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The Cub
Vol. 41, No. 1, Sept, 1984

President Ted J. Straub
1st Vice President Samuel P. Cariano
2nd Vice President Van S. Wyatt
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Samuel P. Cariano
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Ewell C. Black Jr.
Cub Editor Richard De Heer
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
     The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.
    All editorial matter should be addressed to: Mr. Richard DeHeer All editorial matter should be addressed to: Mr. Richard De Heer 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037
All business matters and inquiries should be addressed to:
Mr. Samuel P. Cariano, 122 Skyline Boulevard Satellite. Beach, Florida 32937
     Dues for renewal of membership, Associate and Auxiliary membership and memorial fund contributions should be addressed to:
Mr. Sherod Collins, Adjutant 625 Channing Drive, N. Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Membership Dues 84-85...$10.00 per year
Associate Dues 84-85 $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $ 2.00 per year

President's Message
     Hats off to the Savannah reunion committee - Jim and Maydean Wells, Gus Agostini and Albert Oelschig. We thank you for a great reunion. The southern Hospitality was terrific.
     The Presidency - quite a challenge. Also the opportunity to promote the ideas I have for the good of the Association.
     My first order of business is to challenge the members to contact friends and get them to join. If nothing else, to write to Dick DeHeer and tell him what you are doing, or in many cases, what you are not doing anymore. This would fill up the Cub. The second order of business is to remind you what an enjoyable time you will have in Morgantown next year. Laura and I and our committee plan to make it a memorable reunion, as well as a good time. We challenge you to investigate "Almost Heaven, Wild, Wonderful West Virginia". It is easy to get to Morgantown. We really have excellent roads (interstates).
     By the way, for those of you who asked about moonshine, the only moonshine you will get is at night -- the kind that, as Kate Smith sings, comes over the mountain. See you in Morgantown...
Sincerely, Your President, Ted I. Straub

Chaplain's Corner
by Ewell C. Black, Jr.
     This is my first attempt at writing for the "Chaplain's Comer" and I use it this time for a personal message of thanks. First my thanks to our past Chaplain Ron Mosley for giving me the honor of delivering the Memorial Address at our Savannah Reunion. My thanks to him, also, for the beautiful name plate which he made and presented to me. Both of these stand as important milestones in my walk through life,
     Then to add to these, our Association President, Ted Straub, extended to me the honor of serving our Association as Chaplain for 1984-85. I was saddened by his call which announced to me that Chaplain Ron wished to be replaced because of his health but was most appreciative of the opportunity given to me to step into his shoes. The task which I have been given is a large one. To fill the shoes of Ron Mosley and the others who have served before me as Chaplains of the 106th Infantry Division Association will not be easy. It is a tribute to this nation and to our Association that I would even be considered for such an honor. There are very few nations in the world where a person who served as a private in the rear ranks could attain to such an honor, nor are there too many organizations where such an opportunity would be afforded such a person. While I have only been able to attend four reunions - and those scattered over about fourteen years - my heart has always been with each of you. Like so many others, I was unaware of our Association for much too long. Also, like all of you, I have always been proud of my association with the 106th Infantry Division. Whenever I have had the opportunity, I have told people the truth of our experiences and of the fact that we did as well or better than many organizations with more seasoned troops. Knowing what the 106th Division experienced, each of us must be aware of how graciously we were blessed by God to have had so many of our members survive The Bulge and the days, weeks, and months which followed.

1983 - 1984
Board of Directors Meeting
12 July 1984
The meeting was called to order by our President James W. Harming at 6:10 PM.
Roll call was taken by the Adjutant Robert W. Pierce Sr. All were present with the exception of Dr. John G. Robb.
     Remarks by President James Henning stating that it had been his pleasure of serving the 106th Infantry Division Association as their President for the year of 1983-1984. Also that he had done the best that he knew possible. He also stated that he appreciated the support the elected officers and appointed officers had given him.
     The Adjutant read the minutes of the previous Board of Directors Meeting held at the Marriott Hotel, Worcester, Massachusetts, 23 July 1983. A motion was made by Russell Villwock to accept the minutes as read. The motion was seconded and passed.
     Reading of the Adjutants report was made by Adjutant Robert W. Pierce Sr. He reported that we had 391 renewals, 81 new members, 9 reinstated members and 19 associate members for a total membership of 500. This is an increase of 16 over the year of 1982-1983. He also reported that there were 6 deaths of members and 2 deaths of Auxiliary members. He also reported there were 61 delinquent members for the year 1983-1984. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept his report as read.


     Treasurer's report was made by Treasurer Sherod Collins. He stated that we are showing a net increase of $4,854.26 in all funds. We have in the General fund $16,853.47 and in the Memorial Fund $9,325.21 for a total of $26,178.68 in all funds. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept his report as read.
     CUB editor's report was read by our CUB editor Richard DeHeer. He stated that he was not a reporter and could only make up the CUB magazine from news sent to him by the membership and Board of Directors. Also if pictures were sent to him for the CUB to please write on the back who they are and something about them. A long discussion was held about the CUB coming out quarterly. He stated that if he gets the news that is needed he would send the CUB out quarterly. You cannot make a CUB magazine without new articles. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept his report. Memorial chairman's report was made by Memorial chairman Douglas S. Coffey. He reported that everything was ready for the trip back to Europe in September.
Unfinished Business - there was none to report.
     New Business - Robert F. Howell, Fred B. Chase, Lynn B. Bradley and Kenneth W. Bradfield asked to be relieved from the Board of Directors for the coming year. The following committees were appointed by our president James W. Henning.
Resolution Committee: Chairman Russell Villwock Douglas S. Coffey Robert L. Scranton
Nominating Committee Chairman Kenneth W. Bradfield Walter Bandurak Benjamin B. Britton
No further business - meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Robert W. Pierce Sr. Adjutant

New Board of Directors Meeting
14 July 1984
The meeting was called to order by our President James W. Henning at 3:15 PM.
Roll call was taken by the Adjutant and all were present with the exception of Dr. John G. Robb.
     Minutes of last year's board meeting were read by the Adjutant. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as read.
Unfinished Business - there was none to report.
     New Business - Ted Straub, next year's reunion chairman, asked that he be given $1000.00 to get the reunion going. A long discussion was held on whether the money was an advancement or just be given to the reunion committee. A motion w made, seconded and passed to give the next year's reunion committee $1000.00 to get the reunion underway.
     The Election of new officers for the year 1984-1985 was held. Ted J. Straub President Samuel P. Cariano 1st Vice President Van S. Wyatt 2nd Vice President Sherod Collins Treasurer The newly elected President Ted J. Straub appointed the following men to the appointed offices.
Samuel P. Cariano Adjutant
Sherod Collins Historian
Rev. Ewell C. Black Jr. Chaplain
Richard DeHeer CUB Editor
Douglas S. Coffey Memorial Chairman
     The newly elected President Ted J. Straub thanked the Board of Directors for electing him the President for 1984-1985 and said that he not only hoped he could do a good job but an outstanding job. He also stated that if he had debated with some of the Board of Directors he hoped that they would forgive him. Russell Villwock said that he would like the Board of Directors to give President Ted Straub a vote of confidence. Ted Straub commended Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosely, our


    Past Chaplain, and Robert W. Pierce Sr., the Past Adjutant of the Association, for serving the Association over the past years in their respective offices.
No further business. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM.
Respectfully submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Sr., Adjutant

Board of Directors
1984 - 1985
ARMINGTON, Donald R. 1325 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317 515/266-7609
BANDURAK, Walter 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 412/834-6975
BRITTON, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Massachusetts 01501 617/832-2308
    CARIANO, Samuel P. P.O. Box 371 Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28751 704/926-1090; Winter 122 Skyline Boulevard Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 305/777-2876
COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 North West Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 813/629-5711
COLLINS, Sherod 625 Charming Drive NW Atlanta, Georgia 30318 404/351-2985
DE HEER, Richard 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037 904/445-4316
GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 216/923-3370
HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th Street Lockport, Illinois 60441 815/838-3947
LUCSAY, William 12612 South Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 312/388-8989
MATTHEWS, Joseph C. Jr. 4706 Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 919/851-4851
MAW, Thomas J. 436 Beech Street Rockland, Massachusetts 02370 617/878-1796
MC DEVITT, John F. 188 Queen Street Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971 302/227-3911
MC MILLAN, Paul 294 Albemarle Place Macon, Georgia 31204 912/474-1909
ROBB, John G. 238 DeVore Drive Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335 814/333-6364 or 333-1616
SCRANTON, Robert L. 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116 313/229-6716
STRAUB, Ted J. 948 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 304/599-4450
VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 West Higgins Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60656 312/631-2027
WARD, Nathan (Duke) 2140 West Carlyle Court Marietta, Georgia 30062 404/971-8594
WYATT, Van S. Rt. 2 - Box 5-A Benton, Kentucky 42025 502/527-1796
HONORARY LIFE MEMBER MC MAHON, Gen. Leo T. (RET.) 8 North Union Street Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057 717/949-3821


