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The Cub
Vol. 43, No. 3, July, 1987

President John R. Fritz
1st Vice President Paul McMillan
2nd Vice President John G. Robb
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Samuel P. Cariano
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Ewell C. Black
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
    THE CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association includes subscription of THE CUB. All editorial matter should be addressed to: Mrs. Richard DeHeer 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037
All business matters and inquiries, reports of deaths, changes of address should be sent to:
Mr. Samuel P. Cariano, Adjutant P.O. Box 938
Maggie Valley, N.C. 28751
    Dues for 1987 - 1988 are due July 1, 1987 and must be paid not later than July 31, 1987. A notice reminding members to pay their dues will not be sent Dues and contributions to the Memorial Fund are to he sent to the Treasurer at the following address:
Mr. Sherod Collins, Treasurer
448 Monroe Trace
Kennesaw, GA 30144
     Checks should be made payable to 106th Infantry Division Association. Membership Dues.... $10.00 per year Associate Dues $10.00 per year Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year Samuel P. Cariano Adjutant President's Message It To The Members Of The 106th Infantry Division Association The joyous season of Easter and Spring now with us and with it comes the renewed hope that all of our resolutions and dreams drawn out for the New Year will be fulfilled. We, the members of the 106th Infantry Division Association should be looking forward to our convention in Mobile, Alabama, Sept. 17-20, 1987. Word from our adjutant advises that current membership stands at a whopping 731. This is truly fantastic and certainly should enhance a 4111 good turnout for our convention committee.
     One of my primary concerns at this time is finding an Editor for the CUB. I had hoped that with this message, I could announce a new Editor. As of this writing no one has stepped forward. Surely, within our fine Association, there is someone with the talent and time to undertake this most important job. My plea to anyone who is interested in taking this job, please don't be bashful and let me know as soon as possible. Everyone should be aware of the importance of the CUB and how it has held our group together over the past 40 plus years, PLEASE I need a CUB EDITOR. The winter season has been quite mild in our area. Martha and I both had a stint in the hospital, but all is well now We were able to get to Florida for 2 weeks and really enjoyed our stay with the Gilders and Mends in Fort Myers. We also got to see Virgil and Martha Collins and they too showed us a great time We have moved into our new Mobile Home on the shores of Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio. Now the wait for Walleye and Perch Season. Our address is 170 Shore Acres, Vermilion, OH 44089. Phone 216-967-9976.
     In closing, let's all make an effort to attend the Mobile convention. Our chairman, Bob Gilliland and his committee have put forth a lot of effort as you noticed in our CUB. Don't disappoint this effort and make your plans now to attend. I am confident that someone will be calling me soon to say they will be the new CUB EDITOR. With grateful appreciation to all, John R. Fritz President Chaplain's Corner By Ewell C. Black, Jr.
     lady invited friends to a mushroom and steak dinner When the mushrooms were opened, a slight scum was on top. Since the guests were expected shortly the lady suggested to the maid, "Give the dog a little and it he eats it, it is probably all right.' '
     The dog liked the mushroom and begged for more, so the dinner was completed and served to the guests. After the main, course, the maid hurriedly whispered to the hostess, 'Ma'am, your the dog is dead.' There was no time to lose! There was only one thing to do. Some time later the guests were reclining following the use of the stomach pump. The lady asked the maid, Where is the dog now?' Out on the front steps, ma'am, where he fell after the car hit him.' Moral: Don't you think it would be a good idea to investigate rumors and statements before jumping to conclusions that may be false?' Copied from THE WORLD EVANGELIST All persons who have served in the armed forces know how easily rumors get started and how often they are passed on as fact. While serving in the 106th Division, I heard and probably passed on my full share of rumors. Even in the world in which we live today, it is sometime, hard to separate the fact from the rumor and half-truth. Those who have served in the battle lines and done time in POW Camps know this to be fact -- God loves each of us with a love so wonderous that it is hard for us to fully understand. But it is fact, attested to in both the Old and New Testaments but probably said best by John 3:16, 'For God on loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.' Father God, we thank thee for thy great love for thy creation as exhibited over and over again in both the Old and New Testaments, We thank thee that we have experienced that love in our own lives and pray that thou would continue to love, strengthen and use on for thy glory. AMEN THE TANK IN WARFARE --by Sherod Collins By World War I improved Artillery had become almost the Queen of Battles in lieu of the Infantry which has always carried that title. That and the invention of machine guns and the use of barbed wire had made the strength of defense so much greater than offense that the latter was forced to use ever more powerful artillery preparations and even these did not suffice at times. The defense simply dug deeper and deeper trenches.
     What was needed wrote Lt. Col. Ernest Swinton, a British Officer credited with inventing the tank, was "a power-driven bullet proof armed engine capable of destroying machine guns, of crossing country and trenches, or breaking through barbed wire and of climbing earthworks."
     This theory had considerable precedent. In the 14th and 15th centuries two men had designed battle vehicles: Guido da Vigevau in 1335 and Leonardo da Vinci in 1484. Of course neither envisioned a "power-drive." Da Vinci's was propelled by an eight-man hand-cranked gear. In the middle of the 19th Century Englishman James Cowan designed and patented a steam-driven battle wagon--helmet shaped. The British government considered it "uncivilized" and refused to support it. In 1885 Daimler and Benz invented the internal combustion engine and armored cars soon followed -- in 1899 in America, in 1902 in London and Paris. By 1904 a turreted armored car was built in Austria and by 1912 these types of cars were used in the Turk-Italian War. In 1903 H.G. Wells envisioned a land ironclad. When he saw a real tank in 1916 he termed it a "joke masking its wickedness under an appearance of genial silliness."
     Armored cars met some of the criteria of Swinton but were bound to roads and not capable of crossing the lunar-like landscape of "no-man's land." In 1914 Engineer officer Swinton observed the trench system emplaced from the North Sea to the Swiss frontier after the initial frustration of the German offensive in the West. He was aware of caterpillar tractors developed by 1908 by the Holt Company in the United States. He had seen these tractors pulling heavy artillery in France. In October he proposed a tracked armored vehicle to GHQ in France and was rebuffed. Earlier, such designs had also been rejected by both the Austro-Hungarian and German general staffs and also by the British War Office. General Haig and his superiors in London were wedded to war as they saw it. And they saw it in traditional terms of infantry, artillery and cavalry.
     Swinton took an "end run" by sending his proposals to a friend who was secretary to the Committee of Imperial Defense in London. The friend produced the proposals in the form of a Cabinet Memorandum. At that time all planning for fighting motor vehicles were the province of the Royal Navy, thus the Swinton proposals reached the First Lord I of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, who enlisted the support of the Prime Minister, Lord Asquith. In the meantime, Swinton made another attempt to interest GHQ in France. They in turn passed his proposals to the Inventions Committee in London. All of this resulted in two committees working on the same project. This was remedied by the Prime Minister and in September 1915 Fosters, an engineering firm, succeeded in building a new vehicle "Big Willie." Swinton named it the "tank':
     For security reasons the chassis and hull (a nautical derivative) were produced in two different shops, and the latter was called a water carrier, supposedly for use in Mesopotamia. The first tank, designated the Mark I was produced in two types -- male and female. The male mounted two 6-pounder naval cannon and four machine guns; the female with six machine guns. These 30-ton vehicles had a maximum speed of 3.7 mph and were fitted with wrap-around tracks. They carried a crew of eight from the Machine Gun Corps.
     So Gen. Haig on Sept. 15, 1916 unleashed 50 tanks (all he had) on the unsuspecting Germans. Thirty-six of them crossed the starting line but broke down after a mile or two in the Sommes' churned up earth. But the main defect was the strain the Mark I placed on its crew -- the noise (conversation was impossible), the temperature (often more than 100 degrees). But Haig requested 1000 copies within the next year. Meanwhile the French were moving and Col. lean Estienne, an arti Herman, proposed an armored assault gun mounted on a Holt tractor chassis. Out of this idea grew the French turreted light tank, the Renault FT.
     The German High Command at first thought this terror weapon could be countered by the high morale of their troops this was not quite the case). They built only 20 tanks, the A7V, which were almost as clumsy as their name, the Schutzengrabenvernichtigungsautomobile. In tum the allies built 1970 heavy, 1040 medium and 3500 light tanks. When Col. Stanton, aide to Gen. Pershing announced "Lafayette we are here", that arrival of American troops was an important event to the allies. Just as important was the appearance of the tank, which allowed finally the long-sought breakthrough.
     Americans had little interest in the tank when they arrived in France but the battle of Cambrai changed their thinking. The battle resulted in a breach six miles wide, 4000 yards deep effected by a force of 476 tanks -- a first demonstration of tank power. The iron-clad beast had freed the British soldier from his trench imprisonment. Americans managed to acquire French and British tanks and George Patton, a Cavalryman, led a tank brigade in that war.
     This brings us to the subsequent development of armored vehicles, a happening which emphasized a growing competition between cavalry and armor. The Cavalry Journal denied this competition saying "only cavalry can be used to sweep rapidly round the flanks and block retreat of the beaten enemy". Others disagreed. The German General Staff after Hitler's rise developed a notion called "Blitzkrieg" (an American word-- not German) and added air power to the concept. Both the Germans and George Patton used armored forces to "sweep rapidly round the flanks and block the retreat of a beaten enemy". Of course during World War II the few Cavalry units remaining used light armored vehicles to accomplish their mission. Between the two World Wars tanks developed slowly. The general concept was that tanks should be used to help infantry -- not as a separate arm. Gen. De Gaulle was one tank officer who warred with his superiors over use of armor. The German General Staff and Hitler never quite sanctioned the advanced thinking of armored experts like Gen. Guderian -- that armored divisions were to be used as spearheads to go rampant into enemy territory without flank protection. The fact that they were used thusly appears to be a result of their handling by individual commanders. The principal deviation from this appears to have been in Hitler's planning for the Ardennes or "Bulge"offensive. Even then he planned for flank protection on the South by the German Seventh Army. In a defensive situation tanks are quite vulnerable to bazookas or panzerfausts used by infantrymen and to artillery, aircraft, and assault guns, tank or tank destroyer guns. Thus armored commanders do not endorse using their armor in a defensive role. However, there are times when such is necessary. Astute tactics in armored defense was demonstrated at St. Vith, Belgium by Gen. Bruce Clark, who by holding his tanks in reserve insofar as possible, sending them sallying forth to hit and force delay and then retire, conserved his assets, gave ground grudgingly and lived to fight again.
     The Germans started WWII with a variety of tank models -- Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV, and Czech models 35(t) and 38(t). As the war progressed, captured equipment was used in large numbers. In Norway, an entire armored division was outfitted with French tanks. By mid-1942 all but the III's and IV's had been obsoleted. Late in the war a goodly number of Mark V Panthers were produced and still later the monstrous Tiger appeared in more limited numbers. The Germans tried continually to upgrade their armor, giving attention to even greater caliber of guns, (ending with the dreaded 88's), better silhouettes, and increased armor plate. The Panthers and Tigers were almost invulnerable in frontal plate. And speed, maneuverability and versatility in attack gave way to power, and impregnability in defense. Tactics, operational utility, and the Blitzkrieg idea suffered as a result and infantry in ever greater numbers were married to tanks -- panzer armies taking on whole infantry divisions. In addition, production of assault guns was increased at the expense of tank production.
     Matched against the Mark IV and its predecessors at the beginning of "Barbarossa" -- the German invasion of the Soviet Union, were the Russian KV's and T34s which were "already superior to the German machines, a shock to the Wehrmacht ego. However, large numbers of the Soviet machines were not in operational condition and were poorly Mall tactically.
     Also matched against the German armor (at a later date) were the American tanks -first the Grant, superseded by the Sherman, a medium with a 75 mm or 76 mm cannon, usually outgunned by both Mark IV and subsequent German tanks with their 88' until the 90mm gun appeared late in the war on the American tank. When hit, Shermans had the reputation of burning easily and quickly -- what the British called "brewing up". But Shermans were used by all the allies in great numbers because of American industry's mass-production abilities. The T 0 & E (table of organization and equipment of armored divisions in the American Army was changed during WWII. In the ETO the 2nd and 3rd ADs included two tank regiments (four medium and two light battalions) and an armored infantry regiment (three battalions). Each division had almost 4000 more men than later armored divisions and 55 more medium tanks (232 versus 177). Later divisions, beginning with the 4th AD included three separate tank and armored infantry battalions. The original TOs had no CCR or Combat Command Reserve (as did later TOs along with CCA and CCB), the division commanders holding out portions of their commands as a reserve under control of a regimental headquarters. These changes were made probably for reasons of command and operational considerations.
     The experience of the Dieppe raid had persuaded the British that army engineers in a seaborne assault could not possibly accomplish all the many things expected of them while under heavy fire so specialized armor, the "funnies" were developed with the backing of Winston Churchill. These were developed by their 79th Armored Division and consisted of attachments to British Churchill tanks or to Shermans.
    Even a discussion of their designs is interesting. The "flail" carried chains mounted on a drum, designed to explode mines thus clearing a path; Bobbins and roly-polys un-& rolled various kinds of steel matting or mesh and drove over them thus making passable sand dunes or clay patches; Fascines carded an enormous bundle of logs which they could drop into an anti-tank ditch and then cross it, Self-propelled ramps were tanks without a turret which could lay themselves against a wall so that other tanks could climb up them and over; Bridging tanks carried thirty-foot bridges for wider ditches or craters -- they laid them down and drove over; Petards mounted a short-muzzled mortar throwing an enormous bomb and the Crocodile threw a powerful flame, both intended to reduce a gun position in a concrete emplacement. Then there was the armored bulldozer.
     These special tanks were organized in teams to fit the requirements of any assault and were used quite effectively on all the British invasion beaches, where the troops were soon inland in spite of obstacles and pill-boxes. The "funnies" were offered to the American High Command but were politely refused. It is puzzling that Americans, normally regarded as the most mechanically-minded people, should prefer to do by hand what could have been done by machinery. It was characteristic of American military planning to be more spendthrift with the lives of their soldiers than the British who remembered the loss of an entire generation in World War I. At any rate, most of 3000 casualties could have been saved at Omaha Beach.

     Ron Mosley still has a number of ascots left (no ties) and would be glad to mail you one. Proceeds go into the Memorial Fund. Write him at R. A. Mosley, P.O. Box 25, Petite Rivers Bridge, Nova Scotia, BOJ 2 PO. Price is $10.00 plus $1.00 postage.

In Memoriam

    JOSEPH FAUCHER Joseph Faucher, Co. A, 424th Infantry, one of our newer members passed away February 22, 1987, while in the VA Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.

    One of our newer members died while he was at the Maryland House of Delegates to hear testimony on a bill that would create a special day of recognition for veterans who had been prisoners of war. He was: Elmer L. Hellwig 153 East Orange Court Baltimore, MD 21234
Our deepest sympathy goes out to Mrs. Hellwig and the other members of his family.

    RUSSELL ENLOW Russell (Jack) Enlow passed away January 18, 1987 after a long illness. Surviving are his wife, Bonnie, two sons, Warren and David, Karen Brown and Linda Kaiser, two daughters; and six grandchildren.
     He served in the Army during World War II. During his military stay in Europe he became an ex-prisoner of war. Russell belonged to the Taswell Christian Church. He was a faithful worker in his church and always ready to help his neighbors and friends. He will be missed. He was an employee of the U.S. Post Office and he retired with 30 years of service as postmaster at Taswell, Indiana. The family wishes to express their thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends and neighbors who have prayed, helped and comforted them during his illness, and these days of sorrow.

    JAMES W. PLAYER James W Player, 69, of 4530 Cedar Spring Road, Columbia, died Saturday, May 16, 1987. He was retired from Richland County Public Works, an Army Veteran of World War II, and a member of the 106th Infantry Division, Forest Acres Masonic Lodge $410 The Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, Jarnil Temple, the DAV and North Trenholm Baptist Church.
    Surviving are his widow, Mildred Cromer, sons, John P. and Robert P., daughters Elaine Barnes, Judith Giles, and Cathye Tronco, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

PHOTO: Honor- Guard, Russ Enlow's Funeral

    PHOTO: Dear Mr. Coffey, I send you the enclosed several photos of this commemoration. Unfortunately the quality of the photos is not quite satisfactory because it was snowing violently on that day.

Dear Mr. Coffey:
According to our agreement, I send you the report concerning the memorial of the 106th Infantry Division.
     Commemoration of December 16, 1986 On December 16th, 1986 Mayor W. Pip and a delegation of the school (pupils of the 1st and 2nd year of the secondary school) and the director of the "Bishofliche Schule" assembled around the memorial in order to honour the dead of the 106th Inf. Div. In his speech, the director of the school put in mind that the soldiers of the 106th Inf. Div. came to Europe in order to deliver our country from a terrible dictatorship. The soldiers exposed themselves to a lot of dangers and many of them lost their lives, that Europe might be free again. They should always been kept in memory.
     After that the group remembered the dead in a minute of silence. Then the mayor and the school director laid down a wreath. The memorial funds amount to 415.462 Belgian francs on January 5th, 1987 (You will find enclosed a copy of the statement of account).
     For 1987, I intend to renovate the memorial, that means have the existing rents repaired and give the memorial a new paint. Furthermore, I would like to provide a more attractive appearance to the parking grounds in 1988.I shall have a project elaborated for this purpose. As soon as this project is achieved, I shall send you a copy as well as a cost estimate. When you have given your approval and perhaps notified your wishes for changes, these works will he started. With best wishes to you and your family and to all friends of the 106th Infantry Division, I remain
Yours sincerely, Engelbert Cremer director glosterstrd8e 38 84780 St. Vith sear

     Mr. Merz: The distinguished graduating senior selected by our school district to receive the 1986-87 Golden Lion Scholarship is Almietra Thomas. She plans to attend Butler University to study pharmacy.
    The check for this student should be mailed to Jim Spears, Guidance Director Arsenal Technical High School 1500 East Michigan Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
     We would like to present the check to this student at the school's honors program, which will be held May 22nd, however if your organization would be unable to comply with this deadline, we would simply read the award and its qualifications during the assembly and present the check to the student later. On behalf of the Indianapolis Public Schools, I wish to thank the 106th Infantry Division and Mrs. Alys Jones, widow of General Alan W. Jones, for providing this opportunity for an outstanding and deserving IPS student.
    Nancy Sutton, Supervisor Pupil Personnel Services Indianapolis Public Schools 120 East Walnut Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
P.S. Almietra Thomas received $400.00 John Scott received $200.00

To the CUB:
    My wife and I attended the Reunion at Columbia, South Carolina. It was our first one. We had a wonderful time. Met people we had not seen for 40 years; some we had never seen. I would like to attend the Reunion at Mobile, Alabama, if possible. But I have a problem, a heart problem which I have learned that lot of men from the 106th Division have - caused from POW life. It would be a blessing if we could have a reunion with No Smoking when we are confined in one big room. For the sake of us who are affected with heart trouble and asthma.
Walter R. Brasher R 1, Box 515
?rothersville, IN 47229

Dear Sir:
     Looking back, it is hard to believe it's 43 years since we sat on the Capital steps in Columbia waiting for the bus to go to Ft. Jackson.
     I joined the 106th at Ft. Jackson and stayed with it all the way through. I joined the 106th at Ft. Jackson and stayed with it all the way through. I was a linesman in the construction platoon of the 106th Signal Co. and I always thought we had a great bunch of guys in the company and thought our officers were the best.
Joseph Remetta
Wilburton, 2 PA

Dear Sam:
    Elected Commander of R.I. Chapter "1", American Ex-Prisoners of War for 1986-87. Looking for members of my platoon who served with me during Battle of Bulge. Need names and addresses, especially Merle Ritchie of Ohio and Hull of Tenn.
Alphonse A. Marcoux
Wpns Plat., Co. A/424th Inf.
230 Great Rood No. Smithfield, RI 02895

