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The Cub
Vol. 30, No. 2, Jan, 1974

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
President Gene Saucerman
Vice-President Dr. James Clark
Adjutant Robert L. Scranton
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John Gallagher
All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher
4003 Prances Street
Temple, Pa. 19560
All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to:
Robert L Scranton
9441 Lee Road
Brighton, Mich. 48116
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

Greetings to each of you!
     This is a season of thanksgiving and a time to take inventory of the blessings we have received during the past year. I am reminded that one of my many blessings is that I have been privileged to have been a member of the 106th.
     We pause to reflect on our achievements and failures. We had many of both. We are proud of our new members and hope they accept responsibility in our organization. We mourn the loss of those departed. Ask yourself this question: "What has the 106th meant to me"? Then ask yourself: "What have I meant to the 106th"? Will you answer the first question and then please let me answer the last question for each of you in this way.
I would like to remind you end impress upon you the importance of One.
One vote saved Andrew Johnson from impeachment
One vote brought to an end the French monarchy
One vote decided the Rutherford Hayes-Samuel Tilden presidential election
One member is of the utmost importance to the 106th Infantry Division Association
     Time and again history has recorded the most of One: one vote, one courageous deed, one decisive action. And each time the individual whose act was so important, may have wondered "does my action really matter? After all I'm only one of many."
    Just remember without one we would have nope. Your membership is valuable to the 106th. In making our New Year's resolutions. may I suggest each of us resolve to share our organization by being responsible for the addition of a new member in 1974.
Happy New Year to One and All

Address of our Belgian guest at last year's reunion.
Lieve Bessemans
Chaussee DeNinovi 91
1080 Brussels, Belgium


     We have just observed Thanksgiving Day, a holiday unique to the Americas, especially the United States. Originally set aside from the busy concerns of everyday living to express the gratitude of our people for the many blessings bestowed upon us individually and as a nation, the days seems to have lost, to a great extent, its religious and moral meaning and has become a time for sports events and social occasions.
     This nation and most, if not all, of us who make up the inhabitants of these United States have been blessed beyond the dreams of our fathers and certainly much more than the other peoples of this earth. So much we take for granted.
     In personal freedom, few, if any, countries surpass ours. In material possessions, food, clothing, housing. all creature comforts, no country or individuals exceed ours. For over a hundred years we have been spared the ravages of wars in our land.
     Recently we have been faced with problems of polities, of government, with dire threats, which appear about to be fulfilled, of shortages of foods and all kinds of energy. Crime is still rampant from east to west. from south to north. These things are disturbing to many, and rightfully so. But, at the worst, we still shall be much better off than those in many other parts of the world.
     Despite the inconveniences to which we may be put and the sacrifices which we may be required to make, perhaps the time has come again when we should emphasize the giving of thanks to the Almighty for our manifold blessings rather than bemoaning our problems with the material things of life.
"I will praise the name of God with a son, I will magnify him with thanksgiving." -- Psalm 69:30
John T. Loveless, Jr. Chaplain
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.

    On December 23. our beloved chaplain suffered a heart attack. As of this writing he is still in the hospital making steady improvement. "The 106 prays for you John."

(Memorial to Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones)
1894 - 1969
     In September, Mrs. McMahon and I were enjoying a motor trip through New England and New York State. When we reached Schenectady NY, the gas station operators announced nationally, that they were closing up unless they were authorized to raise their prices. So we cut short our trip and hurried home to avoid being stranded enroute. In the near future Association members and their families will be experiencing similar inconvenienced and some changes in their way of life.
     Last night on national television President Nixon announced emergency powers to cut by 15 per cent the amount of gasoline and home heating oil available to Americans. and said he would ban Sunday gasoline sales when Congress completes action on the National Energy Emergency Act. So when this issue of the


