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Vol. 10, No. 1, Sep, 1953

Other Reports
Memorial Day Tribute
Convention Chatter

President D. B. Frampton, Jr
Vice President John Reynolds
Adjutant David C. Brumaghin
Treasurer William K. Fowler
Chaplain Rev. Paul Cavanaugh

     The CUB is the official publication of the Association. Membership in the Association is $5.00 per year, which includes subscription to CUB. All material copyrighted.
Editor Douglas S. Coffey
Staff Writer David S. Price
Staff Photographer D. C. Brumaghin
The CUB is printed by Varsity Press, 80 Harrison Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey.
Back issues of the CUB may be obtained for 25 cents each. Send orders to Box 238, Loudonville, N. Y.
By John Reynolds
There was a time, not many years ago,
We camped as buddies, in rain and snow,
Then when the end of war, did come,
It was, Home we go!, but, not for some,
To those who went home, it's strive and toil,
While many others rest, in Europe's soil,
Should we just forget, and let them be!
Or perpetuate them, in our Memory.
To a once dear, devoted friend, and
family's plight which will never end!
Our Memorial Fund will ever help defray, t
he expenses many comrades can never pay.

    For those of you who did not attend the Convention in Columbus, the Lions Tale is a wonderful book made up by the Convention of all the Stories about the 106th that appeared in Colliers, Post and Cub and is well worth the $5.00 donation.

     Addressing the former members of the 106th Division through a column is a very new experience for me -- probably much more difficult than talking to an assembled group. Let me begin by extending my sincere best wishes to each and every one of you.
     A man cannot take a responsible job in this Association of ours without feeling some pride in the job that was done in the past but still with an understanding that there is much to done to make our organization grow. I have accepted as a fact the statement that we cannot remain static -- we must grow either larger or smaller. If each of us were to remain satisfied that we had done everything possible to please the members that we already have, if we were to stop in our efforts to recruit new members, then it would only be a few years before we would cease to exist.
     The start we have made and the purpose behind our Memorial Fund makes it impossible for us to even think of slowing down our efforts. There is a lot of fun to be had out of our Association but there are responsibilities we cannot forsake.
     These thoughts are not original with me and every one of my predecessors has done his level best to express them to you before and to help build the Association. I wanted you to know how we felt this year and that more than ever we need your help.
     I feel that we have a grand staff, consisting of a capable adjutant, an energetic membership chairman, an ingenious editor, and a dedicated memorial's chairman. They will all, of course, work better with help from you.
D. B. Frampton, Jr. President

Come to the Shore in '54
Atlantic City, N. J.
July 23, 24, and 25






Madam President
     As your newly elected president 1 should like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for the trust you have placed in me in electing me to this high office.
     I was introduced to the 106th Division Association through my husband, Larry, who served with Service Company of the 423 Infantry from February, 1943 to May. 1944, when he went overseas and joined the 45th Infantry Division.
     My association with the 106th has been a very interesting and fruitful one and I have really enjoyed seeing the men get together at local meetings and at national conventions to renew old friendships and talk about old times in the Division or at past conventions. I invite all of you who are members to get your wives, mothers or sisters to join our Auxiliary and I plead with you women to get your men to join the organization. Soon many of you will be receiving bills for your 1953-54 dues-- please respond quickly. It is very important that our membership lists grow for the life and blood of any organization lies in its membership.
     There is not too much that we do between conventions but the Memorial Fund is now really in operation and something for all of us to be proud of. It did my heart good to hear the report of the help this fund is now making available to a child of a former member of the 106th in helping her attain a college education. This is what we have long been waiting for -- a living memorial to those who gave their lives in defense of the country we all love so well.
     In closing I would like to say that I pledge myself to serve you to the best of my ability and God willing I know we will have a very successful year.
Estelle Gubow,
President, Ladies Auxiliary

Did You Know?
Beard, Herbert, Co. A/81st Eng., Louisville, Ky. is a Refrigerator Contractor.
    Cavender, Charles, Col., Infantry asks to be taken from the rolls as he and wife are going to do extensive traveling on his retirement.
Clark, Bernard, B Btry, 580 FABn., is Assistant County Agricultural Agent for Gadsden County, Florida.
    Collins, Sherod, Jr., is branch Mgr. of Collin's Frozen Foods, in Statesboro. Ga. He would like to hear from his buddies in Sv. Co. 423. He was Reg. Mail Clerk, with Sgt. Barry and Cpl. De Feo.
Gish, David, South Bend, Indiana is in the Lumber business.
Hurley, John, Jr., is doing Accounting work. He bought house in Quincy, Mass. recently. 28 Ballou Street.
LeTellier, Louis, Jr., Charleston. S. C., reports the birth of his first son in February of this year.
    McVoy, Robert, Poland. N. Y., is still selling Chryslers and Plymouths and states that he has a girl Sistie 4, and son Garry 1 year old. Hopes to see us in Atlantic City.
    Peyser, Charles, Co B/424. Huntington, W. Va. is Manager, Montgomery Ward, has a son entering Jr. High and girl entering 1st grade. Daughter Betty, four, helps Mom at home.
    Stryker, Gordon, Hq. 592 FABn., West Nanticoke. Pa., is Associated with Int'l. Harvester, is married and has a daughter 17 mos. old.

