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Vol. 23, No. 3, Feb., 1967




106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
president Louis P. Rossi
Vice-President John Shalhoub
Adjutant and Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John Loveless
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor Richard DeHeer
All editorial matter should be addressed to: Mr. Richard DeHeer
19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642
All business matters, renewal of membership, etc. should be addressed to:
Mr. Sherod Collins, Jr., 625 Channing Drive N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318


     The evening paper reports the purchase by the National Gallery of Art in Washington of a portrait painted in the 15th century by Leonardo DaVinci. The reputed cost of five million dollars for the 15"x14" painting, when reduced to $4,000 per square inch, seems fantastic. For many of us, the worth of most of the things we use, need and often think we must have to insure our happiness is measured solely by the dollar sign. Our apparent inability to produce by our own hands for our own use even a few necessities seems to require such an approach to the problems and complexities as well as the joys of everyday living. But reliance on self rather than persons or things could add to the fullness of life.
     Our forebears braved the seas, the wilderness, hardships, supported by their faith, determination and the blessings provided by the Almighty, to forge our nation. The invaluable legacy they left we enjoy today.
     The blessings, in many forms, are still being supplied; they are ours if we but choose to use them. Who can measure the results for good when we add faith and determination in an effort to improve ourselves and help our fellowmen. "The heavens are the Lord's heavens, but the earth he has given to the sons of men." Psalm 115:16.
John T. Loveless, Jr. Chaplain
106th Inf. Div. Assn., Inc. 20 February 1967

(Reunion Cities)
1. 1947-- Indianapolis, Ind.
2. 1948-- Indianapolis, Ind.
3. 1949-- Chicago, Ill.
4. 1950-- Detroit, Mich.
5. 1951-- Pittsburgh, Penna.
6. 1952-- Baltimore, Md.
7. 1953-- Columbus, Ohio
8. 1954-- Atlantic City, N. J.
9. 1955-- Detroit, Mich.
10. 1956-- Atlantic City, N. J.
11. 1957-- Savannah, Ga.
12. 1958-- Philadelphia, Penna.
13. 1959-- Chicago, Ill.
14. 1960-- Savannah, Ga.
15. 1961-- Fort Worth, Tex.
16. 1962-- Annapolis, Md.
17. 1963-- Cleveland, Ohio
18. 1964-- East Orange, N. J.
19. 1965-- Augusta, Ga.
20. 1966-- Indianapolis, Ind. and-- start your planning now for
21. 1967-- DETROIT, MICHIGAN, July 20-23


Dear Dick,
The following statement's for the 1967 Reunion for the Cub.
"Hear ye, Hear ye"
We the undersigned, do hereby state and declare that: Your presence
is requested at the Reunion, July 20-23, 1967, in Detroit, Michigan.
     A brand-new Howard Johnson Motor Lodge located right in the heart of downtown Detroit, will be turned upside-down (all sixteen floors) to assure you a "Fun Reunion" to be long REMEMBERED!
     Entertainment will be provided for young fry and young adults. Exciting Program details to be announced in the next issue of the CUB!!
We are in "HIGH GEAR", "CHOKED UP" and ready to "ACCELERATE" for an exciting July 20 to 23 weekend.

John and Evelyn Shalhoub 4305 W. Maple Road Birmingham, Michigan 48010 Phone: 313-626-1141
Jack and Emily Bryant 19692 Coral Gables Southfield, Michigan 48075 Phone: 313-353-0585
P.S. Don't forget your bathing suits, walking shoes, and dancing shoes!!
John & Evelyn Shalhoub


     In other cities the Golden Lions choose a different place each year for their December 16th get-together. However, we here in Baltimore are fortunate to have found a quaint little family-style "Restaurant," more commonly known as the home of Kay and John Loveless, 2549 Pickwick Rd., where we are welcomed with open arms. All of the Lions who attended roared with delight at the sumptuous buffet dinner. The decor was accented by candlelight and gold tablecloths.
     After dinner, naturally, reminiscing took place, which this year was very elaborate, and which seemed to be more enjoyable than ever before. A contributing factor was undoubtedly the presence of Dr. Mary Matthews, Dr Col. Joe Matthews' sister, accompanied by Bruce Matthews, better known as "Tex," in addition to the following:
     Kay and Don Regier, Mt. Carmel Rd., Parkton, Md.; 422nd Service Co.; Dick Hartman, 590th Hq. Co.; K & John Loveless, 422nd Hq. Co.; Eunice & Henry Broth, Co. I, 422nd.; and Althea Loveless.
     Kay and Raymond Kemp, and the youngest member of the 106th family, their son John Raymond, who was dressed in an Artillery Red (no pun Leo, we still love you) Santa Claus sleeper for the occasion.
     The feature of the evening was Althea playing the organ with everyone joining in singing Christmas songs. Thanks for having us, Kay and John.