Dear Sam:
     I am retired; was a paving contractor for forty years in Ft. Wayne, Ind. I have lived in Florida since 1978. My family had done work for the City of Ft. Wayne since 1896. I quit because of too much red tape. I hope you have a good year.
Robert A. Grosjean Hq. Co., 3rd Bn/422 Inf

Dear Sam:
     Just retired; been doing a bit of travelling. Hope to keep busy; enjoy sports, gardening and a hobby as a pigeon fancier.
Best of health to all!
Raymond j. Creamer
SV Btry, 589th FA

Dear Mr. Collins:
     After many years I learn that the 106th Inf. Assoc. is still active. Was a member from the early days but for some reason lost touch and assumed the organization was kaput. Anyway, I would like to rejoin and have enclosed my membership dues. Had contact with Bob Sandberg and Gus Pigostini over the last couple of weeks and they brought me up to date on the 106th at Ft. Jackson and, in particular, the 81st engr. Bn. to which we belonged. I was a "charter member" of the 81st and 106th at Ft. Jackson and stayed with it until late August 1945 when I came back to the states with the 104th Inf. Div. In fact my whole active military career (except for those last few days) was with 1st Platoon, A Company, 81st Eng. (c) Bn, 106th Inf. Div., an outfit of which I am very proud.
     Do you have a list of 81st Eng. personnel? Would like to hear from Lee Fisher, Bill Killgallen, Al Bove, Jim Pender, Bob Fitzgerald, Frank Lombardi, Johnny Clifflon, Milt Wassgner, and the "former" Sgt. Marks, Lt. Coughlin, Capt. Harmon, Capt. Wells, Col. Riggs, and Maj. Evans.
Best Regards
Allen Kerr 3717 Camellie Drive Mobile, AL 36609

Dear Sam:
     On August 31st, held a reunion for 592nd Service Battery at. Hershey Park; our 33rd. Those in attendance were: Tom and Alice Dorosky and Family Alice Dorosky Maceiko and son, Michael, who is in the service and stationed in Washington
     Daughters, Michelle, Kathy and friends Suzanne Dorosky, granddaughter Charles and Betty Laphan and friends from NI Charles and Daisy Walsh from NJ Tom and Mary Fox - Greencastle, PA Kay Loveless and daughters, Kay II and Althea and Kay II's sons.
We all had a wonderful time!!
Tom Dorosky SV Btry, 592d FA Bn

(Excerpts from a letter from John E. Kultzow, MD/81st Eng,/

Dear Sam:
     I had first noticed that the Reunion notice in the Sept. issue of V.F.W. magazine and wrote to Roger Rutland. I had already made plans to go to N. Lauderdale, FKA for Oct 6 - 16 with my wife to my daughter's place. Roger was kind enough to give me a phone call. I was very much surprised and happy. I never made the Reunion but was going to try.
     By the way, in June I retired from General Motors at age 65 and 39 years (Maintenance). I had worked on line for 12 years of that time. My wife still works part-time at Sears Roebuck.
     I transferred to the 106th at Atterbury about June 1944 to Company A, 422 Inf and then I was transferred to 81st Engineer Combat Bn (Medical Detach) and, of course into the Bulge. (Four of our medica (Aid-men) were captured; the rest of us 14 -made a strategic Retreat.) I have noticed Walter Bandurak's (Board of Directors) picture in THE CUB. He was in the Med. Det. of the 81st Eng. Combat Bn and with me from Atterbury to the Bulge. He was a T/3 and I was a T/5. I have several snapshots of him and of the whole outfit of Medic Detach. except the captured ones. I also have newspapers (Indianapolis Star) of the 4th of July parade in Indianapolis. Of course pictures of A Company were right up front along with our Division. I had xerox copies made of the front page as well as reduced copies. Am trying to complete a photo album - pictures, clippings, etc. of the Bulge and mainly of the 106th.
    I also remember Nathan Ward (Marietta, GA). Captain of one of the Engineer Companys. He had taken Capt. Wells' place. Wells had part of his foot blown off. Came home on the Queen Elizabeth, September 1945 and discharged Nov. '45.

Your Comrade,
John E. Kultzow 405 Warburton Ave.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Dear Sam:
Recently retired after 40 years as a marble setter. Married 45 years. Youngest daughter just turned 18 years.
Robert L. White (B/592) 514 Oglesby Ave Calumet City, IL 60409

Dear Sam:
     Born November 12, 1921 in Hartford, Conn. Joined the service July 6, 1942; recalled June 11, 1943 and discharged Dec. 24, 1945. Attended Syracuse U. before and after the Service; B.S.E.E., 1948. Joined the Fed. Gov't in Wash., D.C. Mar. 28, 1949. Still with General Services Adm. Captured Dec. 19, 1944. Life Member - D.A.V. and American Ex-POW. Belong to Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. Maryland American Ex-POW is pushing for a P.O.W. Day on April 9, 1987.
Attilio A. Mascone (
M/422) 1618 Moffet Road Silver Spring, MD 20903

Dear Sam:
     I married after I was discharged in 1946 from the Army hospital. I worked for the General Services Administration in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, then in the El Paso Lubbock-Amarillo area. I was transferred to Oklahoma in 1966 and retired in 1978. I was the Manager of Motor Fleet Operations. I would guess that most of the members that I knew are gone. I came to the 106th from the 82nd AB. Please send me a current list of members if you have one.
Aubrey J. Williams (592d FA) 2201 Flair Drive Okla City, OK 73159

     Marjorie DeHeer wishes to thank Sam Cariano for the help he has given me the last few months; also to her neighbors who took her to the printers.

Dear Mrs. DeHeer:
     I plan to attend my first reunion of the 106th. I was with the 81st Engr. Blt. in Saint Vith, and was with Sgt. Ivan Duke of Decatur, Ind. the night the German's overran our position! Captain Nathan Ward was also there that night.
    If anyone knows about Cpl. Troy Ekan of Miss., would they please write and let me know. I am retired from IBM in 1981 and living in Las Vegas, Nv. I am retired from IBM in 1981 and living in Las Vegas, Nv. Much thanks,
Primo Zingaretti 4267 Rolling Stone Las Vegas, Nev. 89103
1-702/8751467 PS. I was from coal mines of Wilkes Bane, Pd.

Dear Sam:
     I retired June 3, 1986, after nine years as a rural letter carrier plus three years in the Army for a total of twelve years of Federal service. June 7, 1986I visited with Joseph Topicz of Cincinnati, Ohio after forty-one years. He was in K Co., 423rd inf. We were in Slaughter House 5 when Dresden was bombed Feb. 14, 1945.
George L. Bloomingburg Co. I, 423rd Inf.

Dear Sam:
     I am employed in security work at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant which has been in business since July 1, 1941, making artillery rounds, missile warheads, etc. We also made atomic weapons from 1948 to 1975. I plan to retire in December 1987, and hope to keep busy with freelance writing and watercolor painting. I also travel a lot with my wife, including a trip back to Ardennes in 1977 and seven other trips to Europe in the 1970's and 1980's.
Dan Bied Co. A, 422nd Int.


Dear John:
     Several weeks ago, as I was leaving Mobile, I picked up the local newspaper and was both surprised and very pleased to read that you were planning a reunion or the 106th Infantry later this year in Mobile. Naturally I am planning to make it over to Mobile for the meeting.
     I was assigned to the 590th Field Artillery from just after the Murfreesboro maneuvers until late July 1945, when we were outside of Karlsruhe, and I was transferred to southern France. There don't seem to be many old timers of the 106th from Florida, at least in Tampa. The only one I am aware of is T. Payne Kelly, who was CO of the 589th FA.
    In any event, I would appreciate it if you would send me any information pertaining to the reunion. If I am unable to contact you the next time in Mobile, I will look forward to seeing you at the meeting.
Herbert J. Friedman

Dear Mr. Gilliland:
I saw your notice about the 106th Infantry Division Association (p.13, Ex. POW Bulletin, vol. 44, Jan. 87 41).
I would like to join the association, and, God willing, make it to the reunion in Mobile, Alabama.
     I was a member of a light 30ca I. machine gun squad in Company E, 423rd Regiment of the 106th Division. A Sergeant Robert McBride was in charge of this squad. I spent time in Stalag 12A (Limberg), 4B and finally in an Arbeit Kommando in Sandersdorf, near Bitterfield. I escaped with two British POW's when we were placed on a march out of Bitterfield.
I am,
Frank A. Raila M.D.

Dear Mr. Gilliland:
    It was quite by chance that about ten days ago I became aware of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Organization and jus4 this weekend I received the January Edition of the Bulge Bugle. In that publication I noted the existence of the 106th Infantry Division Ass'n. Many years ago I was a member of that group, but apparently due to moves, etc., somehow I out contact. I would now like to renew my membership in that organization. I was in Cannon Co., 424th Inf. Regt. As you will recall that outfit was astride the main road from 54 Vith to Prum. We were joined with Anti-Tank Co. in a so-called "super Co." While AT had their 57s in place our 105', were parked back in I think Winterspelt. My hut was just west of Eiglesheld, so I had a "nice" view of the Mark Ns and Mark Vs as they tried to drive up that road. Any information you may have will be appreciated. By the way I am retired from the Prudential Ins. Co. where I worked for 31 years. I retired as an Asst. Gen. Counsel.
Very truly yours, Robert C. Maddox

Dear Mrs. DeHeer:
     I have just returned from a trip to Germany where I visited Stalag IXB in Bad Orb and Stalag IXA in Zeigenhain. IXA was where a lot of us ended up, and were liberated in April 1945. Most of IXB is gone, or rebuilt, and mostly unrecognizable except for the old Russian Barracks. The wooden ones built in WWI for the German Army are just about shot. Zeigenhain is still intact except for a few small buildings. It is now a small town called Trutzhain. Much has been improved, but parts of the old barracks are still visible under the paint and shingles. Roads are paved and the trees are large now. If anyone wants more information please call me at 619/943-0162. Incidentally the stables are still in use at the Cheltenham racetrack in England. The messhall is gone, but parts were moved to a new bar now called the Tommy Atkins bar.
Richard Peterson 2569 A Navarra Drive LaCosta, CA 92009
(Co. I/423 Inf from March 1943 to December 19441

    Dear Mr. Gilliland Your announcement of a reunion of the 106th Infantry Division was noted in the January 1987 DAV Magazine.
     I was part of a contingent of ASTP Engineering student, from Auburn University (Alabama Polytechnic Institute in those days) who were sent to the 106th at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, as replacements when the ASTP at Auburn was closed down. I was assigned to the 423rd Regiment Headquarters as the Radio Repairman for the 3rd Battalion and also was interim personnel clerk for the 3rd Battalion during the period of April through August 1944.
     I did not go overseas with the 106th because I was injured during maneuvers at Atterbury just prior to the Division's embarkation to England.
    After WWII I lived in Montgomery, Alabama, where I was employed by radio stations WMGY and WJJJ In 1949 I returned to Auburn where I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering in 1952. After graduation I went to work for Westinghouse at Baltimore, Maryland, and last spring I retired after 34 years. Currently, I am self-employed as an engineering and management consultant. In 1943, I married an Auburn graduate. We have two children. Our daughter and her two children live in Montgomery; our son and his wife live nearby to us. !" I am principally interested in procuring any 106th Division historical publications ( and data available. I would appreciate hear- \ ing from you.
Very truly yours,
Robert W. Donaldson, Jr.
13 Emerson Road Severna Park, MD 21146

Dear Sam:
     Have a new member to sign up in the Assoc. Tried to get Alex to Morgantown last year but his work makes it hard to get off. Maybe this year he'll make it to Columbia. Would appreciate if you would mail him an Association membership form, etc. His name and address: Alex Lauro, Box 54, Hatfield, PA 19440 - Battery A, 592d Fa.
    My wife and I are looking forward to Columbia and renewing all the old acquaintances again. Two of the fellows in THE CUB, Jim Player and Marty Stoehr, M.Co. people were in our wedding party back in 1945. Will be the first time we'll meet since. Thanks for the help. See you in October.
Russell Hoff Co. M, 422d inf.

Dear Sam:
An retiring at the end of the year. Hopefully we can make future reunions and see old friends.
Bob Brown Co. H. 424th Inf.

To the Editor:
     The 626th Tank Destroyer Bn. Assoc. will hold their Annual Reunion on Friday, September 11, 1987, at the Non-Com's Officer's Club, Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Ma. 01731. Time is 7:00 p.m. For further information, please contact: Fred O. White, 18 Spring Park Avenue, Jamica Plain, Ma, 02130 or call 617/522-9048.
Thank you John Colosussi
Chairman of this Reunion

Dear Mrs. DeHeer:
     I enjoy reading THE CUB very much. I hope to be able to attend the reunion this year. Last year was my first. My wife and I had a nice time, we met two that were in the same POW Camp I was in and met nine men from my H.Q. of the 3rd BN. of the 422. Take care and hope to see you at the reunion.
Sincerely yours, Clyde W. Hines 1407 E. Walnut Shawnee, OK 74801


Dear Sam:
     I am working as a free-lance cartoonist when not just growing old. I am working as a free-lance cartoonist when not just growing old.
Best wishes
Judith & Gordon A. Stevens 424th Box 323 Brownstown, PA 17508

Dear Sherod:
April a year ago Bill Melichar had a get together with some of "Service Co" guys, from N.J. and N.Y. area
     My son came home from Michigan for that day, so I could not attend, but did call them on the phone and talked to: Bill Melickar, Bill Devine, Gabriel Aiello, Sal Grasso and your old Buddy Fred De Fed. All of them seem to be well, except Bill Devine. It was great talking to them, and I expect to meet them all in person again shortly. They all seem to have made success with their lives, which is the important thing. See that you have moved and hope you enjoy your new area.
I ant hoping I can make the reunion this year. Hope that you are well.
Bill Harris SV/423

Dear Sam:
     I am currently retired from Civil Service (Robins Air Force Base, Ga.) and am 50% service connected disability. I was captured December 19, 1944 and was in Stalag IX B Bad Orb, German. Liberated April I, 1945. Was discharged from Camp Blanding, Fl. October 10, 1945.
     Married Susie Belle Cock September 13, 1941, the same year I entered the service. We have had 45 happy years together. We have a daughter and a son. Son Leonard is married and has one son and one stepdaughter.
James J. Dickerson Hq/422 Rte 1, Box 153 Zepulon, GA 30295

     If anyone was with Sam E. Davis, 816 4 Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, Tele # 305-896-9240 please call him right away after reading this. My name is Captain Sam E. Davis, Jr. 0414310. I served four and 1/2 years in the infantry. My assignment was Co. Commander headquarters Co. 423rd Inf. 106th Division, from January 1943 to my capture by the Germans on Dec. 19, 1944.
     From 1945 to 1985 I did not ask for or receive any benefits from the Veterans Ad. After having a heart attack, a hiatal hernia, and nerve damage to feet and legs, I asked for help. As you know, in order to prove a claim, you must have confirmation from other people who can verify it. The first night we were marched a few miles to Pruim where we were herded into a barn next to a neble-worfer battery which fired continuously all night. No food or water. We marched to the railroad town of Gerlstein where we spent the night on the concrete floor. We had no food or water on this march. I remember trying to eat a raw sugar beet from the side of the road and it skinned my tongue completely.
     From my first days in combat in direct face of enemy forces, I was never able to sleep more than five hours at night. My company was assigned a one-half mile front on the line Tank Co. was on my right flank (Captain Charles Betts Reid) and the first Battalion was on my left flank. Cannon Co. was on the other side of anti-tank Co.. The reason behind the frontal arrangement was our counter attack plan -- it clearly stated that it must be assumed that the enemy will attempt no major offensive in this sector of operation. In 1952 I began to have blinding headaches and was sleeping poorly. I went to our family doctor, Dr. George Price, GP. He felt that my problems were caused by lack of vitamins and stress so he put me on high potency therogram M which I have continued to take to this day.
     For those who read this, if you can confirm anything about what I have written here from your own knowledge, please write me. I hope he has gotten some help now that they help the P.O.W. I hope he has gotten some help now that they help the P.O.W.
Sam E. Davis, Jr.


    Dear 106th Division Friends: We enjoy receiving THE CUB. I have recently retired working part time few days week in a Hardware Store. I was captured near St. Vith in Battle of the Bulge. I survive POW camps, 12A Limberg, 4B Muhlbur work commando 4G Leipzig. Had frost bitten feet. Now I go to Pressure treatment. After 42 years, I saw someone from same, unit Sgt. Louis Sharp; 3519 f lighland, Islam Lake, IL 60042. We were in Co G, 423 Reg 106th Inf. Div.
Would like to hear from old buddies.
Alvin I. Fehlman
128 Oak Wauconda, IL 60084

Dear Sir
     I am a former member of the 106th Infantry Division having been assigned to it upon being drafted. I arrived at Ft. Jackson, S.C. on March 14, 1943 and was assigned Iwo Battery "C", 592nd Field Artillery Bat-Ural ion. I spent most of my time with Btry "C", through its Campaigns and in May 1945I was transferred to Btry "A", 589th Field Artillery, having received a battlefield commission in Nachtsheim, Germany. Since retiring from active employment two years ago, and at the urging of my family, I decided to write my autobiography. I spent many months with the 106th, until August 8, 1945, when I was then sent to Upper Austria as a Military Government Officer with the Occupational forces. My time in the U.S. Army is an important segment of my autobiography and I have been doing some research to put together in Chapter form, my involvement. My home town when I was dratted was in Hamilton, Ohio. My employer transferred me and my family out of Hamilton in 1967. I do get back there occasionally due to the fact that my wife has relatives still living there. On a visit to Hamilton over the past Christmas holidays, I called Don Kersteiner who was with the 424th Infantry Regiment. I knew Don before I left town but had not talked with him for more than 30 years.
     I told Don I was writing my autobiography and was looking for any information he may have about the 106th that may be use-to me. We had a great visit looking over and talking about the material that he had gathered over the years. Don informed me about the 106th Association. I certainly feel bad that I never investigated before to learn about the existence of the 106th Association. But I guess one gets too busy with their daily life. However, when one retires, you enter a new career and can do some different kinds of things.
     Don had several copies of your quarterly magazine, THE CUB. From my visit with him is how I was able to learn about the 106th Infantry Division Association and al- so, to get your name. I am enclosing my check for $10.00 and am applying for membership in the 106th Association and looking forward to receiving THE CUB publication. If there are any guys out there that may remember me, I would enjoy hearing from them.
Best Regards,
John M. Roberts 1059 Alter Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013

Dear Mr. Gilliland:
     I am a collector of military paraphernalia and am interested in purchasing any patches, uniforms, photos, etc. Please let me know and I will send money to anyone who has something. Thanks a lot.
Steve Baffa USN 1639 Puterbaugh Street, Apt. 10 San Diego, CA 92103

Dear Sherod:
     I enjoy THE CUB very much. I am 100% disabled. I was in Stalag 9B and a camp called "Berge" on the Elster. I was with the 423rd Reg. Co. A, as a runner. Keep The CUB coming.
Best Wishes,
Joseph Guigno A/423 18 Dix Street Waltham, MA 02154


Dear John
     I am a veteran of the 66th Inf. Div. that joined up with your Div. after our Div. was torpedoed in Chuburg Harbor, Christmas Day. lust recently the local paper published an article about the disaster that struck my unit. We actually never knew what happened, except hearsay.
If anyone has an address of someone who might be interested in having a reunion of our Div. (66) please let me know
James T. Napien 144 Lakeview Loop Daphne, AL 36526 1-205/626-3806

Dear Mr. Gilliland:
     I was pleased to see the article in our Mobile Register this morning about the 106th reunion and it brought back many memories.' I served in the 106th Div. Signal Co. at Camp Atterbury and went overseas with the Division and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. In February of 1945, I went back to OCS in France and returned to the Div. as a 2nd Lt. in Div Headquarters Co. I also came back to the states with the Division. Please send me all of the information about this year's reunion.
Yours very truly,
Alex T. Howard, Jr. P.O. Box 1169 Mobile, AL 36633

