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Vol. 29, No. 1, Oct., 1972

Congratulations to The General & His Lady

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
President Dr. George Bullard
Vice-President Gene Saucerman
Adjutant. Robert L. Scranton
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association le $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John Gallagher
All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher
4003 Prances Street
Temple. Pa. 19560
All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to:
Robert L Scranton
9441 Lee Road
Brighton, Mich. 48116
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

Gene Saucerman--R.D. No. 23, Box 50, Terre Hauete, Indiana 47802
Phillip F. Shutte-2415 Otter Drive, Warren, Michigan
John T. Loveless, Jr.-2549 Pickwick Road, Baltimore, Md. 21207
Robert L. Scranton-9441 Lee Road, Brighten, Michigan 48116
Clayton F. Rarick--Box 24, Blandon, Penna. 19510
Leo T. McMahon-44 No. Union Street, Middletown, Penna. 17057
Joe C. Matthews, Jr. -4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N.C. 27606
Elman Miller-3331 Morgan St., Steger, Ill. 60475
Robert A. Gilder-6857 Stoney Ridge Road, No. Ridgeville, Ohio 44035
John Gallagher-4003 Frances St., Temple, Penna. 19560
Van S. Wyatt--Box 51, Benton, Kentucky 42025
George S. Bullard--RFD 4, Mebane, N.C. 27301
Walter Bandurak-219 1 /2 No. Maple Ave., Greensboro, Pa. 15601
Virgil Collins-841 Canal Street, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764,
Robert Walker-598 Terrace Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Dr. James Clark--Fennville, Michigan 49408
Fred Chase--Morris Lane, Rexford, New York 12148
Florian Frank--Avoca Wisconsin 53506
Joe Gasses-1420 Franklin St., Grand Haven, Mich. 49417
John Early-9284 Mason Creek Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23503
Jack Schlesser-11603 W. 206th Ave., Lowell, Ind. 46356
    Welcome to new officers and members of Board of Directors. They are all dedicated members, the association is grateful to them and all other active member who keep the flag of the 106 flying high in the breeze of comradeship.

     Each reunion seems to have unique characteristics common to all. They are (1) seeing people again we have already met, (2) meeting others for the first time, and (3) and discovering that some learned of the convention by happenstance. Jacksonville was no exception to this. Pete and Joanne House had everything in such readiness and with advance


    publicity in the local papers, new members or reactivated members were again added to our roster. Even a friend of my own high school days, a 101st AB veteran and POW at Bad Orb, now living there called to renew old ties, saying he had read about us, the convention and Alfons, our guest. While on this subject, I wish to commend and congratulate Pete and Joanne on the tremendous lob and the success of the 1972 reunion. If the members of my family who attended are a standard, then everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there. Another first for the 106ers as Dow, would say is getting a refund on the Disney World excursion. How 'bout that ???
     We are sorry that Gen. and Mrs. McMahon were unable to make it, especially since they were to be honored: however that has now been accomplished as you will read in other space of this issue. Preparations are currently underway for the 1973 reunion in Grand Rapids, Michigan July 1, 1973. A volunteer from that area even came forward and offered his services which will certainly be utilized with relish. (Are you listening Joe Gasses?). So let's plan now to attend and to interest others and help whore it is needed so future reunions can continue as enjoyable and successful as those now past.
     There are chops of other presidents, the last Bob Gilder, I must now attempt to fill. Realizing the difficulty. I beg your patience and cooperation in making this another rood year. Yearn a little now for Grand Rapids in 1973, St. Vith in 1974 and Atlanta in 1975: where "Hungry Lions" gather, thin, can't be dull.
George M. Bullard

You got from your father it was all he had to give.
So it's yours to use and cherish for as long as you may live.
If you lose the watch he gave you it can always be replaced,
But a black mark on your name, Son, can never be erased.
It was clean the day you took it and a worthy name to bear,
When he got it from his father there was no dishonor there.
So make sure you guard it wisely after all is said and done,
You'll be glad the name is spotless when you give it to your son.
Submitted by: Walter Bandurak
Medics, 81st Engr. Bn.

     An important item of news in recent weeks has been the promised early release by the North Vietnamese of three United States flyers who had been captured after being shot down in conflict. The method of selection of the three from among the thousands held as POW's is not known now and never may be. The motive may have been political, military or anything else you may name. Nevertheless, all of us, especially those who had been POW's in World War II and were permitted to return home, will, rejoice with the families and friends of these three men when they are returned end should thank the Almighty for his mercy and grace. Our prayers continue for the well-being and early release and return home of all others who still will be held by the enemy.
     By the time this is being read, Veterans Day (new date) will have come and gone. The observances, gatherings and parades and speeches, will have been repeated as in years past. Will they be any more effective than other similar events


    in the last half-century? Can, or rather should, the failure to achieve a lasting peace be laid upon the heart, the mind, the conscience of each of us? Have not selfishness and greed of both men and nations prevented justice, truth, concern for those less fortunate and love for our fellow-man, whoever he might be, from ruling our lives? The road is up-hill all the way, rough and rugged and appears endless. But our destination ahead, brotherhood and peace, can be reached. It must be reached. Our willingness to share the load, yes, our dedication to the task, and our acceptance of the help of the Almighty such as has been so freely given in the past when asked for will assure the attainment of the pool for which we pray, brotherhood to all men and peace throughout the world.
     "Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints. to those who turn to him in their hearts." -- Psalm 85:8
John T. Loveless, Jr. Chaplain
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
29 September 1972

