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Vol. 39, No. 3, May, 1983

President Robert Howell
1st Vice President James Henning
2nd Vice President Ted J. Staub
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev, Dr. Ronald Mosley
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer

Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
    The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.

Editor Richard DeHeer All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer; 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Ha. 32037
     All business matters, renewal of membership, 4 renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, etc. should be addressed to: Mr. Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant
474 Federal Street N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483

Membership Dues 82-83 ... $10.00 per year
Associate Dues 82.83 $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year

    No sooner do I open the cover of the last (Jan. April 1983) Cub and, quite naturally, read my President's Message, then I realized, with a reminder from our Cub Editor, that I must prepare this writing in short order.
     All of us reading the present day Cub's are indeed fortunate in that we have lived a rather full life, and the majority are still healthy and able to work, play, and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Others of our Division have not been as fortunate, and our memories are on the many friends, buddies, and fellow soldiers that left us in "44" and "45", as well as the Association members that have "Passed on" since our war years.
     Now we have reached another "Plateau" in our lives. It is called the "Worcester, Mass. Get Together." All of you reading this message be sure and send in your applications so that the "83" committee of Britton and Maw won't do all that work in vain. You can also combine the trip with one to Plymouth Rock, and perhaps see where your forefathers stepped ashore. Mine just missed the Mayflower, and instead came ashore at Savannah off a Tramp Steamer. Perhaps this is why I speak with a "drawl" instead of a "clipped" accent.
Until July 24th, I remain your President, Bob Howell


Chaplain's Corner by Ron Mosley
    Editor's Note: Chaplain Ron's father passed away on Friday. February 25, 1983 in Florida. He was 97 years old. Ron is now in Florida getting the affairs in order. Hence no Column.
     However he gave me the O.K. to put the following Psalm in its place: Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He revives ,my soul, anal guides me along right pathways for his Names sake. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall Par no evil. Your rod and your staff they comfort me. You spread a table before me in the presence of those who troubled me, and my cup runneth over.
     Surely your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

     Amen 1983 Worcester Reunion July 21st -- July 24th Plans are in high gear for the 37th annual reunion of the 106th. Our headquarters will be the Worcester Marriott, which opened just last year It is a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown Worcester. In close proximity are many fine restaurants and yes, ladies, several shopping areas, one being the Worcester Center Galleria, which houses 100 stores under one roof. Just across the street from the Marriott is a very unique array of shops called Union Place.
     Probably many of you folks had never heard of Worcester. However, that probably has changed since the big Marvin Hagler--Tony Sibson fight, which has hosted such notables as Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Liza Minnelli, etc.., is only five blocks from our hotel.
     Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts, is in the heart of the Commonwealth. It has the advantage of being very close and accessible to many places because of several major highway systems.

There are many things to see right in this area - too numerous to go into

PHOTO: "The Big Wheels Planning The Reunion" Tom Maw, Ben Britton
PHOTO: "Two Ladies Pushing BIG Wheels." Elaine Maw -- Avis Britton


    here. We are only 40 miles from Boston and 40 miles from Providence, R.I. If you're interested in spending some time on the rocky coast of Maine (we recommend York and environs), that's only a 21/2 hour ride. Sturbridge Village is about 30 minutes away and well worth a visit (yes, that's also a paradise for shoppers interested in Early American furnishings etc.).
     We will be able to provide you with all sorts of information on this area and Boston. If you are planning a trip to Maine, Cape Cod, etc., let us know and we'll try to get some information on those places also.
     As we said in the beginning, we are in the center of everything. All roads lead to Worcester. Our hotel is located just off I-290 at exits 16, 17, or 18. You will note when consulting your road map that I-290 is directly connected to other Interstates in the area, making access by auto very easy.
     The Worcester Airport is served by Bar Harbor Airlines from La Guardia in New York and starting February by Ransome Airlines from New York and Philadelphia. It is a short cab ride from the Worcester Airport to the hotel. If you fly into Logan Airport in Boston, you can take the limousine directly to


    the Marriott for a reasonable charge or the Grayline bus which will take you just 2 blocks from the Marriott. Both Greyhound and Trailways terminals are about 10 blocks from the hotel.
     We're trying our best to see to it that you all have a wonderful time here in July. We know many of you have never been to New England, so we'll try to put our best foot forward. July is usually a nice warm month, so we're hoping. But as we Yankees in New England say "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. So come one -- come all -- we're looking forward to seeing you.

More Photos From The Milwaukee 1982 Reunion 1982 Reunion Memorial Service--Rev. Mosley and Color Guard.
Clowning with the Clown at the Zoo.
Left to Right-Jackie Villwock, Clare Henning, Clown, Harriet Fadke, and Florence Lucsay.


Louise Howell, Morris Piha, Lara Piha, Frank Armstrong.
Residents of Palmetto; Broadus and Hazel Bradley, Robert and Nell Astin.
Ira Bottoms, Regina Thomas, Newton L. Mosley, Yvonne Mosley.
Joe and Ida Puett, Martha and J. B. Russell.
Thelma Burkes, Bob Burkes, Betsy Byrd, James C. Byrd.
Maydean Wells, Bob Howell, Sherod Collins, LaVerne Hunter.
Sand and Jo Grossbart, Jean Alexander, Carroll Padgett.
Jim Wells, Gus Agostini, Duke and Martha Ward.
Three Engineers and One Infantryman; President Bob Howell, Duke Ward, Jim Wells, and Gus Agostini.


