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The Cub
Vol. 33, No. 2, Jan., 1977

President Robert ‘Bob' Walker
1st Vice President Charles H. Schoch
2nd Vice President Robert L. Scranton
Adjutant Walter Bandurak
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John I. Gallagher
    All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pa. 19560 John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pa. 19560
    All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to: Walter Bandurak, 219 ½ North Maple Avenue Greensburg, Pa. 15601 Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

Members 1975-76 year -- 335
Members 1976-77 year to date 356

     As the cold weather of November descends upon us my thoughts go back 32 years to the Battle of The Bulge. I hope that most members will be able to attend one of the many Memorial Reunions in December.
     Our Adjutant has just informed me that 75 members are delinquent in their dues for 1976-77. If you are one of the men who hasn't yet renewed his membership, do it now, by sending $5.00 to Walt Bandurak, 219 ½ North Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 15601.
     June and I had the pleasure of having Russ and Jackie Villwock, Jim and Clare Henning visit us the first weekend in October. We went to Riverfront Stadium but the Big Red Machine lost.
Bob Walker

Please forward to Cub information on your December 16 meeting.

Officers extend to you Best Wishes for a
Happy and Fulfilling 1977.

     Several weeks ago, a friend told me that he thought that man's greatest needs today were personal security, peace in his own land and peace throughout the world.
     He seems to have a point. Granted that we need food to nourish and sustain us; that we need clothing to keep us warm; that we need shelter to protect us from the elements. These things are basic.
     But, we do not and cannot supply our basic needs. We enter the world with nothing. When our brief stay is concluded, we leave with no more than we had when we came into the world.
     Our concern then is the time between life and death. We acquire more or less of this world's goods, not to be ours exclusively, but as a gift from our Creator to be used for the benefit of all as we understand His will.
Then with reliance on Him our personal security should be assured.
     For over 100 years, we here in the United States of America have known peace within the borders of our own country. True, have had, from time to time, unpleasant experiences with civil disturbances, strikes and the like. Fortunately, these occurrences, in most cases, have been localized. Our tolerance and good will towards our neighbors, with God's grace, will insure peace in our own country.
     As we know from personal experience, peace throughout the world has never been obtained. Thru jealously, greed, cruelty and hate, man belies that we have been created as brothers one to another. Only when men acknowledge the supremacy of our Creator and strive to overcome their failings can we realize the last of these needs, peace throughout the world.
It is up to us. God has given us the essentials; we must do our part.
"And now. Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in thee." - Psalm 39:7
John T. Loveless, Jr.
106th Infantry Division, Inc.


(Memorial to Major General Alan W. Jones, 1894.1969)
Veterans Administration National Cemetery at Fort Indiantown Gap Pennsylvania.
     I had the honor of being invited to attend the site dedication of the new Veterans Administration National Cemetery at Fort Indiantown Gap Pennsylvania on 30 October 1976. The invitation was extended by Richard L. Roudebush, Administrator of the Veterans Bureau Washington D.C. Prior to this appointment Mr. Roudebush had served a number of terms in Congress as Representative of the Indiana District which included Camp Atterbury and Indianapolis.
     The 20th Reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association was held at the Continental Hotel, Indianapolis 21-23 July 1966 and Congressman Roudebush was our speaker there.
     The cemetery site, located 26 miles northeast of Harrisburg, was donated by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and represents the first national cemetery established east of the Mississippi in forty years. It is a beautiful location with which I am familiar. Before WW2 I was stationed in Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) as a Captain Regular Army Field Artillery Instructor with the Pennsylvania National Guard. We did the field training and shooting at Indiantown Gap.
     About 30,000 graves will be ready in two years with a final capacity of 300,000. It will serve the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. It is certain to be the final resting place of a number of our Golden Lions.
Leo T. McMahon

     As each year goes by our ranks grow thinner and thinner. Just received the news of the passing of Charlie Schoch, which was a shocker. We all knew he had some problems but had at last meeting conquered them and was looking forward to establishing his home in Arizona. I understand he was only there about seven weeks when the Lord called him to Glory.
     Charlie had enough energy for two of us but expended it trying to do a good job of everything he tackled. I first got close to Chuck when we took the trip to Europe in 69. No one will ever know the headache and heartache that went into that trip but with helpers like Jim Wells and Chuck Schoch it all came out alright. I know some people thought he was a bit overbearing but they didn't have the headache I gave him. After all buses have to move out on time and luggage has to be ready so that the next destination can be reached. Chuck did a hell of a job and I thanked him many times for it but he was that kind of person. Give him a job and it was done. Look back at the job he did when he ran the Convention in Frederick. No one knocked himself out as much as he did. Instead of delegating the jobs he took them all upon himself. If he didn't have Sherry at his side most of the time he would have burst at the seams but they worked as a team and put on a terrific Convention.
     Chuck will be sorely missed by his many friends and the 106th has lost one hell of a member. Surely he deserves a "Well done, thy good and faithful servant."

"Dear Friends: 12 November 1976
     We bought a house here in Phoenix, Arizona and Chuck had another heart attack on October 27, 1976, only he didn't make it this time.
     I took him back to Ohio for burial. I called Bob Scranton but I wasn't myself. I can't remember whether I told him anything at all except that he died. Chuck was buried on November 1, 1976.
     His step sister-in-law was here with me and I am sure he had no warning--he just crumpled down and died. We gave him mouth to mouth until the emergency squad arrived and then the paramedics were here within 6 minutes after the emergency squad and then an hour in the hospital but it just wouldn't work. He is gone and I wish it had been me instead. He only had 7 weeks here and we just fooled around and weren't even


completely unpacked. I am returning the form you sent. God Bless you all in the 106th.
Sherry Schoch
2809 West Lawrence Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85017

     "My husband, Arthur C. Buckley, Sr., died November 18, 1975. I am sorry I didn't write before but there was so many things to do and he was such a loss to me and my family. I put a lot of things off that I should have done. Thank you.
Mrs. Elizabeth Buckley
7 Tucker's Court
Peabody, Mass. 01960

23rd Reunion of Service Btry. 592 F. A. Bn.
Sept. 5, 1976
     After 3 straight years of rain and heavy thunder showers on our annual reunions at Hershey Park, Pa. this year the weather was beautiful. It was a little on the cool side but no humidity or threat of rain. When we left Sparta, New Jersey at 6:55 A.M. it was very foggy and cloudy. After traveling 15 miles it started to drizzle (it depressed us) and continued to rain and drizzle for 40 miles and then slowly cleared to a beautiful day, making all of us very happy.
     The picnickers were: Tom & Alice Dorosky, Chuck & Betty Laphan, Nick & Evelyn Schroeder (who traveled from Chicago) & their children Jim Schroeder, Ann Schroeder, Margaret Schroeder & Rosemary Schroeder, Capt. Charlie & Daisey Walsh. The guests were: John & Kay Loveless, Cathy Dorosky & Dick Morgan, Marie (Bette Laphan's sister) & Elliot Kneckt, Adrianne (Daisey Walsh's sister) & Reed Trail, Ray & Kay (Loveless) Kemp & children John Kemp, Tom Kemp, Brian Kemp & guest David Tealph, Althea (Loveless) & Tom Zimmerman & Bu-Bu their dog.
     Again we enjoyed Capt. Walsh's serenading us with country and western songs with his guitar until his voice gave out. Had it rained Chaplain Loveless and Capt. Walsh were well prepared with their 12 x 12 tarps.
     We were all sorry to hear that Gen. and Wilda McMahon were unable to attend because of Wilda's dental problem. Hopefully you are fully recovered, Wilda.
     We're all looking forward to seeing more members and their families next Sept. 4, 1977. Our reunions are always held on the Sunday before Labor Day.
Best regards,
Emil & Ethel Solecki

Middletown Pa. Veteran's Day Nov. 11, 1976.
     Doug Coffey - Last month while he and Isabel were visiting their daughter and family in Neffsville Pa. he phoned us. Doug and I had established a good mail correspondence all these years, but I had to apologize for my poor performance this past year. I will be writing him to confirm reservations aboard the S/S Emerald Seas to Nassau in 1978 after overnight stay in Miami Florida. Wilda and I are definitely interested in this trip. We hope and pray that we can remain alive and well to make it. Pat Dohoney (C-422) and his wife Josie, who accompanied us to the 30th Reunion at Evansville Ind. are signed up for the 1978 Reunion and Cruise. They are the couple on the front page of the last CUB (Oct., Nov., Dec./76) with Colonel Tom Riggs and the McMahons. The photo was taken in front of Executive House. Several Golden Lions were "shooting" at us and I don't know who was the actual photographer. Nor do I know what censor worked on the sign above our heads.
     Jack Gillespie C-422) - Last month he was in Lancaster, Pa. attending an industrial conference at Armstrong Cork. One evening he had dinner with the Dohoneys in Camp Hill, Pat, was the Plat. Lt. and Jack Plat., Sgt. in the Weapons Plat. of C-422. The next afternoon on his way to Harrisburg International Airport Jack came over and spent several hours with us. Then Wilda and I and my son Col. Leo T., Jr. who was visiting us accompanied Jack to the Airport for his Allegheny Flight to Pittsburgh and Detroit.


