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Vol. 28, No. 1, Oct., 1971

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
President . Robert A. Gilder
Vice-President . Dr. George Bullard
Adjutant Robert L. Scranton
Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John T. Loveless, Jr.
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is 05.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor John Gallagher
All editorial matter should be addressed to: John I. Gallagher
4003 Frances Street
Temple, Pa. 19560
All business matters, renewal of membership, etc., should be addressed to:
Robert L. Scranton
9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Mich. 48116
Auxiliary Dues $2.00 per year.

Gene Saucerman-- R.D. No. 23, Box 50, Terre Haute, Indiana 47802
Phillip F. Shutte-2415 Otter Drive, Warren, Michigan
John T. Loveless, Jr.-2549 Pickwick Road, Baltimore, Md. 21207
Robert L. Scranton-9441 Lee Road, Brighten, Michigan 48116
Clayton F. Rarick-- Box 24, Blandon, Penna. 19510
Leo T. McMahon-8 No. Union Street, Middletown, Penna. 17057
Joe C. Matthews, Jr.--4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N.C. 27606
Harry R. Shaw, Jr.-102 E. Woodbury Dr., Garland, Texas 75040
Elman Miller-3331 Morgan St., Steger, Ill. 60475
Robert A. Gilder-6857 Stoney Ridge Road, No. Ridgeville, Ohio 44035
John Gallagher-4003 Frances St., Temple, Penna. 19560
Robert R. Holden-2902 Middle Road, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
Van S. Wyatt-- Box 51, Benton, Kentucky 42025
George S. Bullard-- RFD 4, Mebane., N.C. 27301
Walter Bandurak-219 1/2 No. Maple Ave., Greensboro, Pa. 15601
Virgil Collins-841 Canal Street, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764
Robert Walker-598 Terrace Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Dr. James Clark-- Fennville, Michigan 49408
Fred Chase-- Morris Lane, Rexford, New York 12148
Florian Frank-- Avoca, Wisconsin 53506

     The Association celebrated its 25th anniversary at Valley Forge this past July. We all can be very proud of the dedication and willingness of many faith-full members to keep our association active. With God's Blessings and Guidance may we celebrate our 50th anniversary in such good company. Hope all made it home from the convention safe and sound this year; those who could not attend really missed a good time.
     I am proud to serve this group as president and will try to do a satisfactory job of it. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give a brief history: the name is Bob Gilder with a wife named Jean and 4 children and we live in North Ridgeville, Ohio; about 20 miles west of Cleveland for those of you who have never heard of our city.
     I do not have any big message to present to my fellow, but there are few points I would like to make. The "Cub" is a must for the success of our group; and our editor and his staff deserve a big thank you for all of their work and effort on this project. But; this is my big point; they cannot do anything without your cooperation; no I wish all of you would take a few minutes out of your busy schedules and drop John a line. We are all interested in one another, and this gives the publication that "personal" feeling.
     Clayt Rarick and his committee really deserve a big Thank you for the 1971 convention; there were many new faces and I do hope that next year we can have


    these people attend and attract some more new people. Every year we gather a couple new people. Jacksonville Florida promises to be a good convention again; our Floridian Chamber of Commerce representative Pete House, has assured one and all of this fact. So every one plan to attend.
     An envious Bon Voyage to the group that are going with our tour leader Doug Coffey this fall. Speaking from experience I can guarantee you people a wonderful time. Be sure and take kits of pictures and bring to the December 16th Chapter parties. I know all 106th members wish them well.
     By the time this publication reaches you it will be time to think of the December 16th gatherings. I hope many of you plan group get-togethers in your areas with fellow 106th members.

     Two years ago, when we stopped for lunch in Eindhoven on the way from St. Vith to Amsterdam, we were thrilled to see displayed in the lobby of the Hotel de la Cocagne a creation in spun-sugar depicting the landing of Apollo 8 on the moon. Not having seen an English-language newspaper nor having heard an English-language newscast for a few days, we were somewhat out of touch with world events.
     Several weeks ago, again we thrilled at the exploits of the astronauts, not only in landing on the moon but in exploring it.
In between were the plans, hopes, labors and prayers of thousands. And the expenditures of billions of dollars.
     That first landing showed that it could be done; the second was an attempt to learn what benefit man might reap from the accomplishment.
     Many have questioned the cost in time, effort, mankind and money. Its value may not become known for years to come; if at all; some of us may never see any social or economic benefits.
     But to me, all these events prove the omnipresence and the omnipotence of a Supreme Being -- God, if you please. How else but through God could man, so insignificant a part of our known universe, acquire and use his mind, will and strength to do all those things which not too many years ago were mere faint dreams of men?
     Our prayer should be that these discoveries will he used solely for the good of all mankind and not for the selfish desires of a few.
"The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims his handiwork." -- Psalm 19:1
John T. Loveless, Jr.

(Memorial to Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones) 1894-1969
     On the back of the Program for the Twentyfifth Reunion of the 106th Infantry Division at Valley Forge Holiday Inn King of Prussia. Penna., July 22, 23, 24. 1971, the following was printed: "Your committee is delighted to be your host: please contact committee members if you have any needs. Our one request is that you follow time schedule and be prompt for all events."
     Your Committee Clayton Rarick, Chairman; Charles Walsh: Frank Mahoney, John Gallagher. It was obvious that here was a bunch of pros operating a reunion; they had all cut their teeth as members of the committee that met on the 1958 reunion at the Bellvue-Stratford in Philadelphia. Underneath each name should be entered the names of the wives; Daisy Walsh;


    Therese Maloney and Stella Gallagher. Clayt Rarick brought along his 9 year old daughter and she certainly was active. The Lady members worked as hard as the men at registration and welcoming, in the hospitality suite and putting on the successful Ladies Surprise Luncheon on Saturday noon In Wanamaker's at the Shopping Mall across the street from the Holiday Inn. I ran across Daisy Walsh on Friday noon on the telephone pleading with the Wanamaker management to increase the number of reservations, when she found a larger attendance at the reunion than anticipated.
     The Committee faced the same problem on Thursday evening when they found the Hospitality Suite overflowing with a larger number of early arrivals than ever before. They arranged with the management for a larger hall in which to hold the Reunion Party on Friday evening.
     The Committee wisely left Friday morning free time for golf, shopping or sightseeing. In the afternoon they conducted an historic bus tour of Philadelphia followed by the Reunion Party at 8:00 p.m.
     On Saturday morning at 0900 there was a bus tour of Valley Forge, after which the buses took the members to Wayne, Pa. where Memorial Services were held at 11 a.m. in the Valley Forge Military Academy Alumni Memorial Chapel of St. Cornelius The Centurion. Our Chaplain, John T. Loveless Jr. had visited the Academy a month earlier and arranged the details of the service with Brigadier General Ralph E. Jones, Academy Chaplain. The service they arranged was simple, beautiful and very impressive in that beautiful military chapel, which had been enlarged with two transepts since our visit there in 1958. General Jones recalled that 1st Lt. Eric Fisher Wood, Btry A, 589th Field Artillery Battalion of the 106th. Division was a graduate of this Academy. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. We had heard John Loveless in many memorial services but he was never better than in this one. After the services a number of our members lingered in the chapel to examine the windows and other memorials and to take photographs.

     For the Reunion Banquet in the evening the Committee presented a humorous speaker-- Merritt K. Freeman. The members seemed to enjoy his earthy Pennsylvania Dutch humor. The speaker remarked that he and Clayt Rarick had the some Penna. Dutch accent. After the speaking there was dancing. It was a very fine, well attended and enjoyable reunion.
Leo T. M:Mahon

Now payable for year 1971-72. Men $5.00, Ladies Auxiliary $2.00.
Forward to Bob Scranton, 9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Michigan 48116
Contributions to the memorial fund may be included with dues remittance.

