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The Cub
Vol. 37, No. 2, Jan., 1981

President Ken Bradfield
1st Vice President Russell H. Villwock
2nd Vice President Robert Howell
Adjutant Robert W. Pierce, Sr.
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain Ron Mosley
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey
     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $10.00 per year which includes subscription of the CUB.
    Editor John I. Gallagher All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances St. Temple, Pennsylvania 19560
     All business matters, renewal of membership, renewal of Associate, renewal of Auxiliary dues, memorial fund contributions, etc., should be addressed to: Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adjutant 474 Federal Street N.W. Warren, Ohio 44483

Membership Report
Renewal (Dec. 80) 374
New 25 Assoc. 18
Total 417
Total Last Yr. 466

Photo: President Ken - Col. Joe

     Since our last issue we have seen Santa Claus and a National election, and sometimes I have a problem telling which is which. Hearing politicians promise more money for the Armed Forces and other national programs and then talk about cutting taxes is a mystery to my math.
     I can't believe that merely increasing salary will give us a larger number of quality men and women in the Armed Forces. I may be old-fashioned and very unpopular, but I think the draft is the only logical solution to our dilemma. It has been, and always will be necessary in time of war so why no use it to stay strong and help to prevent war? I cannot see why protecting this country as required of generations past is not suitable for our present generation of young people.
     I'm still proud to wave the American flag and proud that I gave time to protect it and what it stands for! Very few people would have the audacity to slap "Mean" Joe Green in the face and I feel that our Country must have a strong armed force to keep from getting slapped.
     I'll finish with a change of pace...Van Wyatt has done an excellent job of getting the June 25-28th Reunion organized. The program and budget is nearly done. Mark the date as a must on your calendar. Plan to be there. "It may be later than you think".
     As a parting thought, I would like to see some articles in the Cub on the interesting, humorous and different experiences that you had with the 106th Division. History has been recorded and written on numbers,


    dates and time; but the interesting history that hasn't been written, and I hear related at the Reunion, is your personal experiences. All together, it might make a "best seller".

BY Ron Mosley
(The Rev. Ronald A. Mosley, D.D.)
(424th & Div. Arty.)
     The 19th Century English Essayist Charles Lamb once said that every person has two birthdays, two days in every year when he must reflect on his mortality and his life. The first one is the anniversary of one's birthday, and the second is the first day of a new year. No one ever regards the first of January with indifference. We reflect on the year past (and further back!) and the year ahead. We think about the past year so that we can achieve our personal goals we set ourselves.
     In 1939 when Britain was in the first year of what became World War II, King George VI quoted from M. Louise Haskins' poem "The Gate Of The Year," in his Christmas radio message. The part quoted is:

"I said to the man that stood at the gate of the new year,
`Give me a light that I might tread safely into the unknown way.'
And he replied, 'Go out into the darkness
And put your hand into the Hand of God;
That shall be unto you better than a light
And safer than a known way."

     All of us are getting on in years. We must be! Thirty-six years ago we were engaged in the Battle of the Ardennes, probably the largest battle in the history of war! We are comrades together because we went through the fires of hell which forged solid links of friendship. We look ahead with confidence because we are not alone: God is with us; we are surrounded by "clouds of witnesses" of those comrades and friends who have gone ahead.
     My favorite poet is Edwin Markham who died in 1940 at the age of 88. In his youth he had been a gold miner in California, and In his 80th year he wrote "The Look Ahead:"

"I am done with the years that were; I am quits.
I am done with the dead and the old.
They are mines worked out; I delved in their pits,
I have saved their grain of gold.
Now I look to the future for wine and bread;
I have bidden the past adieu;
I laugh and lift hands to the years ahead:
`Come on! I am ready for you!"

     We certainly have saved "our grain of gold," specifically in and through the 106th Division Association. We can look to the future together with God.

Photo: Chaplain Ron and wife


    We can resolve to make this a year of kindness, of love for God and fellow-man, a year of following the teachings of Holy Scripture. We will not waste ourselves in anger and resentment in "getting even," in indifference to the eternal things of God.
Here I go again with another poem, but it sums up what I'm trying to say.
Edward Courtenay wrote the quatrain, "But Once:"
"I shall pass through this world but once.
Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that
I can show to any human being,
Let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it;
For I shall not pass this way again.

