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The Cub
Vol. 32, No. 2, Jan., 1976

     As news of her passing reached us we were rather shook. We had heard reports of her being additionally ill while we were on our trip North. Having heard from Kay Loveless and General McMahon we were concerned as always where Anna was concerned. Anna held a warm spot in our hearts, having been with her on many Conventions and trip to Europe when she was well and able to keep up with the best of in any activity. Anna, in her last few Conventions managed to show each one of us just what Courage was made of-not once did she complain or try in any way to burden anyone with her troubles. She just did everything she was able to do and then some, with the help of Joe and Bruce.
     Anna has not passed away from the 106th. She has just gone on a vacation to Heaven where those of us lucky enough might just join her one day. She lives in our memories; fond memories indeed. She was as much a soldier of the 106th as any man who claims to be a soldier of the 106th.
     We will not mourn her but as I write the tears stain the paper on which it is written. I claim this privilege for even Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus. Jesus said "In my father's house are many mansions and if it were not true I would not tell thee". Surely Anna will rule over the mightiest mansion in Heaven.
God Bless all who were privileged to know her.

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.

President Sherod Collins
1st Vice President Bob Walker
2nd Vice President Charles Schoch
Adjutant Robert L. Scranton
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.
Historian Sherod Collins

    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.

    Editor: John Gallagher All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher 4003 Frances Street Temple, Pa. 19560 All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to: Robert L. Scranton 9441 Lee Road Brighton, Mich. 48116 Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

1974-75 yr- 302
1975-76 yr to Nov. 1- 276

Do you know someone who should be a member?

The Officers of the 106th extend to each of you, their wishes that 1976 will be a rewarding and meaningful year.

July 22-24-The Executive Inn--Evansville,
Indiana---Chairman: Ken Bradfield
Looking forward to seeing you there


Lion Tale - contact Sherod Collins
106 Emblem or shoulder patch-Contact Walt Bandurak

     In line with our Division's evolving themes of patriotism and American heritage, especially in this time of Bicentennial observances, I would like to make a few comments based on material gathered here and there, and on just a bit of personal thought.
     I write this from the environs of the old City of Charleston, South Carolina, an area that has always shown a fierce pride and willingness to do battle to maintain its freedom and its heritage.
     Through experience, we know that freedom can never be taken for granted--lest it be lost. Neglected, it withers and dies, or is smothered by the creeping weeds of tyranny.
     So it is that Americans of our troubled and perilous times must remain as aware of the origins and meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and as vigilant in guarding them as were the founding fathers who formulated them.
     The Pilgrim Fathers, along with their desire to find freedom of worship, carded also the spark which well may have given the first glow to the beacon of self-government. Before they left the Mayflower they pledged themselves to form a government and to obey it--a first agreement to abide by complete self-government. And tied to that was the freedom of worship Credo--a right which is among the first to be eliminated by dictatorial governments.
     Other rights and privileges which are basic and an integral part of our heritage are: (1) Dignity of the Human Being--which includes the right of free speech and of the press, to assemble peaceably, to petition for redress of grievances; all heady freedoms but not to be abused. (2) Right of Privacy in the Home--tied with the right to move about freely at home and abroad. (3) Justice--trial by jury, writ of Habeas Corpus, and being innocent until proved guilty (4) The Right to Ownership of Private Property--subject to due process of law and/or just compensation (5) The Secret Ballot and Free Elections. We need to exercise our right to vote whenever the polls open.


    (6) The right to choose employment and Its location; to change jobs. For work is the way man proclaims his worth, an expension of man's dignity and individual freedom. (7) The right to contract and to know that such contracts for goods, services, etc. will be binding. These rights must be defended. (8) A government set up under a definitive yet flexible constitution to serve us, not rule us. It is part of the genius of the Founding Fathers that they could design an instrument to accommodate the changing roles we demand of our government. "We the People" grant legislative powers, vest executive powers, and clothe courts with Judicial powers. Let us not be submissive, even if indulgent, but masters of a system that was designed to serve--not rule.
     FREEDOM is a priceless thing. It is a paradox, too. It Is as unquenchable as a man's loftiest strivings. Yet it is as easily extinguished by the chill of neglect as an ember in a downpour. It would seem incumbent on us to know the history of and have knowledge of our rights, to respect them, support them, and acknowledge our indebtedness to the Founding Fathers and our responsibilities to succeeding generations who will inherit the "American Way of Life".
     On June 14, 1975 the United States Army celebrated with pride its role in support of the above principles during the past 200 years.
WE GOLDEN LIONS are proud to have played a part in this role!