Dear Mr. Collins:
     Roger Rutland has advised me that you are the one I need to contact in regard to joining the "106th Infantry Division Association". I understand that membership dues are $10.00 per year for the fiscal year ending June 30. I am attaching a check in that amount. If an application form needs to be filled out, please send one.
     I was with the 106th Division from April 1944 until my capture by the Germans on December 21, 1944. I was Regimental Special Orders Clerk for the 423rd Infantry from April 7, 1944 until Col. Cavender surrendered the regiment on the nineteenth at which time I escaped capture but was later captured with the 2d Battalion of the 422d Regiment, commanded at that time by a Major Ouellette. I was assigned to Service Company, 423rd Infantry the entire time. I was a Pfc at the time of capture and ended up discharging officers at Ft. George G. Meade Maryland in November of 1945 at which point I was a Cpl.
     I entered the service in March of 1943 and at the time of transfer to the 106th Division, I was in the Army Air Force at Walnut Ridge (Arkansas) as an Aviation Cadet Pilot Trainee. The entire Cadet force (with one exception) was transferred to Camp Atterbury at which time we renamed ourselves "The Shaftees". I look forward to next year's reunion, which I understand will be in Mobile, Alabama in September.
Respectfully, Richard G. (Dick) Marshall 2806 Carson Dr.
Katy, TX 77449

Dear Sam:
     I am on disability retirement. I have four grandchildren. My daughter has an 8 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. My son has two girls - 10 and 6 years old. I am a member of the American Ex-POW and Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.
Frank Gerardi, Sr. (106 Recon Trp) 44 Spencer Way Kings Park, NY 11754

Dear Sam:
     Retired from Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division, June 4, 1983, after 34 years and 4 months service. At present, enjoying retirement playing golf and traveling. I am Life Member of Military Order of Purple Heart and Disabled American Veterans. My wife is a Life member of both auxiliaries.
Ray H. Franks (G/423) 4061 Spiegel
Memphis, TN 38116

Dear Sam: Am enclosing a cover letter with the "family information.
     Thanks for the's brought back lots of memories and a few tears. Thanks for the's brought back lots of memories and a few tears. I own and actively manage an Optometric Practice in Topeka. I belong to the Americar Optometric Association and the Kansas Optometric Association. I am currently or the Board of Directors for Downtown Topeka, Inc. and serve as Vice-President fot Memberships. I also am 0110 of five Commissioners on the Kansas Fish and Game Commission.
William A. Carriger, Sr. (8/421 & 806 OROI 927 S. Kansas Ave. Topeka. KS 66612

This letter will outline the family information not otherwise covered.
     I was married during the War while on leave and my daughter, Mary, was born while I was overseas. She is married and has two children, Sara and Mike. Her husband, Jack Gardner, owns his own Plumbing Business in Sanger, Texas and Mary is an elementary school teacher there. My son, Bill Jr., was born after I returned home and is also an Optometrist here in Topeka. His wife, Diana, is an Optometrist, and they have two children, Michelle and Greg. The wife and I were divorced in 1970 and I have been single since. The wife and I were divorced in 1970 and I have been single since. As you can see by the resume, I am really "married" to my work, farm and community. If I am unable to attend the reunion this year, I hope to stay informed so I may plan on attending in the near future. Thanks tor the opportunity to renew my former associations with this great group. Most sincerely, W.A. Carriger, Sr. 18/423)

Dear Sam:
    I retired last April 119861 atter 35 years working as an accountant of which the last 25 were with the State of Maryland as Chief Fiscal Officer of one of the largest Mental hospital in Md. Thru the issuance of the POW licenses I came In contact with the POW's in Md and with a couple of 106th Inf. veterans. Thru them I found out about the Association; of course, I joined the POW and the 106th Assoc. I have written to several members trying to locate members of my platoon and squad hut have had no luck. Now that I have time to travel, I would like to look them up or have a get together. What I need is addresses for men from K Co., especially the 3rd Platoon, 423rd Inf. Regt. We were the point of the Division going into the front lines and especially the 3rd Platoon and also the flank patrol on the march. Also if there is a catalogue or listing of logos or other items the Association sells or can be purchased.
Very truly yours,
Steve Augerinos
Ex Sgt, 3rd Plat.,.3rd Squad Co. K 423rd lot Regt. 6201 Lakernont Court Catonsville, MD 21228

Dear Sam:
    I was a member of the association about 40 years ago, then lost touch. Employed by the local daily newspaper for 48 years; two sons, 40 and 48, both engineers. My wife died undergoing heart surgery August 8, 1986. Member of AXPOW and DAV. Turned 72 last September -- still working.
Burt Schwarz A/424 309 Levert Street Mobile, AL 36607

Dear Sam:
     I ant pleased to tell you that I have received all of the decorations and citations that I was entitled to through the National Personnel Records Center. The package was in yesterday's mail. Sam, I really appreciate your help on this. The older I get the more these things mean to me.
I hope you are in good health. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Mobile this fall. Best regards,
Glenn W. Ross (HQ Co, 2d BN/424) 2320 E. 600 North Marion, IN 46952


Dear Sam:
    Retired from Veterans Administration or June 30, 1977 as Veterans Benefit Counselor. Have two children and four grandsons.
Marlin H. Hawkins (F/422) 141 La Plaza Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075

Dear Sam:
     Married for 42 years. Met Margene. Have two sons, two daughters and seven grandchildren. I am a petroleum Geologist in Denver, Colo. since 1950. lust learned about the existence of the organization in January of this year from Sam Leibowitz whom I met for the first time.
Nolan Ashburn (11/424) Unit 255 5935 W Mansfield Ave. Denver CO 80235

Dear Mr. Cariano:
     Semi-retired, 4 children, all married - 5 grandchildren. Now working part time as a mechanic in a boat yard. Owned and operated a garage business - automobile repairs and sales from 1954 until sold in 1978.
Donald E. Johnson Hq Co/422 Inf. (l&R PIt) PO. Box 156 Ctr Ossipee, NH 03814

Dear Mr. Cariano:
     Captured 12/19/44; was in Stalags IV, XIIA, 3A and 3B. At present, I am President of S. L. Lichtenfeld & Assoc., Inc., a consulting Engineering Office. Married, have one son and two daughters. Have lived in Miami area for over 25 years, previously Chicago, Ill. Active in an Ex-POW organization.
Seymour Lichtenfeld (I/422) 19450 NE 21st Court No. Miami, FL 33179

Dear Sherod:
     Retired from teaching after 32 years and enjoying it. We have four children, 3 teachers and the youngest 21 a senior in college. Our oldest is 42 - a spread out bunch! Six grandchildren (never a dull moment/. Helps keep as young (I think). Oldest boy drives a pro-rally car and youngest navigates for him, while their old man pit crews for them. Like still being in the good old 1306th. Looking forward to seeing old buddies after 42 years. Looking forward to seeing old buddies after 42 years. So long Bette & Donald G. Speer 806 LM Ord 7884 Stattord Dr.
Saginaw, Ml 48603

Dear Sherod:
    I am married to Sally, and we have 4 children, Jim in San Diego; Mike, married, Port Angeles, 4 children; Dan, college; Christine, married, Port Angeles, 2 children. I am retired from Civil Service, Naval System Center, San Diego. Consultant int. Electromagnetice.
Ralph O. Jensen 2nd Bn Ho Co. 422 1487 Gellor Road Port Angeles, WA 98362

Dear Mr. Collins:
     I was a member of the 424th Reg., 2nd Battalion, message center of Hq Platoon under Sgt. Howard Fillmer. Col. Unianif was our Col. and General Jones my Commanding General. I joined in 1944 in the spring in Camp Atterbury near Indianapolis and stayed with them through the Battle of the Bulge. We took care of P.W. pens along the Rhine until the French took over in July 1945.
    Colleagues Don Kersteiner and Dick Franklin convinced me to join. I understand you will send me THE CUB and notification of the next reunion. Thanks for your kind help and attention.
Ernest C. Savage, Jr.
13 McCarthy Road
Chadds Ford, PA 19317


Dear Mr. Collins: Pm in fairly good health, retired, widowed and trying to enjoy my remaining years.
Patrick J. Gioria G/422 Torrington Road Litchfield, Conn. 06759

Dear Sir:
     lust to let you know that I enjoy THE CUB. I was a member of 806 Ord(Lm) Co during last 3 months 1,15) as a driver for Lt. Griner who along with 2 S/sgt (names I can't remember) who spoke German and seemed to always be on some special mission in search of equipment for the parts. They had a group of Germans making Canvas for 106 Div Eng. of Crs as the driver and an 18 year old. I really didn't know or cam what we were doing -- they did a good job. I really didn't know or cam what we were doing -- they did a good job.
Ex Pfc George Hurne 806 Ord Co.
WO Box 222 416pring Hill, TN 37174

Dear Sam:
     As I recall, it was Good Friday of 1945 when Stalag IXA at Ziegenhain was liberated with me and a few hundred other NCOs of the 106th and other Bulge outfits the lucky beneficiaries.
     I enjoyed my first 106th reunion at Columbia, S.C., last year, which reunited me with Gene Wilkinson, the only other member of Company F, 423rd Infantry, to attend. Fortunately, he is someone I had known well, and we had a lot to talk about. I was a machine gun squad leader, and Gene had been the MG section leader. A few weeks after the reunion, thanks to the lists of new members in the monthly magazine of the American Ex-Prisoners of War organization, I acquired the name and address of John Hobbs, who had been a mortar squad leader in the same platoon. He was in touch with Bill Lacy, who had been our platoon sergeant, and who - in turn - was in touch with Art Kuespert, one of our company cooks until we went overseas, when he became a rifleman. The four of us got together for a splendid evening in Sarasota, Florida, in February, and last week I visited Hobbs at his ranch in Oklahoma. Some or all of these three fellows have been members of the 106th Association in the past, but none is at the moment. I think I succeeded in interesting all of them to join again and to consider attending the next reunion at Mobile. Please send them the necessary membership forms and information.
Addresses are:
William L. Lacy, Jr. 320 N. Betty Lane Clearwater, Fla. 33515
W. Arthur Kuespert 7727 Bogart Lane
N. Fort Myers, Fla. 33903-5401
John D. Hobbs Rt 2 Box 98 Kingfisher, Ok. 73750
Thanks a lot for your work on behalf of the Association.
Jack A. Sulser 017 North Ashton Street Alexandria, Virginia 22312

Mail Bag
     Just found out again about the Ass'n from Chas. Freed former Supply Sgt. in Co. I, who had written to Brigadier General. John Collins, III (ret) who had been company exec. at Atterbury and with us into Germany and Stamlagers. Am going back to Bad Orb and Zeigenhain in March. Have been in the banking business all of my life and have maintained contact with bankers in those towns. Both camps still exist. IXA is a children's camp - which it had been before the war, and IX is a town settled by refugees after the war. In 40 years have had two kids, two college degrees, at least two wives, and am starting on my second life after retiring this year. Have seen and talked to Col. Cavender a number of times in the last few years.
He remembers the regiment fondly -- a lot of us are alive because of his good judgement on Dec. 1944.
Richard W. Peterson Co I/423
2569A Navarra Dr. LaCosta, CA 92009

Abriel, William E. 222 Maple Lane North Syracuse, NV 13212 Hq 3 On/424
Adams, Jr., John 208 N. 11th Street Oakland, 40 21550 (S) D Co/422 1870 Montana Vista, Lake Havasu City, AZ (W)

Adolphson, Maynard R )4 3331 20th Street, Rockford, IL 61109 M Co/422
Agostini, Orfeo E. MM. 202 Elizabeth Street, Hinesville, GA 31313 A Co/81 Eng
Aiello, Gabriel 5905 23rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NW 11204 Sy Co/423
Albergo, Sylvester 0.31 39 Newton Drive, Port Richey, FL 33568 H Co/423
Alexander, William G. P.O. Box 1128, Forest Park, GA 30050 E Co/423
Andersen, Junior L. AA 1231 10th St. Apt. 0-21, Spearfish, 50 57783 Med/422
Anderson, Richard K. 1B S. Williams Street, Joliet, IL 60436 2 Bn Med/422
Andrews, Richard, Sr. Boulevard Ext., Newtown, CT 06470 C Co/424
Andrews, Lowry B. 17 Norwich Lane, Leisuretown, NJ 0808B Hq 50/422
    Andrews, Frank J. 1636 Stratford, Westchester, IL 60163 (S) Ho Btry/592 3813 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg Beach, FL 33706 (il)

Anglin, Lloyd B. 14 10376 Big Bone Road, Union, KY 41091 C Co/424
Anglin, Joey Rt. 1, Box 387, Union KY 41091 Assoc. w 1107
Archer, Harry E. Glenwood-Lane, Ozark, AL 36360 Ai Co/424
Armington, Donald R. I‘‘ 3125 John Patterson Rd., Des Moines, IA 50317 H Co/424
Arnold, Eugene P. 901-B Eaglewood Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 Hp/589
Ashburn, Nolan Unit 255, 5935 W. Mansfield Ave., Denver, CD 80235 H Co/424
Aspinwall, FrancisH. )4 120 Neliwood Drive, Pontchatoula, LA 70454 H8/589
Augerinos, Steve 6201 Lakemont Court, Catonsville, NO 21228 X Co/423
Austin, Clifford W. 125 S. Maple Street, Vergennes, VT 05491 C Btry/589
Axon, Harold L. XX Rt. 2, Box 462 travois Mills, 10 65037 Sv Co/422
Bagby, Howard O. skis 1290 an Meadow Lane, Grand Island, FL 32735 M Co/421IL
Babich, John J. 219 N. 70th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53213 M Co/424
Bailey, Harold M. 3.1( 101 East Back St., Savannah, GA 31406 H Co/424
Baird, Dr. Harry L. 3‘14. FIR 3, Box 79 White Oak Drive, Califon, NJ 07830 81 Eng
Baker, Freddie 112 East Maxwell, DeWitt, PR 72042 A Co/422
Ball, Chester E. 6174 Sunny Vale Drive, Columbus, CH 43228 5-3 Hq/590
Bard, James A. 202 Curtis Court, Wayne, PA 19067 I Co/423
Barlow, Frank S. 144 Aurora Street, Hudson, OH 44236 Div Hq
Barnes, L. Preston K-17 Avon Drive, East Windsor, NJ 08520 G-4 Div Hq
Barnett, Herald A. 4133 Dundee Drive, Murrysville, PA 1566B H Co/424
Barrickman, Uhel C. 412 Garman Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141 Sv Co/424
Bartz, Richard E. 216 Rustic Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 Div HO/A.G.
Becker, Arthur W. 13104-C Cenison Drive, Springfield, IL 62704 E Co/424
Behr, Richard H. 6942 W. Olive Ave. 5P.68, Peoria, AZ 85345 Sv Co/423
Bell, Roger W. 807 28th Avenue, East Moline, IL 61244 Hq/589
Bellay, Charles J. 14 Ehle Drive, Coraopolis, PA 15108 C C0/423
Bendick, Harry J. 489 Moull Street, Newark, OH 43055 Hq Co/424
Bennett, Robert F. 1 HCR 20, Box 1574, Blythe, CA 92225 H Co/423
Biancamano, Domenic P. si111 241 West Third St., Dover, OH 44622 K Co/423
Betlach, Donald A. 417 Crestview Drive, Ojai, CA 93023 Hq 3 Bn/423
Bickford, Thomas '14 74 311 Bloomingdale Ave., Cranford, NJ 07016 Dim HO/Mtr P1
Bied, Dan 151 Holiday Terrace, West Burlington, IA 52655 A Co/422
Bieze, James H. Rt. 5, Box 99 Lake Geneva, WI 53147 K Co/424
Bigger, Roy 319 E. South A Street, Gas City, IN 46933 /423
Black, Ewell C., Jr. Rev. AN Box 66 Bishopville, SC 29010 A Co/422
Black, T. Wayne 843 Olympia Drive, Waterloo, IA 50701 Hq/422
Black, William C. %. )4. 72 Honeysuckle leads River Hills Plantation Lake Wylie, SC 29710 C Btry/591.

Blackburn, Marion K. 2L-4 P.O. Box 415 Lincolnton, NC 28092 F C2/422
Blagg, Charles D. 2714 Indian Wood Dr., Na. Fort Myers, FL 33903 0 Co/922
Bloch, Jacques W. 4915 Broadway, Na, York, NY 10034 0 Co/422
Bloomingburg, George W. Rt. 89, Box 171 Benton, KY 42025 1 Co/423
Boggs, Oliver Burl 1016 1901 Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 G Co/422
Bookheimer, Merrill E. 2560 Sardonyx Dr., Chambersburg, PA 17201 Hq/591
Borbely, Frank 76 7. Timberlake Apt. A-311 2801 Stanbridge St., Norristown, PA 19401 M Co/424
Bosle, Robert H. '' S 4932 McNulty Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 I C2/422
Bottoms, Ira G. 407 S. Peachtree St., Norcross, GA 30071 H1/592
Bowers, Walter H. 71/4'4 Box 726 Troy, NC 27371 C Btry/591
Bowles, Ralph ?(-7' 3637 Grandview Ave., Ficenake, VA 24012 /422
Brackett, James E. 274 Sbsson St., 20/ Floor, Staten Island, NV 10306 S5/591
Bradfield, Kenneth Al, 908 S. Lodge Avenue, Evansville, IN 47714 5V/591
Bradley, Lynn S. Rt. 1, Box 620 Tyrone, GA 30290 Sv Co/422
Brannstrom, Arnold J. 11523 W. Bobolink Lane Mequon, WI 53092 B Co/422
Brashear, Wm. C. 74'4 P.O. Box 1263 Hutdsinson, KS 67504-1267 C Ca/81 Eng
Brasher, S. Walter RR 2, Box 515 Crothersville, IN 47229 Med/422
Brazill, Myles RD 2, Box 157- Landisburg, PA 17040 Div No/MP
Breite, Victor W. 4. 1' 829 Chain of Rock Dr., St. Louis, MO 63137 I Co/422
Breuker, Albert Box 73, Wirris, IA 51345 A Btry/592
Brice, Sr. Elmer A. RD 5, Box 209 Dillsburg, PA 17019 L Co/422
Britton, James 74 7s. 8351 East A.J. Highway, Whitesburg, TN 37891 Sy Ca/423
Britton, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road, Auburn, MA 01501 E Co/424
Bridges, Walter G. Y-74 225 Laird Avenue, Hueytown, AL 35023 D Co/424
Brock, Lewis P. 69 Kings Highway, Eureka Springs, PA 72632 C Co/81 Eng
Broderick, H. Joe 34. S. 2560 White Oaks Drive, Beloit, WI 53511 0 Co/422
Brogan, Leo J. 87 Mt. Vernon Lowell Street, Lunen, MA 01854 D Co/423
Brown, Arthur C. 1, 1235 Lynbrook Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211 B Btry/589
Brown, Irving Box 89 Washington St., RD 86, Dallas, PA 18612 CN Co/423
Brown, DVM, John 155 Spruce Valley Road, Athens, CA 30605 E Co/423
Brown, Robert 7532 Richmond St., Kansas City, MO 64138 H Co/424
Brumfield, Vernon E. 201 West 111th St., Cut Off, LA 70345 C Btry/589
Brunner, Harold J. 7.X 41 Georgia Street, Cranford, NJ 07016 0 Co/422
Bryant, Jack 9'$ 19692 Coral Cables St., Southfield, MI 48076 Reg H1/422
Buescher, James W. 3501 Clark Lane 815, Columbia, MO 65202 L Co/423

