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The Cub
Vol. 43, No. 1, Nov., 1987

     We regret to announce that our beloved Editor, Dick DeHeer passed away November 25th, in the process of publishing this, his last issue of the Cub.
     We have lost a friend, oh what a friend! He has served the Association for more years that I like to remember. Our families have been through thick and thin and we have thoroughly enjoyed our many times together. Dick will be sorely missed and difficult to replace. His stubbornness of purpose has kept the Association in good stead and he leaves a heritage without peer. We struggle along and have many more reunions, but they will not seem the same without Dick. He would be the first to say, Hello fellows, get on with it.
None of us is irreplaceable.
God Bless you Dick,

President John R. Fritz
1st Vice President Paul McMillan
2nd Vice President John G. Robb
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Samuel P. Cariano
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Ewell C. Black
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey

    THE CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association includes subscription of THE CUB.
All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer, 86 Berkshire Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32037
All business matters and inquiries, reports of deaths, changes of address should be sent to:
Mr. Samuel P. Cariano, Adjutant (November 1 - May WI
122 Skyline Boulevard
    Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 (May 11 - October 31) Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 (May 11 - October 31) P.O. Box 938 Maggie Valley, N.O 28751
    Dues for 1986 - 1987 are due now and to be paid by July 1, 1987 and not later than July 1, 1987. Dues are to be sent to the Treasurer at the following address:
Mr. Sherod Collins, Treasurer 448 Monroe Trace
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Membership Dues $10.00 per year
Associate Dues $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year
Samuel P. Cariano Adjutant

President's Message
     To The Members Of The 106th Infantry Division Association On the trip home from Columbia, many thoughts crossed my mind about how to thank you, the membership, for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your President for the coming year. Each and every one of you have my gratitude and also my assurance that along with the Officers and Board of Directors, we will do our best to continue to implement all the traditional values and uphold those ideals which have meant so much to our Association in the past.
     The reunion committee, chaired by Roger and Mattie Rutland and assisted by Howard and Luvelle Terio, certainly did a fantastic job. We were all delighted by their hospitality and by the efficiency and welcome shown us by the entire staff of the Marriott Hotel. It truly was a great and memorable reunion.
     I wish I would've had the chance to meet all the first time members personally. I sincerely hope that all of you will return again. There is only one way to get involved in the Association and that is to attend every year. You will find ' that the friendships you build will be of great benefit to you over the years. Remember to help our CUB Editor by sending pictures and articles to him. As you all know, the CUB is the glue that holds our Association together. We will all be interested in the December gatherings as these are more reinforcements in our unique Association. The 1987 Reunion Chairman furnished us with excellent literature about the Mobile, Alabama Convention. Let's all


    make our plans early so that this will be a successful convention also. That committee has worked very hard and they deserve a large turnout. Our Holiday Season is fast approaching, and as we take time first, to thank the Almighty for our abundant blessings this year, Martha and I would like to wish you all the joy, peace, health and success possible now and in the New Year.
Best Wishes To All, John R. Fritz, President


Members' Dues $ 6,610.00
Auxiliary Dues 512.00 Interest Earned 1,527.51
8,649.51 CUB Expense: Printing $ 3,320.97
Covers 590.69 Postage 1,223.07
Travel 33.60 Bank Charge 8.00
Telephone 5.67 5,182.00 Postage 332.30
Advance to 1986 Reunion Committee 1,000.00
Loss on 1985 Reunion 849.73 Registration fees-4 officers 252.00
Office Supplies & Printing 219.24 Travel 130.00
Telephone 48.46 Bank Charge 15.00
FHL/273 Net Increase $ 620.78
Brought Forward $22,030.96
Net Increase 620.78
Brought Forward $11,432.21
Contributions 2,234,00
Interest Earned 708.84
14,375.05 Less: Transfer to St Vith School 7,500.00
Stock of Sympathy cards purchased 86.26
St. Vith Exp.-Coffey 70.00 Flowers 20.00
7,676.26 Balance $ 6,698.79

CHANGES IN CASH POSITIONS This year $22,651.74 $ 6,698.79 $29,350.53
Last year 22,030.96 11,432.21
Increase (Decrease) $ 620.78 ($ 4,733.42) ($ 4,112.64)
Checking $ 1,427.36
Savings 27,923.17
Total in Bank $29,350.53
Respectfully submitted, Sherod Collins, Treasurer


40th Annual Reunion At Columbia, South Carolina
     A total of 556 people attended the Reunion at Columbia, South Carolina, of that number 288 were members. The others were ladies or male guests.