     CUB (Jan. Feb. Mar. 1974) reaches you some of these restrictions may be in effect. We hope they will not interfere with attendance at the December 16 dinners in various parts of the country. We have more time for planning towards the 28th. Annual Reunion of the Association in Maryland July 1974. It may start with a chilly and worrisome winter but we wish you all a Happy New Year.
Leo T. McMahon

Dear John:
Just a note to let you know we're still around and very interested in the activities of the Association.
     We don't wander far from home because of Helen's health but one of these days we'll make another reunion. I was particularly interested in reading in the CUB that Dick Jochems was active in hosting the Grand Rapids reunion. Dick and I worked together for many months when the Division was overseas and I'm glad that he is now a member of the Association.
     We want to express our appreciation to the many friends who wrote to us after reunions that eve missed. We like to know that we were remembered and also to hear some of the details of the get together. Carol Pools, Doug Coffey, the Loveless's and DeHeers are among those who have been so kind. I guess that friendships such as those are what makes the organization so worthwhile.
     The latest issue of the CUB is a dandy. Reading it is the next best thing to being in Grand Rapids with the 106th. We want you to know that we appreciate your efforts in putting out the CUB and realize that it is the most important part of the Association. Thank you for accepting the job for the coming Year. I also want to thank you for including the membership roster in this issue. It's a great help in working up our Christmas card list.
Helen and Jim Hatch

Charles W. Freed,
404 Lexington Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15215
Dear Bob,
     Enclosed find my check for seven dollars ($7.00) for my dues for each of us covering the period July 1, 1973 to June 30, 1974.
     I was real glad to see my little note in the Cub bulletin of July, August, and September. I received a note from a member of the 106 Div. Association asking for an application to the American XPOW's. His name was Frank J. Schiro of Madison, Wisconsin and I am glad to say that he has become a member of our group.
     Both my wife and I would he real glad to hear from any member of the 106th Division Association who were prisoners of war. So if it would be possible I would like to get a list of members of the organization.
     I wish to express my regrets to hear that our President Dr. G. M. Bullard died on the 6th of June of a heart attack. I am very glad to say that I am one of a select group that has gone through open heart surgery for repairs to obstructed arteries and have survived.
     For this time I guess I will say good night and I am looking forward to hearing from some of the people I have served with in the 106th Division.
Good luck and good night Charles W. Freed

Dear John,
     Mabel, Sherry and I wish to thank you and Stella for inviting us to spend a Sunday at your home. We enjoyed your company and that of Walt and Lillian Bandurak.


I think Walt did a wonderful job on the Division patches and am sure everyone will agree when they receive theirs
Stella went all out to prepare a very fine meal for us and yours truly added a few pounds that he don't need.
Thanks Again
Clayt. Rarick

Dear Bob:
     About time that a check was sent for Dues and a donation for the Memorial Fund. So, enclosed herewith please find check in the amount of $10.00.
Time?? Where does it go to... Business keeps me busy as a beaver...
     And.. very active in the Ridgewood Post V. F. W. No. 123 -- where I have been a Trustee for the past eight years or so...
     We also have a Ridgewood Post Veterans Association which owns and operates the Post Building... and here I am on the Board of Directors and Secretary...
Forget it -- about time...
     But -- will certainly make every effort to attend the Baltimore Convention. If it should fall on the third Friday of July, will have to beg off -- as that is election night. My term on the Board of Directors will be un -- and I do plan on running again... If that be the ease -- then it will Atlanta in Seventy-Five...
Nice talking to you fellows...
Best regards,
W. J. Donovan also known as ‘Wild Bill' Donovan

     THE HAGMANS--Following extracts of a letter from Mrs. Ben (Juanita) Hagman, Weatherford. Texas, widow of Col. Ben. Hagman, Divarty and former President of the Association. Ben and Juanita were very active and popular members of this Association from its inception.
     During the summer she was visited by her son Gary an attorney in Washington, DC and his family and by her stepson Larry Hagman, Hollywood star and family. Gary and family are moving from Washington to Tyler Tex. where he will be in the office of the Federal District Attorney. Gary and wife Linda regret leaving the east because they will miss the annual Dec. 16 dinner at John Loveless family in Baltimore. Juanita still works for the Antelope Oil, Tool and Mfg. Co. Weatherford. She reports that Col. Bob and Barbara Lamb, 590 FA Bn. still live in Little Rock Ark. where he is with HUD.

