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Vol. 39, No. 1, Sep., 1982

President Robert Howell
1st Vice President James Henning
2nd Vice President Ted J. Straub
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.
Historian Sherod Collins
Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley
Cub Editor Richard DeHeer
Memorials Chairman ...Douglas S. Coffey

    The Cub is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the Cub.
Editor Richard DeHeer
All editorial matter should be addressed to:
Mr. Richard DeHeer, 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast, Fla. 32037

    All business matters, renewal of membership, renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, etc. should be addressed to:
Mr. Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant, 474 Federal Street N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483

Membership Dues 82-83 ... $10.00 per year
Associate Dues 82-83 $10.00 per year
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year

     For those of you who did not attend the 1982 reunion in Milwaukee, you missed a great get-together. The beer flowed like water at both the informal sessions, and upon completion of our tour of the Pabst Brewery. We have memories of the large sign on top of a Milwaukee clock tower saying: "Welcome 106th Infantry Division, World War II". It is real nice to be appreciated.
     The above named treats and many more were arranged by the Milwaukee reunion committee. Ann and Chuck Puskarich, Virginia and John Howard. They worked hard to make the "82" convention one to be remembered.
     Thank all of you that were instrumental in electing me as your President for the 82-83 year. It is easy to work with men that know about and appreciate the Association. The office of President would be "rough", indeed, if it were not for the elected and appointed officers in such positions as Adjutant, Treasurer, and Cub Editor. The men that serve in these positions are the "real" heads of this Association. Let us not forget this.
     Of course, we also realize that the "Cub" magazine holds us together. Without it, our Association would flounder. With it, our members are stimulated into continued participation. Our editor, Dick DeHeer, needs material for the magazine, so send him any stories, and pictures you may have that would be of interest to others in our organization.
Last of all, you people start making your plans now for Worcester. Mass. in "83", followed by


    Georgia in "84", and Doug Coffee may surprise us with another of his well-planned trips to Europe in the fall of "84" the 40th anniversary of the, "Battle", that we all remember so well.
Bob Howell President

Chaplain Ron Mosley
     We are here today at the Memorial Service of the 106th Infantry Division Association on what is holy ground. We hear the Voice of God saying to us: "Put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." This Honor Roll Reflecting Pool is a Memorial; it is holy ground, and while literally we do not take off our shoes, we show respect and honor.
     We are holding our memorial Service this year at this beautiful War Memorial Center. We have a Memorial of our own. However, we cannot be there as an entire Association. We have to make pilgrimages to out 106th Memorial in St. Vith, Belgium. This has to be "Second Best," and what a marvelous and glorious "Second Best" it is!
    Let us think about our 106th Infantry Division and part of its history. The 106th Division was the first unit to be penetrated in the Battle of the Ardennes by the Nazi hordes that hit us on 16 December 1944 on the Schnee Eifel with 250,000 elite assault troops accompanied by 1000 tanks. The 106th held for three days as a division, and then for all practical purposes the division ceased to exist as a fighting force by itself. Out of under 14,000 officers and men we lost about three-quarter in the first three days: killed, wounded, missing-in-action, many were taken prisoners.
     Let us realize that "earth is crammed with heaven" and that the Will of God was in what we did back in December of 1944 and to the end of the war. We did God's work against a terrible enemy, and together we did not fail.
    "put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." We "have an INHERITANCE which is IMPERISHABLE, UNDEFILED, and UNFADING kept in heaven for you."


    With pride and with honor. We will gather around with those of our comrades who were there in the fires of hell and came back and are still on this side of the "river of Life." We will remember those who are with us in the spirit, as or "Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses." (Hebrews 12:1) We will go on together showing forth our INHERITANCE. We are now part of that INHERITANCE. and we cherish and honor it by paying homage to our late comrades. We are on "Holy ground." We will not lower the quality of this "holy ground" by regrets or recriminations. Amen.

1981 - 1982 Old Board of Directors
July 15, 1982
The meeting called to order by the President Russell Villwock.
     Roll Call was taken and all were present except John I. Gallagher, Robert C. Ringer, Robert L. Scranton and Honorary Life member General Leo T. McMahon Retired.
     Remarks by President Russell Villwock. He stated that it had been a great privilege to serve the association as its President during this past year. He also thanked the elected and appointed officers also the board of directors for the help they had given to him during his term of office. Also for the fine job done by this year's reunion committee.
     Minutes of the last board of directors meeting held at the Kentucky Lake Dam Resort in Gilbertsville. Kentucky were read by the Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr. and approved.
     New Business. A motion was made by Joseph F. Puett that we make Mrs. Alys P. Jones, the wife of our deceased Commanding General, an Honorary Life Member of the Association. Motion seconded by Kenneth W. Bradfield. It was passed unanimously.
     Committees Appointed by President Russ Villwock. Resolutions Committee: Chairman Donald. R. Armington, John C. Robb and Benjamin B. Britton.
Nominating Committee: Chairman Nathan (Duke) Ward, Thomas J. Maw and William Lucsay.
No further business; meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant

Editor's Note: For other details see General meeting.

1982 - 1983 New Board of Directors Meeting
Sheraton Mayfair Inn
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 17, 1982
The meeting was called to order by the President Russell Villwock.
     Roll call was taken by the adjutant and I were present with the exception of Joseph Matthews, John Gallagher and Robert Ringer. The new member of the board to replace John Gallagher who asked to be relieved is Richard DeHeer.
     Reunion chairman Charles Puskarich reported that all was going well. That we had more than had sent in advanced registrations. Also that the committee hoped we were all having a good time in Milwaukee.
There was no unfinished business to report.
Under new business the election of new Officers for the year 1982 - 1983 was held.
Robert F. Howell President
James W. Henning 1st Vice President
Ted J. Straub 2nd Vice President
Sherod Collins Treasurer

An unanimous vote was cast to elect these men to their individual offices.
The newly elected President Robert Howell appointed the following men to appointed offices:
Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant
Sherod Collins Historian
Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley Chaplain
Richard DeHeer CUB Editor
Douglas S. Coffey Memorials Chairman


    A discussion was held on what we are going to do with our memorial fund. Any ideas should be referred to the memorial chairman Doug Coffey.
Also that the Association should be thinking about some new blood for the Board of Directors.
     Kenneth Bradfield made a motion that we pay the registration fee of our Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ronald Mosley as long as he is in Office. This is to be paid out of the General Fund. Motion seconded and carried.
     A long discussion on advancing money to each year's reunion Committee was held. Joseph Puett made a motion that we advance $500.00 to next year's reunion committee in Worcester, Massachusetts. Also that each year the amount be determined by the Board of Directors. Seconded by Kenneth Bradfield.
Motion passed.
No further business meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant

ARMINGTON, Donald R. 1325 John Patterson Road Des Moines, Iowa 50317 (515) 266-7609
BRADFIELD, Kenneth W. 908 South Lodge Avenue Evansville, Indiana 47714 (812) 477-0444
BRADLEY, Lynn B. 512 Locke Street Palmetto, Georgia 30268 (404) 463-3109
BRITTON, Benjamin B. 36 Warren Road Auburn, Massachusetts 01501 (617) 832-2308
CHASE, Fred B. 5 Morris Lane Clifton park, N.Y. 12065 (518) 371-7669
COFFEY, Douglas S. 947 North West Arnet Street Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 (813) 629-5711
COLLINS, Sherod 625 Channing Drive N.W. Atlanta. Georgia 30318 (404) 351- 2985
DEHEER, Richard 86 Berkshire Lane Palm Coast. Florida 32037 .-(904) 445-4316
GARN, Charles S. 1937 Highbridge Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 (216) 923-3370
HENNING, James W. 1045 East 8th Street Lockport, Illinois 60441 (815) 838-3947
HOWELL, Robert F. 904 East College Street Griffin, Georgia 30228 (404) 227-7373
LUCSAY, William 12612 South Moody Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 (312) 388-8989
MATTHEWS, Joseph C., Jr. 4706 Western boulevard Raleigh North Carolina 27606 (919) 851-4851
MAW, Thomas J. 436 Beech Street Rocklans, Massachusetts 02370 (617) 878-1796
PUETT, Joseph F. 2748 D Shallowford Road Atlanta, Georgia 30341 (404) 451-3503
ROBB, John G. 238 DeVore Drive Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335 (814) 333-6364 or 333-1616


SCRANTON, Robert L. 9441. Lee Road Brighton, Michigan 48116 (313) 229-6716
STRAUB, Ted J. 251 Beechurst Avenue Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 (314) 599-4450
WARD, Nathan (Dule) 3784 Ardsley Court Marietta, Georgia 30062 (404) 971-8594
VILLWOCK, Russell H. 6908 West Higgins Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60656 (312) 631-2027
    HONORARY LIFE MEMBER McMAHON, General Leo T. (ret.) 8 North Union Street Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057 (717) 944-3821

1982 General Meeting
Sheraton Mayfair Inn
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 17, 1982
The meeting was called to order by the President Russell Villwock at 1:30 p.m.
     Remarks by President Villwock welcoming and thanking all who had come to Milwaukee for this year's reunion, he gave a special welcome to all those who were making their first reunion. There were 8 that this was their first reunion. He thanked all the officers who had served this past year; elected and appointed. Also gave each a gift of appreciation.
     Reading of the minutes of last General Meeting held at Kentucky Lake Dam Resort Golbertsville, Kentucky by the Adjutant.
     Reading of Communications by the President and Adjutant. They stated that most of these were posted out by the registration desk. Anyone wanting to read them could find them there.
     The Adjutant report was read stating that we had a total of 465 members for the year 1981 - 1982. This is a decrease of 17 over the previous year. The Auxiliary membership showed 139 and increase of 36 over the previous year. Also that we had six (6) deaths the past year. The names are listed in his report of 30 June 1982. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept as read.
     Treasurers report by Treasurer Sherod Collins stating that we had a substantial gain in all accounts this past year. This was a very good report. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept the report as given.
     Cub Editors report by Editor Dick DeHeer in which he stated that we have saved about $1200.00 is past year on printing and mailing of the CUB magazine. That he had finally got a mailing permit but that names had to be in Zip code order. There was a long discussion on our old address-o-graph machine. It does not print the names and addresses real good from the old plates. He asked if anyone has had trouble receiving their CUB, motion made, seconded and past to accept report as given.
     Memorial Chairman's report given by Doug Coffey in which he stated that all work had been completed on our Memorial Chapel in St. Vith. He said that the tower on the Chapel needed some work done on it but that they haven't asked for any money yet. He asked for any ideas on how to put our memorial money to use in some other way. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept report as given.
     Other Committees report: Ducke Ward reported on the purchase of the new flags. These are with us at this year's reunion. Sherod Collins reported on how these flags were purchased. They were purchased with money given by Mrs. Alys P. Jones the wife of our deceased Commanding General Alan W. Jones. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept report as given.
     Reunion Committee report given by Chairman Charles Puskarich stating that he had 151 paid registrations as of date, he also thanked all for coming to Milwaukee and hoped that all was having a good time. Also wanted to thank John and Virginia Howard for their help. Also stated that he was happy to report that they are running in the black.
Unfinished Business: There was none.
     New Business: Report given Ben Britton on the 1983 reunion. It is to be held July 21-24, 1983 in Worchester, Massachusetts at the Marriott Hotel. He stated that all is going well with the plans.
Jim Wells reported on the tentative place for


    our 1984 reunion is in Georgia. Ted Straub reported that he was thinking about the 1985 reunion in West Virginia. Would know more about it at next year's reunion. A lengthy discussion was held on what time of year reunion could be held. There is no set time it is up to the reunion committee to decide which is best time for their area. It was discussed about maybe a trip back to Europe in the fall of 1984. This would be the anniversary of the Battle of The Bulge. Doug
Coffey is to look into this and see what he can come up with.
     Discussion on what we will do in cases of deaths of members of the association. This was tabled and left up to the memorials chairman and board of directors.
    Resolutions were read by resolution chairman Duke Ward; he stated that we kept the present board of directors with exception of John I. Gallagher who wished to be relieved. In his place they nominated our CUB editor Richard DeHeer. Motion made to accept his report as given. Motion seconded and past.
     Matters for the good of the Association: Doug Coffey talked about the 40th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. This is to be called the last Hurrah. He read a letter sent to him by the gallazies Tours people. A discussion was held concerning our return to Europe for this. President Villwock asked Doug to get more information on this and report it in the CUB magazine.
There was no further business meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant

Membership Renewals 393
Reinstated Members 5
New Members 45
Associate Members 22
TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 465 (1980 - 1981....482) - 17
AUXILIARY MEMBERSHIP 139 (1980 - 1981 ....103) • 36
CONTRIBUTORS... 85 (Approx.....$923.00)
MEMORIAL FUND CONTRIBUTORS... 85 (Approx.....$923.00)

James P. Ford (HQ 1st Bn/424) December 28, 1980
John D. Wilson (D & H/422) December 22, 1981
Gerald J. Anderson (M/423) February 2, 1982
Dean F. Crawford (Reg. HQ/422) May 27, 1982
Philip R. Leswing (B/592) No Date of Death
Bruce Glen Capt. (DHQ) November 22, 1981
Respectfully Submitted, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant


     To all 151 who attended our Reunion, July 15-18 at the Sheraton Mayfair Inn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We extend our heartiest thanks.
Virginia & John Howard, Ann and I certainly had a most pleasant time meeting our old friends and making new ones.
     We certainly want to thank Clare & Jim Henning, Jackie & Russ Villwock, Flor & Bill Lucsay (I am penning this without my Cub and hope I have the correct spellings), for all their help in stuffing the gifts, as well as helping to see that all was going well. you all made our jobs much easier.
     Thanks to the V.F.W. Post 1912 Color Guard and Captain Jim Lamboy for his help, and Ray of Nob Hill Post for filling in. Flo Selbo of V.F.W. 1912 did a masterful job, as did Reverend Ron Mosley in preparing the complete program book and doing the memorial service. I was honored in laying the wreath.
Some visitors at the service were very impressed and said it was the finest they ever saw.
     The hotel management with Dee Peters, and John Yen send their regrets for any inconveniences and hope we will come back.
     To the Franks! Thanks a million for the wonderful spread on Thursday and Friday nights. Thanks to Nitch of the Police Force for his entertainment Thursday evening. I missed a few hours of it as Earl and I went to pick Reverend Mosley up at the airport, but he was stranded in Detroit, Michigan.
     The Howards and Puskariches, will see you all in Boston and Worcester, if all is well. We have a few tote bags left at $5.00 each including shipping. Our supplier can furnish more beer mugs also for the same price. Any that we sell will be turned over to Treasurer Collins. Send to C. Puskarich, 428 South 70, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214.
     We did have a few disappointments, Reverend Mosley!!! I would need a full page to tell all that happened to you. We hope you tell your story sometime. It's got to be told. It's unbelievable is all I can say.
Dee Peters of the Sheraton sends her apologies.
Once again to all we say THANK YOU! Virginia and John Howard are still at work closing up the loose ends.
Love to all, Chuck Puskarich, Chairman
P.S. We hope your trip home was O.K. and you have received your glasses.

    RESOLUTIONS: Adopted at the 36th Annual Reunion, 106th Infantry Division Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 17, 1982.:
WHEREAS: During the 1981-1982 year the Association has continued to grow and flourish with pride, and,
    WHEREAS: The members present at the 36th Reunion have enjoyed renewing old friendships and welcoming many new faces into our enduring organization,

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the 106th Infantry Division Association in meeting at their 36th Annual Reunion at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 15th through July 18th, 1982, that we express our thanks and gratitude to:
    1. Ann and Chuck Puskarich and Virginia and John Howard for their combined efforts and hospitality in arranging and planning this highly successful 36th Annual Reunion.
    2. President Russell Villwock and his entire staff and officers for leading and administering the affairs of the Association this past year.
3. Mrs. Alan W. Jones for her research and donation of funds for the purchase of the American and Division flags.
4. Florian and Dorothy Frank for the gift of refreshments.
    5. Our Chaplain, the Reverend Dr. Ron Mosley, for his efforts and service in presenting an inspiring memorial service.


    6. Members of the Color Guard of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1912 of West Allis, Wisconsin for their inspiring presentation of the colors at our Memorial Service. 7. Mrs. Arthur Selbo of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1912 for her musical accompaniment.
    8. Donald E. Turek, Executive Director of the Milwaukee War Memorial Center, Inc. for the use of their beautiful facilities for conducting our memorial service.
9. The Pabst Brewing Company for their hospitality and tour of their plant.
    10. Bridgewater Branch 24, Royal Canadian Legion, Nova Scotia for the presentation of their wreath that will cement our comradeship with them.
    11. The management and staff of the Sheraton Mayfair Inn, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin for our comforts and I their hospitality in making our stay here a vacation long to remember.
12. Robert Jansen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Insurance and Real Estate Broker, our banquet speaker.
    13. The City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the huge sign on the City Hall remembering the 106th Infantry Division Association.

Respectfully submitted, Don Armington, Chairman Ben Britton John Robb

1981 - 1982

Members' Dues $5,105.00
Auxiliary Dues 284.00
Interest & Dividends Earned 2,047.39
Sale of Patches 30.00
Sale of Auto Tags 30.00
Sale of Phot Enblerns 42.00
Surplus - 1981 Reunion 701.42
Contribution 500.00
Return of Registration Fee 48.00
CUB Expense (3 issues): Printing $2.177.78
Postage 347.44
Plates 31.31
Phone 44.09 postage 262.94
Office Supplies 18.16
Telephone 56.58
Registration Fees. - 3 Officers - 1982 Reunion 189.00
Advance to. Reunion Comm. 150.00
Interest Penalty 11.36
New Flags 500.00
Net Increase $4999.15
FUNDS ACTIVMES Brought Forward $4,465.40
Net increase 4,999.15
Balance June 30. 1982 $9.464.55
Brought Forward $7,307.16
Contributions 998.00
Less: Maintenance - St. Vith Memorial 1,000.00
$9464.55 $7,305.16 $16769.77
4465.40 7,307.16 11,772.5E
$4,999.15 $( 2,00) $4,997.1!
Balance June 30, 1982 $7,305.16
Checking - First National Bank of Atlanta $870.06
Savings - Fukon Federal Savings & Loan 78.55
Savings - T. Rowe Price Prime Reserve Fund 15 821.10
Respectfully submitted. Sherod Collins. Treasurer


By Ron Mosley
     We have two cars. Being retired, we didn't think we needed same, but we live 18 miles from an incorporated community. Our "first" vehicle was purchased new in 1978, and "Audi Fox" station wagon which drives like a sports car when it goes. The trouble is that when parts are needed the "Audi" sits waiting on the parking lot of the garage. In 1981 we spent about $1000.00 in car rentals. Last November we bought a 1974 Volkswagen "beetle" with low mileage.
     The plan was to attend the 106th reunion and for me to fly to Milwaukee, driving the "Audi" to the Halifax, Nova Scotia, airport and park it for the time I was gone. The day before the flight, grandson Bill and I came in from a boat trip to find that Eloise had rushed the "Audi" to Bridgewater to the VW garage because of a leaking gas tank. A new one was required and had to be ordered.
     So Eloise drove me to Halifax in the "beetle" on July 15, doing an errand in the metro area before leaving. We got into heavy traffic, and our 7-month old German Shepherd "Segen" (German for "blessing"), upset by truck diesel traffic fumes, "barfed" in the back seat. Behind it was my luggage. Like an idiot, I had forgotten a "beetle" had a luggage compartment under the front hood.
Finally, we cleaned up, and I got my flight from Halifax.
     Now, Air Canada has a virtual monopoly on air travel, but it has the nasty habit of losing not only my luggage but also that of people who come to visit us. So all my gear had to be hand-carried to our reunion.
     The trip to Milwaukee was a "Comedy of Errors" (with apology to Shakespeare) or an exercise "in the absurd!" The original plan was to fly from Halifax to Toronto, to change there for a flight to Chicago - via Air Canada. From Chicago the plan called for a flight by Mississippi Valley Airlines to Milwaukee, getting in about 8:00 p.m. Chuck Puskarich was going to meet me.
     My luggage included a hang-up garment bag and a square card-board box which contained a Royal Canadian Legion wreath, 300 printed copies of our Memorial Service, and several name plaques. No problem was incurred in hand carrying the two items from Halifax to Toronto. In Toronto I went through U.S. Customs and Immigration, through the security check, and hence to the Air Canada gate. An officious woman came out and looking at my square box said: "Sir, you