Members representing the various units of the Division are listed below:
422nd. Infantry 89
423rd. Infantry 50
424th. Infantry 62
589th. FA Bn. 17
590th. FA Bn. 10
591st. FA Bn 23
592nd. FA Bn 5
Div. Arty. 2
81st, Engr 21
331st. Med 2
MP Co. 2
Signal Co. 2
Div. HQ 3
The above members were from 38 States, one from Canada and one from France. See breakdown below:

Alabama 4
Arizona 1
California 9
Connecticut 7
Delaware 3
Florida 26
Georgia 14
Hawaii 1
Illinois 25
Indiana 8
Iowa 3
Kansas 3
Kentucky 4
Louisiana 2
Maryland 5
Massachusetts 6
Michigan 15
Minnesota 5
Mississippi 1
Missouri 6
Montana 1
New Jersey 13
New York 12
North Carolina 9
Ohio 22
Oklahoma 1
Pennsylvania 21
Rhode Island 3
South Carolina 20
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 9
Texas 7
Vermont 1
Virginia 7
Washington 1
West Virginia 3
Wisconsin 12
Wyoming 1

Board Of Directors
1986 - 1987
BRITTON, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Massachusetts 01501 (617) 832-8308
CARIANO, Samuel P. 122 Skyline Boulevard Satellite Beach, Florida 32927 (305) 777-2876
COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 N.W. Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 (813) 629-5711
DeHEER, Richard 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037 (904) 445-4316
FRITZ, John R. 9271 Avon Belden Road North Ridgeville, Ohio (216) 327-8089
GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 (216) 923-3370
GILDER, Robert A. 36303 Behm Drive North Ridgeville, Ohio 44223 (216) 327-4492
LUCSAY, William 12612 S. Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 (312) 388-8989


MATTHEWS, Joseph C., Jr. 4706 Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27606
(919) 851-4851
MAW, Thomas J. 436 Beech Street Rockland, Massachusetts 02370 (617) 878-1796
McDEVITT, John F. 188 Queen Street Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19977 (302) 227-3911
McMILLAN, Paul 294 Albemarle Place Macon, Georgia 31204 (912) 474-1909
ROBB, John G. 238 DeVore Drive Meadville, Pennsylvania 16355 (814) 333-6364 or 333-1616
RUTLAND, Roger M. 6632 Arcadia Woods Road Columbia, South Carolina 29206 (803) 787-6996
SCRANTON, Robert L. 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116 (313) 229-6716
STRAUB, Ted J. 948 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 (304) 599-4450
WARD, Nathan 2140 W. Carlyle Court Marietta, Georgia 30061 (404) 971-8594
VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 W. Higgins Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60656 (312) 631-2027
WHITE, E. C., Jr. Box 465 Whiteface, Texas 79379 (806) 287-1109
WYATT, Van 5. Rt. 2, Box 5-A Benton, Kentucky 42025 (502) 527-1796
ZOLL, Ed 1016 Milford, N.E. Canton, Ohio 44714 (216) 454-4312
    HONORARY LIFE MEMBER McMAHON, Leo T. Brigadier General, USA-Retired 8 North Union Street Middleton, Pennsylvania 17057 (717) 944-3821

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rutland 106th Infantry Division Box 1713 Columbia, S.C. 29202

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rutland:
     On behalf of the entire staff of the COLUMBIA MARRIOTT HOTEL, let me say what an honor it was for us to host the 106th Infantry, October 7-13, 1986. It was a pleasure for Barry and myself to work with the two of you over the past year to bring the program together. You are to be congratulated. I heard nothing but great comments from your attendees on what a fine reunion this one was turning out to be. Enclosed is a group comment form. Please take a moment of your time to fill it out and return it to our corporate headquarters in Washington. We would greatly appreciate it.
     If the COLUMBIA MARRIOTT can ever be of assistance to you or the group in the future, please let us know. Again, it was a pleasure for Barry and I to work with you on this 40th Anniversary Reunion, and we both along with the Hotel thank you for your business.
Dean Johnston Sales Massager


10 Hargrove Grade
Palm Coast, Florida 32037

Dec. 2, 1986

From The Publisher:
     Richard "Dick" DeHeer was a very dear person to all of us at Flagler Printers/Plus. We looked forward to his presence when it was time to publish "The Cub of the Golden Lion." Dick was full of jokes and laughter. When I was in question about a business problem, Dick was there for advice, and as always his advice turned me in the right direction.
     We are all going to miss Richard DeHeer for he enlightened all of us with his charm. It was always a pleasure to turn out the publication with great affection.
Jaii M. Hein, Proprietor and Staff.
In Memoriam


Dear Richard,
     Would like to contact anyone that came back from Germany on a liberty ship, May or June 1945, docked at Newport News, Virginia, where the boiler blew up. We had to anchor down for several days. I had two heart attacks and was put in the hospital at Newport News, Virginia. I need these for V.A. claim as they claim all our records were destroyed by fire. Had a wonderful time at the reunion at Columbia. Met lots of people.
S. Walter Brasher RR 42, Box 515 Crothersville, Indiana 47229

