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Vol. 16, No. 1, Oct, 1959

Our President Speaks...
Cliff Perras, President-elect for 1959-60, asks membership to unite and grow.
     I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the privilege and honor to serve you as President of the 106th Division Association.
     It must be remembered that every organization is as good as its membership. With this in mind, let's all strive to get our membership back where it should be. We have a wonderful thing here, and some wonderful people comprising this association; that's what keeps us so closely knit together.
     We had a good time at the Reunion in Chicago, and, believe me, my family and I are certainly looking forward to the next one in Savannah with Maydean and Jim Wells.
     Have you sent your contributions to our Memorial Chairman, Doug Coffey? I don't exactly know the final statistics yet, but I'm sure there are a thousand and one things that crop out of nowhere on a big project like the Belgium Memorial. Perhaps Doug is just waiting for those few more contributions to go over the top.
     Speaking of contributions, how about some items to the Cub Editor, Larry Walden? Don't forget - this is YOUR magazine for YOU.

     All of who served in the 106th made a lot of really fine friends during our service. It is only natural to want to continue these friendships. The very best way is to move next door where you can talk over the fence about your experiences. Since we can't all do that, tie next best thing is to meet from time to time to talk over our experiences, both during the war and those added since the war. So attend the Conventions! Join the Association! Get your copy of the CUB! JOIN TODAY!
Silhouette of a Lion . . .

We asked some questions and got the following answers.
     We talked to CLIFF PERRAS and found that . . . Cliff, a -motor pool sergeant from H Co. - 424 was inducted at Ft. Jackson where he joined the 106th in March, '43. He set sail on the Aquitania in October '44 and holds the Divisions .4 battle-stars. He returned to the states in August '45 on the Mormac Port as a member of the 28th Division. He is married to a Chicago gal, Alice, and they have been blessed with two children, both boys. Cliff is self-employed. He operates the Blue Front Hotel in Nadeau, Michigan way up there in that hunting and fishing country! A high school graduate, Cliff enjoys tree farming and antique cars. Quite a hobby. His favorite dish is steak, likes the color grey; finds the antics of Red Skelton his most enjoyable TV viewing. His pet peeve is "No drinks" and in answer to what - his favorite sport is, he said, "Of course!" Hmmm, wonder what he meant? His favorite book is "The. Silver Chalice" his favorite author is Costain. He feels our greatest American was Henry Ford I . . . Then BEN HAGMAN told us . . . that he, a Lt. Col. and S-3 with Div. Arty, was inducted in November of 1940 in Texas with 36th Div. T. N. G. (Vas ist das?). He joined the 106th the 1st of January '44 at Ft. Jackson. He set sail on the Wakefield 10 Nov. '44. He holds the 4 battle stars and the Bronze Star w/cluster. He returned to the states 9 Oct. 45 and was discharged Feb. '46 at Ft. Houston, Tex. He is in the reserves with Hq. Fourth U. S. A. and -holds the rank of Lt. Col. (23 years retirement). He is married to a Weatherford, Texas girl, Juanita. Ben is the father of two boys, Larry and Gary. An attorney, Ben was educated at Texas Christian and Jefferson Law School. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. His favorite


    dish is Barbeque. He favors the color blue. Football remains his favorite sport. Mary Martin is his favorite movie personality with his son, Larry (who is doing very well and recently signed for an important stage play) his favorite TV personality (naturally, he says ;) His favorite author is Ernest Hemingway, but his favorite book is Tom Sawyer. San Francisco and Ft. Worth are the most impressive cities in his book. Christian Herter impresses him as our greatest American and his pet peeve is "small hole with big hole in top of beer can. Also weak drinks". A most amusing army experience, Ben recalls, was when they were extricating/ vehicles across clearing when ambushed at Beho. Major Drier (M. D.) had blanket. He would spread the blanket on snow and fall on it --when mortar shell came in. He'd get up, run, and then do it again . . . We learned this about JUANITA HAGMAN (Mrs. Ben) she is married to her boss as she is secretary to Ben. Juanita attended both High school and college in Weatherford, Texas, her home town. She enjoys bridge, eating shrimp cocktail the most. Finds brown her favorite color and that Bette Davis is her favorite actress. A favored movie is "Around The World in 80 Days" and Larry Hagman (who else?) is her favorite TV personality. Her favorite book is "Gone With The Wind" and Scarlet O'Hara is her favorite fiction character. She agrees with Ben that Christian Herter is our greatest American. Juanita's favorite author is spine tingler Edgar Allen Poe. As to pet peeve, we were told by Ben, "Mama doesn't have any peeves".
     There you are folks. We found out some little things here and there about some of our people, .Write to them, talk to them, pro-and-con it. We hope to find out more about each of our readers and members. I have already been intrigued by some of our answers. I hope you are, too