Dear Editor,
Sorry to let you know we won't be able to see all of you in Penna. this year.
    We just had a new baby girl at our house this week, and she is too young to take that far, this sure was a happy surprise for all of us, as our youngest is 14 years old.
    But us 106ers won't give up, even if we have a lot of years behind us. Our good friend Russ Enlow was by a few weeks ago and he couldn't believe it.
So there went my early retirement, but we are tickled pink with her.
Tell all hello for us and I will be with next year if nothing happens.
Have a good time and we will see you soon.
As ever, Bud and Dimples Lainhart
38 South Main Street
Franklin, Ohio 45005

     We had hoped right up to the last minute to join you folks again this year, but Helen is having some breathing trouble


    and, although she is doing ok around the house, we're rather skittish about venturing far away. Please give our regards to all who attend the reunion and tell them that we will try to see them next year.
     Our youngest daughter, Kathy, who took charge of the kids at the pool in Indianapolis, graduated from Macalester College this spring and is attending the University of Edinburgh this summer. She has been accepted and plans to study for her master degree at the University of London this winter. She's the only member of the Hatch clan with brains. Don't know where we found her.
Sincerely, Helen and Jim Hatch

Dear Bob,
     Sending my dues for 1972. I will not be able to attend the reunion this year. We were on strike for 15 weeks and it sure didn't help the pocketbook. Hope they have a good convention.
Don Stone
1505 E. Memorial Drive Janesville, Wisconsin 53545

Hi Gang,
     Enclosed find check for $5.00 to pay for my dues 1971-72. Sorry we won't be able to attend the annual re-union. Since I pick my vacation by seniority, I am MI - able to get a July date this year. I am still working for the local (county owned) transit system as a dispatcher. My oldest girl attending Brownard County Jr. College and 2 daughters (twins) just graduated from high school this week. The wife and I plan a trip through Mexico come next November when I will get my vacation.
Best wishes to all
John D. Wilson, 422 DQH 331 E. 59 Street
Hialeah, Florida 33012

     Enclosed is a check in the amount of $5.00 for membership in the 106th Infantry Division Association. I was a member of Anti-Tank Co., 423rd Inf. Regt. I planned to attend the reunion at Valley Forge but I doubt that I will make it because I work for W. T. Grant Co. and am transferring to a new Grant Store on 12 July. After WWII I remained with the Regular Army and retired 1 March 1969 as Sergeant Major with 26 years active service. If you attend the reunion please give my regards to the comrades especially those of my former company. Would it be possible for you to send me the names and addresses of former members of Anti-Tank Co. 423rd who are members of the Association. I am especially interested in the CO Captain Charles Reid, TSGT Glen Kennedy, Vernon Jenkins, Ernest Slavichek, Robert Ausse, .... ? Chamberlain, Also Charles Kares 424th Regt. and Whitey Nassuta 422d.
Sincerely, Jesse O. Kershner
17 Ridgewood Parkway
Newport News, Va. 23602
(Does anyone have information for Jesse).

Dear Mr. Rarick:
     I found your name under "Reunions" in one of the issues of the American Legion Magazines and thought that you may be able to help me.
     When we of the 99th went to Belgium to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge with the Germans of the 9th German Parachute Infantry Regiment we visited your very striking monument in St. Vith. As a matter of fact, we placed a couple of wreaths there, being sure that you people wouldn't mind, since we had no monument of our own.
     At our reunion in Buffalo, N.Y. in July, I was made chairman of a committee to study the possibility of erecting a monument on the order of yours in Elsenborn, Belgium, which brings me to the reason for writing you.
     Would you please get me in contact with the chairman, or the man who had most of the responsibility in erecting your monument? I am starting on this thing cold, and I am sure that you people could probably save me a lot of grief if you would be willing to help me.
I and the members of the 99th Infantry


    Division Association would be most grateful for any help that you can offer by forwarding this letter to the one who was responsible in your project.
Sincerely, Frank S. Yanish
Doug has answered and offered the 106th full cooperation to assist them in any way to achieve their goal.

     I hope you all have a wonderful reunion. We are also having our American Legion Department Convention in July. I'm Past Commander now until a new Commander is installed at the convention. It's been a busy year for me.
Please give my regards to the Troops. Aloha
Bill Johnson, K 424

Dear Mr. Scranton,
Enclosed check for dues, for coming year.
     Will you please give my name and address to Douglas Coffey, so he can send me details of the trip to Europe. Thank you.
I am not going to the Reunion at Valley Forge.
     My son John Balise, was in 422nd, headquarters company, at Bad Orb and Zeigavheim, P.O.W.-- December 20 after St. Vith. I mention this on the slight chance that someone might have known him. In England he was at Stow-on-woed.
Sincerely yours, Elma G. Balise

Dear John,
     Congratulations upon your very fine copy of the Cub, and upon your splendid program for the 25th Annual Convention at Valley Forge. Unfortunately, Mrs. Woolfley and I will be in Italy visiting our son during the convention dates and so cannot be with you. Hope we may be able to be with you at some future convention.
With regards to those who may remember me, and with best wishes for a wonderful gathering.
Most sincerely, Francis A. Woolfley

Dear John,
     I don't have any news worth noting, but your card reminded me to write and express our appreciation to you, Clayton, and all the rest who put on the Reunion. It was one of the most enjoyable we've ever had. Certainly, none has been more relaxed, or better planned and managed. Mane thanks for the hard work in our behalf, and for the double-barreled job as President and Cub Editor.
     We are saving most of my vacation for later in the fall, but have a conference out at the University of Illinois next week. and will take a few days to drive through the mountains. Will stop by to visit. Russ and Bonnie Enlow and their 10,000 turkeys! If we uncover any news in our reminiscing, I'll let you have it.
Sincerely, Jim Matthews

Dear Bob,
     Enclosed is my check for $100.00 for the Memorial Fund and my $2.00 dues. I won't include my grandchildren as they have scattered to the four winds. Alice von Orde will keep house for me while I am away on a Photo-Safari to Africa with my sister, Marietta. I have just gotten a port-call and fly out to L.A. to join her, where we will board the "Maas Lloyd"-- a Dutch Congo liner. It should be quite an adventure.
I shall miss all my good friends in Philadelphia. Give them my love. I'll be anxious to see the next "Cub".
With fondest regards, Alys Jones
3532 Quebec St. NW Washington, D.C. 20016

I have had a note from Robert Kehoe who is trying to locate his buddies in the 592nd FABn.
Will you kindly put an item in the Cub asking anyone who knows him to write


him a line. He lives at: 16 Attorney Street Hempstead, Long Island New York 11550
He was with the 592nd at Heilbronn but he doesn't say exactly which unit of the 592.
Best personal regards, Doug

Dear John:
     Many thanks to the 106th members and their lovely wives for the warm welcome everyone extended to Jean in Philadelphia.
I'm enjoying my morning coffee even more now, with my fancy cup. Thanks for the thought.
I am getting around very nicely on my two wooden legs. Waiting it out quite impatiently, I might add.
     I'm sending my regards to everyone. and was so tickled to hear the voices of some who talked to me on the telephone. Also Marge, Phil received the get well card from all, and you should have seen the wide grin appear on his face when he read it. It helped to pick up his spirits since he couldn't be at the convention. Hope to see everyone in Jacksonville next year.
    Phil and Jean Schutte 2415 Otter Dr., Warren, Michigan 48092 P.S. As I said when I saw you, the convention was a huge success and I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time.

Dear John:
     Since my wife and I have returned from your wonderful convention in Pennsylvania, I have a bit of news which may be of interest to the membership.
     Father Paul Cavanaugh celebrated his 50th year as a Jesuit. Dinner was held for him in the Detroit area on July 28, 1971 and several of us from the 106th were privileged to attend.
     Father Hurley, Jack Gillespie, Bob Kelly and the writer enjoyed the evening. Father Hurley was the Catholic Chaplain at the prison camp at Bad Ord. He said
that he slowed down a bit and has taken over a small parish out in the country at Walled Lake, Michigan.
If anybody desires to write to Father Cavanagh he can be reached at Gesu Church, 2049 Parkside, Toledo, Ohio 43607.
Very truly yours
R. E. Rutt

Dear Gallagher,
     Best of wishes for a Grand 25th Reunion! Please extend fondest greetings of the Cavenders to all 106th Veterans.. We shall be in our new home the latter part of August so please use the Burgess Way Address on my next Cub. Good Luck
C. C. Cavender
Col. U.S.A. Retired

Dear John:
My friendship with members of the 106th has made my life more worthwhile each year.
My visit to the reunion included Middletown; Hershey and York so I enjoyed more of Pennsylvania this year.
     The Memorial Service at the Valley Forge Chapel was most impressive and this is something we carry in our thoughts throughout the year.
Again, thanks to you and your wife for the many courtesies.
Carol W. Beals
(John D.)


     On 4 July, Mrs. Alan W. (Alys) Jones accompanied by her sister and a friend left for Africa on a safari to take pictures of real lions. We know she will find this an interesting and exciting trip, and hope she brings back pictures that we can reproduce in the CUB. She wrote that her son Col. Alan W. Jones 423 Inf. and his wife are stationed in Holland and enjoying their tour there.

