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Vol. 11, No. 2, Nov, 1954


106th Infantry Division Association, Inc. Box 238, Loudonville, New York
President John Loveless
Vice President James R. Klett
Adjutant Austin Byrd, Jr.
Treasure William K. Fowler
Chaplain Rev. Paul Cavanaugh

     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.

Editor Douglas S. Coffey
Staff Writer David S. Price
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin
The CUB is printed by The Varsity Press. 80 Harrison Avenue, West Orange, N. J.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Boo 238, Loudonville, N. Y.

     We shouldn't have to remind anyone in this year of the 10th Anniversary of the Rattle of the Bulge that a donation to the: Memorial Fund is always in order. Please send your contributions while you think about it, for it' you wait you may forget completely.

Atlantic City
     These are a few photos left over from Atlantic City which were sent in by Bob Pierce. Make your mouth water on these winter days!



    / This is an annual reunion of Service Battery 592nd held at Hershey Park, Pa. If you can make them out you will see "Curly" McMahon with his lovely wife, Wilda, Daisy Walsh and Capt. Walsh, Alice Dorosky. Ethel Solecki, Martha and Mike Sgrignoli, Frank and Theresa Maloney, Frank Jr., Tom Dorosky and daughter Kathy. Also Louise and John Eyler, John Eyler, Jr., and Emil Solecki. This group has always done an excellent job of keeping alive the 106th in Pennsylvania.

     DR. HERBERT N. BLANCHARD, 331 Med, 116 Front St., Scituate. Mass -- Have been engaged in the practice of medicine in Scituate since 1945.
     IRA G. BOTTOMS, Hq-592, P.O. Box 103. Norcross, Ga. -- Raising a family, 4 boys ; teaching in the high school at Duluth ; troop committeeman with the local Boy Scout Troop ; an officer in the Lion's Club ; also teach a Sunday school class.
     BEN R. BRILES, G-423, Arvada, Wyo. --I am still in the "cow" business and have leased 8,000 acres of land as of this past spring. It joins with my father's land, and we now own or lease about 18,000 acres of land. We don't have too many cattle now due to the drought this past summer.
     PAUL J. CHODERA, I-424, Route No. 2. Brunswick, Ohio -- I am now a grading and excavating contractor and specialize in artificial lake construction.
CHRISTOPHER T. CLARK, Hq-3rd Bn-432, 518 S. Main St., Niles, Ohio -- Industrial Engineer.
     DR. HOWARD R. CLEMENT, Special Troops-Surgeon, 13 Webster Park, Needham 92, Mass. -- Am currently Assistant Chief Professional Services, VA Hospital, 150 S. Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.
     MARTIN M. DOLITSKY, 591 - 37 Summit Ave., Port Chester, N. Y. -- In addition to my dues, I am sending a $5.00 contribution to the Memorial Fund in memory of Lt. Col. Jack Stone, formerly of the 589th FA Bn and Div Hqrs of the 106th Div. Lt. Col. Jack Stone passed away on Sept. 30, 1954 at Camp Carson, Colo. His widow resides at 312 Magnolia Pl., Leonia, N. J.
     JOHN J. FISCHER, JR., Serv-422, 6519 Crest Ridge Circle, Cincinnati 13, Ohio --Still with Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Beane (stock brokers) as I have been for the past eight years.
     BERNARD HERBERT, Qm. 483, S. Rochester Ave., Indianapolis 21, Ind. -- Still have my own trucking business here in Indianapolis.
     COL. ORVILLE M. HEWITT, 424 and DHQ, 6 E. Forest Rd., Biltmore Forest, Asheville, N. C. -- Red Cross volunteer worker at U.S. Veterans Hospital, President of Southern Appalachian Mineral Society. Collect mineral specimens. Also do lapidary work -- cutting of cabachan and faceted stones.
     GEORGE H. KAUFMAN, H-423, 225 S. Edgewood Ave., Urbana, Ohio -- At present I am in the wholesale cigarette and candy (Continued on Next Page)


What They Are Doing Now

    business, working for myself. Previously I had a grocery store, which I sold about two years ago. Would like to hear from some of the old gang.
     NORMAN L. LEE, H-424, 1902 McKinley St., Anderson, Ind. -- Sorry I missed the reunion at the shore. Hope to get to Detroit next year; sure had a swell time there in 1950. The Association should be proud of the officers chosen for the year, from President Loveless on down through the list to the Membership Chairman Ray Fields of H-424. I believe H-424 has had the best representation at the past eight National Reunions.
     OLIVER A. LOTHROP, JR., B-423. 408 Terrace Way, Towson 4, Md. -- Formerly from Waban, Mass., I have been working for Westinghouse Electric Corp. at the Air Arm Division in Baltimore for the last year.
     ALLEN L. LOWITH, Cannon-423, 1062 S. Mansfield, Los Angeles 19, Calif. -- Still selling all types of steel and aluminum windows. Branched out in the building of a few homes last year and an apartment now. Was a P.O.W. at Stalag III-A. Still have many of the Kregie POW pictures and records from 12-A at Limburg that I "borrowed" from the commander's office files during the excitement.
     RUSSELL J. MALUEG. Hq-423, 1617 Pierce Ave., Rockford, Ill. -- Am now employed as a patternmaker by the Forest City Pattern Works in Rockford.
     O. PAUL MERZ, Serv 422, Jackson St., Vevay. Ind. -- I'm a foreman for the U.S. Shoe Corp. here. My wife, Carlene, and I also own the local food locker plant which she runs. We will see everyone in Detroit next year.
     MRS. NOBIA VIRGINIA MILLER, Melbourne, Arkansas -- I am a widow of Pvt. Robert G. Miller, G-423. Since August, 1948, I have been Draft Board Clerk of Local Board No. 33.
     JOSEPH R. MULLICAN, E-422, P. 0. Box 38, Dadeville, Ala. -- I really enjoy reading the CUB, I'm now employed by the Alabama Mills as a comber operator. My health isn't too good. I would like to hear from some boys who were in E-422 and were prisoners with me. Since my back is in bad condition from the blows I got while a prisoner, I need references from some of the boys to secure compensation. Please get in touch with me.
     JOHN B. NASH, 806 Ord, 247 Van Duzer St., Staten Island 4, N. Y. -- Security guard for New York Foreign Trade Zone No. 1, Port of New York.
     PATRICK J. O'ROURKE, K-424, 3185 Hull Ave., New York 67, N. Y.--Custodian Engineer, Board of Education of City of New York.
     WALDO B. PIERCE, B & F. 422, 530 East St., New Britain, Conn. -- I'm still Service Officer with local American Legion Post and active in Legion affairs. Engaged in veteran welfare and rehabilitation work, serving as New Britain representative of the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund of Conn. I occasionally see Col. Westley Rogerson who was attached to DHQ after the May, 1945 re-activation at Rennes. On July 27, 1954 I was awarded the Bronze Star Medal which I received along with certificate in September.
     ROBERT C. RINGER, Serv-590, 205 W. Wersheimer Rd., Columbus, Ohio -- Accountant in the business office of Ohio State University. Married and have two sons, ages eight and three. Was CO of Service Btry., 590 FA Bn. Am now Battalion Commander of the 423 FA Bn., 83rd Infantry Division Reserves.
NORMAN S. SPADY, Hq-423, 1518 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa. -- Knitting ladies nylon stockings.
     LEWIS H. WALKER, H-422, 1402 North St., Susanville, Calif. -- Selling ranches, farms, businesses and insurance. Have wife and two children, 9 and 11.


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