     Dick DeHeer (K-424) and Marge. – Last month they had to drive out to Greensburg, Pa. where our new Adjutant Walter Bandurak lives on business connected with the CUB. They were accompanied by Tom Bickford (DHQ) and Flo. On the return trip they stopped overnight at Holiday East Inn from which they phoned to say they would stop to see us in the morning. Dick and Marge have visited us before, but this was the first visit for Tom and Flo. I have known this foursome since the Division Association was organized in 1947 and like and admire them a lot. So does Wilda since she joined the Association in 1954. Tom and Flo are probably the only couple who never missed an annual Division Assn. reunion Stateside. Tom did soldiering right at the top-with DHQ all the way. They are each filled with the Golden Lion esprit.
     Dick and Marge DeHeer are a couple to whom this Association is indebted. There are others too. At one rough period in this history Dick held the offices of President and Treasurer and Edited the CUB too. A grateful Association awarded Dick the citation and medal of Commander, Order of the Golden Lion and Marge a citation and medal of Companion, Order of the Golden Lion
The old timers are familiar with this history. It is repeated for the information of our newer members.
Leo T. McMahon

     As your Memorials Chairman I would like to put forth a suggestion. We have a healthy balance in the Fund and use it for Maintenance of our Memorial in Belgium and try to find a project each year to benefit the School on which our Memorial is placed and to keep our friendly relationship with the School and the Town of St. Vith.
     I would like to throw open to the members of the Association the idea of a Memorial to our own General Alan W. Jones. It could be something incorporated in the new wing of the school, a book scholarship in his name, an additional plaque on our Memorial. Most everyone knows our Memorial in St. Vith but I don't think they would connect any of us nor the General with the Memorial. Perhaps this is not what the Association would want but I am open to suggestions. Perhaps someone can come up with an entirely different idea not even connected with the Memorial. Let's see what you can come up with before the next Cub comes out and we can discuss it at length at the Convention in Elyria.
Doug Coffey COGL

Dear Mr. Coffey,
     We were very pleased with your kind letter that we received the 18.08. We are very obliged for your generous present. We are planning to buy books for our school's student-library with your money.
     As to the new building near the monument I wish to tell you that it will be a janitor-house. It is absolutely necessary because the school, to which two new buildings have been added this year, has to be guarded night and day. The janitor will take care of the monument too.
     As I told you in my letter of January 9th, the second half of the monument will be included in this house. I'm sure that the main part, i.e. the part with cross, tower and plaque will be increased in its value because of the planned building.
     Unfortunately the definite plans are not quite finished so that I am not able to present you the definite scheme. I'm sure that the monument will be given a more respectable surrounding because the car -parks will disappear when the house is built Works will probably begin in spring 1977.
     The restoration of the monument can't be taken up before the new building will be completely finished. I'll let you know the end of the transformations on time.
I thank you again for your kindness and goodwill and close with friendly greetings.
Yours sincerely,

Reunion July 21-23-1977
Elyria Ohio
(1978 Cruise to Nassau)


July 21 23, 1977

Tentative Schedule: Subject to Change

Thursday 7/21/77 - REGISTRATION
7 P.M. - Board of Directors Meeting - ELYRIA ROOM
7 P.M. - Warm Up Party - PAY BAR - WILLARD ROOM
Friday, 7/22/77
9 A.M. - Depart by Bus for Cleveland, Ohio (Details of this trip to be furnished later)
NOON - Luncheon will be served
    3 P.M. - MEMORIAL SERVICES - NORTH RIDGEVILLE CONGREGATIONAL -- Church - Conducted by John Loveless, assisted by Rev. Ivan Morrin, Pastor.
- Return to Holiday Inn.
Saturday, 7/23/77 -- ON YOUR OWN TILL NOON
3 P.M. New Board Meeting
6:30 P.M. Cocktail Hour - Pay Bar
Dinner - Dance - Live Music
Sunday, 7/24/77 BUFFET BREAKFAST - Banquet Room Farewells.
     NOTE: There will also be a room available every day for those who want a place just to talk, play cards or whatever.

     Some items of interest in the area for those who want to come earlier or stay later and enjoy what our location has to offer.
     ELYRIA: Very ' historic old city. Major points of interest are Cascade Park, City Park, and Lorain County Community College. Highly industrialized city with the prominent factories being Bendix Westinghouse, General Motors, American Standard and Standadyne Corp. Also located right next to the Holiday Inn, within walking distance is the Midway Mall. All Air Conditioned with a nice variety of stores for your shopping pleasure. The whole area abounds with good restaurants and entertainment. Churches for all are close by. Also excellent golfing in the area.

     LORAIN: About 9 miles north of Elyria, located on the shores of Lake Erie. Also a very industrialized city. Home of National Tube Co., and the Ford Motor Company. To the immediate west a short distance is VACATIONLAND OHIO which takes in Vermilion, Huron, Sandusky and CEDAR POINT (Amusement Center). Good golf and fishing in the whole area. Major highways in the whole vicinity.

     CLEVELAND: This will be the city where the major part of Friday, July 22, 1977 will be spent. We will leave by bus from the Holiday Inn and all details will be furnished later. Cleveland is the largest of the Ohio Cities and is the home of the INDIANS, BROWNS, CAVALIERS AND BARON& all Professional Teams. We are also located about 60 miles from the FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME in Canton. Also close by is the Blossom Music Center. This is the home of the world famous CLEVELAND ORCH. It features a variety of tastes in music, ranging from classical to popular and Country Western.

     NORTH RIDEVILLE: The GARDEN SPOT OF AMERICA. This is the home of the GILDERS AND FRITZ's. A very comfortable little city to live in. MEMORIAL SERVICES will be conducted at the CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH with John Loveless assisted by Rev. Ivan Morrin, Pastor.
     Population: City -- 1960 Census 43,782; 1970 Census 53,427; 22% increase. County -- 1960 Census 217,500; 1970 Census 256,843; 18.1% increase.
Railroads: Penn Central.


Bus Lines: Greyhound, inter-city.
     Airports: Lorain County Regional Airport NE/SW, lighted 5,000 ft. paved runway, hangars, 80-100 octane and fuel, 790-ft. elevation. Elyria Airport -- E/W, lighted 3,200-ft. paved runway, hangars, 80-100 octane fuel, 780-ft. elevation. Wallhead Airport -- E/W, 2,000-ft. runway, hangars, 80 octane fuel, 745-ft. elevation. 20 minutes to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
     Highways; Ohio Turnpike (Interchanges 8 and 9), Interstates 80 and 90 U. S. Route 20, State Routes 2, 10, 57, 113, and 301. Convenient bypass system.

     Parks and Recreation: Over 400 acres. 5 outdoor swimming pools, 2 indoor swimming pools. Large modem community recreation building. Lorain County Metropolitan Park System.
Churches: Over 60 Protestant, 5 Catholic, 1 Synagogue.
     Shopping: Downtown business district; Midway Mall, East Broad, Abbe, Ridgeview, Northgate, and Sheffield shopping centers.
     Tourist Attractions: Indian Ridge Museum, Lorain County Community College; Cascade Park; Lorain County Historical Society; Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, Ohio; Findley State Park, Wellington, Ohio; Milan Historical Museum, Milan, Ohio; Thomas A. Edison Birthplace, Milan, Ohio; Great Lakes Historical Society Museum, Vermilion, Ohio; Cleveland Museum of Art; Cedar Point, 40 miles west; Sea World, 40 miles east; Put-in-Bay, Pelee and Kelley's Island.
Seventy-five per cent of the population of the United States and Canada resides within a 600-mile radius of Elyria.
Mr. James J. Kane Hq/81st Engrs. 2835 Rexford Road, Youngstown, Ohio 44511
Mr. James E. Shirley SV/589 FA, Rt #2, Columbia, KY 42728
Mr. Robert F. Flick C/81st Engrs. 808 High Street Saltsburg, Pa. 15681
Mr. Nicholas Schroeder SV/592 FA 5849 W. 107th Street Chicago, Ill. 60415
Mr. Orval O. Allen DHQ 551 Forest Blvd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
Mr. Richard Boeshore SV/423 402 East Pine Street Lebanon, Pa. 17042
Mr. Robert L. Randol SV/423 P. O. Box 344 Markle, Indiana 46770
Mr. Richard L. Randol ASSOC. 1050 North Main Street Bluffton, Indiana 46714
Mr. John F. Hurley 106th Signal 136 Indian Spring Road Milton, Mass. 02186
Mr. Charles L. Kirk Med. Det., 81st Engrs. Route #3 Danielsville, Ga. 30633
Mr. Edward S. Withee A/81st Engrs. Box 514 Goshen, Conn. 06756
Mr. Henry E. Freedman, Reg. Hq./422nd 115 Harness Trail Roswell, Ga. 30076
Mr. Richard G. DeHeer ASSOC. 1242 Linwood Ave., SW Canton, Ohio 44710

Mr. Richard Maclone M/424 Somerville, 396 Medford Street, Somerville, Mass. 02145


Mr. Wilbur D. Evans SV/591 FA 1328 West Davis Street Burlington, N.C. 27215
Mr. Frank A. Hohenadel 424 6711 N. Keota Avenue Chicago, Ill. 60646
Mr. Mervin S. Smith A/424 3007 Oak Park Drive Austin, Texas 78704
Mr. Earl Gollhofer 589 FA Box 72 Charter Oak, Iowa 51439
Mr. Morris R. Piha QM 2164 Marietta Blvd. NW Atlanta, Ga. 30318
Dr. James N. Yamazaki Medics/590 FA 6540 Forbes Avenue Van Nuys, Calif. 91406
Mr. John G. Beville K/424 2731 Blairstone Road Apartment #168 Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Mr. Don M. Houseman D/423 400 North Akard Dallas, Texas 75201
Mr. Walter A. Gultzow DHQ 606 - 3rd Street Buffalo, Iowa 52728

