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The Cub
Vol. 35, No. 3, Apr., 1979

President Robert Bob" Scranton
1st Vice President Fred B. Chase
2nd Vice President Ken Bradfield
Adjutant Walter Bandurak
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain Russell H. Villwock
Memorials Chairman Douglas S. Coffey

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John I. Gallagher

All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pennsylvania 19560

    All business matters, renewal of membership, memorial fund contributions, auxiliary dues payment, etc., should be addressed to: Walter Bandurak, Adjutant 219 North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year
Associate Dues $5.00 per year

Members, 1977-78 year 433
Members, 1978-79 Thru. Mar. 5- 416
Can we top last year?

     Adjutant Walt is concerned that we still have some thirty-five persons from list, page 6 last Cub who have not paid their dues. Please help Walt, association, and yourself, check list, send check. Let's keep our 106 family intact.

     As spring approaches, one's dreams turn to visions of summer. When I think of summer, I think of the comradeship with members of this association at our annual convention.
     May I remind you that again we are anticipating a delightful time in Illinois. It behooves all of us to make plans now to attend our convention.
     To those in the Chicago area who have not been in attendance of late, this is your chance to renew acquaintances and take part in the activities of this association. You will never regret your efforts.

Photo: Chaplain Russ

     With the holiday season just behind us, thoughts of 'good will toward men' and doing something special for someone in need are still very much on people's minds. Evidence of good will is more abundant perhaps at that time of the


    year, but many individuals continue throughout the year. As just this past January when Chicago was hit with several large snowstorms one of 18 inches which fell one night and on into the next day on top of 10 inches already on the ground. Most people showed the "good will towards men", when they helped other people shovel, push their cars out of snow banks, waited for them to pull out into traffic, go out of their way to be nice and help people they didn't even know.
     But just as with the holiday season, a few days after it is over or the crisis has ended some people all too quickly forget the "good will towards men."
Russell H. Villwock

Memorial to Major General Alan W. Jones 1894-1969
     We just had a letter today from John and Virginia Kelly, C-423 of East Weymouth, Ma. They did not attend the last Reunion in Florida and Cruise to the Bahamas. They wrote to tell us that on 31 March-1 April, they are attending a meeting of the Military Order of the Purple Heart to be held at the Quality Inn, New Cumberland, Pa. This is right across the Susquehanna River from Middletown. They promised to stop by and see us on their way to this meeting. We just mailed them directions on how to get here. They will attend our next reunion in July.

     ST. VITH: Lion In The Way "the history of the 106th Infantry Division in World War II was written by Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy, Field Artillery. Colonel Dupuy was not a member of the Division, but a prominent military historian selected by the 106th Infantry Division Association to write the history. One of the bright pages in the history is the account of the fighting at 'Parker's Crossroads', during the battle of the Ardennes in Belgium. Braque de Fraiture was the name of the height where the main highway between Bastogne and Liege is crossed by the Laroche-Vielsalm Highway. As Colonel Dupuy writes I say 'was' for although the roads still cross there, the place is and always will be known to the 106th Infantry Division as Parker's Crossroads. Let's call it that."
     To Parker's Crossroads came about 3:00 PM 19 December, the firing elements of the 589th Field Artillery Battalion, three 105mm howitzers, some machine guns, trucks and about 110 officers and men. Major Arthur C. Parker III was in command. Parker emplaced his three howitzers, organized a perimeter defense and bivouacked Trucks were sent to Vielsalm and contact made with Division, which ordered the battalion back to refit.
     Before movement began however, the enemy to the south was reported and this time the Division Artillery Commander ordered Major Parker to hold the roadblock at the crossroads to protect Division supply lines from attack from west or south. This detachment held out for three days in this position. Wounded by a mortar shell on the afternoon of 21 December while adjusting fire, Major Parker refused to be evacuated until he lost consciousness. Major Elliott Goldstein succeeded in command. The detachment held on until 4 PM 23 December when tanks and infantry of the 2nd SS Panzer Division smashed the line. As Colonel Dupuy writes "It is a story for American artillerymen to cherish along with the saga of O'Brien's guns at Buena Vista in the Mexican War."
     The Parkers live in Georgia. In February Mrs. Parker wrote me in reply to my letter that for the past four years Major Parker, now a Retired Lt. Colonel had a very difficult time with his health, has suffered some strokes, and


    the doctors wonder how he has survived, but she concludes, 'they do not know his strength and determination as we do.' I have also corresponded with Colonel Huxel, then Captain Huxel, who was wounded in this action at 'Parker's Crossroads' St. Vith."

READ THE COMPLETE STORY -Lion In The Way, Pages 182-190.

1979 Reunion? Chicago
     Reunion plans for 1979 are now just about complete. The only thing that is missing are the participants, but I am sure each one of you will take care of that part.
     The Henning's, Lucsay's and the Villwock's have put together what they think will be a very fine reunion. The complete program can be found on the back cover of this Cub.
     We have held the cost down as much as possible, but with inflation what it is today cost of anything is getting out of sight.
     I am sure you will find everything of deluxe quality from the food to the accommodations to which the 106th has been accustomed.
     So, come by car, bus, train or plane to Chicago for the 1979 106th Reunion at Oak Brook Hyatt House July 19 -?? and we will try to make your stay a memorable and enjoyable one.
Forward your reunion reservation to Russ in enclosed envelope.
     Limousine service from O'Hare airport for those that are flying into Chicago for the reunion. United Limousine Service $7.50 per person, Phone (312) 969-3865.

