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Vol. 31, No. 1, Oct., 1974

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
President Dr. James I. Clark
1st Vice President Sherod Collins
2nd Vice President Robert Walker
Adjutant Robert L. Scranton
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John Gallagher

All editorial matter Amid be addressed to:
John I. Gallagher, 4003, Frances Street, Temple. Pa.. 19560
All business matters. renewal of membership, etc sr:1mM be addressed to:
Robert L. Scranton
9441 Lee Read
Brighton. Mich. 48116
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

Eugene L. Saucerman, RD. 23, Box 50, Terre Haute, Indiana 47802 (812) 299-2977
John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207, (301) 448-0441
Robert L. Scranton, 9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Mich. 48116, (313) 229-6716
Leo T. McMahon, 8 No. Union St., Middletown, Penn. 17057, (717) 944-3821
Jos. C. Matthews, Jr., 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N.C. 27606, (919) 851-4851
Robert A. Gilder, 36303 Behm Dr., No. Ridgeville, Ohio 44039, (216) 327-4492
John I. Gallagher, 4003 Francis St., Temple. Penn. 19560, (215) 929-2887
Douglas S. Coffey, 82 Riggs Place, W. Orange, N.J. 07042, (201) 736-9599
Sherod Collins, 625 Channing Dr., N.W Atlanta. Ga. 30318, (404) 351-2985
Dr. James I. Clark, RR. 1. Box 25-D, Fonnville. Mich. 49408, (616) 561-5061
Don Howell, 904 E. College St., Rt. 6, Griffin. Ga. B0223, (404) 228-8561
Fred B. Chase, RD. 6, Morris Lane, F,Inora, N.Y. 1.7065, (518) 371-7669
Ben Britton, 36 Warren Rd., Auburn. Mnqq. 01501, (617) 832-2308
Florian Frank, C/O Biglow Cheese Co., Avoca, Wisc. 53506, (608) 583-3571
Robert Walker, 598 Terrace Ave., Cincinnati. Ohio 45220, (513) 281-0539
Virgil L. Collins, Rt. 2, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764, (614) 385-2044
Joe Gasses, 1420 Franklin St., Grand Haven. Mich. 49417, (616) 842-6139
Jack Schlesser, 11603 W. 206th Avenue, Lowell, Ind. 46356, (219) 696-7154
Elman Miller, 3308 Fairview Ave., Chicago Heights, Ill. 60411, (312) 754-7868


Charles A. Schoch, 494 Lisa Ave., Odenton, Md. 21113, (301) 674-5789
Edward Reilly, 93 Irvine Tern, Bloomfield, N.J. 07003, (201) 743-2292

     The keynote to the growth and effectiveness of our 106th Inf. Div. Assoc. has to be communication. Our survival now, and fulfillment of whatever purpose we have as a unit, is the same as it was for the units and individuals in December of 1944. We must maintain contact and keep open all lines of communication with each other and the association.
     As your president, I pledge to visit with, and talk with, as many members as I can reach during the year. Each time I visit an area where I know a former member of the Division was located I shall try to contact him and report his address and other facts concerning him to the association. I encourage each of you to do the same.
     John Gallagher, the Editor of the "CUB" is to be congratulated for keeping this vital pipeline so open and viable for all these years. Let's fill his pages with any items we chance upon.
    Attendance to any meetings and reunions is another means of renewing the faith and gaining inspiration for trying to follow the example of others who have always done such a fine of recruiting, contacting, communicating and attending.
     Many thanks to all of you for your good wishes and considerations It is indeed an honor to be associated with such a fine group.
James I. Clark

106th Inf. Div. Assoc.
     Several days ago I received a letter with no return address, date, salutation, or signature. It had been crudely typed, with many erasures, strike-outs, misspelled words and grammatical errors, and had been photocopied. At the bottom were listed 20 names, none of which I knew.
     The letter began by indicating that it was a prayer of some sort to be sent around 'the world. It first had been said in a South American country and, hopefully, previous letter had circled the globe at least eight times in the past decade.
     Specific instructions were given to copy the letter and sent it to 20 people within four days. If the instructions were carried out good fortune would be mine in a few days. Examples were cited: one person received an unexpected gift, another a big promotion, a young woman was reunited with her family, a high army officer inherited a small fortune but because he delayed longer than the prescribed days in sending his 20 copies he lost most of it. Dire misfortune was predicted for those who broke the "chain".
     The whole tenor of the letter seemed to appeal to a person's hope for a reward without the need to put forth any effort to justify receiving it. Yet there would


    be some cost: the time and work to reproduce the letter and select the 20 recipients; the money expended for stationery and postage; the flooding of the mails, holding up more important correspondence, if each one carried out his instructions.
    I confess that I did not copy nor send one letter. To date, my only misfortune seems to have been the fouling of a spark plug in my car. On the other hand, my doctor has just given me a good report.
Both of these could and, probably, would have happened without 'the intervention of the letters.
     We read that faith can move mountains; also, 'that faith without works is dead. But I cannot feel that sending those letters would have been an expression of faith in my Creator, myself or my fellow-man; rather it would be a case of wishful thinking. My faith in my Creator, myself and my fellow-man can best be expressed by love. friendship, compassion, mercy, justice and concern for all others, whoever they may be. How about you?
"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."
Psalm 118:8
John T. Loveless, Jr.
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
20 August 1974

Middletown Pa. 8 Aug. 1974
     Members of the Association who, with their wives and children, attend the annual reunions have become so well acquainted that they form a loosely knit Golden Lion family. They share in the joys and sorrows of each individual family. This year the 28th. Annual Reunion at Holiday Inn, Frederick Md. 18-21 July was a joyful time for those present. However sympathy cards were passed around and signed by those present and mailed to three regular attendees who were home ill.
     It was a time of thanksgiving to welcome back Anna Matthews and her dedicated husband Col. Joe Matthews, 422 Inf, who have missed three reunions due to illness of Anna. Although in a wheel chair, she was in good spirits and gave forth the same good cheer. We also welcomed our perennial Chaplain, John Loveless 422 Inf. who was Chairman for this reunion and made the preliminary plans, but suffered a heart attack the day after Christmas. Cared for by his wife, Kay, he made a good recovery and came from Baltimore. So did Col. Les Smyth Divarty, of Timonium Md, who suffered a heart attack a week after John, made a good recovery and attended with his wife Fran. Mrs. Alan W. (Alys) Jones, accompanied by her son Col. Al, Jr. 423 Inf and his wife Lynn attended her first reunion since General Jones passed away five years ago. Mrs. Betty Manahan, Blue Ridge Summit Md., widow of our deceased Ordnance Officer Lt. Col. Bill Manahan, also attended accompanied by her two sons.
     Upon arrival at Frederick we were shocked to learn that the First Vice Pres. of the Assn., Dr. Jim Clark, 590-592 Med, Fennville Mich., had suffered a heart attack. Members of the Board who phoned him were told that he is making a good recovery and will be able to function as the new President, very happy and welcome news. When John Loveless was felled by his heart attack, the tough job of putting the 1974 Reunion together fell to Charles H. Schoch Sv. Btry 592 FA Bn. of Odenton Md. Assisted by his wife Sherry and son Dennis he put in months of work and numerous trips to Frederick, Harpers Ferry, and to the battlefields of Antietam and Gettysburg. Charlie was the Supply Sgt. of his Battery in WW2 and the program he set up and 'then carried out so successfully revealed that he had lost none of the talents and tricks of the old job. In the registration he and Sherry were assisted by another WW2 Supply Sgt. Dahlen of Service Btry 591st FA Bn., and his lovely wife. Charlie also


    arranged for some of the best publicity of any Reunion. The Reunion was on the front page of the Frederick Post each day with a sum-up in Monday's issue of the address of Congressman Lawrence J. Hogan of the Fifth Md. Dist. and Candidate for Governor of the State, together with photos of the award of Order of Golden Lion to John and Stella Gallagher. It was a busy reunion with lots of activity and I am sure those who attended join with me in a heartfelt Thank You 'to Charlie Schoch and his family and assistants.
Leo T. McMahon