Burgen, Hubert Idle wheel Troller P0,, #45, Pennellville, NY 13132 (S)
27 Imperial Drive, New Port Richey, FL 33552 (W) E Co/424
Burkes, Robert A. 1h. y. 2227 Plantation Drive, East Point, CA 30344 Hq/424
Burnett, Janes L. 301 Otrbarton Court, Spartanburg, SC 29307 (
Burnham, Carl W. 3522 Coal Tom Road, Moline, IL 61265 /81 Eng
Burnham, Fred W. 1218 Cheshire Ave., Naperville, IL 60540 (S) 106 Band
P.O. Box 1696, Marco Island, FL 33937 (W)
Burrell, James V. 1187 Scuthridge Drive, Salem, OH 40460 0 Co/423
Butler, Jr., Harry W. 1634 Avenue Winchester, VA 22601 Hq 1 Bn/424
Bynum, F.G. 1808 Linthicom Lane, Tarrant City, AL 35217 B Co 4 H2/424
Byrd, Jr., Austin L. 1 Summit Hill Court, Baltiurre, MO 21228 A Btry/589
Call, George Y....J. RD 1, Box 338 Mt. Lebanon Rd., Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 El Co/424
Campo, Joseph 12850 State Rd. 84, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33325 Sv Co/423
Cariano, Col. Samuel P. 7-4. P.O. Box 938, Woggle Valley, NC 28751 (S) Div Hq
122 Skyline Blvd., Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (8)
Carr, Edward E. 31 Glenmere Drive, Brick, NJ 08724 N380/423
Carr, FredA. A.,1"-- 332 Dahl Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 C Co/81 lip
Carr, John W. P.O. Box 66, Greensboro, GA 30642 F Co/4
Carrigan, Bernard 71 Engrem Avenue, Rutland, VT 05701 L Co/422
Carriger, Sr., Dr. William 927 South Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66612 B/423 & 806 Ord
Carter, Fred R. 74 $ 1121 Federal Street, Toronto, OH 43964 Sv Btry/591
Carter, Gordon N. 7'..,4 27 Hillcrest Road, Milton, MA 02186 Hq/591
Casey, S.N. .75., 1957 Old Blandon Rd., Pearl, MS 39208 Sv Co/422
Caskey, Robert J. 2803 Stanbridge St., Timberlake Apt. 606-B Norristown, PA 19401 B C0/424
Cavanaugh, Reid J. ,' 719 Garden St., Connellsville, PA 15425 Hg 1 Bn/424
Cavanaugh, Joseph A. 6029 Rossmare Drive, Bethesda, MO 20814 C Co/422
Cavender, Col. Charles C. ),X 28262 Pebble Beach Dr., Sun City, CA 92381 C.O. 423 Reg
Chase, Fred B. XX. 5 Morris Lane, Clifton Park, NY 12065 El Co/422
Checca, Mario L. 386 Division St., Amsterdam, NY 12010 F C0/422
Chermak, Fred F. 7'.'' 5279 48th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53218 D Co/424
Chesney, Lonas L. 4' 7. 9333 Thorn Grove Pike, Knoxville, TN 37914 G Co/422
Churna, Andrew A 4 4913 N. Lowell Ave., Chicago, IL 60630 A Co/81 Eng
Clark, Christopher T. 518 South Main St., Niles, OH 44446 Hp 3 8n/423
Clark, Felix XX. Rt. 1, Box 603 Goodletsville, TN 37072 0 Co/422
Clark, Dr. James I. 122 Tanglewood Road, Natchez, MS 39120 Med/590 & 592
Clark, John 1826 Southside Rd., Elizabethton, TN 37643 G Co/422
Clarke, Myron E. P.O. Box 3644, Savannah, CA 31414 MP & B Co/423
Clarke, Walter C. $ ?4, 318 Spring Garden, Kannapolls, NC 28081 1.4/591
Clausen, Cecil C. AA' 908 West Lincoln, Vandalia, IL 62471 F Co/424
Clipner, Homer 75 'A 14835 Zane Road, Lore City, OH 43755 AT Co/422
Coan, H.C. 200 Fairview Drive, PCDmnugh, GA 30253 0/423 & 8/424
Coffey, Douglas S. "./5 2236 N.W. iirnet St., Port Charlotte, FL 33948 C Btry/590
Cohen, Allen T. "ii.,‘ 6033 N. Sheridan 10-H, Chicago, IL 60660 E Co/423
Colarusso, John F. 54 - AS Meadow Village, Carver, MA 02330 Hq 3 ,,,,1 ,,,11
Collier, Ambrose )L 1 108 Walpole Road, Groton, NY 13073
Collier, Sr., James E. 1,7. 1596 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112 H Co/424
Collins, Sherod '74 448 Monroe Trace, Kennesaw, GA 30144 5v Co/423
Collins, Virgil L. .."" 824 Cypress Avenue, Venice, FL 33595 CN Co.423
Connelly, Dr. Michael E. 002 Linden Street, Sharon, PA 16146 Med/589
Connor, Milton M. 1605 N. Fielder Road, Arlington, TX 76012 B 9try/692
Cooley, Don E. 140 Peckham Rd., Watsonville, CA 95076 Hq 1 Bn/423
Cooper, C. L. 7, 'A 74 Robin Hood Lane, Jackson, TN 38305 H Co/423
Cooper, Louis M. Y, A 5215 Shady Oaks Or. N., Lakeland, FL 33805 M/423 & 0/424
Coppock, Earl E. 311-1/2 So. Baldwin, Marion, IN 46952 I Co/423
Corman, Joel Box 1423 Ashland, KY 41105-1423 L Co/423
Corrigan, Charles K. 7,A 3366 Ken Lake Dr. S.W., Olympia, WA 98502 Sv Btry/591
Costa, Antone Y. 1380 Atkinson Rd., Green Oaks, IL 60048 MD/423
Costa, Lawrence B. Yi 804 Countryside Highway, Mundelein, IL 60060 103/423
Cowden, Sr., William C. .4 2140 Sutherland Court, Springfield, IL 62702 A Co/81 En
Creamer, Raymond J. de Leonard Road, Milltown, NJ 08850 50/589
Crockett, Col. Randy 143 N.E. 1st St., Satellite Beach, FL 32937 Div 01/G-3
Crosby, Lloyd R. /' A Rt. 4, Boo 45, Elba, AL 36323 B C0/424
Crossman, Lester W. 0 Box 654 Woodstock, IL 60098 H co/424
Curcione, Emil 26 David Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 071309 L Co/424
Curnow, Edward L. 3244 Xenia St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713 E Co/424
Curtis, James Unit 1407, 7050 Sunset Drive South, Smith Pasadena, FL 33707 Hq/590
Curtis, Jr., Jesse 9821 Lakeshore Dr. W., Huntsville, OH 43324 /592
Dahl, Floyd R. 5212 Glenview Dr., Minnetonka, IAN 55345 ( )
Dahlen, William S. 303 Charles Road, Lintioum, MO 71090 5v/591
Dallman, Joseph G. 3641 NI, Pontiac St., Chicago, IL 60634 C Co/424
Daluisio, Carmen Pox 53, Curtisville, PA 15052 K Co/424
Datte, Charles T. -A )t'. 231 Davis Avenue, Clifton Heights, PA 19018 S0/591
Daugherty, William R. WS. 409 E. Nein Street, Laconia, IA 50139 G Co/424
Davis, Leslie E. 18032 Celia Avenue, Brooksville, FL 33512 Sr Co/422
Davis, Louis 515 West 101st Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 Hq 190/423
Davis, Jr., Sam E. 816 N. Cola Or., Orlando, FL 32803 194/423
Davis, William C. 1745 12th Street, Gering, NE 69341 Hq 3 B(1/474
DeChiara, Joseph A. 1366 84th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228 C/2833
DeFeo, Fred 1074 E. 43rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210 Sv C0/423
De Laval, Dr. Maurice 48 Rue D. Vieux, Vielsalm, BELGIUM 6690 Assoc
DePoyster, Fred ‘rt 14 107 Horse Shoe Drive, Cooper, TK 75432 K 00/423
De St. Aubin, Robert Rt. 2, Box 68-A, Berlin, WI 54923 CH Co/424
Deal, Johnnie H. 7326 Eden Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33803 5 Btry/589
Delzell, William J. 225 Johnson Rd.- 44-13, Forest Park, GA 30050 M C0/424
Derr, Rev. Valentine H. 3501 Green Street, Camp 0111, PA 17011 B 00/81 Erg
Dever, Martin J. 409-C Brantley Place, Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Div I-4
Devine, William J. Y. A 175 Pinhurst Avenue, sex York, NV 10033 Sv Co/423
Dexter, Donald B. Y. I7 RFD 3, 000 45, Hannibal, NY 13074 B Btry/592
Dickard, G. Edward 926 Cleveland St. Apt. 0-209 Greenville, SC 29601 0 Co/422
Dickenson, James J. Rt. 1, Box 153, Zebolon, GA 30295 Hq 3 Bo/422
Dillard, Richard V. 4055 Cederbrook, Southhaven, 1.15 38671 C Btry/591
Dobe, Francis J. 877 Howe Street, Manchester, NH 05103 C Co/422
Dodge. William L. Y. 1" 4065 Wayne Ridge Road, Zanesville, OH 43701 M Co/474
Dodson, Dwight P. 3317 Kane Road, Cope Girardeau, MO 63701 Med/423
Dohoney, William P. 464 Lake Meade Dr., East Berlin, PA 17316 C Co/422
Dolitsky, Mrs. Martin M. 66110 Thornton Place Apt. 2-H, Rego Park, NY 11374 Assoc
Donovan, William J. 59-25 71st Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385 Div Hg
Dorn, Edward W. 8724 S. Tolman Ave., Evergreen Park, IL 60642 H Co/422
Dorosky, Thomas C. 146 Mt. Airy Rd., RD I, Shaverstown, PA 11708 Sv/592
Downing, James G. Y. P.1. Box 642, South Haven, MI 49090-8642 M Co/424
Dresen, David T. 461 Agnes Drive, Madison, WI 53711 C Co/422
Dunbar, Alan J. 4675 Green Canyon Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89103 CO Hg Co/422
Easler, Harley W. Rt. 10, Box 308 Spartanburg, SC 29303 G Co/422
Eckblad, Wesley 2 Kamda Blvd.. New Hyde Park, NY 11426 A C0/422
Eckenstahler, Richard C. 39970 Stonebrioge Court, Antioch, IL 60002 M 50.423
Edwards, Carl E. X it Box 484 Minton, WV 25951 C Co/422
Edwards, Howard S. , 828 Cherokee Lane, Signal Maintain, TN 37377 F Co/423
Edwards, James L. 5196 41St St. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33711 K 00/422
Edelman, Louis 245 - 30 Grand Central Pkway, Bellrese, NY 11476 M Co/423
Ehrhardt, Roger J. 1. X. RR 02 Liberty, IL 67347 C C0/81 Eng
Elston, Floyd L. 20 Park Avenue, Haskell, NJ 07420 A Btry/589
Ellsworth, Col. Perry B. Y.X 8012 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, HO 20814 C Btry/591
Embury, Raymond M. 14575 Central Baldwin Park, CA 91707 pas Ord
Enlow, Mrs. Russell (Bonnie) Rt 1, Box 498, Taswell, IN 47175 Assoc
Facey, Col. Kenneth B. 4200 Smithfield Court, Evans, GA 30802 106 MP
Falch, Carl X 04 9930 Jackson St., Camp Dennison, OH 45111 I Ca/422
Fanelli, Albert 9973 Hawthorn Drive, Sun City AZ 85351 Sv Co/423
Farrell, Neil K. 2" 2' 1804 Halbert Street, Killeen, TX 76541 3 On/422
Fehlman, Alvin I. 129 West Oak, Wauconda, IL 60084 G Co/423
Fellows, John H. 2011 Dunkeith Dr. N.W., Canton, OH 44708 A C0/423
Filkins, Clyde L. RR 1, Box 176, Westerle, NY 12193 C Co/422
Finlayson, Kenneth 11 Ccochlight Lane, Portland, ME 04102 0 Co/331 Med
Finnegan, John F. 1014 Jamestown Ave. Richmond, VA 23231 A Co/423 6 A/424
Fischer, John J. 2745 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208 Sy Co/422
Fitzgerald, Gilbert M. 24 521 S. Linden Ave., Waynesboro, VA 22980 E Co/424
Fitzpatrick, James M. 2550 49th St., Long Island City, NY 11103 C 0o/B1 Eng
Flaig, Robert G. 1652 Pinebluff Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45230 HO/589
Fleming, Harold A. 238 Pandolfi Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094 F C0/423
Flick, Robert F. 808 High Street, Saltsborg, PA 15681 C 0o/81 Eng
Fradianni, Frank J. $ 914 Cloverdale Circle, Wethersfield, CT 06109 Hq/589
Frampton, Jr., D.B. 170 N. Roosevelt Ave., Columbus, OH 43209 CO Co/422
Frank, Florian R. Box 29 Avoca, WI 53506 Sv/591
Frankel, Jerome L. 584 Jenard Blvd. West Hempstead, NY 11552 Hq 3 8n/423
Franks, Ray H. 4061 Spiegel Drive, Memphis, TN 38116 C Co/423
Frankini, Richard A. ".1 1, 35300 Hillside Or. Farmington Hills, MI 48018 Hq 38n/423
Freed, Charles W. .442" 218 Jackson Circle, Pittsburgh, PA 15229 I Co/423
Fritz, John R. )4 2' 70 Shore Acres Vermilion, OH 44089 HO/424
Gaffney, Frank W. 1756 Lanbury Drive, Kettering, OH 45439 Reg Hq/424
Gallagher, John I. 4003 Frances Street, Temple, PA 19560 C Co/81 Eng'
Garn, Charles S. 7. 2" 1937 Highbridge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 H Co/424
Gasses, Joseph J., 1420 Franklin Street, Grand Haven, MI 49417 Ho/422
Gatens, John 7. 2 - 36 Grunauer P1., Fairlawn, NJ 07410 A Btry/589
Gehrig, Melvin 0' 2' 1923 Nicholas St., Lake Charles, LA 70605 Hq 3 Bn/422
Geib, George P. 2892 Wild Horse Road, Orlando, FL 32822 G Co/423
Geisler, Carl W. 2511 Bittersweet Ave., Green bay, WI 54301 /591
Gentry, Wallace H. Rt. 1, Box 114 Louisville, MS 39339 L Co/424
George, R. Wayne 9 Crestridge Drive, Huntington, WV 25705 Hq 1 Bn/422
Gerardi, Sr., Frank 44 Spencer Way, Kings Park, NY 11754 106 Ron Trp
Gibson, Charles R. 2" 4: 524 Washington Street, Lawton, MI 49065 Sv Co/422
Gilder, Robert A. 24" 36303 Behm Dr., North Ridgeville, OH 44039 Hq 1 13n/424
Gillespie, John M. 17 3536 Darcy Drive, Birmingham, MI 48010 C Co/422
Gillikin, Ross E. 20Y 517 Avanti Way Boulevard, Buccaneer Estates, Fort Myers, FL 33903 I Co/422
Gilliland, John O. 2CX 605 Northside Drive, Enterprise, AL 36330 Sv Btry/592
Ginther, Keith .?' Rt. 2, Box 19 Fairfield, MT 59436 C Co/422
Gioia, Patrick J. Torrington Road, Litchfield, CT 06759 G Co/422
Glenney, Walter S. 13842 E. Hillside Dr., San Antonio, 70 78249 Exec/424
Goldberg, Arnold 19 Belmont Cr., Uniontown, PA 15401
Gottshall, Edwin A. -7.1N 9 So. Wakefield Rd., Norristown, PA 19403 Hq 3 Bn/4241
Grant, Wilburn N. 479 E. Spencer Field Rd., Milton, FL 32570 H Co/424
Grasso, Salvatore V. 2" 194 Bay 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228 Sv Co/423
Gray, Leon 1025 E. Highland St., Malvern, AR 72104 E Co/423
Gray, James A. 57 Brompton Road, Garden City, NY 11530 I 00/423
Greene, John 8654 S.W. 154 Circle Pl., Miami, FL 33193 Hq 1 Bn/423
Gregory, W. Leo Ys 5009 Bonnehill Drive, Hermitage, TN 37076 Hq 3 Bn/424
Gregory, Dannie L. A 7. Rt. 7, Quarry Road, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Assoc

Gregory, John A. 4624 Ashton Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864 E Co/424
Grimes, Robert 6755 woodell N.E., North Canton, OH 44721 Hq/423
Grogan, Henry E. Rt. 3, Box 214-4, Milton Freewater, OR 97862 8 Co/423
Gross, Joseph 7` -A 7782 Topaz Lake Ave., San Diego, CA 92119 C Btry/591
Grossjean, Robert 2449 Flamingo. Blvd., Bradenton, FL 33507 Hq 3 Bn/422
Gruce, Michael C. 49 Key West Drive, Leesburg, FL 3277B 0 Co/423
Guigno, Joseph M. 18 Dix Street, Waltham, MA 02154 A Co/423
Gunvalson, Russell L. )4. 2407 29th Ave. N.W. 83, Rochester, MN 55901 A Btry/590

Haas, Milton D. .2( 7' 600 S. Lafbyette St., Millstadt, IL 62260 Ho 3 Bn/422
Hagen, Jr., Edwin P. Rt. 3, Box 209, Sisseton, SD 57262 5v/591
Hagman, Fred C. 1307 Liberty Street, La Crosse, WI 54603 AT Co/423
Hagman, Mrs. Juanita 505 W. Josephine St., Weatherford, TX 76086 Assoc
Hall, Arthur N. Box 492, Shullshurg, WI 53586 Hq/590
Hall, John L. XX 2562 Hill Court, Sebring, FL 33870 Sy Co/423
Halladay, Maurice A. j4 7, RD 2, Box 121 Brattleboro, VT 05301 C Co/423
Harris, Abner T. X X Apt. 10-0 3420 S. Ocean Blvd. Highland Beach, FL 33431 H Co/424
Harris, Jr., Rev. Isham A. 1716 Greenwood Ave., Nashville, TN 37206 IVA H Co/423
Harris, William B. 409 Sunset Rd., West Reading, PA 19611 Sy Co/423
Hartlieb, Glen O. 1805 Olive Street, Highland, IL 62249 Sv/592
Hartzell, Bert E. 410 South St., Nov Bethlehem, PA 16242 C Co/81 Eng
Harvey, Charles 2C A 2736 Bridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137 A Co/424
Hasler, Eugene F. 25. X 2333 Staunton Drive, Holiday, FL 33590 C Co/81 Eng
Hatch, H.M. 2830 East Road, Wayzata, MN 55391 Div Hq 8 422
Hawkins, Marlin H. 141 La Plaza Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075 F Co/422
    Hayes, John P. 2226 Erie Avenue, Springfield, OH 45505 F Co/422 I ' t Iw' 1 g ' ', h Mrs. s P.. Hellwig, Mrs. E.L. 152 East Orange Court, Baltimore, MD 21234 Assoc
Hemelt, William G. 7737 Wynbrook Rd., Baltimore, MD 21224 H Co/424
Hemming, Forrest W. 755 Stelzer Rd., Box 171, ColUmbus, OH 43219 806 Ord
Henson, Col. E. Glenn 9917 Echo Valley Court, Little Rock, AR 72207 H Co/424
Henriksen, Harry 1623 N. 49th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208 6 Co/423
Hester, Kenneth T. Rt. 4, Box 320, Shepherdsville, KY 40165 C Btry/590
Hiers, James L. 307 South Broad St., Clinton, SC 29325 M Co/424
Higgins, Robert 2104 Dix Avenue, Far Rockaway, NV 11691 B Co/422
Hill, Jr., Ralph C. 1232 Van Steffy Ave., Wyomissing, PA 19610 Assoc
Hilliard, Roy oc. Ex 4696 Meadowview Drive N.W., Canton, OH 44718 D Co/422
Hines, Clyde W. l'''' 1407 East Walnut, Shawnee, OK 74801 Hp 3 On/422
Hinson, Sr., Arthur E. 1620 Burclare Drive, Charleston, SC 29412 A Btry/550
Hoag, John 20430 124 Drive N., Sin City West, AZ 85375 I Co/425
Hoag, William C. P.O. Box 1154, 24 Hillside Drive East Dennis, MA 02641 AT Co/422
Hochstetter, Herbert H. i° 427 E. Courtland St., MLndelein, IL 60060 I Co/424
Hoenemeyer, John H. 3039 anietta Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211 K Co/424
Hoff, Russell 74 VE 2895 Street Road, Warrenton, PA 18976 M Co/422
Hoffman, Jr., Briggs A. Charles L Crane Co., Ten Stadium Plaza, St. Louis, S10 83102 0 Btry/589
Hohenstein, John J. A.25 P.O. Box 245, Illiopolis, IL 62539 M Co/423
Holder, Harry L. 474 Addison Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126 H Co/424
Holgash, Nicholas C. Box 96 Old Forge, PA 18518 00/424
Horne, George A. P.O. Box 222 Spring Hill, TN 37174 806 Ord
Hotchkiss, Raymond M. ,( 620 S. Oth Street, Box 4, Stwood, KS 67730 MP Co
House, Pete 1,X 5662 Clifton Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32211 A Btry/590