Letters To The Editor

Dear Bob:
     Finally decided after being single all these years to give marriage a whirl. Married Anita on September 5th, and have moved to Boston where my wife lived. Retired from my job in November and am just taking things easy. Traveling and other things I have never done, such as a Symphony and Museums. We hope to be in California in March and Spain in April.
Give my best to all,
Samuel Leirowitz 424 Hdq. 111 Perkins St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Dear Mr. Coffey:
     Thank you very much for your friendly wishes for the New Year. I also wish you and your wife for the new year many happy hours in good health.
     Furthermore, I thank you for your offer of financial support. The memorial is in order and we do not presently need any further remittance for repair works.
However we would not decline accepting a present for the School Library as it occurred already in former years.
Thanking you in advance, I remain.
Yours truly, J. Pankert, St. Vith A check for $500.00 was sent to the Memorial

Dear Mr. DeHeer:
Enclosed please find my 82-83 dues.
     Sorry to be late again, but pressures of my work keep my mind and attention in to other matters more engaging. I do appreciate the Cub issues and read every word.
     As to an update on what has been going on in my life; I continue to serve as the Minister at Hobson United Methodist Church here in Nashville. It's ironic but I am serving now the church in which I grew up, and when I entered the service and wound up in the 106th, I was living only three blocks away from this church with my parents. I will soon finish my third year and will be returning for a fourth year. I have a very fine church and enjoy my ministry here. I will be 60 years of age this year and was but 19 when I was drafted. My wife and I have 2 grown children, both married, and live in Nashville, and we have 3 grandchildren.
     This past summer (82) I had a very pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning when my head usher came into my study right before the morning service and told me that a couple from Michigan were there and wanted to see me in the foyer. It turned out to be. Florence B. Ridings and his wife. Ridings was a member of Co. H., 423rd, 3rd Platoon, and my close friend, and at that time from McEwen, Tenn. We had not seen each other since those fateful days of December, 1944 when we were separated he to a German prison camp, and I to a hospital in England. We had a brief but nice meeting after church, as they had to leave on their way back home to Michigan. You might send him a Cub and an invitation to join the Association. His address is: Florence B. Ridings, 14630 Rice Drive, Sterling Heights, Michigan. I am enclosing a Xerox copy of a letter I received in October, 1945 from our Captain Durjin J. Deland giving the whereabouts and disposition of the men in our company as it was known at the time. You may make whatever use you


    may to make of this material. I have kept it all these years, and I rather doubt that there are too many in existence today. Of those KIA, Acey Tapper, Espie Becraft and Thad Bertelsen were killed by the same blast that wounded me. They were in my squad.
Greetings to all in the Association, and God's blessings in the new year.
Sincerely yours, Isham A. (Ike) Harris, Jr. Co. H. 423rd 1716 Greenwood Avenue Nashville, Tenn. 37206
P.S. Any news on the reprinting of "Lion in the Way"? Do you know if there are any copies still available for sale?

Dear Dick:
     Your name was sent to me by Frank Trautman. I recently joined the 106th Association and was happy to discover that there was such an organization. I am a former member of the 106th Division and I was with Co. B 589th Field artillery. I was interned at Stalag 3C in Hammelburg. If you have a list of names of anyone who was in that unit, I would appreciate any information you could give me.
Sincerely, Nick Spagnola Winter Haven, FL 33880

Hi Friends: Retired since 1977 still in Uniontown.
Keep active with Real Estate, Classic and Antique Automobiles.
George Phillips, Div. Hq. 37 Linden Pl. Uniontown, Pa 15401

Dear Bob:
    Enclosed is my check for dues. Better late than never. I hope that you received some new memberships from my efforts with the material you sent. I had to stop sending more out because I was overwhelmed by the flood of new members from the 106th in the Ex-POW's. It seems that someone sent a letter to "Dear Abby" last year with the address of Ex-POW's, that was published in all the syndicated newspapers. The result was almost a doubling of members.
     Many from the 106th. I will not be able to attend the "Reunion" in Mass. this year as our local chapter, "Barbed Wire Buckeyes" are hosting the National Convention of Ex-POW's at the same time. I am on the registration committee. So I will have a chance to spread the word about the "106th Division Association".
My best to you and yours in the coming year.
Sincerely, Henry D. Healan 2040 W. 89th St. Cleveland, Oh 44102

Dear Bob:
     I was with the 106th Cadre when it was activated at Ft. Jackson, S.C. at Camp Atterbury and on to Europe where I was captured in the Bulge.
     I had to reluctantly accept total disability retirement in 1978. I did not know of your organization until recently. I am grateful that you have privileged me to become one of you.
Thank you so very much, Mary Ann and Roddie Edmonds 4300 Drifting Rd.
Knoxville, Tenn. 37912


Dear Bob:
     I have worked for Safeway Stores Inc. for 36 years. Currently I am an order control Supervisor in their warehouse operation in Denver, Colorado. No major problems health wise. I would like to hear from any of my former 106th buddies.
Thanks, I hope to hear from you.
Gladys and Dick Thompson 3rd Pl G-422 Inf.
740 Beech St. Golden, Colorado 80401

