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Vol. 10, No. 4, Jun, 1954


     Your Adjutant, Dave Brumaghin and your Editor, Doug Coffey recently took a trip to Washington to visit with the Vice President of the United States, Richard Nixon.
     By previous arrangements with Congressman Addonnizio, a personal friend of Coffey's, your two representatives arrived at the Congressman's office as per schedule. They were greeted with the greatest cordiality by the Congressman and his staff. After preliminary personal greetings they were given special passes to the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both were quite elated that they could see the bullet holes still in the roof of the House where the Puerto Ricans went berserk. Both sessions were discussing matters of great importance and the men listened with delight to the criss-cross of Parliamentary procedure.
     The time for .the appointment with the Vice President having drawn nigh, the two descended to the special subway to cross over to the Senate office building and the V.P.'s office. While waiting in the corridor to kill time the V.P. came dashing out of the elevator with two Secret Service men directly at his heels. When they saw the two 106ers they looked askance and passed on. Immediately thereafter they went into the anteroom to be announced to the Vice President. Both men will verify that Mr. Nixon was very personable and friendly. Upon entering his private office he got out of his chair and came forward to greet the two with the finest smile your Editor has seen in some time. He assured them that he would do everything in his power to make our Convention but if he didn't, he wanted to wish us and all the 106ers the best of luck for a successful Convention.
     After leaving the V.P. the boys were still going to make sure the V.P. didn't forget us so we went to see another friend of ye Editor's, Mr. Paul Williams, Secretary to Senator Hendrickson of New Jersey. We quote the following letter received just last week to show just what progress these two Ambassadors of Good Will have achieved.

My dear Mr. Coffey:
     With respect to the invitation which you extended to Vice President Nixon to address the Convention of the 106th Infantry Division Association in Atlantic City, on July 24, the Vice President has assured me he will take it under serious consideration at such time as he formulates his schedule for months after the Congress adjourns.
With best wishes.
Signed: Robert C. Hendrickson

     Your two representatives then paid a visit to our Treasurer, Bill Fowler, who served a very delightful dinner. After the usual long BS session the tired, but happy crew returned home, satisfied that they had done their very best to help make your next Convention a very happy and successful one.

    I want to thank our CUB Editor, membership, finance and memorials chairmen for jobs well done this year. My heartiest thanks go to all other officers and members who have made this a successful one for the association.
Hope to see you all at Atlantic City.
D. B. Frampton, Jr.

Remember a Gift to Our MEMORIAL FUND Is Always in Order
     81st Engineer Annual Reunion at Dwyer's Elbow Room in Newark, N J. Jersey Convention group joined with this fine group of Engineers and their wives who have made this annual affair a wonderful habit. Many of the gang are coming to Atlantic City. Why don't you? Editor regrets that he did not have a list of those attending for publishing purposes. We all retired from Dwyer's and took over Tony's Bar room. Who ate all the spaghetti???




    This is your Jersey Group planning final program for Atlantic City Convention. From left to right, Editor, Doug Coffey, Tom Bickford. Adjutant. Dave Brumaghin, Dick DeHeer and Bob Stack. The camera had an able assistant in Dick's wife, Marge. Notice the "Adlai Stevenson" shoes on Stack.

Belgium 10 Years Later
     For those of you interested in Belgium Anniversary in Liege, December 18, 1954. The Reunion will definitely be held. If we have enough interested, the cost will be approximately $350.00, all inclusive, for the two weeks. Those interested contact Doug Coffey, Town Hall, West Orange, N. J.
    / This photo of Corporal Andrew Lesko. ASN 35900955, Co. K/423. His home is in Whiting. Indiana. His POW number was 26100 and he was interned at Bad Orb, Stalag IX-B, assigned to Barracks 42A.
     Lesko is very ill and the Red Cross is endeavoring to assist him and his mother in obtaining hospitalization, etc. for him. Will you all take a good look and if you know Lesko would you please contact the Whiting-Robertsdale Chapter, American Red Cross, 1319-119th Street, Whiting, Indiana.


The 106th Infantry Division
THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 22-- Early Bird Cocktail Party
8:00 P. M. Guests of Jersey Group
9:00 A. M. Registration Desk open--Tower floor
11:00 A. M. Board of Directors
1:00 P.M. Steel Pier with all its attractions
9:00 P. M. Get Together Party--Music--Refreshments, etc.,--Tower Room
9:00 A. M. Registration Deck open
10:30 A. M. Memorial Service at Cemetery. Bus transportation free, bus leaves
promptly from side entrance Hotel.
If inclement weather, service to be conducted in Viking Theatre Tower
Floor, Hotel Haddon Hall
12:30 P. M Luncheon--West Room--General Business meeting
1:30 P. M. Board of Directors meet thereafter
1:30 P. M. Ladies Auxiliary Meeting--Mandarin Room
7:00 P. M. Banquet--West Room--Installation of Officers
11:00 P. M. Moonlight Sail on the Ocean for 12 miles
Those not interested in Ocean sail may retire to the Vernon Room for
entertainment and dancing and floor show, courtesy of the Hotel
A. M. Church of your choice
Rest of day tree
     Everything is included in the hotel Registration Fee. Fee for men is $20.00 and for the ladies it is $15.00. There is no inclusion of dues. Dues, however, will be accepted for the new year and a receipt given therefore. Come and enjoy the Shore in '54.
     Your hotel reservations are to be made directly with the Chalfonte-Haddon-Hall. Anyone wishing any further information can write to Douglas Coffey, Town Hall, West Orange, New Jersey. We welcome your questions and comments, and also ask that you write your friends or tell us and we will write for you.



