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Vol. 15, No. 2, Oct, 1958

106th Infantry Division Association. Inc. Box 106, Blandon, Pa.
President. Clayton Rarick
Vice President Alan Dunbar
Adjutant Richard DeHeer
Treasurer Robert Kelly
Chaplain John Loveless
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, rabid, includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.

The CUB is printed by the Busy Beater Print Shop, Laureldale, Pa.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Box 106, Blandon, Pa.

Presidents Message
     As the days go by we are getting closer to the holiday season. To those who are having Dec. 16th dinners, I'd like to ask the chairman to convey my best wishes to the members and friends attending.
     To all of the members who have not contributed to the memorial fund I have a suggestion. Why not make it a Christmas gift by sending Doug Coffey a check for the memorial fund, that is what I intend to do.
     Over the Labor Day week end I attended the Artillery Reunion at Hershey Park, Pa. As usual they had a very fine turnout, and the whole family really enjoyed themselves. Gen. McMahon was busy signing up members for the Div. Assn.
     Up until this time I have heard nothing front any of the officers (except the Cub Ed.) so there is very little for me to report. In closing may I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

     Keep us informed of any change in address. Much mail is returned to us which costs us money and you don't receive our communication.
Editor's Notes
     The officers and board of directors extend to all those Greetings of the Holiday Season. May the days for you be filled with Joy. Our Chaplain in his message brings us the truth of the Holiday Season.
     As we look to the New Year, may we ask you as we have for the past years, that our division association be included in your New Year's resolution. A few minutes a week to write a note for the "Cub" and a phone call or note to a former 106er to get him back in the fold. The association does need your help.
     Have had contact with Bob Kelly and John Loveless regarding our Corporation status. We have paid our fee to May 1, 1959 to the Corporation Trust, which takes care of our legal requirements as a corporation in Washington, D. C. By the time this expires we hope to be re-incorporated in another state, which will either reduce or eliminate the legal fee.
     Doug Coffey informed me that the letter he sent to Belgium informing them of our decision to proceed with the memorial was lost in the mails and therefore, he is unable to report anything definite for this Cub. He reminds us all we still need contributions to our Memorial fund to complete this project plus that of taking care of any requests for help.
     Al Dunbar wrote that Ben Hagman's son, Larry Hagman was in Philadelphia in the play "Comes a Day." Received good reviews.
Thanks to all who sent in items for this Cub.


     Charles W. L. Foreman, Divarty, 167 Townsend Ave., Pelham Manor, N.Y., was unable to attend the reunion because he was teaching a course in Management for the American Management Association at Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y. In the fall, Mr. and Mrs. Foreman are making a trip to Japan where he will conduct courses in Management. He is Vice-Pres. of American Parcel Service, N. Y. City.
     Lt. General Milton G. Baker, Superintendent of Valley Forge Military Academy expresses his appreciation to the 106th Div. Association for their courtesy in promulgating their Resolution concerning use Academy and for their report on the Memorial service at the Academy Chapel contained in the Sept.-Oct. issue of the CUB.
     Lt. Col. Lester Smyth, Divarty reports that he has moved from Towson, Maryland to a new house at 505 Chadwick Road, Timonium, Maryland. He is now President of Smyths, Wholesale Jewels in Baltimore, Maryland.
     Colonel Milton Glatterer who was G-4 of the 106th Division all through the WW2 is now Chief of Staff of the Military District of Washington.
     One of our scouts reports meeting Peter Fleischman in the "21" Club in New York, recently. He as a Lt. in the Division Artillery, and is now on the staff of the New Yorker magazine.
     Brigadier General and Mrs. Perrin have returned from a long trip around the world, which started on 31 July when they sailed from Norfolk, Virginia. They visited Italy and were in Beirut, Lebanon shortly after our troops arrived there. They sailed through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, visiting India, Pakistan, Singapore, Formosa, and Japan. They landed in California about the middle of October en route back home to Gambier, Ohio.
     Howard Watt, 100 Roosevelt Ave., Ridgefield Park, N. J., Hq 3rd Bn 424 Hq 2nd Bn 422, Works in the Veterans Loan Section of The First National City Bank of New York.
     Joseph P. Brislin, 89 Hanover St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., K 422, is now a school teacher, having closed his motion picture theatre this past June.
     George H. Kaufman, 225 S. Edgewood Ave., Urbana, Ohio, H 923, George writes that he really enjoys the Cub . Owns a grocery store in Springfield, Ohio. Has been in the grocery business for twenty-nine years.
     Lt. Col. S. P. Cariano. 6632 Washington Dr., Falls Church, Va. Is at the Pentagon as CO of Washington Army Courier Transfer Station.
     Sam F. Cimaglia 11 Essex PI., Madison, N. J., 590 & 591, Works with Western Electric Co. at Kearney, N. J. Is married and the proud father of three children; Diane 5, Barbara 3 and Peter 15 months.
     Charles Koob, Filion, Mich., Hq 1st Bn 424, Was with 106th from March, 1943 to June, 1945. Was then sent to the 28th Div., returned to the States and was discharged at Fort McClellan, Ala. in October, 1945. At present he is a salesman for a Borden Co. distributor . Charles is married, has a daughter, two sons and three grandchildren.
     Colonel (USA, Ret.) 422 Inf. and Mrs. George L. Descheneaux, Jr., of 2 Montgomery Terrace, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, announce the engagement of their daughter, Joan Elizabeth, to Mr. Thomas Payan Ormsby of Chestnut Hill and Hyannis, Mass. A January wedding is planned.
     Colonel Thomas J. Riggs, Jr., 81st Engr. Bn. has formed a new company, Thomas J. Riggs and Associates, Inc. Consultants for Management Decisions, Union Commerce Building, Cleveland 14, Ohio.


     Colonel Phillip Hoover who commanded the 591st FA Bn and Mrs. Hoover have returned from three years' duty in Alaska and are stationed at Fort Monroe, Va., at Hq Continental Army Command.
     Albert Gagne, Jr., 281 Rand St., Central Falls, R. I. Draftsman with the Corning Glass Works. Would like to hear from anyone from Co. "M" 423 inf. Sorry could not make convention in Phila., hopes we can hold a future convention lit New England.
    Larry Gubow writes that he has been extremely busy with the political campaign. Estelle and he had a wonderful time in Mexico.

