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The Cub
Vol. 39, No. 2, Jan., 1983

1982 - 1983
President Robert Howell
1st Vice President James Henning
2nd Vice President Ted J. Straub
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey

    The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.
Editor Richard DeHeer All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer
86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Fla. 32037

     All business matters, renewal of membership, renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, etc. should be addressed to:
Mr. Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant
474 Federal Street N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483

Membership Dues 82-83 ... $10.00 per year Associate Dues 82-83 $10.00 per year Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year

President's Message
    Can it be that I, as your President, am expected to put in writing, here, words for all to read and admire? If this be the case, I had better speak of the weather, the holidays, or football. These subjects seem to be, "topside", in most of our minds during this season of the year. The rain and snow keep us inside. The football seems "endless" on the "tube", and the holidays leave us both "fat" and broke at the same time.
     I have received numerous Christmas cards from members of the 106th, and I always enjoy hearing from friends this way. However, I must admit that I stopped sending cards years ago to local, and USA friends that I see one or more times a year, but DO send greetings to friends in foreign lands. One greeting that I always look forward to receiving each year, is the "letter" from Col. Joe Matthews. This year the "words from Joe", came right on schedule, and penned on the bottom of the paper were the following words: Have a Happy Holiday and we hope to see you in Mass. Do you think we have to have Yankee Passports to get there??" Well, I have researched the subject and thank the Lord, we can still move from state to state, or South to North, without passports or visas. However, you speed demons better hide your Radar Detectors when you go through Virginia.
     Our Adjutant tells me that a lot of you have not paid your dues for the current 1982-83 year, if you enjoy the memories, reading The Cub and your association with your Army Buddies, then do your

    part toward keeping all of this alive by sending your $10.00 Now. And while you are at it, send a few words, or a picture and let us publish it in [The Cub] Magazine.
Others will read about you and will be glad to know that you are still kicking.
     Last of all, for you Artillery buffs, -- may I say that, Artillery lends dignity to what otherwise might be a brawl, Happy New Year! Bob Howell, President

Chaplain's Column by Ron Mosley
    They were huddled in a ghetto in New York City separated from the city's various groupings of peoples from all over the world. These were not immigrants from the 19th Century who had had to wait for months at Ellis Island in New York's outer harbor. For the most part, however, they had had the same degree of difficulty in getting to the New World. The majority of them have had to pay their way, or had their way paid, to get out of the country of their origin/birth.
     Now they stay with their kind not because it is against the law to go elsewhere but because they are too fearful and feel more comfortable with those of their own language, culture and ethnic mores and customs. I am writing about the Russian dissidents, mostly of Jewish background, who have finally purchased their passports and other freedom papers so they could leave their country of birth. The Russian state saw to it that these people brought nothing of value with them. In this situation, these people came to the United States and settled in a small section of New York City. There they were: afraid, uncomfortable when away from their own people separated from all other different citizens.
     Into this void appeared a concerned committee. These organizers arranged tours, lectures and meetings for the refugees which proved very popular and effective in meeting needs. The Russian dissident-refugees went all over the city and environs: museums, art galleries, restaurants, market-places, stores, the historical places.
     The organization committee was amazed, actually dumb-founded, by one simple idea which the Russian refugee had a difficult time grasping: the people who had lived under communism and had fled for what we would call freedom had no idea how to Give or the idea of Giving.
     They had a hard time understanding that art galleries, museums, university's and churches had been given by individuals or families - philanthropists. After all, in Russia everything was provided by the state. No gifts were expected from individuals: None given. They could not grasp giving to such organizations as the Red Cross, the United Appeal and the other funds.
     The whole idea of the Judeo-Christian Ethos (read philosophy or way of life) is giving. Christianity inherited this from its spiritual mother, Judaism. The Old Testament speaks of every Hebrew giving a tithe, a tenth, of one's crop or income, to the Lord for the use of less fortunate people. Jesus Christ enhanced this idea.
     The democratic idea of government in which there are rights and common justice gets its impetus from Jewish and Christian Scriptures and teachings. We give generously because we are free! We have been brought up with volunteerism, in giving of our own free will and accord to worthy projects and causes. People in communist countries do not understand this, as they have not been taught to give voluntarily.
     Communists would not understand a voluntary grouping of veterans and associates in our Association who work and give for our Memorial Fund and scholarships. The mark, or a principal", one, of a free society is voluntary giving,


