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Vol. 23, No. 1, Aug., 1966

    Battery C, 589th F.A. Bn., was represented by five fine artillerymen at the Indianapolis Reunion. Shown in photo with Brig. Gen. McMahon, Divarty Comdr., taken at the Continental Hotel before the banquet, they are from left to right: Claude Maxwell, Chattanooga. Tenn.; Art Hulkonen, Kaleva, Mich.; General McMahon; Don Stone, Janesville, Wis.; Cliff Austin, Vergennes, Vt.; and Joe Gilliam, Bloomington, Ill.

106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
President Col. Joe Matthews
Vice President Louis P. Rossi
Adjutant and Treasurer Sherod Collins
Chaplain John Loveless
Historian Sherod Collins
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB.
Editor Richard DeHeer
All editorial matter should be addressed to: Mr. Richard DeHeer
19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642
All business matters, renewal of membership, etc. should be addressed to:
Mr. Sherod Collins, Jr., 625 Channing Drive N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318

     Another year has passed and another memory we will have of a fine reunion in Indianapolis. A vote of thanks to Russ Enlow and Bob Pierce for a fine Reunion; it was great to see some of the old faces that turned up this year. I hope to see some more in Detroit in 1967. It is not too early to start to plan for your Detroit trip. With all of our interstate highways and connecting turnpikes no one should have any trouble getting to Detroit. On our way home from Indianapolis we stopped in a Holiday Inn. In the cocktail lounge I met a few men and we were discussing reunions and conventions. When I mentioned the turnout we had in Indianapolis, they were amazed to hear of such a fine attendance and how far people will travel to meet once a year just to reminisce and enjoy a good time with their old friends. My family and I look forward to this 4-days-a-year vacation, where good people meet at the 106th Infantry Division Association Reunion.
     My family and I just returned from Hershey, Pennsylvania, where we attended the artillery boys' yearly picnic, held in Hershey Park. The weather was a little wet, but they had a fine turnout and a good time was had by all.
Try to get a Dec. 16th Dinner going in your town.
Lou Rossi

July 23, 1966
     The business meeting was opened Saturday afternoon by President Joe Matthews. An unusually large group was in attendance. The Adjutant read the minutes of the last annual business meeting and these were approved as read.
Our President officially recognized those who were attending for the first time.
Several communications were read and discussed.
     Reports were called for and the following were made: The treasurer passed out copies of his report of the year's financial affairs; the Cub Editor gave a resume of his endeavors; and the Memorials Chairman spoke of accomplishments in that field, mentioning particularly the John Beals and Ben Hagman memorial activity.
     Under new business, invitations were asked for the 1967 Reunion site. John Shalhoub offered Detroit as a meeting place. Jim Wells made a motion and Gen. McMahon seconded it to accept this invitation. The motion was unanimously carried.
The following motions were made, seconded and passed:
     To write a letter to Station WREX, Rockford, Ill., who upon request of Ken Perry, plugged our 20th Reunion extensively in that part of the Midwest. Jim Hatch-- to cease collecting Ladies Auxiliary dues as such, since the Auxiliary no longer functions as a body. Doug Coffey-- to turn over monies already collected in 1966-67 for Auxiliary dues to the Memorial Fund. Jim Wells-- to accept the invitation of Wm. F. Smith, Jr. to hold the 1968 Reunion in Columbia, S. C.
Doug Coffey announced that the target for the 1969 Reunion would be St. Vith, Belgium.
The nominating committee reported a slate of 21 names for the new Board


    of Directors. Dick DeHeer withdrew in favor of John Shalhoub. Nick Zerilli moved to accept the recommendation as amended and the motion passed.
     For Resolutions Committee, John Loveless reported that resolutions of appreciation would be sent to Russ En-low for his efforts in arranging the reunion, the Commanding General of Ft. Benjamin Harrison for providing the color guard at memorial services, the Commanding Officer at Camp Atterbury for his cooperation with our visit there, and to the committees and officers of the Association for the year then ending. His recommendations were gratefully accepted.
     Pete House discussed and suggested setting up "Exhibit Memorials" to call attention to the history of the 106th Division at appropriate shrines and other places. President Matthews suggested that individuals look for these places and make suggestions to the Association.
     It was recommended from the floor that Juanita Hagman and Carol Beals be added to the annual listing of members. This was heartily agreed to by all. Doug Coffey moved, seconded by Clay Rarick, to give appropriate notice that Associate Members would henceforth be accepted by the Association. This was in line with recent research by John Loveless as to feasibility. The motion passed.
     Doug Coffey moved to award an additional fifty dollars from the Memorial Fund to the College Patronne in St. Vith, Belgium during the coming year. This was also passed.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Sherod Collins, Adjutant

     Frank C. Rowland, Warren, Ohio, died of a heart attack on Tuesday, August 16. Frank was in the 592nd F.A. Bn. He and his brother ran a successful business, the Rowland Grocery Store.
Taswell, Ind.

Dear Dick:
     The 20th Annual Reunion has now passed into history, and as the meeting drew to a close, I could truly say for the past year it had indeed been a long and toilsome journey.
     But believe me, the effort was returned ten-fold, to see all the old friends, renew old friendships, and to meet new friends. (Did you ever see so many first time attenders ?) No one could ask for more.
     I know there were some things that could have been better (hotel for instance) but, all in all I believe everyone had a good time. I have had some nice letters on the Reunion since returning home, and I do appreciate them a whole lot.
     Do you believe me when I say I was truly happy with the outcome of the Reunion. (There were times when I felt anything short of a disaster would be a success).
     I do appreciate all the help I received in putting on the Reunion, and I stand ready to help the Association in Detroit or at any time in the future. '
Again I say, to me, it was the end to an almost perfect Reunion.