May it be a year of service for all.
God Bless - Ron

    Middletown, Pa. Tuesday November 18, 1980. A week ago I received a postcard from our hard working and efficient Editor of the CUB - John Gallagher, who lives in Temple, Pa., near Reading, Pa. It was postmarked Southeastern PA., P.M. 10 Nov. 1980. It advised me that copy for the next issue of the CUB (Vol. 37 No. 2, Jan. Feb. Mar. 1981 must be in his hands by the deadline-Dec. 2nd.
     I had just finished reading from cover to cover the last issue of the CUB which gave a full report of the 1980 Reunion of the Association at Hot Springs Arkansas. It is obvious that in spite of the heat outdoors, they had a very successful and joyous gathering indoors. The good news was saddened by the news on the front cover, together with his photo, that W.C. Baker of Pine Bluff Ark., (L124 Inf.) died Aug. 29 from a heart attack. The Resolutions Committee at the Reunion in Resolution No. 2-To Convention Chairman William C. Baker, his wife Sue, Glen Hanson and his wife Mildred for their long hours of planning and conducting a diversified and enjoyable reunion.
     I was interested in the member in the wheel chair with Bill Baker in the photo. The Membership Roster lists him as Albert A. Johnson (M/423) VA Hospital 5 N 1030 Jefferson, Memphis Tenn. I admire him for making the trip from the Hospital to attend the Reunion.
This is Wednesday, November 19,...
     I am writing this account at my home in Middletown Pa., about 5 miles from "Three Mile Island" the site of the Nuclear accident which the media publicized round the world. It is one week before Thanksgiving 1980. After this holiday according to tradition "Tis the season to be jolly".
     At this season I am always reminded that in the early years of the 106th. is Infantry Div. Assoc., a number of the Chapters, as the local branches were then called, commemorated the start of the Battle of the Ardennes (BULGE) on December 16, 1944 by holding a dinner near that date annually. I did some research in the issues of the CUBs of those years:
VOL. 5-Oct.-Nov. 1948 No. 2, Page 20/
    When William Perlman, elected first President of the Assoc. at Camp Lucky Strike France was transferred to CUBA shortly after the formation of the Association, David S. Price was elected to the Assoc. Presidency, which he held for 21/2 years. Dave served with Co. D, 331st Medical Bn. and with the Public Relations Office at Division Headquarters. As President and /in Public Relations Office he had much to do with December Memorial Reunions.
     For the third consecutive year, veterans of the Golden Lions Div. will gather in many different cities in local December Reunions.


     The Metropolitan Chapter will hold a dinner dance on Thurs. 16 December 48 at the Beekman Tower Hotel, 49th St. at First Ave. New York City, starting promptly at 7:30 P.M.. The total cost of the dinner tips included, is five dollars per person. (Note - Feb. Mar. issue 1949 of the CUB contained a two page photo of the dinner of the Metropolitan chapter at the Beekman Hotel with 87 members and guests present. Two tables on the right as you look at the photo had six people at each table, of which I recognized Tom and Flo Bickford/Div. Hq. Doug and Isabel Coffey /C 590 FABn, I thought it might be the New Jersey delegation..

THE December - 1948-January 1949 No. 3 issue of the CUB showed two photographs,
    1. Uniontown, PA. - Photo- of officers of a new Chapter formed at dinner Dec. 16 in Uniontown., George Phillips, American Red Cross representative who served with the 106th Div. was Selected President a long time member of the Assn. since this meeting.
    2. Albany NY/Dinner Meeting held on Dec. 16, 1948. Attendance held to 19 persons by a freezing rain. Photo taken at table with 6 seated and 6 standing behind them. Seated at the right end of the table were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chase (our recent Natl. Pres. (1979-80) Standing behind them are Mr. and Mrs. (Audrey) and Dave Price, our First National Pres.).
     Other Dinners held on Dec. 16, 1948 were Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Decatur (Central Illinois) Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis.
     It is interesting to note that our First National Pres., Dave Price (Honorary Life Member) and our immediate Past Natl. Pres. Fred Chase attended the Albany NY dinner. I dont know, but I feel that both of these couples had a lot to do in organizing that dinner. Both families live in the area, The Price's in Loudonville N.Y., and the Chases in Clifton Park NY.
These dinners had a lot to do in building and sustaining the Chapters of the Assoc.
     The Baltimore Chapter in the early years held their dinners in downtown restaurants. Later John and Kay Loveless held these December 16 annual dinners in their lovely home on Pickwick Road. The McMahons were fortunate enough to attend a number of them. Since John passed on Bud and Kitty Wilkerson who attended have taken over the hold the December 16 dinners at their home in Washington Grove Md. This is indeed fortunate for the Assoc., that they are willing and able to continue the tradition.
Leo T. McMahon, B.G.U.S.A.ret.