    cannot carry that box on board. It won't fit." I said: "I had no trouble from Halifax to Toronto, and I must have these things for tomorrow." I'll take it to my superior for his O.K.," she said. Everybody left! She finally came back stating: "Well it's alright. You can take this box in the plane." "No, I can't," I replied. "The flight has gone, and it's your fault I've lost it." I had a few chosen words to add, and you can use your imagination. I swear I didn't "swear."
    She scrambled around with me "sputtering away." The result was that I was re-scheduled on Republic Airlines from Toronto to Detroit, change planes, and another Republic flight to Milwaukee. I had to go to the front office, get refunds from the duty-free shop (perfume for Eloise, "Oh, Be Joyful" for me), take a bus to airport Terminal One, get a new ticket from Republic, get in line to go through U.S. Customs and Immigrations again, rush for security pushing my way as I only had 10 minutes, all the time carrying my luggage. I did get a phone and reached Eloise at home.
    "Guess where I am," I said. "I haven't a clue" was her reply. I said: "Detroit" and told her the story (so far). I asked her to call the hotel in Milwaukee to tell Chuck Puskarich of the change, but he had already left. I finally arrived in Milwaukee about 10:00 p.m. to discover I'd have to take a $20.00 taxi ride (tip included).
    At the Sheraton Mayfair a young clerk told me there wasn't a room left, that guests who had been expected to leave, hadn't. I produced carbon copies of the two letters I had written the hotel; the last one had included a personal check for $50.00 on our U.S. bank as I was getting in after 6:00 p.m.
     The check had been cashed, still no deal! I was taken on a 20 minute ride by van to an inner city hotel owned by the same hotel chain with Al Johnson and Bobby Desjardins, in the same "fix," following in their rental car.
     Then I left a 5:45 a.m. call and also set my alarm watch for 6:30 am "just in case."' My alarm watch went off, but I was already shaving. At 6:45 the room phone rang, and a voice said: "Reverend Mosley, I'm the van driver. We will be leaving for the Sheraton Mayfair." I answered: "Can you wait 5 minutes? I was not awakened and am about packed." He answered in the affirmative, but when I got to the hotel lobby, the van had gone. The clerk stated the record showed I had been called at 5:45. This was not true, as I had stuck a small piece of note paper in the middle of the phone cradle. I had a sneaking suspicion I might not be called. I had another $20.00 taxi ride back to the Mayfair and stuck the luggage I didn't need in the hotel office with the remark: "My room had better be ready by 4:00 p.m."
    I got back from the city tour, luncheon, and our Memorial Service at 4:30 p.m. I walked to the hotel desk and asked for my room key. I got Room 511. I went up in the elevator and opened the door to find it occupied by Al Johnson and Bobby Desjardins. Turing around I came face to face with the clerk who "had no room for me in the inn" the previous night. I screamed: "You've done it to me again! Don't you people ever do anything right? If you were in the 106th Division, I would personally see that you spent your entire time digging latrines." I went on: "Get me a room, NOW! Pick up my luggage." They did, and a young man and a young lady took me up to Room 811.
     When we got there, I snarled: "Where is the ice machine?" "On the 7th floor," came the reply. "Well, go get me some ice and don't expect a tip," I stated. The young lady pointed to a table by the window. On it stood a bottle of French wine in a silver ice bucket with a card which read: "Compliments of the management." I said: "Thank you. Now get out of here!" I phoned Al Johnson's room and said: "Come up here and help me to drink this wine." They did, and while there, the phone rang. A voice said: "This is Mr. Dean, the front manager. I understand you've had problems here." "That's an understatement," I snorted. He went on: "Please accept your stay as complimentary." My reply: "I'll think about it:" Two nights were "complimentary," but they had cashed my deposit of $50.00 which was not refunded.
     Now, as I look back, this was some adventure. Such times I don't need. This reminds me that when we began to depart from our "staging area" at Camp Miles Standish in October, 1944, for Staten Island, I stayed to the last to conduct a departure service in the field house. We were delayed on our military train to New York near New London, Conn., by an accident on the tracks. I thought we'd never reach our ship, the "Aquitania." I was the last one to board that old Cunard liner.
The morale to this story, if there is one, is


    probably that the 106th is still a difficult outfit to get to. However. it is worth it, it is TOPS! One sequel: I have just received my new prescription glasses which I had left in the back of Chairman Chuck's "Cadillac" in which I returned to the hotel.
     Chuck told me I had reduced the hotel convention manager, "Dee" Peters, to tears by my "antics." Was she the young lady who went up on the elevator and finally got me into my room? I'm an old softy; a lady's tears I can't take, and as I understood from Chuck that she would be at our Saturday night banquet. I went over to the shopping mall to seek out a florist shop. There I got some red roses to give to her. She never showed. To quote Chuck's letter: "She was ill all weekend, and not at work Monday." Then Chuck's P.S.: "Saw Dee today. Thursday, July 22, and she said to give her regards to you and asked if anything more happened." Well, all I can say is: "Let's do it again and this time with "feeling." See you in 1983 in Worcester, Mass. God Bless!!!


Photo: Left to Right: Ken Bradfield, Ben Britton, Russell Villwock. Two serious, one unconcerned.

Photo: Bob Howell and Russ Villwock Now You know who they are.

Left to Right: Jim Wells and Richard DeHeer. Wonder what these two are cooking up
Photo: Wanold Olman "I'm not skinny" I like my Beer "Now there is a Pabst tumor if I have ever seen one.
Photo: Left to Right: Clare Henning, Jim Henning, Jackie Villwock "A Toast to You!"


Photo: Left to right: Jean & Bob Pierce, Sherod Collins. Our Hard Working Threesome.

    Photo: Left to right: Louise & Bob Howell, Jackie & Russ Villwock. How come we get such nice people to run this outfit?

    Photo: Left to Right John & Virginia Howard, Chuck & Ann Pucharich & Rev. Mosley. Here are the people that made it Happen. Ron! Don't look so sour.

Photo: Left to Right: Kay Loveless, Carol Beals. Joe Mathews. Three Birthdays for Three Beautiful people.



Dear Dick,
     Last fall I had reason to be in the Camp Atterbury area; so I just had to stop and have another look. The northern half of the camp has all been torn down and a lot of the southern half is gone. All of the 422nd and 423rd areas are gone. Some permanent, new type buildings have been built for the National Guard to use.
     The Division Artillery area looks pretty much intact. Here and there an old building still stands to remind one of the days gone by. It's sure a far cry from the camp of 1944, when the 106th said "Good-Bye".
     Like the Rock of Gibraltar, the rock of "Camp Atterbury" still stand guard over the remains of a once great camp where once three proud and mighty Infantry Divisions took their final training before going overseas in WWII the 30th - 83rd and our own 106th.
Sincerely, Russell. Bonnie and the Boys


Dear Dick, I rejoined the 106th Association last year after a lapse of some years. Glad to be back in the fold.
     Glad to hear that Gen. McMahon is as spry as ever together with his lovely wife enjoying life. (I'm sure she remembers Philadelphia!) We are sorry that we will not be able to join you in Milwaukee for the next convention in July. The EX-POW convention is in Colorado Springs, July 11th to 15th and the DAV convention is in July (latter part) in Las Vegas. I am Committed to both.
     I have heard from Col. Matthews. The EXO 422nd, he brought me up to date on the goings on with the 422nd and the 106th.
     Now retired from the VA and living in Las Vegas. If you ever get out this way be sure to call. We are listed in the phone book.
Best of everything and success in your convention.
Sincerely, Alan Dunbar
P.S. So glad to hear that Col. Cavender is alive and well!!