     We had our picnic but what a day we picked. It was nice till about noon then it rained off and on the rest of the day. However, we had a good turnout. 50 men, women and children. I have had a room fixed up in the cellar so most of the gang were there. The kids were in and out as it was warm even with the rain.
We are going to have our Dec. 16th dinner at the Swiss Chalet in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

     I have $5.00 in dues that I can't account for. I guess I am allowed a mistake or two taking over this job which was plain "Greek" to me. Any suggestions as to how to find this unfortunate soul. I would like to have us change our mailing service from commercial mailing in Albany, N. Y., to some area where we have a few members, this would permit us to make direct contact in keeping our mailing list up to date.

     The 6th annual reunion of this fine outfit, Service Btry. 592 FA, initiated by Emil Solecki and Tom Dorosky was held on Sunday, August 31, 1958 at Hershey Park, Penna. It is truly a family affair. While the parents sit around and eat and reminisce, the children have the time of their lives in the amusement park, adjoining the picnic area. One of the "first-timers" to a reunion was James Malesky accompanied by his wife and son from Greensburg, Penna. He was a Lt. in the Btry. during W.W.2. He joined the Division Assn. and promises to make all future reunions. Other members of the Battery attending were Emil and Ethel Solecki and 2 children Sparta, N. J.; Tom and Alice Dorosky and 3 children from Trucksville, Penna.; Charlie and Daisy Walsh, Haddonfield, N. J., accompanied by Mrs. Walsh s sister and her husband: Reed and Adrian Trail: Tom and Mary Fox and 2 children, Greencastle, Penna.; Frank and Theresa Maloney and 2 children, Philadelphia, Penna.; Michael and Mrs. Sgrignoli, Harrisburg, Pa.; John and Louise Eyler and 1 child, Waynesboro, Penna.
     GUESTS: National President, Clayt and Mrs. Rarick, 2 children, Blandon, Pa.; John Loveless, National Chaplain and Kay Loveless, National President, Ladies Auxiliary and 1 child, Baltimore, Md.; John and Mrs. Gallagher and 2 children, Temple, Penna. They were accompanied by Mrs. Gallagher's mother, Mrs. Helen Nein; Leo and Wilda McMahon and 2 children, Middletown, Pa.

     Change of color and the fall of leaves, the withering of vegetation, the cooling of the atmosphere, the shortening of the days, all herald the coming of winter, the close of time old year and the beginning of the new.
     Yet, before the dreary days take over completely to reign until Spring, we experience the joyous times of two great festivals.
     Hanukkah with its lights, its feasts, its gifts, its games, its hours of fellowship, thrills the imaginations and the hearts of those who partake of the pleasures of those days.


     Christmas with its feverish preparations, the excitement of things hoped for, the decorations, the multiplicity of gifts, the hearty greetings, the awe and mystery of the birds of a helpless babe, fills the waking thoughts and brightens the dreams of those who name the name of the Christ.
     And in between times, thousands recall the dank, dark, cold days and bitter, lonely Nights they spent in the Ardennes fourteen years ago.
But there is more; we cannot, we dare not, stop.
     The pleasures of Hanukkah, in truth, will be hollow if they are not concluded with a dedication of life in service to the Lord as was the altar dedicated long ago as the place for the sacrifices of a grateful people.
     The joys of Christmas, verily, will be empty it they do not give life and depth to a sincere resolve to follow in the Way of the Babe of Bethlehem.
     So we, all being children of the Most High, must strive to do His Will as He reveals it to us, and praise Him for His goodness and mercy unto us.
"Teach site thy way, 0 Lord, that I may walk in thy truth."
--Psalm 86:11
106th Infantry Div. Assoc.
John T. Loveless, Jr.

     The registration at the Reunion in Philadelphia in July, 1958 showed an attendance of 61 men, 43 ladies and 18 young people. In spite of this relatively small attendance, the Reunion Committee was fortunate enough to come out in the black and those present appeared to have a good time. The men attending represented somewhat less than 25% of the total dues paying member ship at the time of the reunion. Certainly we are operating from a very narrow base, both in total membership and in attendance at the annual convention. It is a real tribute to the officers we elect each year and to the reunion committees, who volunteer two years in advance of the reunion, that we have been able to accomplish so much.
     The Association voted in Philadelphia that a list of the approximately 1,200 expired members* be published and distributed with a future issue of the CUB, so that it may be used by active members in membership promotion work. When it is received, we urge that all members contact friends on the list, get them back in, and unite with Membership Chairman Dick Nethers in expanding our base and stimulating attendance at reunions.
* Dick DeHeer to send Major Moulds list of names he will have prepared for distribution thru CUB.

Letters to Editor
D. Price, United Nations Expert
PO Box 1143, Cairo, Egypt, UAR
16 October 1958
Mr. John Gallagher
4003 Frances St.
Temple, Penna., U.S.A.
Dear John,
     Your postcard of August 1 reached me this week, forwarded from my Loudonville address. I'm over here with United Nations, in the capacity of an international civil servant rather than as a traveling American, and I can't write anything for publication by anyone. However, I'm sure that a news item in the CUB about my present whereabouts would be perfectly okay.
     I am working for the Institute of Public Administration in Cairo. It is a part of the government of the United Arab Republic, and is jointly sponsored by United Nations as a part of the U. N. technical assistance program to help countries to improve their civil government administrative programs. I am teaching groups of government employees and working on specific administrative


    problems involving the organization and methods of government programs here. I will be here for at least one year, and am accompanied by my wife (Audrey) and two children (Bobby, 8, and Janet, 5) . We have a rented house in a suburb, and the children are going to school here. The people are wonderfully friendly and cooperative, and my work is plentiful and very challenging. The climate is just fine--warm days, but not uncomfortably hot, and cool, pleasant evenings and nights. A breeze is usually blowing, and every day is sunny. Rain is very rare--the cars don't even come equipped with windshield wipers. My hours of work are 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., six days a week, and 5:00 to about 7:30 p.m. five days a week. The long lunch hours are for "siesta," but I prefer to spend them playing tennis. I am learning to speak Arabic, but it is a difficult language for an American to learn, and my students are much better in English and French than I will be in Arabic. We have seen most of the usual tourist sights--the pyramids (visible from our house) , the museums and mosques, Old Cairo, the Nile at flood season, the Nile boats, camels, the zoo and an elephant ride, etc. But I find that the people are far more interesting than the sights. We have deliberately stayed out of the social-circle American colony, and are making our friends among the Egyptians. All in all, it is quite a wonderful experience and we are enjoying ourselves thoroughly.
     Anything in the above paragraph could be printed. My views on American foreign policy could not be printed now--I am very favorably impressed with the way that the U.A.R. is moving ahead, and I don't think that the American press gives the picture as it actually is.
Best regards,

    Note to Censor: The CUB is an American magazine published by the 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. It goes to a few hundred veterans of that army unit, and Mr. Gallagher, the editor, asked if I could send him a note from Egypt for publication.