    (Excerpts from a recent address by General Earle G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at Brown University.)
     "What are we doing in Viet Nam? Its 10,000 miles away!" Those who are puzzled about Viet Nam today should first study what happened in Iran, Greece, Berlin, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaya during the past two decades. Had we and our allies not resisted communist aggression, how free would their peoples be today, and what kind of a world would we be living in? The basic issue at stake can be put in several ways. General Giap, commander of the North Vietnamese Army has stated publicly "South Viet Nam is the model of the national liberation movement of our time If the special warfare that the U.S. Imperialists are testing in South Viet Nam is overcome, then it can be defeated everywhere in the world."
     . . Lin Pio, Communist. Chinese Minister of Defense pictures a move from conquest of the so-called "rural areas"-- Asia, Africa, Latin America-- to conquest of the so-called "cities of the world"-- North America and Western Europe. Viet Nam is "now the focus of the struggle of the people of the world against U.S. aggression." As the leader of the community of free men, we have committed our word to the defense of freedom.

Don't know what Doug Coffey and Jim Wells were cooking-up, but as usual they are surrounded by the ladies.

Attention All Members!
1967-1968 DUES ARE DUE!
Please save us time and expense by
mailing your remittance to:
THE ADJUTANT, 106th Infantry Div. Assn.


Dear Dick,
     I had planned several times to write since the reunion in Indianapolis but haven't taken the time. The reunion was wonderful and I really did enjoy meeting old and new friends. The committees did a wonderful job and I congratulate each for a fine reunion.
I am hoping to be in Detroit this year and I plan to make the trip to St. Vith if at all possible.
     Thanks to you for the wonderful job you are doing in publishing the CUB. Also to Sherod for keeping the monies in order. I hope that I never miss another issue.
Best wishes to all.
Sincerely, Van S. Wyatt, G Co., 424th

     Col. Eric R. Mills retired from the U.S. Army on the 30th of June, 1966. He is currently completing work on a doctorate at the University of Florida. Eric hopes to teach in a Florida College or University. Members of his family are his wife, Nell and their daughter Judy, age 14.

     Allen Lowith, 1062 So. Mansfield Ave., Los Angeles 19, California, would like to hear from some of the boys from his old Cannon Co. (most of them were P.O.W.'s) especially those now in living in southern California. Get writing fellows and maybe we can get some new members.

Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon, USA, Ret. 8 North Union Street
Middletown, Penna.
5 January 1967
Dear Dick:
     Here are some photos I thought you might be able to use in the CUB. They were taken at Indianapolis and Camp Atterbury by Elman Miller, who, with his wife, was attending his first reunion.
I don't recall his outfit but he lives in Steger, Ill., and vows never to miss another one.
That first picture in the mess hall is of him with his blonde wife across the table from him.

     Wilda and I enjoyed greatly our visit to East Orange and our reunion with Marge and you and the gang; so did my stepdaughter. We appreciated the ride in your Mustang up to Doug's house. I am getting some notes together for the next issue of the CUB which I will send along soon.
Warm regards to you both and to Rick.
Cordially, Leo T. McMahon

A Lincoln Continental was presented to Father Boyle on the 35th anniversary of his ordination.

     Charles Saxton wants to know where the - - - are all the engineers ? There aren't many signed up. He also asked about a Bordentown, N. J. Christmas dinner. If anyone has any information let the editor know. (Ed-- as this is a family magazine, we left one word blank.)