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106th Division Association trip to
Nassau - 1978
Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander
Donald Armington
Walter Bandurak
Mr. Richard Bartz
Mrs. Carol Beals
Mr. & Mrs. John Biezel
Mr. Wayne Black
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bradfield
Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Bradley
Benjamin Britton
Jack Bryant
Austin Byrd
Fred Carter
Walter C. Clark
Douglas Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Collins
Lester Crossman
William Dahlen
Charles Datte
Wm. P. Dohoney
Florian Frank
John Fritz
Mr. Joseph Gasses
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Garn
Robert Gilder
James Henning
Robert Howell
John Kelly
Wm. Lineburger
John Loveless
Wm. Lucsay
H. E. Mansfield
Mr. Joseph Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Leo T. McMahon
Newton Mosley
Robert Pierce
Joseph Puett
Ed. Reilly
Robert Ringer
George Rutland
George Rinkema
Roger Rutland
L. O. Samples
Eugene Saucerman
John Schlesser
Sherry Schoch
Philip Schutte
James Teel
Russell Villwock
Robert Walker
Presslye Walters
James E. Wells
Fred Williams
Van Wyatt
Michael Zenn
Wesley Robinson
John Hart
George Call
Robert York
Robert Spade
Kermit Steele


106 Member Honored
     Federal Judge Lawrence Gubow will be honored Saturday at a Bicentennial luncheon presented by the Men's Club of Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.
     Among those participating in ceremonies to be held at the synagogue in Southfield starting at 12:30 p.m. are Michigan Supreme Court Justice Charles M. Levin and Damon J. Keith, chief judge of the Federal Court in Detroit.
     Speakers also will include Walter Klein, past executive director of the Jewish Community Council and David Gubow, the judge's son.
     Although Judge Gubow has been battling health problems recently, including a serious eye ailment, he continues to serve as a U.S. District Court Judge in Detroit, a post he has held for eight years.
     Gubow was named to the federal bench by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, after serving seven years as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.
     Before 1961 appointment as district attorney, Judge Gubow had served as Michigan Corporation and Securities commissioner from 1956 after joining that agency in 1953 as director of investigations.
     Born in Detroit, Judge Gubow was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1940. Entering the U.S. Army as a private in July, 1941, Gubow earned a commission as second lieutenant in January, 1943.
He was a company commander with the 45th Infantry in Europe, where he was wounded and captured on Jan. 20, 1945.
He returned to school after the war, and earned his law degree at the University of Michigan Law School in 1950.
     Last month, Gubow was awarded a Gold Medal of Merit by the Jewish War Veterans at their convention in Florida, becoming one of the few JWV members to receive the organizations highest award.
     The JWV citation indicated that Gubow would have been elected national commander of the veteran's organization except that his judicial post precluded him from holding that office.
     Active in Jewish community affairs, he has II served on the board of governors of the Jewish Welfare Federation, as a director of the Detroit Service Group and Jewish National Fund, a trustee of Sinai Hospital in Detroit and is past president of the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Detroit.

National commanders of veterans groups are accustomed to lots of travel and to meeting many important people.
     No one traveled as far as Dr. Robert Shor, national commander of the Jewish War Veterans did last Saturday when he came to Southfield to honor an old friend.
     "I'm here for the testimonial to (U.S. District) Judge Larry Gubow," the Los Angeles podiatrist said in a breakfast interview in the Southfield home of Robert Perliss, JWV's Michigan commander.
"I've known Larry for 25 years and consider him a good friend," Dr. Shor said.

     For a father or mother, there is nothing like the moment when--and it invariably happens--a child makes a point of saying, "Gee, you know you're great."
     For Lawrence Gubow, a federal judge among other things, that moment was doubly precious because it was done publicly, with about 1,000 people listening.
     Gubow was honored the other day by the Men's Club of Shaarey Zedek, and the highlight of the program came when son, David, was called on to say a few words about his father. As it turned out, there were quite a few words, and when David was through the audience stood and applauded quietly, not wanting to disturb the tenderness of the moment, yet sensing it had been one of the more unusual ones in their lives.
     "We're a very rich family," said David, "rich in the personal things that matter, like love, warmth, compassion," he added, "because of the example that father, and, of course, mother have set for us."
There was a warm embrace of father and son, whose relationship has become even


    closer during the last year when Judge Gubow has faced a tough battle with diabetes. He could hear and feel and react to the tributes of his son and others, but this vision has been impaired.
     IT WAS OBVIOUS, however, that Gubow and the family, including ebullient wife, Estelle, and daughters Janey, who was there, and Mona, who is living in Mexico with her husband, have rallied strongly in the face of this adversity, as families built on warmth and love are want to do.
     Gubow himself was in good spirits when he spoke, making light of his son's tributes but sincerely and publicly thanking his colleagues on the federal bench for the assistance during this period of illness and convalescence.
     "I felt 10 feet tall," he said in acknowledging the words of many who spoke of his deification to the judiciary and the law. And then he reminded his audience that "without justice there is no peace, without justice there is no use to be alive."
Gubow is a native Detroiter who grew up on the near northwest side.
     "I finally went to Northern High," he said with a chuckle, "because it took two streetcars to get to Central and two to get to Northwestern and only one to get to Northern." He was there in the heyday of Northern's and Eddie Powers' reign in basketball, and when he was graduated in 1936, he wound up at the University of Michigan. He got his degree in 1940, had finished one year in law school when he moved into the Army and fought with distinction in Europe.
     On Jan. 12, 1945, while serving with the 45th Infantry, he was injured and captured by the Germans, and he came home to be hospitalized in April when the Alsace area was taken by the Allies.
     Gubow has been active over the years in veterans' organizations, and at the men's club luncheon, which also took cognizance of the American Bicentennial, he was presented with the Gold Medal of the Jewish War Veterans by Dr. Robert Shor, national commander.
     GUBOW MARRIED Estelle Schmalberg 28 years ago, and they have shared much happiness as Gubow completed his last studies at Michigan, went into private practice, was active in Democratic Party politics, then became United States Attorney in 1961. He was appointed a federal judge in 1968.
     He also served on the Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission during which time he provided the impetus for getting rid of the notorious point-system for ethnics used by the real estate interests in Grosse Pointe.
     Son David is taking after his father politically, having won nomination in the Oakland County treasurer's race in the recent primary, and here, too, there was something of a tribute to his father since David got more votes than any other Democrat in the county.
Walter Klein, a former Jewish Community Council official, was another who spoke of Larry Gubow's talents.
     "He has an infinite capacity to accommodate to people, to accept them, respect them," he said. "But mostly over the years in which I have worked with him and observed him running many committees, boards and so on, he has always extended and received trust and friendship."
     Gubow is one of those people who have maintained a low profile around this town but without whom it would be much less than it is. The outpouring of warmth and respect at the luncheon served to let him know that a few people realize it.
Reprint - Detroit "Free Press"

Dear John:
My address now is 4487 Post Place 116, Nashville, Tenn. 37205.
     We have sold our house and now rent an apartment and do I like. No more cutting grass, raking leaves, paying taxes, paying insurance, putting on a new roof, papering walls, coat of paint, gas bills, water bills and I could go on.


     When something goes wrong I just phone the office and say "fix it", sit in a chair and read the paper while someone else does the work.
Best of all the income from the sale of the house more than pays the rent here.
Best regards, Vaden Lackey

Dear Mr. Kenneth Bradfield:
     I used to know a Lt. Col. Herbert B. Livesay Jr. formerly Division Chemical Warfare Officer and later Secretary of the Assoc.
     On Oct. 24, 1974 I was hospitalized with a stroke. My entire right is paralyzed. I cannot use my right arm, right legs and my right face. My left side of my head is brain damaged, but fortunately I am regaining my memory back.
George Iwamoto
1105 Apt. D Rycroft St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
(Photo) George at rest Camp June 1945 Eupen, Belgium

Dear Walt:
     In this past week I had a rare opportunity in visiting two old comrades in arms of the 106th. Last Sunday, while en route to our annual meeting for distributors of Armstrong Cork's Ceiling products in Lancaster, Pa.,--I arranged to visit my platoon officer--W. C. (Pat) Dohoney, D.D.S., -- Camp Hill, Pa. It was approximately 33 years since I've seen Lt. Pat.,...on the eve of our capture by the German Tank Corp in the Ardennes. I spent the evening with Pat and his wife, Josey, reviewing back to our days at Atterbury--the Manor house in England and those wild days up on the front lines. Pat has become a collector of writings on the Battle of the Bulge. His bookcase is filled with texts on the subject. On my return from the Armstrong meeting, I arranged to visit one afternoon with Wilda and Leo T. McMahon in Harrisburg. I was privileged to meet their son--Col. McMahon--newly retired from the military. We had a grand conversation--intermixed with some of the General's finer liquor. She and Leo again, plan on traveling extensively since his back has healed well. They extend their hello to all the 106ers. I had hoped to have stopped off in Pittsburgh to call our C. O. Ralph Kulzer, but an emergency at home demanded my flight straight home.
Take Care,
Jack Gillespie c/422nd
3536 Darcy Drive
Birmingham, Mich. 48010

Dear John;
     Just received my issue of the "CUB" and I see that the membership is up and that we have one new member from old Service Btry. and I want to take this means of welcoming him to the association, D. L. Russell of Attalla, Ala. is the one that I am talking about. In my last letter I wrote that Kay and I were going on a trip out west, well we took that trip, over seven thousand miles and six weeks later we were back home. We had a wonderful time and there is a lot to see in this great country of ours, the only thing is not enough time to see it all, we could have stayed out there until Xmas, but we had to get back and none too soon. Two weeks after we returned I ended up in the hospital where I had surgery, after spending two weeks flat on my back I am back where I have to take it easy for the next six weeks. Everything else is in good shape, I have the "NEWSLETTER" going again, thanks to Barbara and Bill Dahlen, I was able to get one letter to Barbara before I went into the hospital


    and I received my copy after my return, I really think that this "NEWSLETTER" is a good thing and I am glad that there are others that share my feelings. This will have to be a short letter, I will try to write more later.
As Ever

