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The Cub
Vol. 42, No. 3, Mar., 1986

President Van S. Wyatt
1st Vice President Walter Bandurak
2nd Vice President Donald R. Armington
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Samuel P. Cariano
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Ewell C. Black
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
     The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.
All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037
All business matters and inquiries should be addressed to:
Mr. Samuel P. Cariano, Adjutant (November 1 - May 10)
122 Skyline Boulevard
    Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 (May 11 - October 31) Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 (May 11 - October 31) P.O. Box 938 Maggie Valley, N.C. 28751
     Dues for 1985 - 1986 are due now and should be sent to the Treasurer immediately. If dues are not paid by April 1st, this issue of the Cub will be the last issue you will receive until your dues are paid. Sam Cariano, Adjutant Mr, Sherod Collins, Treasurer 625 Channing Drive N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Membership Dues 85-86. $10.00 per year
Associate Dues 85-86 $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year

President's Message
To The Members Of The
106th Infantry Division
Happy New Year to all.
     Another year has passed so quickly we hardly realize it was a full twelve months. 1985 was full of blessings for all of us. We should stop and count our blessings and I am sure we have received more than we realize.
     I have received some reports of the BULGE dinners in December and this is great. I hope that most everyone was able to attend one of the get-togethers. If not, why not try to organize one in your area this next December? We enjoyed the Southern Illinois meeting at Mt. Vernon and the attendance is increasing each year.
As we begin 1986, I am sure we have all set goals and I hope we can achieve all or most of them during this year.
     During these cold winter days and nights we sit back in the comfort of our homes and remember the winter of 1944-45 in Europe. The talk continues about the Battle of the Bulge and it is hard to realize that we were part of this Historic event. How fortunate each of us are to be alive today and to be able to relate to the younger people the events that took place during this time. As has been said many times, "I would not take anything for that experience but would not want to do it again."
     When this issue of the CUB is received, please send in your registration and room reservations as soon as possible to help our Reunion Committee complete their plans for a great reunion. I am expecting a record breaking crowd and I am sure


the Committee would appreciate our help.
Best Wishes,
Van S. Wyatt

Chaplain's Corner
By Ewell C. Black, Jr.
     As you read these words the world will be entering once again into that glorious time of the year which we know as Spring. Its glory is found in the fact that it is a time of new beginnings. A time when the flowers bloom, the birds sing, the plants which have been dormant over the cold winter months begin to show signs of life renewing itself. For many of as in the 106th Division, such was that Spring forty-one years ago when the advancing Allied Armies began to liberate those who had been taken prisoner.
     For us, as with so many others who shared the POW experience, life as we had known it came to a sudden stop as our freedoms ceased to exist as we had always known them. For these haunting months and years freedom had been something about which we dreamed and talked; a dream hoped for somewhere in the dim future. While it was something which we knew would someday be ours again, during these moments thinking and dreaming about it was all that most of us could do, Then as Spring advanced in Europe so did our friends and one by one our lives began to move forward and to hold meaning again. Soon this became a fact for all people who had known the interruption of normal lifestyles as war invaded their lives.
     Each year as I experience again the renewing which Spring brings to the countryside, I am reminded that for many of as life began again as Spring spread across the fields and towns of Europe. But even as I rejoice, I become aware that for so many that glorious Spring of freedom and new beginnings never arrived.
     "Praise our God, 0 peoples, let the sound of his praise be heard; he has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping. For you, 0 God, tested us; you refined us like silver. You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance. I will come to your temple with burnt offerings and fulfill my vows to you -- vows my lips promised and my mouth spoke when I was in trouble."
Psalm 66:8-13

Board of Directors
1985 - 1986
ARMINGTON, Donald R. 1325 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317 (515) 266-7609
BANDURAK, Walter 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 (412) 832-8169
BRITTON, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Massachusetts 01501 (6171 832-2308
    CARIANO, Samuel P. 122 Skyline Boulevard Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 Summer P.O. Box 938 Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28751 (704) 926-1090
COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 Northwest Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 03131 629-5711
COLLINS, Sherod 625 Channing Drive, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30318 14041 351-2985
DeHEER, Richard 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037 (904) 445-4316


GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 (216) 923-3370
HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th Street Lockport, Illinois 60441 (8151 838-3947
LUCSAY, William 12612 South Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 (312) 388-8989
MATTHEWS, Joseph C., Jr. 4706 Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 (919) 851-4851
MAW, Thomas J. 436 Beech Street Rockland, Massachusetts 02370 (617) 878-1796
McDEVITT, John F. 188 Queen Street Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971 (302) 227-3911
McMILLAN, Paul 294 Albermarle Place Macon, Georgia 31204 (912) 474-1909
ROBB, John G. 238 DeVore Drive Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335 (814) 333-6364 or 333-1616
SCRANTON, Robert L. 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116 (3131 229-6716
STRAUB, Ted J. 948 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 (304) 599-4450
WARD, Nathan 2140 West Carlyle Court Marietta, Georgia 30061 (404) 971-8594
VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 West Higgins Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60656 (312) 631-2027
WHITE, E. C., Jr. Box 465 Whiteface, Texas 79379 (806) 287-1109
WYATT, Van S. Rt. 2, Box 5-A Benton, Kentucky 42025 (502) 527-1796
    HONORARY LIFE MEMBER McMAHON, Leo T. Brig. General (USA Ret) 8 North Union Street Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057 (717) 944-3821

Atlanta Area Bulge Meeting
     The annual celebration of our survival and commemoration of the event in 1944 occurred again in Atlanta (among other places) Sunday afternoon, Dec. 15th at the Consolidated Open Mess of Dobbins. Air Force Base. The group was smaller than last year's but friendly and obviously pleased to meet again and to see each other.
The management provided a private dining room and an excellent meal of prime rib.
     Those attending were Bill and Carolyn Alexander, Bob and Frankie Burkes, Sherod Collins and Dot Waldrop, Bill Delzell and Ann Home, Sandy Grossbart, Bob and Louise Howell, Lyman and Ann Maples, Col. Joe Matthews and granddaughter Ann, Newton and Yvonne Mosley and Regina Thomas, Carroll Padgett and Ernestine Holland, Morris and Sara Piha, Col. Joe and Ida May Puett, Duke and Martha Ward, and Jim and Maydean Wells.

Carl M. Hulbert Judge
     Carl M. Hulbert, retired Volusia County band director and former conductor of the Daytona Beach Municipal Band, served as judge recently for music events of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine 111th session in Atlanta, GA.
     Mr. Hulbert judged concert, marching, and Oriental band events from a number of cities, including Dallas, Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.