Marge DeHeer, Mildred Scranton
Frank Trautman, Pete House, Richard Bartz
Again, with the Bickfords the Coffeys took off for the Convention of 106ers.
     Everything was fine until it came time to renew the gas tank in order to make Frederick. Would you believe there wasn't a sign of gas for fifty miles. We got off the Thruway once to try to locate some before it came to pushing.
     Made it into Frederick on the first exit and the fumes carried us to a station selling an unknown gas -- but at least it was gas

     The warm up was warm in more ways than one. The crowd was large for a Thursday evening, the beer got warm and the potato chips crinkled with the humidity but nothing fazes the 106th. Their spirits were high and old friendships were renewed and new ones made as there were quite a few new faces.
     The pool was handy for those unable to deal with the heat. Many of us changed from rooms without air conditioning to so-called air conditioning to no avail. As long as we all kept cool under the collar, that's all that matters.
     The Schochs deserve all the credit in the world for a magnificent Convention. Everything they had to do was done and no foul ups on their part. We didn't even have to push a bus this trip which sets a record.
     The 106th has really had the opportunity over the years to visit many places of interest and learn the history of our Country by its visit. I think our visit to Antietam and Harpers Ferry opened many of our eves to just what happened during those hard days of the Civil War.
You could sit there or stand there and picture what went on and the futility of it all.
Gettysburg, of course, was too big to cope with, it was such a battle. But even


then, you could see the snipers in the rocks picking off the sentinels one by one.

Charles H. (Chuck) Schoch

     It is too bad we didn't have a recording of Hal Ryder's talk on Friday night. He is President of Galaxy Tours who is working with Doug Coffey on the trip to Europe. in September. His inspiring remarks about our heritage and our feeling overseas and the Europeans' view of veterans was moving. I noticed no one walked out on his talk which they did do when the politician spoke. We should have more Americans like Hal Ryder.
     In his film, I am sure some saw some typical scenes of their previous trips to Europe, be it as a soldier or civilian. Our speaker was fine Saturday night but a bit long winded and the night dragged a bit. The highlight of course was the honoring of John and Stella Gallagher with the Commander and Companion class respectively. I don't think either knew it was coming and John accepted in his usual fine manner. He is a very humble man and a fine Christian who lives up to his -faith in God.
     General McMahon was more than his old self this Convention. Wilda must be giving him a new pill for he acted the way he did ten years ago. He certainly adds dignity to our presentation and to our Conventions as a whole. He throws himself into every activity and seems always to be running not walking to all functions.
John Loveless still holding forth despite his recent heart attack.
     We seem to really hit spots for our Memorial Services. Francis Scott Key would have been proud of John and the 106ers as he brought the service to us. Very impressive and warm as usual. What can I say about the music and other entertainment. The barber shop group was excellent, Chuck's son did his thing which made many ponder, and our juke box king took over and those who were young enough to dance had a ball.
     I never cease to wonder when I see Bob Scranton with his little 100 pounds getting out to dance. He is so light on his feet for such a big man.
     Notice Phil Schutte forgot to limp when he danced. Reminded me of one of my old bosses who got drunk and faked a sprained ankle and then forgot during the day which ankle to favor. Phil didn't miss a number, but then limped up to get another drink!
Anna Matthews, Col. Joseph C. Matthews, Jr.
    As always, our ladies were just as lovely as can be all spruced up and somewhere to go. I won't report on the social error but those in the know will know what I mean. Shows we have girls that


have good taste.
Did you ever see such a lovely color as Agnes Chase's dress?
    Our young people seemed to have enjoyed themselves even to trying to guide some of the old folks around the floor. At least they try, (the old folks, that is).
    Conventions or reunions whatever you call them are always over too soon. You just get in the swing of things and to enjoy one another's company and it is over for another year.
It's a good thing many of us keep in touch during the year with cards and parties and December 16th get togethers.
    Nice of the group to send cards to John Early whom we miss so much, Carol Beals, who broke her arm so she wouldn't have to send cards and to Doc Clarke, our new President. He is up and around and will be an active President but will probably have to cancel out Europe.

Frances Smyth, Jack Schlesser, Kay Schlesser

Adopted at 28th Annual Reunion
106th Infantry Division Association
Frederick, Maryland
20th July 1974
    Whereas during 1973-74 the Association has completed another year of satisfying activities and, Whereas the Association members present at 'this reunion have enjoyed the renewal of old friendships and has welcomed new members, Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Association in convention assembled does recognize and express thanks and appreciation:
    1. To all our elected and appointed officers of the Association for the faithful and efficient execution of the respective duties of their offices.
2. To Convention Chairman Charles H. Schoch, Mrs. Schoch and the rest of the committee.
3. To Congressman Lawrence G. Hogan from Maryland for his attendance and remarks at the Saturday night banquet.
4. To American Legion Post No. 11, Frederick, Maryland for providing Color Guard for Memorial Services.
    5. To Mr. Robert A. Klime, Superintendent, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, Maryland for providing the setting for the Memorial Services.
6. To Mr. Delaplane, Jr. of Frederick News Post for the extensive and effective news coverage of the convention.
Resolutions Committee, Robert Walker, Chairman Joe Matthews
Phil Schutte

106th Infantry Division Association
1973-74 Board of Directors
Frederick, Maryland
Holiday Inn -- July 18, 1974
The meeting was called to order by


President Gene Saucerman. Roll call was taken. Elman Miller, Dr. Jim Clark and Ben Britten were absent.

Communications were read.

Adjutant reported 289 members and 100 auxiliary members for 1973-74.
    The Treasurer's Report showed that $125.00 from the Memorial Fund had been sent to Dr. Bullard's Church for the Organ Fund.
The balance is:
Memorial Fund -- $3,286.00
General Fund -- $6,129.09
    John Gallagher, Cub Editor, asked the Board of Directors to let him know what they wanted in the Cub as it is our publication. John reiterated that articles by members are needed for publication.
    Doug Coffey, Memorial Chairman, reported that our Memorial at St. Vith is in good condition and that he will check it in September when 'the 106th visit St. Vith for the 30th reunion, and report after that time.
    John Loveless, Chaplain, stated that he is attempting to keep up correspondence to families of deceased members. He indicated that Chuck Schoch took over the Chairmanship of this 28th Convention when he became ill and that Chuck and his wife should be commended highly for their efforts.
    A motion by Doug Coffey and supported by Clayton Rarick that Sherod Collins proceed with plans to put up a 106th Infantry Division Plaque at Fort Jackson, and that he be authorized to pay $225.00 or upwards, if necessary. Motion approved.