(Memorial to Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones)
1894 - 1969
     Mrs. McMahon and I regretted that we were unable to attend the Jacksonville Reunion, but the Surgeon did not get the cast off my right arm in time. We were indeed sorry when we learned later, that we had been voted into the Order of the Golden Lion and were to be awarded our citations and medals at the Reunion. However I am happy to report that we did receive them at the 19th annual Reunion of Service Btry 592d FA Bn. at Hershey Park, Pa. on Sunday 3 Sept. 1972. Two members of the Committee in Charge officiated. John Loveless, Jr. CO GL read the citations and presented the framed copies and Doug Coffey COGL pinned on the medals. A happy occasion. It was indeed thoughtful of many of you at Jacksonville to sign the birthday greeting card which Carol Beals sent us from the Reunion. She always manages to find a "Lion" card and this one was wearing a field artillery red coat too! Our genial, efficient and hardworking CUB Editor, John Gallagher 81st. Engr. Bn. and Mrs. Gallagher attended the Hershey reunion apparently fully recovered from his very serious illness of the spring. We hope you will read the new By-Laws of the 106th Infantry Division Association adopted at Jacksonville, the first increment of which will appear in this issue of the CUB.
     The next gatherings of Golden Lions and their ladies, relatives and friends will be at the annual dinners on or about 16 December. Colonel Joe Matthews 422 Inf. told us at Hershey that he is holding one at Raleigh N.C. on 9 December and John and Kay Loveless, also 422 Inf. will be hosts on Sat. 16 December in Baltimore.
Leo T. McMahon COGL

     A simple poem describing the suffering of American prisoners in a German POW camp after the Battle of The Bulge, 1944- 45. is read publicly for the first time at the 26th annual reunion of the 106th Infantry Division Association under way through Saturday at the Hilton Hotel. "I don't remember who wrote it, or why I kept it," said Samuel Gartner, center. The Jacksonville businessman was a sergeant with the 106th Division when German


    tanks overran his post. He was captured Dec. 17, 1944, and was liberated at a POW camp in Bremerhaven the following May by the British Welsh Guards. Listening at left is Jacksonville insurance man Toney Altieri of the 109th and who also served in the China-Burma theatre. Jacksonville attorney Francis P. Conroy, right, was an officer with the 590th Field Artillery Battalion of the 109th Division when captured Dec. 18, 1944.

Dear Mr. President:
     Wilda and I were sorry that you were unable to attend the Reunion at Hershey last Sunday, as they told me you had planned to do in Jacksonville. John Loveless told us of your telephoned message of Saturday evening.
     We regretted that we were unable to go to Jacksonville, but the surgeon removed the cast from my right arm too late for us to make the trip.
     We were both honored to he admitted to the Order of the Golden Lion, in a very nice ceremony at Hershey Park. John Loveless read the citations and presented the illuminated copies. Doug Coffey pinned on the medals, kissed Wilda and then kissed me on both cheeks. He has gone full French.
     We congratulate you on your election as President and will do all we can to make your year a happy and fruitful one. Wilda joins me in warm regards to Mrs. Bullard and you. We look forward to Grand Rapids in '73.
Cordially yours, Leo McMahon

Dear John;
     I would like to extend a big Thank You to Pete and Joan House for the fine convention they gave us this year. A good time was had by all. Am very sorry that you and some of our regulars were not able to attend; believe me, you missed some southern hospitality.
     The accommodations were first rate; although some of the group had to spend their first night in other facilities. Sherod and Cora had a suite; whew--that is what I call going first class. Saturday night they were most gracious in holding open house for all to view films; some of European trips and some of past conventions; when almost all of the men had hair and every one was much thinner. We really enjoyed these movies.
     Hope all are busy making plans for their fall picnics and the state December 16th chapter parties and we will all get together in Grand Rapids. Hope to see every one there.
     I hope our new president George Bullard receives the co-operation and help that I had during my term; and I am sure he will; the success of the group can only continue to climb; both in membership and personal activity.
Thanks again to one and all who worked with me during the past year.
Bob Gilder
Lowell, Ind. July 30, 1972

Dear John;
     I want to start off by thanking our host and hostess, Pete and Joanne House for the fine time we had in Jacksonville at the convention, only one thing lacking and that was not enough time. Kay and I enjoyed every minute and what made it so much nicer for me was that I got to see three more of my old buddies that I hadn't seen in twenty some odd years. The three new ones at this convention were Kenneth Bradfield, Wilbur Evans and John Crosby and so I feel that all my letter writing has not been a loss. There was six of us from old Service Battery this year, last year we had seven and if the fellows don't let me down we will have many more next year and I am starting, now on my letter writing, to keep the fellows interested so that they will be there next year. Will write more later.
As Ever
Jack Schlesser
Dear John:


     Lillian and I are both sorry that we -,11 not make it due to vacation scheduling problems where we both work. Oh well, you cannot win them all ... However, I will not miss the next one up in Grand Rapids, Michigan in July, 1973. Our impressions of Alfons was that he certainly enjoyed himself and was most grateful to each and every one of the 106'ers for the great chance we save to him to enjoy the U.S.A. The 106'ers deserve a great deal of credit for giving the OK (and the money) to bring him over here. Many people here still walk up to my wife and me and tell us how nice it was of the 106th Infantry Division Association to do that for the Belgian student. I am positive that this action on our Division Association's part will do a great deal to help our relationships with the people in the St. Vith area.
Walt Bandurak