     Letter also received from Mrs. Mary Dreier, widow of Col. Joseph F. Dreier, Divarty Surgeon who passed away 13 May 1972. She has one son and two daughters and lives in Bear Creek, Pa., near Wilkes Barre.
L. T. McM.

     KENNETH B. FACEY is management consultant. Ken rose from rank of private to Colonel, held many key positions in administration and training in U.S. Army. Has three children.

FATHER BOYLE advises all well, sorry he couldn't make reunion.

     COL. C. C. CAVENDER reports he attended 50th class reunion at West Point. Saw James D. Moore who was Co. of Co. "B" 423 and -John W. Collins III Platoon Leader Co. "K" 421. Col. Moore retired and now lives in Florida. Brig. General Collins plan to retire in near future.


he also reports on visiting and Murray Co. "G" 424 who retired as Col. and lives in Rancho Berriardo, Calif.
Jim Huntley who was Col. Cavenders jeep driver now lives in Uniontown, Pa. and drives bus for Greyhound.

WILLIAM J. DONOVAN (Wild Bill) in exporting business. 38 W. 32nd St., New York, N.Y. 10001.

     MICHAEL S. MOSHER retired in Dec. from I.R.S. and moved to 147 Sunset Drive, Gallatin, Tenn. Mike is interested in receiving information about Co. F 423 during period after battle of bulge.

     When the 106th Infantry Division became a Category IV unit and was filled with high point men, it was scheduled to return to the States in December 1945. When alert orders were received immediately after V-J Day, General Donald A. Stroh, Commanding, issued orders for a committee to establish a Division Association. This committee consisted of Lt. Col. F. I. Agule, AG, Lt. Col. H. B. Livesey, Jr., CWS, Major Wm. Perlman, inf. Capt. Lowther, IG. Capt. Crank, Inf., Lt. Macintosh, and M/Sgt. Givens.
     Under pressure of the stepped up program for return to the States, the committee worked feverishly to outline plans. With the assistance of Lt. Col. B. A. Bowman, JA, the Constitution and By Laws were drafted, and on 15 September 1945 at Camp Lucky Strike, a call was issued to all interested members of the Division to meet in the mess tent and to vote on the organization of the Association. Subscriptions to get the Association started were solicited and all gave generously. including the attached units like the 159th Infantry Regiment. $2200 was raised.
     Major Perlman acted as Chairman at the meeting and discussion was widespread. Constitution and By Laws were unanimously adopted and seven Directors elected. Major Perlman, M/Sgt. James Connell, Pfc. Thomas Dowgin, Sgt. Victor Ladyka, Sgt. John Hall, Sgt. David Price and Lt. Col. H. B. Livesey.
     Immediately after the meeting the Board met and elected the following officers, Major Perlman, President; Sgt. Connell, Vice-President, and Col. Livesey, Secretary-Treasurer.
     During the month of January. the Secretary-Treasurer contacted all officers and asked for instructions as to the future of the Association. recommending a strong, live. association, with a full time executive.
     Business having called Mr. Perlman to Cuba for a year, he tendered his resignation as President, and Mr. Dowgin resigned, having become a Jesuit Novitiate. Mr. David Price was elected President, and Mr. D. W. Frampton, Jr. elected to the Board. This gave representation to all the regiments, Divarty. Medical Battalion, and Division Headquarters. Mr. Livesey was retained as executive. It was agreed that the basic work was the establishment of as complete a roster as possible and after four months and the expenditure of thousands of dollars. Over 35,000 veterans were on the roster of the 65,000 who at one time were assigned or attached to the Division.

