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Vol. 10, No. 2, Dec, 1953

Financial Statement as of November 6, 1953

President D. B. Frampton, Jr.
Vice President John Reynolds
Adjutant David C. Brumaghin
Treasurer William K. Fowler
Chaplain Rev. Paul Cavanaugh
     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.
Editor Douglas S. Coffey
Staff Writer David S. Price
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin

The CUB is printed by Varsity Press, 80 Harrison Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Box 238, Loudonville, N. Y.

December 16
     Not having heard a word regarding coming December 16 dinners, Editor suggests you contact officers as listed on another page and ask them what's cooking for December 16. New Jersey will hold a dinner at the Westwood, Northfield Ave., at Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange at 8 p.m. December 16th. Editor would like reports of what happened on December 16th for use in Jan., Feb., CUB. Come on fellows, don't be bashful like last year.

Our Cover
     Dr. Harry Baird, Med. Det. 8lst Eng. with his lovely bride, Miss Jean Dixon. This was truly a 106th wedding, Dr. Cessna, was best man, the groom and the usher, Walt Bandurak are all from the 81st Eng. It seems there is nothing these Engineers can't do. Of course Cessna is looking for the future. Ha! Ha! They honeymooned in Florida and now resides at 3630 California Avenue, Pittsburgh 12, Pa.

Come to the Shore in '54
     At the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall you can go to the Beach Cabana supplied by the Hotel at no charge. There is also a supervised activity for children 3 to 8 called the Sandpipers and for 8 to 14, called the Beachcombers. You can leave your children for the entire day and they will be fed at a nominal fee and kept busy the whole time. And at night baby sitters are available for Mom and Pop to go on the Town.
     There will be dancing Monday thru Friday in the Grove, Lounge floor from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. with varied entertainment. On Saturday Nite there will be to Dance and Floor Show in the Vernon Room.
Parties for deep sea or bay fishing can be arranged through the Surf Club.
At the Chalfont there is a Putting Green and a Deck Shuffleboard with all equipment available without charge.
     Guest parties can be organized for Sailing; the Sky and Roof Decks are provided for sun worshipers. Chairs and pads are provided without charge.
Square dancing is held once a week with experienced dancers to teach you how. It is also fun to watch.
     Golf is available on an 18 hole course, 20 minutes from the Hotel. Matches can be arranged by the Social Directors. Clubs can be rented from the pro at the Country Club.
     Movies are shown weekly at no charge. Inspection tours to the Kitchens, Laundry, Power House and Garage can he easily arranged.
What hotel has ever offered so much to our Association.
     The Rates ???? You won't believe that they are comparable with many city rates we have paid in the past in Indianapolis, Pittsburg and Columbus for example.
Singe rooms at the Chalfonte are $7 and $9; at the Haddon Hall $8 and $10.
     Double rooms at the Chalfonte are $9 and $11, so if you double with your buddy it will cost $4.50 or $5.50 per day. The rooms are spacious. At the Haddon Hall the doubles are $10, $12, and $13.

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Report From the South and West
Tom Dorosky, Service Btry/592 recently had a reunion with the following 106ers, and their wives:
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lapham, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sprignoli, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Solecki, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Malony and John Eyler.
     It certainly is wonderful to hear that our 106ers still meet once in a while and hash over old times. Keep up the good work Tom and all you others throughout the Country who are helping, not only to keep the 106th together but you are keeping America strong too.
     Mike Sereno, formerly of West Orange, N. J. and 591st FABn 106th, is the golf pro at Fort Jackson. He sent a Fort Jackson newspaper to our Adjutant and informs us that he will be host for a $10,000 Golf Tournament. Ft. Jackson course is 7,002 yards around and has a par score of 36-36-72. President Eisenhower, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby have been invited to play. As Ike will be in Georgia at the time it is hoped he will participate.
     Nice going Mike. All the boys in the 106th are behind you and also your friends from West Orange. Do you remember your Editor, Doug Coffey, from Wheeler Street, and Ft. Jackson Boxing Team