     I am sorry I pushed the Panic Button and raised the registration fees. However, if the turnout had been small, then we might have run close on money. Anyway, it is good to have a little extra money in the treasury (say $368.00).
     If the next two Reunions do all right financially and we all go to St. Vith in 1969, I might make a motion that we spend any or all of the $368.00 on that Reunion.

Dear Dick:
     I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of those who helped in any way to make the Reunion a success -- especially Eugene Saucerman D-422, Robert Pierce C-81st Engrs., Bernard Herbert Div. QM., and


Al Harding for his part in contacting the band (Then didn't even come to the Reunion).
     To Joe Matthews, Sherod Collins and Dick DeHeer for their help and guidance when I needed it most. And to Jean Pierce for her help at the registration desk. Joe and I both intended to give her recognition on Saturday night and both forgot it. Also, thanks to Jean Schutte for the picture. Thanks to you all!
Russell Enlow, 1966 Reunion Chairman

20th Annual Reunion
Indianapolis, Indiana
July 23, 1966
     This meeting was very brief and consisted principally of the election of officers of the Association for the coming year. President Joe Matthews presided. The following slate of officers was elected.
President: Louis P. Rossi - North Bergen, N. J.
Vice-President: John Shalhoub - Birmingham, Mich.
Treasurer: Sherod Collins - Atlanta, Ga.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by the new president.

Dear 106ers:
Thank you very much for the lovely silver cake server. It was a surprise that we'll treasure always.
     The Convention was quite enjoyable, as usual. Of course, our family was particularly pleased with the Golden Lion awards given to Mom and Dad. It's just a shame Althea wasn't there for the happy occasion.
     Remember, next year we'll bring a cake to the Reunion, baked by the Army's best cook, Ray, and served on our silver plate.
Thank you again.
Ray and Kay Kemp ("K-2" Lovelesses)

    Carol Beals and Pete House figuring out time, speed, etc. of the racing car at the Speedway. (Who knows, maybe they were figuring out the odds on the 5th race at some other track!)

     Congratulations are in order on two counts to our new Association Vice-President, John Shalhoub and Mrs. Shalhoub of Detroit, Mich. They left a six-weeks-old youngster at home to come to the Reunion and John was recently elected a vice president of his company, Palm-Holmberg Co. of Detroit.

     Dr. John E. Ketterer, Div. Dental Surgeon, and Mrs. Ketterer of Springfield, Ill., attended the Reunion after a long absence. They used to attend annually. However, they now have a daughter who is a prize-winning equestrienne and they spend the summers attending horse shows. They came to Indianapolis from Lexington, Ky., the blue grass country famous for its horses. They reported that Father John B. Day, also of Springfield, was unable to attend because he is recovering from a heart attack. All members extend their best wishes to Father Day for an early and complete recovery. Father Day was Division Chaplain.

     Doug Coffey, C590 F.A. Bn., our hard-working Memorial Chairman, and his wife Isabel report that their attractive twin daughters will enter Illinois State University, Normal, Ill., in September. The twins were last seen at the Reunion in 1964 held in their home area of East Orange, N. J.


     It was a great treat to the old gang to welcome back Jack Gillespie, C422 and his wife Shirley and Bob Kelly, SV423, and his wife, Lib, all from Detroit, Mich. They appeared unannounced at the social hour on Friday evening. Jack, a former President of the Association, has attended most of the reunions but this was the first appearance of Shirley and Bob and Lib Kelly in about 7 years. Bob was treasurer and legal advisor to the Association for about 6 years.
     It is surprising how some of our members join the Association, are very active for a time, and then disappear, leaving no trail or forwarding address; then they reappear. A case in point is that of Ken W. Perry, Sv 589 F.A. Bn. He was the hardworking chairman of the committee which put on the second Reunion at Indianapolis in 1948. Then he disappeared. Well, he resurfaced early in July with a letter to General McMahon at Middletown and a letter to Chairman Russ Enlow at Indianapolis, which was read at the business meeting and given to General McMahon to answer.
     Ken reported that he had moved to Florida for a number of years and then back up north to Rockford, Ill., where he is sales manager for an auto company. He is very anxious to put on the Reunion at Rockford in 1967, but he was informed that the Association tries to keep two years ahead and that it is Detroit in 1967 and Columbia, S. C. in 1968.

     Leo McMahon and Wilda spent a week on Long Island visiting his son, Lt. Col. Leo McMahon, Jr. T.C., who had a beach house near Southampton. We had a great time including surf bathing. Leo, Jr. leaves in August by air for Viet Nam where he will command the 27th Transportation Battalion at Qui Nhon.
Everyone wishes to congratulate Jean

(Reunion Cities)
1. 1947-- Indianapolis, Ind.
2. 1948-- Indianapolis, Ind.
3. 1949-- Chicago, DI.
4. 1950-- Detroit, Mich.
5. 1951-- Pittsburgh, Penna.
6. 1952-- Baltimore, Md.
7. 1953-- Columbus, Ohio
8. 1954-- Atlantic City, N. J.
9. 1955-- Detroit, Mich.
10. 1956-- Atlantic City, N. J.
11. 1957-- Savannah, Ga.
12. 1958-- Philadelphia, Penna.
13. 1959-- Chicago, Ill.
14. 1960-- Savannah, Ga.
15. 1961-- Fort Worth, Tex.
16. 1962-- Annapolis, Md.
17. 1963-- Cleveland, Ohio
18. 1964-- East Orange, N. J.
19. 1965-- Augusta, Ga.
20. 1966-- Indianapolis, Ind. and-- start your planning now for
21. 1967-- DETROIT, MICHIGAN, July 20-23
Pierce for assisting at the desk and also to Bob for helping Russ in putting on a successful Reunion.