Dear Robert,
     Enclosed check of $15.00 is for my membership dues (July 1 through June 30, 1983), including $5.00 for the Memorial Fund. During the past year I have become disabled with a stroke and have retired. My recovery is progressing fine.
     I have a son 18 years old who will begin college next year. Does the Association still operate a scholarship program? If so, whom do I contact to submit an application for my son? If you can provide me with any scholarship information, I certainly will appreciate it.
     Sincerely yours, Leon J. Setter Formerly Assigned to: Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 422nd Infantry 106th Division 3825 Grail Wichita, Kansas 67218

Dear Bob,
     Thanks so much for the reminder. I needed it. As a result I am enclosing my check for $100 to be applied as follows: Dues for 81-82 $20.00 Blanches $4.00 and memorial fund $76.00. We have not been to the last reunions as we seem to be interested in trips and activities.
In 1980 we took a trip to Norway, Shetland Islands, Scotland, England and Amsterdam.
Then did 5 weeks with a Eurail Pass in Europe.
     Rented a car at Liege Belgium and went to St. Vith to see our old area. I'm glad to see in the Cub the $3,000 is being spent on maintenance. It needed to be done. I had a visit with one of the teachers at the school and a fine over night at the local hotel. Also went to Luxemburg to visit the U.S. Cemetery there. We visited other places Rail service there is great!
This year we took a 63 day cruise from Florida to San Francisco to South America.
     We have already signed up for a cruise next summer starting in Copenhagen and around then back to New England, New York. We will be drinking Danish beer while you are in Milwaukee.
Our best to all, Charles and Blanche Richards! 423

Hi, Due to many problems I dropped my membership in 1974 but still have the dues envelope and extension blank.
     Since joining the National P.O.W. Organization, I have heard from many of my old comrades, so decided that I must go back to the Cub Association. Do you by chance hay a list of members and addresses of G. Co. men when we were overseas? I am looking for a couple of fellows that were with me all the way through. Howard Wright and Donald Bolger (last known in Saginaw, Mich.) Wright was from Washington, Thanks.
     My wife and I are all alone with the 6 children married and producing 13 grandchildren. Also 2 more on the way. We spend Feb. & March at Sanibel Island, Florida where we just take it easy. Little fishing and swimming.
So-long for now,
Harold & Verdelma Broderick 2560 White Oaks Dr., Beloit, Wis. 53511


Dear Sir:
     I wish to thank you for your prompt and interesting letter in regard to my postal card inquiry concerning 106th Div. casualties. IT'S A SHAME THIS INFO IS NOT AVAILABLE AND A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD AND IT SHOULD BE ACCESSIBLE UNDER "The Freedom of Info Act."
     I'll just reiterate that I was 18 years old then, in the spring of 1944 and was in Co C 1st Bn 422nd. My C.D. was a West Point graduate, firm and stern, and not a big man as I remember him.
     When I went back to ETO and Belgium in 1979 with a group of our 75th Div. men of 2nd Bn 291st. I recall seeing your 106th Div. Memorial, while passing through in our bus, but I don't recall seeing your memorial Chapel.
     On our recent trip June '81 to Grand Halleux, Belgium to place three (3) memorial plagues in the town where we had our big battle losses, I wanted to go to St. Vith, and only got near it on our tour and was sorry I didn't get in the town.
Yes, we were all a part of history and more should remember.
Sincerely, Peter Dounis 728 Dartmouth Ave. Silver Springs, Md. 20910

Dear Bob Pierce,
     Enclosed is my belated check for the $10.00 membership dues. Everyone at the Gillespie homestead is in excellent health (Knockin' on wood to continue).
     Only see Bob Kelly periodically - Who with Libby are in excellent spirits - always managing to escape overseas for a few weeks of touring new areas of Europe.
     The economic conditions here about make for a very sensitive business climate for my company. We are hoping to see the housing industry level and begin a turn upwards- When! anyone's guess?? Doing some consulting activity of a Canadian Wall Board Manufacturer and also a Division of Du Pont -- Helps the pocketbook.
Take Care, See Ya,

Dear Dick,
It was great seeing you and the others at the reunion.
After a wonderful time with the 106th in Milwaukee, Martha and I headed out west.
     After visiting with relations in Wisc., and Minnesota we left for South Dakota, where we stayed one night in the "Badlands" at a motel operated by the Indians. Then 3 days in the "Black Hills"' and "Mt. Rushmore" area. On to Wyoming and a tour of Yellowstone where we rode a stage coach on a western steak cook- out. Jackson Hole was next where along with the magnificent scenery in the Grand Tetons.
     We enjoyed a breakfast horseback ride, a lake cruise and steak cook-out on Elk Island. An all-day float trip with picnic lunch on the Snake River. Then came our "Rocky Mountain High" at Snowmass and Aspen, Colo. Much breathtaking scenery in this area, plus fine dining and shopping. We had a beautiful drive through the Rockies. Two days at Colo. Springs. Toured the Air Force Academy, Manitou Springs and Pike's Peak area. Then into New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and arrived home late on the 15th of August.
     Looking forward to next year and we are planning on another good trip in conjunction with the reunion in the Boston area. Our Best wishes to you and keep the "Cub" coming.
Yours, Duke Ward (Nathan) 3784 Ardsley Court Marietta, Ga 30062

Dear Bob,
I received your reminder, and I apologize for my oversight of not paying my dues.
Enclose money for $20.00 which covers through 1983, dues.
     I still correspond regularly with John ‘Pat' Hayes and John Carr, both formerly of 422 F, like myself they both are retired.
     I am still active as Service Officer with the American Legion, and for the past year I am also involved in disaster work with the Red Cross, plus some blood bank and volunteer driving for the local chapter.
Kindest Personal Regards, Waldo Pierce 530 East St.
New Britain, Ct.


Dear Bob,
Enclosed is my dues, sorry I am late.
     I'm in the 12th year of my retirement and still traveling as usual. Spent September and October in Spain and returned by way of Florida staying three weeks in St. Petersburg and then a week in Cancun, Mexico before returning north. Will head down to my usual haunt in Acapulco for the rest of the winter after the Christmas holidays.
Sincerely yours, Richard E. Bartz 216 Rustic Ave Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210

Dear Bob,
     I am sorry I am late with my dues. The past year was a bad year for me, for my wife was ill with cancer and we lost her Dec. 19th, 1981. I am sending a check for $20.00 for two years.
Thank You, Laban Goodman I/592 F.A. Bn Roanoke, VA

(The 106th members send belated sincere sympathy to you and yours.)