Up To Now
Editor's Note: Some men have asked how the 106th Div. Assoc. got its start. Here is the answer.
     When the 106th Infantry Division became a Category IV unit and was filled with high point men, it was scheduled to return to the States in December 1945. When alert orders were received immediately after V-J Day, General Donald A. Stroh, Commanding, issued orders for a committee to establish a Division Association. This committee consisted of Lt. Col. F. I. Agule, AG, Lt. Col. H. B. Livesey, Jr., CWS, Major Wm. Perlman, Inf. Capt. Lowther, IG, Capt. Crank, Inf., Lt. Macintosh, and M/Sgt. Givens.
     Under pressure of the stepped up program for return to the States, the committee worked feverishly to outline plans. With the assistance of Lt. Col. B. A. Bowman, JA, the Constitution and By Laws were drafted, and on 15 September 1945 at Camp Lucky Strike, a call was issued to all interested members of the Division to meet in the mess tent and to vote on the organization of the Association. Subscriptions to get the Association started were solicited and all gave generously, including the attached units like the 159th Infantry Regiment. $2200 was raised.
     Major Perlman acted as Chairman at the meeting and discussion was widespread. Constitution and By Laws were unanimously adopted and seven Directors elected. Major Perlman, M/Sgt. James Connell, Pfc. Thomas Dowgin, Sgt. Victor Ladyka, Sgt. John Hall, Sgt. David Price and Lt. Col. H. B. Livesey.
     Immediately after the meeting the Board met and elected the following officers, Major Perlman, President; Sgt. Connell, Vice-President, and Col. Livesey, Secretary-Treasurer. Steps were taken to obtain the unit and sundry funds of the units, and with the exception of the 423 Regiment funds, all were turned over to the Association, totaling $16,700.
     At Camp Shanks, the Fiscal Director questioned the retention of these funds and they were placed in escrow. Due to the efforts of the committee at Camp Shanks, headed by Col. Baker, and General Jones in Washington, the ACVVF released them to the Association for publishing a history. It was agreed that no action would take place for about six months, permitting everyone to settle down after separation from the Service.
     During the month of January, the Secretary-Treasurer contacted all officers and asked for instructions as to the future of the Association, recommending a strong, live, association, with a full time executive.
     Business having called Mr. Perlman to Cuba for a year, he tendered his resignation as President, and Mr. Dowgin resigned, having become a Jesuit Novitiate. Mr. David Price was elected President, and Mr. D. W. Frampton, Jr. elected to the Board. This gave representation to all the regiments, Divarty, Medical Battalion, and Division Headquarters. Mr. Livesey was retained as executive on a full time basis and offered the use of his home as an office until such time as the real estate situation cleared up. It was agreed that the basic work was the establishment of as complete a roster as possible and after four months and the expenditure of thousands of dollars, that work is about completed. Over 35,000 veterans are on the roster of the 65,000 who at one time were assigned or attached to the Division.
The Association is now ready to function.

One of a Kind
A record of historical firsts
     Fort Jackson is one of the largest training facilities of its type in the world today. Some 70,000 soldiers are trained here annually. The post is almost 53,000 acres or 82 square miles in area and there are more than 1,700 buildings. Access to the installation and its training areas is provided by more than 130 miles of hard surface roads and some 100 miles of unsurfaced roads.
     The first flag unfurled over the post in November 1917 was flown from the tallest flagpole in the United States measuring some 153 feet.
     The first all-black regiment of World War I was organized here in July of 1917. Organized as the First Provisional Infantry Regiment (Colored) and later designated as the 371st Infantry


    Regiment, this unit was officially assigned to the French army. It was cited for bravery under fire and received more than 100 individual and unit decorations.
     The first all-female brigade was established at Fort Jackson in July of 1974. It was designated the 5th Basic Training Brigade.

PHOTO: Early morning calisthenics for 106th Div. soldiers, June 1943.

     In keeping with its record of historical first, Fort Jackson became the proving ground for the integration of basic training by sex. Both men and women are required to meet the same rigid standards of excellence.
     Fort Jackson also pioneered the development and implementation of the Army's three-event physical readiness test. Pushups, sit-ups and the two-mile run are now the standard physical training test for all personnel throughout the Army regardless of age.

PHOTO: A breath-taking view of Columbia.

     We have all read or heard the adage, "To share is to have more of everything". This story, we think, bears out the truth of that saying. Three quarters of a century ago in one of our large Eastern cities an orphan boy of about age ten was selling newspapers on the street. As a customer was paying for a paper one day, he asked the lad where he lived, and he was told the boy lived in a little cabin down by the river. "Who lives with you?" The answer was, "Only Jim. Jim is crippled and can't do no work. He's my pal." The man then said, "You'd be better off without Jim, wouldn't you?" With some indignation that orphan boy flashed back, "No, sir, I wouldn't; I wouldn't have nobody to go home to. I wouldn't want to live and work with nobody to divide with, would you?" Somebody to divide with! That's the secret really, isn't it?

Something To Think About
The public condemns a soldier
When he takes a drink or two.
But does the Soldier condemn you
When you down a dozen or two?
If you followed a soldier
Thru the days in training camps;
The way he drills and marches
Would open up your lamps.
And nights out on the march
When the rain is falling down
Pup tents "aint" much shelter
But the morale can't let down.
The Government picks its soldiers
From the millions far and wide.
And the very troops that you sneer at
From the neighbors by your side.
When the soldier goes to battle
You cheer him on his way;
You say he is a hero
When in his grave he lays.
But the hardest battle ever
Is in the time of peace;
When the people mock and scorn him
And treat him like a beast.
And with these lines we close, sir.
We hope we don't offend.
But when you meet a soldier
Please treat him like a friend.


Registration For
40th Annual Reunion
October 9-12, 1986
     Now is the time to register for the Reunion in Columbia. Our group is gaining new members every year, and we want everyone to be included in the activities. As soon as we know how many are planning to attend, we can better prepare for your good time.
     We will appreciate your advance registration payment as we need to make the down payment on some of the activities. Your registration fee will include six meals, entertainment at the Marriott, and other miscellaneous expenses which occur in preparing for our Reunion. If you pay in advance and are unable to attend the reunion, your money will be refunded - if you notify me prior to October 5, 1986.
     Your Reunion Registration Form is enclosed in this copy of the "CUB.". Your early response will be appreciated by the committee. Several years ago, I failed to respond, and I missed out on some of the activities. Don't let this happen to you. If I can be of assistance to you, please call me.
Roger Rutland
(803) 787-6996

    Editor's Note: The Registration Cards are printed with 106th Artillery (Hotel's mistake - no problem). Please use them.

40th Annual Reunion
OCTOBER 9.12, 1986.
     We in Columbia hope you are making plans to be at our next reunion. The program for a good time is falling in place.
     Everyone has been very cooperative with us, and all indications are that we will have a great time in Columbia. Our State Capitol is still in the same place, but the surrounding area has changed quite a bit. The Wade Hampton Hotel was demolished in 1985. A new office building is going up in that area. This will be our skyscraper at 28 stories. Our Main Street is still very much alive with plenty of large stores for shopping.
     The Marriott Reservation Form is enclosed in this copy of the "CUB". I have 200 rooms reserved for our group. Please make your reservations directly with the hotel. There were 350 persons in attendance at Morgantown last year. From the response I am getting, we will have over 400 present in Columbia. The Marriott will accept reservations on first-come, first-serve basis. Get your "request form" in early so our entire group can get under one roof.
     If you drive your motor home to Columbia, please let us know at least thirty days in advance and we will reserve a place for you. Some parks are four miles from the Marriott, and others as far away as fourteen miles. We will get you as near the action as possible. The cost will be about $7.50 per night.
     For the golfers - Public golf courses are available without reservations. Fort Jackson Golf Course will be available on a limited basis. We will give details in their next "CUB". a limited basis. We will give details in their next "CUB".
Happy New Year to all "Golden Lions!" We hope to see you in Columbia for the Big 40!
Roger and Mattie Rutland
6632 Arcadia Woods Road
Columbia, SC 29206
New phone number: (803) 787-6996