     Wilda and Leo McMahon, Divarty have enjoyed visits this summer from other Association members in Middletown, Pa. On 5 June, John and Kay Loveless 422 Inf. drove up from Baltimore and stayed overnight. The next day the Loveless and McMahons drove to Wayne, Pa. to confer with the Chaplain of the Cadet Chapel at Valley Forge Military Academy on the details of the Memorial service to be held there during the Reunion. From there they drove on to Holiday Inn, King of Prussia, Pa. to confer with John and Stella Gallagher and Clayt Rarick about the Reunion.
     On 20 July, Sherod and Cora Collins 423 Inf. drove up from Washington DC where they had been visiting relatives and stayed overnight with the McMahon.. The next day they drove down through the Pennsylvania Dutch country enroute to the Reunion.
     On Sunday 25 July after the Reunion Carol Beals drove back to Middletown, Pa. and stayed overnight with the McMahons. The nest day her cousin Dr. Adams and his wife of York, Pa. drove up and took Carol back for a visit with them before she flew back to Iowa.

     Mrs. Ruth Perry Schaumann and Mr. Herbert Bailey Livesey Jr. announced their marriage on Friday 28 May 1971 at Croton-on-Hudson N.Y. As you know Col. Livesey was the Chemical Officer of the Division and was the moving spirit in the organization of the Division Association.

Paul W. LeClere, 81st. Engr., Companies B and H&S, 1112 Beech Drive, Dixon, Illinois 61021.
     Trust Officer, City National Bank & Trust Co. in Dixon, have two teenage daughters and we are all disappointed that we can't make reunion this year but will plan on it for next year. Had a brief visit with Duke Ward and Woodall at Atlanta airport in January. Thanks to Duke for soliciting my membership.
Paul W. Le Clere

King of Prussia, Pa.
     Well another Reunion has passed and again I wish to give thanks to everyone who helped to make our reunion a success.
As we all know there are two things, you must have to make any kind of a reunion a success.
(1) You must have the support of the members, by them attending.
     (2) You must have a Committee that is willing to work, and try to give those attending the things they expect and enjoy.
I hope we did the latter for those attending.
     Again I wish to thank the Committee who helped me in the past Reunion, namely John and Stella Gallagher, Charlie and Daisy Walsh, Frank and Theresa Maloney. For the time & hard work they put into it. Also John Loveless and Gen. McMahon for arranging the wonderful Memorial Services.
     I myself did not receive any complaints from members attending although quite a few suggested that Sunday Morning Breakfast be included in the registration fee. So I believe that future Reunion Committees should keep this in mind when planning there reunion. So again I say thanks to everybody and hope to see you in Jacksonville.
1971 Reunion Chairman Clayton F. Rarick

25th Reunion Coffee Mug, $2.00 each. Forward check to John L. Gallagher, 4003 Frances St., Temple, Pa. 19560.



     General Jones, for the members of the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. and all others who have joined us here today, I thank you for the opportunity to hold our Memorial Service in this beautiful Chapel and especially for your assistance in planning with us and your participation in this Commemoration. To all those others from the Academy, we also extend our thanks. We, all of us, do appreciate it.
     I need not tell you, my comrades, our families or our friends, why we are here. A Service such as this has become traditional at our Annual Reunions when we spare a little time during the business affairs and the hours of fellowship to remember those of our comrades who have passed to the great beyond.
     May I say in passing that those who were here in 1958 during our Philadelphia Reunion will recall a smaller Chapel. Since then, the Chancel has been greatly
    extended, the East and West Transepts and the Narthex have been added. Thus has a beautiful Chapel been made even more attractive.
     Yesterday afternoon we visited a part of our country steeped in history. We saw, some perhaps for the first time, that place where men of vision, patriots all, nearly 200 years ago, took the fateful step of breaking allegiance to the Mother Country by making a Declaration of Independence.
     Could you not feel within your emotions difficult to describe or explain as you 'thought of those distant days, the events that took place then and the men who helped in those days of our country's birth?
     Many of those men, we know, not too many years later, gave their very lives fighting to uphold their faith in the cause of freedom.
Almost within the hour, many of you joined in a pilgrimage to Valley Forge, There you saw the place, hallowed in our


    history, where young men and old, rich men and poor, suffered cold and hunger and privations seldom experienced in any war. Yet by sheer perseverance, encouraged by their leaders, they retained their will to continue in the cause for which they fought so gallantly. Patriots all, we owe to them a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid by us. But, we do revere their memory.
     So in the years which followed, in times of peril to our nation, in times of crises, there have arisen men of vision and courage to lead and men of valor to follow until the day when the mission, whatever it may have been, was completed successfully and with honor. We do revere their memory.
     Within the past generation, a scant 30 years ago, many now here in this House of God were called upon, some even more than once, to serve our country in the cause of freedom, not only for ourselves but for many other peoples. As always, the answer to that call entails sacrifice on the part of all those who answer. For some the sacrifice is great, for others it is small. No man can know in advance what will result from his answer.
Despite what our experiences have been, for those here present our sacrifice was small.
     For those who gave their lives in serving our country, the sacrifice was great. Today, we would remember those of our comrades who made that great sacrifice and those who, though they did not give their lives on the field of battle, have since left this world.
     We pray that their memory and their deeds will remain with us until we, in turn, answer the highest call. We pray that these memories will be an inspiration to each of us.
     While remembering our comrades, we also must remember that while we have life and breath, our service continues, whether it be in war or in peace, to serve our fellowman, our country and our Creator to the extent that we are able and permitted to do.
     As the great King Solomon said in one of his Proverbs: "The memory of the righteous is a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot."
(The above address was presented by our Chaplain John Loveless.)

The DeHeer's stayed at Ship Bottom, N.J. before and after the reunion.
    Dick got in the bike habit visiting around the Island, for one day I rode with him and we did the quiet streets on the Bay Side.
     The Scranton's came with us to the Atlantic Shore. The ocean was rough most of the time, so you couldn't swim too well.
     One night we went to Atlantic City to see the sights, (tall, short, thin, pretty and etc.), the shops and Captain Starn's. When we got back to Hillsdale the rains came so we were unable to show Karen the sights that make New York City great.
     A big thank you to the committee, you all did a good job and the reunion was very enjoyable with lots of happy memories. Take care all you nice folks.
Marge and Dick DeHeer

    The cover picture of Dick and Marge was taken outside of chapel at Military Academy. Note they are both wearing the medals of the order of the Golden Lion.

(not necessarily in any order)
Lots of new faces at the gathering of the clan.
More people arriving on Thursday than ever before.
The Artillery outnumbering the Infantry this time.
    Lots of folks looking over the Pennsylvania Dutch country, including the Arthur Loos family who were camped on highway 10 for the duration.


One couple conspicuous by their absence. Wha' hoppen?
Another bus getting lost-- this time on the way back from Philly.
The golf enthusiasts playing a foursome and a threesome, including one female. Heard she made the fellows hustle.
    The Schlessers, Shams, and Collins riding out Freedoms Foundation on Thursday and reporting an interesting trip. Biggest Holiday Inn we nearly ever saw.
Good cooperation from the management.
Extremely smooth proceedings all through the reunion (thanks to the committee) especially with 150 people present.
Bruce Matthews chauffeuring people around. Don't think it wasn't appreciated, Bruce.
The Loveless family all present once again.
    Our favorite General circulating; and his charming lady too, all but one evening, is. Did he let you live it down, Wilda?
Tom Bickford and Flo-- present as always; but somebody said Tom wasn't first one down some mornings. That so, Tom?
Phil Shutte laid up but sending a representative. It was great having Jean with us, Phil.
Jim Maw and Ben Britton ably representing New England.
Dick Bartz retired now and taking it easy.
Henry and Eunice Broth being their usual charming selves.
Van Wyatt showing up from Kentucky in a new Electra 225.
    Bob Howell with wife and son being his usual exuberant self; revealing that he formerly lived in the neighborhood. Carol Beals getting around seeing all her friends-- and they are her friends.
    Dick DeHeer being accused of dying his hair white-- absolutely no change otherwise. Marge looking definitely younger.
    Charlie Richards, after belonging all these years finally showing up with his good wife. Said the reunion got close enough and the kids big enough for them to make it.
Col. Fred Nagle and his lady flying up from Atlanta in their own plane, a welcome addition to our gathering.
Doug Coffey showing up with only one female, his wife. Alas, we miss the twins, Doug.
Virgil and Martha Collins showing up at the eleventh hour.
    Pete House flying up and wife Joanne driving up. There's a story there however. Our medical men Dr. Bullard and Dr. Clarke having a good time and with their families being enjoyed by the others. Walt Bandurak kindly showing his European slides for us again.
John Gallagher doing a perfect job as M.C. at the banquet. He ought consider that as a sideline.
    Impressive memorial service at Valley Forge Military Academy with excellent cooperation from the staff at the chapel (and excellent arranging by Gen. McMahon and the committee.
    Clayton Rarick working like a Trojan with help from his charming daughter. Our faithful adjutant, Bob Scranton, carrying- on his many duties and doing it in great style and with a smile.
Others of the committee working hard too, including Stella Gallagher and the other ladies.
Lots of friends not mentioned here but WE LOVE YOU TOO.
     A sincere thank you to all the officers, board of directors, and members that helped make 1970-71 a successful year for the 106th.