Dear Walter:
     Thank you for sharing this excellent publication (The CUB) with me. I know your members must enjoy the informative content as I did, especially the area containing the roster of your members where I found the name of a long forgotten Blue Ridger (80th Infantry Division) who went on cadre to the 106th. I trust you are proceeding with your investigation into the matter of addressing your future issues. I presume you know we here use the bulk mailing permit which costs us $30.00 per year plus 0.02 cents to mail each copy of our 80th Infantry Division newsletter. In comradeship:
Robert ‘Bob' Cook
1085 Hillview Avenue
Latrobe, Pa. 15650

Dear Walt:
     It was a great surprise and pleasure to receive your phone call; you sure have a good memory. Thank you for the material you sent me. I was sorry to hear about Lt. Rutledge, Company A, 81st Engineers; I was his driver. I did not see him after I was taken prisoner in Auw, Germany. The article you sent me is incorrect and greatly exaggerated. I was captured in Auw, Germany and not in Shoenfeld. It was nice of you to send the book and the article about Col. Riggs. I am sending you a copy of a story that was in the Post magazine; hope you enjoy reading it; also a copy of the Army news release. Hope to see you at the next reunion. Again, many thanks and hope we can keep in touch. Letter to follow.
     In answer to your question about what happened to me after the Bulge; I was taken prisoner in Auw, Germany along with my good buddy, Robert Estes, from Riply, Mississippi and other comrades on December 17, 1944. We were marched for several days to a Rail Head then in a box car for several days. I still remember the cold in that car. We tore it apart and started small fires to keep warm. On Christmas Day we changed cars and continued on to Stalag 13 C, Hammelburg, Germany spending the next three (3) months there until we were surrounded by our fellow Americans. Then they moved us out and on the road marching for the next month until we were liberated near Munich, Germany. From there I went to Camp Lucky Strike in France for a month with blood poisoning from a blister on my foot. From there home for 30 days furlough then to Lake Placid, New York for R & R.; then on to FORT Hancock, New Jersey where I acted as 1st Sergeant guarding prisoners who were Black Market opportunists; then discharged in November, 1945; the happiest day of my life. Hope this has not been too boring to you. I am now happily married for 26 years with two (2) sons and in the contracting business with a partner. I saw my platoon Sgt's. name in the CUB ne members, Bob Sandberg. I am going to drop him a line to see if he remembers me. Sorry could not get to see you when you were up this way. If you come again let me know and we will get together. I will try to make the next reunion. Again many thanks for everything and nice hearing from you. I would like to buy some emblems and patches if you could help me out. Hope to hear from you soon; I remain
Edward S. Withee A-81st Engrs.
Box 514
Goshen, Conn. 06756

     "Thirty two (32) years ago, T/5 Edward S. Withee, Company A, 81st Engineer Combat Battalion, 106th Infantry Division, was awarded the highest award ever to be bestowed upon an enlisted man in the 106th Infantry Division for his heroic actions in the village of Auw, Germany, during the battle of the Bulge, World War II, on December 16, 1944. Our Association is greatly indebted to


Mr. Withee who graciously forwarded a copy of his award to our Adjutant. It reads as follows:

APO 230

13 March 1945
Award of Distinguished-Service Cross (Missing in Action) -- II
     --Under the provisions of AR 600-45, 22 September 1943, as amended, and pursuant to authority contained in paragraph 3c, Section I, Circular 32, Headquarters European Theater of Operations, United States Army, 20 March 1944, as amended, the Distinguished-Service Cross is awarded to the following enlisted man (missing in action):

     Technician Fifth Grade Edward S. Withee, 31320179, 81st Engineer Combat Battalion, United States Army, for extra-ordinary heroism in action against the enemy on 16 December 1944, in Germany. In the face of intense and direct 88mm gun fire from four Tiger tanks less than thirty yards away and small arms fire from a strong enemy infantry force, Technician Fifth Grade Withee voluntarily remained at his post, firing his submachine gun to cover the movement of his comrades to more effective positions. Against overwhelming odds, Technician Fifth Grade Withee poured withering fire into the German ranks, enabling his platoon to occupy new positions without casualties. The selfless courage and personal bravery displayed by Technician Fifth Grade Withee exemplified the highest traditions of the Armed Forces. Entered military service from Maine.

By command of Lieutenant General HODGES:
/s/ R. S. Nourse Major General, G.S.C.
/t/ R. S. Nourse Chief of Staff
Colonel, AGD
Adjutant General

Mr. Bandurak:
As a former member of Company A 81st Engineer Battalion the purpose of this short note is twofold.
First, to inform you of my change of address which is shown in the upper right hand corner.
     Second, to inform you of two former members of the 106th Infantry Division, Major General James A. Johnson, a former member of the 81st Engineer Battalion who left Fort Jackson, S.C. as a Private to attend the U.S. Military Academy and you can see he has come a long way.
     For my present status I am still on Active duty as the Sergeant Major of the 92D Engineer Battalion at Fort Stewart, GA and plan to retire shortly.
Hope to see you at next year's convention.

Sincerely, Orfeo E. Agostini

Sergeant Major of the Army
William G. Bainbridge
Dept. of the Army
Washington, D.C. 20301
    SGT. MAJ. OF THE ARMY WILLIAM G. BAINBRIDGE has served as SMA since 1 July, 1975, after having served from 1972 as the first command sergeant major of the then-new U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, Fort Bliss, Tex. Sgt. Maj. Bainbridge served during World War II in the European Theater with the 106th Infantry Division and participated in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was captured and then interned. After liberation by the U.S. 6th Armored Division, he returned to the United States and was discharged from the service. Recalled to active duty in 1951, he served many stateside assignments and in Europe, and then with the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan., later


    accompanying the reorganized 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry, to Vietnam. While there, he was appointed command sergeant major of the H Field Force. From 1966 on, he served as command sergeant major at Fort Benning, Ga., Fort Meade, Md., and with U.S. Army, Pacific, in Hawaii, before his appointment to the Sergeants Major Academy.

Members (Cont.)
Mr. Stanley A. Wojtusik G/422 9639 Wissinoming Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19114
Mr. William S. Blaher I/422 It D. 5, Norton Drive Flemington, N.J. 08822
Mr. W. Leo Gregory Hq/424 5009 Bonnahill Drive Hermitage, Tenn. 37076
Carolyn I. Alexander ASSOC. 354 Craige Hall Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514
Marilyn G. Alexander ASSOC. 11 Treeview Dt., Apt. A Decatur, Ga. 30030
Betty Davidson ASSOC. P. 0. Box 222 Lumberport, W. Va. 26386

     The nation's veteran population increased by 148,000 during the past year to 29,607,000, the Veterans Administration reported today.
     The largest segment of the veteran population continued to be 13.4 million World War II veterans, down 200,000 from the previous year.

     We have celebrated our nation's 200th birthday. Now, as we look to the future, we wonder if the United States can continue to have 200 additional years of progress and growth. History reminds us that the aver life of the civilizations of the world has be 200 years. These nations progressed through this sequence:
from bondage to spiritual faith,
from spiritual faith to great courage,
from courage to liberty,
from liberty to abundance,
from abundance to selfishness,
from selfishness to complacency,
from complacency to apathy,
from apathy to dependency,
from dependency into bondage!
"Help to make changes so that our nation will not follow this pattern!"

     Arthur E. Loos, 422 Infantry Division, Company I. 40 Highland Ave., Broad Brook, Conn. 06016 Finding retirement most enjoyable, with care of home, large yard and garden done at a more leisurely pace.
     Continue to be active in the loc Volunteer Fire Department, currently captain, and completing forty-three year with the Department.
Enjoying many sessions of camping, a favorite recreation for many years.
     Making several trips a year to Mt. Desert Island, Maine to visit son and daughter-in- law where they reside with daughters, Heidi, 8, and Heather, 4. February birth of third daughter, Holly, brought the total to three beautiful granddaughters, a most heart- warming blessing.
     This year brings a new honor as the Hartford County 4-H Fair Association, division of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service-4-H Youth Programs dedicates its annual 4-H Fair Association Book to Arthur. He has worked with 4-H Youth of Hartford County, (approximately 1,800 members) FOR TWENTY YEARS, AND HAS FOR MANY YEARS given over one week of his vacation time to assisting the youth setting up the Fair.
Has been an adult Fair Director for many years, and also served on the Interstate Youth Exchange Program.


     And so the years move on, with many interests to keep him busy, and content. Sorry we will not be attending the convention this year, but hope to make it one year soon.
Nettie B. Loos
(Mrs.) Arthur)

Robert Sandberg, A-81 ENGR.
1786 Saunders Ave.
St. Paul, Minn. 55116
     Please note change of address. My wife Fern, passed away about 2 years ago and I have remarried. Keep me informed on any news, etc. We are now adding to our home and when things get settled will send more info.

W. Leo Gregory 3rd Bn. Hq./424th
5009 Bonnahill Drive
Hermitage, Tenn. 37076
Have been employed 36 years with E. I. DuPont, Old Hickory Division. Family all grown, have 4 grandchildren.

Fred W. Burnham 106th Band
18 Cheshire, Naperville,
Illinois 60540
     Our daughter Susan, born in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, presented us with our second grandson, Brett David Strang on July 21, 1976 His older brother Shane, now 6, was born in Nuremberg, Germany. The old army group keeps producing. Much as we enjoy Brett--he was our main reason for missing the last reunion.