Symposium of "Unsung Heroes"
Highlights Roles of World War II
Clandestine Forces
     World War II veterans, history buffs, college educators and students will have the opportunity to participate in an International Resistance Symposium to explore the tremendous impact the organized Underground and heroic individual efforts had in the Allied victory in 1945, especially the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Three days of seminar presentations in


    espionage and intrigue and three days of informal discussions and field trips will be held in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, March 21-27, 1986.
     Following the end of World War II, countless books and movie scripts were written about spies and counter spies. Now, for the first time, the covert activities will be revealed from a purely strategic military concept emphasizing the important role of the individual.
     Top experts will convene to disclose the incredible courage and ingenuity manifested in these clandestine activities. It will be a segment of their historic involvement which has generally gone unrecognized.
     Through the effective use of skilled moderators and a meaningful sequence of presentations, each country's unique undercover role in World War II will unfold, revealing new facets of World War II history. Recording and video taping of the sessions will allow a later comprehensive analysis of what is expected to be a lively and historically rich series.
     Among the prestigious presenters will be William Colby, formerly of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) and Director of the CIA in the United States; Sir Robin Brook, of Great Britain, Western European Strategic Operations Executive (S.O.E.); Robert Stuart, Director of Camp "X" (the training site) in Ontario, Canada; Fritz P. Malden, Austrian Resistance leader, coordinator with O.S.S. Bern; Col. Pierre Fourcaud, military aide to General de Gaulle in establishing Underground/Resistance organizations in France; Major General A. M. Guerisse, the Belgian officer who established the "O'Leary Line" that is credited with evacuating 600 Allied airmen and soldiers from occupied Europe; C. C. Van Den Heuvel, a leader in the Dutch underground; Flemming Juncker, a leader of the Danish Resistance Forces; the Honorable Emile Krieps, leader of the Luxembourg Underground Forces; and Knut Haukelid, leader of the Norwegian Underground secret assault forces that destroyed the Norsk Hydroelectric plant and the supply of heavy water needed by the Germans to develop an Atomic Bomb; and an as yet unannounced presenter for Italy.
     Because of the limited conference room capacity at the deluxe Inter-Continental Hotel in Luxembourg, the total registration cannot exceed 360 people.
     For further information you should contact GALAXY TOURS, Box 326, King of Prussia, PA 19406, the exclusive representative in the United States, who will make all travel and Symposium arrangements.

Flash - Flash
     Many members of our Association do not know what we look like and have never met us. I thought it would be nice to give them a birds-eye view of us doing our bit for the good of our organization. Let's not forget our wives!!!! Thanks for doing a great job in the publication of THE CUB.
Sincerely, Sam Cariano Adjutant

Photo: Left to right Dick, Billie and Marge.

Photo: Sam is seated on the left and Dick on the right.


Mail Bag

Dear Sir:
     Out of the blue I received a letter from a former member of the 81st Engineer Bn, of which I was a small part. He invited me to join the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. and included in his letter an address which was yours.
     I was sent to Fort Jackson, S.C. March 17, 1984 and was present at the initial formation in which the Division was officially activated.
     I was assigned to Company A, 3rd platoon, 81st (CI Engineer Bn. and went all the way until that fateful Dec. 16, 1944 when along with all the rest I was swept up in that madness called the Battle of the Bulge. It all ended with the surrender of our position by the Regt. Commander of the 422 Inf. Regt. in a little town of Schlausenbach, Germany. The rest is history and you have heard the story before. Anyway, you will find enclosed a check for $10.00 for my dues for the year 1986.
     I have heard that the 1986 Reunion will be held In Columbia, S.C. and I plan to attend. If you will be good enough to send me the details and let me know what is needed would appreciate it very much.
William E. Cowden, Sr. 2140 Sutherland Ct. Springfield, Illinois 62702

Dear Dick and Marge:
Enclosed is a picture of DG 422nd members who attended the reunion at Morgantown.
     At this season of the year, we remember our experiences from the war and our 106th friends. It seems these things are more vivid as the years pass. A happy holiday to you and a healthy, happy 1986.
John C. Robb (D/422)
Editor's Note: Picture is on front cover.

Dear Dick,
     The Chicago area members had their December get-together on Saturday the 14th, in the Henning's recreation room. It has the longest bar in Lockport. Everyone gathered at 6 p.m. for cocktails, dinner at 7 p.m. Coming from as far away as Moline, Illinois and Valparaiso, Indiana.
     An Italian dinner was served, which was prepared by Jackie and Russell Villwock, with Clare and Jim Henning making the salads, and Florence and Bill Lucsay making the dessert.
The dinner and drinks had to be good, as can be seen by their smiling faces, on the picture enclosed.
     Those that attended beside the above mentioned six were Phyllis and Carl Burnham, Carl's brother, Fred Burnham and his wife, Lou and Herb Meagher, Richard Anderson, Ben Carpenter, Herbert Hochstetter, Howard Niemitz, Dorothy Teason, wife of the late James Teason. Joan and George Zak, who had a conflicting date, were sorry they couldn't attend, but sent a donation to help with the cost. Sylvia and Ed Rydzinski and Marie and Russ Brown planned on attending, but found they couldn't make it. Their laughter and conversation were sorely missed.
Mailed out 70 letters, received a 60


percent response. Most had notes of Christmas cheer, with hopes of making the 1986 dinner.
     Picked up 2 new members, Carl Burnham and Richard Anderson. I received their dues and mailed it to Sherod Collins. Two other fellows promised to mail their dues to Mr. Collins.
Jackie and I are looking forward to the 1986 reunion, and hope that we can look ahead to many more.
Hope this letter finds you and Marge well. See you in Columbia. Hope this letter finds you and Marge well.
See you in Columbia.
Russell H. Villwock

Dear Sam:
     Had a delightful visit to Tucson, Ariz. with Glenn Kennedy and his wife, Pearl Kennedy. Former AT Co, 423rd. Since I've retired, Arlene and I play golf 3-4 times a week. Now spend winter in Tampa fishing and golfing.
Walter F. Hiltbrand (AT/423) 930 Fair Ave. Salem, OH 44460

Dear Sam:
    Sorry I forgot to remit my dues. I am 73 years old and feeling well. Sorry I forgot to remit my dues. I am 73 years old and feeling well. Still living up here in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. Regards to my old friend. The Ardennes seems long ago and far away. But that's true for all of us.
I think I remember you. Weren't you in DHQ?
Myles Brazil, (106 MP Col 11/ R.D. 1, Box 157

Dear Sam:
Thanks for reminding me about the dues.
     Have been retired for about 5 years. Serving on County Planning Commission - Board of Directors of one of local hospitals.
Leaving for New Orleans to babysit so daughter and husband may attend medical convention in New England.
Louis Davis (Hq Co, 1st Bn, 423d Inf.) 575 W. /01st Terrace Kansas City, MO 64114

Dear Sam:
     I'm still practicing as a CPA in my hometown, New Brunswick, NJ. after many years. II may want to start tapering off.) Surprised to see so few members of the Assoc. from the 331st Med. Bn.
Hope to make the next reunion.
Best of Luck, Joseph Krafchik
(HQ Det. 331st Med. Bn.)
349 Livingston Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Dear Dick,
     Association members and friends of the late Chuck Schoch, (Sc. Btry.-590th F.A.) and his wife, Sherry Schoch, will be saddened to learn that Sherry passed away on June 10, 1985 in Oak Harbor, Ohio.
     Chuck and Sherry were hosts of the Frederick, Md. reunion in 1974, where it was our pleasure to work with them. The 106th Association was an important part of their lives. They will be missed.
Sincerely, Bill Dahlen Bill and Barb Dahlen (Sv. Btry.591st F.A.)


Dear Sam:
     I started with the 106th at Fort Jackson, March 1943 - stayed with Div. all the way from Ft. Jackson, Tenn. Maneuvers, Atterbury, Ind.; on to England and to Germany. Captured 12/21/44. Liberated, Friday, 13th April 1945. Would like to hear from some of Co. F. men, especially William "Bill" Furay. 106th lost a lot of good men. It's no doubt that the 106th was a 1st class division. If we could of stayed together from the beginning of the division to what is left.
I enjoy the CUB. It is always good to read and see if you can find someone you know.
You are doing a good job. Keep up the good work.
Hope to make the convention one of these days.
Good Luck, John R. Clark (F/422) 1826 Southside Road Elizabethton, TN 37643

Dear Sam:
     Thanks for your reminder. Had planned to come to the reunion but unable to include it this year. If right hip replacement for wife is successful will be at 1986 reunion. Plan to be in contact with be Matthews in Raleigh, N.C., Thanksgiving while at my daughters and in touch with Roger Rutland in Columbia, S.C.
Charles S. Peyser (8/424) 212 Potomac Avenue Hanover, PA 1733 1

Dear Richard:
     On December 14th, a group of the 106th attended a Reunion celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I am enclosing two pictures which I hope you can use in The Cub. The names of the persons are listed on the back of the pictures. There were 12 members and 10 of their wives in attendance.

