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Vol. 12, No. 4, Jun, 1956


THE CUB 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. Box 238, Loudonville, New York
President Douglas S. Coffey
Vice President Lawrence Gubow
Adjutant Austin Byrd, Jr.
Treasurer Robert Kelly
Chaplain John Loveless
     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.
Co-Editors Douglas S. Coffey and John I. Gallagher
Staff Writer Robert Stack
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin
     The CUB is printed by Varsity Press, 80 Harrison Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey. Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Ben 238, Loudonville, N. Y.

Atlantic City
     Once again there will be a gathering of the 106th clans at Atlantic City. For the tenth time many of our buddies will be getting together to swap stories of their days with the 106th. A wonderful time is planned for all and personally we can't wait to hit the surf and enjoy all that Atlantic City has to offer.
     Elsewhere in the Cub you will find reservation cards. As you know these are really cheap rates for a first class hotel and they are on a first-come first-served basis. Get your reservation in. Doesn't cost anything but the courtesy to cancel if you decide not to come. Hope we don't have too many unable to come, though, as you will be missing a real treat.
     The food is guaranteed to be excellent. The Warm-up party will really warm you up. We have our own night club for our dinner and have our own band. Oil up the joints and hurry to join Amby at the Ambassador! The Cabanas will be on the house this year and gals, you have already discovered it's the best place for a meeting. We have them hired for the full five days. Come and bring the family.

REUBEN LEBEAUX, F/424 is the owner of Shrewsbury Nurseries. Walnut St., Shrewsbury. Mass.
     HYMAN SLAVIN, Hq. Co./3rd Bn./424 and AT/424 is vice president of the United National Association of Post Office Clerks in Newburgh, N. Y.
     LARRY GUBOW, Hq. 423 has made headlines as well as radio and television in Detroit and Michigan. Larry, an attorney, is now commissioner of the Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission. He is clamping down on storm-window manufacturers for using false advertising. An article elsewhere in this issue tells the story.
     BILL FRENCH, D. Co. 424 has completed his recreation room and bar and has been host to the Detroit Membership Committee who are doing a fine job in getting a new program into action. They expect to keep up this fine work as long as French is host. Then they will have to look for greener pastures. It has been indicated that two or three other men also have bars in their homes.
     ROBERT RUTT, Hq. 422 said in a recent interview that now that he has seven kids, he is retiring from this active work. His wife Lucile merely smiled and was heard to say, "Time will tell."
     ROBERT "TERRIFIC MEMORY" KELLY, Anti-Tank Service Co 423 can tell you the name of most anybody who was in the 106th including wife and kids, where he works, his habits, financial status, etc. Comment from the group was "either Bob really has a good memory or else he is just plain nosey."
     JACK GILLESPIE. C. Co. 422 is in a quandary. He has been "chosen" to handle the sale of 30,000 tickets for the Ladies Professional Golf Association championship at Forest Hills Golf Club, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, June 20 to 24, 1956. We understand that he is now also trying to be "chosen" as the mascot of the group. Wonder what Shirley has to say about this?
     GEORGE V. GOODNOE, formerly 106th QM Co., is now doing recruiting duty at the U. S. Army Recruiting Station, South Portland, Maine. Now has 14 years of service and is proud of the 106th patch he wears.


     We of the 106th are most fortunate to have a Division Association. Many fellow veterans have no means of gathering together to renew old acquaintances. After the war, in haste to get home, they said good-bye, never to meet again. Thanks to the foresight of members of our division, an association was formed while we were still an active army unit with rosters available. We look back with pride to this formation, for today we still are united.
     The time has come, however, when we must again look to the future to determine if our organization has the ability to move forward in the years to come. If we are to continue we must have a purpose and cause, which will keep us drawn together. Our goal must not only he social, but one dedicated to service.
     At the convention of last year we made a start, when it was voted we would make financial grants to former members of our division who are in need. Grants are to be made from the Memorial Fund under the direction of our Memorial chairman, Bill French.
     I am sure all of us will contribute to our Memorial fund, knowing that it is being used to help our buddies today as it has and will continue to help in the education of the children of our comrades who were killed in the service of our country.
     As an organization, we should serve our members in many ways, but it will be the individual members who must help formulate our program: In our busy life we can easily forget the work that our association is doing and how much more we could do. Therefore, I ask if you can give of your time and talent to assist in our forward movement. Will you give a portion of your time each month to think about what we can and should do to best serve. Put these thoughts in writing and send them to the editor of the "Cub" so they can be shared by all our members.