    Hi, We were in Belgium in Sept and saw the 106th memorial, also went back to the Bitter woods and looked around. Beautiful country.
I didn't see anything the other time due to snow and fog. I never knew the 106th had an association.
My wife, Anna Lee Diehl and I send greetings to all.
Bill Diehl. Co I 423 159 Pensinger Rd. Greencastle, Pa. 17225

Mr. Pierce,
     Enclosed is my check for membership dues. I have never attended a 106th Div. reunion. But we have a 106th QM Co reunion every year. I received a letter and a Cub from Richard DeHeer, Editor a while back. He saw our notice in the VFW magazine. I understand you may have the 106th Div. reunion in Mass. in the near future (1983).
That is close by Conn, and quite a few of the 106th QM boys live in Mass.
Looking forward to the next issue of the Cub.
Jim Senatro Qm Co 121 W. Main St. Apt. 324 Vernon, Conn 06066

Dear Mr. Pierce,
Thanks for reminding me that my Cub dues are past due. Enclosed is my check for this year.
     After 26 years in the army, I retired May 31, 1962. I was a 1st Sgt. Co B-424 from the beginning to the end of the outfit.
     I retired as buyer for the city of Columbia, S.C. last June. Now I have plenty of time to do whatever comes up, so I plan to start attending the reunions every year. My last reunion was Evansville, Ind.
Hope to see you soon.
Sincerely, Roger M. Rutland, Chief Warrant Off., P.O. Box 1713 Columbia, S.C. 29202

Dear Bob.
I retired from the army, 1 August 62.
     Moved to Calif. Went to work for TRW DSSG Aero Space Co. in security. Retired from there after 17 years. Now just cooling it. My wife, Avis Kobylarzyk and I received application from Chuck H., member of L. Co. 423rd. Received Christmas cards from Col. Cavender. Col. Hyett. My C.O. and J. P. Rihey my 1st Sgt.
     I was informed that Chuck Henderson passed away. I was sorry to hear that. I was a member of the 106th Div. Assoc. at one time but somehow, somewhere in my travels while in the army we lost contact. I would now like to become a member again.
Yours truly, Michael Kobylarzyk 6943 Caleta Lane Citrus Heights, Cl. 95610


Dear Dick:
     Another 106th Infantry Division Association Reunion has come and gone and what a tremendous success it was again. Bouquets to the Puskarichs and the Howards!
    I have enclosed 2 pictures which you may find of interest and want to share with the members by printing them in the Cub. What a surprise to look out of the bus window and see the greetings to the 106th displayed on the Milwaukee City Hall! We stopped that bus in a hurry and took several phots of that impressive sight! Also enclosed is a picture of Rev. Ron Mosley conducting the Memorial Service at the Veterans War Memorial. To me, this wonderful service, alone, was worth all the time, effort and cost of getting to the Reunion.
     This was a magnificent way to memorialize all of our dead, as well as our survivors, of that tragic battle, many a tear slowly ran down the cheeks during the service on that day.
     It was great seeing some of our members again. Let's all get to Worchester, Mass. in 1983! The 106th Infantry Division Association is a great outfit! Best regards.
Ray & Vi Untiedt

Dear Bob.
     We left Miami after 20 years and moved to this small town in North Florida where we have a small air condition, ref. business. We live on the beautiful St. John River. It is, known as the Bass Capital.
Sincerely, Thelma & James Hutcherson P.O. Box 443 E. Palatka, Fla. 32031

Dear Bob,
Sorry I am late with dues. The 106th Recon Troop are having a reunion in July 1982 at Fort Jackson, S. C.
William Fritz 7950 N.W. 14th St.

Dear Charlie:
     Reference my telephone call Sunday 11th July concerning Sgt. Leon J. Wochna, deceased and reunion of 106th Infantry Division in Milwaukee.
     I am writing this request in behalf of Sgt. Wochna's daughter Ms. Judith Beck, 239 Old Judd Road, Oriskany. New York 13424. phone: (315) 736-2968.
     She respectfully requests information concerning circumstances and actions at time of his supreme sacrifice. She would be very appreciative to hear from his friends and companions concerning their comradeship in service. A list of names and a picture of her father is enclosed. The picture of Sgt. Wochna may be kept by a buddie or placed in the 106th Division Album. She is highly interested in activities of the 106th Lion Division and as such could you kindly place her on the "CUB" mailing list.
Please direct all communications to his daughter's address. Wishing you all happy and successful reunion.
Stan Bird USAF (Ret'd)

Dear Bob:
We are still looking for John Healey, Dan Gilbert and Joe Sarlend.
I am sending you five dollars to use as the club needs it.
Also my dues.
Thank you, Fontaine C. Forbes

An old infantry man, would like to become an Associate member. I am glad to hear you have a strong association.
Joe Nuzum 526 N-15th St., Coshoctom, Ohio 43812



Dear Bob,
Sorry to be late with my dues.
     I have no excuse since I have been retired as of Jan. 1. 1981, after 47 years as a Manufacturing Engineer with Hunt Every Co. (Formally Hunt Valve C. of Salem, Ohio).
Should have had plenty of time to take care of these things, but golf, fishing and traveling gets in the way.
     I read in one of the Cubs, that interesting things that happened during our years with the 106th might be passed on in the Cub to other members.
     I, and I'm sure other members of Anti-Tank Co. 423rd still remember our early days of Basic Training at Ft. Jackson. Captain Charles B. Reid from Richbury, S.C. was our Company Commander, he had a lovely southern accent and as all got to know him better, we referred to him as "Capn' Challey".
    Along about the second week of basic training, the company must have been a little slow falling in for Reveille one morning. When we finally were brought to attention, Capn' Challey was in a pretty angry state. I can still hear him: "Men! When that whistle blows. ah' wanta see that doe opens an' when that doe opens, ah' wanta see a cloud a dust. An' when that dust settles, ah' wanta see-pause of' rows of cone. Freeze damit Freeze." Needless to say from that day on we were probably the fastest company to fall in, in the regiment.
If you think this story is worthy of a little nostalgia, would you please pass it along to the editor of the Cub.
Enclosed is a check for dues for two years.
Best regards, Walt Hiltbrand 930 Fair Ave. Salem, Ohio 444460

Dear Bob,
     Sorry I have been out of the Association so long. Want to thank Waldo Pierce for sending my name to the Adj. Thing are good in good old Springfield, Ohio.
Best regards from my wife, Jane Hayes and myself,
John P. Hayes Co F 422nd Inf. 2226 Erie Ave. Springfield. Ohio 45505

