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The Cub
Vol. 35, No. 4, Jul., 1979

: .1
President Robert ‘Bob' Scranton
1st Vice President Fred B. Chase
2nd Vice President Ken Bradfield
Adjutant Walter Bandurak
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain Russell H. Villwock
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John I. Gallagher
All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pennsylvania 19560
    All business matters, renewal of membership, memorial fund contribution°, auxiliary dues payment, etc., should be addressed to: Walter Bandurak, Adjutant 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year
Associate Dues $5.00 per year
Member 1977-78 433
Member 1978-79 428

     If you have never attended a reunion, you don't know what you are missing. In the 106th we have a tremendous fellowship and dedication to the preservation of the ideals of our association.
     Many people have made lasting friendships with members that they have never known during service. We have a common bond of understanding which makes us proud to be a member of the association.

Chaplain's Column
     The past year has been very rewarding as I spent many hours thinking about what should I write for the Chaplain's column. I found ideas do not always come easy, and things that I would like to write about or things that are of interest to me are not always of interest to others.
     As the article about scouting, it brought back many of the good times and hours I have spent with youth in scouting, I think those 25 years or so have enriched my life many times over.
     Just as the job as Chairman for our 1979 Reunion, I have found it fun and rewarding to work with the people that have helped, I hope, to make our Reunion a success.
     Have received and answered over 50 letters from men that have served with our Division. Some of those letters took me back to 1944 and my days in the Ardennes Forest. In some future Cub I will share these letters with you.
Just shows it cost nothing to listen and work with people of all ages and become enriched beyond ones' imagination.
Russell H. Villwock

July 19 - 22
     All roads lead to Chicago and the 33rd Reunion of the 106 Infantry Division. By the looks of the mail, it is going to be well attended.


     For those that will be driving by car, the gas should be available. From all reports and articles I have read, there will be gas available on all toll and expressways.
So do not hesitate - get your registration in if you haven't already done so.
Have entered an order for four days of good weather, so come and enjoy it.
Reunion Committee
For any last questions: Call Russ Villwock (312) 631-2027

Memorial to Major General Alan W. Jones(1894-1969)
Middletown Pa. 29 May 1979.
     The 25th Wedding Anniversary of the McMahons was scheduled for Sunday April 22, 1979. Early in March we discussed it with my son Col. Leo T. Jr. and with Wilda's daughter Carol McNair. We asked them to arrange small dinner party of friends and relatives for Saturday evening April 21st. Then in the wee hours of March 28 came what has come to be known as the Accident at Unit 2 reactor vessel at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station. This is about four miles from our home in the center of Middletown.
     Some people left but most of our friends stayed and so did we. Several old Army friends living in Chevy Chase Md. and Baltimore invited us to come down and stay with them but we did not. On Sunday 1st April President Carter, his wife and staff came to town to look over TMI, but we did not see them. People continued to leave. My niece and her family live in Pittsburgh but were vacationing in the Virgin Islands. From there she got a phone call through to us here, urging us to go up to their place in Pittsburgh. So we drove there on Tuesday. They flew home on Wednesday, we had a nice reunion, and then drove back here on Saturday, where conditions were much improved. The 25th wedding anniversary party was held as scheduled on April 21st. But it had expanded into a much larger party at the Officers Club of the New Cumberland Army Depot, US Army among those present were Pat. and Josie Dohoney, C/422. We accompanied them to the last three Division Reunions. They live in Camp Hill Pa.
     We recorded in the last issue of the CUB (Apr. May, June 79) that we had received a letter from John and Virginia Kelly, C-423/East Weymouth Mass. saying that on 31 March-1 April they are attending a meeting of the Military Order of the Purple Heart in the quality Inn New Cumberland Pa. This is right across the Susquehanna River from Middletown. They promised to stop by and see us on their way to this meeting and we mailed them directions. But on 28 March came the accident at Three Mile Island in Middletown and we did not see them. It was tough to get a phone call in or out of Middletown, but I managed to reach the Quality Inn in New Cumberland. They said the Kellys were not registered. I cannot imagine anybody deliberately cowing to this area at that time.