After Hot Springs
     I have felt real bad in recent years for not having contributed something to the "CUB", so now I have something to say, and here tis.
     The 34th - 106th Family reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was better than ever. However, we missed the friends that could not make the trip in 1980.
     After the reunion, Louise and I spent 32 additional days and 9,000 miles visiting this wonderful country of ours, and its' neighbor, Canada. We actually traveled in 18 states and 4 Canadian provinces, and saw so many beautiful and breathtaking sights, till we could fill the magazine with description. However, for the sake of space, I will mention only three highlights.
     I called on Joe Salber and his lovely wife, Vera, while passing through California. They live in a small community called Shingle Springs, near Sacramento. Joe was the Munitions officer of the 424th Inf. Regt. from Ft. Jackson days thru the Battle of the Bulge. Then, as we moved back to Reunes, France and reformed the 422nd and 423rd Regts. - Joe was moved to the 423rd, and made Regimental S-4, where he remained until the 106th was returned home.


     He has not attended a reunion since the second one held in Indianapolis in 1948.-nor has he been a member of our association. I believe he now sees how much friendship and all, he has been missing, - as I enclose a check that he handed me,- and he wants to become a member, immediately. He and Vera also plan to attend the reunion in Kentucky in June of 1981.
     Tis a small world, as the Salber's mentioned that their son has moved to Vancouver, Washington to work at the same plant as our son, Rob, now works. Of course, Louise and I spent several days with Rob, (some of you remember him in company with the Coffee twins while on the 1969 European tour). His mother says he looks "great", and I must agree, since he pays his own way, completely.
     Incidentally, Rob chartered a plane for us, soon after we arrived in Vancouver, and we spent 11/2 hours flying around Mt. St. Helens, taking pictures. What we saw gives one a pretty accurate picture of just what an atomic war of the future may do to our beautiful land. Pictures and voice just cannot describe the devastation!!
     Third, we journeyed to the little cotton and oil town in West Texas called Whiteface, to see our good friends, E.C. and Zata White. E.C. gave me a one hour, plus tour of his, "holdings", to include oil wells and many acres of irrigated farm land. I now know all about oil well drilling - cost, and etc.-Hah!! Any of you fellows that want to invest in a little of the "black gold", with E. C., just give him a call and lay it on the line, - then move to Florida and wait on your checks to arrive. The $37.50/barrel price has everyone out there drilling and re-drilling.
     He and Zata started for the convention in Arkansas, but had to stop at the last moment because of an infection on E. C.'S ANATOMY (?) He looks OK now.
     They fed us, well, and as a surprise, had Lena Lasater join us for lunch. You people that went on the 1974 tour of Europe will remember Marvin and Lena Lasater, friends of E. C. and Zata.
     Louise wants me to buy her one of those machines that sits out in the cotton fields, in Texas, and pumps, "black gold", out of Mother Earth. Anybody want to start a corporation?
All members of the association mentioned above, plan to be in Kentucky in 1981. See you there!!
Bob Howell

    Dear John, First let me say that we thoroughly enjoyed the convention at Hot Springs, Ark. even though there were problems with the heat wave. In no way could the convention commit- tee foresee the weather conditions that prevailed, and think they are to be commended for bringing the reunion to a happy conclusion with the limited alternatives they had at their disposal. We enjoyed seeing all our friends and making new ones as usual. This is the prime reason for the reunion anyway. Besides when it comes to adversity the members of the 106th can cope with the best of them. Don't forget we are #1 when it comes to bus pushing!! On the way to the convention we visited part of Smokey Mountain National Park at Gatlinburg, Tenn. On the way home we toured Memphis, Tenn., where we left Tom Maw to catch his plane to Boston. We also visited Natural Bridge, Va. and the Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va.
     We arrived home safely and shortly thereafter we received a note from the Kuizemas' advising us of the passing of Bill Baker. Bill worked extremely hard for the better part of two years and we are deeply saddened by his


passing. We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Sue.
     About a month after returning to the old routine my employer went out of business. They had been in business from 1949 and I had been with them from 1955. However it came as no surprise and with some minor adjustments and a little spare work with other trucking firms here and there we are getting along o.k.
     We're still planning to attend next year's convention at Kentucky Dam Village State Park. In the meantime we hope everyone enjoys a very happy new year. See you in the next Cub. God bless each and every one of you.
Avis & Ben Britton