     The above photo is one of the Med. Det. quartette. It was originally gotten up to sing at Medical Bn. Easter services at San Quentin France in 1945, as all of the Med. Bn. except C. Co. moved on to Rennes, their services were offered to Div. Hq Easter Service. They sang two numbers and all who heard agreed they were pretty good.
     Then at Rennes, when President Roosevelt died, they had a big Memorial Service in the Town park with all kinds of British, French and American Brass in the Band Stand in the center of the Park. General Perrin remembered this group from the Easter service and requested that they sing. These fellows were the only enlisted men on the Band Stand that day and they sang "Home on the Range" and The Old Rugged Cross"
     Fellows in the photo are our own Treasurer, Wm. Fowler. Louis Scheidt, Leon Schaddellee, and Lloyd Hoff, all of C Co., 331st Medics.
     Incidentally, those other than Fowler are unreported as members in the Association. Anyone knowing of them see what you can do to get them back in the fold.


The 106th Infantry Division Association, Inc.
Financial Statement as of November 6, 1953
Balance Sheet
Cash, checking account $2,363.16 Due to Auxiliary $ 36.66
Cash, interest account 2,182.28 Memorial Fond 2,577.89
Equipment 1.00 Surplus 1,932.89
Merchandise 1.00
$4.547.44 $4,547.44

Dues $1,320.00 Cub $ 153.52
Auxiliary Dues 101.00 Office Expenses 25.70
Sales 3.75 Postage 7.50
Miscellaneous 10.00 Bad Check 15.00
Convention's payment on Cub 60.00 Cancellation Metro. Chapt. debt. 43.44
Activity Charge (Slumnett Bank 1 3.76
Credited to Auxiliary 58.00
$1,494.75 $ 306.92

Contributions $ 531.00
Previous Balance 2,119.96
Interest 26.93
Less Memorial Fund grant 100.00
Respect fully submitted


PRESIDENT: D. B. Frampton, Jr., 10 No. Waverly St., Columbus 13, Ohio.
VICE PRES: John J. Reynolds, Jr., 168 Hall St., Brooklyn 5, N. Y.
ADJUTANT: David C. Brumaghin, 5-115 Westview, Paramus, N. J.
TREASURER: Wm. K. Fowler, 3229 Buena Vista Tem, S.E., Apt. 103 Washington 20, D. C.
CUB EDITOR: Douglas S. Coffey, 18 Cornell St., West Orange, N. J.
MEMORIALS CHAIRMAN: J. Glenn Schnizlein, 240.3 Grape St., Joliet. III.
MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: Austin L. Byrd, Jr., 502 Nottingham Road, 1411- Baltimore 29, Md.
NATIONAL DIRECTORS: The above six and:
Walter Bandurak, 1253 - 10th Ave., West Natrona, Pa.
John D. Beals, 217 E. Davenport St., Iowa City, Iowa.
Ben Briles, Arvada, Wyoming.
Raymond H. Fields, 326 Rennoc Rant, Knoxville, Tenn.
Stanley Frickman, 314 homing St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
John M. Gillespie, 19807 Murray Hill Road, Detroit 35, Mich.
Lawrence Gubow, 20100 Braile, Detroit, 19, Mich.
H. M. Hatch, 5609 - 15th Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Robt. E. Kelly, 2034 Natl. Bank Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich.
Glen Kennedy, 1002 Calhoun St., W. Liberty, Iowa.
James R. Klett, 1054 Cornwall Read, Lebanon, Pa.
Edward L. Luzzie, 1518 W. Garfield Blvd., Chicago,

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     Michael D'Aloia, 81st Eng., Caldwell, N. J. is working for N. J. Bell as a Telephone directory salesman. Has been employed there for 16 years.
J. H. Burns, 106 Signal, Decatur, Illinois; is Associated with B. B. Burns. Co., Inc. Pontiac dealers.
     Larry Gubow, Detroit, Mich., thought you might be interested in knowing that he has recently taken an appointment as Director of Investigations for the Corporation Securities Commission for the State of Michigan.
     Fred J. Farris, Roanoke, Va., had a wonderful time in Columbus and would like to hear from any of the gang. If any of the bunch comes thru Roanoke, get in touch.
Don E. Holthaus, Hq. 592 FABn., La Crosse, is a salesman for a wholesale drug company.
     Joseph M. Joseph, Co. F/424., Youngstown, Ohio, now working in the steel mills (sheet and tube) in Youngstown. He had reenlisted in 1946 and spent some time in old Vienna.
     William T. Manahan, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., is now working for Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Hall & McDonald on NYS thruway - Suffern - Nyack.
     Eldest son, Richard R. Manahan is a cadet at West Point having won a competitive appointment through the National Guard last July.
     Robert Shaver, Cincinnati, Ohio, is still with the sales division of Negley Bag & Paper Co., W. Monroe, La., and has the territory of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Was married on April 25, this year to Pauline Steffen of Indianapolis, a mere child when we were at Atterbury.

