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Vol. 18, No. 2, Oct., 1961

President Ben Hagman
Vice President Henry Broth
Adjutant and Treasurer Richard DeHeer
Chaplain John Loveless
     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is 15.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB. Editor -Wayne Black The CUB is printed by --
The Morris Printing Co., Waterloo, Iowa
All editorial matter should be addressed to: Wayne Black, 806 Williston Ave., Waterloo, Iowa
All business matters, renewals of memberships, etc., should be addressed to:
Richard DeHeer, 19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, New Jersey
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained when available for $1.00 each. Send orders to the adjutant.

     We hope that where ever there are four or five members or more located in one city, they will plan some kind of get-together on December 16th, and that one of the participants will take on the responsibility of reporting to the Cub the activities and the names of those that attended.
     Since our Reunion, I have had a great number of compliments on the appearance and conduct of all the members that attended. Note to Mae Dean and Jim Wells, the man that was thrown from the bull was not hurt seriously. He just had the wind knocked out of him.
     Old Whit, the bartender, said we were the nicest bunch he ever waited on, and any time he would bartend or serve them again for nothing.
     The Company C of the 49th Armored Division was mobilized last Sunday and moved out of this vicinity to Fort Polk, and we threw a big banquet for them. It was reminiscent of the mobilization of the Stith in November 1940, for a year's duration, but from which many of us did not get back to civilian status until 1946.
     I understand that Chaplain Loveless procured the remaining volumes of St. Vith - Lion in the Way, and that they are available for purchase.
     Wayne Black informed me that he had to cut and not use a great portion of my first letter for this column, I will close reminding you that all us should make plans now to meet in Annapolis in 1962.

Dedication Set for Spring 1962
    A flag which has flown over the U. S. Capitol at Washington, D. C. has been forwarded to St. Vith and is now being flown over the 106th Division Association Memorial there. Through the courtesy of the Honorable Hugh J. Addonizio, Member of Congress for the Eleventh District of New Jersey, and by arrangements he made with J. George Stewart, Architect


    of the Capitol, a flog flown over the Capitol was forwarded to Memorials Chairman Doug Coffey and early in September was sent by him to the director of the College Patronee at St. Vith for display on the Memorial.
     Chairman Coffey has now laid plans to proceed to Europe in the Spring -if Europe is still there - and hold dedication services at that time. Only a worsening of the international situation will interfere with these plans. It is hoped that more definite information including a date for the ceremonies will be available in the CUB in the near future.
     We regret that we cannot reproduce in color the photos, which would show the colors of the U. S. and Belgian flags on the tower.

    The ninth annual reunion of Service Battery 592d FA Bn. initiated by Emil Solecki and Tom Dorosky was held at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania on Sunday 3 September. In addition to reminiscing and reviving old friendships, the group helped to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary of Tom and Alice Dorosky and the 12th wedding anniversary of Michael and Martha Sgrignoli. These folks have watched their children grow up from year to year.
    Emil and Ethel Solicki announced that their oldest daughter, Judy Solicki, would enter Eastern Kentucky State College, Richmond, Kentucky, the following week.
Those attending from the Battery were:
Jim and Violet Malesky and son, Greensburg, Pa.;
Tom and Mary Fox, two children and guests, Greencastle, Pa.;
Tom and Alice Dorosky and three children, Shavertown, Pa.;
Charlie and Daisy Welsh, Haddonfield, N. J.;
Charlie and Sherry Schoch and one son, Oak Harbor, Ohio ;
Frank and Esther Rowland, Warren Ohio;
Emil and Ethel Solecki and two children, Lake Mohawk, Sparta, N. J.
    This was the first get-together that Frank and Theresa Maloney and their two children of Philadelphia have missed. Frank was ill.
Among non-members who were granted the privileges of the picnic were:
Past National President Clayton and Mabel Rarick and son (424), Blandon, Pa.
Vice-President Henry and Eunice Broth and two children, (422), Baltimore, Maryland
Chaplain John and Kay Loveless and two daughters, (422), Baltimore, Maryland
Former CUB Editor John and Stella Gallagher and two children, (81 Engr), Temple, Pa.;
Reed and Adrian Trail (she is a sister of Daisy Walsh), Haddonfield, N. J.;
    Richard and Ella Sorkin and four children, White Plains, N. Y. He was with Btry A, 592 and also served as Divarty Mess Officer. He is a new member of the Association. Also attending were Divarty Commander Leo and Wilda McMahon and one child, Middletown, Pa.
    Vice-President Broth and Chaplain Loveless were busy promoting the 1962 Division Reunion which will be held at Annapolis, Maryland and its Naval Academy the last week in July.
Our sympathies to Dick DeHeer whose brother, John, passed away on 11 October in East Orange Veterans Hospital.