P.O. Box 308 Denton, Maryland 21629
21 July 1972
Hi Bob,
Enclosed please find my dues for July 1,172 thru July 1973 in the amount of $5.00
     I've dropped Doug Coffey a few notes about this end that but still wonder if there is any interest in a copy of a 106th letter that I picked up in a Service Club in Paris in Sept. 1945 while I was between "hostels" and sidewalk cafes, etc. It states that the issue was founded in Karlsruhe, Germany but evidently he has the copy referred to.
     Got a note from L. K. Pinkley, Jr. of Murray, Ky. and he noted that he (in the furniture business) hears from a few of the boys who were in Hq. Co., 3rd Rn.. 422nd Inf. with us. in Ft. Jackson in '43 so they are still with us. Please note my current address and the card should he made out for Benj. F. Johnson, Jr., Hq. Co., 3rd Bn., 422nd Inf. Dear Bob:
    While I remember it; I got a 3 call a while ago from Cpl. Ralph Guettinger, Eau Claire, Wis. who was in the AT Pltn. I asked him if he was off his rocker to call at that time but he let me know that he was concerned about me and hated to write. Do you have anything on a Cpl. Robert Tessmer who was also in our Co. and from East St. Louis, Ill.? His address at discharge was the same as I have but all mail has been returned. We have a time locating buddies after a while, huh?
Yours truly, Benj. F. Johnson, Jr.
July 17, 1972

Dear Bob:
     I am a new member of one year due to the fact that I just found out about the Association through a mutual friend of a member. One of the guys from my outfit lives in Detroit, Michigan. We talk on the phone about once a year. I want to send in his dues as a surprise. His address is:
Elsworth Howard Schanerberger 15141 Evergreen Rd. Detroit, Michigan
We were in "D" Co., 3A1 Medical Battalion from the start of the division, until we came home from Europe.
Ed Heimann
July 6, 1972

Dear Bob:
I am sorry we won't be with you this year. I am retiring from my work and getting into Politics.
We will see you next year for sure' Enclosed are our dues for the coming year.
Very Truly
Don & Maxine Armington

Jesse Kershner
17 Ridgewood Parkway Newport News, Va. 23602 24 June 1972

Enclosed is my check for my dues for


1972-73 with a small donation for the Memorial Fund.
    I had planned to attend the 1972 re union and was eagerly looking forward to it, but due to a business commitment I must be in Cherry Hill, N.J. at the time of the reunion. I hop. the reunion is R tremendous success. Give my regards to my comrades end and willing I'll do my best to be at the 73 reunion.
Jesse Kershner

     JOSEPH A. MEOLA. Btry A, 591st F. A. Rn.. 1.2 Menlo Rd.. Congers. N.Y. 10920. I live upstate N.Y. and I work for the Department of Highways. The city of N.Y. as an Electrician.
     E. D. KELLY. D-423. Loch Lomond Lane. Rc.n+swood. R.D. 6. Middletown, N.Y. 10940. I have changed positions recently and now Head of Trns Atlantic Bank of New York, 193 William Street, New York, N.Y. 10038.
     JOHN R. BABINEC. 591st Field Artillery Bn.. 1007 Magnolia Drive. Joliet, Illinois. Wife and I have one daughter. Kathy married and one grandchild. Toef is 6 years old. I am presently working at Standard Oil Co., in Whiting. Ind.
JOHN M. (JACK) GILLESPIE. 422 "C", 330 Darcy Drive, Birmingham, Mich., 48010.

July 22, 1972
Dear Bob:
Another year has gone by with nothing unusual to report -- pertinent to meeting other 106th men.
See only our usual crowd -- Kelly. Bob Rutt, John Shalkout and Judge Larry Gubow.
     Family wise -- no changes -- our two oldest -- Marty is finishing his second year in his master's degree at Univ. of Michigan. Daughter Carol is a senior at Univ. of Dayton. Our two youngsters --Marilyn and Matt trying to make it through grade school.
     Opened a new satellite warehouse facility in Meding, Ohio (Akron, Cleveland) to compliment our Detroit Distribution Center. Made great demands on one's time controlling two centers like these. So say hello to the ole gang. Having missed the summer reunion two years in a row was unfortunate but necessary. Had to make a swing through Texas and Arkansas -- returning only yesterday.
See you and regards, Jack Gillespie

     The 19th annual reunion of Service Battery 592 FA Bn. was held on Sunday 3 September 1972 at Hershey Park, Pa. Battery members, their families and guests found many changes from last year. New traffic circulations plan and new parking areas were somewhat confusing. But in spite of these difficulties and the huge crowd in the Park everybody found their way to the picnic pavilion assigned and settled down to a happy afternoon of eating, drinking end reminiscences while the youngsters tried out the new rides and shows.
     Emil Solecki of Sparta, N.J., one of the organizer of this annual reunion received the sad news that his brother had died suddenly in New York state and he and his wife Ethel had to leave. An unusual feature of the Reunion was the presentation of awards of the Golden Lion to BG Leo T. McMahon and his wife Wilda McMahon. The presentation had been scheduled for the annual Reunion of the 106th Division Association at Jacksonville, Fla. 20-23 July, but the


    McMahons were unable to attend. The citations were read by John T. Loveless, Jr., 422 Inf., himself a Commander of the Golden Lions and the medals were pinned on by Doug S. Coffey, 590 F.A. Bn. also a Commander of the Golden Lions.

Sherod Collins, Joe Matthews, Chuck Schoch, Charlie Walsh, John Gallagher, Doug Coffey (back to camera).
     Members attending were Tom and Alice Dorosky Shavertown, Pa. with daughter Jessie and guest Dick Morgan; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sgrignoli, Camp Hill, Pa.; Charlie and Daisey Walsh, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Charlie and Charlene Schoch with son Dennis and guest, Odenton Md.

    Guests of the Battery were: Col. Joseph Matthews, 422 Inf., Raleigh, N.C. accompanied by son Bruce and his sister Dr. Matthews, Baltimore, Md.; Robt. W. and Mrs. Pierce 81st Engrs. Warren O; John Gallagher, Editor Cub, 81st Engrs. end Mrs. Gallagher, Temple, Pa.; Clayt Rarick 424 Inf. and daughter Sherry, Blandon, Pa.; Sherod Collins, Natl Treas., 423 Inf. Atlanta, Ga.; John, 422 Inf., and Kay Loveless, Baltimore, Md., daughter Althea and guest Tom Zimmerman, also daughter Kay U with husband Ray Kemp and two children, Chevy Chase Md., John Loveless is Natl Chaplain; Doug Coffey 590 FA Bn. wife Isabel, West Orange, N.J.; Leo McMahon, Divarty wife Wilda Middletown, Pa.