General Meeting
1983 - 1984
14 July 1984
The meeting was called to order by our President James W. Henning at 1:15 PM.
     Remarks by our President and the introduction of all the officers who served the Association for the year 1983-84. He also stated that it had been an honor to serve the Association as their President the past year. He also thanked all the elected officers and appointed officers for their support while he was President.
     The Adjutants read the minutes of last year's General Meeting held in Worcester, Massachusetts. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as read.
     The President had all the men who were attending their first reunion stand, give their name, unit served with, city and rates they were from. There were 21 who were attending their first reunion. It was asked who had come the farthest distance. We had two from the State of California and one from the State of Oregon. The President then had each unit report on how many men they had in attendance.
     The Adjutant gave his report for year 1983-1984. He stated that we had a membership of 500. This is an increase of 16 over the year 1982-1983. He also reported that we had 61 delinquent members for the year 1983-1984. He also reported nine deaths that were reported to him. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept his report as read.
Our Treasurer Sherod Collins gave his report. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept his report as read.
     The CUB editors report was given by Editor Richard DeHeer. He stated that he had nothing great to report with the exception of: when you send him pictures -please write on the back of them who they are. Also that as long as we have the money that he was going to send the CUB out first class and not under third class _with our mailing permit.
     The Memorial Chairman's report was given by Douglas S. Coffey, the Memorial Chairman. He reported that our Memorial Chapel in St. Vith is being used by a lot of the units going back to Europe for the Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations. He also stated that he would be meeting with the Officers of the College where our Memorial Chapel is as the statue where our two flags are is starting to deteriorate. It will have to be taken care of.
There was no unfinished business to report.
     New Business - a long discussion was held on the ordering of shoulder patches of the 106th Infantry Division. Rev. Ronald Mosely stated that he could get them at a cost of $5.00 per patch and that anyone who wanted them to give him their names and addresses and also money and he would see that they received one.
     Ted Straub reported on next year's reunion to be held in Morgantown, West Virginia at the Sheraton Lakeview Resort - 18-21 July 1985. He reported that we will be about seven miles from the nearest town or store but there will be plenty to do right at the resort.
     Also under new business Roger Rutland gave a report on our 1986 reunion which is to be held in Columbia, S.C. He stated that he had contacted two places: The Marriott Hotel and Holiday Inn. He said that he leaned toward the Marriott Hotel which is new and right down town. There was a motion made, seconded and passed that the reunion be held sometime after Labor Day through October.
     Matters for the good of the Association - Pete House made the invitation to hold the 1987 reunion in Florida. As we only book two years in advance, he is to bring more information to next year's reunion in Morgantown.
     No more business - motion made, seconded and passed to adjourn at 2:45 PM. Respectfully submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant


Adjutant's Report
Membership Renewals 391
New Members 81
Reinstated Members 9
Associate Members 19
Total Membership 500
Auxiliary Membership 160
Memorial Fund Contributors 132
Delinquent Members 1983-4 61
(1982 -1983 484 + 16)
(1982 1983 155 + 5)
(Approx $1309.00)

Gene S. Balke (HQ 3rd Bn/422) October 29, 1982
Thelma Burke (Auxiliary) September 8, 1983
Leonard J. Butterbaugh (AT/423) December 21, 1983
Carolyn Cavender (Auxiliary) May 22, 1984
Byron P. Heath (106/MP) January 23, 1984
Albert A. Johnson (M/423) May 21, 1984
Edward L. Louie (390/FA) Date Unknown 1981
Loren E. Boxers (F & H/424 & Hq/81) Data Unknown 1984
David S. Price (DHQ & 331 Meds.) Date Unknown Respectfully submitted, Robert W. Pierce Sr. Adjutant

Resolutions Committee
Douglas S. Coffey
Robert L. Scranton
Russell H. Villwock, Chairman
WHEREAS, the 106th Infantry Division Association is enjoying their 38th Annual Reunion in Savannah, Georgia.
    WHEREAS, each and every individual has enjoyed the hospitality and friendship in all the activities at this Reunion, we desire to acknowledge the planning and efforts of all involved in promoting this Reunion. Now, therefore, be it RESOLVED that we express our gratitude to the manager and entire staff of the Ramada Downtowner.
     Be it further RESOLVED that General H. Norman Schwartkoff, Commanding General of the 24th Infantry Division, and his entire staff for presenting the demonstration, transportation and our participation in all of the programs including the Memorial Service.
     Be it further RESOLVED that we extend to Jim and Maydean Wells and their committee members, Gus Agostini, Albert Oelschig Jr. for their untiring efforts in planning and promoting one of the largest and most unique reunions.
    Be it further RESOLVED that we commend the elected and appointed officers of the 106th Infantry Division Association for their faithful and efficient execution of their offices.
    Be it further RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the 106th Infantry Division Association and published in the Cub and a copy sent to the persons cited.
Adopted this 14th day of July 1984 in Savannah, Georgia.


Treasurer's Report
1983 - 1984
Income and Expense - General Fund
Members' Dues $ 4,890.00
Auxiliary Dues 294.00
Interest Earned 2,163.24
Sales - Patches & Plates 8.00
Reunion Surplus -1983 781.39
Donation 15.00 $ 8,151.63

CUB Expense:
Printing $ 1991.86
Postage 496.06
Covers 477.35
Telephone 33.01
Travel 22.40 3020.68
Postage 427.43
Office Supplies & Printing 552.55
Registration Fees - 4 Officers 303.00
Telephone 22.76
Secretarial Fee 40.00
$ 4366.42
Net Increase 3785.21

Funds Activity
General Fund Recap
Brought Forward $13,068.26
Net Increase 3,785.21
Balance June 30, 1984 $16,853.47

Memorial Fund Recap
Brought Forward $ 8,256.16
Less Flowers 28.95
Balance June 30, 1984 $ 9,325.21

Changes in Cash Positions
General Fund Memorial Fund Totals
This Year $16,853.47 $ 9,325.21 $26,178.68
Last Year 13,068.26 8,256.16 21.324.42
Increases $ 3,785.21 $ 1,069.05 $ 4,854.26

Banks of Deposit
Checking First
Bank of Atlanta $ 62.97
First Federal Savings and Loan 26 115.71
Total in Banks $26,178.68
Thanks for your continued support, Sherod Collins, Treasurer

Tax Question
     I was asked to look into the possibility of deducting convention expenses on income tax returns, as it was pointed out that another Division Association is advocating such deductions.
     In connection with my investigation I wish to quote the following from Publication 17, titled "Your Federal Income Tax", Chapter 30 - Contributions: 'If you are a chosen representative attending a convention of a qualified organization, you may deduct actual unreimbursed expenses for travel and transportation."
     It appears that "chosen" is the key word and from my own experience and from talking with people at the IRS, we do not qualify to take the deductions since we are not chosen.
Sherod Collins Treasurer


Reunion Committee
     We of the 1984 Reunion Committee would like to thank all who attended the Savannah Reunion. To say that we were "overwhelmed by the response" would perhaps be the understatement of the year. 242 Registered and 246 attended the Banquet.
     Judging from the cards and letters the Helicopter rides were thoroughly enjoyed. And our appreciation to all for your indulgence when functions were crowded. One thing to be said for 106ers, distance don't faze you, they came from California, Oregon, Texas, New York, Michigan, New York, Canada, and all points far and near.
     We thank each and every one of you for the effort put forth, and wish we could have spent more time with each of you.

Our Trip South to Savannah
     On Sunday, July 8, we left Morgantown and headed down 1-79, 1-77 and 1-81, across the Tennessee Smokies to Asheville, North Carolina. On Monday morning we toured the Biltmore Mansion, which is on 25,000 acres of outstanding beauty. The Rhododendron were in full bloom and breathtaking. It is three miles from the gate of the Estate to the house. The mansion is a magnificent structure. However, I would hate to pay the heating bill. If you have not seen this place, those of you from the south, it would be an enjoyable stop on your way to Morgantown next July.
     Following the tour, we went to Shelby, N.C. to visit two of Ted's suppliers. Also went to Cowpens, Kings Mountain Battlefield. If you are interested in these places, ask Ted about them. He loves to talk about the history of our country!!
Tuesday - on to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina - another business meeting and sightseeing the city.
Wednesday - on to Savannah and the great 106th reunion. Hey girls, how about Maydean - wasn't she terrific!
     Sunday morning after breakfast and goodbyes, we went to church, came back to the hotel for lunch, then we said good bye to Savannah and headed for Fort Jackson, S.C.
     At Fort Jackson we made contact with the museum curator. He said they would appreciate receiving any 106th memorabilia for the museum. If any of you have anything you would like to donate to the museum, you may contact Ft. Jackson Museum, Ft. Jackson, S.C., 29207 5325, Attn: Clayton B. Kleckley, Fred De Mag., Phone 8031751-7355/7419. We had hoped to visit the Chapel, but it was closed. We saw the plaque dedicated to the 106th, near where they were activated in 1943. By the way, the 106th flags are displayed in the Chapel.
     When we left Ft. Jackson, we made a wrong turn and drove around the post for 45 minutes before finding 1-77. Very confusing.
     We drove as far as Charlotte, N.C. where we spent the night. On Monday morning we decided to buy some fruit to take home. We were able to get peaches and cantaloupes, however, none of the roadside stands had watermelons. All through N.C. and Virginia we kept passing the same truck loaded with melons. We joked about how we could get some off the tractor-trailer. When we reached the intersection of Route 19 and 1-79, Ted said "I'm going to contact the driver on the C.B. and ask him to sell us some melons". I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. The driver stopped and asked how many we wanted. We bought three, for $1.00 each. Then on to Morgantown, where we shared the watermelons with our neighbors and employees. They were the best melons we have had in years. Hope to see you next year - where? In MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA. Laura Straub


The Mail Bag
Dear Richard,
As we told you in Savannah, how much we enjoy the club, and we promised to write.
     The Reunion Committee did a wonderful job. Nadine Wells, a charming, adorable and talented lady was a real doll with her speech at the Banquet. It is so good to see new faces as well as the ones we see each time. We did miss our dear friends from Grove, Oklahoma - Paul and Dee Roehrick, Service Co. 422nd "Sgt. Mac's" Co. he is so proud of.
     We also will be looking forward to the 1985 Reunion in Morgantown, W. Va. with our dear friends, Ted and Laura Straub. Congratulations to our new president Ted Straub. We wait with anticipation to read every word in The Cub. Thank you again for r your efforts to get the Cub to us. We appreciate the work you are doing.
Best Regards,
Lib and Paul McMillan, Macon, Georgia
P.S. I didn't mention my children and grandchildren - it would take up too much space.

