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Vol. 13, No. 2, Dec, 1956

108th Infantry Division Association, Inc. Box 106, Blandon, Pa.
President Lawrence Gubow
Vice President Robert W. Stack
Adjutant Austin Byrd, Jr.
Treasurer Robert Kelly
Chaplain John Loveless
    The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.
Editor John Gallagher
Staff Writer Robert Stack
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin
The CUB is printed by the. Busy Beaver Print Shop, Laureldale, Pa.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 21 (wits each. Send orders to Box 106, Blandon,
Please! Answer Your Mail!
     The future of the 106th Division Association depends largely on the sustained interest of the members elected to the Board of Directors, between Reunions. The Editor of the Cub is entitled to hear from them once a month with items for publication. Members of the Pennsylvania group have been working on plans for the 1958 Reunion in Eastern Pennsylvania. On 1 October this group sent a letter with folders to each of the 21 Directors, recommending Galen Hall, Wernersville, Penna., as a site for the 1958 reunion. The opinion of each Director was requested on an enclosed addressed return postcard. Up to November 1, fourteen had replied. No word from five Directors. Some of the replies indicated that Galen Hall site might scare off some .of the marginal members. The Pennsylvania group are now investigating Philadelphia. Their decision will be announced in the next issue of the CUB. The above letter was received from one of our very active members. We must all help to make our association grow.--Ed.

President's Message
     Our president sends best wishes to all our members and their families. During this past political campaign Larry was very busy and away from home much of the time. Next issue will carry a more detailed message to all.--Ed.

Editor's Notes
May I go along with all your officers and extend to you warmest greetings for the Christmas season.
     This year, as all the Christmas days that have passed since that Christmas Day in 1944 that we spent in Europe, my thoughts shall return to the events of those fateful happenings.
     I was more fortunate than many for that Christmas Eve I received a Christmas gift. It was a letter from home, the first in several weeks.
     This year again there will be many people away from home for the holiday season, in fact for many there is no home--war orphans, refugees, enslaved political prisoners. They will receive no letter as I did. So on this Christmas within the warmth of my own home I shall bow down and ask God to bless those cold, hungry, freedom-loving people and to comfort them till their day of deliverance. I shall pray God will bless the families of our departed comrades as well.
Will you join me this year in prayer; it will take but a few moments from the great joys of this day.
     A word of thanks to all who were so kind in forwarding material for our "Cub.' 1 am seeking information about our ladies auxiliary for next Cub; can you help me?
Your 1958 Convention Committee is making plans for our 12th convention, more details later.



Kellys Entertain
     The Detroiters had their first fall gathering early this past October. (Picture at left) Bob and Libby Kelly played host and sponsor of this terrific evening affair. The evening's events opened with choice cocktails and highballs. With Indian summer still in control of our weather, Floyd Powell set up his telescope to view our neigh-bolt on the full moon. Frankly, 'twas a very interesting diversion. A few of the parlor games disclosed the tallest gal--the baldest male--and you know what!', Along about midnight, three grills were put into use. Gradually by 3 am., Bob bounced the last of us. Numbered among the guests were:
Bob and Libby Kelly (hosts)
Jim and Grace Burrell
Bob and Lucille Rutt
Floyd and Marilyn Powell
Jim and Lois Kenyon
Cass and Lorraine Williams
Jim and Shirley Dent
Bob Rowe and Miss Helen Littman
Jack Bryant and fiancée
Dick and Ann Frankini
Sterling and Kay Grieves
Dale and Doretta Douglas
Art and Doreen Simmons
Jack and Shirley Gillespie, escorting Marg French and Estelle Gubow (husbands away on business)
Ginny and Dick Hatton
Evelyn and John Shalhoub

Belgian Memorial Report
    Doug Coffey has contacted Mademoiselle DuBois of Brussels. She is forwarding details for donation of stained glass church windows. Will keep you informed of progress of this project.

1957 Convention
    Jim Wells is expecting YOU to be at General Oglethorpe Hotel, Savannah, Ga., July 25, 26, 27 for our 11th convention. Jim will give as more details in our next Cub.


