrny Reserve. Doing some part time work, just recently contacted John Swett and Pete Petersen and Slim Bozeman, looking for Magienca--we were prisoners together.
     (Phillip. I could not make the spelling out on the person you were looking for, I took it as "Maglenca" We do have a "George Mangiaracina" that was listed on page 36 ot the Jul-Aug-Sep 1988 CUB as a new member. He was In 9B and was in the 422nd Medics. Could that be him? His address is 5018 North Lockwood, Chicago, IL 60630.... John Kline-editor) Rubin, Arnold 81st ENG/? 1303 Elderberry Dr.
New Poe Richey, FL 34653
     Joined the division just as they were going overseas, never got a chance to make real friends. I was held in Stalag 4-B. Have been a widower since April 1988. (a news clipping tells of Rubin's return and that he was robbed of watch and fountain pen.) Fruetel, Harold M. DIV/HO 121 2616 51. NW Bemidji, MN M601 I joined the 106th at Atterbury in the spring of '44. [served in APO 443 as pan of division headquarters with a Captain Lopez as my immediate superior.
     Went overseas from Boston on the USS Wakefield, landing in Liverpool. By rail to the staging area, had Thanksgiving dinner in England, crossed the Channel from Southampton landing at Leliarve and went inland by truck to the Ardennes area.
     The APO was set up a bit back of the 106th Infantry Division Headquarters at St. Vith, but we too had our scary moments. Spent time at Bad Ems when the 106th was called back in after the hostilities were over. Should you desire any information please contact me. I Mow George Murray of the The CUB a th. Golden Lien 27 New Members 424th very well--we did not know each other in '44 and '45 ...........

Lamb, Paul 423/AT 6070S.W. 56th Terrace Ocala, FL 32874
    I was taken prisoner on December 17, 1944 and marched to a house where we were interrogated. From there we were put on in box cars for several days until we arrived at Stalag Ill-A. We marched back and forth between American and Russian lines. Four of us escaped and stole a car and ended up in American hands. Went through Camp Lucky Strike. My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Miami Beach, went to Ft Knox and was discharged 12/24/45

Rossi, Romeo J. 422/C 3813Cadieux Rd Detroit, MI 48224
     l am so glad to join, it's been a long time bull wonder about some of the guys in my company. Howard Barrett, Cleveland - a Platoon Sgt; Gene Klowieki; Carl Kivaehek (have contact). We were together in C/422, Out Bn. I am still working for Haden-Schweitzer steel fabricators (spray booths, ovens and dip tanks) out of Madison Heights, Ml, can't think of retiring, having a great time living. Mitzi, my wife, has been with Hudson's as Personnel Asst for 28 years and is retiring in January. We have two daughters and a lovely grandchild. Looking forward to the reunion in Chicago in '89. Are the above guys in the Association?
    (No Romeo, Sorry I cannot find their names in our roster. Maybe somebody in the 1062 members will remember them..... John Kline - editor

Maloney, Joseph P. 424/HO 1120 Warren Ave Arnold, PA

McCammon, Leon S. 424/CN 311 W. Walnut Si. Greensburg, IN 47240
    Retired after 38 years with Beneficial Finance, Greensburg, Indiana. Now fish and do volunteer work Amanna, Vincent.). 422/G PO Box 344 Nederland, CO 80468

    B.S. Temple University, Philadelphia 1949. M.A. Denver Univ. 1953.33 years as a teacher and college administrator. Retired and now live atop a mountain (8000above sea level) in the Rocky Mountains. My wife and I hike, climb mountains, XC Ski and cope with the rigors of mountain living

Scott, Robert A. 424/CN 00 3, Box 133 °mg., VA 24420
    Drove 2.5 ton stake body trucks hauling ammo, troops, rations and general supplies. Drove long distances sometimes under combat conditions. Served in England, France, Belgium and Germany. Hobbies; fishing and hunting. Have been retired since 1982. Married with 3 children, 7 grandchildren Fields, Raymond H. 424/H 837 Ribiteliall Rd Knoxville, TN 37909
     A letter to Sherod Collins I was a member hack in the early days, '48 to 57.1 also attended eight reunions. I served in 424/H from March *44 till the end of the war in Germany.
    P.S. Mr. Collins, please stop those Yankees at Kennesaw Mountain and don't let them get into Atlanta or they'll probably go all the way to Savannah before they stop

Reifenrath, John W. 423/B 3209 N. Prospect Colorado Springs. CO 80.7
Retired after 37 years as staff accountant for a CPA firm 28

The CUB dr th Golden Lion

New Members Mcl ntee, Leonard 589/HO PO Ban 210 Overall. WI 53021
     Gil, Glad to have been contacted. I'm going on 73 enjoying line health and am very busy inventing and fanning eighty acres, at least making a stab at it. Hope to do a little religious writing once the winter sets in for keeps. That POW stretch made a believer out of me, I saw a few miracles. I'm still married, have two daughters and two foster sons we raised, things have turned out quite well. We reap what we sow and I could have been more discriminate of some things I have sown. Thanks

Klein, James J. 589/HO 1.3.15 Travis M LaCrosse. WI 5401/1
     Left LaCrosse for the service - 1941, lived here all my life and love it. Good fishing and hunting. Wife's name is LASS and we have been married 47 years. 2 hays, three girls. Guess what! my one daughter lives in Columbia SC today!!! We've been back

Barnick, Stephen 422/HO 303 Grove SI Kingston. PA M7134
     Married 43 years, retired due to a disability incurred during work for a painting company. Have a son Major Ronald S. Barnick at Norton AFB, California, three grandchildren, I boy, two girls

    Hall, William W. 423/CN Ole I Box IS Slone... IL UN, My wife Velma and I are retired. My wife was a legal secretary and for the last 15 years she worked in abstracting. I was employed as Vice-President of the Federal Land Bank Association of Southern Illinois for 28 years. We are a member of the Eastern Star of Stonefort, a member of the Masonic Lodge. I am a life member of the VFW, NRA and American Ex-Prisoners of War. We both love fishing, bow hunting and quail homing

Slayton, David B. 422/A Terrylynn PI Long Beacit. CA 90007
    I was talking to Milton Weiner yesterday (11/15/88) and he told me about the recent reunion.] wish to reinstate as a member oldie association. I don't know what the dues are but am sending $251/0. If this is not enough let me know, if is too much put the balance in the Memorial Fund

Miles, Joseph C. 424/CN Mar Lod,I I Beset+, Rd Leonarda on Sea. BR '1,138 0311
    Solicited by Henry Mackowiak--Married, 4 children, retired 37 years Foreign Service for US Department of Slate. 14 differm countries, Europe; Far East; Mid East; Africa; Central and South America. I was a member many years ago and still have an old Golden Lion Pin Jeter, Robert C. 424/C I2319Inmon Waco,.IX 76703

