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The Cub
Vol. 40, No. 1, Sep, 1983

President James Henning
1st Vice President Ted J. Straub
2nd Vice President Samuel P. Cariano
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
     The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.
Editor Richard DeHeer All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037
    All business matters, renewal of membership renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, should be addressed to:
Mr. Robert W. Pierce, Sr., Adjutant 474 Federal Street, N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483

Membership Dues 83-84 . .$10.00 per year
Associate Dues 83-84 $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year

President's Message

     As our voices rang out in song at the Memorial Service, how touching it was "My Country Tis of Thee", reminds us how wonderful it is to live in America. In spite of all the problems we have, the United States is the best place to live and we would fight again for this country.
     Let us thank Avis and Ben Britton and family and Elaine and Thom Maw and family for one of the most attended reunion in a long time. Everyone had a good time and hope to see as many in Georgia.
     It is a great honor to be elected President of this organization and I will do the best I can. I'd like to thank the officers for accepting their positions again this year. Also the Cub is the most important communication, so let's keep up the good work in paying the dues so you receive the Cub, Send pictures or articles to the Cub Editor as he needs your help to put out a good issue.
     A few days after I arrived home, I received a letter from John Howard, saying that Chuck Puskarich had a heart attack on the plane, so they had to delay the flight and rush Charles to the Massachusetts Hospital where he stayed until he could return to the Milwaukee Hospital.
     There a pacemaker was installed. Chuck is now home and recuperating. Hope everything goes along okay for Charlie, and our prayers are with him.
     As we go about our lives today, let us be aware of every opportunity to speak and act in ways that are loving and helpful ways that bring harmony, understanding, peace, order, forgiveness, and a feeling of rightness to us, to the people around us and to the situations in which we find ourselves.
Your President, Jim Henning

Chaplain's Corner
by Ron Mosley
    Branch No. 24's last living Charter Member, the Rev. Dr. T. Arthur Mosley of Spring Hill, Florida, died on February 25th in his 98th year. Alert to the end, he was talking on the telephone to me, his son, when he suffered cardiac arrest. Padre Mosely was one of the oldest Canadian Armed Forces chaplains, having served with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles as a combat officer and later as a chaplain in the London area as director of the social welfare department of the Overseas Military Forces of Canada: i.e., in World War I.
     At his Memorial Service at the First United Methodist Church in Lakeland, Florida, conducted by his bishop and other clergy including two minister grandsons, several hundred of his fellow clergy, veterans comrades, friends and his family celebrated his life with praise, thanksgiving and joy.
     I understand what one of his students meant when he said: "He lighted my candle." It seemed to me that such a thing happened to Gerald Van Dyken (Padre Mosley's local pastor) in those conversations he had with Dr. Mosley. Perhaps it also happened to Glenn and Jimmy Mitchell (padre Mosley's clergy grandsons) as they grew up under the influence of this godly man. And there's no way of knowing how many other 'candles' were lighted in the long ministry of Dr. Mosley as he moved from one community to another and touched Heaven knows how many lives for Jesus Christ. For, you see, no one can really measure the ultimate impact of simple goodness in this world. It doesn't just come into the world in the birth of a human being, casting its light across life's common way for a few decades only to depart when that person in whom it was incarnate dies. No! It 'rubs off,' so to speak, on other persons, to linger and linger and linger ministering to the ages through those other lives.
     w "Now the real significance of what I am saying is that the human candles you and I have lighted, the lives we have touched, many of them perhaps forgotten, could very well be the most important accomplishments of our ministries. Every now and then I meet someone from the past or get a letter from a former parishioner who recalls a time when I ministered to his/her deep need, completely unknown by anyone else.
     In essence that person is saying: 'You lighted my candle." For 40 years I have been trying to light other candles, because I have the growing conviction that this is the way God works in the world. Truly, as Proverbs tell us: 'The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. "[20: 27] "So, there is a lesson to be drawn from the funeral service of a 97 year old United Methodist preacher who never ceased to be the 'candle of the Lord'. This world is sick and perhaps dying because of the lack of that unique love and Christ-like concern that you and I have to offer. Someone lighted our candles, or we wouldn't be here. It's up to us to keep on lighting candles until the day we die." I add: "Amen." Thus one chapter in life closes and another opens.
     Memorial Prayer Let us Pray 0 Lord, our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father, we remember all who have passed to the other side of "The River of Life:" the Fallen of the 106th Infantry Division and all who gave their lives for freedom and truth, those who have gone through physical death since the days of the battle and those who have gone from our presence since our last reunion. We give Thee thanks for the glory of god which they have shown. Light our paths in the time to come, and let us be a Light for all to follow. May our dedication to freedom, justice and righteousness be complete. Comfort those who mourn and give us assurance of Eternal Life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Treasurer's Report 1982 1983

Member's Dues $4980.00
Auxiliary Dues 356.00
Interest & Dividends Earned 2077.82
Sale of Patches 60.50
Return of Reunion Advance 1982 100.00

EXPENSE $7597.32
Reunion Surplus 1982 23.00
Cub Expense Printing $2125.76
Envelopes 357.50
Postage 172.69
Phone 40.36 2696.31
Postage 315.26
Office Supplies & Printing 113.03
Telephone 41.01
Typing Fee 35.00
Registration Fees 4 Officers 243.00
Advance to Reunion Committee 550.00

Net Increase $3603.71
FUNDS ACTIVITY Brought Forward $9464.55
Net Increase 3603.71
Balance June 30, 1983 13,068.26

Brought Forward $7305.16
Contributions 1451.00
Less: 8756.16
Books donated to St. Vith School 500.00
Balance June 30, 1983 $8256.16

This year $13,068.26 $8256.16 $21,324.42
$3603.71 $951.00 $4554.71
Last year $9,464.55 7305.16 16,769.71
Checking First National Bank of Atlanta $146.95
Savings First Federal Savings and Loan 21 177.47
For your Approval, Sherod Collins, Treasurer

Adjutants Report
30 June 1983
1982 -1983 Year
Membership Renewals 417
Reinstated Members 3
New Members 50
Associate Members 14
Auxiliary Membership 155

Memorial Fund Contributions 109
DELINQUENT MEMBERS 1982 1983 34 (1981 1982 -465 + 19) (1981 1982 --139 + 16) (Approx. -$1409.00

George Banks Unknown January 14, 1983
Father Edward T. Boyle Chaplain 424 March 26, 1983
George F. Campbell H & S 81 Engr. December 24, 1981
Nester Chylak (M/424) 1982
Leigh W. Daniels (C/590) 1982
Robert Ettinger (B/590) 1982
Charles E. Hackler (L/424) July 5, 1982
Harry K. Jackson (HQ 3rd Bn/423) April 11, 1982
Robert Jackson Unknown Unknown
Cecil O. Johnson (E/423) July 22, 1982
Ralph E. Johnson Unknown December 23, 1982
Herbert B. Livesey, Jr. (Chem OFF) Unknown
Roy M. Richards (HQ 2nd Bn/423) July 28, 1982
Edward S. Withee (A/81 Engr.) Unknown

Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Adjutant

106th Infantry Division Association
1982 -1983
Old Board of Directors Meeting
Worcester, Massachusetts
21 July 1983
The meeting was called to order by our President Robert F. Howell.
     Roll call was taken and all were present with the exceptions of Kenneth Bradfield, Benjamin Britton, Thomas Maw, Joseph Puett and Robert Scranton.
     Remarks by President Robert F. Howell in which he stated; that it had been a great honor and privilege to serve the Association as their President the past year.
     He also thanked all the elected and appointed officers and the Board of Directors for their help in making his job easier.
     Reading of the minutes of last Board of Directors meeting held in Milwaukee. Motion made by Russell Villwock to except minutes as read. Seconded and passed.
     Reading of Communications by President Howell. He read one from Ken Bradfield stating that he was sorry that it was impossible for him to make the reunion. He had a heart attack and had to have four by-passes. He is improving and should be with us at the next year's reunion.
Also from General Leo T. McMahon stating that he would be unable to attend the reunion this year.
     Also one from Fort Jackson, S.C. about the rededication of Chapel No. 1 to all units who trained there during World War II. Roger Rutland represented us at this dedication. There were pictures sent around of the dedication for all of us to look at.
     Ladies had asked the President if their first names could be added with their husbands when in attendance at the reunions.
This to be published in the Cub Magazine.
They also thought that the Auxiliary dues were being handled in sort of a loose way.
     Auxiliary dues are collected from some wives and not others. They thought that all wives should pay dues like the men. A long discussion was held on this. It was decided to just leave this on a voluntary basis.
     Adjutants report was given in which he reported 417 renewals, 3 reinstated, 50 new members and 14 Associates for a total of 484. That is an increase of 19 over 1981 - 182 year. Ladies Auxiliary 155 which is an increase of 16 over 1981 82 year. We had 34 delinquent members for year 1982 83.
There were reported to him 14 deaths during the 1982 83 year. Motion, seconded and passed to except as read.
     Treasurers report was read by our treasurer Sherod Collins. Motion made, seconded and passed to except his report as read.
     Cub Editors report our Cub Editor Dick DeHeer give his report and then stated that he thought that the adjutant and editors job should be combined. Then pay one man for doing these jobs. This is to be thought over for the coming year. Motion made, seconded and passed.
     Memorial Chairman's report by Chairman Douglas Coffey. He reported that he had received quite a few answers on the trip back to Europe in the fall of 1984. He would tell more in the General Meeting.
Unfinished Business There was none.
New Business the making up of a membership roster to be sent to each member.
This to include names, addresses and unit served with in the 106th Infantry Division.
Committees Appointed by President Robert Howell.
     Resolution Committee: Nathan Ward, Chairman Russell Villwock Fred Chase Nominating Committee: Charles Garns, Chairman Lynn B. Bradley Joseph Matthews
No further Business, meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce Sr. Adjutant