Houston, William C. 84/ N. 12095 Selmer Road, Tomahawk, WI 54487 Cn Co/4411
Howard, John W. -A A 920 South 76th St., West Allis, WI 53214 5v/591
Howell, Robert F. 7114 520 Crescent Road, Griffin, GA 30223 H Co/424
Hulbert, Carl M. 2801 North Halifax Avenue, Apt. 242 Daytona Beach, FL 32018 11o/424
Hulkonen, Arthur A. 17422 Nine Mile Road, Kaleva, 81 49645 C Btry/589
Humphrey, Donald B. $ )4 8727 Warrendale Drive, Mentor, OH 44060 A Btry/589
Hundt, Albert pa 7' 638 12th Ave. North, Onalaska, WI 54650 H Co/422

Hutcherson, James L. 15 Elsie Drive, East Palatka, FL 32031 Sv Btry/592
Iantosca, Attileo 46 Cerdan Avenue, Roslindale, MA 02131 1q/422
Jacobs, Montague H. P.O. riOx 272, Kingstree, SC 29556 H 00/422
Jacobs, Richard L. 6 Grant Court, Whiting, NJ 08759 AT Co/422
Janicke, Jack M. 122 Bellevue Avenue, Butler, NJ 07405 106 Signal
Jebens, Arthur B. 956 Santa Queta, Solana Beach, CA 92075 F Co/422
Jenkins, William D. )4 71 Rt. 1, Box 196, Hamilton, GA 31811 H Co/422
Jensen, George 36)0 Box 7144, Sunshine CC Estates, Harlingen, TO 78550 M Co/422
Jensen, Ralph O. 1487 Collor Rd., Port Angeles, WA 98362 Hp 2 05/422
Jobe, Harvey 7". 24 8839 Mende Lane, St. Louis, MO 63126 A Co/422
Jochems, Sr., Richard B. 3111 Riviera St. 5.E., Kentwood, MI 49508 (S)

1900 Palm City Road, Stuart, FL 33497 (W) Div Hg/A.C.

Johnson, Jr., Benjamin F. 410 Fountain Avenue, Denton, MD 21629 Hg 3 B5/422
Johnson, Newton 74'7' RR 4 No. Brook Dr., McLeansboro, IL 62859 Med riq/424.
Johnson, Paul Box 9, Chittenden, VT 05737 K00/4211
Johnson, Vincent M. 751 18th Street, Carlyle, IL 62231 F co/423
Johnson, William 12505 Byefield Dr., Highland, MD 20777 K Co/424
Jones, Jr., Col. Alan, W. tIIC 2805 Oakton Manor Court, Oakton, VA 22124 H6/423
Jones, Mrs. Alys P. 3720 Upton St. N.W., Washington, DC 20016 Life Mem
Jones, Jr., George M. 4-7C Box 747 5652 E. Main St., Loris, SC 29569 Sv Co/423
Jones, Lawrence E. Rt. 1, Box 172 Everton, MO 65646 E Co/424
Judy, Harry H. 501 Linden Street, Middletown, PA 17057 /422
Justice, Gilbert W. -7, ,4 Route 5, Ashland City, TN 37015 Sv/592
Kane, Mrs. Eloise 2835 Rexford Road, Youngstown, OH 44511 Assoc
Kane, Roger M. S.), 1214 Milwaukee Ave., Delafield, WI 53018-1631 AT Co/423
Karth, James F. 8210 Nectar Dr. Apt. 8690, Canton, MI 48187 C Co/422
Kaufman, George H. Apt. 2, 915 E. High St., Springfield, OH 45505 H Co/423
Keahl, Edward A. ),.. 74 41885 Waterfall Rd., Northville, MI 48167 H6/591
Keenan, Peter E. 1610 Monterey Drive, Antioch, CA 94509-4533 Hq 2 8n/422
Keilman, Elsby ..., 1033 13th Street, Tell City, IN 47586 B Btry/591
Kelch, Eugene B. /- '. 4630 Skyview Drive, Arnold, MO 63010 I Co/422
Kelly, Edmond P.O. Box 308, Middletown, NY 10940 D Co/423
Kelly, George S. )4 X P.O. Box 127, Water Mill, NY 11976 C Co/424
Kelly, John H. S..., '''. 1117 Pleasant St., East Weymouth, MA 02189 C Co/428
Kelly, Robert E. 4388 Barchester Dr., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013 Sv Co/423
Kemp, Mrs. Katheryn 7406 Arden Read, Cabin John, MO 20818 Assoc
Kenney, Francis T. MR 1 Box 124, 4 Hampton P1., Peeksill, NY 10566 Ho 38n/422
Kerr, Allen W. 3919 Camellia Drive, Mobile, AL 36609 A Co/81 Eng
Kershner, Jesse D. 17 Ridgewood Parkway, Newport News, VA 23602 AT Co/424
Kersteiner, Don W. )4.-A 558 New London Road, Hanilton OH 45013 Hp/424
Kersten, Joseph R. 162 Duerstein Street, Buffalo, NY 14210 G Co/423
Kiendl, Jr., Theodore 1- 22 Rue La eoetie, 75008 Paris, FRANCE 8 Btry/589
King, Kenneth K. Sax 14 Brasher Falls, NY 13613 I Co/422
Kingsley, Karl W. 3265 Brookfield Road, Muskegon, MI 49441 5v/591
Kiper, Orville B. 1405 S. Roosevelt, Bloomington, IL 61701 106 Ron Trp
Klett, James R. Garden Cake Apartments, 345 5. 16th St. Apt. G-18, Lebanon, PA 17042 Div Hg
Knighton, Glenn M. 3500 Morningside Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031 Sy Co/425
Knuth, Earl 11 Windship Drive, Port Townsend, WA 98368 /422
Koehler, Franklin R. 'A A 243 Torrey Pines Road, Tons River, NJ 08757 0 C0/424
Kopatz, Alfred E. 2628 East Lake Or., Springfield, IL 62707 M C0/422
Kortlang, Charles E. " 308 Andrews Road, Mineola, NY 11501 106 MP
Kowalsi, Stanley J. 1916 Reading Avenue, West Lawn, PA 19609 /592
Krafchik, Joseph 349 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Hp 331/Med
Kramer, Joseph 14720 Lincoln Or., Oak Park, MI 48237 Ft, 3 Bn/423
Kreuser, Leo P. 1481 3rd Ave. Apt. 95, Chula Vista, CA 92011 Med/81 Eng
Kucharz, John 3136 Fiesta Drive, Dunedin, FL 33528 0.00/424
Kuizma, Harold Y- 74 2151 Griggs St. 5.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49506 B Btry/589
Kultzow, John mm Warburton Ave., Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706 0e0/81 En
Kups, Stanley 8831 Radner, Sterling HeightS, MI 48078 106 Signal
Kwaczek, Carl S. 122 Connellsville St., Dunbar, PA 15431 C Co/422
Landolt, Rudolph F. 545 Red Barn Lane, Barrington, TL 60010 A C0/424
Lang, William Route 1, Rock Creek, OH 44004 1 Co/422
Lange, Elmer F. 1010 Hillcrest, Sac City, IA 50583 H Co/422
Langham, Francis S. 114 Collins Ave., Uniontown, PA 15401 B 10/423
Lapato, Frank - Box 403, Kittanning, P4 16201 Hg/422
Laphan, Charles G. 5 S. Witehorse Pike, Lindenwold, NJ 08021 5v/592
Larson, Gilbert 7' 1. 54 Harvest Moon Rd., Easton, CT 06612 M Co/422
Lauman, Clarence W. 6399 Smiley Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63139 /592
Lawrence, Edward A. 50 Sachem Rd., North Kingston, RI 02852 M Co/424
Le Compte, Jr., Lester BOA 242 Stilesville, IN 46180 K Co/422
Le Tellier, Jr., Louis S. 1166 Catalina Rd. E., Jacksonville, FL 32216 C Co/81 Eng
Leach, Ambrose R. 10 Lakeview Drive, Newburg, NY 12550 B Btry/589
Leavitt, Edward H. 324 S. Kansas Street, Morton, IL 61550 Assoc
Lebeaux, Reuben 269 Walnut Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 F Co/424
Lee, Futrell H. 1204 Anguilla St., Waycross, GA 31501 C Co/422
Lehr, Vernon S. 3480 Carlisle Pike, New Oxford, PA 17350 Hg/589
Leibowitz, Samuel 111 Perkins 5t., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 H0/424
Leisse, Sr., Leo R. 'A 4346 Gapsch Lane, St. Louis, MO 63125 Hg 3 Bn/422
Lemmo, Louis J. Soldiers Home, 91 Crest Ave., Chelsea, NA 02150 Med/424
Lerno, Alfons P. Box 118 Santa Margarita, CA 93453 A Btry/589
Lewis, Cevert A. Rt. 3, Box 164-4, Cambridge, MO 21613 I Co/423
Lewis, Charles R. 16 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11241 806 Ord/DA0
Libera, Henry F. RR 01, Box 29, Abbot, ME 04406 DivArty
Lichtenfeld, Seymore 19450 N.C. 22st Court, North Wend, FL 33179 I Co/422
Likins, Robert A. 6246 N. Lydell Ave., Whitefish Bay, WI 53217 B 811y/591
Lindsey, Curtis J. 1'1... Rt. 1 - Box 319, Waco, TX 76710 H Co/424
Lis, Sr., Edward C. 969 Main Street, Clinton, MA 01510 /592
Litvin, Joseph 1959 W. 185th Street, Torrance, CA 90504 D Co/423
Long, Ivan 7-7'.. 18610 Hummingbird Dr., Penn Valley, CA 90504 Hg/423
Loos, Arthur E. 40 Highland Avenue, Broad Brook, CT 06016 I Co/422
Lopardo, Patsy J. 15 Celli Street, Tdrrington, CT 06790 Ho AT/424

Lord, Malcolm E. .A,' 108 S. 2nd Street, Denton, MD 21629 F Co/4
Lothrop, Jr., Oliver A. 316 West Wind Road, Towson, MO 21204 800/401/
Loveless, Mrs. Kay 7' 2549 Pickwick Road, Baltimore, MD 21207 Life Mem
    Lowith, Allen L. 10905 Peachgrove St. 03, ,t)( North Hollywood, CA 91601 Cn Co/423 Lucsay, William. 12612 South Moody Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463 B Co/423
Lekashok, Alvin 100 East 74th St., New York, NY 10021 Mg Co/424
Luzzie, Edward L. 5524 S. Woodland Or., Western Springs, IL 60558 /590
Mabry, John W. 133 Country Club Lane, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 Sv 00/423
Madden, Col. John J. 1253 Windimer Or., Los Altos, CA 94022 Ho/590
Maddox, Robert C. 154 Goldfinch Dr., Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Cn Co/424
Madsen, Ander N. 12900 S.W. 63rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33156 H Co/422
Malone, William 7` 70 3911 Thockery Drive, Nashville, TN 37207 13 Co/423
Manager, Thomas G. 309 Addison Road, Glastonbury, CT 06033 A/590 A C/592
Manfredi, John 33 Leslie Street, Springfield, MR 01104 /424
Mansfield, Horace E. 190 Northcrest Drive, Athens, CA 30601 A Co/424
Mapes, RobertE. -147' 5101 Victoria Ave., Middletown, OH 45044 (5) C C0/422
554 N.E. 45th Pl. Pompano Beach, FL 33064-4133 (8)
Maples, Lyman C. Xi. 608 Wilkins Street, Dalton, CA 30720 C C0/422
Marcoux, Alphonse A. 230 Crest Rd., North Smithfield, RI 02895 A Co/424
Marcus, Gilbert Apt. 1004 525 Hawthorne Place, Chicago, IL 60657 Sy/423
Marshall, Richard G. 2806 Carson Drive, Katy, TX 77449 Sv Co/423
Mark, Joseph C. 45 Burnet Hill Rd., Livingston, NJ 07039 Hq 3 8n/422
Martin, Jr., Harry F. 7' 121 At Gregor Ave., Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856 L Co/424
Martin, Walter W. 1418 Main Street, Evanston, IL 60202 E C0/423
Moscone, Attilio A. 1618 Moffet Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20903 A C0/4l2
Massey, Joseph r..74 Rt. 1 - Box 780, Remlap, AL 35133 C C
Matthews, Robert F. 5' 500 Summit Street, Greenville, NC 27834 Assoc
Matthews, Jr., Col. Joseph 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27606 Div Ho & 424
Maw, Thomas 74.14 436 Beech Street, Rockland, MA 02370 A Btry/592
Mayotte, Russ -i 9628 Cavell Street, Livonia, MI 48150 F Co/424
McCarty, Mrs. Howard S. 1424 Norton St., Trenton, MO 64683 Assoc
McCarron, Donald J. 22 W. 601Ah13trand Rd., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Hq/423
McCullough, Lyle K. 685 Roberts St., Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 Sv Co/422
McDevitt, John F. 1. A 188 Queen Lane, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 A Co/81 Eng
McKee, Col. Henry H. J'''' 414 Speceway Drive, San Antonio, TX 78239 HC/422
McLeieer, Jack 1493 N.F. 60th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 /422
McMahon, Gen. Leo T. 8 North Onion St., Middletown, OH 17057 Div Arty
McMillen, Paul 14.1! 294 Ablemarle Place, Macon, CA 31204 Sv Co/422
McNinch, James B. -7" Box 233 Ware Shoals, SC 29692 M Co/424
Meader, William H. 4018 Mischire Drive, Houston, TX 77025 A 0081 Eng
Meeks, Riley P.O. Box 714, Meadows of Don, VA 24120 B Co/424
Melichar, William J. 1- IL 336 Amherst Road, Linden, NJ 07036 Sv Co/423
Mellinger, John D. Box 1525, Show Low, AZ 85901 Hq 1 8n/423
Mencarini, Jr., Vincent 3202 Aldergate Drive, Richmond, VA 23223 B Co/422
Merz, O. Paul -/. Y. 1344 Norfolk Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46224 SV Co/422
Messina, Carl '1'.. 1051 E. Elizabeth Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036 A Co/81 Eng
Michalowski, Henry 7- 7 6548 168th Street, Flushing, NY 11365 Sv Co/422
Middleton, III, John A. 0‘. 17 Kensington Road, Madison, NJ 07940 106 Signal
Mikalouskis, John L. )h"5 P.O. Box 31, 306 W. Blake St., Benton, IL 62812 H Co/424
Mileski, Marion S. 7'.X 8455 Fairton Street, Paramount, CA 90723 Hq DivArty
Miller, Elman 3308 Fairview Ave., S. Chicago Hgts., IL 60411 Ho/424
Miller, Ernest L. Rt. 1 - Box 79, Big Pool, MD 21711 G Co/422