     The Adjutant and CUB Editor wish to apologize for leaving out several names of the 106th membership. Among them, Carol Beals, 217 E. Davenport, Iowa City, Iowa; and Juanita Hagman, 305 W. Josephine, Watherford, Texas. (Ed. Sec.) The boys are sure slipping when they leave out the names of two of the prettiest members of the 106th!)

Memorial service


     Resolutions passed at the 20th Annual Convention of the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc., held at the Continental Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana-2l-24 July 1966

Passed at Association Meeting-23 July 1966
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association extend its deepest appreciation to J. Russell Enlow, its 1966 Convention Chairman, and the Convention Committee for their arduous work in promoting and executing a fine Convention.
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association convey its thanks and appreciation to the Commanding General, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana for providing the Color Guard for the Memorial Service held in the Indiana War Memorial Auditorium on 23 July 1966.
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association extend its thanks and appreciation to the outgoing Officers, Directors and Committees for their work and accomplishments during the year 1965-1966.
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association extend its thanks and appreciation to the Commanding Officer, Camp Atterbury, Indiana for the privilege of visiting and touring the areas of the Camp which had been occupied by the 106th Infantry Division from March through October 1944 during World War II.
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association express its deep appreciation to the Hon. Richard L. Roudebush, M. C. for attending our Friday evening Dinner and bringing to us such a thoughtful, sobering and inspirational message on some current civic situations and our responsibilities as citizens in relation thereto.
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Association express its sincere thanks and appreciation to Major General Alan W. Jones and Brigadier General Leo T. McMahon for their thoughtful and generous hospitality after the Friday evening session, following the custom of many past years of our late Member, President and Director, Ben Hagman.

Passed at Directors Meeting-23 July 1966
     BE IT RESOLVED That the Directors of the Association extend their thanks and appreciation to Mr. Carl C. Schmidt, War Memorials Commission, for the use of the Indiana War Memorial Building, Indianapolis for the Association's Memorial Service held 23 July 1966.
     I'm sorry I have been so long in sending this Reunion report to you. It seemed there was just too much to do at the wrong time.
    I am making a short report, Financial, etc. If anyone wants the names and addresses of those that attended, look elsewhere.
Total persons attending-153
Total Registration Fees $2,794.65
Total Dues, Men 295.00
Total Dues, Ladies 32.00
Expenses, Stamps, Printing, Badges, Movie Projector $ 141.00
Swimming Pool for Children 10.00
Lunch at Camp Atterbury 250.00
Buses to Camp Atterbury and tour 126.00
Band, Saturday night 190.00
Donation to Indiana War Memorial 15.00
Paid to Continental Hotel 1,691.00
Misc. 3.65
Total Expenses $2,426.65
Registration $2,794.65
Less Expenses $2,426.65
(Good for our side) PROFIT TO ASSOCIATION $ 368.00 Have sent profit and Dues to Sherod Collins. total $ 695.00
J. Russell Enlow
Chairman, 1966 Reunion Committee


CITATION: Served in the 106th Infantry Division in World War II with Headquarters Company, 422nd Infantry.
    An attorney in Baltimore Maryland, he has been an enthusiastic, loyal and, hard-working member of the 106th Division Association since its early days.
     He was Chairman of the Committee which brought the annual reunion of the Association to Baltimore, Maryland in 1952; he was Co-chairman of the Committee which handled the annual reunion of the Association at Annapolis, Maryland in 1962.
He served as President of the Association, 1954-'55.
     For the past ten years he has served as Chaplain of the Association; far the past six years as Legal Advisor to the Association.
     For a number of years he has organized reunions of Division veterans and their families in Baltimore on 16 December to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge. In recent years he has held these in his own home.
     In grateful recognition of his long and distinguished service to the Division and the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division Association unanimously awards him the ORDER OF THE GOLDEN LION, COMMANDER CLASS (COGL)
     Done at the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, this twenty-third day of July, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Six.
For the Board of Directors
(Signed) (Signed)
Sherod Collins Joe Matthew
Adjutant President

     CITATION: The devoted wife of John and mother of his two attractive daughters, Kay 2, and Althea, she and her daughters have attended most of the National Reunions of the Association with John.
     Together with her husband, she was most active in the planning of and service to two of the National Reunions of the Association at Baltimore, Maryland in 1952 and at Annapolis, Maryland in 1962.
     She has been a most gracious hostess at the annual dinners in Baltimore on 16 December to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge. In recent years they have been served in her own home.
     Active from the first in the affairs of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Association, she served as National President, 1958-59.
     Together with her husband and daughters she has visited veterans of the Division and attended their local reunions, such as that of Service Battery 592nd Field Artillery Battalion at Hershey, Pennsylvania.
     In grateful recognition of her unswerving devotion and that of her daughters to the affairs of the Division and the Association, the Board of Directors of the 106th Infantry Division unanimously awards her the ORDER OF THE GOLDEN LION, COMPANION CLASS (COMGL)
     Done at the City of Indianapolis, Indiana, this twenty-third day of July, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Six.
For the Board of Directors
(Signed) (Signed)
Sherod Collins Joe Matthew
Adjutant President