106th Infantry Division General Meeting
Worcester, Massachusetts
23 July 1983
The meeting was called to order by our President Robert F. Howell at about 1:45 P.M.
     Remarks by the President and the introduction of all the Officers. In his remarks he said it had been his privilege of serving the Association over the past year as their President.
     The Adjutant read the minutes of the last General Meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Motion made, seconded and passed to except minutes as read.
     The President had all first time attenders stand and give their names, unit served with and home town. There were 31 in attendance for the first time.
Reading of communications Sherod Collins read a letter from Dr. De Lavel.
     Also Roger Rutland reported on the Rededication of Chapel No. 1 at Fort Jackson, S.C. It was rededicated to all units who had trained at Fort Jackson during World War II and Roger was our representative for this dedication. It also was reported that one of our members was awarded Post Master of the year in the State of Indiana. It was J. Russell Enlow of Taswell, Indiana.
The Adjutant, Treasurer, Cub Editor and Memorial Chairman all gave their reports.
Motion made, seconded and passed to except all these reports as given.
     Nominating Committee Chairman Charles Gam reported that they had names of two men for new Board of Directors. Samuel P. Garin and Walter Bandurak. These two are to replace Joseph Puett and Robert C. Ringer who asked to be relieved. Motion made by Fred Chase and seconded by Russell Villwock to except their recommendation. Motion passed.
Unfinished business Douglas Coffey reported on the trip back to Europe in 1984.
New business James Wells reported on the 1984 reunion to be held July 19 22,
1984 at The Downtowner Motel, Savannah, Georgia. He reported all was going well.
     Also had an invitation for 1985 by Ted Straub to Lakeview in Morgantown, West Virginia. Roger Rutland would check on Columbia, South Carolina for 1986. Also invitation to come back to Milwaukee maybe in 1987.
No further business, meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce Sr. Adjutant

106th Infantry Division
1983 1984
New Board of Directors Meeting
Worcester, Massachusetts
23 July 1983
The meeting was called to order by our President Robert F. Howell.
Roll call was taken and all were present with the exception of Robert I. Scranton.
     The new members of the board to replace Robert C. Ringer and Joseph F. Puett who asked to be relieved are Walter Bandurak and Samuel P. Cariano.
     Reading of minutes of last year's meeting by the Adjutant. Motion made to amend reading of registration fee for our Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley be taken from the Memorial Fund instead of the General Fund. Motion seconded and passed.
     Unfinished business discussion on the $500.00 advanced to reunion committee in Worcester. Motion made and passed to leave minutes as read.
New business the election of new Officers for the year 1984 1984 was held.
James W. Henning President
Ted J. Straub 1st Vice President
Samuel P. Cariano 2nd Vice President
Sherod Collins Treasurer

The newly elected President James W. Henning appointed the following men to appointed offices.
Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant
Sherod Collins Historian
Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley Chaplain
Richard DeHeer Cub Editor
Douglas S. Coffey Memorial Chairman
    Discussion was held on what we were going to do about an Adjutant and Cub Editor next year as both are retiring. President James Henning is to ask if any man or lady would be willing to take over these jobs. Or maybe take both jobs.
No further business, meeting adjourned at 4: 15 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce Sr. Adjutant

106th Infantry Division
Association Board of Directors
1983 1984
ARMINGTON, Ronald R. 1325 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317 (515) 266-7609
BANDURAK, Walter 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 (412) 834-6975
BRADFIELD, Kenneth W. 908 South Lodge avenue Evansville, Indiana 47714 (812) 477-0444
BRITTON, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Massachusetts 01501 (617) 832-2308
CARIANO, Samuel P. P.O. Box 371 Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28751 (412) 832-7669
CHASE, Fred B. 5 Morris Lane Clifton Park, New York 12065 (518) 371-7669
COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 North Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 (813) 629-5711
COLLINS, Sherod 625 Channing Drive N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30318 (404) 351-2985
DEHEER, Richard 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Florida 32037 (904) 445-4316
GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 (216) 923-3370
HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th Street Lockport, Illinois 60441 a (815) 838-3947
HOWELL, Robert F. 904 East College Street Griffin, Georgia 30223 (404) 227-7373
LUCSAY, William 12612 South Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 (312) 388-8989
MATTHEWS, Joseph C. Jr. 4706 Western Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 (919) 8514851
MAW, Thomas J. 436 Beech Street Rockland, Massachusetts 02370 (616) 878-1796
ROBB, John G. 238 De Vore Drive Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335 (814) 333-6364 or 333-1616
SCRANTON, Robert L. 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116 {313) 229-6716
STRAUB, Ted J. 948 Chestnut Ridge Road Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 (304) 599-4450
VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 West Higgins Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60656 (312) 631-2027
WARD, Nathan (Duke) 3784 Ardsley Court Marietta, Georgia 30062 (404) 971-8594
MCMAHON, Brigadier Gen. Leo T. (Ret.) 8 North Union Street Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057 (717) 944-3821

Infantry Division Holds Convention
     Three members of the famed 106th Infantry Division, which was instrumental in an allied victory at the Battle of the Bulge during World War H, reminisce over a battlefield cartoon of the period entitled "Little Joe." The division is holding its 37th annual convention here at the Marriott Inn this weekend.
    Left to right are Russell Villwock of Chicago, past president; Benjamin Britton of Auburn, the convention host, and Sherod Collins, of Atlanta, treasurer.
    More than 100 veterans and their families from all over the country are attending the convention. A banquet is scheduled tonight in the Marriott ballroom.

"The Golden Lion Song"
     Down in sunny Carolina in the spring Of 43, Uncle Sam assembled the best of his nephews together) And they came to form the 106th Division of Infantry, And to show the world who they were, by the patch on their shoulder, Yes, they took the Golden Lion.
     Oh! the King of the beasts so brave, because he was wiser, and bigger Oh! the King of the beasts so brave, because he was wiser, and bigger and better and bolder, And they held their banners high, reaching upwards towards the sky.
When the Lion roars, The Golden Lion roars, You know the roaring 106th is on its way.
     When the Lion roars, the Golden Lion roars, You'll see the nips throw in their chips, because there's going to be hell to pay.
     From North, South and from the East and West, We carry the Lions head on our shoulder, and his heart within our chest When the Lion roars, The Golden Lion roars, You know the roaring 106th is on its way.

Father Edward T. Boyle
August 29, 1905 March 26, 1983
     A mass of Christian Burial for Father Edward T. Boyle was offered March 30th at St. John Vianney Church where he had been pastor for 23 years. Father Boyle died March 26 at the age of 77.
     Joseph Cardinal Bernardin concelebrated the Mass with Father Boyle's brother, Father Thomas S. Boyle of St. Rose of Lima Church. Internment was at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.
     Father Boyle came to St. John Vianney in 1951 as administrator and was named pastor the following year. During his pastorate, he supervised the construction of a combination church and school building and a convent.
    He was named Man of the Year by the Northlake Chamber of Commerce in 1974 and in 1981 was given the same title by the Loreto Federation.
     Father Boyle retired in 1975, receiving the title of pastor emeritus. He returned to the parish in 1981 to celebrate his golden jubilee in the priesthood.
     Ordained in 1931, Father Boyle's earlier parish assignments were at St. Mary, Joliet (1931-36); St. Andrew (1936-44) and St. Bernard (1946-51).
Father Boyle was born in Chicago and attended St. Brendan School before studying at the archdiocesan seminaries.
Survivors include two other brothers, George and Joseph; a sister, Mary Fitzgibbons; and many nieces and nephews.
     During World War II he served as Chaplin of the 424th Infantry Regiment of the 106th Division where he was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action during the Battle of the Bulge.
     Father Boyle was a member of the. Association from its beginning in 1946. He served as Chaplin from 1948 to 1953. He was one of the organizers of the Chicago Chapter. It was his hard work and guidance that kept most of the Chicago area members together even after the chapel folded. Attended most of the December lath Dinners. Looked great at the last one in December 1982 after several months of illness. He even talked about attending this year's Reunion in Boston.
He was the Memorial Chaplin at the 1979 Reunion in Oakbrook.
I am sure he will be missed and remembered by many.
Russell H. Villwock