     From the beginnings of recorded history, the perversity, envy, jealousy, greed and cruelty of people, individually and collectively, have led to almost constant misunderstandings, suspicions, angry confrontations, warfare between and among families, tribes and nations. From ancient times to the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and down to modem day, the story has been rolling on. Somewhat like a television series in which the characters, the CHAPLAINS MESSAGE television series in which the characters, the ever involve love, hate, misery, suspense, surprise.
     Is it not strange that thru out this present age, the inhabitants of this topsy-turvy globe, spinning thru space, endowed by our Creator with material gifts far beyond our needs and with mental powers developed beyond early man's greatest expectations, have been unable to live and let live, to respect the needs and aid in the hopes and proper desires of our neighbors, whether next-door or half-way around the earth?
     We recognized those who served their country in times of war by designating as a day of honor the date on which World War I ended. But like many others, this day lost much of its true meaning and purpose in the ensuing years as hopes for an era of peace subsided. Thus, to accommodate business, industry and pleasure, the day of observance was changed so that instead of one united national day of recollection, we now have two diluted ones. And it would appear that thereby the day as one of solemnity and contemplation of our past and hope for the future is now of little value to us as a people.
     In this time of year, it is our national custom to observe a Day of Thanksgiving in which we pause for a few hours to express our thanks and appreciation for all the bounty bestowed upon us by a Merciful God and Father. Here, too, we as a nation seem to have lost our perspective, permitting materialism to overwhelm our gratitude for the innumerable blessings which we have received.
     Perhaps, we should take a little time to story has been rolling on. Somewhat like a Perhaps, we should take a little time to that we are putting second and third things ahead of those that should be first, a change may be in order for each of us.
"I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30
John T. Loveless, Jr.


Rev. and Dot Ewell Ft. Jackson

(Memorial to MG Alan W. Jones, 1894-1969)

     This BAG LUNCH column was created for the CUB by our Division Commander, Major General Alan W. Jones USA Retired. In this space in each issue of the CUB he wrote articles, many serious, some hilarious as he could be, to be read by the members of the 106th Division Association. He passed away at Army Medical Center Washington D.C. on January 22, 1969. It doesn't seem that long ago.
     Since his death we have tried to carry on this column as a Memorial to him. I believe it is most appropriate to devote this space as a Memorial to a beloved member of the Association, a blithe and brave spirit who left us on October 15, 1975. Anna Katherine Skarren Matthews. (October 1, 1910-October 15, 1975). That is the full name of the Anna Matthews whose company we enjoyed at nearly every reunion since her husband retired from the Army. With the aid of a wheel chair and a walker and the dedication and devotion of Joe and Bruce she attended the 1974 reunion at Frederick and this year at Atlanta. She is survived by her husband of forty-two years, Colonel Joseph C. Matthews, Jr. U.S. Army retired, who was the Executive Officer of the 422 Infantry. Joe told me recently that in Camp Atterbury Indiana, just before the regiment went overseas Anna became "Mama" to scores of homesick young soldiers and he had called her "Mama" ever since. She is also survived by three sons: Major Joseph C. Matthews HI, Chaplain US Air Force; Robert Matthews, Chief Petty Officer US Navy and the youngest son Bruce, whom we all know and admire, and seven grandchildren. She was a member of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church of Raleigh, N.C. and was organist of the Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church of that city for more than twenty years. We agree with Doug Coffey's statement in the last CUB: "Anna Matthews certainly is a story of courage, if ever I saw it".
Leo T. McMahon

    We seem to be at a time in life when there is bound to be and is a series of hard-to-take-losses of our beloved member- friends by virtue of the Great Commander-in-Chiefs having chosen to call them to that great rest camp in the sky.
     We have recently lost two about whom I feel compelled to comment, having been their friend and they mine for a very long time.
     These were people who gave unstintingly of their time and talents wherever they could and who were always present if at all possible when the roll was called.
     Anna Matthews, along with her good and faithful husband Joe, was usually the first person seen at every convention. She enjoyed people and they enjoyed her. There were a couple of late reunions to which she was unable to go but as soon as possible, although in some distress physically, she insisted that her family start attending again and they did. Their devotion was something to see.


     Henry Broth was another who felt very much a part of the 106th Group and came to every reunion and December meeting he could get to. He hosted and assisted in hosting several of both types of meetings and was planning on coming to the Atlanta reunion when taken sick again. To put it simply, Henry was a good and true friend and companion.
     The people of the Association will miss them and I personally will miss them. Let us keep the faith of which they were a part.
And may God sustain their loved ones.

Sherod Collins, President

Our former president died this past November as a result of a heart attack.
Henry was a very active, devoted member of the 106th. We will miss him.
Our sympathy to the Broth family.

Thoughts which were expressed at the funeral of Anna Matthews.
     At this hour we unite our hearts in the worship of God, the Lord of life and of death. In our worship today we sound the strong note of thanksgiving for one of God's faithful disciples. Eulogy of Anna Matthews Is unnecessary. So as we come to celebrate her coronation--her home going--we bring praise to God for her life and service.
     In the last book of the Bible there is a directive which Anna Matthews seems to have taken to herself. It Is the word spoken by the Angel to the church in ancient Smyrna--"be thou faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life."
Let us all now hear the Gospel as Anna heard and believed and as it was lived out in her life.
John 11:17-44
John 14:1-27
I Corinthians 15:12-26; 35-44; 50-58
Romans 8:26-39

Let us Pray:
     Eternal God, our Father, your goodness loved us into life; your mercies never fail; underneath us are your everlasting arms; we tarn to you in humble trust. Amid the decay of visible things draw near to us and encourage our hearts. As the changes of life leave us poorer and sadder help us to know more the constancy of your love and the unfailing riches of your grace.
     We bless you for the knowledge that death is not the destruction but the expansion of our life; that it opens for us the way into new opportunities of service and worship; new joys; that it cannot take us out of our Father's hands nor separate us from the love of God. Assist us to realize that the faith of Christ that the bereavements that darken our homes may not break our trust in you.
     Father, we have joy at this time in all who have faithfully lived and peacefully died. We thank you for that great cloud of witnesses who surround us even now and make real for us heaven the home of our hearts.
     Our Father, we acknowledge your great goodness in the life of Anna Matthews--we now thank you for this wife, mother, grandmother, friend and co-worker in Christ. At the same time we bring to your throne of grace for your blessing and for comfort your children. Minister to them in love and tenderness. We do not need to tell you of their sorrow; in the quietness of this hour we ask for them your sustaining grace.
     Open their eyes to see the Father's House on high where places are prepared for those who love you and reassure them that their beloved Anna has found a better life and a more perfect rest in you. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Edgar Byers, Minister

     Col. Joe sends his deep thanks to all for their prayers and expression of sympathy. They brought comfort to him and his family.