Pres. Saucerman appointed the following committees:
Nominating Committee -- Sherod Collins, Jack Schlesser, Robert Gilder.
Resolutions Committee -- Robert Walker, Phil Schutte, Joe Matthews.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted.
Bob Scranton, Adjutant

106th Infantry Division Association
General Business Meeting
Frederick, Maryland
Holiday Inn -- July 20, 1974
    The meeting was called to order by President Gene Saucerman. He praised Chuck Schoch and the Reunion Committee for organizing and carrying on this successful convention.
The minutes of the General Business Meeting of 1973-74 were read and approved.
Treasurer's Report indicated that balance is:
Memorial Fund -- $3,286.00
General Fund -- $6,129.09
The Treasurer's Report was accepted as presented.
    John Gallagher asked the membership to furnish him with association news for the Cub. John stated that black and white photos are needed for Cub use.
    John Gallagher stated that a vote of gratitude should be extended to Dick DeHeer for his preparation of Cub envelopes.
    Doug Coffey, Memorial Chairman, stated that the St. Vith College had sent their acknowledgement for our donation for books and that there were not any requests at this date. Doug will check the Memorial at St. Vith in September.
    The members who were attending their first 106th convention were asked to stand and state their homes and in which unit of the 106th Infantry that they served. They were:
Preston Barnes
Ed Heiman
Jack Brackett
Bill Pettus
Bill Butler
George Kelly
Howard Kriz
Henry MacKee
Bill Dahlen
Brooks Davidson
Bill Hutchinson
Robert Wilson
Kenneth Eyler


    The Nominating Committee nominated all the 1973-74 directors except Clayton Rarick and Phil Schutte. They were replaced by Chuck Schoch and Ed Reilly.
Jack Schlesser. stated that there were 15 members of Service 591st F. A. present at this convention.
    Sherod Collins stated that the Museum at Fort Jackson needs mementos from the 106th Infantry. If anyone has anything appropriate to the Museum that they are willing to donate, please send to the Museum.
    Sherod Collins reported on the plans for the 1975 Convention in Atlanta, Ga., at the Roadway Inn at Lennox Square on July 17, 18, 19, 20, 1975.
    Ken Bradfield offered to host the 1976 Convention in Evansville, Indiana and this was readily accepted by the membership, Chuck Schoch stated that they were planning to have 159 at the banquet that evening. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia were represented at this convention. Ohio and New Jersey were represented by 11 members.
    Tom Dorosky issued an invitation to all association members to attend the Artillery Picnic at. Hershey Park on September 1st.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton, Adjutant

106th Infantry Division Association
1974-75 Board of Directors
Frederick, Maryland
Holiday Inn -- July 20, 1974
    The meeting was called to order by President Saucerman. Roll call was taken. Dr. Jim Clark and Elman Miller were absent.
The minutes were read and approved.
    Robert Gilder proposed an amendment to the Association Constitution to amend Section A. - Article HI "Officers" as follows:
Amend Section A. - Article III "Officers"--
    A - shall read----the officers of the Association shall be President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Adjutant, Treasurer, Historian, Chaplain and such other officers as may be needed for the activities of the Association. Any two or more offices, except those of President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, may be held by the same person.
The amendment was approved.

The following officers were elected for 1974-75:
President -- Dr. Jim Clark
1st Vice-President -- Sherod Collins
2nd Vice-President -- Robert Walker
Treasurer -- Sherod Collins
Dr. Jim Clark, thru telephone conversation with Sherod Collins, made the following appointments:
Adjutant -- Bob Scranton
Chaplain -- John Loveless
Historian -- Sherod Collins
Cub Editor -- John Gallagher
Memorial Chairman -- Doug Coffey
Golden Lion Chairman -- Dick DeHeer
    Motion by Doug Coffey, supported by Robert Gilder, that Golden Lion patches be sent to members who were members in 1972-73 if they join the association in 1974-75. Motion approved.
Resolution Committee reported.
    Motion by John Loveless, supported by Ben Britton. that $25.00 be authorized for a Floral piece for our Memorial at St. Vith, to be placed by our group in September. Motion approved.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted.
Bob Scranton, Adjutant

"The muffed drums sad roll has beat
The soldiers last tatto
No more in lifer parade shall meet
That brave and fallen few."



    Congressman Lawrence J. Hogan of Maryland gave us some thoughts to ponder. He asked what would Benjamin Franklin have to say about the condition of our nation today if he were to return.
What did our forefather envision for the year 1976?
Perhaps we to-day should examine our position on the subjects Mr. Hogan raised.
What does freedom mean to me?
What effect does T.V. have on our lives?
What is freedom of the press?
What does government of the people mean?
What is attitude toward our fellowman?
What does obedience to Law mean?
What is a patriot?
What Literature do we find in our libraries?
How do I show responsible citizenship?
How do I show respect to our flag?
What heritage will we of this generation give to our nation 200 years hence?

    Last year at the reunion in Grand Rapids I volunteered to help John Loveless with the reunion in 1974. Little suspecting that John would be incapacitated. I felt the responsibility for taking over the planning and worked closely with John. We have had such a good time at other reunions we felt it was our duty to the association to show our appreciation by giving everyone else a fun time.
    T realize I was pretty hyper at tines but it was not personally intended. We do hone the Schutte's made their plane. We would especially like to thank Bill and Barb" Dahlen for helping at the reunion at the most crucial time.
We wanted something for everyone of all ages and it was very gratifying to see the enjoyment of the younger set.
Even with a bad heal I enjoyed the dancing of our era. That music I knew would be appreciated by the ladies.
    We are still paving bills and working on our report. The biggest pleasure of the reunion is receiving thank you letters and expressions of appreciation from you who attended and knowing that most of you had a good time. Dennis, Sherry and I are looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta in 1975 and renew old friendships.
The Schoch's


OFFICERS 1973-74 (Dr. Clark not present).

Frank Trautman
Henry Broth
Jack Schlesser
John H. Bryant
Douglas Coffey
John R. Fritz
Robert L. Scranton
Orvis J. Samples
John T. Loveless Jr.
'William R. Pettus
Harold Kuizema
Norman S. Spayd
Louis Rossi
William G. Hemelt
Virgil L. Collins
Michael G. Sgrignoli
Bob Howell
Benjamin Button
Eugene Saucerman
Fred Carter
Robert Gilder
James Brackett
Florian Frank
William S. Dahlen
Charles H. Schoch
T. Wayne Black
Sherod Collins
Thomas Zimerman
Thomas J. Maw
Robert C. Ringer
Kenneth Bradfield
Edward Heiman

Tom Bickford
Robert Walker
Fred B. Chase
Ray Kemp
Harry S. Zorn
Samuel P. Cariano
Presslyn Walters
Charles W. Richards
Robert W. Pierce Sr.
George S. Kelly
Richard DeHerr
Phillip F. Schutte
Austin L. Byrd
Manahan, Mrs. Betty
Richard E. Bartz
Chuck Garn

Brig. Gen. Leo McMahon
James E. Wells
L. Preston Barnes
Joseph J. Gasses
Donald R. Armington
Thomas Dorosky
Lester S. Smyth
John Gallagher
Joe Matthew
John A. Middleton
George Rinkema
Russell J. Enlow
Brooks Davidson
Charles Dattee
Robert Wilson
Howard Kriz
Clayton Rarick
Pete House
Alan Jones Jr.
Oliver Lothrop
Edward Reilly
Kenneth Eyler
Gordon Zicker
Charles Smith
Russell H. Villwock
Donald Creed
Henry H. McKee
William Hutchinson
Horace E. Mansfield Jr.
Walter C. Clark


Harpers Ferry, W. Va., July 19, 1974.
    Jefferson Rock where some of us younger members climbed. From this vantage point you can see up the Shenandoah River to the west and down the Potomac River towards Washington to the east, Thomas Jefferson journeyed to Harpers Ferry in 1783 to view the splendid scenery from this point.