Five Daughters Survive
     The CUB has received from Osseo, Wisconsin the tragic news that former Division and Association member Ernest A. Yarnell, his wife, Fern Yarnell, and three sons, William Yarnell, 9, Jeffery Yarnell, 8, and Ronald Yarnell, 5, were killed Saturday 19 August when their pickup truck crashed into the side of a train near Menomonie.
     Surviving are five daughters, Barbara Yarnell, 17, Fay Yarnell, 12, Vicki Yarnell, 10, Pam Yarnell, 3, and Lori Yarnell, 2. The girls are residing with Ernie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Yarnell, RFD 2, Osseo, Wisconsin. Ernie was the oldest son of a family of nine living children. He had been employed since his return from service (continued next page)

Vicki is 10 and Pam 3. All these pictures have been taken this fall
Barbara, 17, is now a senior in Osseo High School
Pam, 3, and Lori, 2. Lori had not yet been born when the family picture was taken


    at the U. S. Rubber Company plant at Eau Claire. Funeral services were held at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church near Foster, Wisconsin.
     The picture at the beginning of this story was taken about 2 ½ years ago, before the birth of Lori. Following are four pictures which have been taken this autumn of the surviving girls. We are sure some of our members will want to remember these girls with Christmas greetings, and that all will remember them in their prayers.

The annual DeHeer picnic was held Sunday 20 August. For AWJ, we will list the names of those attending, first:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Anderson;
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bickford and sister Christ ;
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thoma, 2 daughters and 1 son ;
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Coffey and 3 daughters (Gray, you should see them!) ;
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brumagin ;
Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Rourke and 2 daughters;
Mr. and Mrs. E. Plenge;
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Rossi, 1 daughter, 3 sons, and 6 neighbors;
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scranton, 1 daughter and 1 son ;
Mr. H. Warner and 2 sons;
Mr. and Mrs. H. Watt, 1 daughter and 1 son ;
Mr. and Mrs. Dick DeHeer and 1 son.
     The young people rode the tractor with a cart on the back or went in a row boat in the brook. The men all tried their hands at baseball and horseshoes. The ladies gabbed.
     The highlight of the day happened after most of the folks had left. Dick went down to get the boat and pull it up close to the house. He got in the boat to step out the other side and fell over, head first in the brook. He looked like a wet rag with squashy shoes and all. This is the hard way of getting rid of a big head from too much 106'ers. You can now believe the Eveready battery ads. The flashlight worked perfectly under water.

    Fred Schieferstein and George Thoma are co-chairmen in charge of arrangements for the December 16th Anniversary dinner for all persons interested. The dinner will be held at Ye Old Log Cabin, Raritan Road, Clark, New Jersey. All persons interested should contact one of these two members. Clark is only a half hour's ride on The Garden State Parkway from the metropolitan area (Exit 135).

     H. E. Mansfield, Jr. (A 424) is an employee of the J. C. Penney Co. in Athens, Georgia. He was a PW from 17 December '44 until 14 April '45. Sherod Collins, Jr. enrolled him as a member while attending the University of Georgia.
     Neil K. Farrell (422) is a captain in the Regular Army, being assigned to Hq and Hq Co, Fort George C. Meade, Maryland. He was with 422 from April 44 until captured in December.
     Stewart Stern reports in from Los Angeles to say that ne is still writing movies, and has been spending the summer in Bangkok, Thailand in connection with the filming of "The Ugly American." He still has hopes of one day owning his own dairy farm. He writes that Paul Gilliam is a photographer in Los Angeles specializing in custom presentations for industry and fishing trips to the Colorado River;
     Jim Sramek is working for a bakery company in Chicago and has six children all as good looking as he; and that Carl Weinschenk is working for an insurance company in New Jersey, where he won a trip to Paris on a television show. Stewart would like to get in touch with August Macaluso once more.
     Al Gericke (D 423) writes that he took several pictures of the Memorial at St. Vith in October 1960 which we hope he will forward copies of for