Chaplains Message
     Have you, too, noticed how the months and the years seem to race across the patterns of our lives? It seems almost incredible 'to me that, with October, fifteen years will have passed since we of the 106th embarked on our mission to Europe. Yet, upon reflection of all that has occurred since then, we can appreciate how distant those days are.
     Looking back, we recall the undercurrent of excitement at Camp Atterbury during those summer and early fall days. The last-minute intensive field training, the procurement and shipping of material, the completion of ret?ds, transfers of personnel into and out of the Division; these and other activities all made their contributions.
     Perhaps the question uppermost in the minds of the majority of us was: Where will be our P. O. E. and ultimate destination? Will it be Europe or Asia? While speculation was great, we could not be sure for some days.
     But we did know that until we had been prepared fully we could not embark on our mission; that -months and years of planning, training and preparation had been needed before we could be ready.
     As we embark on each new task in our personal and business life and in our Division Association, let its everyone call upon our past experiences and training, our hopes and aspirations, so that we can to the best of our ability, be prepared for the successful completion of our mission..
     "Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for you in the field; and after that build your house." --- Proverbs 24:27.
JOHN T. LOVELESS, Jr. Chaplain
106th Infantry Division Association


     Since this is the initial offering of new and continued column, an explanation and statement of intent is indicted. We must, first of all, admit to having been high-pressured by the 'cub' Cub Editor and others. We see through flattering remarks all right but we are here anyway. The name of the column? Some things fall into place without effort and this is one of them. The column will be sort of unrelated miscellany, maybe no one item anyone is enthused about but in bulk something that fatten up our membership. Bologna? Plenty will be found. Cake? A few crumbs now and then. Ham? We couldn't do without it. And corn too if you look carefully.
     Under the anonymity of initials, and certainly with no literary reputation to win or lose, we are in top position to write as inspiration or bad-temper dictate. We are sure the membership will accept full responsibility for damages of libel or character assassination that may be awarded against us. So, in order to give freedom of expression to all, we make the following offer: If you would like to know the reason (and result if any) for a specific happening or activity occurring in the Division during the years 1943 and 1944, write and ask this column!! The only qualifications are that you give your name and former organization and that-you are a paid-up member of the Division Association. If you do not want your name to appear in the reply, say so. The door is wide open.
     The Association has just held a first-class reunion and it brought thoughts of a growing, national pastime. No doubt an association exists because the individuals forming it have a common background of interests and enjoy getting together and talking about them. It may be for professional improvement as exemplified by scientific societies. It may be for material gain, such as trade unions and manufacturer's associations. Or the motive may be the snob appeal inherent in some groups and fraternities.
     Military organization reunions are, unique. We exclude the big ones which follow the usual pattern of speeches and resolutions. We are talking about the military unit association gathering, ranging from company sized meeting to the more usual Division Assembly. These are ordinarily social, interesting and totally enjoyable. However, like any other good thing, they must be protected from all manner of dangers. At our first attempt we are almost taken over by a political group then powerful in Indian Town. But we learned, and our meetings have since been our own, the type we like and conspicuously filling our needs. At times it has appeared we would fall flat on our collective face, but the right man comes forward and we go on. As we always shall.


Search And Traverse. .
    . . . Whatever became of some familiar names, some not-so-familiar that have disappeared from our roster of members and known addresses. Does anyone know?
C. W. Kellstrom (Capt.)
John H. Longbottom (1st Lt.)
A. Nawrocki (Chgo, Ill.)
Arvo Paananen (Chgo, Ill.)
Boyd A. Rutledge (Mpls, Minn.)
Leonard Umanoff (Lt. Col.)


Chicago 1959
As seen by John Gallagher
     The 13th annual convention of the 106 started for us (Stella, Judy & John Gallagher) 3 A. M. the morning of July 22nd, when the Raricks, (Mabel, Terry & Clayton) picked us up at our home. After a smooth ride, in Clay's new car, we arrived at the Edgewater Beach 15 hours from the time we left home.
     Two items of the trip that impressed me were first; the fact that traffic lights from here to Chicago are spaced some 700 miles apart. The other seemed most unfortunate, as we passed by the Gary, Indiana and South Chicago Steel Mills, we saw the huge smoke stacks framed against a sky of blue, instead of the usual grey skies filled by their smoke, the network of blast furnaces darkened, not glowing their usual "fire red".
This was our daughter's first stay in a large hotel and she was all eyes and said "Daddy this is just like in T-V".