Memorandum to All 106th Men and Women
     Many days have passed and many are to come before the annual Memorial Day of the 106th Infantry Division--December 16 --comes around again.
     One thing is for sure--it will be here mighty quickly. Now, if at any time of the year you men of the 106th are spirited to exerting a little effort for our group, this is certainly the occasion. I can look back over ten years of summer reunions and winter Memorial dinners, and honestly say to myself that the Good Lord granted many of us a real favor. This favor, in my opinion, is the cherished events and incidents, deep friendships acquired; and the desire to partake in the future vacations and social gatherings scheduled for years to come.
     Do you realize the uniqueness of this brother-in-arms association? How many associations or organizations can one belong to, where every walk of life and occupation mixes equally and in full harmony--the rich and the poor--the hearty and the lame--the Christian and the Jew--the Democrat and the Republican--the boss and the employee, etc.--group after group! Frankly, the more you settle back and analyze what we have in the 106th, I'm sure, if given 100 per cent serious thought, you, too, will grasp the feeling, appreciation and private urge to get up and strive to keep alive this small but tremendously important group called "our 106th Infantry Division Association."
     I, for one, can only suggest ways and means by which you as individuals might put into use some of this appreciation. Basically, the only outstanding activity you need display is, living the 106th--not as the sign carrier type--nor like the street corner barker; but, if you would just keep the 106th in your letters and conversation. Advertise our name and its existence in your locality, with regularity, via the newspapers, social and travel columns.
     Come next month, many of us still, and yet so many more, no longer make the supreme effort to gather (even a pair) in some place to continue the wonderful practice of remembering. There is not one of you who doesn't try to remember many a date--birthdays, weddings, the first of important events, those vacation days scattered throughout the year--you know what 1 mean. Well, it takes just one person, two to make it a date, and three to become a party. What I'm trying to say is--please don't wait for the other fellow to move, for you can almost bank on the fact that he is doing the same. Each and every one of you knows the spark of enthusiasm that emanates when one party calls just about the same time the other is about to make the same move on any mutual suggestion. It could be the same here with even as small an event as meeting December 16th. I would like to carry another thought along for you just a spell. Many of you are fortunate to still receive and correspond once a year with a few old close Division friends. Usually the Christmas card is the reminder. 1, for one, would love to see each of us take an extra five minutes to pen a good downright neighborly note in conjunction with this season's cards. It is here that you finally have the urge and obligation and equipment to remind others that you are still in one piece.
I can readily see that anytime else during
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106th Division Operations from German Point of View
Extracts from a book--"The Fatal Decisions," Published by William Sloan Associates, New York 1956.
    Part 6--The Ardennes by General Hasso Von Manteuffel, Commanding Fifth Panzer Army. (Note--The right flank of this army attacked the 106th Division).
Pages 270-271--The Cutting Off of the Schnee Eifel and the Battle of St. Vith.
     "The left wing of the LXVIth Army Corps was noticeably slower in its advance into the Eifel. This endangered our plan for rapidly sealing off the Schnee-Eifel. This, however, was the essential preliminary to the next stage of our advance which was to be through Schonberg to St. Vith., St. Vith, the center of a considerable road work, was as important a point on this sector as was Bastogne on the Army's left flank.
     "The events of the day (16 Dec) in the area of the Army's right hand corps was disappointing. The corps failed to keep up with the time schedule I had laid down for its advance. I hoped the time lost could be made up by a continuation of the attack after dark. I therefore spent the night of December 16/17 with the staff of the /18th. People's Grenadier Division, which held the key to the operations on this part of the front. Thanks to the energy of the division commander, this division succeeded in capturing Schonberg on the morning of the 17th. This success seemed to show that the corps could now make up the time lost; the events of the day however, did not realize this hope.
"Despite an excellent performance on the
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Personnel Items
     Brigadier General Herbert T. Perrin, former Division Commander and Mrs. Perrin are spending several months in South America visiting their daughter and her family in Valparaiso, Chile.
     Many of the artillerymen will remember when the 627 FA Bn was attached to the Division, while the 589th and 590th FA Bns were being rebuilt and retrained. General McMahon had a letter recently from Lt. Col. Charles J. Harris who commanded this Bn. He has the Ford agencies in Erie, Penna, and Ashtabula, Ohio. He lives in Erie, married, with 3 children. Members of this Bn. are eligible for membership in the Association and the General plans to sign up Colonel Harris.
     George Doerner, S/Sgt Divarty Hq is married and lives at 1229- West Airy St., Norristown, Penna. He works in the office of a brewery. We don't know the name brand.
     Lt. Col. Leslie McPherran, who was the Anti-Tank Officer on the Divarty Hq staff is now Public Information Officer at Hq. Seine Area Command in France, APO 163 New York, N. Y. He went overseas this past summer from duty in Washington, D. C.
     Larry Walden, Co. H 424 Medic is appearing in "Inherit the Wind," starring Melvin Douglass. Shirley and Jack Gillespie had the pleasure of seeing Larry perform in Detroit. Jack visited with the "Peter Lind Hayes of the 106" at his hotel. Larry has also made TV film for the "Line-Up." He is photographer in "The Goade Case." Best of wishes to Larry and his wife.



Cain's Message
     As this is being written, the world is faced, with the shaping up of three crises: the events in Egypt revolving around the seizure of the Suez Canal by the government of that African nation, the tensions in the Near-East arising thru fear, and the growing revolt of the people of Hungary against the hardships imposed upon them by their Communist-controlled masters.
     Here in our own beloved country, we are in the midst of a great political campaign to determine who shall be our elected leaders in our national and local governments.
     By the time these words are read, the crises abroad may be over, the threats curtailed, the tensions eased, the injustices righted. We pray that the opposing factions in each situation will see and know the futility of force to gain lasting ends.
     On this side of the Atlantic, the tumult and the shouting of the elections will be past. Then when we as a people once more resume our usual tasks we shall be secure in the knowledge thin whoever has won has won by the choice of the majority and above all by peaceful means.

     At this same season in the year, throughout the length and breadth of our fair land, we observe a national Day of Thanksgiving. From the dawn of recorded 'history to the present day, nations and peoples have paused at different times in their lives to express their thanks to their God for blessings bestowed upon them But it remains for us as a nation to observe such a Thanksgiving Day annually. And it is entirely fitting that we should do so.
Think on the blessings that we 'have received and enjoyed in the past and continue to enjoy to this day.
     We have never suffered a famine, despite occasional failure of some crops; we have and enjoy abundant natural resources; our living standards are about the highest in the world today; we live at peace with our immediate neighbors; for over a hundred years our land has not been set on by foes (though some of our insular possessions have been); our cities and towns for nearly a hundred years have been spared damage from war such as many of us saw a few years ago in Europe (though, again, we must except some in our insular possessions): we have the right to express ourselves freely by speech and by press; we have the right to be secure in our persons and our homes; we have the right to practice our religious beliefs without interference by man or state.
In truth, we have been singularly blessed by our Creator; in many cases far beyond what we deserve.
     As we approach this season of Thanksgiving, let us not limit our celebration to feasting, visiting, attendance at football games and other sports. Rather, and foremost, let each one of us gather in his own place of worship, give thanks to Almighty God for His blessings and mercies so freely given to us and pray that God's grace may be upon us in the days and years to come to the end that we may live accordingly as He wills it.