    Photo: Kneeling, left to right: John Mikalanskis, Ken Bradfield and Robert York. Standing, left to right Gene Saucerman, Russ Enlow, Vic Breite, Newton Johnson, Glenn Ross, Charles Smith, Eugene Kelch, Van Wyatt and Glenn Hartlich.

    Photo: Kneeling, left to right Thelma York, Dolores Mikalauskis and Bobbie Wyatt. Standing, left to right: Dorothy Kelch, Anis Breite, Leda Johnson, Sally Saucerman, Nadine Hartlich, June Bradfield and Phyllis Ross.

An enjoyable time was had by everyone and it was decided next years' reunion would be held on December 13, 1986.
Yours very truly, John L. Mikalauskis, H-424 Enc.

Dear Sam:
    Have retired six years, and living the good life in the Florida Keys. Have retired six years, and living the good life in the Florida Keys.
Casimer Turek (H/422) Turek Building Apt. #201 Tavernier, FL 33070


Dear Sam:
     Not much at this time except that I are a Life Member and am on the Board of Directors of Mass. Chapter #1 of the Ex P.O.W.
Also carry Ex-POW Plate #216 and for no cost.
Thank you,
John F. Colarusso (Hq Co, 3rd Bn/423)
21 Pond Lane Randolph, MA 02368

Dear Sam:
     I retired in 1980 after 33 years of public school administration in Yakima, Washington. My wife, Alice, and I built a home here at Kala Point, near Port Townsend, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and keep busy enjoying the recreation and cultural offerings of the area. Our four sons and their families visit often to share our enjoyment. We think often of our 106th experiences from activation at Fort Jackson, S.C. until the "Bulge."
Earl F. Knuth (HQ 422d Inf. 11 Windship Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368

Dear Sam:
     Married 45 years, retired three years ago. Member of VFW, Disabled American Veterans, American Ex-POW. Lost only brother, pilot in Army Air Corps, March 1942. We have three sons, one was in National Guard 6 years. One in the Army in Germany 1 year and Viet Nam one year, the other took ROTC at N.C. State in Raleigh, N.C.
Did not know 106th had an Association.
Water M. Wright (I/4231 P.O. Box 56 Pleasant Garden, N.C. 27313

Dear Sam:
     Wife: Teacher in Grade 4 in Queens. Daughter Lois Zuckerman: Getting married Feb. 16, 1986 in Washington, D.C. where she is a lawyer in the Dept. of Energy.
     Son Marc Zuckerman is a Gastroenterologist in El Paso, Texas. I'm principal of P.S. 6 in Manhattan - 38th year in the school system.
Jack Zuckerman (C/4231 71 - 23 767th Street Flushing, NY 11365

Dear Sam:
     My wife and I are enjoying retirement, it's a year already. We have joined some Senior Clubs - which keeps us going. My wife had surgery on her hand, was a little uncomfortable for a while. It was on her hand; she is right handed. Doing fine now, so she can do her yard work which she enjoys.
We become a great aunt and a great uncle of a baby boy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
John H. Bieze (H/424) Rt. 5, Box 99 Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Dear Sam:
     Celebrating our 25th year in the restaurant, cocktail lounge and motel business. Nine miles from Gettysburg. Intended to attend last reunion. We hope for the next. We have been very busy. Have met Charles Peyser of Hanover, PA. Would like to meet Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon who lives only thirty minutes away.
Vernon S. Lehr (HQ Btry/5891 Pixie Motel 3480 Carlisle Drive New Oxford, PA 17350


Dear Sam:
     Planning on going back to the Battlefield area sometime in 1986. Have spoken to Colonel Cavender and Alan W. Jones, Jr. about details of the "Bulge." Would like to hear from some of my old Army buddies.
John Green 8654 S. W. 154 Circle Place Miami, FL 33193

Dear Sam:
     Sorry to have overlooked sending my dues. I certainly enjoy reading THE CUB and hearing from many of the fellows. We have been busy this year with building our retirement home at "The Landings" on Skidaway Island. Now I am right on the golf course and can really enjoy retirement.
Albert F. Schuller (C/422) #2 Marmaduke Lane Savannah, GA 3 14 11-7 711

Dear Sam:
     I am retired due to a job related injury 3 yrs. ago; can't do much but Janet and I are having fun travelling in our motor home.
We are planning to attend the reunion in S.C. Hope to see a lot of "L" Co., 422 Inf, people there.
    Would like to hear from anyone from "L" Co. Please write, phone or just drop in. Would like to hear from anyone from "L" Co. Please write, phone or just drop in. Thanks, Elmer A. Brice (0422) RD 5, Box 209 Dilisburg, PA

Dear Sam:
     I've just retired from the U.S. Post Office Garage, as a body-fender man, after 30 years of service. December 16th is the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge which I remember clearly, because the following day, December 17, I became the age of 21 years old.
Emil Curcione (0424) 26 David Road Cedar Grove, NU 07009

Dear Sam:
     I went to Fort Jackson when the division was activated and was with it until it came back to the U.S. the later part of Sept., 1985. I started as a private and ended up as a T(4.
Albert D. Breuker (A/492) P.O. Box 73 Harris, IA 51345

Dear Mr. Cariano:
Enclosed is a check for $22 to cover membership dues, auxiliary dues and a $10 donation to the Memorial Fund.
     I have not previously been a member of the 106th Infantry Division Association. I joined the Division when it was activated at Fort Jackson in March, 1943, and was transferred out of the Division in April, 1944, when we were at Camp Atterbury. During that time I was in the 3rd platoon of Company M, 424th Infantry. My name then was Sidney Schlepp; it was legally changed to Sidney Pell in 1951.
     My contacts with former members of Company M started this past September when I visited the "Forty Four" shop in Malmedy, Belgium. There, in the guest book, I found names of four members of Company M. One of them, Frank Borbely of Norristown, PA, wrote to me and told me to send my dues to you, rather than to Robert Pierce or to Sherod Collins, the person indicated by Mr. Pierce on the enclosed form.
I am looking forward to attending the next reunion in October, 1986 at Fort Jackson.
Sincerely, Sidney Pell 1416 Emory Road Wilmington, DE 19803


Dear Sherod Collins:
     I talked to Wilbur (Pappy) Grant and his wife on the phone last night (12/28/85). He had a stroke two years ago and is still paralyzed. He has done good the past year, or has not been back in the hospital this past year. He said he used to get THE CUB" but is not getting it now but would like to get it. He said he hears from some of H Co., 424th guys but some he doesn't. If some would like to send him a card or a note his address is: Wilbur Grant, 479 E. Spencer Field Road, Milton, Florida 32570.
Yours truly, Curt Lindsay

Dear Sam:
     Last May my son, Harry III, and I visited the Ardennes with a group of veterans sponsored by a travel agency. Major Engles of the Belgium Army escorted us throughout the Bulge area from Bastogne to St. Vith. He is an authority on the Battle of the Bulge and has written a number of books. While in Vielsalm, Major Engels made arrangements for my son and I to leave the group to be driven any place we wanted to by Andre Hubert. We took the small dirt roads through the deep forest to Wanne, Henumont, Coulee, Meyerode, Schoenberg, Winterspelt, Burg-Reuland, Lommersweiler to St. Vith.
     It was a great experience to share this with my son. While traveling through the forest, it was almost impossible to realize I was 20 years old at the time of the Battle, the same age as my son.
     We rejoined the group in St. Vith at the 106th Infantry Division Memorial. Mr. Hubert is a member of a historical society dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge. They try to obtain as much information as possible and meet once a month to update their records. Mr. Hubert has offered to personally drive any veteran of the Bulge to any place within the battle area free of charge. They are still very appreciative of what we did for them. If you would like more information please contact me.
     On Memorial Day we visited the American Cemetery at Hamm and placed roses in the Memorial Chapel in memory of the men who lost their lives in the Battle of the Bulge. That was a Memorial Day I will never forget. Will look forward to seeing you at the reunion in Columbia. This will be my first National reunion. Best wishes to everyone in the 106th.
Harry F. Martin, Jr. (L/424) 121 McGregor Ave. Mt. Arlington, NI 07856 PH: (201)663-2410

Dear Dick:
     I had a nice visit with Charlton ‘Monk' Varnadore recently He is from Quincy, Florida, and was visiting relatives in Columbia. He was supply clerk in Company "B" 424th where I was first sergeant. He could tell more good jokes than most humorists. If his health permits, he plans to attend his first reunion in Columbia, October 1986. Our picture is enclosed.
Sincerely, Roger Rutland
Photo: Varnadore and Rutland, November 1985.