Dear Friends:
     Regret that circumstances prevent active participation in the activities of the Association. Warm regards and best wishes.
Brig. Gen. Francis A. Woolfley 932 Solomon Pl. New Orleans, La 70119

Dear Bob:
Sorry my dues are late.
     Nothing new in Dundalk, Md. after a quarter century as Director of Personnel for the Baltimore County Public Schools. I'm trying to determine if this is the year to retire or next year. By the time I pay my dues for 1983-1984, we will know for sure. Whatever the case, I do plan to remain in the Maryland area, it's been a fine place to be a part.
Sincerely, Walter Snyder Batt. A 589 FA Bn. 2901 Dunmore Rd. Dundalk, Md 11222

Dear Bob:
     Sorry for the delay in dues. Thought I had paid. Guess I hadn't. Surprised, but pleased to see my reunion story in the latest issue of the Cub. Maybe others will spot it and get in touch. It's always great to hear from old comrades. A 40th Anniversary of the "Battle" trip to Europe sounds great.
The best of everything.
Sincerely, Wally Martin 1418 Main St. Res: 321-328-6810
Evanston, IL 60202 Bus: 312-781-1633

     Hello: Irma and I were married 35 years and have three children. The youngest is 28 years old, graduate of USNA and is a Navy Aviation Lt.
     Currently I am finishing 32 years with the Grumman Aerospace Corp. as an engineer, Co-inventor of landing gear on the other lunar Module.
Please send information about the reunion in Worcester, Mass.
Thanks, William Mueller Co. M 424 Inf.
27 Eve Lane
Levittown, N.Y. 11756

Greetings: Looking forward to my first convention in Massachusetts.
Frank and Rose Marie Fradianni 589 F.A. Bn 914 Cloverdale Circle Wethers Field, Conn 06109


Dear Mr. Pierce:
Both Margaret and I are retired. We'll be married 42 years this coming June 14.
     We have one daughter Michelle married, and a granddaughter Cheryl, age 5. I had no knowledge that the 106th Association was still in existence. I will be happy to be part of it.
Thanks again for contacting me.
Sincerely, Ed Dorn Happy Anniversary from all of us

Dear 106er:
     Raymond Strife passed away August 24th, 1982 in Lowville, N.Y. We were home for the summer and had planned on the reunion in Milwaukee. He was sick most of last winter with cancer and was operated on several times to try and help him.
I am enclosing $5.00 for the memorial fund.
Respectfully yours, Grace Strife
Please accept our sincere sympathy.

Dear Bob:
I still work as an Electrician in the anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania.
Looking forward to my first reunion in Massachusetts.
Yours truly, Isabel and Joseph Remetts 427 Main St. Wilburton #2 Pa 17888

Dear Bob:
     Sorry I overlooked my dues, retired from Montgomery Ward at age 61 and sold Mercury and Lincoln cars for 4 years. Retired completely at age 65.
     Enjoy golf in good weather 9 to 10 months and bowl from the fall to early spring. Planning to stop in Columbia S.C. next week to visit Roger Rutland who was my 1st Sgt. of Co. B-424th when I was a Co. Commander.
So long, Gertrude and Charles Peyser, Co. B 424th, 212 Potomac Ave., Hanover, Pa 17331

Dear Sirs:
     My wife and I live in the foothills of the Sierras, 30 miles of Sacramento on the way to Lake Tahoe. Retired in 1974.
I was on Cadre to 424th and stayed with division from activation to discharge at Indiantown Gap.
Yours, truly, Joseph Salber 2681 Cameron Park Dr. #80 shingle. Springs, Ca 95682
Editor's wife note: Can't you plan a reunion there.

Dear Bob:
I am a Funeral Director, and also on the Board of Directors for Santee-Cooper (Utility Co.) which keeps me busy.
Sincerely, Lois and George Jones, Jr. 5652 E. Main St. Box 747 Loris, S.C. 29569