Hello Robert,
     I have been spending a lot of time at the VA Hospital for I now have pleural fibrosis of both lungs. I am doing very well and hope to get back to some of the summer meetings. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Fontaine C. Forbes 1175 Pocahontas Avenue Covington, VA 24426

Dear Members,
     One of these days my schedule will coincide with your reunion and 111 attend (I did once some years ago when it was held in Augusta, GA and I was stationed at Ft. Gordon.
     Like many of you I have fond memories of my days with the 106th (Especially during the operations in Europe). Like some of you, I also have memories of Korea in the Early 50's and, there may be a few who also have memories of Vietnam. So, after retiring in the summer of 71, I have many strong emotional ties with the past and especially on these celebrated holidays for the military. My feelings were truly evident when they recently put to rest the 'Unknown" from Vietnam (and I remembered Korea and World War II.)
     I wish everyone could share in the pride I have for the "Golden Lions", 'The Tropical Lightening - 25th Division", and last but not the least the "Green Berets" of Vietnam, By God, I was and am proud of my profession, and honored to have served with the finest this country has -our military. lust some sampling thoughts that I come up with frequently. lust some sampling thoughts that I come up with frequently. Sincerely, K. B. Facey, Colonel USA Ret.

Dear Bob,
     We have had a fairly good winter and are in good health, thanks to God. Now we are preparing to attend the American Ex-Prisoners of War, New England's 1st Annual Convention. (Sponsored by Massachusetts Chapter No. 1).
     Ella and I are looking forward, God willing, to be with all in Savannah. Sincerely, George R. Pina 69 Cavalcade Blvd. Warwick, RI 02889


Dear Dick,
     I am sending you some pictures taken at the 30th Wedding Anniversary held for General Leo Thomas McMahon and Wilda Nanney McNair McMahon. This was given in their Honor by Colonel Leo T. McMahon Jr., Alan V. McNair and Mrs. Carol McNair Mowbray. The Anniversary Celebration was held at the Harrisburg Marriott Inn April 21, 1984.
     Jean and I both were surprised to receive the invitation but also were really proud to be asked to represent the 106th Infantry Division Association. Upon arriving we met John and Stella Gallagher as well as Alan W. Jones Jr. and his wife, Lillian. This sure did relieve me having someone there that we knew.
     General Leo and Wilda knew nothing about this. They were told that they were just going out for dinner. When they arrived they were taken to the Banquet Room where all the local guests were settled. All the guests from out of town were in another room next to the Banquet Room. There was one speaker elected from each group by Col. Leo Jr. to talk to Gen. Leo and Wilda over the P.A. system and they had to guess who they were talking with. This was called "This Is Your Life". I was asked to do the talking for John, Stella, Jean and I. Really had a time trying to think of what to say that would cover for all of us. General Leo and Wilda were sure surprised when our names were announced. They had been settled on the stage in King and Queen chairs. As we walked in they both met us at the edge of the stage. They had something to say about us.
     After the Banquet we were all asked if we would stay over and go to church with General Leo and Wilda on Sunday which happened to be "Easter". The priest had all that were there with General Leo and Wilda to stand up. The priest said that he had been having a little trouble with General Leo wanting to be the boss. He said that he had been to Rome to see the Pope and the Pope told him that as long as he was in the Church that he was the boss. When he was outside of the Church then General Leo was the boss. All had a big laugh out of this. The priest had all the people attending the Mass recognize General Leo and Wilda.
     After Church we all went back to the Marriott for breakfast. After breakfast we were asked to go up to Lea and Wilda's room and they opened their gifts. John and Stella had made sure that there was something from the Association. It was a nice cup engraved from the friends of the 106th Infantry Division Association. Leo and Wilda sure appreciated it.
     This is one experience that we both shall never forget. The other is serving the 106th Infantry Division Association as their Adjutant. Hope that I have done the job well.
Sincerely yours, Robert and Jean Pierce Sr.
Photo: Gen. Leo T. McMahon 1. Wilde in front of sign in Middletown PA in honor of them April 22, 1984.
Photo: Gen. Leo, Wilda and the General's son Col. Leo T. McMahon, Jr.
Photo: Gen. Leo, Wilda and Wilda's son. Alan V. McNair, his wife and two grandchildren


Dear Dick and Marge,
What a surprise! A letter written by my Sergeant! Here's another - my answer!
We would like to thank you again as we had a very nice time. It was great to relive the past.
     One of my former students was sent to Belgium as part of his reserve training this summer to set up a computer center. He went to St. Vith and mailed me photos of the Memorial and the college. Our memorial is in great shape as of July. This was a great surprise.
     Saturday I had another shock when I received the Bronze Star from the Army. It was issued August 24, 1962 based on the award of the Combat Infantry Badge. Another surprise! Others can receive theirs -
Department of the Army
U.S. Army Reserve Components
Personnel & Administrative Center
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132
     My medals are supposed to follow in 90 days. I have been waiting three years. Found everything good at home except flowers which weren't watered.
Grandsons had grown and were extremely healthy. You can see I don't write much anymore.
Again thanks, Your buddy forever, Bob & Mildred

Dear Bob,
     I won't be able to attend the reunion this year as my walking in crowds isn't so good, due to arthritis in the spine.
     Would like to see my Buddies from the 422nd Co C and other fellows I have met. Good luck to you and all of the officers.
Yours truly, Harry Tissot - Co C 422nd Inf. 6510 Murray Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45227

Dear Rich De Heer,
    My old buddy from the 106th called me last week and he doesn't belong to the 106th. He happened to meet Ringer and he mentioned my name. Could you please send him a copy of some of the Cubs if available. Could you please send him a copy of some of the Cubs if available. He would like to be a member of our get together. I have sent him the address of our Adjutant and hope he will send his dues
Thanks, George Rinker. - B/423 16817 S. Park Avenue South Holland, IL 60473

Donnie Mann
Canterbury Apts
3440 Olen Tangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202

Dear Bob,
     Enclosing money order for my 106th association dues in the amount of $20.00, for period 1 July 1984 - 30 June 1986. I had been making plans to attend the Reunion in Savannah, but at the moment it looks like I will be unable to make it. The item in the recent Cub about the Bronze Star answered a question that has bugged me for many years. I received mine around 1952, a real surprise, as I had never applied for it. I certainly did not do anything heroic, and thought maybe I got it for outrunning the Pourers and 88 shells for three days and nights. I did receive the CIB in September 1945, about a month before I was discharged, with CIB pay retroactive to December 1944.
     I am still Service Officer with the American Legion, also volunteer with the Red Cross and I was involved in a small way in the recent Connecticut flood disaster. Please give my kind regards to all at the Reunion. I would be glad to hear from any former member of 422 F.
Cordially, Waldo B. Pierce 530 East Street New Britain, CT 06051


     Just a line to let you know I am now a Real Estate Broker in Miami, Florida. I would like to hear from any of my old buddies! Miss the ole days at Atterbury and the good times.
John Greene - 423rd Hg Co. 8654 S.W. 154 Cir. PL. Miami, FL 33193
     P.S. If anyone can send me information on the 423 Infantry during our time in the service, I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!

We are planning our 30th reunion at Hershey Park, September 4th - we all have a wonderful time each year.
     If there is anyone interested in coming and joining us they are certainly welcome. This will be too late in getting to the friends, so please write to Tom and have him put your name on the list for next year. We sure would be grateful!
Thank you' Tom and Alice Dorosky - SV/592
146 Mt. Airy Road – 1
Shavertown, PA 18708

Dear Bob,
Much success in coming reunion in Savannah. III be unable to attend due to health problems.
     Unfortunately, happy holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and most of January were spent in Henes VA Hospital. At present I am feeling better -and able to be up.
     We enjoyed a surprise visit from Maxine and Don Armington a few weeks ago. Also a recent visit from John and Virginia Beize.
Best Wishes to all! Harry L. Holder – Co H 424th 474 Addison Elmhurst, IL 60126

Greetings to All Golden Lions,
Excuse my laziness - will send check to Bob Pierce under separate cover.
     We are certainly enjoying our retirement but have yet to learn to say no thus I am quite busy with a number of organizations and most recently an appointment to our Church's 150th anniversary publicity committee. Really this is one I take pride in and truly enjoy. My wife Wilma and I are still very active in VFW affairs and had the opportunity to attend the Illinois state convention in Peoria during the third week in June. Due to my wife's problems with bladder tumors we were compelled to scrap our plans to tour Europe this summer but we hope to get on with it in the summer of 1985.
     I must admit that I have been quite lax in visiting with Leo Liesse who lives but 15 miles from my home but it seems on my visits to. Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital, the group I travel with am always pressed for time. Leo lives a short distance from JBVAMC. I also find it disappointing that so few of the many former 422nd members are not members of the Association or perhaps are reluctant to drop the Editor a note and in return we may be afforded a chance to find them and renew the comradeship we had at one time.
So much for this annual communique. With best wishes and warm regards, I remain yours in Comradeship,
Milton G. Haas 3rd Bn Ho Co 422nd Regt.
     P.S. With the attainment of age 60 last October, my Army Reserve pension began which, needless to say, is like money from home without writing for it.