     THE DETROIT WOLVERINES. Chapter as the gang from there used to refer to themselves in the 106th. Inf. Div. Assn. I enjoyed Jack Gillespie's story in the last issue of the Cub (Apr. May June 79) of the dinner of the gang on Dec. 16 at Kingsley Inn, Bloomfield Hills. It took me back to the 1950 Convention of the Golden Lions at the Fort Shelby Hotel in Detroit. The accompanying photograph of the gang at the dinner was excellent. Even with my old eyes I recognized every one, particularly the ladies. They looked like 1950 to me. Jack in his article described, the guys. The McMahons send our greetings to you all.


    Tom and Alice Dorosky, Sv-592 AF Bn. who were visiting their daughter and family in Lancaster Co., Pa. stopped off on a visit to us enroute home to Shavertown Pa.

New Members

Rodger W. Blakney L423 Route 1 Wilson, Texas 79381
Leland J. Turley H423 4404 W. Archer Tulsa, Okla. 74127
Gilbert Fritzgerald E424 521 South Linden Aven. Waynesboro, Va. 22980
Henry D. Healan M 423 15317 Grovewood Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44110
William Roger CN-422 548 Havertree Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
Arthur Parker 589FA. RT. 1 Box 318 Leeds, Ala. 35094
Vincent M. Johnson F423 751-18th St. Carlyle, Ill.62231
Kenneth T. Hester 6590 Rt. 4 Box 320 Shepherdsville, Ky 40165
Dale L. Meyers CN-423 7228 W. Everell Chicago, III 60631
Robert E. Maxson C-590 511 Main Street Trenton, Missouri 64683
Sylvester Krupinski 422 116 Caldwell Road Terra. W.V. 26764
Edwin N. Jones M424 Box 124 Benton, La. 71006
James W. Buescher L-423 200 Rockingham Columbia, Missouri 65201
Robert H. Byerley F-423 119 S. Ruth Street Maryville, Tenn. 37801

Doug reports that as of May 23, he had only nine reservations.
If you are interested please contact travel agency or Doug Coffey promptly.
Unless we have better response the trip will have to be cancelled, final decision to be made at Chicago reunion.


Dear John:
     After 16 years in business, I gave it up. I wanted to spend more time at home. I'm back in baking again at state hospital.
     After 35 years I located our old Co. clerk, in Kansas City--he has since joined 106th, also couple weeks ago I found one of our old buddies, a cook in service Co. 422 in Oklahoma. He is also joining.
     I think we can build up the membership some if the fellows know the town our old buddies are in. Call 555-1212 plus area code. Just ask for the number of person thats the way I found these two buddies.
Keep up the good work and the best to you. Hope to see you in Chicago.
The "Cub" is very good.
What about life membership? Any word on it?
Wanold D. Olman


Mr. W. D. Robbins
Box 337 Willard, NC 28478
     W. Dudley Robbins of Penderlea in Pender County is an Assistant Director, of the Division of Veterans Affairs with special emphasis on veteran employment. He is also chairman of the Governor's Jobs For Veterans Committee of North Carolina, a position created by the last legislature.
     Dudley grew up in Burgaw, North Carolina. After graduating from Burgaw High School, he attended North Carolina State University, receiving a B. S. in Horticulture in 1942.
     Upon graduation from college he went immediately into the U.S. Army and served four years in the Infantry with overseas duty with 3rd BN. HQ., 422nd, 106th Inf. Div., in the European Theatre. He was awarded a Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman's Badge, three Battle Stars, and the Purple Heart Medal with two oak leaf clusters. He was a POW captured in the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 and escaped in May 5. After active duty he remained in active Army Reserve for 20 years. Dudley has been active in Veterans Affairs since 1946. He is a member of the American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, AMVETS, the American EX POW, and the Order of the Purple Heart. In 1957-58 he served the Department of North Carolina. American Legion as State Commander and from 1960-64 he served on the American Legion National Executive Committee, and is now chairman of the American Legion National Law and Order Committee.
     In 1964 Dudley was appointed by Governor Dan Moore to the North Carolina Veterans Commission and served until January 1977.
     Since 1960 he has been a member of the Pender County School Board and its' chairman since 1962. He is also active in the North Carolina School Board Association and is presently a actor of that association.
     Dudley lives at Penderlea with his wife Jackie and four sons, Bill, Red, Marty, and Jimmy. He is active in St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Burgaw and The Willarlea Ruritan Club in his home community.