Dear Mr. Scranton:
     I never knew there was a 106 association and for years I've tried to find out who some of the members of the Med. Det, 422 Inf. were and also the CO of CO K same reg. He must have been the man who recommended me for Silver Star which I received after I was discharged.
     I had 31/2 years' service -- 2 years in Pacific when I was sent to Atterbury as a surgical technician but this Captain asked me to be his Aid man because of my experience.
     I was in Stalag 4B. Was in hospital there so long and can't remember names of 422 medics who helped me before being hospitalized.
     I've never gotten a dime out of VA for even though I've tried its no use for I can't establish service connection for I know not a man who was at 4B when I was and I was in the group captured on December 19, 1944 and did a bit of walking and on box cars.
If you can help me with information of 106th and especially Med. Det. 422 and Co. K.
Any help will be deeply appreciated.
Firman G. Olson, Star Route #2 Mill Creek, Missouri 63658

Dear Bob:
     The article about the erection of the 106th Division marker at Fort Jackson revived memories of this occasion for me. Our M. P. Platoon Barracks were located along one side of the road that paralleled the field where the Activation ceremony was held. The Provost Marshal, Lt. Col. Mowlds, who passed on a few years ago, and myself were the only cadre members who stayed with the Platoon until deactivation at Camp Shanks.
M. Brazill

Dear Bob:
     Our news: Although fully medically" retired and living in my native country, I am again a member of the Nova Scotia and Canadian UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) Committees and especially active in the schools on our South Shore at the Halloween UNICEF program. I do occasional supply work in churches and some writing for local papers and magazines.
     I wonder if I'm the only Association member who is also a member of the Royal Canadian Legion? I'm in Branch 24, Bridgewater, in which my father was a charter member. The RCL celebrates its 50th anniversary next year. Every Remembrance Day, we give a wreath in memory of the officers and men of the 106th at the Cenotaph, and I have the honor of taking part in the services as a padre.
     We gave up our mobile home in Florida because of expense but do visit my elderly parents for two weeks every winter.
     My very best wishes go to all. Please 114 express my special word to Gen. McMahon, one of my favorite 106'er. God bless.
The Rev. Ronald A. Mosley D.D.
"Maudslea-on-Sea" Box 25
Petite Riviere Bridge
Lunenburg So. Nova Scotia, Canada

Dear Bob:
     I was a member of the 106th Signal Co. from the day the cadre reported to Ft. Jackson until I deactivated the company on 8 October 1945, and also served as the Signal Co. commanding officer for the last 16 months of its active service. If you have any way of reaching any former members of the Signal Co. I should love to hear from them at this address:
LTC -Ret.- R. H. Caughman
10805 Bornedale Drive
Adelphi, Maryland 20783

I recently visited Columbia (my home town) and saw the Division Memorial Marker at Ft. Jackson.


Engineers Riggs and Ward

Dear John:
     Well, we cheered the Reds on to victory and now can turn our attention to other things. We were fortunate to get tickets to the three series games played here and really enjoyed them as we both are great fans.
     This may be belated, but we want to say what a great job the Georgia bunch did in making the convention such an outstanding event. It's a lot of hard work and was appreciated.
     It will soon be time for the annual December reunion and Lord willing and if it doesn't snow, we will be making our way to the Gilder residence. We were glad that they and John and Martha Fritz stopped off and spent the night on the way to Atlanta even if the guest room didn't have wallpaper on the walls. Things like that never seem to bother the 106th.
     Labor Day weekend the Saucermans with Sandy and Sally's Dad came to town to attend a Red's game with us. Later in September we flew to Chicago and along with the Hennings spent the weekend with Russ and Jackie Villwock. Sure had a good time. Jim & Bob had a couple of birthday cakes and we all reminisced about where they spent their birthdays last year - - in Europe.
     We plan on going east over the holidays, and hope to be able to see Fred and Agnes Chase -- if the weather cooperates.
     We were saddened by the news of the passing of Anna Matthews. Her smiling face will be missed so much at the conventions.
John, hope you and all the Cub readers have the most blessed of holidays.
Bob & June Walker

Dear Bob:
Sorry I didn't make it to the convention in Atlanta. Hope to make Indiana next year.
I was elected 3rd Vice Commander in Dept. of Minn. for D.A.V. this year, so expect to be active this year in D.A.V.
George Murray, Jr.
H 424

Dear Bob:
     I have been retired now for about 11/2 years on account of a heart condition. Getting along fine but have to take it easy. I would appreciate it very much if I could get Paul Marin's address. I think he lives in New Jersey.
     He & I along with a group of 30-35 men under Lt. Long escaped thru the lines during the break thru and when most of our outfit was captured. We were then assigned to the 424 Inf.
I would appreciate it very much if I could get any information on Paul Marin's address.
Wishing the 106th the best of everything and hoping for a larger membership.
George H. Kaufman
915 E. High St. Apt. 2
Springfield, Ohio 45505

July 22 - 24
Evansville, Indiana


Atlanta Group "Bulge" Commemoration
    Stouffer's Atlanta Hotel was the scene for a very pleasant December 6 gathering sponsored and arranged by Bill and Carolyn Alexander.
     A congenial group of 16 persons came to enjoy a social hour and a very good meal together. There was (as usual) still some chit-chat about the battle and war-time service in general and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. It is hoped that a larger group can be gotten together for next year's meeting and plans are under way.