I am sure Dave will enjoy a note from his friends.--Ed.

Dear John:
     Things here are quite the same. We are very busy getting set for the deer hunting season. This is one of the best deer counties in upper Michigan.
     As you know, we have 16 hunters' board and room with us for the season and it is a time for fun and gaiety. The first Saturday of the season, our American Legion Post holds a Hunters' Ball in the local hall and everyone comes in their red hunting clothes.
All small businesses close the first week, that is other than the eating and drinking places.
     We heard from John Kraljic of H Co. lives in Bethpage, N.Y. He was at Philly and he and his family really had a good time. I will send pictures he sent later. ? Ringa, the undertaker from Chicago, and former officer with H-424 will be up for the deer season again and we always have a bull session.
Our business has been very good. Sometimes we are too busy, but that is the way it has to be.
     Say "Hello" to all the gang and all you "H" Co. men that read this, make your plans now for Chicago next July, you have to plan ahead for these things, so let's go Chicago in 1959.
Cliff Perras

Dear John:
     Larry and Jeanne Walden graciously offered to assist in every way possible towards setting the stage for our Chicago reunion in the last week of July, 1959. All offers will be gracefully honored-accepted and etc. from all those in the windy city area. I cornered Bill French for his Five (5) Spot. I am out to corner at least five more men before January I.
Jack Gillespie
Good work, Jack.


     Shirley and I have discovered the drawing appeal of those wonderful often talked about, dreamt about and photographed Hawaiian Islands to a point where one says, "Is it true: Hawaii to be a garden spot of the world?" From two people just returned: "Save your money (???). it's the garden-spot and more. A trip over there is the long sought end of the rainbow.
     Frankly, in later years when all the youngsters have been given the educational push to a world of their own, the ole 106th should bank on having a vacation reunion on one of the islands of Hawaii. Our new found friends in the airlines promised us that we shall be flying from Chicago to Honolulu right after breakfast and arrive in time for cocktails and a well done steak served before five that afternoon in the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Just think of having our then ten (10) minute business meeting out under the palm trees sipping on a cool rum catamaran* scented with a gardenia crested atop this Polynesian drink. Such an island paradise does wonders for better realization of nature's gifts to man.
     I might mention here that it is the intent of these two fortunate young travelers to bypass usual winter excursions to southern Florida from now on; saving up those extra years for a return and longer stay at the then fiftieth (50th) state in the union. We hope that our friends from the 106th will be among those many couples heading there at the same time.
     They say that every cause has its effect: we had ours in that being sent with eight other lumbermen to Las Vegas convention was the cause, the Hawaiian leg the effect. We spent three exciting and exhausting days as number one stop at this gambling and entertainment center of the world. To help Shirley and yours truly to an even better send off, this same wonderful group of people came on over to San Francisco for a really complete physically exhausting finish to our first week of travel. With eight hours of complete and enforced rest in the stratosphere, twenty thousand feet above the Pacific, coupled with about eight crystal clear champagnes, those pyramid styled formations grew quickly out of the flatness of the Pacific horizon. Oddly enough, these two factors, rest and spirits, treat one to a much more sleeper appreciation of the sites, color, aroma and sensations cast over the "Malihini"**.
     In bygone years, we both have been accused of being extroverts, which on this location only proved complete enjoyment of their people best came via extroversion. We had the privilege of meeting and conversing with men and women traveling from every corner of the world. This crossroads of the Pacific spelled out that unknown something that all were on a common ground to exchange the time of day and converse at length on one national's thoughts with that of another or many others. We, for one, can further appreciate the sage advice that travel is man's best teacher.
     Among the many we met and enjoyed memorable hours were people from China, Australia, Holland, England, Japan and the islands themselves. One party we did telephone but unable to arrange a meeting was with Major Alan Jones, familiar to those other than men of 423rd, as the son of our Major General Alan Jones.
     Gracing the lower end of Waikiki Beach is the new, impressive and unbelievably setting called Hawaiian Village. This uncopied resort enterprise is the work of one Henry Kaiser and Company. As he did in all his endeavors: build only the best and


    the largest known at that time. His Village Hotel with eight hundred industrious helpers, gave its guest service far and beyond any mainland plant known to this writer. One unique flavor throughout the Village is the wide-spread use of the color pink. The explanation for this seemingly over application is that Mr. Kaiser has always felt that to enjoy one's self "he's got to be in the pink".
     After too few days of stay, our next scheduled move through the southwestern part of the United States came as unwanted as the wintertime guard duty in the Ardennes forest. One very definite conclusion that Shirley and I drew was that we are coming back as mentioned earlier in my comments.
     Frankly, my time spent in writing this short resume of this portion of our journey was the hope that someone or a group of someone's would be finally prompted into breaking away onto a similar trip for themselves. All too many times, if you'd only look, a great many folks have their minds convinced that they "just can't" get away, even just down to the downtown hotel for a weekend of rest. All you have to do is look around the Hawaiian Village like we did and see the number of folks incapacitated in one way or another to a point where the expense of inability to enjoy the area is immeasurable. How I got off on this tangent--I really am not sure: except maybe to remind ourselves to count our blessings, using them to their fullest capacity.
     Regards to all those who plodded along through these lines of reminiscence for two lucky people--Shirley and Jack Gillespie. May we see you one and all in Chicago this coming summer.