Dear John:
We hope that you and Stella are fine.
     My ninety three year old Mother who broke her hip last July when we were in the Bahamas is doing fair and walking with a walker. My Mother-in-law had surgery March 19th and is not doing well. She has had twenty-eight cobalt treatments and began her first chemotherapy today. All this will prevent us from going to Chicago this summer.
     We are very sorry to miss seeing our friends of the 106th division. We have not missed a reunion since 1965 when our good buddie, Sherod Collins came to our home in Athens, Ga. and invited us to attend the associational meeting in Augusta.
     Our good friends John and Marilyn B. Robb were in Atlanta, Ga. this spring for a dental meeting. We had hoped to see them in July in Chicago.
The peach trees were damaged severely by the ice storm in Feb., but our rose garden has been very beautiful in May.
     We are looking forward to seeing the Coffeys, the Virgil Collins and the Presslye Walters on their way back to Florida from the 106th Associational Meeting. The garden is looking fine Doug, especially the tomatoes.
Horace and Evalyn Mansfield

Dear Walt:
     Just a line with check for my dues. Sorry I cannot make the Reunion in Chicago. Although I can see to read and drive it is hard for me to walk around very fast in strange places. One eye is 20/20 the other is weaker. I really can only read with one eye. Can see objects with the other.


     I see where I have introduced two members of the 422nd personnel office to join the Association. Harold Axon and Al Schuller. Would like for you to send some material or a copy of CUB to Carl Kwaczek, 125 Connellsville Street, Dunbar, Pa., 15431. I took over his job as Company "C" clerk after he became 1st Sgt.
Thanks for the good work you are doing.
Harry C. Tissot C/422
6510 Murray Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
P.S. Celebrated 50th wedding anniversary on February 9, 1979.

Dear Walt:
     I guess it is time or at least near time that yearly dues are in order so you will please find check for $5.00 for next year.
I have a bit of news that I will send on to you or perhaps should be sent to John I. Gallagher.
     I have just completed reading a true suppressed story of one of Patton's boldest and bloodiest missions. The name of it is "48 Hours to Mammelberg", written by Charles Whiting.
     It is an authentic account of the spearhead that Patton sent in to liberate his son-in-law who was in prison camp with me. Not only was his son there but the son of Ernest Hemmingway and the son of Alan W. Jones. I was not aware of this fact until I had read the book. Another thing that I did not know was that it was not Stalag XIII at Hammelburg but Oflag VII. There were three different types of prison camps in Germany. Oflags-for officers only. Luflaags for Air Force POW's and Stalags for enlisted men.
     There is much more that is told about in this book that I never knew or read about. There is much more I could write about this but perhaps it would be better to pass on to the surviving members the name of this book. I am sure they would be very interested in it. It comes in paper back for only $1.25.
I have managed to keep out of the hospital this past year thank goodness.
     I have had my ups and downs and have managed to keep my house going. The winter was not too rough except for the oil bill. It is 60.9c a gallon, here in Augusta and gas is almost out of sight.
     I sold my car about a year ago and have not driven for over 2 years. I am fortunate to live within walking distance of two large Marts and a couple of restaurants.
Well, Walt, I guess this is enough for this time and I hope it finds you in good health.
Norman W. Hayden
CE03,Hq.00.,81stEngr. Bn
Augusta, Maine 04330

Hi Walt:
     How about that picture of me and Gene Saucerman that got into the "CUB this time!! That was taken at my house just after the Fort Lauderdale Convention. I'm showing my age, of course
     I recently joined an Ex-P.O.W. Association. I just heard about it when another old 106th buddy of mine sent me information about it. It is probably old stuff to you but just in case it is not, I have included the back page of the monthly bulletin for you to consider. (With application form). It is very interesting to go through each month--many 106th Div. veterans are listed as members.
    Sorry we won't be able to get to the Chicago Reunion this year. We are already committed to visit my folks in Rockford, Illinois on Labor Day-a family re-union get-together. Both my parents are still living and active (in their 80's).