     In the Christmas edition of the CUB this column ended just north of Sidney, where we arrived on December 6 in 91 degrees of summer. On the day of our arrival, there came also an old fellow by the name of Chichester who had sailed a very small boat from England via the Cape of Good Hope. The city very rightly paid no attention to our big ship with its thousand passengers but turned out in full array to greet this brave man. After four pleasant summer days we sailed around the southern coast of Australia to Ceylon and Aden. On Thanksgiving we had been ashore in Hong Kong and, since there was no local recognition of this holiday, the best we could do was to order turkey sandwiches in the Sea Palace Floating Restaurant. However, when time for Christmas came, our ship arranged festivities that left nothing to be desired. Our stop at Suez a few days later called for a quick trip to Cairo and the pyramids-- a very strange scene as one approaches these ancient tombs through a modern suburb extending almost to their base. The weather began to cool by the time we left Port Said and after Naples and Gibraltar we entered the Atlantic, and winter was on the way. Upon arrival in London, we found the weather quite unsuitable for a trip out of town, so we settled for two weeks of exploring that amazing megatropolis. It is too big with too many people. From London it was a relief to stop at Madeira and Bermuda, both of them warm, leisurely and friendly, where we would willingly have stayed the remainder of winter.
     Early in February we arrived at Port Everglades and disembarked on a sunny 75-degree day, after 3 months and 24 cities in 15 countries. Our 6 suitcases, 3 bags and 2 paper sacks managed to get through customs after a critical examination, and we tried to look like our passport pictures in order to be permitted to follow them ashore. Arrival at a strange port presents a complete and not too welcome change from the calm, unhurried days at sea. There was a rushing clamor to do something, go someplace and see things, that had been absent during the preceding week. Once ashore, it was necessary to change our remaining money to the kind used by the local natives. Our currency, called "Mickey Mouse Money" by the British sailors, did seem small and a little strange to us after 3 months of the larger English notes and coins. Or, perhaps, the name was in retaliation for our wartime name of "Funny Money" for foreign notes. In any event, we were relieved to be back on the decimal monetary system; try to figure the tip for a dinner chit of three pounds, seven shilling and sixpence. It was also nice to read a newspaper less than two weeks old, even if the only news in Florida papers consists of reports of snow and low temperatures in the northern states. We finally arrived home in the snow and low temperature of Washington to find everything in good shape, but a monumental stack of magazines and papers to be waded through. Fortunately, our very efficient Lynn had weeded out the junk mail or the pile would have been infinite. Also, almost overlooked and thrown out, was a card reading, "Deadline for the next CUB is February 20, Dick." So here we are, trying to get the car started (dead battery), have the telephone connected, bring in groceries, get over a very common cold, have the rugs brought out of storage, answer the questions of the neighbors and think of something to write for the CUB.

    On October 22, 1966 our oldest daughter, Linda Carolyn Enlow, became Mrs. John Kaiser. The kids are living in Columbus, Ind.
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Enlow


Dear Sherod:
     My wife, Sophie and myself enjoyed the reunion and are looking forward to the next one in Detroit. I have some good pictures of the gang and as soon as I can get reprints made, I am going to send them to Gen. McMahon.
     Had my car fixed, but the hotel gave me a rough time as the bell-boy told the insurance company he didn't do it. Hoping to hear from you soon and to receive my CUB.
Elman 'Al' Miller 3331 Mogan Street Steger, Illinois

     The Editor would like to say that the CUB comes out 4 times a year. We are also sorry if someone doesn't get his CUB.

     D. B. Frampton, Jr., has laid 33 feet of standard-gauge railroad track in his back yard-- and is getting an honest-to-goodness train caboose. (I think the N. J. gang better have their picnic there). The train will be called the Fort Mudge, Okefeenokee & Hartford.
     Jean and Phil Schutte don't get time to write letter but always have time for golf. They are looking forward to the reunion, only to enjoy seeing everyone, but not to wish the time away.

Col. Joe Matthews with the Camp Commander discussing the bad old days.