"O, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endureth forever."
Chaplain, 106th Infantry Division Assn.
P. S.--Thanksgiving has passed, but the thought should be ours every day.--Ed.


Memorial Report
Subject: Use of the Memorial Fund for other than educational purposes.
     As Memorial Chairman and after having looked over the files, I find that the fund is not active enough to maintain the interest of would-be donors. Up until now the emphasis has been to gather data on departed comrades and their next of kin. From my observations, I find some reluctance by the relatives of our departed to discuss a subject as this, which is bound to revive sad memories. I think we have prevailed upon them enough. What information, association members can offer, is usually very sketchy, although given with the spirit of trying to give as much help as possible, and has been appreciated.
     The men who have handled the fund 'before me, on the whole, have done a noteworthy job, and deserve much credit. Although, after one has seen the long list of our Division members who have given so much, it seems that we are doing little in comparison. It is my firm belief that we should do something more than just talk to perpetuate the unforgotten sacrifices of the men lost in World War II and Korea.
     Accordingly, I have a suggestion along these lines. First, I would mention that due to the "benefits for War orphans"' program that is now in operation, we presumably will not need such a large balance as heretofore in our Memorial Fund. I therefore suggest the following plan. We appoint Doug Coffey, who has been over to Belgium in recent years, to look into the possibility of having a monument constructed in St. Vith in memory of the members of the 106th Division, who gave their all. I suggest that we could use up to $1,500.00 of the fund as a fitting tribute to our departed Comrades. It is my fervent hope that this program can be under way by next convention. It is suggested that all members of the Board of Director; send me a note of approval or disapproval. The reason for this procedure is that time is of the essence. In your own homes you can give the subject more thought. As a rule at our meetings at Conventions we are pressed for time and cannot indulge in such lengthy and weighty problems. It is my opinion that we set an amount up to the $1,500.00 which I have previously mentioned. I also suggest letting Doug Coffey compose the wording for the inscription, as I know it is a project close to his heart and he is one in our midst who is fully aware of the sacrifices made during and after the "Battle of the Bulge" by so many of our Division.
     In closing, I want once again to reaffirm our desire to help any of our members who are in dire and desperate need. If it is in our scope, we endeavor to help in any way possible. Of course, any information relative to any member of our Division, killed or missing in action, or who passed away after the war is always desired. One more item to mention. Any next of kin who may have remarried and would not like to be contacted in any way or who would like to have delivery of the Cub stopped, or for anyone else or any other reason, please let time know and we can make a note of it in our records.

     Memorial Chairman John will appreciate any comments from you regarding memorial fund. Will supply you with date of K. 1. N.'s next of kits. He asks as to forward any information we have to him. Let's all help John, he will do a good job for us.--Ed.


(Continued from Page 4)
    the year, the art of letter writing with many, just isn't there, except to relate to their creditors maybe, why this is that bill just can't be paid this here month. I can sympathize with you that it 'tis exhausting at times. So, again, how's about a barrage of Season's Greetings notes to old 106th buddies. Somewhere in this note, state briefly your interest in the Association, and maybe a braggadocious remark or two. From there please send me a set of the addresses and maybe a note of background on each man. We'll do the remaining promoting from here. If we are successful in gaining a new member, you will get the word to have him do the same with some other friend of his. Therefore, maybe a systematic chain reaction will begin to set in.
     Earlier in this memorandum to you all (as Jim Wells would say) I stated that many days have passed (10 years to be exact). How many days are to come before we can boast that our own initial effort to gain at least one new man has come to pass. You, and only you, will know if sufficient effort and follow-up has been exercised. My membership drive foundation is only as solid as each of you.
May I hear from all of you before Christmas? Even a postal card would give me my material.
     In case I'm swamped with names abundant, I'd like to say for the Detroiters, my wife, Shirley, and myself--may you all have a Joyous Christmas and a Healthy and Successful New Year. May the December gatherings be many too.
Jack Gillespie and the Detroit Membership Committee

106th Division Operations
(Continued from Page 5)
    part of the troops and the officers of all ranks, the infantry corps was incapable of carrying out the attack with the necessary violence and within the time limit that would insure cooperation with the Army's two panzer corps. Nor could it quickly capture the vital road junction of St. Vith, which was a pivot in the enemy's defensive position, and which it was essential that we seize for the sake of the operations by the left wing of the Sixth Panzer Army. "The enemy forces threatened with encirclement in the Schnee Eifel attacked westward, straight across the advance of the corps' left hand battle group. This held the Corps up and it failed to capture St. Vith on the 17th."


New Members --- Welcome to Our Association
Bernard Caplan--Serv. 592, 2524 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Md.
Col. Jewell K. Watt, 1312 Cherry St., Springfield, Mo.
Bruce F. Glen, 10 Ferry Rd., Morrisville, Pa.
Fred Fleischman, 503 Park Place, Painted Post, N. Y.

    The Association extends its deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of two members who have recently passed away:
Col. Orville M. Hewitt,-424 Inf., Box 5098, Asheville, N. C.
Joseph Hanken, Jr.-806 Ord., 187-12 Dunkirk Dr., St. Albans 12, N. Y.