Those attending were as follows:
    Duke and Martha Ward, Sam and Myra Davis, Sherod Collins of Atlanta, L. B. and Hazel Bradley of Palmetto, Bill and Carolyn Alexander, Marilyn Alexander (daughter of Bill) of Forest Park; Bob Howell, Niwana Page, (daughter of Carolyn Alexander) of Griffin; Bob and Thelma Burkes of East Point; and coming the greatest distance (and always a welcome addition to any gathering) Doug and Isabel Coffey of Port Charlotte, Florida

Mrs. Clare Hemming Bob Ringer, Wayne Black


Col. Wm. P. Moon, Jr., Hq 422 9135 Oakland Circle Lynchburg, Va. 24502
Emil Curcione, 26 David Road Cedar Grove, N. J. 07009
Nels J. Braaten, M-422 RR3 Canton, S. Dak. 57013
John H. Kelly, C-423 1117 Pleasant Street East Weymouth, Mass. 02189
Arthur C. Buckley, Div. Hq. 7 Trucker Court, Peabody, Mass. 01960
Orfeo E. Agostini, 9 York Place, Fort Stewart, Ga. 31313
Robert E. Sandberg, A-81 1069 Ohio Street West St. Paul, Minn 55118
Montague H. Jacobs, & wife H422 P. 0. Box 272 Kingstree, S. C. 29556
John S. Crocker, E422 P. 0. Box 161 Troy, Penna. 16947
Lambert B. Struble, & wife 1424 135 Robinson Street Lyons, Mich. 48851
Arthur H. Heffermen, & wife H424 164 Liberty Street Pontiac, Mich. 48053
Charles R. Gibson, Sv.424 524 Washington Lawton, Mich. 49065 8


C. W. Biles Box 57 Elrama, Pa. 15038
Robert A. Mattiko 424 1029 Huston Drive West Mifflin, Pa. 15122
Dr. John I. Hungerford Hq 424 5742 Penfield Avenue Woodland Hills, Calif. 91364

REV EDWARD T. BOYLE, 424, 1526 E. 84th St., Chicago, Ill. 60619

     Celebrated my 70th Birthday August 29th. Now I must resign. I have been Pastor here for 24 years. I will spend some time with my Brother Rev. Thomas Boyle at this address; some with a Sister, and at Duneland Beach, Indiana when not traveling. Maybe I will be able to see some of my buddies at future reunions.

1ST BN 422
9135 Oakland Circle, Lynchburg, Va. 24502
     I retired from the service in 1965. Since then I have been fooling around a little in real estate and a part time real estate salesman. Also, a little hunting and fishing. Both my wife and I are in fairly good health and trying to enjoy life a little.

ELMER F. LANGE, H-422 Apt. 58 - 4701 Briarpark Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68516
On 7 Sept 75 I was transferred from Washington, D. C. to Lincoln, Nebr. as ACTION (agency) State Director.

331 E. 59th St., Hialeah, Florida 33013
     All 3 of my daughters grown and married. Now have 1 grandchild. My wife and I are about to leave on a motor trip through Mexico and Guatemala. Will visit the wife's relatives in Guatemala where she is originally from. Hello to all old 106ers. Hope life is treating them all well.

Hg. Co. 1st Bn. 422 INF. 5007 Dian Wood Drive, E. Jacksonville, Florida 32210
     Still Dean of Career and Adult Education, Florida Junior College at Jacksonville. Daughter Judy graduated from Stetson University last spring.

RAYMOND J. REED, CN 423, 416 Chestnut St., Union, N. J. 07083
     I never knew the complete story of the agony grapevine as described on page 14 by D. B. Frampten, Jr. My folks were informed of my capture on Easter, 1945 by way of the grapevine.

HAROLD J. BRUMMER, D 422, 41 Georgia St. Cranford, N. J. 07016
     Am sending in dues for my wife's cousin, maybe he will get active. His name is Emil Curcione, 26 David Road, Cedar Grove, N. I.

ALEX RAVDIN, Co. A 331 Med Bn. 5308 Fitzhugh Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226
Sold my business, Richmond Lamp Co. in Richmond this summer and now retired.

H. M. HATCH, DHQ 422, 5609 15 Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 55417
     We have many happy memories of the many reunions we have attended and the friends we have made. Helen is quite well but can't travel. When she needs to get to the hospital its urgent so we don't get far away. Greetings to all of our friends.