for along with our gifts we give our love and concern.
     Thank God, we know to give and, therefore, we experience the joy of giving! Perhaps we have to sharpen our giving skills occasionally, but I am convinced that when free people know there are needs, they make the response of giving and supplying those needs. An unknown writer in a poem entitled Christian Paradox wrote: It is in loving - not in being loved - The heart is blessed.
It is in. giving - not in seeking gifts - We find our quest.
     Whatever be thy longing and thy need, That do thou give; So shall thy soul be fed, and thou indeed, Shall truly live.
God bless!

1983 Reunion Committee
Mr. & Mrs. Maw and daughter, Ben Britton

1983 Convention News
    The plans for the 1983 convention are coming along slowly but surely. We're planning a tour of the Boston area which is about 40 miles east of Worcester. There is so much to see that it would be impossible to do it on one tour so we'll show you some of the high spots just too wet your appetite and after the convention you can tour some more at your own leisure. We will have available literature and directions to many of the major sights you might like to visit. Our convention headquarters is within a five-minute walk of all the shopping complexes and eating establishments varied enough to suit anyone's tastes. So, don't forget these dates and the place, July 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, at The Marriott Hotel, Lincoln Square, Worcester, Mass. Final details will be included in the spring issue of The Cub.
The 1983 Convention Committee.
- mempwaitall
Ben & Mavis are getting New England ready for us. [L. to R.] Ben Britton, Doug Coffey & Mavis Britton

At Milwaukee Memorial Service
More Photos
1982 Convention
Louise Howell, Bob Howell, Rev. Mosley Jackie Villwock and Russ Villwock
New President receiving Name Plate


That Really Happened? (Left to Right) Villwock, Maw, Britton
Don't Believe A Word Of It. Maw, Gilder, Bryant, Coffey, Wells
President receiving Name Plate Bob Howell, Jackie and Russ Villwock, Rev Mosley


Harriet Fadake, Gil Fadake, Clare Henning, Bill Lucsay, Florence Lucsay, Jackie Villwock

Jim always is with the Ladies Jackie Villwock, Jim Henning, Clare Henning

Doug Too. (Left to Right) Zada White, Doug Coffey, Maydean Wells ""


From The Mail Bag

Dear Mr. Puskarich,
     I wrote to you last July regarding the reunion of the 106th Infantry Division, and want to thank you for the very rapid reply. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to attend the reunion on that weekend.
     While reading the application form you sent I noticed the part indicating Membership Dues $10.00. This was the first time I had become aware that the 106th had a membership organization operating today. I am very much interested in becoming a member and would like to know what procedure to follow, and to whom should I submit application? I enclose a pre-stamped envelope and would certainly appreciate any information you can give, and possibly the next time the Golden Lions decide to have a reunion I will be aware of it and can make plans accordingly.
Sincerely, Gerald W. Ryan 1113 Lassen View Drive Lake Almanor Peninsula, Ca 96137
    P. S. The outfit I served with was Hq. Co., 2nd Bn., 424th Inf. Regt., from the spring of -1944 until being captured on Dec. 16, 1944

Dear Bob,
     I am enclosing my check for $10.00 for James T. Davis' dues for 1982-83. His address is 3656 N. Magnolia Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613.
Jim has been a member for a long time.
     He and his wife have always attended the Chicago December 16 Dinner as they did last year. On December 18, he had a stroke which I didn't know about until just the other day.
The stroke has left him almost completely paralyzed.
Could you get his card off to him as soon as possible and be sure that he hasn't missed a Cub?
Best Regards, Russell H. Villwock 6908 W. Higgins Avenue Chicago, IL 60656 312/631-2027