     The Road to Indianapolis, like the Road to Augusta, East Orange, Cleveland and all the long line of preceding gatherings, was an enjoyable interlude in a world always indifferent to events of twenty-plus years ago. To the Reunion Committee, headed by Russell Enlow, goes our thanks. Joe Matthews has made a fine president during the past year and, with his usual efficiency, kept our business meeting on the move. This column's special thanks go to our CUB Editor, Dick DeHeer, and the Adjutant-Treasurer, Sherod Collins, for remaining on the job another year. We were glad to see our old friends, Shirley and Jack Gillespie, after missing them for several years. When Joe presented the Citations to John and Kay Loveless, the audience was in complete agreement that they had been well earned, almost overdue in fact. This was strikingly shown at the Memorial Services when the inimitable John, without music or other assistance, conducted a wholly adequate service. We are proud to be a member of such a group.
     The younger set was much in evidence. They are growing up much too fast, even to the point of desertion, by marriage of a former member of the gang. However, we did gain a new reunion attender on the deal. It is understood that there was almost a demonstration with signs reading "We demand a swimming pool and faster service at chow."
     The sitting room of Senator Bayh's (Dem. Ind.) suite was used mostly by the Association Jet Set. They, at least, could be heard above the roar of the local version of air conditioning. The senator was said to be with LBJ during his visit to Indianapolis but we did not see him around the Continental Hotel. Nor did LBJ show up.
     The weather in Indianapolis was fine. While Washington and most of the East was in the midst of the hottest summer on record, we enjoyed the Midwest's cool nights. Russ did all right on that one.
     While this column is being written, the American Legion is concluding a week long convention in Washington. It is a convention, not a reunion, and done on an enormous scale. What else could you do with 17,000 members who, with their families totaled over 50,000? The hugeness of such an endeavor is best realized by some of the published statistics. The local Board of Trade estimates that $75,000 has been injected into the Washington economy every hour of the twenty-four for six days. Convention headquarters reserved almost half of the available rooms in town. The parade was a seven-hour affair with 25,000 marchers wearing blue caps and enough ribbons to gift-wrap the Seventh Fleet. It was a hot day (in "the lower nineties") but actually 96° on the street. that is why we thought the Indianapolis weather was so comfortable.
     A local bartender announced that this was a beer-drinking convention, but for some reason convention headquarters issued an immediate denial saying that only the Michigan and Wisconsin delegates drank beer, that southern members drank Bourbon, northerners drank Scotch and gin (not mixed, we hope); Midwesterners, vodka; and Hawaiian delegates a drink called (sic) Au-KuliHaou.
     The rules committee prepared 650 resolutions, among them the following gems: commend the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover; support the U.S. space program; oppose pornographic literature; and (looking to the future) support the enlargement of National Cemeteries. There was also a group called the American Legion Founders, Ltd., the youngest member of which was 68. Good grief, is the First World War that long ago ?


Typical army chow-line-- "hurry up and wait!"

ST. VITH - JULY 1969
     As it was passed by the majority present at Indianapolis that we hold our Convention in 1969 in St. Vith, Belgium, I would like to make this note. If we chartered a plane holding 82 passengers we could get a round-trip rate at today's prices for $210 to Luxembourg, which would be as close to St. Vith as we could be.
     If we were to take a group rate on the same basis without a guaranty of 82 persons, we could get a rate of $250 round trip, providing we used $70 of hotel space. This would not be too hard to do. Will continue to work on ideas and forward them through the CUB. What I would like first is an honest answer from those who are really interested in making the Convention in St. Vith. Do you want to just figure a group rate and go to St. Vith for the usual four-day Convention and be strictly on your own, or would you like a planned trip for a period with some free days for your own pleasure ? It can be done any way you want it done. We might even be able to arrange to have you send in a regular amount to the treasurer each month until the time we are ready for final plans, and then your trip would be mostly paid for. Any questions you have, direct them to me at Town Hall, West Orange, New Jersey, 07052.
Douglas S. Coffey, Memorials Chairman

Jack Bryant-14011 Nadine Ave., Oak Park, Mich. 48237
Tom Dorosky-- RFD 1, Trucksville, Penn.
Phillip F. Schutte-2415 Otter Drive, Warren, Mich.
John T. Loveless, Jr.-2549 Pickwick Road, Baltimore, Md. 21207
James E. Wells-- Hepzibah, Georgia
Alan W. Jones-3532 Quebec St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 20016
H. M. Hatch-5609 15th Ave., So., Minneapolis, Minn.
Robert L. Scranton-9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Mich.
Clayton F. Rarick-- Box 25, Blandon, Penn.
Henry M. Broth-2620 Rockwood Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21215
Louis P. Rossi-1208 50th St., North Bergen, N. J.
Leo T. McMahon-8 No. Union St., Middletown, Penn. 17057
Sherod Collins, Jr.-625 Channing Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30318
Joe C. Matthews, Jr.-4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C. 27606
Douglas S. Coffey-41 Lowell Avenue, West Orange, N. J.
Harold J. Brummer-41 Georgia St., Cranford, N. J. 07016
Pete House-5662 Clifton Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 32211
Harry R. Shaw, Jr.-RFD 1, Box 398, Garland, Texas 75040
J. Russell Enlow--c/o Post Office, Taswell, Indiana
Tom Bickford-3 Sunnyside Terr. East Orange, N. J. 07018
John Shalhoub-4305 W. Maple Rd., Birmingham, Mich.