Mr. Richard DeHeer,
I regretfully inform the Association of my husband's recent death. He was a member of the 106th Infantry Division.
He died Oct. 13, 1986.
     He was a P.O.W. captured at the Battle of the Bulge. Survived by his wife, Gladys Thompson, 3 sons, 1 daughter, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. He shall be truly missed.
T/Sgt. Richard C. Thompson
740 Beech St. Golden, Co. 80401

Hi Mr. & Mrs. R. DeHeer,
     How are you two? Was your trip home okay? We arrived at Orlando Tuesday noon. We got word that my sister-in-law had passed away on Monday. We headed back home.
Also I received word that my platoon Sgt. passed away while we were at Columbia, S.C.
     Would you print this on our next Cub issue so that more of his buddies will know. T/Sgt. Richard C. Thompson, Co. G. 422 106 Inf., died 18th of Oct. while we were at Fort Jackson. Home address: R. C. Thompson, 740 Beech St., Golden, Colorado 80401.
Betty & Manuel
Co. M 424 Inf.


    Photo: Co. M, 424th Inf. Kitchen Crew returns to Tank Hill after 43 years absence. Photographer Sid Pell of Co. M was at the right place at the right time to capture Mess Sgt. Jim Hires preparing roux (brown sauce) with 1st Cook & Baker Chuck Puskarich. Cooking and baking for 220 and more was at times a busy job with little time off even on weekends says Chuck. Jim, Chuck and their wives will be in Mobile, Ala. next reunion with the gang from Co. M 424 Inf.

Dear Sam:
     For a while I was planning to come to the Reunion; however, my legs are starting to go. Give my regards to all and I take this opportunity to say, "Hello- to Charles R. Gibson, Harry Tissot, Al Shuler and Shinie Lee.
Carl S. Kwaczek 1st Sgt., Co. C, 422d Inf.

Dear Sam:
We cannot make the reunion because of date change - we planned for Sept. not Oct. Maybe next year "?"
James Clark, M.D. Med. Oct., 590 & 590 FA Bn

Dear Roger and All 106th Association Members,
     I regret that I will not be able to be with you at your 40th Reunion. However I will be thinking of you from a distance, as we leave September 30th for a trip to China, Korea and Japan, this trip was planned quite a time ago and could not be changed.
     My special regards to the Service Company 423rd Infantry, as I understand through the efforts of Bill Melichar he had located several of the old gang to become members and hoped to have a good group at the convention. Please give my greetings to all with a wish for happiness in the year ahead. Please give my greetings to all with a wish for happiness in the year ahead.
Charles W. Richards, SV/423 204 Crestview Dr.
Hendersonville, N.C. 28739


From The General's Lady
Dear 106th Division Friends,
     1985 was not my year! I broke my hip, sold my home, divided my furniture with the children and stored the rest, and settled down in a nursing home, only seven blocks from my old home, so I am in old surroundings and see many old friends. This was all carried out by Alan, Jr. and Lynn, and Hollie and Ozzie. They made a wonderful and complete change like old pros -- so if you want to settle an estate just call the /ones and vom Orde Company!
I am very comfortable and well cared for physically and medically. Have a good Reunion and enjoy old friends.
With best wishes to all for your health and happiness,
Alys Jones Mrs. Alan Walter Jones
The Washington Horne #240 W 3720 Upton Si, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016

Dear Roger and Mattie,
     I cannot rest at day's end without taking care of this most appropriate notion, therefore, before another night follows the day, I must put an end to this tremendous urge to try to express my sincere thanks for your SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY as shown by your willingness to help me with my Motel reservation, also the ultimate decision to attend the convention - even though alone. I just had to meet the Host and Hostess, also Sherrod Collins, Richard DeHeer and a good any buddies I had corresponded with but never met. I felt, too, that it might be my last chance to meet-up with buddies of my own unit that I had not seen or heard from (or about) since captured in the Bulge.
     Although I'm mindful of the fact that ALL OFFICERS, PAST AND PRESENT, ALSO their WIVES, rate A-1 as unselfish and women who cared enough to willingly agree to accept the responsibilities of Office that served to keep the 106th Infantry Association - not only alive but to grow stronger through the years, I wish to express my sincere thanks, also in behalf of the buddies that feel grateful but cannot, for one reason or another, express themselves in writing. I'm reminded of one very close buddy who, in forty-one years, obliged with one of his own penmanship (after a challenge from me); leaving all for his wife to do, including Christmas card notes - and she in a wheelchair. Since the last convention was the only one I was able to attend, I cannot, truthfully, declare you were the best Host and Hostess -- BUT the perfect job you and your several volunteer assistants did was FANTASTIC, REMARKABLE, STUPENDOUS and, I'm certain, NO-ONE or TEAM could have done better - and this was, I understand, the largest in attendance.
     Despite the rain, I'm sure everyone had a good time and enjoyed all phases of entertainment arranged for them. The Fort Jackson Tour and the luncheon at the N.C.O. Club were well received by all and greatly appreciated, and The Memorial Service, including the address by Rev. "Ike" Harris was great, one that shall live with me to the end. The selected hymn: "God Bless America" always chokes me up - and "TAPS", likewise brings tears to my eyes and very unpleasant memories. There - I got it off my chest, but THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE. God Bless.
Lee R. Leisse, Sr.