Mel Crank HH Co. 422 Inf.
1026 Kenilworth La.,
Glenview, Ill. 60025
     After many years absence once again joining the Assn. Returned with the division for deactivation in 1945, then back to Germany for a tour with the War Crimes Commission, then to Sixth Army Hq. with G1, then to Arizona State College for a very brief tour on ROTC, then to 101st Abn Div. (Training) in Kentucky, then to G HQ FEC with G2, for 3% years, then to CONARC HQ with G3, then a short tour in the Pentagon with G2, then to Europe with the 8th Inf. Div. and the last 2 years as Ex 0. Intelligence School, Oberammergau, Germany where I retired in 1960. Since then have been with I. Magnin & Co. Have called many of the old members since last year when I received info from Col. McKee on their whereabouts. Other than working, taking many trips (vacation) to Europe and Far East. Leaving in May for Europe again this year. My wife, Alida and I thoroughly enjoying traveling and try and make the most of it whenever possible.

Jack Sutherland, Sr.
1168 Ill. Circle

Decatur, Ill. 62526
     I was surprised to receive this letter, as I've never been contacted since I left the 106th after being wounded in the Bulge. I was a Staff Sgt. Co. G. 424th Inf. When I got discharged I lost contact from the Co. because I was sent back to a General Hospital in the U.S. and discharged. In October 1945 I was reached by a Mr. Morrison at the address that I was living when I went in the service in 1938.
Am enclosing a check for $5.00 for membership. Hope to hear from you in the near future.

James J. Kane, HQ, 81 ENGR.
2835 Rexford Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44511
     After 40 ½ years, Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. (Lykes Yol.) retired me on Aug. 15, 1975 at age 62. I have no excuse for not attending this year's Reunion. I just did not contact Mr. Zenn. We were kept quite busy from last Thanksgiving till March 6, 1976 when my mother-in-law passed away at age 93. I should have called Mr. Zenn because I really wanted to attend this year. My older daughter, Judy, lives in Falls Church and I am a grandpa with the best 2 year boy you ever seen. Her husband in Sales with Minn.-Honeywell. My younger daughter, Diane, graduate of Youngstown State is a Social Worker. Thanks a million for the resume by Col. Riggs. It brought back many memories. Till I can see you in person, may the Good Lord treat you kindly and keep you in the best of health.


Myles Brazill 106 M.P.
P. 0. Box 6
Landisburg, Pa. 17040
     Enclosed please find my dues for the coming year. I think that the officers and editor are certainly doing a commendable job for the Association, and in getting out the Cub, thus helping to keep alive this link with an important episode in our past. They are deserving of the thanks of the rest of us.

Alan W. Jones, Jr. 1st Bn., 423rd.
2805 Oakton Manor
Oakton, Va. 22124
     Enclosed are our dues for 1976-77. We are sorry indeed that we must miss the Reunion at Evansville. Please extend our warmest regards to those wonderful people.

Mrs. J. Gail Myers (331st Med)
7728 Kettering Dr.
Ft. Wayne, Inc. 46816
     Thank you for notice to renew membership and the invitation to the Reunion. But I'm so sorry to report Gail passed on very suddenly (heart attack) May 20, 1976.

Fred B. Chase D-422
Box 44, Morris Lane, - RR 6
Clifton Park, N.Y. 12065
     I am enclosing my check for my 1976-77 dues, including dues for Agnes and the balance for the memorial fund Sorry I won't be able to make the reunion. Hope to see you next year. Notice my new address.

Lt. Col. Samuel P. Cariano DHQ
215 Bonnie Court
Satellite Beach, Fla. 32937
     Enclosed is my check for my 76-77 dues, wife's auxiliary dues and for the Memorial Fund. I was looking forward to seeing my 106th Division buddies again this year at Evansville but will not be able to make it because of recent hospitalization for a bleeding peptic ulcer. I was just released late Sunday afternoon (June 27th) and the doctor doesn't want me to travel or become involved in any physical activities. So, this summer, I'll just sit around and watch them build our new town house which should be complete around the first of September. Remember me to my many friends and tell Ken Bradfield and his committee that I wish the greatest success in having a good convention.

O. Paul Merz, SERV-422
8657 Mockingbird Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
     Enclosed is my check for my dues for this coming year. As close as the reunion is to Cincinnati this year, I had planned on getting to it. I may still make it but we have only one daughter and she is due for surgery that week, so my trip to Evansville will depend on how she comes out. Have a good time. I'll be thinking of all of you.

Frank S. Trautman, D-422
80 East Summit Street
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
     Thank you very much for all your effort and considerations following our breakfast conversation at the convention. I will be in contact with John Robb very soon. Let us hope that he is the one we are looking for All circumstances seem to point that way. If so, and he joins, this will make three (3) new members for "D" 422 at or since the convention. I am attempting to locate the address of a man who I believe was in Hq. Co. of 422nd. He is now teaching in the Geology Department of the University of Mississippi. I met him at the University of Kansas but had lost all contact until recently.

John F. Hurley - 106th Signal
136 Indian Spring Road
Milton, Mass., 02186
     Married, 3 children (2 boys - 16 & 20 years old and 1 girl - 18 years old). Am Treasurer with Grant Gear Works, Inc., Boston, Mass.

Fred Schieferstein - A/424
431 Madison Hill Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
     Last February while in Florida saw John Renolds, Jr., of the 106th. I still collect stamps. My business is selling fruits and vegetables at our family roadside market.


Mervin S. Smith A/424th
?07 Oak Park Drive
Austin, Texas 78704
     I have been on disability retirement for the past two (2) years. I haven't been able to make a reunion in the past but hope to be able to sometime in the future.

Joseph A. Meola A/591st FA
12 Meola Road
Congers, New York 10920
Battery A, 591st F.A. had a wonderful reunion August, 1976 at Kings Arms Motel in Danvers, Mass.

Charles S. Peyser B/424th
212 Potomac Avenue
Hanover, Pa. 17331
     Retired from Montgomery Ward after 38 years' service on January 1, 1976. Now working at selling cars in Hanover, Pennsylvania; our home since 1957.

Loren E. Souers F, H & Hq, 2nd. Bn. 424th & 81st Engr (C) Bn.
1200 Harter Bank Bldg.
Canton, Ohio 44702
     Still participating law at the old stand. Recently was able to give a little legal assistance to one of my mortar section men from "F" Co./424th, Ed Huminski, who lives in Pittsburgh. I've seen and done a little business with Tom Riggs, C.O. 81st Engineers on a couple of occasions. Very sorry to learn of the passing of Major Marshall, Acting C.O. 81st Engineers.

Bernard Uebel B/422nd
21 Clarissa Drive
Hicksville, New York 11801
     My husband is at the present time a patient in the V.A. Hospital, Fort Hamilton Brooklyn, New York. Was finally after two and a half years diagnosed as having an infection in his jawbones which was giving him unexplained pains in his body. He will be there for a few months.

Louis S. LeTellier, Jr. C/81 Engrs.
Jacksonville, Fla. 32216
     Forgive me for waiting till now to thank you for sending me ‘An Engineer's Seven Day War' by Tom Riggs. Needless to say, I enjoyed it, and learned a little more about what happened. Our daughter, Laurie, married Wayne Camp on July 10th. He is a 1st Lt. at Fort Gordon where they are now living. In fact her mail address is Hephzibah, Georgia, same as Jim Wells. Our son, Lee, is in his last year of Civil Engineering at the Citadel. Next year I expect he will go to work for us at Danlee Const. Co. Hope you all are doing fine. Best Regards.

Dr. Larry Myers 591st FA
151 Cambridge Street
Syracuse, New York 13210
     Will be teaching TV-Radio Programming and Educational Television courses in London in the Spring of 1977 as part of Syracuse University's "Semester Abroad" program. Plan to visit St. Vith and other points of historical and personal interest in May.

George Doerner Hq & DIVARTY
64 N. Schuylkill Avenue
Norristown, Pa. 19401
     My wife and I recently returned from a visit to see our son and his wife and our first grandchild in Sylva, North Carolina. Our son, George, Jr., teaches the Cherokee Indians, working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Cherokee, North Carolina.

F. H. Lee C/422
1204 Anguilla Street
Waycross, Georgia 31501
     Retired. Wife, Frances Lee, is Cashier at the First National Bank in Waycross. Son, Dennis Lee and wife live in Greensboro, N.C. Son, Douglas Lee, is attending University of Ga., in Athens, Ga.


Donald J. Stone - C/589th FA
1505 E. Memorial Drive
Janesville, Wisc. 53545 Sure hope you people had a good reunion.
     I am enclosing a check for renewal of my dues and a little extra for any memorial fund action the Association is engaged in. I enjoy reading the magazine very much. On September 30, 1976, I plan to retire from General Motors with thirty (30) years of service. Hope it is enjoyable as it was on my last day of military service.

Wm. J. Donovan - DHQ
59-25 71st Avenue Ridgewood,
New York 11227
     Since June--have been promising to get dues check off to you--and the summer is nearly over. Heck! Look at the check dated the 23rd and letter going off today (27th August). TOO BUSY. Really think you had to be crazy to be in the 106th. Guess I still am because ran a BI-CENTENNIAL COMBINATION SECOND NEW YEARS EVE PARTY in my POST (Ridgewood Post VFW #123) on Saturday, August 14th. It was we limited the seating to only 150... otherwise it is we had room...larger dance floor...and a great time... Hope to get to a CONVENTION one of these years. Enjoyed the one at Valley Forge.

Charles R. Porter - 423rd Reg.
#6 Pulaski Homes
New Brighton, Pa. 15066
     I got sick on July 2 and was unable to attend reunion. I am still disabled. Hope to see and hear from other members. Any other news would be appreciated and hope to make it next year.