DARRELL KELLAMS, E 424, 12775 Grover, Omaha, Neb 68144
Professor of Educ. Admin. at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


S. HARRY ZORN, 106 Signal Co., 301 E. 62nd St. New York, N.Y. 10021
     I am retiring from Bloomingdales Furniture Dept. on Jan. 10, 1976 after being with the firm for 281/2 years. As of now, we haven't made up our minds where we will retire to. We will be at our present address for at least another year.

ALFRED S. NUSBAUM, HDQS 423 INF. 5622 N. 12th St. Phoenix, Ariz. 85014
     Now retired 5 years, living in the wonderful Arizona desert climate and not even the slightest unhappy that we no longer live in N. Y. or earlier in Baltimore.

GILBERT MARCUS, 423 INF. 1340 N. Astor St. Apt 808 Chicago, Ill. 60610
     I am now associated with Freehling & Co. a Chicago Brokerage House and am in training to become a registered representative with that firm. (Stock Broker).

CLIFFORD AUSTINE C Btry, 589th FA BN., 125 So. Maple St. Vergennes, Vt. 05491
     Have just completed my 29th year with Simmonds Precision where I am Personnel Manager. Our two boys, Dave, 10 and Mike, 8 are helping to keep my wife Pat and me young.

FRED SCHIEFERSTEIN 431 Madison Hill Rd., Clark, N.J. 07066
     Still sell vegetables at farm stand. Received State Dept. Catholic War Veterans highest award for volunteer work at veterans hospital. My hobby is stamp collecting.

KENNETH R. MACLEAN HQ 3rd Bn., 422 INF. - 10 Lisa Lane, Warwich, R.I. 02889
     Wife Janet. Children - Douglas, Charlotte, N.C. Daughter - Margaret, Manchester, Vermont. BS-MS Stanford University, employed at CPL Corporation, East Providence, R. I.

VINCENT J. MUSTACCHIO, 331 Med BN. Co. D. - 15 Carmer Ave. Belleville, N.J. 07109
     Recovering from heart attack I suffered on, - Oct 23, 1974. Employed by municipal government for town of Belleville, N. J. as --1 Building Inspector. Three sons, James married and Chemical Engineer, John attending college and Vincent in high school.

CHARLES (KEN) CORRIGAN, SV 591 FA 3366 Ken Lake Dr., Olympia, Wa. 98502
     Betty and I were in St. Vith, on Sept 20 and 21st, visiting our monument. We then covered the route of the Battery from Burg Reuland all the way around Butkenbech and Hunningen. We also went on to Grossgartach near Heilbronn where the 591 Bn. spent the summer of 1945. The monument seemed to be in fair condition; the grass needed mowing and someone had scratched up the commanding generals name on the plaque to nearly make it unreadable. I was a little concerned about ours until we saw the one at Malmedy crossroads. The grass was about ankle deep and several tiles on the little foot bridges had come off and were in the ditch. Flags were at neither monument. We slept in that barn across the road when those nearly 100 artillerymen were still there in the snow and it touches a person deeply to read the names of those fellows knowing it well could be his name on one of these plaques. Of the month we toured Europe, the 3 days spent in the Bulge area was my highlight. We both look forward to each issue of the Cub.

BRUCE F. GLEN DIV. HDQS, 10 W. Ferry Rd., Morrisville, Pa. 19067
     Three sons graduated from Norwich University, Northfield, Vt. Peter is in regular army, 1st IA. stationed at Fort Dix, N. J. Jim was regular army in Vietnam War, Captain Armour. Now an engineer for U. S. Steel Corp. Dick just released from Medical Services Corp. 2nd Lt. Presently working at U. S. Steel.

LOREN E. SOUERS, 424 INF. 1200 Harter Bank Building
Canton, Ohio 44702 Still practicing law in Canton after 35 years. Have recently corresponded with


    Tom Riggs and Byrne Bowman. Both my daughter and son are married and living in town, and he has just started the practice of law--the fourth generation. Saw Duke Ward in Atlanta a few years ago when I went down to Augusta to see the Masters Tournament.
     Have revisited St. Vith and surrounding territory several times in recent years. One visit--1967 was when my wife and I were invited to be the third set of parents at the wedding of a girl from Liege who lived with us for a year.

HARRY J. WELSH, SR. K-424 24 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Phila. Pa. 19119
     Virginia & I have been married for 31 years. One son, 29 years old, 2 girls, 25 and 18 years old. I am a member of the VFW post commander of Post 231. Also a member of the Pa. Legion.

COL. GEORGE L. DESCHENEAUX 422 Regt. - 1623 Concord Drive,
Charlottesville, Va. 22901
     My physical activity becoming increasingly limited due to emphysema. Had a nice letter from my old Service Co. Commander, Charles R. Gibson of Lawton, Michigan. First word from him that I recall -- and after 30 years. He retired from reserves as Lt. Col. and retired from work in public education 5 years ago. I appreciated hearing from him. Warm regards to all the membership.

GORDON B. PINNEY, RR#1, Box 35 Whitney, Neb. 69367
     We are still "back at the ranch" working plenty hard. But it is a good life. Our daughter and her husband are living close to us now. They made us grandparents in August. Son still in navy, about one more year to go. The youngest boy has just one more year in school. We regret not being able to attend any reunions but they come at a busy time for us. Would sure love to see all of you again.

ELDEN RISTENPART, C331, Medics, 331 E. 147 Pl. Harvey, Ill. 60426
     Helen and I are fine. We have a son and two grandchildren. I work for Commonwealth Edison Co. Have been with them for 29 years.