REUNION -- 1967
Good News for the swimmers! The pool will be on the 17th floor of the new Howard Johnson Motel in downtown, Detroit.
The Reunion will be July 20, 21, 22, and 23, 1967.
Save, for the Reunion!


     A mother, in the midst of a business discussion, expressed her keen disappointment at the unexplained and seemingly uncalled-for neglect exhibited by an only daughter.
     A son, unwilling to assume his own responsibilities, by questionable actions imposes upon his unsuspecting parents. A youth, in the mistaken belief that the world owes him a living, turns to thievery to obtain illegally from others those things for which he is unwilling to work.
One man betrays his employer by defalcation; another by neglecting to give a day's work for a day's pay.
     These incidents illustrate some failures prevalent in our society today. Others can be added to the list with little effort on our part.
     The remedies, for the ills may be legion; the cures may never be achieved. But efforts can be made; without doubt, they must be made, however feeble they may be at first.
     You and I, and all who are concerned, hold within our grasp the initial means to improve and strengthen our society. It would seem to be, simply, that each one of us be ready and eager to afford to everyone else the rights and privileges which each one of us wants for himself, to refrain from denying to others those rights and privileges which each one of us has, and then to assume his share in the efforts to produce a better world. "And this commandment we have from him, that he who loves God should love his brother also."-- I John 4:21
John T. Loveless, Jr.
106th Infantry Division Association

Fifteen years ago
     Dr. Madison H. Buckley, regimental surgeon of the 422nd, died on 14 July 1951 of injuries received in an auto accident 3 days earlier. He was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and separated from service at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky in 1946.
     For the year ending June 1951, the Association's income exceeded its expenses by $232.90. Costs of the Cub totaled about 85% of the year's total expenditure. The Memorial Fund balance was $1,677.02.
     The 1951 convention at the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh ended up with a finely arranged series of affairs and a net profit. Glenn Schnizlein was elected president for the coming year.

Ten years ago
     For the year ending June 1956, the Association's income exceeded its expenses by $384.34. The Memorial Fund balance is $3,145.08. Membership for the past year was 257, an increase of 45 over the previous year.
     Larry Gubow was elected president of the Association for the coming year, and John Gallagher was named CUB editor. Jim Wells has agreed to organize the 1957 convention in Savannah; he will have to go some to top the Atlantic City convention we just finished.

Five years ago
    The attendance was not up to par for the Fort Worth Convention, but that just means there are more people who will never know what they missed. Has there ever been a convention chairman like Ben Hagman?
Despite the small attendance, the 1961 convention showed a profit of $4.95.
    Elected as president for the coming year was Ben Hagman. Dick DeHeer added the job of treasurer to that of adjutant. Henry Broth was named vice president as well as convention chairman for next year.


1966-1967 DUES ARE DUE
Please save us time and expense
by mailing your remittance to:

Washington, D. C. 20515
May 28, 1966
Mr. Fred Schieferstein 385 Madison Hill Road Clark, New Jersey
Dear Mr. Schieferstein:
     A recent issue of the Elizabeth Daily Journal reported that you and some of your fellow volunteers at the Lyons Veterans Administration Hospital have received special awards for services to the hospital and its patients. I know I don't have to stress the importance of the contribution you have been making. Your long hours of generous and unselfish service demonstrate your awareness of and personal commitment to the highest ideals of humanity and patriotism. But I do want you to know that, as a public official who believes that our country owes a lasting debt of gratitude to those who have served in our armed forces and especially to those who have suffered injury or illness in the defense of our people, I am deeply grateful for all you are doing.
     As a small token of my personal appreciation, I am sending you herewith a copy of a booklet which provides much interesting information about the Capitol, together with a copy of my Capitol Guide and a pass to the gallery of the House of Representatives. I hope you will find this material worthwhile and I hope, too, that it may stimulate your interest in visiting Washington sometime soon, in which event I shall consider it a privilege to cooperate in every way to help make your visit as rewarding as possible. If you will give me a little advance notice of your trip, I shall be delighted to send you additional information and arrange reservations for you at certain places of special interest.
     In the meantime, please accept my congratulations on your award and my thanks for your unselfish service to veterans.
Most sincerely, (signed) Florence P. Dwyer Member of Congress
    Space will be made available in the December CUB for Christmas greetings to your friends. Plan now to send in a message with your check to pay for the space.


Dear Comrade:
     Enclosed find my check for my dues. Sony I couldn't make the Reunion in Indianapolis. I was with the 590th during the war. I am a pipefitter (construction). Please give my regards to all the boys.
Howard Brady, Waynesboro, Tenn.