Your reunion committee was delighted to have had the opportunity to entertain you in Valley Forge.


Richard E. Bartz, DHQ A6
Tom Bickford, DHQ, Wife Flo Bickford
Samuel P. Cariano, DHQ AS Wife Frances Cariano
William J. Donovan, DHQ
Phil Walz DHQ

Carol W. Beals
Henry M. Broth, 422 Co. I Wife Eunice Broth
Harold J. Brummer, 422 Co D Wife Jennie Brummer
Jack Bryant 422 HQ, Wife Emily Bryant
Fred B. Chase, 422 Co D
John W. Early, Jr., 422 Co F Wife Mary Early
Joe Gasses 422 HQ
Arthur E. Loos, 422 Co I Wife Nettie Son Kevin Loos
    John T. Loveless, Jr., 422 HQ, Wife 'K' & Daughter Althea Loveless, Daughter Kathryn Loveless "K-2" Son-in-Law Raymond F. Kemp Grandsons John Raymond (4) and Thomas Frederick (1) Kemp
Richard R. Maclone, 422 Co M Wife Midge Maclone
Joe Matthews 422 HQ, Wife Anna & Son Bruce Matthews
Dean T. Redmone, 422 HQ, Wife Peggy Redmone
Robert E. Rutt, 422 HQ, Wife Lucille Rutt
Eugene Saucerman, 422 Co D Wife Sally Daughter Sandy Saucerman
Charles Smith, 422 Co D, Guest Robert L. Leach
Robert F. Walker, 422 Co D Wife June
Frederick G. Weisser, Jr., 422 HQ 2nd Bn, Wife Mary

Sherod Collins, 423 Service Wife Cora
Virgil Collins, 423 Cannon Wife Martha
J. Russell Enlow, 423 Co D Wife Bonnie, Son David
John H. Kelley, 423 Co H Wife Virginia
Frederick W. Nagle, 423 HQ, Wife Lois
Charles W. Richards, 423 Service Wife Blanche
Harry Shaw, 423 Co C Wife Rex
Fred Williams, 423 Co D, Wife Inez

Benjamin B. Britton, 424 Co E Wife Avis, Daughters Barbara and Jo-Ann
Richard DeHeer, 424 Co K Wife Marjorie
(Continued on page 21)



    Seated left to right: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gilder, Speaker Merritt Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. John Gallagher, Gen. & Mrs. Leo T. McMahon.
Standing left to right: Mr. & Mrs. John Loveless, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Matthews, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scranton.

    Front -- Left to Right: Dr. & Mrs. George M. Bullard, Mr. George Doerner, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bryant, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rutt, Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Maloney, Mr. Thomas Dorosky.


    Front -- Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Walsh, Dr. J. I. Clark, Mr. R. F. Howell, Jr., Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Howell, Mr. John Kopho, Jr., Mr. Van S. Wyatt, Mr. & Mrs. Reed Trail.

    Front -- Left to Right: Mrs. Schutte, Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeHeer, Mr. & Mrs. A. Skardon, Miss Scranton, Mr. & Mrs. Doug Coffey, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bickford.


    Left to Right: Mr. Frederick Weisser, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Loos, & Mrs. Bob Leswing & Son, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bartz.

Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Neil Gossom, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Dabson, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bandurak (2 neices and 1 nephew).


    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Pete House, Mr. & Mrs. John Early, Jr., Bruce E. Matthews, Clayton Rarick & daughter Sherry Rarick, Mr. & Mrs. John Kelly.

    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Saucerman & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Chase, Mr. Charles Smith & Son, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Brummer, Mr. Robert Leach.


    Left to Right: Mrs. John Beals, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Schlesser, Mr. Robert Ringer, Mr. & Mrs. Karl Drzymola, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shaw.

Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pierce Sr., Son & daughters, Dr. Mike Connelly, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Enlow.


    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Maclone, Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Mansfield, Mr. & Mrs. Dean Redmond, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sgrignoli.

    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Richards, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rossi, Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Nagle, J. A, Middleton, W. J. Donovan (Wild Bill), Philip Walz.


Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maw, Mr. & Mrs. Benj. Britton, Son & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Datte.

Left to Right: Miss Althea Loveless, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kemp & Sons.


    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dargon, Mr. & Mrs. Elman Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Cariano, Mrs. & Mrs. Sherod Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Broth.

    Left to Right: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zoll, Mr. Raymond J. Creamer, Mrs. Raymond P. Creamer (Mother), Mr. & Mrs. Florian Frank, Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Collins.


Robert T. Gilder, 424 HQ Co 1st Bn, Wife Jean
Bob Howell 424 HQ, Wife Louise Son Kirk
John Kopko, Jr., 424 HQ 2nd Bn
H. E. Mansfield 424 Co A, Wife Evelyn
Elman M. Miller, 424 HQ 3rd Bn Wife Sophie Daughter Ruby
Clayton F. Rarick, 424 Co L, Daughter Sherry Lynn
Louis P. Rossi, Jr., 424 Co H, Wife Linda
Jean Schutte 424 Co F
Robert L. Scranton, 424 Co K, Wife Mildred Daughter Karen
Van Wyatt 424 Co G,
Ed Zoll, 424 HQ, Wife Millie

BG Leo T. McMahon Divarty, Wife Wilda
Paul F. Dargon, HQ 589th F. A. Bn. Wife
George W. Doerner Divarty

Raymond J. Creamer, 589 Service, Mother Florence Creamer, Father Raymond Creamer

Douglas Coffey, 590 C Btry, Wife Isabel
Pete House, 590 C Btry Wife Joanne
Alvin W. Skardon, 590 C Btry, Wife Ruth

Charles Datte, 591 Service Wife Ann
Karl Drzymala, 591 Service Wife Philomena
Florian Frank, 591 Service Wife Dorothy
Edward A. Reilly, 591 Service Wife Viola
Robert C. Ringer, 591st and 590th FABN Service
Jack P. Schlesser, 591 Service, Wife Karin

Thomas Dorosky, 592
Phillip R. Leswing, 592 B Btry Wife Jean
Frank J. Maloney, 592, Wife Theresa
Thomas J. Maw, 592 A Btry Wife Margaret, Daughter Paula, Son Tommy
Michael G. Sgrignoli, 592 Service Wife Martha
Charles S. Walsh, 592, Wife Daisey
Guests Mr. and Mrs. Reed Trail

Walter Bandurak, Med Det, 81st Engineer Bn Wife Lillian, Nephew Randy Haddox, Nieces Susan and Shelly Haddox

Dr. George M. Bullard, Medic 590, Wife Margaret and Children
Alan R. Dabson, 331st Med Bn Co B, Wife Louise
Dr. James I. Clark, Medic 590, Wife Shirley, Daughter Becca Sons Bob and Rick
Dr. Michael E. Connelly, Med Det 589 FABN
Neil M. Gossom, Med Det, 81st Engineer Bn, Wife Mary

John I. Gallagher, 81st Engr Co C Wife Stella
Robert Pierce 81st Engr., Wife Jean, Daughters Deborah and Charlotte And Son

Jack Middleton 106 Signal


     Mark July 20 through 23 on your calendar for the middle of your vacation next year in "Vacationland Florida". Headquarters will be the new Jacksonville Hilton on the banks of the beautiful St. John's River. Jacksonville, situated in the North-East portion of the state, is the Gateway to Florida. US I, 17, 301, and Interstate 10, 95, bring you to the doorstep of the Hilton via expressways. US 41, 441, Interstate 75 are linked directly to the Hilton via Interstate 10.
     Planning so far includes a visit to St. Augustine, the oldest city founded in the United States. The historic downtown section has been restored and offers many insights into history. St. Augustine was founded in 1565 and had 1500 inhabitants BEFORE the Pilgrims were born. Many of the buildings on St. George Street existed before George Washington's time. The day will conclude with your viewing the magnificent drama, "Cross and Sword", which recreates the world of yesterday.
     To round out your Florida vacation for 1972 we have created for you a self-guided tours of outstanding attractions. The newest is Disney World, followed by Cape Kennedy, Cypress Gardens (water skiing) Marineland, Silver Springs, and Ross Allen's Reptile Institute, Six Gun Territory, Busch Gardens, HMS Bounty, Weeki Wachee Springs (Home of the Mermaids. All of these could be seen driving only 600 extra miles. For those that wish to fly, a STOL Airline is planned to connect the Jacksonville International Airport directly with Disney World.
As you can see, Jacksonville will be a wonderful place to begin or end your 1972 Florida Vacation.

     A portion of the expense of this Cub is being paid out of funds from 1971 Convention. The Convention Committee is also supplying 106th decals.