     The highlights of the Convention, as it always has been, was meeting our friends from the days in service plus the new friends we acquired at former Reunions. These friendships will grow dearer to us I am sure in years to come.
     The pool of the Edgewater was a most welcome sight and the water felt great, unfortunately we didn't have more time to take advantage of the many facilities of the hotel. There was a -shuffleboard battle between Dunbar, DeHeer, Rutt and myself, as I recall at one time the score was an impressive minus 40 to minus 20.
     Larry, Les and their wives did a fine job in planning and operating the Convention, the association owes them a sincere vote of thanks. To Larry, we wish a most successful tour of duty as editor of our "Cub".
Cliff, if you can rally the division as you have your "H" co. we will have a great year, best of luck. .
     It was our pleasure to have the DeHeer's visit us on their return from Chicago Saturday evening along with the Rarick's, we had another small reunion in our yard.
     Looking forward to seeing more of our friends at the New 'York area picnic at DeHeer's and the annual gathering of General McMahon, his artillery boys, and their families at Hershey Park.

Goings on at the Edgewater . . .
1959 Convention...
as it looked from here!

     Among the early arrivals Thursday afternoon was Pete Frampton, the John Gallagher's and Clayton Raricks and Ben Briles. All were having trouble registering at the desk. The hotel seemed confused! Though these were the first people seen at the hotel, it was known that Jack and Shirley Gillespie were in town and had been -- they wanted to look this city over good! Upon reaching Association Headquarters; we began to register our attendees. The honor of No. 1 man, the first registered, belongs to a New Jersey man -- a H Co, 424 man, Lou Rossi! (We weren't too surprised) We were surprised, however, to find that he paid that exorbitant taxi fee from Midway Airport. They must have recognized that out-of-town accent and took him on the cook's tour. John Gallagher has a story to tell (it appears elsewhere) of his journey to Chicago. Other early birds were Marcus Bartusek and his pretty wife in from Iowa; Dale Meyers; Joe Miller, who took us to get liquor; and Eddie Collier. The Matthews (Col.) along with son Bruce were seen dining at Peter Pan's . . . A kind of early-bird


    Party was held in the Hqs. –parlor until somewhere along 2:00 a. m. A member of the 28th Division (Hiya, Bob Rutt) kept wanting the join the 106th party. The bellhop who brought Les & Enid Crossman to their room about 3:15 a. m. when they checked in-asked of Les with cocked brow if they were expecting anyone? Jeanne Walden was found asleep on the parlor sofa . . . The Board of Directors managed an 11:00 a. m. meeting Friday morning and 106ers `continued to arrive. Alan Dunbar, it appears, was successful in obtaining leave covering the Re-Union days. The Bickfords and Hatchs arrived Friday as did Dr. Clark and all sons – five in number. Well, not all exactly as Mrs. Clark was at home with their newest arrival, a boy. The good doctor is to be complimented on his five little "gentlemen". Dick Frankini was, unfortunately, required to leave after attending only the beer party and brunch. Better luck in Savannah, Dick!
     The beer party got under way with subsequent arrival of more of our long-lost Lions. Music, chips, pretzels, and corn were served as was the art of conversation and some horse-play! Did anyone, by the way, take a good look at the journal of John Beals who managed to keep a fine detailed record of his internment as a PW as "well as his sojourn as a 106th man. Bring it down to Savannah, Johnny! By his side was a lively gal, Mrs. Beals, who carried a Lion over her arm. No, he was not a "ploughed" Lion. Just a proud, stuffed mascot. The Beals camera was a busy one as was Bob Pierce . . . Russ Villwock, The Bob De St. Aubins, the Frank Hohenadels, along with the Ed Heideman's held court at a table alongside the H Co. table. Fr. Boyle was also on hand: We missed a few of the Mrs. Get it? We missed a few -- oh, all right! Saturday brought on more meetings and our brunch attended by over 100 guests. "Flip", the clown was on hand and presented the youngsters as well as some of the oldsters with comic books, "flip" pennies and balloons. Everyone seemed to enjoy Flip's presence, particularly John Scallissi who made a vague attempt to wear some of, if not all of the Clown's makeup. We got Pix to prove it! Everyone then returned to their rooms to sip cooling beverages, swim, visit, etc., until the Banquet. There were meetings held in between, however, at which time new officers were elected, Board of Director elected and presidential appointees made. New and old business were discussed and regussed . . . Our Banquet was attended by over 140 guests where a fine steak dinner was enjoyed by all. Among our guests this night were the Jim Teasons, Drs. Hans Wachtel, Zack Lifchez and spouses. They looked eagerly for other 331st Med. Bn. Men. . . . By the way Dick Prendergast, are we going to have you spend Savannah with us? To our great regret Ben Carpenter was served roast beef with little or no explanation. Instead of the fine steak we all enjoyed. Unfortunately, these things happen, but why couldn't it have been the 78th Division or even the 28th, Bob Rutt. After dinner there was entertainment by Dick Single and his fine orchestra. Dancing to settle our food and then we were witness to a striking and effervescent show. The feminine pultritude was enjoyed by the male population, though I expect the gowns were enjoyed by the gals. The orchestra was invited to play overtime, it can only be presumed the party was a success! Clayton Rarick, last year's president presented the new President, Cliff Perras; General Jones who also had a few words surprised and pleased, with a saucy, dry