Miller, Gene L. Box 652 Earp, CA 92242 0 Btry/592
Mills, Col. Eric R. --4 5007 Dian Wood Dr. East, Jacksonville, FL 32210 Mg 1 On/422
Minor, Irvin G. 6911 49th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33709 A Btry/592
Moon, Jr., Col. William P. 9135 Oakland Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502 Hg 1 8n/422
Moore, George L. .. 80 Memorial Drive, Salem, MA 01970 B Co/422
Morell, Eugene L2946 Ridge Road E., Wolcott, NY 14590 C Btry/591
Moriarty, William E. P.O. Box 116, Ware, MA 01002 L Co/423
Moritz, Adolph G. 4D0 Harvey Dunn St., Brookings, SD 57006 F Co/422
Morris, Walter B. 15310 Oelachaise St., San Antonio, TX 78232 Hq / Bn/423
Morrison, Robert B. 260 Oaklyn Rd., Bethel Park, PA 15102 0 Co/424
Mosher, Michael S. 147 Sunset Drive, Gallatin, TX 37066 L Co/424
Mosley, Rev. Ronald A. 7' '' Box 25, Petite Riviere, NOVA SCOTIA BOJ 2P0 424 8 Div
Mosley, Newton L. 5'.M6 3194 Beachwood Dr., Lithia Springs, GA 30057 Sv/591
Mosolf, William A. 17159 Esperinza Drive, Perris, CA 92370 Cn Co/424
Moyer, George C. 939 Falconcrest Dr., Lawrenceville, GA 30245 Cn Co/424
Mueller, M. J. P.O. Vox 257 Lake Villa, IL 60046 Med L Co/424
Mueller, William H. 24 2C 27 Eve Lane, Levittown, NY 11756 M Co/424
Murphree, Leon A. 409 13th Street N.E., Cullman, AL 35055 Hq 2 Bn/423
Murphy, Dale -W. v. 1502 Broadway, Springfield, OH 45504 B. Co/423
Murray, Jr., George 14 521 9th St., Box 724, Bemidji, MN 96601 H Co/424
Myers, Jr., Dr. Lawrence 151 Canbridge Street, Syracuse, NV 13210 0 Btry/591
Naughton, Mark P. 172 S. Dwyer Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60005 C Co/422
Nelson, Edward 7621 Anita Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 C 000y/590
Nesbit, Sr., John S. 3( 36 Shoreline Drive SH, Malakoff, TX 75148-9637 F Co/424
Nielson, Donald ,CS 4 Birch St., Carpentersville, IL 60110 Hq 1 Bn/423
Novak, Joseph 1-)' 2704 5. East Avenue, Berwyn, IL 60402 K Co/422
Noon, Cletus E. 301 Bertein Street, Johnstown, PR 15904-1807 Sv Co/423
Notario, Ernest , Box 404 CaluMet, MI 49913 B Co/424
Nunnally, Calvin 7C e 1614 Limerick Drive, Richmond, VA 23225 Sv Co/423
Nusbaum, Alfred S. 221 St. Mark Way, Carroll Lutheran Village Westminster, MD 21157 H0/423
Oakley, Jr., Johnnie L. P.O. Box 913, Reidsville, NC 27320 Hq 3 Bn/424
Ochiltree, Jim 5149 Sugar Maple Dr., Kettering, OH 45440 G Co/423
Oelschig, Jr., Albert C. 1715 East Gwinnett St., Savannah, GA 31404 Hg 1 Bn/423
Olecki, Edward J. )C 7` 11614 Paige Or., Port Richey, FL 33568 0 Co/422
Olman, Mrs. Wanold D. 'A 10483 Vistula Rd., Osceola, IN 46561-9570 Assoc
Ord, Charles R. c/o Mason County Bank, New Haven, WV 25265 E 10/423
Owens, Henry L. P.O. BOX 336, Snow H111, NC 28580 H Co/424
Paananen, Arvo 511 East Cedar St., Jessup, GA 31545 /592
Padgett, Carroll D. 579 Milligan Dr., StOne Mountain, GA 30283 E Co/424
Palazzo, Anthony P.O. Box 1841, Palm Coaat, FL 32037 (
Parker, Earl S. Apt. 1-B 2008 Cumberland Dr., Valparaiso, IN 46303 E Co/423
Parker, Richard B. 3317 P Street N.W., Washington, DC 20005 AT Co/472
Parr, Marvin P.O. Box 194, Bullville, NY 10915 B Co/424
Parrelli, George 55 Clement Ave., West Roxbury, MA 02132 C Co/423
Pasquale, Joseph A. P.O. Box 1403, Torrington, CT 06790 /422
Patrick, L. Dale 7300 20th St. #729, Vera Beach, FL 32960 C Btry/5
Patterson, Fletcher D. 2575 East Lake Rd. , McDonough, GA 30253 I Co/41i#
Patterson, Warren N. 9 Elmcrest Circle, Walpole, MA 02081 Cn Co/423
Pawluk, Walter S. 87 Clearfield Drive, Meriden, CT 06450 AT Co/422
Pell, Sidney 1416 Emory Road, Wilmington, OE 19803 14 Co/424
Pellerin, Conrad Box 83 - Wauregan Road, Danielson, CT 06239 M Co/424
Peluso, Lewis B. 38 Leonard St., Dedham, MA 02026 H Co/422
Perry, Charles J. Pleasant Ridge, 5767 ',tendon Lane Cincinnati, OH 45217 K Co/423
Perry, Kenneth W. Rt. 1, 210 Shady Lane, Trinidad, TX 75163 Sv/589
Petersen, Walter A. 25 N. Madison, LaGrange, IL 60525 H Co/423
Peterson, Richard W. 2569-A Navarra Drive, LaCoste, CA 92009 I Co/422
Pettus, William R. No. 1 Pasadena, Olathe, KS 66061 Hg 1 8n/424
Peyser, Charles S. 4-1' 212 Potomac Ave., Hanover, PA 17331 C.O. 8 Co/424
Pfaff, Burton E. 7"E‘ 2426 Meadowlark Dr., Nor Berlin, WI 53151 0 Co/422
Pfotenhauer, Donald J. )44 1501 Michigan Ave., Gladstone, MI 49837 0 Co/422
Phillips, Jr., Mrs. Arthur 535 North 2nd St., Steelton, PA 17113 Assoc
Phillips, George F. 37 Linden Place, Belmont Circle, Uniontown, PA 15401 Red Cr/Olv Hq
Piasecki, Leo R. 3024 20th Street, Wyandotte, MI 48192 Med/423
Pierce, Sr., Robert W. 474 Federal St. N.W., Warren, OH 44483 C Co/81 Eng
Pierce, Waldo B. 530 East St., New Britain, CT 06051 F Co/422
Piha, Morris R. 3530 Piedmont Road Apr. 7-A, Atlanta, CA 30305 106 CEA
Pina, George R. 69 Cavalcade Blvd., Warwick, RI 02889 Med 590
Player, James W. ''''S 4530 Cedar Springs Rd., Columbia, SC 29206 M Co/422
Plenge, Edward C. 115 E. 31st St., Beach Haven Gardens, NJ 08008 Hq/589
Ponza, Frank 9 Woodland Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 B Co/423
Poole, Thomas M. 52 Mason Drive, Princeton, NJ 00540 H Co/423
Praznik, Louis 24970 Midland St., Redford,. 48239 A Co/81 Eli
Prckorym, Casimir T. 2520 Chestnut St., Steubenville, OH 43592 1q/81 E
Prewitt, Edward A. ( Rt 2 - Box 730, Brentwood, CA 94513 B Co/424
Prince, Robert 654 Woodland Ave., Pottstown, PA 19469 Mg/422
Puett, Col. Joseph 10.-,4 2748-D Shallowford Rd., Atlanta, GA 30341 C.O. 2 09/423
Purdy, Dr. Edmund C. RD 1, Hampton, Nova Scotia, CANADA 805 ILO F Co/422
Puskarich, Charles H.: 3,4 428 South 70th St., Milwaukee, WI 53214 ki Co/424
Puzio, Joseph 7' 813 North L St., Lampe, CA 93436 Ho/81 Eng

Quirin, Paul J. RD 3 - Box 508, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 Ha/424

Rahm, Carroll 7R i'' 1415 South Elm, Casper, WY 82601 E Co/922
Rain, John C. 203 West Elm St., Alton, IL 62002 B Btry/589
Randall, William W. 560 Pine St. Apt. 1-4, Royersford, PA 19468 106 Recon
Randol, Richard L. P.O. Box 345, Markle, IN 46770 Assoc
Rarick, Mrs. Clayton F. Box 25, Blandon, PA 19510 Assoc L/424
Rauch, Victor C. 37 Chateau Court, Loundonville, NY 12211 C Btry/592
Ravdin, Alex 4902 E. Leybrun Ct. #101, Richmond, VA 23228 (5) A Co
2602 Nassau Bend E-2, Coconut Creek, FL 33066 (W) 331/Med
Redmond, Dean T. X 611 N. Center St., Statesville, NC 28677 Ho 3 8n/922
Reece, Leon W. 716 Cliffwood Drive, Newport, TN 37821 Hq 3 8n/422
Reed, Dr. Albert 224 Padonia Road, Timonium, MD 21093 106 Signal
Reed, Raymond J. 461 Chestnut Street, Union, NJ 07083 Cn Co/423
Regier, Donald 1921 Mt. Carmel Road, Parkton, MD 21120 Sy Ca/422
Reilly, Mrs. Edward 18 Normentown Road, Lakehurst, NJ 08733 Assoc
Reiss, James A. 5031 Paseo Segovia, Irvine, CA 92715 L Co/423
Remetta, Joseph 427 Main St., Rt. 2, Wilburton, PA 17888 106 Signal
Reynolds, James E. 213-4 Norton Road, Otter Lake, NY 13338 F Co/424
Ricci, Armondo A. '9' A 1711 31st Street N.E., Canton, OH 44714 8 Co/81 Eng
Rice, Cecil E. 408 Weakland Road, Mogadore, OH 44260 K Co/423
Richards, Charles W. 204 Crestview Dr., Hendersonville, 28739 SV Co/423
Rickard, William 'A 74 5500 Pineland Road, Richmond, VA 23234 Hq/422
Rieck, Charles F. "e' 4' 7316 Voss Parkway, Middletown, WI 53562 H Co/422
Riggs, Col. Thomas J. 1 6 Olive St., Providence, RI 02906 C.O. 81 Eng
Ringer, Robert C. 7. 4280 Kendale Road, Columbus, OH 43220 Sv Co/590 4 591
Rinkema, George 16817 So. Park Ave., South Holland, MI 60473 8 Co/423
Risoli, Nicoli 2529 Hamilton Blvd., So. Plainfield, NJ 07080 8 Co/81 En
Ritts, Rowland R. , Oak Hill RD. 4 - Box 536, Dallas, PA 18612 B Btry/592
Robb, Dr. John C. 238 De Vore Drive, Meadville, PA 16335 0 Co/422
Robbins, W.D. Box 037, Willard, NC 28478 Hq 3 Bo/422
Roberts, John M. 1059 Alter Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013 C Btry/592
Robertson, George E. ]1-Y 10 Longview Way, Peabody, MA 01970 C Btry/590
Robichaud, Philip , RFD 1 - Rock Avenue, Danielson, CT 06239 G Co/422
Roche, Edward 181 Mayfair Ave., Floral Park, NY 11001 K Co/424
Rodriguez, Dr. Juan 1550 Beacon Hill Rd., Lexington, KY 40504 C Co/422
Ross, Glenn W. .8. '4 2320 E. 600 North Road, Marion, IN 46952 Hq/422
Rossin, Leo H. 1947 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230 (
Rothermel, Thomas R. 320 Baldy St., Kutztown, PA 19530 L Co/423
Rowan, William K. Y. Y 213 Country Club Rd., Shelby, NC 28150 K Co/424
Rupert, Maj. James. USA-Ret 466 Las Palomas, Orion, Port Hueneme, CA 93041 AT Co/424
Rusch, Marvin H. 10830 W. Cortland Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53225 Div Hq/G-1
Russell, Jimmie G. Box 232, Weir, KS 66781 C Co/422
Russell, Jefferson B. 73 1 P.O. Box 323, Mc Doncugh, GA 30253 Iv Co/422
Russell, Raymond E. 40 Quebec, Or., AuntiogtonStn., NY 11746 E Co/423
Russin, Peter - /4 4/2 Braybarton Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952 H Co/424
Ruthrauff, Herbert W. )4 1 1923 Cedarbrook Dr., Columbia, SC 29210 AT Co/422
Rutland, Roger M. 7674 6632 Arcadia Woods Rd., Columbia, SC 29204 B Co/424
Rutledge, Boyd A. 10132 Goodrich Rd., Bloomington, MN 55437 0 Co/422
Rutt, Robert E. X9' 937 Lampwick Court, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013 Hq/422
Ryan, Gerald W. 1113 Lassen View Dr., Lake Almanor Peninsula, CA 96137 Hq 2 Bn/424
RydzInski, Edward 7( 2' 1715 Elm Street Des Plaines IL 60018, , /422
Sabarise, Frank .118 E. Edsall Ave., Palisades Park, NJ 07650 Hq 81/Eng
Salata, Edward C. 2255 Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825 80/423
Salber, Joseph P. 2681 Cameron Park Dr. #80, Shingle Springs CA 95662 Sv Co/423
Samples, L. Orvis Y. 405 W. 25th St., Belle, WV 25015 Sv/591
Sandberg, Robert E. 1786 Saunders Ave., St. Paul, MN 55116 A Co/81 Eng
Sanders, Joseph T. 7()C 2100 Kings High.), 0972, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 D Co/422
Saucerman, Eugene L. RR 23 - Box 82, Terre Haute, IN 47802 D Co/422
Saugrich, Paul J. 613 S.W. Nichols Terrace, Port St. Lucie, FL 33453 Hq/591
Savage, Jr., Ernest C. 13 McCarthy Road, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Hq 2 Bn/424
Scalissi, John J. , 1706 Regent Street, Madison, WI 53705 H Co/424
Schaffner, John W. 1811 Miller Bd., Cockeysville, MD 21030 A Btry/589
Schecter, Irvin W. 22 Lincoln Hill, QuniCY, IL 62301 Hq 2 Bn/422
Schieferstein, Fred „ 431 Madison Hill Rd., Clark, NJ 07066 A Co/424
Schlesser, John P. 11603 W. 206th Ave., Lowell, IN 46356 Sv/591
Schober, Milton J. 4 4032 Lee Street, Skokie, IL 60076 Fe
Schoemer, Frank )(i 163 Vinewood, Wyandotte, MI 48192 M Co/4
Schofield, Arden 7E W. 21 Parkside Circle, Braintree, MA 02184 Div Arty
Schroeder, Nicholas 5849 W. 107th St., Chicago, IL 60415 Sv/592
Schuller, A.F. 2 Marmaduke Lane, Savannah, GA 31411-1711 B Co/422
Schutte, Phillip F. 55 2425 Otter Drive, Warren, MI 48092 F Co/424
Schwartz, Murray A. 47 Wellington P1., Amityville, NY 11701 C Co/423
Schwarz, Burt P. 309 Levert Street, Mobile, AL 36607 A Co/424
Schwarz, C.E. 714 Cliffslde Drive, Chester, VA 23831 E Co/424
Scott, Earl A. 6414 Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 23226 Hq/589
Scranton, Robert L. 9441 Lee Road, Brighton, M/ 48116 K Co/424
Scurry, Thomas F. 222 King Charles Rd., Columbia, SC 29209 Hq 3 8n/424
Sebastinelli, Fred A. 184 Avila St., San Francisco, CA 94123 Div Hq/AG Post
Seevers, Ralph C. A 5' Rt. 2 - Box 216, Lucasville, OH 45648 P01/422
Seibold, Charles P. 2820 Marshall Court #6, Madison, WI 53705 8 Co/422
Senatro, James V. 121 West Main St., Vernon, CT 06066 106 EM
Serino, Mike P. 619 South Ocean Blvd., Surf Side Beach, SC 53705 8/422
Setter, Leon J. 3825 Grail Street, Wichita, KS 67218 Hq 2 8n/422
Sexton, Maynard , ' Rt. 6 - Box 146, Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Hq/422
Sgrignoli, Michael G. $ 14 125 North 24th St., Camp Hill, PA 17011 Sy/592
Shaffer, Bruce 13452 Avenue 232, Tulare, CA 93274 F Co/423
Sheahan, Robert I. '9 715 North Derby St., Derby, KS 67037 B Co/423
Sheets, Roy A H.C.R. 67, Box 109, Mifflin, PA 17058 A Co/81 Erg
Shewczuk, Mike 9668 Fox, Allen Park, MI 48101 F Co/423
Silvia, Manuel C. A..' 18 George St., Bristol, RI 02009 G Co/422
Simone, Mike A. Box 665, Arma, KS 66712 Div kg
Simons, John F. 15838 Hornell St., Whittier, CA 90603 E Co/423
Sinco, Nicholas 270 E. Main St. Apt. 608, Nanticoke, PA 18634 C 8try/591
Singer, Samuel 1385 Broadway, Hewlett, NY 11557 FX1/
Skardon, Alvin W. 6 Montagu St. Apt. C, Charleston, SC 29401 B Btry/101
Slaback, Harley W. 5 74 206 Temple Or., Sanford, FL 32771 No307/422
Slykhouse, Esq., George J. 2021 Ontonagon St. S.E., Grand Rapid, MI 49506 C Bat/591
Smith, Charles L. 00 P.O. Box 324, Fort Loudon, PA 17224 D Co/422
Smith, Edward J. RD 1, Box 280-A, Chaumont, NY 13622 M Co/423
Smith, George H. 1309 St., Rt. 125, Hamersville, OH 45130 A Co/422
Smith, Howard G. 31 Worthington Circle, Braintree, MA 02184 F Co/423
Smith, Lawrence W. 2673 Commercial Ave., Mingo Junction, OH 43938 I Ca/424
Smith, Mervin S. 1208 Tanager St., Kerrville, TX 78028 A Co/424
Smith, Ray C. 4,74 1471 Church Road, fm #7, Malvern, PA 19355 1g/591
Smith, William E. 7'7' RD 2 - 99 Church St., Pittston, PA 18640 M Co/423
Smith, William F. 134 Bufflehead Point, Lexington, SC 29072 M Co/423
Smyth, Lester S. 505 Chadwick Road, Timonium, MO 21093 Div Arty
Snyder, Walter M. 1. 2901 Dunmore Rd. Apt F-4, Dundalk, MD 21222 A Btry/589
Southern, George 7' 15 12 Wain Ave., Boxwood, Wilmington, DE 19804 El Co/423
Spade, Robert L. 804 N. Jefferson St., Robinson, IL 62454 H Co/424
Spagnola, Nicholas 522 Bayport Way, Longboat Key, FL 33548 B Btry/589
Spayd, Norman S. 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, PA 19601 H Co/423
Speer, Donald G. 7884 Stafford Dr., Saginaw, MI 48603 806 Ord
Stanfield, William A. Rt 5 - Box 82, Reidsville, NC 27320 C Co/423
Stahl, William F. 115 Rimrock, Junction City, KS 66441 H Co/422
Stauff, John H. /5- 139 Donefield Place, Moraga, CA 94556 B Btry/591
Stephens, George W. 8961 E. Indian Hills Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749 H 10/424
Stephens, Glenn Box 538 Palatka, FL 32077 Hq/422
Stephens, Guy M. 5477 Yankeetown Rd., Boonville, 10 47601 F Co/423
Stevens, Gordon A. , Box 323, Brownstown, PA 17508 Cn Co/424
Stoehr, Martin G. ),- 7" 2012 Croyden Drive, Clearwater, FL 33546 M Co/422

Stolar, Allen D. MO nst St. 6630, Miami Beach, FL 33141 L Co/024
Stone, Donald J. 1505 E. Memorial Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 C Btry/589
Stranko, Peter P. Box 6672, Los Osos, CA 93412-6672 A Co/423
Straub, Ted J. 7‘ 948 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Morgantown, WV 26505 14 co/422
Streets, William L. 203 West Elm, Sigcurney, IA 52591 K Ca/423
Strickland, James B. P.O. Box 56, Babson Park, FL 33827 K Co/424
Strohmier, Bernard C. *t( RD 1 Box 131-5, Loretto, PA 15940 B Btry/589
Sulser, Jack L. Li-L 917 N, Ashton St., Alexandria, VA 22313 F Co/423
Sumpter, J.D. Rt. 2 Box 306-PC, Deming, NM 88030 B Btry/590
Sutter, George F. 9148 Elmwood Drive, Munster, IN 46321 AT Co/423
Suttle, Melvin W. 2595 63rd Terrace N., St. Petersburg, FL 33702 I Co/414
Sweet, Dale A. Rt. 7 Box 781, Joplin, MO 64801 106 Recon
Swett, John A. 194229 Old Tavern Rd., Oak Brook, IL 60521 H Co/423
Tabor, 1st Lt Larry S. (USAF) 006 Anderson St. dA, Warrensburg, MO 64093 Assoc
Taylor, Lee B. P.0, Boo 16,. Anderson, SC 29622 K Co/424
Teel, James F. .. 5 Pearl St., Port Norris, NJ 08349 A Co/424
Terrio, Howard J. 4429 Briarwood Rd., Columbia, SC 29206 1/423 6 K/424
Thome, Michael 1711 P St., Apt. 301, Sacramento, CA 95814 Hg 1 8n/422
Thurlow, John W. 01 Lakeside Rd. Mayfield, NY 12117-9801 (5) /589 4 /552
Apt. 3304, 11060 Caravel Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33908 (w)
Thurner, Henry C. 1316 Gartland Ave., Janesville, WI 53545 /589
Tingle, Ben A. 6218 Wimberly Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37416 Hq 3 Bn/422
Tissot, Harrison 6510 Murray Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227 C Co/422
Toce, Joseph A. 660 Wedgewood, Apr. 8, Upland, CA 91786 /591
Tomases, Dr. Ralph 707 Foulk Rd., Wilmington, DE 19803 Med Det/423
Topicz, Joseph 5385 Boomer Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247 E Co/423 ,
Toy, Waid S. -4605 Wade St., Columbia, SC 29210 K Co/422
Trautman, Frank 5, 0< 80 East Summit St., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 D Co/422
Tribout, Arthur J. 1447 1b. 42nd St., East St. Louis, IL 62204 I Ce/424
Troxell, Kenneth LeRoy Box 341, Freeport, IL 61032 AT 10/422
Turek, Casimer Turek Eildg. Apt. 201, Tavernier, FL 33070 H Co/472
Twining, Rollin L. River House, Apt, 7-E, 38 Front Street, Binghamton, NV 13905 CIC 4 3 Bn/429
Untiedt, Raymond K. 7922 Eden Court, Eden Prarie, MN 55344 C Co/423
Valovcin, Michael J. 1' '71 20 Spinning Wheel. Rd., Trumbull, CT 06611 AT CoI422
Van Pelt, Robert C. 1755 Meetinghouse Rd., Hartsville, PA 18974 0 Co/423
Vance, George T. 'Y. 283 Dutch Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 AT Ca/422
Vanderbilt, Harold E. 1407 Carle Drive, Akron, OH 44313 0 Co/422
Varhola, Steve G. Apt. 309-C, 665D Royal Palm Blvd., Margate, FL 33063 0 Co/424
Varnadore, C.V. -1 1922 W. Jefferson St., Quincy, IL '32351 B Co/424
Vaughn, Ray R. RR 2 - Box 560, Cobden, IL 62920 Cn Co/423
Vaught, William S. 4502 Dumac Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37416 AT Co/424
Vennberg, David H. 24 Warren Rd., Sugar Crone, PR 16350 E Co/423
Vermont, Ernest B. 1739 Weston Ave., Baltimore, MO 21234 E Co/423
Velasquez, Armando 9616 Ave. de La Luna, N.E., Albuquerque, 4114 87111 K Co/424 MIL