Membership Roster -- 1956 - .57

Michael Alexander, RFD 1, Crete, Ill.--Hq., 1st Bn., 422
George Axelrod, 70 High St., Clinton, Mass.-331 Med.
Gen. William C. Baker, Jr., Hq., Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.--DHQ.
Kendig C. Bare, 236 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Penna.
Richard H. Behr, 960 Burke Ave., St. Paul 8, Min., 423
Meyer I. Bell, 3140 Oakdale St., Houston, Texas --106 Sig.
Roger W. Bell, 681 Oakland Ave., St. Paul 2, Minn.--Hq., 589
Thomas Bickford, 3 Sunnyside Terrace, East Orange, N. J.--DHQ.
T. Wayne Black, 306 Williston Ave., Waterloo, Iowa--Hq., 422
Herbert C. Bliss, 264 W. Forrest Ave., West Milton, Ohio--F, 423
Ira G. Bottoms, P.O. Box 103, Norcross. Ga. --592
Rev. Edward T. Boyle, 46 N. Wolf Rd., Northlake, Ill.--Hq., 424
Ben R. Briles, Arvada. Wyoming--G, 423
Joseph P. Brislin, 203 Barney St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.-K, 422
Henry M. Broth, 3917 Duvall Ave., Baltimore 16, Md.--I, 422
Jack Bryant, 270 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit 16, Mich. C, 422
Arthur C. Buckley, 24 Atkins Ave., Lynn, Mass. --DHQ.
John H. Burns, 402-432 East Prairie, Box 229, Decatur, Ill.-106 Sig.
Harry W. Butler, Jr., Box 162, Winchester, Va. --Hq., 1st Bn., 424
Austin L. Byrd, Jr., 502 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md.--A, 589
Bernard Caplan, 2524 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15, Md.--Serv., 592
Bartholomew E. Carrino, 148 Coeyman Ave., Nutley 10, N. J.--1st Bn., 424
Thomas Catannio, 62 Seminole Ave., Dumont, N. J.
Rev. Paul W. Cavanaugh, Milford Novitiate, Milford, Ohio--Hq., 422
Col. Charles C. Cavender, 1402 Deborah Dr., Santa Ana, Calif.-423
Stanley Chmielowiec, 21 Oak Grove Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.--A, 424
Christopher T. Clark, 518 S. Main St., Niles, Ohio--Hq., 423
James I. Clark, Fennville 1. Mich.-590 & 592
Douglas S. Coffey, 18 Cornell St., West Orange, N. J.--C, 590
Arthur N. Cohen, 801 W. Park St., Temple, Texas
Edward Collier, 4451 Sequoia, Memphis, Tenn.
Dell Collins, 7764 Ashton, Detroit, Mich.-331 Med.
Michael E. Connelly, 157 W. State St., Sharon, Penna.
Glen H. Cook, 45 Farragut Rd., Greenhills 18, Ohio--K. 423
Robert H. Courtright, Box 103, Ashville, Ohio --DHQ.
John W. Daniel, 210 Pollard St., Box 1335, Montgomery, Ala.
Richard G. Davis, 1609 Crystal, Kansas City 26, Mo.--Hq., 3rd Bn., 422
Joseph A. DeChiara, 205 Etna St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Richard DeHeer, 19 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, N. J. --K, 424
James Dent, 3744 Cornell St., Dearborn, Mich.-- 3rd Bn., 423
Robert De St. Aubin, 632 S. Gunderson, Oak Park. Ill.--Cn., 424
Ernest Dick, 2228 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio--H, 424
Martin M. Dolitsky, 37 Summit Ave., Port Chester, N. Y.
Thomas Dorosky, Mount Airy Rd., R. D. 1, Trucksville, Pa.--Serv., 592
Dale Douglas, 11665 Berwyn, Detroit 39, Mich.
Joseph F. Dreier, 250 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.--Div. Arty.
Alan Dunbar, 4701 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Mahlon O. Earle, Jr., 23 Morgan Pl., North Arlington, N. J.
Philip Favali, 223 Lafayette St., Newark, N. J.
Fred Fleischman, 503 Park Place, Painted Post, N. Y.
Guy H. Ford, 1703 Warwood Ave., Wheeling, W. Va--C, 591
D. B. Frampton, Jr., 170 N. Roosevelt Ave., Bexley, Columbus 9, Ohio--Cn., 422
Florian R. Frank, Avoca, Wisc.
Jerome L. Frankel, 2425 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn 10, N. Y.--Hq., 423
Richard A. Frankini, 27476 W. Five Mile, Livonia, Mich.-2nd Bn., 424
William French, 20235 Lesure, Detroit 21, Mich. --D, 424
Gaylord W. Fridline, 217 Clairmount St., Ashland, Ohio-423


Membership Roster -- 1956 - .57

John I. Gallagher, 1213 Bellevue Ave., Laureldale, Pa.--C, 81 Engr.
Ernest Gerhardt, 121 Lispenard Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y.--Serv., 422
Alfred J. Gericke, Jr., 4799 Elsmere Dr., Parma 30, Ohio--D, 423
Philip E. Gerlach, 4005. Marshall Ave., St. Paul Minn.--D, 424
John M. Gillespie, 19807 Murray Hill. Detroit 35, Mich.--C, 422
Robert A. Gilmartin, 3320 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn 3, N. Y.--H, 424
David J. Gish, 5629 W. Grove St., South Bend, Ind.--Hq., 589
Bruce F. Glen, 10 .Ferry, Rd., Morrisville, Pa.-- DHQ.
Charles Gloss, Veterans Admn. Hosp., Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn, N. Y.-806 Ord.
    Elliott Goldstein, c/o Powell Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy, Citizens & Southern Nat. Bank Bldg., Atlanta 3, Ga.--Hq. 589
Sterling W. Grieve, 19257 Oakland Ave., Detroit 3, Mich.--Serv., 424
Robert A. Grosjean, R. 2, Hursch Rd., Fort Wayne, Ind.-3rd Bn., 422
Lawrence Gubow, 20100 Braile, Detroit 19, Mich.--Serv., 423
Charles E. Hackler, 3981 Whitehaven Park Circle, Memphis, Tenn.--L, 424
George H. Hanlon, Gouverneur, N. Y.-592
Harold V. Handoin, 11732 Promenade, Detroit 13, Mich.--K, 424
R. P. Harper, 171 Ingram Ave., Pittsburgh 5, Pa.-81 Eng.
Abner T. Harris, 400 Carlisle Ct., Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y.--H, 424
H. M. Hatch, 5609 15th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn.--DHQ. & 422
Emory R. Hatton, 17621 Anchester St., Detroit 19, Mich.--F, 422
Henry V. Hayden, 2665 Franklin St., Columbus, Ind.-81 Engr.
Byron P. Heath, 2729 Montezuma Ave., Alhambra, Calif. MP
Walter F. Hiltbrand, 930 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio --AT, 423
Pete House, 1317 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville 7, Fla. -A, 590
Don M. Houseman, 1505 Federal St., Dallas 1, Texas -- D, 423
John I. Hungerford, 7348 Chimineas Ave., Reseda, Calif. – Hq. 422
John B. Hurley, Hotel Wellington, 7th Ave. & 55th St., New York 19, N.Y. – Div. Arty