    humor and garnered a large share of laughs and made us all feel a new and pleasant camaraderie. From there it was back again to the rooms and further sipping of cooling beverages...until at least 7:00 a. m. as in the case of Alice Perras and Ellen Scallisi and Abbe Harris. But they came to the Memorial Services! Here John Loveless rendered an inspiring address prefaced by Father Day's prayers. Our thanks to Ed Fifielski, former 106 man, who was recently elected State Commander of the Illinois AMVETS'. Ed sent over a splendid group of men who were our color guard. After the colors were retrieved, another chapter was closed on 106th Reunions - our 13th, but not our last!! Savannah in 1960 and Fort Worth in 1961. See you now, ya heah!

Convention Attendance
Division Band
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Burnham, 1066 N. 3rd, Rochelle, Illinois
592nd F. A. BN.
Dr. James I. Clark, Fennville, Mich.
Thomas Dorosky, Mt. Airy Road, Truckville, R. D. No. 1, Penna.
Signal Corps.
Jack Middleton, 17 Kingston Road, Madison, N. J.
James L. Hart, 3037 Ninth St., Rockford, Illinois
Otto Doerre, 5715 N. Rogers, Chicago, Illinois
589th F. A. BN.
Mr. & Mrs. Austin L. Byrd, Jr., 502 Nottingham Road, Baltimore 29, Md.
81st ENG.
Joseph M. Miller, 1051 Montrose, Chicago, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Robt. W. Pierce, 474 Federtil St., N. W., Warren, Ohio (Co. "C'')
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gallagher, 4003 Frances St., Temple, Penna. (Co. C)
Mr. & Mrs. Burdeth Worrell, 931 W. Jefferson. Macomb, Illinois
James E. Wells, Hephzibah, Georgia (Co. "C")
Mr. Lou Rossi, 1208 North Bergan, N. J. (Co. H)
Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Bartusek N. Broadway, Manly, Iowa (Co. H)
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Rarick, Blandon, Penna. (Co. "L")
Mr. Edw. Collier, 5278 Collingswood, Memphis, Tenn. (Co. "H")
Mr. Abner T. Harris, 216 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois (Co H)
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Walden, 6980 S. Clyde Ave., Chicago, Illinois (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Les Crossman, 1313 Clay Street, Woodstock, Illinois (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeHeer, Hopkins St., Hillsdale, N.J. (Co. K)
Mr. & Mrs. John Shalhoub, 31974 Hathaway, Livonia, Mich. (Co. G)
Mr. Richard Frankini, 9560. LaSalle Blvd., Detroit, Mich. (2nd Bn, HQ)
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Perras, ?i3 Front Hotel, Nedeau, Mich; (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Scranton, 9441 L?? Road, Brighton, Mich.
Fr. Edw. T. Boyle, 46 N. Wells? Road, Northlake, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Art Heffernan, 49 N. Saginaw, Pontiac, Mich. (Co. H)
Mr. & Mrs. John Scalissi, 1706 Regent St., Madison, Wisc. (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. McCarthy, 314 W. Maple St., Manquoketa, Iowa (Co. "F")
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Holder, 474 ison, Elmhurst, Ill. (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Yarnell, R. R. No. 1 Osseo, Wisc. (Co. "H")
Mr. John Beize, 2659 N. Rae???, Ave., Chicago, Illinois (Co. "H")
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Wright, Bridge St., Gary, Indiana, (Co. "H")

(Continued on. Page 11



Doug Coffey Memorial Chairman hopes to inform membership of completion.
     Photos from Belgium show early stages of construction. The Memorial is due to be finished in early October. Note the beautiful panoramic view the Memorial commands. Give some serious thought to the type plaque and wording desired and then inform Doug of your ideas. It's important inasmuch as December 16th will soon be here. Write Doug at 50 Gaston St., Orange, New Jersey. It is a lustrous commemoration to former Comrades.
(Continued from page 7)