Dear Mr. Collins
     I am writing as directed by Mr. John Gilliland. I have not been in touch since the Is! Reunion in Indianapolis. Now that all the kids are grown, and I am now retired I wanted to get hack in touch. John suggested joining. I am enclosing a check for me and my wife. I will be looking forward to receiving The CUB. If there any hack issue I would appreciate it, I would of course be happy to pay for the casts of them. (Sherod answered this letter - There are no "back copies" available. A dew extra copies are published each (warier and these are used as new members sign up, as an Initial introduction to the Association. I nate that Sherod sent you a CUB and a tenor. Welcome hack. ,. John Kline.- editor

Smith, Walter E. 423/CN 250 KO Cann Marlton. NI ONO53
     Taken prisoner at St. Vith. Married for 45 years. Two children, 4 grandchildren. Retired. I received my POW Medal at Ft. Dix in

The CUB a th. Golden Lion
29 New Members
    ti Sept 88 and met one of my buddies from the 106th, that's how I found out about this Association. Keep up the good work ........ ......

Meagher, Herbert F. 422/M 9837 W. 93rd SI. Oaklawn, IL 60453

Freund, Abraham 106 RECON M. Yorkshire Ave Si Paul, MN 55116
I was a medic attached to I 96 RECON 2nd Platoon from after Basic 1414 months alter the Bulge non nn nn nA....

Olson (S), Todd 0. 424/M 14511 N. Riverside Br #205 Pompano Beach. FL 331.7
Robson, Robert S. 423/MED 1454 Si:11.Si. Crele, IL 60417
     Began Basic Training at Ft. Jackson Marti 1943, captured with the rest on 19 Dee, 1944. Ended up at Stalag 4-B. Was liberated by Russian Cavalry 23 April, 1945.1 was a company aid-man assigned to Anti-Tank when in the field. Married - have three children and three grandchildren. Self-employed and a Manufacturers Rep selling high voltage electrical equipment to utilities in Illinois and Indiana

Newman, Saul A. 422/G 13583A Via Aurora Bel Ray Beach... 3.34M

Tyser, Leonard 423/I Box 612 Wilbur, NE 68465
Wife's name is Evelyn

St Clair, Edward B. 422/E 201 Nor. 5111
0.9v.I. IN 49036 aaaaaaa..... aaaaaaaaaaaa Patrick, George S. 423/HO BN 1129 Colony Arms CI Lakeland. PI_ 33813
    I am employed by Warner lamben Company as Director of Finance, Parke Davis. Pharmaceutical Research. Wife's name Marten

O'Farrell, Donald A. 424/CN 4. Bullock Sirevi ....ore. MI 487711
An nAn AA AnAAAA AA AA /1" AA Stafford, G.E. 592/HO 311/0 rirnwood Bove Mitchell. KY 41017
    Retired, have a wife Ruth and a married Am who lives in Cincinnati Kauffman, Verlin 106 SIG 330451:5"I' R12 116 Bluffton. Indiana 46714
    I went to the 106th at Ft. Jackson as Cadre from the 80th Division. I was a high speed radio operator in the 106th Signal Co. I went with the division overseas, through the Battle of the Bulge. When the division returned home I wett in the Mannheim Hospital with yellow jaundice, so I was transferred to (mother unit El) come home. Was discharged at Atterbury

Zimand, Gerald P. 422/D 1111 Lnvpe Si reel New / lyric Park. NY 11111

White, George G. 423/H 2330S. Brentwood Illvd SI Louis, MO 63144-2006
     I joined 423/11 in March 1943 on Tank Hill Ft Jackson as a 19 year old. Oct 43 transferred to Army Air Corp as pilot [retiree so I missed the Bulge. Recalled to active duty in the Korean war and again during the Berlin crisis. Retired from USAF in 1962. Married 39 years, 5 children, 9 grandchildren. Practice law and not even thinking of retirement.
     Anxious to hear from memtwrs of 423/H that I knew on Tank Hill as I always wondered tea 30 The CUB or m Golden lion New Members what happened to them in the Bulge. Plan to attend the Chicago Reunion in '8n.
Will work on [last committee if the reunion ever comes around to St. Louis, a great central location.