     We hope that all is well with you and your family. If you get down Florida way again, be sure and look us up. We would love to get together with you!!
Best Regards,
John & Norma Wilson
D & H/422
331 East 59th Street
Hialeah, Florida 33013

    I am a new member and my wife's name is Anita Marie Turley. We have two children and three grandchildren. Retired from 251/2 years in Turley's Dry Cleaners in Tulsa.
Mr. Leland J. Turley H/423
4404 West Archer
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

     Sorry we are late with the dues. Been very busy. Sold our large home and bought a smaller one. Please note change of address. Would love to go to he Reunion in Chicago as well as the trip to France in the fall. Unable to make plans too far ahead. Had such good times in 1969 and 1974. What fond memories!! Hope you're both doing well. The CUB magazine is the greatest. Will try to get some information on Lediche that I taped on our last trip. It was sent in before but did not get into the CUB. Wonder if the amount of news sent in is restricted? Hope you're both enjoying the best of health. Think of the nice times we all enjoyed in Europe. Our pictures bring back great memories. Do you remember your grey liederhosen's you danced in--our last night in Bonn, Germany? I'll never, never forget that night. We all laughed so much, tears of joy were on all of us. I've always wondered if you bought all your lollipops in Europe or were they brought from the U.S.A.? The children enjoyed them. God Bless you both for all you've done and are doing for our great 106th members. We all appreciate it. Thanks again, God Bless.
Mr. Francis J. Dobe C/422
877 Howe Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

Dear Mr. Bandurak:
I am sending $5.00 for membership in the 106th Association. I wrote to Mr.
     Dick DeHeer and he called me and gave me your address. I would like to get all the information I can about the outfit while we were overseas if you can tell me how. Mr. DeHeer told me to ask you for Vol. 35, #1 (Oct., Nov., December CUB of 1978).
     It has some information on members I would like to have. Until now I only know one buddy who was with me; he lives in Roanoke, Virginia, and I have only seen him twice since the war. I will be looking forward to hearing from you and any information I can get. I was a member of Company E. 424th Infantry Reg., 3rd Plt.
     I am interested in obtaining the addresses and information on the following men: Capt. George Thigpin, address unknown PFC. Edward Glucks Sgt. Sellers (Missing) Sgt. White, address unkown I also remember Sgt. Ben Brittion who I believe was one of the first to get wounded in our outfit.
     I do not think I can make the 1979 reunion this year but if it is God's will, I want to be there in 1980.1 would appreciate any information you can give me concerning the above people and the reunion and the battles. Thank you for your help.
Yours truly,
Gilbert M. Fitzgerald
521 South Linden Avenue
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980
Company E1424th


Dear Mr. Bandurak:
     I was in B-424th and later in Hdq-424th. I was transferred to the 35th Division before leaving Europe, and therefore we did not know of the 106th Organization until we had a wonderful reunion at our home last week with the Ed Prewetts from Brentwood, California, and the "Bingo" Crosbys from Elba, Alabama.
Best Wishes, F. G. Bynum (ACB)
1808 Linthicum Lane
Birmingham, AL 35217

     I wrote you some time ago about trying to find two men that were in the 106th Division, 422nd Inf., Company H. You were kind in putting this request in "THE CUB" I have since that time found out the correct names of the men, which are: Sgt. Gerald D. Meadows (Nickname Jerry), 1615 Oklahoma Avenue, Flint, Michigan and Perry James Dupuy, 2815 Conti Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. The addresses were when discharged. If you would please print this letter, maybe someone near them might help me find them. I am enclosing a copy of the Law I suggested be put through the Maryland Legislation "POW-MIA Recognition Day". It is not completely through Legislation yet. I have gotten lots of support from various delegates and State Senators and have no doubt It will pass. I will phone you and let you know just as soon as it passes.
     I also suggested a bill to give X-POW's of Maryland Free Auto Tags, but that bill looks as though it might not make it. Too many bills in Legislation this year for tags.
Mr. James L. Meagher H/422
1515 Ocean City Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21801

A House Joint Resolution concerning
POW-MIA Recognition Day
     For the purpose of expressing the recognition of the General Assembly of "National POW-MIA Recognition Day"; and requesting the Governor to observe "National POW-MIA Recognition Day" with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
     WHEREAS, Thousands of American soldiers fighting in wartime were captured by enemy forces or are missing in action; and
     WHEREAS, Many American prisoners of war were brutally treated by their enemy captors, and many prisoners died from mistreatment, all in violation of international law; and
     WHEREAS, The status of many American soldiers missing in action is uncertain, causing great hardship to their families; and
     WHEREAS, The Congress of the United States has designated July 18, 1979 as "National POW-MIA Recognition Day"; now, therefore, be it
     RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF MARYLAND, That July 18, 1979 is recognized In the State of Maryland as "National POW-MIA Recognition Day" and be it further
     RESOLVED, That the Governor is requested to observe "National POW- MIA Recognition Day" in Maryland with appropriate ceremonies and activities; and be it further
     RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be sent to the Honorable Harry Hughes, and to Mr. James L. Meagher, 1515 Ocean City Road, Salisbury, Maryland 21801.