22 December 1982

Dear Dick:
     It's about time that I gave a report on what's doing in Waterloo, Iowa these days. I'll try to get this off to you and a check to Bob for my dues at the same time.
     I guess the big news is that I retired at the end of October on the forty-fourth anniversary of the day when I went to work for Deere and Company. I had intended to work another year or two, but when they started offering me more to stay home than to work plus various other advantages, I felt that I had an offer I couldn't refuse.
     So far it is great; I don't know how I ever had time to work! Marilyn and I will be staying right here, but we will be doing a lot more traveling than we had time for while I was still at work.
     We already have several trips planned during the next ten months or so, including a month in Europe. Marilyn has never been there at all, and I want to show her where we fought and a few thousand other places.
Many thanks to you, Dick, for all you have done to keep this Association together.

Best Wishes,


Dec. 29, 1982
Hello Dick and Marge, Best of the Holidays and a bright New Year to both of you.
     The Ohio Bunch had our Annual December Party at the home of Bob and Jeanne Gilder on Dec. 11. We had 17 people there and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The food and spirits lifted all to a great plateau of friendship and socializing.
     Those present were: Walt and Lil Bandurak, Chuck and Willie Garn, Bob and Jean Pierce, Franklin and Mary Barlow, Lyle and Vivian McCullough, Frank Trautman, Bob and Marcia Pierce, Bob and Jeanne Gilder and John and Martha Fritz. The lemons and limes that Virgil and Martha Collins sent livened up the drinks, but we all took a vote for next year Martha, we would really prefer one of your famous fruit cakes. How about that? We missed some familiar faces but we do understand the problems everyone has during this busy season.
     The trip to Milwaukee and back was super again for us. The convention was excellent and all of us had a real fine time.
     In early November, we along with the Gilders, attended the wedding of Ed and Millie Zoll's daughter, Clare and it set the stage for the rest of the year. It was very beautiful and a touching ceremony capped off by a tremendous reception. Those people in Canton, Ohio are second to none when it comes to hospitality and showing a good time.
So far, this winter we have been extremely lucky as far as the weather goes.
     I wonder how long it will last? Martha enjoys the snow, especially driving in it, but I am looking forward to the day when I can be in the sunshine all year.
We had delightful notes from the Matthews family and General McMahon over the Christmas Holidays.
We are looking forward to the convention in Worcester, Mass and hope to see all of you there.
John and Martha Fritz

Dear Bob,
     Been so busy getting into our mountain home, I forgot to send in my membership dues. Just thought about it when I sent Dick DeHeer a change of address card.
     We had a good summer but a busy one, here in the mountains. Weather was delightful and will be returning to Florida on the 18th of this month (Dec.).
As Ever, Sam

September 27, 1982

Dear Sir:
     I am writing to you at the suggestion of Francis H. Aspinwall (589th F.A. Bn.) seeking information from men of the 106th I served with in the action at Baroque de Fraiture (The Ardennes) between December 19th and 23rd, 1944.
     I am writing a book about my life and need to know, if possible, the names of the men who were captured with me on 23 December. I was a combat medic attached to D Troop 87th Recon Sq., 7th Armored Division and ran the aid station in the barn next to Maj. Parker's C.P. at the cross roads which has come to be known as Parker's Crossroads. On the afternoon of Dec. 23, I was captured with six remaining wounded men in the barn that was on fire.
     As I recall the men were all of the 106th. I knew the name of only one of the six, the late Billy Luther, 567th AAA AW.
     If at all possible would you please publish my request in your association newsletter The Cub? I have just come from the 36th reunion of the 7th Armored Division in New Orleans where I met and talked with Frank Aspinwall who told me about your publication.
Sincerely, John P. Ebbott c/o Cooley 347 Cherry Street Bedford Hills, N.Y. 10507


Dear Bob,
Must apologize for being late with my dues. Between trips to the VA hospital this summer it slipped my mind.
Sincerely, Kenneth K. King Box 14 Brasher Falls, N.Y. 13613

Ed. Note: We hope you are feeling better.