    Mike Sgrignoli, Tom Dorosky, Doug Coffey, Charlie Schoch (standing), Isabel Coffey (standing), John Gallagher, Martha Sgrignoli.

     In May 1967 General Abrams relinquished his job as Vice Chief of Staff US Army to become Deputy Commander. U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam (COMUSMACV). In June 1968 when General William C. Westmoreland was selected to be Army Chief of Staff General Abrams replaced him as Commander in Vietnam. Last month when General Westmoreland retired as Army Chief of Staff General Abrams was appointed to succeed him. He has had a very distinguished military career since his graduation from West Point in 1936. Golden Lion veterans who fought in the Battle of the Ardennes will be interested in the part then Lt. Col. Abrams played in that fighting. He commanded 37th Tank Bn. 4th Armored Division. When the Germans launched their counter offensive in December 1944 the 101st Airborne Division was surrounded in Bastogne. General Patton's Third Army swung out of line to Break through. The tankers fought German paratroopers on the road to Bastogne for six days. On the sixth day Lt. Col. Abrams commanding the leading tank Bn. gave his tromp, the word: "We are going in to join those people now". On the day after Christmas Abram's battalion broke through to Bastogne. German resistance was shattered.
L. T. McM.


     A big thank you to the House's for a good and busy reunion. They had did many interesting trips and we certainly enjoyed the play. After Jacksonville the Schutte's and the DeHeer's went to Daytona Beach for a few days. Jean and I did the shopping and the ocean, which was just right for us. Dick did some bike riding on the beach and Phil caught a cold so he slept.
     On the way back to N.J. we stopped in to see the Esterling's. Their son is nice tall and handsome. The oldest daughter is away at College studying music. The second daughter is a cutie and in high school.
     The big news came when we came home and Rink said. "he was engaged to Cheryl Stauffeneger from Allaince. Ohio, and would be married September. Well -- I pulled a "LEO TRICK" the end of August. I broke my wrist and will be in a cast for four more weeks. This sure has put the stops on me for now. I have to go shopping with someone and can't buy anything and hide it. Take care all you nice people and again thanks to the House's for all their work to make the reunion fun.
Marge & Dick DeHeer Co. K 424th
I'm not too good a typist with the left hand.

Adopted at the 26th Annual Convention
Jacksonville, Florida
22 July 1972
     WHEREAS. During 1971-72 the 106th Infantry Division Association. Inc. has experienced one of the most active and satisfying years in its history, and
     WHEREAS. a number of persons have made significant contributions to this activity and progress, now therefore BE IT RESOLVED that the Association in assembly does acknowledge and express special appreciation
     1. To all elected and appointed Officers and representatives of the Association for effectively executing their respective duties, and for their devotion and initiative in proposing and implementing a number of constructive ideas;
     2. To Pete and Joanne House for their sustained and most successful efforts in planning and conducting the 26th Annual Reunion at Jacksonville, Florida;
     3. To Mr. Tom King, Executive Vice-President of the St. Augustine and St. John's County Chamber of Commerce for his indispensable co-operation and assistance in the planning and conduct of the 26th Annual Reunion;
     4. To Chief Joe Sarver of the Public Affairs Office. Mavport Naval Air Station for his indispensable co-operation and assistance in the planning and conduct of the 26th Annual Reunion;
     5. To Mr. Harris T. Remly, Public Relations Representative for the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Co., who as luncheon speaker, delivered one of the most appropriate and inspirational messages that the Association has been privileged to receive;
     6. To Mr. Bill Plott and Members of his Color Guard of American Legion Post 137, Jacksonville, Florida. for impressive assistance rendered in connection with the Memorial Service at the 26th Annual Reunion;
7. To Mr. Bob Alder for his services as organist at the Memorial Service at the 26th Annual Reunion;
     8. To Mr. Alfons Pacquet, the young Belgian who was prize-winning essayist at his school in St. Vith and our honored guest at our 26th Annual Reunion, for his surprisingly mature observations and concise expression in our language of some truths that must always be the concern of free peoples everywhere; and
9. To Walt and Lil Bandurak. George ‘Doc' and Margaret Bullard,


    Doug and Isabel Coffey, Chuck and Willie Garn, and Jim and Maydean Wells, whose hospitality in their homes contributed so much to the visit of our guest of honor, Alfons Pacquet, at the 26th Annual Reunion.