Harpers Ferry, W. Va., July 19, 1974.
    Members of the "hungry and sick bag lunch division" at their famous meal. While on maneuvers the standard meal always seemed to be a bag lunch for the 106th Infantry Division. Actually reunion chairman Charles Schoch arraigned a lovely box lunch for each member.

    Harpers Ferry, situated on a point of land at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers and dominated by the Blue Ridge Mountains, was a beckoning wilderness in the early 1700's. By mid-19th century it was an important arms-producing center, with mills, armory, arsenal, and other buildings, and a transportation link between east and west. John Brown's raid in 1859 and the Civil War brought it into national prominence and eventual decline.

We came and were conquered by the hospitality of Chuck Schoch, his wife and Son.
    It is always a warm feeling to meet old friends and renew the fellowship that stands out as a hallmark of the 106 res unions. That tingle of the spine was felt as we observed the colors of the 106th flying high beneath old glory on the Holiday Inn flag pole. Truly we trod on hallowed ground at Harpers Ferry, Antietam, Gettysburg. area of Francis Scott Key grave and the National cemetery at Antietam. One is awed at the history that took place there.

    The bloodiest day in American warfare occurred around the peaceful village of Sharpsburg. Over 100,000 men fought one day and left more than 23.000 casualties. The wounded were cared for by the Medical Corps, Clara Barton, residents of Sharpsburg and others in nearby towns. The dead were buried in the fields, church cemeteries, or removed by kin for burial in their home cities and states.
"When we look on yon battlefield. I think of the brave men who fell in the fierce struggle of battle, and who sleep


    silent in their graves...Would to God, we of the living could imitate their example, as they lay sleeping in their tombs, and live together in friendship and peace."
President Andrew Johnson

Stella Gallagher, K Loveless, Myrtle Byrd, Norman Spayd (in background)

    John W. Early, Jr., 422 Inf, 9284 Mason Creek Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23503, died on Friday night, 8 August 1974 at the Veterans Hospital in Hampton, Virginia after an illness of more than 15 months.
    John was an active member of the Association for many years, served several terms as a member of the Board of Directors, so sewing at the time he was taken ill. He went to Europe on the tour commemorating the 25th Anniversary of The Battle of the Bulge and again with a group of members of the Association in September-October 1971. He and his wife. Frances. attended a number of the Reunions and a number of the Dinners of the Maryland Chapter in Baltimore.
John was good company and he will be missed by all his friends.
We extend our sympathy to Frances and pray God's blessing upon he".
    He was born December 11, 1915 and died, on August 9, 1974. The funeral was in the New Hope United Methodist Church, New Hope, Va. of which John was a member. The Rev. Howard C. Smith, Pastor officiated. August 12. Burial was in New Hope Cemetery. Participating were six active and six honorary pallbearers. He is survived by his wife, Mary Frances and one brother and one sister.
    He was a direct descendant, of Baron Stiegel, who was a wealthy landowner and glass manufacturer in southeast Pa., during the eighteenth century.
    The Baron leased land in Manheim, Penna. upon which a/Lutheran Church was built. The rent, one red rose each year. Several years ago John was present to accept the payment of the red rose. It was on this occasion that John contacted the members of the 106th, who live in this area.
"Our prayers" are with you John and Mary.

Martha Sgrignoli, Mike Sgrignoli


Stella and I are grateful to you for the honor you bestowed upon us at the reunion in Frederick.
    We serve because of belief that the 106th has something worthwhile to offer. As soldiers we were given a challenge as individuals to serve in order to bring peace to our nations and the world. This duty did not cease with the wars end but still remains our responsibility.
    If we, some 300 strong, can show by our example in our homes, churches, and communities what it means to be a good American citizen, we will be fulfilling our oath to defend our nation at all times and under all conditions.
    May each Cub remind us the 106, tho deactivated by the government, lives in the hearts and lives of those who served during her brief history.

    A big "Thank you" for remembering Carol and her broken arm. The signatures and Get Well card sent by Gen. and Mrs. McMahon were so appreciated. I am without my body cast as of 29 July; returning to normal slowly but soon Full Speed ahead and I'm packing for overseas 7 Sept.
Just returned from a 4-day convention at Macinac Island -- a great place for a 106th Reunion!
    Many reports told me of the perfect handling of all events July 18-21 by Charles and Sherry Schoch. The nicest item being that Congratulations are due John and Stella Gallagher for the honors they rec'd -- the Order of the Golden Lion -- and richly deserved.
    I managed to type my Univ. drama bulletin and have it on the Press to be mailed this month so will return to a busy Oct. and Nov.
    Even tho' I claimed to be ambidextrous, now with 2 hands I sometimes wonder how to use both... with a large yard and a garden any free moments are needed outside and I managed to saw off branches and extra growth with my left hand.
With best thoughts always, Carol W. Beals

Thanks to Pete House, Chuck Schoch, John Loveless and The Frederick Post for photos in this issue of the Cub.



William J. Hartley, 9715 E. Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.
Bernard Meyers, 73 Hegeman Ave., Brooklin, N.Y.
Stephan Shirger, 669 Roosevelt Ave., Careret, N.Y.
Irving Herzfeld, 3078 34th St., Astoria, N.Y.
Theodore Tuomi, Box 35, Trenary, Mich.
W. A. Avery, 1169 Hibbard Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Grafton Copeland, 7237 Armington Ave., Bethesda, Md.
Frank Constantino, 3522 104th St., Corona 68, Long Island
William J. Kirby, Rt. No. 1, Allen, Mich.
Christian Weinkauf, 331 Zee St., Houston, Texas
Ramond H. Cooke, Beverly Hills, Rossville, Geo.
Store at-4925 Rossville Blvd., Chatanooga, Tenn.

    Pleasc inform Jack Schlesser, 11603, W. .206th Ave., Lowell, Ind. 46356, if you have any information on these 106'ers

JULY 17-20, 1975
    Reunion Chairman, Sherod Collins Detnils to follow in future Cubs. Make your plans now to attend. Atlanta has much to offer for your enjoyment.


    Frederick, Md., July 20, 1974. Shades of the old USO dances were Jean Schuttee and Bob Scranton jitterbugging after the banquet.

    Frederick, Md., July 20, 1974. While the men were conducting the affairs of state the Ladies were being shown the finer details of the art of makeup by the folks of Revlon. Louise Howell is shown having a complete makeup applied.