Dear Mr. Pierce,
Enclosed is a check for $12.00 for the membership dues for Edward and Sylvia.
     We are sorry that we could not attend the reunion in Milwaukee, we had planned to but Edward is the Commander of the Des Plaines Post #36 American Legion this year and he had to attend the American Legion Department Convention in Peoria, IL. Their convention was on the same days as the reunion, July 17 - 19th.
We hope to attend the next reunion.
Sincerely, Edward and Sylvia Rydzinski 1715 Elm Street Des Plains, IL

Dear Bob,
Enclosed is my check covering dues for the coming year.
     We appreciated your kindness in keeping in touch with us. We have many happy memories of our reunions with you folks.
     As I have probably mentioned before, I sold my business a few years ago and, I thought, retired. One month of unscheduled life was all I could stand so I applied for temporary work and was sent to the Control Data world headquarters located a few miles from us and they kept me busy for about three and a half years. They assured me that I'll be called back when temporary employees are reinstated in their program. Since then I have been heavily involved in community work in our little group of homes on the shore of Lake Minnetonka, fifteen miles west of Minneapolis.
     Some of you old timers may remember our youngest daughter, Kathy, who accompanied us on some of our visits to reunions. She used to supervise the children at the pool, etc. Kathy graduated from Macalester in St. Paul, earned her Master's Degree at the University of London, taught in London for a year then three years in Frankfurt. She studied at the University of Chicago using scholarships during the summers to study in the Middle East. One summer was spent in Tunisia.
     She spent ten months studying in Damascus on a Fulbright during which time she met her husband-to-be who was in the U. S. Embassy. They came here in December of 1980 to be married and now live in Washington, D.C. where Charlie is in the State Department and Kathy, who has been employed by a Middle East Foundation, has just passed her examinations and been admitted to the State Department (Foreign Service). They will be assigned to a foreign station, they hope in the Middle East, sometime next year. Kathy reads, writes and speaks Arabic. How do you suppose we ever spawned such a brain? Helen is quite well. She has had few hospitalizations in the past few years. She even flew with me to Washington early this year. Wouldn't it be a riot if we should make another Reunion? Our Hearts are with you.
Greet your family and those in the organization who remember us.
Sincerely, H. M. Jim Hatch 0000
    Remember once a year the addresses of the 106th members are in the Cub, please keep that Cub for reference. Also, if someone's name is missing, write and remind him to send in his dues.
Thanks, The Editor


Nov. 23, 1982
To: Editors in Chief, CUB of the Golden Lion - Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeHeer
106th Infantry Division Association 96 Berkshire Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32037

Dear Marge and Dick:
     We last wrote you on Aug. 1, 1982. Now we are back to greet you, President and Mrs. Howell of the Association, Members of the Board of Directors, of which I am honored to be a member, and all old and new members of the Association.
We have enjoyed a good year health wise and otherwise and hope that you have all done the same.
     On Thursday, Oct. 28, 1982 my wife, Wilda and I, with my son, Col. Leo T. McMahon, USA, Ret. as the driver, left early on that date to drive to Marblehead, MA, northeast of Boston on the Atlantic coast. The purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding of Wilda's daughter, Carol, my step-daughter. A number of the members of the Association remember her at the annual Reunions growing up with their children. Friends of Carol, members of the Boston Yacht Club at Marblehead hosted the McMahons during the wedding festivities.
     The ceremony was held on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1982, at two o'clock in the afternoon, the attendants were local friends of the bride, Carol M. McNair and the groom Allen Mowbray. After a short wedding dinner was served. After a short wedding trip, they will reside in Marblehead. Mr. Mowbray is in the boat business and Carol is with the corporate headquarters of the Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.
     We departed from Marblehead on Monday, November 1 and arrived back in Middletown, Pennsylvania on Thursday Nov. 4th.
Mrs. McMahon, my son and I wish you all a very Joyous Holiday Season.
Cordially, Leo T. McMahon, USA Retired Millstadt, IL 62260