Vigue, Donald J. 3'- 6028-51 Or Daniel Lane, Charlotte, NC 28213 -M Co/111
Villwock, Russell H. 1. l 6908 W. Higgins Ave., ChicagO, IL 60656 106 Signal
Vincent, Louis J. 2133 Center St., Stevens Point, WI 54481 A Co/424
Vosmeier, L.F. (Bud) 2705 Whitegate Dr., Ft. Wayne, IN 46805
Walden, Lawrence N4.4. 800 E. Missouri, f 205, Phoenix, AZ 85014 /331 Ned
Walker, Robert F. 3507 Shady Lane Rd., North Bend, OH 45052 0 Go/422
Walsh, Charles S. Ashland Terrace, 1001 Cl-ews Landing Rd., Voorhees, NJ 08043 Sv/592
Walters, Presslye 430 Winchester Ave., Youngstown, OH 44059 IS) Assoc
101 Palmetto MHP King, Highway 4 Westchester Charlotte Harbor, FL 33950 (WI
Wanless, William F. 101 Wildwood Beach Rd., OR, St. Paul, MN 55115 AT Co/422
Ward, Nathan of-4 2140 W. Carlyle Court, Marietta, GA 30062 C.O. Hg/81 Eng
Warren, Clarence 111 Goodrich St., Kewanee, IL 61443 A Co/81 Eng
Wasik, Joseph A. , White Hills, 23 Oak Rd., Shelton, CT 06484 0 Ca/423
Wassgren, Milton L.1- 9 401 Valley Vim Dr., Schleswig, IA 51461 A Co/81 Eng
Weber, Robert D. Box 307, Morgantown, WV 26505 H C0/422
Weisser, Jr., Frederick G. 141 Park Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030 Hq/422
Wells, James E. Y- -(‘ 2133 Hepzibah Mclean Rd., Hepzibah, GA 30815 C.O. C Co/81 Eng
Wendel, James W. 918 S. Cowan Street, Garrett, IN 46738 )
Wenslow, Marshall B. Y". 1 2418 Denby Dr., Drayton Plains, MI 48020 A Btry/589
Wentz, William J.,., 350 Stevens Street, Kenton, OH 43326 M Co/423
White, Jr., E.C. Box 465 Whiteface, TX 79379 C Btry/591
White, Robert L. 514 Oglesby Ave., Calumet City, IL 60409 B Btry/592
Wilber, Clinton 16724 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107
Whitner, Donald R. ''- '-. P.O. Box 214, Millville, PA 17846
Wilkerson, Frederick L. 409 Center St., Washington Grove, MO 20880 M Co/422
Wilkinson, Odus (Gene) Y.Y Rt. 1 Box 230-0, Webb City, MO 64870-9263 F Co/423
Williams, Aubrey J. 2201 Flair Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73154 B Co/81 Eng
Williams, Fred 1.-Y' Rt. 2 - Sox 375, Grand Ridge, FL 32442 0 Co/423
Williams, Presley H. t A 3315 Corvair Lane, Saginaw, MI 48602 Hq Co/422
Williams, Richard L. 2600 W. Michigan Ave. 065-8, Pensacola, FL 32506 Hg Co 1 Bn/424
Wilson, Robert D. 4724 Mountain View Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17110 Cn Co/424
Wittenberg, Henry C. 828 Park Avenue, Onalaska, WI 54650 C Btry/590
Wojahn, Edward C. Y. 1- 1553 West Young Dr., Onalaska, WI 54650 B Ca/81 Eng
Wojtusik, Stanley ._, 9639 Wissinoming St., Philadelphia, PA 19114 C Co/422
Wood, Wilburn L. 4.r Apt. 301, 5000 N. Ocean Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 Sy C0/422
Woodruff, Robert T. 1941 Mtn. Laurel Lane, Birmingham, AL 35244 Div Hq/G-4
Woolfley, Gen. F.A. 932 Solomon Place, New Orleans, LA 70119
Worrell, Harold E. 14 Easlick Ave., Mount Holly, NJ 08060 B Co/331 Med
Wyatt, Van S. Y. 2‘. Rt. 2 Box 5-4, Benton, KY 42025 G Co/424
Wyman, David 253 Ludlow Street, Portland, ME 04102 0 Ce/422
Yancik, Pete 1' -1' 1161 Airport Road, Aliquippa, PA 15001 A Co/423
York, Robert E. -/-',' 141 East Sycamore, Grayville, IL 62844 0 Co/422
Young, Edward E. Rt 1 Box 477, mt. Clare, WV 26408 A BtrY/59a
Young, Theodore W. P.O. One 1355, Ozark, AL 36361 Sv Co/423
Younger, Clovis C. 11607 Glenwolde Or., Houston. TX 77099 M Co/422
Youngblood, Charles E. 256 Day Tree Lane, myrtle Beach, SC 29577 D Co/423

Zabkar, Edward F. 20 461110 Crt. - Rt. 23, Fort Myers, FL 33912 B Co/81 Er
Zak, George W. 11023 Kingston St., Westchester, IL 60153 0 & M Co/422
Zeman, Rudy 2933 131ska Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 Cn Co/423
Zenn, Mike 7536 Elmland, Poland, OH 44514 Co/423
Zicker, Gordon B. 27-0 Green Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675 H Co/423
Zillmer, Howard R. 2201 Golfyiew Rd., Punta Gorda, FL 33950
Zimmerman, Mrs. Althea 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore, MD 21207 Assoc
Zingeretti, Primo 4267 Rolling Stone Rd., Las Vegas, NO 09103 F13,031 Eng
Zoll, Edward f 3. 1016 Milford St. N.E., Canton, OH 44714 110/424
Zuckerman, Jack 71 - 13 167th St. N.E., Flushing, NV 11365 C Co/423

NOTE) A (W) or (S) following an individual's address indicates Sumner and Winter address, respectively.
Note 1 X one member attend 2XX means he brought his wife to the reunion in Columbia, S.C. 1986
     I am sorry about any names missing , came in too late for me to add names on. I am going away next week and have to get ready for that event. H. De Heer Important Change to Mobile Hotel Rates Please line out $56 and enter $52 on your Riverview Plaza Hotel Reservation Form. After the reservation forms were printed, we were able to get the room rate decreased. Please make the change before mailing your reservation form to the hotel to prevent any misunderstanding upon your arrival.
106th Caps -- T-Shirts -- Tote Bags
     Do you want them? We have a source to obtain them at very reasonable cost, but mug be paid when ordered. We will not pre-stock them. The 106th logo will be in vivid colors like the license plates and in proportion/a the sire of the item. All items in basic Gold, plus colors in logo.
     Caps - $700 Short Sleeve T-Shirts- (S-M-LAL) -$700 XXI- $11.00 XXXL -WOO Short Sleeve T-Shirts- (S-M-LAL) -$700 XXI- $11.00 XXXL -WOO Long Sleeve T-Shirts-115-M-L-XL7-g1000 XXI- $11,80 XXXL- $12.00 Tote Bags -$100.
Send your order with check to: John a Gilliland 605 Northside Drive Enterprise, AL 36330

41st Annual Reunion
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
September 16-20, 1987
Riverview Plaza, Mobile, Alabama
Noon-5 PM Early Bird Registration Optional Tours Free Tour to Clock Factory

9 AM-5 PM Registration Optional Tours Free Tour to Clock Factory
4 PM-6 PM Board Meeting
6 PM-?? Reception/Welcome Party/Snacks

7:30 AM-9 AM Continental Breakfast
9 AM-Noon Optional Tours
Free Tour to Clock Showroom
Noon Lunch on your own
1 PM-4 PM Optional Tours Free Tour to Clock Showroom
4 PM *Memorial Service - Christ Episcopal Church Dinner On Your Own - Maybe you like Seafood?

7:30 AM-9 AM Continental Breakfast
9 AM-Noon Optional Tours for Men???
9 AM-3 PM Ladies Tour to Eastern Shore and Luncheon at
The Grand Hotel - Point Clear
Noon Men's Luncheon
1 PM-3:30 PM Business Meeting
4 PM-5 PM Board Meeting (immediately after business meeting)
6 PM-t? Reception/Banquet-Dinner/Mardi-Gras Party/Dancing

7:30 AM-9 AM Full Breakfast and Good-Byes till Roanoke, 1988.

*A short walk from our hotel. Church was built in 1823.