Dear Bob:
     Here is my check for 1983 dues and $5.00 for the memorial fund. Sorry for being so late getting it to you but this year has been a very eventful one for me and somethings have been overlooked for a time. January of this year I retired from General Telephone Co. after 31 years of service, the last 8 years were in a supervisory capacity. After retiring I began to repair things around the house but soon ran out of things to do, so I put in a resume and acquired a job with a Security Agency, part time.
     Some of my assignments are interesting, others are just plain boring. My wife Margie Seevers is glad to get me out of the house because it allows her to watch her Soap Operas' undisturbed.
     Margie works at a small grocery store here in Clarktown as a cashier, which gives her firsthand knowledge of everything that is going on in our area. We get the news almost before it happens.
     One bit of news we all wish could have been dealt with differently was the Doctors' decision to do a kidney transplant on our son-in-law Mitchell Morgan. The operation took place Nov. 30th with his sister Carla Morgan as donor, both are doing fine so far. Mitch was reluctant to put his little sister through such an ordeal, but Carla had no qualms about it. She should receive an award for her courage. Her husband Paul didn't put up any opposition either, He is one of a kind. They are the Greatest! Mitch is my older daughter Kathy Seevers s' husband and the way those two have handled his problem is an inspiration to everyone. They both work yet neither of them lost any time from their jobs even while he was on Dialysis. He took the treatments after work and on the weekends. Kathy is a Lab Technician at St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia. Mitch is Assistant Director of C.E.T.A. in Ironton, Ohio. They have no children but Susan Seevers my youngest has two, Dean Adam (3) and Sara (1). Sues' husband Harold is a Sergeant at the Ohio Correctional Facility (Prison) at Lucasville, Ohio. They have quite a problem with the prisoners there; dope, stabbings, and attempted escapes, after which the prisoners try to sue the guards for use of excessive force. It seems to me that our laws must have been written by a Comedian with a sadistic sense of humor. Our Judicial System is nothing but a Comedy of Errors.
     To get back to my daughters Kathy and Sue, I must say they both are almost as good at cooking as their Mother and both use good judgement in tough situations.
     Late one night Sue called and said that someone was trying to break into their house, Harold was at work, she and the kids were alone. Now Sue has a gun in the house and she can shoot, but I have told both girls never to shoot at anything they can't see and to fire only as a last resort. When I arrived at Sues' a few minutes later, I found that a large dog was lying against the front door scratching an occasional flea which made the storm door rattle as though someone was trying to pry it open. If Sue had panicked she might have wounded a neighbor across the street.
     You may have guessed by now that I am proud of my family and my in-laws, you are right, a fellow couldn't ask for any better.
I'll say so long now, I hope to see you all at the next reunion.
Ralph C. Seevers Route 2, Box 316 Lucasville, Ohio 45648

Dear Bob:
     I'm almost certain we have not paid our 82-83 dues, so please credit us for dues to July 1984 with enclosed check, and apply the rest to the Memorial Fund. We were in Washington April, and I happened to remember an


    old friend, a medic in 592nd. Hdq. Battery. When we would go on pass together he always talked of becoming a doctor after the war. Upon looking in the D.C. area phone book, here he was an M.D. all right, in Alexandria Va. I did not get to see him personally, but I'll bet we talked an hour on the phone. Our plane left Dulles at 7 A.M. the next morning back to Seattle. His name is Robert Wineland M.D., Alexandria, VA.
     He had never known or heard of the Association so upon arriving home here in Olympia, I sent him two Cub's that were here. Anyone living in that area might contact him about joining.
Also, where can I get 2 of the 106th badges for mounting on a car radiator grill or whatever?
Sincerely, Ken Corrigan SV 591st 3366 Ken Lake Dr. Olympia, Wash 98502

Dear Jean and Bob:
     Thank you so much for your kind letters and letting me know what is going on in your family and the Association. I'm glad that you could replace the flags. It was Alan's idea originally, with half in blue for the Infantry and half for the Artillery.
     The reunion seems to be the good get together of old friends. A great privilege of men who shared the experience never to be forgotten.
     I'm sorry that Jean lost her sister. I lost my oldest sister in Bellingham, Washington. She was born in Norway, but I got to the states in time to claim South Dakota as my birth place.
     All is well with my children and their children. Alan Jr. and Lynn are in Italy for a month, sightseeing. They are greatly interested in art. Tweet and Ozzie are "Showing" old cars on the West Coast, like a gull-wing Mercedes.
     They live in Reno. I hope they get. to meet the Rossi's in Vegas. Lou would like Ozzie, a retired Marine and a real German name - Ewald A. Vom Arde.
It was nice to have your granddaughter visit our little spot in Arlington.
     So many old friends lie close by that my basket of flowers doesn't last long. The old boys who lead the troops into Europe are mostly gone. They were so eager and so proud of their men. ICs a time we will never know again. Amen.
     I am thrilled and honored to be a life member of the 106th Association and I wish I could thank each one personally.
Thank you for the card, Bob and I will carry it proudly, forever and ever.
Have a good fall, With love, Alys Jones

Dear Bob:
Was not aware that I was in arrears with my dues. Sorry! Enclosed is a check for 2 years dues.
     Had intended to be at the reunion this year. However my wife, Pauline took ill with melanoma and passed away December 6th. This has been a year of confusion. Sorry to hear Chuck Henderson passed away. Spoke to him on the phone 2 years ago, and it was he who told me of the Association. He also told me where I could locate my 1st Sgt. John Riley, L Co. 423 Inf.
Best Wishes, Tom Rothermel 320 Baldy St. Kutztown, Pa 19530

Please except our sincere sympathy from dl the members of the 106th


Dear Mr. Pierce:
    I am writing to your organization at the suggestion of Mr. Richard S. Gardner of the Battery Press. Our firm currently produces a variety of video cassettes dealing with military operations in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Since one of our programs deals with the 106th Infantry Division, Mr. Gardner felt you might be interested in offering our video cassette to your membership. The Battery Press is currently selling C.M.I. products to its collector customers and I am enclosing their listing which may be of interest.
     Our program #105, ""The Battle of St. Vith, "'features the 1965 motion picture of the same name produced by the United States Army. It is 58 minutes long and filled with black and white combat footage from the Ardennes. The price per unit for this "Golden Lion" video cassette is $69.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling. C.M.I. is willing to offer your organization a 20% discount on the base price of each video. If you desired, we would drop ship against your Associations' check to the purchaser -- thereby relieving you of any inventory costs. All of our tapes are available in both VHS or Beta II formats.
     We hope that you will consider this material. If you have any questions, you may contact me at the above address or at 615-834-2516 in the evening.
Sincerely, J. Howland Beers General Manager, Cumberland Marketing International, Inc.
P.O. Box 40461