     For us, the Coffey's, we are fortunate in having dear friends close by from the 106th so that we can from time to time get together and swap memories.
     We started for the Convention by my picking up our suitcases, then stopping by at Tom and Flo Bickford's to pick up their suitcases and of course, as is the custom, when Tom and Flo greet you, you must have a little liquid refreshment. Especially so on a hot day. We had to wait until Isabel finished work before we could proceed. Of course, Tom works with Isabel and she had to work a full day while Tom's boss let him go home early to help Flo pack. That's where I made the first mistake of the Convention.. Flo said we ought to take a little refreshment for Isabel and I and Tom put our foots in it by saving she doesn't imbibe. Did I catch hell over that.
     We picked her up nonetheless and just as soon as we reached the Jersey Turnpike the "Accident warning ahead" sign went up. We lost an hour waiting and crawling like a turtle to the scene of the accident which appeared to be a large tractor trailer which had gone over the embankment. Just as soon as we passed the scene traffic speeded up and felt I would be in Valley Forge soon when the girls indicated they were starved so we had to stop and feed their face,. No further incidents until arrival at Holiday Inn, our home for the next few days. One of the nicest things about 106th Conventions is that first opening of the door to the Hotel or Motel and being greeted by one of your buddies from the Association or his charming wife or both. I think our group, as well as all, who came to the warmup Thursday night will agree it was quite a crowd.
     I noted immediately, there were strange faces. This together with old faces makes for a better convention. It didn't take long to get together and join in the fun. As usual we filled our stomachs on the goodies (wasn't that cheese delicious?) and made our bodies full on the liquid refreshment also available from our hard working Convention committee. John and Shorty (for those of you who are not as familiar with the Gallaghers as I am, Shorty is short for Stella), tried on two occasions to close .the registration so they too, could enjoy the evening but our 106ers who kept coming in, insisted on paying. This is unusual in the 106th because in most cases people try to get what they can without paying.
     Then, who is always one of the first to greet you with the widest smile and most gracious manner; Leo McMahon (General) of course. And always close by his side is his most charming and ever faithful Wilda. Didn't she look extra glamorous this Convention. I don't know whether she keeps the General young or he keeps her young. Wish I knew the secret. Then there were those persons who had gone to Europe in 69 ever ready to swap pictures and experiences. If you look closely around you, you will see more Battles of the Bulge than 44-45 and I don't mean size. You'll see a few more grey hairs and then you will see the lack of hair on certain someone.
     Poor Clay Rarick, he expected about 35 people to get together and have a few beers but when 95 people arrived he did a double take and had to reorder more refreshments. Our group closed the place. Next day, regimented as we are, we went on tour of Historic Philadelphia and I think we learned something new. We all thought John Paul Jones was the Father of our Navy but he isn't or wasn't; it is James Barry an Irishman whose statue graces the courtyard. Too bad the smog of Philadelphia is as bad as New York otherwise the view from the Penn Mutual could have been more beautiful. It was a great view nonetheless. Notice our past president. Pete House just couldn't pass up his native out house and had to have his picture taken. He said it was a guard house but you have been to Jacksonville, Florida -- Weren't they outhouses you used? Ha! Ha!
     As usual it wouldn't be a 106th trip unless we got thoroughly lost or strayed or confused. Nice to see the slums of Philly twice in ten minutes. Reminded us how lucky we were to be able to go back to Holiday Inn.
     Did you ever notice at Conventions the same gang likes to check out the uniform of the bartender and the now mini-skirted-ed


    waitresses. They don't go to drink (they are not the drinking type) they go to look. Who do I mean?? Ever see Dick DeHeer, Tom Bickford, Bob Rutt, Clay Rarick. Ladies don't imbibe so I will not refer to those regulars who just want to check on the boys who are checking on the bartenders and waitresses.
     The kids-- they have a ball, though they seem to have graduated from the Elevator stage. Maybe it is no fun to run the elevator up and down in a Motel cause you can't cause as much confusion as you can in a Hotel where there is one Elevator for the whole place. And then that freewheeling conversation on the bus. How do you say house? Hoos, Hows? Never heard so many accents in all the years I have been going to Conventions. I thought for a while it was a Navy ship re-union with all the Yawls being heard. Then we had those Down East Yankees who Pak the Kaar. Isn't this what makes America so great. I have more trouble with American accents than I do with Foreign languages. Maybe I'll bring an interpreter when we go to Jacksonville, Florida next year.
     Really great to see so many new faces and certainly glad they were able to see Walt Bandurak's wonderful pictures of the 69 Convention and trip. Let's keep interested folks, we need more like you to keep coming and taking over the jobs of those of us who are burning out with old ideas. Let's get some new ideas. And how about our third generation family of Loveless' and Kemps. Someday we May run little John for President. Speaking of John and I don't mean THE JOHN but our John Loveless. Wasn't that an impressive Ceremony at the Chaplain. Done in only a manner that he could do it and so happy it was so well attended to make it worth the while of the Committee and John.
     Notice on the tour again, that we got fouled up with the tape to go with our ride. Just think if these things didn't happen at Convention after Convention we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Never seems to dull our spirits nor our good times. No Committee should let it shake them. It is SOP so keep up with the SNAFUS and that will keep us together.
     We finally work our way up to the final night of our dinner dance. How lovely our Gals all looked. They looked as though they had just come out of the band box. Best looking bunch of Gals to be found. How about some of the slinking skirts and the Hot Pants covered delicately but just enough to make guys like Tom Bickford curious. Tom, you are supposed to look, not touch.
     Also, the men didn't do such a bad job either. Did you wear your sunglasses when you looked at Bob Rutt. That's high style, Man! It was just wonderful seeing Bob after all the problems he has had the past few years. He looked wonderful and took life a little easier and this makes Lucille younger as she doesn't have as much worry.
     We welcome our new President and his staff and look forward to a prosperous year and a fruitful one for the 106th. You fellows on the Board of Directors, support John Gallagher so that he can keep the Cub coming full force. Without you giving him the news the Cub will slowly fade away. Our President has a charming wife to help him do all the chores he must do as our new leader. Notice she gave away her age when she and Jean Schutte did the Jitterbug. Jitterbug??? And we wonder what kind of language our kids speak??
     Then the sadness of goodbyes until we meet again. It is always treat though, when we can say Auf Widershen and mean it, for we look to the next meeting with wonderful friends and acquaintances. One thought for the future Conventions. It might be wise to schedule an early morning Breakfast for Sunday so that we can all say a proper "So Long", etc. As it is, we have to say it Saturday night to some, some on Sunday morn and some we don't even see. Think about it.
The Rambler

     The French founded Ft. Caroline in what is now Jacksonville, Florida and the Spanish settled St. Augustine 42 years BEFORE the founding of Jamestown, Virginia.


by Sherod Collins
     One of the highlights of our recent 25th Reunion and indeed of any trip to Philadelphia was the tour through Independence Hall and its environs, site of the Constitutional Convention and the original Continental Congress. Here, previously, the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Have you ever wondered what happened to those men who signed the Declaration?
     You will recall that the British sailed up the Delaware and occupied Philadelphia, chasing the Congress and thus depriving Washington's rag-tag army of 11, 000 men of its comforts and thus the story of the winter at Valley Forge was born. You will also recall that the British never attacked at Valley Forge because their General Howe considered the location too strong. He withdrew in that Spring of 1778 instead.
     But back to what happened to the signers, with proper credit to Cordon, magazine of the DeMolay. Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before, they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or the hardships of the War. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
     Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts and died in rags.
     Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the enemy that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.
     Vandals or soldiers or both looted the properties of Eller, Clymer, Hall, Walton. Gwinnett, Heyward, Tuttledge, and Middleton.
     At the Battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. The owner quietly urged General Washington to open fire, which was done. The home was destroyed and Nelson died bankrupt.
     Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months. John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his grist mill were laid waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home after the war to find his wife dead, his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.


     Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. There were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight and unwavering, they pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."
They gave us an independent America. Can we keep it?