    Frederick, Md., July 20, 1974. After the Banquet most of the past presidents of the association got together for their picture. Standing left to right are Jim Wells "53", Joe Matthews "66", Clayton Rarick "59", Henry Broth "63", John Gallagher "71", Seated left to right are Doug Coffey "56", John Loveless "55", Gene Saucerman "73", Bob Price "64", Gen. Leo McMahon "65", and Bob Gilder "72". Missing from the photo were Dick DeHeer "58", Lou Rossi "67", and Pete House "70".

Tom Dorosky, Bob Scranton


    Frederick, Md., July 20, 1974. Dick DeHeer and Doug Coffey in a very important conversation--What they were doing Dec. 19, 1944 or was it how much land costs in Florida?

"Bag" Lunches being loaded for trip to Harpers Ferry and Antietam.
Friday, 19 July 1974
NO one had to help push any busses during the time of the Reunion!

    Frederick, Md., July 18, 1974. New members Ed and Ellen Heimann of San Francisco listening to Joanne House at the social hour. Ed served in D Company 331st Medics.

    Frederick, Md., July 20, 1974. Gene Saucerman winding down his term as president sits at the Banquet head table with daughter Sandy and wife Sally.


Jim Adkins,C 423, 5232 Commonwealth, Jacksonville, Fla. 32205
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Gerald T. Anderson,M 423, 17 Eton Pl., Glen Rock, N.J. 07452
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Col. Alan W. Jones, Jr., 3532 Quebec St. N. W., Washington, D.C. 20016
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5th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218


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C. Paul Merz, 8657 Mockingbird Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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Elman M. Miller, 3308 Fairview Ave., Chicago Heights, El. 60411
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Jack Monroe, Box 199, Nursery Rd., Titusville, N.J. 08560
Michael S. Mosher, 149 Sunset Drive, Gallatin, Tenn. 37066
A 591, Serv. 422, 106 Sign, 424, IN 424, B 592, A 423, , , 23--, , Div HQ, F 422


Rev. Dr. Ronald A. Mosley, 20 Mauslerinesea, Box 25, Petite River, Lurenberg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Mrs. Margaret B. Mowlds, Sea Air Box 1426, Rehoboth Beach, Del. 19971
M. J. Mueller,L 424, P.O. Box 234, Lake Villa, Ill. 60046
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Larry Myers, Jr.,591 FA, 151 Cambridge St., Syracuse, N.Y. 13210
Dr. Irwin Neigus,331 Med, 1705 Caton St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226
The New York Public Liby,Div P, Grand Central Sta, P.O. Box 2240, New York, N.Y. 10017
Carroll D. Padgett,E 424, 579 Milligan Dr., Stone Mt. Ga. 30083
Ernest H. Pafford, 24 Johnson Ct., Portsmouth, N.H. 03801
Wm. R. Pettus, Hq., 6106 Balboa Apt. 21, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203
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Gordon B. Pinney, RR No. 1, Box 35, Whitney, Neb. 69367
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Ed A. Prewett, B 424, Rte. 2, Box 730, Brentwood, Calif. 94513
Dr. Ed C. Purdy,F 422161, Rt. 1, Box 29, E. Berrie, N.Y. 12059
Clayton E. Rarick,L 424, Box 25, Blandon, Pa, 19510
Victor Rauch, 37 Chateau Ct., Loudonville, N.Y. 12211
Alan Raudin . ,A 331, 5308 Fitzhueth Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226
R. F. Reece,E 423, 2933 Chanze Pk. Dr., Homewood, Ill. 60430
Ray Reed, 416 Chestnut, Union, N.J. 07083
Chas B. Reid,AT 423, P.O. Box 56, Richburg, S.C. 29729
Ed Reilly,SU 591, 93 Irvine Ter., Bloomfield, N.J. 07003
Chas W. Richards, SVC 423, --24--,
204 Crestview Dr., Hendersonville, N.C. 28739


Col. Thomas J. Riggs, Jr. Co. 81 Engr., 6 Olive St., Providence, R.I. 02906
Robt C. Ringer, 4280 Kendale Rd., Columbus Ohio 43221
George Rinkema,423, 16817 So. Park Ave., So. Holland, Ill. 60473
Elden E. Risienpart, C331 Medics, 331 E. 147th Pl., ',Harvey, Ul 60426
Richard R. Robinson,CN 424, 310 Holly Dr. Apt. 217, Howell, Mich. 48843
Dr. J. G. Rodiquez, C 422, 1550 Beacon Hill Rd., Lexington, Ky. 40504
Lou Rossi,4 424, 1314 9th St., No. Bergen St., N.J. 07047
*Nathan M. Roth, B 592, 2 West Park Ave., P.O. Box 178, Long Beach, N.Y. 11561
Marvin H. Rusch,DHQ, 10830 W. Courtland Ave., Wauwatosa, Wisc. 53225 .
Robert E. Rutt,HQ 422, 937 Lampwick Ct., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 48013
Rodger Rutland,B 424, Box 1713, Columbia, S.C. 29202
Joseph T. Salerno,B 423, 124 Florence P1., So. Plainfield, N.J. 07080
L. O. Samples,SV, 405 W. 25th St., Belle, W. Va. 25015
Eugene L. Saucerman,9 422, R.R. No. 23, Box 50, Terre Haute, Ind. 47802
John J. Scalissi,H 424, 1706 Regent St., Madison Wise. 53705
John P. Schlesser,SERV 591, 11603 W. 206th Ave., Lowell, Ind. 46356
C. H. Schoch ,SV 592, 494 Lisa Ave., Odenton, Md. 21113
Earl A. Scott HQ 589 HQ 106 Div. Arty., 6414 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 23226
Fred A. Sebastenelli, 184 Avila St., San Francisco, Cal. 94123
Fred Schieferstein, 431 Madison Hill Rd., Clark N.J. 07066
Philip P. Schutte, 7415 Otter Drive, Warren, Michigan 4898T
Robert L. Scranton, 9441 Lee Rd., Brighton, Mich. 48116
Michael G. Sgrignoli, 125 N. 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 17011
Alan J. Shoenfeld, 480 Mark Lane, Wantagh, N.Y. 11793
Nicholas Sinco, 3176 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City. N.J. 07306
David B. Slavton, A 422, 648 Terrylyn P1, Long Beach, Calif. 90807
Alvin Smith, 1041 Fountain Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32205
Charles L. Smith,D 422, P.O. Box 24, Port Loudon, Pa. 17224
E. J. Smith, R.D. 2, Parish, N.Y. 13131
Mervin Smith,424, 111 Winnetka, San Antonio, Texas 78229
Lester S. Smyth,Div. Arty., 505 Chadwick Dr., DHQ, A 424, -
Timonium, Md. 21093