Cub editor and officers doing It grew job. keep up the good work

    The poem below from, Before the Veterans Die by Dale Carver 424/14C) 3d Bn A&P Published by DAMON PRESS Dale's address 742 Druid Circle Baton Rouge. LA 70808 Lite price Sa.75 The Commander of "I" Company The colonel assembled the company C.O.'s and made the orders clear: Attack at dawn in the morning, I was to hear that I K amid would advance abreast, with Mtn Ripp0F1 the three, to wrest the high ,ground m our front frOm the enemy. / watched the commander of I Company as the council of war WCIII -- WO young, UltIried a replacement with bright new bars newly won, the senior officer left in "I" after many a combat day, and Item would not move out at all unless he led the way. I watched the young lieutenant, and once caught his eye. He knew; and he knew I knew--that likely he would die. I saw Oolitic will to live in eye. bared soul and heart and a mute acceptance of his role with a will to play his part. They all saluted the colonel and went with leaden souls back to the men they commanded there to play the roles o [confident, fighting leaders of men. /Their motto is "Follow Inc.") The attack was launched in the morn* I was there to see haw the ridge to our from was taken, how the enemy broke and saw the frantic regrouping and counting of many a missing saw the young lieutenant for the last lime that night; the Graves Crew stopped at our kitchen for coffee. warmth and light, with to cargo that looked like cordwood the boyar top of the pile.
     My helmet off in the moonlight, held to my breast a while, in a soul-frh, unseen tribute from an understanding heart in one who brut row heard of Pope, but acted well his part.. it Honour and shame from no condition rise; act well your part: there all the Honour lies. Essay on Man, Alexander Pope The CUB a the Golden Lion 31 Stalag IX-A, Ziegenhain -- April 1, 1945 I Frank Lapato, Rte 8 Box 403, Kittanning, PA 16201, sent these photos taken on April 1, 1945 by some of the liberators of Stalag IX-A. Frank was with Headquarters, 422nd Regiment. He also sent the photos of Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb that appear on nod page...
     From Norman Gruerver's [Published by the American Philatelic Society, L979, State College, Pennsylvania:, Chapter 4 "Prisoner of War Camps; Germany."]
     This camp (Stalag 1X-A) received 4263 American non-commissioned officers from Stalag 1V-B on January 26, 1945. The men had been captured during the Ardennes campaign.
     Gruenzcr's book, a very interesting one, has to do with the flow of mail -- To and From Prisoner of War Camps. Some pictures of camps, postal cards showing "GEPRUP' stamps, etc. We wish to thank Frank Lapato for his interesting pictures, which he sent me over a year ago.... John Kline -- (editor) le . e to ' Frank Lapato at the main gate of Stalag IX-A, looking towards the prisoner's compound. Stalag officer's quarters on the left. Lapalo's barracks inside the next gate and to the left.
     Frank recognized one of his lihemton :n Roy Fameth (left) an old buddy from from Kensington, PA. Ile 'and Roy went through gra& school and part of high school together.
32 The CUB a the Golden Llon
     looking in the main gate. To the right were the guard's quarters. The men in the background, on the right, am Garman POWs brought in after the liberation of Stalag IX-A.
Stalag IX-A Guard Tower #6, the barbed wire. and some of the buildings in background one, was the POW's kitchen.
Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb -- April, 1945
     From Norman Grucnzcr's Postal History of American POWs: World War II, Korea Vietnam Published by the American Philatelic Society, 1979, State College, Pennsylvania:, Chapter 4 "Prisoner of War Camps; Germany."] Stalag IX-B, near Bad Orh, was opened in December 1944 as a transit camp for Americans who were captured in the Ardennes carry/sign. The camp population in Dec. rose from ninety-five to 985 and then to 4,000 by Jan. 25, 1945. A total of 1,263 non-comers were moved to Stalag IX-A on Jan 26 1945. Captured officers went to °flag 13-B, Hanunelburg. Stalag IX-B was liberated on April 2, 1945 with an estimated population of 3,328 men.
Pictures sent by Frank Lopata, 422/HQ see preceding page. .1.encan Cemetery, Stalag IX-13 IX-11
     Barbed wire, Stalag IX-13 Vie,' of B Urb from Slain IX-13 Aview of the Guard lower and clock Another view of Guard Tower and clock Stalag IX-13 Stalag IX-I3 The CUB or me Golden Lion Mail Bag (Them were no Mall Bag' letters in the last CUB due to a space problem. Some of the following beers will refer to 'Roanoke' or other events that are now history. In order not to slight any member I decided to print them all.
     They are arranged in chronological order as of the date that I received them (FIFO as they say in business.. First In First Out) if I failed to print any information that you requested.. please drop me another letter.. John Kline - editor)
    I have become aware of a Belgian organization named Centre de Recherche et d'information sur la Bataille de Ardennes (CRIBA). The president of this organization Is: Fernand Albert Siege Social Thier de la Chartreuse n 22 B4020, Liege, Belgium One of the officers of this organization is Andre Hubert 29 Centre 6674 Langlire (Gouvy), Belgium He writes me: "We are no historians though some of our members have a very wide knowledge of the battle, or part of the battle, and study it very carefully even though they do not write books. We want to give to the younger generation the means to go further in the study of the battle and be aware of the sacrifices involvedbytheAmericansoldiers and civilians. Luckily we have more and more young people who are interested and who join us." I understand one of the functions of this worthwhile organization has been to offer transportation and guide service to visiting GIs who fought in the St. Vith Elsenborn -Liege area. One of my buddies made this trip and reports they refused to take money. In any caw I suggest a few dollars sent to Mr. Albert or Mr. Hubert would he money well spent. Most cordially yours.
Aspinwall, Francis H. 589/HG 120 Nellwand Or Pontchatoula, LA 70454