To all members,
     The Annual Reunion of the 106th QM Co Div will be held September 30, 1984 at Hartford, Connecticut. All are invited to attend. Contact: James Senatro 121 Main Street Vernon, Connecticut 06066, Telephone 203/871-8299


Dear Bob,
     Misplaced my last membership card -or, at least, cannot recall where I placed it even though I stumbled across it not more than two weeks ago. One cannot carry all the cards in a normal wallet so I reduced my collection to those most likely to be needed locally, However, I did locate the one for $1-82 that had memo indicating that check no. 122, issued 10/30/82, for two year period 1982-83 and '83-84, plus $10.00 toward the Memorial Fund, total $30.00. Also, I recall the remark I made when apologizing for the delay, using Jimmy Durante's off-repeated phrase: "What a revolting development", referring to my oversight and awakening.
     The enclosed check for $30.00 will cover the next two years plus $10.00 for the Memorial Fund. No doubt you have since learned of typographical error in last issue of the Cub - calling for 1983-84 dues. Hopefully - all have been paid by this time.
     My best regards to all buddies, their wives, children, etc. - also best wishes for a great 38th Reunion. May God keep all in the palm of His Hand" - those making the trip to and from Savannah, Georgia and the ones who will make the 40th Anniversary trip back to the hallowed area where so many of our buddies gave their all.
     While I have no hard feelings toward the Russian people; actually pity them for having been born under the Soviet Flag, if I were able to make the trip to Europe with the group - I would omit the journey to Russia for the reason that one could not expect to see anyone other than Soviet Officials, KGB special agents and dedicated (brain-washed) soldiers who were raised to betray their own blood relatives.
     I'm still hoping to realize a long held desire to retrace my steps as a POW on what are now referred to as 'The Black Death Marches" after being ordered to surrender in Battle of the Bulge - (1) from Auw to Limburg, Germany - (Stalag XIIA) 12/19 - 30/44 and (2) Gerlitz (Stalag VIII-A) to Braunschweig, GA., 2/14 -3/26/45 - approx. 511 miles, total. You may recall that I twice sent resume of the marches that gave kilometers marched each day, where billeted for night, rations received, if any, etc. -as taken from my diary, hoping it could be printed as an "insert" - that it might be helpful to those POWs that made either march in the event they re-open (or file) claim with V.A. - especially since passage of Bill 97-37, that reduced 6 months minimum incarceration to ONE MONTH - and gives the PRESUMPTIVE (benefit of doubt) to "SERVICE CONNECTION" to many disabilities known to be result of malnutrition, dysentery, filth, frozen extremities, etc. I, for one, put up a fight for many years - but get nowhere and a measly 10% - and, if that was not enough after having to undergo two major operations that the V.A. did not pay for - my R.R. pension - first check (effective 1-23-75) was accompanied by memo stating that same had to be reduced by the amount of V.A. Award. They called it a pension that I told 'em could not in any way be interpreted as a PENSION -for it was a Service Connected Disability Award.
     I'm not going to suggest that you print the resumes - but, if you should print this letter - or portion thereof showing the dates, starting and destination points, perhaps it will locate some men who can identify themselves as having been with our columns all or part of the way. Many fell out enroute, never to be heard from again. I am particularly anxious to hear from men who knew me as a member of Headquarters Company, 3rd Bn, 422nd Regiment, 106th (Golden Lion) Division, Camp Atterbury, Ind. I cannot - at age 74 - promise to answer-in-writing those I do not know personally - BUT upon receipt of stamped self-addressed envelope - will send copy of resume of both marches -and for $1.00 - will send zeros copies of Clinical Dietician's calculation (a nutrient analysis) of the foods consumed by the prisoners on the Black Death Marches, also the significance of some of the deficiencies (about 12) and a comparison with Recommended Dietary Allowance levels for males ages 19-22 and ages 23-50 - as stated on Hospital letterhead - and the statement: "Considering the extent of the nutrient deficits calculated from the prisoner of war diet, the prisoners probably experienced many of the symptoms listed above".
Also, if anyone knows of a widow of buddy who expired after return home please contact her and - if not remarried,


    also can located V.A. file - or Service Officer who may have handled claim -perhaps it can be ascertained if on either march, especially the last one that really finished off many, also left "telling" disabilities on the rest of us - and the older we get, the more we know we were there - ever-there".
     One more thought - if anyone is a member of American Ex-Prisoners-Of-War, Inc. - check February 1981 POW Bulletin for resume of two marches - and the December 1983 issue for the Clinical Dietitian's nutrient analysis. That's all - God bless, Leo R. Leisse, Sr.

Dear Richard,
     In the recent issue of "The Cub" you had a note that WWII vets are still eligible for the Bronze Star if they were awarded the Combat Medical Badge.
Evidentially I have missed any previous memos on this and as a result I have several questions.
1st - why has this been offered?
2nd - what proof is needed to claim this award. (I would assume a copy of the discharge papers would be adequate?)
3rd - whom do I contact in order to receive this medal.
     I realize that it is not easy to handle the any requests you receive for information so if it would be more convenient to phone me at my office, please do at 800-323-2545.
Many thanks for your time and help.
M. J. Mueller (Mike) L Co 424 (med) P.O. Box 257 Lake Villa, IL 60046

Dear Bob,
     I received my September issue of The Cub and I always enjoy reading about members of the 106th and comparing the experiences we all endured. I have received information from Ralph G. Hill, which has helped me to understand some of the events that occurred in December of 1944
     I was in the 589th F.A. Battery C and was captured December 21 in a motor pool. I was bombarded by the R.A.F. and American planes in the war zone, while locked up in box-cars. I also survived the raid as Louis Peluso stated. I was at Stalag IV-B, Leipzig and Halle, during air attacks. Arthur Jebens also stated he endured the same experience. I will try and contact Louis and Arthur and discuss our "days of glory".
     I spent most of my incarceration period at Leipzig repairing railroads. We were forced marched from Leipzig, as the allies approached, to the Elbe River, where we met the Russians April 25, 1945. About 45 of us survived the internment. I would enjoy hearing from all Ex-P.O.W's who endured the events indicated. I also, observed in The Cub that Henry Healan stated that we met at the Ex-P.O.W. Convention in Cleveland. I really enjoyed our discussions, but Henry I was in C Battery 589th F.A., under Captain Rockwell.
     Please send information pertaining to the 106th convention in Georgia in 1984. We plan on attending the 1984 convention because there will be no conflict with the Ex-P.O.W. Convention in Washington. In the past few years there have been conflicts with both conventions on the same dates.
Sincerely, Vernon E. Brumfield, Commander
South Louisiana Chapter
Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc.
201 West 111th Street
Cut Off, LA 70345
P.S. Enclosed is a check for my dues for two years. Thanks.


Hello fellow 106ers,
Could we ever use some ice cubes here in Ohio! The dog days have moved in for sure.
     What a good time we had in Savannah. Jim and Maydean and their staff did a super job and this convention will surely go down as one of the best ever put on. Again, many thanks to you fine Georgians for giving us all such a memorable reunion. I just noticed in our local Cleveland paper that you even held off the invasion of mosquitoes until we left. We enjoyed seeing some old friends, the Lainharts and also were saddened by the news of Thelma Burke's death. She was a special person to Martha and I and we'll miss her a great deal.
     Our trip home was without mishap and the Gilders & Fritis are all back to work. We will be awaiting the news of our sons, Gregg and Eric and their wives, who are leaving for a trip out west to see the Olympics. The tradition of our two families goes on now with these 2 great sons and we just hope their trips together end up as enjoyable as has ours.
     Congratulation to our new Officers and • Board of Directors. Theirs is no easy task, but I'm sure they'll come through with flying colors. Also, many, many thanks to our outgoing Adjutant, Bob Pierce. His dedication and contributions to that office will be sorely missed by all members.
     It was such a good feeling seeing all of OUT friends again this year, we'll look forward to Morgantown and the Ohio delegation. See you at our December get together.
     How about some of you other members writing to our CUB editor with your experiences. He cannot fulfill his job without a lot of input from all of us. He really likes to hear from all.
Yours in comradeship, John and Martha Fritz
    P.S. to Maydean: Should Ms. Ferraro slip a cog along the way, could we put your name on the ticket? After listening to your after dinner speech. I think you'd really WOW them all.

Dear Mr. Pierce,
     Thanks for the prompt reply. Sure has been a busy 39 years. I am in fair health, have a son and daughter and one grandson.
     I was in North African 1943 and joined the 923rd Co. L. at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Was held POW a Bad Orb 9-B Stalag. I would like to hear from any members of L Co, 423rd.
     We were all so happy to be alive and home, and get busy making a new life that we forgot so many guys and now as we get old we lament, we start to get back in touch with them.
Thanks and regards,
Walter E. "Tuck" Dougherty Co L 423rd
106 S. Jackson Road
Ludington, Michigan 49431

Dear Mr. On Heer,
     It is with heavy heart that I report the death of my beloved wife Carolyn Cavender on May 22, 1984. She put up a gallant fight against cancer discovered and operated on in July '81. She did very well until radiation was tried in early December '83. Never a complaint - a real trooper.
     We would have celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on August 31, 1984. She will be remembered by many of the wives of members of the 423rd at Camp Jackson and Atterbury.
We have one daughter, Sarah, who lives with her family at Jequim, Washington. Have a grand reunion at Savannah.
Faithfully, Col. Cavender 26490 Burgess Way Sun City, California 92381


Dear Mr. Fierce,
     I am a former member of the 589th and 592nd Field Artillery Battalion's and served in the 106th Infantry Div. from activation and de-activation. Here are my dues for I would like to become a member.
     I am also interested in the plans to return to the Battle of the Bulge area and St. Vith in 1984 and would appreciate receiving information concerning this. Thanks in advance for your attention to these requests.
Yours truly, John W. Thurlow 33615 Via Coroalian Dana Point, CA 92629

Dear Dick,
     I am in receipt of a letter from the son and daughter-in-law of Col. Earl F. Klink - Co., 3rd Bn 423rd Inf. with the sad news that Earl died August 16, 1983 of emphysema and that Martha, his wife, died September 7, 1983 of cancer.
     Col. Klink joined us shortly after activation and commanded 3rd Bn thru the training and in combat. A fine officer and a wonderful person.
With sincere regards, I am,
Charles Cavender 26490 Burgess Way Sun City, CA 92381

Dear Dick,
     It's a funny thing how you remember more of the good things that happened, than the bad. I enjoy reading 'The Cub" very much, and I would like to thank you and all the officers of the Division Association for keeping alive a very important part of my life.
     I didn't sign up for the 10th Div. journey back to Bulge area. This trip was a little too expensive for me. I did however sign up for the trip with the "Vet of the Battle of the Bulge". The two groups will be in the same areas at the same time. I will get over to 106th main hotel and meet with as many as I can. Hope to see you there.
Sincerely, John Gatens - A Bat 589 F.A. Bn
2-36 Grunauer Place Fairlawn, NJ 07410

Dear Mr. Pierce,
     In view that I will be unable to attend the reunion in Savannah, Georgia, I am enclosing a check for my dues for 1984-85. I realize it is. in advance but should I forget to mail them now - which can happen - I sure would miss getting the "Cub".