publication. He writes that he is disappointed in the Memorial.
     Ben Briles (G 423) writes from his ranch at Arvada, Wyoming that attempting to find enough hay for his stock prevented him from coming to Fort Worth. He purchased the Grand Champion bull at the Johnson County Hereford sale this spring (for the third straight year) for $1450.00. That's a lot of bull, even for the 106th. He and his father have cut down their operations to only 14,000 acres. He is hoping to make it to Annapolis.
     Arthur Jebens (F 422) has been director of Management Research, in the Office of the Secretary of the Interior for a number of years. He has three children, 11, 7, and 3. He is hoping to be in Annapolis in 1962 to relive memories of Camp Atterbury, Halle, and Belgium. His kind words about the CUB are much appreciated.
     Gilbert Marcus (Pers 0 423) writes that he recently saw Col. Max Roderick in Chicago, while the latter was at Fifth Army Hq awaiting his retirement. Col. Roderick was Divisional G-1.
     O. Paul Merz (Sv 422) writes that his mother and brother, a lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, visited the 106th Memorial at St. Vith on Memorial Day and were disappointed to find that the ceremony had been postponed. They had a visit in St. Vith with the head of the College where the Memorial is located.
     Florian Frank (Sv 591) writes that for the past twelve years he has been the owner and operator of the Biglow Cheese and Butter Co. He manufactures 3000 pounds of American cheese and 1000 pounds of butter daily. He and his wife have eight children ranging in age from 14 to 24.
     John T. Loveless, Jr. (R Hq 422), our chaplain, in July completed 36 years service with the Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust Company, He has been a Trust Service Officer for some years and in February relinquished part of his duties to become Training Director of the company. He is also on the faculty of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Banking, teaching the courses "Trust Department Services" and "Trust Department Organization."
     Harry Hicks (A 590, IV B) has rejoined the Association after his wife found a copy of an old CUB while housecleaning. He is postmaster at New Haven, Kentucky.
     Henry Freedman (R Hq 422) has been in Atlanta the past fifteen years and is now employed by Rich's, the South's largest department store, as a radio, TV, and stereo buyer. Hank has a wife and two fine sons, 6 and 3. He recommends the John Toland book "Battle, the Story of the Bulge" to all who want to relive those dark days. Waldo Pierce (F 4221 is still with the Industrial Engineering Department of Stanley Tools. He writes that he has been recently corresponding with John Carr whom he hasn't seen since Stalag IX B.
     Glenn Schnizlein (F 423) writes that Rosemary and he were expecting their eighth child about the end of July. Kay, John, David, Paul, Bruce, Brian, and Ray were all eager for a new sister. Let us know the score, Glenn.
     Sam Cariano (Div Ha) is still Chief of Administrative Services, AG Office, Hq 2d Army, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. He is hoping to be stationed there for another year, so that he can be in Annapolis in 1962.
     On the way home from Fort Worth, Dick DeHeer (K 424) and family toured New Orleans, visited the Austin Byrds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and visited a niece of Marge's on a farm near Lexington, Illinois, Fred Schieferstein (A 424) and Charlotte have purchased a new home at 431 Madison Hill Road, Clark, New Jersey.
Tom Riggs (81 Engr) is a corporate Vice President of Textron, Inc., in


    charge of six or seven of their divisions, including one in Augusta, Ga. On one trip there recently he ran into Jim Wells. Tom and Ginnie have two children at University of Illinois, one at Pembroke, and one at Harvard, as well as four smaller children in private schools.
     Maj. Gen. Bill Baker (Div Hq) is now Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, U. S. Army, Europe with headquarters at Heidelberg, Germany.
     The Bob Scrantons (K 424) toured Canada and the New England states and stopped in for a visit with the DeHeers before returning to Michigan.
     Herb Livesey (Div Hq) was in Europe during the summer and visited St. Vith. He sent along some pictures which we shall include in our next issue.
     Charles H. Mangold (Sv 592) is R. chaplain (Captain) with Combat Command A, 50th Armored Division, New Jersey National Guard. He is pastor of Wilkey Memorial Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.
     Leo McMahon (Div Arty) visited Colonel Malin Craig and family at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In September the General had a reunion with Maj. Gen. Bill Baker in Washington who had flown in from Germany, and later had as guests Alan W. Jones, Jr. (423) and Mrs. Jones and also Mr. and Mrs. John Warren, Jr., Div Arty. Gene Gore (Div Hq, 589) has suffered a heart attack and would enjoy hearing from some of the members.
     Cliff Perras (H 424), our former National President, was unable to attend the Fort Worth convention because of his efforts to attend another convention, the Michigan State Constitutional Convention which opened in Lansing on 3 October. He was successful in his bid for a seat at the convention defeating his opponent by a margin of 3,458 to 2,056. The fact that Cliff is as highly respected by his neighbors as he is by all of us is shown by his margin in his home town, 305 to 51. In the Constitutional Convention, Cliff has been working with such nationally known figures as John Hannah, president of Michigan State University, and George Remmey, president of American Motors Corporation, to design a new constitution for the state of Michigan. Cliff writes that he has been spending most of his time in Lansing with his weekends at home. He hopes to get in some deer hunting.

     The following letter has been sent out by Membership Chairman Joe Matthews to prospective members and former members in an effort to help our organization to grow.

Dear Veteran of the 106th:
     Ever since 1945, your 106th Division Association has constituted a means of recalling some significant events of your service, a clearing house for a variety of worthwhile projects and information, and for renewal of contacts with old friends made under unforgettable circumstances. The annual convention chairmen, the CUB editors, the elected officers and their ladies have worked long and hard.