Build for yourself a strong box,
Fashion each part with care;
Fit it with hasp and padlock,
Put all your troubles there.
Hide there all thought of your failures,
And each bitter cup that you quaff;
Lock all your heartaches within it,
Then - sit on the lid and laugh!
Tell no one of its contents;
Never its secrets share;
Drop in your cares and worries,
Keep them forever there,
Hide them from sight so completely,
The world will never dream half.
Fasten the top down securely,
Then - sit on the lid and laugh!
Merritt K. Freeman After-Dinner Humorist Speaker 25th Reunion

Holiday Inn - Valley Forge July 22, 1971
The meeting was called to order by President John Gallagher who made a few r-marks to welcome us to the convention.
     Members present: John Loveless, Robert Scranton, Clayton Rarick, Leo McMahon, Joe Matthews, Harry Shaw, Russ Enlow, Elman Miller. Robert Gilder, Sherrod Collins, John Gallagher, Van Wyatt, Dr. George Bullard.
     The minutes of the meeting in Davenport. Iowa were read and approved. A letter from the Holden's was read which gave the results of the 1970 Convention.
     A motion followed by Bob Gilder that monies from the 1970 convention be placed at the disposal of the 1971 Convention Committee to be used as they saw fit. Seconded by Elman Miller. Approved. The adjutant reported 1970-71 members to be 256, 7 associate members and 72 auxiliaries.
Treasurer reported balances of $6.519. 65 in the General Fund and $2,244.53 in the Memorial Fund.
    I t was moved by Bob Scranton that Sherrod Collins be commended for his excellent report. Seconded by Clayton Rarick. Approved.
The Cub Editor, John Gallagher reported that the major problem of the Cub


    was that more information for the Cub would be appreciated from the members. The present cost for publishing the Cub is $746.00. It was stated that there is a need to cut out some of the names of nonmembers from the present mailing list. In the absence of Memorial Chairman, Doug. Coffey, there was nq report. A motion was made by Bob Scranton that it be clarified that ALL association members are eligible for the Golden Lion award. Seconded by Sherrod Collins. Approved.
     The President organized a Committee of present active holders of the Golden Lion Award consisting of John Loveless, Chairman, Dick DeHeer and Doug Coffey, to recommend prospective recipients of the Golden Lion. They were instructed to report to the President by Jan. 1, 1972.

GENERAL MEETING Valley Forge, Pa. July 25, 1971
The meeting was called to order by President Gallagher.
Our president welcomed all of the members present.
The Adjutant read the minutes of the previous meeting, which were approved, and cave his report.
The Treasurer's report was given and approved. Sherrod Collins was commended for his efforts.
Our Cub Editor reported and was thanked for his efforts.
The Memorials Chairman reported and stated that the group that was going to Europe this fall was filled.
Walter Bandurak offered to take photos for anyone who was going to Europe this fall.
     Pete House, Convention Chairman for 1972, stated that the Convention would be held in the Sheraton in Jacksonville, Florida. He also outlined some of the plans.
     Clay Rarick reported that 149 members were in attendance at the 1971 Convention. The association wished to thank the Convention Committee, General McMahon and John Loveless for their work at this convention.
     Pete House reported that he is proceeding with efforts to microfilm our publications which may be available in Jacksonville.
Dr. Clarke reported on his efforts to have the "Lions Tale" reproduced. At this time the costs were too high.

New Business:
     The Freedom Foundation was discussed and it was suggested by Doug Coffey that the present Convention Committee look into seeing what our association can do in its behalf.
Moved by Clay Rarick that our Treasurer's Registration be paid by the association from now on. Approved.
     Moved by Doug Coffey end seconded by Ben Britton that our 1973 Convention be held in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Dr. Clarke was appointed Chairman. Approved.
     The new board members for 1971-72 are: Gene Saucerman, Virgil Collins, Robert Walker. Dr. James Clarke, Fred Chase and Florian Frank.
A discussion followed concerning a Convention in Europe in 1974.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton, Adjutant

Valley Forge, Pa. July 24, 1971
The following officers were unanimously elected:
President-- Bob Gilder
Vice President-- Dr. George Bullard
Treasurer-- Sherod Collins
The following were appointed by the President Bob Gilder:
Adjutant-- Bob Scranton
Chaplain-- John Loveless
Memorial Chairman-- Doug Coffey
Cub Editor-- John Gallagher


     A discussion followed concerning the Memorial Fund and how it is spent Gen. McMahon explained the procedure making the Golden Lion Awards. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Bob Scranton, Adjutant

     Resolutions passed at the 25th Annual convention of the 106th Infantry Division Association held at the Valley Forge Holiday Inn, July 22-24, 1971.
     BE IT RESOLVED that the Association extends its deep appreciation to the 1971 Convention Chairman, all members of the Convention Committee, and their ladies who did most of the work, for their outstanding and successful efforts to plan and conduct one of our finest conventions.
     BE IT RESOLVED that the Association expresses appreciation to all the Officers, Directors, end Committee members who nerved so effectively throughout the past year.
     BE IT RESOLVED that the Association expresses its thanks and formal appreciation to Valley Forge Military Academy for the use of its beautiful chapel as the site of Memorial Services and to Brigadier General Ralph E. Jones. its Chaplain and Dean of the Junior College, for his participation in that impressive ceremony.
     BE IT RESOLVED that the Association expresses special thanks to Walter Bandurak for showing films and pictures of Association activities, especially those relating to the 1969 trip to St. Vith and Europe.

Active Members, 256
Association Members, 7
Auxiliary, 72
Bob Scranton, Adj.

     Thousands of 106th Infantry Division veterans who served in the Armed Services between Dec. 7, 1941, and December 31, 1946, are entitled to the World War II Victory Medal. It is a bronze medal with a female representation of Liberation holding shattered weapons. Any veteran who has not yet obtained his medal, may do so by the following procedure: Specify which branch of the service you served in, including your name, rank and serial number, and address your request to -- National Personnel Records Center, G A S (name branch of Service) Center, 9700 Page Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri 63132.
Walt Bandurak
     Did you know that the southernmost battle of the American Revolution was fought inside the present city limits of Jacksonville, Florida?

Does anyone have any 106 patches they would like to share with others, if so please advise Cub editor.

Page 247
From The American Viewpoint
     On the occasion of a planned reunion of the veterans of the 106th Infantry Division in ST. VITH on 20 July 1969, we had the opportunity to question some of these fighting soldiers in ST. VITH at that time on their opinions. Although most of them had served on a number of fronts many a memory remained.
Major Wels (SIC) Wells said:
     "At that time it was very cold, everything was a little confusing. We did not know 'that the Germans were attacking, us on three sides. In great part a considerable chaos prevailed.


     I was approximately two days in ST. VITH. The fighting was very heavy; nevertheless I cannot speak of a concentric attack. My Engineer unit which worked with the 242 (SIC) 424 infantry regiment. was located outside of HECKHALENFELD.
     On about 4 February 1945, I can no longer remember exactly, I was severely wounded in the vicinity of BULLINGEN, when We again attacked to break up a German counterattack. I had to have a font amputated. When we were in ST. VITH we always expected and hoped that ace would be reinforced from outside. Our front line was rather thinly held. I might state that. at times, our greatest interest was when the relief would come.
     The people were rather uneasy. We had the feeling that the inhabitants feared we would withdraw and they would be occupied by the Germans. Under the circumstances such anxiety is a human weakness. At that time most of the people here were very concerned."
Mr. Coffey, Chairman of the veterans Association of the 106th. Infantry Division:
     "When we drove through here we offered the children chocolate. Peculiarly they would not accept any from us. We noted that they wanted nothing to do with the Americans, that they did not appear very glad to have us. For a number of years I was personally responsible that the memorial of the 106th Division would be erected here. I can state that now our relations with the people of ST. VITH are excellent. We have established a prize for the children of a local school. The winner is the one who writes the best essay on the subject: "What is Real Peace?"
     On the question as to what I would feel if someone should now appear who had opposed me as an enemy I would answer that it was my idea that Baron von Manteuffel should be invited to this reunion on 20 July 1969 in ST. VITH (the 25th anniversary of the Ardennes offensive). Apparently there was a misunderstanding. This evening (19) July a telegram came from Baron von Manteuffel stating that he was sorry but he could not come.
     With reference to our coming to ST. VITH may I make the following statement: "For some years I have sought a link with the Veterans Association of this country to arrange that American soldiers could get together with them in the States. Thus far I have had no luck."
Colonel Welton:
     "We did not expect an attack at all. I was here detached from an artillery unit. We were in St. Joseph's cloister. The attack was a very big surprise to me.
     I still have in mind a very human experience. Since the people had no bread we made arrangements with a local bakery that we would get up very early and deliver fuel as well as our flour so that the baker could bake the bread with our fuel. (undoubtedly Baker Mathey).
     One of my sharpest memories is of the time of our return to this city for its reoccupation when we came back to St. Joseph's cloister. Everything was destroyed except a statue of the Virgin.
     Feelings were mixed. We thought from occasional circulating rumors that some of the people were giving signals to the Germans on the other side and that some sympathized with the Germans. It can be said that others were very loyal to us. I was here from about 12 to 19 December before our headquarters withdrew to VIELSALM.
     I have the following remembrance of General Jones. our Division Commander (recently died, Editor). He drove in his own car and naturally had his pockets full of hand grenades. He said at times: "The Germans will never take me alive."
     I can still remember very well the prevailing confusion and chaos in the city at that time, I was present when Clarke of the 7th Armored Division came here and conferred for the first time with Jones on the situation.
Unfortunately there are no statements available of the German participants in the battle of ST. VITH.