    Patches: The Adjutant still has a few 106th Infantry Division shoulder patches on hand. The cost is $4.25 including handling costs. Write to:
Mr. Samuel P. Cariano
122 Skyline Blvd.
Satellite Beach, FL 32937


Mr. Richard DeHeer
Editor, The Cub 86 Berkshire Lane
Palm Coast, Florida 32037

Dear Richard,
     I had a most enjoyable time in Columbia meeting old friends, many of whom I had not seen for over forty years. Although the weather left something to be desired, the food, accommodations, and, most importantly, the camaraderie more than compensated for any inclemency. I am definitely looking forward to the next year's reunion. I believe, however, that the following suggestion would be of benefit to the membership, and would be received favorably by both the Board of Directors and membership at large (shareholders). The suggestion is twofold. First: That a fund be created - for as little as a two dollar per member assessment that would be applied to free lodging and meals for some lucky member chosen by random drawing. Second: That any surplus from this fund be used to enable a worthy member to attend the reunion who could not otherwise attend. I think a fund of this nature would prove to be a very humane, important and popular contribution.
I look forward to your comments.
Sincerely yours, Edward E. Young Btry. "A"

Dear Dick, Marge and All 106th Association:
     I don't know just how to start this letter of Appreciation for being awarded The Order of The Golden Lion Officers Class. I think best that I will just give a summary of my service life starting with March 1943. I was drafted and sent to Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. to be part of the 106th Infantry Division. I was there the day that General Alan W. Jones formed the Division. I was a member of the 81st Combat Engineer Battalion serving with Company (C). Our Company Commander was Thomas Reilly and our Battalion Commander was Thomas Riggs which I could remember as an All American Football Player from Michigan. Basic Training and what a time we had learning to get used to orders. Then on to Tennessee and Maneuvers with all the liquid sunshine we had while there. Then to wonderful Camp Atterbury, Indiana and the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana. While there I met a girl by the name of lean McFarland which later became my wife. We met at Cadles Tabernacle and was married at the Tabernacle May 6, 1946. We had four children: Robert Pierce, Jr., Myron Pierce, Charlotte Pierce and Deborah Sue Pierce, They all grew up attending the 106th reunions. This was always our vacation time and all looked forward to reunion time.
     Back to the service time. Camp Atterbury advanced training, building diving tower at Yellow Wood Lake near Bloomington, Indiana. Then a month stay in Hospital at Atterbury after having a bad cut on my right foot from a foot adz. October 1944 overseas on the USS Manhattan five days from Boston to England. Then a short stay in England and across the Channel on LST Boats up the Seine River to France with the Engineering Equipment. Then on to the Front Lines relieving the Indian Head Division for the winter. Then came December 16, 1944 and "The Battle of The Bulge"; was hurt outside of St. Vith, Bel., put on a hospital train and sent to Leige, Bel. Leige was bombed while on train, so was moved to Paris, France hospital for two days. Then put on hospital airplane and dew to Oxford, England, stayed there for three months. They wouldn't let me go back to the 81st Engineers; was sent to the 360 General Service Engineer Battalion in Marseille, France working German POW's repairing and crating old Army Vehicles to be sent to the CBI Theater. Was moved to a Water Purification Plant at Marseille which supplied the staging areas of Callas and St. Victorett with clean drinking water. The men were either sent to the CBI or Zled back to the States for discharge through these staging areas. I would get a list of the men coming in every day and I would check list to see if any was from the 106th Division. Only met one man that I knew, George Saddler from Hanover, Pa. What


a night we spent in Marseille.
     I then got moved to the France Riviera at Nice, France as Head Draftsman in the DBS Delta Base Section of the Engineers. I could never be able to live the life of a civilian as I did as an Army Engineer. Really did hate to leave there to come home. Took me three weeks to make up my mind. Left Nice for Camp Lucky Strike in Le Havre, France. Came home on an Old Liberty Ship, The Santa Esabella. 21 days from France to New York and Camp Kilmer. Two days in Kilmer, then on to Camp Atterbury for discharge April 1, 1946.
     I joined the 106th Infantry Division Association in July 1954 at The Fort Hayes Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. It was the first time that I had been contacted about the Association. Mr. Pete Frampton was Host of that reunion. I have attended every reunion since except the boat cruise to the Bahamas. I was a member of the Board of Directors from 1958 to 1964, Vice President 1962 to 1963, President 1963 to 1964, Hosted the 17th Annual Reunion at the Pick Carter Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, July 1963, helped Russell Enlow host the 20th Annual Reunion at the Continental Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 1966 and then served the 106th Infantry Division Association as their Adjutant from 1979 to 1984. Now with great pride I have been awarded the Order of The Golden Lion Officers Class. This award will be worn with all the pride and honor it deserves. I love the Association and will still do my part to keep it alive and growing Association. I want to thank all who had a part in my receiving this award. I feel that this is one of the highest honors bestowed upon me. Thanks again to all.
Robert W. Pierce, Sr.