EISENHOWER: "THEY will have deserved well of their country."
HODGES: "What a grand job THEY did -- by the delay they effected THEY definitely upset Von Rundstedt's timetable."
MONTGOMERY: "THEY stuck it out those chaps."
RIDGWAY: "Your Division has done a grand job."


1706 Fort Jesse Road Normal, Illinois December 4, 1973
Dear Mr. Gallagher,
     Paul passed away very suddenly on the night of November 14. I am enclosing a copy of the obituary in case you would like to use any of the information in a notice in The Cub.
     Paul and I had hoped to attend the reunion in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year, but he cancelled the vacation he had planned at that time because he felt he was needed at the bank.
     Paul had been happy in his job here, and had been living a happy, normal life up until this time, except for some angina which we felt he was keeping under control.
     Paul felt very close to his buddies in the 106th and had hoped, in the future, to renew his acquaintance with many of them. He enjoyed receiving The Cub.
Georgia LeClere

Paul who was 48 years old was Trust Officer of National Bank of Bloomington Ill.
He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
The 106 gives final salute to Paul and prayers for comfort to his family. "May he find eternal peace with God."

BTRY. 592d FA BN.
     The annual reunion of Service Btry. 592d FA Bn. was held on Sunday, 2 September 1973 at Hershey Park, Pa. This was the 20th gathering of this group and their friends. They found many changes at the Park. Previously the battery members, their families and guests had assembled at a picnic area inside the amusement park, adjacent to the Hershey Arena, where covered picnic tables were available. However this necessitated carrying the picnic baskets, and other refreshments from a parking area in front of the Arena; which was quit a distance. The new picnic area is outside of the Amusement Park, in a grove of trees and parking is provided right there. However there is no cover for the picnic tables in case of rain. And it rained right at the beginning.
     People went to their cars for cover during the shower and then returned and continued their picnic. It was a much more convenient arrangement than in former years. Many of those present also visited the amusement park which was within walking distance. Those present from the Battery were:
     Emil and Ethel Solecki, Sparta NJ; Alice and Tom Dorosky. Shavertown, Pa. with their Daughter Kathy and fiancée Richard Morgan who were married on Sept. 8th, Charley and Charlene Schock, son Dennis and friends Mika Jennings Stan Jennings, Odenton, Md.; Mrs. Therese Maloney, widow of Frank Maloney with son Frank Maloney Jr. wife Janice and her daughter Jeanette Lynn, daughter Joan and husband John Daley, James Maloney brother of deceased Frank, friends of daughter and son Barbara and Moochia Ambrose Lynd and Rev Scott. Jo Ann and Robert Fleming, all of Philadelphia. Charley and Daisey Walsh. Cherry Hill, N.J.; Mrs. Violet Maleski widow of deceased Lt. Jim Maleski, Greenburg, Pa. with friend Don Scott of Greenburg and Bill and Anne Morrow, Pittsburgh.
     Guests were: John Loveless. Baltimore Md., wife Kay, daughter Althea and fiancée Tom Zimmerman, daughter Kay husband Ray Kemp and three sons Chevy Chase, Md., niece and nephew Kim and Shawn Twigg; BG Leo and Wilda McMahon, Middletown, Pa.


3 December 1973
     The 28th Annual Reunion. of THE GOLDEN LIONS will be held Thursday, 18 July 1974 thru Saturday, 20 July 1974. The place will be Holliday Inn, Frederick, Maryland.
As usual, business and fellowship will be combined into a Reunion that you will not want to miss.
     At the Baltimore Reunion in 1952, we visited Fort McHenry, the birthplace of our national Anthem. This year. 1974, weather permitting, we shall hold the Memorial Service at the grave of Francis Scott Key, the author of that Anthem, in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick.
Frederick and Frederick County comprise one of the most historical areas in the United States.
     Antietam. the bloodiest battle of the Civil War is only 21 miles away, Harrier's Ferry, West Virginia, the scene of John Brown's raid, 20 miles. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 35 miles, Our plans call for a trip to one or more al these historical pieces. with stops at other interesting spots along the way.
Washington and Baltimore are each but 45 miles from Frederick, and Annapolis not much further.
Holliday Inn is located conveniently at the junction of US 15 and U S. 40 (Interstate 70 N and 70 S).
Plan now to join your comrades and friends in a memorable Reunion.
1974 Reunion Committee John T. Loveless, Jr.