The words are few the memories many The speechmaking was over for the morning. Now it was time to remember.
     They lined up on one side of the Grand Ballroom. Each carried a tiny paper American Flag. They moved slowly towards a memorial wreath in front of the dais.
Each had a few words to say. Some of the words didn't come easy.
    "I'm from Stalag 17. I'd like place this flag.., this flag... in memory... of..." this flag.., this flag... in memory... of..." He couldn't finish. The tears came openly and he walked away. The line moved on.
They remembered a missing bomber crew, an entire infantry division, one buddy, a lot of buddies. Or an entire war.
    "I'd like to place this flag in memory of all those who didn't make it." Men remembered their wives. Wives wept for their husbands. Sons remembered their fathers. One ex-POW had an especially bitter memory.
    "I place this flag in memory of all ex-POW's and for my son, who was killed in Vietnam." Most of the little flags were memories of World War II. But not all.
    "This is in memory of my father, a World War I veteran who passed away a year ago." "This flag is in memory of the 53,000 men killed in Korea." "This is for 10 members of my team who didn't come back from Vietnam and for the MIA's and POW's who didn't come back.
     The line moved on, with it. flowed a litany of death from battles, big and small, and paces etched forever in the minds of the survivors.
    "For the 106th Division in the Battle of the Bulge." "This is for those in the Italian campaign." "For those on Bataan and Corregidor." "For the four members of my crew who perished over Leipzig." "This is in memory of my foxhole buddy who the Germans killed." The line of little flags moved on. Some walked with canes, wooden and aluminum.
     They were still crippled from wounds 40 years ago. Some spoke in a loud clear voice. Others could only choke out a few words.
They came from Texas, California, Mississippi and from across the country.
The line ended. Everyone stood to salute.
The loudest noise in the huge Ballroom was the occasional click of a camera shutter.
The salute ended. Two buglers at one end of the balcony played Taps. Two buglers at the other end played the echo.
The opening session of the American Ex-Prisoners of War Convention at Stouffer's Inn or. the Square was over.

Special 40th Anniversary Tours Planned for 1984
     Once again the 106th will return to St. Vith to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge. Though December will be the 40th Anniversary, we shall make the trip in September to compensate for the weather.
     Though we would like to be there for December 16th, it would be a crime at today's prices to freeze to death at the ceremonies and the trips to our haunts in the battle areas. Maybe we could bear it again, but our wives would not be too happy about it.

     We have arranged an unusual extension of our trip this year by taking Russia. We will meet with Russian Veterans and be wined and dined by them No Politics.
     Also, for those who do not take part in this extension, we have worked out a pleasant trip to Spain and all it has to offer, including Malaga.
Brochures have been mailed to everyone who responded to our original inquiry indicating interest.
     For further information and brochures, contact Galaxy Tours, P.O. Box 326, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Or telephone (toll free outside of PA) 800-523-7287. In Pennsylvania call (215) 265-2778 ask for Bernie Larkin or Paul Chryst.

Some 106'ers Chowing up.
Left to right C. L. Cooper, Chuck Snyder, Bill Lang and Henry Healan.
More Eating!! a

     Another year has passed and the 37th annual reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association is history. The reunion committee is grateful for the enthusiastic response and great turnout. We had 211 people register For the reunion and with invited guests we had 219 at the Saturday evening Banquet.
     We had about 75 inquiries from people who had not heard of our Association, but read about it in the various publications the we advertised in. The inquiries came from most every state in the union, the closest being from right here in the Worcester area, and the farthest being from Bangkok, Thailand. How is that for extremes! We also had many phone calls from the New England area and some from as far away as Alabama and Mississippi.
     Along the way we picked up several new members. How many we won't know until the Adjutant compiles the figures. Speaking of extremes is the matter of registrations. We had set a deadline for registering of June 25th. Our first registration came in on March 25th. We were still ....... receiving registrations the week before the reunion and on the first day of the reunion people were walking in unannounced wanting to register for the reunion! We were able to accommodate most of them, but the people who came in late Saturday afternoon wanting to attend the banquet without previous reservations we very reluctantly had to turn away. We were as disappointed as they were.
     We were privileged and happy to host the 37th annual reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association. It was a rewarding experience and we feel a sense of accomplishment. We made many new friends and hope we kept all our old friends. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who assisted us with the reunion and also all those who sent us notes and letters thanking us for an enjoyable time. And our profound apologies to anyone who was disappointed.
     Your reunion committee, Ben and Avis Britton Tom and Elaine Maw Registration at 1983 Reunion Pictures of 1983 Massachusetts Reunion Marriott Hotel Worcester, Massachusetts Banquet Night & Speakers Tables Free Beer courtesy of Budweiser.
     Left to right C. T. Cooper, H/423, Henry Healan M/423, Ed Wentz M/423, Stan Tuhoski G/423 Left to Right: Manuel C. Silvia, Betty Silvia. Dick DeHeer, Marge DeHeer.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Mosley, and Chaplain Mosley. Tom Maw and Mrs. Maw and Sherod Collins.

Resolutions adopted at the 37th annual reunion, 106th Infantry Division Association.
Whereas: The association has continued to show an increase in membership and members attending their first reunion.
    Now therefore, be it resolved by the 106th Infantry Division Association at their 37th annual reunion at Worcester, Massachusetts July 23, 1983 that we express our thanks and gratitude to:

    1. Avis and Ben Britton, Elaine and Tom Maw and also their daughters, Barbara (Britton) Allaire, Jo-Ann (Britton) De and Rosa and Paula Maw for their combined efforts in making the 37th annual reunion a happy and successful affair.

    2. The elected and appointed officers of the 106th Infantry Division Association for the faithful and efficient execution of their offices.

    3. The First Congregational Church of Auburn, Massachusetts, and the Reverend Emrys Price Thomas, Pastor, also Ron Mosley, our division Chaplain, and his wife, Eloise, who played the organ, and the color guard from the Chester P. Tuttle Post No. 279 of the American Legion, Auburn, Massachusetts, and the bugler, James Lockman, and the Bridgewater Branch 24, Royal Canadian Legion, Nova Scotia for the memorial wreath, for making our memorial service an impressive event.

4. The Marriott Hotel management and staff for making our stay comfortable enjoyable.

5. President Bob Howell for securing and showing the movie the "Battle of the Bulge.

6. Jim Henning for the photographic art work.

     There has been some discussion among our ladies and an inquiry to the Board of Directors as to the status (official or unofficial) of our Ladies Auxiliary and of its dues-paying members.
     These matters have been discussed by the Board and it is the sense of the Board that the following be stated: At one time, the Auxiliary was an official officer-electing dues paying body with projects to pursue.
     At some point in time most of the ladies decided they did not want the obligation or responsibility of carrying on a structured organization but instead wanted to simply enjoy the meetings as interested companions of their men-folk. This then has been the emphasis for a number of years.
     Therefore the Board desires that the ladies know that their participation and their paying of dues is solely voluntary.
     The Board also desires to emphasize to the ladies that their participation in Association activities is greatly desired, is definitely encouraged, and that without it, it is problematical whether the Association would be as far advanced as it is or that it could continue to function in the smooth manner in which it has become accustomed.

Ceremonies of Rededication Former Chapel #1 on Gregg --1 Street, Fort Jackson.

    Rededication of "Memorial Chapel" by Major General Albert B. Akers, Post Commander at Fort Jackson. (106th Flag third from right) May 29, 1983

     Fort Jackson Chapel Rededicated The original Gregg Street Chapel, also known as Chapel No. 1, was rededicated Sunday May 29, and the ceremonies properly included a member of the "Golden Lion" Division and the Association.
     The ceremony was conducted in much the same way as the original dedication of 17 chapels on post in 1941. A concert by the 282nd Army Band and the 11th Battalion choir opened the ceremony. Flags of the 13 divisions which have trained here were then brought forward and a representative of each division "stood in" in its. honor. Representing the 106th was Retired CWO Roger M. Rutland of Columbia.
     Major General Albert B. Akers said in his remarks "This chapel and these flags take on their true meaning only when we remember the men and women who were free to worship here. Those who carried these flags into battle insured we could assemble here today in freedom." Post Chaplain Henry Hilliard spoke of the improvement of the building within the last few months from a locked unsightly looking place to its present bright appearance and its integration into a part of the post's process of team building and quality of life improvements.
     After Aker's speech the division flags were moved inside the chapel for permanent display. Six of them will hang on each side of the chapel and one will be placed at the front to be honored for the month it is on display. The 4th Infantry Division was honored in June.
     Akers unveiled a plaque renaming the chapel at the ceremony's conclusion. He stated that "Memorial Chapel will continue to be a lasting tribute and a living testimony to the singular worth of the American Soldier and our proud history as an Army and as Americans."