Dear Bob,
     I was a cook in Company "B" 424th Infantry at Ft. Jackson. S.C. and transferred to "G" Company when the 106th went Overseas. I thought you might need this for my badge and any records you might keep.
     After returning from WWII, I started a career in show business and have been entertaining as a magician and mentalist ever since. My primary "areana" was appearing. at O.C. and N.C.O. Clubs and Service Men's Recreation Centers throughout the United States and Europe.
     I have been in semi-retirement from full-time touring for a couple of years but still manage to go on three or four six-week tours annually and some convention dates. I am now an agent/personal manager for other entertainers and also sell theatrical makeup and supplies to little theater groups. schools. etc.
     I would be glad to offer my services (at no charge, of course) to entertain at the Reunion if it would be desired, either as an act or program of whatever length you might desire for any scheduled function. or for close-up entertainment at Hospitality Session.
     Since I have the time and do travel. I would like it to be known that I would enjoy serving in any capacity during the year for the 106th. I would especially enjoy working with the editing of the Cub as I feel my background in publicity, promotion and advertising would be of value.
     I know it will be hard to top last year's reunion, but I am sure that in your capable hands you will see that it is done. Looking forward to seeing you in July.
Sincerely, R. L. Eichelberger AKA Rod masters

Dear Robert:
Sorry I am late with paying my dues, for I forgot all about them.
     I would like to get the book "Death of a Division". If you can give me any information as to where I can purchase it. It would be appreciated.
Please find enclosed check for two years dues.
Thank you, Ed Withee


Dear Mr. Puskarich.
     I read your notice (in the D.A.V. magazine) giving the information concerning the 106th Inf. Div. reunion. I find at this time I cannot attend.
     I served in the 106th from shortly after activation (March 1943) until its arrival at Camp Atterbury, Ind. At that point I was shipped out on cadre with one day's notice, and without time to exchange addresses.
     I was a member of the Medical Detachment, 2nd Battalion, 424th Infantry. We were quartered in the G company area, tank hill while in Ft. Jackson, S.C. I was an aid man with F Co. while in Jackson and with G Co. while in Tenn.
     I would greatly appreciate a copy of any addresses for members of this group who may have attended the reunion or the name of any other source where they could be obtained.
Hope that many of your old friends were at the reunion, I know how happy you were to see them.
     If you should ever be looking for any friends in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Ohio area, drop me a note as I would be happy to try to locate them.
     Also noted in the D.A.V. magazine that some people were searching for 106th shoulder patches. These are sometimes available at sales (gun shows) in this area if you should know anyone interested.
Thanks for your time! Best regards, Chuck Deering 2309 Anderson Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

Dear Bob,
     We have been looking forward to the Milwaukee gathering ever since it was decided to hold the reunion there in 82. Hope to see a lot of the old 423rd AT Co there and many of the friends from POW Camp. I took a 30 year reunion trip to Europe and made the tour from LeHavre to St. Vith to Bad-Ore to Ziegenheim. Really a thrill to make that trip.
Roger Kane 1214 Milwaukee St, Dealafield, Wis. 53018

Dear Mr. Pierce:
     I'm sorry to be late with my associate membership payment. Again the Cub became misplaced with all of the company I have had since its arrival, but I knew it was not lost.
I do hope you have a healthy and happy year.
     I appreciated the call I received from Sherod Collins when he was in Brentwood - a while ago. I was able to meet the Edward Prewett's at their ranch and had a nice visit.
Most Sincerely, Dorothy Broth 960 Fall River Dr. Hayward, Ca. 94544

DUES ARE DUE - send them into Bob Pierce - for some time during the year a list of members is published.

Dear John,
     I was in the 589th F.A., my Co was captured the 16th of Dec. 1944. I understand Capt. Rockwell tried to escape and was killed.
     Edward L. Malone and I held out until the 21st of Dec. 1944. We were later captured in a motor pool with about 500 others. Without food and ammunition, we were bombarded for about eight hours. After someone had killed a German under a "flag of Truth". We marched and marched - placed in box cars.
     Strafing, by the R.A.F. finally got to Stalag H-B. I was later sent to Leipzig, "slave labor" I was. struck, "beat up" by a German in Leipzig.
Anyone that has information in regards to these events, please let me hear from you.
     I was in Leipzig with Stahl and I'm sorry I can't remember his name. I aided him throughout this crisis. I would like to locate Edward L. Malone.
Thank you very kindly, Vernon Brumfield 201 W. 111th St. Cut Off, La. 70345

    NOTICE: Send your articles in TODAY for the next issue of the CUB!! Dick DeHeer, 86sio Berkshire Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32037


Dear Robert.
     Thank you for the past due notice. I had completely overlooked mailing same to you. Enclosed find a check for $20.00
     I had planned to attend last two conventions but due to bad health. I was unable to be with you. If God is willing I plan to see you this year.
I enjoy reading "The Cub" and look forward to visiting with former friends of the "106th" thru the "Cub".
Wishing you and the association the very best for the future.
Peter Russin H-424 412 Broybaston Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Dear Mr. Gallagher,
     As a teacher of American History and as a fourteen-year veteran of the National Guard Infantry. I'm also a kind of buff of things military and a collector of U.S. Army shoulder patches representing every identifiable unit from 1918 to the present. My aim is to preserve and display these patches in classrooms. in armories, and for interested groups for viewing and appreciation by the public in general. The hobby is one to which I devote a good deal of time and effort, and I'm proud to say I've already assembled nearly three thousand pieces, mainly though the kindness of hundreds of old veterans who have helped me out.
     Again my desire is to locate "odd", unusual or unique versions of 106th division patches, whether handmade foreign-made, etc. Any age or condition.
     Any help appreciated and, naturally, should there be any cost involved, I will be more than happy to pay it. Also, just in case anyone , should have an old collection of patches of t any kind, I would be thrilled to discuss it's purchase.
Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, Michael C. Tannaro 3 Tower Road Reading, mass. 01867

Ardmore, Pa. (UPI) -- It started with a telephone call on a Friday afternoon at the UPI office in Chicago.
The caller asked to speak to Broadcast Sports Editor Wally Martin. "This is Jim Bard.
Remember me?" Of course I do. Hi, Jim.
It was the first time in 36 years that we had talked.
     On a cold December day in 1944, we had been captured along with other members of the 106th Infantry Division in the Ardennes Forest. It wasn't until later that we discovered we had been in the "Battle of the Bulge." Two years ago, Bard decided to organize a reunion of those survivors of Stalag 4-B at Muhlberg and the wood mill work camp at Brand Erbisdorf, about 20 miles from Dresden. Originally there were 30 of us. But only a dozen answered the correspondence.
     Bill Peters of Watertown, mass., provided a list of addresses. So, Bard went about contacting the old group. Peters was eager for a reunion. So was Nick Bosco of Middlesex, N.J. I was one who contacted Jim.
     When I was assigned to cover the U.S. Open golf tournament at Merton, Pa., this June, it was a natural. Bard lived at Wayne Pa., just a long iron shot from the golf course. we planned a get-together.