Dick and Marge:
     We don't send many Christmas cards anymore, but it is fun to receive them. Is that selfish? Seems that so much of the card exchange is a matter of obligation rather than sincere greetings that we have reduced our Christmas greetings to those


we feel REALLY care. You two are among a handful of 106'ers who bother to keep in touch and we appreciate it.
     Modern medicine has made it possible for Helen to receive at home the I-V treatment we used to rush her to the hospital for, so we feel a bit more independent and may surprise you next year. Oral medication has improved over the years.
     Our younger daughter and son-in-law are back on new assignments in Washington, D.C. in the State Dept., after two years in the embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and will be with us this Christmas. In fact, all three of our kids and their spouses and children will be here - seventeen at the Christmas dinner. We are very happy.
     Thank you for your kindness in remembering us; it's been a long time. Memories of 106 reunions are a lot more enjoyable than those of the 106th forty-one years ago. Do keep in touch.
H.M. Jim and Helen Hatch 2830 East Road Wayzata, Mn 55391 (612) 473-0175

Dear Sam
     Had by-pass surgery. Doing OK now. Retired from Citicorp Bank. Just had my 71st Birthday. Would like to see more in THE CUB about 592nd Service Battery.
Bernard B. Caplan (5V/592) 2821 Marnat Road, E. Baltimore, MD 21209

Dear Sam:
     Amazing how our kids grow up, have "chillun" of their own, and we don't age a bit! New York has POW plates for those entitled - write to Spec. Reg. in Albany.
Edmond D. Kelly (0/423) P.O. Box 308 Middletown, NY 10940

Dear Sam:
Retiring after 21 years practicing veterinarian, 14 years in Banking (Managing savings & loan Co.).
Jesse C. Curtis, Jr. (NQ592) 9821 Lakeside Dr., W. Huntsville, OH 43324

Dear Sam:
     Wife passed away in '81. Have 4 children, three who have married in the last 2 years leaving one daughter still at home. Daughter who married this year married an Air Force Lt. stationed at Tyndall AF Base in Fla. During the hurricane in Sept., they were evacuated twice but suffered no loss.
Regards to all,
Nicholas C. Schroeder (SV/592) 5849 W. 107th St. Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Dear Sam:
     Father Robert L. Randol, member of Serv. Co., 423rd Inf. Reg., along with lifelong friend Richard Boshore (Serv. Co., 423rd) was captured 12-17-44 near Bliealf. During captivity RANDOL promised BOSHORE if they survived P.O.W. life he would name his first son after BOSHORE, thus 4-15-46 Randol's first son - Richard was born. Randol Boshore liberated (4-451 by 505th Parachute Inf., 82nd Airborne Division. Randol's son (Richard) went to Viet Nam (10-65 to 8-66) and later served with 2nd Battalion, 505th Inf., (Abn), 82nd Airborne Division. Randol's son, during Parachute Training at Ft. Henning, was instructed by Col. Welsh (106th Veteran).
     Boshore was very superstitious gentlemen from PENN. He hated the #17. As he explained it to me many times he was drafted 2-17-43, shipped out for Europe 10-17-44, captured 12-17-44 and died 6-17-81.
Richard L. Randol P.O. Box 345 Markle, Ind. 46770


Dear Sam:
     Enclosed is a copy from the LA. Times regarding the type of business I am still doing. Also enclosed are some pictures of the P.O.W.'s from Camp Stalag 12A -Juterburg, Germany. During the fighting between the Russians and Germans, I stole into the camp's office and captured many of their records and pictures of my buddies mostly from Cannon Co., 423rd Reg. If they want, they can call, or write re: theirs.
Allen L. Lowith (CN/423) 10905 Peach Grove St, #3 North Hollywood, CA 91601 Ph: 9841823

    Photo: Metal window expert Allen L. Lowith stands in front of Century Towers West building, a Century City condominium conversion where his firm has been enclosing patios. A patio enclosed by his don is visible just above his head, contrasting with the original open patio just above that.

Dear Sam:
     Ran across George Hibbard who was in the 422nd and was captured near AUW, Germany on or about 12/17/44. Here's a picture of George Hibbard (standing on right). I am standing at left of him, and the other fellow standing (far left) is Col. Bill Kammerer of the 42nd (Rainbow) Division, who was a good friend of our Col. Descheneaux. Seated (left) is former Captain Lyle Bouck, Leader of the famous I & R Platoon of the 99th Div. which held Lanzerath, just north of us, all day December 16th. Also seated is Maj. Gen. Raymond F. McNally, Jr., who was Gen. Hodge's staff at the time as a colonel under General McNamara.
Briggs Hoffman (B/589) 26 Oakleigh St. Lows, MO 63124
     P.S. This picture was taken at St. Louis' famous Busch's Grove, of which Col. Kammerer is one of the owners and who was our gracious host, last December 14th (December 16th was on a Sunday).

Dear Sam:
     Sorry for the oversight. Retired Banker: From 3 weeks after discharge, 12-1-45 to Nov. 1, 1978, with Grand Bank, Dallas, Tx. One daughter (Linda Kay), married to Larry G. Brown, Dallas, TX. Granddaughter is Freshman - Texas Tech, Jennifer. Grandson, Junior, Texas Tech -Jason. Jason will ride saddle bronc, National, Oklahoma City, Jan. 86. The Association has given me names and addresses of former combat buddies. For your information and to members of Co. F, our First Sergeant Wm. (Bill) Schroeder is deceased as of approximately 1973.
     Before he died, Bill told me he had accidentally crossed paths during Korea with our former company commander, Lt. Thomas E. Lawrence, who at the time was Colonel Thomas E. Lawrence. Please advise if it is possible to obtain addresses from the Army of current or retired personnel.
Sincerely, John S. (Jack) Nesbit 92 Star Harbor Malakoff, TX 75148 (F/424)


Dear Sam:
     Sorry we could not make the Reunion this year but hopefully we can make it next year in Columbia, S.C. I am now in my sixth year as pastor of the Hobson United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Planning on being here for another three years and then I will retire. That will give me 35 years in the ministry. The Lord has been good. Would love to hear from anyone who was in Co. H, 423rd.
Isham (Ike) Harris, Jr. 1716 Greenwood Avenue Nashville, Tenn. 37206 (H/423)

Dear Sam:
I am recovering from my third stroke and not doing so good. Otherwise everything is fine.
James T. Davis (106 Sig) 3656 N. Magnolia Ave. Chicago, IL 60613

Dear Sam:
Retired - busier than ever with church work and starting a new mail order business - Olympic Gifts.
T. Wayne Black (HQ Co/422) 843 Olympic Drive Waterloo, IA 50701

Dear Sam:
The annual reunion of the 106th Quartermaster, 106th Division was held Sunday September 22, 1985 at Hartford, Conn.
James V. Senatro (106 QM) 121 West Main St. Vernon, CT 06066