Walter W. Snyder, 2901 Dunmore Rd., Dundalk, Md. 21222
Emil M. Solecki, 98 Wood Port Rd., Sparta, N.J. 07871
Loren E. Souers, 1200 Harter Bank Bldg., Canton, Ohio 44702
D. A. Spina,MP Platoon, 388 Highland Ave., Newark, N.J. 07104
Norman S. Spayd, 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa. 19601
Donald J. Stone, 1505 E. Memorial Dr., Janesville, Wisc. 53545
Peter P. Stranko, 3051 Davis St., Oakland, Calif. 94601
George F. Sutter, 9148 Elmwood Dr., Munster, Ind. 46321
Lee B. Taylor, Box 16, Anderson, S.C. 29621
George Thoma, 19 Overlook Dr., CaIonia, N.J. 07067
Wm. T. Thorn, 614 So. Main, Middletown, Ohio 45042
Frank Trautman, 80 E. Summit St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Arthur J. Tribout, 1447 No. 42nd St., E. St. Louis, I11. 62204
Harrison C. Tissot, 6510 Murray Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Rollin Twining, 53 Front St., Binghamton, N.Y. 13903
Bernard Uebel, Anti-Tank, Btry A 589, SVC 592, 81 Engr., HQ
21 Clarissa Dr., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801
John Van Netten, 3820 Cheyenne Dr., Grandville, Mich. 49418
Louis J. Vincent, 2133 Center St., Stevens Point, Wisc. 54481
Russell H. Villwock, 6908 W. Higgins Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60656
Dr. Hans Wachtel, 1525 E. 53rd, Suite 628, Chicago, El. 60615
Robt. F. Walker, 598 Terrace Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Charles S. Walsh, 1001 Chews Landing Rd., Cherry Hills, N.J. 08034
Nathan D. Ward, 3027 Mission Ridge Ct., 423, Atlanta, Ga. 30339
Presslye Walters,1, 430 Winchester Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44509
Glenn W. Warner, 2519-15th Ave., Moline, Ill. 61265
Phil Walz, 6252 80th Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11227
Clarence E. Warren, CO A 81st Engr., 111 Goodrich St., Kewanee, Ill. 16443
Joseph A. Wasik, 171 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, Conn. 06468
Col. Jewell K. Watt, RFD No. 1, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542
George T. Weaver, Medic 422, P.O. Box 46, Goble, Oregon 97048
Dr. Frederick G. Weisser, Jr. 2nd HQ Co., 141 Park Ave.,422, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030
C 81 Engr., D 422, 592, 81st Engr., Di. HQ, G 423, A 424, DHQ,


James E. Wells,C 81st Engr., Rt. 2, Box 56, Hephzibah, Ga. 30815
Van Wyatt, 602 W. 8th, Box 51, Benton, Ky. 42025
Fred Williams,- D 423, Rt. 2, Box 82, Grand Ridge, Fla 32442
John D. Wilson, D 422 H 422, 2:11 E. 59th St., Hialeah, Fla. 33012
E. C. White, Jr. ,C 591, Box 465, Whiteface, Texas 79379
Brig Gen. F. A. Woolfley,CG, 932 Solomon P1., New Orleans, La. 70119
Stanley A. Wojtusik, G 422, 96:19 Wissinorning, Phila., Pa. 19114
Leonard A. Younts,SV. 589, INK,Ray, Riverview, Riverview, Mich. 48192
Geo. K. Zak,D&M 422, 11023 Kingston St, Westchester, Ill. 60153
Ed Zoll, 1712 Virginia P1. NE, Canton, Ohio 44705
Jack Zuckerman, 71-23 167th St., Flushing, N.Y. 11365
Gordon B. Zicker,HQ 423, 6 Sunrise Dr., Montvale, N.J. 07645
S. Harry Zorn,106 Sign, 301 E. 62nd St., New York, N.Y. 10021

Members -- 283
Associate Members -- 6
G 424
Auxiliary Members -- 100
Memorial Fund -- $367.50
Membership 1974-75 -- 29
Respectfully submitted, Robert L. Scranton
The above report included 1974-75 members paid before reunion an additional 55 members paid dues at reunion.
Let's all work together this year to keep our membership growing. Write to Jack Schlesser for suggestions.

1974-75 YEAR
George S. Kelly, P.O. Box 396, Southampton, N.Y.- 11968
John Hoeneneyerk, 3039 Junietta, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Brook Davidson, Lumber Port, W. Va. 26386
Kenneth Eyler, 5 W. 7th St., Frederick, Md. 21701
Henner H. McKee, 414 Spaceway, San Antonio, Texas 78239
John McCauley, 2317 Taylor St., Joliet, Ill. 60435
Tom Fox, 129 South Washington St., Greencastle, Pa. 17225
L. Preston Barnes, - A20 Avoa Dr., E. Windsor, N.J. 08520

Total Membership -- 289


Members' Dues $1,565.00
Auxiliary Dues 236.00
Interest Earned 430.64
Gain on 1972 Reunion 202.65
Gain on 1973 Reunion 2.42
Sale of Shoulder Patch 1.50
Cub Expense $1,273.95
1973 Reunion Expense 1,710.56
Postage 110.04
Telephone 14.96
OGL Expense 187.00
Reunion Flyers & Forms 72.61
Advance to 1974 Reunion 100.00
Purchase Member Cards . . 27.40
Purchase of Emblems & Patches 732.40
Registration fees of 3
officers-1974 Reunion . 90.00 FUND ACTIVITIES
Brought Forward $8,009.80
Net Deficit 1973-74 1,880.71
Balance June 30, 1974 $6,129.09
Brought Forward $2,668.84
Contributions 712.00
Interest Earned 168.31
Sales of "Lions Tale" 67.50
Books to St. Vith School .

Geo. Bullard Memorial Fund
125.00 4"
Net Deficit $1,880.71
Balance June 30, 1974
Cash Balance Year End 1973-1974 $9,415.93
Cash Balance Year End 1972-1973 10,678.64
Decrease Under Prior Year $1,262.71
$6,129.09 $3,286.84 $9,415.93
Checking--First National Bank of Atlanta $ 95.24
Savings--Atlanta Federal 9,318.06
Fulton Federal 2.63
Totals $9,415.93
Sherod Collins