WALDO B. PIERCE, 422F 530 East St., New Britain, Conn. 06051
     Retired from Stanley Tools after 38 years of service. My wife and family are fine, my 2 older sons are married, but no grandchildren to date. I still carry on my work as Service Officer at my American Legion Post. Frank Pac (422K) retired from Stanley Tools in Sept., 1974. I never could get him to join the Assn.

CHARLES R. GIBSON, 422 SVCo., 524 Washington, Lawton, Mich. 49065
After over 30 years in public education, retired. Wife and I living at above address. Ret from Res-LtC.

LAMBERT B. STRUBLE, Co. I 424 Inf. 135 Robinson St., Lyons, Michigan
     I have worked for the State of Michigan 27 years. I have five children, four are married and one boy at home who is 16 years old. I hope to be able to attend the convention in Evansville next year.

ARTHUR C. BUCKLEY DIV HDQ Co. 7 Tuckers Court, Peabody, Mass. 01960
Retired and traveling.

ANTHONY ARMINIO 327 Tyler St. E. Haven, Conn. 06512
     Police Commissioner of the town of East Haven. President of Police commissioner Assoc. of Conn. Barber and Hair Stylist - Owner and Operator.

     MELVIN GEHRIG Hq. 3rd bn. 422 4709 Orleans, Lake Charles, La. 70601 Moved to Lake Charles in 72 from Milwaukee, Wisc. Have 7 children - 5 married, two living at home and going to college. Moved south to open a McDonald's rest. Have two now and planning to open the third one in 76. Just returned from Europe trip with a bunch from 87th Div. (left 106 for 87th) Had a good time -- understand 106th went last year. St. Vith sure didn't look the same. If you have any names from guys in my outfit would appreciate sending them to me. Also I hope to make your next reunion.

CHARLES L. SMITH, Co. D 422 Inf.
Fort Loudon, Pa. 17224
     I'm assigned to a 22 million dollar job in Baltimore, Md., which has really tied me down the past year, and will probably continue for another two years. With being away from home during the week, and then just having the week-ends at home, I have my work cut out for me.

WILLIAM LUCSAY, Co. B 423 Inf. 12612 S. Moody Ave.
Palos Heights, Ill. 60463
     Enjoyed the reunion in Atlanta and it was nice to see old faces and to meet new ones. Getting old as Florence and I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary on Oct. 16th.

JOHN H. KELLY, Co. C. 423, 1117 Pleasant St. E. Weymouth, Ma. 02189
Dept. of Ma. Cdr. Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A. Hope to make convention in 76.

DR. FREDERICK G. WEISSER, JR. 2nd Bn. Hq. Co. 422 Inf.
141 Park Ave. Manhasset, N. Y. 11030
Still have same Norwegian Elkhound bitches, all AKC Champions.

JACK ZUCKERMAN, Co. C 423 Inf. 71-23 167 St. Flushing, N. Y. 11365
     Presently Exec. V. P. of School Supervisors Union N.Y.C. Son at Tufts Medical School, Daughter at Harper College, Wife a School teacher.

THOMAS J. MAW, Btry A 592nd FA
436 Beech St., Rockland, Mass. 02370
     The good Lord willing, we'll see you all in Evansville. I'd love to visit Camp Atterbury, Indianapolis, Nashville again. Still wheeling the Greyhounds, currently working a Boston to Bangor, Me. run. Any members visiting the Boston area for our Bicentennial celebration, please get in touch with us -maybe we can help make your stay more enjoyable. Phone 878-1796.

LOUIS P. ROSSI, H. Co. 424 1314-9 St., North Bergen, N.J. 07047
     My daughter, Maria just blessed us with our 6th grandchild. I am working in the freight business yet and my wife Lyn is now a partner in the dress line, so we are kept quite busy. We are going to try real hard to make the next reunion. We miss you all.

DR. JOHN I. HUNGERFORD, 422 INF HQ 5742 Penfield Avenue Woodland Hills, Calif., 91364
     One Son studying Industrial Arts University of Calif. One Daughter - 1st year Junior College. One Son married, Graduate School University of Nebraska, Lincoln Philosophy. One Son studying cinematography. I am currently doing labor relation work with the Los Angeles City Schools.

MICHAEL MOSHER, 147 Sunset Drive, Gallatin, Tenn. 37066
     424 - Co. L then in Feb. 1945 to 423 - Co. F. until Oct. 1945. Would like to hear from Mike Dura, Schennedorf and Tech Sgt. Steve Koval. I'm retired as an tax auditor with Internal Revenue Service.

JAMES E. BROCKETT, 591st FAB, 376 Vanderbilt Ave., S. I. N.Y. 10304
Our Son, Thomas just came back from Turkey and is stationed in Fort Meade, Md.

C. L. LINDSEY, H. Co. 424 Inf. R#1 Box 319, Waco, Texas, 76710
     I am partially retired. My wife and I are enjoying our three grandchildren who live near us. We attended a open house in August for the Homer Olsen's, at Cranfill Gap, Texas. They just moved into their beautiful new home. He was in the H. Co. 424 Inf. of the 106.

BRUCE F. GLEN, DIV HDG CO., 10 W. Ferry Rd., Morrisville, Pa. 19067
     I have retired from U.S. Steel Corp. as of August 1, 1975. Son Peter B. is in regular Army. Infantry stationed at Fort Dix, rank of Captain.