Dear Sam:
I am enjoying every minute of my retirement.
     Marilyn is working full time as a junior and senior high vocal music instructor plus teaching about twenty private students in voice or piano.
We enjoyed a three week trip through the U.S. Northwest and the Canadian Rockies in June.
T. Wayne Black Regt. 1, Hq Co., 422d Inf.

Dear Sam:
     Seriously thinking of retiring. 25 years of motel, lounge and restaurant business is a long time. Gettysburg Battlefield not the attraction it used to be. The younger generation not too proud of the statues and cannonballs.
Vernon S. Lehr HQ Btry., 589th FA By.

Dear Sam:
We are heading to Canada tomorrow to see the Fair, will be gone for two weeks.
Higgins Lake was beautiful this year and the tourist business was very good. See you in October.
Yours truly, Jack Bryant Reg HQ, 422d Inf.

Dear Sam:
     Director of Food Services, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, N.Y. Married. Wife's name: Jean Bloch. Two children. Son, Norman Bloch, a lawyer, married to a doctor; has a 1 1/2 year old daughter. Daughter Elaine Bloch, a pharmacist is also married and expects her first baby. We just returned from vacation in Denver, CO. where we visited old P.O.W. buddy, Bill Sears (2d Inf.) from Stalag 11B.
Jacques W. Bloch (K/4221 4915 Broadway New York, NY 10034


October 18, 1986 Marge and Dick, Thanks for your card. We appreciate being remembered.
     Eleven busloads of 106ers is a lot of 106ers. You must have had a great time. I joined the organization at Atterbury so have never seen Columbia and would have liked to see it. From stories I heard though about your experiences in that area I may have missed a lot of hardships. Helen and I have both been hospitalized this summer. She for her usual 'flare-up which held her for about ten days and me for a number of problems adding up to 19 days and loss of 21 pounds.
     It's all behind us now and were spunky as ever. Helen Hatch knits up a storm --beautiful sweaters -- and I volunteer three afternoons a week at our largest hospital, something I thoroughly enjoy. I'm in Admitting and we either take incoming patients to their room or discharged patients to their car. Because the discharged patients are so complimentary about the wonderful nursing service there it's fun to talk with them. I guess Helen's and my parts are wearing out ahead of our bodies. That's the cause of a lot of medical activity these days. Someday they won't let us die and we'll be in a heck of a lot of trouble. All kidding aside, we're in good spirits, have three healthy children who have healthy and friendly spouses plus a handful of grandchildren. We're very thankful.
We still may surprise the two of you and show up at a reunion one of these years. Keep your fingers crossed.
Jim Hatch

Dear Sam:
     Celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary, 11 Oct. 85. Have 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. God has been good to us.
Francis J. Dobe (C(422) 877 Howe St. Manchester, NH 03103

Dear Sam:
    Have recently completed 40 years' service with Simmonds Precision Products and looking forward to retirement in early '87.
Clifford W. Austin 125 S. Maple Vergennes, VT 05491

Dear Sam:
     I am sorry that this is late but I had been in the hospital for 2 weeks with congenital heart failure and fluid buildup. I am feeling fine now except that I am a little weak from being in bed for 2 weeks. I am retired and living in Columbus, Ohio, yet. Saw some of my old buddies, this summer, from the 806th Ord; Roy Parmer (?), Robert Guiton RI, and Bob Embrey. Hoping that everything is fine with you.
Fraternally yours, /s/
Forrest Hemming (806 ORD) 755 Stelzer Road, Box 771, Columbus, OH 43219

Dear Sam:
    Would like to hear from former members of Cannon Co., 423rd Infantry. Allen L. Lowith 10905 Peach Grove St. #3 No. Hollywood, CA 91601

Dear Mr. Cariano:
My father lost my mother April 20, 1986, and is in the V.A. Nursing Home in


    Aspinwall, PA due to Alzheimer's Disease. He still enjoys receiving The Cub." He has long term memory, and is fond of talking of his Army experience.
/s/ Barbara Hoover Daughter of Robert B. Morrison (G/424) 260 Oaklyn Road Bethel Park, PA 15102