    Tanks of the 7th US Division take position on 23 January 1945 in HUNNINGEN for the attack on ST. VITH. (U.S. Army Photograph)


Known But To God

     Monument erected at Valley Forge in honor of those unknown brave mess who gave their all in our nation's first conflict.


Are you planning to attend a December 16 dinner in your area. (27th Anniversary)

     Sorry to advise, General McMahon was in an automobile accident. Injury to arm and nose. We pray for his rapid recovery. He would appreciate hearing from you. 8 N. Union St., Middletown, Pa. 17057.

     The 18th Annual Reunion of Service Battery 592d Field Artillery Battalion was held at Hershey Park, Hershey, Pa. on Sunday 5 September 1971. The Hershey Estates had made a number of improvements in the Park, had constructed additional rides, and for the first time were charging an admission. However, because this group came annually they were admitted without charge this year. In addition the area for their picnic had been reserved in advance.
     It was a hot day and there was a huge crowd in the park, but the battery members, their families and guests spent an enjoyable afternoon renewing old friendships over delicious food and drinks. Those present from the Battery: Tom and Alice Dorosky, Trucksville, Pa.; Emil and Ethel Solecki, Sparta, N.J.; Tom and Emil initiated this annual reunion. Frank and Theresa Maloney, Philadelphia. Pa. accompanied by daughter, Joan Marie Maloney with her friends, Pat Fleming, John Daly, Bob Bauer; Charlie and Daisey Walsh, Haddonfield, N.J. accompanied by Reed and Adrian Train, who is Mrs. Walsh sister; Tom and Mary Fox, Greencastle, Pa. accompanied by daughter Janie and her husband Russ Everett, Greencastle.
     Guests attending were: National Chaplain John and Kay Loveless and daughter Althea, Baltimore, Md. accompanied by daughter Kay and husband Ray Kemp, Chevy Chase, Md. with 2 sons John and Tom; Former President Clayt and Mabel Rarick and daughter Sherry, Blandon, Pa.; CUB Editor John and Stella Gallagher, Temple, Pa. accompanied by John and Judith (Daughter) Winterhalter son Daniel Gallagher and Debbie Gallagher, niece from Lebanon, Pa.; BG Leo and Wilda McMahon, Middletown, Pa. accompanied by their house guests National Treasurer Sherod and Cora Collins, Atlanta, Ga.; Former Pres. Henry and Eunice Broth, Baltimore, Md. accompanied by daughter Rita, friend Carol Schneider and two lovely granddaughters Stephanie and Stacey Broth from Rockville, Md.; Speir and Nina Collins, Vienna, Va. (Speir is Sherod's brother) accompanied by Donald son and Gale daughter.

     Preliminary results indicate that use of paid national advertising by the Army on radio and television stations has been moderately successful. Increased enlistments in combat arms show a 6,766 man increase March through June 1971 as compared with same period last year. The option for duty in Europe attracted 3,751 enlistees while 627 chose Korea. Four hundred twenty-six signed up for 'Nam.

    (Article from The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky. -- September 22, 1971) Houffalize, Belgium (AP)-- The municipal council of this small Belgian town has sent letters to President Nixon and Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany demanding $300,000 from each country in compensation for the destruction of the town in 1944 by the U.S. and German armies.
The council wants subsidies to rebuild the town's swimming pool, cultural center and a pavilion.
Houffalize was in the thick of the Battle of the Ardennes, the major offensive launched by the German army.

The only major battle of the Civil War in Florida was fought at Olustee, 30 miles west of Jacksonville.


Members' Dues
Auxiliary Dues
Interest Earned
CUB Expense
Advance to 1971 Reunion Registration 1971 Reunion Adjutant & Editor
 $1,324.93 116.00 306.09
Brought Forward
Net Gain 1970-1971
Balance June 30, 1971
Brought Forward
Contributions '70-'71
Interest Earned
Balance June 30, 1971

$1,021.76 51.00 51.14 100.00

$1,717.02 425.50 102.03


NET INCOME $ 471.12
Cash Balance Year End 1970-71 $8,764.20
Cash Balance Year End 1969-70 7,765.55
INCREASE Over Prior Year
 $ 998.65

$6,519.65 $2,244.55 $8,764.20
Checking -- First National Bank of Atlanta $ 335.81
Savings -- Atlanta Federal Savings & Loan Assn. . 8,428.39
TOTAL $8,764.20
"MANY thanks to all of you
for your loyal and generous financial support this year and all of the years"