B. UEBEL, 422 Co. B. 21 Clarissa Dr., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801
Patient in the V. A. Hospital at Northport, L. I.

GERALD J. ANDERSON, M Co. 423, 17 Eton Place, Glen Rock, N. J. 07452
     Both my wife and I are retired. We spend our time bowling, bridge and doing volunteer work for a project called Community Meals.

JAMES S. WHITE F. Co. 423 INF. 1501 Ryan Ave., Sault Ste Marie, Mich.
     Dept of Army Corps of Engineers, Soo Locks employee. Son, Jim with Justice Dept as Special Agent, Detroit, Mich Office. Two grandsons. Daughter, Joan, Married, teacher, Civics in Cheboygan, Mich. Wife, Betty work Scheduler at Air Force Base.

RICHARD B. JOCHEMS, Adj. General Section, Dov. HDQs. 2940 Okemas S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich 49506
     Realtor for 30 years -- President of Kiwanis. Wife Charlotte - works in husbands office, active in Red Cross - American Business Assoc. Son Rik lives in Pottsville, Pa. in the mobile home manufacturing business. Daughter Lynne lives in Huntington Woods, Detroit, Mich. 5 Grandchildren.

DR. LAWRENCE MYERS, JR. 591/590 FA BN. – 151 Cambridge St.
Syracuse, New York, 13210
     Chairman, Television - Radio - Film Dept. S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Have remained active in USAR over the years - from 1951 to 1968 in Civil Affairs (1965-68 C. 0. 403d C. A. Co.) Since 1968, CO of 425th Military Intelligence Detachment. Will retire on October 12, 1975 as Colonel (since 1970) after 32 ½ years of service (Which is an awful feeling, because I don't feel retired).

MONTAGUE H. JACOBS, H-422, P. O. Box 272, Kingstree, S. C. 29556
     I'm head of family of 4, a spouse, and 2 boys, age 24 and 29. Sole owner of Farmers Tobacco Warehouse, engaged in fanning, church work, first OEO director in Kingstree. Passed City councilman. Any information of Col. Claude and Ella Mae Scales, Star Route, Texas? Lets hear from the southern section because the 106th was formed from a cadre of men at Fort Jackson of which I was a member. Also its only station besides Camp Atterbury, Ind. was Columbia, S. C.

WILLIAM J. DONOVAN, DIV. HQ.59-25 71st Ave., New York, N.Y. 10001
     Still very active with the Ridgewood Post VFW 123 plus operating an export business. Just leaves me wondering where the time goes.

FLOYD L. ELSTON, A BTRY 589 FA, 28 Park Ave., Haskell, N.J. 07420
     Wife and three children. Son, Philip has just joined the Air Force. Chief of Police of the Wanaque, N.J. police dept. with the end of 1975 will have 25 years of service in the police dept.

LT. COL. BYRNE A. BOWMAN, DIV HQ. 1216 City National Bank Tower,
     Oklahoma City, Okla. 73109 Continuing to practice law as a partner in the firm of Felix, Bowman, McIutyrs and McDivitt. Active in local and national legal organizations. Author of recently published article on Civil Rights Act.

     As I only had two responses about trip to England in May 1976 the trip is canceled. Isabel and I will still make the trek on our own. Evidently all those persons previously interested have other commitments and may be interested in a future time. E. C. White likes August September period. We shall have to see what the future brings.


Corrections and Omissions to last issue of CUB
     Page 6-Unidentified member shown playing the soprano saxophone with Joe Matthews was Fred W. Addison-106th Band-Mobile, Ala.
Page 8-Present at 29th Reunion-591 F.A. 11 Members not 1 - Sorry Jack.
Page 23-New Member 75.76 John P. Hart, D-424 (not John Martha) of Shelbyville, Tenn, 37160

Business Meeting
Atlanta, 1975
     A TREMENDOUS BLAST of flame cut the darkness of the Florida night and covered the launching area in smoke. The brilliant display was followed by a thunderous roar as the slender, 69-foot rocket slowly lifted from the pad. The rocket gradually accelerated and disappeared into the darkness, riding straight for the heavens like a comet on a tail of fire.
     This was the scene January 31, 1958 as the Army's Jupiter-C rocket successfully placed Explorer I, the first U.S. satellite, into orbit around the earth. Explorer launched the dramatic American space program that led to our landing men on the moon -- and bringing them safely back to earth. The Army thus closed the gap in the space race opened by the successful orbiting of the Soviet Sputnik months earlier. After two failures by the Navy Vanguard rocket and the successful orbit by the Soviet Sputnik, the Jupiter-C, a modified Redstone missile, was rushed in to save the day.
But this story really began 200 years ago.
     The United States Army was born in the midst of battle, on June 14, 1775, more than a year before the birth of the country it was created to defend. This was the day the Continental Congress "adopted" the New England Army which was besieging British forces in Boston.
     That Army consisted of militiamen citizen-soldiers, counterparts of today's Army Reservists and National Guardsmen. Two months earlier they had fought at Lexington and Concord, and in 3 more days they would face the Redcoats in the Battle of Bunker Hill. At the time Congress federalized the New England units, it authorized the raising of ten companies of riflemen in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. On June 15, 1775 George Washington was appointed the Commander- in-Chief. The new units marched north to join their comrades at Boston.
     It was this rag-tag Army, along with those who joined its ranks, that finally won freedom from the British by force of arms. It is the same Army that carried the colors and shed its blood, both at home and in foreign lands -- at Yorktown, New Orleans, Chapultepec, Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, Belleau Wood, Salerno, Normandy, the Ardennes, Saipan, Pusan and the Ia Drang.
     The story of the U.S. Army is the story of the United States itself. The two have grown together. While many people associate armies with war, in its 200 years the U.S. Army has directed most of its energies toward peaceful ends. The military expeditions and the wars are well known to all. The beat of drums, the passing of the flag, the sound of marching men and the glory of victories in battle overshadow our Army's humanitarian deeds and more peaceful accomplishments which are often overlooked.
     For two centuries the Army has provided defense for our nation and this continues as its primary mission. The space shot was just one of a long list of Army contributions to the peace and well-being of the American people and all Mankind.
COL Stanley M. Ulanoff, USAR
(Reprint Soldier)