*Popular Rum Drink
** Island Newcomer

Membership Roster
Mr. Harry E. Albertson, 312 S. 6th St., Darby, Pa.
Max B. Allen, A/423, 442 Sharon Rd., Arcadia, Calif.
Dr. George Axelrod-331 Med. 70 High St., Clinton, Mass.
Maj. Gen. Wm. C. Baker, Jr., DHQ, Hq. USARPAC, APO 958. San Francisco. Calif.
Ben Bartell, L/424, 103 Coale Ave., Sawn Island, N. Y.
John D. Beals, A/422, 217 E. Davenport, lows City, Iowa
Richard H. Behr, Serv/423, 960 Burke Ave., St. Paul 8, Minn.
Roger W. Bell, Hq/589 Box 56, Hanover. Ill.
Charles A. Bengel, Jr., Med. Det. 2nd Bn &. F/424 1436 Puritan Ave., Woodbury, N. J.
Thomas Bickford, DHQ, 3 Sunnyside Terrace, East Orange, N. J.
T. Wayne Black, Hq/422, 306 n Ave., Waterloo, Iowa
Wm. S. Blaher, I/422, 31 Main S. Flemington, N. J.
Herbert C. Bliss, F/423, 261 W. Forest Ave., West Milton, Ohio
Ira G. Bottoms-592, P.O. Box 103, Norcross, Ga.
Col. Byrne Bowman, DHQ, 1210 Liberty Nat. Bank Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla.
Rev. Edward T. Boyle, Hq/424, 46 N. Wolf Rd., Northlake, Ill.
Joseph P. Brislin, K/422 89 Hanover St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Henry M. Broth-I/422, 3917 Duvall Ave., Baltimore 16, Md.
David C. Brumaghin, 81 Engr., S-115 Westview Ave., Paramus, N. J.
Jack Bryant, C/422, 14011 Nadine Ave., Oak Park 37, Mich.
Arthur C. Buckley, DHQ, 24 Atkins Ave., Lynn, Mass .
John H. Burns-106 Sign., 402-432 East Prairie, Box 229, Decatur, Ill.
Harry W. Butler, Jr., Hq 1st Bn/424, Box 162, Winchester, Va.
Austin L. Byrd, Jr., A/589 502 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md.
George Call, B/424, 201 Bloomfield Ave., Iselin, N. J.
Bernard Caplan, Serv./592, 2524 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Md.
Lt. Col. S. P. Cariano, 6632 Washington Dr., Falls Church, Va.
Bartholomew E. Carrino, Med. Det/424, 148 Coeyman Ave., Nutley 10, N. J.
Mr. Thomas Catannio, 62 Seminole Ave., Dumont, N. J.


The Rev. Paul W. Cavanaugh, Hq/422, 892 W. Boston Blvd., Detroit 2, Mich.
Col. Charles C. Cavender, 423, 1402 Deborah Dr., Santa Ana, Calif.
Stanley Chmielowiec, A/424, 21 Oak Grove Ave., Hasbrouck Hts., N. J.
Sam F. Cimaglia-590 & 591 11 Essex Pl., Madison, N. J.
Mr. Christopher T. Clark, Hq/423 518 So. Main St., Niles, Ohio
James I. Clark. M.D.-590 & 592 Fennville 1, Mkt'.,
Douglas S. Coffey, C/590, 50 Gaston St., West Orange, N. J.
Arthur N. Cohen, 801 W. Park St., Temple, Texas
Edward Collier, 153 Calhoun. Memphis, Tenn.
Sherod Collins, Jr., Serv/423 Box 133, Waycross, Ga.
Ernest W. Conklin, Serv/589, 226 N. Phelps St., Youngstown, Ohio
Dr. Michael E. Connelly-589 -, 157 W. State St., Sharon, Pa.
Glen H. Cook, K/423, 11440 Folkstone Dr., Forest Park 40, Cincinnati, 0.
Robert Courtright, DHQ, Box 103, Ashville, Ohio
John W. Daniel, 210 Pollard St., Box 1335, Montgomery, Ala.
Rinard G. Davis, Hq 3rd Bn/422, 1609 Crystal, Kansas City 26, Mo.
Joseph A. DeChiara, 205 Etna St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Richard DeHeer, K/424, 19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, N. J.
James Dent, 3rd Bn/423, 3315 Cornelia Drive, Louisville, Ky.
Col. George L. Descheneaux, Jr., Hq/422, 2 Montgomery Terr., Cape Elizabeth, Me.
Robert De St. Aubin, CN/424 632 S. Gunderson, Oak Park, Ill.
Ernest Dick, H/424, 2228 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Arlan Dietrich, 81 Engr., College Gardens, Kutztown, Pa.
Martin M. Dolitsky, 37 Summit Ave., Port Chester, N. Y.
Thomas Dorosky, Serv/592, Mount Airy Rd., R. D. 1, Trucksville, Pa.
Dr. Joseph F. Drier, Div Arty. 250 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Alan Dunbar, 4701 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ira Durie, Prospect St., Woodcliff Lake, N. J.
Mahlon O. Earle, Jr., 23 Morgan Place, No. Arlington, N. J.
Ross L. Edwards, 424, 223 North Main. College Park. Ga.
Raymond H. Fields, H/424, 837 White Hall. Knoxville 19, Tenn.
John J. Fischer, Jr., Serv/422, 65111 Crest Ridge Circle, Cincinnati 13, Ohio
Gary Faber, 423, 37 Woodside Ave., Midland Park, N. J.
Albert E. Falkner, AT/423, 17 Spokane Villa, Pontiac, Michigan
Edward J. Feilding, C/424, 758 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa.
H. A. Fleming, Jr., 100 Terrace Ave., Jersey City, N. J.
Charles W. L. Foreman, Div Arty., 1117 Townsend Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y.
William K. Fowler, DHQ, 2623 Southeast Ave., S.E., Apt. B-3 Washington 20, D. C.
Thomas K. Fox-592, 128 S. Washington St., Greencastle, Pa.
D. B. Frampton, Jr., CN/422, 170 N. Roosevelt Ave., Bexley, Columbus 9, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Frampton, Sr., Honorary Breadwin Apt., 1312 E. Broad St., Columbus, 0.
Florian R. Frank, Avoca. Wisc.
Jerome L. Frankel, Hq 3rd Bn/423, 2125 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn 10, N. Y.
Richard A. Frankini, 2nd Bn/424 27476 West Five Mile, Livonia, Mich.
Dr. Gaylord D. Fridline, 423, 217 Claremont St., Ashland, Ohio
Albert Gagne, Jr., M/423, 281 Rand St., Central Falls. R. I.
George M. Galik, 19 Porach St., Yonkers 2. N. Y.
John I. Gallagher, 81 Engr. 4003 Frances St., Temple, Pa.
Ernest Gerhardt, Serv/422, 121 Lispenard Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y.
Alfred J. Gericke, Jr., D/423, 8799 Elsmere Drive, Parma 30, Ohio
Philip E. Gerlach, D/424, 2005 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
John M. Gillespie, C/422, 19807 Murray Hill, Detroit 35, Mich.
David Gish, 23673 W. Grove St., South Bend 28, Ind.
David M. Given, Serv/423, 118 West Bldg., Hunting Towers, Mt. Vernon Blvd., Alexandria, Va.
Bruce F. Glen, DHQ, 10 Ferry Road, Morrisville, Pa.
Richard H. Gridler, Div Arty. 101 Orchard Ave., Scottdale, Pa.
Robert A. Grosjean-3rd Bn/422 R. 2, Hursch Rd., Fort Wayne, Ind.
Larry Gubow, Serv/4 23, 20100 Braile, Detroit 19, Mich.
Charles E. Hackler, L/424, 4409 Alice Drive, Memphis, Tenn.