February 17, 1967
106th Inf. Div. Assn.
c/o Mr. Richard DeHeer
19 Hopkins Street
Hillsdale, New Jersey
Dear Sir:
     Mr. Sherod Collins, your Adjutant, referred your name to me, and suggested that you might be able to be of some help.
     I would like to contact an officer by the name of Moon. He was Commanding Officer of Company I, 319th Infantry, 80th Infantry Division. I feel sure that he left us for the 106th when we were stationed in Camp Forrest, Tenn. I understand that the 106th took quite a mauling in Germany during the breakthrough, but I am in hopes that I may be able to locate Capt. Moon. Since you have been holding conventions I thought that perhaps someone might have his name or address so that I might write to him and perhaps invite him to the 80th Reunion in Cincinnati in 1968. I feel that Capt. Moon was responsible for much of the good that happened to me during my years in service. If you know of this officer's address or know of anyone that might know what his status is I would appreciate hearing from you.
     I understand that your next convention will be in Detroit, I certainly wish you the best of luck. We are holding our Gold and Silver Convention in Pittsburgh this year, and next year Cincinnati will be the host city, and I have the honor of being chairman. If you can spare an extra copy of your paper or magazine, I would appreciate it. Thanks so very much for permitting me to take your time.
Yours very sincerely,
Warren J. Cammerer, Jr.
Vice Commander
80th Inf. Div. Assn.



Mr. Richard DeHeer, COGL Editor
Dear Dick:
"Do you stand for the culture of the West or for the barbaric Asiatic East ?"
     This question was contained in the appeal of Hitler Germany to American PWs to help them in fighting against the advancing Russians. I had heard this appeal mentioned, I think, in John Toland's "Last 100 Days," but had not read it until you published a translation in the Christmas CUB.
     That was a very interesting issue-- they all are since you have been the editor. The photo of your Ex-PW friends and the letter from one of them indicates that you have an occasional reunion, but the place was not indicated. In all these years, until you told me at the 18 December dinner in East Orange, I never knew you had been a PW.
     Another thing I never knew until I read it in Bag Lunch by AWJ (Who is that Secret Correspondent or Columnist ???) is that as the ship on which they were traveling in November had crossed the Equator, "all wristwatches were transferred to the opposite wrist to correct the reversed polarity of the Southern Hemisphere."
     Christmas holidays are always additionally delightful to us, because we receive annual messages from some of our Golden Lion comrades and their families. We shall try to share some of them with the Association members in the excerpts below:
Division Hq.
     General Al and Alys Jones-- Their attractive card was the first received, early in November before they started globe-trotting. We look forward to hearing more details about their fascinating trip at poolside on the 17th floor of the new Howard Johnson Motel in downtown Detroit, Mich. during the Reunion 20, 21, 22, 23 July 1967.
Father John B. Day (Div. Chaplain).

     We received a copy of the Springfield, Illinois Sun with story and pictures on the front page of his first mass in his new St. Cabrini's Church late in November. We talked to him on the phone on 26 January and he told us his Bishop had dedicated the new church the day before. He is feeling much better after his heart attack of last year.
     Dr. and Mrs. John E. Ketterer (Div. Dental Surgeon). Also lives in Springfield, Ill. and practices dentistry there. He and Mrs. Ketterer attended the Indianapolis reunion. We hope they repeat at Detroit this year.

     Col. Herbert Livesey (COGL). Our Christmas card to his business address at the National Assn. of Printing Ink Makers, Broadway, N.Y. was returned. He has probably retired and living at 141 Beach Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y.

     Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Raup. She is Susanne Perrin, the late Gen. Perrin's daughter. My card to their Arlington, Va. residence was returned. He is in foreign service and they have probably been transferred overseas.

Herb Snyder (Div. Band Leader). He has retired. He and Mrs. Snyder reside in Reno, Nevada.

Col. Byrne A. Bowman (Div. Judge Advocate). He is still in law business in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Col. S. P. Cariano (AG Office). He is on duty in Washington, D. C.

Division Artillery Staff
     Juanita (Mrs. Ben) Hagman. She has a granddaughter, Tina Lee, born to Gary and Linda, August 10. Planned to spend Christmas with step-son Larry and family in California.

     Fran and Less Smythe (S1, S-4). They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a Caribbean cruise. Their son Chip graduated from the University of Georgia, took basic training at Ft. Jackson, S. C. (Remember) and is a Lt. in Maryland National Guard.