From The Mail Bag

Dear 106ers:
     After 30 years with the U.S. Dept. of Interior in Washington D.C. and 6 years with the University of California in Riverside and San Diego we returned to Solano Beach, California to enjoy tennis, golf, square and round dancing and also camping. I have missed news from the 106th Association and look forward to any current information on Co. F 422 members or fellow POW's at IV B or Halle, Germany.
So long, Arthur Jebens 956 Santa Queta Solana Beach, Ca 92075

Mr. Pierce:
     It is with great pleasure I am writing to you and my wife and I joining the 106th Infantry Division Association, it was our pleasure. It was our first meeting in Worcester, Mass of a reunion and we loved every minute of our stay and meeting you, Robert. The rest of the panel and you are wonderful gang of buddies.
Come November 1st of 1983 after 30 years on the Lowell Police Department, I will be retired 8 years.
We have four grown children, two sons and two daughters, all married.
    1 love the 106th Division and lucky to be one of the ones who lived through the Battle of the Bulge and I pray for all our buddies, that gave their all for God and Country.
Michael Gruce, Mike Zenn, Russ Enlow, Nan Pelts and many more of my living friends.
We pray to God that we will meet again at Savannah, Georgia in 1984, God willing.
So now it's time to start saving for next year.
P. S. Say hello to the entire Staff of the 106th Cub Magazine. God Bless.
Respectfully submitted, Leo J. Brogan 87 Mt. Vernon St.

Dear Mr. Bandurak:
     I just received my March issue of the "American Legion" magazine and having read the article "Death of the Golden Lion" on page 22 many memories were recalled.
I was a member of this division upon its inception at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
Was a Radio Operator for Col. Kelly of Headquarters Company, 589th Field Artillery.
     I was very proud being a member of this newly formed Division and developed a close relationship with the men in the Unit.
     Upon completion of training in Tennessee I was transferred to Fort Monmouth, N.J. for Radio training and then placed in a Signal Corp. Unit and did my Overseas duty in the South Pacific.
When I arrived in the Pacific area I received word of the Battle of the Bulge and the part the 106th played in it.
     Since I did not participate in any overseas action with the Division I wonder if this would prevent me from becoming a member of the Association. If not is there any way I could get in touch with any of the men who were part of the 589th and did see action.
Maybe. I could attend the next Convention and have the honor of meting some of the members.
Yours truly, Gene Arnold 4901-B Eaglewood Road Boynton Beach, Florida 33436

Dear Dick:
     I am writing to bring you up-to-date on my recent activities. I have recently retired from the teaching profession. This means that I will have more time to attend the Association conventions and am looking forward to the one next year in Savannah. I will be more consistent in my attendance hereafter since I can make up my own schedule. The only other event of note was the sudden and unexpected death of my wife last December. She loved the Association conventions and I believe many members will remember her.
Sincerely, Alvin W. Skardon

Dear Bob:
I will not be able to attend the next reunion, but hope everyone who attends will have an enjoyable time.
     I passed out Sunday morning February 13th in Church and was rushed to the Hospital where I spent 13 days. Thankful that I am doing better but still must report to a heart doctor.
     I received word in a Christmas card from Al Schuler, Co. C 422nd, that his youngest son was killed in an Airplane crash in 1982. He had graduated from Ga. Tech and decided to take up flying. Joined Air Guard, and received his wings. He was sent to Little Rock, Arkansas for more training. Lost his life with six other men. He was 24 years old.
     Harry Tissot Co. C 422nd Cincinnati, Ohio Even though it is late, please accept our deepest sympathy to Al and all the family.

Dear Robert:
There was an article in the March issue of the American Legion magazine concerning the 106th Division.
     Thought I would mention the article in case you hadn't gotten a chance to read the article. If you haven't seen it maybe you can dig up an old copy.
Your work as Adjutant for the Association is appreciated.
Your friend, Leon J. Setter 422 Reg. Hdq. 2 Bn.

Dear Bob:
     I have a tape recording of a record made in New York December 1945, title "Just a year ago" and it told where we were Christmas 1944. I was a POW in railroad cars in Luxberg, Germany. We were bombarded by RAF and American planes. We spent Christmas burying our own dead. It was a tough time.
Hope to make the reunion next July.
Louis Peluso 422nd 38 Leonard St. Dedham, Mass 02626

Hello Bob: Hope this finds you in good health.
We've had a h--of a lot of rain in the last 6 weeks, 12 inches of rain in March.
     We are planning to make Massachusetts in July. My cousin lives in Connecticut about half way between here and Worcester. We plan to stay there a few days going and coming.
So long for now, Flo and Tom Bickford, HDQ

Dear Bob:
     Sorry we couldn't make the Christmas party in Cleveland, Ohio but we had prior commitments, maybe next year. We will see you in Massachusetts in July, the Lord willing.
     We were in Florida for January this year and went to Arcadia one day to visit with Aley Alman and also stopped on the way home to visit Sgt. Paul McMillan and wife in Macon, Ga. Both fellows were in service Co. 422 and have been to the last two reunions.
See you, P. Paul Mertz 8657 Mockingbird Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

Dear Bob:
     I received a letter from Walt Bandurak of Greensburg, Pa in a response to a letter that I had written him inquiring about the "106th Infantry Division Yearbook". He informed me that the book is out of print.
     I am interested in joining the Association for I was Squad Leader of 1st Platoon, Co. "M", 424th Inf. reg., trained at Camp Atterbury, and left there to go overseas.
     In the Battle of the Bulge, I was wounded, captured and spent the remainder of the war in Stalag 3 A, 3B and 12 A. I am a member of EX-POW Association, DAV Association, and American Legion.
     I am looking forward to the 1983 Annual Convention to be held in Worcester, Massachusetts and plan to contact Ben Britton very soon.
Sincerely, Edward A. Lawrence 50 Sackem Rd. N. Kingston, Rd. 02852

Dear Marge & Dick:
As we wrote you our plans were to come to Worcester, Mass for the reunion.
     Last week I took my semiannual physical exam and did well, I don't drive anymore and Wilda makes short drives. My son Col. Leo T. McMahon Jr. USA Ret. and a bachelor is our chauffeur on long trips such as this one, and we have made a number with him.
     I note that you have some correspondence with a man named Ralph G. Hill, Wyomissing, Pa. Wilda and I had an unpleasant time with him here last year, and I (we would not attend with him present).
     I remember the tough time you and Doug had in the early days with the Cub when you both lived in Jersey. You are still going strong. Congratulations.
Wilda joins me with much affection and every good wish.
Cordially, Leo T. McMahon Brig. Gen. USA Ret.

Dear Dick:
This year's journey to the 106th reunion I was a very pleasant experience for us.
Perhaps the ease and success of the journey was due to Eloise being with me.
     We took the easy way this year, driving 125 miles to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to take the "Scotia Prince" ferry to Portland, Maine, where it was an easy drive to Worcester. Going home was a drive in the rain to Portland, then a stateroom overnight on Sunday on the ship. We arrived home at noon on Monday and picked up our German Shepherd "Segen" and our 18 year old Siamese cat "Sheba.'" Through "The Cub" I express my appreciation for the kindness shown to us in our efforts at our Memorial Service and the time at our banquet. I apologize if I offended any by the "raunchy" stories I told.
     It was all good fun, and we were proud to represent the Province of Nova Scotia. We could have used twice the tourist material which was furnished to us. As a transplanted Scot I'm always ready to wear the kilt of the tartan of Clan Gunn.
     We were so busy with everything (busy having a good time, too) that I never used my Pentax Automatic 110 camera. Let me appeal to our comrades for photographs.
     We want one to put on our Christmas letter which we send to friends world-wide, as our visit to the 106th reunion in Worcester was the "high point" of 19831 Also, did anyone tape the hilarious shenanigans at the banquet? I winged that one! Our friendships and camaraderie in the 106th are tremendous! We did miss Al Johnson, General and Mrs. McMahon, the Van Wyatts, the Scranton's and others. We send our best wishes and affection to all the officers in the current term. I wish I had been a better Chaplain and will try to be the best I can be of our Association.
All the best, Ron Mosley

    Comrades of the Golden Lions: Since my retirement on October 31, 1983 I have been quite busy, in fact I find it difficult to see how I ever found time to go to work in the past. After 35 years 5 months and 15 days, I was fortunate to call it quits at just 15 days over my 59th birthdate.
     My wife and I have really enjoyed our travels so far which included two beautiful weeks in Hawaii, two trips to Chicago and just recently returned from a week's stay in New Orleans. In the middle part of September we will be in Columbus, Ohio for a four day stay and that will complete our wanderlust for 1983.
     Life has not all been that good as my wife has had seven small tumors removed from her bladder all without incisions. Also it is our good fortune that only one showed any malignancy.
     We here in Illinois are going through a bad heat siege, which brings to mind the hot days of Fort Jackson 40 years ago at this time. I feel indeed very blessed to have been given the good health and stamina that has carried me so far in life. I'm quite sure that many of the Good Comrades have not been that fortunate and with them we offer our prayers and encouragement.
     It seems funny when I unlimber these old fingers of mine I find it rather easy to drift back into the days gone by. Although my ability at the old machine has not completely deserted the old correction fluid is still close at hand.
So much for now, with warm regards and best wishes.
I remain yours in Comradeship Milton G. Haas HQ Co. 3rd Bn. 422 Inf. Regt.