1979-80 dues now payable. Make Walt happy send him your check.


    106 Div. Pilots/Observer: Namur, Belgium Dec. 1944 Rear-Unknown, ? McClure, ? Lauman 592, ? Ceforatt, Div. Hq. ? Casslbry 589 Middle- ? Neese 592, ? Stafford, ? Long 590, ? Niels-591 ? Elliot 591 Front ? Gray, ? McKenzie, ? Scott 589

106th DIV ARTY AIR O.P. 16 Dec. 1944- 29 Feb. 1945
Days of Flying During Period 29
Registrations 100
Adjustments 32
Reconnaissance Flights 90
Administrative Flight 29
weather checks, displacements, roadnet checks, etc.


You may find this activities report and enclosed photo of some interest.
     Thank you and so many others who have over the years given life and continuity to the assoc. Others, like myself enjoy the fruits of your labors and with much appreciation.
Earl A. Scott HQ 589 FA & HQ DIV Arty.
6414 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226


New Book
     During 1978 I spent a good deal of my spare time writing a 65,000 word manuscript, titled "Hell On Earth" which relates all I can remember about the POW experience endured by many of us in 1944-45.
     My book is the most serious writing venture I have indulged in during 25 years as a house organ editor, reporter, news editor, columnist and writing hobbyist.
     Hell On Earth" is mostly a personal reminisce about duty as a rifleman (Company A, 422nd Infantry) and the confinement of 25 of the 106th Division's "kriegsgefangenes" at Sandersorf, near Leipzig, where we worked in a coal mine.
The manuscript was created from personal recollections, letters from friends.
Anyone wanting a copy can get one by sending $5 to Dan Bied, 102 Holiday Terrace, West Burlington, IA 52655.
Dan Bied

Photo: Tennessee --1943 L-R. Harry Tissot, George Luchini, Donald Bobel

Mr. William E. Rogers, Cannon Co., 422nd 548 Havertree Hazelwood, Missouri 6342
     I am a new member. I am a retired Teamster. Have three (3) children: William, Jr. (24 years), Mrs. Janice E. Gensert (30 years old) and Mrs. Collend P. Stout (28 years old). I also have three (3) Grandchildren; Michele Gensert, Allan D. Stout and Damian A. Stout. I am divorced.

Mr. Robert E. Maxson C1590 FA 511 Main Street Apartment #18 Trenton, Missouri 64683
     I am a new Member. My wife's name is Chlodine. Attached are our dues for myself and my wife plus a donation to the Memorial Fund. Applied for voluntary retirement from the Air Force in 1966 after 21 years service but I wound up being a disability retirement.
     Worked for the Postal Service and was a Supervisor of Plant Security for a national Security Company covering the states of Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska until my old nemesis (asthma and chronic bronchitis with emphysema) forced me to resign. In 1974 the VA ruled me total disability and since that time have been doing a lot of fishing and trying to stay active in different organizations, such as the Elks, Air Force Sergeants Association, American Legion, DAV, and am a Life Member in both VFW and American X-POW'S Inc. Both my wife and I have had cancer operations in the last year but are getting along real good. Just waiting for the fishing season to begin.
     Plan on doing a little traveling and sightseeing this summer. Would welcome calls from any of my old friends if they are near this area.