     How many recall the 16th reunion? Not by number, I'm sure, nor where by number--but it was in July 1962 and it was an army reunion held in the middle of the Navy at Annapolis, Maryland. It was efficiently arranged and sponsored by our faithful members the Loveless's and Broths.
     This was only the third reunion attended by your correspondent and he was quite taken by this fraternal-minded group.
     The scene was laid at old Carvel Hall, hotel of the middies and their guests for many years. We understand this object for nostalgia was torn down some years after our reunion there.
     One of the people who added to our pleasure was the black "major-domo", Marcellus, who "went with the hotel" so to speak. He had been there for 25 years serving and admonishing the midshipmen; and he served us as guide to historic places and story-teller par-excellence. He kept his listeners enthralled when he had the floor.
     There was much to see. We enjoyed the Marcellus-led tour of the State House with its battle flag display and were told that this was the only building to serve as the National Capitol before the founding of Washington, D. C. and that Gen. Washington resigned his commission here.
     We remember the pleasant afternoon spent at the country club where swimming, sunning and golf were the attractions. There was a short gathering there at the TV set where the group joined with the Hagman family to see Larry Hagman on the screen.
     We shall always remember the Naval Academy. The very air seemed to be charged with expectation as we moved from the parade field to the museum to the largest dormitory in the world--Bancroft Hall. We saw the first year "plebes" being shaped up by tough marine sergeants for their grueling four years-to-come. The Academy's St. Andrews Chapel was the setting for an impressive memorial service led by the resident chaplain, with the principal address being given by a retired army chaplain, Col. John R. Strevig, who came


from Pennsylvania just for this brief service.
     We remember the fun at the night dances which ended all too soon. Doug Coffey arranged movies of the dedication of the St. Vith Memorial and gave a complete report of the ceremony, as well as sharing with us the tribulations to which he was subjected in arranging for them. The membership was genuinely pleased when Doug was awarded the Association's highest decoration--Commander Class. Order of the Golden Lion--in recognition of his untiring efforts and skillful achievements.
     The registration list grew and grew as always to over one hundred adults and some 16 children. As always there were the regulars and the few who "just happened to hear about it" and came be.
     We remember the tireless efforts of the Loveless and Broth families to make everyone happy and to carry on a good convention--missions which were certainly successful.
The days at Camel were wonderful--if all too short.

     Thames Television, Ltd. of Middlesex, England has produced an ambitious documentary dealing with World War II, both militarily and politically. It is narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier and begins with Hitler's rise to power in 1933 and ends with a post-war summing-up asking what the war really did accomplish. Critics have praised it and it promises to be well worth the time taken to view it.
     The twenty-six hour-long segments are being transmitted weekly by ten CBS affiliates and began last September. Notice was received too late to include the information in the last issue of THE CUB. In January 1974, the series starts again on another ten CBS stations.
     Segment 19, entitled "Pincers", pertains to the Battle of the Bulge. In this segment, the voices of Henry M. Broth, Co. I, 422d Inf. and John T. Loveless, Jr., Hq. Co. 422d Inf. are heard. There is a possibility that other Golden Lions may be heard, also.
J. T. L.