Mr. Bill Parsons, 4911 Douglas, Des Moines, Iowa (Co. "G")
Mr. & Mrs. Don Armington, 3126 Paterson Road, Des Moines, Iowa (Co. "H")
Mr. Archie Ross, 8221 Forest, Munster, Indiana (Co. "A")
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kaiser, 123 Callon St., Evanston, Illinois (Co. "H")
Division Hqs.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bickford, 3 Sunnyside Terrace, East Orange, N. J. (Motor Pool)
Mr. & Mrs. James Hatch, 5609 15th Avenue So., Mpls, Minn.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Jones, 3532 Quebec St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. (Major Genl.)
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Rusch, 4121 N. 99th, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Fr. John B. Day, 1020 N. Milton Av., Springfield, Ill.
Col. & Mrs. Robt. P. Stout 248 Monterey Ave., Pelham, N. Y.
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hagman, 132 Dallas Ave., Weatherford, Texas
Mr. Dale L. Meyers, 1447 W. Carmen Ave., Chicago 40, Ill. (Cannon).
Mr. Ben R. Briles, Arvada, Wyoming (Co. "G")
Major & Mrs. G. D. Fridline, 217 Claremont St., Ashland, Ohio (Med. Det.)
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Hiltbrand, 930 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio (A. T. Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kelly, 846 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. (Svc Co.)
Mr. Al Gericke, Jr., R. D. No. 4 --Box 37, Medina, Ohio (Co. '"D")
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gillespie, 19807 Murray Hill, Detroit, Mich. (Co. "C")
Mr. & Mrs. Robt. E. Rutt, 14447 Young, Detroit, Mich. (Hq. Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. John Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Road, Balt 7, Md. (Hq. Co.)
Mr. Alan Dunbar, 4701 Pine St., Phila 43, Pa. (Hq. Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Don Majewski, 23210 Manistee, Oak Park, Mich. (Co. "F")
Mr. & Mrs. John Beals, 217 E. Davenport St., Iowa City, Iowa (Co. "A")
Mr. Pete Frampton, 170 N. Roosevelt Ave., Bexley, Columbus 9, Ohio (Cannon Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bryant, 14011 Nadine Ave., Oak Park' 37, Mich. (Hq. Co.)
Col. & Mrs. J. C. Matthews, Jr., 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C. (Hq. Co.)

Also Attending Were:
Mr. & Mrs. James Teason, 419 Huntington Lane, Elmhurst, Ill. (331st Med. Bn.)
Dr. & Mrs. Zack Lifschez, 6923 S. Chappel, Chicago 49, III. (331st Med.) Bn.)
Dr. & Mrs. Hans Wachtel, 7926 S. Chappel, Chicago 17, Ill. (331st)
Mr. Eugene Duffy, 1636 N. Major (422nd Cn. Co.) Chicago, Ill.
Mr. Richard M. Prendergast, 114 Willow St., Park Forest, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. Bob de St. Aubin, 632 S. Gunderson, Oak Park, III. (424th Cn. Co.)
Mr. Arthur Krause, 7397 Main St., Downers Grove, III. (423rd Cn. Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Russ Villwock, 3831 N. Lakewood, Chicago, Ill. (Sig. Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Heideman
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Carpenter, 1230 W. Albion Ave., Chicago 26, 111. (424th Bn. Hq.)
Mr. Newton Johnson, 2112 S. 7th Avenue, Maywood, Ill. (423rd Med. Det.)
Mr. Theodore Lada, 1044 Liberty, Lincoln Park, Mich. (424th Co. L)
Mr. Herbert Klein, 559 Prospect, Elgin, Ill. (Div. Hqs.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shaw, Box 11, Algonquin, Ill. (Co. H 424)
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Boratyn, 718 Deerpath Drive, Deerfield, III. (424th A. T.)
Mr. Christ Tessari, 255 W. 115th St., Chicago, Ill. (Co. H -- 424)
Mr. & Mrs. Robt. Frische, 2019 Fir Drive, Glenview, Ill. (Div. Hqs.)



    Mrs. Joseph C. (Anna) Matthews, President-elect 1959-60 has a word for –the membership . . . and a point well spoken...
     "Time is running short for the CUB issue. I'd like to say a quick hello, and urge that you contribute some news to help keep the CUB lively.
     We missed quite a few of you in Chicago. It was a good one, thanks to Larry Walden, Les Crossman and spouses, Jeanne and Enid, who engineered the Convention.
     We jam-a lot of fun and reminiscing into a couple of days at our Reunions, but it's a long time in between them. So how about making this year a fuller one by dropping a few notes to old 106th friends, also keeping Editor Larry supplied with news ammunition?"

     Fern Yarnell presented hubby Ernie Yarnell with a 9 lb., 2 ¾ oz. girl August 31st 1959. Lori Mae Yarnell was 20 1/2 inches long. Was Lori Mae number 8 or 9 Fern? Hope, you'll forgive my short memory.
     Enid Crossman presented hubby Les Crossman with girl No. 3, August 8th 1959. Brenda Ellen Crossman weighed in at 6 lbs. Ozs.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Both are additions to H Co. 424th alumni.