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Clayton Rarick, Box 25, Blandon, Pa. R. D. Starr, 3341 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio
James E. Wells, Hephzibah, Ga.
CHAPLAIN: Father Paul W. Cavanaugh, Milford Novitate, Milford, Ohio.

PRESIDENT: Mrs. Estelle Gubow, 20-100 Braile, Detroit 19, Mich.
VICE PRES: Mrs. Shirley A. Gillespie, 19807 Murray Hill, Detroit 35, Mich.
SECY-TREAS.; Mrs. Carol W. Beals, 217 E. Davenport St., Iowa City, Iowa.

Our permanent address, Box 238, Loudonville, N. Y., is also mailing address of D. S. Price.

     We will shortly have Reservation Cards sent to all of you. One thing must he understood with a Resort and that is we must make reservations early. We only have a certain amount of rooms the Hotel will hold. REMEMBER, IT COSTS NOTHING TO MAKE A RESERVATION. It is easy to cancel once made at no obligation but we must know where we stand.
Much more information on Atlantic City will follow in future issues of CUB.
     This is to be a Convention of Fun, Rest, and Relaxation. The Committee and the hotel will do their utmost to make your stay a pleasant one. Please cooperate with us.

Convention Committee
     Atlantic City can be reached by American and Eastern Airlines; by Pennsylvania R. R. By car, only 125 miles from New York; 60 miles from Philadelphia and 160 miles from Washington, as examples.

Come to the Shore in '54
Atlantic City, N. J.
July 23, 24, and 25

     Lt. Col. Carl G. Goering, 48, of Springfield, is reported by the Communists to have died in an enemy prison camp, the department of defense announced.
     Lt. Col. Goering was the husband of Mrs. Louise Goering, 1601 S. Pasfield St. and son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Goering, 519 W. Herndon St. The Goerings have two sons, Carl Lewis and Warren Robert.
     His wife said she hasn't given up hope her husband is alive because she has reason to believe the Communists may be lying.
Mrs. Carl G. Goering explained:
"I know I will hear more sometime, perhaps hear what really happened from those who were with him.
     "He went to Korea in September, 1950, and was an adviser to a South Korean division when he was captured in November, 1950.
     "He was captured with a group of officers who were also advisers to the South Koreans. I was told they were evacuating wounded and that's the reason they couldn't get away.
     "Later I got one of those Chinese pictures showing a group of men the Communists said had been advisers to the South Koreans. He was identified as one of the men in the picture.
"None of those men have been listed as released yet. It doesn't look like they all would have died.
"They may still be holding him as a hostage or some other reason."
     A veteran of 13 years of army service, Lieutenant Colonel Goering was first reported missing in Korea Nov. 27, 1950, only two months after he arrived for duty in the Far East.
     Goering was a Captain in the 423 - 106th, He was the S-2 of the 423 under Colonel Cavender when captured by the Germans. It was the second time the Springfield soldier had been reported missing in action. He was listed as missing in the battle of the bulge late in World War II, when he was

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Remember This?
Our Memorials Chairman, Glenn Schnizlien reports on his visit to our old stamping grounds.
     As we came back thru Indiana we managed to visit our old love - Camp Atterbury. I guess we didn't leave much of a mark there after all. We drove thru the area that once belonged to the 106th but now all the signs were 31st. Actually there were no great changes though - the parade grounds were changed in to a golf course, the Officer's club now has a very modern air conditioned bar, but the bayonet courses, obstacle courses, and training areas east of the regimental quarters still look the same. Oh yes, that big ditch still runs thru the middle of those fields between the bus stop and our area - still a trap for those coming back to camp on the last bus from a rough weekend. Enclosed is a picture of the big sign at Camp headquarters with its new paint job - remember it?