     (editors note... See the article by Donald Beseler 424/A is W's issue, and the cooperation that he had from members of CRIBA, namely Serge Fontaine and Jules lierdebiss, who are deeply involved in the -history of the Bulge. I have ember 1987 cone ndence from an- other CRIBArnemberlienryRogister'in answer to a May 1987 letter where I was searching for infor- mation. He enclosed Iwo maps of the battle area, neatly marked in color, showing the position of the 3rd Battalion, 023rd Regiment on MI 536 on 17 December, 1944.
     Reference should also be made back to Ed Prewett's article in the Apr-May-Jun 1988 CUB, on his Wait to the area of 'Coulee. He also refers to Mr. Hubert and Serge Fontaine.
     These people seem to bend over backwards to cooperate with 106th Infantry Division's members. They ere searching for first-hand information also, and a one on one conversation gives their stories and history tiles more impact. IMth all the cooperation that they have given I think Ire should be sending them a copy of The CUB every quarter It would give them some background when they do talk to some of our men.... John Kline -editor)
     Sherod Just received the Apr-June CUB. My wife Olga and I will be going to Kaiserslautern in August to October to baby sit our grandson, while his mother and dad participate in NATO maneuvers.
    Don't see many names from 331st Medi- cal. Keep up the goal work. Finlaysnn, Kenneth 331 MED/D 11 CAschlig14 Ln Portland. ME 04102
     (Many or the 331st Medical Battalion have chosen to named along with the Infanby Benetton they were assigned to eg: 423/MED etc. J. Kline - editor) I enjoy reading 'the CUB and was espe- cially happy to see a picture of men, in the Feb-May-June '88 issue, that I knew in A Company.
     And then in the Apr-May-June issue I was happy to see another picture of men I knew and served with - the picture sent in by Roy Sheet, monks for keeping us informed.
Louis Praznik 81st ENG/A 24920 Midland St. Redford M148239
Sherod Enclosed are my '88r89 dues.
     Enjoyed seeing some old-old friends like Bob Sandberg, Milton Wasgreen in Mobile, al G The CUB of HIolden Lion 1 Mail Bag along with others.
    Can't make it to Roanoke, maybe will make it to Chicago in '89. Also had a nice letter from another Young fellow, Bob Fitzgerald.--Hello to you Bob, where-ever you are.
Kerr, Allen W. 81st ENG/A 3919 Camellia Dr Mobile, AL 36693
     (Allen, We have a Gilbert Fitzgerald, but no Bob Fitzgerald. Whet was the postmark - write to PO Dept there and get an address, or call telephone information and try to get an address - they may not give it to you, but if you lay on the 'old war buddy" story you may get some results. The PO is probably the best bee John, Good to be receiving The CUB again after almost 40 years. Was with 422/AT from Ft Jackson to capture on 19 Dec, 1944. Spent 35 years in education as teacher, administration consultant, college professor and author. Lived in Mich (home), Colorado, Mexico and now Nevada. My wife and I have two decorative fabric shops hem in Las Vegas. Still do some educational counseling and am involved with the Nevada Nuclear Waste Steering Committee.
If you come to Vegas give us a call. Home 798-5003; Stores 877-4333 and 739-6114. Keep up the spirit.
Teller, Richard G. 422/AT 5357 Spencer
Las Vegas. NV 89119
Sherod, Enclosed are the dues for me and my brother Alvin, as well as a contribution to the Memorial Fund.
    I would once again like to thank you and Mr. Kline for your efforts and for such a fine publication. Our father was in the 589 FAB and a POW. We are still searching for someone who knew him either in the unit or in prison camp. Grigsby, R. Kirk ASSOCIATE 3333 Dayton Are Louisville, KY 00201
    Sherod, The June edition of The CUB noted the death of Joseph Cavanaugh 422/C. Joe had an illustrious career as a Sociologist with the Government and later on his own after retiring from the US Government. After a 30 year gap I had a note from Joe, just a week before his death, my reply reached his home on the day of his death quite a coincidence. During my years with the 106th Colonel Baker assigned 3 men from the 109 to work with me in servicing the 106th (ed. note - Mr. Phillips was the Red Crows Representative for our division). I was always short on staff from the ARC. Four men are the usual assignment to a division. 1 to Division Headquarters, 1 to each of the. Combat Teams - 422nd, 423rd and 424th. Joe. Cavanaugh was 422nd, Albert Henderson - 423rd and Ralph Atkins the 424th. Ralph passed away in 1965, he was Director Of Welfare for the State of North Dakota at the time of his death. Albert Henderson is in Ormond Beach, Florida, now retired from a very successful Real Estate business. The three men led successful careers after service with the 106th. Bert (Albert) and myself have been fortunate enough to have lived to enjoy our retirement longer than Ralph and Joe.
I we Arnold Goldberg of the 331st Medical often, he lives in Belmont Circle. Union town with his wife Betty Jane.
     Charles Underwood 106 QM is still with WMBS radio (CBS) in Uniontown as News Director. He lives with his wife Peggy. I have been kept busy this year with normal business and the illness of my wife, who has been confined for the last year. For that reason we could not get to Roanoke.
Best wishes - George Phillips.
Phillips, George F. DIV/HO 37 LindenPI Belmont Cir
Uniontown, PA 15401
     (George - we cock, use Henderson, Goldberg and Underwood as members Please write them and solicit their membership, they are missing' ut on all the 106th news.... John Kline - editor) Surely enjoy The CUB so much, and com- The CUB a m. Golden Lien 35 Mail Bag I mend the officers who work for the Association.
Horne, George A. 806 ORD PO Box 222 Spring Hilt 914 37179
    I was quite surprised at the number of new members who have joined the Association during the last few months, and hope the flow continues. Perhaps many of them were like me - after retiring I decided to begin seeking answers to those many questions that had been knowing at my mind for many years. Through reading numerous publications of "The CUB" many of those questions have been answered. I wish to compliment the CUB editor, and believe this magazine is getting better with each new issue. Ryan, Gerald W. 424/HO 2BN 1113 Lassen View Dr Lake Almanac Pen, CA 96137
(Thanks Gerald, those words are what keep me going.. John Kline - editor)