Bessie May and Dave McIntosh (ADC) He is still bank president in Clay Center,


Kansas. They say they are interested in making the trip to St. Vith for the reunion in 1969.
     Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ronald C. Johnson (Survey Off.). He has been nominated and will be promoted to Eagle Col. in the spring. Now on duty in the Army Inspector General's Office in Washington. They live in Springfield, Va.
     Peggy and Chuck Foreman (I&E Off.) He is still Vice President of United Parcel Service in New York. Their daughter Judy, was married in June. She and her husband are now Peace Corps volunteers in Brazil. Their son Bill is a sophomore at Hartwick College. They live in Pelham Manor, N. Y.
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Drier (Surg.). They have moved from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. to Bear Creek Village, Bear Creek, Pa.
     John and June Warren (ADC). He is a member of the law firm of Parsons, Canzona, Blair & Warren in Red Bank, N. J. They took a trip to Florida to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I had hoped to see them at the 18 December dinner in East Orange but they could not make it.
     Barbara and Jack Cutcher (Sgt.Orderly for CG). They live in Goodells, Mich. and have never made a reunion but promise to meet us in Detroit in July.

589th Field Artillery BN.
     Col. and Mrs. T. Paine Kelly III (Bn. Comdr.). We received no word from them this year. We hope they are well. They live in Tampa, Fla., where Paine is a lawyer.
     Clifford N. Austin (Btry. C), Vergennes, Vt. He brought 4 other members and himself from the Btry to the Indianapolis reunion. He promises to return with the group to Detroit this year.
     Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Connelly (Surg.). They live in Sharon, Penna., and have 8 children. Doc usually reminisces about the Bulge on his card, but there was no message this year.
     Col. and Mrs. Earl A. Scott (Ln. Pilot). They live in Richmond, Va. Where Earl is a Colonel in the Virginia National Guard. He is with the Virginia Department of Highways.

590th Field Artillery Bn.
     Mildred and Vaden Lackey (Bn. Comdr.). They live in Nashville, Tenn. and could not come to Indianapolis because they have a new grandson. Remember the two they brought to the Augusta, Ga. reunion?
     Col. and Mrs. Robert Ringer (Sv. Btry.), Columbus, Ohio. Congratulations to Bob who is commanding the 83rd Infantry Div. Arty.
     Jim and Jane Fonda (Co Btry. B). He now works in Cleveland but they still live in Akron, Ohio. We look forward to greeting them in Detroit. They have a son in a private school there.
     Isabel and Doug Coffey (COGL, Btry. C). We had the pleasure of visting them in their lovely home in West Orange after the dinner at East Orange on 18 December.
Col. and Mrs. Robert Lamb (Ln. Off.). They live in Ft. Worth, Texas, and attended the Reunion there.

591st Field Artillery Bn.
     Vi and Col. Phil Hoover (Bn. Cmdr.). Have moved from Davenport, Iowa to 14411 Pacific Avenue, South Tacoma, Wash. They said that they have moved out but are not permanently settled as yet.
     Libby and Marty Dolitsky (Co. Sv. Btry.), Port Chester, N. Y. They say that God willing, they hope to be with us for the St. Vith reunion in 1969.

592nd Field Artillery Bn.
     We always hear with pleasure from the old gang of Service Btry., who hold their annual reunion at Hershey, Pa., Sunday before Labor Day.
     Vi and Jim Malesky, Greensburg, Pa.; Ethel and Emil Solecki, Sparta, N. J.; Theresa and Frank Maloney, Phila., Pa.; Alice and Tom Dorosky, Shavertown, Pa.; Daisy and Charlie Walsh, Haddonfield, N. J.; Mary and Tom Fox, Greencastle, Pa.


422nd Infantry
Betty and George Descheneaux, Jr. (Regtl. Co.), Concord, Mass.
     Anna and Tex and Col. Joe Matthews (Regtl. XO). A Ph.D. and "Doctor" Matthews to us. They live in Raleigh, N. C., He is a Past President of the Association.
     Carol W. Beals (widow of John Beals). A loyal couple devoted to the Association for many years. Since John's death, Carol has sustained her interest. She is on the staff of the Extension Bureau, University of Iowa at Iowa City.
     Eunice and Henry Broth (I Co.). A former President of the Association. He is in business in Baltimore. Son Ralph transferred from the University of Maryland to the University of Iowa.
     Kay (COMGL) and John Loveless, Jr. (COGL). A former President and Chaplain of the Association. He is an attorney in Baltimore.
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Dohoney, D.D.S., (C. Co.). A dentist in Harrisburg, Pa.