Oak Brook Limousine Service $6.25 per person, Phone (312) 654-1442.
For better service make your reservations in advance with the time of your flight, airline, and flight number.
     Or upon arrival at O'Hare (before picking up your luggage) call either of the limousine services at that time they will give you instructions to the pick-up area and the license number of the car meeting you. Cab service is available, but fare will run approximately $15.00 to $20.00 plus tolls.
Your Reunion Committee


New and Reinstated Members
Harold L. Axon - SV 422 Suite 202-Red Bridge Prof. Bldg. 400 E. Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64131
Robert E. Leisse - K 422 432 Rose dale Terrace Manchester, Missouri 63011
A. F. Schuller – B-422 346 Oxford Drive Savannah, Georgia 31405
James B. Strickland – K-424 P.O. Box 56 Babson Park, Florida 33827
Ryan E. Tomlinson - Hg 2nd Bn., 5928 N. Trenholm, Columbia, South Carolina 29206
Warren H. Thomas - H 423 327 Laurel Springs Drive Columbia, South Carolina 29206

DEC. 16
     A group of your ole buddies got together last Dec. 16 for the first get-together in over 7 years. Emily Bryant and Libby Kelly got Lucille Rutt to make the dinner reservations at Kingsley Inn in nearby Bloomfield Hills.
     Had a lot of laughs-as usual - at the expense of Emily Bryant and her tales about family escapades. Bob Rutt targeted in on Lucille with his "Don Rickets" ad-libs. The entire evening after dinner was one series of laughs after another.
     When you look at the "ole Soldiers", most have developed that mid-section "pouch". That could mean a sign of success or just plain over indulgence.
     Anyways-we thank the gals for their effort in making this reunion dinner a success. We hope others throughout the country experienced the same good times and tales.
Jack Gillespie

    Photo: Front row 1-r Shirley Gillespie, Dick Frankini, Libby Kelly, Bob Kelly, Lucille Rutt. Second row -Jack Gillespie, Ann Frankini, Bob Rutt, Bette Schutte, Emily Bryant, Evelyn Shaloub, Phil Schutte Third row - John Shaloub, Jack Bryant

     Here is the citation for two beloved people--our senior officer, our only active General Officer, and his faithful companion and wife. Gen McMahon has made welcome all members of the Association at one time or another, and they love him for it. He has put the promotion and welfare of the Association at its highest projected pinnacle at all times since 1949 when he appeared at the first reunion.
He has been a moving force for an ongoing organization and is deserving of and receives the highest respect,


admiration, and true comradeship of all who know him.
     His wife Wilda has participated in many activities concerning the Association; has given unselfishly of her time and of her devotion to the "cause" of her husband, that which he cherished and helped to prosper.
Awarded at the 26th Reunion at Jacksonville, FA in 1972.

Order of the Golden Lion
     CITATION: Served in the 106th Infantry Division in World War II as Commanding General, Division Artillery A career soldier, now retired and living in Middletown Pennsylvania, and one of the most enthusiastic, loyal and hardworking members of the 106th Infantry Division Association from its organization in 1945 to the present day.
     He was a member of the Committee for the Philadelphia Reunion in 1958 and of the Committee for the King of Prussia Reunion in 1971. Through his untiring efforts, arrangements were made to hold the Memorial Services of those Reunions in the beautiful Chapel of the Valley Forge Military Academy and Junior College.
     He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for many terms. His wise counsel is always welcomed and much appreciated.
He served as Vice President of the Association 1963-1964 and as President 1964-1965.
     For several years, he and Mrs. McMahon were co-host with the Joneses at the Cocktail hour preceding the Annual Banquet.
     It is a rare issue of the CUB that does not have an article therein written by him. Since 1969 he has taken over and continued the column "Bag Lunch".
     His voluminous correspondence with members of the Association, prospective members and others has help immeasurable to promote the well-being of the Association.
     In grateful recognition of his long and distinguished service to the Association, The Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association unanimously awards him the
Commander Class (COGL)
     Done at the City of Jacksonville Florida, this twenty-second day of July in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Two.
For the Board of Directors
Robert Gilder President.
Attested: (signed)
Robert L. Scranton Adjutant.

Order of the Golden Lion
     CITATION: The devoted wife of Leo T. McMahon she has attended most of the Annual Reunions of the 106th Inf. Div Assn since 1954 She has been active as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Association from that time.
     She was co-host with her husband and the Joneses for several years at the Cocktail Hour before the Banquets at the Annual Reunions of the Association.
     She has visited with her husband many members of the Association and has attended numerous local Reunions in New Jersey, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland and other places.
     She has entertained in their home in Middletown Pennsylvania many members of the Association and their families who came either on business or for social reason.


She has assisted her husband over years with his correspondence and ???ors on behalf of the Association.
     In grateful recognition of her constant devotion to the affairs of the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association awards her the
Companion Class (COMGL)
     Done at the City of Jacksonville Florida, this twenty-second day of July, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy- two.
For the Board of Directors
(signed) ROBERT Gilder President
Attested: (signed) Robert L. Scranton Adjutant.


Dear Walt:
     Last evening we had a sort of reunion here I might say four couples. Two of us were 106th members and I collected cash from the other two.
They are Ryan E. Tomlinson and Warren H. Thomas. They have promised to get to the reunion next summer.
Joe Puett, (Col. Retired)

Dear Friends:
     Education is the key word this year. Nine of us are in school in three countries including five in college, which leaves the bank balances in precarious condition.
     Joe, III and his family are still with the Air Force in England until his tour ends this summer. Mark graduated from high school in June, receiving his diploma in the old Oxford Union, like the Rhodes scholars. He is now enrolled in the University of Maryland branch at Munich.
Bob retired from the Navy in July, moved to Greenville.
     Bruce is with me at home, still engaged in airport development. He does a lot of air travel and conducts classes in airport design at N.C. State.
     My own activities and travel have been cut back some this year, but Ann went with me to the 106th division reunion in Miami and the 80th Division convention in Pittsburgh. We had a very good time, as usual.
All our love is with you,
Joe Matthews