SV. BTRY, 591ST F.A. BN.
     Once again it is time for me to contact service battery in an attempt to increase the attendance to next years reunion, we slipped this year and the hot weather was a big factor.
     This week I received a letter from Ken and Betty Corrigan, this is their story; "We did not miss the reunion for any other reason than that heat wave." Ken goes on to say that they are both doing good and I look for them to be in Kentucky next June.
     Some of our regulars that didn't show up this year, the Dahlens, Dattes, Serions, Carters and Florien Frank, we will have to do better next year.
     I received a letter from Fred Carter, last month in which he said that Penny still has some pains in her neck, back and arms and is still going to the doctor in Pittsburgh. The last trip the doctor put Penny in traction and she takes traction at home, twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. I called Fred when we got home and talked with Penny, she is better, we hope to see them soon, get well Penny, we are all pulling for you.
     Kay and I took off for North Carolina the 29th of September. I received a letter from Pee Wee Brackett that he was going to be down there visiting his sisters so I wrote and said that we would meet them for a visit. I called Lillian and Walter Clarke in Kannapolis and we arranged to meet at the Clarks home. James "PEEWEE" and Kay both look good and we had a nice visit and I thank the Clarks for the nice time we had. They took us to visit a factory where they make the Cannon towel, very interesting.
Walter and Lillian said they had a good time at the reunion and a nice trip in spite of the heat.
     After leaving North Carolina we went up to Virginia to visit our daughter and while there I called Bill & Barb Dahlen and we arranged a get together. Bill called Charley and Nancy Datte and they came down from Philly. Bill took us on a trip to Baltimore's water front and to the top of the office building that he works in where we had a birds eye view of Baltimore. The weather was lousy that day but when you are with dear friends who cares. Our thanks to Bill & Barb for the nice time and dinner While there we called Betty Davidson, we hope to see her at the next reunion.
     When you visit the Dahlens be prepared for the Lions, they are everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, and even one on the lid of the John. Going back to the reunion in Hot Springs, we had a good time and as always it is good to see and visit old and dear friends. The heat was bad but we did get to visit Kenneth and Lois Petit in Charleston, Miss. We stayed for two days and had a nice visit in spite of the heat. They are both doing good.
     I see by the last Cub that we have sixteen members in the association and that we are about to lose two, Chet Buschemeyer and Wilbur Evans. I need some help writing to these two, to try to keep them with us in the association. The association is our way of keeping together, it is our life line and as Bob Ringer said it in the last issue of the Cub, without the Cub


magazine there would be no association so let's get some letters going.
     Two others that we are about to lose are Betty Davidson and Howard Kriz. I am a poor letter writer and am getting worse every year but I keep the letters going to keep you all informed, unable to send out a "Newsletter" the way I used to do I have to rely on the Cub.
     Kay and I enjoyed our visits with old friends this fall and would love to visit all of you but I am afraid that is impossible, my old car, like myself is getting worn out, time to put us both out to pasture. Best wishes to all.
Jack Schlesser


Dear John & Stella:
     Me and Bobby are doing real good and are ready for Kentucky. It's hard to get a letter written now, have really heard from a lot of people.
I thought you might like the picture of Ron Mosley. We have kept in close contact.
Hope this finds all of you all doing real well. Think of you all real often.
Will write more later. Sincerely, Albert A. Johnson (m /423),VA Hospital 5N 1030 Jefferson, Memphis, Tenn. 38104.
Bobby said hello to everyone. (Written by a Red Cross Volunteer)