423rd Infantry
     Col. Alan W. Jones, Jr. (1st Bn. Hq.). His picture appeared in papers in connection with the news story of an attack of the North Koreans on an American .outpost. He commands an Infantry Brig. in Korea and the attack must have been against his troops.
     J. Russell Enlow (D Co.). He is the Postmaster at Taswell, Ind., and the efficient Chairman of Committee in charge of the successful Indianapolis Reunion.
     Cora and Sherod Collins, Jr. (Sv. Co.). Our devoted and efficient Adjt.-Treas. is very busy in addition, with CPA work and National Guard duty in Atlanta, Ga.
     Estelle and Larry Gubow (Sv. Co.). He is the former President of the Association and a busy U.S. Attorney in Detroit. Estelle is the former president of the Ladies Auxiliary.

424th Infantry
Colonel and Mrs. A. D. (Shim) Reid (Regtl. Co.), Santa Barbara, Cal.
     John J. Reynolds, Jr. (H Co.), moved from N.Y.C. to Edgewater, Florida. He is the former Memorial Chairman of the Association.
Linda and Lou Rossi (H Co.). Our National President, Bergen, N. J.
     Marge (COMGL) and Dick DeHeer (COGL) (K Co.). The efficient team who publish the CUB. (Also proprietor of Richard's Rent-All, Hillsdale, N. J.).
Mabel and Clayt Rarick (L Co.). The former President of the Association, residing in Blandon, Pa.

81st Engineers Bn.
     Maydean and Jim Wells (Co. C). Former President. They were the genial hostess and host for three successful reunions. He is in business in Augusta, Ga.
Jean and Bob Pierce (Co. unknown). Former Association President, Warren, Ohio.
L T. McMahon.

19 February 1967
My dear Dick:
     I haven't got around to making up my usual contribution this time, but I believe that you have one that you still have not used.
     I am enclosing an article about Pete Frampton which appeared in the local paper on New Year's Day. You may already have seen it-- or been sent it by someone else. I thought it might be of interest to some of the ones who were active in the Association at about the time Pete was.
     One more bit of news-- I have a note on my calendar pad to remind me that June of this year is the time for me to get active once more in promoting a Saint Vith stamp for the twenty-fifth anniversary. I am sure this will be plenty of time. You will recall that I had a promise in 1964 that there would be


    a commemorative in 1969. I don't know how many changes there may have been in Postmasters-General in the Belgian government since that time, but I will be doing my best to hold whoever is in charge to that promise. I will certainly keep you advised so that you can pass along the news as it develops.
All the best, Wayne

February 18, 1967
Dear Dick
     Sorry we're late, but final arrangements were just completed. Mail will start going out soon and should be received by all within a few weeks.
     The scheduling program will follow in time for the next CUB. The following details are completed and will be part of the Reunion:
     A boat trip down the Detroit River to the Island of Bob-Lo; dancing and refreshments will be available on the evening-and-Moonlight trip.
     Saturday night-- sightseeing bus trip across the river to Canada. Eating, dancing, refreshments, and a floor show at the fabulous Elmwood Night Club; have your dancing shoes, and papers or passports if you are not a citizen of the United States.
Swimming for all at your leisure.
     Hamburgers, hot dogs, cokes and a chaperoned party with a live band on Saturday night at the Motor Lodge. A trip to the mammoth Ford Motor Company, Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, with lunch in the cafeteria, then back on the buses and on to Greenfield Village, which is the 8th wonder of the world.
Yours truly, John & Evelyn Shalhoub
P.S.-- Our business meetings will have to be cut short in order to maintain a full schedule.