(Reprint from the Reading Eagle) New Boston, Mich. (UPI)
     Ron Suemnick managed to singlehandedly defeat the Michigan High School Athletic Assn., but he and his teammates didn't have as much luck against Woodhaven High School.
     Suemnick, the starting offensive tackle on the New Boston Huron High School football team despite having a plastic foot and ankle joint, played his final game as a prep gridder Friday but walked away a loser 24-14 at the hands of Woodhaven.
     The 17-year-old senior started his team's first seven games but was ruled ineligible for the eighth when a referee detected his handicap during a game. The MHSAS ruled his plastic foot and joint were "ineligible equipment."
But Suemnick took his case to court --federal court -- where a judge said he not only could but should play.
     "Ron is a fine example to other handicapped persons," said U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Gubow in explaining his decision.
     The muscular 6-foot-2 Suemnick lost the 'lower portion of his right leg in a farm accident in the summer of 1972. He had played two years of high school football before the injury and was intent on playing again.
     Through therapy, Suemnick learned to use the artificial limb and was again playing football. Not playing football, but


starring at football -- playing in the starting lineup.
     "Our opponents know about him," said Hank Smith, the school's athletic director, "But they don't go easy on him." Suemnick and his teammates along the offensive line paved enough holes Friday night to allow Huron High to take a 14-12 lead after three quarters but Woodhaven blitzed beck to score 12 points in the game's final quarter to win.
Though football season is over, Suemnick's athletic career isn't.
"I think I'll go out for basketball," he said.
(Judge Larry is active member of 106.)

Dear John,
     I want to tell you how much I appreciate your sending the extra copies of the Cub. There were so many fine tributes written in memory of George that I wanted to save one for each of our children.
     We were late joining the 106th but I can't think of anything that George enjoyed more than the trips and reunions. All the friends we made have meant so much to both of us. I have sonic wonderful memories that I shall always cherish. In time I hope to see our friends again.
Many thanks,
Margaret Bullard

Dear John,
     Some of us commemorated the "Bulge" a little ahead of Dec. 16th this year and I must tell you how much I enjoyed the trip there and how great my hosts were (and are).
     Bob and Jeanne Gilder decided to have their annual "bash" on Dec. 8 this year and perhaps it is well they did since the weather cooperated very well, much better than a week later.
     I flew to Cleveland on Friday the 7th and Bob met me and took me to their lovely home in the small community of No. Ridgeville, Ohio. Next, he took me on the grand tour of the adjoining area, including Lorain and Elyria, the steel mills, the Ford Plant, and even a glimpse of Lake Erie. He took me by the firehouse where he is a Lieutenant and introduced to some of the boys. And we wound up at the schoolhouse, where Jeanne came wheeling up in a big school-bus. They have all women drivers who seem to do a great job.
     Saturday was spent getting set for the get-together and they started rolling in about six o'clock. There were about 16 including some few newcomers and all were glad to see each other.
     The tastefully decorated basement served as the meeting place and the ladies brought along covered dishes to augment what had already been prepared, so there was plenty of good food.
     After much good conversation besides the good food, the crowd thinned out at a late hour with a vow to see all next year. Two couples spent the night and left the next day.
     And on that Sunday Bob and Jeanne carried me back the 25 miles to the airport at Cleveland where I said goodbye to these good friends and winged away on United.
     Those in attendance were the following: Chuck and Willie Garn, Virgil and Martha Collins, Bob and June Walker, Walt and Lil Bandurak, John and Martha Fritz, Lyle and Vivian McCullough, Frank and Nancy Trautman, hosts Bob and Jeanne Gilder, and yours truly,
Sherod Collins


(Children of Kay (Loveless) Kemp)

Following is summary of attendance at last year's reunion.
64 Members
54 Wives 16 Children 1 Guest
135 Total (not including honorary guests)
May we again say thanks for a job, well done to Doc Clark and his committee.

    Please advise editor of your new address if you move. The post office does-not forward your Cub they cut out address from Cub envelope and return to me with new address if known. Cub is destroyed. For this service we pay 10 cents, but will probably increase in future. "You will help yourself by helping us to get your Cub to you."