Nashville, Tenn. 37204

Dear Friends:
    I have worked as an X-ray Technician and was employed most of the time with the Veterans Administration Hospital, Hines, Illinois. I took retirement in 1972 and moved to South Illinois; where I originally lived. I still work part time in X-ray at our local Hospital. I have my wife, two boys and one girl. My oldest son is with the Trans World Radio stationed on the Island of Bonaire, NA.
Sincerely Newton Johnson Med. Det. 423rd Inf. Hq. Co.; RR 4 North Brook Dr. McLeansboro, IL 62859

Dear Bob:
     I have just received my late issues of the Cub, and I thought I had paid my 82-83 dues. I checked my cancelled checks and found that I had paid. The membership card must have gotten lost.
Please check and see if one was mailed, in any case I would be greatly relieved to receive one.
     Hope that coming holiday season will find you and yours enjoying the best of health and good fellowship. I was a member of Co. I 423rd Infantry and when captured was the Company supply Sergeant. I am also a member of the American Ex-POW's and I am the past Commander of the Pittsburgh Chapter. I see in the membership rolls of it that quite a few 106 men are joining that organization.
Will close for now and thanks in advance for checking out my dues card.
Yours, Charles Freed 218 Jackson Circle Pittsburgh, Pa 15229


Dear Dick:
Ex-POW's in Connecticut are getting some recognition, thanks to a new Motor Vehicle law passed last summer.
     They get free passenger car registrations (normally $20.00 a year), for life, also distinctive marker plates as pictured below. This applied also to my wife's car, registered in my name. This benefit also applies to holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor, although I know of no such living Veteran in Conn.
     I must note that Connecticut veterans are indeed fortunate as to benefits granted by this State; property tax exemptions, educational assistance, and financial and medical assistance provided by the State Soldiers', Sailors', and Marines' Fund. I have been the New Britain representative (volunteer) of this Fund for 35 years, which I consider a privilege and a pleasure.
Kindest regards, Waldo Pierce 530 East St. New Britain, Conn

Dear Bob:
     I am 57 years old, married to Frances and we have two boys and two girls. I was in Stalag 11 A and 3 A. Manager for Culdoc Department Store in Conn.
Paul Panagrosso 424th Anti-Tank 212 Sterling Rd. Turnbull, Ct. 06611

Dear Friends:
     I am now on retirement from Kaiser Aluminum, traveling a little and keeping busy with a Motorcycle and a garden, even going off to hunt and fish. Would like to hear from any old 33rd Infantry or 106th Infantry Division boys.
(Bulldog) Kenneth Cavender L&K 423 Inf. Division Rt. 2 Box 71 J Ravenswood, W.Va 26164

Dear Bob:
I am married to Bernice and we have two sons and we are now retired.
     I was captured at St. Vith, Belgium, on the 22nd of December 1944, was liberated the 17th of April 1945. I was in a prison camp near Leipzig, in a small town named Freingruen. Worked on a railroad. We worked with a small commando about 250 men. Our conference men in our prison camp were ? Peagel and ? Wolfe.
Robert Mack 81st A. Co. P.O. #362 Fillmore, Ca 93015

Dear Bob:
    Please find my check for the dues for the Cub for 1983. I am fine and have been elected Sheriff two times in 1946-1950 and 1954-1958. I have also been Assistant Warden of the Illinois State Farm, Vandalia, Ill for 15 years.
As ever, Cecil C. Clausen F Co. 424th Infantry 908 W. Lincoln St.
Vandalia, Ill 62471


    Hi: Doris and I now live at Riverhills Plantation, which is on Lake Wylie. The third hole is right outside our windows and every day is Saturday. This sure beats turning around in the Bulge. If in the area of Charlotte our number is 831-2273.
So long, William Black C. Bat. 591 FA 72 Honeysuckle Woods Clover. S.C. 29710

Dear Bob:
     Thanks for the reminder, dues are attached. Noticed in a recent Cub that Ed Withee wanted information about the book "Death of a Division". He may have the information by now but it was written by Charles Whiting, the British writer who wrote "Decision in St. Vith" in which he gave the 106th the worst rap of all the writers. Although I have a considerable library of the Battle of the Bulge I have omitted this book on purpose. I understand it is principally a rewrite from "The Military Book Club", 501 Franklin Avenue, Garden City, New York 11535. One might have to be a member of the club to buy the book.
     The last listing was $11.95 plus postage and handling. If it is still wanted I can get it for him if he will let me know, Thanks, Dean Redmond HDQ 422.-3rd Bn 611 North Center St., Statesville. N.C. 28677

Dear Bob:
     I was called into service in 1940 as a Corporal in the C.A.N.Y.N.G. 244. Served in the Aleutian Islands; Central Europe and the Rhineland Theater of Operations. After the war was over our mission was a prisoner of war camp of Russian Soldiers in Bretory, Germany.
Good luck to all, Nicholas Sinco 270 E. Main St. Apt. #608 Nanticoke, Pa 18634

     The 106th members send their deepest sympathy to the Johnson family, because Cecil Johnson passed away July 22, 1982 after open heart surgery.