    John: I am concerned about a member of the 106th, met him in Arkansas, in July. His name is Albert A. Johnson, V.A. Hosp. Ward 5-N, 1030 Jefferson, Memphis Tenn. 38104. He is paralized, his nephew brought him to the convention in a wheelchair. He is a right happy person to be in his condition.
     I have been writing to him, he likes to receive mail of any kind, cards and letters. He has been living in this hospital since 1953. He likes county music, also wants a shoulder patch, any of the Cub members have one they don't need, he would like to own one. If any of the members have any books or papers about World War II, he would enjoy this also.
     Hope everyone that gets the next Cub will send him a card or letter. He is unable to write, Red Cross volunteer does his writing for him.
Anything that will brighten his days would be appreciated.
Thanks, Margaret (Mrs. Leo) Gregory, 5009 Bonnahill Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. 37076

    Dear John, I have a warm letter from Mrs. Alys Jones with which she sent in dues and a generous memorial fund contribution. She is still living in her duplex in Northwest Washington and occasionally travels the U.S. to visit her loved ones, which include 4 great grandchildren.
     She spoke of our connection with "J.R. in Dallas", Larry Hagman who is the son of the late LTC Ben Hagman of 106 Division Headquarters, and who held a reunion in Weatherford, Texas, which said she, Gen. Jones and son Alan, Jr. attended.
     Alys mentioned that like our Sgt. Gene Balke, she has a personalized auto plate, which originally belonged to Gen. Jones. It reads "106 CG".
We cherish our association with Alys Jones.
Faithfully, Sherod Collins

Bob, I am sorry to inform you of following deaths.
Harold Shick C N Co. 422, heart attack - Spring, 1980
My mother, Mrs. D.B. Frampton, C.D.R. O.G.L., Jan. 1980 - Napier Fla.
Pete Frampton


    Photo: Above are members of Service Company 422nd Reg. who attended the 106th Reunion. Front row left to right: P. Roehrich, L. B. Bradley, Col. Matthews, W. Olman, Back row left to right: L. McCullough, C. Gibson, W. Wood, P. McMillan, T. Straub

     Let me tell you a little about the men in the picture. Paul Roehrich, one of the finest mechanics, helped keep the vehicles running under the most difficult circumstances. While a P.O.W., being able to speak German and converse with the guards he made life more bearable for his buddies. In fact he was so good at it that there were those who thought he must be a spy.
     L. B. Bradley was cutting meat in a reception center when sent to the 106th and designated a cook. His potential was recognized so he was sent to Baker's School which resulted in Sv. C. having some of the finest baked goods you could imagine in the field as well as in garrison.
     Col. Joe Matthews, definitely not a desk officer, became a friend of Sv. Co. even before he became Reg. Exec. and as such was always around giving us help and encouragement.
     Wanold Olman was a baker before entering the service so it was natural for him to be assigned as a cook. The whole company was thankful for his previous experience and as a result enjoyed Army chow with the changes he made. He improved the meals immensely.
     Lyle McCullough, one of the younger men assigned to the company, was one of the best drivers around. In his quiet efficient way he could put his truck into and get it out of the most difficult places.
Charles Gibson, the company commander, was fortunate to have men of this caliber in his unit.
     Wilburn Wood was another fine man in his position. As dispatcher he knew each vehicle and its driver and where it was supposed to be at all times. It was he who was driving when his truck was ambushed. He was wounded he decided to play dead so he rolled out of the cab to the ground. He came alive when he realized that the Germans were going to take the other wounded to an aid station.
     Paul McMillan M/Sgt in charge of the motor pool was well trained in his position having put in years at the task. He was Cadred from the 80th Div.


     which he helped to activate, to the 106th at Ft. Jackson. He gave direction, control, and inspiration to his mechanics and drivers.
     Ted Straub came to Sv. Co. from the 104th Div. His experience with other units was of great value to the company. He joined us at Atterbury.
All of the others were with the 106th from its Activation, All of the above were P.O.W.s.
     Friendships were made with the beginning of the 106th, strengthened in the mud of the Tennessee maneuvers, solidified in the Battle of the Bulge and brought to a fine glow by the wives during the Annual Reunions.
     It is our hope that we can reestablish contact with other former Service Company members and bring them into the Association.
Charles R. Gibson

    John, Just a note to let you know Jim has been in the hospital since Nov. 9. He had his spleen removed as it was three times larger than a normal persons. It wasn't cancer. His liver is enlarged and the pancreas is inflamed, so he's had a few setbacks.
     Lost thirty lbs. and is just starting to have liquids yesterday. Maybe in a few days he can come home. Hopefully before Christmas.
Clare Henning