Dear Sam,
     Thanks for taking care of my joining as an Associate member, and for the warm welcome to the 106th Infantry Division Association. I would appreciate you crediting the extra amount to the Memorial Fund.
     I have received the April-May-June issue of The CUB and also your note with the copy of the Feb-Mar- edition. Thanks so much fm your cooperation. I think The CUB is a superb publication. Reading the Mail Bag section isso interesting.I can really see what love and loyalty exists among your fellow buddies from reading this section. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Gilbert lielwig and your editor, Mr. John Kline and all of the gentlemen who perform duties and to the Board of Directors for keeping the Association so well organized. It's amazing as to how this can all be done from no many different parts of the USA.
     Again, thanks to you Mr. Carlene, for making it possible for me to continue to be in touch with my husband, Roland's military outfit. I hope that someday I shall have the time to attend one of the reunions no that I can get acquainted with the wives and members. With warm regards, Jean Parquette Parguette, Mrs Roland ASSOC.
410 Super SI IA:since, WI 54955
     John, I appreciate your willingness to publish the article covering my 36 years of active duty. Frank Rammed did a wonderful job on the anicle.
Thanks for your frequent phone calls. Say hello to Margot. We shall be looking forward to Sacramento in 1990.
Cavender, Col. Charles 423/HO 28262 Pebble Beach Dr Sun City, CA 92381
     I deeply appreciate the information you provided concerning the 106th. After 40 plus years I have a much better insight into the events surrounding the deposition of the 424th and the 106th. We have taken your suggestion and contacted members of CRIBA. We hope to have more detailed information regarding the Route of Battle for the 424th, so as to make of visit to the battle area more fruitful. In any event we would be happy to share any photos or experience that would be worthy of publication.
     Thanks again to your immediate response to my request for information. Your phone calls were a real surprise and very much appreciated. Because of our trip to the battle area, we will not be able to be in Roanoke - the Good Lord willing we will be in Chicago in '89. Beseler, Donald W. 424/A
1624 Highway C St Germain, WI 54558
    (Don Beset., led 424/A into La Vaux and into the Coulee area - his story of his revisit, no only well written that, shoul d hunthis job over to him, appears in tyke issue with photos and details of the visit tracing the424th Route of Battle. If you have further information that would interest Don, please write or all him P.S. Don has been in touch with Todd Olsen 424/M and Wallace Rifleman 429/G S 424/A, page 36 The CUB a vo, Golden Lion Mail Bag 146/210 St. Vith, Lion in the Way. Hope to we their names appear in the roster... J. Kline - editor) Fred says "Still collect stamps, enclosed is a Family 85thAnniversary Booklet, depicting 85 years farming, growing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables. (Twelve 8.5x11 pages with history and photos, very interesting..editor( Schieferstein, Fred 424/A 431 Madison Hill Rd Clark, NI 07066
     Sorry my dues are late! The mail came to our Maryland address the day we moved. That dy's mail got "put," and was just discovered. This was the first move in 33 years and came very fast, so we sort of "scalped and went." Vermont is very warm this time of year, hope we remember this next winter when the thermometer reaches -40 degrees. Wilkerson, Frederick L. 422/M
     PO Hoe 350 12 S. St Lydonville, VT 05861 From one of our "Hoosiers"--,lee Tar amino, one of the new members, along with Ted Young (the fellow who found the widow of the owner of the wrist watch he traded for in prison camp) and I were together throughout our POW experience. That was an amazing way in which the watch was returned to it's owner's family. We used that watch a great deal as POWs although time was not all that important. Mother update you may wish to make is to identify me with Regimental Headquarters Company on the list to mail The CUB.
Bigger, Roy 423/HO 319 E. South A St
Gas City. IN 46933
     (Roy, I had you as 423/HQ - maybe I corrected it that before you got to me, but 423/HO does identihy you with Regimental Headquarters-we dont break k down further eg: ASP platoon eta OK? thanks.... John /Vine . editor John, It was nice talking to about six weeks ago, and again, especially after receiving the last issue of The CUB, you am doing a terrific job as editor.
     I want to thank you (and The CUB) for a picture you included in The CUB. It showed a picture of Jerry Elsenman in a Northern California get-to-gether. Through the picture's submitter I was able to ger Jerry's address (Jerry has since joined the association through my urging). I contacted him and we had a marvelous conversation on the phone. It happened I was going on a vacation in Califomia and we got together, with our wives, for about 12 hours. What a marvelous time - !learned what happened to others of the company after not knowing for 44 years. Also want to thank you for the name of another of my company - Jerome Frankel. From him I got the address of a fellow I was with up to one hour before my capture. I always assumed he was captured - well I contacted him and found that he was able to get away.
     I intend to urge all 106th men I run into to join up to this wonderful Association. Again thank you for the eke CUB. Kramer, Joseph 423/HO 3BN 14720 Lincoln Dr Oak Park. Ml 48237 John, The other day I found an old Cedric Foster broadcast dated January 21, 1945 in some of my mother's old papers that she had kept during my POW days.
     I went to Coming Glass, where I retired from, and had 6013 copies made. They donated the paper. My wife and I got them folded and brined up.
     Lo and Behold! the next day I received The CUB and what's in it, but this same broadcast on page 4. Oh well, I will bring them la the Roanoke reunion, someone will want a copy. Louis Grivetti (Slaughter House V)
Grivetti, Louis G. 423/K 345 Mawnce Dr
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
     (Sony I mined you and your wife's day Louis. We did appreciate the copies at the Roanoke reunion... John lane - editor) The CUB at tae Golden Lion 37 S Mail Bag John, Received the Jul-Aug-Sep CUB today and what a bang-up job it is, You do good work. Congratulations. You are truly a dedicated man.
     I enclose another cartoon, that should make you three ahead at this time. Frankly your article on me was "too much." But thanks anyway.
Levine, George 424/M 120 Fast 31st Si
New York NY 10016
     (Geome is a regular contributor of cartoons. He is nationally known and hes been a free-lance cartoonist since the war and his cartoons have appeared in hundreds of publications. See cartoons in this issue, asivell asin the Jul-Aug-Sept1988 (his introduction on page 18) and Oct-Nov-Dec 1988 issues I am sure comments on his cartoons would be appreciated. I like them, as well as others I have heard from. Keep em coming George, my mother used to say) wasgood at drawing Nes--John Kline - editor) Shored, Keep up the good work. The CUB editions are very interesting and I look forward to them.
Babich, John J. 424/M MY N. 70h St Milwaukee, WI 53213
John, Your Apr-May-June CUB - one of the best ever. Hope to meet you in Roanoke. Kersteiner, Don W. 424/HO 2BN
.7 Emerson Ave Hamilton, 011 45013
     (It was nice meeting you in Roanoke Don... John 10ine - editor) ( I have to lead off with an entree' into this letter I cannot possible re-write it all so I will summarize it. About every six-months I get a letter from Leo This one is our pages of ffnelywrilten penmanship, with notes on the margins, eta Along with that he sent 5 pages°, a katterhe sent to Mrs, Pigs (rememberthe watch she retrieved from Ted Young that belonged to Thomas her husband. Thomas had traded it to Ted for food Ina prison camp in.44. Mrs Pins now has it in her possession after all these years. That was probably the most heart-warming story of the decade.)
    Anyway - Leo, you anew me under with all your remarks so ease don't be insulted when I don't publish the whole Patter - them on, enough room. So with that entree'I will summarize yourthoughts. John Kline - editor)