Index for: Vol. 28 No. 1, Oct, 1971

Index for This Document

106th Div., 41
106th Inf. Div., 4, 39, 40
106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 7, 15, 39
106th Sig. Co., 30
422nd Inf., 13
423rd Inf. Regt., 7
423rd Regt., 20
424th Regt., 7, 20
589th FA, 29
589th FA BN, 5
590th FA BN, 29
591st FA BN, 29
592nd FA BN, 44
592nd FAB, 10
7th Armd. Div., 42
81st Engr., 30
81st Engr. BN, 29, 30
9th German Prcht. Inf. Regt., 8
Adams, Dr., 13
Africa, 9, 13
Amsterdam, 3
Annual Reunions, 15
Ardennes, 41, 45
Ausse, Robert, 7
Bad Orb, 9
Bad Ord, 11
Bandurak, Mr. & Mrs. Walter, 23
Bandurak, Walt, 18, 33, 39
Bandurak, Walter, 1, 29, 37, 39
Barry, James, 31
Bartz, Dick, 18
Bartz, Mr. & Mrs. Richard, 23
Bartz, Richard E., 20
Battle Of The Bulge, 7
Bauer, Bob, 44
Beals, Carol, 13, 18
Beals, Carol W., 12, 20
Beals, Mrs. John, 25
Belgium, 7, 44
Bickford, Flo, 20
Bickford, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, 22
Bickford, Tom, 18, 20, 33
Bickford, Tom & Flo, 31
Brandt, Chancellor Willy, 44
Braxton, Carter, 35
Britton, Ben, 18, 37
Britton, Benjamin B., 20
Britton, Mr. & Mrs. Benj., 27
Broth, Eunice, 20
Broth, Henry & Eunice, 18, 44
Broth, Henry M., 20
Broth, Mr. & Mrs. Henry, 28
Broth, Stephanie & Stacey, 44
Brummer, Harold J., 20
Brummer, Jennie, 20
Brummer, Mr. & Mrs. Harold, 24
Bryant, Emily, 20
Bryant, Jack, 20
Bryant, Mr. & Mrs. Jack, 21
Bullard, Dr., 18
Bullard, Dr. & Mrs. George M., 21
Bullard, Dr. George, 1, 36, 38
Bullard, Dr. George M., 30
Bullard, George S., 1
Bullingen, 41
Cariano, Frances, 20
Cariano, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel, 28
Cariano, Samuel P., 20
Cavanaugh, Father Paul, 11
Cavender, C. C., 11
Chase, Fred, 1, 37
Chase, Fred B., 20
Chase, Mr. & Mrs. Fred, 24
Clark, Dr. J. I., 22
Clark, Dr. James, 1
Clark, Dr. James I., 30
Clark, Mrs., 22
Clarke, Dr., 18, 37
Clarke, Dr. James, 37
Coffey, Doug, 3, 18, 37, 38
Coffey, Doug., 37
Coffey, Douglas, 9, 29
Coffey, Mr., 41
Coffey, Mr. & Mrs. Doug, 22
Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Virgil, 28
Collins, Mrs. & Mrs. Sherod, 28
Collins, Sherod, 1, 20, 35, 38
Collins, Sherod & Cora, 13, 44
Collins, Sherrod, 36, 37
Collins, Speir & Nina, 44
Collins, Virgil, 1, 20, 37
Collins, Virgil & Martha, 18
Connelly, Dr. Michael E., 30
Connelly, Dr. Mike, 25
Creamer, Mr. Raymond J., 28
Creamer, Mrs. Raymond P., 28
Creamer, Raymond, 29
Creamer, Raymond J., 29
Dabson, Alan R., 30
Dabson, Mr. & Mrs. Alan, 23
Daly, John, 44
Dargon, Mr. & Mrs. Paul, 28
Dargon, Paul F., 29
Datte, Charles, 29
Datte, Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 27
DeHeer, Dick, 18, 33, 37
DeHeer, Marge & Dick, 16
DeHeer, Mr. & Mrs. Richard, 22
DeHeer, Richard, 20
Div. HQ, 20
Doerner, George W., 29
Doerner, Mr. George, 21
Donovan, W. J., 26
Donovan, William J., 20
Dorosky, Mr. Thomas, 21
Dorosky, Thomas, 29
Dorosky, Tom & Alice, 44
Drzymala, Karl, 29
Drzymola, Mr. & Mrs. Karl, 25
Early, John W., Jr., 20
Early, Mary, 20
Early, Mr. & Mrs. John, Jr., 24
Eindhoven, 3
Elma G. Balise, 9
Elsenborn, Belgium, 8
Enlow, J. Russell, 20
Enlow, Mr. & Mrs. Russell, 25
Enlow, Russ, 5, 36
Enlow, Russ & Bonnie, 9
Everett, Russ, 44
Fleming, Pat, 44
Fox, Tom & Mary, 44
Frank, Florian, 1, 29, 37
Frank, Mr. & Mrs. Florian, 28
Freeman, Merritt, 21
Freeman, Merritt K., 5, 36
Gallagher, Daniel, 44
Gallagher, Debbie, 44
Gallagher, John, 1, 4, 18, 33, 36, 38
Gallagher, John & Stella, 13, 44
Gallagher, John I., 1, 30
Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. John, 21
Gallagher, Stella, 5, 18
Gasses, Joe, 20
Germany, 44
Gilder, Bob, 2, 36, 38
Gilder, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 21
Gilder, Robert, 36
Gilder, Robert A., 1
Gilder, Robert T., 29
Gillespie, Jack, 11
Gossom, Mr. & Mrs. Neil, 23
Gossom, Neil M., 30
Haddox, Randy, 29
Haddox, Susan & Shelly, 29
Hart, John, 35
Hatch, Helen & Jim, 7
Heckhalenfeld, 41
Heilbronn, 11
Holden, Robert R., 1
Holland, 13
Houffalize, 44, 45
House, Mr. & Mrs. Pete, 24
House, Pete, 3, 18, 29, 31, 37
Howell, Bob, 18, 29
Howell, Mr. R. F., Jr., 22
Howell, Mrs., 22
Hunningen, 42
Hurley, Father, 11
Italy, 9
Jenkins, Vernon, 7
Johnson, Bill, 9
Jones, Alys, 10
Jones, Brig. Gen. Ralph E., 5, 39
Jones, Col. Alan W., 13
Jones, Gen., 5, 15, 41
Jones, John Paul, 31
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 3
Jones, Mrs. Alan W. (Alys), 13
Kares, Charles, 7
Kehoe, Robert, 10
Kelley, John H., 20
Kelly, Bob, 11
Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. John, 24
Kemp, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond, 27
Kemp, Ray, 44
Kemp, Raymond F., 20
Kennedy, T/Sgt. Glen, 7
Kershner, Jesse O., 7
Kopho, Mr. John, Jr., 22
Kopko, John, Jr., 29
Korea, 44
Kriegsschicksale, 39
Lainhart, Bud & Dimples, 6
Le Clere, Paul W., 13
Leach, Mr. Robert, 24
Leach, Robert L., 20
LeClere, Paul W., 13
Leswing, Mrs. Bob, 23
Leswing, Phillip R., 29
Lewis, Francis, 35
Livesey, Col., 13
Livesey, Mr. Herbert Bailey, 13
Loos, Arthur, 17
Loos, Arthur E., 20
Loos, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur, 23
Loos, Wife Nettie Son Kevin, 20
Loveless, Chaplain John, 16
Loveless, Daughter Kathryn, 20
Loveless, John, 5, 14, 33, 36, 37, 38
Loveless, John & Kay, 13, 44
Loveless, John T., 5
Loveless, John T., Jr., 1, 3, 20
Loveless, Miss Althea, 27
Loveless, Mr. & Mrs. John, Jr., 21
Loveless, Wife 'K' & Daughter Althea, 20
MaClone, Mr. & Mrs. Richard, 26
MaClone, Richard R., 20
MaClone, Wife Midge, 20
Mahoney, Frank, 4
Maloney, Frank & Theresa, 14, 44
Maloney, Frank J., 29
Maloney, Joan Marie, 44
Maloney, Mr. & Mrs. Francis J., 21
Maloney, Therese, 5
Mansfield, H. E., 29
Mansfield, Mr. & Mrs. H. E., 26
Mathey, Baker, 41
Matthews, Bruce, 18
Matthews, Bruce E., 24
Matthews, Jim, 9
Matthews, Joe, 20, 36
Matthews, Joe C., Jr., 1
Matthews, Mr. & Mrs. J. C., Jr., 21
Matthews, Wife Anna & Son Bruce, 20
Maw, Jim, 18
Maw, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, 27
Maw, Thomas J., 29
McKeam, Thomas, 35
McMahon, Gen., 14, 18, 37, 39, 44
McMahon, Gen. & Mrs. Leo T., 21
McMahon, Leo, 31, 36
McMahon, Leo & Wilda, 44
McMahon, Leo T., 1, 29
McMahon, Wilda & Leo, 13
Memorials, 37
Middleton, J. A., 26
Middleton, Jack, 30
Miller, Elman, 1, 36
Miller, Elman M., 29
Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Elman, 28
Nagle, Col. Fred, 18
Nagle, Frederick W., 20
Nagle, Mr. & Mrs. F. W., 26
Nassuta, Whitey, 7
Nelson, Thomas, Jr., 35
Newport News, Va., 7
Nixon, Pres., 44
Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 25
Pierce, Robert, 30
Rarick, Clay, 31, 33, 37
Rarick, Clayt, 2, 5, 13
Rarick, Clayt & Mabel, 44
Rarick, Clayton, 4, 18, 24, 36
Rarick, Clayton F., 1, 14, 29
Rarick, Sherry, 24
Redmond, Mr. & Mrs. Dean, 26
Redmone, Dean T., 20
Redmone, Peggy, 20
Reid, Co Captain Charles, 7
Reilly, Edward A., 29
Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. Ed, 25
Reunions, 7
Richards, Charles W., 20
Richards, Charlie, 18
Richards, Mr. & Mrs. Charles, 26
Ringer, Mr. Robert, 25
Ringer, Robert C., 29
Rossi, Louis P., Jr., 29
Rossi, Mr. & Mrs. Louis, 26
Rutt, Bob, 33
Rutt, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E., 21
Rutt, R. E., 11
Rutt, Robert E., 20
Saucerman, Eugene, 20
Saucerman, Gene, 1, 37
Saucerman, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene, 24
Saucerman, Sandy, 20
Schaumann, Mrs. Ruth Perry, 13
Schlesser, Jack P., 29
Schlesser, Mr. & Mrs. Jack, 25
Schneider, Carol, 44
Schutte, Jean, 29, 33
Schutte, Mrs., 22
Schutte, Phil & Jean, 11
Scranton, Bob, 5, 18, 36, 37, 38, 39
Scranton, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, 21
Scranton, Robert, 36
Scranton, Robert L., 1, 29
Sgrignoli, Michael G., 29
Sgrignoli, Mr. & Mrs. Michael, 26
Shaw, Harry, 20, 36
Shaw, Harry R., Jr., 1
Shaw, Mr. & Mrs. Bob, 25
Shutte, Phil, 18
Shutte, Phillip F., 1
Skardon, Alvin W., 29
Skardon, Mr. & Mrs. A., 22
Slavichek, Ernest, 7
Smith, Charles, 20
Smith, Mr. Charles, 24
Solecki, Emil & Ethel, 44
St. Vith, 3, 8, 9, 39, 40, 41, 42
Stone, Don, 7
The Freedom Foundation, 37
Trail, Mr. & Mrs. Reed, 22, 29
Train, Reed & Adrian, 44
Valley Forge Military Academy, 5, 13, 15, 18, 39
Vielsalm, 41
Von Manteuffel, Baron, 41
Von Orde, Alice, 9
Walker, Robert, 1, 37
Walker, Robert F., 20
Walsh, Charles, 4
Walsh, Charles S., 29
Walsh, Charlie & Daisey, 44
Walsh, Charlie & Daisy, 13
Walsh, Daisy, 4, 5
Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Charles S., 22
Walsh, Mrs., 44
Walz, Phil, 20
Walz, Philip, 26
Ward, Duke, 13
Washington, George, 30
Weisser, Frederick G., Jr., 20
Weisser, Mr. Frederick, Jr., 23
Welton, Col., 41
Williams, Fred, 20
Wilson, John D., 7
Wood, 1st Lt. Eric Fisher, 5
Woolfley, Francis A., 9
Woolfley, Mrs., 9
Wyatt, Mr. Van S., 22
Wyatt, Van, 18, 29, 36
Wyatt, Van S., 1
Yanish, Frank S., 9
Zeigavheim, 9
Zoll, Ed, 29
Zoll, Mr. & Mrs. Ed, 28