Vance S. Jennings, 2308 N. Lorraine, Wichita 14, Kans.-106 Sig.
Robert D. Jessee, 2186 14th Ave., San Francisco 16, Calif.--M. 424
Roger M. Jewett, 1213 Donald St., Royal Oak, Mich.--DHQ.
Gen. Alan W. Jones, 3532 Quebec St., N. W., Washington 16, D.C. - CG
Maj. Alan W. Jones, Jr.,Qrs. 230, U.S.M.A., West Point, N.Y.-423
John K. Kahler, 1858 Berwyn St., Philadelphia, Pa. – S, 423
Russell J. Karns, R. D. 3, Dillsburg. Pa.
George H. Kaufman, 225 S. Edgewood Ave., Urbana, Ohio--H, 423
Edmund D. Kelly, Orchard Hill,. R. D. 3, Middletown, N. Y.--D, 423
Robert E. Kelly, 846 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe 30, Mich.--Serv., 423
Col. T. Payne Kelly, Jr., c/o MacFarlane, Ferguson, Allison & Kelly, P.O. Box 1531, Tampa 1, Fla. -- 589
Glen Kennedy, 805 Park Ave., West Liberty, Iowa--AT, 423
Francis T. Kenney, 55 Eastern Ave., Ossining, N. Y.--Hq., 3rd Bn., 422
Leonard Kernitsky, 1745 E. 16th. St., Brooklyn 29, N. Y.
Joseph A. Kersten, 162 Duerstein St., Buffalo 10, N. Y.--G, 423
John E. Ketterer, 527 W. Canedy St., Springfield, Ill.--DHQ.
Leonard Koplin, 909 Melrose. Ave., Melrose Park, Pa.--DHQ.
Louis Kovach, 3985 W. 130th St., Cleveland 11, Ohio--Serv., 424
Joseph Krafchik, 349 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J.-331 Med.
John Kraljic, 19 Caffrey Ave., Bethpage, L. I., N. Y.--H, 424
Vaden Lackey, 1609 McGavock St., Nashville 3, Penn.-590
Elmer F. Lange, Box 203, Sac City, Iowa--H, 422
Reuben E. Lebeaux, 274 Walnut St., Shrewsbury, Mass.--F, 424
Norman L. Lee, 1229 W. 11th St., Anderson, Ind.--H, 424
Vernon Lee, 145 Riverside N. E., St. Cloud, Minn.--C, 591
Theodore Leibig, R. D. 2, Sinking .Spring, Pa.
Samuel Leibowitz-645 E. 5th St.; Brooklyn 18, N. Y.-424
Francis M. Lemley, Pillsbury, N. D.--Hq., 589