Girls. . .
     A page of our own! Hope you will enjoy it, and contribute as much and as often' as you like; a favorite recipe, household tips, children's anecdotes, when "Mr. Stork" makes a visit. Just anything of interest to all housewives and our friends.
     Come on gals let's see if we can outshine the men. They're a little shy about having things 'printed in CUB, you know.

     Tea that has steeped too long or that has been refrigerated will become cloudy. But pouring a small amount of boiling water into the pitcher of tea will clear it again
Instant coffee made by the pot is quick and tastes more like regular coffee than the cup-by-cup method.
     Measuring orange rind is much easier if you grate it over paper toweling. Pat the rind once or twice to remove the excess oil. Then scrape the rind off the paper and measure it.
     When glazing a mold: Oil the mold. Resting it in a bowl of ice, spoon the gelatin into the mold while turning it slowly. Continue until mold is entirely lined with a thin layer of aspic or gelatin. Then proceed with and desired decorating
     Try these cookies for the kiddies. They're easy to make and if you're lucky they'll last at least until' you can get the last batch out of the oven. (If I can bake 'em anyone can!)

Choc-Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Temp. 375 degrees F- Time: 12 min.
Yield: approx. 4 doz.
¾ C Sifted all-purpose flour
1/2 t. Salt
1/2 t Baking Soda
1/2 C Soft Shortening
6 T Brown Sugar
6 T Granulated Sugar
1 egg, unbeaten
1/4 t Hot Water
1/2 C chopped Walnuts
1 pkg. chilled semi-sweet choc-chips (coarsely rolled.)
1 C. uncooked quick rolled oats
1/2 t vanilla extract.
     Start heating oven. Sift flour with salt & soda. With electric mixer at "cream" (or with Spoon), thoroughly ' mix shortening, sugars and egg until very light and fluffy. At low speed or "blend", beat in remaining ingredients just until mixed. Drop by teaspoonful's onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake until done. HOPE YOU LIKE 'EM.


     For two years it has been my honor and pleasure to serve as President of the Women's Auxiliary. There was a time when the Auxiliary had a separate project to work for each year as well as making a contribution to the men's Organization. Because it wasn't always easy to find a project to work for in the Convention City, we decided to combine our efforts with those of the men.
     A number of our members were absent this year, some because of the loss of loved ones, a few were awaiting the arrival of "Mr. Stork" and perhaps some for other reasons.
     As usual those of us who were able to attend the Chicago Convention came away with a stronger feeling of friendship for one another and are looking forward to the Convention in Savannah in 1960.
An election was held during our annual meeting, those elected are as follows:
President -- Mrs. Anna Matthews
Vice Pres. -- Mrs. Nita Hagman
Secretary -- Mrs. Jennie Nethers
Treasurer -- Mrs. Isabelle Coffey
Historian -- Mrs. Lyle Mowlds
It is my wish that these Officers receive the co-operation of every member of the Auxiliary.
     We've been advised that "Mr. Stork" has visited Jennie and Dick Nethers and brought TWO instead of ONE, Barbara Ann Nethers and David Richard Nethers.
     It has been a pleasant task to visit with the members of the Auxiliary through the pages of THE CUB from time to time. I am sure our new President Mrs. Matthews will enjoy this pleasure.

And From The Editor., .
Larry Walden, former aid-man attached to H-Co, 424, has assumed editorship from John Gallagher.
     This CUB represents our initial effort to please you as members and readers. The CUB has proven to be a strong instrument in stimulating the standing membership and also in gaining new members.
     We sincerely hope to maintain the high standards our predecessors have set, and we promise to exert every effort to each new goals of excellence. By not remaining static, but by accepting the job as a challenge to not only our own efforts, but also to the desires and interests of the membership, we can only hope to move in one direction -- forward!
     We cannot, however, accept only good intentions in the place of earnest, sweat-raising perseverance. It is our job to produce -- as it is for each association member, each board member and officer! If it is found that our efforts produce stimulating comment, constructive criticism, and best of all, new and lasting members, we shall feel our efforts worthwhile and rewarding.

The Cub
106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. Box 106 -- Blandon., Pa.
President Clifford Perras
Vice President Ben Hagman
Adjutant Richard DeHeer
Treasurer Robert Kelly
Chaplain John Loveless
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year which includes subscription to the CUB. All material copyrighted,
Editor Larry Walden
Photographer Dave Brumaghin
The CUB is printed by The Franciscan Press, Chicago, Ill.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Box 106, Blandon, Pa.