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     The 1953 annual meeting of the 106th Infantry Division Association. Inc. was called to order at 10 am, on Saturday, 25 July, in the Gold Room of the Fort Hayes Hotel in Columbus, Ohio by James E. Wells, President. Sixty-eight members attended. D. S. Price was appointed acting secretary of the meeting, and read the minutes of the 1952 annual meeting, which were accepted as read.

     The Treasurer's Report, presented by William K. Fowler, was accepted and will appear in the next issue of the Cub. In brief, it shows for the fiscal year ending 30 June 1953, total expenses of $1,304.41 and total income of $1,535.96, leaving an operating profit of $231.55 for the year. The Association's year-end balance sheet showed an amount of $745.06 as surplus available as a cushion against future expenses.
     Memorial Fund receipts were $408.11 and $184.00, respectively, for the year, and the Fund's year-end balance stood at $2,199.96, as reported by Mr. Fowler.
     The Memorials Chairman's Report, given by J. Glenn Schnizlein, announced grants totaling $184 to the children of 1st I.t. Thorold Sharitz, 422nd Infantry and Tec 5 Raymond F. Lawlor, DHQ, as reported in detail on page 31 of the April-May 1953 Cub. Mr. Schnizlein announced that the sum of $212 would be available for grants during the current year, according to the policy established at the 1952 annual meeting of limiting grants in any year to 10% of the Fund's balance at the start of the year.
     A list of all known battle casualties of the 106th was called to the members' attention, and the Chairman asked for help in locating nexts of kin. (This list has been published from time to time in the Cub, and will be published in its entirety at a later issue this year).
     The Report of the Nominating Committee, presenting a slate of 21 candidates for the Association's Board of Directors, to serve until the next annual meeting, was submitted by Ralph G. Steed, Committee Chairman. Serving with Mr. Steed on the Committee were Thomas L. Bickford, John T. Loveless, David S. Price, John Reynolds, and James E. Wells. Ten of the nominees are new men on the Association's governing body, the other eleven are holdovers from last year's board. Those nominated, and unanimously elected, were: New members of the Ward of Directors -- Walter Bandurak, John Beals, Ben Briles, Raymond Fields, Stanley Frickman, Lawrence Gubow, Glen Kennedy, Clayton Rarick, John Reynolds, and R. D. Starr. Re-elected members -- David Brumaghin. Austin Byrd Jr., Douglas Coffey, William Fowler. D. B. Frampton Jr., John Gillespie, H. M. Hatch, Robert Kelly, James Klett, Edward Luzzie, and James Wells.
Other Reports
     The Editor's Report, by Douglas S. Coffey, pointed out that there were five printed issues of the CUB during the past year, at a total cost for printing and mailing of $774.40, a very substantial saving from magazine expense of prior years. He requested increase cooperation from the members in submitting photographs, stories, and news items for publication.
     Pete Frampton, Convention Chairman, gave a brief report on the preparations for the 1953 convention, thanking chairmen, of past conventions for their assistance and advice. He noted that, although past conventions have generally resulted in the turning over of small cash profits to the Association, this year's arrangements emphasized a three-way publicity campaign designed to build up membership, secure contributions for the Memorial Fund, and to sell the convention. He received applause for his statement of this year's decision to try to turn over a convention profit in increased membership and increased interest


Columbus, July 24, 25, 26, 1953

(Much more about the tremendous job Frampton did on the 1953 convention is in other pages of this issue).
     The Adjutant's Report, by David C. Brumaghin, showed 337 paid members of the Association for 1952-53, not counting auxiliary members and complimentary memberships given to hospitalized veterans and next-of-kin. This represents an increase of 50%' over the 221 members in 1951-52. The President stressed the importance of each member's serving as a one-man membership committee to be sure he renews his own dues each year and to get others in his area to join or renew.

Memorial Day Tribute
     The Association unanimously voted to participate as an organization in annual Memorial Day services at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, and such participation is recommended as a local chapter activity in each area where chapters exist. The purchase of an appropriate floral tribute was authorized for the Arlington services for 1954.