Joanne House on bus to St. Augustine
September 18, 1972

Hilton Inn, Jacksonville, Florida
July 21, 1972
The meeting was called to order by the President, Bob Gilder.
    Roll Call: Directors present: Saucerman, Schutte, Loveless, Scranton, Rarick, Matthews, Gilder, Wyatt, Bullard, Walker, Chase, and Frank, plus Collins, Treasurer, and Coffey, Membership Chairman. Absent: McMahon, Miller, Gallagher, Holden, Bandurak, V. Collins, Clark. President Gilder thanked those who had helped him during his tenure in Office.
     Minutes of the July 24, 1971 meeting at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania were read by the Adjutant. The Adjutant report showed 267 members, 7 associate members and 75 auxiliaries.
     The Treasurer's report showed a net gain of $1,176.47 in 1971-72 in general fund, and a balance of $2,283.56, in the Memorial Fund. Cash in all accounts $9,979.68.
    Clayton Rarick reported for Cub Editor, John Gallagher, and stated that all convention materials should be in to him by May 1st each year.
     Membership Chairman, Doug Coffey explained the thinking of having an exchange student at our Convention. Mainly, it meant that we should get involved with youth over there to perpetuate our memorial.
     A motion by Walker, and seconded by Schutte that we pay the student's expenses at the Convention. Approved. Dr. Bullard reported for Dr. Clarke, Convention Chairman for 1973, that it will be held in Grand Rapids, Mich. July 19-22 at the Hospitality Motor Inn. John Loveless passed out Bylaws for our consideration. It was agreed that a section on the Golden Lion Awards should be in the By-Laws.
    The President appointed a Nomination Committee for Directors: Schutte, Rarick and Frank. Resolutions: Matthews and Loveless.
     Sherrod Collins reported on our progress on having a Historical Marker set up on a main thoroughfare at Fort Jackson. The costs have not been received and it must be approved by the Fort Jackson Historical Society.
     Due to the fact that General and Mrs. McMahon were unable to attend the Convention, it was agreed that John Loveless would make the Golden Lion presentation at the Artillery Picnic at Hershey, Pennsylvania on September 3rd. All members of 106th are invited and information can be obtained from Tom Dorosky of Shavertown, Pennsylvania.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton



September 18, 1372

Hilton Inn, Jacksonville, Florida
July 22, 1972
     President Bob Gilder called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. Those new attending stood and gave their names and places they hail from.
    The Adjutant read the minutes of the July 22, 1971 meeting at Valley For-, Pennsylvania. They were accepted and approved. The Adjutant reported the membership. The Treasurer reported that we are in good financial condition. Pete House, Convention Chairman, reported on the Convention and the future plans. It was explained how the Golden Lion Award would be bestowed on General red Mrs. McMahon.
     Cub report was given by Clayton Re-rick. Dr. Bullard stated that the 1973 Convention would be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan July 19-22 at the Hospitality Motor Inn. It was agreed that the 1974 Convention would be in Europe in September. Bob Howell and Sheered Collins have agreed to host the 1975 Convention in Atlanta. Georgia. A motion was made by DeHeer seconded by Britton that the By-laws be ',clouted. Approved. John Loveless should be commended for his efforts.
     The Nominating Committee nominated Jack Schlesser. Joe Gasses, and John Early for new board members. A Motion was made by Mr. Bickford and seconded by Mr. Maw that Directors be unanimously elected for 1972-73. Approved.
Doug Coffey reported on the Memorial Emblem.
Doug Coffey suggested that the Board consider no reservation fee for Atlanta.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton
    Sherod Collins, Treasurer-Historian; Dr. George Bullard, President; Eugene Saucerman, Vice-President; Robert L. Scranton, Adjutant.
September 18, 1972

Hilton Inn, Jacksonville, Florida
July 22, 1972
    The meeting was called to order by the President. Roll call was taken and new Directors were present. Adjutant read minutes of last Director's meeting. Approved.
    Fred Chase recommended that the students travel expenses be paid by Association in order to keep our Bacon alive. It was agreed that future Boards should take this into consideration. It was moved by Mr. Rarick, and seconded by Mr. Schutte that the fee for the 1973 Convention be $15.00 for members and wives. The Association will pick up the extra costs, and that the Convention Committee be authorized to set the fees for guests and friends. Approved. Officers were elected for 1972-73. Dr. Bullard -- President
Gene Saucerman -- Vice President
Sherrod Collins -- Treasurer
President Bullard appointed the following:
Bob Scranton -- Adjutant
John Gallagher -- Cub Editor
Doug Coffey -- Membership Chairman
Sherrod Collins -- Historian
John Loveless -- Chaplain


John Loveless -- Chairman, Golden Lion Committee
John Loveless stated that according to Maryland law, a member may vote by proxy, but must vote YES or NO.
A discussion followed on a guest from Belgium for 1975.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton

     Missed the General and Wilda, also missed Linda and Lou Rossi. But was glad to see Phil Schuttee made it this year with Jean. Sorry the Gallagher's didn't make it. But wouldn't you know it the Coffey's and Bickfords came and then found out they had no room, boy was Pete House on the ball then.
     Yours truly had a good time even if he didn't find a topless place at the Hilton. After the reunion we made a tour of Florida by visiting, Silver Springs, Busch Gardens, Cyprus Gardens. The Deer Ranch, (where my wife had a hole eaten in her dress) and The Kennedy Space Center in Titusville where at almost every stop we seen somebody from the 106th. I want to thank Pete and his committee for the job they did and hope that next year's committee starts sending things for the "Cub" right away.
JACKSONVILLE -- wasn't it a grand reunion?
We who attended think so and sorry others could not be with us this year. You were missed.
     The most appreciation goes to Joanne and Pete House for a well-planned program and for all their work. We won't forget seeing each other; St. Augustine; Mayport Naval Base, Ft. Caroline; the
II 1
Memorial Service planned so ably by our Chaplain, John Loveless.
And, Disney World for those who could stay for Sunday.
Thanks and love, Carol W. Beals