    John Loveless has located a supply of about sixty copies of the history of the 106th Division by Colonel Ernest R. Dupuy, "Lion In The Way." As a service to the members of the Association, he will sell them at $3.00 postpaid, with a limit of one copy to any one member. Send your name and address to John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Road, Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Maryland along with a check or money order for $3.00, payable to him. We would suggest that you act at once. When these sixty copies are gone, there will be no more available from any source.


     We told you that the Fort Worth convention was a big affair. It was so big, in fact, that we couldn't get all the news and pictures in one issue of the CUB. We have had to carry over until this issue the news and coverage of the style show that was held for the ladies during the men's business meeting.
We picture here five of the lovely young ladies and six of the styles narrated


    by Nellie Jo Diamond of Weatherford, Texas, If your editor had realized that this was going on, there would probably not have been so complete a report in the last issue of the business meeting and more about this event.
     The models are: upper left, Virginia Lynch; lower left, Juda Bodiford; upper right, Jo Norton; lower right, Virginia Lynch; and below, , Mary Murrow and Bunny Anderson.


     Attendance at a reunion can be remembered as a real event, and membership in the Association brings regular news and many items of interest. The convention this year at Fort Worth was a big success, Texas style. So big and so pleasant in fact, that, yours truly had little excuse for helping push a drive to expand our membership. However, a membership campaign is a real working job, too big for any individual or committee to handle it all, and we want to get everybody into the act, if possible. Will you help?
Here's what we ask, and it isn't much:
     First, take a good look at the CUB (we are enclosing a copy with each letter as long as they last). Then send in your membership dues, if you haven't already done so. (In case you didn't get a printed application form, send five dollars to Secretary Richard DeHeer, 19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, New Jersey. Two dollars for ladies auxiliary membership).
     Next and last, whether you join or not, please help us pass this along in chain letter fashion. Take this letter, the unused application forms and the CUB (if you will part with it) and send them to somebody you knew in the 106th Division, preferably someone you think is interested. Stick a one-line note on it, or write a letter, but please send it along! It will cost you only a few minutes of your time plus one postage stamp. Help keep the ball rolling! Help us grow!
That's all for now! Join and start reading the CUB regularly! It's well worth your while.
Sincerely, Joe Matthews,
Membership Committee Chmn.


     Recently, in looking at my calendar for November, I was struck by the fact that in that month we, in the United States, observe not one but two national days. Until this year, I did not consider much of a relationship between them.
    With the increased world tension, heightened to explosive pitch accompanied by explosive acts, the celebration of Veterans Day scorns to be somewhat of a mockery. The lofty ideals for which our fathers fought and died certainly have faded with the events of World War II, Korea and all those other areas where man wars not only against his neighbor but also against his brother.
    Then less than two weeks later, the dawn of Thanksgiving brings us to a day when each of us still can give thanks to his Creator according to his faith and custom. Our blessings are innumerable with few exceptions none of us need be without food or shelter; the opportunities for education and advancement are opening for all, how be it in some instances very slowly; we can live in peace with our neighbors; we can speak freely and worship as we think right. The list is almost endless.
    Perhaps, we should not limit our thanks and appreciation to our Creator to just one great day, but rather extend the period throughout the whole year. Who knows but that extension would bridge the gap between the two days and our lives would be so enriched that we could be a part, even tho small, in bringing about peace on earth to men of good will!
"We give thanks to thee, O God; we


give thanks; we call on thy name and recount thy wondrous deeds."
-Psalm 75:1.
John T. Loveless, Jr.
106th Infantry Div. Ass'n