Dear Robert:
    Enclosed is a $12.00 check for my dues and my wife's, sorry I'm late paying them. We have the book "Death of a Division." Would send it to "Ed Withee," if he should us his address. Or he can order it through a book store as we did. It took about a year to get it, but was worth waiting for. It can be ordered from Stein and Day Publishers Scarborough House, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510
Sincerely. Ed Smith

Dear Bob:
     I went to college on the G.I. Bill majoring in Elementary Education. This is my 28th year at Yankeetown Elementary and the 24th year as Principal of this fine School. We have three sons. and three daughters and life has blessed us very richly.
Guy Stephens, 423rd Inf. Co. F 5477 Yankeetown Rd. Boonville, Ind. 47601


Hi Robert,
Betty and I are still living in Kansas but go to California to see our kids.
     Sorry I am late with the dues and missing the last reunion. I still would like any addresses of the fellows in DHQ Transportation if you have any. I left the outfit in Ind. and remember E. Nexon and ? Delanny.
So long, Mike Simone Box 710 Arma, Kansas 66712

Mr. Pierce:
     It's regrettable on my part that I didn't contact you sooner. I didn't know there was a 106th Association until I came across some old papers. I'm sending you a check for dues, auxiliary and the memorial fund.
     I will be in Cleveland for the Ex-Prison of War convention. I hope to meet some old buddies there. I know Ed Zoll well, we're old golfing buddies. I'm retired now from the Ford Motor Co. after 30 years. Just taking it easy.
I'm also hoping we can get together soon.
Sincerely yours, Armondo Ricci, Co. B. 81st Eng. 1711. 31st New Canton, Oh 44714

Dear Bob:
     I know I'm late again but here is my check for $10.00. I received a call from the West Coast quite a while ago asking for my comments on the book "Death of a Division -Whiting". It seems the caller a young man, had a class project studying this particular battle (Bulge)...
     Incidentally this father was a former 106er who had been hospitalized. I'm sorry I didn't write the name down. Well I told him that I thought out of all the books I have read that this book was the most negative. The author was apparently not looking for the heroic side of the ledger.
I realize that not all will agree but at least I know of two that do.
Worcester, Mass. is not very far away. I might make my first convention.
Sincerely, Victor C. Rauch Batt. C-592 FA Bn. 37 Chateau Court Loudonville, N.Y. 12211

Dear Bob:
     My wife Jane has been in the hospital for the past 69 days. I've been pretty busy visiting the hospital. I keep in touch with Waldo Pierce and John Carrof, Co. F, also by phone with Al Noritz, the Platoon Commander of my 60 MM Squad. He was the best.
So long, John Hayes, Co. F-60 MM 2226 Erie Ave. Springfield, Ohio 45505

Dear Robert:
Sorry these dues are late. We've been so busy, I'd forgotten the dues were not paid until the Cub came in the mail.
     Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. Good health in the new - year. Dues for my wife and I and $8.00 to the memorial fund.
Sincerely, H. L. Holder Co. H 424th


Dear Bob:
I'm age 69, and was in the battle of the Bulge with Co. L-424th and in Feb.
1945 transferred to Co. F-423rd. with a discharge of 85 points in Oct. 45.
     I'm very busy filling our Income Tax returns and play golf during the summer and a little yard work. Say "Hello" to old friends, ? Schendorff, Mike Dura, Frank Quesoba, Lt. O'Brien, Captain Bartell, Sgt. Murphy and all other friends. Wish they would write sometime soon.
So long, Michael Mosher Rt. #4, Sunset Drive Gallatin, Tenn. 37066

    Hi Friends: I am married and have three daughters. I retired from a Department Store as a buyer and manufacturer of Home Made Candy in 1973. In the winter months I live in Sebring, Florida.
John Barbeau 5400 Arc Bears Mill Rd. Greenville, OH 45331

Dear Bob:
     I was formerly with Hq. Co., 1st Bn. 423 Infantry Reg. at Fort Jackson, South Carolina to July 1944. At Camp Atterbury, Ind. when I left the outfit to attend the OCS.
Receiving the Cub reminded me that I had not remitted the dues of 1982-1983.
Yours, Louis Davis 515 W. 101st Terr.
Kansas City, Mo 64114

Dear Bob:
Just received the latest issue of the Cub.
As always, very interesting, and dotted with reminders that dues are due.
     Enclosed is a check for $40.00. This year's dues, next year's dues, and the balance for the Memorial Fund. I have been a member almost since day one, but never have found time to go to a reunion. Certainly hope that we will find time to make the one in Worcester, Mass. in 1983.
     Ron Mosley's story of his travels (should be travails) almost unbelievable, and if we saw it on the tube we would think what imbecile thought that up. Life is indeed stranger than fiction.
     Referring to a letter, concerning a book "Death of a Division", I would appreciate it if you would list the name of author and publisher on a piece of paper (enclosed) and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope.
Thank you.
Yours respectfully, Frank R. Koehler 56 Orchard Place Maywood, New Jersey 07607

Dear Bob:
Another year has passed us by, seems like they are coming and going too fast.
     Everyone here is in good health. We are currently blessed with three grandchildren. My youngsters took over the corporation last summer. I am now advising not only them, but managed to become a consultant to two other excellent Firms; The E.I. DuPont Co., Textile Fibers Department. The other company is J. J. Barker Co., in Cowensville, Quebec, Canada. I am building distribution networks, nationwide. It entails a bit of travel; but does make for interesting challenges.