Dear John & Stella:
     We stopped by for a short visit with John Wilson and his family before we came home from Florida. He was with D. Co. 422nd motor pool and transferred to H. 422 before we left Camp Atterbury. I am enclosing two pictures if you can use them.
The weather in Indiana was wonderful in fall, Completed our harvest before the snow.
My sister passed-away in October and our routine is slowly returning to normal.
Gene, Sally and Sandy Saucerman

Photo: John Wilson - Gene Saucerman


Dear John & Stella:
     Do you folks still think about the cruise? Blanche and I agree that it was the BEST--correction--the very best vacation we ever had. Gosh! We still talk about it--guess we bore people to death.
Blanche is still very active with V.F.W. I slowed down.
Blanche & Bill Donovan

Dear Mr. Bandurak:
     I am preparing a book about the language of the American soldier in World War II. It will be a dictionary in format with illustrations. Nicknames of the divisions will be included as well as something about the design of the shoulder patch.
     The information I have is that the division was known as the Golden Lion Division. I have also heard that the design of the patch was based on the fraternity insignia of BG Perrin.
     I will appreciate it if you will check out these facts for me. I have also enclosed a card for you to fill in for me concerning your membership.
Cordially, Richard M. Grossett
Member: 11th Armored Division Assoc.
2220 Alta Ave.
Louisville, Kentucky 40205

Dear Walt:
     The 4th Quarter issue of the CUB for 1978 was enjoyed--as usual-and the new alphabetical membership list proves that Editor John Gallagher knows how to please the boy - or, should I have said "Us men" or "el' buddies"? In any event--I'd like to surprise my brother, Bob with a membership card for his birthday, February 2nd. Bob was with Co. K, 3rd Bn. 422nd from the time activated at Fort Jackson in March 1943--until he left in October of that year for the Air Corps. His full name: Robert E. Leisse, 432 Rosedale Terrace, Manchester, M? 63011. He is interested in finding the whereabouts of Capt. Harmeling, Lt. Petraglia, Jim Walsh and Porteous, both of Detroit--Hartmann--(B.A.R. man) Pvt. Fagelmann. Will appreciate a note to Bob from these named--all of Co. K or from someone who may know of their present whereabouts; hopefully assuming that all made it home safe and are still present and will be accounted for.
I have a diary of days in P.O.W. camps will forward information to Cub editor to pass along in future Cub.
Leo R. Leisse, HQ/422
4346 Gapsch
St. Louis, Mo. 63125

1105 Apartment D
Rycroft Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96???

Mr. Walt Bandurak:
     I deeply appreciate the very fine job the officers are doing for the membership. When I first joined the Army I took my Basic in Schofield Barracks at Jungle training in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1943 and again in Camp Hood, Texas "Replacement And School Command" and another Basic Command "Tank Destroyer" then they shipped me out to Fort George G. Meade in Maryland for German language school. I was the only Nisei (2nd Generation of American Japanese). Perhaps, the American top Generals wanted to confuse the German soldiers. I left Camp Shanks, New York and arrived at LeHavre, France with the Company "H", 159th Infantry Regimental Combat Team.
     These boys were with the 7th Infantry Division "sightseeing", from Kiska and Attu in the Aleutian Islands. When the war ended I was with the 159th for


    days when I got Company orders to report to Lt. Col. Herbert B. Livesey, Jr., (DHQ-Chemical Officer), of the 106th Infantry Division, which was in Eupen, Belgium. I thought I would be with the "Prisoner of War" that I saw while going through Belgium. When it stopped in the middle of town I was amazed they had me running a "Edward S. Withee Rest Center". I never had it so good. I was with the 106th Infantry Division for 4 months because the whole division was going to the United States with "High Points" men. Next I got shipped to Heilbronn, Germany for Army Occupation. I worked inside the Compound (Prisoner Of War Camp W.
     While in the Compound I served weeding out SS and Wehrmacht soldiers. My speaking German, they thought I looked like a Japanese but you talk like German...."Was is Loose", and I told them, "Didn't Hitler tell you the Japanese Army is now working on the American side???" I think some of the Germans believed IT. I worked in the Prison Of War camp about 3 months. After that I joined "A" Battery, 68th Armored F.A. Battalion. After 4 months I was turned into "A" Constabulary Squadron with Headquarters in Bamberg, Germany.
     I was in Constabulary for 5 months and was discharged at 13th Replacement Center at Schofield Barracks, Honolulu. Mr. Walt Bandurak, when you returned my book because it got late for the 106th Infantry Division Association reunion or convention in 1977, you advised me, if I want to give my book away, select somebody and give it to him. After much thought I decided it surely will be Mr. Edward S. Withee (Company A, 81st Engineers) because he was not there when I ran the "Withee Rest Center"-he was "missing in action." I thought it would be the right guy. Mr. Herbert B. Livesey, Jr., said to me-if I were there he would have champagne popping all over Eupen, Belgium.
     Enclosed is a photograph of me. This is a trophy room with souvenirs from the 106th Infantry Division and other souvenir items.
With Christian Love,
George Iwamoto

    P.S. Snow is covering Mt. Maunakea- Last winter it covered the mountain from January to March, 1978. This year it is earlier. Covered the mountain from November 1, 1978. Hundred Hawaiians Skiing Club ladies and men will be climbing for the first skiing.