Photo: Clare & Jim Henning

    Gentlemen: Mr. Gilbert Marcus, Ca Ret. 423rd Inf. Reg. now living Chicago, III. at 525 Hawthorne Place, an Associated Person (Commodity Broker) with Mercantille Trading Co., at 141 W. Jackson Blvd. (Board of Trade Bldg.) has been duly registered as a COMMODITY TRADING ADVISOR by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the governmental agency responsible for the supervision and control of national commodity trading.
Sincerely yours Gilbert Marcus

Dear John, The enclosed appeared in the "Ex Pow" Bulletin magazine of July 1980.
     I began reading the article with general interest until I recognized the name of Nicholas Sarlo, who was assigned to D. Company 422nd. Nicholas was a jeep driver. We later were together at Stalag IX B at Bad Orb, Germany. My wife first recognized my name. The name Robert Cathey also appeared as a new member of the "Ex Pow" organization. He was in the 106th and now lives in Stonewall, Texas, 78671. I don't believe he is a member of the association.
Nicholas lived on Ft. Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn, N.Y.. I once visited his family but have since lost contact.
     I wrote to the editor of the Bulletin in attempt to contact Mr. Kane. Although I have received word by a reader of the newspaper that my letter was published, I have not made any contact with Mr. Kane as yet. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else recognizes any of the other names listed.
Frank S. Trautman
    EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article appeared in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, May 19, 1980, in their "Insider" column. Anyone with information


on the names listed may contact the Philadelphia Bulletin at & Market St., Phila., PA address.
     Another Memorial Day is past. Earl Kane reaches into his box of memories and pulls out the old and grimy patched U.S. $1 bill. On it are the printed and scrawled names of 15 World War II GIs...names like Charlie Bibbs...Cpl. O. C. Bixton...Albert B. Smith...Nicholas A. Scarlo...B.T. Brown...And the barely discernible message: "Prisoners of War, Dec. 14, 1944. Stalag IV-B, Bad Orb, Germany. Liberated April 2, 1945. 8:30 A.M.
     Earl Kane was not in uniform during World War II. He worked for the Bendix Corp. in the Atwater Kent building in Germantown that had been turned into a war plant making airplane parts.
     Money was tight for the Kanes in the postwar years. The weekly paycheck went to the Germantown branch of the Provident Bank on Chelten Ave. and was cashed into 50 $1 bills, which went into Kane household budget envelopes.
One payday, about five years after the war, Kane noticed something different about one of the dollars.
     "I almost missed it," says Kane, who now lives alone with his wife in an Andorra apartment. "It was in bad condition, crumpled and worn." Kane takes out the dollar and smooths it. "How did it get to the teller's cash drawer in Germantown?" he repeats the question he has often asked himself.
     Earl Kane looks at the other names, barely legible now: Basil Burke, Jr. Carlton Wing...E. J. Hickey...Melvin A. Kraft...Rudy Molnar...Herman A. Eelmann...Robert Cathey...Frank Trautman...T. K. Kalin...Joseph H. Hunt. Says citizen Kane: "I'd be happy to turn it over to any one of the signers. I wonder where they are?"

    Sir With interest rates hitting the economy, opening law practice after banking career equals semi-retirement But that suits my age anyway!
     Noted in Cub fine practice of keeping in touch with family members of those who weren't as fortunate as us to make it. Still exchange Christmas greeting with the Luesenrings in N.J. whose son Vic was killed next to me during strafing at IX B in Bad Orb. Regards Edmond Kelly, P.O. Box 308 Middle- town, N.Y. 10940

    Hi John, We had a pretty good turn out for the dinner Saturday evening. There were 17 of us and too much to eat. The ones present were: Bob and Jean Gilder, John and Martha Fritz, O. Paul and Carlene Merz, Frank Trautman, Ted and Laura Straub, Bob and June Walker, Walt and Lillian Bandurak, Chuck and Winnie Garn and Bob and Jean Pierce. After eating we saw slides of the Gilders and Fritzs and Zorns trip to and from the Hot Springs reunion. Also some that Frank Trautman had taken at earlier reunions. Had a real nice evening talking over old times as usual. Sincerely Yours, Robert W. Pierce, Sr. Adj.