     Photo above from Banquet-Atlanta, July 1975. National Colors. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Fridline. Division Colors-flown from ship returning our Division to U.S., 1945. Association Colors - Gifts of General Alan W. Jones and Mrs. Jones.

Our nation in the short period of 200 years has achieved heights of no other nation.
     This has been brought into being by the wisdom of our forefathers who gave us the direction in which we should walk.
     All who have walked the way have helped to make America Great. Among those were the defenders of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. Over one million of these defenders gave their full measure, life itself.
     As we move into our third century may our goals remain those of our founding fathers. Let us all give thanks and renew our pledge to serve our nation.
May our prayers be that our nation will move forward in a world at peace.

     This seems like an extremely short year. In June Chuck retired after 35 years and Denny entered the Air Force Academy. We sold our home in Maryland and stored our furniture in Ohio. We bought a three-quarter ton truck to pull our 23 ft. travel trailer and have been on the move ever since.
     All too soon it was time to head west in order to be at the AFA in Colorado for parents weekend. We spent two weeks in the area and saw some fantastic country and enjoyed being with Dennis on the weekends.
Mid-September found us in New Mexico.
     We loved the Rio Grande Gorge, Old Santa Fe, Carlsbad Caverns White Sands, La Mesilla, Las Cruces and Gila Forrest and much more. We also renewed old acquaintances and made two excursions into Mexico but the border towns leave much to be desired.
     On to Tucson area ranging far south, west and east then up to Phoenix via Casa Grande ruins near Coolidge. We feel if we see the entire area we can cheerfully move on to the next.
     We stayed in Phoenix with Chuck's step-brother and sister with side trips to Grand Canyon, Jerome, many Indian ruins, Oak Creek Canyon, Lake Havasu and the North Central portion of Arizona. It is unbelievably beautiful but quite cold already especially on the Mogollon Rim (Zane Grey Country). Flagstaff and the Coconnino Forrest are beautiful too. Didn't get to the four corners area but hope to next spring when the weather warms up.
     Wednesday before Thanksgiving we picked Denny up at the Phoenix airport and headed for Palm Springs, Calif. My sister and family live here and we probably will stay in this area until spring comes to the high country. We will take side trips to Las Vegas and the lower California area then head out for Texas and north Via Colorado Springs, of course, in time for our projected Alaska trip.
     Hope this year has been good to you and that all are happy and healthy. Hopefully we will find our retirement spot before this time next year. Our mailing address is P. 0. Box 236 Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449. Let us hear from you!
The Roving Schochs
Chuck and Sherry Schoch


REUNION - 1977 (Next Year)

1977 CONVENTION - JULY 21-22-23-1977
     Plans for the 1977 convention are moving along rapidly. The above dates and the site have been selected and confirmed.
     This is a new modern Holiday Inn, close to the bustling twin industrial cities of Elyria and Lorain, Ohio. It is next to the Midway Mall, an enclosed air conditioned shopping center with a J. C. Penney, Sears, Roebuck and Higbees and many other fine and interesting stores with which to whet the shoppers appetite. There are twin Cinema's and many excellent restaurants and lounges close by.
     The Holiday is easily accessible from the Ohio Turnpike and Limousine service is available to and from the Cleveland Hopkins Airport which is about one hour away.
     More information will follow, but our tentative plans call for a very relaxed convention with a minimum of travel. Make your plans now to attend, and if you have any suggestions please let us know your pleasure.

P. S.
     When we mention that plans are moving along rapidly, you never would have thought so at the time of the above snapshot. This was only the 2nd Clambake in the space of about 6 weeks we had to finalize our plans and select a very reluctant chairman. The first bake turned out so good, both from a culinary and drinking aspect that we totally forgot what we had gathered for and so -- we had to have a second one. However, this time we settled our plans before eating and drinking and as you can see the results are remarkable. We hope that we don't have to eat any more clams before furnishing more info but if you find a few chicken bones and butter stains along the way, you'll know what went on.

     Looking forward to seeing all in Evansville and wishing everyone cheery holiday's we are, Your 1977 Convention Chairman and Bob & Jeanne Gilder, Ed & Millie Zoll and John & Martha Fritz.

Evansville, Indiana
July 22 - 24, 1976
Ken Bradfield - Chairman
"Details in next Cub"


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87th Div., 18
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