Photo: George Iwamoto

80 East Summit Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 February 17, 1979

Dear Walt,
     Greetings from our icebox on the highlands along the frozen Lake Erie. I could almost appreciate the sunny south about now. Last evening I returned from my Friday evening skiing somewhat early due to the frigid cold (about 5 with a chill factor of about thirty below) as I don't seem to be able to take the cold anymore. My wife has some selected phrases to explain that


    but I simply ignore her. Well, back to the material on hand. I recently joined the new group of Ex-Pow's formed locally, and the February bulletin arrived. I stayed up to read it. I noted many ex 106th people. It may be that many others will note the same and send you a list. If so, it will only show their great interest. Also, many of these may already be members as I do not have a list to cross-check.
Therefore here goes:

Note not in any order nor unit was not always included.
Mr. James P. Fuller, Jr. 2715 Country Club Blvd. Rocky River, Ohio 44116
Henry D. Healen, 15317 Grovewood Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44110 M Co. 423
Armondo A. Ricci, 1711 31st St. Ne. Canton, Ohio 44720
Jack Handorf, Rt. 5 Box 55 Palestine, Texas 75801
Vincent M. Johnson, 751 18th Street Caryle, III. 62231
Dale L. Meyers, 7228 West Everell, Chicago, III 423rd
Leonard Benhoff, Route 2 Box 215, Caryle, Ill. 62231
Jesse M. Bishop, Rt. #1 Pinola, Mississippi
Robert E. Maxson, 511 Main Street, Apt. 18, Trenton, Missouri 64683
James W. Busecher, 200 Rockingham, Columbia, Missouri 65201 Co L 423rd
Victor D. Bauswell, 429 Washington Avenue East Alton, Ill. Co B 422nd 52024
Haward McCarty, 1424 Norton Trenton, Missouri 64683 1st. Batt. Hdg. Co. 423rs
Leland J. Taylor, 4404 West Archer Tulsa, Okla.
Howard H. Pax, Box 155 Beckemeyer, III. 62219 422nd
William D. Robbins, Box 337, Willard, North Carolina 24878
James M. Suttow, 1053 Renfield Road, Cleveland Hts. Ohio 44121 C-422
Stanley Tuhoski 18498 Carol Drive Strongsville, Ohio 44136 E & 1 423
Leland J. Turley, 4404 W. Archer, Tulsa, Okla.
Robert L. Freay, 139 South Erie Street, Mayville, NY 14757
Alex B. Johnson, Rt. #1 Box 183, Madison, N. Carolina 27025 Div. RCN Sq.


Roger W. Blakney, Route #1 Wilson Texas L Company 423rd
Robert H. Byerley, 119 S. Ruth Street Maryville, Tenn. 37801 F Company 423rd
Edwin Jones P.O. Box 124 Benton, Louisiana 71006
Chapin F. Warner, P.O. Box 1370 St. Petersburg, Florida E Company 422nd
Guy M. Stephens Route #4 Boonville, Indiana 47601
Kenneth T. Hester Route #4 Box 320 Shepardsville, KY 40165 5 Sec. Battery C 590 F. A. Bn. (Doug Coffey's unit)
Roy R. Lawrence 423 9th Street Columbus, Miss. 39701
Benjamin T. Winters 904 West 16th Street Sedalia, Missouri 65301 B Company 422nd

Frank Trautman

Ed Note: If you know any of above will you write and encourage to Join 106.

Dear Walt;
The CUB just arrived - I certainly wasn't photogenic but you two O.K. - and we were in print!
I will move the end of this month and hope to be all settled by July reunion.
I'll send new address

Carol W. Beals 79381
8 Green Mountain Dr. - Apt. 16
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
(I call it moving back to civilization)

The Coralville suburb just didn't work out.
     Seems like sort of an ordeal to move the second time in 6 mos. but I think it will be worth it. Just 4 apts. in new complex - all ground floor; 2 bedrooms; nice view; on bus line when I wish to ride and not drive.
July will be here before we know it - looking forward to seeing you and my best to Lill.
Always, fondly,

     Colonel Edward H. Murray C.O. Co. G 423rd Inf. during the Bulge died at U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego. Ca., Feb. 2 1979. He was 59 years old.
     Ed was a member of the January Class, 1943 at West Point. After a short course at the Infantry School, Ft. Benning he was assigned to the 423rd Inf. During the training phase he became Commander of Co. G. Ed and one of his sergeants were among the few who evaded capture and made their way back to duty. During the Korean War he commanded a battallion of the 19th Inf., 24th Inf. Div. He served in the Army Advisory group in China, 1960 and was a staff officer of VIII Corps in 1962. Following tours at Ft. Hamilton, N.Y. and Ft. Gordon, Ga. he was retired in 1971. He made his home in Rancho Bernardo, 12428 Floresta Court, San Diego, Ca. 92128.
He is survived by his wife, Virginia Murray.
(Thanks to Col. Cavender for advising us of above.).


     We're planning another trip to Europe in September to participate in 35th anniversary ceremonies in our former battle areas. Our itinerary offers a great travel program. Here are some of the attractions:

    Brussels - with an evening at the Wieze Oktoberfest (similar to the Munich beer festival, but smaller and just as much fun).
    A tour through colorful Normandy in France - including the invasion beaches (still intact with plenty of reminders of 1944) and Mont St. Michel - the famous abbey and medieval town perched precariously on a rocky island in the Bay of Brittany.
The fabulous chateaux country of France - where royalty played.
Reims - with a visit to a champagne cellar and the room where the Germans surrendered on May 7, 1945 - still intact.
And the exciting climax in our own former battle area around St. Vith.