Ben J. Hagman, Div Arty., 128 Dallas Ave., Weatherford, Texas
Frank Hallner, AT/424, 10534 S. Bluefield Ave., Whittier, Calif.
Harold V. Hardoin, K/424, 11732 Promenade, Detroit 13, Mich.
R. P. Harper, 81 Engr., 171 Ingram Ave., Pittsburgh 5, Pa.
Abner T. Harris, H/424, 400 Carlisle Court, Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y.
James L. Hart, 106 Sign, 3037 Ninth St., Rockford, III
H. M. Hatch, DHQ & 422, 5609 15th Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn.
Henry V. Hayden, 81 Engr., 2665 Franklin St., Columbus, Indiana
Byron P. Heath, 106 MP, 2729 Montezuma Ave., Alhambra, Calif.
Forrest W. Hemming, 806 Ord., 977 Loretta Ave., Columbus 11, Ohio
Bernard Herbert, QM, 483 So. Rochester Ave., Indianapolis 21, Ind.
Walter F. Hiltbrand, AT/423, 930 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio
Pete House, A/590, 5662 Clifton Road, Jacksonville 11, Fla.
Don M. Houseman, D/423, 1505 Federal St., Dallas 1, Texas
Robert F. Howell, Jr., Serv, G. & H/424, 265 Colket Lane, Wayne, Pa.
Carl M. Hulbert, 424, 356 Manor Ridge Dr., N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga.
John B. Hursey, Div Arty., Hotel Wellington, 7th Ave. & 55th St., New York 19, N. Y.
Vance S. Jennings, 106 Sign, 2308 N. Lorraine, Wichita 14, Kansas
Robert D. Jessee, M/424, 2186 14th Ave., San Francisco 16, Calif.
Roger M. Jewett, DHQ, 1213 Donald St., Royal Oak, Mich.
Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones, CG, 3532 Quebec St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C.
Maj. Alan W. Jones, Jr., SGS Hq USARNAW/25 Div APAPQ57, San Francisco
George W. Jones, Jr., Serv/423 c/o Post Office, Loris, S. C.
Wm. T. Jones, DHQ, 1136 Fairview Ave, Wyomissing, Pa.
Irvin Juster, 1735 Eastern Pkwy., Schenectady 9, N. Y.
John K. Kahler, D/423, 1858 Berwyn St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Charles J. Kalal, 260 Hampshire Lane, Crystal Lake, Ill.
Robert W. Kaminsky, I/424 861 E. 6th St., Salem, Ohio
George H. Kaufman, H/423 225 S. Edgewood Ave., Urbana, Ohio
Edmond D. Kelly, D/423, Orchard Hill, R.D. 3, Middletown, N. Y.
Robert E. Kelly, Serv/423, 846 Lakepointe. Grosse Pointe 30, Mich.
Col. T. Payne Kelly, Jr.-589, c/o Macfarlane, Ferguson, Allison & Kelly, P. O. Box 1531, Tampa 1, Fla.
Francis T. Kenney, Hq. 3rd Bn/422, 55 Eastern Ave., Ossining. N. Y.
Joseph A. Kersten, G/423, 162 Duerstein St., Buffalo 10, N. Y.
Dr. John E. Ketterer, D.D.S., DHQ, 527 W. Canedy St., Springfield, Ill.
Bernard F. Killian-81 Engr. P. O. Box 577. Marathon, Fla.
James R. Klett, DHQ, Cornwall Rd., Lebanon, Pa.
Charles Koob, Hq 1st Bn/424 Filion, Mich.
Leonard Koplin, DHQ, 909 Melrose Ave., Melrose Park, Pa.
Joseph Krafchik, 331 Med, 349 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J.
John Kraljic, H/424, 19 Coffrey Ave., Bethpage, L. I., N. Y.
Vaden Lackey, 590, 1609 McGavock St., Nashville 3, Tenn.
Ted Lada, L/924, 1044 Liberty, Lincoln Park, Mich.
Elmer F. Lange, H/422, Box 203, Sac City, Iowa
Norman L. Lee, H/424, 1229 West 11th St., Anderson, Ind.
Vernon Lee, C/591, 145 Riverside, N.E., St. Cloud, Minn.
Samuel Leibowitz, 424, 045 E. 5th St., Brooklyn 18, N. Y.
Francis H. Lemley, Hq/589 Pillsbury, N. D.
Louis S. LeTellier, Jr., 81 Engr., 7019 Altatna Rd., Jacksonville 11, Fla.
John R. Lett, 424, Otwcll, Indiana
Melvin W. Lewis, 81 Engr., 33 Hopper Ave., Waldwick, N. J.
Seymour S. Light, L/424, 4513 Greenwold Drive, South Euclid 21, Ohio
Curtis L. Lindsey, Route 1, Box 208, Waco, Texas
Marshall Lipkin, 424, 16965 Strawberry Dr., Encino, Calif.
Joseph Litvin, D/423, 10412 Doty Ave., Inglewood. Calif.