    This letter is to inform you of the death of Raymond T. Harm (Signal). He died on October 26, 1980 of stroke due primarily to diabetes. Please provide proper announcement in THE CUB and discontinue membership after the announcement. Cordially, The Family of Raymond T. Harm

    Dear Bob: Enclosed is check for 1980-1981 dues. Sorry I am late sending them. It was just a oversight on my part. I sure enjoy reading the Cub.
Best regards to you and all the 106 Inf. Vets. William J. Flynn (DHQ)

    Bob; I am 72 years old, my wife is 65. I've been retired 12 years, my wife 8 years. We spend 5 months in the summer in Anderson, Ind. and 7 months in the winter in Brooksville, Florida. We are both quite active, I ride my bicycle 5 to 15 miles a day, to


    control my weight. I also ride my Honda 350 all the time. We have 1 daughter, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. We have been serving the Lord for the past 28 years. I've held all the different offices in the church, at one time or another, we have both taken a number of Bible courses, We've taught Sunday School classes all of our Christian life, I've been class leader in the church for many years. I also do quite a lot of preaching. My wife was missionary president for many years.
    Life to us is quite exciting, but to any one else it is probably very ordinary. I doubt if you find anything here for your Cub. Les Davis

    Dear Bob: Enclosed you will find my check for $10. dues for 1980-81. I thought they were paid until I saw the list of unpaid members that came with the October, November, December Cub. Sorry about that.
     The last month has been a frantic one. My wife, June, had a heart attack on October 3rd and passed away October 20th. We were looking forward to Kentucky Dam this summer. Perhaps I can anyway. I would appreciate it if you would pass this information on to the Cub editor John. Sincerely, Fred W. Burnham,
CWO 106 Div. Band

Dear Mr. Pierce: Enclosed are our dues for 1980-1981-Membership Wm. C. Davis - Auxiliary - Maxine Davis
     This past reunion was our first and apparently we liked it very much as we already have made reservations for the 81 in Kentucky - matter of fact my entire family is planning to be there - daughter - son-in-law and four grandchildren.
     Although we did not get personally acquainted with Bill Baker we saw him in action at Hot Springs along with his lovely wife and were impressed with his sincerity and concern for everyone's wellbeing. We are sad to hear of his death. The best of regards to you.
William C. Davis

Dear Bob, I just today received The Cub, and enclosed is my check dues and $5.00 on the Memorial Fund.
     Sorry I overlooked this, but I moved back to Nashville this past June, to my old hometown; and also to old Hobson Methodist Church where I attended as a child and a youth. My wife, Eleanor and I were married at Hobson in April, 1944 while we were at Camp Atterbury.
     Feels a little strange to be the pastor of a church where you grew up! Due to the moving in the last week of June I did not get to attend the reunion in July in Hot Springs. If all goes well, however, we do plan to attend the one next year, as it will be rather close to us. I am looking forward to being there and perhaps renewing old acquaintances.
     Down Memory's Lane: I think I was one of only a few fortunate ones in old Co. H, 423rd, to get transferred out to another outfit, out of the infantry. I was assigned to the 48th Signal Battalion in France after getting out of the hospital in England. Also, I still have my of uniform - intact - that I wore home from Linz, Austria in January, 1946. (Of course, I haven't been able to get into it for years!) With kind regards, Isham A. Harris, Jr. 1716 Greenwood Ave. Nashville, Tenn. 37206

    Editors Note: General McMahon has informed me that he is requesting being relieved from his responsibility for writing "Bag Lunch" column.
In the army tradition I ask "Do we have a volunteer?" await your reply.

     Doug Coffey requests that any one with a good clear picture of our memorial forward it to him for reproducing for next year's reunion.


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Index for: Vol. 37 No. 2, Jan, 1981

Index for This Document

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106th Div., 1, 7
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331st Med. BN, 5
422nd Regt., 15
423rd Inf. Regt., 16
423rd Regt., 8
424th Inf. Regt., 8
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80th Div., 15
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Andorra, 17
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Bad Orb, 17
Bad Orb, Germany, 16
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Baker, W.C., 5
Baker, William C., 5
Balke, Sgt. Gene, 13
Bandurak, Walt & Lillian, 17
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Battle of the Ardennes, 3, 5
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Camp Atterbury, 19
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