     I was captured December 19, 1944 and liberated April 16, 1945. Was held prisoner in Werdau, Germany near the Czeck border. Since my release from prison I have seen one man is Btry. C, Bernard Browning, who was chief of Firing Bn.
     I would like to hear from men of my outfit if possible. The weather here in Kentucky is hot and in the 90's!! We still have a few more days of the same.
So I will say all the best to you and yours.
Sincerely, Kenny Hester Batt. C. 590 FABN Rt. 4, Box 320 Shepherdsville, KY 40165

    Hello: Irene and myself have two daughters and four grandchildren. After working 42 years for the Burlington Northern Railroad I retired in December 1983.
I have hopes of enjoying my hobbies of duck hunting, fishing, and gardening. Also a small amount of traveling.
Goodluck, Edward C. Wojahn B, 3rd pl 81sy En 1553 West Young Drive Onalaske, Wisc 54650

Dear Mr. Coffey:
     I thank you very much, also on behalf of the teachers and students, for your check for $500.00. We are glad to enlarge our School library with your help. Of course, we shall have a designation placed in the books indicating that they are presented by the 106th Infantry Division Association.
Best wishes to you, your wife and all the members of the 106th Infantry Division.
Yours sincerely, J. Pankert, Director Bishofliche Schule St. Vith KlosterstraBe 38 B-4780 St. Vith Tel: 080/22 73 81

Dear Bob:
     The past year and this one has been good to me. I have seen several of the guys for my old outfit, G-422nd. Louis Felper in Iowa, Walter Hubbard in Missouri, L. Chisney in Tennessee, and Claud Conner in North Carolina.
     Also had a long visit with Ken King and his wife from Brasher Falls, N.Y. and made a couple of trips to Memphis to see our old friend Albert Johnson. Albert is still in the VA Hospital in Memphis. He plans to visit us here in Greenville in the near future. I would urge our members to write to him. Even though he can't write, he has people to write for him.
His address is: Albert Johnson VA Hospital 5 North 1030 Jefferson Memphis, Tenn. 38104
Thanks, Sincerely, Bill Tarrant Rt. 1, Box 147 Greeneville, Texas 75401

    Hello Russ and Jackie: How are you, well and kicking up your heels I hope. I am still the same, still a shut-in and still can't talk. A paralyzed throat and a fallen palate. I am in swell shape and weigh all of 120 pounds.
     Have there been any more casualties since myself, I hope everyone has remained healthy. I hope your hernia problems are over and that Jackie's knee cap does not give her any trouble.
I am sending you my dues because I do not know where to send them.
Thanks for taking care of them.
Yours truly, Jim C. Davis 106th Sig. Co.

Dear Bob:
     Here are my dues. I hope this finds you well, and all the 106ers as for me this leaves me feeling well and thankful.
    I joined the 106th Division in July 1944 when it was stationed in Atterbury, Indiana and was pleased to be in Btry. C 590 FA B.

' year Bob:
     My first meeting with the 106th convention was the 1981 reunion held in Kentucky Dam Village State Park. I have been getting the Cubs and enjoy reading each issue.
I am a rural mail carrier of 100 miles of farm during my spare hours.
Sincerely, Gilbert W. Justice 592nd F.A. Sv Bat Ashland City, Term 37015

Dear Dick:
     Sorry to be so late with my report on the Ex-POW convention in Cleveland. It was one of the biggest crowds, 3,000 attended. It's a great thrill to be treated as equals by the survivors of all the major battles of W.W. II, Bataan, Corregidor, Wake Island, North Africa, Sicily, Anzio, "D" Day, Navy men who had their ships sunk, air-men whose planes were shot down in major raids.
These are the men that have made our country great, and suffered while doing it.
     When they say, "God Bless America" they really mean it. Because they have seen the alternatives. Enclosed are some pictures that I hope you can use. Notice the "Golden Lion" is present.
     I had a reunion of my own with Ed Wentz of M/423. The man who made the flag dedication to the 106th Division. At the Memorial service is, James Meagher, 11/422 (Commander of POW Chapter in Salisbury, Md). Also present was Vernon Brumfield 422nd (Commander of New Orleans Chapter). Some of the others from the 106th are, Ed Long 1/422, C. L. Cooper, H/423, Stan Tuhoski, G/423, Phil Maralli ATRP/18 Cay. I also talked to a man from the 9th AD, who lost both legs from wounds received at Schonberg, December 19th.
     I hope to be in Georgia for the 106th reunion in 1984. The POW's will be in Seattle, Washington too far for me. In 1985 the POW Convention will be in Jackson, Mo. I'm looking Toward to that.
Keep healthy, Dick. Drop a line sometime to me.
Sincerely, Henry Healan M/423 15317 Grovewood Ave.

Dear Bob:
I am interested in joining the 106th Infantry Division Association.
     My qualifications for membership; I joined the 106th early in 1943 as it was being activated in Ft. Jackson, S.C. as a medical dept. soldier. I was assigned to the 590th F.A. BN. Med. Det.
     I stayed with them, training at Ft. Jackson, Tennessee, then maneuvers; Camp Atterbury, Ind. Camp Myles Standish, Mass.
     where we sailed from Boston, Mass. We landed in Liverpool and wound up in Glougestershire, England. Crossed the channel to LeHavre, sailed up the Seine River and disembarked at Rouen. From there we moved fast, across France, Luxembourg, Belgium and took a position in Germany (Schnee Eiffel) relieving the 2nd Division. After about ten days of battle we were all done and taken prisoners of war. After spending the cold night in an open field, we were marched from daybreak to darkness about 12-14 hours to a rail head. Three day and nights spent in box cars, we ended upon Christmas Day in Stalag 1X B, Bab Orb, Germany. From there we non-corns were moved to another camp IV A Ziegenheim.
We were liberated by elements of the 6th armored Division March 30, 1945.
Sincerely, George R. Pina 590th Med. 69 Cavalcade Blvd. Warwick, R.I. 02889

Dear Bob:
In the last issue of the Cub I found the address of an old buddie of Co. "C" of the 422nd Regt.
     We trained together at Ft. Jackson and Camp Atterbury and went overseas together, where I parted Company for a time in the Hospital in England.
Would like to hear from anyone who was with Co. "C" of the 422nd Regt.
Sincerely, Jimmie a Russell P.O. Box 232 Weir, Kansas 66781

Dear Mr. Pierce:
I am enclosing my membership dues to be credited as a member of 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
I will be traveling to Europe and plans are to visit the areas in Belgium and Germany where we fought.
Armando Velasquez Co K 424 9616 Avenida De La Luna N.E. Albuquerque, N.M. 87111

Dear Bob:
Enclosed is my dues for the coming year.
     Thank you and all the other Officers of the Association for the marvelous job you do in maintaining our 106th Infantry Division Association in such a fine style. It takes loyalty and dedication and I know I must speak for many as I express my appreciation to you.
Kindest regards, Earl Scott

Dear Bob:
     I am a new member in this Association but I was with the 106th from the beginning at Ft. Jackson, S.C., Camp Atterbury, and overseas, the war, prison camp,. etc. I was with the 423rd Infantry Medical.
     I received a copy of the Cub when I sent for information about the coming reunion, which was listed in the V.F.W. magazine, and enjoyed it very much.
I won't be able to attend the reunion, but I intend to keep in touch and perhaps attend another one.
Leo L. Piasecki 3024 20th St. Wyandotte, MI 48192
    The Cub Editor does not have the addresses of the members on file. In this day and age I think they are kept by Zip Code and not by unit.