Membership Roster, 1956 - 57
Marshall Lipkin, 5040 Gloria Ave., Encino, Calif. --424
Harold Lippincott, 256 David Hooper Pl., Westwood, N. J.--MP
Arthur E. Loos, 128 Highland Ave., Broad Brook, Conn.--I, 422
Oliver A. Lothrop. Jr., 408 Terrace Way, Towson 4, Md.--B, 423
John T. Loveless, Jr., 2549 Pickwick Rd., Baltimore 7, Md.--Hq., 422
Allen L. Lowith, 1062 S. Manfield, Los Angeles 19, Calif.--Cn., 423
Alvin Lukashok, 13 Glenmore Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y.
Edward L. Luzzie, 1518 W. Garfield Blvd., Chicago 9, Ill.-590
Mrs. Violet D. Mackay, 101 Spring St., Marlboro, Mass.
John F. Mackell, 559 W. Slat St., New York 19, N.Y.
Russell J. Malueg, 1617 Pierce Ave., Rockford, Ill.-423
Thomas G. Manager, 309 Addison Rd., Glatsonbury, Conn.--A, 590 & C, 592
William T. Manahan, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.-806 Ord.
Gilbert Marcus, 7007 Creiger Ave., Chicago 49, Ill.-423
Heinz M. Matthai, 610 Emerson Ave., Laureldale, Pa.--Hq., 423
Lt. Col. J. C. Matthews, Jr., 4706 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C.-422
Curtis F. Maynard, 1112 Kettler St., Navasota, Texas--G, 424
O. Paul Merz, Jackson St., Vevay, Ind.--Serv., 422
Carl V. Messina, 825 Hussa St., Linden, N. J.--A, 81 Engr.
John A. Middleton, III, 17 Kensington, Madison, N. J.-106 Sig.
Lt. Col. J. John Miller, 2569-A S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va.--DHQ.
Mrs. Nobia Virginia Miller, Melbourne, Ark.
W. Lyle Mowlds, 896 S. State St., Dover, Del.--MP
William H. Mueller, 27 Eve Lane, Levittown, L. I., N. Y.--M, 424
J. Gail Myers, 1114 Maxine Dr., Fort Wayne 6, Ind.-331 Med.
Gen. Leo T. McMahon, 8 N. Union St., Middletown, Pa.--Div. Arty.
Robert E. McVoy, Poland, N. Y.--Serv., 423
John B. Nash, 247 Van Duzer St., Staten Island 4, N. Y.-806 Ord.
J. S. Negyesi, Bunting Ridge Rd., Stamford, Conn.--Hq., 424
Irwin Neigus, 499 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 26, N. Y.-331 Med.
Richard W. Nethers, 31 Island Dr., Poland, Ohio--AT. 423
Alfred S. Nusbaum, Garden Apt. 4C, 201 Tuscany Rd., Baltimore 10, Md.--Hq., 423
Jatrick J. O'Rourke, 3185 Hull- Ave., New York 67, N. Y.--K, 424
William Perlman, 2006 Castle Heights Ave., Los Angeles 34, Calif.
Clifford E. Perras, Blue Front Hotel, Nadeau, Mich.--H, 424
Gen Herbert T. Perrin, Box 294, Gambier, Ohio
Charles S. Peyser, 1549 Walker Court, Huntington, W. Va.--B, 424
Herman L. Phillipson. Jr., 6025 Town & Country Lane, Dallas 25, Texas--H, 423
Robert W. Pierce, 464 Federal St. N. W., Warren, Ohio-81 Engr.
Waldo B. Pierce, 530 East St., New Britain, Conn. --F, 422
Morris R. Piha, 3431 Cloverdale Rd., Montgomery 6, Ala.--QM
David S. Price, Box 238, Loudonville, N. Y.-- DHQ & 331 Med.
Floyd W. Powell, 5590 Radnor, Detroit 24, Mich. --G, 422
William E. Purtell, 6372 Morrowfield Ave., Pittsburg 17, Pa.-8I Eng,
Clayton F. Rarick, Box 25, Blandon, Pa.--L, 424
Dean T. Redmond, 116 Kelly St., Statesville; N. C.--Hq., 3rd Bn., 422
Raymond J. Reed, 832 Kinderkimack Rd., River Edge, N. J.--Cn., 423
John J. Reynolds, Jr., 188 Hall St., Brooklyn, N. Y.--H, 424
Clayton P. Riggins, Nahunta, Ga.
Louis P. Rossi, 1208 50th St., North Bergen, N. J.--H, 424
Nathan M. Roth, 152 W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y.
Robert E. Rutt, 14447 Young Ave., Detroit 5, Mich.--Hq. 422
J. P. Salber, 2 Danbury St., Oakland 5, Calif.-- 423 & 424
John J. Scalissi, 907 Williamson, Madison, Wisc. --H, 424
Fred Schieferstein, Jr., Box 791, Madison Hill Rd., Clark, N. J.--A, 424
J. Glenn Schnizlein, 2403 Grape St., Joliet, Ill. F, 423


Membership Roster - 1956 - 57
Theodore J. Schultz, 260 Canal St., Ellenville. N. Y.--B, 422
Earl A. Scott, 6414 Monument Ave., Richmond 26, Va.-589
J. J. Searcy, Jr., 153 Hanky Rd., Clayton 5, Mo.
Fred A. Sebastinelli, 3228 Cabrillo St., San Francisco 21, Calif.--DHQ.
Albert L. Silver, 217-15 Kingsbury Ave., Oakland Gardens 64, Flushing. L. I., N. Y.- Cn. 423
Morris W. Silverman, 2023 W. Broadway, Anaheim, Calif. – M, 423
Arthur Simmons, 26747 Student, Detroit 39, Mich.
Joseph J. Siska, 10639 Hoxie Ave., Chicago 7, III.--Hq., 2nd Bn., 424
Hyman Slavin, 24 William St., Newburgh, N. Y. --Hq., 3rd Bn., 424
Lester S. Smyth, 328 Weatherbee Rd., Towson 4, Md.--Div. Arty.
Emil Solecki, Box 240, R. D. 1, Sparta, N. J.-- Serv., 592
Norman S. Spayd, 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa.-423 & 424
Robert W. Stock, 157 4th Ave., Westwood, N. J. --81 Engr.
Robert P. Stout, 248 Monterey Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y.--DHQ.
Edward C. Straka, 6453 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago, Ill.-106 Sig.
Joseph S. Suplicki, 392 Stevens Ave., Ridgewood, N. J.-331 Med.
Jerome G. Saylor, 713 Bank of Knoxville Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn-424
Lee B. Taylor, Box 629, Anderson, S. C.--K, 424
Harrison C. Tissot, 6724 Merwin Ave., Cincinnati 27, Ohio--C, 422
Harry F. Travis, 257 Upland Ave., Youngstown 4, Ohio-423
Arthur J. Tribout, 1447 N. 42nd St., East St. Louis, Ill.--G, 424
Albert E. Ulmer, 3025 Nelson Court, Louisville 13. Ky.
Franklin R. Vitek, 17000 Maple Heights Blvd., Maple Heights, Ohio--DHQ.
Hans Wachtel, 7926 S. Chappel, Chicago 7, Ill. --DHQ. & 331 Med.
Lewis H. Walker, 2300 Main St., Susanville, Calif.--H, 422
Charles S. Walsh, R. F. D. 1, Haddonfield, N. J. --592
John Warren, Jr., 11 Grant Place, Red Bank, N. J.--Div. Arty.
Col. Jewell K. Watt, 1312 Cherry St., Springfield, Mo.--IG
James E. Wells, Hephzibah, Ga.-81 Engr.
Lawrence H. Westphal, Box 72, Wykoff, Minn. --Div. Arty.
Frederick L. Wilkerson, 409 Center St., Washington Grove, Md.--M, 422
Bernard E. Williams, 1325 N. Astor St., Chicago 10, Ill.--G, 423
Jack Williams, 434 Teece Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa.
Donald J. Woodburn, 970 Thomas Ave., St. Paul 4, Minn.--K, 424
Gordon B. Zicker, 11 Myrtle St., Montvale, N. J. --423
Jack Zuckerman, 161-04 Jewel Ave., Flushing 65, N. Y.--C, 423
Gen. F. A. Woolfley, No. 3 Jackson Barracks, New Orleans 17, La.--CG
Louis S. LeTellier, Jr., 7019 Shama Rd., Jacksonville 11, Fla.-81 Engr.
Seymour S. Light, 4513 Greenwold Dr., South Euclid 21, Ohio--L, 424