Arthur F. Loos, I/422, 128 Highland Ave., Broad Brook, Conn.
Oliver A. Lothrop, Jr., B/423, 408 Terrace Way. Towson 4, Md.
John T. Loveless, Jr., HQ/422, 2549 Pickwick Rd., Dickeyville, Balto. 7, Md.
Allen L. Lowith, CN/423, 1062 So. Mansfield, Los Angeles 19, Calif.
Edward L. Luzzie, 590, 1518 W. Garfield Blvd., Chicago 9, IIJ.
John F. Mackell, 559 W. 51st St., New York 19, N. Y.
James U. Malesky, Btry. 592, 735 Eastmont Drive, Greenburg, Pa.
Frank Maloney, Serv/592, 231 Wolf St., Philadelphia 48, Pa.
Thomas G. Manager, A/590 & C/592 309 Addison Road, Glastonbury, Conn.
Col. William T. Manahan. 806 Ord. Blue Ridge Summit, Penna.
Gilbert Marcus, Serv/423, 7007 Gregier Ave., Chicago 49, Ill.
Heinz M. Matthai, Hq/423 - 610 Emerson Ave., Laureldale, Pa.
Col. J. C. Matthews, Jr., 422, 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C.
Curtis F. Maynard, G/424, 1112 Kehler St., Navasota, Texas
O. Paul Merz, Serv/422, Jackson St., Vevay, Ind.
John A. Middleton, III, 106 Sign 17 Kensington Rd., Madison, N. J.
Lieut. Col. J. J. Miller, DHQ, 3569-9 So. Stafford St., Arlington, Va.
Rev. Mr. Ronald A. Mosley, Div Arty & 424 37 Hancock St., Bar Harbor, Maine
W. Lyle Mowlds, DHQ/MP, 896 S. State St., Dover, Del.
J. Gail Meyers, 331 Med., 1114 Maxine Dr., Fort Wayne 6, lad.
Daniel E. McIntosh, Jr., Div Arty. 411 Blunt St., Clay Center, Kans.
Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon, Div Arty. No. Union St., Middletown, Pa.
Robert L McVoy, Serv/423, Poland, New York
John B. Nash, 806 Ord., 247 Van Dozer St., Staten Island 4, N. Y.
J. S. Negyesi, Hq/424, Hunting Ridge Rd., Stamford, Conn.
R. W. Nethers, AT/423, 31 Island Drive, Poland, Ohio
Dr. Irwin Neigus, 331 Med., 499 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 26, N. Y.
Alfred S. Nusbaum, Hq/423, Apt. 4, 234 E. 72nd St., New York 21, N. Y.
Patrick J. O'Rourke, K/424, 3525 Decatur Ave., New York 67, N. Y.
William Perlman, 2006 Castle Heights Ave., Los Angeles 34, Calif.
Clifford E. Perras, H/424, Blue Front Hotel. Nadeau, Mich.
Brig. Gen. Herbert T. Perrin, CG Box 294, Gambier, Ohio
R. W. Peterson, I/423, 2819 AV. Kleim Dr., Phoenix, Arizona
Charles S. Peyser, B/424, 212 Potomac .Ave., Hanover, Pa.
Herman L. Philipson, Jr., H/423 10614 Roost Springs Dr., Dallas 29, Texas
Morris R. Piha, QM, 1157 Wedgewood, Montgomery 6, Ala.
Waldo B. Pierce, F/422, 530 East St., New Britain, Conn.
Fred Pilkington, Hq/422, 221 Walton St., West Hempstead, N. Y.
Edward C. Plenge, Hq/589, 486 S. Prospect Ave., West Englewood, N. J.
David S. Price, DHQ & 331 Med. P. 0. Box 1143, Cairo, Egypt
Clayton F. Rarick, L/424, Box 25, Blandon, Pa.
Dean T. Redmond, Hq 3rd Bn/422 116 Kelly St., Statesville, N. C.
Raymond J. Reed, CN/423, 629 River Rd., New Milford, N. J.
C. B. Ried, AT/423, Richburg, S. C.
John J. Reynolds, Jr., 188 Hall St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Charles W. Richards, Serv/423, 113 Clover Dr., Massapequa, N. Y. '
Thomas J. Riggs, Jr.-81 Engr., 2932 Broxton Rd., Shaker Hts., Cleveland, Ohio
Robert C. Ringer, Serv/591, 205 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus 14, Ohio
William Rosenkoetter, Hq/424, 15547 Hanover St., Allen Park, Mich.
Nathan M. Roth, B/592, 132 West 42nd St., New York, N. Y.
Cleon F. Russ-589, 2322 12th St., Moline, Ill
Robert E. Rutt, Hq/422, 14447 Young Ave., Detroit 5, Mich.
Joseph L. Ryals, Hq/424, 2000 Cooper Ave., Lansing 15, Mich.
J. P. Salber-423 & 424, 2 Danbury St., Oakland 5, Calif.
Robert E. Sandberg, 81 Engr., 1377 S. Cleveland Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn.
Charles Saxon, 4703 Brookside Ave., Bristol, Pa.


Fred A. Sebastinelli, DHQ, 3228 Cabrillo St., San Francisco 21, Calif.
John J. Scalissi, H/424, 1706 Regent St., Madison. Wis.
Fred Schieferstein, A/424, 385 Madison Hill Road, Clark. N. J.
J. Glenn Schnizlein, F/423, 1460 N. Webster St., Naperville, Ill.
Earl A. Scott, 589, 6414 Monument Ave., Richmond 26, Va.
Robert L. Scranton, K/424, 9441 Lee Road, Brighton, Mich.
Mike P. Serino, 591, Armed Forces Golf Club, Fort Jackson, S. C.
Albert L. Silver, Cn/423, 217-15 Kingsbury Ave., Oakland Gardens 64, Flushing, L.I., N. Y.
Morris W. Silverman, M/423, 2023 Broadway, Anaheim, Calif.
Joseph J. Siska, Hq 2nd Bn/424 10639 Hoxie Ave., Chicago 17, IJI.
Hyman Slavin, Hq 3rd Bn & AT/424, 62 Bay View Terrace, Newburgh, N. Y.
Lester S. Smyth, Div Arty., 505 Chadwick Rd., Timonium, Md.
Walter M. Snyder, A/589, 9 Winter St., Plymouth, Mass.
Emil Solecki, Serv/592, Box 240, R. D. 1, Sparta, N. J.
Loren E. Souers, Jr., 424 & 81 Engr., 1200 Harter Bank Bldg., Canton, Ohio
Norman S. Spayd, C & H/423 & F/424 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading. Pa.
Robert W. Stack, 81 Engr., 157 4th Ave., Westwood, N. J.
Cyrill J. Steinhauser, G/424, 220 Edna St., Poland 14, Ohio
Mr. Robert P. Stout, DHQ, 248 Monterey Ave., Pelham, N. Y.
Edward C. Straka, CT1 USN 431 03 43-106 Sign USNH Nvy No. 39 23. Ward 10 A, F. P. O., San Francisco
James T. Stuart, F/424, 119 Gem Ave., Bridgeport 6, Conn.
Joseph S. Suplicki, 331 Med., 392 Stevens Ave., Ridgewood, N. J.
Ray Taylor (nee Ray Krawczyk), Serv/592 4831 W. 24th Place, Cicero, Ill.
Harrison C. Tissot, C/422, 6724 Merwin Ave., Cincinnati 27, Ohio
Harry F. Travis-423, 257 Upland Ave., Youngstown 4, Ohio
Arthur J. Tribout, G/424, 1447 No. 42nd St., East St. Louis, Ill.
Rollin L. Twining, 106 Cic & 2nd Bn/424 53 Front St., Binghamton, N. Y.
Russell H. Villwock, 3831 N. Lakewood, Chicago 13, Ill.
Dr. Hans Wachtel, DHQ & 331 Med., 7926 S. Chappel, Chicago 17, III.
Mark S. Wagner, H/424, 616 Walnut St., Mifflinburg, Pa.
Lawrence W. Walden, H/424 6932 S. Clyde, Chicago 49, Ill.
Andrew B. Wallace, B/590 Hines V.A. Hosp., Ward A-3. Room 340, Hines, Ill.
Lewis H. Walker, H/422 Box 570, Susanville, Calif.
Charles S. Walsh, 592 R. F. D. I, Haddonfield, N. J.
Clarence E. Warren, 111 Goodrich St., Kewanee, 1l1.
Howard Watt, 2nd Bn/422 & 3rd Bn/424, 100 Roosevelt Ave., Ridgefield Park, N. J.
James E. Wells, 81 Engr. Hephzibah, Ga.
Lawrence H. Westphal, Div Arty., Box 72, Wycoff, Minn.
Frederick L. Wilkerson, M/422, 409 Center St., Washington Grove, Md.
E. J. Wisniewski, 434 Teece Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa.
Jack Williams, 542 Manton St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Donald J. Woodburn, K/424, 970 "Thomas Ave., St. Paul 4, Minn.
Brig. Gen. F. A. Woolfley, CG, 932 Solomon Place, New Orleans 19, La.
Gordon B. Zicker, 18 Montvale Ave., Montvale, N. J.
Seymour H. Zorn, 106 Sign, 138-18 Riverside Dr. West, New York 32, N. Y.
Jack Zuckerman, C/423, 161-04 Jewel Ave., Flushing 65, N. Y.
James S. Alznew, 276 East State, Alliance, Ohio
Joseph J. Ansel, At/423, Pinkerton Rd. & Blue Bell, Rt. 1, Chalfonte, Pa.
Jack E. Blair, 1625 Earlington Rd., Havertown, Pa.
Ben R. Briles, G/423, Arvada, Wyoming
Walter J. McCarthy, F/424, 314 W. Maple St., Maquoketa, Iowa
Lee B. Taylor, K/424, Box 629, Anderson. S. C.