Index for: Vol. 31 No. 1, Oct, 1974

Index for This Document

590th FA BN, 28
591st FA BN, 5, 25, 26, 29
592nd FA BN, 4
806th Ord., 28
81st Engr., 29, 31, 32
Adkins, Jim, 23
Alexander, Wm. G., 23
Anderson, Gerald T., 23
Andrews, Lowry B., 23
Armington, Donald R., 16, 23
Arminio, Anthony, 23
Austin, Clifford N., 23
Avery, W. A., 20
Axelrod, Dr. George, 23
Baker, W. C., 23
Balise, Mrs. Peter, 23
Bandurak, Walter F., 23
Barnes, L. Preston, 16, 32
Barnes, Preston, 11
Barnett, Harold A., 23
Barton, Clara, 17
Bartz, Richard, 6
Bartz, Richard E., 16, 23
Beals, Carol, 8
Beals, Carol W., 19
Beals, Mrs. Carol W., 23
Behr, Richard H., 23
Bell, Roger W., 23
Berlin, 25
Bickford, T., 23
Bickford, Tom, 15
Bieze, John H., 23
Black, Rev. E. C., 23
Black, T. Wayne, 15, 23
Blaher, Wm. S., 23
Bottoms, Ira G., 23
Boucovualas, Wm., 23
Bowman, Col. Byrne A., 23
Boyle, Rev. Edw. T., 23
Brackett, Jack, 11
Brackett, James, 15
Brackett, James E., 23
Bradfield, Ken, 12
Bradfield, Kenneth, 15, 23
Brazil, Myles, 23
Britten, Ben, 10
Britton, Ben, 1, 13
Britton, Benjamin B., 23
Broth, Henry, 15, 21
Broth, Henry M., 23
Brown, John, 17
Brummer, Harold J., 24
Brunswick, 27
Brutus, Glen J., 23
Bryant, Jack, 24
Bryant, John H., 15
Buckley, Arthur C., Sr., 24
Bullard, Dr., 10
Bullard, Geo., 33
Bullard, Mrs., 24
Burkes, Robert A., 24
Burnham, Fred, 24
Buschemeyer, Chester, 24
Butler, Bill, 11
Butler, Harry W., Jr., 24
Button, Benjamin, 15
Byrd, Austin L., 16
Byrd, Austin L., Jr., 24
Byrd, Myrtle, 18
Cariano, Lt. Col. Samuel P., 24
Cariano, Samuel P., 15
Carpenter, Ben. C., 24
Carter, Fred, 15, 24
Cavanaugh, Paul, 24
Cavender, Col. Cc, 24
Chase, Agnes, 8
Chase, Fred B., 1, 15, 24
Clark, Chris T., 24
Clark, Dr. James I., 1
Clark, Dr. Jim, 4, 10, 12
Clark, James I., 3, 24
Clark, Walter C., 16, 24
Clarke, Doc, 8
Coffey, Doug, 7, 10, 12, 21, 22
Coffey, Douglas, 15, 24
Coffey, Douglas S., 1
Collins, Frank, 24
Collins, Sherod, 1, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 34
Collins, Virgil L., 1, 15, 24
Connelly, Michael E., 24
Constantino, Frank, 20
Cooke, Ramond H., 20
Copeland, Grafton, 20
Corrigan, Chas. K., 24
Creamer, Raymond J., 24
Creed, Donald, 16
Crossman, Lester, 24
Dabson, Alan, 24
Dagostin, Frank H., 24
Dahlen, Bill, 11
Dahlen, Bill & Barb", 14
Dahlen, Sgt., 5
Dahlen, William S., 15
Dahlen, Wm. S., 24
Dargon, Paul, 24
Datte, Charles, 16
Datte, Chas, 24
Davidson, Brook, 32
Davidson, Brooks, 11, 16
de St. Aubin, Robert A., 25
DeChiara, J. A., 25
DeHeer, Dick, 10, 12, 21, 22
DeHeer, Marge, 6
DeHeer, Richard, 25
Deherr, Richard, 15
Delaplane, Mr., Jr., 8
DeLaval, Dr., 25
Deschneuaux, Geo. L., 25
Dever, Martin, 25
Dickard, G. E., 25
Diersing, Richard W., 25
Dobe, Francis J., 25
Doerner, George, 25
Donovan, Wm J., 25
Dorosky, Thomas, 16
Dorosky, Tom, 12, 21
Dover, 24
Earle, Mallon O., 25
Early, John, 8
Early, John W., Jr., 18
Early, Mrs., 25
Edsall, Donald, 25
Eidelman, Herb, 25
Elston, Floyd, 25
Enlow, J. Russell, 25
Enlow, Russell J., 16
Eyler, Kenneth, 11, 16, 32
Facey, Col. Kenneth B., 25
Fleming, Harold A., Jr., 25
Fleming, John P., 25
Ford, James P., 25
Fort Jackson, 10, 12
Foster, E. Bruce, 25
Fox, Tom, 32
Frank, Florian, 1, 15
Frank, Florian R., 25
Frankel, Jerome L., 25
Frankini, R. A., 25
Franklin, Benjamin, 14
Freed, Chas., 25
Fritz, John R., 15, 25
Gallagher, John, 1, 3, 10, 12, 16, 21, 25
Gallagher, John & Stella, 6, 7, 19
Gallagher, John I., 1
Gallagher, Stella, 18
Gallhafer, Earl A., 25
Garn, Chuck, 16
Gasses, Joe, 1
Gasses, Joseph J., 16, 25
Gavn, Chas. S., 25
Gilder, Bob, 21
Gilder, Robert, 10, 12, 15, 26
Gilder, Robert A., 1
Gillespie, Jack, 26
Gilliam, Joseph M., 26
Gish, David J., 26
Glen, Bruce F., 26
Glenney, Walter S., 26
Gubow, Larry, 26
Haman, Mrs. Benj, 26
Hanover, 29
Hansird, Herman V., 26
Hardoin, Harold V., 26
Hartley, William J., 20
Hartzell, Bertram, 26
Hatch, H. M., 26
Heath, Byron P., 26
Heiman, Ed, 11
Heiman, Edward, 15, 26
Heimann, Ed & Ellen, 22
Hemelt, William C., 26
Hemelt, William G., 15
Hemming, Forrest W., 26
Heneghan, Leo L., 26
Henning, James W., 26
Henson, Lt. Col. E. G., 26
Herzfeld, Irving, 20
Hesse, J. Francis, 26
Hicks, Harry, 26
Hiltbrand, Walter F., 26
Hoeneneyerk, John, 32
Hogan, Lawrence G., 8
Hogan, Lawrence J., 6, 14
Holland, 30
House, Joanne, 22
House, Pete, 6, 16, 19, 21, 26
Howard, John W., 26
Howell, Bob, 15
Howell, Don, 1
Howell, Louise, 21
Howell, Robert F., 26
Hulbert, Carl, 26
Hungerford, John, 26
Hutchinson, Bill, 11
Hutchinson, William, 16
Hutchinson, Wm., 26
Jennings, Vance S., 26
Jessee, Robert D., 26
Jochems, Richard B., 26
Johnson, Andrew, 18
Johnson, Benj., Jr., 27
Johnson, William, 27
Jones, Alan, 16
Jones, Col. Alan W., 27
Jones, Col. Alan W., Jr., 27
Jones, Gen., 4
Jones, George W., Jr., 27
Jones, Mrs. Alan W., 26
Jones, Mrs. Alan W. (Alys), 4
Juster, Irvin, 27
Kaufman, George H., 27
Kaufmann, Richard C., 27
Keilman, Elsby, 27
Kellams, Darrell, 27
Kelly, Edmond D., 27
Kelly, George, 11
Kelly, George S., 15, 32
Kelly, J. H., 27
Kelly, Robert E., 27
Kemp, Ray, 15
Kennedy, Glen, 27
Kenny, Francis, 27
Kershner, Jesse O., 27
Kersteiner, Don W., 27
Kersten, Joseph A., 27
Ketterer, Dr. John E., 27
Key, Francis Scott, 7, 17
Kirby, William J., 20
Klett, James R., 27