Joanne House and Jean Gilder at Registration Desk

     When I was told that I was going to be lucky to be leaving the hot and humid North and go to Jacksonville., Florida, to dry heat, I believed.
     Heavens to Betsy! It was hotter and more humid there than at home. It even got to be boiling hot when the room clerk told me that Tom Bickford and my room had been canceled as we were 15 minutes late checking in. We had an advance reservation for more than a month and I even contacted Pete House to verify for me a week in advance of arrival as the Hotel Hilton just doesn't believe in confirming reservations. They do this, purposely, I guess, so they can turn people out in place of others with higher Priority. Due to the kindness of Pete House we were taken to a Motel down the road a piece and waited patiently while we spruced up to join with our fellow 106ers.
     It certainly is great to come to a Convention and see "old" faces. As I explained to our Belgian guest, Alfons, we are a big family and though we may seem to jibe or even insult one another we do it with the deepest affection and are just happy to be together with one


    another again. It was also a pleasant surprise to see some new faces and try to make them feel at home and join our happy family.
     The Convention got off with a bang-up warm up even though we missed the free beer. The fellows enjoyed the mini-skirted waitresses at the Bar, though.
     Good to see Sweet William Alexander, looking starry eyed as he did on our trip to Europe. Maydean Wells, still the charmer she has always been. Remember Pittsburgh when we first called her "Dag-mar." I don't know what has happened to the real Dagmar but Maydean is still with us, as charming as ever.
     Notice Marge DeHeer looking over Dick like a mother hen and making sure he's dressed properly and that he goes to meeting on time. Missed their son Ricky who always managed to take the Young boys and girls off our hands. Rumor has a young girl is going to take him off Dick and Marge's hands.
    There was no group picture so Flo and I didn't get our picture taken in front of the line. You know, of course, if you look at any previous re-unions that's where we are; the two short asses of the group.
    I wonder if any other Division Association is as fortunate as the 106th to have a men of the caliber of John Loveless, COGL. A legal eagle, Chaplain, lover of children and his friends. Always there when you need him and like -Toe Matthews, he too, doesn't ask that the burden be shifted to someone else. He has had a one men campaign going to keep our Association moving by having his daughter and son in law come to all of our functions end even extends to his grandchildren. Who can claim as merle? Kay just stands behind him like the Rock of Ares. Bless them both. Speaking of blessing, it was refreshing to hear those young people sing out for America and what it stands for. These are the young people that don't make the headlines. I think they put a few lumps in many throats.
    I found out Frances Early still loves John. I tried to tell leer that I tried to take care of John while in Europe as well as she did but this paper would self-destruct if I quoted her answer. She really is a doll and good enough to let John be with his buddies even though she can't be there. That is, if he brings back Hummels.
    There was one thing about Jacksonville; I think the Yankees were outnumbered by the Rebels. Everywhere you went it was, "Y'all come hack heah!" The Bullards sound different than the Wells' and they in turn sound different from the Howells, the Mansfields and the Redmonds. Pete House tries to be Southern but I think he is a retread from South New York or Jersey.
    Clay Rarick and Tom Bickford maintained their record for attendance. I think they both deserve medals for just showing up all these years. If they didn't we might think we were attending the wrong Convention.
    Phil Schutte decided he'd better come to Jacksonville with Jean. One Convention permitting his wife to come alone was enough. The pleasure of her company was welcomed by all. I can remember when they attended a Convention without clothes. Jean makes enough money now, beating our guys on the golf course se pew they attend with a suitcase of clothes.
And clothes! Did you ever see a finer or more lovely aggregation than our wives on Saturday night.
    I wonder if Cora and Sherod got any sleep the night they offered their suite for our G-rated film party. Isabel couldn't believe it was 4:30 A.M. when she made it to bed.
Carol Beals and her birthday. She must have set a record by now in the number


    of places her birthday has been celebrated. She certainly adds to our family and this family would not be the same without her.
    Did anyone ever figure out just how big Bob Scranton is? He does a job commensurate with his side. Who can ever fill his shoes?? Shoes, who can fill any part of him. I saw Dick DeHeer measuring fronts but no go.
    Need anything be said of Jim Wells?? When you want him he is there. If it is mischief, he is the first one; a hell raiser and then again the Country Gentlemen from the deep South. No convention would be a success without him. Then, there is that solemn, gentile southern comfort, Joe and Anna Matthews. Anna takes in everything and she must get worn out just carrying that sweet smile she has for everyone. Joe and Anna have been faithful in their attendance and always add to the Convention and give of their time. Joe seems to get the job on,solutions but you never he, him say "Why not ask someone else for a change?"
    Pete House and Joanne, his wife, are to be extolled for the whole operation of the Convention. They took the family everywhere. I thought drive in movies were fun but outdoor theater like the Cross and Sword is just unexplainable. It was a night to remember. For me, it destroyed a myth. I have told Alfons and more people I visit in Europe that we just don't have Indians all over America and here in Florida Alfons found an entire Indian tribe together with a Witch Doctor. I will not be able to hold my head up in Europe again.
The family cookout courtesy of Colonel Sanders was a huge success. It sure was finger lickin' good.
    Did you notice Dick Bartz finally removed his sweater? He finally discovered he was south of the Mason Dixon line and could get along without it. Be careful Dick.
    Agnes Chase was disappointed that we couldn't find her a nice waiter (German-Austrian) to keep her going when Fred slowed down. The Brittons and the Maus are going steady but don't tell anyone. It would spoil it and they might just miss a Convention. Down East couldn't get better representation than those four. Y'all come back, heah! Even Libby Dolitsky thought we were good enough for another look. Keep coming, Lib.
    I almost forgot: you know Sweet William Alexander always manages to have lovely female guests. Did you notice those proud ladies he had with him Saturday, his Mom was there and beaming, as she did when she found out she was going. to produce Sweet William. I could he wrong but I wasn't clear if it was his Aunt or a neighbor but she was as sweet as apple pie too.
    David Enlow is growing into a young, man and almost as tall as his Daddy. Bonnie looks over the ocean and Bonnie looks after her flock. A fine family. Forgot to brine a turkey with them so had to settle for chicken. That big cheese man from Wisconsin, Florian Frank brought his delightful young bride with him. Notice how Dot's eyes sparkle when she talks family? Love that Gal.
    I always have to take a second look at Joan Gilder. I never believe what I see the first time. Saturday night she looked good enough to eat. I hope Rob appreciates, his glamorous young thing. I think she was a child bride.
    Colonel Howell and sweet Louise graced us with their presence. Bob checking here and there to make sure all going well and Louise looking for Antiques. She found me but said I wasn't old enough yet to be an Antique.
    I am sure I left out many people in this little rambling and reminiscing about Jacksonville but not intentionally. I could ramble for a week. I still feel we are fortunate over all these years to have