Dear John and Margot,
    This is the third attempt in the last half-hour because - I'm really slipping pal - But - No, not quittin -but after reading my last letter to you on 3/19 I'm almost ashamed to take up any mom of your time; that is, the little time you must have left in your endeavors to make each issue of The CUB " a Masterpiece." No doubt Margot did an excellent job of photography of the Hon. Editor goofing off with Asst. Editor, Oliver your cat. That study "Frain the Editor's Outpost is neat as the editor's observatiorN attention to all members, and giving space and credit to all. I have been intending on writing President Roger Rutland, since he made a big impression on me at the Columbia Reunion in '86... Wanted to congratulate him on being elected President, but just haven't been myself for six-months, I've just got to try and "sold-jet up" and "get the lead out." I always enjoy Reverend Black's articles, as the last one especially as it w a super mes- 111
     sage (Lea leiter dated Aug 25, 1988.. The Cedric Foster broadcast and the story of Lt. Col. Riggs' odyssey were great. It appears that he marched the same route we did going to Stalag 12-A.


     One thing I forget to mention is I finally got a letter of to Mrs Thomas Pitts, she said she had read one of your "M Company Up- dates" and a quotation in it from me She said in a later letter that (8/21) that she had talked with you and that you are quite a guy. She has also heard from John Adams and a card from Gonna have to end this epistle and get it en it's way - but one mom question for the best darn Editor - Detective - Reporter and PR man FOR ALL BUDDIES I have ever had the privilege to correspond with. The question: "Howard Edwards, page 28 of the Jul-Aug_Sep CUB asked if anyone has a departing roster for E Company, 423 Regiment. If you ever hear from anyone that does, I would sure like to get one for Headquarters Co, 3rd Battalion, 422 Regiment. LI The CUB elm. Golden Lion I RRt Mail Bag Buddy Milton (Grand Marshall) on page 25-26 says he outranked me in the end. Never bothered to check - maybe he's referring to "fat in the can" (rear). Hah - will pin him to the mat when and if I get my strength back -even if he is 10 years my junior. He was one of the well trained guys that left as as a replacement.
     I will surely think of something later (after I mail this), or forget to enclose something. Oh yes, I would have stuck a ten-dollar hill in this envelope, but I had already scaled it - Best Wishes,
     Len de Lim Leisse, Sr., Leo R. 422/HO 3BN 43.16 Gaps. La Si Louis, MO OM (Now i Iyou were editor how would you answerLeo? The comments about the ten-dollar bill were added by the editor. Leo. your a gem - I will try to answer a couple of your questions in an update leder. but first I should explain our relationship to the members, many of which are new.
     I came across Len from a list of prisoners that were interred in Staleg 8-A, Gond, Germany. Gorlitz is about 80 miles. East of Dresden. I had been in pursuit of my past and was trying to find all of the 423/M men that I souk/- after having no contact in 43 years (0Ws was about April 87). In my search I called the American Ex-POW people in Texas and they sent me a listing of their members that showed Stelae 8-A as the prison of their choice !fake), Leo's name was amongst those fisted I wrote about 46 men of the 106th that were interred there and have been in touch with several of them since. Lea is of course the most prolific writer, in turn probably has the best handle on the chain of events that occurred on the so called 'Death Memo' horn Gorlutz, Stalag 8-A starting on Valentine's Day Feb-wary 14th, a trip of two months on the mad, ending in liberation up near Brunswick (Braunschweig) for me on Friday1.3tMoril. 1945. I forgot what date Leo decided to realm to the American Army.
     Leo and I and a few others kept diaries of the towns we passed through and the events that happened That trip was about 415 miles, (add another 110 miles from the front line we walked over 500 miles all toll) Leo and I agree within a few miles. Also His POWdog-tag and mine are with 15 numbers et each other. Mine Is 315136 and his 315151. I did not know Leo at Stelae 8-A, asa matter of feat the only man I remember was my section leader, George Grouthamel, formerly of Burlington NJ We walked as buddies on that long trek, I don't think I would have lasted another week My biggest disappointment is that even though I had re-discovered 37 423/A4 men, I cart gel a trace on George Crouthamel- anyone got an idea? Sorry forthe long
     sped, but that is how I found (through the Ex-POW 0-A list) Leo "de Lion" Leisse 422/313n, James Henning 422/3Bn, Thomas Lamer 022/A, Harold "Joe" Brociarkk 022/C, Cliff Gamble 422/C, Mrs Thomas Pits (Tom was 422/D), George Block 422/L, Ambrose Collier 422/L, Frank Dechant 422/1-, Jesse Bishop 423/G, William Melleher 423/SV along with three other 423/M men._ John Kline - editor) L/R Mtron Rudnick Ernest Vermont 422/E After 44 years I finely met some one from 442/E. His name is (Sgt) Miron Rudnick. During our conversations at the Roanoke Reunion, we tried to remember other men who were with us. Mironand I were prisoners, he was in Stalag 4B and I was at 9B and later at 9A.
     We could ony remember a Sgt Doto and a Sgt Perry and herald me where to reach them. Miron and I were the only 422/E men at the reunion. We are looking for a Sgt Hamm, Tennessee and a Lt. Keyoe, Philadelphia and a 1st Lt. Hildridge (whereabouts unknown)
    Anybody thatknows the whereabouts of them or any other 422/E man let us know. Feel tree to call COLLECT. Minor Rudnick Ernest Vermont 11 Wtxxlland Dr 1739 Weston Ave Howell NJ 07731 Baltimore MD 21234
     201-363-1142 301-668-8060 The CUB as an Golden Lion 39 John, Thanks for the great job you are doing on The CUB. I like the way you have it organized. With the latest issue I just discovered another old buddy, Michael Kurzcja, and with sadness noted the death of George Kaufman. George was in my squad and we shared much together in those 106th days.
     I retired from full-time ministry in June of 1988. Am now serving three small country churches. part time, which are about 50 miles from my home.
    We are in a small community about 10 miles north of Nashville. Sorry we can't make the reunion in Roanoke. Maybe next year. God Bless all and best wishes. Harris Jr., Rev. Isham A. 423/H 4866 Clarkesville Hwy Whites Creek, Tee 37189
    Just want to say how much we enjoy The CUB. Always look forward to the news. Hohenstein, John J. 423/M P013cm 245 III iopoliK IL 62539
     In reference to the "Mail Bag" article on page 27 of the July-August-Sept 1988 issue. I would like to take this opportunity to clear it up. In the fall of '86 I sent the attached information about myself, together with a photostat of the article in Hospitals & Health Care Establishments to Sam Cariano.
     Evidently the two sheets became separated and the latter got mixed with a letter from Sam to Guy Stephens in Booneville Indiana. No harm was done.
     In the meantime we have acquired two more grandchildren. Each of our children had another baby girl. We now have 4 granddaughters.
     last February, Jean and I were in Strasbourg, France for our 50th class reunion at the Hotel School. On our way back, we stopped in Luxembourg, where ! planned on renting a car and driving to St. Vith. Unfortunately it started to snow and we were unable to make their trip. I'm still trying to find out what became of Captain Frank "Hank. Ilarmeling former CO of 422/K.
Sorry we couldn't make it to Roanoke. You are doing a fine job with The CUB. Keep up the good work.
    Jacques is Director of Food Services, Mountfare Medical Center, Bronx, NY. Married 0 Jean, 2 children and as you see above - 4 granddaughters. He recently visited BM Seers (2d Infantry) an old buddy from Stelae lI.e days. Bloch, Jacques W. 422/K 4915 Broadway New York, NY 10034
     Enclosed is a copy of a memo I received from Lt. Col. Joseph Matthews shortly after being discharged (21 Sep 45). It was written to former members of the 422nd Combat Team. I thought it might be of interest to others, that may not have received it. Thanks to your raster, after searching for 40 plus years and attending a couple of past reunions I have finally located a couple of former members that I knew before going overseas. They are James Gardner and Frank Nausin Jr. I joined the division fresh out of Basic Training (16 weeks) at Camp Roberts California.
     The last member I remember seeing of the 106th was a "Snyder. who was with me during our stay in Germany. I last saw him at Camp Lucky Strike before being flown to England for a 30 day hospital stay. I am forever indebted to Snyder for that fried egg he gave me, which he gave me shonly after I was beaten half to death for trying to steal a sugar beet.
    I enjoy The CUB and appreciate the efIons that it must take In put it Out. Setter, Leon J. 422/HO 2BN 3825 Grail St Wichita. KS 67218
     (Leon, thanks for the compliments - I have a couple copies of Col Matthews memo. It is very interesting and I will by to get it into The CUB, either this one or the next I have been searching for a list of the 022nd unit rosters of December era 1944. I have the Combat Infantry Badge listing for all of the 423rd Regiment but have not heard of or seen a list for the 422nd - I wish someone would coma up with a list.