     Due to the list of members and the Cub, I have been able to locate some members in this area and have talked with a few. I am writing today to a name printed in the last issue of the Cub which may turn out to be one of the members of my Platoon. I am the retired Fire Chief of The City I of Richmond but being an expert in the field, I do consulting work for large companies where litigation is involved. Sincerely, J. F. Finnegan, Jr.
T/Sgt Co A 423 & 424 Infantry
1014 Jamestown Avenue - P.O. Box 7624
Richmond, Virginia 23231


Dear Mr. Pierce,
     Enclosed please find $10.00 for dues or membership in the 106th Inf. Div. Association. Am a former member of the 106th. Joined the unit in March 1943, Fort Jackson, SC. Was a member of the Detail Section, Btry A, 590th F.A. Bn. APO. 443, Fort Jackson, SC. Was with the Division until the 19th of December 1944, when I was taken captive by the Germans. Liberated on Good Friday the following Spring. Was just contacted by a former buddy telling me of the organization. Would have joined earlier had I known. Please send me any literature or materials from the past. If there are any charges please insert a billing and Ill remit the same.
Thanking you in advance,
I remain Respectfully,
Russell L. Gunvalson
212 Sabin Street
Spring Valley, WI 39767

Dear Dick,
     This is the first Saturday I've had in a month to do a little personal correspondence. I have been traveling into most parts of the country these past two to three years. As Shirley says: "you have gone full circle". She means that after selling lumber products on the road originally, then taking up ownership and management of Hansen Corporation for 17 years, she finds me back traveling again: this time as a marketing consultant. I do specialized distribution systems and then create the marketing framework for El. DuPont de Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware and the J. J. Barker Company, Cowansville, Quebec, Canada. With my experience in the building industry, my program works well for all involved.
     I might advise here in this memorandum, that I have an annual commitment to entertain at the Invitational Golf Tournament of my Country Club the same week as Savannah. Please express our regrets to all those in attendance and especially to Maydean and Jim Wells. One of these years, if I last long enough, or have to hang up my clubs, Shirley and I will be amongst the "OLD GUARD'.
     I haven't seen too many of the Michigan crowd, again due to my travels. Did run into John and Evelyn Shalhoub last week. Hear lots about Bob and Libby Kelly from their daughter Sue, who does all my airline booking. The Kellys do manage to visit many corners of the globe these past few years. The Bob Rutts have gone traveling since he partially retired from the law game. With Larry Gubow gone, haven't seen Estelle in a couple of years. Another regret for Shirley and I not making the 1984 Reunion, is our inability to visit with the Leo T. McMahons. A very great pair to be acquainted with. The Association has been fortunate to have had their presence - especially since Leo is "Irish".
     Well Dick, I have rambled along a bit too long: but feel this information and chit-chat helps bridge our not being able to be in Savannah.
Have a great meeting - say HI to all in attendance...
Sincerely, Shirley and Jack Gillespie
Co. "C" 422nd 3536 Darcy Drive
Birmingham, Michigan 48010

Photo: Joe Matthews keeping cool in the chow line.


Dear Jim,
Enclosed is $12.00 for my membership dues and Ann's Auxiliary dues.
We are sorry we cannot attend your 38th annual 106th reunion in Beautiful Savannah, Georgia.
     Ann and I (plus the Howards - Virginia and John) were planning to attend, but due to a setback this past May, while at a convention in Chicago, I suffered a mild heart attack and my doctor's appointment is Wednesday, July 11th. We had to cancel plane reservations etc. Virginia's mother is ailing too. As I write this letter, I'm wondering, now that I think about it, why the cardiologist scheduled me for July 11th as I told him I was planning to attend a convention in Savannah with the 106th Infantry Division.
We had planned to visit with our daughters, Dorian and Victoria in Athens, Georgia, also after the reunion.
     Frank Borbely is promoting the 424th and Co M. I wanted to be part of the largest delegation to attend the reunion and have An meet a wonderful bunch of guys. To Bill Mueller (Wimpy) and Conrad Pellerin of Co. M, I'm sorry we cannot be with you and Co. M.
     To Jim Henning, Rev. Mr. Mosley, Russ Villwock, John, Virginia, Howard, and bowing from Michigan, thanks for your cards and phone conversations and thanks to those whose names escape me.
     Oh, yes, just got a card from the dentist for an appointment at 12:15 PM for a fitting of my dentures. Talk about luck. I will be there next year, come hell or high-water!
Love to all,
Charles Puskarich Co. M 424th - Cook & Baker
428 So 70 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214
P.S. We hope you are feeling better.

Dear Bob,
     I received my September issue of The Cub and I always enjoy reading about members of the 106th and comparing the experiences we all endured. I have received information from Ralph G. Hill, which has helped me to understand some of the events that occurred in December of 1944
     I was in the 589th F.A. Battery C and was captured December 21 in a motor pool. I was bombarded by the R.A.F. and American planes in the war zone, while locked up in box-cars. I also survived the raid as Louis Peluso stated. I was at Stalag IV-B, Leipzig and Halle, during air attacks. Arthur Jebens also stated he endured the same experience. I will try and contact Louis and Arthur and discuss our "days of glory".
     I spent most of my incarceration period at Leipzig repairing railroads. We were forced marched from Leipzig, as the allies approached, to the Elbe River, where we met the Russians April 25, 1945. About 45 of us survived the internment. I would enjoy hearing from all Ex-P.O.W.'s who endured the events indicated. I also 4 observed in The Cub that Henry Healan stated that we met at the Ex-P.O.W. Convention in Cleveland. I really enjoyed our discussions, but Henry I was in C Battery 589th F.A., under Captain Rockwell.
     Please send information pertaining to the 106th convention in Georgia in 1984. We plan on attending the 1984 convention because there will be no conflict with the Ex-P.O.W. Convention in Washington. In the past few years there have been conflicts with both conventions on the same dates.
Vernon E. Brumfield, Commander
South Louisiana Chapter
Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc.
201 West 111th Street
Cut Off, LA 70345
P.S. Enclosed is a check for my dues for two years. Thanks.


Dear Dick,
     A note to tell you that I have heard from Mr. Charles B. MacDonald, T-4, 5300 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia 22204 who is in the middle of writing a book about the Battle of the Bulge. Would you please insert the following in the next issue of the CUBS? Thanks!
     "My book deals not just with the 106th Division but with the entire Battle of the Bulge. With the title. A Time For Trumpets: The Untold Story Of The Battle Of The Bulge, it will be published in late October - early November by William Morrow and Company, New York. Although I will be unable to notify individuals at the time of publication, I hope to have the publisher provide notices to all division associations of units that fought in the battler but I am sure if you scout the bookstores about that time, you will find it. The publisher is planning a big promotion. I do hope you enjoy the book.

     My wife, Lillian, and I are looking forward to driving down to Savannah, Georgia in July to attend the 106th Infantry Division Association Annual Reunion. Please give your wife our best regards.
Very truly yours,
Walter Bandurak - Med. Det., 81st Engr. Bn.
219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, PA 15601

Dear Bob,
     Enclosed are membership dues for the coming year for Helen and me. Enclosed are membership dues for the coming year for Helen and me.
     After selling my thirty-one year old business four years ago I found that retirement wasn't for me and I felt very value-less when I woke each morning and realized that no one - no employees, customers, not even bill collectors - was expecting me. After unlocking a door six days a week for no many years I seem to have developed a habit. In desperation I applied for temporary work and was sent to Control Data's headquarters office near here and I spent over three years with them as a "temporary". When things got tough they eliminated that class of employee all over the world and I learned to do things for my community and keep busy. A year later - can you believe it? (I'm seventy-one years old) they called me back to work and I went. Helen, however, who is unable to drive, was unhappy with my working. Don't know whether it was me or the car she missed, anyway I reluctantly resigned. Now I'm writing a two page weekly letter to my community - circulation forty-three - and am becoming (in)famous at the local level.
     Our younger daughter, Kathy who some of you may remember, is now a member of the State Department. She and her husband are stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a couple of years and, if you want to call them, their phone number is 011 966 1 465 7241. If you dial them at noon they will answer at nine p.m., their time, without static or interruption - as if they were next door. We live in a great age.
H. M. Jim Hatch
2830 East Road
Wayzata, Minnesota 55391

Dear Dick,
     Hope I have gotten this to you in time for the Cub. Hope I have gotten this to you in time for the Cub. Please ignore the money figures on the new member list. I don't even know if there will be room but sent it in case you want to use it. I realize a couple of the members listed were possibly prior members but all contacted in response to notices in National magazines. Thanks again for all your help, consideration, and all the other good things during these past months. It was really appreciated.
Thanks again, and hi Marge.


Dear Mr. Wells,
In the April issue of the American Legion, I noticed your reunion for the 106th.
     My reason for writing this letter is to locate if possible anyone who might have known a personal friend of mine who was killed on approximately December 24, 1944.
     I have been to his grave in Arlington Cemetery and also to visit his mother who is still alive. I realize this is a long shot, but thought I would inquire, since the reunion is coming and just maybe someone might have information on him. His name is as follows:
PFC Harold Schott
425 Inf 106th Division
I believe he was a radio operator.