So that we may better know the Lion, his lioness and his cubs,
we must know . . . THE LION IN HIS DEN.
Francis A. Woolfley. Brigadier General, USA (Ret.) 932 Solomon Place New Orleans 19, La.
     Your enticing notice of the 106th Infantry Division re-union to be held - in Chicago reached me this morning. I regret that I shall be unable to attend. As you know I was the last commanding General of tine 106th Infantry Division taking over from that splendid gentleman and true soldier, Don Stroh, in Karlsruhe, Germany, and remaining until it's deactivation in the United States. I learned much of the heroic accomplishments of the Division during my brief stay with it and acquired a tremendous admiration for the outstanding Combat record of its fine officers and men.
     My best wishes for a successful and enjoyable reunion and my warm regards to all in attendance. Sincerely, Francis A. Woolfley

    Stan Repos, Box 217, Slickville, Pa. (Med Det -- 424), "Give me the lowdown on the next Reunion. If at all possible, I'll be, there with bells on. I am a carpenter -- keeping my head above water. Gives her double-L during the summer and lay around during the winter months. Have a wonderful wife, Irene Repos, and two kids, Stan Repos 15 and Lorraine Repos 10"

    Vince Stiles, 327 Edgenoll Lane, Ft. Wayne 5, Ind. (Hq Co -- 1st Bn), Just winding up my last week of vacation and I am really beat. However, we really accomplished a lot around the house. We planted, transplanted, -and poured cement for two patios and foundation for brick planter. Take my advice and never mix cement by hand and hoe!

    Edmond D. Kelly (Attorney) Orchard Hill -- R. D. No. 3, Middletown, N. Y. (Dog Co -- 423) sorry, but recent birth of fifth (5) child effectively curtails our traveling -- and a lot of other things! Best Wishes"
E. D. Kelly"

Harold J. Spahn, 44 Slocum Pl., Long Branch, N. J.
c/o Mrs. Beatty
(Med Det -- 424)
    Received the notice about the get together of the 106th Div. at the Edgewater Beach July 26. But as you see by the address on the envelope, I get my mail last because I am away from home most of the time from late April to the middle of Nov. and I am home a short time from the middle of Nov. to about Dec. 28 or 29 then I go to Florida for the Hialeah meeting. Good luck to you all,

    George Murray, 406 N. Main St., Park Rapids, Minn. (H Co -- 424), From all indications and the location of the Edgewater, everyone should have had a good time. I am working on the local community recreation program; swimming, crafts, etc., for the children. Lee is working for the local clinic. Susan Murray is 13 now and Dave Murray is 5, so our family is growing. I am very anxious to hear about the convention. Thanks again for the Reunion letter. "Geo"

    E. F. Huffman, Svc Co -- 424 916 W. 5th Ave., Gary, Ind., Was going to attend beer party, but found it impossible, come the night of the Shindig! (We hope, however, he is again a member).


    Edwin P. Fifielski, 4758 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 30, Ill., best wishes to you and all other members of the 106th for a most successful convention and a most prosperous year during 1959-60. A previously arranged state executive committee meeting in Jacksonville, Fla. will prevent my attendance this year. Will look forward to the 1960 convention. -- "Ed." Ill. State Commander, AM VETS.

    Sherod Collins, Box 133, Waycross, Ga., it is a distinct disappointment to have to say I can't be there again this year due to physical and financial conditions. Things are getting better though, and I'll certainly see you in Savannah next year. My dues are enclosed. Regards to you all and especially to Gil Marcus who was my C. O. at one time and to former members of SVC Co, 423rd.

    Pete House, 5602 Clifton Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. (A Co -- 590), we will not be able to make the '59 convention in Chicago. I attended the Chicago Convention about ten years ago, Indianapolis before that and Savannah two years ago. We are expecting a child about Aug. 23rd so we are not going anywhere this year. -- "Pete".

    Forrest W. Hemming, 977 Loretta Ave., Columbus 11, Ohio, Dear Les & Larry, received the wonderful letter requesting our presence at the 106th Convention. Regret very much that we will not be able to attend this year. Hope everyone has a good time and was glad to hear from you. My address is correct. Sincerely, "Forrest"

    Bob Ettinger -- Btry C, 590th FA Bn, I was very glad to hear from you about the Convention in Chicago: I was tied up at my job and could not possibly get there, no matter how hard I tried. Will try to make it next year, if at all possible. "Bob"

    Chuck Garn, 1764 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (H Co 424), Golly, we would love to make the, convention, but Jeff Garn is in the Soap Box Derby and he'll race Sunday, so our coming to Chicago just wouldn't work. Do hope everyone is fine. Our family is growing like the crab grass I have to fight. Jeff is 121/2 and Brad Garn and Debra Garn are 91/2. Best Wishes,
Chuck and Willie Garn