     FLANDREAU, ALEX, A/589, Sales Promotion Manager of the Arms and Ammunition Div. of Olin Ind. Inc., New Haven, Conn. Alex and Phyllis have two boy, Mark 8 and Paul 3 ½
     LITVIN, JOSEPH, D/423. in partnership with brother-in-law in retail meats at Midway Market 18727 S. Crenshaw, Torrance. California.
     LUNDY, ROBERT A., last year's National Chaplain is Secretary of the Lions Club in Winnemucca, Nevada. Found out he is an old Jerseyite, having lived in Ridgewood and preached in East Orange. Went to Nevada as a Missionary in 1946 and has stayed there. He is also Chaplain of the Nevada National Guard and is the preacher for the Community Methodist Church in Winnemucca. Sounds as though he's a bit busy.
     PILKIN, VICTOR, 81st Eng. from East Hartford, Conn., just tells us that he is a truck driver. Good to hear front you Vic.
     TIETZE, I. B., Hp/590FA Bn, is with the Phillips Pipe Line Co., in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He's assistant to the V. Pres.
     SCOTT, EARL, 589th FA Bn, is with the Div. of Planning & Econ. Dev., Richmond, Va. Served with 580th and Divarty as Liaison Pilot. Flew one of the puddle jumpers who did such a swell job for all of us.
     ROADRUCK, MAX J., G-1, recently returned to USA from overseas. Ile has been assigned to the Artillery Center at Ft. Sill, Okla.
     BAKER, W. C., Chief of Staff. has just returned from Korea and is now in the office of Chief of Army Engineers. Washington, D. C.
     CUTCHER, ANDREW, Hq. Divarty, right hand man of General McMahon, is living on Leeper Road, Geodells. Michigan. He is an electrician, is married and has two sons and two daughters. They all stopped off to see the General on the way to Florida.
     PARKER, ARTHUR, 589FA Bn., lives at Leeds, Alabama. Route 1, Box 318. He operates a ranch, raising beef cattle, broilers and boxers (Triple B Ranch).
     JOHNSON, RONALD C., Divarty. now commands Btry A, 191 FA Bn. 278th R.C.T. at Ft. Devens, Mass. He was married June 1953 at Lubec, Maine.
     PAANANEN, ARVO, Chicago, Ill., former Editor of "CUB" is now in Tews Funeral Home in Chicago. Will see us all at Atlantic City.
    DESCHENEAUX, GEORGE, is working with Portland Machine Tool Works, Inc., South Portland, Maine. Bonne Fortune mon anti et j'espre que nous voudrons a Atlantic City le vingt cinq Juillet.
    DENT, JAMES, Dearborn, Mich., is now working on a cooperative training program sponsored by the Ford Motor Co. course takes 3 ½ years and finances are taken care of by the Company. Good work Jim.
     LOTHROP, OLIVER, Waban Mass., B/423. received his Master's Degree from Howard Business School. Wasn't satisfied, he went out and married the lovely Berenice Hewitt. At present he is working for the Air Arm Div. of Westinghouse Electric in Baltimore.
     CAVANAUGH, JOSEPH, 422, is now attached to the U.S. Embassy in Lima. Peru. With the ECA as a specialist in population statistics. Hopes to return to U.S. with wife and daughter this Spring. He acquired a Doctor of Philosophy Degree since his discharge.