     Those who have traveled with us before know the fun and excitement that have been enjoyed on our tours. Join us again, of if you will be a first timer, come along and share in the fun. We'll travel to places not commonly seen by American tourists - and learn how the 'real' European lives. There will be time to visit the little-out-of-the-way places along our route and to stop at "your special place." Sign up quickly so we can complete details.
     If you want to stay in Europe longer, you can. Contact Galaxy Tours with your plans and they will work out individual cost and arrangements for you.
     There will not be many more chances for all of us to travel together-join us this time! It's the 35th anniversary of European liberation and special activities are planned. Be part of them. Make your reservations today! For More details contact Galaxy tours.
P.O. Box 45 King of Prussia, PA. 19406 Phone 215-265-2278

Doug Coffey

Franklin R. Koehler D/424 56 Orchard Place Maywood, NJ 07607
If you would send this notice (dues reminder) earlier in the year, we would send it back sooner.

Michael Mosher L/424 & F1423 147 Sunset Drive Gallatin, TN 37066
     If you can add my name to booklet or book showing each company station in each city or town, U.S., especial Europe put it down.

T. Wayne Black Reg. Hq. Co./422 425 Allen Street Apartment 301 Waterloo, Iowa 50701
     Married in May(1978) as everyone knows by now. Can hardly wait for next summer to show Marilyn off to everyone who didn't make it to Fort Lauderdale. Don't know why I didn't get married long ago-except that it just couldn't be as great with anyone else as it is with Marilyn Black.

John Adams, Jr. D/422 208 North 11th Street Oakland, MD 21550
     I retired December 31, 1977 as Chief Forester for the Chessie System, In and Katherine Adams and I spent from January


1, 1978 to March 17, 1978 in the south and southwest. Florida was too cold and damp so we moved on to Arizona.
     We spent about a month in Prescott, Arizona and we liked it very much. On our return we discovered Roswell, New Mexico which we also liked, but could only stay a couple of weeks there since I had agreed to do consulting work for my old Company starting April 1, 1978.
     We travel by motor home and we expect to leave for the southwest in November, 1978, and do not plan to return to Oakland, Maryland until the last of April, 1979. We stopped at St. Mary's, Ohio to visit Ex-Sgt. Charles E. Anderson (Co. D/422) and wife in 1978 but he had passed away a few months before our arrival. In case some of Co. D/422 do not know, Platoon Sgt. Kenneth H. Lupo of Zebulon, Georgia passed away a few years ago. He was employed by one of the Power Companies.

Jack Zuckerman C/423 I2s3 167th Street Flushing, NY 11365
School Principal, P.S. 51, Manhattan. Pres. Elect N.Y.C. Elementary School Principals Assoc.

Glen N. Kennedy AT/423 713 Normandy Drive Iowa City, IOWA 52240
     I just talked to Richard Nethers, former Supply Sgt. of the AT/Company 423rd Inf. Reg. His telephone number is (216)-757-2021.

Gerald J. Anderson M/423 652 Harbor Circle Ellenton, FA 33532
     We are retired here in Florida from New Jersey and start our second year in January, 1979. Very involved in activities such as bowling, bridge, ??ging group and a lot more.

Edward L. Luzzie 590 FA 5524 S. Woodland Drive Western Springs, Ill. 60558
     I am now in the Law Department of the Office of the Registrar of Torrens Titles, Cook County, Illinois. My daughter, Christine M. Luzzie is a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota.

John J. Fischer, Jr. Sv/422 2745 Observatory Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
     Sorry to have overlooked this payment. Look forward to your excellent publication of the CUB. Am still an Account Executive with Merrill Lynch.

Charles R. Lewis,Esq., 806th Ord. 16 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11241
My son, Michael Lewis, is now a member of our law firm.

Richard B. Jochems DHQ-AG 3111 Riviera S.E. Kentwood, Michigan 49508
Have retired. Divided living between the North and Stuart, Florida; following warm weather, we hope.

The Rev. Edward T. Boyle Hq /424 3510 Arrowhead Trail Michigan City, Indiana 46360
     I have been retired now for three years (we must at age 70) and am enjoying it. For two months of the Winter I visit with relatives in Stuart, Florida, do some traveling. Don't get all done that I plan. One or two week-ends a month I return to my parish in Northlake. Thus, I keep in touch with my people.


Roger M. Rutland B/424, P.O. Box 1713, 6632 Arcadia Woods Road, Columbia, S.C. 29202
     Retired from Army in 1962 as C.W.O. I have been Buyer for the City of Columbia for past 13 yrs. Plan to work about three (3) more years then retire for good. I would consider having the Annual Reunion or Convention in Columbia, South Carolina in 1983 if the group would care for that. That would be the 40th Birthday of the 106th. I was a member (1st Sgt., Company B, 424th) from the beginning to the last day.

Ellis G. Henson H/424 9917 Echo Valley Court Little Rock, Arkansas 72207
     Thank you for reminding me my dues were past due. I am looking forward to 1979 since I have completed plans to visit Belgium, France & Holland. Hope to get by St. Vith. I have recently been transferred to the 122 ARCOM, USAR, as Chief of Staff. My wife and I do plan to attend the 1979 Reunion, also the 1980 Reunion since I understand it will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas; about fifty miles from my home. Keep THE CUB coming--enjoy it very much. Happy holiday season to all.

Curtis L. Lindsey H/424, Route 1 - Box 319, Waco, Texas 76710
     My wife, Selma Lindsey, and I are still enjoying good health, and retirement, also the grandchildren. We sure do enjoy THE CUB. We attended the funeral service for Homer (Whittie) Olson July 19th of this year. He was in Company H, 424th Infantry Regiment of the 106th. He lived at Cransville Gap, Texas.

Robert E. Sandberg A/81st Engrs. 1786 Saunders Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. 55116
     Sorry about the delay in dues. We do need your reminders. Pat & I do plan to attend the Convention in Chicago. My two cousins are very familiar with the "STRIP". "Alle est in ordnung".