     Above names were those paid to October 1, 1958-250 members, 41 Ladies Auxiliary. Next CUB will list those whose dues were received after October 1.


Index for: Vol. 15, No. 2, Oct, 1958

Index for This Document

100th Inf. Div., 3
106th Div., 3
106th Inf. Div., 1, 9
106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 3, 9
28th Inf. Div., 3
422nd Inf., 3
591st FA, 5
591st FA BN, 5
592nd FA, 5
806th Ord. Co., 16, 18
81st Engr., 3
81st Engr. BN, 3
Albertson, Harry E., 12
Allen, Max B., 12
Alznew, James S., 20
Ansel, Joseph J., 20
Ardennes, 7, 12
Ardennes Forest, 12
Axelrod, Dr. George, 12
Baker, Lt. Gen. Milton G., 3
Baker, Maj. Gen. Wm. C., 12
Bartell, Ben, 12
Beals, John D., 12
Behr, Richard H., 12
Belgium, 2
Bell, Roger W., 12
Bengel, Charles A., 12
Bickford, Thomas, 12
Black, T. Wayne, 12
Blaher, Wm. S., 12
Blair, Jack E., 21
Bliss, Herbert C., 12
Bottoms, Ira G., 12
Bowman, Col. Byrne, 12
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 12
Briles, Ben R., 21
Brislin, Joseph P., 3, 12
Broth, Henry M., 12
Brumaghin, David C., 12
Brunswick, 16
Bryant, Jack, 12
Buckley, Arthur C., 12
Burns, John H., 12
Butler, Harry W., 12
Byrd, Austin L., 12
Byrd, Austin L., Jr., 12
Calhoun, 14
Call, George, 13
Caplan, Bernard, 13
Cariano, Lt. Col. S. P., 3, 13
Carrino, Bartholomew E., 13
Catannio, Thomas, 13
Cavanaugh, Paul W., 14
Cavender, Col. Charles C., 14
Chmielowiec, Stanley, 14
Cimaglia, Sam F., 3, 14
Clark, Christopher T., 14
Clark, James I., 14
Coffey, Doug, 1, 2
Coffey, Douglas S., 14
Cohen, Arthur N., 14
Col. Thomas J. Riggs, 3
Collier, Edward, 14
Collins, Sherod, 14
Conklin, Ernest W., 14
Connelly, Dr. Michael E., 14
Cook, Glen H., 14
Courtright, Robert, 14
Daniel, John W., 14
Davis, Rinard G., 14
de St. Aubin, Robert, 14
DeChiara, Joseph A., 14
DeHeer, Dick, 7
DeHeer, Richard, 1, 14
Dent, James, 14
Descheneaux, Col. George L., 14
Descheneaux, George L., 3
Dick, Ernest, 14
Dietrich, Arlan, 14
Div. Artillery, 3
Div. Arty, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20
Dolitsky, Martin M., 14
Dorosky, Thomas, 14
Dorosky, Tom, 5
Dorosky, Tom & Alice, 5
Dover, 18
Drier, Dr. Joseph F., 14
Dunbar, Al, 2
Dunbar, Alan, 1, 14
Durie, Ira, 14
Earle, Mahlon O., 14
Edwards, Ross L., 14
Eyler, John & Louise, 5
Faber, Gary, 14
Falkner, Albert E., 14
Feilding, Edward J., 14
Fields, Raymond H., 14
Fischer, John J., 14
Fleischman, Peter, 3
Fleming, H. A., 14
Foreman, Charles W. L., 3, 14
Foreman, Mr. & Mrs., 3
Formosa, 3
Fort Jackson, 20
Fowler, William K., 14
Fox, Thomas K., 14
Fox, Tom & Mary, 5
Frampton, D. B., 14
Frampton, D. B., Jr, 14
Frampton, D. B., Jr., 14
Frampton, Mr. & Mrs. D. B., 14
Frank, Florian R., 14
Frankel, Jerome L., 14
Frankini, Richard A., 14
French, Bill, 10
Fridline, Gaylord D., 14
Gagne, Albert, 5, 14
Galik, George M., 14
Gallagher, John, 7
Gallagher, John & Mrs., 5
Gallagher, John I., 14
Gerhardt, Ernest, 14
Gericke, Alfred J., 15
Gerlach, Philip E., 15
Gillespie, Jack, 10
Gillespie, John M., 15
Gillespie, Shirley & Jack, 12
Gish, David, 15
Given, David M., 15
Glatterer, Milton, 3
Glen, Bruce F., 15
Gridler, Richard H., 15
Grosjean, Robert A., 15
Gubow, Larry, 5, 15
Hackler, Charles E., 15
Hagman, Ben, 2
Hagman, Ben J., 16
Hagman, Larry, 2
Hallner, Frank, 16
Hanover, 3, 12, 18
Hardoin, Harold V., 16
Harper, R. P., 16
Harris, Abner T., 16
Hart, James L., 16
Hatch, H. M., 16
Hayden, Henry V., 16
Heath, Byron P., 16
Hemming, Forrest W., 16
Herbert, Bernard, 16
Hiltbrand, Walter F., 16
Holland, 11
Hoover, Col. Phillip, 5
Hoover, Mrs., 5
House, Pete, 16
Houseman, Don M., 16
Howell, Robert F., 16
Hulbert, Carl M., 16
Hursey, John B., 16
Italy, 3
Jennings, Vance S., 16
Jessee, Robert D., 16
Jewett, Roger M., 16
Jones, Alan W., 16
Jones, Alan W., Jr., 16
Jones, George W., 16
Jones, Maj. Alan, 11
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan, 11