October 27, 1982

Comrades and Friends,
Late again but here is my check for the association dues.
     The past year has been busy, exciting and certainly rewarding. In June, I completed my year as VFW District Commander, needless to say that only through the dedicated efforts of my good Comrades of the 14th our goals were accomplished and I was selected to the Illinois All-State Team of District Commanders. The year was filled with attending the VFW National Convention in Philadelphia, the VFW winter conference and the Congressional Dinner in Washington, D.C. and the Illinois State Convention in Chicago at which time I was appointed State Director of the Sons and Grandsons of the VFW.
The travels and friendships we made during the year are far beyond anything money can buy.
     Meanwhile at the home front I am but two days from being officially retired from Monsanto Co. by whom I have been employed as a maintenance foreman for these past 35 plus years.
     Our immediate plans do not call for anything startling as I will be engaged with my realtor brother on a part-time basis. So, there will be realty, the Lodge, the VFW and several charities my wife and I are both very actively committed to. We do plan to spend two weeks in Hawaii in February and during the coming plan to look up some of the 106th and 9th Division Comrades. The latter we hope will be more pleasant than our swing through the Southeast three years ago. Perhaps we will be able to make the Association Reunion this year.
     So much for this rambling and we take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Yours in Comradeship and Peace
Milton G. Haas
3rd Bn. Hq. Co.


Dear Mr. Pierce,
    My first contact with the 106th Inf. Div Assoc. was thru Mr. Puskarich who advised me to contact you and become a member which I did.
Mr. Puskarich also told me that he would forward my letter on to you for publication in the Cub.
     Though I've been a member of the 106th Infantry Division Association for only a month, thru your thoughtfulness, I've already contacted and spoken to a member here in my hometown, Chuck Garn [Supply Sgt. Hq 424th].
     He informed me that one of my good friends, Salvarore Bulla, was an aid-man with H Co. and had arrived back in the States safe and sound. This was the first I've heard about any member of the 2nd Bat. 424th Inf. since the war ended, not that I haven't tried.
     After having been with the 106th from the start, (March '43) and thru about five days at Atterbury, I was shipped out on Cadre with only a few hours' notice negating any time for exchanging home addresses.
    Over the years I've checked note after note in the DAV magazine hoping to find someone who could help me contact with friends from the 106th. Never with any luck -- until I reached Mr. Puskarich and then you, Mr. Pierce.
     Hoping to hear from other 424th -- 2nd Bat. Medics and Infantrymen! Enclosed is my check to cover auxiliary dues for my wife Linda and remainder to the memorial fund.
Best regards to all,
Chuck Deering
Med Det 2nd Bat 424 Inf.

Dear Bob,
     Just to let you know I live in Los Osos, California instead of Los Angeles. Los Osos is about 215 miles north of L.A.
     Please make this correction in your files and also would you please notify the publishers of The Cub magazine. I hope you got my last letter with copies of the POW Camp pictures plus other information about how to order them. The April 1945 Yank magazine also has a lot of pictures and this can be ordered for 4 years. I guess you saw the Ad in either the VFW, Legion of DAV magazine.
     Would appreciated very much if you'd let me know if received the copies, of Stalag 9B, plus other information I sent a couple of months ago. I'm enclosing a label of my address.
Thanks, Peter P. Stranko 1195 San Luis Ave.
Los Osos, CA 93402
Editor Note: Sorry you have had trouble, but it will be corrected.

Dear Robert,
Please find enclosed our dues for 1982, for myself and my wife Eileen J. King.
Sorry I did not make the last reunion. They had me tied to a bed in the VA Hospital. HA! HA!
They did a good job and we hope to head south shortly.
See you next reunion,
Yours in comradeship,
Kenneth King
Box 14
Brasher Falls, N.Y. 13613

806th Ord SM Co.
Dear Comrade,
     I am sorry I didn't do this sooner, but I was in the hospital the latter part of June and just neglected to mail it to you.
I am still living in Columbus, Ohio and enjoying my retirement.
Sincerely Yours,
Forrest Hemming
755 Stelzer Rd., Box 171 Columbus, OH 43219