    The above membership roster includes all whose dues were received on or before November 14. The names of those joining after November 14 will appear in a future issue of the CUB.
     If the names of any of your friends do not appear on the membership roster, please drop them a note. Get them to send $5.00 with name, address and unit to Austin L. Byrd, Jr., Adjutant, 502 Nottingham Road, Baltimore 29, Maryland. We now have 204 members, need at least 60 more. Will you help to get them?



Index for: Vol. 13, No. 2, Dec, 1956

Index for This Document

106th Div., 1, 6, 8, 9
106th Inf. Div., 5, 7
106th Infantry Division Association, 1, 5
424th Inf., 9
590th FA BN, 6
806th Ord. Co., 9, 12, 14
Alexander, Michael, 11
Ardennes, 6
Axelrod, George, 11
Baker, William C., 11
Bare, Kendig C., 11
Bastogne, 6
Battle Of The Bulge, 8
Behr, Richard H., 11
Belgium, 8
Bell, Meyer I., 11
Bell, Roger W., 11
Bickford, Thomas, 11
Black, T. Wayne, 11
Bliss, Herbert C., 11
Bottoms, Ira G., 11
Boyle, Rev. Edward T., 11
Briles, Ben R., 11
Brislin, Joseph P., 11
Broth, Henry M., 11
Brumaghin, D. C., 1
Brunswick, 13
Brussels, 3
Bryant, Jack, 3, 11
Buckley, Arthur C., 11
Burns, John H., 11
Burrell, Jim & Grace, 3
Butler, Harry W., 11
Byrd, Austin, 1
Byrd, Austin L., 11, 16
Byrd, Austin L., Jr., 11, 16
Caplan, Bernard, 9, 11
Carrino, Bartholomew E., 11
Catannio, Thomas, 11
Cavanaugh, Paul W., 11
Cavender, Col. Charles C., 11
Chmielowiec, Stanley, 11
Clark, Christopher T., 11
Clark, James I., 11
Coffey, Doug, 3, 8
Coffey, Douglas S., 11
Cohen, Arthur N., 11
Collier, Edward, 11
Collins, Dell, 11
Connelly, Michael E., 11
Cook, Glen H., 11
Courtright, Robert H., 11
Daniel, John W., 11
Davis, Richard G., 11
de St. Aubin, Robert, 11
DeChiara, Joseph A., 11
DeHeer, Richard, 11
Dent, James, 11
Dent, Jim & Shirley, 3
Dick, Ernest, 11
Doerner, George, 6
Dolitsky, Martin M., 11
Dorosky, Thomas, 11
Douglas, Dale, 11
Douglas, Dale & Doretta, 3
Dover, 14
Dreier, Joseph F., 11
Dunbar, Alan, 11
Dunkirk, 9
Earle, Mahlon O., 11
Erie, 6
Favali, Philip, 12
Fifth Panzer Army, 6
Fleischman, Fred, 9, 12
Ford, Guy H., 12
Fort Leonard Wood, 11
Frampton, D. B., 12
Frampton, D. B., Jr, 12
Frampton, D. B., Jr., 12
Frank, Florian R., 12
Frankel, Jerome L., 12
Frankini, Dick & Ann, 3
Frankini, Richard A., 12
French, Marg, 3
French, William, 12
Fridline, Gaylord W., 12
Gallagher, John, 1
Gallagher, John I., 12
Gerhardt, Ernest, 12
Gericke, Alfred J., 12
Gerlach, Philip E., 12
Gillespie, Jack, 9
Gillespie, Jack & Shirley, 3
Gillespie, John M., 12
Gillespie, Shirley & Jack, 6
Gilmartin, Robert A., 12
Gish, David J., 12
Glen, Bruce F., 9, 12
Gloss, Charles, 12
Goldstein, Elliott, 12
Grieve, Sterling W., 12
Grieves, Sterling & Kay, 3
Grosjean, Robert A., 12
Gubow, Estelle, 3
Gubow, Lawrence, 1, 12
Hackler, Charles E., 12
Hall, Galen, 1
Handoin, Harold V., 12
Hanken, Joseph, 9
Hanlon, George H., 12
Harper, R. P., 12
Harris, Abner T., 12
Harris, Charles J., 6
Hatch, H. M., 12
Hatton, Emory R., 12
Hatton, Ginny & Dick, 3
Hayden, Henry V., 12
Hayes, Peter Lind, 6
Heath, Byron P., 12
Hewitt, Orville M., 9
Hiltbrand, Walter F., 12
House, Pete, 12
Houseman, Don M., 12
Hungerford, John I., 12
Hurley, John B., 12
Jennings, Vance S., 12
Jessee, Robert D., 12
Jewett, Roger M., 12
Jones, Alan W., 12
Jones, Alan W., Jr., 12
Kahler, John K., 12
Karns, Russell J., 13
Kaufman, George H., 13
Kelly, Bob & Libby, 3