Dear Sherod,
     During a visit to Fla. a few months ago, and old air force friend told me all about the people he "ran into" after he sewed his old Air Force patch on his golf cap. Upon returning here to Michigan, I decided to give it a whirl! I got out one of the "Golden Lion" patches and had my lovely wife sew it on my cap. After wearing it for several months and traveling around like retired folks do, I finally hit pay dirt! While shopping at Brighton, Mich., a week ago, a big smiling gentleman came up and asked if I had been a Golden Lion!!! And that's how I met Bob Scranton (KCo 424th Inf.) and learned about the 106th Inf. Div. Assoc. Bob was quick to send me the roster from this year's reunion and a copy of "The Club."
He suggested I contact you to see if after forty-some years I could join up again.
     I became a member of the 106th in March 1943 when the division was formed and stayed with it until the end of the war.
     My wife and I plan to take a trip to Europe next month (Sept.) and I hope to visit some of that old terrain in Belgium. After our return I plan to get together with Bob for lunch and talk about old times again.
     Next years' reunion in Columbia, S.C. sounds just great. We'll plan to work it into our schedule. I am looking forward to taking pan in the "Golden Lion" activities again, after all these years.
Edward A. Keahl 41885 Waterfall Rd. Northville, MI 48167 Hqts. Btry 591 F.A. BN

Dear Sherod,
     We couldn't make the Morgantown reunion, due to prior plans. We will make every effort to attend the Columbia reunion as I've never attended one there. t Retirement agrees with me as I'm busier now than ever. I drive a school bus


at our local Technical school and I'm custodian at our church.
     Elaine works full time at E. T. Wright Shoe Co. for she's their No. 1 telephone order taker. She talks to salesmen and stores all over the country.
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Carol's passing. She will be sorely missed by all.
God bless you, Tom & Elaine Maw

Dear Dick,
     Hope you and yours, and all 106th Comrades had a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this New Year bring us all closer together in this Great Land and be a prosperous year for all.
     I missed the Reunion in Morgantown. Had plans to be there but had to change them. Sure hope to get to the next one in Columbia, S.C. this year.
     I have been enjoying my retirement and have been keeping busy. I belong to the D.A.V., V.F.W. and the Ex-American Prisoners of War, the Smokey Mountains Chapter in Knoxville, Tn. So I have attended a lot of Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, in the past month. (Look out in the waist line.)
     I am still working on my scrap book and photo album. In just the last couple of weeks I have come up with a couple of patches, due to the article in the last Cub. Thanks to comrades Kenneth K. King, and Johnnie H. Deal. Thanks a lot fellows. Will be looking forward to seeing everyone in S.C., come Oct. 9th. Peace to all.
Will be looking forward to seeing everyone in S.C., come Oct. 9th.
Peace to all.
Leon W. Reece Hqd Co 3rd Bn 423rd 716 Cliffwood Dr. Newport, Tn. 37821

Dear Dick:
I think I found another member for our association. His name and address is as follows:
David H. Vennberg P.O. Box 202 Sugargrove, Pa. 16350
     Would you please send him one of the Cub magazines so that he might view the organization. He was with me in POW camp, Lager 118, Leipsig, Germany. I talked with him the other night on the phone and he was very much interested. I have not seen him since 1945, but have talked with him 3 or 4 times on the phone. I have another man that is interested but I do not know his complete address. Paul Durham
Greensboro, NC I do not know the street address.
Very truly yours, C.R. (Dick) Ord New Haven, WV 25265 E-423

Dear Sam:
     Sorry I haven't kept up to date, but I seldom do anymore. Do enjoying receiving the CUB. We are retired and just recently moved after living in one place for 25 years, so things are a little shaky. Hope to make the next reunion.
Gene & Margaret Wilkinson Rt. 1 Box 230D (F/423) Webb City, MO 64870

Dear Sam:
     We have semi-retired. Had to have something to do and keep busy as well as making some money. So we bought a catering business. Have had it 4 years now. Stay busy at auctions, air fairs, motorcycle races & fairs, etc. Sure work but meet so many people. Our daughter and family are in Arizona; our son in Military and will retire in 3 years as a Major. In Florida now.
Junior L. Andersen (MD/422) 1231 10th St. Apt. C-21 Spearfish, SD 57783


Dear Samuel:
     I am working with Herb Toscana, Syracuse, New York, Vice Pres. of Membership V.B.O.B. (Ed. Note: Veterans of The Battle of The Bulge). The organization needs exposure and would be grateful to you for putting this announcement in THE CUB:
     For membership application, write to: Herb Tocano Vice Pres. of Membership Veterans of The Battle of The Bulge Chapter Headquarters
204 Highland Street Syracuse, NY 13203
     Hope to have a lot of members from the 106th Div. Send check and photostatic copy of discharge. Annual dues: $10.00 - National, $5.00 - Central N.Y. Chapter.
Sincerely, Bruce Collier 422 Reg., Co. L
P.S. One more favor. Anyone knowing the address of Mike Kenepensky - Mess Sgt., 422 Reg., L Co., please inform me.
Ambrose T. Collier 108 Walpole Road Groton, New York 13073
See you in Columbia, S.C. next October. Bruce Collier Thanks again

Dear Sam:
     After retiring as a principal from the Dade County Schools in Miami, Florida, I am now employed as a Realtor Associate with Merrill Lynch Realty in Miami. My wife, Lorraine Madsen, is still teaching and we have three married children and four grandchildren. Our son is an Army Captain stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. I would like to hear from any Company H, 422nd Infantry guys who read this letter.
Bud Madsen (H/422) 12900 S.W. 63rd Ave. Miami, FL 33156

Dear Sam:
     I'm running a cattle ranch. Our most busy season is the summer months through Sept. It should be possible to make an Oct. reunion; time will tell.
Keith Ginther (G/422) Rt. 2, Box 19 Fairfield, Mont. 59436

Dear Mr. Cariano:
     I am a former member of the ill-fated 106th Div. I was a cook in the 3rd Bn, Hq. Co., 423rd Reg. and was captured in Dec. 1944. I've communicated with Ed Carr and Evert Cox, radio operator and fellow cook in our company. Ed gave me your address. Please send me particulars for joining the 106th Assn. I'd like to contact other members of our company who may still be alive.
Sincerely, Donald A. Betlach 417 Crestview Drive, Ojai, CA 92023

Dear Dick,
     Two other men and I took off when the Russians came into our Prison Camp. We walked and ran until we came to an abandoned Doctor's house. As we lay there and relaxing in real beds, I was interrupted by a Russian soldier who had a bayonet pointed into my throat. I wish I knew the names of these two men so that I can correspond with them. I'm sure if they read the above, they will surely remember.
Sincerely yours, Charles Bellay C/423rd 14 Ehle Dr. Coraopolis, Pa. 15108

Dear Sherod,
I was married July '45 to Doris K. Whitaker. We have 3 boys (39-34-28


    years old), 3 grandchildren, 2 girls, 1 boy. My other grandson, 3 years old, was killed by a car, July 18, 1984. I co-own and manage a small printing shop (530 W. 9th St.). Oldest son was a Marine (S.C., N.C., Tn., Calif., Danang) and made it home in fine shape. In '48 the house we rented caught fire and I lost everything, all my army clothes and souvenirs, but saved the 106th picture book. On Dec. 17 most of our company was taken P.O.W.
John W. Marby, Jr. 423 Ser. Co. 133 Country Club Lane Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Dear Richard,
     Had a visit from Robert Bennett of Blythe, Ca. - a member of Co. H 423. He told me of his conversation with Col. Puett at the reunion last summer.
     We were delighted to hear that the convention will be held in Oct. at good old Camp Jackson. Lois and I will do our best to come - we have sold my home and moved into Lois' apartment. Please change the address to that shown below.
     Had a letter from Ivan Long Reg. l&R platoon - he said he was driving down for a visit soon. Have lost most of my vision but otherwise I am fine. Have lost most of my vision but otherwise I am fine. Tel. # 714-679-3197.
Best regards, faithfully, Charles C. Cavender, Co. 423 28262 Pebble Beach Dr. Sun City, Ca. 92381