Clifford N. Austin, C/589th FA 25 South Maple Street Vrgennes, Vermont 05491
     I have enclosed a copy of our Company paper which includes an article containing current information about me and my family. The division of Simmonds, where I work, employs 1,000 people and is a leading Aerospace electronic systems manufacturer. Best Regards to all.
     Clifford Austin, Manager of Industrial and Community Relations, has been employed by Simmonds Precision since 1946. Cliff is a lifelong resident of Vermont and attended local schools before being "voluntarily inducted" into the U.S. Army for two and one-half years during World War II. He served with the 106th Infantry Division in Europe and was captured in December 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. He spent 144 days in a series of German prisoner of war camps. He hopes, someday to "visit some of these same locations under more favorable conditions".
    Cliff and his family enjoy traveling and have made trips to Washington, D.C. and Tennessee, but they prefer the Maine Coast, especially York Beach.
During his spare time, Cliff enjoys hunting, fishing, and antique and coin collecting. "

Mr. Louis Wm. Tury, Jr. A/424 1481 Mill Street Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146
     Enclosed is a money order for $5.00 I want to get my brother-in law, Sylvester Krupinski of the 422nd Regiment to join the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. Send him the next CUB addition in my behalf. He is Sylvester Krupinski, 116 Caldwell Road, Terra, West Virginia 26764. Let him know it is a birthday gift from me to him. I met him after the Bulge in Stalag 12-A at Limber, Germany in December of 1944--an act of God is what I called of our meeting at that time the history of the Bulge.

Mr. Edwin N. Jones M/424 P.O. Box 124 Benton, Louisiana 71006
I am a new member. My wife's name is Adene Lafae Jones. I retired from the Military Service on September 30, 1957.
     Am now retired on Social Security Mrs. Jones and I reside at 1001 Peyton Avenue, Benton, La., 71006. All of our children are grown and are making a life of their own. Have three wonderful grandchildren, two granddaughters and a grandson. Would like to hear from any of the men of Company "M", 424th Infantry Regiment; also would like to know the date of the Annual Reunion and where it will be held.

Mr. James W. Buescher L1423, 200 Rockingham, Columbia, Missouri 65201
     I am a new member. My wife's name is Ruth. I retired in 1974 from the U.S. Postal Service as Rural Carrier after 281/2 years. I retired January, 1978 from the Missouri Army National Guard after 34 years (Active & Reserve Service) as CSM. Presently enjoying retirement. My hobby is bowling.


Mr. D. B. Frampton, Jr., Cannon Co./422, 170 North Roosevelt Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43209
     I took over a part of the family wholesale lumber business in 1969 and am still solvent. We have two sons and two daughters educated and married and have one daughter at home, still in school. One grandchild, only. I have had contact with Jack Gillespie and Harold Schick, and Herbert Livesey, too. It's been some time since I was able to attend a Reunion, but I still have hopes. Ohio has a new plan for free vehicle license plates for former Prisoners Of War, but they require some official proof. I wrote the Records Branch of the Army and have just learned that their inability to find my records indicates they were destroyed in the "Big Fire" of July 12, 1973. You know, the Germans had some and gave them back, and now the GSA loses them. It makes you wonder, sometimes, about our glorious bureaucracy. I think I may be able to find a couple of postcards that I wrote to my family from IX-B in Bad Orb and IX-A in Ziegenhaim and I think my family saved the telegrams from ULIO, the Adjutant General--and I still have my GI and Kriegsgefauger Dog Tags. I may get that license plate yet. And, if I do--I'll go out and buy a car. Best wishes, "PETE". P.S. For those who remember the "Agony Grapevine", they'll be interested to know that my mother and father are still in good health. They spend most of their time in NAPLES, FLORIDA now, but can still get around when the opportunity calls for it. I think I now have all of their old note books and files of that 1944-45 project they organized.

Mr. Dale L. Meyers, Cannon /423 7228 West Everell, Chicago, Illinois 60631
     I am a new member. My wife's name is Joan. Attached are our dues for myself and my wife plus a donation to the Memorial Fund.

Mr. Charles Betts Reid (Deceased) C.O., AT/423 P.O. Box 56 Richburg, South Carolina 29729
     Enclosed is an account of the deaths of my husband and grandson who died within 9 hours of each other. Double funeral services were held August 22, 1978. Enclosed is a check for $5.00 for Memorial at St. Vith, Belgium. "THE CUB" meant a lots to my husband.
Mrs. Beth Norwood Reid
     106th DIVISION, 423rd INF C. Henderson, 2014 Highfield, Drayton Plains, Mich. 48020, would like to contact anyone he served with in Co. L, especially those in Weapons Platoon, March 1943-December 1944.