Dear Friends:
     I've been in construction work for many years. I'm married and have a grown daughter. Last year I spent some time with Sherod Collins here in Virginia. Had not seen him since 1944 in England before we hit the continent.
Glenn Knighton Ser. Co. 423 Fairfax, VA 22031

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     Enclosed please find my dues for membership. I had intended to join before this, but have been unable to contact anyone who knew. But read about notice in a D.A.V. magazine.
I will try to schedule my vacation so that I can attend the reunions. In the meantime, May God Bless You.
Carl Edward Co. C 422 Box 484 Hinton, W. VA 25951

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     Enclosed please find my dues for the coming year. I can't give you any news item, because I don't have any. I recently passed the three-score and ten mark, and the years are creeping up on me, and all of us. So the years when we were together in the Army in Europe seem long ago.
Thanks for the good job you are doing in maintaining the Association.
Myles Brazill R D #2 Box 157 Landisburg, Pa 17040

Dear Sir:
     Enclosed are my dues. I really enjoy the Cub and since we attended the reunion at Kentucky feel as though we know more about the people and activities. This was our first reunion.
Yours truly, William C. Huston Rt 3, Box 37 Tomahawk, Wi 54487

Hi Bob: Please find my membership for 82 -83.
I was a member of Co. H 424 and want to rejoin.
We hope your reunion was a big success.
Thank you, Mary & John J. Reynolds 52 Cypress Pond R. RR#1, Daytona Beach, FL 32014

Dear 106ers!
My first reunion and it brought my hazy recollections of Ft. Jackson. Tenn., and Camp Atterbury up to the present.
     What a fine group of warm, friendly people who made the whole weekend of smoothly organized events such a truly wonderful experience.
With warmest feelings, Eloise Mosley Nova Scotia

    Dear Dick: Had a surprise call from Dick Dillard of South Haven, Miss. He had seen my squib in the Cub and figured out the only William Black would be Captain Black, Battery C 581st. He was right and we had quite a chat.
Tried to find a Cub with a listing of all the members but don't seem to have one.
Would appreciate a list of members and particularly of those in the 591 F.A.
     Doris and I were considering the Worcester Convention but somewhere picked up information that the 1984 Convention may be in Georgia. That is a lot more convenient and if you have any hint on that place, advise.
     As Dick stated he had only heard of it by mistake. I am sure there must be more means of publicity which would locate more of the 106th veterans.
Will look Toward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Bill Black 72 Honeysuckle Woods Clover S.C. 29710

    Happy Days to Robert Scranton We just received word that September 17, 1983 will be "Robert Scranton Day" in Brighton, Michigan.
     The town will honor Bob for his many years of service. The school's will close early, there will be a marching band, dinner and dancing.
We know Bob did a lot for the recreation in the summer and as. a Principal of the school.
Good luck to you Mildred who is also retired from a secretarial position to a Superintendent of School.
Enjoy each day!!!

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     Thoroughly enjoyed our telephone conversation of last week. Please fill me in on the award for gallantry in action awarded by the Belgian Government. You will no doubt learn the details at our Annual Association Reunion this past July.
Sorry but I can't make it due to poor health. Hoping to hear from you after the reunion.
    Regards, Adolph G. Moritz F Co. 422 Bn P.S. the name of my Co. Commander is: Neil P. Stewart 10640 lamway Drive El Paso, Texas 79935 Phone: 915-592-8212

Dear Bob:
     My wife Pauline and I have three sons, Jack 40; Michael 36; Peter 32; and 7 grandchildren. I had open heart surgery three years ago and four by-passes. I'm in good health now. Thank God.
Sincerely, Joseph A. Pasquale 422 Reg. 57 King St. Torrington, Conn 06790

    Hi: My wife Nancy and I will be vacationing in the East at the time of the Annual Reunion. I misplaced my copy of the Cub, so please send me another copy.
     In the fall of 1980 my wife and I, Dad and his wife made a trip to St. Vith, Batstone, Bad Orb and located the church yard near Marptredwitz where my brother was originally buried. My brother Ralph died as a POW was in 423 Infantry Co. A 1st Bn.
Have a good story and slides. We were hosted by a German who was present as an altar boy at my brother's funeral.
See you, Edward Leavitt 3245 Kansas St. Morton, Ill 61550

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9118 of Landsburg elected Miles Brazil as Commander. The election took place at their annual picnic held in May.

Dear Friends:
     With God's Grace "Still hanging in", here in New Jersey. Out of shape somewhat, but keep interested in things; sports, gardening, and of course the ladies; I said girls and forgot my age is catching up with me! Ha! None the less wish the best to all the Golden Lions! Re: "Dues" must have forgot to "Re-up".
Remember that phrase! Ray Creamer

Dear Robert:
    I am 100% disabled. I had open heart surgery, just turned 57 years old. I am married and have 3 children. One son and my daughter are married and we now have four grandchildren. My youngest son (21) is in his last year at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts, where he is taking Criminal Justice as a major. I worked for Raytheon Co. until 1976 when my heart problem started and I had to stop working.
Sincerely, Josepf and Anna Guigno Co A 423 18 Dix St.

Dear Bob:
     I am a retired Elementary School Principal from the Dade County Schools, in Florida. I am presently working in a Real Estate firm. My wife, Lorraine is a teacher in the Dade County Schools.
     Our daughter, Linda is married with two children, living in Selma, Alabama. Our second daughter Wendy Holden, married and is living in Avon Park, Florida. Our son, Andy is married with one child. Andy graduated from West Point and is 1st Lt. U.S. Army, Ft. Hood, Texas.
Please add to your mailing list: Lou Pel USO Co. H 422nd 38 Leonard. St. E. Dedham, Mass 02026
Thanks, Andes N. Madse, Jr. Co. H 422nd 12900 S.W. 63 Ave. Miami, FL 33156

Dear Dick:
     Just a few lines to let all know my wife Kay and I enjoyed the reunion in Worcester, Mass just fine! We enjoyed the bus trip to Boston and all the events that day and all the other days during the entire trip.
     The good food and of course seeing all the old buddies of the 106th Division. I really missed Ken Bradfield and I'm sure everyone else did also. Brad I'm sorry about your heart operation and hope you are fine by now. My brother had a quadruple by-pass just five days ago and is up and walking now.
     I'm sure you will be in Savannah for our next reunion. Jack Schlesser and his wife Kay stopped by our house from the reunion and spent a couple of days with us which we enjoyed very much. To see the town they will come again and stay longer and do the town a bit. I hope everybody has cooled off a bit from the weather by now and we will see you in Savannah next 1984.
The committee did a super job.
Sincerely, Old Pee Wee Jim Brackett 274 Husson St. Staten Island, N.Y. 10306

Dear Bob:
I am sorry that I can't make the convention, but my legs and eyes make it slow for me to keep up with the crowd.
     I have encouraged the fellows I hear from each Christmas to join the Association. Some have! Best of health and luck to you all! I have talked to Paul Mertz on the phone and he told me my former Co. was asking about me. I noticed his address in the Cub and sent him a letter with the Christmas card. He replied with a card and a letter. That is a fine way to find out about your old buddies.
Sincerely yours, Harrison (Harry) Tissot Co. C 422 6510 Marray Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Dear all 106ers:
     Leo and Wilda spent a very happy birthday with his son, and her daughter and husband. They followed the advice of the card "don't dwell on it and have a happy birthday". They wish to thank everyone for their good wishes. It's not bad being "90" and looking so "young and gay".

     Hello Bob: Sorry Bobbie and I could not make the Massachusetts reunion. I had to work while the plant was shut down for maintenance.
I know you had another good reunion and we sure did hate to miss the get together.
Hope to see you all in 1984.
Best Wishes, Van S. Wyatt Rt. 2, Box 5A Benyon, KY 42025

Dear Dick,
     On Friday evening, April 1, 1983 at Mills Creek Recreation Center in North Ridgeville, Ohio, 150 relatives and friends of Bob & Jeanne Gilder gathered together to celebrate and congratulate the two youngest Gilder children, Nancy and Gregg on achieving their Master's Degree in each one's chosen field. This celebration completes the entire Gilder offspring receiving 'heir Master's Degree as the two oldest, Marcia and Jim did so earlier. We think this is quite an accomplishment for these good friends of ours.
     Bob and Jeanne would never admit to the sacrifices they each made but I'm sure the rewards and pride in their family have all been worth it. The community of North Ridgeville, Ohio is justly proud of these fine citizens who have given so much to our town and continue to do so every year. We as longtime friends and associates of the Gilders salute them proudly and hope all of you will offer your congratulations at the Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts in July.
John and Martha Fritz

Dear Robert:
Sorry I couldn't make the convention in Worcester this year.
A 40th Anniversary trip to Europe sounds great we are tentatively planning on going.
     Hope everyone had a good time at the reunion this year. I'm sure everyone did! I have always enjoyed breaking bread with everyone in the group.
Sincerely, George Murray 521 9th St. Bemidji, Minn 56601

Dear Bob:
     My son has started a Direct Mail Branch in our business. Doing great nationally so if you see SMYTH TIMONIUM adds, it is an old 106th Buddy. Phone for catalog 800-638-3333.
Discounts on the finest china, sterling and jeweler.
Thanks, Lee Smyth 505 Chadwick Road Timonium, Md 21093

Dear Mr. Pierce:
We again are very sorry that we could not attend the reunion this year.
     The American Legion Convention was held the same days as the reunion, and being the outgoing Commander of the Des Plaines Post #36, I had to attend this Illinois Convention.
Sincerely, Edward and Sylvia. Rydzinski 1715 Elm St. Des Plaines, Ill 60018

Marge and Dick spend Christmas with Rick and his family.
While they are in Ohio the Printer can be doing his part!!!