Dear Comrade:
     Still living in Columbus, Ohio, and working at the Hin Stamp Co. My wife doesn't like conventions and I don't like to go alone, so I was unable to make the Reunion. I enjoy getting the CUB and the news that is in it, also hope the membership increases.
Forrest Hemming

Dear Mr. Collins
     Enclosed you will find a check for $20. This is for my dues, and my wife, Waneta's dues. Put whatever is left, on whatever it is needed for. My wife and I both enjoyed the Convention this year in Indianapolis.
Bernard Herbert

Dear Mr. Collins:
     Sorry to say that I was again unable to attend the Reunion this year but I'm still hoping to make one of them in the future. Glad to submit my dues. I trust that the coming year will bring an increase in membership so that the Association can continue to grow and do its works.
     We of the HQ & HQ Co. had a very nice reunion last year at Lou Russo's place but were not able to get another one organized this year.
Dick Bartz

     John Hungerford of Woodland Hills, Calif., is still an elementary school principal assigned to the Oakdale Avenue Elementary School in Canoga Park, Calif. This is one of the 425 Los Angeles City Schools.
"I have four children (8 through 15) and live in California. (I think the 106th could have a principals reunion.")

     Waldo Pierce is with the Stanley Tools Co. and has just completed 26 years with this fine company. His 22-year-old son Tom entered the Army in July 1965, and was sent to Viet Nam, July 1 with the Signal Corps. I certainly hope he has better luck than his old man did, but I imagine he will not be directly engaged in combat.
     "I must be slipping in my old age to pay the same bill twice! I wish to express my thanks to you for returning the payment. However, I consider it a privilege to be a member of the 106th Division Association and the $5 dues can go in the Memorial Fund, Scholarship Fund, or for any other worthy use your judgment suggests. Regards to all and keep the CUBS coming."

Dear Russ:
     Sorry I can't come to the Reunion this year. We lost one of our poppy dogs July 4th and have been looking ever since. No vacation until she is found. I am enclosing a check for $25 to cover dues and help with the Convention.
Fred Weisser, Manhasset, N. Y.

     "If anyone sees a gray with black tips on end of hair, face black, legs and paws underside very light gray, weight 26 Ibs, almost 14" high, is a Norwegian Elkhound. Some people think I look like a German Shepherd or police dog puppy. Please return to Fred Weisser, Jr."

Dear Cub Friends:
Sorry we missed the Reunion at Indianapolis -- likewise the picnic at Hershey, Pa. We will try next year!


     (Thank you General McMahon for your kind letter!) We had a reunion of our family on the Labor Day weekend. Our oldest son, now promoted to major, is now attending Ft. Belvoir Engineering School. Temporarily, he is stationed at Cape Kennedy. Our son Tim is finishing school at V.M.I.. Possibly both will have to go to Viet Nam. Our other son, Ron, is a high school teacher (math and science at New Oxford, Pa.)
     You old-timers (who thinks they are old ?) will remember our three sons at Columbia, S. C. and the youngest Tim, born at Columbia, S. C. (How tempus fugit!) Bill (Lt. Col. Ret.) is working at Ft. Detrick, Md. in engineering munitions development, (civilian capacity). All the news, fit to print, from the House of Manahan!
Betty and Bill

     Enclosed are dues for 1966. I belong to the Catholic War Veterans. My office is hospital chairman of our local post. I do volunteer work in the local veterans hospital, and just finished 300 hours of work doing two hours at a time. The Veterans Administration gave me a special award certificate and the Catholic War Veterans also gave me special award certificate, dinner, cuff links, and tie pin.
Will write more next time.
Fred Schiefersten

Hi Dick and Family:
     Well, vacation time is over and we are having a time trying to get back into the swing of things. I was sitting Isere watching the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees ball game on TV and you folks came to my mind. So thought that I would try and drop you a few lines. We were glad to see you folks again this year at the reunion. Also want to thank you for all that Marge and you have done for the Association. Also for staying on as editor of the CUB for another year. Hope to
Interior of mess hall with everyone plucking away At their chicken luncheon.
be able to supply you with more news this year.
     We feel that the reunion this year was a great success. Also feel each and everyone had a good time. Glad to be able to renew old acquaintances and make a lot of new ones. We knew that Russell had taken a lot on his shoulders, in fact, more than he had anticipated. Was glad to help him in any way we could. Each year I feel more as if this is one of the greatest Associations that a person can be a member of. Just one big happy family. I'm looking forward to next year's reunion in Detroit. Hope this finds you folks well and happy. As for all of us, we are fine. Our oldest son Bobbie is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. for his basic. Myron has joined the Navy and will leave the 8th of December for Great Lakes. This brings back a lot of memories.
Bob & Jean Pierce & Family

     I sincerely regret that I was unable to attend the recent convention in Indianapolis. I had definitely planned to be with all of you.
     I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the lovely card containing all the signatures of those in attendance. Believe me, it was wonderful therapy.
May God bless each and every one of you.
Gratefully, Father Day