Dec. 16, 1979
35th Aniv. of Battle of Bulge.
Do you have any photos or comment for 35th Aniv. Cub?


Index for: Vol. 35, No. 1, Oct., 1978

Index for This Document

'Hell On Earth', 15
106th Div., 6, 9, 15
106th Inf. Div., 2, 6, 16
106th Infantry Division Association, 16
35th Div., 12
422nd Inf., 12, 15
422nd Inf. Regt., 16
424th Inf. Regt., 10, 16
48 Hours To Mammelberg, 8
589th FA, 16
589th FA BN, 16
Agony Grapevine, 17
Ardennes, 1
Ardennes Forest, 1
Austin, Cliff, 16
Austin, Clifford, 16
Austin, Clifford N., 16
Axon, Harold, 8
Bad Orb, 17
Bandurak, Walter, 1
Battle Of The Bulge, 6, 16
Bied, Dan, 15
Birmingham, 12
Blakney, Rodger W., 5
Bobel, Donald, 15
Bonn, Germany, 10
Bradfield, Ken, 1
Brittion, Sgt. Ben, 10
Buescher, James W., 5, 16
Byerley, Robert H., 5
Bynum, F. G., 12
Carter, President, 3
Casslbry, ?, 14
Ceforatt, ?, 14
Chase, Fred B., 1
Coffey, Doug, 5
Coffey, Douglas S., 1
Collins, Sherod, 1, 6
Collins, Virgil, 6
DeHeer, Dick, 10
Div. Arty, 14
Dobe, Mr. Francis J., 10
Dohoney, Josie, 3
Dorosky, Tom & Alice, 5
Dupuy, Perry James, 12
Elliot, ?, 14
Fitzgerald, Gilbert M., 10
Frampton, Mr. D. B., Jr., 17
Fritzgerald, Gilbert, 5
Gallagher, John I., 1, 8
Gensert, Michele, 15
Gensert, Mrs. Janice E., 15
Germany, 8, 16
Gillespie, Jack, 3, 17
Glucks, Pfc. Edward, 10
Gray, ?, 14
Hammelburg, 8
Hayden, Norman W., 8
Healan, Henry D., 5
Hemmingway, Ernest, 8
Henderson, C., 17
Hester, Kenneth T., 5
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Jones, Edwin N., 5, 16
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Jones, Mrs., 16
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Leipzig, 15
Livesey, Herbert, 17
Long, ?, 14
Luchini, George, 15
Mansfield, Horace & Evalyn, 6
Maxson, Robert E., 5, 15
McClure, ?, 14
McKenzie, ?, 14
McNair, Carol, 3
Meadows, Sgt. Gerald D., 12
Meagher, James L., 12
Meyers, Dale L., 5, 17
Moore, Governor Dan, 6
Namur, Belgium, 14
Neese, ?, 14
Niels, ?, 14
Oflag Vii, 8
Olman, Wanold D., 5
Parker, Arthur, 5
Prewett, Ed, 12
Prisoners Of War, 17
Reid, Charles Betts, 17
Reid, Mrs. Beth Norwood, 17
Robb, John & Marilyn B., 6
Robbins, W. D., 6
Robbins, W. Dudley, 6
Roger, William, 5
Rogers, William E., 15
Saucerman, Gene, 8
Schick, Harold, 17
Schuller, Al, 8
Scott, ?, 14
Scott, Earl A., 14
Scranton, Robert ‘Bob', 1
Sellers, Sgt., 10
St. Vith, Belgium, 17
Stafford, ?, 14
Stalag 12-A, 16
Stalag IX-A, 17
Stalag IX-B, 17
Stalag XIII, 8
Stout, Allan D., 15
Stout, Damian A., 15
Stout, Mrs. Collend P., 15
Thigpin, Capt. George, 10
Tissot, Harry, 15
Tissot, Harry C., 8
Turley, Anita Marie, 10
Turley, Leland J., 5, 10
Tury, Louis Wm., Jr., 16
Villwock, Russ, 3
Villwock, Russell H., 1, 2
Walters, Presslye, 6
Weymouth, 3
White, Sgt., 10
Whiting, Charles, 8
Wilson, John & Norma, 10
Ziegenhaim, 17