by AWJ
     Political columns containing an analysis of current news, views and other types of propaganda and gossip, usually start in a conservative fashion with the expression "As these words are being written" and end with the statement "Of course the foregoing will be denied by the Administration. 'Anything written between these protective ends is considered safe from counterattack. Especially in writing from President Kennedy's Washington, for a column to be published six weeks later, one must walk with great care or run the risk of appearing more foolish than usual. A study of the output of the local based battalion of Mimeograph Marauders depicts clearly the atrocities perpetrated on noncombatants. This violation of human rights seems to be a matter for the World Court, but, as someone has said, the will to resist is probably so low that the victims would not wish recourse to The Hague unless it was on the bottle twice. So in self defense we shall write of national matters of a more enduring quality, and with no fear of an upset.
     Just completed locally is a magnificent new stadium, one of the most completely instrumented in America, and presently the home of the Redskins, who are working hard on a thirteen game losing streak. One proposal to rescue our heroes calls for lowering the push button controlled goal post retractors, used for the change from professional to college games, just as the opposition attempts a field goal.
     This team will be followed next spring by Pete Quesada's Senators, who this year broke one-half of a world's record by gaining a tie for the newly established tenth place.
     As we take our departure from one of these predetermined athletic exhibitions, we will be guided from the spacious parking lot (nine thousand cars) by members of one of the more than thirty separate police forces operating in the District of Columbia which, incidentally, maintains one of the highest crime rates among cities of the same size. Or, if we wish, we may travel on a bus of the transit company, wholly owned subsidiary of the Caribbean Airways. We finally step from the bus and enter a saloon, seat ourselves in a chair at a table and order a quick one. Why do we sit at a table? Because the law states that nowhere in any of the twenty-seven postal zones, except in the twenty-fifth, may one drink standing up. In the twenty-fifth, one may not drink at all. These aberrations occur, naturally, in a community whose board of aldermen consists of The Congress, and where the veto can be exercised by six individuals - more even than Nikita hopes to acquire in the UN.
    Meanwhile, back at the political scene we find ourselves, at the time these words are being written, witness to the unfolding of an unprecedented world-wide drama which has reached the stage of an international test of will and we wait to see what the world will be like for our children and for theirs.
BAG LUNCH wishes for all of you that decency and reason will emerge and will thrive during the New Year.


     We should like to call our reader's attention especially to the letter in this issue from Col. Joe Matthews concerning our recruiting efforts. While this letter has been sent out to non-members and to non-renewing members only at present, we believe that it should be digested and acted upon by every one of us. We are sure that there is not one member of this organization who has ever put forth all the effort he could have in persuading friends of the worth of this organization. If you have ever thought, "I should write to so and so and ask him to join up" and then failed to do it, you are guilty as charged. (We: Guilty). How about this time, just this one time, getting right at it. We know you are anxious to read the rest of this CUB, but it will keep. Maybe your good intentions won't. Get a note off to that foxhole buddy (or Tennessee maneuvers buddy) right now.
     It might be helpful for the membership if we were to give them some idea of the time limits involved in getting an issue of the CUB to them, from the time information is first made available to the editor until it is in your hands. To use the present issue as an example, the Editor started typing articles for the CUB about the tenth of October. He also sent requests to regular correspondents asking that their material be in his hands by 25 October. As that material starts coming in, it is collated with what the Editor already has made up and a rough draft of the CUB is set up - number of pages, page arrangement, and so an. By about 3 November, the material will be ready for delivery to the printer. He then starts setting type and will have proofs ready for checking about a week after that. In some cases. it may be necessary to read proofs several times or to make last minute corrections so that the final go ahead for printing will be given him perhaps by 17 November. That painstaking job is done in about a week, so the copies will be ready for shipment by parcel post to the adjutant on about 25 November. By the time it reaches him and envelopes are addressed and the individual CUBS placed in them, another couple of weeks will have passed. You will then receive your CUB about two months after the editor started work on it.
    Any material which reaches the editor after about 25 October will be held over for the next issue. In some cases of course, material which need not reach the membership at a certain date may be held over so that the size of the CUB from issue to issue may be more nearly equal.

Max B. Allen (A 423), 9262 Paints Drive, Bellevue, Washington
Maj. Gen. William C. Baker (Div Hq), HQ USAREUR, APO 403, New York, New York
Richard E. Barrz, 216 Rustic Avenue, Pittsburgh 10, Pennsylvania
John D. Beals (A 422), 217 East Davenport St., Iowa City, Iowa
Roger W. Bell (Hq 589), Box 56, Hanover, Illinois
Thomas Bickford (Div Hq), 3 Sunnyside Terrace, East Orange, N. J.
A. G. Bishop (L 424), 1407 Inglewood Court, Falls Church, Virginia
T. Wayne Black (R Hq 422), 306 Williston Ave., Waterloo, Iowa
Ben R. Briles (G 423), Arvada, Wyoming
Henry M. Broth (I 422), 2628 Rockwood Ave., Baltimore 15, Md.
Jack Bryant (R Hq 422), 14011 Nadine Ave., Oak Park 37, Michigan
Arthur C. Buckley (Div Hq), 24 Atkips Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts


Austin L. Byrd, Jr. (A 589), 502 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md.
David C. Brumhagin (81 Engr), S-115 Westview Ave., Paramus, N. J.
Leonard J. Butterbough (423), 900 Franklin Ave., Box 1166, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Bernard Caplan (Sv 592), 2524 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Md.
Lt. Col. S. P. Cariano (Div Hq), AG Sec, Hq 2d Army, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland
Bartholomew E. Carrillo (Med Det 424), 148 Coeyman Ave., Nutley 10, New Jersey
Col. Charles C. Cavender (423), 1402 Deborah Dr., Santa Ana, Calif.
J. Edward Collier (H 424), 5278 Collingwood, Memphis, Tennessee
Ernest W. Conklin (Sv 589), 226 N. Phelps St., Youngstown, Ohio
Dr. Michael E. Connelly (589), Medical Arts Bldg., 32 Jefferson Ave., Sharon, Pennsylvania
Milton M. Connor (B 592), 206 North Pecan St., Arlington, Texas
Christopher T. Clark (R Hq 423), 518 South Main St., Niles, Ohio
Dr. James I. Clark (590, 592), Fennville 1, Michigan
Robert M. Courtwright (Div Hq), 35 Walnut St., Ashville, Ohio
Joe F. Cucarola (B 422), Route 2, Sterling, Colorado
Rev. J. B. Day (Div Hq), St. Cabrini's Church, 1020 N. Milton Avenue, Springfield, Illinois
Joseph A. DeChiara, 205 Etna Street, Brooklyn 8, New York
Richard DeHeer (K 424), 19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, New Jersey
Martin M. Dolitsky, 37 Summit Ave., Port Chester, New York
Dr. Joseph F. Dreier (Div Arty), 250 South River St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Eunice & Henry Broth & Family
Mrs. Anna E. Dulebohn, 1827 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Mahlon O. Earle, Jr. (D 424), 23 Morgan Place, North Arlington, N. J.
Harris T. Fant (R Hq 422), 410 East River St., Anderson, S. C.
John J. Fischer, Jr. (Sv 422), 6504 Crest Ridge Circle, Cincinnati 13, Ohio.
H. A. Fleming (A 590), 99 Terrace Ave., Jersey City 7, New Jersey
D. B. Frampton, Jr. (Cn 422), 170 N. Roosevelt Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Frampton, Sr., Broadwin Apts., 1312 East Broad St., Columbus 5, Ohio
Florian R. Frank (591), Avoca, Wisc.
Jerome L. Frankel (3 Bn Hq 423), 777 Foster Ave., Brooklyn 30, N. Y.
Richard A. Frankini (2 Bn 424), 36124 Paddleford Rd., Farmington, Mich.
Henry E. Freedman (R Hq 422), 2241A Lindmont Circle N. E., Atlanta 5, Georgia
John I. Gallagher (81 Engr), 4003 Frances St., Temple, Pennsylvania
Alfred J. Gericke, Jr. (D 423), R.F.D. No. 4, Box 37, Medina., Ohio
John M. Gillespie (C 422), 19807 Murray Hill, Detroit 35, Michigan
Robert A. Gilmartin (H 424), 3320 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn 3, N. Y.
Bruce F. Glen (Div Hq), 10 Ferry Rd., Morrisville, Pennsylvania
E. M. Gore (Div Hq, 589), 5505 West Crest Drive, Fort Worth 15, Texas
Larry Gubow (Sv 423), 20100 Braile, Detroit 19, Michigan
Ben J. Hagman (Div Arty), 128 Dallas Ave., Weatherford, Texas
Gary Hagman, 122 B Academy, Austin, Texas
Larry Hagman, 159 West 49th Street, New York City, New York
Harold V. Hardoin (K 424), 11691 Road, Detroit 24, Michigan.