Kelly, Col. T. Payne, 13
Kelly, Edmund D., 13
Kelly, Robert, 1
Kelly, Robert E., 13
Kennedy, Glen, 13
Kenney, Francis T., 13
Kenyon, Jim & Lois, 3
Kernitsky, Leonard, 13
Kersten, Joseph A., 13
Ketterer, John E., 13
Koplin, Leonard, 13
Korea, 8
Kovach, Louis, 13
Krafchik, Joseph, 13
Kraljic, John, 13
Lackey, Vaden, 13
Lang, Elmer F., 13
Lange, Elmer F., 13
Lebeaux, Reuben E., 13
Lee, Norman L., 13
Lee, Vernon, 13
Leibig, Theodore, 13
Leibowitz, Samuel, 13
Lemley, Francis M., 13
LeTellier, Louis S., 16
Light, Seymour S., 16
Lipkin, Marshall, 14
Lippincott, Harold, 14
Littman, Miss Helen, 3
Loos, Arthur E., 14
Lorraine, 3, 12
Lothrop, Oliver A., 14
Loveless, John, 1
Loveless, John T., 7, 14
Loveless, John T., Jr, 7, 14
Loveless, John T., Jr., 7, 14
Lowith, Allen L., 14
Lukashok, Alvin, 14
Luzzie, Edward L., 14
LXVIth Army Corps, 6
MacKay, Mrs. Violet D., 14
Mackell, John F., 14
Malueg, Russell J., 14
Manager, Thomas G., 14
Manahan, William T., 14
Manteuffel, Gen. Hasso Von, 6
Marcus, Gilbert, 14
Matthai, Heinz M., 14
Matthews, Lt. Col. J. C., 14
Maynard, Curtis F., 14
McMahon, Gen., 6, 9
McMahon, Leo T., 14
McPherran, Leslie, 6
McVoy, Robert E., 14
Merz, O. Paul, 14
Messina, Carl V., 14
Middleton, John A., 14
Middleton, John A., III, 14
Miller, Lt. Col. J. John, 14
Miller, Mrs. Nobia Virginia, 14
Mowlds, W. Lyle, 14
Mueller, William H., 14
Myers, J. Gail, 14
Nash, John B., 14
Negyesi, J. S., 14
Neigus, Irwin, 14
Nethers, Richard W., 14
Nusbaum, Alfred S., 14
O'Rourke, Jatrick J., 14
Perlman, William, 14
Perras, Clifford E., 14
Perrin, Brig. Gen. Herbert T., 6
Perrin, Herbert T., 14
Perrin, Mrs., 6
Peyser, Charles S., 14
Phillipson, Herman L., 14
Pierce, Robert W., 14
Pierce, Waldo B., 14
Piha, Morris R., 14
Poland, 14
Powell, Floyd, 3
Powell, Floyd & Marilyn, 3
Powell, Floyd W., 14
Price, David S., 14
Purtell, William E., 14
Rarick, Clayton F., 14
Redmond, Dean T., 14
Reed, Raymond J., 14
Reunions, 1
Reynolds, John J., 8, 14
Reynolds, John J., Jr., 8, 14
Riggins, Clayton P., 14
Rossi, Louis P., 15
Roster, 11, 12, 14, 16
Roth, Nathan M., 15
Rowe, Bob, 3
Rutt, Bob & Lucille, 3
Rutt, Robert E., 15
Salber, J. P., 15
Saylor, Jerome G., 16
Scalissi, John J., 15
Schieferstein, Fred, 15
Schnee Eifel, 6, 9
Schnee-Eifel, 6
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 15
Schonberg, 6
Schultz, Theodore J., 16
Scott, Earl A., 16
Searcy, J. J., 16
Sebastinelli, Fred A., 16
Seine, 6
Shalhoub, Evelyn & John, 3
Silver, Albert L., 16
Silverman, Morris W., 16
Simmons, Art & Doreen, 3
Simmons, Arthur, 16
Siska, Joseph J., 16
Sixth Panzer Army, 9
Slavin, Hyman, 16
Smyth, Lester S., 16
Solecki, Emil, 16
Spayd, Norman S., 16
St. Vith, 6, 8, 9
Stack, Robert, 1
Stack, Robert W., 1
Stock, Robert W., 16
Stout, Robert P., 16
Straka, Edward C., 16
Suez Canal, 7
Suplicki, Joseph S., 16
Taylor, Lee B., 16
The Fatal Decisions, 6
Tissot, Harrison C., 16
Travis, Harry F., 16
Tribout, Arthur J., 16
Ulmer, Albert E., 16
Vitek, Franklin R., 16
Von Manteuffel, Hasso, 6
Wachtel, Hans, 16
Walden, Larry, 6
Walker, Lewis H., 16
Walsh, Charles S., 16
Warren, John, 16
Watt, Col. Jewell K., 9, 16
Wells, James E., 16
Wells, Jim, 4, 9
West Point, 12
Westphal, Lawrence H., 16
Wilkerson, Frederick L., 16
Williams, Bernard E., 16
Williams, Cass & Lorraine, 3
Williams, Jack, 16
Woodburn, Donald J., 16
Woolfley, F. A., 16
Zicker, Gordon B., 16
Zuckerman, Jack, 16