    taken prisoner by the Germans. At the close of the war he was released unharmed. Lieutenant Colonel Goering was one of 123 additional Americans whose name, were released by the defense department as being listed by the Communists as dead.
     However, in notifying the families of the listed Americans, the defense department stressed the complete unreliability of Communist statements about prisoners.
     The above photo goes with our front cover. It is one of Dr. Harry Baird, Dr. Cessna, and Walter Bandurak, all members of the 81st Engineers.
     Dr. Cessna, the best man was Bn. Surgeon, Dr. Baird was Co. Aid Man, and Walt was Chief Aid Man. Dr. Cessna is a specialist in Obstetrics, Dr. Baird is taking special training in Internal Medicine, and Walt Bandurak is in charge of a Hospital Laboratory in Pittsburg.

Still Looking
     At the Convention we tried our darndest to find someone who knew Orville Wright, of the 106th. Mrs. Olive Bollia, Box 13, Maximo, Ohio, would appreciate anyone knowing where she could reach Orville. For that matter anyone knowing Charles E. Bollia please contact her.
     Mrs. D. J. Wensinger would like info regarding her brother Robert McGrady, 35297440. A Co./424. He was wounded and taken prisoner in the Bulge. He is supposed to have died in a field hospital near Redesheim, near Prum, on Jan. 1, 1945. - Help her out fellows.


    This photo was taken at Halle Airport, Germany in May 1945. These follows, Paul Merx, Vervay, Indiana, and Richard Diersing, Seattle, Washington, are both from Su/422. They are 55 pounds lighter than the day they became Hitler's guests. Who is the 3rd man?

Sometimes my thoughts go turning
To those days spent 'over-sea'.
And I get a sort of yearning
Back there once more to be.
Just to visit for a little while
Those towns and folks I knew
And greet them with a friendly smile
And spend a day or two.
Recalling things that happened at
Each town or crossroads there
Now quiet, but when we first met,
Filled with misery, hatred, death,
And the utmost of despair.
Norman Lee, Anderson, Indiana
H. Co/424

Anyone having knowledge of next of kin to Malcolm Brooks or William Spencer, contact Memorial Chairman.

Merry Christmas From
The Officers, Your Editor,
and the Printers of the Cub

Did You Know?
(Continued from Page 13)
     Waldo B. Pierce, 422F-I am becoming more active in the American Legion, having served 3 years as Assistant Service Officer, and the past 2 years as Service Officer. While on vacation last July, I visited Arthur Kleppinger in Bethlehem, Pa., and Arthur Jehers, 422F, of Falls Church, Va. I tried to find Pat Lydon, 422K, but he has moved from Suffern, N. Y.
Robert L. Sprayberry, Co. B. 81st Eng., Goodwater, Ala., is now in the saw mill and lumber business.
Albert Smith, Baltimore, M. D., is still in drug store working for same firm. Has twin girls, 7 years old.
     Willis C. Wilson, 81st Eng., Columbia Fall, Montana, is working at Plum Creek Saw Mill in the Northwestern part of Montana.



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Malony, Mr. & Mrs. Francis, 3
Manahan, Richard R., 5
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Memorials, 5, 9
Merx, Paul, 11
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Price, D. S., 7
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Rarick, Clayton, 7
Redesheim, 9
Rennes, 3
Reynolds, John, 1
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Roosevelt, President, 3
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Scheidt, Louis, 3
Schnizlein, J. Glenn, 5
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Sereno, Mike, 3
Shaver, Robert, 5
Smith, Albert, 11
Solecki, Mr. & Mrs. Emil, 3
Spencer, William, 11
Sprayberry, Robert L., 11
Sprignoli, Mr. & Mrs. Mike, 3
Starr, R. D., 7
Steffen, Pauline, 5
Wells, James E., 7
Wensinger, Mrs. D. J., 9
West Point, 5
Wilson, Willis C., 11
Wright, Orville, 9