Klime, Robert A., 8
Koeher, Franklin R., 27
Krafchik, Jos, 27
Kriz, Howard, 11, 16
Kriz, Howard W., 27
Kuhn, Gene, 27
Kuizema, Harold, 15, 27
Lackey, Vaden, 27
Lada, T., 27
Lange, Elmer F., 27
Leclere, Mrs. W D, 27
Lee, F. H., 27
Leibowitz, Samuel, 27
Leswing, Phillip R., 27
Letellier, L. S., Jr., 28
Lewis, Charles R., 28
Libera, Henry, 28
Lindsay, Curtis L., 28
Litwin, Joseph, 28
Livesay, Herbert B., Jr., 28
Loos, Arthur E., 28
Lothrop, Oliver, 16
Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr., 28
Loveless, John, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 19, 21
Loveless, John T., 15
Loveless, John T., Jr., 1, 3, 4, 28
Loveless, K, 18
Lowith, Allen L., 28
Luscay, Wm, 28
Luzzie, Edward L., 28
Mackee, Henry, 11
Manager, Thomas G., 28
Manahan, Lt. Col. Bill, 4
Manahan, Mrs. Betty, 4, 16
Manahan, Mrs. Wm. T., 28
Mansfield, H. E., 28
Mansfield, Horace E., 16
Marcus, Gilbert, 28
Matthew, Joe, 16
Matthews, Anna, 4, 7
Matthews, Col. J. C., Jr., 28
Matthews, Col. Joe, 4
Matthews, Col. Joseph C., Jr., 7
Matthews, Joe, 8, 10, 21
Matthews, Jos. C., 1
Maw, Thomas J., 15, 28
May, Roger A., 28
Mayrsohn, Bernard, 28
McCauley, John, 32
McCullough, Lyle K., 28
McKee, Henner H., 32
McKee, Henry H., 16
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo, 16
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 28
McMahon, Gen., 7
McMahon, Gen. & Mrs., 19
McMahon, Gen. Leo, 21
McMahon, Leo T., 1, 6
Meola, Joseph A., 28
Merz, Paul, 28
Meyers, Bernard, 20
Middleton, J. A., III, 28
Middleton, John A., 16
Mikalauskis, John L., 28
Miller, Elman, 1, 10, 12
Miller, Elman M., 28
Miller, Gene L., 28
Monroe, Jack, 28
Mosher, Michael S., 28
Mosley, Ronald A., 29
Mowlds, Mrs. Margaret B., 29
Mueller, M. J., 29
Munster, 31
Murphy, Ralph J., 29
Murray, George, Jr., 29
Myers, Larry, Jr., 29
Nash, John B., 28
Neigus, Dr. Irwin, 29
Newport News, Va., 27
Normandy, 27
Nusbaum, Alfred S., 29
Olman, Wanold D., 29
Order Of The Golden Lion, 19
Osborn, Dr. G., 29
Padgett, Carroll D., 29
Pafford, Ernest H., 29
Perras, Clifford E., 29
Pettus, Bill, 11
Pettus, William R., 15
Pettus, Wm. R., 29
Peyser, Chas S., 29
Phillips, George F., 29
Pierce, Robert W., 15
Pierce, Robt W., Sr., 29
Pierce, Waldo B., 29
Pinney, Gordon B., 29
Plenge, Ed C., 29
Praznik, Louis, 29
Prewett, Ed A., 29
Price, Bob, 21
Purdy, Dr. Ed C., 29
Rarick, Clayton, 10, 12, 16, 21
Rarick, Clayton E., 29
Rauch, Victor, 29
Raudin, Alan, 29
Reece, R. F., 29
Reed, Ray, 29
Reid, Chas B., 29
Reilly, Ed, 12, 29
Reilly, Edward, 3, 16
Richards, Charles W., 15
Richards, Chas W., 29
Riggs, Col. Thomas J., Jr., 30
Ringer, Robert C., 15
Ringer, Robt C., 30
Rinkema, George, 16, 30
Risienpart, Elden E., 30
Robinson, Richard R., 30
Rodiquez, Dr. J. G., 30
Rossi, Lou, 21, 30
Rossi, Louis, 15
Roster, 23
Roth, Nathan M., 30
Rusch, Marvin H., 30
Rutland, Rodger, 30
Rutt, Robert E., 30
Ryder, Hal, 7
Salerno, Joseph T., 30
Samples, L. O., 30
Samples, Orvis J., 15
Saucerman, Eugene, 15
Saucerman, Eugene L., 1, 30
Saucerman, Gene, 10, 21, 22
Saucerman, President, 12
Scalissi, John J., 30
Schieferstein, Fred, 30
Schlesser, Jack, 1, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 32
Schlesser, John P., 30
Schlesser, Kay, 8
Schoch, C. H., 30
Schoch, Charles, 17
Schoch, Charles & Sherry, 19
Schoch, Charles A., 3
Schoch, Charles H., 4, 8, 15
Schoch, Charles H. (Chuck), 7
Schoch, Chuck, 10, 12, 17, 19
Schoch, Mrs., 8
Schutte, Jean, 21
Schutte, Phil, 7, 8, 10, 12
Schutte, Philip P., 30
Schutte, Phillip F., 15
Scott, Earl A., 30
Scranton, Bob, 7, 10, 12, 13, 21
Scranton, Mildred, 6
Scranton, Robert L., 1, 15, 30, 32
Sebastenelli, Fred A., 30
Sgrignoli, Martha, 18
Sgrignoli, Michael G., 15, 30
Sgrignoli, Mike, 18
Shirger, Stephan, 20
Shoenfeld, Alan J., 30
Sinco, Nicholas, 30
Slavton, David B., 30
Smith, Alvin, 30
Smith, Charles, 16
Smith, Charles L., 30
Smith, E. J., 30
Smith, Mervin, 30
Smith, Rev. Howard C., 18
Smyth, Col. Les, 4
Smyth, Frances, 8
Smyth, Lester S., 16, 30
Snyder, Walter W., 31
Solecki, Emil M., 31
Souers, Loren E., 31
Spayd, Norman, 18
Spayd, Norman S., 15, 31
Spina, D. A., 31
St. Vith, 10, 13
St. Vith College, 10
Stiegel, Baron, 18
Stone, Donald J., 31
Stranko, Peter P., 31
Sutter, George F., 31
Taylor, Lee B., 31
Thoma, George, 31
Thorn, Wm. T., 31
Tissot, Harrison C., 31
Trautman, Frank, 6, 15, 31
Tribout, Arthur J., 31
Tuomi, Theodore, 20
Twining, Rollin, 31
Uebel, Bernard, 31
Van Netten, John, 31
Villwock, Russell H., 16, 31
Vincent, Louis J., 31
Wachtel, Dr. Hans, 31
Walker, Robert, 1, 8, 10, 12, 15
Walker, Robt. F., 31
Walsh, Charles S., 31
Walters, Presslye, 31
Walters, Presslyn, 15
Walz, Phil, 31
Ward, Nathan D., 31
Warner, Glenn W., 31
Warren, Clarence E., 31
Wasik, Joseph A., 31
Watt, Col. Jewell K., 31
Weaver, George T., 31
Weinkauf, Christian, 20
Weisser, Dr. Frederick G., Jr., 31
Wells, James E., 16, 32
Wells, Jim, 21
Weymouth, 27
White, E. C., Jr., 32
Williams, Fred, 32
Wilson, John D., 32
Wilson, Robert, 11, 16
Wojtusik, Stanley A., 32
Woolfley, Brig. Gen. F. A., 32
Wyatt, Van, 32
Younts, Leonard A., 32
Zak, Geo. K., 32
Zicker, Gordon, 16
Zicker, Gordon B., 32
Zimerman, Thomas, 15
Zoll, Ed, 32
Zorn, Harry S., 15
Zorn, S. Harry, 32
Zuckerman, Jack, 32