Abner T. Harris (H 424), 216 Weal Jackson Blvd., Chicago 6, 'Illinois
H. M. (Jim) Hatch (Div Hq, 422) 5609 Fifteenth Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Byron P. Heath (106 MF), 2729 Mon tezuma Ave., Alhambra, Calif.
Bernard Herbert (QM), 483 South Rochester Ave., Indianapolis 41, Indiana
Harry Hicks (A 590), New Haven, Ky
George G. Iwamoto (Div Hq), 1673 Kilauea Ave., Hilo, Hawaii
Arthur B. Jebens (F 422), 5437 Mohican Rd., Washington 16, D. C.
Vance S. Jennings (106 Sig), 2308 N. Lorraine, Wichita 19. Kansas
Robert D. Jessee (M424), 2186 Fourteenth Ave., San Francisco 16, Cal.
William Johnson (K 424), 1112 Savannah St. S. E., Washington 20, D. C.
Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones (Div Hq), 3532 Quebec St. N. W., Washington 16, D. C.
Lt. Col. Alan W. Jones, Jr. (423), 3532 Quebec St. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C.
Charles J. Kalal (C 424), 260 Vamp shire Lane, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Robert E. Kelly (Sv 423), 846 Lakepointe, Grosse Point 30, Michigan
Don W. Kersteiner (R Hq 424), 645 Emerson Ave., Hamilton, Ohio
Joseph A. Kersten (G 423), 162 Doer-stein St., Buffalo 10, New York
Irving W. Kessler (106 Sig), 31 Larkspur Road, Levittown, Pa.
James R. Klett (Div Hq), 1054 Cornwall Road, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Joseph Krafchik (331 Med), 349 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J.
W. R. Lamb (591 FA), 3009 Spurgeon St., Fort Worth 15, Texas
Elmer F. Lange (H 422), Box 203, Sac City, Iowa
Vernon Lee (C 591), 145 Riverside Northeast, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Samuel Leibowitz (R Hq 424), 645 E. Fifth St., Brooklyn 18, New York
Louis S. LeTellier, Jr. (81 Engr), 7019 Altama Rd., Jacksonville 11. Fla.
Dr. Zack I. Lifchez (331 Med), 1525 E. 53rd St., Chicago 15, Illinois
Joseph Litvin (D 423), 1959 Wes s, 185th St., Torrance, California
Oliver A. Lothrop, Jr. (B 423), 408 Terrace Way, Towson 4, Maryland
John T. Loveless, Jr. (R Hq 422), 2549 Pickwick Road, Dickeyville, Baltimore 7, Maryland
William T. Manahan (806 Ord), Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania
H. E. Mansfield, Jr. (A 424), 186 Combs St., Athens, Georgia
Gilbert Marcus (Sv 423), 7007 Cregier Ave., Chicago 49, Illinois
Lt. Col. J. C. Matthews, Jr. (R Hq 422), 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, North Carolina
Roger A. May (Div Hq), 3938 Deyo Ave., Brookfield, Illinois
O. Paul Merz (Sv 422), Jackson St., Vevay, Indiana
Mrs. Nobia V. Miller, Melbourne, Ark.
Douglas Morgan (G 424), 6101 Sharon Road, Fort Worth, Texas
Rev. Ronald A. Mosley (Div Arty 424), 37 Hancock St., Bar Harbor._ Maine
W. Lyle Mowlds (Div Hq), 896 South State St., Dover, Delaware
Lt. Col. Henry H. McKee (R Hq 422), 8th Helicopter Transport Bn, APO 112, New York, New York
Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon (Div Arty), 8 North Union St., Middletown, Pennsylvania
Dr. Irwin Neigus (331 Med), 1705 Caton Ave., Brooklyn 26, N. Y.
Alfred S. Nusbaum (R Hq 423), 300 E. 46th St., Apt. 16C, New York 17, New York
Patrick J. O'Rourke (K 424), 2440 Sedgwick Ave., New York 68, N. Y.
Brig. Gen. Herbert T. Perrin (Div Hq), Box 294, Gambier, Ohio
Herman L. Philipson, Jr. (H 423), 10614 Royal Springs Dr., Dallas 29, Texas
Robert W. Pierce (81 Engr), 474 Federal St. N. W., Warren, Ohio
Waldo B. Pierce (F 422), 530 East St., New Britain, Connecticut


Clayton F. Rarick (L 424), Box 25, Blandon, Pennsylvania
Dean T. Redmond (422), 116 Kelly St., Statesville, North Carolina
Raymond J. Reed (Cn 423), 629 River Road, New Milford, New Jersey
Thomas J. Riggs, Jr. (81 Engr), 44 Orchard -Ave., Providence 6, R. I.
Louis P. Rossi (H 424), 1208 Fiftieth St., North Bergen, New Jersey
Nathan M. Roth (B 592), 152 Wear 42nd St., New York 36, N. Y.
Marvin H. Rusch (Div Hq), 4446 N. 76th St., Milwaukee 18, Wisconsin
Robert E. Rutt (R Hq 422), 937 Lamp-wick Court, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
John J. Scalissi (H 424), 1706 Regent St., Madison, Wisconsin
Fred Schieferstein (A 424), 431 Madison Hill Rd., Clark, New Jersey
J. Glenn Schnizlein (F 423), 1460 N. Webster St., Naperville, Illinois
Earl A. Scott (589), 6914 Monument Ave., Richmond 26, Virginia
Robert L. Scranton (K 424), 9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Michigan
J. J. Searcy, Jr., 153 North Hanley Road, Clayton 5, Missouri
Fred A. Sebastinelli (Div Hq), 184 Avila St., San Francisco 23, Calif.
H. Robert Shaw (C 424), RFD No. 1, Box 398, Garland, Texas
Joseph J. Siska (424), 10639 Hoxie Ave., Chicago 17, Illinois
Chester Smith (R Hq 423), 645 Forest Lane, Hurst, Texas
Emil Solecki (Sv 592), 98 Woodport Road, Sparta, New Jersey
Howard Sorkin (A 592), 14 Sound. view Ave., White Plains, N. Y.
Loren E. Souers, Jr. (424, 81 Engr), 1200 Harter Bank Bldg., Canton 2, Ohio
Norman S. Spayd (H 423, F 424), 1518 Schuykill Ave., Reading Pa.
G. W. Stephens (H 424), 3210 Keaton Ave., Box 21, Tyler, Texas
Stewart Stern, 8491 Harold Way, Los Angeles 46, California
Robert P. Stout (Div Hq), 248 Monterey Ave., Pelham, New York
Charles J. Swider (Div Hq), 118 So. 17th St., Pittsburgh 3, Pa.
Lee B. Taylor (Q 424), Box 629, Anderson, South Carolina.
Howard Terrio (K 424), 4429 Briar-wood Rd., Columbia, S. C.
Harrison C. Tissot (C 422), 6724 Merwin Ave., Cincinnati 27, Ohio
Andrew B. Wallace (B 590), Soldiers Home, Quincy, Illinois
Clarence E. Warren (A 81 Engr), 111 Goodrich St., Kewanee, Illinois
John Warren, Jr. (Div Arty), 11 Grant Place, Red Bank, N. J.
Howard Watt (424), 100 Roosevelt Ave., Ridgefield Park, N. J.
James E. Wells (81 Engr), Hepzibah, Georgia
Lawrence H. Westphal (Div Arty), Box 72, Wycoff, Minnesota
Donald J. Woodburn (K 423), 970 Thomas Ave., Saint Paul 4, Minn.
Seymour H. Zorn (106 Sig), 301 East 62nd St., New York 21, N. Y.
Jack Zuckerman (C 423), 161-04 Jewell Ave., Flushing 65, N. Y.