Dear Dick,
     Just received my copy of The Cub and want you to know that I really enjoyed reading it. We were very sorry to miss the Reunion. I am expecting to retire from 31 years of State Civil Service work sometime in 1983 (July / August) and now feel that we can begin to again attend the Reunions.
Dick, I would appreciate it if you would insert the following item in the next issue of The Cub:
    If you are interested in obtaining a 106th Infantry Division shoulder patch, please send a check or money order made payable to the: 106th INFANTRY DIVISION ASSOCIATION in the amount of $1.50 per shoulder patch and mail it to Mr. Walter Bandurak, 219 North Maple Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601. Walt Bandurak has informed us that he only has 35 shoulder patches remaining to be sold from the initial order of 300 as authorized by our Board of Directors.
     Keep up the Good Work. Lillian joins the in wishing you and Marge the best of health and happiness during the upcoming holidays and in the future. Hope to see you both in Mass. in July, 1983.
Sincerely, Walt Bandurak 219N. Maple Ave.
Greensburg, PA 15601

Dear Bob,
    The latter part of this month, I plan to visit Germany and return to Biehelsheim, Karshain and St. Vith, Belgium. is there anything I can do at the 106th Memorial in St. Vith? Leonard H. Barnes
Ed. Note-We hope your trip was good.

Dear Dick,
I hope this note finds the DeHeer's in good health.
How many Cub's do we get in a year. The last one was July '82.
I think we are going to Arizona this winter for six weeks.
Take Care,
Jack Bryant
Ed. Note: We hope you receive this Cub O.K. for you will be away when it is delivered. Enjoy the nice weather!

    Notice If you want to get the Cub, please send in your dues to Bob Pierce, right now. We do not keep the unpaid members on the mailing list as it is getting to costly.

Kin of "J. R. " in Texas race
    Weatherford, Texas-Gary Hagman, whose half-brother is the star of television's "Dallas," has his party's nomination for the Texas legislature in hand but faces a tough campaign against the incumbent Democrat.
    Mr. Hagman, 41, ran unopposed in Saturday's Republican primary. In Nov., he will face state Senator Bob Glasgow, who, like Mr. Hagman, is a lawyer.
    Mr. Hagman acknowledges that name identification will be high because of his connection to "Dallas," in which half-brother Larry Hagman plays the villain, J. R. Ewing, but he concedes that "J. R. could be termed more infamous than famous." A former U.S. attorney, Mr. Hagman bills himself as "absolutely a law-and- order candidate." Editor's Note: I'm sure all who were at the Ft. Worth reunion remember Gary Hagman and what a good job he and "Kay 2" did taking the younger ones on the bus trip.


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TOLL-FREE or (402) 464-5219 LINCOLN/ NE 68505

Atlanta Area Golden Lions Meet
    The Sheraton Northlake Hotel was the scene of a pleasant assembly of dedicated Golden Lions on Sunday afternoon Dec. 12. Col. Joe Puett made the arrangements and Collins and Ward helped.
     The hotel provided a tastefully decorated private dining room. To add to that, 106er Al Oelschig, a Savannah wholesale florist, and former 423rd infantryman, sent beautiful blooming potted-plants to grace each table, this being his second annual contribution. Each plant became an attractive door prize.
     Infantrymen, artillerymen, engineers, and a quartermaster man came not only from Atlanta but from all surrounding places -- Stone Mountain, Chamblee, East Point, Griffin, Hephzibah, Forest Park, Norcross, Marietta, McDonough, Lithia iftprings, Palmetto and one from far-away Hinesville (he retired at Ft. Stewart).
     A tasty dinner was served by the hotel. Each ex-G.I. was asked to tell how he got into the 106th. The answers were both informative and humorous.
     Attendees were Jim and Maydean Wells, Joe and Ida Puett, Bill and Pat Delzell, Orfeo (Gus) Agostial, Carol! Padgett and lean Alexander, Sandy and Jo Grossbart, Bob and Thelma Burkes, Duke and Martha Ward, Broadus and Hazel Bradley, Bob and Nell Astin, Bob and Louise Howell, Morris and Sara Piha, J.B. and Martha Russell, Ira Bottoms, Newt and Yvonne Mosley, Sherod Collins and Laverne Hunter, and Jim and Betsy Byrd.
     All Golden Lions are invited to contact us and to participate in this festive occasion which is planned for middle December each year.