BTRY. 592 F.A. BN. 1966
     There was some difference of opinion when the group gathered at Hershey Park, Penna., on Sunday, Sept. 4, as to whether this was the 13th or 14th annual gathering of the Battery members, families and guests. There was no question, however, that this was one of the largest reunions with 37 Redlegs and family members and 25 guests and their families.
     About 10 a.m., National President of the Association Lou Rossi phoned from his home in North Bergen, N. J. to inquire how the weather was around Hershey. When informed that it was quite cloudy and might rain, but that the reunion would be held rain or shine, he replied "We'll be there." And they were.
     A light rain started to fall about noon and continued intermittently the rest of the day, but it failed to dampen the enthusiasm. The kids spent their time in the amusement park trying out all the rides, while the grown-ups sat around the picnic tables, under cover, eating and drinking and spinning out the tall tales of 22 years ago.
     Tom and Alice Dorosky brought along a new 4-month-old grandson. Jim and Vi Malesky announced that they had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Four other couples have that silver event coming up before the end of the year. The gang was happy to greet Jim Malesky who has recently returned to work with West Penn Electric after an illness of nearly four months.
Attending from Service Battery:
    Jim and Vi Malesky, Greensburg, Pa. Emil and Ethel Solecki, daughters July and Lee, and niece and nephew Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carbin, all from Sparta, N. J.
Frank and Theresa Maloney, daughter Joan Marie and friend Rosann Whalen, from Philadelphia, Pa.
    Tom and Alice Dorosky and daughter Kathy; also daughter Alice and husband Steve Maceiko and their 4-month-old son, Steve; Flossi Mucha, sister of Alice Dorosky and husband Ed and son Chris, of Shavertown, Pa.
    Charles and Betty Lapham, daughter Kathleen and nieces Linda Porreca and Barbara Knecht, Lindenwold, N. J. Charlie and Daisy Walsh, Reed and Adrian Trail (Daisy's sister), Haddonfield, N. J.
Mike and Martha Sgrignoli, Camp Hill, Pa.
Tom and Mary Fox, son Larry and his friends Monte Tosten and Bill Martz, Greencastle, Pa.

    National President Lou Rossi, H-424, wife Linda, and children Maria, William and Stephen from North Bergen, N. J. Former National President Clayt Rarick, L-424, wife Mabel and daughter Sherry Lynn; his business partner, Grover Long and wife Thelma, from Blandon, Pa.
    National Chaplain John Loveless COGL, Hq. 422nd, wife Kay Loveless COMGL, daughter Kay and husband Ray Kemp and daughter Althea, Baltimore, Md.
    Former National President Henry Broth, 1-422, wife Eunice, daughter Rita Kay and nieces Lois and Toby Katz, Baltimore, Md.
    Leo and Wilda McMahon, Divarty, daughter Carol McNair and her friends Patricia Caulfield and John Thomas, Middletown, Penna.



21-24 July 1966
     Twenty years ago the new 106th Infantry Division Association, organized at Karlsruhe, Germany, in August, 1945 made plans to hold their first Reunion. Extracts from the announcement published on June 7, 1947 read as follows:
"Dear 106er:
     "It's all set-- the first Reunion of the Golden Lions. As you wanted, it's to be held in Indianapolis, July 14, 15, 16 " Then followed the program planned for the convention. The announcement closed with the following significant paragraph:
     "GET THIS STRAIGHT-- it costs $1,500 to send this letter to the 40,000 men of record-- vets of the 106th. As a consequence, this is the last you will ever receive. All correspondence in the future will be exclusively with those who answer this letter. You must act now or never .. .
     "As it stands now, we have no way of knowing whether 200 or 2,000 will show up We realize this letter is abrupt, definite and final, but there is no other way of handling it. ACT NOW OR FOREVER AFTER HOLD YOUR PEACE! This is the opportunity of a lifetime - don't fumble it!" Well, thousands did fumble it, because only something over 900 veterans of the Division came to Indianapolis for the first Reunion. It was the largest attendance we have had at any of the 20 Reunions. Fortunately, this number contained the nucleus of men and wives who, when added to at succeeding Reunions, became the hard core of the Association. It is this hard core with their devotion of time, talent and money that has kept the Association alive and healthy for 20 years. It is estimated that this group totals about 200 veterans, their wives and children. Tom Bickford, Div. Hq. Co. and his devoted wife Flo, from East Orange, N. J., are the only ones who have attended every reunion. This year the Association tried to honor him for this devotion by nominating him for vice President, but like General William Tecumseh Sherman when they tried to nominate him for President of the United States, Tom was equally emphatic in declining the honor. Tom and Flo are two of the finest members. The 20th Reunion got underway at the Continental Hotel, North Meridian St., Indianapolis on Thursday, July 21. A few members arrived that morning, including the Association President, Colonel Joseph Matthews, Ph.D., 422nd Inf. and his wife Anne, from Raleigh, N. C. When this correspondent rolled up in front of the Continental at 1 p.m., he had the honor of being greeted by President Matthews and Russell Enlow, D423, Postmaster at Taswell, Ind., and chairman of the Reunion Committee. Members continued to arrive during the afternoon. Among them was Mrs. John (Carol) Beals, who drove in from Iowa City where she is with the Extension Division of the University of Iowa. John and Carol were faithful members for many years until John passed away in January, 1966. Members are happy that Carol elected to continue her close ties with the Association. H. M. (Jim) Hatch, Div. Hq., his wife Helen, and Kathy, flew in from Minneapolis. When he found there was no swimming pool in the Continental, he went scouting, aided and abetted, no doubt, by teenage daughter Kathy. He found one in the Essex Hotel, a block away and moved over.
     There were 15 children, mostly teen-agers at the convention. Jim made arrangements at the Essex for them to swim in the pool. Thereafter it was the beachhead, for the duration, for the children. After about the first 5 years of Reunions, members started bringing their children and efforts are made at each Reunion to provide for their entertainment. From year to year at the annual get-together, members have observed these children grow from grammar school to high school age and enter college. One of these is Tex Matthews, son of the Association president, who flew in from North Carolina State College. Another is Kay H. Loveless, daughter of John (Hq. 422) and Kay Loveless of Baltimore, who was married during the year and arrived with her husband. The ladies got together on a wedding present and at the banquet on Saturday evening, Marge DeHeer, COMGL, presented them with a silver cake dish.
     For the past several years General Al and Alys Jones have been bringing three grandsons to the Reunions. This year they were down to one, because the other two (sons of Col. Al. Jones, Jr., 423) are old enough to work. Incidentally, their father joined us at Camp Atterbury and attended the banquet on Saturday night. Now he is in Korea commanding an infantry brigade.
At 8 p.m. Thursday evening about forty to sixty "early birds" gathered for talk and conviviality.
     At 9:45 a.m. Friday, July 22, the Board of Directors held a short meeting in order to be able to board the buses for a two-hour tour of the city, including the Speedway (the famous brickyard) and the Allison Division plant of General Motors Corporation.
    More members arrived during the morning and the dining room was crowded for the luncheon at 12:30 p.m. Additional tables had to be net up. President Matthews and Reunion chairman Russ Enlow outlined the activities