We do manage to visit with the Bob Kelly's. (Bob and Libby's daughter books all my flights these past years).
     Come this summer, I do hope Shirley and I can make the convention. It has always conflicted with a business oriented golf invitational. Will get a closer idea come this spring.
     In your next issue of the Cub, please extend our best wishes to all the old guard members of the 106th especially to the McMahons'.
Take care, Shirley and Jack Gillespie Co. 422 Infantry 3536 Darcy Drive Birmingham, MI 48010

Dear Sir:
     As a veteran, I was very pleased to hear of your organization and am very interested in the 106th past history since I was part of the 106th from the beginning in Fort Jackson, S.C.
     I was captured on December 23,1944 at "Parker's Crossroads" in Belgium and liberated on April 28, 1945 at Stalag X C near Bremen, Germany. I was discharged at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey on November 26, 1945.
     On a personal note, I'm married with two daughters and four grandchildren. I am employed at the Singer Company - Kearfott Division, Little Falls, New Jersey as an Electro-Mechanical Designer.
     We designed and produce "Laser Gun Sight Servo Drive" for the Army M-1 Tank, in addition, we designed and made an Actuator for the "Viking Satellite" that landed on Mars. Many of us from the company were honored by having our names printed on microfilm; a microfilm that was placed on Mars.
     My group has worked on every Mercury, Gemini and Apollo flight and at present our instruments are on the Shuttle flights.
     As a member of "American Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc.", I am extremely interested in obtaining any information available on the 106th past history. I have obtained a copy of the "Division Book".
If there are any other books or articles available, please let me know, I would be happy to purchase them.
     In the book "Lion in the Way" there is a picture of my 105 Howitzer and a snapshot of me in the upper-right corner. This particular picture is not too clear and I would like to know where I could obtain another copy if possible. I would also like to obtain a few pictures of Parker's Crossroads if possible. In the book "Lion in the Way" on page 252, it states that the 589th was awarded a "Croix de Guerre" with a Silver-Gilt Star. I have no knowledge of such an event and would like to find any information available on this matter.
Also, according to the letter you sent me, we have a Memorial in St. Vith; please forward a picture.
     I would sincerely appreciate any information you could send me as I would like to know more on the matter before I send a donation.
Thank you for any help you can extend in this matter.
Sincerely, John Gatens 2-36 Grunauer Place Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410
P. S. Lt. Eric Wood was Battery Exec. of "A" Battery 589th Field Artillery.

Dear Bob:
     Our paths may have crossed but neither of us would recall anything other than the fact that "we were there". I believe it was at Ft. Jackson area but may have been a "Night Problem" while on maneuvers.


     I was Squad Leader of A&P Platoon, Hdq. Co. 3rd Bn, 422nd Infantry when assigned to 81st Engineers to learn a multitude of "How to Do's" in a few days. Each of us Squad Leaders were given Engineer's Field Manual (about 100 pages) and given a briefing (very short) about the problem we were to tackle--and about 1/2 hour to figure out how we leaders (???) were going to do the same. Make pontoon bridge, build log road after felling trees with ax--dynamite charge or nitro, starch wrap, get jeep across ravine or creek via cable etc.
     Tried to get Manual from Supervisor of Documents once but as I recall, got no answer and dismissed figuring they thought I might have a screw loose. You may not have been with the 81st at the time. I enjoyed this experience, that's why I remember it so well. I got through the problem real well for I had good men to work with.
     If the attached Resume of the "Best Days of My Life" are not of value (that is if you were not taken prisoner). I think Jim Hennings might find it interesting. I'm quite sure he made the first march to Limburg and probably enjoyed the luxurious accommodations on a train trip across Germany to IVB. I read recently that he fared better in the group he was with was taken.
     I heard to that a buddy, ? McCombs, was taken to some Hospital and did not make it home. Maybe he can enlighten me. I'm pretty sure Jim will be better able to put things together for he's 10 years younger.
Your Old Leo de Lion of the Golden Lions Leo. Lessie

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     Having just learned of the 106th Division Association, I wish to become a member. Enclosed is a check for dues, I hope this is correct.
     I served with "C" Company of 422 Reg. from Fort Jackson to England where I left my company after we were scheduled to go into combat somewhere.
     I entered the hospital and was there for a five month period than released for duty, before I had gotten back to my Division V.E. Day had been declared.
     From Bonn, Germany I was sent to a MP School and finished tour with this group before being mustered out of the Army.
Sincerely, Jimmie G. Russell Box 232 Weir, Kansas 66781