Sincerely yours,
Gordon H. Cramer
345 Main Street
Arcade, New York 14009

The Mosleys' Yearly Odyssey
     If possible, each 106th reunion gets better! Savannah was tremendous! But it was hot! Eloise and I prepared for our trip by first taking Sheba, our 19 year old Siamese cat, to the vet's and Segen, our 100 pound German Shepherd to a boarding farm on Saturday, 7 July. The next day we left home at 0430 hours to drive to the Halifax Airport. We parked our car for the week's duration and boarded the 0800 hours flight to Montreal. Fog delayed us until 0900. We arrived in Montreal and transferred our luggage for an Eastern Airlines flight to Atlanta. One piece of luggage containing 7 name plaques I had made had been checked, and we had a hassle to get that transferred from Air Canada to Eastern.
     We went through U.S. Customs and Immigration at Montreal. Boarding the DC-9, we had a smooth flight to Atlanta, albeit one hour late. The Atlanta Airport for the uninitiated was a nightmare, but we got our rental car and drove up into the mountains (yes, Georgia has cool mountains!) to Dillard where we had reserved a room at a Best Western hotel. It was marvelous: heated Jacuzzi and swimming pool and a wonderful dinner of smoked spare-ribs, Before bed, I had another blissful time in the whirlpool bath.
     The next morning we arrived at the home of my sister and her husband at Lake Junaluska, NC. Our daughter Katherine (Kitty) had arrived the day before. We visited, walked, swam in the pool and toured the Blue Ridge National Park, having lunch on Tuesday at Mt. Pisgah.
     On Wednesday we left for Savannah, stopping to shop at the "World of Clothing" in South Carolina where I insisted on Eloise buying an 18" x 24" maple bread board (I got it home!). We circled Columbia and saw the neighborhood in W. Columbia where we rented a garage apartment in December '43 and January '44.
     We arrived in Savannah about 1830 hours, checked into the Ramada Downtowner and had two adjoining rooms readily accessible to the pool. I hail a sick spell on Thursday and lay low" for 24 hours while Eloise and Kitty went sightseeing on foot and by "trolley."
     On Thursday I met Ewell Black and went over our Memorial Service. I phoned CH (LTC) Jimmy Young, Division Chaplain of the 24th Infantry Division, and went over the details of our Service. As Ewell planned to leave after the Service on Friday, I presented him with his plaque at the reception on Thursday evening.
     On Friday morning we took buses to Hunter Army Air Field. About half of the group went from Hunter to the Ft. Stewart maneuver area by helicopter; the rest of us took military buses. The one I was in had defective air conditioning, and it was hot! The luncheon at the NCO Mess was excellent, but the waiting period to get in was comparable to a time in a Turkish bath with the sun pouring down. We did use adjacent air conditioned barracks for "pit stops" and cooling 'breathers."
     Eloise and I didn't see much of the demonstrations in the bleacher area and on the field: we were busy in the NCO Mess Hall folding the insert sheets


    containing the names of our members who were deceased in the past year. I thought we should have those names in print for the Service. As the Memorial Service bulletin had been printed some weeks before as of necessity, this printing of the insert was done in the hotel office on Friday morning.
     Our Service was truly inspiring even if we were hot and pretty well exhausted. The singing was accompanied by CH (CPT) James May on his bugle, and all the calls were sounded: "Church Call," "Assembly," 'Taps," "Retreat." The echo for "Taps" by the second bugle was given by Specialist Scott at some distance from the portable field Altar and the flag stand. I taped the Service, and in a future issue of "The Cub" will make the Memorial Address of The Rev. Ewell C. Black, Jr., available for printing. I have never heard a better address.
     We spent an hour or more in the hot sun doing the final planning for the Service. I couldn't help saying to Chaplain Young: "I am proud of these 106ers. I wonder how your people of the 24th Division would do in similar circumstances at a reunion held 40 years in the future." I went on: "You know, it gets hot in Georgia and, frankly, I was hoping we could hold our Service in an air-conditioned Army Chapel."
     The decision to hold the Service outside was that of the 24th Division's Chaplain's staff, and upon reflection I am glad it was made. It was appropriate for the 106th to hold its Memorial Service in the open air as we did in the D-Series in South Carolina, in the Tennessee Maneuvers area, on the Reservation at Camp Atterbury and then in the snow of the Ardennes. We might have suffered from heat and exhaustion, but that Memorial Service gave more luster and life to our hope in God and in our struggle for justice and righteousness. Psalm 133.1 states: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"
     Anyway, I perspired (sweated in torrents) so much, and my face got so red that many 106ers were asking me if I were all right. Of course I was! When we got back to the hotel, we went for a swim, showered, and when we were on the way to the "Shrimp Factory," we met Jim Wells in the hotel lobby. He looked at me and j said: Chaplain, what a change!" I 'bummed" a "Primo del Rey" cigar from him and went to dinner.
     After a fine lunch on Saturday, we held our General Meeting. The new officers and directors were announced. I stated that I could not be Association Chaplain again because of health. Believe me, it has been a very difficult decision. My interest has always been with the Association.
     I suggested The Rev. Ewell C. Black, Jr., for the office as Chaplain, and the Board of Directors telephoned him. He accepted, and I am very pleased! After a few years, God willing, when we have moved our reunion date to a cooler time of year, please consider me again for Chaplain of the 106th Infantry Division Association. It has been a great honor, and I have done the best of which I am capable.
     I designed a dress tie with the Golden Lion in full color on a blue background. I presented this idea last January in a letter to our officers and Board of Directors, sending 22 letters and receiving 4 replies. I presented this tie design at the General Meeting. I stated that I would go ahead and finance the minimum order of 150 at $7.50 each plus a one-time design charge of $150.00 for a total of $1275.00 Canadian (about $950.00 U.S.). I will order these ties when I can recoup my personal finances. After all, we just paid off our mortgage and went to the Savannah reunion.
     At the General Meeting I spoke of the late Albert Johnson's project of helping to finance his niece Becky through college. I stated that our Memorial Fund was needed to meet the expenses of maintaining our Memorial at St. Vith, but I felt that people in the 106th could help to give a small scholarship to Becky Desjardins. Here's a June 6 quotation from a letter to me from Elizabeth Desjardins, Albert Johnson's sister: "He was so proud of Becky and her ambitions to get a college education. She has such a high IQ and has been in a class for gifted children for 10 years. Her mental age is a lot higher than her physical age (16). He (Albert) had started a little savings account for her, but when the government started cutting social security for widows and children we had to dip into it. But God will provide." I add: perhaps God wants the 106th veterans to help.


     Our banquet and dance were everything we could desire. I think that we danced almost every dance. Our "conga" line was the longest I ever saw. The evening was a wonderful one. The hospitality of the Reunion Committee seemed boundless.
     We got to bed at 0200 and got up at 0400. We left at 0430 and arrived in Atlanta at 1030 hours to turn in our rental car. Our air trip was uneventful. Our parked car started at the first flick of the switch, but the right rear wheel was locked. We kicked and pounded it, put the transmission in and out of first and reverse and finally got the wheel free. We stopped at 2230 to get Segen and got home just before midnight. Savannah and the 106th Reunion seemed to be so far away. I looked at the outdoor thermometer; it was 50 degrees F. The reunion was over.
by Ron Mosley I

Photo: Ron Mosley with plaques he brought to Savannah.
Photo: Bob and Mary Hart at the Mosley's in Nova Scotia

    Private collector will pay $50 for an original 106th "Golden Lion" shoulder patch manufactured with an embroidered on border (rather than the standard red border) and in good condition. I will also purchase handmade and theater-made patches of the 106th, especially those of cord or bullion thread construction.
Lester Hughes
3617 Larkspur
Ponca City, OK 74604
(405) 762-9595

     Albert Johnson, 60, former postal employee, died on May 21, at the Memphis, Tennessee, Veterans Administration Hospital, where he had been a patient for 29 years. Services were held on May 23 at the Memphis Home Poplar Chapel with burial in the National Cemetery.
     Albert served in M Company of the 423rd Infantry Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division in World War II. He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion, a charter member of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, the North American Society of Clan Gunn, the 106th Infantry Division Association and the Berclair Church of Christ. He leaves a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Desjardins, 445 Mineral Road, Memphis, TN 38119, a niece Rebecca and a nephew Robert.
     Albert was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on February 21, 1924. His father was a disabled World War I veteran of the 114th Field Artillery who had served in Britain, France and Germany, and who was killed in an auto accident when Albert was 8 years old.
     After combat in Europe in World War II Albert worked for the U.S. Post Office until he was injured in an accident in 1954. This resulted in his being confined


    to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. In spite of this "inconvenience", Albert kept up a very large correspondence with many friends. Every letter he wrote had to be dictated. In the Veterans Hospital in Memphis, he was an active participant in many groups and activities including the chapel program.
     Albert, accompanied by his nephew Bobby, attended the 106th Infantry Division Association reunion in Hot Springs, Kentucky Lake and Milwaukee.
Almost every issue of "The Cub," the magazine of the 106th Association, had a communication from Albert Johnson.
     Albert became a great symbol of the 106th Infantry Division. In a wheelchair he was confined, but his influence on everyone he met was a tremendous one. His courage, love, comradeship, and great sense of caring were exemplary. We send our love and sympathy to his family.

Written by
The Rev. Ronald A. Mosley, Chaplain
106th Infantry Division Association

List of New Members
Glenn R. Allen H/423 603 Main Street - P.O. Box 32 Bagley, Iowa 50026
Robert F. Bennett 423 HCR 20 - Box 1574 Blythe, California 92225
Walter G. Bridges 424 225 Laird. Avenue Hueytown, Alabama 35023
Hubert Burgen E/424 Idle Wheel Trailer Park Pennellville, New York 13132
Harold M. Bailey 31/424 101 E. Back Street Savannah, Georgia 31406
John Brown, Mary Jo DVM 155 Spruce Valley Road Athens, Georgia 30605
Roy Bigger 423 319 E. So. A Street Gas City, Indiana 46933
Randy Crockett Lt. Col. (Ret) G-3 143 NE 1st Street Satellite Beach, Florida 32937
Howard S. Edwards E/423 828 Cherokee Lane Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
John 0. Gilliland Lee 592/FA 605 Northside Drive Enterprise, Alabama 36330
    Briggs A. Hoffmann, Jr. B/589 & 592 HQ & Mrs. Charles L. Crane Agency Co. Ten Stadium Plaza St. Louis, Missouri 63102
Stanley J. Kowalski 592/FA 1916 Reading Avenue West Lawn, Pennsylvania 19609
Bud Lainhart F/424 602 Crescent Lane Carlisle, Ohio 45005
Alfons P. Lerno Phyllis M. 589FA P. 0. Box 118 Santa Margarita, California 93453
Lyman C. Maples Sarah Ann K/422 608 Wilkins Street Dalton, Georgia 30720
Carl Messina A/81 1051 E. Elizabeth Avenue Linden, New Jersey 07036
Leon A. Murphree 423 409 13th Street N.E. Cullman, Alabama 35055