Mail Bag 40 The CUB et roe Golden Lion
In Memoriam Melvin Gehrig Sr. 422/HQ 3BN 1923 Nicholas Suers Lake Charles, LA 70605
    A note was received from Mrs. Melvin Gehrig Jr., one of five sons, advising of his death on October 28, 1988. We give our condolences to his five sons, two daughters, two sisters and to his wife Eleanor. He was deeply loved by 12 grandchildren and many friends. Forrest W. Hemming 806 Ord 755 Stelzer Road Columbus, OH 43219
    A letter from Mary Hemming has informal an that Forrest had passed away on November 1, 1987. No other information was given. Paul J Saugrich 591/HQ 613 SW Nichols Terrace Poe St Lucie, FL33452
    Phylis Saugrich writes "I am sorry that have not notified you prior to this time. It is with great sadness that I must inform you and the 106th members that Paul passed away April 8, 1988. He always looked forward to receiving The CUB and was a devoted member. He had planned on attending the Roanoke reunion, but our Heavenly Father had other plans. We met in 1944 when the 106th was in Camp Atterbury, married in 1946, when Paul returned. We had a very special relationship for 42 happy years. We have two sons and we all miss him and his loving ways." Richard V. Dillard 591/C 8055 Cedarbreok Sourhhaven, MS 38671
    Word was recently received that Richard Dillard died at the Oakville Health Center on November 4, 1988. He was buried in the National Cemetery. He left his wife Wynona, two daughters, a son, 10 sisters, four brothers and a grandson. Harold Brummer 422/D 41 Georgia Si Cranford, NJ 07016
     From Reverend Roy Hilliard, "This is to inform you that Harold died on Tursday, January 5, 1989. He was hospitaliud with cancer for three weeks before he died. He had attended the reunions for the last several years and will be sadly missed by his 106th buddies. M/M Eugene Saucerman, M/M Robert York, Charles Smith and myself drove to New Jersey. We were all army buddies of Harold and concluded his Memorial Service on January 9th, 1989.
     Surviving are his wife Jennie and a brother, Albert in California." We received Iwo death notices, from members, about persons that were not Association mmebers.
     They were: From Cecil Clausen about his buddy Monroe M. Miller, who died on Jan 10, 1989. He was with 424/F. His hometown was Lebonan, PA. He is survived by his wife Dororthy and two daughters, Ruth and Sandra
     From Russ Mayotte about Don Bjorkmen, 424/F, who passed away last summer. Don was an original member of the 106th Infantry Division and was the "mailman" for 424/F. THEOF THE VALIANT SOLDIERS IN THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE DECEMBER 16, IMO - SECOND WORLD WAR.
     WHEREAS, ;BAN.. of the Memory of Courage en, the 106th Division II, U.S. Army, Battle of the But Northern Ohio Croup Is hosting a Dinner Party in the Holiday MC, Elyria City, County of Lorain on December 1968; and WHEREAS, This Veterans. Group known as the "Gal Lign" meets annually to commemorate the Memo, and Hi of the Bat. of theBulge which took pMce in the European Theater, Country of Belguim on December 16, IMIA, the final German counter-offensive of World Oar ll thrusting.. into allied territory in North and East Belgium later repulsed January
     1.945: wherein the lilies of so many young American Boys were last at a great sacrifice to their families and Country; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVES by the Board of Commissioners of Lorain County, Ohio, that we do and hereby deem It an honor to forward this resolution m 50110r of the Memory of this time in history, DECEMBER 76, 1594 the Battle of the Bulge still, digini f led by. "Colgen Lion. Sottle of the Madge 166 Division, O.S. Army, Northern Ohio Croup, meeting 5..5,5 for in The foregoing resolution was introduced upon a motion by Commissioner Herbert J. Jacoby, seconded jointly by Commissioner Leonard P. Reich,. and Commissioner George I. Koury, Jr., and open roll call all voted in favor of the motion. Executed this 9th day of December, 1966.
     On 11 December the Northern Ohio veterans of the 106th Infantry Division met for an annual dinner commemoration the Battle of the Bulge.
     It was held at the site of the 1977 Association Reunion, the Holiday Inn, Elyria, Ohio. There were 31 persons in attendance. The Lorain County Commissioners presented the group with a proclamation in memory of the valiant soldiers of The Battle of the Bulge.
submitted by John Fritz, 424/HQ

Board of Directors 1988-1989
Showing year term expires in parentheses

104 Pine.. St, Salem, VA 24153
John R. Fritz HO/424(lass) 170...Ames, Vermilion, OH 44049 216,467.76
Robert A. Gilder HO 18N/424(1 989) 36303 Behm 0.0 North Ridgevils, OH was 218327-4492
John 0. Gilliland SV/592 (1990) 605 Notthalde Drive. Enter... AL 36330 205347.7730
John A. Gregory E/424 (1990) 4624 Ashton Drive. Sacramento, CA 95664 916.1-3353
Glen O. Hartlieb SV/592 (1990) 1805 01. St., Highland, !La.. 618-654-7382
Gilbert Helwig M/423 (1 991) 2086 Rd 1155. Nibs. MI 09120 61.-8714
S401 147111 West Apple Valley, MN 65124
John P. Kline M/423 0991)
William Lucsay B/423 sag) 12612 South Moody We., Palos Heights. IL 60463 3123888989
Thomas J. Maw N592 (1 9a9) 436 Baca Sleet. Rockland, 3,10 02370 617-88-17.
John F. McDevitt A/81st Eng (1990) 188 seen Lam, Rah.. Beach, DE 18971 302.3-3911
Casimir Prokorym HO/81st Eng 991) 2520 Ch.nul SL, Slue.... OH 43952 814.2686245
    Dr. John G. Robb D/422 (1990) 238 De Vote Drive. Meath.. PA 16335 814.3-6384 Roger M. Rutland B/424 0 ses) 6632 Aroadia Woods Road, Columbia, SC 29206 003-787-6.6
Boyd A. Rutledge D/422 (1 991) 10132 Goodrich Rd., Bloornthgton. MN 59437 612-831-5559
N. Duke Ward HQ/8Ist Eng (1989) 2140 West Carlyle Court, ti.mtia. GA 36006 408971863N
Edward C. Wojahn B/81st Eng9991) 1553 West Young Dr., Onalaska, WI 54650 6087833870
Edward Zoll H0/424 (bans) 1016 MWord Greet GE., Canton. OH 44710 216-451-1312
Col. Joseph C. Matthews HO/422 4708 W.ernH=.76.1-dtli, NC 27608 919.851-4851
Orfeo E. Agostini A/81st Eng 9 990) 202 Eli broth. Hineswle. GA 31313 912876...
Col Samuel P Cariano DIV/HCIImo 124 Parks). F1,11.411= B.. FL 32937 7046.1090
(3) P013..8. Maggie Val., NC 28751
Sherod Collins SV/423 (1991) 448 Monroe Trace. Kennesaw, GA 30144
Fred J. Farris DIV/HO I