James T. Davis 106th Signal Co. 3656 North Magnolia Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60613
     This has been a good year for my wife, Julia Davis, and I. So far I am still working, guess it is because I like the paycheck. Could there be a better reason?

William S. Blaher 11422 RD #6 - 13 Norton Drive Flemington, NJ 08822
     Our youngest son and wife have a new baby girl. This increases to six the number of grandchildren. Still active with Civil Defense, Lions and local synagogue.

Fred Schieferstein A/424 431 Madison Hill Road Clark, NJ 07066
Same place selling vegetables and fruits. Stamp collector. Got to Florida each Winter for a few weeks.

Walter M. Snyder A/589 FA, 2901 Dunmore Road, Dundalk, MD 21222
     Hank Thurner, John Schaffner and I together with wives met together in August, 1978 for several days of chow and chatter. Names and incidents not thought of for 35 years were discussed and remembered with fond memories.


Mr. John M. ‘Jack' Gillespie, C/422 ??6 Darcy Drive Birmingham, Michigan 48010
     I overlooked your invoice until one afternoon recently I cleared out my desk at home and saw this reminder (Shirley saw too same in the last "CUB"). Everyone at home is in excellent health. Still have two youngsters at home, and in school.
     One daughter is at the University of Dayton as a Freshman and the youngest, Matthew Gillespie, a Freshman at Brother Rice High School. The older end of the children have given Shirley Gillespie and me a couple of grandchildren to spoil. Anyway, here we are--contributing heavily to the higher educational institutions. Thus precluding some of the extended vacation trips--like to Europe and far-away places. Take care and hope to see you all soon again.

Mrs. Frank Hill, Sr., M/424 119 West Lime Street Ironwood, Michigan 49938
     Sorry on being late on my dues but better later than never. Well everybody at the Hill household are doing just fine. Both of our sons, Roger Hill & Frank Hill, Jr., are just about at the top of their class. We are getting a new home put up real soon down near Wausau, Wisconsin on 160 acres of land mostly all big maple. Our 17 year old son has taken up wrestling in school and doing real good. See you all in Chicago, Illinois in July, I hope.

Lyle McCullough, SV/422 685 Roberts Street Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054
     Employed at B.F. Goodrich Technical Center, Avon Lake, Ohio as Engineering Store-keeper. Had surgery on my legs last summer but all is well now. Wife, Vivian McCullough, is employed as Mayor's secretary in our town. Two sons are married. Have five grandchildren. Two sons in college and daughter, Kay McCullough, is a junior in high school. Hope to see you in Chicago.

Mrs. James B. Strickland, K1424 P.O. Box 56 Babson Park, Florida 33827
     Two quick attacks - able to talk & get around now - Wife, Katherine Strickland,-one son-Daniel Strickland, Dentist, lives in Toledo, Ohio. Twin granddaughters, born September, 6, 1975. Spend winters in Florida-summers in Ohio. P.O. Box 1009, Middletown, Ohio 45042. Good Bass fishing here in Florida on Crooked Lake, Florida. Caught 8 pound Bass last May.

    Mr. Harold L. Axon, Service Co.1422, Suite 202 Red Bridge Professional Bldg. 400 East Red Bridge Road Kansas City, Missouri 64131
     Please sign me up as an ex-Member of Service Company, 422nd Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division. Wanold D. Olman, Service Company, 422nd, located me last week after 30 some years. He said to ask you for back copies of the CUB for Oct. Nov., & December 1978.

Mr. A.F. Schuller, B/422, 346 Oxford Drive, Savannah, Georgia 31405
     I understand that you handle the "CUB" for the 106th Inf. Div Assoc. I am interested in subscribing and am enclosing my check. I was on the Cadre from the 80th Inf. Div. that formed the 106th Division at Fort Jackson, S.C. I was assigned to Company "B", 422nd Inf. Regiment, while in the States and was Assistant Personnel Sgt. Major for the 422nd. I was a member of the advance party to go over-seas and also the advance party to go to the front.
     Since returning to civilian life in 1945 for the most part I have been working with the U.S. Postal Service in Savannah, Georgia. I am presently on sick leave and will retire this coming April, 1979, after 32 years service. My position for the past several years and


    at the time of retirement is Sectional Center Accounting Officer. Should you desire any additional information please contact me. Looking forward to receiving the "CUB". I was born in Farrell, Pennsylvania and entered service from Youngstown, Ohio. I married while in the Service and down South.

George F. Phillips, DHQ 37 Linden Place Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401
     I am kept busy although now retired with the upkeep of family properties and my hobbies--antique automobiles and my two dogs. We enjoyed a fine summer in the mountains near Fort Necessity; just off Route 40. I see and talk with CHARLES UNDERWOOD (106th Quartermasters). He is with Radio Station WMBS in Uniontown as News Director. I also see ARNOLD GOLDBERG (331st Medical Battalion) who has recovered quite well from a serious illness. He is now back at work as EDITOR of the HERALD-STANDARD NEWS PAPER in Uniontown, Pa.

William G. Alexander, E/423 P.O. Box 1128 Forest Park, Georgia 30050
     Sorry we missed seeing everyone last summer. Had long looked forward to the Cruise, but Bill's work schedule just didn't permit taking the time off. Perhaps, 479 will be an easier year.

Howard S. McCarty, Hq. Co., 1st Bn. /423rd 1424 Norton Avenue Trenton, Missouri 64683
     I have enclosed $5.00 for membership and $5.00 for Memorial Fund. I was a member of the 106th Infantry Division from the day it was activated in March, 1943, until I was captured in December, 1944. I would like to contact members of my Company. Do you have a list of the original members? Sorry I am late with my dues. Would be interested in a life time membership similar to what V.F.W. has.