Irvin G. Minor A/592 FA 6911 49th Avenue, N St. Petersburg, Florida 33709
Jack McLeieer 422 1284 S. Federal Highway Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
Edward J. Olecki Arline D/422ne 2905 Paige Drive Port Richey, Florida 33568
Arvo Paananen 591/FA 511 East Cedar Street Jessup, Georgia 31545
L. Dale Patrick C/589 7300 20th Street - No. 229 Vero Beach, Florida 32960
William K. Rowan K/424 213 Country Club Road Shelby, North Carolina 28150
Glenn Stephens 422/HQ P. 0. Box 538 Palatka, Florida 32077
William F. Stahl Mary Lou H/422 815 West 6th Street - P.O. Box 94 Junction City, Kansas 66441
Joseph A. Toce 591/FA 660 Wedgewood, Apt. 8 Upland, California 91786
Odus (Gene) Wilkinson F/423 2301 Bird Joplin, Missouri 65801
James 0. Dekle, Jr. Associate 17 Oleander Avenue Savannah, Georgia 31404

Members Attending
The Savannah Reunion
Agostini, Gus & Yvette A/81 202 Elizabeth Street Hinesville, Georgia 31313
Anglin, Lloyd H. C/424 10376 Big Bone Road Union, Kentucky 41091
Armington, Donald R. & Maxine H/424 3125 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317
Arnold, Eugene P. & loan HQ/589 4901-B Eaglewood Road Boynton Beach, Florida 33436
Bailey, Harold M. & Mrs. H/924 101 E. Back Street Savannah, Georgia 31406
Bandurak, Walter & Lillian Med/81 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
    Bartz, Richard E. DHQ/ A.G. 216 Rustic Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15210 Beals, Carol W. 8 Green Mountain Drive Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Biancamano, Domenic P. K/423 241 W. Third Dover, Ohio 44622
Black, Rev. Ewell C., Jr. A/422 P. 0. Box 66 Bishopville, South Carolina 29010
Black, William & Doris C/591 72 Honeysuckle Woods Clover, South Carolina 29710
Borbely, Frank & Phyllis M. M/424 Timberlake Apts - A311 2801 Stanbridge Street Morristown, Pennsylvania 19401
Bradfield, Kenneth & June 908 S. Lodge Avenue Evansville, Indiana 47714


Bradley, Lynn B. & Hazel SV/422 512 Locke Street Palmetto, Georgia 30268
Guests: Robert & Nell Astin Breite, Victor W. & Avis 1/422 829 Chain of Rocks Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63137
Britton, Benjamin B. & Avis E/424 36 Warren Road Auburn, Maine 01501 77777
Brown, John & Mary Jo 155 Spruce Valley Road Athens, Georgia 30605
Bryant, Jack & Emily REG. HQ/422 19692 Coral Gables Southfield, Michigan 48076
Burk., Robert A. HQ/429 2227 Plantation Drive East Point, Georgia 30344
Cariano, Sam & Billie DHQ P 0. Box 371 Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28751
Casey, Sanford N. & Jean SV/422 1957 Old Brandon Road Pearl, Mississippi 39208
Chase, Fred B. & Agnes D/922 5 Morris Lane Clifton Park, New York 12065
Clark, Dr. James I. & Shirley MED. 590 & 592 306 Briarwood Road - Apr 6A Natchez, Mississippi 39120
Clarke, Walter C. & Lillian SV/591 318 Spring Garden Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081
Coffey, Douglas S. & Isabel C/590 947 N.W. Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33948
Cohen, Allen T. & Florence E/423 6033 N. Sheridan 10 H Chicago, Illinois 60660
Collier, Jam. E. & Mary Lou H/424 1596 No. Parkway Memphis, Tennessee 38112
Collins, Sherod SV/423 625 Channing Drive N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Collins, Virgil L. & Martha CN/423 824 Cypress Avenue Venice, Florida 33595
Cooper, C. L. & Sarah H/423 74 Robin Hood Lane Jackson, Tennessee 38305
Crockett, Randy G3 143 NE 1st Street Satellite Beach, Florida 32937
Crosby, Lloyd R. & Quida B/924 Route 4 - Box 45 Elba, Alabama 36323
Datte, Charles T. & Nancy SV/591 231 Davis Avenue Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania 19018
Daugherty, William & Angela G/424 Lacona, Iowa 50139 Son: Kraig Daugherty
DeHeer, Richard & Marjorie K/424 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037
Dorosky, Thomas C. & Alice SV/592 146 Mt. Airy Road - Route 1 Shavertown, Pennsylvania 18708
Downing, James & Dorothy M/424 P.O. Box 509 South Haven, Michigan 49090
Edwards, Howard S. E/423 828 Cherokee Lane Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
Enlow, Russell D/423 Taswell, Indiana 47175
Flick, Robert F. & Gail C/81 808 High Street Saltsburg, Pennsylvania 15681
Frank, Florian & Dorothy SV/591 Box 29 Avoca, Wisconsin 53506
Fritz, John R. & Martha HQ/424 9271 Avon Belden Road North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039


Garn, Charles S. & Willie H/424 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223
Gibson, Charles R. & Jasmine SV/422 524 Washington - Box 451 Lawton, Michigan 49065
Gilder, Robert & Jean HQ 1st Bn/424 36303 Behm Drive N. Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Ross E. & Jeanette 1/422 517 Avanti Way Boulevard N. Fort Myers, Florida 33903

Gilliland, John 0. & Lee 592/FA 605 Northside Drive Enterprise, Alabama 36330
Gorman, Charlie J. D/922 2103 Knight Bridge Road Macon, Georgia 31201
Hartlieb, Glenn 0. & Nadine SV/592 1805 Olive Street Highland, Illinois 62249
Heneghan, John HQ/922 324 Gramby Road South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075
Henning, James W. & Clare HQ 3rd Bn/422 1045 E. 8th Street Lockport, Illinois 60441
Hotchkiss, Raymond M. MP/CO P. 0. Box 449 Atwood, Kansas 67730
House, Pete & Joanne A/590 5662 Clifton Avenue Jacksonville, Florida 32211 Son: Pete House, Jr.
Houston, William C. & Dorothy CN/423 N12095 Selmer Road Tomahawk, Wisconsin 54487
Howell, Bob & Louise H/424 520 Crescent Road Griffin, Georgia 30223
Hutcherson, James & Thelma SV/592 15 Elsie Drive E. Palatka, Florida 32031
Jones, George W. Jr. & Lois SV/423 5652 East Main Street - 8-747 Loris, South Carolina 29569
Justice, Gilbert W. & Marilyn SV/592 Route 5 Ashland City, Tennessee 37015
Kelly, Robert E. SV/423 4388 Barchester Drive Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48013
Kriz, Howard W. & Kit SV/591 24053 Patton Loop Lyons, Oregon 97358
Kuizema, Harold & Jessica B/589 2151 Griggs St. S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
Lainhart, Bud & Dimples F/924 602 Crescent Lane Carlisle, Ohio 45005
Son & Daughter: Tony & Anita Lainhart
Lawrence, Edward A. M/424 50 Sachem Road N. Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852
Lemmo, Louis J. & Olga MED/424 322 Princeton Street East Boston, Massachusetts 02128
Lopardo, Patsy & Edith HQ AT/424 15 Calli Street Torrington, Connecticut 06790
Loveless, Kathryn G. 2549 Pickwick Road Baltimore, Maryland 21207
Lucsay, William & Florence B/423 12612 S. Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463
Map., Robert E. & Thelma C/422 5101 Victoria Avenue Middletown, Ohio 45042
Maples, Lyman C. & Sarah Ann K/422 608 Wilkins Street Dalton, Georgia 30720
Matthews, Joe C. DHQ & 422 4706 Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27606
Guests: Bob, Nita & Kismet Matthews


Maw, Thomas J. A/592 436 Beech Street Rockland, Massachusetts 02370
Merz, 0. Paul & Charlene SV/422 8657 Mockingbird Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 Guests: John & Deloris Bush
Messina, Carl A/81 926 Seymour Avenue Linden, New Jersey 07036
Michalowski, Henry & Helen SV/422 65-48 168 Street Flushing, New York 11365
Mileski, Marion S. & Marie HQ/Divarty 8455 Fairton Street Paramount, California 90723
Mills, Eric R. (Col. Ret.) HQ let Bn/4 5007 Dian Wood Drive E. Jacksonville, Florida 32210
Morris, Walter B. I & R/423 15310 Delachaise Op San Antonio, Texas 78232
Mosley, Newton L. & Yvonne SV/591 3194 Beachwood Drive Lithia Springs, Georgia 30057
Guest: Regina Thomas
    Mosley, Ronald A. Sr. & Eloise Chaplain 424 & Divarty P. 0. Box 25P Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, Canada 130J 2 PO Guest: Katherine Mosley Mills
Mueller, William H. M/424 27 Eve Lane Levittown, New York 11756
McCullough, Lyle K. & Vivian SV/922 685 Roberts Street Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054
McDevitt, John F. & Anne A/81 188 Queen Lane Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971
McKee, Col. Henry H. (Ret) HHC/422 414 Spaceway San Antonio, Texas 78239
McMillan, Paul & Elizabeth SV/422 San Antonio, Texas 78239
McMillan, Paul & Elizabeth SV/422 294 Albemarle Place Macon, Georgia 31204
Oelschig, Albert C. Jr. HQ 1st Bn/423 1715 E. Gwinnett Street Savannah, Georgia 31404
Olman, Wanold SV/422 Route 6 - Box 6140 Arcadia, Florida 33821
Ord, Charles R. & Lena E/423 Box 187 New Haven, West Virginia 25265
Paananen, Arvo & Vilma 592/FA 511 E. Cedar Street Jessup, Georgia 31545
Patrick, L. Dale C/589 7300 20th - No. 229 Vero Beach, Florida 32960
Pierce, Robert W. Sr. & Jean C/81 474 Federal St. N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483
Piha, Morris & Sara 106/QM 3530 Piedmont Road 6-K Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Pine, George R. & Ella MED/590 69 Cavalcade Boulevard Warwick, Rhode Island 02889
Ponza, Frank B/923 9 Woodland Avenue Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028
Prewett, Edward A. & Reddie B/424 Route 2 - Box 730 Brentwood, California 94513
Prokorym, Casimir T. & Pauline HQ/81 2520 Chestnut Street Steubenville, Ohio 43952
Puett, Joseph F. & Ida May CO 2nd Bn/423 2748-D Shallowford Road Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Redmond, Dean T. HQ 3rd Bn/422 611 N. Center Street Statesville, North Carolina 28677