    Earl Oelslager, 530 Cottage Ave., Piqua, Ohio (H Co -- 424), I'm afraid I'll have to say we won't be to the re-union again this year. We would like very much to come but Earl's work hasn't been too good and my father is in the hospital. It would be so nice to come. I keep saying it but maybe it will be a little closer next year. "The Oelslagers"

    Chuck Foreman, 167 Townsend Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y., we're sorry we'll be out of town - and unable to join you at the 106th Reunion. As usual, at this time of year, Chuck will be leading a series of seminars for Presidents of outstanding U. S. companies under the auspices of the Amer. Management Ass'n at Hamilton, N. Y. "Peg & Chuck"

Wayne Black -- writes us from Scotland! Best wishes to all. Hope to be with you next year in Savannah!


Reunion of Service Battery 592d. F. A. Bn.
General McMahon sounds "Revelry"
    . . As has been their custom for the least seven years, members of Service Battery, 592d F. A. Bn. held their annual reunion at Hershey Park, Hershey, Penna on Sunday 6 September. Those present were:
Emil and Ethel Solecki, Sparta, N.J.
Frank and Therese Maloney, Philadelphia, Penna.
Tom and Mary Fox, Greencastle, Penna.
Tom and Alice Dorosky, Wilkes-Barre, Penna.
Jim and Violet Malesky, Pittsburgh, Penna.
Charlie and Daisy Walsh, Haddonfield, N. J.

     Guests present were Reed and Adrian Trail, sister and brother-in-law of Mrs. Walsh; John and Kay Loveless. John is National Chaplain of the Division Association and Kay is National Commander of the Women's Auxiliary. They live in Baltimore, but were attending a church convention at Gettysburg College and came over from there; Wilda and Leo McMahon, who commanded the Division Artillery. They live in Middletown, Penna.

     The group brought 17 children who had a wonderful day on the rides and games in the Park. Tom Dorosky was telling the members about the National Reunion of the Division Association which he attended in Chicago, Ill. at the Edgewater Beach Hotel July 24-26'. The food and drinks were plentiful and delicious, the weather was fine and all present thoroughly enjoyed their annual get-together.


Dick DeHeer Holds Another Successful Picnic
    . . . (Over 50 attend annual affair.) The NEW JERSEY, New York and Penna boys and families of the 106th got together for their Annual Picnic at the DeHeer's. Over 50 turned out to eat, play horseshoes, swim and Lil Fleming kept the fires going with Bob Stack taking care of the corn ., . As the day was cold after 5 days of heat, many an adult warmed their you-know-what by the fire place. Lou Rossi (wouldn't you know!) drove the tractor into a tree. Lil Fleming kept harping on "how do you get to play Dave's Organ?" Do hope Dot Brumaghin invites them over to the house . . . Kathy O'Rourke stole the show with everyone running after her. Ronnie Rarick got many an Ah-and-Oh when he appeared in his uniform. Some attendees: The Bickfords; O'Rourke's; J. Flemings; Plenge's; Rossi's; Watt's; Warner's; Coffee's; Stack ; DeHeer's; Dever's; Raricks and Brumaghin.

COMING CONVENTION … ala Ft. Worth, 1961
     Ben Hagman hopes to follow through on Texas tradition. Make it BIG! "Tentatively thinking about the Hilton Hotel as Convention Headquarters. It is located in the heart of town and has an outdoor pool on the fifth floor! (That's pretty high diving!) It has the Penthouse for convention headquarters and the rates are reasonable. Weatherford has its annual rodeo on the same dates and I was considering having buses take us over. I feel most of our group would enjoy attending. The Convention committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Ft. Worth is willing to go all out in assisting us, and they are pleased to have this group meet there. In the meantime, though we hope to see you all here in Ft. Worth, we are looking forward to Savannah and 1960!" Ben.


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28th Inf. Div., 1, 9
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590th FA BN, 22
Aquitania, 1
Armington, Mr. & Mrs. Don, 14
Bartusek, Marcus, 7
Bartusek, Mr. & Mrs. Marcus, 10
Beals, John, 9
Beals, Mr. & Mrs. John, 14
Beals, Mrs., 9
Beatty, Mrs., 20
Beho, 3
Beize, John, 10
Belgium, 1, 13
Bickford, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, 14
Bickfords, The, 9, 23
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Boyle, Fr. Edw. T., 10
Briles, Ben, 7
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Byrd, Mr. & Mrs. Austin L., 10
Camp Atterbury, 3
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Clark, Dr., 9
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de St. Aubin, Bob, 9
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