Dear Mr. Cariano:
    Enclosed are my dues and my new address to change on the roster. I am now in a retirement community where someone else cuts the grass. I will not be able to attend the reunion but hope it will be a successful one and I will miss seeing my old friends.
Viola Reilly 18 Normanton Road Lakehurst, NI 08733

Dear Sam:
     Married for 44 years. Parents of 7 children ranging in age from 43 to 25 year old twins. Six grandchildren from 19 to 6 Years.
    Retired on Sept. 30, 1985 and relocated to Florida from my native Connecticut. Enjoy reading THE CUB." However, what can you do to get it more often? I was one of the original members of the 106th activated March of 1943 at Ft. Jackson and assigned to Co. "D" 423rd Inf. One of my jobs was the company mailman. Carried my records to Europe but lost them all when I was captured. Have been in contact with a handful of my comrades but would like to hear from others who were with me. Among the others, I would like to know their whereabouts of James P. Jacobs Stevents Pt., Wisconsin), and Nat Moore, originally from Memphis, Tenn.
Michael C. Grove (0/423) 49 Key West Drive Leesburg, FL 32788

Dear Friends,
     Now that the 40th Reunion is over, Mattie and I have just about recovered. It took some work to bring our program together, but the fun we had, was worth the effort. There were 556 people registered. About 130 of these were first timers. I believe returning to Columbia and Fort Jackson had something to do with the large attendance. Many people said they had not been back here since they left in 1944.
     I attended the Retreat Ceremony at Fort Jackson, October 16th. Had a nice conversation with Major General Robert B. Solomon. He sends his regrets to the "Golden Lion Members" that we were unable to see the Retreat Parade on our day at the Fort. He said we would be welcomed back anytime. We had many compliments from personnel at the Marriott Hotel. They feel honored to have hosted such a friendly and cooperative group as the 106th Division. The young officers and drivers on the Fort Jackson buses thought we were a fine group of "Old-Timers" too.
    After corresponding and talking by telephone with many of you, I had hoped to meet more of the group. Time just went by so fast. It was a pleasure for Mattie and myself to host this Reunion. Maybe we will have more time to visit with you in Mobile. Hope to see you there.
Roger & Mattie Rutland

This letter from John A. Gregory was received with his membership dues. He just joined our Association.
     "By way of background, I transferred into the Division in the Spring of '44 shortly after the Division arrived at Camp Atterbury. I stayed in the 424th Inf. until I was evacuated the day after Christmas '44 from our position near Manhay. After I got out of the hospital I spent almost a year in Europe before being sent home in April '46.


     After being discharged, I went to school and graduated from the Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley. After working in industry for some years, I became the personnel manager of a large city and later took the job of general manager of a newly formed insurance consortium of public agencies. We were in fact an insurance company. From there I retired. I married shortly after leaving school and we have four children - all grown, of course, The youngest is yet in law school. I am interested in any number of things and continue in school, one course at a time, to satisfy various interests and I try to be a good photographer.
     I've lived in California all my life and have traveled throughout the U.S. Have never been back to Europe - nor have I had any desire to in the past. Have been doing some reading and I might want to retrace our steps if I can find out where we were in the ten days between 16 and 26 December 1944. This brings me to an important question: Does anyone have an address for Lt. Col. Umanoff, the 424th 2nd Battalion commander? Can we identify any of his immediate staff; i.e., S-1, S-2, 5-3, S-4? Someone may be able to tell me where we went on those night marches and daylight hikes. I'd like to hear from anyone who has chronicled our movements."
Best wishes,
/s/ John Gregory (E/424) 4624 Ashton Drive Sacramento, CA 95864

Dear Sam:
     Would like to hear from former P.O.W.'s at Berga-Am-Elste. Semi-retired. Working half-time as clinical psychologist. Four grown children left the nest. Stella and I attend concerts, traveled (until terrorist scare) and are generally taking it easy.
Joseph C. Mark, PHD 45 Burnet Hill Livingston, NI 07038 Hq Co., 3rd Bn.
422 Inf.

Mr. Roger Rutland
6632 Arcadia Woods Road Columbia, S.C. 29206

Dear Sir:
     Thank you for information on 106th., also names and addresses. Please enroll me in the 106th Association. My history with 106th - I served in Cannon Company 423rd in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, being transferred from the 530th AA Co., which was stationed in Santa Monica, California in 1944. My rank was Gun Sgt. T/4. After return from Stalag 9A and 9B, I lost contact with men from company.
    Is there anything as to history of Cannon Company 423rd, before, during and after Bulge? Survivors of Company "L". I did meet Allen Conith accidently here in Palm Springs and corresponded a few times. My short association with men of Cannon Co. did leave me with a lack of close friends to remember by names. Are any of the men in 106th HAMS? My call on CW is KB6HSB. Respectfully yours,
Rudy Zeman 2933 Biska Road Palm Springs, CA 92262


     Sam: We recently formed a local chapter of Ex-P.O.W.'s and I was honored by being asked to be the founding commander. Our objectives are fellowship and legislation that will benefit the veteran and to keep the MIA/POW issue alive.
Good Luck, Guy M. Stephens (F/423) P.S. I really enjoy THE CUB.