Dear Dick:
Just a comment on the trip to St. Vith in 1969.
     I think the idea of sending a regular amount of cash each month to the treasurer is a good one. (That way some of the poor folks like myself can prepare for it and make the trip.)
     I think we should have more than the usual four days, with most of the time free for our own pleasure. I for one would like to visit the old front (lines of 1944); also I would like to visit the old P.O.W. camp Stalag 9B at Bad Orb, Germany. That would take at least two days extra.
     Again these are just my ideas, and I think we should have some ideas from some of the others. What about it? Let's hear from some of you.
Russell Enlow

[Left] Col. Sam Cariano and Gen McMahon not paying attention to what they are doing.
[Right] This looks like a real hot discussion but I think the subject was what time the bar would be open. (editor)


     Sophie and Elman Miller (Hq. 3rd Bn. 424) attended their first reunion at Indianapolis, and promise never to miss another. Two very fine additions to the membership, they live in Steger, Ill., and have two children, Bob and Ruby. Elman took many photos at the reunion. We hope some will appear in this CUB.
     Augusta and Arthur Parker (589th FA BN.). He was the S-3 of the Bn. and took command when Cot Kelly was cut off with Btry. C. He is the Parker of Parker's Crossroads referred to in the Division History-- Lion in the Way-- who by the gallant defense, of what was left of the Bn., put up at a road block at Braque de Fraiture on the Hoffalize Rd. They held up a German Armed Div. for 2 days. He now raises cattle on his ranch near Leeds, Ala.
"The Brave Rifles"-- an ABC Stage 67 documentary was shown on TV on Wednesday, December 14, 1966.
     "Brave rifles, veterans, you've been baptized in fire and blood and come out steel."-- General George S. Patton. General Patton's tribute to the GIs who fought at the Battle of the Bulge provided the theme for this documentary, which captured the feelings of the combat infantrymen who stopped Hitler's last major offensive of World War II. To tell the story, writer-director Laurence E. Mascott, a Purple Heart survivor of the battle, combined combat films with his own first-hand account of the fighting.
     Many members of the Division Association saw this TV show, which included reference to some members of the 106th Division. Mrs. Anna Dulebohn of Harrisburg, whose son was wounded fighting with the 424th Infantry and later died of his wounds, called me the next day and told me about the show. Somebody also informed me that there was reference to Lt. Eric Fisher Wood of the 589th FA BN., Btry A in the film.
L. T. McM.

Fifteen years ago--
     Douglas S. Coffey of West Orange, New Jersey, has been appointed Memorials Chairman by President J. Glenn Schnizlein. Doug was with C Battery, 590th Field Artillery and is presently with the Veterans Housing Department of the town of West Orange.
     The Defense Department has announced that veterans of World War II who have not received medals due them may do so by writing the Adjutant General, United States Army, Washington, D. C.
     Rev. Edward T. Boyle (Chaplain 424) has been named pastor of the parish of Saint John Vianny at Northlake, Illinois. W. Adin Marshall (Exec 0/81) was critically injured in the Blue River Tunnel project on last April 10 and died early the next morning. He was crushed between a derailed train and the side of the tunnel.

Ten years ago--
Jim Wells is expecting you to be at Savannah, Georgia next July for our eleventh convention.
     Doug Coffey has obtained details concerning donation of a stained glass church window in Belgium. Further details will be available in the next issue. "The Fatal Decisions," a just-published book reporting on the Battle of the Ardennes from the German point of view, tells of how failure of Saint Vith to fall at the scheduled time upset the German plans.

Five years ago--
     A flag which has flown over the U.S. Capitol at Washington, D.C. has been forwarded to Saint Vith and is now being flown over the 106th Memorial.
     Former Division and Association member Ernest Yarnell was killed along with his wife and three sons in August when his pickup truck crashed into the side of a train near Menominie, Wis. Stewart Stern has spent the summer in Bangkok, Thailand in connection with filming of "The Ugly American." He still has hopes of one day owning his own dairy farm.