     REID, ALEXANDER, C.O. /424. somewhere overseas. The Colonel writes and states that he will not be able to make the Shore in '54, but where will we be in '55. Who knows? He has a message for the boys of the 424.
     He states that the area he is in bears no resemblance to St. Vith. Heck, Halenfeld, Burg Ruhlen, etc. Further our mission here is to assist and advise, rather than to "clobber." Other than that it is the same old Army. with atomic weapons and a few other frills added.
     HENDERSON, ALBERT P., 423/Hq, is now in insurance and real estate for himself in Ormond. Fla. He has a new home and was visited by George Philips from Linden Place, Uniontown. Pa.
     ATKINS, RALPH, 424, is Director of Welfare for the State of North Dakota. He has had his job there for the past two years. Despite his own poor health and the loss of his wife, Ralph continues to do his usual fine job for the State and his two daughters. Ralph lives in Bismarck, North Dakota.
     UNDERWOOD, CHARLES. 106 QM, is Program Director for CBS outlet WMBS, Uniontown, Pa. He is proud father of a son and a daughter.
GOLDBERG, ARNOLD. 331st Med., is City Editor of the Daily Standard in Uniontown.
     PHILIPS, GEORGE, Uniontown, Pa. He is now Associate Editor of the Cub having sent in quite a few articles for ye Editor and also correcting address of Byrne A. Bowman. Should be Commerce Exchange Bldg., Oklahoma City, not Harrisburg. McMahon pulled a boner. Ha Ha.
     POWELL, FLOYD, G/422 is Building Inspector for the City of Detroit. Member of Wolverine and Western Model R. R. Club now building exhibit in H. O. scale in Detroit Historical Museum. Five years work done. Five more to go.
     Morton Goldstein, C/590 FABn., killed in action in Germany, December 1944. It will be at his grave that the Memorial Services will take place. His grave will represent all the men of the 106th who have made the supreme sacrifice. May we all ever remember the frailty of human life. Yea, though we walk through the Valley of Death we shall fear no evil for He is with us.

     We have requests for copies of the Division History. They may be ordered direct from the Infantry Journal, 1115 Seventh Street, N. W., Washington. The name of the book is "St. Vith: Lion in the Way." by Col. R. E. Dupuy. Send five ($5.00) dollars with order and the book is yours.

     WALKER, LEWIS H., Reno. Nevada and now North St., Susanville. Calif., has just bought a house here in California. He is still with the Sierra Machine Co., and reports that Rev. Lundy's son in law also work for Sierra.


     McCOLLUM, VOLLIE, DHQ., writes to tell us all is well in the South, that is, Nashville, Tenn., and he is still with the VA. He is also the proud papa of Patrick Lloyd born in November 1953. See you at Atlantic City.
     BELL, MEYER, Houston. Texas. with Internal Revenue Service. He is Group Supervisor in charge over 25 field examiners.
     MATTHAI, HEINZ M., Reg Hq. Co./ 423, Laureldale, Pa., is employed by Berkshire Knitting Mills as a supervising Fixer.
     SOLECKI, EMIL, S v/ 592 FABn.., Sparta, N. J. is now a Mason Contractor in Sparta. Had another daughter making it two girls. Would like to hear from some of the boys in the 592nd.
     HOHEB, ALBERT C., Rutherford. N, J., is in the University of Bologna. Medical College, and lives in the Via Gandino, Bologna, Italy.
     SILVER, ALBERT. Cn/423, Flushing, L.I., N. Y., known in service as Silverman has his own business. Moderama, House of Modern Furniture, Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, L. I., New York.
     BURNHAM, FRED W., l06th Band, Greenfield, Ill., is Superintendent of the Greenfield Community Unit School, District No. 10. This is a rural district covering 185 square mile of territory in Greene County. He is also partner in Dodge dealership and his wife is assistant county superintendent. They have two children, Susan 10, and Debbie 18 months.
     ROSSIN, LEO. New York, is working for the N.Y. Q.M. Purchasing Agency. He does statistical work for the accounting section.

106th Infantry Division
Vets to Meet in Atlantic City
     The 8th Annual Reunion of veterans of the 106th Infantry Division will take place at the Haddon Hall Hotel in Atlantic City, N. J., on July 23-25.
     The 106th Infantry Division Association is composed of veterans from all parts of the country. The Division spent its training days at Fort Jackson. South Carolina, and Camp Atterbury, Indiana. It participated in four European battle campaigns and suffered most of its casualties during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.
     According to __________ a member of the Association, the membership will elect new officers, discuss their programs, hold a memorial service, etc. Vice President Nixon has been asked to address the Association on July 24 at a banquet to be held at the Haddon Hall that evening.
     Veterans of the 106th Division are requested to write Douglas Coffey, Town Hall, West Orange, N. J. or President of. the Association, D. B. Frampton, Jr., businessman from Columbus, Ohio.

     If possible, show this article in its entirety in person, to the City Editor of your local newspaper(s). Insert your name and position in the blanks.

To Newspaper Editors:
     There are over 40,000 veterans of this Division in the country, many of whom probably live with your circulation area. I , ask that this be used as is. If you must cut for brevity, please retain pertinent facts as to time, location, etc.
Thanks very much,
Douglas S. Coffey
Editor, 106th Division, "Cub"
Town Hall, West Orange, N. J.

     Brig. Gen. Leo T. McMahon was married to Wilda E. McNair on April 22nd. Mr. and Mrs. McMahon will be home at 8 North Union St., Middletown, Pa. after June 1st.


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Division History, 7
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