    Hi: I am enjoying my retirement from the wholesale tobacco business. I also enjoy the "gatherings" with the other Ex-POW'S especially from the 106th.
Sincerely, Ethel and Joseph Topicz Co. E 423 5385 Boomer Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

Dear Sir:
     Just received the Cub and enjoyed reading the news. We've got a super group of Golden Lions and Gals around the Atlanta area. I eagerly look forward to it each year (the December get together), it just gets better and better.
Enclosed is my check for dues and auxiliary dues for my wife Pat.
Sincerely, Bill S. Delzell 683 Oakdale Drive Forest Park, Ga 30050

Dear Bob:
Here is my membership dues. I was in Reg. Hdqtrs Co. of the 424th at Ft. Jackson at Tank Hill, thru August of 1945.
     Am looking forward to your coming publication of your membership list as I have not seen anyone from the old outfit in 30 years.
     Will be unable to make the reunion but would be interested in any upcoming events. Also I have a copy of the 106th annual, put out in 1944 or 45, I believe: if you might be interested in seeing it, let me know.
Sincerely, Frank W. Gaffney 1756 Lambury Dr. Kettering, Ohio 45439

Dear Friends:
I was with the Co. M 424th Infantry from March 1943 to about October 1945.
     After service I married and had five children. We celebrated our 36th Anniversary last June. I retired from DAVA Corp, with 35 years and have now moved to Florida.
My home was in Michigan and I did not know there was an active unit of the 106th or I would have joined long ago.
Nancy and Howard Bagby 1290 Sun Meadow Lane Grand Island, FL 32735

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     Lonas and I drove up to Johnson City, Tennessee on Friday, April 8th for the POW MIA service of the East Tennessee Chapter of American Ex-Prisoners of war.
     It was really nice! Their Commander, Mr. John Clark, was in the 422nd, the same as Lonas. He never heard of the 106th organization until Friday. Enclosed is a check for his membership.
     We are life members of the Smokey Mt. Chapter of American Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc. of Knoxville, Tennessee and have a membership of something like 165. At least six of these were with the 106th Division.
John Clark 1826 Southside Rd. Elizabethon, Tenn. 37643

Sincerely, Lonas and Louise Chesney 422 Co. G Rt. 8, Box 230 Thorn Grove Pike Knoxville, Tenn. 37914

Dear Bob:
     Now that I have reached 70 years old and I am in good health, single and having fun. Would like to hear from some Co F 422nd people. I hear from Waldo Pierce and John Hays.
Thanks, John W. Carr P.O. Box 66 Grunsboro, Ga 30642

Dear Robert:
     I am sending my dues for I enjoy getting the Cub very much and I think the people are doing a very good job with it.
I am retired now, but I keep myself busy with lots of yard work and that grass surely can grow fast.
Well, good luck to "The Cub" and I do hope our membership increases.
Sincerely, George H. Kaufman H-423rd 915 E. High St. Apt. 2 Springfield, Ohio 45505

    Hi John: Visiting in New Jersey, I was talking to Tommy Catanio and Ray Fava (the Barber) and I had not seen either of them for at least 38 years and we talked a long time.
     The reason for writing, Tom said you did considerable correspondence with the 106th Division and the 81st Eng. Bn, as you remember I was with Co. C 81st Engrs.
     Contacting old army buddies and hoping you may be able to send me names and addresses of any members of the company.
I would then be able to write them or I may be able to visit some.
     I am retired on disability, so I have time to travel. I understand Captain Wells lives in Georgia. I pass Georgia when I visit my son and daughter.
     John I hope your years have been somewhat good, thanking you for any information you, may have, or how, if you don't, how I might find out.
Thanking you, Eugene Hasler 2333 Staunton Drive Holiday, FL 33590

Dear Bob:
     Enclosed please find a check for my dues, for the coming year. I have enjoyed this past years Cub very much and want to continue it.
     My wife and I had the pleasure of having Kenneth King, I 422nd and his lovely wife Eileen in our home overnight in March and needless to say we were up pretty late re-fighting the war. Kenneth and his wife live in Brasher Falls, N.Y. and were in Texas for the winter.
     I would also like to add that I saw Albert Johnson while we were on vacation in May. I only got to visit for two hours, but that was rather gratifying to see this man in Memphis, Tennessee for such a long time. His spirits were very high, and we had two wonderful hours together. I would like to add to your 106ers out there that, here is a man that needs your letters, very badly. He doesn't have a lot to look forward to each day and enjoys getting mail, very much. For those that don't know, his address is: 1030 Jefferson, V.A. Hospital S North Memphis, Tenn. 38104
     And last, I would like to say that if anyone that was in the 331st Med. Bn. Company A and has a roster of that company, I would dearly love to have a copy.
This is my quest to find a medic that saved my life in World War II.
Sincerely, Bill Tarrant G 422nd Greenville, Texas

    Lester Le Compts, Jr. of Carbon, Indiana writes that he is married and has eight children with five still at home. Les is a Correctional Li and Shift Supervisor Ind. School for Boys. He has a nice garden and orchard. Les was in Co. K 422nd Inf.

Dear Friend;
     I am interested in obtaining a copy of the Cub that I happened to see a few years back. It was one that contained a letter from a soldier to his father. His name was Pruitt. His letter almost paralleled our voyage into the zone. I wound up in Winterspelt. I would enjoy seeing it again if that's possible. Also would like to hear from anyone in Co. M 424th.
Sincerely, Frank Borbely Timberlake Apt. A-311 2801 Stanbridge St. Norristown, Penn 19401

    No Special Notice I hope you have not completed your Cub as yet so that I might give our members an update on the trip to Europe in 1984.
     I have canceled the trip to Russia and have so informed Galaxy Tours. I'm working on an alternative trip to Scandinavia so that those indicating Russia and/or Spain will have another choice and if it doesn't work out we can all go to Spain after our services in St. Vith.
     I didn't want to do anything that might embarrass the 106th, myself or Galaxy Tours by going ahead with the Russian Extension. I waited just long enough to see if the Russians would somehow apologize for their actions and agree to make restitution to the victims.
With the attitude they took, there was, no recourse to take but cancel.
Isabel and I send our best wishes.
Sincerely, Doug 947 N.W. Arnet St. Port Charlotte, FL 33948

September 12, 1983
Reunion Savannah
The reunion for July 13, 14, 15 and 16th will be held at the Downtown Motor Inn, Savannah, Georgia.
     Savannah is noted for its cobblestone street, beautiful gardens and stately mansions. The restored nine block Savannah Riverfront, filled with galleries, museums, craft shops and restaurants is within walking distance of the Motel.
     We have also confirmed these dates. Do not conflict with Ex-POW 1984 Convention More details later and ya'll come!!! Jim Wells and committee P.S. Savannah is located on 1-95 for those driving, and served by major airlines.