James P. Ford, Hq. Co., 1st Bn., 424th 2304 (than Street Philadelphia, Pa., 19143
    Jim, my brother, lost both his legs to diabetes and is almost blind. Maybe some of his old friends could drop him a line. Thank you.
Mrs. A. Durst

Col. Eric R. Mills, Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 422nd 5007 Dian Wood Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 32210
     Now serving as Vice Pres., of Educational Services at Florida Junior College at Jacksonville. Daughter, Judy working in Physical Therapy at St. Vincents Med. Center. Wife N?? keeps busy at home and caring family.

Howard W. Kriz, SV/591st FA P.O. Box 38 Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
     One more old timer still kicking. I wish the Association would visit us few guys out in the Indian Territory. If the Convention could be held in Oregon I would guarantee a trip you would never forget. Seashore, mountains, scenery, NO SMOG, fishing, rock hounding and the works. The only eyesore are the tourists that clutter up our countryside during the tourist season. You easterners could charter some buses or a couple cars on Amtrack and get here and have a good time and spend less money than most places. Besides it is just as far from Pennsylvania to Oregon as it is from Oregon to Pennsylvania. I miss all the great guys I knew so long ago and look forward to seeing them again sometime.


Louis P. Rossi, Jr. H/424 0 North Lamb Blvd., Lot 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110
     Enclosing a check for dues for my wife and myself. We moved to Las Vegas in October, 1978. Love the place. If any of our members visit please call us. Would be happy to see some old faces. Please publish my new address and phone number in the CUB. We will see you all next year in the Windy City. (Phone number is 453-1043)

Henry E. (Hank) Freedman Reg. Hdqrs. C01422 115 Harness Trail Rosewell, Georgia 30075
     Just celebrated 25 years at Richs - the South's largest department store. Buyer of TV & Stereo. Still trying to get copy of the Division Book given at Camp Atterbury. Would be willing to buy a copy if anyone has one available.

James I. Clark, M.D. , (Med. Det., 592nd & 590th FA) 414 Cherry Avenue Sturgis, Michigan 49091
     1978 has been a year of changes for the Clark family. . . . In January, we moved to Sturgis where Jim covers the hospital services but still does some of the work in Fennville and is still Director of Medical Pathfinder Laboratories, Inc. BECCA adjusted to the change in school with no problem, making many new friends and actively participating in school projects. In September, Dr. JIM had another coronary. Six weeks later, Cleveland Clinic gave him a relatively clean bill of health, but advised him to modify his diet and activities. RICK is a sophomore at Michigan State, loves the college social life and is doing well academically. BOB and Karen Webster were married in August and are living in Ithaca, New York where Bob is working in a research program but has dropped his PhD studies. JIM and Linda and Matt and Adam are in Fennville where Jim is Assistant to the Director in Microbiology. TERRY and Pat are in Ann Arbor where Terry is a Junior in Medical School and Pat has a secretarial job. Both are very busy. MIKE and Nora and Curt moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when Mike started in the Philadelphia School of Osteopathy in September, his hope of becoming a doctor now fulfilled. Nora is a Cytotechnologist at the U of Pennsylvania Hospital. BRIAN and LaVonne added a granddaughter to the fold in February. Benji? was delighted with sister Emily. In July, they moved to Zeeland, when Brian accepted a programmer-analyst job with Hope College.

Mr. James N. Adkins, C/423, 5232 Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32205
     Sorry I goofed, but here is my late dues plus some for the Memorial Fund. I am on medical disability from the Railroad (AMTRAK) since March, 1978. The Company doctor won't release me to go back to work. So I guess I will retire after 31 years. Arthritis set in on some of my old battle wounds in my hands and back. So it looks like World War II has caught up with me at last. I am still a wondering single man having lost my wife in 1971. I still have two children home with me; Bobby 19 and Marsha 13 years old. My oldest son, James, Jr., graduated from Jacksonville University last year and is now enrolled at the Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. My oldest daughter, Virginia, is now married, and has two darling children--Darrell and Amy, 18 months and five months. Please excuse this writing but my hands are in bad shape.


Mr. Allen L. Lowith, Cannon Co./423, 1062 South Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90019
     Started again in my own business recently..."Lowith Metal Window Company" after being out of it for some time. But still was active in same field--specializing in sound deduction windows--replacement of old windows and new construction. Old dogs don't die--they have to keep working. No one is coming up to do it.

Jack Bryant Reg. HQ. -422nd 19692 Coral Gables Southfield, Mich. 48076
     Emily and I are fine. Sorry missed July Convention but we took trip out West Last winter. I am still traveling and selling for Dow Corning. Will see you all next July in Chicago.

Byrne A. Bowman DHQ-JA 1850 Liberty Tower Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102
I continue to practice law at Oklahoma City with enthusiasm and great satisfaction.

W.C. Baker L/424 #4 Haley Street Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71602
     Enclosed is a check for 78-79 dues. I am glad that I read THE CUB--thought that my dues were paid. The remainder is for the Memorial Fund. Sorry I could not make the Cruise this Summer; but am looking forward to seeing you all in Chicago in 1979.

Joseph C. Gilliam C/589 FA, 307 Riley Drive, Bloomington, III. 61701
     My father, Joseph C. Gilliam, died April 21, 1978, of a heart attack. (His son, William Gilliam reported this news to the Adjutant on 11/18/78).

    Edmund C. Purdy, DDS F/422 Route 1, Box 29 East Berne, New York 12059 Currently hold USAR position of Colonel, Dental Corps, as CHIEF at the Dental Service of the 364th General Hospital, a reserve unit within 8th Medical Brigade within 77th ARCOM.

Kenneth R. MacLean, Hq. Co., 3rd Bn./422 80 Toppin Drive Moss Creek Plantation Hilton Head Island, S.C., 29928
Please note my change of address.