     The debt we owe to our departed comrades is more than sending in our dues. This should be only the beginning for members of the 106th who are used to action. May we all dedicate ourselves to active service and together move forward! Those of us who are officers or directors, should obligate ourselves to forward a report of our activity for each issue of the "CUB".
     The future of our association is dependent upon you and me. If we will give our time in service, ours shall be an organization for good, and ten, twenty or thirty years from now we will be able to come together at convention time to enjoy the fellowship that was started back in 1943 when our division came into being.
Will you help? Let's do it now. Write to the editor, give him your suggestions and articles for our next "CUB".

Memory Department
     It was a very dark night at Fort Jackson when several men were awakened from a sound sleep in the P.X. tent located in the woods. All hell broke loose as a bunch from G. Company 422 came rampaging through the tent screaming and yelling. Other members of the raiding party were engaged in flapping the sides of the tent. Needless to say the sleepers were up at them in a flash since they had several hundred dollars under their pillows (helmets). Rifles swung and the only one to get hit was an officer. As his shiny bars disappeared over the last body on the floor he was heard to say. "Come on men--they are armed". Funny thing was that they never returned in daylight to learn of any damage done. But it was noted that one less officer was in line for his 3.2 that next night.


    DETROIT, March 9, (The Detroit Free Press)--A crackdown on storm window companies which use "bait" advertising to solicit business was ordered Thursday, March 8, by Lawrence Gubow, commissioner of the Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission.
     The action came after Gubow revoked the maintenance and alteration license of the Boeing Aluminum Co., 13886 E. Eight Mile. The firm, which has been in business since March, 1955, is owned and operated by two brothers, Herman and Saul Borlack, of 2907 Calvert.
     Gubow said the Commission had received many complaints from home owners about the unfair practices of storm-window companies.
As a result, he said, all such companies in the city will be investigated.
     The Better Business Bureau disclosed that it has received more than 200 complaints against eight companies in the last year. It is turning the complaints over to the commission for investigation.
     Gubow said complaints filed with the commission have alleged "bait" advertising, "knocking and switching," false delivery promises, delays in delivery, refusal to deliver, misrepresentation and unsatisfactory installation and service.
Gubow said it is often difficult to determine where legitimate advertising ends and "bait" advertising begins.
     "I believe it can be best described as the advertising of a product at such a low price that the seller does not intend to sell the product if he can avoid doing so," he said.
     "The technique used is to knock or run down the advertised product and try to sell a higher priced one, or its some cases refuse completely to sell the advertised product." Gubow said he believes the majority of storm-window companies are operating properly.
"But there are a few who are resorting to these tactics," he said.
     "We intend to investigate all companies licensed by this commission to see whether they are employing such tactics. If we find they are, we intend to revoke their license." Gubow said the commission has received complaints against five other firms in the city.
     Gubow said the Boeing firm was found guilty of making false promises regarding delivery dates, making false promises to return deposits and engaging in dishonest and 'unfair dealings in using "bait" advertising and "switch" practices in sales.

All Memberships Expire June 30
     Once again it is time to renew your membership and Cub subscription. A 1956-57 renewal blank and return envelope are enclosed.
     Please pay promptly. By doing so, you save the Association the expense of sending you additional bills. So, sit down right now and make out your check.
The Association can continue its existence only through your support.
Don't let the Association down.

     Allen Lowith writes that he has a large number of Prisoner of War records he took while at Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde, Germany, showing the records and pictures of many of the fellows of the 423rd, 424th and others of the Division. When he finds time he will send them to the Editor and we'll publish same.
Still in the metal window business and sends regards to all from Los Angeles East.

     The Editor and the members of the Convention Committee would appreciate it very much if each and every one of you would put an article in your local paper telling of the 10th Convention of the 106th to be held at the Ambassador Hotel in Atlantic City, July 25 to 29th. At this calling together of the membership some ideas for use of the Memorial Fund will be brought up and something definite will be accomplished.


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