Index for: Vol. 43, No. 1, Nov., 1987

Index for This Document

104th Inf. Div., 10
106th Sig. Co., 8, 36, 40, 42, 43, 48
3rd AD, 5
423rd Inf., 12, 21, 23
423rd Inf. Regt., 12, 23
423rd Regt., 15
424th Inf. Regt., 6, 14, 16
589th FA, 14, 19
589th FA BN, 19
590th FA BN, 14
592nd FA BN, 19
66th Inf. Div., 21
806th Ord. Co., 27, 30, 34, 35, 37, 45
81st Engr., 12
81st Engr. Cbt. BN, 10
82nd Abn. Div., 12
Abriel, William E., 28
Adams, Jr., John, 28
Adolphson, Maynard, 28
Agostini, Orfeo E., 28
Aiello, Gabriel, 17, 28
Albergo, Sylvester, 28
Alexander, William G., 28
Amsterdam, 30
Andersen, Junior L., 28
Anderson, Richard K., 28
Andrews, Frank J., 28
Andrews, Lowry B., 28
Andrews, Richard, Sr., 28
Anglin, Joey, 28
Anglin, Lloyd B., 28
Archer, Harry E., 28
Ardennes, 4, 13
Armington, Donald R., 28
Arnold, Eugene P., 28
Ashburn, Nolan, 25, 28
Aspinwall, Francis H., 28
Asquith, Lord, 3
Augerinos, Steve, 23, 28
Austin, Clifford W., 28
Austria, 19
Axon, Harold L., 28
Babich, John J., 28
Bad Orb, 14, 17, 27
Baffa, Steve, 20
Bagby, Howard O., 28
Bailey, Harold M., 28
Baird, Dr. Harry L., 28
Baker, Freddie, 28
Ball, Chester E., 28
Bandurak, Walter, 10
Bard, James A., 28
Barlow, Frank S., 28
Barnes, Elaine, 6
Barnes, L. Preston, 28
Barnett, Herald A., 28
Barrickman, Uhel C., 28
Bartz, Richard E., 28
Battle of the Bulge, 14, 19, 21, 25
Becker, Arthur W., 28
Behr, Richard H., 29
Belgium, 31
Bell, Roger W., 29
Bellay, Charles J., 29
Bendick, Harry J., 29
Bennett, Robert F., 29
Berlin, 31, 32, 42
Betlach, Donald A., 29
Biancamano, Domenic P., 29
Bickford, Thomas, 29
Bied, Dan, 13, 29
Bieze, James H., 29
Bigger, Roy, 29
Birmingham, 33
Black, Ewell C., Jr., 2
Black, Ewell C., Jr. Rev., 29
Black, Rev. Ewell C., 1
Black, T. Wayne, 29
Black, William C., 29
Blackburn, Marion K., 29
Blagg, Charles D., 29
Bloch, Jacques W., 29
Bloomingburg, George L., 12
Bloomingburg, George W., 29
Boggs, Oliver Burl, 29
Bookheimer, Merrill E., 29
Borbely, Frank, 29
Bosle, Robert H., 29
Bottoms, Ira G., 29
Bove, Al, 10
Bowers, Walter H., 29
Bowles, Ralph, 29
Brackett, James E., 29
Bradfield, Kenneth, 29
Bradley, Lynn S., 29
Brannstrom, Arnold J., 29
Brashear, Wm. C., 29
Brasher, S. Walter, 29
Brasher, Walter R., 8
Brazill, Myles, 29
Breite, Victor W., 29
Breuker, Albert, 29
Brice, Sr. Elmer A., 29
Bridges, Walter G., 29
Britton, Benjamin B., 29
Britton, James, 29
Brock, Lewis P., 29
Broderick, H. Joe, 29
Brogan, Leo J., 29
Brown, Arthur C., 29
Brown, Bob, 16
Brown, Dvm, John, 29
Brown, Irving, 29
Brown, Robert, 29
Brumfield, Vernon E., 30
Brunner, Harold J., 30
Brunswick, 37
Bryant, Jack, 30
Buescher, James W., 30
Burgen, Hubert, 30
Burkes, Robert A., 30
Burnett, Janes L., 30
Burnham, Carl W., 30
Burnham, Fred W., 30
Burrell, James V., 30
Butler, Jr., Harry W., 30
Bynum, F.G., 30
Byrd, Jr., Austin L., 30
Call, George, 30
Cambrai, 4
Camp Atterbury, 21, 25
Camp Atterbury, IN, 15
Camp Blanding, FL, 17
Campo, Joseph, 30
Cariano, Col. Samuel P., 30
Cariano, Sam, 12
Cariano, Samuel P., 1
Carr, Edward E., 30
Carr, Fred A., 30
Carr, John W., 30
Carrigan, Bernard, 30
Carriger, Sr., Dr. William, 30
Carriger, W.A., Sr., 23
Carriger, William A., Sr., 23
Carter, Fred R., 30
Carter, Gordon N., 30
Casey, S.N., 30
Caskey, Robert J., 30
Cavanaugh, Joseph A., 30
Cavanaugh, Reid J., 30
Cavender, Col., 21, 28
Cavender, Col. Charles C., 30
Chase, Fred B., 30
Checca, Mario L., 30
Cheltenham, 15
Chermak, Fred F., 30
Chesney, Lonas L., 30
Chuburg Harbor, 21
Churchill, Winston, 3, 5
Churna, Andrew, 30
Clark, Christopher T., 30
Clark, Dr. James I., 30
Clark, Felix, 30
Clark, Gen. Bruce, 4
Clark, John, 30
Clarke, Myron E., 30
Clarke, Walter C., 30
Clausen, Cecil C., 30
Clifflon, Johnny, 10
Clipner, Homer, 30
Coan, H.C., 30
Cock, Susie Belle, 17
Coffey, Douglas S., 1, 31
Coffey, Mr., 7
Cohen, Allen T., 31
Colarusso, John F., 31
Collier, Ambrose, 31
Collier, Sr., James E., 31
Collins, Brig. Gen.. John, III, 27
Collins, Mr., 10, 21, 25, 27
Collins, Sherod, 1, 2, 18, 31
Collins, Virgil & Martha, 1
Collins, Virgil L., 31
Colosussi, John, 16
Connelly, Dr. Michael E., 31
Connor, Milton M., 31
Cooley, Don E., 31
Cooper, C. L., 31
Cooper, Louis M., 31
Coppock, Earl E, 31
Corman, Joel, 31
Corrigan, Charles K., 31
Costa, Antone, 31
Costa, Lawrence B., 31
Coughlin, Lt., 10
Cowan, James, 2
Cowden, Sr., William C., 31
Creamer, Raymond J., 9, 31
Cremer, Engelbert, 7
Crockett, Col. Randy, 31
Cromer, Mildred, 6
Crosby, Lloyd R., 31
Crossman, Lester W., 31
Curcione, Emil, 31
Curnow, Edward L., 31
Curtis, James, 31
Curtis, Jr., Jesse, 31
Dahl, 30
Dahl, Floyd R., 31
Dahlen, William S., 31
Dallman, Joseph G., 31
Daluisio, Carmen, 31
Datte, Charles T., 31
Daugherty, William R., 31
Davis, Capt. Sam E., Jr., 17
Davis, Jr., Sam E., 31
Davis, Leslie E., 31
Davis, Louis, 31
Davis, Sam E., 17
Davis, William C., 31
de Fed, Fred, 17
de Gaulle, Gen., 4
De Laval, Dr. Maurice, 31
De St. Aubin, Robert, 31
Deal, Johnnie H., 31
DeChiara, Joseph A., 31
Defeo, Fred, 31
DeHeer, Marjorie, 12
DeHeer, Mrs., 12, 14, 16
DeHeer, Richard, 1
Delzell, William J., 31
Depoyster, Fred, 31
Derr, Rev. Valentine H., 31
Dever, Martin J., 31
Devine, Bill, 17
Devine, William J., 31
Dexter, Donald B., 32
Dickard, G. Edward, 32
Dickenson, James J., 32
Dickerson, James J., 17
Dieppe, 5
Dillard, Richard V., 32
Div. Arty, 39, 44, 45
Dobe, Francis J., 32
Dodge., William L., 32
Dodson, Dwight P., 32
Dohoney, William P., 32
Dolitsky, Mrs. Martin M., 32
Donaldson, Robert W., Jr., 15
Donovan, William J., 32
Dorn, Edward W., 32
Dorosky, Suzanne, 10
Dorosky, Thomas C., 32
Dorosky, Tom, 10
Dorosky, Tom & Alice, 10
Dover, 29
Downing, James G., 32
Dresden, 12
Dresen, David T., 32
Duke, Sgt. Ivan, 12
Dunbar, Alan J., 32
Earl Knuth, 37
Easler, Harley W., 32
Eckblad, Wesley, 32
Eckenstahler, Richard C., 32
Edelman, Louis, 32
Edwards, Carl E., 32
Edwards, Howard S., 32
Edwards, James L., 32
Ehrhardt, Roger J., 32
Ekan, Cpl. Troy, 12
Ellsworth, Col. Perry B., 32
Elston, Floyd L., 32
Embury, Raymond M., 32
Enlow, Mrs. Russell (Bonnie), 32
Enlow, Russ, 6
Enlow, Russell, 6
Evans, Maj., 10
Facey, Col. Kenneth B., 32
Falch, Carl, 32
Fanelli, Albert, 32
Farrell, Neil K., 32
Faucher, Joseph, 6
Fehlman, Alvin I., 19, 32
Fellows, John H., 32
Filkins, Clyde L., 32
Fillmer, Howard, 25
Finlayson, Kenneth, 32
Finnegan, John F., 32
Fischer, John J., 32
Fisher, Lee, 10
Fitzgerald, Bob, 10
Fitzgerald, Gilbert M., 32
Fitzpatrick, James M., 32
Flaig, Robert G., 32
Fleming, Harold A., 32
Flick, Robert F., 32
Fox, Tom & Mary, 10
Fradianni, Frank J., 32
Frampton, Jr., D.B., 32
France, 21, 37
Frank, Florian R., 32
Frankel, Jerome L., 32
Frankini, Richard A., 33
Franklin, Dick, 26
Franks, Ray H., 22, 33
Freed, Charles W., 33
Freed, Chas., 27
Friedman, Herbert J., 14
Fritz, John R., 1, 2, 33
Ft. Jackson, SC, 8, 10, 19
Gaffney, Frank W., 33
Gallagher, John I., 33
Gardner, Jack, 23
Garn, Charles S., 33
Gasses, Joseph J., 33
Gatens, John, 33
Gehrig, Melvin, 33
Geib, George P., 33
Geisler, Carl W., 33
Geneva, 29
Gentry, Wallace H., 33
George, R. Wayne, 33
Gerardi, Frank, Sr., 21
Gerardi, Sr., Frank, 33
Germany, 27
Gibson, Charles R., 33
Gilder, Robert A., 33
Giles, Judith, 6
Gillespie, John M., 33
Gillikin, Ross E., 33
Gilliland, Bob, 2
Gilliland, John O., 33
Ginther, Keith, 33
Gioia, Patrick J., 33
Gioria, Patrick J., 27
Glasgow, 28
Glenney, Walter S., 33
Goldberg, Arnold, 33
Gottshall, Edwin A., 33
Grant, Wilburn N., 33
Grasso, Sal, 17
Grasso, Salvatore V., 33
Gray, James A., 33
Gray, Leon, 33
Greene, John, 33
Gregory, Dannie L., 33
Gregory, John A., 34
Gregory, W. Leo, 33
Grimes, Robert, 34
Griner, Lt., 27
Grogan, Henry E., 34
Grosjean, Robert A., 9
Gross, Joseph, 34
Grossjean, Robert, 34
Gruce, Michael C., 34
Guderian, Gen., 4
Guigno, Joseph, 20
Guigno, Joseph M., 34
Gunvalson, Russell L., 34
Haas, Milton D., 34
Hagen, Jr., Edwin P., 34
Hagman, Fred C., 34
Hagman, Mrs. Juanita, 34
Hall, Arthur N., 34
Hall, John L., 34
Halladay, Maurice A., 34
Hanover, 42
Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Ma., 16
Harmon, Capt., 10
Harris, Abner T., 34
Harris, Bill, 17
Harris, Jr., Rev. Isham A., 34
Harris, William B., 34
Hartlieb, Glen O., 34
Hartzell, Bert E., 34
Harvey, Charles, 34
Hasler, Eugene F., 34
Hatch, H.M., 34
Hawkins, Marlin H., 25, 34
Hayes, John P., 34
Hellwig, Elmer L., 6
Hellwig, Mrs. E.L., 34
Hemelt, William G., 34
Hemming, Forrest W., 34
Henriksen, Harry, 34
Henson, Col. E. Glenn, 34
Hester, Kenneth T., 34
Hiers, James L., 34
Higgins, Robert, 34
Hill, Jr., Ralph C., 34
Hilliard, Roy, 34
Hines, Clyde W., 16, 34
Hinson, Sr., Arthur E., 34
Hoag, John, 34
Hoag, William C., 34
Hobbs, John, 27
Hobbs, John D., 27
Hochstetter, Herbert H., 34
Hoenemeyer, John H., 34
Hoff, Russell, 15, 34
Hoffman, Jr., Briggs A., 34
Hohenstein, John J., 34
Holder, Harry L., 35
Holgash, Nicholas C., 35
Holland, 43
Horne, George A., 35
House, Pete, 35
Houston, William C., 36
Howard, Alex T., Jr., 21
Howard, John W., 36
Howell, Robert F., 36
Hulbert, Carl M., 36
Hulkonen, Arthur A., 36
Humphrey, Donald B., 36
Hundt, Albert, 36
Hurne, George, 27
Hutcherson, James L., 36
Iantosca, Attileo, 36
Indianapolis Star, 10
Jacobs, Montague H., 36
Jacobs, Richard L., 36
Janicke, Jack M., 36
Jebens, Arthur B., 36
Jenkins, William D., 36
Jensen, George, 36
Jensen, Ralph O., 25, 36
Jobe, Harvey, 36
Jochems, Sr., Richard B., 36
Johnson, Donald E., 25
Johnson, Jr., Benjamin F., 36
Johnson, Newton, 36
Johnson, Paul, 36
Johnson, Vincent M., 36
Johnson, William, 36
Jones, Gen., 25
Jones, Gen. Alan W., 8
Jones, Jr., Col. Alan, W., 36
Jones, Jr., George M., 36
Jones, Lawrence E., 36
Jones, Mrs. Alys, 8
Jones, Mrs. Alys P., 36
Judy, Harry H., 36
Justice, Gilbert W., 36
Kane, Mrs. Eloise, 36
Kane, Roger M., 36
Karlsruhe, 14
Karth, James F., 36
Kaufman, George H., 36
Keahl, Edward A., 36
Keenan, Peter E., 36
Keilman, Elsby, 36
Kelch, Eugene B., 36
Kelly, Edmond, 36
Kelly, George S., 36
Kelly, John H., 36
Kelly, Robert E., 36
Kelly, T. Payne, 14
Kemp, Mrs. Katheryn, 36
Kenney, Francis T., 36
Kerr, Allen, 10
Kerr, Allen W., 37
Kershner, Jesse D., 37
Kersteiner, Don, 19, 26
Kersteiner, Don W., 37
Kersten, Joseph R., 37
Kiendl, Jr., Theodore, 37
Killgallen, Bill, 10
King, Kenneth K., 37
Kingsley, Karl W., 37
Kiper, Orville B., 37
Klett, James R., 37
Knighton, Glenn M., 37
Koehler, Franklin R., 37
Kommando, 14
Kopatz, Alfred E., 37
Kortlang, Charles E., 37
Kowalsi, Stanley J., 37
Krafchik, Joseph, 37
Kramer, Joseph, 37
Kreuser, Leo P., 37
Kucharz, John, 37
Kuespert, Art, 27
Kuespert, W. Arthur, 27
Kuizma, Harold, 37
Kultzow, John, 37
Kultzow, John E., 10, 11
Kups, Stanley, 37
Kwaczek, Carl S., 37
Lacy, Bill, 27
Lacy, William L., Jr., 27
Landolt, Rudolph F., 37
Lang, William, 37
Lange, Elmer F., 37
Langham, Francis S., 37
Lapato, Frank, 37
Laphan, Charles & Betty, 10
Laphan, Charles G., 37
Larson, Gilbert, 37
Lauman, Clarence W., 37
Lauro, Alex, 15
Lawrence, Edward A., 37
Le Compte, Jr., Lester, 37
Le Tellier, Jr., Louis S., 37
Leach, Ambrose R., 37
Leavitt, Edward H., 37
LeBeaux, Reuben, 37
Lee, Futrell H., 37
Lehr, Vernon S., 37
Leibowitz, Sam, 25
Leibowitz, Samuel, 37
Leipzig, 19
Leisse, Sr., Leo R., 37
Lekashok, Alvin, 39
Lemmo, Louis J., 37
Lerno, Alfons P., 37
Lewis, Cevert A., 37
Lewis, Charles R., 37
Libera, Henry F., 37
Lichtenfeld, Seymore, 37
Lichtenfeld, Seymour, 25
Likins, Robert A., 37
Limberg, 14, 19
Linden, 31, 32, 39, 42
Lindsey, Curtis J., 38
Lis, Sr., Edward C., 38
Litvin, Joseph, 38
Lombardi, Frank, 10
London, 37
Long, Ivan, 38
Loos, Arthur E., 38
Lopardo, Patsy J., 38
Lord, Malcolm E., 39
Lothrop, Jr., Oliver A., 39
Loveless, Kay, 10
Loveless, Mrs. Kay, 39
Lowith, Allen L., 39
Lucsay, William, 39
Luzzie, Edward L, 39
Mabry, John W., 39
Maceiko, Alice Dorosky, 10
Madden, Col. John J., 39
Maddox, Robert C., 14, 39
Madsen, Ander N., 39
Malone, William, 39
Manager, Thomas G., 39
Manfredi, John, 39
Mansfield, Horace E., 39
Mapes, Robert E., 39
Maples, Lyman C., 39
Marcoux, Alphonse A., 8, 39
Marcus, Gilbert, 39
Mark, Joseph C., 39
Marks, Sgt., 10
Marshall, Richard G., 39
Marshall, Richard G. (Dick), 21
Martin, Jr., Harry F., 39
Martin, Walter W., 39
Mascone, Attilio A., 12
Massey, Joseph, 39
Matthews, Jr., Col. Joseph, 39
Matthews, Robert F., 39
Maw, Thomas, 39
Mayotte, Russ, 39
McBride, Sgt. Robert, 14
McCarron, Donald J., 39
McCarty, Mrs. Howard S., 39
McCullough, Lyle K., 39
McDevitt, John F., 39
McKee, Col. Henry H., 39
McLeieer, Jack, 39
McMahon, Gen. Leo T., 39
McMillan, Paul, 1
McMillen, Paul, 39
McNinch, James B., 39
Meader, William H., 39
Meeks, Riley, 39
Melichar, Bill, 17
Melichar, William J., 39
Mellinger, John D., 39
Mencarini, Jr., Vincent, 39
Merz, O. Paul, 39
Messina, Carl, 39
Michalowski, Henry, 40
Middleton, Iii, John A., 40
Mikalouskis, John L., 40
Mileski, Marion S., 40
Miller, Elman, 40
Miller, Ernest L., 40
Miller, Gene L., 41
Mills, Col. Eric R., 41
Minor, Irvin G., 41
Moon, Jr., Col. William P., 41
Moore, George L., 41
Morell, Eugene, 41
Moriarty, William E., 41
Moritz, Adolph G., 41
Morris, Walter B., 41
Morrison, Robert B., 41
Moscone, Attilio A., 39
Mosher, Michael S., 41
Mosley, Newton L., 41
Mosley, R. A., 5
Mosley, Rev. Ronald A., 41
Mosley, Ron, 5
Mosolf, William A., 41
Moyer, George C., 41
Mueller, M. J., 41
Mueller, William H., 41
Munster, 46
Murphree, Leon A., 41
Murphy, Dale, 41
Murray, Jr., George, 41
Myers, Jr., Dr. Lawrence, 41
Nachtsheim, Germany, 19
Napien, James T., 21
Naughton, Mark P., 41
Nelson, Edward, 41
Nesbit, Sr., John S., 41
Nielson, Donald, 41
Noon, Cletus E., 41
Norway, 4
Notario, Ernest, 41
Novak, Joseph, 41
Nunnally, Calvin, 41
Nusbaum, Alfred S., 41
Oakley, Jr., Johnnie L., 41
Ochiltree, Jim, 41
Oelschig, Jr., Albert C., 41
Olecki, Edward J., 41
Olman, Mrs. Wanold D., 41
Omaha Beach, 5
Ord, Charles R., 41
Ouellette, Maj., 21
Owens, Henry L., 41
Oxford, 37
Paananen, Arvo, 41
Padgett, Carroll D., 41
Palazzo, Anthony, 41
Paris, 37
Parker, Earl S., 41
Parker, Richard B., 41
Parr, Marvin, 41
Parrelli, George, 41
Pasquale, Joseph A., 41
Patrick, L. Dale, 41
Patterson, Fletcher D., 41
Patterson, Warren N., 42
Patton, George, 4
Pawluk, Walter S., 42
Pell, Sidney, 42
Pellerin, Conrad, 42
Peluso, Lewis B., 42
Pender, Jim, 10
Perry, Charles J., 42
Perry, Kenneth W., 42
Pershing, Gen., 3
Petersen, Walter A., 42
Peterson, Richard, 15
Peterson, Richard W., 28, 42
Pettus, William R., 42
Peyser, Charles S., 42
Pfaff, Burton E., 42
Pfotenhauer, Donald J., 42
Phillips, George F., 42
Phillips, Jr., Mrs. Arthur, 42
Piasecki, Leo R., 42
Pierce, Sr., Robert W., 42
Pierce, Waldo B., 42
Pigostini, Gus, 10
Piha, Morris R., 42
Pina, George R., 42
Pip, Mayor W., 7
Player, James W., 6, 42
Player, Jim, 15
Plenge, Edward C., 42
Ponza, Frank, 42
Poole, Thomas M., 42
Praznik, Louis, 42
Prckorym, Casimir T., 42
Prewitt, Edward A., 42
Price, Dr. George, 18
Prince, Robert, 42
Prum, 14
Puett, Col. Joseph, 42
Purdy, Dr. Edmund C., 42
Purple Heart, 22
Puskarich, Charles H., 42
Puzio, Joseph, 42
Queen Elizabeth, 11
Quirin, Paul J., 42
Rahm, Carroll, 42
Raila, Frank A., 14
Rain, John C., 42
Randall, William W., 42
Randol, Richard L., 42
Rarick, Mrs. Clayton F., 42
Rauch, Victor C., 42
Ravdin, Alex, 42
Redmond, Dean T., 42
Reece, Leon W., 42
Reed, Dr. Albert, 42
Reed, Raymond J., 43
Regier, Donald, 43
Reid, Capt. Charles Betts, 17
Reilly, Mrs. Edward, 43
Reiss, James A., 43
Remetta, Joseph, 8, 43
Reynolds, James E., 43
Rhine, 25
Ricci, Armondo A., 43
Rice, Cecil E., 43
Richards, Charles W., 43
Rickard, William, 43
Rieck, Charles F., 43
Riggs, Col., 10
Riggs, Col. Thomas J., 43
Ringer, Robert C., 43
Rinkema, George, 43
Risoli, Nicoli, 43
Ritchie, Merle, 8
Ritts, Rowland R., 43
Robb, Dr. John C., 43
Robb, John G., 1
Robbins, W.D., 43
Roberts, John M., 19, 43
Robertson, George E., 43
Robichaud, Philip, 43
Roche, Edward, 43
Rodriguez, Dr. Juan, 43
Ross, Glenn W., 24, 43
Rossin, Leo H., 43
Rothermel, Thomas R., 43
Rowan, William K., 43
Rupert, Maj. James, 43
Rusch, Marvin H., 43
Russell, Jefferson B., 43
Russell, Jimmie G., 43
Russell, Raymond E., 43
Russin, Peter, 43
Ruthrauff, Herbert W., 43
Rutland, Roger, 10, 21
Rutland, Roger M., 43
Rutledge, Boyd A., 43
Rutt, Robert E., 43
Ryan, Gerald W., 43
Rydzinski, Edward, 43
Sabarise, Frank, 43
Salata, Edward C., 43
Salber, Joseph P., 43
Samples, L. Orvis, 43
Sandberg, Bob, 10
Sandberg, Robert E., 43
Sanders, Joseph T., 44
Sandersdorf, 14
Saucerman, Eugene L., 44
Saugrich, Paul J., 44
Savage, Ernest C., Jr., 26
Savage, Jr., Ernest C., 44
Scalissi, John J., 44
Schaffner, John W., 44
Schecter, Irvin W., 44
Schieferstein, Fred, 44
Schlesser, John P., 44
Schober, Milton J, 44
Schoemer, Frank, 44
Schofield, Arden, 44
Schroeder, Nicholas, 44
Schuller, A.F., 44
Schutte, Phillip F., 44
Schwartz, Murray A., 44
Schwarz, Burt, 23
Schwarz, Burt P., 44
Schwarz, C.E., 44
Scott, Earl A., 44
Scott, John, 8
Scranton, Robert L., 44
Scurry, Thomas F., 44
Sebastinelli, Fred A., 44
Seevers, Ralph C., 44
Seibold, Charles P., 44
Senatro, James V., 44
Serino, Mike P., 44
Setter, Leon J., 44
Seventh Army, 4
Sexton, Maynard, 44
Sgrignoli, Michael G., 44
Shaffer, Bruce, 44
Sharp, Sgt. Louis, 19
Sheahan, Robert I., 44
Sheets, Roy, 44
Shewczuk, Mike, 44
Silvia, Manuel C., 44
Simone, Mike A., 44
Simons, John F., 44
Sinco, Nicholas, 44
Singer, Samuel, 44
Skardon, Alvin W., 44
Slaback, Harley W., 44
Slykhouse, Esq., George J., 44
Smith, Charles L., 44
Smith, Edward J., 44
Smith, George H., 44
Smith, Howard G., 44
Smith, Lawrence W., 44
Smith, Mervin S., 44
Smith, Ray C., 44
Smith, William E., 45
Smith, William F., 45
Smyth, Lester S., 45
Snyder, Walter M., 45
Southern, George, 45
Spade, Robert L., 45
Spagnola, Nicholas, 45
Spayd, Norman S., 45
Spears, Jim, 8
Speer, Bette & Donald G., 25
Speer, Donald G., 45
St. Vith, 7, 12, 19
St. Vith, Belgium, 4
Stahl, William F., 45
Stalag 12-A, 14
Stalag 3B, 25
Stalag 9-B, 20
Stalag IV-A, 34
Stalag IX-A, 14, 27
Stalag IX-B, 14, 17
Stalag XII-A, 25
Stanfield, William A., 45
Stanton, Col., 3
Stauff, John H., 45
Stephens, George W., 45
Stephens, Glenn, 45
Stephens, Guy M., 45
Stevens, Gordon A., 45
Stevens, Judith & Gordon A., 17
Stoehr, Martin G., 45
Stoehr, Marty, 15
Stolar, Allen D., 46
Stone, Donald J., 46
Stranko, Peter P., 46
Straub, Ted J., 46
Streets, William L., 46
Strickland, James B., 46
Strohmier, Bernard C., 46
Sulser, Jack A., 27
Sulser, Jack L., 46
Sumpter, J.D., 46
Sutter, George F., 46
Suttle, Melvin W., 46
Sutton, Nancy, 8
Sweet, Dale A., 46
Swett, John A., 46
Swinton, Lt. Col. Ernest, 2
Tabor, 1st Lt. Larry S., 46
Taylor, Lee B., 46
Teel, James, 46
Terrio, Howard J., 46
Thomas, Almietra, 8
Thome, Michael, 46
Thurlow, John W., 46
Thurner, Henry C., 46
Tingle, Ben A., 46
Tissot, Harrison, 46
Toce, Joseph A., 46
Tomases, Dr. Ralph, 46
Topicz, Joseph, 12, 46
Toy, Waid S., 46
Trautman, Frank, 46
Tribout, Arthur J., 46
Tronco, Cathye, 6
Troxell, Kenneth Leroy, 46
Trutzhain, 15
Turek, Casimer, 46
Twining, Rollin L., 46
Untiedt, Raymond K., 46
Valovcin, Michael J., 46
Van Pelt, Robert C., 46
Vance, George T., 46
Vanderbilt, Harold E., 46
Varhola, Steve G., 46
Varnadore, C.V., 46
Vaughn, Ray R., 46
Vaught, William S., 46
Velasquez, Armando, 46
Vennberg, David H., 46
Vermont, Ernest B., 46
Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge, 12, 21
Vielsalm, 31
Vigue, Donald J., 48
Villwock, Russell H., 48
Vincent, Louis J., 48
Vosmeier, L.F. (Bud), 48
Wakefield, 33
Walden, Lawrence, 48
Walker, Robert F., 48
Walsh, Charles & Daisy, 10
Walsh, Charles S., 48
Walters, Presslye, 48
Wanless, William F., 48
Ward, Capt. Nathan, 12
Ward, Nathan, 11, 48
Warren, Clarence, 48
Wasik, Joseph A., 48
Wassgner, Milt, 10
Wassgren, Milton L., 48
Weber, Robert D., 48
Weisser, Jr., Frederick G., 48
Wells, Capt., 10, 11
Wells, James E., 48
Wendel, James W., 48
Wenslow, Marshall B., 48
Wentz, William J., 48
White, Fred O., 16
White, Jr., E.C., 48
White, Robert L., 12, 48
Whitner, Donald R., 48
Wilber, Clinton, 48
Wilkerson, Frederick L., 48
Wilkinson, Gene, 27
Wilkinson, Odus (Gene), 48
Williams, Aubrey J., 12, 48
Williams, Fred, 48
Williams, Presley H., 48
Williams, Richard L., 48
Wilson, Robert D., 48
Winterspelt, 14
Wittenberg, Henry C., 48
Wojahn, Edward C., 48
Wojtusik, Stanley, 48
Wood, Wilburn L., 48
Woodruff, Robert T., 48
Woolfley, Gen. F.A., 48
Worrell, Harold E., 48
Wyatt, Van S., 48
Wyman, David, 48
Yancik, Pete, 48
York, Robert E., 48
Young, Edward E., 48
Young, Theodore W., 49
Youngblood, Charles E., 49
Younger, Clovis C., 49
Zabkar, Edward F., 50
Zak, George W., 50
Zeigenhain, 14, 27
Zeman, Rudy, 50
Zenn, Mike, 50
Zicker, Gordon B., 50
Ziegenhain, 27
Zillmer, Howard R., 50
Zimmerman, Mrs. Althea, 50
Zingaretti, Primo, 12
Zingeretti, Primo, 50
Zoll, Edward, 50
Zuckerman, Jack, 50