Dear Dick,
     Went to V.A. for Big Check up, now rated 50%-frozen feet in P.O.W. camp. Alfred Stover passed on last year -- he was a member of the 106th 422 (1) HDQ. My oldest son Frederick started Villanova University in Villanova, Pa. in September, 1985.
Best wishes to all,
Fred Schieferstein A-424 431 Manison Hill Rd. Clark, N.J. 07066

Mr. Collins:
     I did not know about this 106th reunion until a few years ago and it seems like something comes up every time around reunion time.
     I started with the 106th in S.C. and left it in Ind. and went to E.T.D. before you. I was in Div. Hdq. Co, as a driver. I drove for Col. Stout, in field the G2. I am still trying to get in touch with Ernest E. Nixon who was a driver. He lives in Camden, N.J.
I have talked to Gazznio and Brackford, but they don't know about him either. So until later.
So-long, Mike Simone Box 710 Arma, Kans. 66712

Dear Sherod,
     I would never have known about the 106th Division Assoc. had it not been for my comrade, Walter Pawluk of Meriden, Conn. I was inducted in March 1943, sent to Ft. Jackson, remained with them through maneuvers in Tennessee, Camp Atterbury, England, and finally the Bulge. The time between Ft. Jackson, to and including the Bulge, hold many friendships as well as memories. Please include me on your mailing list.
My thanks to you.
Sincerely yours, Michael J. Valovein A.T. Co./422 20 Spinning Wheel Rd. Trumbill, Conn. 06611


     I am sorry to report that Ted Straub had open heart surgery for several bypasses at the Cleveland Clinic in January. Your friends send you best wishes "Ted" and hope you are coming along just fine.

    Walter Bandurak, 219 North Maple Ave., Greensburg, PA. 15601. Still has 30 of the 106th Division Assoc. 3-D metal (pewter-like) letter openers for sale. They will make beautiful gifts for your wife, husband, or a buddy of yours with whom you served in the 106th Division. Send $5.00 (cash, check or money order) to Walt, and he promises to mail one out to you the very same day he receives your order. These letter openers were originally sold at the 39th Annual Reunion held in Morgantown, W. Va. in July, 1985.

Dear Dick:
     We have heard no many nice things about what a good time everyone had and what an extra special job the committee did for everyone's enjoyment. We are sorry that were unable to attend. After two bouts in the hospitals and one trip to the hospital for Lib, my wife, we have had to slow down. But our, "Praise to God" from whom all blessings Bow", we are improving. We also have missed the Bulge party, 15th of Dec. in Atlanta and the Ex P.O.W. convention in Congers, Ga. We are looking forward to the Reunion in Columbia, S.C. 1986. See all there!
Thank you for the wonderful job - we enjoy the Cub very much.
Sincerely, Lib and Paul McMillan Macon, Ga.

Dear Richard;
I received my copy of the "Cub" in Sept. 1985. Has there been one lately? (Yes, there was one.)
     I have been hearing from some of my buddies that they read my letter in the Cub. My letter was not in the "Cub" that I received and I hope I am on the mailing list. I have about 5 guys interested in the organization that were never members. I guess we are all planning to attend the Columbia reunion in October. We were all with -F Co. 424th inf.
Please check and see that I am on the mailing list.
Thanks. Russell Mayette S/ 9628 Cavell Livonia, Mich. 48150

Dear Mr. Straub:
     I saw the piece in the Youngstown, Ohio Vindicator about the reunion of the 106th Division. My husband, Thomas E. Walsh, was in the 106th Infantry Division, Company F, 422nd Infantry Regiment. He was in the Battle of the Bulge and was taken prisoner on December 16, 1944. He was in prison camp Stalag 9B, Bad Orb, Germany. He came out of the Service in October, 1945. His health was never good after all he went through in prison camp.
    He passed away on May 24, 1982, but I know if he was living, he would have been at your reunion. Hoping all goes well for you and that you have a good turn-out. I will be thinking of all of you that are still here.
Sincerely yours, Jane C. Walsh 444 Wilson Street Struthers, Ohio 44471

Dear Mr. Cariano:
John Heneghan passed away March 9, 1985.


     He has the honor of being buried among our country's war dead at Arlington National Cemetery, - Lot 37, Grave 365. John really enjoyed the reunions of the 106th. If he were alive, he would be there this year. I am sure that it will be a great success.
NOTE John was a member of HQ 442nd Infantry.
Yours truly, Mrs. John Heneghan

The 106th members send their deepest sympathy to the Henneghan and Walsh families.

Dear Richard:
     On October 17, 1985, Col. Howard W. Kriz, died of bone marrow cancer. We had hoped he would respond to treatment these past two years. We enjoyed so, last years' reunion and I'm glad we were able to make the trip to St. Vith several years back.
     He spent 37 plus years in the reserves and in my opinion gave much to their programs. The State of Oregon Military Dept. conducted his graveside service in proper style and I was pleased.
Sincerely, Carmagene Kriz

Dear Friends of the 106th Infantry:
     Your thoughtfulness meant a lot to be selected to be named a Life Member of the Association. I assure you it was quite a surprise, but am grateful for the honor. The Organization has meant a great deal to both John and I since about 1949. We looked forward to the Reunion every year.
     I pray the Organization will continue to grow and prosper. I pray the Organization will continue to grow and prosper. The Lord willing I hope to see all of you in 1986.
Again, many thanks to everyone.
With love, ‘K' Loveless

Dear Sherod:
     I really was disappointed to miss the Annual Reunion this July in Morgantown. That was as close as a Reunion has been to us in many years, and it is such a beautiful area. My excuse this year includes a heart bypass surgery in June. Even by late July, I just didn't feel up to any trip.
     If all goes well now, and I can look forward to next year's Reunion, perhaps. If all goes well now, and I can look forward to next year's Reunion, perhaps.
Best Wishes, Alan Jones 2805 Oakton Manor Ct. Oakton, Va. 22124

Dear Sam:
     Discharged in Nov. 1945, married in April 1946, went to college on G.I. Bill, majored in Elem. Education. Started teaching at Yankeetown Elem. in 1955 and have been here ever since. Have been Principal for 27 years. Would enjoy hearing from my old 106 buddies and those I met at Stalag 9-13. Have 6 children - 3 sons and 3 daughters.
Guy M. Stephens (F/423) 5477 Yankeetown Rd. Boonville, IN 47601

Dear Sam:
     I am sorry we can't make the reunion because my wife, loan, has arthritis and every year, reunion time, she had to go for knee replacement, then a hip and toes, and next June she has to go for another hip replacement. Things never end.
Cordially, Costa Katimaris 1114231 P.O. Box 359 Mount Pocono, PA 18344

Dear Sam:
Am planning to retire in about a year and then be able to make the reunions.