Betty Davidson - ASSOCIATE
P. O. Box 222
Lumberport, West Virginia 26386
     Our only daughter is at present living in Puerto Rico. Her husband, James McKnight, Jr., is an engineer for Union Carbide. Our oldest son is married and living here in Lumberport and employed by White and Bally Glass Factory.. Our youngest son, Bob, is a senior at Lumberport High School taking some pretty sound beatings in football this year and is planning on attending college. Our thanks to good ole Bill and Barb Dahlen for their help on this.

James E. Collier - H/424
1635 Vance
Memphis, Tenn. 38104
     I'm retired and taking things easy. Would enjoy hearing from some of the fellows from H. Co., 424th. Sorry I couldn't make the Convention in Indiana. But will be at the next one.

Chester M. Buschemeyer - 591 FA
9402 Pembrook Street
Houston, Texas 77016
     Came to Houston in March, 1975 to work in oil field machine tools. Good pay and better living conditions. Bought a nice home on an acre of ground. Am currently building a barn to raise New Zealand rabbits for breeding stock. Hope it works into a fat retirement income. Tell everyone to start eating lots of rabbit. It is fairly inexpensive, non-fattening and delicious. We thank of all the buddies, and the good times we miss at the reunions. It looks as though we will probably have to stay right here, as we are taking on a full time project. If anyone gets into our area, please come by or give us a call. Our phone number is 713-633-0052. I am enclosing a check for $10.00. I sent our dues to Jack, as I did not have your address. So, if you don't really have it, I'm sure you will receive it soon.

Marvin H. Rusch DHQ-(G-1)
10830 W. Courtland
Wauwatosa, Wisc. 53225
     I spent nine days in Germany and Romania this Spring--on business. I did get a chance to go up and down the Rhine from Frankfurt to Bonn and back down to Heidelberg--Didn't get a chance to go into .Bad Ems or St. Vith but will next year--we


hope. Bob Friche and his family moved from Arlington Heights, Ill., to Pensacola, Fla., this summer.

Gordon B. Pinney B/423
Rt. #1 - Box 35
Whitney, Nebr. 69367
     All is well with the Pinneys, still on the Ranch and struggling. Oldest son, Ralph, will be out of the Navy in December and plans to join us on the Ranch. Youngest son, Sid, is in High School and active in football. Had lovely visit with Ben and Avis Britton and their daughter who stopped to see us after the CONVENTION this year.

William Lucsay B/423
12612 S. Moody Avenue
Palos Heights, Ill. 60463
     A grand time was had at the Convention in Evansville. It is always nice to see old friends and to make new ones. We would like to wish one and all "Happy Holidays" and hope to see all at the Convention next year.

Floyd L. Elston A/589 FA
28 Park Avenue
Haskell, N.J. 07420
     Ending 26 years on the Police Force. The last 8 years as Chief of Police. Wife, Marie, belongs to the local First-Aid Squad, serving as President this year. Son, Philip, is in the AIR FORCE, stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska

Emil A. Grass F/424
2823 Flintwood Drive
Mehlville, Mo. 63129
     I own and operate a Moving Co. (Family Third Generation) Emil Grass Moving. My wife, June, & I have nine (9) children six (6) grandchildren. Every year in April and October my wife and I visit another 106th man; Mr. Larry Walden, H Company, 424th in Phoenix, Ariz. Really enjoy the CUB magazine.

William H. Jeffries Hq/3rd Bn. 422nd
155 Greene Avenue
Totowa, N.J. 07512
Does the 422nd Infantry Regiment have a Regimental Insignia? Are there any 106th shoulder patches available?

Vaden Lackey C.O., 590th FA
4487 Post Place 116
Nashville, Tenn. 37205
Please note change of address. We have sold our home and now live in an apartment.

Charles R. Lewis 806th ORD DAO
16 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York 11241
My son, MICHAEL, was admitted to the New York bar in May.

Steve G. Varhola (Unit unlisted)
6650 Royal Palm Blvd.
Apartment 309 C
Margate, Fla. 33063
     Irene and I moved here to Florida and we are originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been retired for 2 ½ years. Anyone remembering me please come to visit us.
     You will be more than welcome. Can you please locate or tell me how to get in touch with Joseph Joseph from Youngstown, Ohio. Also a little guy named Swartz, came to our outfit from the Rangers? How about Alex Zelinski from Lackawanna or Tonawanda, New York? I am the father of five (5) grown up children (4 married) and 6 grandchildren.

Phillip R. Leswing B/592 F.A.
309 Red Barn Road
Willow Grove, Penna. 19090
     On September 21, I mailed my check #743 to Bob Scranton for my dues. Haven't gotten my card but guess you will take care of it. By the way, I was out your way this past May to play Latrobe Country and visit a police officer friend in Greensburg by the name of Bob Wendel.


G. Edward Dickard D/422nd
P. 0. Box 144
Clemson, S.C. 29631
     I am enclosing check covering dues for this coming year. I give you and the other fellows my hardiest congratulations on keeping the Association going. I plan to attend this year's Convention.

John D. Wilson D & H/422nd
331 E. 59th Street
Hialeah, Florida 33013
     Sorry I am a little late on this--just lazy I guess. Please renew my membership for 1976-77 in the 106th Div Assoc Enclosed find my check. Still a pleasure to get the CUB in the mail after all these years. Still see the name of somebody I knew on occasion mentioned there--We are all getting old(er) aren't we?

Fred W. Addison 106th Band
65 N. Mobile Street
Mobile, Ala. 36607
     Sincerely sorry I missed Evansville, but I would like to send my very best wishes to all of the wonderful "HUNGRY & SICK" fellows especially Brothers Senn, Trautman, and Col. Joe Matthews via the CUB.

Joseph Krafchik Hq. Det. 331 Med.
349 Livingston Ave.
New Brunswick, N.J. 08901
I am a C.P.A. in my home town of New Brunswick, N.J.

Robert A. Likins B/591st FA
4743 No. Woodruff Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisc.
     Had wonderful visit from Col. Carl Wohlfeil in August. He looks great. He was on his way to Little Bighorn to see how he would have fought it.

Lt. Col. Byrne A. Bowman DHQ
1860 Liberty Tower
Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102
     I have withdrawn from the law firm of Felix Bowman, McIntyre & McDivitt and formed a new partnership, Bowman & Pittman.

Jerome L. Frankel Hq, 3rd Bn 423
584 Junard Blvd.
West Hempstead, N.Y. 11552
     Vice President-American Interstab, Ltd. Have been doing extensive traveling on business world-wide during the past 2% years-primarily Europe, Far East, Southeast Asia and Central & South America. Have not been able to get to St. Vith yet but hope to get there on future trip to Europe.

James N. Yamazaki M.D. Med./590th FA
6540 Forbes Avenue
Van Nuys, California 91406
     Third and last child is now in college. Practicing pediatrics in L.A. for the last 24 years. Had a reunion with James Fonda a few months ago.

Col. George L. Descheneaux C.O. 422nd
1625 Concord Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
     Nothing new with me. 68 years and emphysema reduce my physical activity to real short walks. Except for the occasional sad reports, I really enjoy hearing about the other old goats. And for the younger old goats, quit smoking and get on a good exercise program. I was given this advice some 20 years ago and failed to heed it until too late. Warm regards.

James N. Adkins C/423rd
5232 Commonwealth Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
     I am still a widower--lost my wife, Opal, on June 1, 1971. I have four (4) children-- James, Jr. graduates from Jacksonville Univ. in December and going into the ministry. Virginia is still at F.J.C. Robert is attending Jacksonville Tech. Marsha is in the 6th grade. Just made my 30th year with the railroad. Am now employed with AMTRAK. I would like to have information on any of my old buddies from Company C-423rd. May the good Lord guide and bless each of you.


Juan G. Rodriguez C/422nd
?500 Beacon Hill Road
Lexington, Ky. 40504
Looking forward to the next charter Europe--maybe we can join.

Major M. H. Jacobs H/422nd
P. O. Box 272
Kingstree, South Carolina 29556
     We would like to hear more information about the original 106th Division 422nd Reg. & 423rd Reg. People like Col. Claude Scales and wife & family; Major William Pero Moon and Wife; General Descheneaux & wife; Sgt. Sawyer & family. These people were cadre and beginning members of the 106th at Fort Jackson where the 106th was formed.

Jack Zuckerman C/423rd
71-23 167th Street
Hushing, New York 11365
     On leave as school principal, serving as Executive Vice President of Council of supervisors and Administrators. Daughter just entered Columbia Law School. Son a senior at Tufts Medical School. Wife is elementary school teacher.

Joseph Litvin D/423rd
195 West 185th Street
Torrance, California 90504
     I am still working part time as a meat cutter. Each spring I look forward to my annual fishing trip up to Canada. My son, Ted, & I are in the process of restoring a 1951 Kaiser.

William H. Jefferies Hq/422nd
155 Greene Avenue Totowa,
New Jersey 07512
     Thanks for your quick response to my note about patches and emblems and Regimental Insignias. I am enclosing a check of $3.50 to cover one patch and one embroidered emblem. It will be good to see the old Lion Patch with his tongue hanging sit. I really loved that outfit of 33 years ago, it does not seem that long a time but I guess something. Nice to be a member. The dancer on the envelope is my hobby. I love to play to music.

Edward S. Withee A/81st Engrs.
Box 514
Goshen, Conn. 06756
I have two sons, Jerry and Phillip. I am self-employed in the general contracting business in Torrington, Conn.

Henry E. Freedman Reg. Hqs./422nd
115 Harness Trail
Roswell, Georgia 30076
     Just completed 23 years at Rich's Inc., South's largest department store. Buyer of TV & Stereo. Son, Robby now 21 and son, Alan, 18, recently enrolled at Auburn Univ. Wife, Betty, still enjoying her role as housewife and sometimes gardner.