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Belgium, 21
Berlin, 5
Bowman, Col. Byrne A., 13
Boyle, Father, 8
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 21
Broth, Eunice & Henry, 5, 17
Bryant, Jack & Emily, 4
Cammerer, Warren J., Jr., 12
Camp Atterbury, 7
Cariano, Col. S. P., 14
Cariano, Col. Sam, 19
Coffey, Doug, 5, 21
Coffey, Douglas S., 21
Coffey, Isabel & Doug, 15
Collins, Cora & Sherod, Jr., 17
Collins, Mr. Sherod, 2, 11
Collins, Mr. Sherod, Jr., 2
Collins, Sherod, 2
Connelly, Dr. & Mrs. Michael E., 15
Cutcher, Barbara & Jack, 15
Day, Father John B., 13
DeHeer, Marge (COMGL) & Dick, 17
DeHeer, Mr. Richard, 2, 11, 13
DeHeer, Richard, 2
Descheneaux, Betty & George, Jr., 17
Div. Artillery, 14
Div. Band, 13
Div. Chaplain, 13
Division History, 21
Dohoney, Dr. & Mrs. Wm. P., 17
Dolitsky, Libby & Marty, 15
Dorosky, Alice & Tom, 16
Drier, Dr. & Mrs. Joe, 15
Dulebohn, Mrs. Anna, 21
Enlow, J. Russell, 17
Enlow, Linda Carolyn, 9
Enlow, Mr. & Mrs. Russell, 9
Enlow, Russell, 19
Fonda, Jim & Jane, 15
Foreman, Peggy & Chuck, 15
Fox, Mary & Tom, 16
Fraiture, 21
Frampton, D. B., Jr., 11
Frampton, Pete, 17
Ft. Jackson, 14
Germany, 11, 13
Gubow, Estelle & Larry, 17
Hagman, Juanita (Mrs. Ben), 14
Hartman, Dick, 5
Hoffalize Rd, 21
Hoover, Vi & Col. Phil, 15
Inspector Gen., 15
Johnson, Lt. Col. & Mrs. Ronald C., 15
Jones, Col. Alan W., Jr., 17
Jones, Gen. Al & Alys, 13
Kaiser, Mrs. John, 9
Kelly, Col. & Mrs. T. Paine, 15
Kemp, Kay & Raymond, 5
Ketterer, Dr. & Mrs. John E., 13
Ketterer, Mrs., 13
Korea, 5, 17
Lackey, Mildred & Vaden, 15
Lamb, Col. & Mrs. Robert, 15
Lion In The Way, 21
Livesey, Col. Herbert, 13
Loveless, Althea, 5
Loveless, John, 2
Loveless, John T., Jr., 2
Loveless, K & John, 5
Loveless, Kay & John, 5
Loveless, Kay (Comgl) & John, Jr., 17
Lowith, Allen, 7
Malesky, Vi & Jim, 16
Maloney, Theresa & Frank, 16
Marshall, W. Adin, 21
Mascott, Laurence E., 21
Matthews, Anna & Tex & Col. Joe, 17
Matthews, Bruce, 5
Matthews, Col. Joe, 11
Matthews, Dr Col. Joe, 5
Matthews, Dr. Mary, 5
McIntosh, Bessie May & Dave, 14
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 7
McMahon, Gen., 11
McMahon, Leo T., 8
Memorials, 21
Miller, Elman, 7
Miller, Elman 'Al', 11
Miller, Sophie & Elman, 21
Mills, Col. Eric R., 7
Moon, Capt., 11
Naples, 9
Parker, Augusta & Arthur, 21
Patton, Gen., 21
Patton, Gen. George S., 21
Perrin, Gen., 13
Perrin, Susanne, 13
Pierce, Jean & Bob, 17
Port Said, 9
Rarick, Mabel & Clayt, 17
Raup, Dr. & Mrs. W. W., 13
Regier, Kay & Don, 5
Reid, Col. & Mrs. A. D. (Shim), 17
Reynolds, John J., Jr., 17
Ringer, Col. & Mrs. Robert, 15
Rossi, Linda & Lou, 17
Rossi, Louis P., 2
Saxton, Charles, 8
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 21
Schutte, Jean & Phil, 11
Scott, Col. & Mrs. Earl A., 15
Shalhoub, John, 2
Shalhoub, John & Evelyn, 4, 19
Smythe, Fran & Less, 14
Snyder, Herb, 13
Snyder, Mrs., 13
Solecki, Ethel & Emil, 16
St. Vith, 7, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22
Stalag 9-B, 19
Stern, Stewart, 22
The Fatal Decisions, 21
Toland, John, 13
Walsh, Daisy & Charlie, 16
Warren, John & June, 15
Wells, Jim, 5, 21
Wells, Maydean & Jim, 17
Wheeler, Gen. Earle G., 5
Wood, Lt. Eric Fisher, 21
Wyatt, Van S., 7
Yarnell, Ernest, 22