Nov. 4, 1982

Dear Bob,
     Apparently, dues notices have become a casualty of the increased postal rates. I was putting my New Atty. Membership Card in my wallet today and noticed that I am overdue in sending you my annual membership fee. It is enclosed.
     Just returned Oct. 31, 1982 from the automobile saturated Europe. We noticed a large increase in the number of cars since we started more or less annual trips there in 1970. Our daughter Patricia, 35 has been a professor at the University of Florence, Italy Medical School since April 1974. We usually spend a couple of days with her.
I appreciate the effort that the Cub Editor puts into the magazine and I digest it from cover to cover.
Happy Holidays, Robert E. Kelly SV 423rd

Hi Dick and Marge,
    We just got back from Baytown, Texas Nov. 12. We were there for three weeks helping build Jeans brother a garage if you call 26 x 32 a garage. I told him that a lot of people would like to have a home that large. Had real nice weather down and back. Only real cold here when we got home. I haven't warmed up as yet. Guess we will have to move South for the winter.
     I think you got a real good Cub out even if it was a little late. We never know what we are going to run into now days with the hard times for some people.
     Hope that these few lines find all well and about for the Holidays. We are doing real good now except for colds. We will get along alright after the weather gets settled.
We are holding our December 16 dinner at the Guilder's again. The 11 Dec.
at 6: 00 p.m. Hope to have a good turnout.
As Ever, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant

    Hello Dick: t Hope you and your family had a nice Holiday Season. We certainly did and are looking forward to a great 1983.
     The following is a small write-up about December dinner and two pictures. Hope you can use the pictures even though they are in color.
December Dinner at Evansville

     (Left to Right) Ken Bradfield, Van Wyatt Gene Saucerman, John Mikalauskis, Robert York, Glenn Herblieb it A group of 106th Division Association members met in Evansville, Ind. for a fin dinner and fellowship at the Executive Inn.
     Those attending with their families included Kenneth Bradfield, Van Wyatt, Gene Saucerman, John Mikalauskis, Robert York and Glenn Hartlieb. A total of 16 people attended the event. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was agreed to plan another event for December 1983 in the Southern Illinois area.

Ladies of the 106th Division Association Evansville 1982 December
Van S. Wyatt (G-424)
Rt. 2 Box 5A, Benton, KY 42025


Dear Sirs,
    I was a draftee, took my basic training at Camp Blanding, Florida. Went over to England on the Queen Elizabeth and went to the 106th as a replacement after the Battle of the Bulge. I am married the second time and have three children by my first wife and four step children. Could I have a copy of your last quarterly magazine? I think I was in the 424th Reg. and if anyone remembers, please write and let me know. I was transferred after the war was ended.
Thank You,
Sam E. Kissel
106 Charmil Dr. Mooresville, ID 46158

Dear Dick,
     Last spring, I accomplished what I had wanted to do for over thirty years, go back to Europe. My life friend, Dick Burna, was my traveling companion. Dick served in the 87th division, so was interested in the same area.
     We flew to England and spent a week there visiting with friends. Enjoyed several days in Scotland. Then on to Luxembourg. We rented a car for a week and toured the battle are of the Bulge.
     In 1944 when my position was over run, a Belgium family hid me for several days. Later when we regrouped, I was to see this family again. Last spring this family took me in again. It was a very emotional reunion. Mama Matey was found in good health but her husband, Alfred, had died in 1975. The two girls were now married women with families. Dick and I received a royal reception.
We visited the St. Vith Memorial as well as the one at Houffalize and spent the night at Piks Hotel.
I found the place where we were bivouacked the morning the shelling started to Dec. 16, 1944.
     The museum at Bastogne was very interesting. We spent a lot of time talking to the rural people and sharing our cheese, bread and wine. Just everyone was very hospitable.
     We took advantage of our 21-day Eurorail Pass and visited France, Switzerland and Austria. We spent the Easter holidays in Germany. Took the Rhine tour and spent several days in Holland. Back across the channel to Heathrow airport and home.
This was a trip we shall never forget.
See you in Massachusetts next summer.
Robert Flick,
Co. C 81st Eng. 808 High Street Saltsburg, PA 15681