Arthur Heffernan H/424th
164 Liberty
Pontiac, Mich. 48053
     I am very proud and pleased to inform you that I was elected and am now serving as Commander of Pontiac's Post #1370, V.F.W.

Charles S. Walsh Sv/592nd FA
1001 Chews Landing Road
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
     We meet every year on the Sunday before Labor Day at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, for the 106th Annual Picnic. Everyone is welcome.

Thomas J. Maw A/592nd FA
436 Beech Street
Rockland, Mass. 02370
     Latest CUB just arrived today. Glad to hear reunion was a great success. Sorry we could not make it. Talked to Avis & Ben Britton, they are fine. They gave us a run- down on the reunion too. All here are well.


    Greyhound is real busy, due to the United Parcel Service Strike. See you next summer; God willing. Tom, Elaine, Tommy & Paula.

William S. Blaher I/422nd
RD 5 - Norton Drive
Flemington, N.J. 08822
     Operate a photographic and office supply business, married 3 years ago, active in local Lions Club, County Civil Defense, Deputy Coordinator, Amateur radio.

Dr. Ronald A. Mosley, S.T.M., Div. Arty. & 424th Inf. - Chaplain, Ret. USA
Box 25, "Maudslea-On-Sea"
Petite Riviere, Lunenburg Co.
Nova Scotia, Canada BOJ 2 PO
     Our best to you in your new position. We are busy in retirement; wife is organist/choir director of a nearby Church. I am on several Canadian Government committees on the problems of the handicapped, am still on the Nova Scotia and the national Canadian UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) Committees. I am Hon. Marshall and Banquet speaker at the Remembrance (Armistice) Day program of the Royal Canadian Legion in Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia.

Mrs. Wm. T. Manahan ASSOCIATE
Norwood Ave. - R. D. 1
Box 69
Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 17214
     Enclose my dues. I am the widow of Col. Wm. T. Manahan - 106th Ordinance Officer. Our oldest son, Lt. Col. Richard Manahan, will return to the States from a 3 year tour of duty in Paraguay, South America and home for Christmas. He may retire in 2 years. Ron, my second son, teaches Math & Science at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Tim, the youngest born at the Fort Jackson, South Carolina Army Base is an Engineer. I have five (5) grandchildren. I try to keep in touch with our 106ers and enjoy the magazine. I am proud to be a member.

Waldo B. Pierce
530 East Street,
New Britain, Conn.
     I have been retired since July 1, 1975 from Stanley Tools after 38 years of service. From time to time I am still called in as a consultant on methods and work measurement.
     I am still the Service Officer of my American Legion Post, I have been doing this pleasant work for about 28 years. Since retirement I am also doing Volunteer work for the American Red Cross, as a Motor Service driver, transporting blood, bring patients to Medical services, and emergency situations. I thoroughly enjoy my retirement status, and all my family is in good health.

Harrison C. Tissot Co. C 422 Inf.
     I have been a member of American Legion Post 123 Norwood, Ohio for thirty years. I feel every service man should support some veterans organization.
     I had a surprise phone call from my former personnel officers, 422nd Inf Melvin N. Crank. At that time he was 1st Lt. later became adjutant with rating of Major. He now living near Chicago, Ill. Seems to be interested in the association. I gave him names and addresses of several fellows who were in the office at that time.

Jesse O. Kershner AT/423
17 Ridgewood Parkway
Newport News, Virginia 23602
     Enclosed is my 1976-77 dues. Give my regards to all the comrades of the 106th especially those of Anti-Tank Co., 423rd. Also my best wishes to Glen Kennedy, who after I served 26 years of active Army duty, I still consider the best platoon sergeant I ever served with or under and Captain Charles Reid my all-time favorite Company Commander.

Orfeo E. Agostini A/81st Engineers
202 Elizabeth Street
Hinesville, Georgia 31313
     Sorry I am late with my yearly dues. Could not make the Reunion this year due to military commitment, as I am still on active duty. Will retire January 1, 1977 and hope to make it next year.


Col. T. M. Roberts, Retired, Div. Hq.
Box 9151
Bridgeport, Conn. 06601
     Will be leaving for Canada in a few days so will be unable to make reunion, perhaps in 1977 will be with you. Any members having address of Capt. Lopez - of Brooklyn or New York City - or William Flynn of St. Joseph, Missouri - of A.P.O. - please let me know.

Mrs. Betty Manahan ASSOCIATE
R. D. #1 - Box 69
Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 17214
     Enclosed my dues for 1976-77. I do not think I'll be able to make the reunion. I have some heart trouble now, and it seems far to go -- alone. Thank you and wishing all the "106ers" well.

John L. Mikalauskis H 424
P. 0. Box 31 - 306 W. Blake St.
Benton, Ill. 62812
     Am enclosing my check for $5.00 for the membership dues for this next year (1976-77). We were able to attend most of reunion last month in Evansville and had a most enjoyable time. Please note my address is now P. 0. Box 31, 306 W. Blake St. Benton, Ill. 62812

Mrs. H. M. (Dorothy) Broth, ASSOCIATE
27402 Lemon Tree Court
Hayward, California 94545
     I recently moved from Baltimore, Md., to the address above and had to find an issue of The CUB in order to send you a check for continued membership; I only found it today among some of my unpacked boxes. I miss talking to K and John Loveless, but do hope to see them in August when I expect to be in Baltimore for the dedication of the Memorial for my beloved Henry on August 29th. Please put my name on the membership list and send The CUB to me. Perhaps, next year I might be able to attend the Convention and meet more of the wonderful people of the 106th.
Those I have met are the greatest/ My best wishes for continued success in keeping the group together.

George Kaufman H/423
915 E. High Street - Apt. 2
Springfield, Ohio 45505
     Sending my check for dues for The CUB. I enjoy The CUB very much and I think the Editor is doing a fine job with the magazine. I am retired now and do quite a bit of yard work and traveling. I wish the 106th the best of success and hope we get a lot more members back in the 106th Association. Best of luck to the 106th.

William T. Thorn L/422
1604 N. Breiel Blvd.
Middletown, Ohio 45042
     We have two children and three grand- children. Daughter, Sandra, works for McGraw Construction Company in Middletown, Ohio and son, William, Jr. is a C.P.A.
    with Haskin & Sells in Dayton, Ohio. Sandy's children are named Marcie and Marnie. Bill's daughter is named Elizabeth.

Brig. Gen. Francis A. Woolfley C.O. 106th
932 Solomon Place
New Orleans, La. 70119
     Rosalie and I are well and happy and still enjoying retirement in New Orleans. Still hope to attend a reunion. Best wishes to all.

John J. Hohenstein M/423
575 Virginia Avenue
Decatur, Ill. 62522
Thanks, keep up the good work.

Frank A. Hohenadel 424th
6711 North Keota Ave.
Chicago, Ill. 60646
     I have not received a CUB for a long time. We hear from our friends Sam Liebowitz, mess officer par excellence, Father Boyle, 424th Chaplain, and Loren Souers, 81st Engineers, intelligence officer. Also hear from Harvey Johnson, the great civilian auto maintenance man with the 424th. Keep up the good work. I must add that we had a delightful visit from Col. Chas. Girand and his wife. He was the C.O. of 3rd Bn., 424th. He hasn't changed a bit


Member's Dues $1,695.00
Auxiliary Dues 229.00
Interest Earned 327.16
Sale of Emblems & Patches 57.50
Gain on 1975 Reunion 251.88
Return of a 1975 Officer Registration Fee 33.00
Cub Expense 2,073.03
Postage--Officers 116.80
Telephone 2.20
Registration fees-3 officers 1976 Reunion 87.00
30th Reunion Registration Forms 21.94
Net Gain $ 292.57

Brought Forward $5054.18
Net Gain 1975-76 292.57
Balance June 30, 1976 5346.75

Brought Forward $3809.65
Contributions 572.00
Interest Earned 246.80
Sale of Lions Tale 84.00

December Wreath Laid--St. Vith 39.00
Balance June 30, 1976 $4673.45

Cash Balance Year End 1975-76 $10,020.20
Cash Balance Year End 1974-75 8,863.83
Increase Over Previous Year $1,156.37

Checking--First National Bank of Atlanta $593.02
Savings--Fulton Federal Savings & Loan 9,427.18


     Adjutant Bandurak reports that the membership dues reminder for the following 106'ers were returned by the Postal Service and marked, "RETURN TO WRITER, NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED, NO FORWARDING ORDER ON FILE." If you know these men and their new addresses, please contact Walt Bandurak and notify him in order that he may send them applications to join our Association.