    for afternoon and evening. President Matthews asked how many were attending their first Reunion and about 20 hands were raised. At 6:45 p.m. members gathered for the cocktail hour followed by dinner at 7:30. After dinner Reunion chairman Russ Enlow introduced Hon. Richard L. Roudebus, Representative in Congress from the 6th District, Indiana, who gave an interesting talk that was well received by the group. Members remained in the dining room for a social evening which lasted till midnight.
     The highlight on Friday night was the presentation of The Order of the Golden Lion, Commander Class, to John T. Loveless, Jr., Hq. 422, and the Order of the Golden Lion, Companion Class, to Mrs. John T. (Kay) Loveless, Jr. The presentation was made in a very impressive ceremony by President Matthews. The Citations for these awards appear elsewhere in this issue of the CUB.
     World War Memorial Plaza occupies five city blocks in the center of Indianapolis. Shrine Building, the main edifice in this plaza, has an auditorium and rooms for patriotic meetings. On the south of the Shrine a flight of steps leads past a statute of "Pro Patria," one of the largest bronze castings ever made, to the entrance of the memorial hall which honors the American flag. It was in this appropriate setting that the Memorial service for our departed comrades was held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 23.
     As he does annually, our own Association Chaplain, John L. Loveless, Jr., Hq. 422 COGL, conducted a simple, moving and devout service. The Color Guard was provided by Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., outside Indianapolis. At this point it should be noted that there was a counter-attraction in Indianapolis on that Saturday. It was announced only a week earlier that President Johnson would be in Indianapolis to deliver an address on the Sesquicentennial anniversary of the state. He was scheduled to speak at 12 noon at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, two blocks south of our hotel on Meridian Street. A crowd was already gathering there when our group loaded into buses (some in private cars), and departed at 11 a.m., via a circuitous route to avoid the crowds, on the nostalgic journey back to Camp Atterbury. We drove down on Indiana Route 37, now a four-lane road. Upon arrival at Camp we were greeted by Colonel Harry F. Kinsella, TC, USA, Camp Commander, and his staff and were conducted to the old 106th Division area.
     When the buses halted and the people dismounted, some artillerymen recognized that they were on the road between the old 590th and 591st Field Artillery Battalion areas. In the 591st area one barracks had the sign MEN and another WOMEN; later some hilarious stories were told about the reactions of the ladies to the barracks latrines, which some of them were visiting for the first time. The buildings are not changed; they are the same as when we left them in October, 1944, to go overseas.
     Mess was served in one of the old battery mess halls of the 591st F.A. Bn. The Camp Commander had no troops available to serve us Army chow, but our efficient Reunion chairman, Russ Enlow, and his committee had arranged for the ladies of the Methodist Church in a nearby town to serve a buffet lunch. It was excellent, and it is regretted that the name of the church and the town was not taken down. The menu consisted of barbecued chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, bread and butter, iced tea and coffee.
     After mess the group reloaded the buses and the private cars and drove to the airstrip where some of the troops were giving exhibitions of parachuting from helicopters. From there the column proceeded through each of the old regimental areas. A stop was made in each area for veterans of the regiment to revisit his barracks and take pictures. If copies of only half the pictures taken on that trip are sent to our Editor, Dick DeHeer, this issue of the CUB would look like LIFE or LOOK. Upon the return to the Hotel Continental, the men assembled at 4 p.m. for the business meeting. A report on this meeting will be found elsewhere in this CUB.
     The banquet was held at 7:30 p.m., preceded by a cocktail hour with President Matthews presiding. He introduced each of the members and their wives attending a Reunion for the first time and there were about thirty.
     President Matthews then presented the new officers who had been elected at the business meeting in the afternoon. They are: President-- Louis P. Rossi, H424, North Bergen, N. J. Vice-President-- John Shalhoub, G-424, Detroit, Michigan
Treasurer-- Sherod Collins, Jr., Sy. 423, Atlanta, Georgia

Vice-President Shalhoub was also introduced and invited everybody to Detroit in July 20-23, 1967.
     After the banquet, dancing and conviviality was enjoyed until midnight. Sunday morning, July 24, a farewell breakfast had been scheduled from 9 to 10:30 a.m. However, so many wished to get away early that the hour was advanced. It was served buffet style and was very enjoyable. The group broke up, vowing to reassemble at Detroit on or about the same dates in July, 1967.


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