Orfeo E. Agostini 202 Elizabeth St., Hinesville, GA 31313
George & Barbara Allaire 10 Eastford Road, Auburn, Mass. 01501
Don & Maxine Armington 3125 John Patterson Rd., Des Moines, Iowa 50317
Walt & Lillian Bandurak 219 North Maple Ave., Greensburg, PA. 15601
Richard E. Bartz 216 Rustic Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Carol W. Beals 8 Green Mtn. Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Tom & Flo Bickford 311 Bloomingdale Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016
Frank & Phyllis Borbely Timberlake Apts. A311 2801 Stanbridge St., Norristown, PA 19401
Jim & Kay Brackett 274 Husson St., Staten Island, N.Y. 10306
L. B. & Hazel Bradley Bob & Neil Astir% 512 Locke St., Palmetto, GA 30268
Vic & Avis Breite 829 Chain of Rocks Dr., St. Louis, MO 63137
Ben & Avis Britton 36 Warren Road, Auburn, Mass. 01501
Harold & Ver Broderick 2560 White Oaks Dr., Beloit. Wis. 53511
Jack & Emily Bryant 19692 Coral Gables Southfield, Mich. 48076,
Sam St Francis Cariano P.O. Box 371 Maggie Valley, N.C. 28751
Bernard & Edith Carrigan 71 Engrem Ave. Rutland, VT. 05701
Fred & Penny Carter 613 North 3rd ST., Totonto, Ohio 43964
Santford & Jean Casey 1957 Old Brandon Rd., Jackson, Miss. 39208
Bob & Kay Caskey 2805 Stanbridge St. Apt. 60613, Norristown, PA 19401
Fred St Agnes Chase 5 Morris Lane Clifton Park, N.Y. 12605
Walt & Lillian Clarke 318 Spring Garden, Kannapolis, N.C. 28081
Doug & Isabel Coffey 947 N.W. Arnet ST., Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Allen & Florence Cohen 6033 North Sheridan 10 H, Chicago, ILL 60660
Sherod Collins 625 Channing Dr. N.W., Atlanta, GA 30318
Virgil & Martha Collins 824 Cypress Ave., Venice, FL 33595
Bill & Barbara Dahlen 303 Charles Road, Linthicum, MD. 21090
Charles & Nancy Dane 231 Davis Ave., Clifton Heights, PA 19018
Bill & Angela Daugherty Karen & Kraig Daugherty Main Street Lancona, Iowa 50139
Dick & Marge DeHeer 86 Berkshire Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32037
Gil & Jo-Ann Derosa 23 Blaine Ave., Worcester, Mass. 01603
Tom & Alice Dorosky 146 Mount Airy Road, R.D. Number One Shavertown, PA 18708
Carl & Elizabeth Edwards Box 484 Hinton, West VA. 25951,
Russ & Bonnie Enlow Regina Mason P.O. Box 1 Taswell, Indiana 47175
Lyle E. Evoe Dennis It Evoe 271 E. Oakridge Ferndale, Mich. 48220
Clyde & Peggy Filkins RD 1 Box 176 Westerlo, N.Y. 12193
Frank & Rosemarie Fradianni 914 Cloverdale Circle, Wethersfield, Conn 06109
John & Martha Fritz 9271 Avon Belden Road, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances St., Temple, PA 19560
Chuck & Wilma Garn 1937 Highbridge Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223
Bob & Jean Gilder 36303 Behm Drive, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
Mike & Teddy Gruce 278 Shagbark Drive, Derby. Conn 06418
Ted & Phyllis Hardy 16 Mill St., Auburn, Mass 01501
Glenn & Nadine Hartlieb 1805 Olive St., Highland, Ill 62249
John Henegan P.O. 2549 Miller Sta., Gary, Indiana 46403
Jim & Clara Henning 1045 East 8th St., Lockport, Ill 60441
Raymond Hotchkiss P.O. Box 449 Atwood, Kansas 67730
John & Virginia Howard 920 South 76th St., West Allis, Wis. 53214
Bob & Louise Howell 904 East College St., Griffin, Ga 30223
George & Emily Kelly P.O. Box 127 Water Mill, N.Y. 11976
John & Virginia Kelly 1117 Pleasant St., East Weymouth, Mass 02189
Harold & Jessica Kuizema 2151 Griggs S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506
Edward & Nancy Leavitt 324 S. Kansas, Morton, Ill 61550
Louis & Olga Lemmon 322 Princeton St., East Boston, Mass 02128
Ed Sr. & Ed Jr. Lis 969 Main St., Clinton, Mass 01500
Arthur & Nettie Loos 40 Highland Ave., Broad Brook. Conn 0601.6
Pat & Edith Lopardo 15 Calli Street, Torrington. Conn 06790
Charles Sz Gertrude Peyser 212 Potomac Ave., Hanover, Pa 17331
Bob & Jean Pierce 474 Federal St N.W., Warren, Ohio 44483
Waldo Pierce 530 East St., New Britain, Conn 06051
Morris & Sara Piha 3530 Piedmont Rd. 6-K, Atlanta, Ga 30305
George & Ella Pina 69 Cavalcade Blvd., Warwick, R.I.
Frank Ponza 9 Woodland Ave., Glenridge, N.J. 07028
Chuck & Ann Puskarich 428 So. 70, Milwaukee, Wis. 53214
Clayton F. Rarick Box 25 Blandon, PA 19510
Victor C Rauch 37 Chateau Court, Loudonville, N.Y. 12211
Robert C. Ringer 4280 Kendale Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220
George Sr. & Dorothy Rinkeman 16817 So. Park Ave., South Holland, Ill 60473
John & Marilyn Robb 238 De Vore Drive, Meadville. Pa 16335
Philip Robichaud RFD #1, Rock Ave., Danielson, Conn 06239
Jefferson B. Russell P.O. Box 323 McDonough, Ga 30253
Bill Sz Florence Lucsay 12612 S. Moody Ave., Palos Heights, Ill 60463
Bob & Thelma Mapes 5101 Victoria Lane, Middletown. Ohio 45042
Al Marcoux & Dot Hogan 358 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield, R.I. 02895
Joe & Bob Mathews 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N.C. 27606
Tom, Elaine and Paula Maw 436 Beech St., Rockland, Mass 02370
Lyle & Vivian McCullough 685 Roberts St., Sheffield Lake. Ohio 44054
John & Anne McDevitt 1123 Mulberry St., Upland. PA 19015
Paul & I.ib McMillan 294 Albemarle Place, Macon, Ca 31204

Paul & Carlene Merz,

Mr. & Mrs. John Bush, 8657 Mockingbird Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Henry Michalowski 6548 168th St., Flushing, N.Y. 11365

lack Middleton Ill 17 Kennsington Road, Madison, N.J. 07940

John & Dolores Mikalauskis 306 W. Blake St., P.O. Box 31 Benton, III 62812
Rev. Ronald & Eloise Mosley P.O. Box 25 Petite Riviere, N.S. Canada BOI 2P0
Wanold Olman Rt. 6, Box 6140 Arcadia, FL 33821
Roger & Mattie Rutland Box 1713, 6632 Arcadia Woods Road Columbia, S.C. 29202
Boyd A. Rutledge 10132 Goodrich Road, Bloomington, Minn 55437
Orvis & Agnes Samples 405 W. 25th St., Belle, W. Va. 25015
Gene & Sally Saucerman Sandy Saucerman & Michelle Conell R.R. 23, Box 82 Terre Haute, Ind. 47802
Jack & Karin Schlesser 11603 W. 206th Ave., Lowell, Ind. 46356
Arden & Louise Schofield 21 Parkside Circle, Braintree, Mass 02184
Phil & Jean Schutte 2415 Otter Dr., Warren, Mich. 48092
Mike & Martha Sgrignoli 125 N. 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa 17011
Charlie Smith & Carol Blair P.O. Box 324 Fort Loudon, Pa 17224
Nicholas P. Spagnola 1325 Mirror Terrace, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Ted & Laura Straub 948 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Morgantown, W. VA 26505
Bernard Sz Virginia Strohmier R.D. #1, Box 131-S Loretto, Pa 15940
Jim & Doris Teel 5 Pearl St., Port Norris, N.J. 08349
Adrein Therriault 570 Sullivan St., Berlin, N.H. 03570
Rev. Emrys & Cindy Thomas 144 Central St. 6091E, Auburn, Mass 01501
Frank S. Trautman 80 East Summit St., Chagrin Falls. Ohio 44022

Bill Sr Myra Tsaffaras 9 San Mateo Drive, Chelmsford, Mass 01824

Leonard A. Turgeon 6 Center St., P.O. Box 350 Adams, Mass 01220
George & Norma Vance 283 Dutch Lane, Pittsburgh, Pa 15236
Russ & Jackie Villwock 6908 1-liggins, Chicago, Ill 60656
Bob & June Walker 3607 Shady Lane Road, North Bend, Ohio 45052
Presslye & Dorothy Walters 430 Winchester Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44509
Duke & Martha Ward 3784 Ardsley Court, Marietta, Ga 30062
Jim Sr Maydean Wells 2133 Hephzibah McBean Rd., Hephzibah, Ga 30815
E. C. & Zada White P.O. Box 465 Whiteface, Texas 79379
Don & Vivian Whittler P.O. Box 214 Millville, Pa 17846
Wilburn & Gertrude Wood 5000 N. Ocean Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Bob & Thelma York 142 E. Sycamore, Grayville, Ill 62844
Mike & Elaine Zenn 1856 Cover Drive, Poland, Ohio 44514
Ed & Millie Zoll 1016 Milford N.E., Canton, Ohio 44714
Bob &. Mary Van Pelt 1755 Meetinghouse Road, Hartsville, Pa 18974


Index for: Vol. 40 No. 1, Sep, 1983

Index for This Document

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106th Inf. Div., 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 17
106th Infantry Division Association, 10, 11, 13
106th Sig. Co., 17
2nd Div., 18
331st Med., 25
331st Med. BN, 25
422nd Inf., 16, 25
422nd Inf. Regt., 16, 18
422nd Regt., 18
423rd Inf., 19
424th Inf. Regt., 9, 24
4th Inf. Div., 12
589th FA, 13
589th FA BN, 13
590th FA BN, 16, 17
Africa, 17
Agostini, Orfeo E., 26
Anzio, 17
Armington, Don & Maxine, 26
Bad Orb, 21
Bagby, Howard, 24
Bandurak, Walt, 15
Bandurak, Walt & Lillian, 26
Bandurak, Walter, 6, 7
Bartz, Richard E., 26
Bataan, 9, 17
Battle of the Bulge, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15
Beals, Carol W., 26
Belgium, 18
Berlin, 28
Bickford, Flo & Tom, 14
Bickford, Tom & Flo, 26
Black, Capt., 20
Black, William, 20
Blair, Carol, 28
Books, 3
Borbely, Frank, 25
Boyle, Father, 8, 9
Boyle, Father Edward T., 4, 8
Bradfield, Ken, 5, 22
Bradfield, Kenneth, 4
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Bradley, Lynn B., 5
Brazil, Myles, 19
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Brogan, Leo J., 13
Brumfield, Vernon, 18
Bryant, Jack & Emily, 26
Camp Atterbury, 15, 18, 19, 20
Camp Atterbury, IN, 18
Camp Myles Standish, MA, 18
Campbell, George F., 4
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France, 18
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