    such a Family as ours. We missed those of our flock who were unable to be with us for one reason or another. We can only pray that they keep well and perhaps join us next time the call comes for a Hershey reunion, a December 16th affair or the next Convention. I like to think of Convention as three separate words.
CON--con your friends into joining with the finest group around.
VENT--don't vent your anger on the Convention committee, and
TION--shun finding fault with the member of your 106th Family.
I am as late doing this is George Murray was in making the Bus, so I say so long for now.
Mr. William G. Hemelt, Sr., father of our member, William G. Hemelt, died suddenly on September 7, 1972.

96 Irving Terrace Bloomfield, New Jersey June 20, 1972
Dear John:
It is with great regret that I report the death of Karl Drzymala of Verona, New Jersey on June 10, 1972.
    Karl was a member of Service Battery, 591st FA Bn from the activation of the division until we returned to the states in 1945. He was a Buck Sergeant at the time of his discharge and had been assigned to the Battalion Supply Section during his entire tour with the division. Karl his wife Philly, myself and my wife had attended the last convention at Valley Forge and were making plans for Jacksonville when he passed away. Please print in the "Cub" in order that the many Buddies of Karl will know that eve have lost a great Soldier and a wonderful friend.
Sincerely yours, Edward A. Reilly
P.O. Box 29
Bear Creek, Pa. 18602

June 22, 1972
The Cub
My husband. Doctor Joseph Dreier died May 13, 1972. He was with Division Artillery.
Sincerely, Mary B. Dreier
    (Mrs. Joseph) The Division Association offers its sincere sympathy to the Drzymala and Dreier families. It was our honor to have known and served with these men.


    CITATION: Served in the 106th Infantry Division in World War II as Commanding General, Division Artillery. A career soldier, now retired and living in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and one of the most enthusiastic, loyal and hardworking members of the 106th Infantry Division Association from its organization in 1945 to the present day.
    He was a member of the Committee for the Philadelphia Reunion in 1958 and of the Committee for the King of Prussia Reunion in 1971. Through his untiring efforts, arrangements were made to hold the Memorial Services of those Reunions in the beautiful Chapel of the Valley Forge Military Academy and Junior College.
    He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for many terms. His wise counsel is always welcomed and much appreciated.
He served as Vice-President of the Association 1963-1964 and as President 1964-1965.
    For several years, he and Mrs. McMahon were co-hosts with The Joneses at the Cocktail Hour preceding the Annual Banquets.
    It is a rare issue of THE CUB that does not have an article therein written by him. Since 1969, he has taken over and continued the column "Bag Lunch".
    His voluminous correspondence with members of the Association, prospective members and others has helped immeasurably to promote the well-being of the Association.
    In grateful recognition of his long and distinguished service to the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association unanimously awards him the ORDER OF THE GOLDEN LION Commander Class (COGL)
    Done at the City of Jacksonville, Florida, this twenty-second day of July, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred Seventy-Two.

For the Board of Directors Robert A. Gilder President
Robert L. Scranton

    Citation: The devoted wife of Leo T. McMahon, she has attended most of the Annual Reunions of the 106th Infantry Division Association since 1954.
She has been active as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Association from that time.
    She was co-host with her husband and The Joneses, for several years at the Cocktail Hour before the Banquets at the Annual Reunions of the Association.
    She has visited, with her husband. many members of the Association and has attended numerous local Reunions in New Jersey, Hershey. Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland and other else,. She has entertained in their home in Middletown, Pennsylvania man-' members of the Association and their families who came either on business for the Association or for social reasons.
She has assisted her husband over the years with his correspondence and labors on behalf of the Association.
    In grateful recognition of her constant devotion to the affairs of the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association awards her the
Companion Class (COMGL)
    Done at the City of Jacksonville, Florida, this twenty-second day of July, in the year of Our Lord. One Thousand, Nine Hundred Seventy-Two.
For the Board of Directors
Robert A. Gilder


Robert L. Scranton
Reactivated at Camp Forrest, Tenn., July 15, 1942.
Sailed for British Isles, July 1, 1944.
Combat service European Theatre. Inactivated June 4, 1946.
COMMANDERS Maj. Gen. Joseph D. Patch Maj. Gen. Horace L. McBride Maj. Gen. Walter E. Lauer
Northern France Ardennes-Alsace
Rhineland Central Europe
Congressional Medal of Honor 4
Distinguished Service Cross 33
(2nd highest Army medal)
Silver Star 671
(4th highest Army medal)
Legion of Merit 6
(5th highest Army medal)
Distinguished Flying Cross 5
Soldiers Metal 30
Bronze Star 3, 357
Air Metal 121
Total 4, 227

Killed in action 3,038
(Buried in Europe 1.451)
(Buried in States 1,587)
Wounded and injured in action 12,484
Captured and interned
(1,069 later returned to military control) 1,077
Missing. in action
(476 later returned to duty) 488
Total 17,087 Company

a. Special Troops
Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company
80th Signal Company
80th Reconnaissance Troop
80th Quartermaster Company
80th Military Police Platoon
80th Division Band
80th Counter-Intelligence Corps Detachment
APO 80
780th Ordanance (Light Maintenance Company
b. 317th Infantry Regiment
c. 318th Infantry Regiment
d. 311th Infantry Regiment
e. 80th Division Artillery
317 Field Artillery Battalion
318th Field Artillery Battalion
319th Field Artillery Battalion
905th Field Artillery Battalion (Med)
f. 305th Engineer Combat Battalion
g. 305th Medical Battalion
a. 610th Tank Destroyer Battalion
b. 811th Tank Destroyer Battalion
c. 702nd Tank Battalion
d. 633rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
Above reprinted from 80th Division Memorial edition. From the 80th came many of the 106 Cadre.