    Your friends will never know what a fine organization we have unless you tell them. Every Christmas card to a wartime buddy should include a note asking him to join the Association.
    Send in your contribution now to the Memorial Fund. A building as impressive as the one on our cover deserves a fine dedication ceremony.


    Of course, we know now that the convention in Fort Worth was the Fifteenth for our organization, not the Sixteenth as we referred to it in our last issue. Likewise, the one coming up in Annapolis will be the Sixteenth, not the Seventeenth. A corrected copy of the advance notice appears below. We would like to thank all the friends who noticed our error and were kind enough not to call our attention to it; we would also like to thank those who didn't notice it since they would probably have written us a letter about it
JULY 26th to 29th, 1962
IN '62"


    The following article is intended for publication in your local paper on 16 December as publicity for the 106th Division Association. Will you help the Association by clipping along the dotted line and submitting it to the Editor of your local newspaper?

     (Editor: The following information is intended for publication on 16 December 1961, the seventeenth anniversary of the outbreak of the Battle of the Bulge of World War II. If your paper does not issue an edition on that date, will you change the wording of the first sentence so that the article can be published on the last ices date preceding the sixteenth. As the article notes, the 106th Division included members from virtually every part of the United States, so the information should be of general interest).
     Throughout the nation tonight, veterans who are former members of the 106th Infantry Division, the Golden Lions, of World War II are meeting to commemorate the seventeenth anniversary of the outbreak of the Ardennes offensive of Field Marshall Gerd von Runstedt, the last offensive gasp of German forces during World War II. The struggle has become known throughout the free world as the Battle of the Bulge.
     The 106th Division, fresh from the United State, took the brunt of the early stages of the drive and by its gallant stand against numerically superior forces slowed the German plan until it could be contained by regrouped Allied forces. The greater share of the men of the 106th were taken prisoner during the third week of December 1944.
    Upon the conclusion of World War II, a group of veterans of the Golden Lions formed the 106th Division Association with the purpose of existing "to maintain, continue, and extend those friendships created as no other friendships can be, among those who faced death together on a foreign shore." An important phase of the Association's work has been the organization of memorial dinners each year since.
     Other activities of the Association include the publication of a magazine, "The Cub of the Golden Lion" for its membership, an annual convention of its members, and the construction of a memorial to its fallen comrades at St. Vith, Belgium, the headquarters of the Division at the time of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge. This memorial is now completed and has a flag originally flown over the U. S. Capitol flying over it. Dedication ceremonies will be held in the Spring of 1962 with representatives of the U. S. and Belgian governments and honor units of the U. S. Army in Europe in attendance- The memorial was constructed entirely from funds raised by the Association from within its own membership.
     National headquarters of the Association at 19 Hopkins Street, Hillsdale, New Jersey is the scene of continuous activity by the National Adjutant and Treasurer and assistants revising mailing lists, passing on information concerning members who have become separated from their friends, and coordinating plans for future activities.
     The 1962 convention will be held in Annapolis, Maryland with present plans calling for a Memorial Service to be held in the chapel of the U. S. Naval Academy by the Academy Chaplain and the Chaplain of the Association- Conventions are held annually in varying locations to accommodate the widespread membership.


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