Dear Sam:
     Wife and I are in good health. Thank God! Still keep active in business on a 2 days a week basis. Take short vacation (3 or 4 days at a time).
We have a beautiful granddaughter -now 1 year old.
Samuel Singer 1H k o. Co., 3rd Bn/423 In

    Sam: Attended annual "POW MIA" Recognition Day Reception at Wilkes-Barre, PA, yesterday (9/7). Met quite a few 106th members. Had some pleasant and unpleasant memories discussed. Enjoyed seeing the 106'ers again.
Thomas R. Rothermel Co. L, 423rd Inf.

Dear Sam:
     Sorry but will be unable to attend the Reunion because my wife and I are going on a Bermuda cruise at that time. Regards to all.
Kay and Edward J. Roche
Co. 5, 424th Inf.

Dear Sam:
     Warm regards and all good wishes. Am suffering from that incurable disease of -Ninetyitis " Otherwise, I would love to attend the annual Reunion!
Brig. Gen. F. A. Woolfley CG, 106th Inf. Div.

PHOTO: Our much loved life member, Kay Loveless

Hello Dick:
     Bobbie and I enjoyed the Reunion at Columbia, S.C. and I believe everyone had a good time. I would like to again thank all the officers, directors and committees for serving the past year.
Congratulations to John Fritz and all the officers elected to serve the Association during 1986-87.
With the approaching Holiday Seasons, we wish all the 106th family a Joyous and Happy Season. Van & Bobbie Wyatt


    Reddie and I, having come so far from California, planned to stay over after the convention and see a little of your rebel country and get re-acquainted with my "Old Top Kick!" First, however, we took off on a short trip with Randolph and Ouida Crosby up into the Smokie Mountains. We hit the fall colors just right and had a glorious time. We had made a date to meet Sherod Collins and Dot in Helen, Georgia. There we did some more funning. Crosby, Collins and I spotted this double billed hat. The wording on it reads "I'M THEIR LEADER, WHICH WAY DID THEY GO?" We all agreed that Roger should be awarded the hat after leading 556 people in all directions at our reunion. Sherod was gracious enough to take us to his home for the night and got safely on a plane to Atlanta so we could return to Columbia. We figured a weeks' rest should have been enough for Roger and Mattie.
     One of the main reasons for our coming to this particular reunion was to visit with the Rutlands and to see all the Co. B 424th vets that might attend. We lucked out this year. In addition to Roger and myself and in attendance were George Call, C. V. Varnadore, L. Randolph Crosby, George Kelly, Marvin Parr and our company commander Capt. Charles S. Peyser. Forty-one years since I'd seen them -- I hadn't changed a bit but they sure had. We all had a great time.
PHOTO: Mattie and Roger Rutland relaxing.
     Let me concentrate on the changes that I found in my Old First Sgt., Roger Rutland. First of all I was most surprised to find out that he wasn't old at all. He told me that he lied about his age and joined the army when he was age 15. So he had been around a while when I joined him at Atterbury. Secondly, he held the door for me and insisted on carrying my bags. Now how many of you had your 1st Sgt. carry your bags? Although I had learned the first rule in the army -- not to volunteer -- I offered to help with the dishes. No way -- No K.P. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable until one evening Roger drove us up to the front entrance to a restaurant to let us off at the front door. We protested, offering to go with him into the parking lot. Quote 1st Sgt., When I say jump, YOU JUMP!" We all jumped and I felt comfortable from then on. I must add that once a 1st Sgt., always a 1st Sgt.; however, Mattie makes a good company commander.
     I'd like to give you just a little insight on Roger. I already told you that he joined the army at age 15. As 1st Sgt. he was in on the activation of the 106th and, although offered a battlefield commission, he refused it, preferring to lead Co. Bas 1st Sgt. This he did through the war and stayed with the 106th through deactivation. During one fearsome battle, around Coulee -- of which I have vivid memories -- the first battalion was heavily engaged and the casualties were high. In the whole Battalion only three officers remained -- one 1st Lt. and two 2nd Lts. The Battalion commander, Lt. Col. Welsh, called for Roger Rutland and put him in command of the Battalion. Col. Welsh refused to be evacuated before putting his command in good hands. The three officers, two of which were Co. B officers (1st Lt. Brown and 2nd Lt. Nuffer), were very willing to serve under 1st Sgt. Rutland as acting Battalion Commander. It was no surprise to me to see how efficiently the reunion was handled. Roger, Mattie, Reddie and I traveled to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, and they also took us to their Lake Murray retreat. Lots of midnight oil was burned reminiscing and, needless to say, we had a wonderful time and truly appreciate the Southern hospitality, even if they did make me go to church.
Edward A. Prewett Rt. 2, Box 730 Brentwood, Calif. 94513
Co. Et -- 424th Inf.