May the roads rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again
May God hold you
in the hollow of his hand.


     At our Annual Reunion, Grand Rapids, Michigan, July, 1973, the Officers and Members of our Board of Directors, 106th Infantry Division Association, unanimously authorized the purchase of the above-captioned embroidered emblem for the use by our members on blazers, sport jackets, etc. The Board of Directors further authorized that each member in good standing for the current July, 1973 thru June, 1974 year (paid up members) be sent one of the embroidered emblem for his use free of charge. If our records indicate that you are in good standing for the current year, your emblem is enclosed. WEAR IT PROUDLY. If your dues are paid and you have not received emblem, please contact Cub Editor.

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Agule, Lt. Col. F. I., 8
Bandurak, Walt & Lil, 17
Bandurak, Walt & Lillian, 5
Battle Of The Bulge, 14
Bessemans, Lieve, 2
Bowman, Lt. Col. B. A., 8
Boyle, Father, 6
Broth, Henry M., 14
Brussels, Belgium, 2
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Dreier, Mrs. Mary, 6
Erie, 16
Facey, Kenneth B., 6
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Frampton, Mr. D. W., Jr., 8
Freed, Charles W., 4
Fritz, John & Martha, 17
Gallagher, John, 1
Gallagher, John I., 1
Garn, Chuck & Willie, 17
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 12
Gilder, Bob & Jeanne, 16, 17
Givens, M/Sgt., 8
Gubow, Judge Lawrence, 14
Hagman, Col. Ben., 6
Hagman, Larry, 6, 12
Hagman, Mrs. Ben (Juanita), 6
Hagmans, The, 6
Hall, Sgt. John, 8
Hatch, Helen & Jim, 4
Jennings, Mika, 10
Jennings, Stan, 10
Jochems, Dick, 4
John Brown's Raid, 12
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 3
Kemp, Kay (Loveless), 18
Kemp, Ray, 10
Ladyka, Sgt. Victor, 8
Lamb, Col. Bob & Barbara, 6
LeClere, Georgia, 10
Livesey, Col., 8
Livesey, Col. H. B., Jr., 8
Livesey, Lt. Col. H. B., 8
Loveless, John, 6, 10
Loveless, John T., Jr., 1, 3, 12, 14
Lowther, Capt., 8
Lynd, Barbara & Moochia Ambrose, 10
Macintosh, Lt., 8
Maleski, Lt. Jim, 10
Maleski, Mrs. Violet, 10
Maloney, Frank, 10
Maloney, James, 10
Maloney, Mrs. Therese, 10
McCullough, Lyle & Vivian, 17
McMahon, Leo & Wilda, 11
McMahon, Leo T., 4
McMahon, Mrs., 3
Moore, Col., 7
Moore, James D., 7
Morgan, Richard, 10
Morrow, Bill & Anne, 10
Mosher, Michael S., 8
Nixon, Pres., 3
Olivier, Sir Laurence, 14
Order Of The Golden Lion, 14
Perlman, Maj., 8
Perlman, Maj. Wm., 8
Perlman, Mr., 8
Pools, Carol, 4
Price, Mr. David, 8
Price, Sgt. David, 8
Rarick, Clayt., 6
Saucerman, Gene, 1
Schiro, Frank J., 4
Schock, Charley & Charlene, 10
Scott, Don, 10
Scott, Rev, 10
Scranton, Robert L., 1
Smith, Hank, 16
Solecki, Emil & Ethel, 10
St. Vith, 14
Strevig, Col. John R., 13
Stroh, Gen. Donald A., 8
Suemnick, Ron, 14
Trautman, Frank & Nancy, 17
Twigg, Kim & Shawn, 11
Von Rundstedt, 8
Walker, Bob & June, 17
Walsh, Charley & Daisey, 10
West Point, 7
Zimmerman, Tom, 10