    Am looking forward to be able to travel and see all the old friends. Sorry to be late with the dues. Had thought I'd sent them earlier. Was off for 3 months this summer with minor surgery, so guess I forgot.
Robert G. Brown (H/4241 7532 Richmond Kansas City, MO 64138

     Please accept this letter as my application to join the 106th association. I don't know the amount of dues per year but I am enclosing a check for $15.00. If this is not enough please inform me and I will forward the difference.
     I was the S-2 of the 590th FA Bn under command of Lt. Col. Lackey. I was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and taken prisoner by the. Germans on December 20, 1944. I spent 165 days as a German Army guest with many other members Of the 106th. We were marched off and finally placed in POW Prison Camp at Hammelburg, Germany.
     I stayed on active duty until I was retired with 20 years active duty on June 30, 1960 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as Lt. Colonel. I was later promoted to Colonel on the Retired Reserve.
I would appreciate getting copies of the "Cub" and Roster of members.
John J. Madden 1253 Windimer Drive Los Altos, Ca. 94022
Col. Retired Reserve 326-0107290

Dear Sam:
Happy Holidays. Sorry we're late. Just had our surprise 50th wedding anniversary, given by our 6 children.
Francis J. Dobe (C/422) 877 Howe St. Manchester, NH 03103

Dear Sam:
     Am about to retire from U.S. P.S., a rural carrier. Looking forward to some traveling. Was in Battle of Bulge, Prisoner of War in Germany - Stalag 9B and Legenheim. Was liberated by Both Inf. Division - flown to LeHarve, France. My wife and I enjoy good health. Have 3 children - six grandchildren.
P.S. Would like to hear from old buddies.
Robert W. Mills 1,4/4231 105 E. Branson St. LaFontaine, IN 46940

Dear Sam:
     Have 6 children - 3 boys and 3 girls; 10 grandchildren. Self-employed - Owner of Earl's Shoe Repair. Wife employed Medical Assistant and Sec., 29 years for John G. Rhorer, M.D.
Earl E. Coppack (1/423) 3111/2 S. Baldwin Ave. Marion, IN 46952

Dear Sam:
     Recently retired from second career as a college dean. Now working as a consultant in educational administrations and operations.
Col. Eric R. Mills, USA Ret. (Hq. Co., 1st Bn/422) 5007 Dian Wood Drive, E. Jacksonville, FL 32210

Dear Sam:
     I was captured with the Lost 500. I marched to IV-B; worked at Leipzig and Halle Labor Camps - repaired bombed railroads. Met the Russians at the Elbe River April 25, 1945. If you were there contact Me.
Vernon E. Brumfield (C/589) 201 West 111th St. Cut Off, LA 70345


Dear Mr. Collins:
     Had the pleasure of attending our first reunion of the 106th in Morgantown. What a great experience it was to be back together with some of the fellows I knew and served with. Also meeting many new friends. It was unique to talk to many fellows who had joined the 106th at Atterbury, England, and with the ones that joined after "The Bulge."
     Am planning on attending the reunion in Columbia, S.C. This is where it all began for me. Until I left the unit Dec. 19, 1944, when the Germans had other plans. Served all my time with Btry. A, 590th F.A. Bn.
     Enclosed are my dues for the coming year. Hope it will be a good year for all of the 106'ers, as we meet in Columbia.
Respectfully, Russell L. Gunvalson 2407 29th AVE. N.W. #3 Rochester, MN 55901

Dear Sherod:
     Enclosed is my check for $20.00 to cover dues. There is some possibility that I may be able to make it to the 106th reunion in Columbia, S.C. in 1986; What a thrill it would be to see some of the boys I knew back at Ft. Jackson from March 1943 to March 1944 when I left for the Air Force. I would be so pleased to hear from anybody that remembers me being in Company "C" 81st Engineers. Bob Pierce remembered me! Sending my best to all 106th Division Association Members.
William C. Brashear P.O. Box 1263 Hutchinson, Kansas 67504-7263

Dear Sherod:
I am employed by the State of Illinois, Dept. of Corrections. Have been with the Dept. for 25 years.
     I worked as prison water plant operator for 10 years and Assistant Warden of the Vandalia Correctional Center for 15 years.
I have two grown children.
I look forward to receiving and reading the "Cub."
Cecil & Betty Clausen
F Co, 424, 2nd Bn. S/Sgt.
908 W. Lincoln St. Vandalia, Illinois 62471

Dear Sam:
     I am sorry that I was unable to attend the reunion. Mildred and I plan to attend the reunion next year in Columbia. That will be a real treat for us. Mildred and I were married in the Artillery Chapel on December 5, 1943 by Chaplain Bert I. Cherry.
     I attended the Ex-POW convention in Milwaukee this year and met two men that did not know anything about our association. I am sending you their names along with the name of a man that was in C Btry 589th with me. Please send them information about our Association.
Best Wishes, Dale Patrick

Dear Sir:
     I would like information pertaining to the 106th Division reunion. Where and When it is held. Most of all if you have an organization as such, as I am a member of the 106th Division, Co. I, 423 Infantry. I was captured by the Germans Waffen 5.5. during the Battle of the Bulge overlooking St. Vith in Belgium.
     I am a member of the American Ex-Prisoners of War and received your name and address from one of the members there at the last meeting.
Thank you for your help.
Earl E. Coppock
3111/2 South Baldwin Avenue Marion, Indiana 46952


Dear Dick:
     Here are the pictures that I should have sent you a couple of months ago. The only excuse I have is that I was busy running around the country. I know it is no excuse and it won't happen next year as I will have a duplicate set made when I take them in after the reunion.
     I really have been busy with the VFW. Jackie and I went to the National Convention in Dallas, the Commander and Chiefs Homecoming in Minneapolis, the CCC reunion in Little Rock, and several VFW meetings down in southern Illinois, besides all of our short vacation trips. I also just returned from Canada where I went for a hernia operation. Number 5, but I hope the last one. Working on our December 16th party. Hope we have a good turnout this year Will send you more on it at a later date. Jackie sends her best to you and Marge.

Photo: 1985 Board Meeting
Photo: General meeting
Photo: Walt Bandurak and little friend.
Photo: Thursday get-together
Photo: Ladies luncheon :
Photo: Men's luncheon
Photo: Virginia Howard leaving for home!
Photo: Ralph Hill
Photo: Bow and arrow demonstration

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106th Inf. Div. Memorial, 21
159th Inf. Regt., 6
371st Inf., 7
99th Inf. Div., 25
Agule, Lt. Col. F. I., 6
Alexander, Bill & Carolyn, 5
American Cemetery, 21
Andersen, Junior L., 28
Anderson, Richard, 13, 14
Ardennes, 14
Arlington National Cemetery, 35
Armington, Donald R., 1, 3
Auw, Germany, 25
Baker, Col., 6
Bandurak, Walt, 41
Bandurak, Walter, 1, 3, 33
Bastogne, 21
Battle of the Bulge, 1
Bellay, Charles, 30
Bennett, Robert, 31
Betlach, Donald A., 30
Bieze, John H., 17
Black, Ewell C., Jr., 3
Black, Rev. Ewell C., 1
Black, T. Wayne, 26
Bliealf, 23
Borbely, Frank, 19
Boshore, Richard, 23
Bouck, Capt. Lyle, 25
Bowman, Lt. Col. B. A., 6
Bradfield, June, 16
Bradfield, Ken, 16
Brashear, William C., 39
Brazil, Myles, 14
Breite, Anis, 16
Breite, Vic, 16
Breuker, Albert D., 19
Brice, Elmer A., 19
Britton, Benjamin B., 3
Brook, Sir Robin, 12
Brown, Larry G., 25
Brown, Marie & Russ, 13
Brown, Robert G., 37
Brumfield, Vernon E., 38
Burg-Reuland, 21
Burkes, Bob & Frankie, 5
Burnham, Carl, 14
Burnham, Fred, 13
Burnham, Phyllis & Carl, 13
Camp Atterbury, 31
Camp Lucky Strike, 6
Camp Shanks, 6
Caplan, Bernard B., 23
Cariano, Sam, 1, 12
Cariano, Samuel P., 1, 3
Carpenter, Ben, 13
Carr, Ed, 30
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Cavender, Col., 19
Cherry, Chaplain Bert I., 39
Clark, John R., 16
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de Gaulle, Gen., 12
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Elbe River, 38
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Engles, Maj., 21
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Ft. Jackson, SC, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 31, 39
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Galaxy Tours, 12
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Halle Labor Camps, 38
Hamm, 21
Hammelburg, Germany, 37
Hanover, 16
Hartlich, Glenn, 16
Hartlich, Nadine, 16
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