Raymond J. Creamer, SV/589th FA 48 Leonard Road Milltown, New Jersey 08850
     Still trying to hang in. This month (December) brings memories of those awful moments in the Ardennes, etc. May our departed brothers then, ??? since then rest in peace. May our Country continue to speak softly-- carry a "big stick".

Edward A. Prewett B/424 Route #2 - Box 730 Brentwood, CA 94513
     Suggest you double the rates (dues) and bill only every other year to save cost. Works good on over Bridges across the San Francisco Bay. They charge double but only collect one way. If you are going to St. Vith December 16th I'll see you there.

Lester S. Smyth DIVARTY, 505 Chadwick Road, Timonium, MD 21093
     Sorry with the dues--was sure I was paid up. Still working in the jewelry business with 2 brothers; my son and 3 nephews.


Chester M. Buschemeyer, SV/591 FA, ??2 Pembrook Street, Houston, Texas 77016
     My wife, Aletha, and I are still enjoying this south Texas weather. However, we are having an early winter. It has been below freezing several times already. We are buying a small patch-2 acreas of forest land up in the country, about 50 miles north of Houston. Hope to have a small house up within another year. Then we can move out of this Houston pollution. Tell all the guys and gals we said "Hi". Hope every one had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jack Monroe A/423 Box 199, RD #1 Titusville, NJ 08560
     Remain "active" with New Jersey Army National Guard. After 7 years of assignment as Chief of Engineering for Army and Air Installations am now Deputy Director of Installations Division Read the "Cub" with much interest. Keep up the good work by keeping the LIONS in touch.

Leo. P. Kreuser Med.Det., 81st Engrs. 1481 Third Avenue Space 154 Chula Vista, CA 92011
     Sorry I'm late with this. Hope you and Lillian and all members of the 106th have a happy holiday season. We all have much to be thankful for. Regards to all.

Floyd L. Elston A/589th F.A 28 Park Avenue Haskell, NJ 07420
     Will retire, as Chief of Police, from the Wahaque Police Department on January 1, 1979. Started on January 1, 1951-28 years of service.

George F. Sutter AT/423, 9148 Elmwood Drive, Munster, Indiana 46321
     My wife and I visited Bishop's Cleeve (near Cheltenham) in September. Could not find any evidence of our stay there in the Fall of 1944. The Rising Sun is still going strong near Cleeve Hill-- however.

    Thomas M. Lowery III H/423 504 South Ingraham Avenue Lakeland, Florida 33801 Wife, Martha Lowery, died February 9, 1977. Three children still live at home; John Lowery, Laura Lowery and Jim Lowery. Have been with Int. Min. & Chem. Corp. for 27 years.

Charles L. Smith D/422 P.O. Box 324 Fort Loudon, PA 17224
     Has been another busy year for me. Remodeled my first floor apartment in April and am now in the process of remodeling my second floor apartment from top to bottom. Has been a lot of work, but also has been a good solid investment. Was transferred to Emmitsburg, Maryland in October from Baltimore. Can live at home now for the first time in twelve years. Sure makes a difference being home every night and only having the expense of one place instead of two. Am in hopes of making the Chicago Convention if everything goes O.K.

David B. Slayton, A/422 648 Terrylynn Place Long Beach, California 90807
     Hope to meet Col. Cavender who is resident of Sun City, California. I am Chief Rafban of El Bekal Shrine Temple and we have a Club in Sun City. Also Grand Jr. Warden of Grand Cirmansley Knights Templer of California. Business is Mortuary Manager.

See you in Chicago


JULY 19 - 22, 1979

7:00 P.M. Welcome Party - Cash Bar - Snacks furnished
7:00 P.M. Board of Directors Meeting

FRIDAY JULY 20, 1979
8:00 A.M. Continental Breakfast
9:00 A.M. Bus Tour of Chicago - Sears Tower Observatory
12:00 Noon Lunch at Cantigny
1:00 P.M. Memorial Service at Cantigny
1.30 P.M. Cantigny War Memorial Museum Tour
6:30 P.M. Cocktails - Cash Bar
7:30 P.M. Dinner & Entertainment

8:00 A.M. Continental Breakfast
12:00 Noon Ladies Luncheon & Entertainment
12:00 Noon Men's Luncheon & General Meeting
6:00 P.M. Cocktails - Cash Bar
7:00 P.M. - Dancing 9:00 - 12:00 Midnight

SUNDAY JULY 22, 1979
8:00 A.M. Buttet Breakfast

Use enclosed card and make your reservation direct with hotel.
Single $38.00
Double $44.00

United Limousine Service from O'Hare
United Limousine Service $7.50 per person Phone: (312) 969-3865
Oak Brook Limousine Service $6.25 per person Phone: (312) 654-1442

Photo: Heminingr, Lucsays, Villwocks Waiting For Your Reservation

Index for: Vol. 35 No. 3, x, 1979

Index for This Document

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106th Sig. Co., 21
11th Armd. Div. Assoc., 11
13th Replacement Center, 13
159th Inf. Cbt. Team, 12
1st BN., 424th, 24
24th Inf. Div., 15
2nd SS Panzer Div., 3
331st Med. BN, 24
422nd Inf., 22
423rd Inf. Regt., 15, 19
424th Inf. Regt., 21
424th Route, 27
589th FA, 27
589th FA BN, 3, 27
590th FA BN, 19, 26
591st FA BN, 24, 29
68th Armd. F.A. BN, 13
7th Inf. Div., 12
806th Ord., 19
80th Inf. Div., 9, 22
Adams, John, Jr., 18
Adams, Katherine, 18
Adkins, James N., 26
Alexander, William G., 24
Anderson, Gerald J., 19
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Annual Reunions, 7
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Bamberg, Germany, 13
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