The CUB 10141
President Dr. John G. Robb
1st Vice Pres Orfeo E. Agostini
2nd Vice-Pres John 0. Gilliland
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Boyd A. Rutledge
Historian Sherod Collins
CUB Editor John Khne
Memorials Chairman.... Dougbs Coffey

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association includes subscription to the CUB.
Send editorial matter to: John P. Kline--Editor 5401 Upper 147th Street West Apple Valley, MN 55124
    612428837 Send business matters, inquiries, death reports, address changes to: Boyd A. Rutledge--Adjutant 10132 Goodrioh Road Bioom.glon, MN 55437
    612.1-6559 Send membership dues and contributions to the Memorial Fund to: Sherod Collins--Treasurer 448 Ms.. Trace Kennesaw, GA 30144
    .828-3207 Make checks payable to "101381 Infantry Division Association." Membership Dues $10.00 per year Associate Dues $10.00 per year Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year Boyd A. Rutledgetdjutant

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Battle of the Bulge, 3, 7, 8, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23, 29, 41, 42
Battle of the Bulge Museum, 14
'Before The Veterans Die', 25, 30
'Before The Veterans Die' By Dale Carver, 30
Belgium, 3, 8, 9, 14, 21, 27, 31, 41
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Meagher, Herbert, 29
Meagher, Herbert F., 29
Memorials, 43
Merz, Paul, 4
Middleton, 25
Mikalauskis, John, 17, 23
Miles, Joseph C., 28
Mileski, Marion, 15
Miller, Monroe M., 41
Mohonacheck, Sgt. Pete, 11
Moulin De Ruy, 18
Mueller, Mr., 9
Murray, George, 26
Myles Standish, 18
Nausin, Frank, 21, 39
Neubrandenburg, 7
Neubrandenburg, Germany, 7
Newman, Saul A., 29
Norway, 23
Oxford, 7
Padgett, Carroll, 21
Parsons, Bernard, 25
Parsons, Bernard L., 25
Patrick, George, 29
Patrick, George S., 29
Peterson, Dick, 15
Phillips, George, 34
Phillips, George F., 34
Pip, Mayor Wilhelm, 1, 21
Pitt, Thomas, 38
Pitts, Thomas, 38
Postal History Of American Pows, 31
Praznik, Louis, 33
Prewett, Ed, 9, 21, 33
Prisoner of War, 30, 31
Prisoner Of War Camp, 30, 31
Prokorym, Casimir, 5, 42
Queen Mary, 7
Rao, WO Charles, 12
Reifenrath, John W., 27
Rennes, 18
Rhine, 12, 18
Rifleman, 1st Sgt. Wallace, 10
Rifleman, 1st Sgt. Wallace G., 15
Rifleman, Sgt., 10
Rifleman, Wallace, 35
Riggs, Lt. Col., 37
Robb, Dr. John G., 1, 42, 43
Robb, John, 5
Robb, John C., 1
Robb, John G., 5
Robson, Robert S., 29
Rossi, Romeo, 27
Rossi, Romeo J., 27
Roverano, Cpl. John, 12
Rubin, Arnold, 26
Rudnick, Miron, 38
Russell, Martha, 21
Rutland, Roger, 4, 37
Rutland, Roger M., 2, 4, 42
Rutledge, Boyd A., 5, 42, 43
Ryan, Gerald W., 34
Sandberg, Bob, 33
Sandberg, Robert, 19
Saucerman, Eugene, 41
Saucerman, Gene, 17
Schieferstein, Fred, 35
Schnee Eifel, 18
Schutte, Jean, 23
Scott, Robert A., 27
Scranton, Mildred, 23
Screaming Meemies, 11
Setter, Leon, 40
Setter, Leon J., 40
Siegfried Line, 7
Slaughter House V, 36
Slayton, David, 28
Slayton, David B., 28
Smith, Charles, 41
Smith, Walter E., 28
Southampton, 26
Spa, 18
Spineaux, 9, 10
St Clair, Edward B., 29
St. Quentin, 18
St. Vith, 1, 3, 7, 11, 18, 21, 23, 26, 29, 31, 35, 39
'St. Vith - Lion In The Way', 7, 35
St. Vith, Belgium, 3, 21
Stalag 12-A, 37
Stalag 4-B, 26, 29, 39
Stalag 8-A, 38
Stalag IX-A, 1, 30, 31
Stalag IX-B, 25, 30, 31
Stalag X-C, 27
Stars and Stripes, 8, 10, 14
Start Of The Battle Of The Bulge, 18
Stavelot, 9, 14, 18
Stavelot, Belgium, 14
Stephens, Guy, 39
Ster, 14
Stockholm, 23
Stokes, Pvt. Millard, 15
Stoopes, Pvt. Edgar H., 14
Strasbourg, 39
Strasbourg, France, 39
Stromberg, 18
Sweden, 23
Swett, John, 26
Tank Hill, 30
Tennessee Maneuvers, 18
The 106th Inf. Div. Memorial, 1
The Battle of the Bulge, 8, 41, 42
The Battle Of The Bulge, 41
The Kasserne, 18
Thomas, Regina, 21
Thome, Michael, 4
Thorne, Michael, 21
Thurlow, Joyce, 23
Transfers, 23
Tyser, Leonard, 29
Underwood, Charles, 34
Van De Bogart, Herman, 11
Vaughn, Ray, 17
Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge, 3
Vielsalm, 18
Vietnam, 31
Villwock, Russ, 1
Villwock, Russell H., 2, 4
Vitali, Alfred, 21
Wakefield, 26
Waldrop, Dot, 21
Wanless, Bill, 19
Wanne, 1, 6, 9, 10
Ward, Duke, 4, 42
Weiner, Milton, 3, 15, 28
Wells, James, 3, 5
Wells, Jim & Maydean, 21, 23
Westbrook, Scott, 25
Westbrook, Scott S., 25
Weymouth, 23
White, George, 29
White, George G., 29
Wilkerson, Fred, 35
Wilkerson, Frederick, 35
Wilkerson, Frederick L., 35
Williams, Alva Ray, 25
Winand, Guy, 9
Winterspek, 11
Winterspelt, 11, 12
Wischmeier, Don, 17
Wittenburg, 7
Wohlfeil, Col. Carl, 26
Wohlfeil, Col. Carl H., 26
Wojahn, Edward C., 5, 42
Wright, Guy, 23
York, Bob, 17
York, Robert, 41
Young, Ted, 35, 37
Zeigenhain, 1
Ziegenhain, 30
Zimand, Gerald P., 29
Zoll, Edward, 4, 42