Jones, Maj. Gen. Alan W., 16
Jones, Wm. T., 16
Juster, Irvin, 16
Kahler, John K., 16
Kalal, Charles J., 16
Kaminsky, Robert W., 16
Kaufman, George H., 3, 16
Kelly, Bob, 1
Kelly, Col. T. Payne, 16
Kelly, Edmond D., 16
Kelly, Robert, 1
Kelly, Robert E., 16
Kenney, Francis T., 16
Kersten, Joseph A., 16
Ketterer, Dr. John E., 16
Killian, Bernard F., 16
Klett, James R., 16
Koob, Charles, 3, 16
Koplin, Leonard, 16
Krafchik, Joseph, 16
Kraljic, John, 9, 16
Krawczyk, Ray, 20
Lackey, Vaden, 16
Lada, Ted, 16
Lang, Elmer F., 16
Lange, Elmer F., 16
Lee, Norman L., 16
Lee, Vernon, 16
Leibowitz, Samuel, 16
Lemley, Francis H., 16
LeTellier, Louis S., 16
Lett, John R., 17
Lewis, Melvin W., 17
Light, Seymour S., 17
Lindsey, Curtis L., 17
Lipkin, Marshall, 17
Litvin, Joseph, 17
Loos, Arthur F., 18
Lorraine, 16
Lothrop, Oliver A., 18
Lothrop, Oliver A., Jr., 18
Loveless, John, 1, 5
Loveless, John T., 7, 18
Loveless, John T., Jr, 7, 18
Loveless, John T., Jr., 7, 18
Loveless, Kay, 5
Lowith, Allen L., 18
Luzzie, Edward L., 18
Mackell, John F., 18
Malesky, James, 5
Malesky, James U., 18
Maloney, Frank, 18
Maloney, Frank & Theresa, 5
Manager, Thomas G., 18
Manahan, William T., 18
Marcus, Gilbert, 18
Matthai, Heinz M., 18
Matthews, Col. J. C., 18
Maynard, Curtis F., 18
McCarthy, Walter J., 21
McIntosh, Daniel E., 18
McIntosh, Daniel E., Jr., 18
McMahon, Brig. Gen. Leo T., 18
McMahon, Gen., 1
McMahon, Leo & Wilda, 5
McVoy, Robert L, 18
Merz, O. Paul, 18
Meyers, J. Gail, 18
Middleton, John A., 18
Middleton, John A., III, 18
Miller, Lt. Col. J. J., 18
Mosley, Ronald A., 18
Mowlds, W. Lyle, 18
Nash, John B., 18
Negyesi, J. S., 18
Neigus, Dr. Irwin, 18
Nein, Mrs. Helen, 5
Nethers, Dick, 7
Nethers, R. W., 18
Nusbaum, Alfred S., 18
Ormsby, Thomas Payan, 3
O'Rourke, Patrick J., 18
Perlman, William, 18
Perras, Cliff, 9
Perras, Clifford E., 18
Perrin, Brig. Gen. & Mrs., 3
Perrin, Brig. Gen. Herbert T., 18
Peterson, R. W., 18
Peyser, Charles S., 18
Philipson, Herman L., 18
Pierce, Waldo B., 18
Piha, Morris R., 18
Pilkington, Fred, 18
Plenge, Edward C., 18
Poland, 18, 20
Price, D., 7
Price, David S., 9, 18
Rarick, Clayt & Mrs., 5
Rarick, Clayton, 1
Rarick, Clayton F., 1, 18
Redmond, Dean T., 18
Reed, Raymond J., 18
Reynolds, John J., 18
Reynolds, John J., Jr., 18
Richards, Charles W., 18
Ried, C. B., 18
Riggs, Col. Thomas J., 3
Riggs, Thomas J., 3, 18
Ringer, Robert C., 18
Rosenkoetter, William, 18
Roster, 12
Roth, Nathan M., 18
Russ, Cleon F., 19
Rutt, Robert E., 19
Ryals, Joseph L., 19
Salber, J. P., 19
Sandberg, Robert E., 19
Saxon, Charles, 19
Scalissi, John J., 20
Schieferstein, Fred, 20
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 20
Scott, Earl A., 20
Scranton, Robert L., 20
Sebastinelli, Fred A., 20
Serino, Mike P., 20
Sgrignoli, Michael & Mrs., 5
Silver, Albert L., 20
Silverman, Morris W., 20
Siska, Joseph J., 20
Slavin, Hyman, 20
Smyth, Lester S., 20
Smyth, Lt. Col. Lester, 3
Snyder, Walter M., 20
Solecki, Emil, 5, 20
Solecki, Emil & Ethel, 5
Souers, Loren E., 20
Spayd, Norman S., 20
Stack, Robert W., 20
Steinhauser, Cyrill J., 20
Stout, Robert P., 20
Straka, Edward C., 20
Stuart, James T., 20
Suez Canal, 3
Suplicki, Joseph S., 20
Taylor, Lee B., 21
Taylor, Ray, 20
Tissot, Harrison C., 20
Trail, Reed & Adrian, 5
Travis, Harry F., 20
Tribout, Arthur J., 20
Twining, Rollin L., 20
Valley Forge Military Academy, 3
Villwock, Russell H., 20
Wachtel, Dr. Hans, 20
Wagner, Mark S., 20
Walden, Larry & Jeanne, 10
Walden, Lawrence W., 20
Walker, Lewis H., 20
Wallace, Andrew B., 20
Walsh, Charles S., 20
Walsh, Charlie & Daisy, 5
Walsh, Mrs., 5
Warren, Clarence E., 20
Watt, Howard, 3, 20
Wells, James E., 20
Westphal, Lawrence H., 20
Wilkerson, Frederick L., 20
Williams, Jack, 20
Wisniewski, E. J., 20
Woodburn, Donald J., 20
Woolfley, Brig. Gen. F. A., 20
Zicker, Gordon B., 20
Zorn, Seymour H., 20
Zuckerman, Jack, 20