Robert "Bob Homan D/424 1211 Elida Street Janesville, Wisc. 53545
Richard R. Robinson C. N./424 310 Holly Drive - Apt. 217 Howell, Michigan 48843
Ralph J. Murphy L/424 YMCA-41 State Street Albany, New York 12203

Robert A. Gilmartin H/424 3320 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, New York 11203
Vance S. Jennings, PhD 106th Signal P. O. Box 16155 Temple Terrace, Florida 33617
Thomas F. Scurry Hq., 3rd Bn./424 1205 Elmore Street Columbia, South Carolina 29209
Henry E. Freedman Hq/422 295 B - Winding Riv. Dr., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30338
John Crosby Sv/591 FA 503 Howard Street Brunswick, Georgia 31520


Index for: Vol. 33 No. 2, Jan, 1977

Index for This Document

‘An Engr.'s Seven Day War', 30
106th Div., 28
1st Inf. Div., 23
28th Inf. Div., 24
3rd BN., 424th, 43
422nd Inf., 26, 40
422nd Inf. Regt., 34
424th Inf. Regt., 26, 40
589th FA, 32
590th FA BN, 12, 34, 36
591st FA BN, 12, 30, 32, 36
592nd FA BN, 5, 11, 39
6th Armd. Div., 23
80th Inf. Div., 20
81st Engr., 30, 41
81st Engr. (C) BN, 30
81st Engr. BN, 22
81st Engr. Cbt. BN, 21, 22
Addison, Fred W., 36
Adkins, James N., 37
Agostini, Orfeo E., 23, 41
Alexander, Carolyn I., 24
Alexander, Marilyn G., 24
Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. William, 12
Allen, Orval O., 11
Ardennes, 18
Armington, Donald, 12
Auw, Germany, 20, 21
Bad Ems, 33
Bainbridge, Sgt. Maj., 23
Bainbridge, William G., 23
Bandurak, Walt, 1, 45
Bandurak, Walter, 1, 7, 12
Bartz, Richard, 12
Battle Of The Bulge, 18, 23
Beals, Mrs. Carol, 12
Belgium, 7
Beville, John G., 12
Bickford, Tom, 7
Biezel, Mr. & Mrs. John, 12
Birmingham, 18
Black, Wayne, 12
Blaher, William S., 24, 40
Boeshore, Richard, 11
Bonn, 33
Bowman, Lt. Col. Byrne A., 36
Boyle, Father, 43
Bradfield, Ken, 28
Bradfield, Kenneth, 18
Bradfield, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth, 12
Bradley, Mr. & Mrs. L. B., 12
Brazill, Myles, 28
Britton, Avis & Ben, 39
Britton, Ben & Avis, 34
Britton, Benjamin, 12
Broth, Mrs. H. M. (Dorothy), 42
Brunswick, 36
Bryant, Jack, 12
Buckley, Arthur C., Sr., 5
Buckley, Mrs. Elizabeth, 5
Burnham, Fred W., 26
Buschemeyer, Chester M., 32
Byrd, Austin, 12
Call, George, 13
Camp Atterbury, 3
Camp Lucky Strike, 20
Camp, Wayne, 30
Cariano, Lt. Col. Samuel P., 28
Carter, Fred, 12
Chase, Fred B., 28
Clark, Walter C., 12
Co. A, 81st Engr., 20
Coffey, Doug, 5, 7
Coffey, Douglas, 12
Coffey, Mr., 7
Collier, James E., 32
Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Virgil, 12
Collins, Sherod, 1
Cook, Robert ‘Bob', 20
Crank, Mel, 26
Crank, Melvin N., 40
Crosby, John, 45
Crossman, Lester, 12
Dahlen, Barbara & Bill, 18
Dahlen, Bill & Barb, 32
Dahlen, William, 12
Datte, Charles, 12
Davidson, Betty, 24, 32
DeHeer, Dick, 7
DeHeer, Dick & Marge, 7
DeHeer, Richard G., 11
Descheneaux, Col. George L., 37
Descheneaux, Gen., 38
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Doerner, George, 31
Dohoney, Pat, 5
Dohoney, W. C. (Pat), 18
Dohoney, Wm. P., 12
Donovan, Wm. J., 32
Dorosky, Cathy, 5
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Elston, Floyd L., 34
Estes, Robert, 20
Eupen, Belgium, 18
Evans, Wilbur D., 12
Flick, Robert F., 11
Flynn, William, 42
Fonda, James, 37
Fort Benning, GA, 24
Fort Bliss, Tex., 23
Fort Gordon, 30
Fort Jackson, 38
Fort Jackson, SC, 22, 26, 40
Fort Meade, MD, 24
Fort Riley, KS, 23
Frank, Florian, 12
Frankel, Jerome L., 36
Frankfurt, 33
Freedman, Henry E., 11, 38, 45
Friche, Bob, 34
Fritz, John, 12
Gallagher, John I., 1
Garn, Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 12
Gasses, Joseph, 12
Gilder, Robert, 12
Gillespie, Jack, 6, 18
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Girand, Col. Chas., 43
Gollhofer, Earl, 12
Grass, Emil A., 34
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Gubow, David, 14
Gubow, Judge, 14, 16
Gubow, Judge Larry, 14
Gubow, Judge Lawrence, 14
Gubow, Larry, 16
Gubow, Lawrence, 14
Gultzow, Walter A., 12
Hammelburg, Germany, 20
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Heffernan, Arthur, 39
Heidelberg, 33
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Howell, Robert, 12
Huminski, Ed, 30
Hurley, John F., 11, 29
Iwamoto, George, 18
Jacobs, M. H., 38
Jefferies, William H., 38
Jeffries, William H., 34
Jennings, Vance S., 45
Jewish War Veterans, 14, 16
Johnson, Harvey, 43
Johnson, Maj. Gen. James A., 22
Johnson, President Lyndon, 14
Jones, Alan W., Jr., 28
Jones, Gen. Alan W., 7
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 3
Joseph, Joseph, 35
Kane, James J., 11, 27
Kaufman, George, 42
Kean, W. B., 22
Keith, Damon J., 14
Kelly, John, 12
Kemp, Brian, 5
Kemp, John, 5
Kemp, Ray & Kay (Loveless), 5
Kemp, Tom, 5
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Lopez, Capt., 42
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Loveless, K & John, 42
Lucsay, William, 34
Lucsay, Wm., 12
MacLone, Richard, 11
Manahan, Col. Wm. T., 40
Manahan, Lt. Col. Richard, 40
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Mansfield, H. E., 12
Marshall, Maj., 30
Matthews, Col. Joe, 36
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Maw, Thomas J., 39
McKee, Col., 26
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McMahon, Leo T., 3, 7, 18
McMahon, Mr. & Mrs. Leo T., 12
Meola, Joseph A., 30
Merz, O. Paul, 28
Mikalauskis, John L., 42
Milan, 11
Moon, Maj. William Pero, 38
Morgan, Dick, 5
Morrin, Rev. Ivan, 9, 10
Morrison, Mr., 27
Mosley, Dr. Ronald A., 40
Mosley, Newton, 13
Munich, Germany, 20
Murphy, Ralph J., 45
Myers, Dr. Larry, 30
Myers, J. Gail, 28
Nassau, 8
Nourse, R. S., 22
Nuremberg, Germany, 26
Old Hickory Div., 26
Order Of The Golden Lion, 7
Pankert, J., 8
Perliss, Robert, 14
Peyser, Charles S., 30
Pierce, Robert, 13
Pierce, Waldo B., 40
Piha, Morris R., 12
Pinney, Gordon B., 34
Plat, Jack, 6
Porter, Charles R., 32
Powers, Eddie, 16
Puett, Joseph, 13
Randol, Richard L., 11
Randol, Robert L., 11
Reid, Capt. Charles, 41
Reilly, Ed., 13
Renolds, John, Jr., 29
Rhine, 33
Riggs, Col., 20, 27
Riggs, Col. Tom, 5
Riggs, Tom, 30
Ringer, Robert, 13
Rinkema, George, 13
Robb, John, 29
Roberts, Col. T. M., 42
Robinson, Richard R., 45
Robinson, Wesley, 13
Rodriguez, Juan G., 38
Roudebush, Congressman, 3
Roudebush, Mr., 3
Roudebush, Richard L., 3
Rusch, Marvin H., 33
Russell, D. L., 18
Rutland, George, 13
Rutland, Roger, 13
Rutledge, Lt., 20
Samples, L. O., 13
Sandberg, Bob, 20
Sandberg, Robert, 26
Saucerman, Eugene, 13
Sawyer, Sgt., 38
Scales, Col. Claude, 38
Schieferstein, Fred, 29
Schlesser, John, 13
Schmalberg, Estelle, 16
Schoch, Charles H., 1
Schoch, Charlie, 3
Schoch, Chuck, 3
Schoch, Sherry, 5, 13
Schroeder, Ann, 5
Schroeder, Jim, 5
Schroeder, Margaret, 5
Schroeder, Nicholas, 11
Schroeder, Nick & Evelyn, 5
Schroeder, Rosemary, 5
Schutte, Philip, 13
Scranton, Bob, 4, 35
Scranton, Robert L., 1
Scurry, Thomas F., 45
Shirley, James E., 11
Shor, Dr., 14
Shor, Dr. Robert, 14, 16
Smith, Mervin S., 12, 30
Solecki, Emil & Ethel, 5
Souers, Loren, 43
Souers, Loren E., 30
Spade, Robert, 13
St. Vith, 7, 31, 33, 36
Steele, Kermit, 13
Stone, Donald J., 32
Sutherland, Jack, Sr., 26
Tealph, David, 5
Teel, James, 13
Thorn, William T., 42
Tissot, Harrison C., 40
Trail, Reed, 5
Trautman, Frank S., 28
Uebel, Bernard, 30
Varhola, Steve G., 35
Vietnam, 24
Villwock, Russ & Jackie, 1
Villwock, Russell, 13
Walden, Larry, 34
Walker, Bob, 1
Walker, Robert, 13
Walker, Robert 'Bob', 1
Walsh, Capt., 5
Walsh, Capt. Charlie & Daisey, 5
Walsh, Charles S., 39
Walsh, Daisey, 5
Walters, Presslye, 13
Wells, James E., 13
Wells, Jim, 3, 30
Williams, Fred, 13
Wilson, John D., 36
Withee, Edward S., 11, 20, 38
Withee, T/5 Edward S., 21, 22
Wohlfeil, Col. Carl, 36
Wojtusik, Stanley A., 24
Woolfley, Brig. Gen. Francis A., 43
Wyatt, Van, 13
Yamazaki, Dr. James N., 12
Yamazaki, James N., 36
York, Robert, 13
Zelinski, Alex, 35
Zenn, Michael, 13
Zenn, Mr., 27
Zimmerman, Althea (Loveless) & Tom, 5
Zuckerman, Jack, 38