    Before Bard arrived at the Holiday Motel in King of Prussia, a fellow sports writer asked me if I would recognize him.
     Thirty-six years is a long time. No crew cuts now, maybe a beard. Both of us are wearing glasses.. Both of us had put on weight.
No problem, we recognized each other right away.
     For almost three hours we reminisced about the capture in the Ardennes and our days later at the wood mill. We both had frost-bitten feet.
Most of all, we remembered being hungry all the time.
     We talked about the forced march after the capture and the nine-day boxcar journey to Stalag 4-B in Muhlberg. We arrived at the camp on New Year's Eve after spending Christmas in the box car: On new Year's Eve we sang Auld Land Syne with other POW's.
     Jim asked if I remembered the trips into Brand Erbisdorf to pick up beer and soda once a week. I told him I still had some German marks paid to us for work at the wood mill.
We used the money to purchase the beer and soda.
     Jim asked if I remembered Paul? Paul was not one to forget. He was the foreman at the wood mill, and a hard-nosed boss.


     The night Dresden was bombed, although the city was some 20 miles away, the bombing lit up the sky at the wood mill. We scampered to our air raid shelter and could hear the bombers and bombing.
     As the Eastern front moved closer. POW's at, various work camps in the area were moved by open box cars to keep out of the war zone. The rail trip took us through Dresden, already leveled by the bombing.
     We remembered the days on the crowded roads in Czechoslovakia. Along with the PW's there were German troops and refugees.
Over-head, Russian planes strafed anything that moved. Two members of our work party were killed.
     The Russians moved in and liberated us. A few weeks later, we were at Camp Lucky Strike in France and on the way home.
Thirty-six years is a long time...but those memories are still vivid for both of us.

    From the Editor's Desk. Please have your news in to me by Dec. 1, 1982. I like to go away for Christmas and would like the Cub to be in the hands of the printer before I leave.
Thank You, Dick DeHeer

    DUES If you have not paid your 1982-83 dues will you enclose check for $10.00 in an envelope. If you have paid dues will you use envelope to send us a note about yourself for up-date article for Cub. Thank you for your help.


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Carol W. Beals 8 Green Mountain Dr. Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Roger W. & Gracie Bell 807 28th Avenue East Moline. III. 61244
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James E. & Maydean H. Wells 2133 Hephzibah McBean Rd. Hephzibah, Ga. 30815
E. C. & Zada White Box 465 Whiteface, Texas 79379
Fred Williams Rte. 2 Box 375 Grand Ridge. Florida 32442
Wilburn L. & Dolly Wood 5000 North Ocean Blvd. Apt. 301 Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33308
Van S. & Bobby Wyatt Rt. 2 Box 5A Benton. Kentucky 42025
Robert E. & Thelma York 142 E. Sycamore Grayville. III. 62844
Michael & Elaine Zenn 1856 Cover Dr. Poland. 0. 44514
Edward & Millie Zoll 1016 Milford NE Canton. C). 44714
Chester E. Ball 6174 Sunny Vale Dr. Columbus. 0. 43228
Robert L. Eichelberger (AKA Rod masters) 825 N. Main Street Urbana. 0. 43078
Joseph Guigno 18 Dix Street Waltham. Mass 02154
Hubert H. Hockstetter 427 E. Counland Street Mundelein. Ill. 60060
Robert Ringer 4280 Kendale Rd. Columbus. 0. 43220
Marvin Rusch 10830 W. Cortland Ave. Wauwatosa. Wi
Frank Trotman Chagrin Falls, 0.

Please Pay Your Dues Promptly!


September 1, 1982

Dear Dick,
     Sorry about the delay in writing to you. If you remember, in Milwaukee, you could not give me a definite dead-line date.
However I'm not making any excuses. I definitely meant to write to you when I returned from the convention.
     We enjoyed ourselves at the convention.Never have been to Milwaukee before we were favorably impressed with the city. As you may not know we decided to make this trip by bus (Greyhound of course!). We left Boston about 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon and traveled via Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo, N.Y. Then via Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio; Elkhart and Southbend, Ind., and into Chicago. There we changed to another bus line and arrived in Milwaukee about 3:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. IA wasn't all that bad. There was a restroom on the bus and they stopped often enough for food and drink. One should carry along goodies for snacking. It seems that Milwaukee is an expensive place to get by air. It would have cost us about $361 round trip by air. You can go to the west coast almost as cheap. The bus cost us $158 round trip. As I said before we enjoyed ourselves very much. It was good to see and talk to all our friends in the 106th, the food and lodgings were excellent, and think Chuck Puskarich and his committee should be congratulated for a job well done. We are looking forward to seeing everybody in Worcester, Mass. next year. See accompanying article about that.
Sincerely, Ben Britton


    We are well on our way to completing the itinerary for the 1983 convention of the 106th Infantry Division Association. It will be held July, 21, 22, 23, and 24 at the MARRIOTT HOTEL in downtown Worcester. We are located in central Massachusetts, indeed central New England. We have much to see and do, many of them within minutes and most of them no more than a couple of hours drive of Worcester. So mark your calendar.
     Come early and stay late. The special room rates at the Marriott will be guaranteed from July 16th to July 31st. There will be further information in future CUBS.
Ben Britton and Committee.

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???, Ray & Violet, 37
106th Div., 24
106th Rcn. Trp., 26
2nd BN 291st, 22
422nd Inf., 28
75th Inf. Div., 22
Anderson, Gerald J., 9
Anglin, Lloyd H., 34
Aquitania, 16
Ardennes, 33
Ardennes Forest, 32
Armington, Don, 12
Armington, Donald R., 6
Armington, Donald R. & Maxine J., 34
Armington, Donald. R., 4
Astin, R., 34
Ball, Chester E., 37
Bard, Jim, 32
Barlow, Franklin S. & Mary I., 34
Bartz, Richard E., 24
Battle of the Ardennes, 3
Battle of the Bulge, 32
Beals, Carol, 18
Beals, Carol W., 34
Beck, Ms. Judith, 26
Bell, Roger W. & Gracie, 34
Bickford, Tom & Flo, 34
Bird, Stan, 26
Blair, Carol R., 36
Bolger, Donald, 21
Books, 17
Bosco, Nick, 32
Bradfield, Ken, 17
Bradfield, Kenneth, 6
Bradfield, Kenneth W., 4, 6
Bradfield, Kenneth W. & June, 34
Bradley, Lynn B., 6, 34
Brand Erbisdorf, 32, 33
Britton, Ben, 8, 12, 17, 38
Britton, Benjamin B., 4, 6, 34
Broderick, Harold & Verdelma, 21
Broth, Dorothy, 30
Brumfield, Vernon, 31
Bryant, Jack & Emily, 34
Camp Atterbury, 19, 30
Camp Lucky Strike, 34
Camp Myles Standish, MA, 16
Carr, John, 23
Carter, Fred R. & Penny, 34
Cavender, Col., 20, 25
Chase, Fred B., 6
Chase, Fred B. & Agnes H., 34
Clark, James I. & Shirley, 34
Coffee, Doug, 3
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Copenhagen, 20
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Death of A Division, 29
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Memorial Chapel In St. Vith, 7
Memorials, 1
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