Ringer, Robert C. SV/590 & 591 4280 Kendale Road Columbus, Ohio 43220
Robichaud, Philip J. & Porice G/922 Box 118 - Rock Avenue Danielson, Connecticut 06239
Rowan, William K. & Inez K/422 213 Country Club Road Shelby, North Carolina 28150
Russell, J. B. & Martha SV/422 P. 0. Box 323 McDonough, Georgia 30253
Russell, Raymond E. & Edith 40 Quebec Drive Huntington Station, New York 11746
Rutland, Roger M. & Mattie B/429 6632 Arcadia Woods Road Columbia, South Carolina 29206
Rutledge, Boyd D/422 10132 Goodrich Road Bloomington, Minnesota 55437
Rutt, Robert E. & Lucille HQ/422 937 Lampwick Court Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48013
Samples, Orvis & Agnes SV/591 405 W. 25th Street Belle, West Virginia 25015
    Saucerman, Eugene & Sally D/422 Route 23 - Box 82 Terre Haute, Indiana 47802 Guests: Sandy Saucerman & Michelle Correll
Schutte, Phillip F. & Jean F/424 2415 Otter Drive Warren, Michigan 48092
Scranton, Bob & Mildred K/424 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116
Serino, Mike SV/591 619 South Ocean Boulevard Surf Side Beach, South Carolina 29577
Silvia, Manuel C. & Elizabeth G/422 18 George Street Bristol, Rhode Island 02809
Slaback, Harley W. & Arlouine HQ 3rd Bn/422 206 Temple Drive Sanford, Florida 32771
Smith, Charles L D/422 Carol R. Blair P.O. Box 324 Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania 17224 7777
Spagnola, Nick & Betty B/589 1325 Mirror Terrace Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Stephens, Glenn & Dot HQ/422 P. 0. Box 538 Palatka, Florida 32077
Straub, Ted J. & Laura M/422 948 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown, West Virginia 26505
Teel, James E. A/424 5 Pearl Street Port Norris, New Jersey 08349
Terrio, Howard J. & Luvelle K/424 4429 Briarwood Road Columbia, South Carolina 29206
Trautman, Frank S. D/422 80 East Summit Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Vance, George T. & Norma AT/422 283 Dutch Lane Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236
Willwock, Russell H. & Jackie 106/Signal 6908 W. Higgins Chicago, Illinois 60656
Walker, Robert F. & lune D/422 3607 Shady Lane Road North Bend, Ohio 45052
Walters, Presslye & Dorothy Assoc. 430 Winchester Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44509
Ward, Duke & Martha HQ/81 2140 W. Carlyle Court Marietta, Georgia 30062
Wells, James E. & Maydean C/81 2133 Hephzibah McBean Road Hephzibah, Georgia 30815


White, E. C. & Zada C/591 Box 65 Whiteface, Texas 79379
Wilkinson, Odus (Gene) & Margaret 2301 Bird Joplin, Missouri 64801
Williams, Fred & Inez D/423 Route 2 - Box 375 Grand Ridge, Florida 32442
Wood, Wilburn L. & Dolly SV/422 5000 North Ocean Boulevard - Apt 301 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
Wyatt, Van S. & Bobbie G/424 Route 2 - Box 5A Benton, Kentucky 42025
York, Robert E. & Thelma D/422 142 E. Sycamore Street Grayville, Illinois 62844
Zenn, Mike & Elaine D/423 1856 Cover Drive Poland, Ohio 44514
Dekle, James 0. Jr. Associate 17 Oleander Avenue Savannah, Georgia 31404


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106th Inf. Div., 2, 6, 8, 16, 27, 28, 30, 32, 36, 38, 39
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592nd FA BN, 27, 40
81st Engr., 32
81st Engr. BN, 32
A Time For Trumpets
The Untold Story Of The Battle Of The Bulge, 32
'A Time For Trumpets', 32
Agostini, Gus, 1, 8, 40
Allen, Glenn R., 39
Anglin, Lloyd, 40
Anglin, Lloyd H., 40
Ardennes, 36
Armington, Don, 19, 40
Armington, Donald, 40
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Arnold, Eugene P., 40
Astin, Robert & Nell, 41
Auw, 21
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Bandurak, Walt, 40
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Bartz, Richard, 40
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Battle of the Bulge, 21, 27, 32, 38
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Bigger, Roy, 39
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Black, Ewell, 34
Black, Ewell C., 1
Black, Ewell C., Jr., 1
Black, Rev. Ewell, 40
Black, Rev. Ewell C., 1, 3, 36, 40
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Black, William, 40
Borbely, Frank, 30, 40
Bradfield, Ken, 40
Bradfield, Kenneth, 40
Bradfield, Kenneth & June, 40
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Bradley, Lynn, 41
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Braunschweig, 21
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Camp Atterbury, 21, 25, 36
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Elbe, 23, 30
Elbe River, 23, 30
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Memorials, 1
Messina, Carl, 39, 43
Michalowski, Henry, 43
Mileski, Marion, 43
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Minor, Irvin G., 40
Morris, Walter B., 43
Mosely, Rev. Ronald, 6
Mosley, Chaplain Ron, 2
Mosley, Newton, 43
Mosley, Newton L., 43
Mosley, Rev. Ronald A., 39
Mosley, Ron, 2, 38, 43
Mosley, Ronald A., 43
Mueller, Bill, 30
Mueller, M. J., 23
Mueller, William H., 43
Murphree, Leon A., 39
North Africa, 25
Oelschig, Al, 43
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Oelschig, Albert C., 43
Olecki, Edward J., 40
Olman, Wanold, 43
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Paananen, Arvo, 40, 43
Patrick, L. Dale, 40, 43
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Pierce, Robert, 43
Pierce, Robert & Jean, 16
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Pierce, Robert W., Sr., 5, 7
Pierce, Waldo B., 18
Piha, Morris, 43
Piha, Morris & Sara, 43
Pina, George R., 14
Poland, 45
Ponza, Frank, 43
Prewett, Ed, 43
Prewett, Edward, 43
Prewett, Edward A., 43
Price, David S., 8
Prokorym, Casimir, 43
Prokorym, Casimir T., 43
Puett, Joseph, 43
Puett, Joseph F., 43
Puskarich, Charles, 30
Redmond, Dean, 43
Redmond, Dean T., 43
Ringer, Robert, 44
Ringer, Robert C., 44
Robb, Dr. John G., 2, 3
Robb, John G., 5
Rockwell, Capt., 23, 30
Rowan, William, 44
Rowan, William K., 40, 44
Russell, J. B., 44
Russell, J. B. & Martha, 44
Russell, Ray, 44
Russell, Raymond, 44
Russell, Raymond E., 44
Russia, 21
Rutland, Roger, 6, 44
Rutland, Roger M., 44
Rutledge, Boyd, 44
Rutt, Bob, 28
Rutt, Robert, 44
Rutt, Robert E., 44
Samples, Orvis & Agnes, 44
Saucerman, E., 44
Saucerman, Eugene, 44
Saucerman, Eugene & Sally, 44
Saucerman, Sandy, 44
Schutte, Phil, 44
Schutte, Phillip, 44
Schutte, Phillip F., 44
Scranton, Bob, 44
Scranton, Robert L., 3, 5, 8
Serino, Mike, 44
Shalhoub, John & Evelyn, 28
Silvia, Manuel, 44
Silvia, Manuel C., 44
Skyline Boulevard, 1, 5
Slaback, Harley, 44
Slaback, Harley W., 44
Smith, Charles, 44
Smith, Kate, 1
Spagnola, Nick, 44
St. Vith, 6, 17, 27, 36
Stahl, William F., 40
Stalag IV-B, 23, 30
Stalag VIII, 21
Stalag VIII-A, 21
Stalag XII-A, 21
Stephens, Glenn, 40, 44
Straub, Ted, 2, 3, 4, 6, 14, 44
Straub, Ted & Laura, 14
Straub, Ted I., 1
Straub, Ted J., 1, 3, 5, 44
Teel, James, 44
Teel, James E., 44
Tennessee Maneuvers, 36
Terrio, Howard, 44
Terrio, Howard J., 44
The Battle of the Bulge, 32
The Battle Of The Bulge, 32
Thomas, Regina, 43
Thurlow, John W., 27
Time For Trumpets, 32
Tissot, Harry, 17
Toce, Joseph A., 40
Trautman, Frank, 44
Trautman, Frank S., 44
Vance, George, 44
Vance, George T., 44
Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge, 38
Vietnam, 14
Villwock, Russ, 30
Villwock, Russell, 2, 3, 4, 5
Villwock, Russell H., 5, 8
Walker, Robert, 44
Walker, Robert F., 44
Walters, Presslye, 44
Walters, Presslye & Dorothy, 44
Ward, Duke, 44
Ward, Duke & Martha, 44
Ward, Nathan (Duke), 5
Wells, James, 44
Wells, James E., 44
Wells, Jim, 36
Wells, Jim & Maydean, 1, 8
Wells, Maydean & Jim, 28
White, E. C., 45
White, E. C. & Zada, 45
Williams, Fred, 45
Williams, Fred & Inez, 45
Wood, Wilburn, 45
Wood, Wilburn L., 45
Wyatt, Van, 45
Wyatt, Van S., 1, 3, 45
York, Robert, 45
York, Robert E., 45
Zenn, Mike, 45
Zenn, Mike & Elaine, 45