Mr. Roger M. Rutland 6632 Arcadia Woods Rd. Columbia, S.C. 29206

Dear Sir:
     I am a former soldier in the 106th Infantry Division from its organization in Camp Atterbury, Indiana up to the Battle of the Bulge, during which I was captured by the German Army and also spent time with the Russian Army.
     I am quite interested in joining the 106th Infantry Association and also in obtaining books and/or literature covering activities by the 106th Division during that period of time. This information is required for accuracy in a book I am in the process of writing covering my own and other related experiences during, prior to and after my captivity. Whatever assistance you may be able to give me in this respect will be sincerely appreciated.
Cordially, Richard G. (Dick) Marchall Service Company 423rd 2806 Carson Drive Katy, Texas 77449

Dear Dick and Marge:
     Thank you for your card dated 11 Oct. from Ft. Jackson, SC at the 40th Reunion. I wrote you that Colonel Charles Cavender was planning to attend the Reunion. He commanded the 423d Infantry and it would have been his very first Reunion. Please let me know whether he and his wife did attend, as planned.
     Wilda and I had a card from a group who did attend and all signed the card. They thought it was one of the best Reunions, Carl Wohlfeil from the Artillery. Wilda and I have been enjoying good weather, too. We are feeling good and appreciate you both keeping in touch with us.
All our warm regards and good wishes. Cordially, Wilda and Leo McMahon

    PHOTO: Latest recipient of Order of Golden Lion, Bob Pierce, with two former honorees, Doug Coffey and Sherod Collins.

Dear Sam:
Sorry that we can't make the convention this year. Give our regards to all.
Mildred and Robert L. Scranton Co. K, 424th Inf.

Dear Sam:
     We missed another reunion of the 106th. They always seem to be at the wrong time or too far away. However, I did have a good letter from Ed Purdy, a former member of Co. F, 422nd Regt., who was retired to Canada (RR #1, Hampton, Anna County, NS, BOO 1L0). He brought me up to date on his activities over the years.
     After some minor, successful surgery, we are back to our usual golf, tennis and round and square dancing in sunny Southern California. The yard work gets a bit heavy with a 12-month growing season, but we still manage. Hope to hear from a few of our old friends when they get to the San Diego area.
Keep up the good work!! Thanks /s/ Art Jebens Arthur B. Jebens Co. F, 422d Inf.


    PHOTO: Post Reunion Hi-Jenks at Helen, Ca. (a mountain Bavarian look-alike town) Left to right: Dot Waldrop, Sherod Collins, Ed Prewett, Reddie Prewett, Randolph Crosby, and Ouida Crosby.
PHOTO: Fort Jackson
PHOTO: Registration


PHOTO: Chapel at Fort Jackson
PHOTO: Museum at Ft. Jackson
PHOTO: Officers at Men's Luncheon


Dates to Remember Sept. 17-20, 1987, Mobile, Alabama

605 Northside Drive Enterprise, Al. 36330 November 7, 1986

Dear Dick:
     We have finalized more plans for our 1987 Reunion in Mobile, Al., and everything I looks great. We have a real surprise for the ladies, and for everyone, we are planning a Mardi Gras Party for Saturday Night, Sept. 19, 1987.
     We have arranged for several optional tours beginning on Wednesday and each morning and afternoon through Saturday. We will have one walking tour to historic Fort Conde which is a block from our hotel. It is a beautiful fort with uniformed personnel and demonstrations daily. We will also have a tour to one of our local clock factories on Wednesday through Saturday and even Sunday if anyone desires. They will provide transportation from the hotel and a representative will be at our registration table to make the arrangements. This is a free tour with no obligations.
     I forgot to mention that we will have surprises for everyone, especially the men. I had several people ask if we would have t-shirts and caps, etc. in Mobile. We do not intend to buy them unless they are prepaid. We do have a source to get t-shirts, caps and tote bags for the ladies with the 106th logo in beautiful colors like the auto tags. The logo will be in proportion to the can and/or t-shirt. I will give you some prices as of November, 1986, and see if you think we should publish them and take orders? Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (any size kids or adults) - $7.00. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (any size kids or adults) - $10.00. Summer Caps - adjustable (American made) - $7.00. Tote Bags - small $4.00 - large $7.00. They would give as (the Reunion Committee) $1.00 for each item sold which we could use anyway we see fit to benefit the reunion. The price is based on not less than 48 of each item. If anyone sent their order to me now, I could order them and mail or keep them until the reunion. If I mailed them to the members, of course, it would cost an additional $1.00, for each item, and a refund of any excess.
Please let me know what you think?
Sincerely, John O. Billiland

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