Dear Bob and Dick:
     As Jimmie Durante would say: "What a revolting' development" that of learning that I was one of those absent minded (senile, my case) Golden Lion SNAFUS that neglected to pay membership dues O.T. I'm terribly sorry Bob, and am sending with your copy a check for $30.00 to cover dues for this year and next, plus $10.00 for the Memorial Fund.
     It's quite possible I might have "awakened" earlier had I received the Cub for August 1982 - if one was printed; presumably the roster as I have not received one since the Oct.-Nov.- Dec. 1980 issue, Volume 37-1. Am also short one for August 1981 presumably 37-4 and another roster. In any event, I'll do my best not to let this happen again.
     Had it not been for the several reminders in 39-1, I might not have checked my wallet to see if I had paid. All my other "dues" are payable the first of the year and I usually attend to them and my Personal Property and Real Estate taxes during the last half of December.
God Willing, I hope to make it to the 1983 Convention in Worcester, Mass. but Bob Howell's notes about Georgia in


    84 and possibility of the trip to Europe in the fall of '84 aroused the greatest interest because I have long desired to visit the Ardennes "Hallowed area" where some of our Comrades gave their all. My wish (at age 73 next Feb. 22) is becoming less likely to be realizes with each passing year but in addition to visiting the Ardennes, I had thought of renting a car and retracing our all expense tour of Germany on footsies with very little food, if any - twice going three days without even water. In this connection, am attaching a two page resume of two marches, totaling approximately 511 miles. As stated in my letter of Aug. 1, 1981 to John: "I do not believe that the two page list of two marches I sent you last February 13th might be of value to some of our members" meaning that it might help them and their Service Officer with any VA Claim that might be denied because they could not furnish any additional proof and perhaps, help eligible widows and or/children of those who have died an early death because of malnutrition related to internal injuries.
     The two page resume was printed in the February 1981 issue of American Ex-POW Inc. bulletin and the Med-search Director, Mr. Stan Sommers, prevailed upon the Stars and Stripes weekly Veteran's newspaper to print my POW diary, starting with their September 30th issue (diary date 12/19/44). The Nov. 25th issue, just received, ends with 4/13/45 quote 3 days after my escape from column and about to board a plane for Camp Lucky Strike, France. Understand Mr. Sommers will also publish a Medsearch Packet, with some modification, i.e., eliminating repetitions about "rush calls" because of diarrhea (CA's) I suggested to John that resume might be printed as an insert as was done with the list of members who had not paid their 1980-81 dues. If this cannot be done, would it be possible to just print dates, kilometers marched, names of towns where spent the night (or perhaps several days) in barns, etc. This might result in a busload) or a few car loads) of Golden Lion Veterans who might want to retrace their steps on their 40th Anniversary. James Henning and Sylvester Krupinsky are two that might.
Believe last seen Jim at IV-B where separated.
That's all for now, except God Bless all buddies, also all of your loved ones.
Sincerely, Leo R. Leisse 4346 Gapsch Lane St Louis, Mo

Dear Sir:
     I always look forward to getting the Cub and keeping in touch with those of the 106th. I am still enjoying good health and also my grandchildren who di live next door. My son and his wife moved to Branson, MO. this past year.
They have a Starlite Theater which we have visited twice and enjoyed it very much.
Sincerely, C. Lindsay H. Co. 424 Inf.
Rt. # 1, Box 319 Waco, Texas 76710


Dear Bob:
     Enclosed is my check for membership dues (July 1 through Lune 30, 1983). The years really roll by. I'm most pleased to learn that the 1983 Convention will be held in Worcester, Massachusetts, as this might allow for my being able to attend same.
I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who was in the 331st.
Med. Bn., D Company.
Thanks for handling my dues.
Sincerely, Ken Finlayson 66 Hillview Road Gorham, Maine 04038

    Hi Folks: I'm still semi-retired, working one or two days a week. I play some golf and go fishing as often as possible. Each Jun( for three weeks I go fishing in Quebec and Ontario, and I may go fishing in the high Sierra Mountains in California.
I look forward to reading the "Cub' magazine each time it comes out. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes to all, Joseph Litvin, Co. D 423 Inf. 1959 Wies St.

Dear Bob:
     Membership dues for 1982-1983, I mobilized with Co. F, 121st Infantry 30th Division September 1940 later the 121st Infantry, was assigned to the 8th Division in Camp Forrest, Tennessee. Later we went to Ft. Jackson and Co. C., 422 Infantry, captured in the Belgium Bulge, PW. in Stalag 4F near Hartmannsdorf, Germany and discharged April 24, 1946 from Lawson General Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. I was Office Manager and Bookkeeper for the Welding Supply Co. before retiring in 1977.
Sincerely, Futrell H. Lee (Shine) 1204 Anguilla St.
Waycross, Ga 31501

From Adjutant's s Desk
Please Check Your Association Membership Cards Now.
We had as of January 1, 1983 -- 176 Unpaid Men. If your Cards are NOT marked July 1, 1983--June 30, 1984,
Your Dues will be due on July 1, 1983. It will save a lot of time and hard feelings by not sending due bills out.
Thank you all much, Robert W. Pierce, Sr., Adjutant P. S. In case of Deaths let me know as they are recorded.

See you all at the Marriott Hotel, Lincoln Square, Worcester, Mass.
July 21st - 24th July 21st - 24th


Index for: Vol. 39, No. 1, Sep., 1982

Index for This Document

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