    Col. Matthews recalls his visit to the 80th shortly after he was released from P.W. Camp and while they were still in Combat. If anyone wants additional information, contact
80th Div. Nat'l Sec.
1085 Hillview Avenue
Latrobe, Pa. 15650

    Recently I observed our daughter and son-in-law wearing bracelets inscribed with the name of a P.O.W. They have vowed to wear these bracelets until the P.O.W. is released.
    As fellow citizens with our P.O.W.'s may we all vow to do all in our power to bring about their quick and honorable release.
J. G.

    "I gave you a birthright of freedom, only in trust -- and you are squandering it on a luxury labeled 'expediency.' "I stood in snow without shoes to give you a right to vote -- and you stay home on election day whenever the weather is bad.
    "I left my family destitute so that you could have freedom of speech -- and you remain silent because it might be bad for business.
    "I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you -- and through neglect you permit it to become the master of your children."
Via Sherod Collins

Today upon a bus I saw a girl with golden hair.
She seemed so gay, I envied her,
and wish that I were half so fair;
I watched her as she rose to leave,
and saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and wore a crutch,
but as she passed -- a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine;
I have two legs -- THE WORLD IS MINE.
Later on I bought some sweets,
The boy who sold them had such charm,
I thought I'd stop and talk awhile.
If I were late, would do no harm.
And as we talked he said,
"Thank you, sir, You've really been so kind.
It's nice to talk to folks like you because, You see, I'm blind."
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine;
I have two eyes--THE WORLD IS MINE.
Later, walking down the street.
I met a boy with eyes so blue,
But he stood and watched the others Play;
It seemed he knew not what to do.
I paused, and then I said.
"Why don't you join the others, dear?"
But he looked straight ahead without a word.
And then I knew, he couldn't hear.
Oh, God. forgive me when I whine:
I have two ears--THE WORLD IS MINE.
Two legs to take me where I go.
Two eyes to see the sunset's glow,
Two ears to hear all I should know,
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine;
I'm blest, indeed--THE WORLD IS MINE
Submitted by: Walter Bandurak
Medics, 81st Engr Bn.

    Anyone having information about injures received by Robert Kehoe while on duty with 592nd guarding German P.W. at Heilbrown is asked to contact Bob at: 49 S. 16th St., New Hyde Park, Long Island, N.Y.


    Col. and Mrs. Matthews invites members to attend Battle of Bulge dinner Raleigh, N.C. December 9. Joe advises anyone coming for weekend will be treated to a visit to Ft. Bragg and the many points of interest in the area. The Matthews are anxious to hear from those who plan to attend.
4706 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, N.C. 27606

     Permit me, a Canadian, to express a long overdue "thank you America"--not only for putting men on the moon, but for almost 200 years of contributing to the betterment of mankind. For the airplane, radio, cotton gin, phonograph, elevator, movie machine, typewriter, polio vaccine, safety razor, ballpoint pen and zipper!
     No other land in all the world has, in so brief a history, contributed so much and asked so little--only that we live together in peace and freedom. From the days of Washington and Lincoln, you have demonstrated the creativity, invention and progress of free men living in a free society--where ideas and aspirations mar be promoted to the extent of man's willingness to work and build a "better mousetrap" with commensurate rewards.
     Thank you for upholding the principles and rights of freedom and liberty; for the American Constitution and Bill of Rights and for protecting those rights even when it results in the burning of your flag and the murder of your President.
     Thank you for those who helped defend freedom on foreign soil in two world wars--a debt we have been able to pay in small measure by way of some 10.000 Canadian volunteers who stand and fight with you in Vietnam: for the foreign aid you give even when your hand is bitten and your motives impugned: for keeping your dignity in the face of insults from nations still wet behind the ears; for your patience with those who seek to steal the world and enslave its people; for keeping your cool even when the Trojan horse mounts the steps of the White House to insolently spew forth its treason.
     Thank you for keeping alive the concept of individual liberty and faith in God in a world wallowing in humanistic collectivism.
For these reasons and so much more, I say: "Thank you America and God bless you."
Patricia Young, Vancouver, B.C. (Via Sherod Collins)

"When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And You want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit .. .
Rest if you must. but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow .
You may succeed with another blow.
Often the goal is nearer than
Tt seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
Wien he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned upside oat .. .
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar:
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit .
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit."
Submitted by: Walter Bandurak
Medics, 81st Engr Bn.


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Auxiliary Dues
Interest Earned
Mugs Sold
Profit on 1970 Reunion.
Profit on 1971 Reunion
Return of Advance -- 1971 Reunion
Cub Expense
Office Supplies
OGL Expenses
Registration fees 1972 Reunion-3 officers
Net Gain

$1,429.94 158.00


Brought Forward
Net Gain-1971-72
Balance June 30, '72

Brought Forward
Contributions '71-'72
Interest Earned
Sale of "Lions Tale"
Reproduce Lions Tale
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Ann. Memo. Wreath-St. Vith Transport St. Vith Student
Balance June 30, 1972



$2,244.55 515.25

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( 9.25)

 $ 763.300



Coca Balance Year End 1971,1972

 Cash Balance Year End 1970-1971

 INCREASE Over Prior Year


 $7,696.12 $2,283.56


 Checking -- First National Bank of Atlanta .

 Savings -- Atlanta Federal Savings & Loan .


 "Happy new fiscal year to all you faithful financial supporters."
Your Treasurer

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