Nov. 20 1982
Dear Dick,
     Just received the latest issue of the Cub and wanted you to know how much we are enjoying it. We attended so many of the reunions and knew so many of those whose names appear in the list of those attending the Milwaukee reunion that this issue brings back many memories. You turned out a fine issue.
     I'm in my fourth year of retirement and just getting used to it. After more than thirty years of operating my own business I was so much in the habit of going to work, that I had quite a time making the adjustment. In fact, I was so lost I took a temporary job with Control Data, which headquarters here, and they kept me busy for three years plus. Now I've settled down to just being old. Trouble is, I don't feel old.
Keep up the good work Dick and know that you are appreciated.
Jim Hatch
2830 East Road, Wayzata, MN 55391
Minneapolis Star Tribune Wed., Nov. 3, 1982


Letters from readers

    As a retired recipient of Social Security benefits and a person concerned for the program's future, I suggest returning to the original intent of the program, providing a supplemental income to qualified retirees and their spouses. I also suggest eliminating the disastrous practice of increasing benefits according to the fictitious "cost of living" figures.
Horace M. Hatch, Wayzata

Christmas 1982

Dear Friends:
     The Christmas Season brings hope again to the world. May the symbolic Birth of the Christ mean much to us, and may 1983 bring opportunities to serve God through serving humanity.
Here are personal and family news.
     Ron's mother, Ethel Huggons-Brown Mosley, died on March 25. She reached her 89th birthday last December and had been in very poor health. At her Memorial Service in First United Methodist Church, Lakeland, Florida, six clergy took part in a glorious Festival of the Resurrection: one was her bishop; others were former pastors and clergy friends, her son and son-in-law. Ron's Dad, The Rev. Dr. T. Arthur Mosley, is still living at "Evergreen Woods" in Spring Hill, Florida, and in remarkable health for celebrating his 97th birthday on November 12th! The 75th Anniversary of the Boy Scout Movement in 1982 reminded us that T. Arthur Mosley is acknowledged by the Boy Scouts of Canada as "being the first Scoutmaster" in North America and "introducing Scouting" on this Continent.
     Our grandson Bill Elbring spent a month with us doing his "clamming". Ron Jr., wife Katie, and son Scot spent a week with us in August. Gordon and wife Connie with Katha, Matt and Chris were here also in August at the same time as Ron's sister Barbara and husband Tom Mitchell. It was great! On October 30, Molly Kathleen was born to Katie and Ron Jr. in Denver.
Things were difficult for a while, but all are fine. We are thrilled with our seventh grandchild.
     Eloise visited her Aunt Esther in Mid-October in Tampa and got up to see Grandpa Mosley at "Evergreen Woods." Ron had to postpone his visit to see Dad until the end of November due to a flare-up of his chronic illness.
     Our garden was a success again due to Eloise's good organic gardening. She also is active with organ playing in three nearby churches. Ron is writing his weekly column "Kit Bag" for "The Bridgewater Bulletin," now in its 8th year, and is Chaplain of the Bridgewater Branch No. 24, Royal Canadian Legion. He is also serving again as Chaplain of his World War II U.S. Army outfit, the 106th Infantry Division Association, and is Chaplain of the LeHavre Branch of the Canadian Red Cross. Ron gave the historical address at the Ecumenical Service celebrating the 350th Anniversary of the settlement of Petite Riviere. The photo enclosed was taken just after the Service.
     We lost our 11-year old German Shepherd dog, Benediction, due to paralysis, but we have added Segen (German for "Blessing") who is now a year old. Our Bluepoint Siamese cat Sheba was 17 years old last May!
Eloise and Ronald Mosley
Petite Riviere Bridge Nova Scotia BOJ 2P0


See you' all at the Marriott Hotel, Lincoln Square, Worcester, Mass.

July 21st – 24th

Index for: Vol. 39 No. 2, Jan, 1983

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