Convention Chatter
    Ben Hagman and family. from Weatherford Texas. nosed out Ben Briles of Arvada, Wyoming, for the prize (seasick pills!) for traveling the longest distance to attend. A package of cigars and aspirin went to Pappy Bob Courtwright for the largest family -- five children. Bob Stack claimed and won the fancy Tough Situation ticket awarded to the "man who never made Pfc." -- and then it turned out he skipped a grade, going direct to Corporal from Private -- but the management let him keep the prize anyway.
     We mustn't speak irreverently of our general officers, so we'll have to let you guess which artilleryman was a shoo-in for the hair tonic awarded to the man with the least hair. In addition to the above special prizes, each of which was supplemented by a bottle of something or other, door prizes were won by Paul Merz and by your editor (the drawing was honest too, so help us!)
     As a sample of the meals, Saturday night's Grand Banquet included fresh shrimp cocktail, assorted relishes, breast of chicken and ham on toast under bell with supreme sauce, lima beans, parslied potatoes, head lettuce salad with thousand Island dressing, coconut ice cream ball with chocolate sauce. Saturday noon's luncheon featured steak with fruit cocktail, potatoes, peas. mixed salad, and blueberry pie.
     The floor show was absolutely top professional talent. Staged by Dorothy Boyles Attractions, it included Bob Lewis, Mitzi and her accordion, Curry Byrd and Leroy. Honestly, it was better than any show we've seen at any convention including national Legion and VFW affairs.
Bob Jolly and his well-known orchestra provided music for dancing on Saturday night.
     One member of George Company of the 422nd asked his boss for time off to attend the convention, was told it didn't fit the company's vacation schedule, so walked off and quit his job in order to come.
     Pete Frampton served as toastmaster for the Grand Banquet and following entertainment. Rhody Schnizlein, president of the auxiliary, presented a group of radios to the U.S.V.A. Hospital at Chillicothe, Ohio, and also announced the auxiliary's 1952-53 gift of fifty dollars to the Memorial Fund.
     Mrs. Alan W. Jones and Mrs. G. D. Fridline presented 106th Infantry Division Association and United States flags, with standards, to the Association president, Jim Wells.
     As this is being written, we don't have detailed attendance figures, but it's a pretty safe bet that the 81st Engineers topped all other units of the 106th in turnout.
Saturday afternoon featured special combat movies of the Bulge, provided through courtesy of General Stroh.


    A phone conversation tape recording between Pete Frampton and General Stroh was played back, expressing the General's regret at missing the 1953 convention.
     The lobby, which served as convention headquarters was out of this world. Many displays, posters, exhibits. Greetings to the 106th were posted conspicuously from Generals Bradley, Marshall, and Hodges, Joe E. Brown, Govern, Lausche of Ohio, and scores of other prominent military and political leaders.
Cedric Foster attended and gave a brief extemporaneous speech during the Saturday night session.
     Friday night was open house, with beer and soft drinks free, and with a strolling accordionist. Also during the Friday night party, we saw some of our men on a TV show over a Columbus station.
     Everything was air-conditioned, and the Fort Hayes Hotel lives up to everything we said about it in pre-convention publicity. The smooth management of the convention was evident everywhere, and the caliber of all of the arrangements is apparent from a list of the acknowledgements in the convention program: to Bill Mauldin, his agent and publisher, for many drawings furnished to the Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Yank and other publications for use of reprints of stories about the 106th; to Jack Shinn, artist, for the Galloping Lion drawings; to George X. Volk, creative photographer; to the Bingham Sign Company; to many members of D. B. Frampton & Co., of Columbus; and to about 40 others who helped to make the convention the great success that is was.
     Twink Starr, Bob Ringer and R. C. Reed served on the convention committee. Three swell girls from Pete Frampton's office managed the records -- Lucile Dotson on registration, Grace Futerer on Memorial Fund promotion, and Beverly Hill on book sales and registration.

Special thanks from the Association to
for a superb job at Columbus in 1953.

Other Business
The selection of a 1953 convention site was left to the discretion of the new Board of Directors.
     Purchase and use of decal stickers was discussed, and decision on the project was passed on to the discretion of the New Board.
     Resolutions commending the work of D. B. Frampton, Jr., as convention chairman, thanking General and Mrs. Jones for the Association flag. and thanking Dr. and Mrs. Fridline for the American flag, were unanimously passed.
The meeting, after recess from 12 to 3 p.m., was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

     Memorial Fund would like to thank all those after midnite carousers who chipped in the odd $7.00. Thanks fellows, Keep up the good Spirit????

Do You Know?
Continued from Page 5
Sandberg, Robert, St. Paul, Co. A 81st Eng. is in the Steel erection business with his father.
Wilhelm, Roscoe, Co. G/422, Butler, Illinois would like to hear from his former buddies who come near his vicinity.
    Williams, Bernard, G/423, Chicago, is now in Paris for the summer, working for a Travel Bureau. He's hoping for branch office in Chicago. Editor thinks he's crazy to give up Paris. Oo La La.

     A quick count shows that at least one person was present from each unit of the Division. 422 had 16; 423 had 14; 424 had 16; 589FA had 2; 590 had 5, 591 had 1 ; 592 had 2; DHQ had 8; 81st Eng. had 13; Divarty etc had 8; and our Ladies had 36. Some record but it should be much higher.


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